Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 27)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 27

Title: Chapter 25: Hon'tyl's Order

[Author's notes:
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


The voice speaks again. It now sounds like a woman around the age of
25-30. "They have hurt you... humiliated you... kicked you around like
a rag doll... So how does that feel, little one?"

"I feel nothing anymore. Feelings are useless." states Becky

"Now, now... You don't have to go that far... After all, I will take
care of you... As long as you swear eternal loyalty to me, your soul
will be saved... Do you swear fealty to me, little one?"


"Excellent... now..." A shimmering slave collar appears in
front of Becky. "Put this one and I shall reward you, slave..."

Becky does as instructed.

Almost immediately, Becky's eyes flash from their normal color to black
and a black leotard replaces her clothing. A few seconds later, a warm
hand falls on her shoulder as the
voice whispers, "Turn and face me, slave... face your Mistress...
Prostrate yourself to me..."

Becky turns around to face her master.

She sees a beautiful voluptuous woman with long red hair, ruby-tinted
eyes, painted red lips and a horrible smile. She is attired all in red,
wearing some sort of robe, and blood flows freely around her in some
sort of circular orbits. It has the ability of reminding one of what an
atom might look like with electrons whizzing around a nucleus.

Becky simply looks at this woman, apparently, she won't speak unless
spoken to.

The woman smiles, holding a leash that is attached to the slave collar
on Becky's neck. She tugs on it gently, pulling Becky close as she
whispers with an icy tone, "Greetings, slave... I am the Dark Mistress,

She continues, "... I am certain you have thousands of questions for
me... but first... I must have some of your blood..." She reaches out
to Becky's left breast, pulling it out of her skimpy leotard, and runs
a finger across it, causing a trickle of blood to flow from her breast
into a vial that Hon'tyl produces.

"I am whatever you wish me to be." replies Becky.

Hon'tyl smirks, "I know, my lovely slave... But in order to cement my
power, your blood is necessary..." After draining one vial full of her
blood, Hon'tyl runs a second finger across Becky's breast, causing the
cut to heal, though a small scar remains. Hon'tyl then pushes Becky's
breast back into her tight leotard and takes hold of Becky's left hand,
thrusting a piece of parchment into it, as she caresses Becky's cheek
with her free hand, sending shockwaves of pleasure through the young
girl's body, though it's nowhere near pleasurable enough for an orgasm.
She whispers, "Now, my slave... sign your name to this parchment with
your blood and the transfer will be complete..."

Becky's only reaction to the pleasure is closing her eyes and shakes a
bit, then opens her eyes and signs the parchment.

Hon'tyl then uses the rest of the blood to dictate the terms of the
contract, then throws the vial over her shoulder when it is empty.
After that, she stuffs the contract into Becky's leotard and says,
"Hold onto that, my lovely slave... Now, then... It is time to return
you to your apartment... with your instructions..." She grins and
whispers, still caressing Becky's cheek, "I want you to get close to
Nanyo... Do whatever you have to to get close to her... Find out
everything you can about her... and if Kim gets in your way, eliminate
her... Understood, slave?" She pets Becky's head, giving her another
shot of pleasure.

Becky repeats her previous reaction and nods afterwards. "Yes, I
understand, I will kill Kim if she interferes." replies Becky.

Hon'tyl smiles, "Very well, slave... I will reward you greatly when you
return if you have done as I have commanded...

"I am ready."

"Now go..." Hon'tyl shimmers and disappears and Becky wakes up back in
her apartment, her hands untied, but the blindfold still in place.
There is no other sound in the room, though outside the room comes the
sounds of Kim yelling at Nikki for something.

Becky removes the blindfold and leaves the room to find Kim yelling at
Nikki. "Kim, where is Nanyo?" request Becky.

"Huh? Becky?" asks Kim. "Where is Nanyo?" repeats Becky. "I don't
know." Replies Kim.

"Wait a minute, where is Nanyo? She was here." states Kim. "Something's
not right with Becky..." states Nikki.

Just then, a figure enters the room, clutching her side and breathing
hard. It is Sashi. She looks at Becky, then Nikki, then Kim and groans
weakly as she states, "I believe I have been injured..." There is blood
on her hand where she is holding her side.

"Kim, where is Nanyo?" asks Becky with a bit of
aggravation. "What's with the attitude? I don't know where she is so
stop asking." replies Kim

Sashi then asks, "I, too, would like to know the location of Nan'chi...
I believe she may know what has caused my injury..." A little more
blood flows down from her side.

"So, you will not tell me where Nanyo is?" asks Becky. "How the fu*k
can I?! I have no Idea where she is." replies Kim. "Fine, you have no
use to me." states Becky as she begins to leave.

Sashi blinks, asking, "Miss Kim, have you upset Mistress lately? She
seems angry and agitated..."

"Hey, don't just leave." states Kim grabbing Becky's arm. "I would
advise letting me go." replies Becky. "Advise? What the hell are you
talking about?" states Kim.

Sashi blinks, before dropping to her knees, the pain in her side
aching. "Miss Kim, perhaps it would be prudent to let her go this one

"Something's not right. I'm not letting her leave this place." replies
Kim. "You are interfering, I will not warn you again, let me go."
states Becky.

Sashi groans weakly, "Miss Kim, I sympathize with you, but if you
persist in confronting her now, you may be killed..." Then, for the
first time in her life, she screams in pain and jerks wildly before
passing out on the ground.

"No, she's not going anywhere." replies Kim. "Very well, your were
warned..." states Becky as she quickly grasps Kim's throat with her
free hand.

"What the!" replies Kim as she releases Becky's arm to try and pry her
hand from around her neck. Becky then squeezes, cutting the flow of air
into Kim's lungs.

"What the hell are you doing brat?! cut that out!" exclaims Nikki.
Becky looks at Nikki and promptly shoots her in the stomach as she
quickly materializes her gun. "I never did like you." states Becky as
Nikki falls to the floor in pain.

Sashi starts to come to, lifting her head weakly as she spoke hoarsely,
"M-Mistress... no...."

"B-Becky... What's wrong... with you?" asks Kim feeling weak from lack
of Oxygen. "I was ordered to kill you if you got in my way." States

Suddenly, a hand reaches out of nowhere, grabbing Becky's arm and
flinging her outside with the speed of centrifugal force. Then, the
same hand grabs Kim and pulls her back into the bedroom, whispering,
"Miss Kim, we must flee..."

Kim coughs as she suddenly able to breathe. "What the hells going on?"
asks Kim.

Sashi, holding Kim by her wrist, replies tersely, "Miss Kim... It is
Hon'tyl... She has corrupted Mistress... there is no way... we...
can... win....ough..." She drops to her knees, panting in pain.

Nikki's voice is then heard. "No! Don't!" then a gunshot is heard and
nothing. Kim listens in shock at what she's heard. "She just didn't do
what I think she's done has she?"

Sashi groans weakly, "Miss Kim... I might be able to keep her mind
functioning for a short time... but unless we find Nanyo and get her
potions, we cannot save her... to say nothing about stopping

"Da*nmit! You know how to contact Nanyo?" asks Kim. Becky's voice is
then heard. "That wouldn't have happened if you would've stayed Kim,
now your friend has a bullet in her head."

Sashi nods, "I do... but I cannot do it... My body is too weak to use
my telepathic powers... " Her eyes close as though the effort of saving
Kim's life has drained her greatly.

"Wait a minute, Nanyo said something about a mental link, how can I use
it?" 5 gunshots are then heard in the other room.

Sashi groans weakly and replies, on the verge of falling unconscious,
"If you have such a link, then all you have to do to contact Nan'chi,
is to scream her name in your mind... She should hear you and initiate

"Ok." replies Kim as she closes her eyes and does what Nanyo's says.
Laughter then comes from the other room as more gunshots are heard.

The connection between Kim and Nanyo is made and on the other end, Kim
hears laughing in the background as Nanyo's voice slurs, "Yeah, Starki?
What iz zit?"

"Something horrible has happened, come back ASAP!" thinks Kim.

There is a thud sound followed by Nanyo's voice giggling, "Hah! A sap!
Hah! Oday... Dahm a'coming around the mountain, when she comes! Hee,
hee..." There is another thud then all falls silent in
Kim's mind.

"Fu*k, it ended." states Kim.

Sashi opens her eyes, grimacing, "I believe she is drunk... that limits
our options... We must flee, Miss Kim... I will try to put up a psychic
barrier... to protect you... You must get Nan'chi and go to the town of

"Leave you here alone with Becky? No way, I'm not going anywhere."
replies Kim.

Sashi replies, grimly, "If you do not get help at Reun, we all will be
killed, Miss Kim... You, Nan'chi, Suki, and even Mistress, herself..."

"Fine, but if you need something to heal you, there's some stuff in my
drawers you can use to heal yourself." states Kim as she stands.

Sashi nods, "Ok.. Th-thank you, Miss Kim..." She tries to stand. Her
legs shake badly, but she manages to get to the drawers, looking for
the stuff Kim mentioned.

"Stay safe..." states Kim as she teleports.

Sashi blinks, having just drunk a potion that restored her vitality,
"Ok... Now Mistress... Please forgive me..." She closes her eyes and
stalks into the room with Becky.

She sees Nikki as a bloody mess on the floor, and Becky squatting
beside her. Becky looks at Sashi and stands. "You are of no concern to

"I may not be of concern, but I cannot allow you to go about killing
people... Hon'tyl..." Her words are cold and emotionless.

"Do not get in my way." states Becky coldly.

"I do not intend to get in your way... I intend to delay you... But
rest assured, Hon'tyl... The day will come when the power you have
gained will cease to exist..." She brings one hand up in front of her
face, palm facing Becky.

"Delay me? I'd like to see that." states Becky.

"Then, try me, Hon'tyl... Try me and find out just how strong my mind
is... I know it frightens you... You fear someone overthrowing you and
freeing the Ap Dat..."

Becky throws her gun away and gets into a fighting stance. "Fine,
entertain me." states Becky.

"As you wish, Hon'tyl... As you wish..." Sashi closes her eyes and
suddenly, before Becky can blink, a force-field, like that one that
protected her in space, is formed.

"What the hell!" states Becky as she punches the force field.

Sashi sighs, looking grim. She thinks, "That will not hold her long....
I must meet up with Nan'chi and Miss Kim..." She shimmers once, leaving
an after image, then she is gone.

To Be Continued In...
Finding Nanyo, Meeting Tisha, and Saving Suki...

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