Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 24)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 24

Title: Chapter 22: Kidnapped! :P

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


"Ah!" replies Kim as she gasps in pleasure.

"Mmm, Kimmie..." mumbles Becky as she starts to wake.

Nanyo grins, dropping one hand to Kim's left breast and squeezing it
gently as she pulls Kim on top of her, presses Kim's crotch onto her
own wet jeans.

A mysterious voice, not sounding human, states, "Ah... I see you have
finally awakened, young one..."

Kim then moans in reply and starts to squirm a bit.

Becky opens her eyes to see darkness. "Huh? Where am I?" states Becky.

Nanyo grins, "You are so cyute when you squirm, Starki... You know
that, don't you?" She locks her lips with Kim's again, pushing her
tongue deeply inside and licking Kim's own tongue.

The voice replies, "You are with me... I am your new Master... and if
you ever wish to see Kimmie again, you will do as I say... Understand,
little girl?!"

Kim then returns to kiss and moves her tongue in Nanyo's mouth.

"New master? What are you-" Becky discovers her arms are tied behind
her. "Hey! What is this? Untie me."

Nanyo moans through the kiss, her voice making Kim's mouth vibrate. She
then, breaks the kiss, panting, her forehead beginning to show signs of
sweat, "Whoa..." She looks stunned that her love and passion have
broken through her control and blushes heavily, so that her face
matches her red hair.

Something hard, yet flat hits Becky across the cheek as the voice
calmly intones, "Be quiet, little girl or your captivity will go much
worse for you!"

"Hey, what are you doing this to me for? This is the second time I've
been kidnapped." states Becky.

The voice intones again, "Your sister is rich... Do you really need to
ask, little brat?!" There is another slap to Becky's cheek.

"What does my sister's income have to do with me being kidnapped?"

"Oh come now, little girl... Have you never heard of RANSOM?!" Yet
another slap to Becky's cheek, which is followed by a button on Becky's
outfit coming undo.

"Why am I the one getting kidnapped? Why not someone else?"

"It is because of that idiot, Nanyo... No one can kidnap the one she
loves because she is simply too strong... Besides, only Kim has access
to her money and kidnapping her on this station would be foolhardy...
Now be quiet, little girl, before I am forced to hurt you..." Another
of the buttons on Becky's outfit comes undone.

Becky starts to try and get to her feet. "No! Let me go!"

"Do not make it worse for yourself, little girl... I can and will hurt
you..." Someone picks up Becky by the throat and dangles her from their
hand as they reposition her hands so that Becky is hanging from the

"Let me go! Let me go!" exclaims Becky.

The voice sniggers, "No... I think not... But if you would like, I
shall give something to think about while we wait..." A hand pushes
inside Becky's top, caresses her bra against her breast.

"Ah, What are you doing? Stop that!" states Becky trying to squirm away
from the hand.

A chuckle, then the voice continues, "Oh, come now little girl...
Surely you do not think that since I have you here, I am just going to
let you walk away, unscathed?" The hand slips off one of the clasps of
Becky's bra.

"No, stop. Don't do this." states Becky.

The voice sniggers, "What is the matter, little girl? Do you not like
having your control taken from you? Are you not aroused?" The second
clasp falls free as the hand rubs its palm across the area between
Becky's breasts.

".... O-Of course not." replies Becky.

The voice sniggers again, "No? Well, it is early yet... we shall see,
little one... we shall see..." The last clasp comes off Becky's bra,
causing it to fall free from under her top, which the owner of the
voice now pulls open, exposing Becky's breasts.

"Stop, don't do this." states Becky.

The voice, then, reaches up and slaps Becky hard on the cheek, "You
must learn your place, little one... You are not supposed to talk... If
you repeat your mistake, I will hit you harder..." A hand moves down to
Becky's panties, sliding a finger inside, running along her pubic

"Ah! S-Stop!" states Becky as she moves her legs hoping to kick the

Something catches Becky's foot and holds it in midair. "I would not try
that again, little brat... you may find an unpleasant surprise waiting
for you..." Something soft and smooth then presses again Becky's lips.
It takes her a minute to realize that it is someone's lips.

Becky produces a muffled groan through the kiss and kicks out her other
foot. again trying to hit the person.

Again, something catches her foot and holds it up in midair so that
Becky is now sitting in midair. The person's lips pull back and sighed,
"I warned you, little girl..." There is a loud crack as though from a
whip, that has the potential to scare most people to death.

"What is that?" asks Becky.

"Something for behavior modification... Now hold still, little girl...
because I assure you, this will REALLY hurt..." Something leathery and
hard then hits Becky's back, creating a long reddish spot.

"AH! Oww... Hey, that hurt!" exclaims Becky.

"I told you it would... Now unless you wish me to hurt you again, you
will cooperate, I trust?"


"Answer me, little girl... or you will feel more pain!" There is
another crack from the whip.

"NO! Let me go!" replies Becky.

"I see... I will have to teach you obedience then, little one..." There
is suddenly a sharp pain in Becky's back as the whip strikes, not once,
not twice, but three times, harder and harder each time.

Becky cries out from each strike. She closes her eyes tightly as tears
threaten her eyes, her back stinging from the strikes.

After the fourth strike, the person places their lips on Becky's again,
giving her a passionate kiss. Then, the person backs off and asks,
"Now, then, little girl... are you going to obey me now?"

".... Y-Yes...." states Becky in defeat as she feels her tears flowing
down her face.

"Good... because I do not want to have to hurt you... Now, then..." A
hand is placed on Becky's left breast, squeezing it gently and tenderly
as the person kisses Becky again.

Becky tenses from the touch and doesn't exactly return the kiss.

"You little lecher..." states the voice, pulling back. "You are not
even trying... Do you wish me to hit you again?" The whip cracks again
and a piece of debris flies up and hits Becky's toes.

Becky reflexively jerks her feet away?

"Now tell me, you little brat... are you excited or not?" asks the
voice, dropping it's hand down to Becky's stomach and rubbing gently.

Becky doesn't respond but in the darkness she is blushing.

"I am afraid I must insist, little girl... tell me if you are
excited..." A second hand is placed on Becky's right breast, squeezing
it a little too hard.

"N-No..." replies Becky unconvincingly.

"Is that so, little girl?" sniggers the voice. "Then I will have to do
something to change that..." The lips are again pressed against
Becky's, only this time, very roughly as the person drives their tongue
deep inside Becky's mouth.

Becky tries to squirm against the kiss.

The person doesn't stop, though, pushing harder and deeper into Becky's
mouth at the same time that Becky's right breast is pinched quite

Becky continues to squirm but she starts to sweat a bit, on of the
signs of her arousal...

The voice chuckles, "Little girl, are you trying to keep something a
secret? I can tell you are liking this..." The kiss then restarts, as a
single finger slips around to Becky's back, moving down to her no-fly

Becky squirms more and groans into the persons mouth
about not continuing the progress of her hand.

The person doesn't let up with the kissing, kissing her rougher and
rougher, licking all around the insides of Becky's mouth as the finger
reaches Becky's waistband of her panties, slipping inside to her

"Becky manages to muffle out "Stop."

The person backs off, replying, "You do not want this, do you?" The
finger slips in-between Becky's buttocks and lightly caresses her anus.

"No, stop." states Becky.

"Mmm... okay...." starts the voice, the finger starting to pull back.

"Thank you." states Becky.

"But.. on one condition!" adds the voice, the finger remaining between
Becky's buttocks for the time being.


"I want to see you hold it for a good long time... I do not want those
panties wet for at least 8 hours... You understand, slave?!"
The voice threatens with a crack of the whip.

"What!? Why?" asks Becky.

"Because I want you to... That is reason enough... So, little girl...
you have a choice... Either your ass gets penetrated or you hold it...
It is your choice..." The finger starts tracing Becky's A-hole.

"But I won't be able to hold it for that long." Becky voice is now a
whiny tone.

The voice giggles, "That might be true now... but I will let you go
once before we start... Well, Ms. Starr? The choice is yours... " The
finger starts trying to enter her a-hole.

"But I can't hold it for 8 hours." states Becky.

The voice sniggers, "I know... That is why I want you to try..." The
finger starts to push inside now, but only around the rectum, not going
too far in yet.

"Ah, stop, don't." states Becky squirming.

"Make the deal, then, slave... Make the deal, and I will stop..."

"I'm screwed ether way."

"That is not a decision, Ms. Starr... I must have your decision..."
states the voice, pulling the finger out and cracking the whip again.

"Fine, I'll....take the finger...." states Becky

"Tch... coward... No wonder your sister is eager to get rid of you..."
A hand now spreads Becky's buttocks and the finger again reaches out to
her anus.

Becky prepares herself for the penetration

The finger, now having some sort of cold clammy substance on it, again
starts to force it's way into Becky's anus, though it does so, gently
and erotically as the lips are again pressed against Becky's own in the
huge kiss.

Becky tenses for moment but starts to relax, allowing the finger easier
access to her rectum.

The person then unhooks Becky's hands from whatever it was holding her
up and drops her legs back to the ground as he/she lowers Becky down
onto the cold metal flooring, pulling back from the kiss only to
whisper, "If I am going to do this properly, I need you down here..."
The person keeps Becky's hands tied, but now above her head as the kiss
deepens again and the finger pushes in, stretching Becky's rectum a
little bit each minute.

Becky begins to moan into the kiss.

The person forces Becky's tongue into his/her own, as a second hand
moves down Becky's stomach to her pubic mound, rubbing gently. The
finger in her anus probes further, going deeper than before, continuing
to stretch it further and further.

Becky immediately starts to thrust her pelvis up into the hand as soon
as she feels the hand on her pubic region.

The person smiles, which Becky now feels, and the kiss becomes even
more passionate, as though the person is trying so hard to please her,
while holding back their own arousal. Then, suddenly, the kiss is
broken, as the lips of the other person slide down along Becky's chin
and down her neck.

"Oh, more, I want more." states Becky finally giving in.

The person sniggers and licks down between Becky's breasts as the
finger in her anus is joined by a second one, pulling apart anything it
can to widen her anus. At the same time, the hand down on her pubic
mound pulls up to her abdomen, rubbing gently on a course to the
person's lips.

Becky starts to squirm in pleasure now.

The lips and tongue come down now to Becky's stomach, playing in her
navel as the hand moves up to her breasts, squeezing and pinching them
rather roughly as the fingers in her anus push as far and as deeply as
they can.

"Ah." states Becky as she feel the fingers deepness

The fingers slowly pull out as the person grins and licks
down to Becky's waistband. The fingers are quickly replaced, though, by
something long, wide, cold, and metallic. At the same time, a similar
object is pressed against her left nipple, touching the majority of her
breast with its coldness.

"Ah, what's that?"

"Something to scare the sh*t out of you, Ms. Starr... Does it
frighten you?" The cold metallic objects turn slightly to reveal sharp
edges as the lips now move under Becky's panties, sucking on her pubic

"Yeah it frightens me, I don't want to be cut."

"If you please me, I will not cut you... but fail to do so and...." The
voice sniggers, letting that statement hang over Becky as the lips now
attach themselves to Becky's labia, the tongue darting between them,
licking up and down. It seems as though Becky's panties have been
pulled aside only over her labia, because the young girl can still feel
it hugging her waist. The metallic object in her anus starts a slowly
thrusting movement, in and out.

Becky gasp and moans under the pleasure, squirming a bit.

The person's lips now part Becky's tender labia, allowing the tongue to
wash over Becky's clitoris, almost soaking it in the person's mouth
fluids. The metallic object starts pumping Becky's anus harder and

"Becky moans and squirms more and more, the action starting to take

The person continues their actions, only now, making sure that Becky's
panties are free from her labia so as to keep them dry as the metallic
object near her breast, pushes on her nipple, almost as though it's
trying make the nipple invert, much like Ulter once did.

"I... I can't take this much longer..." states Becky.

"Good.... Let it go, Slave... Let it go and become a servant of the
most powerful creature on the planet..." The tongue continues to
inundate Becky's clitoris, stroking it from every
angle as the metallic objects do their jobs harder and faster.

"W-What?!" states Becky through the pleasure.

"Do it... Accept your weakness, little girl... Accept that you love all
of this! Admit it to yourself and gain the strength from it! As a slave
of the most powerful creature on the planet, you will experience untold
pleasure..." The tongue washes Becky's clitoris harder and more

"N-No, s-stop... I..." Becky then groans.

"Do it, Ms. Starr... surrender to your passions.... submit to your
desires.... give in to your horiness..." The tongue continues it's
actions as a finger enters her vagina, rubbing along the north wall as
the metallic objects do their work, efficiently, and send stronger
waves of pleasure shooting through Becky's body.

"No, I c-can't... t-take this... anymore..." groans Becky feeling her
body tensing up.

"Give in... Give in..." intones the voice almost hypnotically. "Give in
and let yourself cum... You will feel so much better when you do... You
know you want to..." The arousing actions continue.

"AHHHH!" screams Becky as she feels her climax arrive. causing her to
ejaculate streams of her girl-cum from her urethra as she arches her
body up. Pleasure coming in waves.

The person sucks up as much of Becky's cum as they can, pulling out the
metallic object from Becky's anus. Then, once Becky has finished her
orgasm, the person lets go of her, laughing, "Very good, Ms. Starr...
Now, I have to go call your sister and tell her how weak you have
proved... I will be able to get twice as much money as before..." After
stringing Becky back up to whatever it was that holds her up, footfalls
are heard, moving away.

Becky doesn't reply, too tired from her climax to.

After about ten minutes, something is held up to Becky's mouth and ear
and the voice orders, "Now, slave... talk to your sister... tell her
how weak you are..." At this time, a phone-like device rings in Kim's
room aboard her little ship. Nanyo and she are still in her room, both
on the edge of sleep from their latest orgasms.

"Mmm, that must be Becky..." states Kim as she get's off the bed and
picks up the phone. "Yeah?"

"Kimmie, I need your help." states Becky.

Nanyo rubs her neck, "Ough... Starki.... who is it?" Her voice sounds
irritated as though she'd just fallen asleep.

"It's Becky, she says she needs help." replies Km.

"O-Oh, really? Good..." She jumps up and grabs Kim, whispering, "its
Sash... don't let her know that you know... Just act like you can't
make it..." She gives Kim a quick peck on the cheek.

"Ok... Um, Becky, I can't help you right now." states Kim.

"What? Why?" asks Becky.

Nanyo grins, whispering, "Good... now give her a reason why..." She
hugs Kim tighter around the stomach.

"Nanyo's become sick all of a sudden about an hour ago, I need to watch
her. I'm sure you'll be fine, don't worry." states Kim.

"What!? Your not coming!?" asks Becky shocked.

The phone object is suddenly ripped away from Becky, the voice
laughing, "Looks like your sister does not even care about you, does

"She cares, she just needs to take care of Nanyo. If I could use my
hands you'd be in a world of hurt." replies Becky.

The voice laughs, "But you cannot use them... so you will not
be able to hurt me... However, if you want a fighting chance, then... I
suppose I could oblige..." Suddenly the ropes on Becky's wrists
disappear, freeing her hands.

"Huh? Why'd you do that?" asks Becky nervously.

"Take your blindfold off, if you dare... I want you to see who it is
that has captured you and made you subservient to your passions rather
than your reason..."

Becky does so and sees... "Sashi!? It's you?"

Sashi nods, "It is me, Mistress... or should I say, Ms. Starr?" She
smiles and drops the voice-changer that she invented. "So how did you
like being raped, Mistress?"

Becky simply blushes profusely as a faint smile crosses her face.

Sashi smiles wider, "I am glad you feel that way, Mistress... because
your rape is not over yet..." She winks at Becky.

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"Exactly what I said, Mistress... Your rape is not over... It
has only begun..." Suddenly, Sashi flashes from sight, reappearing
behind Becky, seizing her arms and bending them behind her, only
tightly enough to keep her from escaping, then she lets go of Becky's
arms, which remain where they are which shocks Becky.

"What the hell? How?" states Becky.

Sashi blinks, "Telekinesis... It appears as though my mental powers are
growing... I can now move things with my mind... That is why I was so
hyper earlier... I could not sit still... I had to be doing something,
anything... including working on the ship..." A small knife floats up
in front of Becky, the hilt turned towards her body.

Becky looks at the knife puzzled

The knife floats up to her breast and the cold hilt presses against her
right nipple again, trying to invert it as Sashi runs a hand across
Becky's stomach, pressing in and slowly depriving the young girl of

"What are, you planning on doing?" asks Becky.

Sashi smiles, "Mistress, I know many ways to please AND torment young
girls... Since you seem to get greatly excited at the thought of being
raped, I thought I would 'assist' you in your fantasy..."

"Assist me? But it wouldn't be considered rape if I go along with it."
states Becky.

Sashi nods, "True... that is why I did not tell you what I was going to
do before I did it... and that is also why I will be doing this...
Forgive me, Mistress..." Suddenly, Sashi whacks the side of Becky's
head, causing the young loli to pass out in her arms from the pain and

Becky's head hangs down limply as she's unconscious.

Sashi giggles slightly, "That is good, Mistress... Just rest... There
is a great deal more to come..." She nods off into the dark corner and
replies, "Thank you for your help, Smith... I would not have been able
to set this all up by myself..."

"No problem cutie. I know she's going to like this so I have no problem
with it." replies Smith.

Sashi bows respectfully, then scoops Becky up in her arms and carries
her off. MEANWHILE... back at the ship, Nanyo lets out a loud snore
that has the ability to wake someone sleeping next to her up. (LOL)

Kim pulls a pillows from under her head and covers her head with it and

To Be Continued in...
Nanyo Meets Nikki.

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