Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 18)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 18

Title: Chapter 16: Kimberly's Exposure

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


"Ok then..." states Kim as she walks into the lab with Nanyo. "Hey, I'm
ready..." states Kim as she goes and sits on a lab bed.

"Ok Miss Starr." states a scientist-looking person as two of them
surround Kim on both sides.

Nanyo watches, concern showing her face, her mind broadcasting her
worry to Kim.

"Don't worry Nanyo, despite what you'll see, I'll feel no pain..."
states Kim. reassuringly as she the two females remove Kim's hospital
dress to reveal her nude body.

Nanyo blushes, her body showing slight signs of arousal as she thinks,
"Ok, Kim..."

once the gown is gone the two people grasp Kim's upper arm and twist in
an unnatural way and the arms completely detach from Kim's body.

Nanyo winces, "Ouch... looks painful... but I don't see any blood...
wonder why..."

"It's not, trust me Nanyo, I feel nothing." states Kim as the two
people take Kim's arms off to the side a little ways and works on them.

"So what powers them, Starki?"

"There's a battery-like thing in my abdomen that's connected to my
limbs and that is connected to my brain." states Kim.

Nanyo gasps, "In your abdomen?! But wouldn't your bladder swelling mess
with the placement of that? Oh, wait a minute... is that why your
bladder control is so weak?"

"Kim then blushes and says nothing.

Nanyo grins, "Are you tryin' to keep something from me, Starki? Have
you forgotten about our mental link?"

The two scientist then come back and remove Kim

's legs in the same fastion as her arms and takes them over to the side
and works on them. Kim now blushes for a different reason at her

Nanyo asks, "What's wrong, Starki? Why are you so embarrassed?" She
places her hand on Kim's chest to comfort her.

"Look at me, I don't have ether my arms or my legs. You still love me?"
states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Aw, Starki... you still have your clit right? and your
bladder? That's all I could care about your physical being... but more
than that, your mind is still intact and as long as both of us are
alive, we will always be connected... I love you no matter what
happens..." She leans over Kim and gives her forehead a quick kiss to
ease her mind.

"I wish I could touch you right now..." states Kim.

Nanyo smiles, "You can, Starki... or rather... You can feel my
presence... just close your eyes and relax... I'm gonna show you
something that Ap Dat girls excel at..."

Kim does so and closes her eyes.

Nanyo whispers, "That's good, Starki.. now just focus on
me... put all your thoughts on me..."

"Ok..." states Kim lowly, proof of her relaxation.

Nanyo grins, then suddenly, the whole room falls dark, a single
spotlight highlighting she and Kim. The table upon which Kim is laying
disappears as Kim's body sits up, her original limbs back in their
places as Nanyo holds Kim in her arms.

"What the Hell?" states Kim to herself.

Nanyo grins, "Like it, Starki? It's your past..."

"But, my arms, and legs... there back?" states Kim in disbelief.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... you see, because we've gone back into time before
you lost them... ergo, they're right there..."

"This is amazing, but I was a child when I lost me limbs..." states

Nanyo nods, "I know... that's why I... augh..." She grunts and closes
her eyes before stating, "I don't think I can keep it up for a long
time, though... It's quite a strain on my mind... but I just wanted you
to have a few minutes with your limbs because you seemed so sad without

"It's just because I'm just used to being with those certain people
when this happens. I wasn't sad, just embarrassed." states Kim.

"Even so, Starki... I wanted you to be happy... and I thought that this
might make you happy for a few minutes..." She reaches out and caresses
Kim's right thigh, which, for not being real, sure doesn't seem like it
is as it makes Goosebumps form causing a tingling feeling to surge
through Kim's mind.

"Heh, that feels good.." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "It should... it's real skin, yanno..." She starts to rub
gently as she places her mouth near Kim's left arm, blowing softly on
the hairs of Kim's skin.

"Kim shivers as a chill goes through her body

Nanyo grins, "Did that feel good, Starki?" She leans close to Kim's
lips and brushes hers slightly on them, giving Kim a gentle kiss.

"How long can you keep this up?" ask Kim.

Nanyo smiles grimly, "For a little while... I wanted to make sure you'd
have some fun with your arms and legs..." She slips behind Kim and
starts massaging her shoulders, leaning over the left one to lick at
Kim's left ear.

"Oohh!" moans Kim as a shot of pleasure courses through her body.

Nanyo then whispers in Kim's ear, "Try moving your arms... You'll
really like that..." She drops one hand down to Kim's stomach and
gently rubs, not in a tickling fashion but in a gentle romantic

"What will happen if I move my arms?" questions Kim.

Nanyo whispers, "You'll discover a whole new world of pleasure... try
it, Kim..."

"Just by moving my arms?" asks Kim in disbelief.

Nanyo grins, "Ever hear the phrase: Things are more pleasurable when
done with reality? After so long of being stuck with plastic and wires
and stuff... It'll feel really good to feel the actual thing, won't

"Heh, yeah, it would..." states Kim before she then moves her arms.
"Oh, that feels great." states Kim as she hugs herself.

Nanyo winks, "I told you it would... Now... try moving your legs..."
She places her lips on Kim's cheek, sliding her tongue upward.

Kim does so and coo's in the feeling.

Nanyo smiles, "Ah, Starki... It does give me great pleasure to see you
so happy... more pleasure, I think, than anyone ever gave me in those 4
years..." She lets go of Kim and turns away, sniffling sadly before
catching herself and muttering, "Sorry... I... I'm still not used to it

"That you for this. Although I can still feel with my artificial limbs,
there's nothing like the real thing.

Nanyo smiles, "I'm so glad I could help you, Starki... Now, do you want
to do something with them? Maybe a walk or a brisk run... or sex... "
she adds hastily, blushing.

"Hmmm, as tempting as that last offer is, I think I'll opt for that
walk if you don't mind." replies Kim.

Nanyo smiles, "Sounds good... Do you know of a good beach from your
memory that we could walk along?"

"Unfortunately, no, I don't..." replies Kim.

Nanyo frowns, "Hmmm... ok... well... I've got one... but I'm not sure
if I can bring it here... I'll try..." She grunts heavily, her image
shuddering as though she were on TV before a small beach came into view
around the two girls.

"Oh, this is Great." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, looks slightly strained, "Yes, it is, isn't it? Well...
shall we?" She offers her hand to Kim to help her up.

Kim talks her hand and they start walking down the beach.

Nanyo sighs, "So, Kim... you slept with your sister on multiple
occasions... tell me... how strong is her bladder?"

"Stronger than mine, I tell ya that." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo nods, "I know... and now I know why... that device in your
abdomen... it prevents your bladder from swelling doesn't it?"

"Yeah, you could say that..." states Kim.

"Tell me, Starki... how long can you normally hold it before you have
to go?"

"The longest I've managed to hold it in after I became desperate
was.... 20 or 30 minutes i think." replies Kim.

"Hmmm... and what made that time different from any other? I mean, what
enabled you to hold it that long?"

"Just luck I guess..." states Kim.

"Hmmm... and I would guess that because you couldn't hold it, that's
what turned you to liking wetting yourself?"

"Yeah, it was..." replies Kim blushing

Nanyo giggles, holding Kim close to her body, "I imagine you wet
yourself many times at first, right?"

"Yeah, it was totally embarrassing, even though I was alone when it
happened." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Tell me the story... I wanna know!"

"Maybe later..." states Kim.

Nanyo pouts, "Awwwww...."

"Anyway, What do you like sexually?"

Nanyo points to herself, "Me? Well, lessee... I like anal, ws, gore,
pain, big cocks, big breasts, ah hell... It's easier to say what I
don't like than what I like... which is... scat..."

"Just like B.B...." states Kim.

Nanyo asks, "Why do you call your sister B.B. anyway? I thought her
last name was Starr, like yours?"

"It is, The first time I called her that, she didn't like it. So, I
call her B.B. just to annoy her sometimes." states Kim before giggling
a little.

"Heh, sounds like what sisters do to each other..." jokes Nanyo,
looking a little bit sad. She recovers quickly, though, and asks, "You
know, Starki... It occurs to me that you don't seem to know much about
me... If you have any questions about me or my past, just ask..." She
winks at Kim.

"Ok, when I think of something, I'll be sure to ask." replies Kim.

Nanyo replies, "Oh..." She looks slightly crushed.

"What's wrong now?" asks Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "It's just that... I keep asking you all these personal
questions but you don't wanna ask me the same ones... I.. I don't
know... I just feel like I'm moving too fast or pushing you too

"I don't mind, I like answering your questions." smiles Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head, "It's not that... I... I just feel
like you don't really want to know about me... that you're comfortable
just knowing I'm here... and that you couldn't care less about how I
got into all this stuff..."

"Well, I won't lie, that is true, but i will want to know more about
you in time." replies Kim.

Nanyo looks at Kim, "You really mean that, Starki?"

"Yes, I do."

Nanyo grins, then stumbles sharply, panting heavily. "S-Starki... I...
I gotta break it off... M-My mana level... is depleted..."

"Ok, I understand..." states Kim.

Nanyo pulls Kim down to her knees and gives her a quick kiss before the
image of the beach shimmers and disappears, both Kim and Nanyo
reappearing back in the lab, Nanyo now collapsing to her knees besides
the table upon which Kim lies.

The scientists return and reattach Kim's limbs which skin begins to
form over the exposed area blending to a perfect match to Kim's skin
color. Kim then sits up and move her arms. " great."

Nanyo pants heavily as she leans upon the table, "A-Are they done,
Starki?" She looks very tired, but happy.

One of the females replies. "Yes, she is ready to leave anything as
soon as she dresses."

Nanyo pants as she forces herself up to her feet, "Great... So do you
want me to help you, Starki?"

"Help me with what?" asks Kim.

Nanyo gives Kim this look: _ and smiles, rubbing her neck, "Help you
with getting dressed, DUH!"

"Oh, sure. There's a room in the back. let's go." states Kim as hops of
the bed and walks in the direction to the door.

Nanyo follows her into the room, looking around and grins, "You know,
Starki... you are very hot..." She wraps her arms around Kim and hugs
her, whispering softly, "And that's quite a compliment from someone
like me..."

"You really think so?" states Kim.

"Starki... I wouldn't have said so if I didn't really think it..." She
gives Kim's left breast a naughty little pinch to prove her point.

"Even after seeing me like I was a few moments ago?" states Kim as a
blush claims her face and she looks down.

Nanyo smiles, "Especially because of how I saw you a few moments ago...
You need someone to protect you even more than Suki needed someone...
besides..." she gives Kim's abdomen a gentle rub and adds, "... your
little 'problem' really... I mean, REALLY turns me on..." she whispers
the word 'really' seductively.

Kim looks up ands smiles at Nanyo faintly. "...Why would you say that I
need more protection than Suki?"

Nanyo sighs, "Because Suki was always a strong person inside... She may
look weak and act shy, but she had a strong family... Even though
Jakashi sold Sashi into slavery, before the accident, they were a happy
family... You, though... you haven't had such a strong family... Now
you have Becky and Smith... but earlier in your life... you had no
one... and that breaks my heart..." Nanyo finishes, holding Kim in a
tender embrace.

"Yeah... I had no one for the longest time, then I meet Suu..." states
Kim smiling inn remembrance.

Nanyo nods, "I could tell, Starki... I can read your mind, but what I
read in your memory is nothing but heartache and pain... It is really
staggering... and it just strengthens my love for you..."

Kim looks at Nanyo and smiles lovingly and tears start to stream down
her face. "Thank you..." states Kim lowly, almost on the verge of
crying uncontrollably.

Nanyo turns Kim around and holds her tightly, "I'm here for you,
Starki... It has been too long... neither of us deserved such pain but
because we have, we've found each other.." A
few tears fall down onto Kim's head from Nanyo's eyes.

"Thank you for being with me... Nani-sama." states Kim as a blush
claims her cheeks.

Nanyo sighs, still holding Kim. She says nothing but her
telepathy replies, "No, Starki... Thank you for being here..." She
starts to rub Kim's back gently.

"Nani-sama..." states Kim lovingly as she closes her eyes and leans her
head on Nanyo's shoulder.

Nanyo smiles sweetly, then pulls back ever so slightly,
blushing slightly as she places her lips on Kim's, kissing her gently,
trying to encourage the younger woman. Her mind starts thinking about
certain X-rated things, though she tries to control it, it begins to
bleed into Kim's mind.

"Are you that horny?" smiles Kim.

Nanyo pulls back and grins sheepishly, "Sorry... eheh, eheh... I'm
gonna hafta to learn to control what I think around you..." She leans
back in and kisses Kim again, still rubbing her back.

"You keep rubbing my back, why?" asks Kim.

Nanyo, still kissing Kim, asks telepathically, "You don't like it,
Starki? Would you prefer I rub you somewhere else?" One of her hands
drops down to Kim's left breast and squeezes it gently.

Kim flinches in pleasure before replying. "I just wanted to know."

Nanyo pulls back a little from the kiss, her lips sliding down Kim's
chin as her arms reach out and take hold of Kim's arms. She slips
behind her and holds her arms behind her as she starts kissing Kim's
neck from behind.

Kim closes her eyes and coo's at the sensation.

Nanyo smiles and whispers, "Starki... tell me... what do you enjoy most
about sex? And don't tell me you never had it... 'cause I know you
did..." She leans over Kim's shoulder and kisses the side of her neck.

"... The wonderful feelings..." replies Kim smiling.

Nanyo grins, "Have you ever touched someone besides your sister and
made them cum? 'Cause that's really what I'd like to do to you right
now... If we had a pair of panties and a pair of jeans... oh, just
imagine the things I would do to you..." She finishes with a very
seductive husky whisper and runs her index finger up the small of Kim's

"Suu, was the only other person..." states Kim blushing.

Nanyo smiles, "Well... do you want to touch another person...? One who
loves you just as much or more than Suu did?" She pulls Kim back
slightly, her C-cup breasts pressing slightly on Kim's back.

"... Yes..." replies Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Well, today's your lucky day, Starki! You just happen to
have a beautiful voluptuous pretty young girl here who's dying for your
touch..." She leans over Kim's shoulder and licks at her cheek as she
lets go of Kim's arms, wrapping her left one around Kim's stomach,
rubbing it tenderly.

"Hey, you wanna feel something?" asks Kim with a smile as she lightly
grasped Nanyo's hand on her stomach.

Nanyo grins, whispering into Kim's ear, "What's that, Starki?" She
holds Kim's right arm with her own, slipping her sweaty palm into Kim's
hand and just holding it.

Kim moves Nanyo's hand down her body just below her panty-line. "Press
your fingers in right there.

Nanyo smiles, giggling softly, "You know where I'm gonna end up,
doncha?" She presses her fingers against Kim's abdomen, feeling
something rather hard. She questions softly, "Is that it, Starki? Is
that what you wanted me to feel? Could it be the control device for
your arms and legs?"

"Yes, that's it..." smiles Kim.

"It's really hard... what is it made out of, Starki?" coos Nanyo as she
licks Kim's cheek again, slightly pulling Kim backward toward some sort
of table or something for the two to sit on.

"It's a special type of metal, I forgot what its called." replies Kim.

Nanyo breathes in, "Ah... and it presses on your bladder, keepin' it
from swelling larger, right?" She sits down on a table and pulls Kim
down into her lap. She turns Kim slightly so that Kim can face her and
presses her lips harder, more roughly, against Kim's. A very slight wet
feeling can be felt around Kim's left thigh where it rests near Nanyo's

"It can swell, but the device is in the way. It prevents it from being
able to swell all the way." states Kim.

Nanyo pulls back from Kim's lips and shudders slightly. She gasps,
"Starki... damn it, you're so hot... I... I can't control myself much
longer... Starki, if you're gonna prevent total sex and desperation...
you'd better leave now... I can't be held responsible for what my
passion does next..." She laughs nervously, holding Kim tightly.

"Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere." smiles Kim.

Nanyo's lips curve in a smirk as she states, "Ok, then...
Don't say I didn't give you a chance to back out, now..." She reaches
up to Kim's breasts and holds them, slightly moving them up and down as
her lips lock with Kim's, the kissing becoming rougher and more

Kim returns the kiss fully and moans.

Nanyo continues the kissing, only harder and rougher, her earthly
passion surging higher and higher, no longer restrained as she lifts
Kim up by her armpits and begins to float off the ground, her legs
intertwining with Kim's.

Kim wonders to herself what Nanyo is planning on doing.

Nanyo continues floating and holding up Kim's body, kissing her harder
and more passionately as she starts to lower Kim down onto her back on
the table, keeping her legs intertwined with Kim's, her mind acting on
impulse now.

Kim reaches up a hand and caresses Nanyo side.

Nanyo smiles as she pulls back from Kim's lips, finally giving the
younger girl a chance to breath, but then, with her legs intertwined
with Kim's, keeping them apart, she lowers her hands down to Kim's
abdomen and starts gently caressing her soft skin, whispering,
"Starki... You are a submissive girl... but some times, too much
submissiveness can be boring..." She lowers her lips down to Kim's left
breast and starting licking.

"How so?" questions Kim.

"You have at times not wanted to wet yourself, isn't that true,
Starki?" She grins and pushes slightly on Kim's abdomen, below the
hardness she touched earlier. "Besides," she adds, "I wanna cum too,
yanno..." She licks Kim's nipple erotically.

"Yeah, of course." states Kim.

"Then do it, Starki... Do what you've always wanted to do..." She
whispers, her breath blowing across Kim's right nipple now, "Make me
cum... do it any way you want to..." She licks Kim's nipple again her
left hand pressing slightly on her abdomen again, to emphasize her

"Ok, but it requires us to switch positions..." states Kim

Nanyo grins, "Of course, Starki... Of course..." She sits up, allowing
Kim to get up. She kisses Kim again on the lips as she does so.

Kim sits up. "Now lay down on your back." states Kim.

Nanyo grins and does what Kim says.

Kim then positions herself with her knees beside Nanyo's head with her
labia above her head and Kim looking at the crotch of Nanyo's pants and
begins to unzip them.

Nanyo groans, "Oh damn... a 69er, Starki? You should know I can't
resist that for long!" She reaches up to Kim's labia and runs a single
finger down long the folds.

Kim groans back a moan and continues with Nanyo's pants.

The little wet feeling from earlier is now explained by a small damp
patch on Nanyo's jeans. She smiles as she slips one finger between
Kim's labia, slightly spreading them and breathing on the area.

"Ah! Nanyo please, I can't concentrate with you doing that." quickly
replies Kim.

Nanyo giggles, "Sorry... I couldn't resist..." She grins and leans back
on the table, pushing her hips forward slightly as her tight pants
start to grow loose on her waist.

Kim pushes the pants down Nanyo's legs and off.

Nanyo's panties, a nice light pink color, are now seen, with a small
wet spot on them, clearly showing off part of her labia and her
abdomen, which is slightly swollen. Nanyo grins, "So whaddaya think?"
She reaches up to Kim's left arm, sliding down to Kim's hand, just so
she could hold it.

"Cute, but they have to go." states Kim as she removes those too.

Nanyo grins, "Interesting... I can't wait to see what you're gonna
do..." She relaxes slightly, a single drop lazily running down from
between her tender-looking labia. She squeezes Kim's hand gently to
indicate her pleasure to her.

"Can I have my hand back Nani-sama?" states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Why? Do you need it?" she purrs seductively.

"Yes, I need it." replies Kim smiling.

Nanyo pouts fakely, "Oh... all right...." She lets go of Kim's hand,
but in return, she takes hold of Kim's left breast, squeezing it
gently, her arm barely reaching down that far.

"Thanks." replies Kim as she uses her hands to spread Nanyo's legs and
sends her face downward and licks at Nanyo's labia.

Nanyo tenses up, "Ah-hah..." She gasps in pleasure and quivers
slightly, a second drop of fluid joining the first one.

"Your pretty wet." states Kim.

Nanyo blushes slightly, then starts to rub Kim's stomach as she
giggles, "Is there any reason I shouldn't be with such a hot cutie
licking me?"

"No one beside B.B. and Suu has ever called me cute." smiles Kim as she
slowly inserts her pointer and middle finger of her right hand into

Nanyo gasps and stiffens in pleasure, pushing her hips forward as she
breathes harder. Her hands now grip Kim's waist, a little more tightly
than she'd wanted to, her vagina is revealed now to be incredibly wide
and wet.

Kim then starts to pump her fingers as she starts to attack Nanyo's
clit with her tongue.

Nanyo starts to push her hips forward and back, beginning to pant now,
as she reaches up and squeezes Kim's breasts, her mind going from one
image to the next as her subconscious link with Kim clearly indicates a
way to increase her pleasure by using the link to control Nanyo's
telepathic powers.

"How close are you to cumming?" asks Kim.

Nanyo grins, "I'd guess about halfway there... judging from my
wetness..." She reaches up and holds Kim's nipples now slightly
pinching them.

"Ok, tell me when your about to come, I got a surprise for you."
replies Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Yessir, ma'am, sir, ma'am..." She laughs and drops one
hand down Kim's stomach, rubbing gently while she pinches Kim's left

Kim moans and returns her mouth to Nanyo's clit and upping the tempo of
her pumping.

Nanyo pants heavily, her ample bosom rising and falling as her thighs
clench slightly, strong waves of pleasure now causing her body to
quiver and shake as she starts to arch her back, pushing her hips

"Are you going to come?" asks Kim.

"A-Almost, Starki... Just... Just a few more seconds..." She leans up
and starts licking Kim's stomach, unable to reach Kim's lips from her
present location. Her breasts are now full and firm, her nipples hard
and pointed and great drops of fluid, almost a straight up trickle
starts to flow down from Nanyo's vagina as she arches her back higher.

Kim then let out a moan then a groan as a drop of fluid falls from her

Nanyo smiles, continuing to lick Kim's stomach and now going down to
Kim's abdomen.

"H-Hey, are you going to come yet?" states Kim. her voice laced with a
somewhat urgent tone.

Nanyo nods, "A-Almost... I-If you... k-keep... i-it up... Ah-Ah!" She
starts to tense up, squeezing her thighs together harder, making her
vagina tighter as it molds around Kim's fingers.

Kim continues her actions but if Nanyo was to look at Kim's crotch, she
could she her vagina tensing and quivering.

Nanyo squeezes her eyes shut, gasping out loud, "I... I can't... can't
stop it! I.. I'm cumming!" She begins to quiver, a long rush of fluid
flowing from her vagina all over Kim's fingers as she shakes hard.

A loud "Ah!" is heard from Kim as a yellowish fluid streams from her
vagina onto Nanyo.

Nanyo gasps, "S-Starki? D-Did you let go?"

"Yeah, like the surprise?" grins Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "Oh yeah... As a matter of fact..." She takes Kim's hand
and rests it on her own abdomen. She grins, "Feel that? It's full...
I've been holding it for you... You said that the next time, you'd like
to make me desperate and I can't think of a better time for you to
try..." She sticks her tongue out teasingly.

Kim then licks her fingers clean. "Ok."

Nanyo says nothing, smiling, but her mind is clearly thinking, "It's
really too bad she took my panties and pants off... This won't be as
interesting without them..."

"I like it without any covering. Ya can see the fluid leaving." states

Nanyo laughs, "Ok, ok... I'll do it your way... but you'll have a
really hard time forcing me to go..." She sticks her tongue out again,
licking Kim's stomach again.

"I want to clean this area first..." states Kim as she begins licking
Nanyo's cum-laden labia.

Nanyo shakes slightly, giggling, "That feels good, actually..."

"Actually what?" asks Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Wouldn't it feel good for you if I did this?" She leans
up to Kim's labia and licks it once.

"Ooh, ya, oh course." states Kim.

"There ya go!" giggles Nanyo, reaching up and rubbing Kim's stomach.

A knock then comes from the door to the room. "Oh great, I'm busy, come
back later." states Kim. "I'm sorry Miss Starr but something has come
up, we request your attendance for a moment." comes a female voice.

Nanyo groans softly, "fuck..." and starts to sit up, making a move for
her panties and pants.

"Ok, fine, I'm coming." replies Kim as she gets to her feet and wait
for Nanyo.

"Thank you, we'll be waiting." states the girl.

Nanyo quickly dresses, looking greatly disappointed and wraps
an arm around Kim, whispering softly, "You OWE me, Starki... I'll try
to hold it for now... but you really OWE me..." She takes Kim's hand
and walks out, arm in arm with her.

"Ok, what's the problem that you had to interrupt me?" states Kim once
outside the room.

"We may have discovered a problem with the new limbs we fitted you
with." states a female. by her dress, it would seem she the one in

Nanyo questions, "And what is that, miss?" Her tone is civil enough,
but the fear and anger within are easily detectable to Kim.

"Kimberly..." begins the same woman. "bring out your wings for us for a
moment." request the woman. "Ok..." replies Kim.

Kim's blue wings appear from her back and Kim suddenly falls to her
knees clearly in pain and her wings disappear. Kim wraps her arms
around herself tightly. "It hurts! What's wrong?!"

Nanyo drops with her, wrapping her arms around Kim, crying, "Starki?!
Are ya okay?! What's wrong?!"

"My body hurts. All over." replies Kim.

the woman then sighs. "It's as we have feared, The new limbs are
interfering with your natural power. As long as have then attached,
your power will be severely limited." states the woman.

Nanyo gasps, "Damn... that means..."

"So I'm stuck like this?" asks Kim. "I'm afraid so..." replies the

Nanyo asks, "Is there nothing she can do to use that power?" She holds
Kim in her arms protectively.

"No, we had to install a new base for the new limbs and those are
interfering as well. So... Kimberly truly is stuck this way, I'm

Kim then lowers her head to the floor and starts to cry.

Nanyo then grips Kim hard and just holds her, patting her back and
whispering, "It's gonna be ok, Starki... It's going to be okay.. I'll
protect you... and I swear I won't leave your side... I'm not going

Kim then lifts her head slightly and brings her right hand in front of
her. "I wonder..." states Kim.

"Hmmm?" goes Nanyo, still holding Kim in her arms.

A ball of light forms in Kim's hand before disappearing and Kim griping
her arm with her other. "Oww!"

Nanyo gasps, "Starki! What's wrong?!" She squeezes Kim a little too
tightly in her excitement.

"I can't even use my energy attacks." replies Kim.

"Damn..." curses Nanyo. "Does that mean you can't even fight? Shit...
if we have to take on Hon'tyl, that's almost suicide..."

"Don't worry, I can still pick up a sword. Besides, there was a time I
was in this same condition, it was because of a rage demon..." states

Nanyo nods, "Oh yea... Suki helped you, didn't she? Suki and a girl
named Chimaki..."

"Yeah, before then, I could only use my techs. So, I can deal with
this." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "You do know how I was able to tell you how you got rid of
the rage demon even though you never told me, doncha?" She winks.

"Yeah." replies Kim. "You two can return to the room now." states the

Nanyo picks Kim up off the floor and carries her, like a newly-wed
couple, back into the room where she adds, "You know, Starki... I'm
surprised that you haven't asked me what my full name is... as far as
you know, I'm only Nanyo.." She grins.

"Yeah, what is your full name anyway?" asks Kim.

To Be Continued in...
Mommy Nanyo, Baby Kimberly... um...

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