Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 22)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 22

Title: Chapter 20: Kim and Suki's First Meeting

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


"What is it?" whispers Kim in reply.

Sashi replies, "We are receiving a transmission from Suki... I do not
know how... but somehow she has found a way to transmit information to

"That's strange..." Kim then gets up and starts for the front of the

Sashi follows her, Nanyo now wrapping her arms around Becky, sighing,
"Starki-chan... are you wet again? Mommy knows the feelings... Mommy
also has to pee... Mfughmmmmm...."

Kim then sits in the pilot seat and flips a switch on the ceiling.

A very familiar slight high-pitched girl's voice comes through, asking,
"Kimmie? Are you there? Kimmie? This is Suki..."

Kim looks surprised for a moment but doesn't respond

The girl's voice sounds sad as she tries again, "Kimmie? Are you
there?" There is a loud crash and the transmission cuts off for a split
second before resuming, with the girl's voice complaining, "Stupid
thing... Kimmie, look... I know you're there... I know this is your
frequency... I know, because I've talked to Rick... Please, Kimmie..
Please answer me... Please..." The girl's voice breaks as though she's
on the edge of crying.

Kim opens her mouth as if to speak but she can't bring herself to
release the sounds to form words.

The girl, then, starts to cry, "Kimmie... I... I just wanted to say I'm
sorry... It was nothing you did... You were my travel partner for so
long... I... I..." Then, she breaks down and starts crying.

Kim then places her right hand over her mouth and tears start to brim
her eyes.

The girl sighs, still crying, and states, "Ok, Kimmie... I
understand... if you can't have me as a lover, you don't want me as a
friend... I understand... I'm sorry to have bothered you... Goodbye..."

"W-Wait!" suddenly exclaims Kim.

The girl gasps, "Kimmie?! Are you there?!"

"Yes, I'm here. I'm sorry for not saying anything." replies Kim.

The girl sighs, "Kimmie... I really wanna talk to you... I wanna
explain my decision to you... and I still wanna be your friend...
Please, Kimmie.."

"Ok, I'll listen..." states Kim.

Suki asks, "Um... can you come to my house? It's... a bit... safer... I
don't wanna go anywhere outside because of... well, you know... Ap Dat
aren't really well-liked..."

"Were are you?" asks Kim.

Suki asks, "Don't you remember where my house is? The meadow and all?"

"Oh yeah, hold on a sec..." states Kim as she gets up. "Please, Please
let this power work at lest..." states Kim.

Suki asks, "What was that, Kimmie? I didn't get that..." Her words are
punctuated with tons of static.

"Nothing, I'm coming. Just wait a sec.." replies Kim.

Suki replies, "Ok.. I.. you... soon..." More static starts pouring in,
then suddenly, the transmission cuts off completely.

Kim then closes her eyes. "Please..." a few moments later, Kim teleport
from the ship and in front of Suki's house.

However, all she can see is a small hill, which is certainly not big
enough to house anything bigger than a computer.

"It works, thanks goodness! Huh? isn't this where Suki's house is?" she
starts looking around.

Just then, the small hill starts to rise out of the ground, growing
until it reaches two-story height. There is a heavy-looking wooden door
on the south side of the hill.

"What the hell?" states Kim to herself.

At that moment, the door opens and a young-looking girl excitedly
beckons Kim inside.

Kim obliges and walks to and into the house.

Immediately, the door through which Kim entered shrinks into the ground
and vanished. The young-looking girl, dressed in a Japanese Sailor girl
outfit, wrings her hands in front of her, blushing, "Hi, Kimmie...
Uhm... How have you been?"

"Uh, I'm in one piece." replies Kim before giggling a little.

The smallish girl smiles shyly, then notices something. "Uhm, Kimmie...
that's a nice skirt... what kind of material is it?"

"Kim looks down and remembers she has a skirt on and blushes brightly.
"Ah! Um, do you think I can change clothes somewhere?"

Suki sighs, "There is a bathroom upstairs, but I think Miho's using
it... You could use my room if you'd like... You know where it is,

"Yes, of course I do." states Kim hugging Suki.

Suki, gently but firmly, pushes Kim back, explaining, "I can't do that
anymore, Kimmie... Miho... she, well, she gets jealous easily... and I
don't want to hurt her..."

"I can't even hug you?" asks Kim shocked.

"I... I am afraid of making Miho mad... I... I really don't know how
she would view a hug..." states Suki, standing up and accidentally
feeling the bulge that is Kim's diaper. Her eyes bug out wildly and she
gasps, "K-Kimmie?! I-Is that... a diaper?!"

Kim just blushes the brightest she's ever blushed before.

"H-How?! Wh-Why?!" are just a couple of the things Suki manages to
stammer out in her total bewilderment.

"Um, It's a long story..." states Kim.

Suki sees Kim's unease and feels it, so she wisely chooses not to
pursue that topic. She asks, "So... since you remember me, do
you remember this house?" She waves her hand, showing off her house.

"Yeah, I remember it."

"So, you remember where my room is?" questions Suki, beginning to smile
a little.

"Um, I think so, is it up the stairs?"

Suki grins and starts to bounce up and down, excitedly, "Ooh, ooh,
Kimmie... do you remember how we first met?"

"Uh, I can't say that I have." states Kim.

Suki sighs, "You don't, huh? Well, ok... I've got an idea... wait here,
Kimmie.. I'll be right back..." She starts up the steps.

once Suki's out of view, Kim places her right hand around the upper
part of her other arm.

It does not take but a few seconds for Suki to come bouncing down the
stairs, like an overexcited teenager. In her small, delicate hands, she
is holding what appears to be a large clear jewel that seems not to be
diamond. Suki explains, "Kimmie... this is a Mem-inducer... an ancient
crystal used by the Mem'lo for thousands of years..."

"And what does it does?" asks Kim.

Suki further explains, "You see, since the Ap Dat and the
Mem'lo are part telepaths, this control crystal allows for a Mem'lo or
an Ap Dat to use their mental powers to call forth a memory that is
especially important that the person has locked within their memory."

"So, it visualizes the image in your head to that ball?" asks Kim.

Suki nods, "More or less... It draws images and sequences of images
directly from my mind and displays them here for anyone to view, so
long as I hold it..."

"So what do you plan to do?"

Suki smiles sweetly and replies, "I intend to show you our first
meeting, since you seem to have forgotten it... Just lean in close and
watch the crystal, Kimmie..." She closes her eyes and focuses her mind
on the crystal.

"oh, ok..." states Kim doing what Suki says


Inside the crystal, the images of a young Ap Dat girl, obviously Suki,
carrying a huge bag of groceries down a deserted dirt road started to
be shown. The younger Suki juggles the bag with one hand as she wipes
some sweat off her forehead, sighing, "Man... It's hot today..." Just
then, a small gang of 10 bikers pulled up behind her, laughing and
obviously drunk. One of them, a big black guy, saw Suki and pointed to
her, guffawing, "Look, guys... It's a little girl shopping for Mommy!
Let's get her!"

"...This actually happened to you?" asks Kim.

Suki nods, scowling down at the black man, "Yeah... stupid perv...
lucky you were there, Kimmie..." In the crystal, the big black man
slaps Suki across the buttocks, causing her to cry out in shock and
drop her groceries. The men, then, surrounded her and held her arms
down as the black guy started to unbutton her Japanese schoolgirl-type
outfit. He sniggers, "Heh... little girl... I'm gonna take your
virginity away... Make ya respect "THE MAN!" Just then, though....

"Hey, What's going on?" comes a voice about 6 yards away. It's owner a
female figure.

The big black man looks up, gasping, "What the friggin' hell?!" Suki's
top is halfway unbuttoned and though she's screaming as hard as she
can, because her mouth is covered, no sound comes from her.

This girl calmly walks in the middle of the group and looks at Suki
then the man. "Is this what it looks like?" asks the girl.

"What the hell does it look like, bitch?!" retorts the man,
sniggering as his companions close around her. Suki's bra is easily
visible and she tries to cover up, but the men holding her arms prevent
her from doing anything.

"I will give you one warning, leave now and I won't hurt you." states
the girl.

"Oh, is that so? Heh, get her, boys! Seems she needs a lesson in
respecting "The Man"!" Five of the guys quickly surround the girl as
the other four grab Suki and force her to her knees, one of the men
grabbing her skirt, just about to pull it up.

"Don't say I didn't warn you guys." states the girl calmly.

The men all guffaw and one moves in close to the girl, reaching out for
her left arm. At the same time, the guys holding Suki succeed in
pulling up her skirt, revealing her white cotton panties.

The girl quickly grasps the mans wrist and uses her other hand to
promptly brake the guys arm at the elbow.

The guy screams, "Agh! Damn it all! She fucking broke my arm! Get that
damn bitch!" The other four guys now close in as the big black guy
reaches out to touch Suki's panties, causing her to squirm and whine.

As the girl looks at the others, her eyes momentarily glow red as she
seemingly disappears....

The guys gasp, "What the fuck?! Where the hell is she?! I don't know,
man! Well, find her, you fucking idiot!" They start searching around,
their heads twisting rapidly back and forth as the big black man grins,
squeezing Suki's small breasts through her bra, causing her to squeal
through the other man's hand.

Suddenly, a shadow quickly appears behind each of the four men and
promptly fall to the ground limply.

The big black man suddenly turns around, "What the fuck?! What the hell
happened?!" He motions to his men who let go of Suki, but not before
they give her a hard kick to her stomach, causing her to fall to her
stomach in pain.

The foot of the man who kicked Suki is then quite horribly twisted and

The man cries out in pain as the big black man growls, "Where the fuck
are you, bitch?! WHERE?!" The other three guys look at each other in
fear and gulp. One states, "Run?" to which another guy nods, "Yeah..."
Then all three break for the hills, leaving the big black man all

The girls voice is then heard, as well as her steps on the ground. It's
clearly heard that she running, but she's not visible. "She tried to
warn you maggot. But noooo, you want to stay..."

The big black growls, "Jest stand still, ya little flea... Stand and
fight like a man!" He puts up his fists in an en guarde position,
reminiscent of American bullies when they fight.

"But I'm not a man, I a girl." giggles the voice.

The man screams, "FIGHT ME! FIGHT ME, YOU FUCKING BITCH!" He punches
out, trying to hit the girl, though having no clue where she is.

"Ok then..." states the girl as she appears behind the man a few feet.

The man continues to stare in front of him, looking frantically for the

"Behind you maggot." states the girl.

"What the hell?!" The man spins stupidly on the spot, bringing his wide
arm around like a clothesline maneuver.

the girl easily dodges this and grasps his arm much like the other man.

"Ah, AH! Lemme go, you stupid bitch! Lemme go, damn it!" cries the guy,
swinging his other arm around, trying to punch at her face.

The girl grabs his other fist in her other hand. "Is that it, maggot?"

"Damn it! Lemme go! Oh, I swear I'm fucking gonna KILL you, Bitch! I
swear to GOD, I'm Gonna KILL YOU!" He brought his foot up, trying to
kick her.

the girl steps to the side and quickly grasps the mans
neck with her right hand. "No, It will be me who will kill you."

"How dare you?! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!" The man bends back and flips Kim
over him, laughing loudly. Just then, a burst of fire leaps over him,
burning his shirt completely off and severely damaging his pants,
leaving his boxers exposed. The man gasps, "AHHHHH!" and quickly runs

The girl lands lightly and is kneeling slightly before standing up, but
doesn't turn to face Suki.

Suki is panting, looking exhausted, but she quickly buttons up her
outfit, pulling her skirt down to cover her panties. Then, she falls to
her knees, almost passing out.

"... Stupid girl..." states the girl to herself.

Suki looks up, panting, "Wh-what? What was that about?"

The girl then turns and walks over to Suki. Here eyes still glowing
red. "What's your name girl?"

Suki looks terrified and shakes slightly, "U-Uh... I... I'm Suki... S-
Suki Nihon..."

The girl the reaches down a grasps Suki by the neck and lifts her to
her feet. "Your pretty cute, ya know that?" states the girl smiling.

"I... I am?" whispers Suki, still trembling, her fear increasing at the
rough manner in which the other girl lifted her up.

The girl then puts her hands to her head and moans in what seams to be

"Uhm, are you okay?" asks Suki, now feeling a great deal of confusion
over what's taking place. Her eyes dart around rapidly as though she's
contemplating some sort of escape.

The girl removes her hands shortly thereafter and looks at Suki. the
red in her I gone. "I'm sorry, I got carried away." states the girl

"Uhm... y-yeah...." answers Suki, still looking positively petrified,
her fear evident in the way in which she is trembling.

"I'm sorry if I scared you, I was just trying to help." replies the
girl lowly.

Suki gulps, "O-Okay... Uhm... I... I'd better get my oranges... I... I
think they've rolled away from me..." She starts to move toward the
round fruits, keeping one eye on the girl, fear of her still
influencing her actions.

"Can I help?" asks the girl.

Suki halts in mid-bend, her short skirt riding up, and she contemplates
that idea. "Uhm... a-are you sure you want to help someone such as I?"

"What do you mean?"

Suki sighs, "My 'family' isn't really well liked... If I told you about
our history, you'd be hated too..." She looks sad, bending over further
to grab an orange, accidentally exposing part of her panties.

"Uh, you skirt is riding up..." states the girl blushing.

Suki blushes, "O-Oh! I... I'm sorry! I... I didn't mean to
flash you!" Her face is the color of beets as she jerks up to a
standing position, pressing down on her skirt.

"I, I don't mind... BTW, my name is Kimberly, and yours?" states the

Suki blinks almost stupidly. It is now painfully obvious where Sashi
learned to do that. She replies, "Uhm... I... I told you... I-It's
Suki.... S-Suki Nihon..."

"Oh, yeah, you did, sorry, sometimes I'll forget something just like

Suki answers, somewhat skeptically, "O-Oh... I-Is that so?" She kneels
down, picking up another orange and stuffing it into her bag.

"Kim then starts helping Suki.

Suki then states, "Uhm... I... I suppose I should say thank you... f-
for your help with that man..." She bows respectfully at Kim and adds,
"Thank you..."

"Don't mention it, I was just walking by and noticed."

"I am still thankful, Miss Kim..." replies Suki. "If you had not come
when you did... I would've been raped for sure..."

"Do you want me to walk you home?" asks Kim.

Suki, then giggles, "That would be a long walk, Miss Kim... My house is
over 3000 Kurims from here... No... I'm just going to my hotel room...
that's only 6 Kurims from here..."

"Well, let me walk you there then. I'll protect you from trouble."
states Kim.

Suki nods, "Again, I would like to thank you for saving me..." She gets
the last orange and starts trudging for her hotel in the snow that lies
just to the right of the dirt path. "So, where are you from, Miss Kim?"
she asks.

"Um, the city." states Kim.

"Which one?" asks Suki as the hotel starts to come into view over the
next hill.

"the nearest one from here."

"Oh... Isn't that the city of... " Here Suki says the name of Kim's

"Yeah, it is. It's kinda noisy sometimes but I like it."

Suki nods, "It is, indeed... so many different people... so many
different things going on... It kinda makes me scared... coming from a
small poor town... I... I kinda feel outta place here..."

"I see." states Kim.

At this point, Suki falls silent, unable and fearful of saying much
else. The two approach the hotel and immediately, a harassed man steps
outside. Upon seeing Suki, he raises his
hands to the sky as though thanking God. He says, "Suki, thank God, I
found you! I need your help with apartment 3B! We've had some spills
there and need you to clean it up, right away! Here's your uniform, you
can change in the bathroom, just hurry up, please! We've got a major
VIP coming in!" He looks thoroughly panicked and Suki replies, "O-Ok...
S-sir..." She hands the bag of groceries to Kim and asks, "Can you take
this up to room 415 for me? Here's the key..." She fishes it out of her
skirt pocket and hands it to Kim.

"Uh, ok..." states Kim as she leaves.

About 30 minutes later, Suki enters her hotel room, dressed in full
maid gear and looking completely exhausted as she collapses on a bed,
the broom in her left hand clattering to the floor. She speaks into her
pillow, "Ow..."

"So you work here?" asks Kim on the other bed.

Suki raises her head off her pillow, nodding, "Yeah... part time... It
is the only job I could hold down... the only job I'm qualified for...
but even so... It's hard at times..."

"Oh, I have a job too. I pays really good." states Kim.

"Really? What do you do for a living?" asks Suki, reaching down to pull
her tight high heels off.

"I hunt things." states Kim.

Suki's grip on her left high heel slips, causing the shoe to fly half-
way across the room and land in a fish tank, causing two of the fish to
float up to the down, flipped upside down and unmistakably dead.

"What do you do?" asks Kim.

Suki lifts up her head and replies, "I... I'm kinda like a maid around
here... except that I'm not always on... I don't have a regular
schedule... It's just usually when they need me..." She tugs her other
high heeled shoe off, watching it fly across the room, landing on the

"Do you need help?" asks Kim seeing the articles flying

Suki shakes her head, blushing slightly in shyness, "N-No, thank you...
I... I'm just not used to wearing such tight shoes... but there's
nothing I can do about it... those are the only shoes the management
has here..."

"If there not your size then doesn't that hurt your feet?" asks Kim.

Suki sighs, nodding, "They do a little..." She reaches down and rubs
her left foot, adding, "..but this is a good job for me as it's
something I can do..."

"How would you feel if I got you some shoes that fit comfortably?"
suggest Kim.

Suki blushes, wringing her hands together, "I... I couldn't ask you to
do that for me... It... It.... well, it wouldn't really be right...
I... I mean... I should be trying to pay for my own expenses out
here... not asking others for help..."

"So why don't you buy new shoes then?"

"I... I... I haven't saved up enough for them..." replies
Suki looking sad.

"You can't afford shoes?" asks Kim looking a bit surprised.

Suki nods, looking embarrassed, "Y-Yeah... I... I don't get paid much
and I have to think about food and shelter... and other expenses, like

"I see... It must be really hard for you..." replies Kim.

Suki flushes, looking even more embarrassed. "It's ok... It's not so
bad for me... I do have enough money to live on..."

"Do you have anyone you care for right now?" asks Kim with a faint
blush on her cheeks.

Suki looks distinctly nervous and shy now, blushing heavily
as she looks down, "U-Uhm.. n-not right now... I... I uh... I had an
old girlfriend once... b-but she moved away a long time ago... a-and I
haven't seen her since..."

"Oh, well, I won't press the issue then." replies Kim.

Suki then asks, "Wh-why did you ask? Why would you want to know that?"

"I... uh; just wanted to know..." replies Kim as her blush begins to

Suki reaches up and scratches her short black hair, "Uh... ok... why
did you want to know?"

"Uh... well..." replies Kim smiling a bit

"Hmmm?" asks Suki, looking thoroughly confused now.

Kim sighs and stands, then walks to the bed Suki is on and sits next to
her. Nervousness apparent in her movement.

Suki scrambles to a sitting position, looking nervous and fearful, "Wh-
What are you planning, M-Miss Starr?"

"I'm no good with words so I have to express myself through action..."
states Kim as she stands again.

"A-Action?!" gasps Suki, beginning to sweat from nervousness now. "Wh-
what kind of action a-are you pl-planning?!" She starts trying to get
to her feet.

Kim then quickly starts Kissing Suki, closing her eyes in the process.

Suki's eyes bulge out wildly at first, completely shocked by what is
going on, but she slowly becomes accustomed to the feeling, closing her
eyes as well, a slight quiver starting in her stomach that feels to her
like butterflies.

Kim suddenly pulls away. I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have..."

Suki backs away at first, stunned that someone she just met would kiss
her, but then, her hand reaches out to Kim's left hand, holding it, as
she whispers, "I... I can't say that you didn't take me off-guard with
that kiss... but I can't say either that I didn't... e-enjoy it.." She
blushes heavily and continues, "Wh-Why did you kiss me, though?"

"I... I'm, attracted to you..." states Kim blushing.

Suki freezes, her mouth hanging out in total shock, and she slips
backward off the bed onto the floor, still staring up at Kim. "Y-You...
what?" is all she can think to say.

"I don't know if it's love but, I really like you. You're.... cute."
replies Kim.

Suki blushes as she tries to get back up onto the bed. "Y-You r-really
think so? You really think I'm cute?"

"Yeah, I really do. and I like cute." smiles Kim.

Suki blushes again and looks down shyly, her hands returning
to her lap as she falls silent, too shocked and feeling too many
feelings at once to be able to talk.

"If you want me to leave, I understand..." states Kim.

Suki shakes her head rapidly, bringing up her arms and doing the same
with them. "No, no! I-It's not that... I-It's just that... ever since
Nanyo... I... I haven't been with anyone... I... I haven't really
thought of myself as cute... I.. eheh, I.. well... I'm shy..." she says
the last word in a whisper.

"The perfect combination..." states Kim smiling.

"P-Perfect combination?" questions Suki, looking confused.

"Cute and Shy, the perfect combo IMO." states Kim.

"Y-You really think so?" asks Suki, lowering her gaze to her feet and
blushing again.

"Really Really." states Kim smiling.

Suki blushes again, then suddenly, she stiffens up slightly
and moans, pressing her thighs together for a brief moment.

Then, she relaxes, blushes and tries to get to her feet, whispering,
"E-Excuse me, Miss Starr... I... I need to use the restroom..."

"Oh, ok." states Kim.

Suki makes it to her feet and starts for the restroom at the corner of
the hotel room.

"Wait..." states Kim quickly.

"Hmmm? What is it, Miss Starr?" questions Suki naively.

"Um... would you mind if, uh... I watched?" asks Kim blushing.

Suki's eyes widen with surprise. "Wh-what?!" she questions, though it
is evident by her body's posture that something's not quite right with
her answer.

"Can I watch you pee?" states Kim frankly.

Suki replies, scratching at her hair again nervously, "Um...
wh-why do you want to watch me pee?" On the outside, it seems as though
she's confused, but inside, she is greatly excited.

"Do I really need to explain?" asks Kim blushing brighter

"Y-You get turned on by that, Miss Starr?" questions Suki, bringing her
left hand behind her to clench it into a fist, showing off her

"Y-Yeah, I do. It's sick I know, sorry, I shouldn't have asked."

Suki does her head shake and hand shake again, "No No, it's okay, Miss
Starr... I... I understand... As a matter of fact, I... I uh... have
the s-same f-fetish..." She blushes heavily again.

"Really? So, you don't mind if I watch you then?" asks Kim.

Suki hesitates, looking shy again as though she can't make up her mind
on that one.

"Is it ok?"

Suki finally smiles, "O-Ok... b-but there's one thing... the
bathroom's not big enough to fit us both in there... s-so I'm gonna get
a bucket or something..." She starts to leave the room.

"Your going to do it out here?" asks Kim.

Suki shrugs her shoulders, "I don't know where else to do it... do you
have any ideas, Miss Starr?"

"Uh, no."

Suki sighs, "Ok, then... I'll go and get a bucket from the janitor's
closet.." She reaches into her uniform skirt's pocket and pulls out a
key, opening the door and looking down the hallway.

"I'll just wait here then."

Suki nods and leaves the room, walking down the hallway. She returns a
few minutes later, swinging a big mop bucket. She closes the door and
locks it, smiling shyly at Kim.

"Anytime your ready..." states Kim.

Suki nods, "O-Okay..." She sets the bucket down on the floor and stands
over it. She pulls down her skirt, exposing cute white cotton panties,
and blushing furiously.

Kim then sits cross-legged on the floor looking up at Suki.

Suki blushes harder and tugs down her panties, exposing her tender
labia for the first time. Her pubic mound is completely smooth,
revealing every feature of her sex.

"Aww, how cute! You shave!" states Kim happily.

Suki blinks, "Shave, Miss Starr? I don't shave... what would I shave

"Hair grows down there. You don't know that?" asks Kim a bit surprised

Suki looks confused. "Hair grows down ... there? Are you
serious?! I... I never grew any hair... and neither did Nanyo..."

"really? You never have? That's strange." states Kim.

"It is?" questions Suki, looking fearful again that something might be
wrong with her body.

"Hey, don't look that way. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with you."
states Kim.

"A-Are you sure, Miss Starr? I... I hope you're right..." replies Suki,
looking unconvinced.

"Yeah, I'm sure."

Suki sighs, still blushing, as she brings a hand up to rub her abdomen,
which looks quite swollen for a girl of her size. She moans softly,
whispering, "Miss Starr... A-are you ready? I can't hold it much
longer... ooh..."

"Yeah, let'er rip." states Kim smiling

Suki nods, blushing again, she lets go, peeing straight down into the
bucket, rubbing her abdomen while letting out soft moans and pants, her
eyes closed.

"Wonderful..." states Kim lowly.

Suki moans softly and pees for about 1 and a half minutes before the
stream stops and she relaxes, dropping to her knees in relief.

"That was great. Thanks for letting me watch."

Suki nods, "N-No problem..."

At this time, the image of Suki fades and fizzles out, leaving the
modern Suki and Kim looking at the crystal.


"Wow, I totally forgot about that whole thing." states Kim

Suki sighs, "But I hadn't... It was one of my most prized memories...
but now... with Miho and all... I thought it best if you took it with
you... Miho... well, she gets jealous a lot and if she saw this thing,
she'd raise hell..."

"It's not good being with a person who gets jealous easily, and the
drug thing..." states Kim.

Suki explains, "But that's precisely why I chose her... she needs
someone to be there and love her and take care of her..."

"But you could end up being hurt, by her." states Kim.

Suki sighs, "I don't mind... the way I see it, if I don't stay with
her... she'll end up hurting herself... and I couldn't stand it if
something happened to her... I would feel too guilty, plus I love her
too much to see something happen to her..."

"I've seen this happen before. You need to just let Miho go, you'll
eventually regret your choice."

Suki shakes her head, "I can't, Kimmie... I just can't... I'm the only
one she's got... If I leave her... well, I don't really want to think
about it..."

"Fine, just don't say I didn't warn you..."

Suki replies, "I would never say that, Kimmie... Never... and thank
you... for understanding... OH! by the way... you and Nan'chi... you're
a couple now, right?" She grins knowingly.

"How would you know that." states Kim looking surprised.

Suki giggles, "Nan'chi and I have... well... a 'connection'.. that goes
beyond just friendship... Because we were lovers a long time ago, our
minds bonded... As Ap Dat girls, once we bonded, it was for life....
from that point on, each of us could read the other's thoughts...
That's how I knew..."

"oh, that..." states Kim.

Suki grins, "So, it has happened to you two, then? You have bonded with
her mind?" She looks excited and really happy.

"Yeah, did Nanyo happen to think anything about my arms and legs? Just

Suki shakes her head, "I can't tell you that, Kimmie... I can't spill
Nanyo's secrets unless she wants me to tell you... It would be
disrespectful to her..."

"Ok... Do you happen to know anything new about me?"

Again Suki shakes her head, "If you are talking about what
Nanyo is thinking, I can't tell you... but I do have something special
of Nanyo's that you can have... Wait here..." She giggles and floats up
to the second floor.

"Ok." replies Kim.

There is a rustling sound, then Suki reappears at the top of
the stairs. She jumps the banister and floats back down to the first
floor. In her arms are a bunch of VCR-type tapes.

Kim smiles nervously at the sight of the tapes and sweatdrops.

Suki grins, blushing shyly, "Back when Nan'chi and I were
lovers, we, uh... kinda fooled around with videotape... and since I'm
not gonna see her for a long time, I wanted you to give these to her...
... heh... if you'd like, you can watch them too... since you've seen
both of us naked before, it shouldn't be a problem... You'll find that
we experimented a lot back in our younger days..." She giggles shyly,
still blushing.

"Uh, sure. I'll be sure to give them to her."

Suki smiles, "And Kimmie... thank you for the memories..." She floats
up and gives Kim a quick kiss on the cheek, then floats back up to the
second floor, disappearing into her room.

"See you later, Suki-chan..." states Kim as she teleports and reappears
in her ship.

In her ship, Sashi is still sitting at the controls, watching the
gauges as she uses a wrench to turn some sort of bolt under the
dashboard. A loud snore still echoes through the ship.

"What are you doing now?" asks Kim as she drops the tapes.

Sashi blinks and looks up at Kim, stating, "I am trying to tighten this
bolt here... it keeps coming loose for some reason..."

Kim responds stupidly. "Oh..."

Sashi blinks again and returns to her job as a low moan echoes into the
ship, followed by "What the hell?! Starki-chan? Starki-chan?! Damn it!
Where the hell's that kid?!"

"Nanyo. I'm out here calls Kim."

The door to the cockpit slides open revealing a VERY pissed off Nanyo.
She growls, "There you are... Look here, you... I've just about had
enough of you... Now c'mere!" She grabs Kim and spins her up against
the wall in a violent motion.

"What the hell!? What are you doing?!"

To Be Continued in...
More Secrets from Kimberly...

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