Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 25)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 25

Title: Chapter 23: Nanyo Meets Nikki

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


Nanyo rolls over in her sleep, taking the blankets with her and pulling
them off of Kim, which causes a gentle breeze of cool air to wash over
Kim's body.

Kim shivers from the chill and lifts her head to see what Nanyo has did
with the covers and grabs them and uncovers Nanyo as she covers
herself, giving Nanyo the chill.

Nanyo grunts in her sleep, then turns over onto her back, her left leg
coming up and winding up in Kim's face as Nanyo spins slightly in her
sleep, her left arm behind her back as her face presses into her

Kim rolls over again and yells as she falls out of the bed.

Nanyo snorts as she sits up, muttering, "The hell? What the hell's
going on?!" Her red hair is all mussed and her eyes mostly closed. She
seems really disoriented.

"Oww..." comes Kim's voice at the side of the bed, covered in the

Nanyo runs a hand through her mussed hair, "Starki? That you? Where the
hell are you?!" She stands up on Kim's side of the bed, accidentally
trodding on Kim's stomach as she does so, falling back against the wall
in surprise.

"Ah! Hey! Watch where your steppin!" states Kim loudly.

Nanyo groans, "Ow, shit!" as she rubs the back of her head. "Starki!
What the HELL are ya doin' on the FRIGGIN' FLOOR?!"

"I rolled over and fell over." replies Kim.

Nanyo sniggers, "'Choo fall over for, Starki? Ya coulda hurt yerself!"
But there is a smile on her face as she reaches down to help Kim up.

"I fell 'cause you had your foot on me." states Kim as she takes
Nanyo's help.

Nanyo laughs, "Oh yeah... I guess I forgot to tell you... my sleeping
habits aren't really all that great..."

"I see, anyway, I think it's time for me to go back home." states Kim.

"To your apartment down on Cyclias?" asks Nanyo.

"Yeah, back on solid ground." replies Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Cool... I'd love to see it... So far, I've only seen it
through your eyes... I wanna see how it looks in reality..."

"K, let me start the ship." states Kim as she heads for the cockpit.

"EY! Starki! Ya sure ya wanna do this without any clothes on?" teases
Nanyo, replacing her damp panties with a pair from her bag.

"It's my ship, I can walk around nude if I want." replies Kim smiling.

Nanyo raises her eyebrows, "Oh, I see... That why you have dildos in
the pilot and passenger seats?"

"Kinda, Becky's the one who installed them." replies Kim as she sits in
the poliots seat.

"Her horniness acting out again, then?" grins Nanyo as she slips on her
green sweater and blue jean outfit that Kim first met her in.

"I guess, the thing is, I didn't know she installed it. I was pretty
surprised when I found out about it though." states Kim as she presses
various buttons to activate the ship.

Nanyo laughs, "Ok... ya got me on that one... Becks must've been a
REALLY horny little girl... Kinda reminds me of... me, yanno... I did a
LOT of things to Suki that she didn't know about... she always wondered
why she needed a change of panties every morning... " She slips into
the chair next to Kim, just as Sashi shows up in the cockpit, carrying
Becky in her arms.

"Hey, were going back to my apart Sashi." states Kim.

Sashi nods, "I know... I can read your mind... That is why I brought
Mistress back here at this time... I had planned to keep her with me,
but I was afraid that you would leave without us..."

"Becky has her own way back yanno." states Kim as she has the craft
lift in the air and fly out the hanger.

Sashi questions, squirming slightly in barely repressed excitement,
"Are you referring to her PDA-device, Miss Starr?"

"Yeah, as long as the location you want to go is in it, she can
teleport wherever she wants.

Sashi replies, "Ah... so she has a direct link to the teleporters on
Pioneer II?" Nanyo rolls her eyes, yawning, "Shut up, Sash... just take
Becks back the room and take a nap or something..." She leans her head
back and snores loudly, indicating
that she's fast asleep again.

"Yeah, she does." replies Kim.

Sashi frowns at Nanyo and as she leaves, she gives Nanyo's chair a
little kick, causing it to spring forward and throw Nanyo onto the
ground. Nanyo grumbles, "Geez, Sash.. it was just a joke..." as she
climbs back into the chair.

"We'll be back home shortly, just relax for now." states Kim.

Nanyo grumbles, "Stupid Sash... make a fool outta me, will she?! I'll
get even with her... humph! she's so proud of her bladder control...
hehehehe...." She falls silent, but her telepathic mind broadcasts her
plan to Kim, (the old hand-in-water trick)

"Just get over it Nanyo."

Nanyo shakes her head, "No... I can't just get over it... Ooh, I'm
gonna get her for this... Besides, " she leans back and grins at Kim,
"... It's fun to get even with her..."

"May I ask why?" asks Kim.

Nanyo smirks, sticking out her tongue, "'Cause she's always so cool and

"Oh, I see." smiles Kim.

Nanyo grins, "So... wanna help me get even?"

"Nah, I just wanna get home."

Nanyo frowns, turning back to the windshield, "Party pooper..." Then a
few seconds later, a soft snore begins, stating that Nanyo's fallen
asleep again.

Kim looks over and sees Nanyo sleep and smiles. About 30 minutes later.
the ship is hovering over Kim's apartment. "Hey, Nanyo, we're here."
states Kim as she shakes her a bit.

Nanyo lets out a loud hard scream: GET THE FUCK OFFA ME, YOU DAMN
PERVERT!. Then she opens her eyes and shakes slightly as she gets up.
"Ugh... What the hell was that?!" she states.

"You talk in your sleep too huh?"

Nanyo rubs her head, "I dunno... 's not like I really had anyone to
tell me that..." She gives this expression on her face: :-

"Well you do, Becky does it too."

Nanyo suddenly takes hold of Kim's shoulders, asking, "Starki.. tell
me... what did I say?! Please tell me!" She looks panicked for some

"Uh, I think it was along the lines of 'Get the Fu*k offa me, you da*n
perverts.' "

Nanyo groans, "Oh, no... NOT AGAIN!" She slumps back down in the chair
and looks really despondent.

"What's wrong?" Kim looks concerned as she says this.

Nanyo shook her head, "It's nothing... nothing that I ever wanted to
share with you... EVER..."

"Ok, I understand, well let's go." states Kim

Nanyo nods, "Ok..." but she doesn't seem her normal cheerful self as
she trudges behind Kim.

Kim places a hand on Nanyo as she pulls out her PDA-like device and
presses a few buttons and they teleport into Kim's apartment.

Nanyo looks around, asking, "So this is it? Your apartment, Starki-

"Yeah, and don't you dare say anything about it being so simple and me
having a lot of money. I hear that enough from Becky." replies Kim.

Nanyo giggles, "Did I say anything?" But she's clearly thinking exactly
what Kim accused her of being about to say.

Kim glares at Nanyo before a girl's voice is heard in one of the rooms.
"Ki Ki? Is that you?" states the voice.

Nanyo turns toward the sound of the voice and gasps, "What the hell?!"
She looks really shocked.

"Oh yeah! Nikki! I forgot all about her." states Kim.

Nanyo raises an eyebrow. "Nikki?" she questions.

" My friend." states Kim before the sound of a door
opening and Nikki running out and hugging Kim. Her tail wagging back
and forth. "Ki Ki!"

Nanyo sniffles, still grinning, "So this is your friend Nikki?"

"Yeah." states Kim. "Who are you?" states Nikki looking at Nanyo.

Nanyo grins, holding out her hand, "I'm... ACHOO!" she sneezes

"Something wrong Nanyo?" asks Kim.

Nanyo sniffles, "Uh... I dunno..." She sniffles harder and adds, "My
noe's all subbed up, all of a subben..." Then, she rears back and
sneezes loudly again.

"Could you be allergic to something here?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "It's bossible, of course... ah... ah...

"What could it be?" asks Nikki. "Hey, Nikki, leave the area for a sec."
"Huh? Ok..." Nikki releases Kim and walks over near one of the corners
of the room near the table.

Nanyo starts to sneeze, but then stops. "Hunh? That's weird..." she
states scratching her hair.

"Nikki, come back." states Kim. "Ok." replies Nikki as she walks back
to the three.

"Ah... Ah! AHHHHHHHHH- CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" explodes Nanyo's latest
sneeze, then a long trail of snot starts to rolls down from her nose,
which she sniffs back up into her nose and moans.

"Are you allergic to cats Nanyo?" asks Kim.

Nanyo sighs, sniffling again, "It would appear so, wouldn't it? Ah-
Choo!" she sneezes again, looking miserable.

" I'm sorry." states Nikki looking sad as her ears and tail droop

Nanyo shakes her head, "'s not your fault... AHCHOO!" she sneezes

"Yes it is." states Nikki sadly.

Nanyo shakes her head again, saying, "No.. It's... It's... AHCHOO!...
not... I... I think I have something here... *sniff* to handle this...

"What would that be?" asks Kim.

Nanyo replies, sneezing again, "I... I have an allergy blocking
chemical compound in... in... AHCHOO!... my pouch...." She sniffs
again, reaching down for it.

Nikki starts to walk off.

Nanyo fumbles with her pouches, but due to her allergy, sneezes and
knocks her belt off, causing her pouches to drop to the floor, causing
a small round metallic bomb to burst open, spraying Nikki and Nanyo
with Para-powder.

"Huh? What's this stuff? asks Nikki.

Nanyo, frozen in place, groans, "Aw, DAMN! Not Para-powder! Ahchoo!"
She sneezes in place.

"Para-what?" questions Nikki.

Nanyo grimaces, "It's a type of paralyzing powder that will freeze the
victim in place... there's no antidote... we're stuck in place for
about 3 hours..."

"You serious? There's no cure?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo replies, "No... I never figured out how to develop an cure...
Sash'd be good at that... but she's not here..."

"I have something that should help." states Kim as she walks off.

Nanyo groans, "Hurry, Starki... I... feel a sneeze coming on... and I'm
facing Nikki... ah.... Ah.... "

"Ok ok," states Kim as she goes into her room.

Nanyo's nose twitches, "Hurry... hurry! Ah... AH....
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH....." Her whole body twitches as she tries her hardest
to hold it in.

Kim rushs out and tosses a pill into Nikki's mouth and she swallows it.
a second later, Nikki quickly jumps back.

Nanyo sneezes loudly and heavily, accidentally spraying stuff all over
the room, but luckily not on Nikki or Kim. She looks really miserable
now, sniffling heavily.

"Nanyo, open your mouth a bit." states Kim.

Nanyo opens her mouth, doing exactly as Kim asks.

Kim tosses a pill into Nanyo's mouth. "Swallow that."

Nanyo nods, "K..." and does what Kim says.

"You should be able to move now."

Nanyo flexes her arm, sneezing again, "Y-Yeah... I can... " She reaches
down to her pouch and pulls out a second pill. Then, sneezing, she
swallows it.

"I have to keep these incase Becky paralyzes me." states Kim.

Nanyo then sucks in a deep breath, breathing freely through her nose.
"Ahhhhh... oh yeah... that's better..." She grins, raising her thumb

"I sorry." states Nikki.

Nanyo walks over to Nikki, grabs her in a playful headlock and grins,
"Ya don't need to be sorry... you didn't know I would be allergic...
It's okay... "

Just then, Sashi appears in the doorway, still carrying Becky. She has
a red face and is breathing hard.

"What's wrong Sashi? You don't look to good." states Kim as she notices

Sashi blinks, "I doubt whether you would look at peace when you travel
400 K in about 10 minutes...."

"Huh?" asks Kim totally clueless

Sashi blinks, "You may have teleported here, but as Mistress
is still out, I could not use her PDA-device... so... I had to run..."

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Are you ok?" asks Kim.

Sashi replies, shrugging her shoulders, "I have no complaints..."

"The little brat is back." states Nikki smiling.

Sashi blinks, "Are you referring to Mistress, young neko?"

"Yeah, hey, how old are you?" replies Nikki.

Sashi blinks again, resting Becky on the floor. "I do not know... No
one has ever informed me as to that..."

"You don't know how old you are?" asks Nikki surprised.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "I do not know... I never found it

"Wow, that's pretty sad." states Nikki.

Sashi blinks, "That is what Miss Starr said... I do not see it as a

"So you've never celebrated your birthday?" asks Nikki.

Sashi asks, "Why would I? I do not even know when it is..."

"Oh, I see." replies Nikki.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, then picks up Becky and takes her back to
her bedroom.

Nanyo grins, whispering to Nikki, "She's the one responsible for the
burning of the city, yanno, Niks..." She laughs.

"Her? Are you serious?" asks Nikki

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... Tell her the story, Starki... Tell her the whole

"She was there when it happened." replies Kim.

"Yeah... but she didn't recognize Sashi, did she? Tell her everything
about what happened..."

After a moment, Kim finishes telling Nikki the whole
story. "Wow, so Sashi one bad girl huh?" states Nikki smiling.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... but she's under control for now... I wouldn't piss
her off, though..." She grins.

"You don't have to worry about that. I'm no fighter." replies Nikki
giggling nervously.

Nanyo grins, "Aw... too bad... guess, you're a pretty kitty, eh?" She
steps up to Nikki and grabs her tail in her hands, squeezing it gently.

"H-Hey, what are you doing that for?" states Nikki as she

"Let's just say that what Suki knows, I know..." she replies,
dubiously. Then, she sticks Nikki's tail into her mouth and licks it,
"Mmm... Suki was right... it does taste good..."

"Ah! H-Hey..." Nikki looks around as sees that Kim is no longer in the
room. "H-Huh? Where's Ki Ki?"

Nanyo looks up. "What the hell?! How the hell'd she get away so damn

"C-Could you release my tail please?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo turns back to Nikki, gasping, "OH! Heh, heh... sorry..." She lets
go of Nikki's tail and starts roving through the apartment looking for

There is an audible snore comming from one of the rooms on Nanyo's

Nanyo knocks on the door, "That you, Starki?"

"The snoring just continues. "Yeah, that's Ki Ki alright." states

Nanyo grins, "Excellent... She was OBVIOUSLY very tired... Perfect time
for a little practical joke... you in, Niks?" She stares at the young

"Oh yeah, ready and waiting." smiles Nikki.

Nanyo smirks, rubbing her hands together "Blasphemous..." she states
with a coniving expression on her face. She tiptoes to Kim's bathroom
and fills a glass with water, winking at Nikki, saying, "This is step

"What are we going to do?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo leans close to the neko's big ears and whispers, "Ever hear of
the old hand-in-the-water trick?"

"Oh, that's so mean." smiles Nikki.

Nanyo smirks, "Oh yeah... plus, I haven't even told you the worst
part... I'm gonna slip Starki something that'll enable me to move her
without wakin' her up... and I'm gonna slip THESE on her..." She holds
up a pair of jeans that have a metallic button on them which is glowing
a strange red color.

"What's special about them?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo winks, "They're a special pair of pants that can't be removed
without the combination... I always wanted to use them on Suki, but her
skin's so delicate that she can't wear jeans... Heh, this will be their
first true test!"

"Great. Let's hurry and do this." states Nikki.

Nanyo grins, "Yes... Let's..." She floats off the ground, patting her
back, indicating that Nikki should climb on. She explains, "It'll be
quieter this way..."

Are you forgetting something?" asks Nikki smiling.

"Am I?" asks Nanyo, scratching her red hair, confused.

"I don't look this way for nothing. Cat's can be quite
sneaky when they want to be." replies Nikki.

"Oh yeah... well, I wouldn't know..." frowns Nanyo. "I've never really
been a cat person... but ok... if you rather risk waking up, 'Ki Ki,
Queen of Dick', be my guest..." She smirks at Nikki.

"Huh? How do you know that?" asks Nikki puzzled.

Nanyo taps her forehead, "Telepathy.... what else?"

"You can read minds?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo grins and nods, "Yep... and let me tell you, you're as easy to
read as Becky..." She laughs and pokes Nikki in her left ear teasingly.

"Don't compare me to that brat." replies Nikki.

Nanyo laughs, "I know you don't like her... that's why I said it... "
She hovers toward Kim's bedroom door, making sure Nikki is ready to
open it.

"I like her, I just like mess'in with her constantly." states Nikki as
she walks to the door.

Nanyo grins, "Much like I like messin' with you..." She darts down and
grabs Nikki's tail for a second before letting go.

Nikki tenses for a sec before glaring at Nanyo.

Nanyo sticks her tongue out, but doesn't say anything as the two enter
Kim's room, where they see....

Kim peacefully sleeping on her bed, on her stomach. Nikki gets on all
fours as she walks into the room, much like a cat as her tail raises
into the air.

Nanyo hovers above the floor, effortlessly floating through the air
until she lands very quietly, almost like a DBZ character, next to
Kim's head. She slips a hand into a pouch on the back side of her belt,
near her kidney area and pulls out some sort of patch, which she
reaches out with and attaches it to Kim's left shoulder.

"What are you doing?" as Nikki as she sits on the floor much like a cat
would do.

Nanyo grins, "It's a sleeping patch... It acts just like a sleeping
pill... Kim'll be out until I take it off... Look at her... she's so
cute when she's sleeping..." She reaches out a hand and caresses Kim's

Kim moans in her sleep from the touch. "Becky cut it out, I'm trying to

Nanyo laughs and winks at Nikki as she asks, "Watch this..." She places
the glass of water on the night table next to Kim's head and reaches
out gently to Kim's hand.

Kim's makes no move to show she's awake.

Nanyo's grin grows wider and wider as she puts Kim's hand into the
water, balancing it so that it stays within the glass. Then, she moves
quickly and slips the jeans on Kim, waving her hand over the red
glowing metallic button, causing it to glow purple, then blue. She
grins, "Perfect... Now, then, Niks.. let's give her bladder a feel,
what do you think?"

"Sure, what do I do?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo winks, "Just feel her abdomen... You can even rub her labia, if
you'd like... anythin' you'd like to do to make her squirm in her
sleep... It's ALL good..." She bent her head back and laughed loudly.

Nikki reaches a hand under Kim's body to her stomach. "Hey, there's a
bulge there." states Nikki

Nanyo sniggers, "Of course there is... she hasn't gone for quite a
while... give it a little push... not too hard, now...."

Nikki pushes up a bit and Kim visibly tenses and groans.

Nanyo laughs, "See? Doesn't that feel good, Nikki? Hee, hee..." She
places her own hands on Kim's breasts, squeezing them gently in her

"Yeah, I wonder though if she can hold it for a long time with that
thing in her." states Nikki.

Nanyo shakes her head, "No... No, I don't think she can... I mean,
seriously, could YOU hold it in while asleep, Niks?"

Nikki then looks at Nanyo. "I guess she hasn't told you huh?"

"Told me what, Niks?" asks Nanyo.

"Nothing, if she hasn't told you then I shouldn't." states Nikki.

Nanyo frowns, "Don't think you can hide anything from me, now...
remember, I have telepathy... I can read your mind, really easily..."

"But you really shouldn't, it's Kim's secret. If you were to do that at
certain place you would be in ALOT of trouble." replies Nikki.

Nanyo frowns, looking sulky, "Ok... I guess I have no choice..." She
closes her eyes and concentrates, probing into Nikki's mind searching
for the information she is hiding.

She finds out that Nikki is talking about the device in Kim's abdomen.

Nanyo gasps, "Oh yeah... that thing... yeah, she told me about it..."
She opens her eyes and pulls back from Nikki, leaving the young neko
panting as though she'd just run a long distance and was tired.

"What... did you... do to me?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo replies, "It's called a mental probe... and as you can see, it
really wears the victim out... Most Ap Dat don't like using it... for
obvious reasons... We only use it as a last resort..."

"I feel sorry for you." states Nikki.

"Why?" asks Nanyo. "It should be me feeling sorry for you... I didn't
want to have to use it..."

"You'd die so quick on that ship." states Nikki to herself.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... I know... Oops.. sorry... I didn't mean to read
your mind that time... I'm just not used to not being able to do so..."

"How would you know?" asks Nikki.

"Know what?" asks Nanyo.

"That would die in a place that I haven't even said the name of."

"What, Pioneer II?"

"How the hell do you know of that?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Um, because I was just there, mebbe?" She
rolls her eyes at Nikki as she lowers one hand down to Kim's stomach,
rubbing gently almost absently.

"What!? How? Your not allowed to be there." states Nikki.

Nanyo replies, simply, "Starki took me... " Then, she turns away,
squeezing Kim's left breast again as she states sadly, "I know no one
from this planet is supposed to go there... and that really hurts..."
She sounds as though she has been slapped and stung hard, kinda

"She did? Why did she take you?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, then shook her head, "I can't really say...
If it was always prohibited, then she..." Nanyo suddenly stands up and
walks over to the window, staring out at the city below.

"What? what's wrong?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo just shakes her head, saying only, "Don't worry about it..." She
steps back over to Kim, and gently takes the patch off her shoulder,
wadding it up and tossing it away.

"Hey, your stopping? Why?"

Nanyo simply says, "I've got a headache..." Then, she walks to the door
and leaves the room.

Nikki gets up and follows Nanyo. "Hey, what's wrong?"

Because Nikki quickly removes her hand from under Kim, it causes a high
degree of an urge to pee to Kim and she groans as she
wakes peeing on herself. "What, the hell?"

Nanyo pulls on her leather jacket, turning only briefly to Nikki to
say, "Tell Starki, I'll be back later... I need some time alone..."
Then, she walks out the door, quickly taking flight and is soon out of

Kim recovers and notices her hand in the water Nanyo set up and sees
Nikki at her door way with her back to her. "You did this didn't you!?"
yells Kim.

Nikki spins around to face Kim. "Huh?! N-No! I didn't do anything."
replies Nikki quickly.

To Be Continued In...
Becky's Corruption

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