Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 26)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 26

Title: Chapter 24: Becky's Corruption

[Author's notes:
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


Meanwhile, in Becky's room....

Sashi grins at her Mistress, who's hands are tied behind her back, her
eyes blindfolded, and is only wearing a pair of panties with a
yellowish stain similar to Sashi's.

Becky slowly comes to and feels that she has something over her eyes.
"Where am I?" thinks Becky aloud.

There is no answer from the darkness, but something is pressed hard
against her back. It feels like a needle, and immediately, Becky feels
her breasts swell, growing up to a D-cup easily.

"Ah! what is that? Who are you?" asks Becky.

Again, there is no vocal response, but something hard hits the young
girl in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her, causing her to gasp
for breath as something with suction attaches itself to Becky's left

"Ah!" moans Becky once breath returns to her lungs.

A voice, which seems male, now speaks, "Ah, little girl... Your sister
is indeed a tough one... She refused to come rescue you and for that,
you must pay the price..." A hand is now felt on her abdomen, sliding
down to her panties as the suction increases on her left nipple,
drawing out some kind of fluid whose release sends shockwaves of
pleasure throughout the little girl's body.

Becky tenses as a wave of pleasure attacks her body.

The voice sniggers, "Did you like that, you little slut?! Heh, oh, but
you have to earn more..." The suction stops and is replaced by
something pinching her nipple so hard that it begins to turn red. At
the same time, the other hand caresses her abdomen, touching the top of
her waistband of her panties and stretching it out a little.

"What are you going to do to me?" asks Becky.

The voice drips with oiliness, asking, "I think, little girl, the
question is: What do you fear most? or should I say, What scares you
the most?" Becky's body then becomes weightless as something lifts her
up and while holding her, a sharp cold metal object brushes across her

"Like I would really tell you. I'm not stupid."

Her captor seems amused, "Little girl, do you think I would really
expect you to answer? I have other methods... methods that I'm sure
you'll recognize... If Suki hadn't fought me, I'd still have you as my
personal slave... but now, that little pee-bitch is gone... and her
sister is mine to control for all time... and now, little girl... tell
me your secrets..." A strong sense of something entering her mind
overcomes the smallish loli and renders her defenses incredibly weak.
The struggle put up by the little girl only drain her of more and more
energy over time.

"What are you doing to me?" asks Becky as she feels her energy leaving

"Give in, little girl... if you don't... the pain you feel now will
only increase exponentially..." A rough boot in thrust into Becky's
stomach as the person kicks her hard, almost to the point of breaking a

"Ah!" groans Becky as she cringes in pain.

"Now you know who I am, don't you, little bitch? Heha... HeHA! Now,
SPILL your secrets, you big baby!" There is a stinging sensation now in
Becky's mind that starts to bring to up bad memories from her past.

"I-It can't be, I thought we got reed of you." states Becky .

"Heh, you think that little creep Annie was me?! HA! Boy were you
wrong! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now, spill!" All of Becky's defenses now
collapse, ridding her of the ability to hide anything.

"Hight's, I'm terrified of high places." states Becky almost

"I see.... and what else are you afraid off, little girl?" Someone
lifts her body up, dangling her in midair. then they tear off her
blindfold, revealing a LOOOOOOOOONG drop down to the street below. It
is almost 2, 300 feet in the air and the only thing that's holding her
up is an arm around her waist.

"NO! Please stop! Get me down Please!" Becky starts crying like a
little child and squirming frantically.

The voice laughs, then the blindfold is replaced, "Yanno, that is
really embarrassing, little girl... but I think there is something even
more embarrassing for you..." There is a sudden wind that blows and
next second, the blindfold is removed to reveal 3 big guys leering at
her exposed breasts and with her panties tugged down to her ankles.

Tears still fall from Becky's eyes for a few moments from
her previous trauma. "No, stop get away from me." begs Becky.

The big men approach her and one man grabs her breasts, squeezing them
hard as the second man roughly starts to kiss her. The third man starts
to push on her abdomen and the voice from before asks, "You want this
to stop before you embarrass yourself even further?"

"Yes, please, stop this." states Becky as she promptly ends the kiss

"Then swear total allegiance to me... and fight your sister... if you
don't, then..." A snigger, and the man pushes harder on Becky's
abdomen, raising her urge to pee up to 75% of her tolerance, still
under her control, but not by much.

"I can't do that, I love her." states Becky.

"Then, I feel sorry for you, pathetic little slut..." One of the men
pulls out a knife, smirking and licking it as he places the tip of the
knife against her breast. The second guy pulls out his huge penis and
starts trying to spread her labia as the third guy grabs her hair and
tugs her mouth down to HIS penis, commanding her to suck it.

"Stop it please!" begs Becky starting to cry again.

"You know what you must do, little whore... Kill your sister... or be
prepared to be impregnated by these demons... it is your choice..." The
man with the knife pushes the blade slightly into her breast, though
nowhere near the nipple, drawing blood which he laps up with his
tongue. The second guy thrusts his hips hard against Becky, forcing his
penis into her unlubricated vagina while the third guy pulls her hair,
getting her to put her mouth on his penis.

a muffled scream comes from Becky as she feels the cock forcing it's
way in her tight vagina, causing numerous tares on her vaginal walls, a
VERY painful thing might I add.

"Now?" tries the voice again. "I could always just drug you... but I
would rather you do it on your own... Ready to surrender, little girl?"
As Becky is penetrated and forced to suck penis, another man appears,
beginning to rub her abdomen, giving her the sensation that needles are
pricking her urethra as though she needs to pee badly but cannot let

Becky's simply crying as the cock pumps into her, tarring her more and
more as blood begins to cover the man penis. but her crying is muffled

All the men suddenly shimmer and vanish, replaced by Kim Starr who
stands in front of Becky. A voice whispers in her ear, "Kill her... You
know you want to... You keep telling her you love her... but what has
she ever done for you?" Becky's hands are freed and her blindfold
removed as the image of her sister scowls at her.

"N-No, I can't d-do it." states Becky as her voice cracks from the
painful assault her vagina just went through.

Kim pulls out her photon blades and smirks at Becky, calling, "Come on,
runt... Let's see whacha got... Heh, bet I kick your ass this time..."
The voice whispers, "See? She doesn't care about you... She just keeps
you around because she likes to hurt you... the coward... she doesn't
give a damn about you..."

"I know she likes it, she does it 'cause I ask her to." replies Becky.

The voice sounds amused, "Oh, really? You don't think it possible that
she tells you that just to shut you up?" Kim smirks as an image of
Nanyo appears behind her, grinning. Kim states, "Come on, BB... Let's

"No! I don't believe you, Kimmie loves me, I know she does." states

"Then why hasn't she returned the favor lately? You always go to her
room and wake her up in your special way... Why doesn't she return the
favor? Could it be because of Nanyo?" The image of Nanyo solidifies
behind Kim, holding her in a tender embrace as she sticks her tongue
out at Becky. Kim, then charges at Becky, slashing out with her

"Kimmie stop!" exclaims Becky as she quickly gets up and dodges, but
because of the wounds to her vagina, it's a VERY painful action as she
falls to her knees after the dodge cupping her crotch groaning in

Kim's left photon blade barely scratches the younger girl's left arm as
she flashes a kick behind her, catching Becky hard in the ribs. She
grins, "Oh, come on, BB... I KNOW you can do better than that... Come
on... Give me a challenge!"

The voice continues, "And what about your brother, Rick? Or even
Smith?" Both now appear behind Kim, laughing and pointing at Becky.

Becky holds her pain raked body crying. "P-Please, stop..."

Rick laughs, "What's the matter, squirt? Didn't I train you hard
enough?" Smith does the same, flicking his nose at her as Nanyo grins,
"Stupid little girl... Your sister's heart is mine... she cares for no
one else!" Kim laughs heartily, charging toward Becky again, crying,
"BB, you could NEVER win against me!"

Becky once again painfully dodges Kim's charge and is barley standing.

Once again, Kim shows unbelievable skill by giving Becky another shot
to her ribs, this time on the other side. She skids past Becky and
grins, "Well, geez, BB... are you really this weak? What's a matter, ya
got your period?!" Rick laughs, "Nah... she's too much of a bed-wetter
for that...." Nanyo smirks, "Yeah... and she likes being raped too...
what a crazy ass bitch-slut..." The voice speaks again, "And you call
this people your friends and family?"

"Why is this happening? I did nothing wrong to deserve this." Becky
then fall to her knees for a second time. "I can't take this." cries

But things only take a turn for the worse when Sashi's voice begins to
be heard: Mistress! P-Please... M-Mistress! It sounds as though she's
in trouble and as Kim flashes over Becky's head, swiping at her hair
and shortening it, the voice whispers, "Your lover hates you too, you

"No! That's not true! It can't be true!" exclaims Becky as her hands
form tight fists

Sashi's voice echoes again, "Mistress... You are a bitch! How dare you
keep me as a slave?! God Damn little bitch! I fucking hate you! I

Becky freezes in place at Sashi's words, Her eyes now glazed over. this
was that final straw that broke her.


Becky slowly gets to her feet and faces Kim. Becky has a void
expression on her face, like there's no one there.

Kim grins, "Ooh, now she's mad... Well, come on, little girl... Let's
see whacha got..." She charges again.

Becky forms a revolver in her right hand and points it at Kim's head.

Kim grins, "Can ya hit me, BB? I don't think you can!" She brings her
photon Blades up into an X formation, preparing to attack.

Becky waits and doesn't move.

Kim jumps into the air about 5 feet from Becky and slashes downward,
screaming, "Now you LOSE, BB!" Rick whispers in her ear, "Bed-wetter"
at the same time that Nanyo rubs her again, swollen, abdomen and Sashi
continues screaming obscenities at the top of her lungs.

The gun quickly disappears from Becky's hand and Her huge Proton
Launcher forms and her aims it up directly at Kim.

Kim doesn't change her position, still screaming as her Photon Blades
begin to approach Becky's hair again.

Becky doesn't say a word as she presses the trigger,
firing a large ball of pure proton energy, It hits Kim causing her to
scream in pain and falls to the ground next to Becky.

Suddenly, all the people vanish and the voice chuckles, "Very good,
Becky... very good... now tell me, do you still believe those people
are your friends? Do you still believe they love you?"

"No." replies Becky monotonously.

To Be Continued In...
Hon'tyl's Order

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