Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 15)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 15

Title: Chapter 14: Meeting Smith Starr

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.

Warning: LOLI]

Sashi looks around, still excited at all the technology, and asks,
"Mistress... What is your brother like?"

"Heh, you'll see when you meet him." smiles Becky as she begins to

Sashi nods and follows Becky, still gawking at all the technology and
she opens her mouth to ask, "So, is this ship in a geometric orbit or a
polar orbit?"

"Geometric." states Becky.

"And what powers it?" asks Sashi excitedly.

Uh... Here's my brothers room." states Becky standing in front of a
door to her left.

Sashi gasps, "Cool! Is it hydraulics?"

"No, Hey, bro. Open up." states Becky knocking on the door.

There's no response.

Sashi scratches her head, "Is he not here?"

"He's here, he's just being a dick. Hey! Open up!" states Becky
knocking harder.

There's a males voice reply. "Go away runt. I don't want to be bothered
right now."

Sashi frowns, "Does not sound very friendly, does he?"

Becky looks at Sashi and then smiles. "Bro, there's a cute girl out
here. She wants to meet you. Are you gonna just ignore her?" asks

The door quickly slides up revealing a man of normal build in black
sweat pants and shirtless, with dark brown hair that reaches his
shoulders. "Why didn't you say that runt? That's vital information."

Sashi glances at Becky, raising one eyebrow skeptically, but doesn't
say anything.

The man the notices Sashi and smiles. "Hey their cutie. You want to
meet me huh?" asks the man smirking.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "The Mistress wanted me to meet you... I
must say, I am surprised at your physical appearance, Mr... ummm...

"Oh, you know my name? Heh, why shouldn't I be surprised, all the
cuties know me. But who is this Mistress you speak of cutie?"
asks Smith.

Sashi looks confused. She points at Becky and says, "She is
the Mistress... and you... you are quite powerful I sense..."

"You're kidding right? Little Becky is your Mistress?" asks Smith as he
then puts a hand on Becky's head and ruffs up her hair.

"Stop that! I'm not little anymore." replies Becky.

Sashi says nothing, but jumps in front of Becky, gently pushing Smith
away, showing her protective nature for her Mistress.

"Ok, ok, no need to get hostile." states Smith as he puts up he's
hands. "Why don't the two of you come in..." states Smith walking into
the room.

Sashi looks at Becky for instructions.

"its ok, let's go in." states Becky, following after her brother.

Sashi bows, "Yes, Mistress..." She follows Becky inside.

"You got her trained huh?" asks Smith.

Becky gives a mean glare at her brother. "What? It looks like you do."
replies Smith.

Sashi says nothing, preferring to look around at the technology.

"Listen here, I love Sashi and I won't tolerate you talking like that
about her." states Becky.

"Love? What about Kimberly?" asks Smith.

"I love her, I just love Sashi more." replies Becky.

A faint blush creeps up Sashi's cheeks, but other than that, she shows
no emotion.

"So, Sashi is it? Can you tell me some stuff about you?" asks Smith

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, asking, "What do you wish to know, Mr.

"Like where you're from, your age, that kind of stuff. Oh, and just
call me Smith."

Sashi bows respectfully, "As you wish, Smith... My name is Sashi
Nihon... I am 16 years of age... I come from the village of Lo'lop...
which is one of two Ap-Dat Villages that still remain on the planet

"16? darn-it, you to young for me." states Smith.

"Too young!? What were planning on doing?!" replies Becky.

Sashi raises an eyebrow and states, "That was a very X-rated thought,
Smith..." She seems slightly shocked, but expertly controls her

"Well, I won't tell if you don't." states Smith smiling.

"What The Fu*k! I can't believe you!" exclaims Becky.

Sashi smiles slightly, "It is not up to me but to my Mistress whether
or not I should tell her... But, I must say, the continued thoughts are
extremely erotic... One must wonder how lonely you have been up

"Oh, cutie, I'm hardly ever alone." states Smith.

Sashi winces, "Yes... I can see that... What is the name of the red
haired girl?" She asks suddenly.

"What red haired girl? there's no one in here now." replies Smith.

Sashi shakes her head, "No... she is not here now, but I can see her
face as clear as day... your mind is extremely focused on her... Why is

"Oh, i see, you can read peoples mind can't you." asks Smith smiling.

Sashi nods, "For the most part... there are a few people I cannot
read... but you are not one of those..."

Do you know its wrong to just read peoples mind at will?" asks Smith.

Sashi replies, scratching her head, "I think it would be obvious that I
have never thought of that..."

"Well, be careful who you read. It's a serious crime here." states

Sashi sighs, "In that case, I will take caution to be extremely

"Good, I'd hate to hear that a cutie like you was put to
death for that." states Smith.

"I doubt whether or not they could catch me, but I do not think I would
like to risk it..."

"So where's Kimberly?" asks Smith.

"Don't know, she said she had to take care of something." replies

Sashi then starts to wander away from Becky and Smith, looking around
at all the gadgets and gizmos. She sees that the room is full of...
various machines, like TVs, a stereo, and other things.

"Hey Sashi, are you a virgin?" asks Smith.

"Hey!" replies Becky surprised.

Sashi looks at Smith and nods her head, explaining, "If you are talking
about penetration, then yes... I am a virgin... if you are talking
about orgasms, then again, yes I am a virgin.. if you are talking about
forced wettings, then no... I am not..."

Sashi then shakes her head, "Wait a minute... that is not entirely
correct... I have had one orgasm... by the Mistress..."

"Forced wettings? What is that?" Smith looks quite puzzled. Becky just

Sashi states, unembarrassedly, "It is when I am forced to pee myself...
whether by situation or by choice..."

"Pee!? Well... we all have our weird fetishes..." states Smith.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "I never said it was a fetish of mine...
though I do believe the Mistress likes it... I am simply used
to it..."

"Oh yeah, Kimberly and Becky do like to wet themselves..." states

Sashi replies, "And not just them, I might add... My sister Suki also
likes it..."

"Sister?! You have a sister? She wouldn't happen to be a twin would
she?" asks Smith.

Sashi shakes her head, "No... she is two years older than I am..."

"Aww, bummer. how old is she?" asks Smith.

"18." replies Sashi.

"So she's fair game. Tell me, is she with anyone?" asks Smith.

Sashi nods, "As far as I know, she has feelings for Miho... but I do
not know how serious she is... I do know that she has always had a
special fascination with penises... as have I..."

"Reeeally? Ya know, I have one. would you like to try it?" asks Smith.
Becky says nothing but looks at her brother. "Heh, what? ^_^;" asks

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "A slave is not supposed to want things...
but I cannot help but be interested in your offer..."

"Are you serious Sashi?" asks Becky.

Sashi looks at Becky, "Would that upset you, Mistress?" She looks sad
and apologetic, thinking that she might have upset her Mistress.

"Well, I can understand your interest..." states Becky blushing.

Sashi looks confused, scratching her head, "You can, Mistress?"

"You bet she can. One night, she snuck into my room and started-" Becky
quickly covers her brothers mouth. "NO! don't tell her that!"

Sashi looks interested and immediately starts probing Becky's mind,
asking telepathically, "What is it, Mistress? What are you hiding from

"I-It's nothing, nothing at all." thinks Becky blushing profusely.

Sashi continues probing, feeling sure that her lover and Mistress
wouldn't have her arrested or whatever it is that they do to criminals
up here.

Smith voice then is heard in Sashi's head. "Becky fu*ked me, and she
loved it."

Sashi gasps, "What the hell?!" She loses all control of her emotions
and stares blankly at Smith.

"What's wrong cutie?" asks Smith smiling.

Sashi stammers, "H-How d-d-did you d-do that?"

"You think you're the only ones that can read minds?" asks Smith.

"Wha?" states Becky.

Sashi responds, staggering slightly from the shock, "I... I have never
met an Un-Ap Dat that could... T-tell me... can you read this?" She
thinks, "Cocks are fun!"

"You have a dirty mind cutie." states Smith.

"what are you two talking about?" asks Becky.

Sashi then turns to Becky and bows low, "Mistress... may I be excused
to have a private conversation with your brother?"

"Uh, sure." replies Becky.

Sashi nods, "Thank you, Mistress..." She takes Smith by the arm and
telepathically asks, "Can we go somewhere and talk alone?"

"Sure, there's another room behind that door." thinks Smith indicating
the door in front of them.

Sashi nods and indicates for Smith to go first.

Smith does and enters the room.

Sashi follows him and closes the door behind him. Then she grabs his
hands, leans up to his lips and kisses him, thinking to him, "Smith...
I have more power in telepathy that I wish to use on Becky to increase
her pleasure, but I am afraid to use it without testing it... Can I
test it on you first?"

"Sure, Go ahead." states Smith.

Sashi smiles slightly and pushes her breasts up against his chest, as
she closes her eyes, still kissing him. She opens her mind and a slight
hypnotic suggestion begins to enter Smith's mind, "You are getting
hard... you cannot control it... You are so aroused that you cannot
stop your penis from hardening..."

"Well of course not." states Smith smiling.

Sashi pulls back, "In order to fully test this power, I think it would
be best if you tried to delay your arousal as much as possible...
Otherwise, I will not know if it will work on Mistress..."

"Well, that's gonna be hard, no pun intended." smiles Smith. Smith
closes her eyes and tries not to concentrate on the cutie in front of

Sashi pulls her full firm breasts back, removing every touch
of her body from Smith's. She closes her eyes and continues the
hypnotic suggestions, "Your penis is so hard... it is making your pants
feel tight on you... All you want to do is free it... You cannot fight
the arousal..."

"I can't seem to fight it, what ever your doing, it's working." states

"Now show how aroused you are... show how much you want to rip your
pants off... let your erection spring free... and when it does, you
will ejaculate... you will not be able to stop it..."

Smith quickly drops his pants and shudders in surprise as he feels
himself cum. He's cum spurting out onto Sashi's shoes.

Sashi sighs, and smiles, "Yes... It works... It was not too powerful,
was it, Smith? It was not too hard on the strain, was it?"

"Ooh, no, not at all cutie."

Sashi, then, moves closer to Smith and gives him a quick kiss on the
cheek, her full firm, slightly swollen breasts pressing slightly on
Smith's chest.

"Is this all you wanted?" asks Smith.

Sashi whispers, "Yes, but I understand that you might want something,
so what ever you want, you may have it..."

"You're just going to throw yourself at me?" asks Smith.

Sashi backs off, scratching her hair, "Um, is there something wrong,
Smith? I am offering you compensation for making you cum... Is that
wrong?" She looks sad and confused.

"Well, you belong to Becky, and I do have a conscience, so I can't do
this without her knowing about it."

Sashi looks thoughtful, "Perhaps you could ask her with your telepathic
powers? And maybe you could ask if it is okay with her for me to
compensate you for this?" She indicates his penis.

"Ok, give me a sec..." Smith closes his eyes and a moment later, Becky
walks in.

Sashi blushes shyly and steps back to allow the brother and sister to

"As long as I can watch..." states Becky.

Sashi looks at Smith, "Is that okay with you, Smith?"

"Yeah, it sure is." replies Smith

Sashi asks him, "How and what do you wish to do with me? I am your
humble slave..." She bows low in respect to him.

"Strip for me cutie." smiles Smith

Sashi asks, just wanting to clarify something, "Like a professional
stripper? Like Nanyo?"

"I don't know who this 'Nanyo' is, but yeah, like a professional

Sashi nods, "As you wish..." She turns to Becky and asks, "Do you have
any music here?"

"Hold on" states Becky as she takes out her teleport device and presses
a button and a slow sexy song is heard. and Smith sits on the nearby

Sashi closes her eyes and starts to move her hips to the beat as she
reaches up to her cheerleader top, having changed out of her green
dress earlier aboard Kim's ship.

"Nice." smiles Smith

Sashi places her hands on her top and slowly, seductively, rolls it up,
exposing her white simply patterned bra as she wiggles her hips in a
sensual manner.

"Have you done this before?" states Smith.

Sashi replies, lifting her top off her head and wrapping it around her
hand before flinging it at Smith, "A few times... Some of my earlier
Masters wanted me to this for them."

"You've had others?" asks Smith looking a bit surprised.

Sashi nods, "I have been a slave since I was 10 years old... so yes...
I have had plenty of Masters and Mistresses..." She does a slow
seductive walk over to Smith, then turning around and showing her butt
off as she slides her skirt down, exposing her slightly yellowed white
cotton panties.

"Well your certainly good at this." smiles Smith

Sashi smiles slightly, "Thank you, Smith..." She steps out of her
skirt, and uses her right foot to scoop it up and fling it into Smith's

Smith simply smiles and enjoys the show in front of him.

Then Sashi reaches up to her bra and starts to take hold of the straps.
She takes hold of one of the cups and tugs it down, exposing her left
breast for a moment before she pulls it back up, winking.

"Nice, I like teasing..." states Smith

Sashi smiles, "As you wish..." She moves close to Smith and sits on his
lap as she tugs her right cup down for the briefest second to show off
her right breast.

Smith places his right hand on Sashi's side and rubs. Becky sees this
and frowns but says nothing.

Sashi smiles and leans forward, pushing her breasts slightly against
his chest, then pulls back, standing back up and tugging her bra
totally off, now, fully exposing her breasts.

"Nice breasts cutie." comments Smith.

Sashi blushes, "Thank you..." Then she stops, unable to go any further
because of her slave contract, the sheet of parchment still tucked
inside her panties.

"What's wrong?" asks Smith.

Sashi replies, "Under my slave contract, I cannot remove my panties..."
She pulls out the piece of parchment and shows it to Smith.

"Aww, that's to bad." states Smith

Sashi then states, "But if you wish to see my labia, I can do that...
Do you wish to see it?"

"Yeah, of course." replies Smith.

Sashi gets real close to Smith and takes hold of the crotch of her
panties. She slides them aside and shows off her labia to Smith,
blushing only slightly.

Smith reaches out the touch Sashi's Labia.

Sashi watches, moaning only slightly at the touch. Then, she begins to
quiver slightly, thinking to herself, not remembering that Smith can
read her mind, "Hmm... I feel a slight twinge of pressure... I will
need to pee soon..."

"Ok, that's enough." states Becky quickly.

Sashi looks up suddenly, slightly startled, "Mistress?" She asks,
confused as to why Becky wanted her to stop.

"I can't sit here and watch this anymore. I should be in my brother's
place." states Becky.

"Heh, Is Little Becky jealous?" smiles Smith.

Sashi smiles, "Do you wish to join us, Mistress? I would certainly not

"Sorry, but I can't..." states Becky.

"You're jealous, admit it Becky." states Smith.

Sashi sighs and stands back up. She goes to collect her clothes and
starts to put them back on.

"Hey, what's the deal? come on Becky. join your girlfriend." states

"I can't, it would feel too weird with you involved in it." replies

Sashi dresses in silence, then sits down on the floor, sighing as she
waits for Smith and Becky to finish their conversation.

"Fine, have it your way." replies Smith. "I think we spent enough time
here, let's go Sashi." states Becky walking towards the door.

Sashi gets to her feet, turns to Smith and whispers telepathically,
"Thank you..." She winks, then follows Becky toward the door.

"Fine, leave, I got a cutie coming over anyway." states Smith.

Sashi gasps, "She IS rather pretty, is she not?" She winks at Smith.

"You bet she is." states Smith. "Sashi, come on." calls Becky at the

Sashi bows respectfully at Smith, then turns back to follow Becky,
saying only, "Yes, Mistress..."

"Sashi, we're going back to the hanger to wait for Kimmie and Nanyo
ok?" states Becky as they leave Smith's place.

Sashi nods, "As you wish, Mistress..." She follows Becky, still looking
from side to side, obviously excited at the technology.

The two reach the Hanger and wait for Kim and Nanyo.

To Be Continued in...
Kimberly's Secret: Redux

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