Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 20)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 20

Title: Chapter 18: Sashi's birthday

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


"It's Sashi's B-Day? Why didn't she tell me it was coming up?" states
Becky to herself.

In the bedroom, there is a loud groan, "Aw, Starki-chan! I just changed
you!" At the same time, Sashi approaches Becky, grease stains all over
her outfit and a wrench tucked into her skirt's waistband. "Mistress,
those adjustments that I suggested earlier have been completed. The
ship's fuel supply has been extended."

'Maybe she doesn't...' thinks Becky. "Sashi, do you know what today
is?" asks Becky.

Sashi blinks, "The day, Mistress? It is November 15, is it not?"

"Do you know what's special about today?" asks Becky.

Sashi scratches her hair, "Um... is it Columbus Day or the Day of
Veterans? Or maybe a national holiday for those who live up here?" She
doesn't seem to understand what Becky's talking about. In the bedroom
comes a muted cry followed by Nanyo asking, "Oh, what's wrong, Starki-

"You really don't know do you? You don't remember it at all." states
Becky with a hint of sadness in her face.

Sashi looks confused, "What was I supposed to remember about this day,
Mistress?" There is another cry followed by Nanyo grunting softly,
"Ssh, there there Starki-chan.. It's ok.. It's ok..."

Becky then wraps her arms around Sashi and whispers in her ear. "It's
your birthday Sashi."

Sashi blinks, her eyes growing so wide that it is really comical. She
stammers, "M-My b-birthday, M-Mistress?! I-Is it really? H-How old am

"17 Sashi, your 17 years old." states Becky lovingly.

Sashi gulps, "O-Oh, I... I am? Th-that is..." Then she sighs and starts
rubbing her forehead, "I.. I do not understand I can not remember
that... It almost feels like there is something blocking my memories.."

At the same time, Nanyo appears in the same room as Becky and Sashi,
holding Kim in her arms. "Yo, Becks... do ya have a tape of lullabies?
I can't sing worth a shit and Starki's kinda restless... If Suki was
here, I'd ask her... She's got a beautiful voice..."

"Nope, can't say that I do." replies Becky still hugging Sashi.

Nanyo frowns, "Crap... I really need Suki... Ok, thanks..." She starts
rocking Kim in her arms, the younger girl squirming and fidgeting
energetically almost as though she wants to play some sort of child
game (maybe tag or something lol)
Nanyo groans, almost beggingly, "Oh, come on, Starki-chan! Why won't
you take a nap? Mommy needs to go the bathroom..."

Becky releases her embrace of Sashi for a moment and walks over to
Nanyo and cups the side of Kim's face lightly in her left hand and
shockingly, starts singing. Very nicely might I add :-P

Nanyo gasps, "Yo, you didn't tell me you could sing?! Damn, you and
Suki could be twin sisters in the singing department..." Sashi merely
raises an eyebrow, almost as emotionally detached as a Vulcan.

Becky's face goes red as she continues, moments later Kim movement
begins to die down.

Nanyo observes with relief as Kim settles down in her arms and sighs in
intense relief, then she suddenly tenses, bringing her thighs together.
She whispers, "Can ya hurry it up, Becks?"

A few moments later, Kim is at rest in Nanyo's arms and Becky ends the

Nanyo sighs, "Thanks a lot, Becks!" She leans over and gives Becky a
quick kiss on the cheek as she sets Kim down on one of the chairs. She
asks, "Can ya watch her for a sec? I gotta go piss.."

"Ok, just make it quick." replies Becky.

Nanyo nods, "Yea, sure..." She heads back into the bowels of the ship,
looking for a restroom. Sashi approaches Becky from behind and asks,
"Mistress... how is it that you know more about my past than I do?"

"Well, Nanyo told me about your B-Day..." replies Becky.

Sashi nods, "Ah... I see... Nan'chi would know about that... After all,
all three of us lived in the same village for at least 5 years... until
I was five... then..." She groans and holds her head slightly, adding,
".. but after that... I have no memory... until I met you, Mistress..."

"Oh, it seems you have a block in your memory..." states Becky.

Sashi sighs, "It does seem so... I must wonder, though, why... Why do I
have this block?"

"That, I don't know." replies Becky.

Sashi sighs, then looks at Becky and restates, "Mistress... the
modifications I advised you on have been completed... I do not
think that Miss Kim was all that thrilled, though.."

"Hehe, Kimmie is very sensitive about her ship, that's all." replies

Sashi sighs, "Perhaps I should not have made the adjustments, then..."

"Well, you should've asked her first, but as long as you didn't do
anything major, it should be fine." states Becky.

"Oh." Then her face falls, "Would you regard increasing fuel efficiency
major, Mistress?"

"Hmmm, yeah, I would. But don't worry, If Kim was mad, you certainly
would know it, so it fine." states Becky.

"Oh.." Sashi looks somewhat sad and starts to walk away, placing the
wrench in her skirt on a nearby panel.

"Hey, what's wrong? I said it's ok." states Becky.

"You did not see the response Miss Kim gave... she was...
very vocal... if Nan'chi had not been here to restrain her, I am
certain she would have attacked me..." She sits down hard in a corner,
her facial expression neutral.

"Don't be silly, she wouldn't attack you just for mess'in with her
ship." states Becky placing a hand on Sashi's shoulder.

Sashi looks up at Becky, "Are you sure, Mistress?" Just then, Nanyo
returns to the room, sighing, "Ahhhhhh! That feels better..." Her
jean's fly is only buttoned at the top, the other buttons undone, but
Nanyo seems only interested in Kim, who she bends over, gently stroking
her bangs. She asks, "So, was Starki-chan a good girl while Mommy was

"Huh? oh, yeah." states Becky.

Nanyo grins, "Thanks for watchin' her for me..." She then picks up Kim,
holding her like a little baby, and rocking her, "Come on, Starki-
chan... Mommy's gonna take a nap with you.." She starts using babytalk
as she carries Kim back into one of the bedrooms aboard ship.

"Man, I can't believe Kimmie is going through with that. Heh, but it
looks like fun, I'd like to try that someday." states Becky.

Sashi stands up. She steps back over to Becky and asks, "Would you like
me to treat you like a baby, then, Mistress?"

"Huh? are you serious?" asks Becky looking surprised.

Sashi blinks and quotes Becky precisely, "You did say that it looked
like fun and that you'd like to try that someday... did I
misunderstand, Mistress?"

"But it's your birthday, what I want can wait." states Becky.

Sashi blinks, "Oh... I see... well, what should we do then?" She starts
to look distinctly nervous now.

Becky thinks momentarily before smiling. "Go sit in the passenger seat
right there." replies Becky.

Sashi nods swiftly, "As you wish, Mistress..." She goes to the seat and
sits down, looking up at Becky.

Becky moves in front of Sashi and proceeds to give her a loving kiss on
the lips.

Sashi looks confused at first, then settles into the kiss, acting very
submissive at first.

Becky then uses her hands to caress the curves of Sashi's body while
she continues the kiss.

Sashi breathes a soft moan through the kiss as the first buzzings of
her mental link with her lover beginning to sound in Becky's mind,
though Sashi is completely unaware of it.

Becky ends the kiss suddenly. "You hear that?" asks the girl.

Sashi blinks in surprise, "Hear what, Mistress?" She seems genuinely

"Nothing, I must be hearing things." states Becky as she then cups each
of Sashi's breasts in her hands and nuzzles her neck.

Sashi tenses for a couple of seconds, her breasts swelling slightly and
firming up. Again, the buzzing in Becky's head grows slightly as the
neural link is formed.

after a few moments of rubbing her breasts, Becky proceeds to remove
Sashi's top.

Sashi pulls back slightly, her breasts free from her top, no sign of a
bra there. She whispers, "Mistress... if you thinking about removing my
clothes, do keep in mind about my contract..."

"Oh yeah, that. Well, as long as your panties aren't completely removed
it's ok isn't it?" asks Becky.

Sashi nods, "Yes, Mistress... That would be acceptable... but, I would
like to do this first..." She reaches into her skirt and panties,
pulling out her slave contract. She lays it up on a panel next to the
wrench, explaining, "I do not wish to get this wet..."

Becky simply giggles at this before pulling Sashi's skirt off.

Sashi's panties are, once again, exposed to the air, their normal
yellowish stain on them as clear as it ever was.

before removing the panties, Becky moves her lips to Sashi's crotch and
'nuzzles' the area there.

Sashi gasps heavily, and pushes her hips forward, a small amount of
fluid starting to gather around the crotch, creating a tiny wet spot in
that area as she moans softly.

Becky puts her hands around Sashi's waist as she starts to lick the
panty-covered area.

Sashi starts squirming slightly in the chair, beginning to pant
slightly, her hips wiggling. More fluid starts to pool around her skin
in that area.

Becky continues her action, intending on giving Sashi an orgasm.

Sashi pants harder and harder, squirming harder and harder in the chair
as her breasts reach their fullest firmest lengths. Her vagina is
completely wet, causing more and more fluid to rush out over her
panties. It seems as though she is getting closer to orgasm.

'Come on, come for me Sashi.' thinks Becky.

Sashi pants heavier and heavier, her vagina now beginning to tighten,
signifying that her orgasm is eminent. Her moans are soft and low,
showing that when she gets aroused, she doesn't make much noise.

Becky's tongue then finds Sashi's clit and begins to assault it

Sashi then stiffens up, her clitoris throbbing and pounding like a
miniature heart. A hard gasp catches in her throat, then her body
starts on a powerful series of spasms as a rush of her lubrication
fluid runs down her vagina to her panties, wetting them yet again. The
wall hiding Sashi's emotions is broken temporarily and her face
contorts in ecstasy.

Becky sees Sashi's face and a rush of happiness goes through Becky's
body as she continues her action.

Sashi, then, proceeds to have a second orgasm, her panties totally
drenched with her fluids, though not ejaculatory in nature. Again, her
face contorts in higher and higher ecstasy and her chest heaves,
totally out of breath.

Becky lifts her head now, her mouth area covered lightly in wetness and
proceeds to Kiss Sashi again.

Sashi kisses Becky back, looking slightly tired, but otherwise happy.
The buzzing now continues, louder and more intense, but when Sashi
suddenly stiffens up and grows emotionless again, the buzzing fades

"I got something I want you to feel..." states Becky as she ends the

Sashi looks up, "And what is that, Mistress?"

Remove your panties from around your pelvis first." states Becky.

Sashi questions, "What do you mean, Mistress?" She seems a
little confused and tries to demonstrate the areas that she can move
her panties. "Here?" she asks, pulling her panties off of various
areas, except her labia, which she cannot do.

"Just, off your butt." states Becky.

Sashi nods, "Ok, Mistress..." She pulls her panties off her butt as

"Now, just sit back..." states Becky.

Sashi does as Becky requests as a muffled snore filters in from the
back of the ship.

Becky presses a familiar button on the side of the chair and starts to
kiss Sashi again.

Sashi then feels something moving up towards her ass and tenses sharply
as she feels Becky's lips on her own.

"Just relax, don't fight it..." states Becky lovingly.

Sashi gasps, "Uh....hunh...." She tries to relax, but the feeling of
something hard and long touching her in that area is very unfamiliar to
her and she can't repress a shudder.

Becky then caresses the sides of Sashi's body again, trying to relax

Sashi lets out a loud, hard gasp as the object finally penetrates her
and almost immediately she starts quivering and
fidgeting in the chair, a look of pleasure on her face. At around this
time, something weird happens with the ship as several computers turn
off and on rapidly.

"What the? What going on? Sashi, did you do something else to the
ship?" asks Becky.

Sashi blinks and shakes her head, "No, Mistress... I did nothing other
than what I advised you on..." She seems geninunely confused and the
buzzing starts in Becky's mind again. Just then, an engine starts up,
then dies down almost immediately, followed by some giggling.

"What's that? It sounds like laughing..." states Becky.

"That it does, Mistress... That it does... Should we check it out?"
asks Sashi as another low muffled snore echoes through the ship.

"Stay here for a sec." states Becky as she gets up and walks to the
back of the ship.

In the back of the ship, there is the sound of more giggling and a
hyperactive girl running around touching this and that.

"Hey." states Becky as she knocks on the door.

There is no response from whoever is on the other side of the door, but
the Kim runs up to Becky and grabs her in a big hug from behind.

"Hey BB!" exclaims Kim as she hugs Becky. "Ah! Hey! Don't
call me that! and let go of me!" replies Becky

Sashi, having followed Becky, stares at Kim, asking, "Mistress... she
seems really hyper... what has happened to her?"

"I don't know, but she won't let me go!" replies Becky.

"Your such a cutie!" exclaims Kim.

Sashi smiles suddenly, "She does have that right, Mistress..." Again,
the buzzing sound enters Becky's mind and this time, Becky can start to
sense some of Sashi's thoughts.

"Hey, Nanyo! open the door." calls Becky.

Again, there is no response except for a loud snore. However, the door
does open, as Sashi moves close to it.

"Your sleeping!? Get up!" states Becky as she slow starts
to walks into the room with Kim around her.

Again, there is no response from Nanyo, though it is clear
where she is. She has passed out on a nice bed with green sheets. She
is wearing only a T-shirt and silk panties and looks VERY exhausted as
though she had been up for many days at a time.

"Mommy go sleepy-poo!" exclaims Kim. "Kimmie snap out of it. You're not
a little kid. And would you please let me go?" states Becky.

Sashi staggers slightly from total and complete shock as Nanyo lets out
another huge snore and rolls over, mumbling in her sleep.

Kim then whispers in Becky's ear. "No way, this is way too fun." then
she starts talking loud again. "BB's so cute! and soft too." states
Kim. Becky then ge6ts a defeated look on her face and sweatdrops.

Sashi falls back onto the floor in shock and Nanyo lets out another

Becky then puts her foot to the bed and shakes the bed with her foot.
"Wake, up!" states Becky.

Nanyo lets out a loud, "W... T.. F...?!" and falls off the bed in total
shock. "Ow... " she mutters, slowly getting up to her feet. She sees
Becky and exclaims, "Damn it, Becks... why the hell did you do that?!"

"Get your, daughter, off of me!" replies Becky. Kim just smiles at

Nanyo now sees Kim and gulps, rubbing the back of her head, sheepishly,
"Eheh, eheh.. sorry, Becks... I... I guess I kinda fell asleep... Come
here, Starki-chan... You and I are gonna have a nice LONG nap

Kim then scrunches up her face and frowns. "Idon'twanna!"

Nanyo sighs, "Now, now, Starki-chan... you'll be able to play with...
BB... later on... right now it's time for a nap..." She walks over to
Kim and takes her hand, pulling her towards the bed.

"Hey! not you too! Don't call me that!" replies Becky.

Nanyo looks over Kim's head at Becky with a long-suffering type of
glance and whispers, "Ix-nay on the name-ay..."

"I bet you got a name you don't like to be called..." states Becky. A
smile then comes to Kim's face.

Nanyo gets a look of terror on her face, "Don't you dare, Starki-chan,
or Mommy will have to punish you!" She tugs Kim harder and picks her
up, setting her on the bed.

"CHI-CHI-Ch-AH!" states Kim as she's cut off and holds her crotch then

Nanyo asks, concern showing on her face, "Starki-chan?! What's wrong?"

"S-Starki wet..."

Nanyo hits her forehead with the flat side of her hand and groans, "Not
again... Ok.. come here, Starki-chan..." She pulls Kim close and lays
her down flat on her back on the bed, pulling up her skirt.

"What are you doing?" asks Becky.

Nanyo gives Becky this look: _ and states, "What does it look like
I'm doing?! I'm changing her, DUH!" She starts to unfasten Kim's

O_o "Wow, your really into this Kimmie." states Becky. Kim just gives
her sister a smile.

Nanyo says nothing, but just continues to undo Kim's diaper, pulling it
off, and tossing it over her shoulder into a wastebasket. Then, she
spreads some powder over Kim's labia and butt, grabbing a fresh diaper
and re-diapering Kim.

"How long is Kimmie gonna be acting like this?" Asks Becky.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "As long as is necessary for her to
overcome the pain... Trust me... it's not as fun as it looks..." She
breathes a sigh and lays down beside Kim, holding her tightly to
prevent a re-escape.

"It's Chi-Chi-Chia!" exclaims Kim.

Nanyo sighs, again hitting her forehead with her hand, "Ok, Starki-
chan... I warned you... This is gonna hurt me a whole lot worse than
it's gonna hurt you..." She turns Kim over onto her back and pulls up
her skirt. Then, she starts swatting Kim's behind for about 10-15
strokes, each one slightly harder than the last, sending moderate pain
through Kim's body.

Kim "AH!'s" each hit but she looks at Becky and each 'AH' seems to be
more pleasurable than painful as she gestures this with her face as
well. This also begins to turn Becky on, which is Kim's intent.

After the 15th swat, Nanyo pulls back and sits Kim up, waggling a
finger in front of her, "Now, Starki-chan, you know why I punished

"No..." replies Kim.

Nanyo explains, "I punished you because you disobeyed me... I gave you
a warning and told you what I would do if you disrespected me.. It does
not give me any pleasure to hurt you like this.. but I must lay down
rules for you to follow... you understand now, Starki-chan?"

"Yes mommy..." replies Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "Good then..." She hugs Kim and says, "Now it's time to
sleep... come here, Starki-chan..."

"Chi-Chi-Chia?" states Becky.

Nanyo gives Becky a VERY nasty look and states coldly, "Don't repeat
that to ANYONE unless you want to die a most painful death..."

"Hehe, now you know how it feels Chi-Chi-Chia." replies Becky putting
her hands on her hips.

Nanyo sighs, "I didn't call you BB because I wanted too... I was just
trying to get Starki-chan to... uh... erh..." She blushes, losing track
of what she was saying.

"To what?' States Becky eyeing Nanyo.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Aw, hell... why lie... Look, I just called
you BB 'cause Starki-chan did... ya happy?!"

"Well didn't she tell you I hate that Name?" replies Becky.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders again, "Yeah, I think she did... but look,
Becks... I have my own nick for you... I... I just forgot, yo..."

"Ok fine, just don't call me that again." replies Becky.

Nanyo salutes, "Long as ya don't call me Chi-Chi-Chia, we're even..."
Then, she lets out a big yawn and cuddles up close to Kim.

"Would you mind if I join you two? I'm kinda tired." states Becky.

Nanyo pats the bed, "Sure... just help me keep an eye on Starki-chan,
will you? She's proving to be quite a handful..." She yawns again as
Sashi asks, "Mistress? What should I do for the meantime?"

"Why don't you join us?" replies Becky.

"I am not particularly tired, but if you wish it..." states Sashi,
still half-naked. Nanyo now notices that Sashi has yellowish panties
and asks, "Sash... 'bout your panties... was it a
Hon'tyl slave contract?"

Sashi replies, "Yes..." Nanyo then sighs, "Ok... just

"BTW Nanyo, I think Kimmie is just doing this for the fun of it."
states Becky before Kim right hand quickly comes over Nanyo's body and
'pops' Becky right in the head.

"Hey!" exclaims Becky with her hands on her head.

Nanyo sighs, tiredly, "Starki-chan, stop hitting your sister in the
head..." She rolls over, putting her face into the pillow as Sashi sits
at the side of the bed, placing her head on her lap.

Becky then crawls on the bed and lays down till she drifts off to

To Be Continued In...
Sleep Sex

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