Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 19)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 19

Title: Chapter 17: Mommy Nanyo, Baby Kimberly... um...

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


Nanyo blushes and starts to look away as she mutters, "It's... um...
it's.. *ahem*... Nanyo Sue Chiamaki..." She squeezes her eyes shut,
fearing that Kim will laugh.

Kim shakes in Nanyo's trying to prevent laughing. "C-Cute."

Nanyo scowls, kicking at the floor, "It wasn't so cute when all my
friends kept calling me Chi-Chi-Chia... ><"

Kim can't hold it in any longer and begins to laugh uncontrollably in
Nanyo's arms

Nanyo rolls her eyes, speaking softly, "it isn't that funny... stop...
it isn't that funny..." But in her mind, several 'choice' words come to
mind and there's a image of Nanyo choking Kim out of frustration that
slips over to Kim's mind.

"Aww, don't be that way... Chi-Chi-Chia." laughs Kim.

Nanyo frowns, looking totally frustrated and annoyed, "Ok ok... let's
just get past that... ><."

"Chi-Chi-Chia!" teases Kim.

Nanyo suddenly grins, "Ok... that's it... You're gonna down, Starr!"
She picks up Kim's whole body, turns her upside down in midair and
starts twirling her around as though she's a baton. "Still think it's
funny, Starki?" teases Nanyo.

"Hey! Come on! Stop!" exclaims Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Not until you say uncle, Starr... Not until you say
uncle..." She twirls Kim faster, now beginning to reach out and give
Kim's breasts and abdomen little pinches.

"Hey, stop it! I'm getting dizzy. And I gotta pee again!"

Nanyo grins, "Then say uncle, Starr... Say uncle... and I'll only make
you wet your panties..." Somehow, in all of the twirling, Kim's panties
are now back on her hips.

"No, I got to get to the bathroom."

"Say uncle, Starr.... Say it!" teases Nanyo. "I have no objection to
watching you pee your panties... You know that..." She grins.

"Well what the point of saying uncle then?" states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "You have two choices... say uncle now and have fun with
your wetting... or don't say it and pee all over the room as well as
your panties... The choice is yours, Starki..."

"Ah! I can't hold it anymore!" exclaims Kim as she pees, soaking the
panties she's wearing.

Nanyo grins, as Kim's urine, due to the situation, starts flying all
over the place, yet she does not stop spinning her. "Say uncle,
Starr... Say uncle or I won't stop, yanno.."

"Uncle! Uncle!" exclaims Kim.

Nanyo grins and lowers Kim down to her feet. She kisses Kim on the
cheek and says, "There ya go... Now was that all that hard?"

"No... Chi-Chi-Chia." giggles Kim.

Nanyo scowls, reaching her hand down to the huge wet spot on Kim's
panties, "Stop it, Starr... or I might just give you some of this..."
Her hand squishes Kim's panties against her labia as she pulls out a
small vial with her other hand. It is Altaiarean Beverage.

Kim smiles wide and exclaims "Chi-Chi-Chia!"

Nanyo smirks, "Ok... you asked for it..." She slips behind Kim,
grabbing her left arm, bending her wrist tightly and forcing the girl
down to her knees. Then she forces open Kim's mouth by beginning to
tickle her and brings the vial up, pouring the A. Beverage down her
throat. Then, her left hand moves down to Kim's abdomen and starts
rubbing. "Now, then... if you don't want to pee again, stop saying Chi-
Chi-Chia... and know that if you don't stop it and wind up peeing
yourself again, that I will repeat this procedure until your urethra is
too sore to care... I'll make it so that you'll never be able to hold
it in ever..." She finishes.

Kim smiles at Nanyo. "Chi-..."

Nanyo grins, and starts pressing on Kim's bladder, her other hand's
index finger slipping into Kim's vagina, to fill it up and put more
pressure on her bladder.

"...Chi-..." continues Kim.

Nanyo frowns, "Stubborn, ain't ya?! That's fine... I can get rather
rough when I want to, ya know..." She pulls her arms back up to her
pouches, pulling out a leather leash. She ties it around Kim's wrists,
binding them together to the table. Then she reaches into her bag and
pulls out a nice whip, smirking, "Now, then... I don't think you can
hold it when I do... THIS!"

She snaps the whip close to Kim's head without hitting her. "That was a
practice shot, Starr... I can get MUCH closer..."

"Kim quickly gets a shocked look on her face. "U-Uh, ok, sorry, I won't
call you Chi-Chi-Chia anymore." states Kim before giggling a little.

Nanyo growls, "Now, understand that I ain't mad with you... I'm just
gonna teach you a lesson..." She draws the whip back in a dramatic
fashion and cracks it on the table just beyond Kim's left ear.

"I said I won't call you Chi-Chi- Chia anymore, oops." states Kim after

Nanyo sighs, snapping the whip right across Kim's side, just barely
breaking the skin. "I did warn you, ya know... and if you keep this up,
you'll wet yourself again... do you want to have your urethra so
sensitive that you'll be peeing in your pants every time you have to

"I franking don't believe that's possible." replies Kim in a very
matter-a-factly tone.

"Oh believe me... it is... It's very easy to do... I've had it done to
me many times...." states Nanyo, striking out with her whip again,
brushing it against Kim's abdomen, which is starting to swell again.

"Well, I won't believe it until I see it." states Kim

Nanyo smirks, "Is that a challenge, Starr? 'Cause I love a
challenge..." She holds her whip at the steady.

"What do you think?" smiles Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Excellent... I always knew I'd need this..." She reaches
into a pouch, pulling out a vial of green-colored liquid. It is clear
it is not Altaiarean Beverage. Nanyo, then, reaches down to Kim's
panties and rips them off, avoiding tearing them, but not by much. She
starts to caress Kim's tender folds, stating, "This fluid, here, is a
VERY VERY powerful magical diuretic..."

"Mmm, how so?" asks Kim.

"This one works with your natural estrogen to produce what scientists
call UR-45... UR-45 is a powerful chemical that has two effects... one,
it works with your kidneys, speeding up production of urine, and two,
it works with your bladder's muscles, weakening them greatly... The
best part is, it's self-restoring... It doesn't run out for more than
12 hours, during which you will be forced to pee at the very least, 16
times..." Nanyo smirks, "I'd be careful what I wore for the next 12
hours, Starr..."

"Hmm, sounds a bit far-fetched to me." replies Kim.

Nanyo smirks, "It won't be... heh, boy are you gonna get it..." She
spreads Kim's labia, putting a single finger into Kim's vagina and
opening it up. Then, she tips the vial,
pouring the fluid into Kim's vagina, It is an icy-cold fluid that
causes Kim's vagina to tingle as though she's aroused.

Kim flinches swiftly. "Hey! That's cold as hell!"

Nanyo laughs, "I know... it's a real shock when you first feel it...
but don't worry... by now, it's seeped into your bloodstream... Now,
look at your abdomen... you'll actually see your bladder swelling in
front of your eyes..."

Kim looks down and is surprised to see her abdomen actually swelling in
front of her eyes. " Whoa, cool." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "And with a little touch..." She gives Kim's abdomen a
slight pinch, causing a HUGE urge to pee to sweep over Kim's body,
perhaps the strongest urge in all her life, "... you won't be able to
hold it!"

"AH!" exclaims Kim as she tries vainly to hold the fluid but it just
comes rushing out of her. "W-What the..." states Kim as she pees.

Nanyo laughs, "I told you, Starki... ya can't hold it... and look..."
She points back to Kim's abdomen when she finishes peeing, to show that
it's already beginning to swell again.

"What? how?! I just finished peeing." questions Kim.

Nanyo grins, "I told you... that chemical, UR-45, is incredibly
powerful... It's working with your estrogen, remember?" She lightly
taps Kim's abdomen, causing another urge to pee to show up within her.

Kim gasps and starts peeing again, just as hard as she did a few
seconds ago.

Nanyo grins and steps over to the side of the room, pulling out a small
bottle of water. She, then, looks concerned and brings the water up to
Kim's lips, saying, "You'd better drink some fluids... Since you'll be
peeing a lot, you'll need the liquid.."

"Crap, it looks like I bite off more than I can chew this time. Me and
me big mouth..." states Kim with a faint smile.

Nanyo puts the bottle on Kim's mouth, tilting it up and pouring the
water into Kim's throat. At the same time, she watches Kim's abdomen
start to swell again.

Kim puts a hand over her abdomen and stops drinking the water. "Man, is
this going to keep happing?" asks Kim.

Nanyo nods, "For the next 12 hours, yeah... You won't be able to
prevent it now..."

"But I need to get to my ship. I can't be wetting myself while I go."
complains Kim.

Nanyo says, "Then the only thing I can think of to do would be to wear
a diaper or something 'cause you'll not be able to hold it until the
chemical wears off... in about 12 hours..." Another strong urge to pee
attacks Kim.

"Ah!" exclaims Kim as she again tries in vain to prevent her wetting. A
d-diaper?! I'm not a baby." replies Kim through her urination.

"Then you'll have to wear wet panties and shorts, Starki... I can't
stop the chemical from working... You didn't believe me... and now
there's nothing I can do about it..."

"I can't believe this. This means, I'll have to wear a.... skirt."
states Kim blushing.

"If that's what you want, that's what you'll have to do..." states
Nanyo. "But ya gotta tell me why you don't like to wear one? Is it
because of your arms and legs?"

"No, if you look, they look as though nothings wrong with them.
Artificial skin is covering the muscles and stuff." replies Kim.

"Ok... then what might make you not like wearing a skirt?" asks Nanyo,
rubbing Kim's neck as her abdomen starts to swell again.

"I've... never, worn one..." states Kim.

Nanyo quickly covers her mouth, sniggering, "N-Never?"

"Never." states Kim before tensing and urine flows freely from her

Nanyo can't suppress it any longer and bursts out laughing,
"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Then she sobers up and states, "That's hard to
believe, Starki... You'd look cute in a skirt..."

"You really think so?" asks Kim smiling.

Nanyo, watching Kim's abdomen swell again, grins, "Oh, yeah...
Starki... I wouldn't have said it if I didn't think it..."

Kim then sighs. "Where's a diaper?" asks Kim.

Nanyo grins, reaching down to her bag, "Somehow I knew something that
like this would come up..." She pulls out what looks like a small sized
adult diaper and grins, "Ok, Starki... I'm gonna let you pee once more,
then I'm gonna put this on you... you ready?"

"Yea, one sec..." states Kim as she then lets go again and pees

Nanyo grins, "Ok... here we go..." She pulls out some sort of powder
and sprinkles some on Kim, drying off her labia, then she applies the
diaper, much like she would a baby.

"Your enjoying this, aren't you?" states Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "Well, I can't say it doesn't turn me on to see ya, weak
and helpless, Starki... Kinda brings out the mother in me, yanno?" She
pats Kim's stomach gently.

"Mother? Yeah right, I can't see you as a mother." states Kim as she
gives Nanyo this look -_-

Nanyo, then, picks Kim up just a like baby and starts rubbing her back,
patting gently, causing a crazy urge to burp to run through Kim's body.
"Oh no?" grins Nanyo.

Kim does indeed burp softly and gets a surprised look on her face.
"What the Hell! Stop that!" states Kim.

Nanyo laughs, beginning to rock Kim back and forth, "Aw, iz widdle
Starki cranky? Maybe she needs a nap?" As she's rocking Kim, she gets
the craziest feeling of drowsiness.

"W-What are you doing? Let me down." states Kim as she feels herself
getting tired.

Nanyo smiles, "Tell me, widdle Starki... Do you like this? Do you feel
comfortable, at ease with the world? You never had this before... and
it left you feeling hurt... This is your chance to be a kid again,

"But I'm not a kid, I'm 19 years old. I can take care of myself. Now
let me down." replies Kim.

Nanyo sighs, looking sad, "Aw... ok... but I like it like this..." She
starts to put Kim down, then smirks, and lifts up her shirt, pulling up
her bra to reveal her C cup breasts. She brings Kim's mouth up to her
nipple and coaxes her to start sucking on it.

"What the hell are you doing?!" states Kim in shock.

Nanyo grins, and replies, whispering almost vulnerably, "Suck
it, Starki... Suck it..." She glances down to Kim's abdomen, which has
already swollen again.

"B-But..." states Kim blushing.

Nanyo supports Kim's neck as she whispers, almost beggingly,
"Come on... suck it, please... I know you like it..." She continues to
rub Kim's back.

Kim gives in and does it. She puts her mouth around
Nanyo's nipple and sucks.

Nanyo smiles sweetly, a look of profound pleasure crossing her
features. She sighs, "Oh yeah, baby... that really feels good..." She
continues to rub Kim's back as she supports Kim's neck.

Kim then grunts and she places her right hand over her crotch.

Nanyo reaches down and holds Kim's hand. "You don't need to do that
right now... you have a diaper... You should just relax... just relax
and let "Mommy Nanyo" take care of all your needs..."

"Ok... mommy." states Kim a bit low

Nanyo grins, "There you go, Starki, honey... just let Mommy handle all
your needs..." She lays Kim down on the table and starts searching
through her bag for a nice little skirt for Kim to wear.

A moan is heard from Kim as she again puts a hand over the crotch of
her diaper.

Nanyo asks, her back turned, "How is Starki doing, honey?" Her voice is
parental, but soft and kind.

I'm wetting myself again." replies Kim.

Nanyo straightens up and waves one finger in front of Kim as she
telepathically states, "Now Starki... doncha be all grownup now... If
you have a problem, tell me like the baby you always wanted to be when
you were younger..."

"You can be seriously suggestioning what I think you are?" states Kim

Nanyo smiles and nods. "I do... you are suffering from great pain in
your past... and I'm gonna be damned if I let that pain poison your
soul... This is the only way I know how to give you what you never had
when you were little... You always wanted someone to take care of your
needs... and to ease that pain of never having someone there like a
parent, I'm gonna help you by being there for you..."

"You want me to cry?!" asks Kim shocked.

Nanyo shakes her head, almost laughing, "No no no... you
don't have to go THAT far... Just ask for things as though you were
only 2 or 3 years old... like for example: if you want a bottle, say
bobble... if you want a change, say something like: Starki wet... get
it? If you don't do this, your private pain will only grow and it will
eventually consume you... and I... I can't... let that happen to you...
I love you too much..." sniffles Nanyo at the end.

"I... I see..." states Kim blushing.

Nanyo asks, "So you will do it? To save your life?"

"Yes... I'll do it." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo grins, "Good... Now then... what didja want to say earlier,
Starki, honey?"

'S-Starki wet..." states Kim blushing deeply.

Nanyo cooes, "Aw, I'm sorry, sweetie..." She moves back over to Kim and
changes her again into a dry diaper, using the powder again. Then, she
grabs the skirt she found in her bag and puts it on Kim. After that,
she picks up Kim like she did before and starts to carry her outside
the room, running a finger through Kim's hair and once again, though
not really trying to, causing a small surge of drowsiness to rise up in
her. Nanyo asks, "Where's your ship, Starki-chan?"

"It's in the hanger. The one I told Becky to use." replies Kim.

Nanyo waggles her finger, "Did you forget something, Starki-chan?"

Kim looks at her confused.

Nanyo replies, "Baby... did you forget something?"

Kim smiles in embarrassment and replies to Nanyo's
earlier question with... "Ta Banger."

Nanyo grins, "Attagirl... A'ight... let's go..." She starts walking to
the hangar, carrying Kim in her arms, gently rocking her again as she
carries her.

The two reach the hanger and to Kim's ship, which has the windshield
busted from earlier.

Nanyo smiles and rocks Kim more gently, whispering, "Starki... are you
feeling tired, honey? You didn't have a nap today... and your abdomen's
swollen again... maybe it's time for a nap..."

Kim tenses again and then relaxes. "Starki tired mommy."

Nanyo brings her free hand up to Kim's hair, brushing it aside
lovingly, "Then when we get inside, Mommy's gonna put you down for a
nap..." At that moment, Sashi appears in the cockpit of the ship.

"Kim looks over at her ship and sees the Windshield. "What the hell
happened to my ship?! The window is completely busted!" exclaims Kim.

Nanyo frowns, "Uh, uh, uh, Starki! What did Mommy tell you? If you
disobey Mommy again, I will be forced to give you a spanking!" Inside,
though, she's sweating, "Oh, man... I hope she doesn't find out I broke
it, eheh, eheh..."

"But look at it! How could that have happened? Where's Becky? She
probably knows what happened." states Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "Okay, Stark-chan... I'm afraid I'm gonna hafta to punish
you..." She turns Kim around and brings her hand back, swatting at her
rear-end, at the precise moment that her bladder reaches another
swollen firmness.

"Ah!" states Kim as she feels herself peeing uncontrollably again,
wetting the diaper she's wearing.

Nanyo gives Kim's rearend another swat, stating, "Believe me, Starki-
chan... This hurts me more than it does you... but I have to teach you
not to do such things..." She swats Kim's butt about 5 more times, then
pulls her back up. Kim's rear is now slightly stinging with pain.

Kim now rubs her rear end. "But my ship..." replies Kim.

Nanyo gets a really stern look on her face. "Starki..." she warns.

"Sorry, mommy..." states Kim looking sad.

Nanyo hugs Kim, saying, "It's okay, Starki... it's okay... but from now
on, you will speak like I told you to... Now what were you trying to

"My airplane is hurt." replies Kim.

Nanyo hugs Kim, "Aw, Starki... I'm sorry... Mommy kinda had an
accident... because she was afraid you were in trouble... Mommy wuvs
you so much..."

Kim gives Nanyo a shocked look, and anger quickly crosses her face but
leaves. "M-Mommy, you did that."

Nanyo sighs, "Mommy is really sorry, Stark-chan... Mommy only wanted to
protect you... Mommy was so scared..." Just then, Sashi sits down in
the cockpit, fiddling with
something, and her head and upper torso disappear within the ship.

"What's she going?" asks Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "Starki..." again.

"Kan we go in the plane mommy?" asks Kim.

Nanyo smiles, "Of course, we can, sweetie... Of course we can..." She
carries Kim into the cockpit, where they see Sashi up under the
dashboard with a wrench, loads of grease stains all over her outfit.
Becky is nowhere to be seen at first.

"Ah! Sashi, what are you doing?!" exclaims Kim franticly trying to free
herself from Nanyo's hold.

Nanyo struggles to hold on to Kim, gasping, "Starki! Starki! Calm down,
Starki!" Sashi pulls herself out from the dashboard, slipping the
wrench into her waistband. She raises both her eyebrows at what she
sees and questions, "Nan'chi? Miss Kim? What is going on?"

"What are you doing to my ship?!" exclaims Kim.

Nanyo growls, "Starki! How many times do I have to tell you?!" Sashi
blinks, rather stupidly, and replies truthfully, "I am adjusting the
Boron level indicator... I have successfully decreased the amount of
liquid Boron needed to power this wonderful vehicle."

"You don't just tampe-Ah!" states Kim as she cut off by tensing up and
then relaxing again with a low moan.

Nanyo growls, "Stop it, Starki! Stop it NOW or I WILL be forced to
punish you again! Do you want that?!" Sashi blinks stupidly, almost
comically, too stunned to say anything.

"Ah, It's not stopping this time..." replies Kim.

Nanyo blinks, "What? Oh great... you're dehydrated.. Damn it!" She
pulls out a bottle from her bag and jams it into Kim's mouth, ordering,
"Drink this all down or you'll keep peeing without any stopping... and
pee yourself out of life!"

Kim eagerly drinks the milk.

Nanyo continues to feed Kim the milk, rubbing her shoulder, causing
another strong sense of drowsiness to start to overcome Kim's body. She
looks up at Sashi who looks totally bewildered and grins, "She's kinda
different... lol...."

Kim eyes start to droop.

Nanyo whispers, tenderly, "Is widdle Starki tired? Does Starki want a
nap?" She starts rocking Kim again. Sashi stumbles backward into the
pilot's chair, totally shocked out of her skin.

"Kim then slips into sleep as she arms drop limply and her mouth is
slightly open around the tip of the bottle.

Nanyo smiles lovingly and kisses Kim on the forehead and starts walking
back to any kind of bedroom, where she accidentally bumps into Becky.

"WTF!? What's wrong with Kimmie?" asks Becky. her voice isn't loud, she
can tell Kim is asleep.

Nanyo smiles, running a finger through Kim's hair again, "I'm trying to
ease her old pain of not having someone take care of her... If I
didn't, she would've been consumed by it
and prolly wind up a vegetable... so, for right now, she's a baby and I
think it will be helpful if you treat her as such..."

"A baby?! Hehe, you can't be serious! Hey, She's wearing a skirt! How
the fu*k did you convince her to wear one?!" states Becky.

Nanyo rubs a hand nervous through her own red hair, "Eheh... eheh...
that's not all..." She holds up Kim's skirt, revealing her diaper.

"Holy Fu*k! Is that a diaper?!" states Becky nearly falling over and
catching herself on the wall.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... Starki kinda wanted me to show her the
effects of this chemical, UR-45, and because she was peeing every 10
minutes, she chose to wear a skirt and a diaper... eheh, eheh..." She
still looks nervous, but loving toward Kim.

"Wow." is the only word Becky can think of at the moment.

Nanyo sighs, "By the way, Becks... you do know what day this is, don't

"No, what?" replies Becky.

Nanyo whispers into Becky's ear, "It's Sash's birthday, yanno..." Then
she straightens up and says, "I'm gonna put Starki down for a nap..." A
small hiss sounds and Nanyo adds, "... and a change..." She enters a

"Birthday?!" exclaims Becky surprised.

Nanyo telepathically says to Becky, "Yeah... now go surprise her,
Becks... I'm gonna be busy here for a while..." Then the door slides
shut behind her.

To Be Continued In...
Sashi's birthday

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