Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 17)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 17

Title: Chapter 15: Kimberly's Secret: Redux

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.]

Sashi, then, pulls out a small PDA-like device that she 'borrowed' from
Becky and asks, "Mistress... this device of yours... what powers it?"

"What the hell?! How did you get that?!" asks Becky Shocked

Sashi frowns, "I.. I um... borrowed it, Mistress... I... I just could
not stand it anymore... I.. I want to know how it works... I... I am
sorry..." She hands it back to Becky, looking apologetic.

"It's ok, just tell me next time you want to see it ok?" replies Becky
offering the device back to Sashi.

"T-Thank you, Mistress... You are so kind and wise..." Sashi begins to
fiddle with it.

Just then, the yell, "Yo, chumps! Sup?!" echoes across the hanger.

"Where are you Nanyo?" asks Becky.

"Yo, up here, Becks! And by the way, Sash, look out below!" Sashi looks
up, gasping, "OOF!" as a big bag lands right in her arms.

"What the hell? She didn't have a bag when we separated..." states

"It is rather heavy, Mistress... Perhaps she did some shopping?"
suggest Sashi, her voice muffled as though she's trying to talk through
the bag. At that moment, Nanyo lands right in front of them, grinning
devilishly. She is attired in her black leather boots, new black
leather pants, a black sweater through which the outline of her bra can
be seen, and black gloves. She's also wearing black sunglasses and nice

"Ok, how the fu*k did you afford that with no money?" asks Becky
glaring at her.

Nanyo grins and flips out her cell-phone, which has a little pocket in
which more than 10,000 Fed. Credit bills are stuffed, "So who doesn't
have money, eh, Becks?"

"How did you get that?"

Nanyo winks, "Just one of my many talents, Becks..."

"I won't even ask, BTW have you seen Kimmie?" states Becky.

Nanyo shook her head, "No... She wasn't anywhere around the area I
was... I wonder if she's ok..."

"I haven't even heard from her... She said she was going to check on
something..." replies Becky.

"Hmmm... Should we be worried?" asks Nanyo, looking concerned as Sashi
finally collapses from the weight of the bag. Nanyo rolls her eyes at
Sashi and states, "Damn, Sash... You're too weak..." She picks up the
bag almost effortlessly and helps Sashi to her feet.

A beeping is then heard from the device Sashi has. "That probably her
there, Sashi, give me that back." states Becky.

Sashi, still panting from the weight of the bag even though it was
removed from her, hands over the device.

Becky presses a button and answers with her voice. "Hello?" Kim's voice
is then heard and machinery is heard in the background. "Hey, Becky,
Where are you?"

"I'm back in the hanger with Sashi and Nanyo. Where are you?" replies
Becky. "Um, that's not important right now." comes Kim's voice.

Nanyo groans, "And why is that, Starki?"

"Sorry, guys, but Your going to have to leave without me." replies Kim.

Nanyo groans, "Why the hell should we do that?"

"Something came up. I won't be leaving here for a little while. Becky,
you can use my ship to go back."


Nanyo swipes the PDA from Becky and almost screaming, demands, "Where
the hell are you, Starki?! I ain't leavin' without you!"

"Your going to have to, don't worry, I'm not leaving permanently...
It's just for a little while." states Kim.

Nanyo now really screams, causing Sashi to cover up her ears, "YOU DAMN
flings the PDA back at Becky and storms off.

"Tell, Nanyo I'm really sorry for Me Becky, ok?" asks Kim.

"Ok, I will when she calms down." replies Becky.


then a mans voice is heard in the background. "It's time..."

"Ok... I got to go now." states Kim.

Sashi looks up as Nanyo leaves. She questions Becky, "Mistress? Where
is Miss Kim? And why is Nan'chi leaving?"

"Kim's not coming with us right now, She says something's come up. I
have no idea why Nanyo is leaving. Hey, Where are you going?" states

Nanyo is long gone and doesn't reply.

"Great, this is all I need, Nanyo to go MIA, and I have no clue where
she is..." states Becky.

Sashi then speaks up, "I do not know if this will help, Mistress, but I
can track her by her thoughts..."

"So you can figure out where she is?" asks Becky.

Sashi nods, "Yes, Mistress... We Ap Dat have a psychic connection to
each other... I can trace her quite easily."

"Well find Nanyo please." requests Becky.

Sashi nods, "As you wish, Mistress..." She closes her eyes and grunts
softly, then points to the left, saying, "About 100 meters in that
direction, Mistress..."

"Good, she's still in this room." states Becky making her way in the
direction Sashi pointed.

Sashi then points out, "Um, Mistress... she is on the move... I think
she is trying to find a bar or some place to find a strong drink... I
sense a great need to be inebriated..."

"Well the teleporters are the only means of leaving this room, and sees
going away from them." states Becky.

Sashi shakes her head, "Somehow, I do not think she really cares... she
is incredibly strong... she may try to break through a wall to get to
where she is going..."

"I don't think that would be a safe thing to do, all the walls of
Pioneer 2 are triple reinforced, solid crystallized metal. Heh, the
wall would win if Nanyo tries to attack it." states Becky.

Sashi smiles, "That might be the only thing to stop her... Right
now..." She points to a distant figure and states, "There she is,

"Hey, Nanyo! What are you doing? Why did you leave?" calls Becky.

Nanyo is crouched down on the ground, looking upset, but she seems
calmer as she gets up, "Is there some reason that I HAVE to follow you,
Becky?! Isn't it possible that I might want to stay here in this

"Well, one reason you have to come with me is because you aren't even
supposed to be here." replies Becky.

Nanyo turns away, "So just because I'm come from a back-woods planet,
it means I can't be here? That sucks... Royally..."

"Not without supervision. Come on, Kimmie said she'll be back. There's
no need to get upset over this." states Becky.

Nanyo's shoulders slump, but she says nothing, turning toward the
teleporters and trudging toward them. Sashi raises an eyebrow and
whispers to Becky, "I have never seen her so depressed before... this
must really bother her..."

Becky then rushes in front of Nanyo. "Where are you going?"

Nanyo scratches her head, "Um, the teleporters, maybe? Isn't that how
we got here?"

"But why? We're leaving." replies Becky.

"Oh yeah... Where's the ship?" asks Nanyo, obviously still hurting but
not wanting to talk about it.

"Back there." Becky points behind her.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Whatever..." She moves toward Kim's ship,
following Becky.

'I really hope Kimmie is ok...' thinks Becky walking.

Nanyo says nothing but Sashi nods, "I hope so, too, Mistress..."

"Huh? Oh yeah, the mind reading thing." replies Becky.

Sashi bows, "I am sorry, Mistress... Did you wish for me to not read
your mind?"

"Well, I would like some privacy." states Becky smiling

Sashi bows again, "As you wish, Mistress..." Nanyo rolls her eyes,
"Yeah, that's right, Sash, just roll right over for her..." Sashi gives
her a dirty look, but says nothing.

"What was that Nanyo?" asks Becky turning around.

Nanyo sighs, "Look... I just don't like how Sash always rolls over for
you... she's a person, not a possession, ya know?!"

Becky simply looks at Nanyo. It's obvious she's holding back some
emotion. "... I know that..."

"Then why do you persist in makin' her do that?! Why do you persist in
keeping her like this?! Like she is a slave?!" demands Nanyo, pointing
her finger into Becky's chest.

" 'cause she is a slave!" exclaims Becky before quickly putting her
hands over her mouth.

Nanyo gasps, "WTF?!" Then she turns to Sashi and demands, "Is this
true, Sash?! Are you a slave?!"

Sashi nods, pulling out her slave contract and flashing it in front of
Nanyo. The moment Nanyo sees the type of parchment it is written on,
she exclaims a particular swear word that I won't repeat here and
scratches her head, "Geez, Sash.. I... I didn't know... W-Was it

Sashi nods, "Yes... After the accident, he kept me locked up in the
basement for 5 years before he grew fed up with me and sold me to an Ap
Dat doctor.... I have been a slave ever since..."

Nanyo sighs, "Geez..." She, then, swears vehemently again and scratches
her head one more time before apologizing to Becky, "Look, I'm sorry,
Becks... I honestly didn't know..."

"It's ok..." states Becky before turning around. sniffling could then
be heard from Becky a moment later.

Nanyo says nothing but Sashi gasps, "Nan'chi! Where did you hear that
word?!" Nanyo just shakes her head, then Sashi replies, "O-Okay..."

"Let's just get on the ship and leave..." states Becky walking to and
onto the ship.

Nanyo nods as Sashi does the same. Then both girls climb aboard the
ship and wait for Becky to start it up.

Becky sits in the pilot seat and presses a series of buttons in quick
succession, as the ship comes to life as various lights turn on.

Sashi asks, "Mistress... May I see your PDA-thing again? I have an idea
to increase the length of time your power source will power it..."

"Huh?" questions Becky.

Sashi blinks and repeats her question, thinking that she didn't make
herself clear. She clarifies it at the end by adding, "I have an idea
to make the power source last longer..."

"Uh, ok..." states Becky as she hands over the device.

Sashi takes hold of the device and fiddles with it for about 25
seconds, little beeping coming from it every so often.

"Ok, here we go." states Becky as she presses a button on the ceiling
and the end of the hanger opens out into the vastness of space and
Becky flies the ship out.

Within only a few seconds more, Sashi hands the device back to Becky
and states, "There you go, Mistress... I have doubled the power... it
will last for twice the amount of time as before..."

"You still haven't told us how you know about this stuff Sashi." states

Nanyo grins, for the first time in a little while and speaks up as
Sashi blushes, "Isn't it obvious, Becks? She may be a slave, but that
doesn't mean she's not a genius... She knows the theories behind any
device's functions and by manipulating those theories, she can pretty
much do anything with any mechanical device..."

"Wow, that's amazing." states Becky.

Nanyo grins, "Isn't it though? Lil' Sash's a bloomin' genius!" She
grabs Sashi around the chest and hugs her in a teasing fashion as she
tousles Sashi's hair. Sashi groans and tries to squirm away.

Becky's PDA-like device then beeps. She presses a button. "Hello? Who
is it?" asks Becky. "It's me, Suu silly." comes a girl's voice.

Nanyo gasps, "Suu?! That girl from Starki's memories?!" Sashi stops
squirming, asking, "Who is that, Mistress?"

"Huh? A friend of mine. What are you talking about Nanyo?" asks Becky.

Nanyo replies, "There is a girl from Starki's memory... Her name was
Suu... She is really close to Starki's heart..."

"Oh? What's she like? Suu, hold on a minute." states Becky. "Ok."
replies Suu.

Nanyo, then leans close to Becky, and whispers to her all she knows
about Suu.

"Really? Kimmie never told me about her. Hey, Suu, do you know someone
called Kim?" asks Becky. "Kim? Hmmm.... Kim, Kim..... nope, sorry. I do
remember a wonderful person called Kimberly though. She had dark skin,
beautiful brown eyes, and the prettiest black hair I have ever seen.
But, I haven't seen her since I was little.." states Suu.

Nanyo thinks, "Hmm... that does sound a little like Starki... So is
this gonna be a rival for Starki's heart? Damn it... I can't lose to
someone else... Not now when I've finally found someone I love.."

"But... Kimberly died though." states Suu sadly.

Nanyo freezes. "What?!" she thinks, totally shocked.

"It was horrible... part of her arms and legs were completely blown
off. I stayed with her until she was gone..." Suu trails off as she is
heard sobbing.

Nanyo turns to Becky and motions for her to put the PDA on mute or

"Suu, stay on, I'm still going to be here. I have to talk in private
for a sec." states Becky. "Ok." replies Suu. Becky then presses a
button. "Ok, what is it?" asks Becky.

Nanyo says, "I'm sorry to bother you, Becks, but I don't think that Suu
is Starki's friend... There is no way that Starki had her arms and legs
completely blown off... if she is Starki's friend, then something is
SERIOUSLY screwed here..."

"Ok, hold on..." states Becky as she then presses the same button
again. "Suu, where were you two when this happened?" asks Becky. "Uh,
at a facility where we were.... 'tested' on. Kimberly just couldn't
take it anymore and just snapped." states Suu.

Nanyo listens, trying to find out what Suu's talking about without
using her telepathy.

"What kind of tests where they?" asks Becky. "We were raped, for 4
years..." replies Suu.

Nanyo wonders, "If I remember correctly, I could almost sense that
Starki felt that too..."

"Suu, you wouldn't happen to have a picture of this girl would you?"
asks Becky. Yeah, I do, hold on a sec..." states Suu.

Nanyo leans close to Becky to look at the PDA.

"Here it comes..." states Suu. seconds later a picture of a younger Kim
is shown in a window above the device.

Nanyo exclaims, "HOLY SHIT! THAT'S STARKI!"

"What? You know her?" asks Suu surprised.

Nanyo nods, "I should say so... I just slept with her last night! And,"
here she points to Becky, ".. this is her sister!"

"What!? Kimberly's alive?! But I saw her die! How can this be?!"
exclaims Suu. "Kimmie died?" states Becky.

Nanyo can't think of anything to say, but Sashi speaks up, "Perhaps
these men 'modified' your memory of the even in question..."

"no, that's not possible, Kimberly Killed every single person in that
building." replies Suu.

"Then perhaps your memory of that facility was modified... and if that
is not the case, then perhaps someone modified the memory of Kim..."
states Sashi simply.

"That's not possible. Do you know where 'Kim' is?" states Suu.

Sashi turns to Becky and Nanyo shakes her head, "I don't know... but
Becky might..."

"She's back on Pioneer 2." states Becky. "She's here on the ship?!"
asks Suu.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... she did board with us... and there was a man with
her... and she was actin' all mysterious like..."

"And I heard some machinery in the background when I talked to her."
state Becky. "Machinery? She could be anywhere." states Suu.

Nanyo sighs, "I have a feeling that wherever she was, she wasn't
feeling too good..."

"i got some searching to do. I'll talk to you later Becky." states Suu
as she ends the call. "We're going back to Pioneer 2." states Becky as
she turns the ship around.

Nanyo wrings her hands together as though she's itching to put them
around someone's throat. "Ok... this is starting to piss me off... If
someone's hurting Starki, they'll have to answer to me..."

"Relax Nanyo, I don't think Kimmie was in any danger when I talked to
her. She didn't sound to stressed." states Becky.

Nanyo sighs, "I hope she's ok... Damn those people... Damn them all to

The group makes it into the hanger again of Pioneer 2.

Nanyo is the first one off the ship, breaking right through the
windshield, and flying immediately toward the teleporters. Sashi helps
Becky out of the ship and asks, "Mistress... I think we should

"Yeah, let's go." states Becky. but then her device beeps again. she
answers it. "Hello?" asks Becky.

"Becky, come to the lab 7 on the 2nd level." states Suu. "Ok, we'll be
right there." states Becky.

Nanyo is found, frowning at the tech at the teleporter. She
turns to Becky and Sashi and steps back. "I can't get this damn guy to
teleport me!"

"She's with me, it's ok." states Becky. The man nods and steps aside.

Nanyo sticks her tongue out, "Nyah!" Then she mutters, "Baka..."

The three are teleported to a room with a light skinned, red-haired
Newearl, looking annoyed. "There you are, I can't get in. There's some
kind of super-high security on the door. My card doesn't work." states

Nanyo groans, "Where's the fuckin' door?!" as Sashi asks, "Where is the
security system? Perhaps I can disable it..."

The door then slides up and Kim walks out. And the most notable thing
about her is her hair, it's once again, waist-length. She also wears
one of those hospital gowns. "Huh? What are you three doing here?! And
who are you?" asks Kim to the group of girls.

Nanyo grabs Kim by the shoulders and shakes her, "Damn it, Starki, what
the hell's going on here?!"

"Kimberly! Your alive!" exclaims Suu.

"Wha?! What are you talking about? Of course I'm alive, I'd like to
stay that way." states Kim.

Nanyo closes her eyes and whispers, "I'm sorry, Starki... But I NEED to
know... Forgive me..." She puts one hand on Kim's shoulder and the
other on Suu's shoulder and begins to try to read both minds at once.

Suu then glares at Nanyo and firmly grabs her by the neck. "Do you WANT
to die!?" asks Suu.

Nanyo gasps, "What.. the.. fuck?!"

"It's a serious crime to read someone's mind when ever you
feel like it. I could have you killed for what you tried!" states Suu.
"Hey, hey, wait a minute, I know her." states Kim.

Nanyo scowls, "FUCK, I KNOW that! But I HAVE to know!" She wrenches
free of Suu's grip and flips her over her shoulder, then quickly grabs
her arm and bends it behind her as she holds her shoulder, again trying
to read her mind.

"Nanyo, stop this! What is this all about?" asks Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head, "Please, back off, Starki... This is something I
HAVE to know... Someone is trying' to hurt you and I'M GONNA find out

"No ones trying to hurt me, I'm just fine." states Kim.

Nanyo screams, losing control, "THEN WHY DOES SHE THINK YOU DIED?!"
Sashi's eyes widen at Nanyo's loss of control.

"Died? ...S-Suu?" asks Kim. Suu forces herself from Nanyo and runs up
to Kim and hugs her.

"You remember me! Oh, I'm so happy!" exclaims Suu.

Nanyo grabs Kim by the shoulders and demands, "DAMN IT, STARKI! YOU

"What are you talking about?" asks Kim.

Nanyo finally gives up, and lets go of Kim, falling to her knees and
letting out a deep breath. "Fine..." she mutters, "... Fine... if you
don't want to tell me... that's ok..." She sounds broken hearted, and a
teardrop lands in her lap.

"Kimberly, I saw you die. How are you still alive?" asks Suu.

"Let's just say, I was very lucky that day..." states Kim lowly."

Becky then gasps. "So it's true? You actually died?" Asks Becky.

Nanyo shakes hard, more tears falling down into her lap. Sashi asks,
"Miss Kim, how did it happen?"

"I really don't want to talk about that." states Kim.

Nanyo shakes harder, obviously in the grip of powerful emotion. Sashi
looks confused, but chooses not to press the issue.

"Your arms, and legs...." states Suu. "Oh yeah, that..." states Kim.

Nanyo suddenly lets out a loud cry of emotional pain. Sashi questions,
"If you do not wish to tell us, then answer us this: Are you hurt or

"No, I'm just fine." states Kim.

Nanyo just sits there, looking lost as to what to do. Sashi nods, "If
you are okay... then shall we depart? Mistress, here, has been
concerned about you as has Nan'chi..."

Nanyo stands up, grunted, "I have not! I do not care about her at all!"
She starts to move toward the teleport pad.

A man then comes out the door. "How is it Miss Starr? are they working
good?" states the man. "Oh, yeah, Just like my own." states Kim.

Sashi gasps, "Let me guess! Artificial limbs? What kind of power source
moves them?!" She starts asking a lot of questions about them as Nanyo
stalks off.

"How the hell do you know that?!" asks Kim. "Artificial limbs?! Kimmie,
is that true?" asks Becky.

Sashi shrugs, "What else could it be? Suu said that your limbs were
destroyed when she thought you were dead... the only explanation that
could be is that you have artificial limbs."

"You told them that?" asks Kim to Suu. "Uh, sorry, I shouldn't have?"
replies Suu.

Sashi sees that Kim does not seem to want to talk about her limbs and
backs off, moving to Becky's side. Nanyo is on the other side of the
room next to the teleporter, arguing with the man.

"Well, It is kinda embarrassing..." states Kim.

"Oh, I see, sorry..." replies Suu.

the man then speaks up. "Miss Starr, like before, please
refrain from removing the limbs for an hour while they set."

"Ok, I won't." replies Kim. Becky suddenly speaks up. "They're

Sashi says nothing, merely trying to learn more.

Kim then blushes. "Yeah, there removable..." replies Kim. "That's SO
cool!" exclaims Becky.

Sashi glances back at Nanyo, looking concerned. She whispers to Becky,
"Mistress... I think Nan'chi wishes to leave this area..."

"Huh? Why?" replies Becky.

Sashi points to Nanyo, arguing even louder with the man.

Kim then calls over to Nanyo. "Nanyo, what are you doing
over there?"


"Nanyo, what's gotten into you?" asks Kim.

Nanyo turns her back on Kim, continuing to berate the poor man.

Kim then gently pushes Suu off of her and walks to Nanyo and puts a
hand on her shoulder. "Nanyo..."

Nanyo shrugs off Kim's hand, quietly stating, "leave me alone..." She
sniffs loudly, and tries to bolt away, seeing that she can't get the
tech to help her.

"Nanyo, what's wrong?" asks Kim.

Nanyo says nothing, only sniffling once or twice before collapsing down
on the ground. Sashi's eyebrows widen, "Whoa..." she
states simply.

Kim walks to Nanyo and kneels beside her. "What's wrong?
tell me." states Kim.

Nanyo sniffs, whispering, "I... I can't tell you, Starki... I-It hurts
too much..." She tries again to shrug Kim away from her.

"Please? tell me..." continues Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head and Sashi gasps, "I see... but Nan'chi... that
will not help..." Nanyo looks up at Sashi and sighs, "I guess you're
right... but I've hidden it for so long... I... I don't know how
powerful it will be if I let it go..."

"What are you talking about?" questions Kim.

Nanyo looks up at Kim, tears in her eyes, as she whispers, "Love...
Starki... Love..."

What do you mean powerful?" asks Kim puzzled.

Nanyo replies, sniffling, "T-The last time, I let it go... was with
Nisu... and it kept me from loving anyone else for 4 years... 4 of the
loneliest, most desperate years of my life... I... I swore I'd never
let it go again... b-but I... I can't control it..."

"Wow, so, you really do feel that strongly about me?" asks Kim as she

Nanyo sniffles, "Yes..." and she too blushes, as Sashi takes hold of
Becky's shoulder and tries to steer her away, whispering, "Mistress...
I do not think that we should be here right now..."

"Were else we gonna go?" asks Becky.

Suu then walks to Kim and Nanyo. "Um, what's going on here?"

Sashi points to the teleporter, suggesting helpfully, "Perhaps we
should return to the ship?"

"Oh, ok.." Becky and Sashi leave.

Nanyo turns back to the ground, sniffling again as a few more tears
drop to the floor.

"Um, Suu, this is Nanyo." states Kim. "Oh, is she your friend?" asks

Nanyo wipes her eyes and starts to stand up, shaking slightly with her
love barely restrained within her. She says to Suu, "I... I'm kinda
embarrassed by all this show of emotion... I.. I'm sorry, really,

"Are you Kimberly's girlfriend?" states Suu bluntly. causing Kim to

Nanyo glances at Kim and strikes a confident pose, "Well, of course she
is... ain't ya, Starki?" She grins.

"Um...." replies Kim concerned as she glances at Suu.

Nanyo says delicately, "Ah... well, seems to me like we have an
impromptu Oln'Tyl here... though I don't know how you two feel about

"What is that?" asks Suu totally puzzled

Nanyo explains, "Onl'tyl is an Ap Dat word... You probably wouldn't
know about the Ap Dat... They live down on the planet below... an
Onl'tyl is a... well... it's like a couple only it includes more

"Oh, that UDP? You live there?" asks Suu.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... in the Gu'lup mountains... in a little village
called Lo'lop... I believe the UDP, as you call it, we call Cyclias.."

"Oh. anyway, would you fight for Kimberly?" asks Suu as she then hugs
Kim. "Don't ask her that?! replies Kim blushing.

Nanyo eyes Suu suspiciously, her left hand moving down to one of the
pouches on her new black leather pants. "Is that a challenge, Suu?" she
says softly, dangerously.

Suu simply smiles at Nanyo. but make no threat to attack.

Nanyo grins, "Should I read your mind, little Suu?"

"If you want to die that badly then go ahead, but I'm not going to
fight you. There's no reason too." replies Suu.

Nanyo smirks, "Good... then if you ain't interested in
fightin', I won't try..." She relaxes visibly and her hand drops back
to her side.

"Your lucky, Nanyo. I'm sorry Kimberly but I have some good and bad
news..." states Suu as a blush claims her face." What is it?" questions

Nanyo stands slightly back, preferring not to interrupt Suu. Her
telepathic mind, though, is latching on to Kim's, beginning to build a
connection with her, so that at some point, Kim will be able to harness
Nanyo's power to sense what Nanyo is thinking. It does this without
Nanyo's conscious thought; it is simply what happens when an Ap Dat
falls in love with someone and Nanyo's mind tells that to Kim as it's
doing this.

Suu whispers something into Kim's ear and Kim's eyes go wide and a
smile appears on her face. "There's nothing bad about that, I'm happy
for you." states Kim.

Nanyo speaks up, looking confused, "What? What is it, Starki?" Again
her mind continues its action on Kim's, with Nanyo totally unaware of

"Suu's in love!" states Kim happily. Kim then reaches a hand up to her
head and starts to lightly hit herself. but the sleeve of the dress
she's wearing rides up and shows some of the uncovered biomechanical
veins and muscles and such.

Nanyo sees Kim hitting herself and asks, concerned, "What's wrong,
Starki? Ya got a headache or somethin'?" She notices the veins and
winces, but chooses not to say anything about them.

"There's a buzzing in my head..." replies Kim.

Nanyo asks, looking confused, "Why? Why would there be such a thing?
Unless..." She gasps, "Uh-oh..." then blushes and looks sheepish.

"What's wrong?" asks Kim unaware of her uncovered arm.

Nanyo looks slightly uncomfortable and blushes again as she leans in
close to Kim and whispers about the Ap Dat mind needing to connect to
those that particular Ap Dat loves.

Kim then blushes as well and notices her arm and promptly covers it
with her other hand as she lowers it.

Nanyo blushes and whispers, "Sorry, Starki... the.. the um, buzzing...
will fade shortly..." Right after that, the buzzing stops and
everything Nanyo thinks now begins to be broadcast to Kim's mind.

"Oh, and sorry if you saw my arm, we weren't completely done when I
walked out." replies Kim.

Nanyo shrugs, "It's ok... so long as I know you're ok, Starki..." She
hugs Kim and turns to look for Sashi and Becky. Her thoughts include
confusion at their absence.

"anyway, Suu says her love is a guy." states Kim. Suu
then blushes deeply at this point.

Nanyo grins, "Really? What does he look like, Suu?" She seems
interested, but her mind is sighing in relief that Suu isn't gonna be a
rival for Kim's heart and love.

"H-He's really nice and cute too. I meet him about 2 years ago. I'm
just happy I got to meet Kimberly again, it really meant allot to me."
replies Suu.

"Heh... maybe you'll wanna introduce him to her?" grins Nanyo, ruffling
up Kim's hair as her mind thinks, "Cool... Starki's hair is nice and
long... I can't WAIT to fuck her again.."

Kim's eyes go wide as she hears Nanyo's thought. "Yea, maybe some day I
can..." replies Suu.

Nanyo grins, "Well, whenever you do, I'm sure Starki would love to meet
him... You know, she's always had a thing for you..." She thinks,
"Yeah... and now that you're in love with a guy, she's all mine..."

"I know, and I her... We had a pretty fu*ked childhood." replies Suu.

Nanyo laughs, "I don't doubt it... but then again, my little friend
Nisu, uh, Suki... and I had a really fucked childhood too..."

"Well, it's been great, but I got to get going..." states Suu leaving
for the teleporter.

Nanyo waves, "See ya, Suu! Don't be a stranger if you ever go
down to Lo'Lop, now!"

"K, cya!" replies Suu before teleporting out.

Nanyo turns to Kim and apologizes, scratching her head, "Look, I'm
really sorry, Starki... I should never have tried to come after you...
You obviously were fine and didn't need my help... Can you forgive me?"
She looks sad and pathetic.

"Yeah, I should have said something though, but I was too embarrassed
to tell you." replies Kim.

Nanyo sighs, holding the slightly shorter girl in her arms, "Starki...
Now that we have 'bonded', you don't need to keep any secrets from
me... and I, in turn, will be unable to keep any secrets from you... I
love you too much to hurt you..."

"I see, BTW, where did you get those clothes?" asks Kim.

Nanyo sweatdrops, "Uh... the store?" Her mind though thinks the truth
though she tries so hard to hide it.

"You sold yourself?" asks Kim.

Nanyo blushes, "Ah, crap... I shouldn't have thought that..." She backs
off, looking highly nervous.

"I told you your going to have to stop that." states Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "But I needed the money... and I was bored... There's not
a lot of stuff to do up here when you don't know anything..." She looks

"Y didn't you just say with Becky?" asks Kim.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "I've never been one to follow..."

"Well, i got to go get finished with the attachments I'll see you in a
little ok?" states Kim walking to the door she left from.

Nanyo shakes her head, "Uh-uh... I ain't going anywhere... except with

"But I got to go finish with my arms and legs..." replies Kim.

Nanyo holds Kim's shoulder, pulling her back, "Starki... I ain't never
letting you go... If you have to go somewhere, I'll go with you..."

"But you might not want to see this..." states Kim as she lifts the
sleeve of her dress to show her upper arm.

Nanyo winces, then grips Kim's shoulder hard, "It's ok, Starki... It's
ok... I... I can deal with it... I promise..."

"Ok... so you're going to come in there with me?" states Kim.

"Starki... I wouldn't feel very proud of myself if I wasn't there to be
with you during this time..." states Nanyo resolutely.

To Be Continued in...
Kimberly's Exposure

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