Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 28)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 28

Title: Chapter 26: Finding Nanyo, Meeting Tisha, and Saving Suki...

[Author's notes:
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue.


"I will not be delayed further!" exclaims Becky as energy forms in her
right fist and punches the force field with incredible strength,
shattering it. Becky then jumps out the window.

A few moments later...

Three people suddenly appear in the room where Becky was. One of them
the woman from earlier from back on Pioneer 2. The people see Nikki on
the floor.

"Oh my... Someone really did a number on you didn't they?" states the
woman as she kneels down beside Nikki. The woman then takes out a small
device from her coat pocket and appears to scan the girl's body and
then gasps in surprise.

"S-She's still alive!" exclaims the woman. "Are you serious?!" asks one
of the other girls. "It looks like her wounds were caused by bullets.
The poor girl. We have to get her back to the ship ASAP." states the

In a dark corner of the apartment, a shadowy figure sighs, "Thank
goodness... Mistress would be terribly hurt if the neko had died..."
The figure nods once, then thinks, "I should go meet up with Miss
Kim..." A rustle, then the figure is gone.

Kim then appears in a mountainous area looking around at the sky for
any sign of Nanyo.

There is no sign in the sky of Nanyo. It would seem as though Nanyo's
not flying. However, the mental link between the two is growing
stronger, allowing the HUnewearl to sense her location somewhere in a
building to the southwest.

Kim then teleports to the building where she sense Nanyo.

It is a small building with a mug of beer on a wooden sign hanging over
to door, which reading, "PUB." There is loud ruckus from inside,
indicating a drunken party is taking place.

"I hope I'm wrong about Nanyo being in there." states Kim as she walks
to the door.

Inside the pub, there is a big party going on with several men and
women dancing in drunken stupors. One man in particular approaches Kim,
drunk as a lemur, and slaps her butt, saying, "C'mon, cutie... Let's
dance! Ya gotta a fuckin' beautiful ass!"

Km simply rolls her eyes and continues walking, ignoring the man.

The man starts after her, but then, his eyes roll up into his head and
he passes out, a blunt dagger having just hit him in the back of the
head. A girl, that Kim should recognize, is standing behind him,
looking blank.

"What are you doing here?" asks Kim as she sees the girl.

The girl blinks comically, "I came to offer assistance, Miss Kim... You
would not be able to enter the town of Reun without an Ap Dat escort."

"Oh, thanks." replies Kim.

Sashi nods her head sharply, then asks, "Are you sure Nan'chi is here?
This seems like a rough establishment..."

"Unfortunately yeah, I can feel it. She's here." replies Kim.

Sashi then gestures for Kim to go on ahead, saying, "If that is the
case, I will watch you back... These drunken apes will try to rape you
if they sense any weakness.."

"I'm pretty sure I could take care of myself but thanks anyway." states
Kim as she starts to walk.

Sashi nods, "As you wish..." Still, though, she keeps her eyes peeled
and her left hand on the dagger in the waistband of her skirt.

"I think Nanyo is in the back somewhere..." states Kim.

As the HUnewearl and Sashi push their way through, they eventually come
to a dark corner where a young red haired girl is sitting on a man's
lap, completely passed out. The man's hands are unbuttoning her jeans
and preparing to push into her panties.

"Hey! What are you doing?" asks Kim to the man.

The man gives her a o_0 and says, almost lucidly, "D'Ah'm gonna get me
some action! *BURP*" He slides a hand up under the girl's green sweater
and squeezes her breast before adding, "Damn, this girl can hold her
liquor... took 10 shots before she went out..."

"Get your hands offa her!" exclaims Kim.

The man looks up at her through blurry drunk eyes, then pushes the red
haired girl off his lap, his penis sticking straight up at Kim's face
as he growls, "What was dat, bitch?!"

A deep bush claims Kim's face as she sees the mans member. Kim averts
her eyes as she replies. "I said bets your hands off
her.' repeats Kim.

A sneer, "And what're yew gonna dew if I effin' refuse?" He stands up,
only now revealing his towering height over Kim.

"Well I'd rather not fight you. Just give me the girl." states Kim.

A loud guffaw echoes through the room, causing three additional men to
surround Kim and Sashi as the big man clutches the red haired girl
around the waist with one hugeass arm. "You sure you don't want to

"I will if I have to." replies Kim.

The men all laugh and close in on the two girls. But before a big brawl
can start, all three men gasp in shock and drop dead right in front of
Kim and Sashi, blood flowing freely from multiple wounds on their

"What the...?" states Kim confused.

Sashi also blinks in confusion. "That was... unexpected..."
She states. The red haired girl drops to the ground, snoring loudly.

"What happened?" asks Kim.

Sashi opens her mouth to say something, but then a smallish girl
appears right in front of her, holding a sharp, pointy rod at her
throat. She has short green hair, dazzling bright green eyes and is
wearing a blue robe.

"Huh? who are you? and what are you doing in a place like this? Where
are your parents?" questions Kim.

Sashi hisses, "Shut up, Miss Kim... or she will turn her attacks on
you... This is my problem... allow me to handle it!"

give gives this look O_o, but says nothing.

The girl smirks at Sashi and states, "I gotcha now, ya murdering bitch!
Any last words before I off ya?"

Sashi nods slowly, "Actually, I have a few words, Tisha... and they
are... " She clears her throat and adds slowly, "I... AM... SO...

"Huh? You know her?" asks Kim.

Tisha nods, "Oh, you bet your sweet bimpy, she knows me... She'd better
after what she did..."

Sashi sighs, "Tisha... I do not know how many ways I can say I'm sorry,
before you accept it... You must understand, though, that it
was not my choice... My master ordered me to do so!"

"What are you two talking about?" asks Kim.

Tisha scoffs, "Hpmh... you really expect me to believe you're really a
fucking slave?! What the hell do you think I am?! A two year old?! I
know, for a fact that slavery was outlawed in Cycilias over 300 years

"What's going on here? can I get some info plz?"

Sashi sighs, "If you wish to kill me, you may do so... But understand
one thing before you do so... Slavery exists in this world... I have
the contract right here for you to see... "

Tisha growls, "Don't gimme that bullshit! You fucking
murdered my parents, you bitch! And now that I'm trained up, I'm gonna
kill you!"

"Whoa hold on, you can't kill her." states Kim.

Tisha whirls to face Kim, threatening, "And why not?! She fucking

But killing Sashi won't bring them back."

Tisha screams, waving her rod around in her hand, "But she fucking took
my whole world away from me! She's a fucking bitch and deserves to

Sashi, seeing that the rod is not pointed at her throat any longer,
whips out with her hands and grabs Tisha's arms, forcing them down by
her side as she says, "Miss Kim, help me... We have to restrain her
before she..."

Tisha suddenly disappears from Sashi's arms, reappearing behind Kim,
holding the rod at her throat instead. Sashi finishes, "... gets

"Nice one little girl." states Kim calmly.

Tisha growls, "Who cares what you think! Now tell that bitch Sashi to
lie down on the floor or I'm gonna kill you two..."

"I can't do that. I'm not her Mistress." states Kim.

Tisha growls, "If you don't tell her, I'm gonna slit your throat!"

Suddenly, as Tisha looks at Kim, Sashi flashes from view, then
reappears a minute later, hitting Tisha hard in the chin with the blunt
side of her dagger. Tisha's body flies up, hits the ceiling, then lands
HARD on the floor.

"She's just a kid Sashi, you didn't need to do that." states Kim.

Sashi sighs, "I did not wish to do that... but she left me with no
choice... she is unconscious now... but if I had not, she would be dead

"Well, we found Nanyo, let's get her and get outta here."

Sashi nods, "As you wish... but we will have to take Tisha with us
too... Too many drunks here..." She reaches down and scoops
Tisha up in her arms.

Kim grabs Nanyo and positions her so that Nanyo is 'piggy-backing' Kim.

Nanyo suddenly lets out, "GRAVY!" before slumping back down and snoring
loudly. Sashi blinks, then leads the way out of the pub with all the
men giving the four girls a wide berth.

"So were is the village?" asks Kim.

Sashi replies, "In the far west mountain ranges... But I'm afraid only
Nan'chi knows how to get there... She is the only one who has ever been
there... That is where her parents live, after all..."

"Well we need to wake her up then." states Kim.

Sashi nods, "That we do... And Nan'chi and I will have to perform an
ancient Ap Dat mind technique on Tisha to calm her down..."

"Ok then..." states Kim.

"Where should we go, Miss Kim? The only safe place around here is
Suki's house..."

"Let's go there then."

Sashi nods and the two set off for Suki's house. Along the way, though,
they come across a big intersection full of moving traffic and red
lights. On the other side of the street, the two can see a really
ruffled up smallish girl walking along. She doesn't seem to notice
where she's going and her appearance suggests that she doesn't seem to
care about what she looks like. She does look AWFULLY familiar to Kim,

"It can't be..."states Kim as she sees the girl.

Sashi blinks, totally stunned now, "But it is, Miss Kim... I, too, am
astounded at her appearance... It is most unlike her..."

Just then, the two see that several men are following in the
small girl's footsteps, though the girl seems like she's not worried
about them. She seems really distracted at this point in time.

"I think something's wrong. We should go to her."

Sashi nods, "Agreed..."

Kim carefully walks across the street to the girl.

One of the men grabs the girl by the shoulder, grinning, "Hey Baby...
gimmie some of that sweet ass ya got there!" The girl looks at him
briefly, then turns away, mumbling, "Go ahead... I've lost everything
else... I shouldn't keep my virginity either..." Twin trails of tears
are rolling down her cheeks now.

"What? Hey, What's going on?' states Kim.

Two of the men spin to face her, grumbling, "Damn.. another bitch...
let's get her too!"

"Not again..." states Kim as she then gently lays Nanyo on the ground.

The two men then pull out knives as they approach her, sniggering. Once
again, they suddenly start to shoot blood and fall dead to the ground,
but this time, Sashi's standing over them, her dagger clenched in her
fist and a horrible look of anger on her face.

"Whoa, what's with you?" states Kim.

Sashi scowls, "I cannot tolerate someone hurting my sister...
Especially this ruffians..." She turns toward the other guys and before
a minute has passed, they all swarm over her and Kim.

"You wanna have all the fun? I'll just sit back and watch if ya want."
states Kim.

Sashi says nothing, but before she can kill them all, Tisha and Nanyo
have joined the fight and all four girls enter into a big brawl.

Kim shatters a mans kneecaps with her feet and gives him a shot to the
throat with her hand , killing him instantly.

Sashi drives her dagger into the back of another man's skull
as Nanyo brings her HUGE broadsword around, neatly cleaving another man
in half and Tisha jams her rod right through a fourth man's ribs and
his heart. It doesn't take long before all the men are dead and Suki
slumps to the ground.

"What the hell? You have a sword Nanyo?" asks Kim

Nanyo hiccups, still looking drunk, but she replies lucidly, shrugging
her swords, "Doesn't everyone?"

"No." replies Kim.

Tisha turns to Sashi and growls, "I still haven't finished with you,
Sashi... but I don't think this is the right time to finish this..."

Suki moans and looks up, her eyes blurry with tears and she sees the
outline of Kim's ears. She whispers softly, "Kimmie?"

"Yeah, It's me Suki." states Kim

The small girl suddenly jumps up into Kim's arms, crying, "Kimmie! It
was horrible! M-Miho... sh-she's... dead...." She sobs inconsolable
into Kim's arms.

"What? Dead?" asks Kim shocked.

Nanyo curses luridly as Sashi freezes, totally stunned. Tisha, alone,
looks unaffected, asking, "Who's Miho?"

"How did it happen?" asks Kim.

Suki bawls, "It was within her all the time... she had contracted a
disease from long ago... and only recently did she realize it was
taking its toll on her! She's gone!" She sobs again.

Tisha pokes Kim, asking again, "Who's Miho?"

"A girl she loves." answers Kim to Tisha.

Tisha looks stupid, "Oh..." Nanyo clenches her fist in total anger and
as she puts it on Kim's shoulder, she squeezes too hard as she states,
"Damn it all to fucking hell...."

"I'm sorry Suki." states Kim.

Suki just sobs in Kim's arms. Nanyo lets out another burp, her sword
falling to the ground as a goofy grin crosses her lips and she states,
"HUnewearl's have big EARS!" as she slumps down on the ground.

"Nanyo can you stop it? Suki's hurting." states Kim.

Nanyo burps and hiccups, but does nothing else. Sashi groans, "It would
appear that she is still too drunk to function normally..." Tisha
laughs, "Yep, she's wasted all right!"

"Hey Suki, let's go to you place ok?"

Suki sniffles and gets to her feet, "O-Okay... Th-the hearse sh-should
be gone by now..." She starts to walk toward the direction of her home,
even though it is nearly 200 KM away.

"Hey, why walk? Why don't you fly?" states Kim.

Suki shakes her head, "I... I can't fly right now..." Sashi nods, "Yes,
that is true... an Ap Dat cannot fly without concentration..." Tisha
grins, "AHA! So that's how I can beat you!"

"Well, let me try a group teleportation then." states Kim.

Suki asked, "Does it involve using mana?" Nanyo hiccups and grins, "I
wanna fuck Wakka, ya?! He's so fucking pissy! Hee, hee!"

"No, why?" asks Kim.

Suki sighs, "If it involved mana, Nan'chi and I could have loaned you
some to help you..."

"Oh." states Kim.

Tisha looks confused, "What's mana?" she asks.

"It's the energy from your body or something like that." states Kim.

"Oh.. so it's like Chi?"

"Yeah I guess."

"Ah... I see..." states Tisha, still looking dumb. Suki asks,
"Kimmie... is there anything I can do to help?"

"Nah, I just need to concentrate."

Suki nods, and looks at her feet in sadness as Nanyo burps and grins
stupidly and Sashi holds Tisha from behind, whispering, "Do not move...
teleportation can go horribly wrong if even the slightest move is

Tisha groans and squirms, "Get off me, you retard!"

"Every body just needs to touch me somewhere." states

Suki reaches out to Kim's arm as Sashi and Tisha grab her waist. Nanyo,
as always, reaches out for Kim's breast, but finding she can't reach
it, she grabs Kim's crotch instead.

"Nanyo, can you choose a different spot. It's to much of a distraction
with your hand there."

Nanyo giggles stupidly and grabs Kim's left thigh instead.

"Ok, now just be quite while I concentrate."

Nanyo hiccups, but makes no other noise.

A white aura begins to emanate from Kim's body, the group disappears
and reappears in Suki's house.

Suki looks around and nods, "You've grown stronger since I saw you
last, Kimmie..." She starts for the stairs. Tisha, meanwhile, starts to
edge away as Nanyo burps again.

"I think Nanyo needs to sleep off her drunkenness." states Kim.

Sashi nods, "Yes.. but just in case... Let us try to ask her
something..." She turns to Nanyo and asks, "Nan'chi, where is the town
of Reun?"

Nanyo hiccups and looks up at Sashi, asking, "Re... un... ion? The....
Great... Sephiroth....? OMFG! Sephiroth! Let me suck your cock, Sephy!

"No good, She's too far gone." states Kim.

Sashi blinks and asks Kim, "Who is this Great Sephiroth and why does
Nan'chi want to suck his cock?" Suki, now at the top of the stairs,
groans, "It's a video game, Sash... Just a video game..."

"Let's get her upstairs."

Suki shakes her head, "That won't be necessary... there is a pull bed
down there... I just need to flip this... There..." Part of the floor
below revolves up, bringing with it a twin sized bed.

Tisha, meanwhile, has edged away from the group, running her hand
against the wall behind her, thinking, "I've got to get away from this
group of loonies... I really got to find a bathroom..."

"OK Nanyo let's go." states Kim attempting to lead Nanyo to the bed.

slumps down again.

"This is getting annoying." states Kim with a hand on her forehead.

Sashi asks, "May I give you a hand, Miss Kim?"

Tisha keeps her face toward the other girls, but she's now frantically
searching for a door out of this crazy house.

Kim then notices Tisha's distance. "Hey, what are you doing over

Tisha gulps, "Busted!" and tries to smile nonchalantly, "Heh... what's
up, Kimmie? I.. I, heh... just thought I'd leave you girls to
yourselves, since.. ah... you don't need me here... heh..."

"Kim then frowns at Tisha. "Don't call me that."

Tisha gulps, "Uh... ok... KIM.... I.. I was ... just... ah...
leaving..." She backs up further against the wall, her hands rapidly
pushing on every surface, looking for a switch or something to let her
out of this room.

"You're staying here."

Tisha whines, "Oh come on! I don't belong here! I'm just... uh... an
extra wheel here... eheh, eheh... so... uh.. lemme go, uh?"

"No, you're staying here. You might try something."

Tisha whines, "Oh, come on! Give me a break! Here you've got the little
cute one, the big bad ass, the silent and cold one and you! You don't
really need me around to slow you guys down!" She casually tries to
bring her thighs together without it being too obvious.

"No, you NOT leaving, that's final." states Kim sternly.

Tisha whines but decides to keep quiet for now, thinking that she'll
have an opportunity to escape later. Suki comes down the stairs, a
futon in her arms.

"Nanyo, go to the bed and sleep off those drinks." states Kim.

Nanyo nods, tipping over right into the bed, giggling madly. Suki
approaches and puts a pillow under Nanyo's head, sighing, "This is
gonna take a while... Nan'chi never did know when to say when..."

"Great, I just hope Becky isn't causing too much trouble." states Kim.

Suki asks, "What's wrong with Becky?" Fresh tears come to her eyes as
she remembers what she did to her.

"Hon'tyl has corrupted her mind. She's turned evil now." states Kim.

Suki cries, "NO! It's not true, is it?!"

"Yes, it is, she almost succeeded in killing me."

Suki clenches her fist and an red aura surrounds her, showing off her
amazing magic potential in a burst of anger. Sashi blinks, "Whoa..."
Tisha shivers in fear, pressing her thighs together.

"Calm down Suki."

Suki shakes her head, blacking out for a moment, then coming to,
sighing, "I can't BELIEVE Hon'tyl's so evil..."

"Unfortunately, as much as I hate to admit it. I can't beat Becky."
states Kim.

Suki sighs, "Yes, I doubt whether anyone could beat Hon'tyl like
that... You'd need to go to the town of Reun... in the desert..."

"I know."

Suki adds, "Those Ap Dat are even more suspicious of outsiders than
those of Lo'lop... You'd need to get an Ap Dat who lived there to get
you inside..."

"That's what we have Nanyo for." states Kim.

Suki nods, "Yeah.. Nan'chi's family lives there... Her parents in
particular... I don't think she's ever liked them that much, though..."

Tisha, over in the corner, squeezes her thighs together again, and
slides along the wall, still looking for some door or switch for her to
escape with.

Kim notices Tisha again. "What's wrong with you?" asks Kim.

Tisha whines, looking down at her feet and blushing, "I... I gotta

"I already told you, you know going anywhere. Just give it up."

Tisha blushes harder, "No.. I mean... I really gotta go..."

"Well you're really not going anywhere." replies Kim.

Tisha squeezes her thighs harder and shakes her head again, "NO. I
mean... I REALLY gotta go!"

"What aren't you understanding little girl!? You're not leaving. Just
sit somewhere."

Tisha finally throws all caution to the wind and states loudly, "Oh,
for the love of... I GOTTA PEE-PEE!" Suki hears her words and turns to
Kim, a smile beginning to spread across her lips.

To Be Continued In...
Tisha's wetting

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