Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 21)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 21

Title: Chapter 19: Sleep Sex

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


About 5 hours later, Sashi stirs first, yawning widely as she sleepily
states, "What the...? I fell asleep? That is weird... I do not remember
even being tired..."

Becky is then heard talking in her sleep... "She's so cute..."

Sashi looks up, scratching at her shoulder-length black hair, "Hmmm?
Mistress? Is that you?"

"... But she's so quite all the time..." states Becky unconsciously.

Sashi gets to her feet, peering over the edge of the bed and sees...

"Kimberly, That's her name. Adopted a few days ago, It was love at
first sight..." states Becky

Sashi wonders what to do now, but then she sees Nanyo stirring, moaning
softly, "damn perverts... always wantin' more money..."

"I wonder if like's me the same... When she looked at me for the first
time, I..." states Becky.

Sashi questions, touching Becky's shoulders, "Mistress? Are you okay?"

"I don't know if I can keep these feelings to myself, She's so pretty,
like a dark-skinned angel..." states Becky.

Sashi starts shaking Becky harder, calling, "Mistress! Please wake up!"

"AH! What's wrong?!" exclaims Becky quickly lifting herself from the

Sashi states, "You were dreaming about your sister, Mistress...

"I... How do you know that?" asks Becky.

Sashi blinks and replies, "You said her name, Mistress... you said

"Wha?! You mean, I talk in my sleep?!" asks Becky shocked.

Sashi nods, "You do, indeed, Mistress... It is lucky that Nan'chi and
Miss Kim are still asleep, else they would have heard you as well..."

"How embarrassing..." states Becky as her cheeks turn a nice shade of

Sashi nods, "It could be... very easily... observe Nan'chi,
Mistress..." Nanyo mumbles in her sleep, "Alright you jackasses, I'm
only one girl... How the hell am I supposed to service all of you?!"

"How clearly was I talking?" asks Becky.

Sashi explains, "As clearly as Nan'chi over there... I would not be
surprised if Miss Kim and Nanyo could have heard you, if they had been

"Man, and I used to sleep with Kimmie." states Becky.(Actually sleep
lol, no funny stuff.)

Sashi thinks aloud, "Hmmm... It could be possible that you
inadvertently spread the message that you love her while fast

"But if I did why hasn't she ever said anything to me about it?" asks

"As to that, I have no idea, Mistress..." states Sashi as Nanyo
stretches in her sleep, her awkward position, her right leg dangling
over the side of the bed with her blanket barely covering her, causing
part of her silk panties to be exposed to the air.

Becky then yawns. "Oh man, I'm too tired to do anything right now. I'm
gonna go back to sleep, ok Sashi?" states Becky.

"As you wish, Mistress..." states Sashi, getting fully up to her feet
from her kneeling position. She exits the room, heading for the nearest
computer panel, wanting to know more about the ship.

Becky is fast asleep within a few minutes. and she starts talking yet
again... "I can't take it anymore, I have to touch her..."

Nanyo lets out a soft snore as she starts to fidget in the bed,
slightly, letting out, "Stupid pervs... it ain't bad enough... too many
penises... urgh..."

Becky's left hand then slowly starts to move toward Nanyo...

Nanyo, then, turns to her right side, tilting her chest toward Becky as
she mutters, "yeah, yeah... slurp slurp... oral sex... that sucks... no

Becky's Hand then touches Nanyo's right breast. "There soft... but have
a slight firmness to them..." states Becky.

Nanyo gasps softly, starting to smile into her pillow, "Heh.. that's 20
dollars more, man... but keep it up... I can use the extra money..."

Becky then lifts herself on all fours and her eyes could be seen open
slightly, but she was still asleep. The girl crawls over to Nanyo and
puts both of her hands on Nanyo's stomach area and rubs the area.

Nanyo grins in her sleep and coos, "Ya know, the more time ya take, the
more it's gonna cost ya..." Her breasts now starts to swell with
arousal and she squirms slightly in sleep.

Becky smiles in her sleep and lowers the side of her face on Nanyo's
stomach and simply rests her head there a moment.

Nanyo giggles slightly, her stomach quivering with Becky's head
bouncing up and down slightly on top of it.

A low sigh leaves Becky's lips. She then sees Nanyo's panties and uses
her left hand to feel the fabric, but not near her crotch, more like
the sides and the waistband.

Nanyo sighs in pleasure, her arousal starting to build, causing her to
squirm her hips slightly. She states, "Ooh... that feels really
good..." in a sexy husky voice.

"Kimberly... Kim. Me and Kim, Kim and Me.... K-Kimmie..." states Becky
as a smile forms on her face.

Nanyo doesn't respond to the words, but the actions cause her to smile
despite herself. "Yeas... Kimmie... Starki-chan... "

Becky's hand trails down Nanyo's panties to the crotch area...

Nanyo tenses once, shivering slightly, her breaths coming in quivering

Becky's hand then reaches the area between Nanyo's legs and cups the
area lightly, lovingly. "This area is soft too..."

Nanyo sucks in a deep breath, letting out a long soft sexy moan, "Oh,
baby... that's great... Keep goin', ya? If ya do a good enough job, I
might take some money off the bill..."

"Becky then positions herself over Nanyo. Here legs on both sides of
Nanyo's body. Becky's small frame was looming over Nanyo's body. Her
cute panty-covered rump directly above Nanyo's face as she sat up
looking down at Nanyo's panties.

Nanyo takes a deep whiff of what she perceives to be someone's arousal
and grins, "Heh, guess this means you're about to cum, eh? Great...
mebbe now I can finally get paid..."

Becky then slides the panties down Nanyo's legs enough to uncover her
labia, which she then bends over and takes a good whiff of
Nanyo's labia. "Ooh, She smells wonderful." states Becky.

Nanyo giggles, reaching out her arms and blindly enveloping Becky's
body, giving her a big hug, "Oh? Why I didn't know you had breasts too!
Heh... ya must be one FAT guy!"

"She's hugging me! " states Becky smiling in joy.

Nanyo laughs out loud now, saying, "What's a matter, little man? Afraid
I might bite? Ya don't hafta worry none, ya know..." She starts rubbing
Becky's nipples, grinning, "Even a man likes having his nips rubbed!"

"Becky then gasps in delight and then starts a massaging action on
Nanyo's labia.

Nanyo starts breathing harder, her stomach pushing Becky's body up and
down slightly as she quivers slightly, her vagina now beginning to
moisten with arousal as she smiles and whispers, again in her sexy
voice, "More..."

Becky's panties gain a visible spot of wetness as she continues her

Nanyo starts groaning in pleasure, pushing her hips forward in a sexual
manner as some of her fluid starts dripping down onto Becky's hand. She
continues to pinch and tug lightly on Becky's nipples, whispering,
"What was your name, anyway? Jeff something? Heh, ya keep doing what ya
doing and I might even lower my price to 4000 Hel..."

Becky then moves her right hand to the crotch of her panties and gasp
as she starts to rub the area.

Nanyo grins, pulling tight on Becky's body, bringing her into a
horizontal position on top of her. She bends her head over Becky's
shoulder and starts kissing her neck, whispering, "Jeff, eh? Are ya
nice and hard? Ya wanna fuck me now? I'm all nice and wet..." She purrs
in a lovely sexy voice.

"Ooh, I'm so wet... I'm going to come soon Kimmie." states Becky.

Nanyo grins, pinching harder and stroking ever area of Becky's breasts
as she whispers, "Gonna spurt it out, Jeff? Wanna cum on me, eh? That's
an extra 30 dollars..."

The tempo of Becky rubbing herself increases and she could be heard
panting and tensing a bit.

Nanyo giggles, "Come on, Jeff... It ain't that hard to come! Here...
lemme help ya!" She thrusts her hips forward and back harder, as she
licks Becky's cheek with her tongue and drops one hand to Becky's
stomach, rubbing gently.

"Ah, I'm going to cum. Just a little more..." states Becky tensing up.

Nanyo continues her actions, grinning as she starts to blow gently into
Becky's ear, pushing slightly on Becky's stomach, hoping to bring off

"AH! I cumming! I'm com-AH!" exclaims Becky as she feels herself
orgasm. squirting her cum into her panties and bucking wildly before
going limp.

Nanyo grins, letting Becky go, kissing her on the cheek once before she
does. "Didja enjoy that, Jeff? I hope so, 'cause now ya owe me $4000

"Ooh Kimmie, I love you so much..." states Becky tiredly.

Nanyo, then, flops back on the bed, snoring loudly, her dream over.

Becky then turns over and embraces Nanyo lightly from behind.

Nanyo moans into her pillow, "Jeff? Didn't ya already pay me? What? Ya
want another servicing? Ok, but it's gonna cost ya $8000 Hel..."

Becky doesn't respond. apparently her dream is over.

Nanyo then stirs, coming out of her dream, letting out a half-snore,
half-grunt. "What the....?" she sleepily intones, sitting up in the
bed. She sees that her panties have been pulled down to expose her
labia and shrugs, "Huh... wonder how that happened?" She, quickly,
slides them back up and rolls onto her left side, facing Kim, and
drifts back to sleep, holding the baby Kim in her arms.

unaware of the two Kim has been awake this whole time. "Kimmie, heh, I
never would have thought it actually meant something..." states Kim to

It is about this time that Sashi wanders back in, looking even more
grease stained than before. She prods Kim in the back and whispers,
"Miss Kim... Miss Kim..."

To Be Continued In...
Kim and Suki's First Meeting

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