Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 16)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 16

Title: SIDE FIC 2: Becky's Midnight Urge

[Author's notes:

a flash back about when becky sneaks into her brothers room to fu*k him



A 17-year old Becky stood at the slightly opened door to her brother's
room. She was completely nude, ever since she was raped by her sister,
and no longer had her hymen, she continued to think about what it would
feel like to be penetrated by a real cock. Since the nearest cock
belonged to her brother, Smith, who was sleeping in his bed, he was the
main guy in her fantasies.

Becky knew her brother wasn't exactly 'for' an incestual fu*k so she
waited until he was sleeping. The only reason her brother continuously
hit on Kim, and she'd continuously turn him down, was because they
weren't blood-related.

Anyway, Becky walked into the room and carefully pulled the cover off
her brother's body, revealing him in just a pair of thin sleeping
pants, blue in color. Smith had a moderately toned upper body, he was
quite muscular for a magic-user.

He was lying on his back, which made Becky's task easier, and she very
carefully pulled his pants down. To Becky surprise, Smith didn't wear

"Heh, this is too easy..." states Becky lowly as she sees her brothers
limp cock.

Becky wasted no time and grasped her brother's penis in her right hand
and began up and down motions to arouse her brother, who only sighed
lowly in his slumber for his reaction.

Within moments, her brother's rod was fully erect and Becky gently got
on the bed, with her back to her brother as her crotch was just inches
away from her brother's rod. Becky was already wet so there was no need
to worry about lubrication.

Eager to be penetrated, Becky lowered herself to her brother's cock and
gasped in pleasure as she felt herself being entered into. She soon had
taken her brother's entire rod into her as she now basically sat on her
brother's waist, a low moan now came from Smith.

Becky then began pumping herself into her brother's cock, loving the
feeling... until she felt his hands on her thighs, she immediately
froze in fear of being caught.

"Now isn't this a pleasant surprise..."

Becky was quickly about to speak but Smith continued and said, "Nya,
you could have called at least, you could've waken up my little

'He doesn't realize it's me!' thinks Becky in relief.

"Now turn around and let me see that cute face of yours."

Becky slowly shook her head no.

"Ok then, well we'll just fu*k like 'this' again..." replies Smith as
he pushes Becky forward onto her hands and knees while he get to he's

He then began thrusting himself into Becky, with his left hand on her
left shoulder to steady himself.

Becky meanwhile was moaning in pleasure lowly, barely low enough for
Smith to hear.

A few minutes later...

"Hey, Nya, you've been pretty quite, is something wrong?" asks Smith as
he continuos to thrust his cock into Becky.

Again, Becky shook her head no.

"Well say something then, you were always verbal when we fu*ked
before..." Smith then grinned as he thought of something. "Oh I get it,
this is another one of your sex games, you want me to make you talk

Becky then thought, 'uh-oh...'

Smith then released Becky's left shoulder and reached under Becky with
both hands and cup both of her small breasts and began to massage them
while began to thrust into her hard, forcing a gasp from Becky with
each thrust. Soon, Smith got a puzzled look on his face, Becky's gasps
didn't quite sound like Nya's. Also, Nya's breasts were just a bit
firmer, not by much but Smith could tell. After realizing these things,
it didn't take him long to also realize this little girl was NOT Nya. A
few seconds after the discovery, Becky froze up as her orgasm claimed
her and a gush of fluid left her pussy. Becky's scream of pleasure
quickly gave away her identity.

"Becky!?" exclaimed Smith in shock as he quickly pulled out her and
swiftly turned her to her back

"H-Hi..." smiled Becky as she trembled from her climax.

She was replied with an angry glare from her brother.


A few moments later, Becky yelled an "Ahhhh!" as she was literally
thrown out of her brother's room to the floor and the door slammed
behind her.


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