Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 2)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 1: Sashi loses it!

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the character Suki, or Sashi, Huehue does

Warning: Loli, violence]

The morning sun rises into the sky, filtering in through Becky's
window, illuminating the young loli still asleep in her bed. On the
floor next to the bed, sits a younger, though taller, girl, also fast
asleep, but in a vertical position rather than lying down. (In other
words, she's sitting up, but asleep) Her head hangs to the side and her
arms are folded across her lap as she dozes.

Becky begins to shift in her sleep as she begins to wake up.

The girl on the floor mumbles something incoherent in her sleep, but
doesn't awake.

Becky brings her hands to her face as she wakes up. She rubs her eyes
she sits up. Becky places her left hand on the bed and feels the
absence of Sashi. She quickly looks to her left then right and sees
Sashi asleep at the side of her bed. "Huh? What is she doing there?"
says Becky to herself.

A soft snore comes from the sleeping girl as her head droops over
further, clearly showing that she is fast asleep. Her arms drop to her
sides and she has a look of innocent vulnerability about her.

"Hmm..." states Becky as she reaches her right hand into the top
Sashi's shirt and cups her breast.

Sashi squirms slightly, letting out a soft moan as her breast starts to
swell ever so slightly. She lazily and drowsily opens her eyes, her
mouth stretching in a yawn as she bends her head back and up to glance
at Becky. She whispers, "M-Miss Becky?!" She looks dazed and confused.

"What's wrong? Don't you like this?" as Becky as she begins to squeeze
Sashi's breast slightly.

Sashi shakes her head slightly, replying in a soft whisper, "N-No, M-
Miss Becky... I.. I was just... surprised... is all..." She blushes,
though it is clear that she is getting aroused.

"What are you sitting beside the bed for?"

Sashi looks down at her tennis-shoed feet and replies, "I-It is
obligated for a slave to give her Mistress the full comfort of anything
the Mistress is using. In this case, the bed..."

"I see, but I'd be more comfortable with you in my arms while we're
both on the bed."

Sashi blushes, "I... I am sorry, Miss Becky... I... I did not know..."
She looks slightly sad, thinking that she might have upset her

"Hey, don't look that way, you didn't know..." replies Becky as she
starts to knead Sashi's breast with her hand.

Sashi moans softly in pleasure as her breast grows full and firm her
nipple beginning to try to poke through her bra and cheerleader top.
She squirmed a little on the floor, her head tilting up and back to
look at Becky, her green eyes showing a slight twinge of lust though
she seems to be fighting her feelings in favor of her duty.

Becky moves her other hand, the left one, to begin to caress Sashi's
neck as she continues the action to her breast.

Sashi moans again and starts sticking her chest out, her breathing
growing slightly harder and slightly faster. Again she looks deeply
into Becky's eyes, her own green depths wondering what Becky has in
store for her.

Becky gets off the bed a moment later to kneel in front of Sashi. She
reaches her right hand under Sashi's skirt to cup the crotch of her
panties. Becky then begins to kiss Sashi lovingly.

Sashi whimpers softly in pleasure and her hips begins to squirm
slightly as she opens her mouth and lets Becky inside, her own tongue
quivering in anticipation.

Becky inserts her tongue into Sashi's mouth while she begins to run her
hand over the girl's crotch.

Sashi squirms under Becky's touch and her arms come up, of their own
free will, to wrap around Becky's head, pulling her closer and holding
her there as she pushes her tongue around and around Becky's.

Becky smiles at this through her kiss and continues her actions.

Sashi suddenly tenses and pulls back shyly, blushing heavily. She
gasps, "M-Miss Becky... I.... Th-this is... un-unexpected... I... I d-
do not u-understand h-how t-to react... N-No Mistress h-has ever d-done
this to me before..."

"Just do what your body urges you to. That's all ya got to do..."
states Becky smiling.

Sashi protests, very weakly, "B-But... I-It is not pr-proper f-for a
slave t-to have these f-feelings..." She blushes and looks down again.

"It's ok..." Becky then starts to place light kisses on Sashi's neck.
"Just let your body guide you..."

Sashi nods, gulping, "O-Okay, M-Miss Becky..." She again advances
toward Becky and tries to put her lips on Becky's, her hands reaching
up to Becky's chest and sliding along her collar.

"Mmm, good..." states Becky.

Sashi suddenly giggles, "Yes, Miss Becky..." She lowers one hand to
Becky's right breast and starts hesitantly running her index finger
across the mound without touching her nipple. She uses her other hand
to take Becky's head and tilt it up so that she could put her lips on
Becky's again, kissing her deeply, passionately.

Becky starts to moan from the touch and her arousal raises as she feels
Sashi finally begin to take control a bit

Sashi giggles again, then pushes her tongue in harder, deeper as she
uses her left hand to squeeze Becky's right breast gently and her right
index finger to tickle Becky's left nipple, teasingly and with a
certain degree of playfulness.

Becky starts to moan slightly from the small touch , and tenses
slightly for a moment.

Sashi backs off for just a moment, smiling, a rare sight with her. She
whispers softly, blushing, "Miss Becky... did you like that?" She
playfully runs her left hand across Becky's tummy, playing with her

"Ooh, yes, very much."

"Is there any one area that you want me to focus on, Miss Becky?", asks
Sashi, still smiling as she tries to lean Becky back against the bed,
shifting her position so that the loli is between her and the bed.

"The area just above my labia or my breasts would be great." replies

Sashi nods, and smiles, "Yes, Miss Becky..." She lowers her left hand
down past Becky's bellybutton, and down across her abdomen, gently
stroking there for a few minutes while her right hand begins to tickle
Becky's left nipple with erotic motions.

Ooh... yes, that's great." moans Becky.

Sashi nods, "Understood, Miss Becky..." She wraps her lithe
fingers around Becky's nipple and tugs gently as she uses her left arm
and hand to scoot Becky forward a little and bend her further back
against the bed. Then she uses that same hand to gently push apart
Becky's thighs and move down to Becky's panties' waistband, slipping a
finger inside, testing to see how tight it is on Becky's waist.

"Ohhh." Becky moans as she sticks out her chest a bit from Sashi's

Sashi grins widely, her hand pushing further into Becky's panties
gently pushing on Becky's pubic mound as her other hand continues to
rub and stroke Becky's breast. At the same time, Sashi leans close to
Becky, and kisses her again.

Becky starts to squirm a bit as she moans. from the sensations.

Sashi mmmm's as she sees Becky's movements, and her mid-level telepathy
informs her of Becky's feelings and thoughts as she gets, what she
thinks, is a crazy idea. She lowers her lips to Becky's left nipple and
starts sucking on it as her right hand lowers itself down to Becky's
abdomen, rubbing gently, trying to draw a coo from the loli as her left
hand starts to touch and stroke her the delicate folds of her labia.

Becky indeed begins to coo as feels Sashi's hand on her labia. she then
moans again from the feeling of Sashi's mouth on her nipple.

Sashi senses Becky's pleasure and she again begins to smile as she
pulls back, suddenly wanting to tease and play with her Mistress's body
for a little while.

"Hey, why'd you stop?" asks Becky wantingly.

Sashi blushes and smiles, "I wanted you to experience as much pleasure
as I could give you, Miss Becky..." She leans between Becky's thighs
and, like she saw Canon do once, licks at Becky's tender labia.

Becky quickly tenses from this and gasp loudly. "Ah.."

Sashi pulls her head back, grinning, as she asks, "Did Miss Becky like
that?" Her left hand starts to gently massage Becky's thigh as her
right hand begins to rub Becky's lower abdomen, trying to add to the

"Ooh, yes, I did." moans Becky as she places her right hand on top of
Sashi's head.

"Would you like more, Miss Becky?"

"Yes, please."

Sashi nods, grinning, "Ok, Miss Becky..." She again lowers her lips to
Becky's labia and teasingly licks at it for a second before pulling
back and rubbing her abdomen again.

"Ooh, you keep teasing me." moans Becky with a smile.

Sashi grins, "I know you like it, Miss Becky... I can sense it..." She
suddenly takes her left hand and jams three fingers into Becky's vagina
as she parts Becky's labia with the other two and licks at her now
exposed clitoris.

Becky gasps quickly and loudly at this as she also tenses up.

Sashi giggles and continues her actions, pumping her fingers harder and
faster as her right hand continues to rub Becky's abdomen and her pubic

"Oooh, that's sooo good!" moans Becky

Sashi now puts her whole lips on Becky's labia and sucks on them as her
fingers continue their actions. She wonders if Becky is beginning to
feel so much pleasure that she might begin to show it with physical

Becky's left hand clenches into a tight fist and her other one she
places firmly on Sashi's head. She also begins to move her hips into
Sashi's mouth as she moans.

Sashi smirks and continues her actions, revving up the intensity and
frequency. Her mid-level telepathic powers bleed into Becky's mind,
showing Becky hot, erotic images, trying to push Becky's arousal higher
and higher.

Becky doesn't know how she's suddenly seeing this images in her head
and doesn't really care as her arousal increases sharply. Becky starts
to squirm her body as she moans.

Sashi speaks telepathically, "Look at them, Miss Becky... Are not they
really hot? Do they not turn you on?" She continues her actions, trying
to awaken sexual fantasies in her Mistress.

"Ah! H-How are y-you doing this?" asks Becky through her moaning and

Sashi speaks, "It is one of my powers, Miss Becky... I am a mid-level
telepath and I can introduce images into the minds of anyone I
choose... Tell me, Miss Becky... What is your sexual fantasy?"

"I... I can't think s-straight right now."

Sashi sighs, "Okay... Is this it?" She shows Becky an image of a girl
cumming hard all down her thighs, the look of pleasure on the girl's
beautiful face expressing great pleasure.

"Y-yes, that's it! That's the one." states Becky as she moans

Sashi giggles, "Good... Now then..." She shows the moving images again
and again across Becky's field of vision as she pumps her fingers
harder and deeper into the loli's vagina and rubs her abdomen slightly

"Ooooohhhh, I don't think I'm gonna last to much longer...."

Sashi thinks, "Go on, Miss Becky... Let it go..." She uses her fingers
to stroke along the top wall of Becky's vagina along her urethra and
she shows the little girl more images of the same girl cumming again
and again.

Oh, It's too much! I can't take it anymore!" states Becky squirming

Sashi continues her actions, moving more and more frantically up and
down Becky's vagina while still rubbing and pressing on her abdomen.
She thinks, "Come on, Miss Becky... let it go... Succumb to your

Becky moans loudly as her orgasm strikes HARD. Causing her to stiffen
up as a 4 second long stream of her cum forces itself from her urethra.
Becky's body laxes back up and she jerks uncontrollably for a few

Sashi grins goofily and leans back, breathing a soft sigh and reaching
up to her face to wipe away the cum. She asks, "So... did you like
that, Miss Becky?"

Becky simply moans in reply.

Sashi smiles, then starts to get to her feet. Her face contorts weirdly
and she closes her eyes, moaning, "N-No... N-Not now!"

"Huh? What was that Sashi?" asks Becky tiredly.

Sashi places her hands on her head, holding it as though she's in pain.
She groans loudly, "N-Noooooooo!" Her eyes turn from green to red
briefly and she starts hovering off the ground.

Becky lifts her head to look at Sashi. "Huh? What's going on? Are you
ok Sashi?"

Sashi suddenly stiffens up and screams, "Damn you, you fucking asshole!
You never treated me right, and now... Oh, you are gonna pay!" She
lands on the floor and starts making for the door.

"Hey!" Becky tries to get up but her latest orgasm really did a number
on her energy.

Sashi reaches the door and violently rips it open, almost tearing it
off its hinges. She enters the living room and there are heard some
sounds, then a quick thud, then all is silent again.

Becky forces herself to her feet and leans on the wall for support as
she leaves her room and makes for the living room.

Once there, she sees blood on the wall and Suki lying on the floor,
bleeding from a wound on her shoulder and Kim and Nikki looking
perplexed. The door to the outside is open and swinging on its hinges.

"What the hell happened in there?!" exclaims Kim. "I-I don't know,
Sashi suddenly got all mad for some reason and stormed out of the
room." replies Becky quickly.

Suki moans weakly, "Uhhh... what is wrong with that girl?! Ow..." She
looks completely shocked.

"It sounded like Sashi was made at someone before she left my room."
states Becky. (Kim goes over to Suki and kneels down.) "Are you ok?"

Suki glances down at her arm, which is bleeding heavily. She closes her
eyes and chants a few words. The gash closes up and Suki sighs in
relief, "I... I'm fine, I think... It's just... I really shouldn't have
been fighting... I'm still a little weak from my injury..."

"What going on? Who's Sashi?" asks Nikki.

"Sashi Is Becky's Mistress, and lover." replies Kim. "Oh, I see."
states Nikki.

Suki groans as she gets back up to her feet, her legs still a little
wobbly. Outside the apartment, though, there is a shrill woman's shriek
followed by minor explosions and shortly thereafter sirens.

"Ooh, What's wrong with Sashi? do you know Suki?" asks Becky as she
places her right hand between her legs.

Suki shrugs her shoulders, "How would I know? I only just recently met
her... By the way, Becky... Do you have to pee?"

"Not exactly, but I'm still horny from what Sashi and I were doing."
replies Becky.

Suki turns her head to the outside just a red glow begins to make its
presence known as flames from buildings within the town leap into the
sky. "Looks like the city's on fire..." she states sadly.

"What?!" exclaims Kim and Nikki.

Suki jerks her thumb out the window and shows that the city is in
flames as more shrieks and screams are heard. "You can see for
yourself... Whatever Sashi's doing, it's causing the city to catch

"We have to stop her!" states Kim. "Y-Yeah, we have to stop her..."
adds Becky as she begins to rub herself.

Suki blinks, "Becky! What are you doing?! There are people dying out
there!" She looks totally shocked.

"Ooh, I can't help it." Becky slides down the wall. "I'm so horny right

Suki gives Becky this look: o_0, then grabs Becky's arm and basically
drags her to the door, groaning, "Come on... You may be the only one
Sashi will listen to.."

Becky begins to walk with Suki, but continues to rub herself. "O-Ok."
Kim and Nikki follow behind.

Once outside the apartment, the true horrible scene is shown before
their eyes. Dead bodies litter the streets, blood spewing from every
artery, buildings aflame, fire hydrants burst, monsters from the plains
entering the city now that the guards are gone.

"Its horrible." states Kim as she covers her mouth. "Ooh, my stomach
can't take this." states Nikki as she covers her mouth and goes back
into the apartment.

"Yeah, what an awful sight." states Becky. The small girl now inserts
two fingers into herself and moans.

Suki puts her hand over her mouth, "Oh, my..." She sees a little girl
crying at the side of the road over her dead mother and father.

Kim walks over to the small girl and puts her hand on her back and
whispers something into her ear. "O-Ok..." replies the girl as she then
stands and walks into the apartment.

Suki suddenly gasps and points off to the southwest, "Look! There she
is!" And sure enough, to the southwest is Sashi, fighting with a big
black man. They watch as she heartlessly rips his heart out with his
own sword, then vanishes."

"Da*nmit! where's she gone!" states Kim.

Becky just moans.

Suki gasps, "Amazing... She has surprising speed... I... I can't even
keep up with her... but... I do have a theory as to where she's

"Where?" asks Kim.

Suki explains, "When she killed that guy, I could sense, very briefly,
the person that she was angry with... I couldn't tell much... but I am
sure that she's angry with an Ap-Dat person.."

"Do you have any Idea who this person could be?" asks Kim.

Suki shakes her head, "No... I couldn't really get a good look at
him... all I could tell was that he was Ap-Dat... There's a telepathic
imprint in her mind... one that is distinctly Ap-Dat in nature..."

"I see, well, where do the Ap-Dat live?" asks Kim. Meanwhile, Becky is
starting to pant and moan on the ground as she vigorously pleasures

Suki replies, "The villages are in the north, in a towering mountain

"If Sashi was thinking of an Ap-Dat person we need to get there before
she does." states Kim. Becky finally gives herself an orgasm as she
moans loudly and squirts a two-second stream from her urethra. She
leans back on the wall as the last of the wave of pleasure washes over

Suki looks to the side sadly, and replies, "I... I can't tell you where
the village is... It has always been the greatest secret of my

"But if Sashi gets there before we do, she's most likely gonna kill
everyone in the village." states Kim.

Suki protests weakly, "B-But... I... It has always been tradition that
we keep the location secret... There are still many people who hate us
and would do anything to wipe us all out..."

"But if Sashi gets there, there won't be a tradition anymore." states
Kim. Becky then recovers and comes to her senses. "Mmm, what's going
on? Why does it look like the cities on fire?"

Suki sighs, "Oh... alright.... But you have to promise me that you
won't tell anyone the location of my village..." She turns to Becky and
tells her, "You might want to put some clothes on, Becky.." Suki
glances up at the sky and thinks, "Oh, Dad... I hope you're okay..."

"What the Fu*k! The city IS on fire! What the hell happened?!" exclaims
The small girl.

Suki rolls her eyes at Kim and starts to stalk off, looking pensive.
Her unspoken question hangs in Kim's mind, courtesy of Suki's closeness
to her, "Would you please explain this to her?"

A few moments later... "So, Sashi did all of that? But why?! Why would
she do this?!" asks Becky getting emotional.

Suki shrugs her shoulders, "I have no idea... she seemed really upset,

"About what? Could it be me? Maybe I was too rough with her a few
times..." states Becky tearing up.

Suki frowns, "I doubt that... she didn't really mind what you might
have done to her..."

"If its not me, then what could it be?" asks Becky.

Suki turns to Kim, raising her eyebrow and asking, "You want to field
this one? It's a bit embarrassing.. Besides, I want to get some
supplies for our trip..." She re-enters Kim's apartment.

"Ok, Suki thinks that Sashi is mad at someone. An Ap-Dat." states Kim.
"Ap-Dat?" asks Becky. "It's want their people are called, like mine are
Newearls." replies Kim. "Oh." replies Becky

Inside Kim's apartment, Suki gets dressed in her school uniform and
picks up her dagger, sliding it into her belt. She grabs several cans
of food and magically shrinks them, then she comes back out and states,
"You girls gonna get ready so we can get there before Sashi?"

"Ok, come Becky." states Kim as she takes the girls arm and teleports
into the building, were Becky goes into her room and puts on her green
camo pants and matching sleeve-less shirt. While Kim goes to her room
to find Nikki sleeping on her bed with the child from earlier. Kim gets
what she needs and leaves the room. While back in Becky's room, the
small girl picks up one of her many guns and places it in her holster
behind her. She then puts on a pair of gloves and leaves the room where
Kim meets her and they teleport back outside.

Suki rubs her arms, "Ready?"

"Yeah, we're ready." replies Kim.

Suki nods, "Okay... Here we go... oh and Becky, I'm... really sorry
about this..." She grabs Kim's hand and Becky's hand and leaps into the
air, beginning to fly toward the mountain range to the far north.

"Ah! Do we HAVE to fly there?!" replies Becky.

Suki groans slightly in exertion and replies tersely, "Would you prefer
to arrive there AFTER Sashi has killed them all?!"

"N-No, but I hate hights." states Becky.

"I know... but sometimes you have to do things you hate for the greater
good..." states Suki somewhat sadly.

"I'm sorry you got to take us with you." states Kim.

Suki shakes her head, "No... that's not what's bothering me... there
are other things I've had to do that I didn't really want to do..."

"Oh, I see." replies Kim. "Like what?" asks Becky. "Don't ask her
that!" snaps Kim.

Suki shakes her head, patting Becky's hand, "Ask me later sometime,
Becky..." She looks out in front of her and says, "Kimmie... do you see
that mountain range up there? The Ap-Dat villages are there... One to
the west and the other, my hometown, is to the far north where the
central mountain is..."

"Yeah, I see it." replies Kim.

"My village is there... It's called No'tyl..." Suki uses her right arm
to motion for Becky to climb up onto her back so that she could use her

Becky does as Suki requests. "Ok"

Suki replies, "Thanks..." She brings her right hand up to her forehead
and whispers, "Daddy... are you there?" It is apparent that she is
speaking telepathically. This continues for a few minutes before Suki
nods, "Yes, sir... I... I understand..." She sighs heavily.

"What's wrong?" asks Kim.

Suki sighs, "I just spoke with my father and... well... he's not too
pleased... but I think I convinced him about the danger the town is
in... He wants to meet us at the far east gate.."

"Ok" replies Kim and Becky.

Suki sighs and takes Kim and Becky to a tall town gate on the east side
of the town where a tall, well-muscled man is rapidly pacing back and
forth, looking VERY concerned.

To Be Continued in...
The Ap-Dat Village

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