Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 23)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 23

Title: Chapter 21: More Secrets from Kimberly...

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


Nanyo growls, "Be quiet, Starki-chan! I'm askin' the questions now! I
want you to tell me... HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO IT?! HOW THE FUCKIN'


Nanyo seems to get even angrier at that and brings one hand up to Kim's
neck, pressing in slightly to decrease the amount of air Kim can intake
without actually depriving her of total oxygen. "Damn it, Starki-chan!
I've done nothing but reflect on that day and I can't figure it out!
Tell me how the bloody hell you were able to talk to me when you
weren't anywhere near me!"

"What are you talking about!? Let me go!"

"Nah-uh, Starki-chan... you are going to tell me, or I'm gonna have to
drag it out of your mind with my telepathy... and I ASSURE you, that
will be far more painful than anything I could do to you physically..."

"Why are you being so forceful?"

"'Cause I'm pissed, damn it! I want the answer and I want it NOW!
You've got two choices... either tell me now, or I'll tear your mind
up, looking for it..."

"Fine, I tell if you let me go."

Nanyo nods, "Fine... but if you make any move to go, I will grab you
and force you to give up that information... by any means necessary..."
She lets Kim go, hearing her fall slightly to the ground.

"man, to be in love with me, it sure didn't look like it right then..."
states Kim.

"What was that, Starki-chan?!" growls Nanyo, clenching her fists.

"I'm questioning the validity of this relationship." states Kim firmly

Nanyo sighs and turns away, "Damn it, Starki-chan... I DO love you...
but the fact that I can't read your mind at times is so aggravating...
I just can't stand it... I've never had a problem like this before...
It bothers the shit out of me..."

"That's why you want to know so badly?"

Nanyo nods, "Hell yeah! Starki-chan, you don't know what it's like for
a full-blooded Ap Dat not to be able to read her lover's mind... That
is supposed to be the greatest gift of intimacy between us two..."

"Fine, I'll tell you..."

Nanyo smiles, hugging Kim, "Thank you, Starki-chan... Thank you..."

"I have the power to turn myself into energy..." states Kim.

"Energy?" repeats Nanyo in disbelief.

"Yeah... did you notice the lightning in the clouds back then?"

"Uhm... heh, heh... no?" sweatdrops Nanyo, looking embarrassed.

"Well, it was. That was me."

Nanyo asks, "So.. as energy, you can move very fast? Heh, that sucks...
and here I thought I was the fast one in this relationship... " She
rubs the back of her neck, then turns to Kim and asks, "By the way,
Starki-chan... How do you feel? Is that pain past you now? The pain of
your past, that is..."

"Yeah, It was fun. You should've seen the look on your face when Becky
started singing." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo laughs, "That funny, was it? Hell, I didn't know Becky could sing
like that... She's almost as good as Suki... By the, Starki-chan..."
Here she leans in close to Kim and whispers, "You might be feeling an
urge to pee soon... though the chemical has worn off by now, your
bladder will still have swollen simply from not having gone since last
night... and you won't be able to hold it, because your urethra will be
too sore to clench up..." It is evident, though, that she's slightly
disappointed that Kim's past the baby stage.

"Well, it's a good thing I still have that diaper on."

Nanyo frowns, "Yeah... real good thing... still..." She says nothing
more, though it's obvious that she's thinking sexy thoughts and Kim,
who can now read her mind, can sense that Nanyo's thinking about her
own urge to pee.

You have to pee don't you?" asks Kim.

Nanyo gasps in surprise, "Uh... uhm.... uh.... no?" she tries, blushing
slightly and bringing her hand up to her face, to cover her smile.

"Yes you do, don't lie." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo reaches up to her red hair, scratching softly, grinning, "Ok...
ya got me.... eheh, eheh... stupid mental link..." she groans, winking
at Kim.

"So, what do you suggest we do? You have to pee and I will soon have to

Nanyo grins, wrapping her arms around Kim and pulling her into a hug.
She leans over to Kim's left ear and whispers, "Let's have a little
contest, Starki... you an' me... first one to lose control will hafta
help Sash over there with her plan for Becks..."

"Plan? What plan?" asks Kim.

Nanyo whispers, "Sash has learned that Becks, apparently, likes to have
her control taken away from her, if you know what I mean..." She winks.

"Oh, that. Well what's her plan?"

Nanyo continues whispering, telling Kim, "Sash is gonna 'pretend
kidnap' Becks and take her to an undisclosed location that Becks won't
be able to tell where she is... Once there, Sash is gonna tie her up
and keep her there for a good long while, making her pee and cum by a
variety of methods... The loser's job will be to make sure that she
can't contact anyone she knows... It will be perfect! Heh.."

"Sounds like fun." replies Kim.

Nanyo grins, "It will be.... Heh... and another thing will be that the
loser of our contest will have to change Becks everytime she wets her
panties... Interested, Starki?"

"But I can't win." states Kim.

"Why not?" asks Nanyo.

"My control sucks remember?"

"Oh, that... well, to tell ya the truth..." Nanyo blushes, "... I
really... I mean, REALLY, gotta go... I don't think I can hold it much

"Really?" asks Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... My bladder's really throbbing... Here.. feel for
yourself..." She took Kim's hand and brought it down to her abdomen,
which was really pulsing.

"Wow. freaky." states Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "So ya see, Starki... It's anybody's game... Let's go to
the bedroom, shall we?"

"K, but BB is still in there."

Nanyo replies, "Oh, yea... Ey, Sash?" Sashi looked up as Nanyo added,
"Take care of Becks, will ya, Sash?" Sashi nodded, "Ok..." She, then,
departed for the bedroom where she saw Becky on the bed.

"BTW Nanyo, I got some tapes you may find interesting.

Nanyo raised an eyebrow, "Oh? And what tapes might those be?"

"You and Suki." states Kim.

Nanyo froze, "Uh... me and Suki?" she asks, nervously,
sweatdropping all over the place.

"Yeah, like the one I was watching before."

Nanyo now looks REALLY nervous and starts rubbing her hands together.
"Uh, yanno, me and Suki... we were... uh... kinda crazy back then, ya?
S-So, ya really shouldn't take those tapes as things I'd do normally,

"Yeah, sure..." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo sweatdrops again, "Y-You haven't seen them h-have you?" She looks
ruffled now, her teasing and happy personality giving way to a shyness
that is uncharacteristic of her nature.

"I've only seen one."

Nanyo breathes a sigh of relief, thinking, "Good... Suki didn't show
her the others... It's a good thing she's not here... I'd hate for
Starki to see those... How embarrassing..."

At this time, Sashi enters the bedchamber to see Becky asleep on the
bed. She smiles shyly, then moves to Becky's side, gently rolling her
over to her side.

"See which ones?" asks Kim.

Nanyo groans, "Ah, damn it! I keep forgettin' that ya can read my mind!
Uhm, lemme just say that I'm glad Suki didn't give you those... eheh,

Sashi grins and pulls out a length of rope from her cheerleader skirt,
which she had stuffed there while upgrading the ship. She takes hold of
Becky's arms and bends them behind her gently.

"Why don't we watch some of them?"

Nanyo gasps, "What the hell?! No, wait... Don't tell me... >< she GAVE
you them?! Aw, damn... " She puts her hand on her forehead, covering
her eyes as she blushes heavily.

"Yeah." Kim points to the box on the floor behind her.

Nanyo groans, "I'm gonna kill her...."

Sashi, then, ties a blindfold over Becky's eyes and a gag over her
mouth. After that, she grins and picks her up, carrying her off the
ship and back to Smith's location.

Kim the grasps her crotch with both hands. "Ooh."

Nanyo asks, "You okay, Starki?" A very tiny wet spot begins to form on
her jeans, though she doesn't even seem to notice it.

"I gotta go."

Nanyo replies, a bead of sweat on her forehead, "Ya... me too... We'd
better let go, eh?"

"No, way, you aren't trickin me that easy."

Nanyo grins, looking slightly strained, "Can't blame a girl fer tryin',

"Kim's legs then start to shake and she has a look of intense

Nanyo grins and reaches out a hand to Kim's upper stomach, rubbing
gently as she asks, "Getting hard to hold it, Starki?"

"Y-Yes, very..." states Kim.

"Good..." states Nanyo, almost laughing. She, then, picks Kim up and
starts to carry her back to the bedroom, which is now empty.

"Hey, don't you have to go too?"

Nanyo smiles, again looking strained as the tiny wet spot on her jean
grows slightly, "I'm ok... besides... we gotta get you to the bed and
get this diaper off... It's all wet and stuff..." She teases.

Kim then starts squirming in Nanyo's arms as she holds

Nanyo laughs, "Aw... you look so cute when you're so desperate,
Starki... Ahhhh... I just can't stand it anymore!" She drops Kim on the
bed and quickly locks her lips with Kim, kissing her deeply.

"Kim doesn't exactly return to kiss as she's trying no to wet herself.

Nanyo moans in pleasure from the kiss and rubs her C-cup breasts
against Kim's through her black shirt, kissing Kim harder.

"Kim breaks the kiss groaning. "Ah, s-stop." states Kim squirming

Nanyo pulls back, her eyes showing her teasing mood again. "Stop what,
Starki?" she asks, winking.

"I can't concentrate with you doing this."

"Oh? Is that so?" grins Nanyo. "Should I let you play for a little
while before I make you go?" She cooes in a sexy husky voice.

"I thought we were gonna play a game." states Kim.

"We are, Starki... We are...." cooes Nanyo, again in her sexy voice.
"But, of course, if you feel that I'm being unfair, why, then by all
means, do your worst..." She giggles.

"How can I? If I take my hands away, I'm gonna pee myself."

Nanyo grins, "How about if I hold you? Will that help?" She slides her
hands down to Kim's crotch, rubbing her sides as she makes her way

Kim just squirms in reply.

Nanyo pulls Kim's hands away, quickly replacing them with her own,
squeezing hard. "That better, Starki?"

"Y-Yeah... a bit."

Nanyo grins, "Ok... Now that your hands are free... whacha gonna do
with them?" She smirks.

"This..." states Kim as she puts one hand on one of Nanyo's breasts and
slides one down to her crotch.

Nanyo grins, "Do your worst, Starki... Do your worst.." She sticks her
tongue out, mocking Kim's efforts.

Kim starts rubbing her crotch and squeezing her breast. Kim also
groans, from her urge to pee.

Nanyo gasps from the attention to her breast, which causes it
to swell, pushing out against her black shirt, making it tight on her
body. At the same time, she quivers ever so slightly from the attention
to her crotch, and a little bit of fluid spills out onto her jeans,
though it doesn't quite seem like urine.

Kim now starts to squirm more and more.

Nanyo laughs, more fluid spilling out of her vagina, wetting her
panties with her arousal as she wraps her fingers tighter around Kim's
labia. She then leans forward and locks her lips with Kim's again,
kissing her deeply with surprising passion.

Kim once again breaks the kiss shaking her head left and right quickly.
"I can't take it anymore! Stop, I gotta go!" states Kim trying to get

Nanyo grins, holding Kim tightly, "Not yet, lover... not yet..." She
again locks lips with Kim, her hand sliding up to Kim's abdomen and
applying gentle pressure to the swollenness as her other hand unsnaps
Kim's diaper, pulling it down, exposing Kim's labia, which she quickly

Kim squirms and moans through the kiss and she starts peeing hard. a
nice stream of urine leaves her urethra.

Nanyo feels the wetness and laughs, "Couldn't hold it, couldja,
Starki?" She laughs harder as she holds Kim's body tightly against her

"Oh, I feels so good." moans Kim.

Nanyo rubs Kim's back, "I'm glad you liked it, Starki... I'm so
glad..." She pulls back slightly and locks her lips with Kim's again,
running her tongue against Kim's.

"Well, I lose..." states Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "It's okay, Starki... How 'bout we call it even? 'Cause
yanno... I can't hold it much longer myself..." She lifts her head up
to Kim's ear and licks it, knowing how pleasurable that is to her.

Kim quickly stiffens in pleasure moaning.

Nanyo smiles, thinking to Kim, "Like it, honey?"

"Oh yes, I love it." replies Kim.

Nanyo grins, pulling back and sighing, "I'm glad, Starki... I really
am..." Then, she laid back, sitting up and groaning loudly as she bent
forward to clutch her crotch.

Kim also sits up. "Come on, let it go."

Nanyo winks. "Where? Here?" She teases.

"Yeah, here." replies Kim.

Nanyo grins. "Wanna play around with it?" she states.

"Sure, y not."

Nanyo laughs, "Then come on over here Starki-chan... Come on over and
give me a GOOD reason to wet myself...."

"Ok..." Kim grabs Nanyo's breast on the side and inatvertenly presses
Nanyo's DP.

Nanyo gasps, "OOH!" and immediately clenches up, squirming vigorously,
rubbing her crotch hard.

"Huh? That made your urge stronger? You must really have to go."

Nanyo stammers, "I... I thought... a-after I showed you about t-the
DP... th-that you'd know h-how p-powerful th-those are... ooh, ooh!"
She moans, squirming harder as she tries to cross her thighs.

"Oh yeah, I forgot all about that."

"S-So y-you're gonna stop?" tries Nanyo, hopefully, clenching her
stinging urethra harder.

"Of course not." states Kim as she then presses the sport harder.

Nanyo lets out a loud moan and stiffens up, "I... I c-can't... S-Stop
it, S-Starki-chan! I... I'm gonna.... l-lose it!" Another tiny wet spot
appears on her jeans, this time from urine.

"Come on, let it go."

Nanyo winces as her bladder throbs powerfully and she lets her mouth
hang open as a second squirt spurts out. "I... I don't have.... m-much
choice! Ooh, I'm gonna PEE!"

Kim looks at Nanyo's pants and sees the wetness spreading and smiles.

At that point, Nanyo stiffens up completely, panting heavily as her
control is broken and she pees freely, her fluid flowing all around her
waist, before shooting down one of the legs and down further to the

"There ya go, just relax and let it go." states Kim.

Nanyo giggles as she pees for nearly 2 minutes, then her giggling turns
to laughter as she grabs Kim's body and holds her tightly in a big warm
wet embrace.

"Heh, so what now?"

Nanyo whispers, "Now... we wait for Sash's call... or rather, I should
say, Becky's call... once she finds out that Sash's kidnapped her,
she'll try to find a way to contact you... What you must do, is give
her an excuse as to why you're not going to go looking for her..."

"We're not going to join them?"

Nanyo looks at Kim like this: o_0: "Why? You wanna rape your sister?"
She teases.

"Of course not."

"Well, that's what Sash's is gonna do... After all, she knows as well
as I do, that Becks likes having her control taken from her..."

"She's actually going to do that?"

"Yeah... It's her present to her Mistress for all the things Becks has
done for her..."

"Well Becky know its Sashi that's doing things to her?"

Nanyo winks, "I really HOPE not! Where would the fun be in that?" She
laughs and holds Kim closer.

"What if Becky tells her to stop? Sashi would have to follow her

"Sashi wouldn't stop on this point... because she knows it would be for
the greater good of her Mistress, which is what the contract states...
" She quotes part of the contract: "A slave must do anything and
everything for the greater good of her Mistress... and must not act in
accordance with her own wishes..." Nanyo shakes her head, "I still hate
that she's a slave, but there's not a thing I can do about it..."

"Oh, I see."

Nanyo smiles, "So, let's get down to some REAL loving, baby..." She
starts to lick Kim's ears again.

Meanwhile, in Smith's area of Pioneer II, a young loli is about to wake
up in total darkness....

To Be Continued in...
Kidnapped! :P

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