Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 14)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 14

Title: Chapter 13: Into Space!

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


Nanyo leaves the room, to get Kim some breakfast. There is the sound of
dishes scraping, then a cellular phone rings, followed by Nanyo's
voice, too distant for Kim to make out.

Kim sighs to herself quietly. "Oh Suu... I wonder what your doing right
now." states Kim quietly.

There is the sound of more dishes scraping, as though someone is
shuffling them around without actually doing anything with them, then
about 10 minutes later, Nanyo comes back up, with a pizza box in her
hands. She grins, "Like pizza, Starki?"

O_o "Where'd you get that from?" asks Kim.

Nanyo grins, sweating nervously, "Uh, internet?"

"The internet? You guys have that way out here?" asks Kim a bit

Nanyo sweatdrops harder, "Uh, no... but uh..." The same cellular phone
tone rings, causing her jeans to vibrate slightly and Nanyo blushes,
"Uh... Lemme get that..." She picks up the phone and answers, "Yeah,
this is StarChild's Adult Entertainment Service... Nanyo speaking...
What pleasures may I help you with?"

O_O "The hell?!" replies Kim.

Nanyo holds out a hand to quiet Kim as she talks into the phone, saying
nothing that Kim can hear and a few seconds later, she puts the phone
back on her belt, blushing furiously, "Um, sorry about that... Where
were we?"

"Oh no, you got some explaining to do girl! StarChild's Adult
Entertainment Services? What the hell is that?!" asks Kim.

"Eheh eheh... It's... um.... heh... it's an Adult Entertainment
Service, DUH!"

"What do you do?"

Nanyo looks distinctly ruffled as she scratches the back of her red
hair, "Um... I... I'm kinda.... a prostitute...."

Kim just looks at Nanyo, not saying anything, but its obvious Kim isn't
too pleased.

Nanyo further explains, "I had to... I had no money... I have a high
libido... it seemed like the best solution... You know how poor this
village is... and you know travel isn't free... I had to eat,

"But still..." states Kim.

"Yes, Starki?"

"Your gonna have to quit." states Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "But then, how will I make enough money to live on? I
don't have any education... I don't have any prospects for a job... I
have nothing..." She sat down on the edge of the bed, looking sad.

"I have a stable job. Plus, I got loads of money anyway." states Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head, "But I can't rely on anyone else... I've got to
make my own living... otherwise, I'll never make across the whole world
and then further into outer space!"

"I could help you do both of those things." states Kim.


"Duh! I'm from space." states Kim.

"But I can't ask you to pay for that! It wouldn't be right!"

Kim then smirks at Nanyo. "Why pay when you can do it for free?"

"Free?" asks Nanyo raising an eyebrow. "Nuthin's ever free in this

"It is when you have your own ship." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo's mouth hangs open in shock and she can't think of anything to

"Heh, wanna see it?" asks Kim.

Nanyo simply nods, her left hand squeezing slightly into a fist,
indicating that she's kinda under a little pressure...

Kim gets up. "Ok, let's go outside..." states Kim.

Nanyo nods and gets to her feet. Then she asks, "What about the pizza?"
She points to the box she's still holding.

"You can bring it if you want."

Nanyo nods, "Ok... So where are we goin'?"

"Into an open space, that all. Uh, would you happen to know where one
would be?" states Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... follow me..." She starts to take off into the air,
then remembers something and drops back down to hand Kim a pair of
pants and a shirt. "Here, you might need these, " she giggles.

"Nah, I got some clothes in my ship." states Kim.

"Ok... here we go..." She grabs Kim's hand and took her up into the
air, flies about 1000 feet to the outside of the Ap-Dat village, where
there is a small clearing.

"Ok, here is good." Kim forms a small device in her right hand and a
small window appears above it.

Nanyo grins, "Cool... a PDA? Sash'd love that..."

"PDA? Oh no, this is an all-in-one device I can use to call my ship and
do other things." states Kim. She presses one of the buttons on the
window and a "Confirmed" voice is heard.

Nanyo smiles, "Nifty... what else does it do?"

"I can contact other people like a phone, teleport directly to Pioneer
2, watch videos, listen to music, and a bunch of other things i can't
remember right now."

Nanyo laughs, "Great... can I get one, too?" She sticks her tongue out
at Kim.

"I'm sorry, but you can't." replies Kim. Then the voice comes back.
"Standby for teleportation of spacecraft."

Nanyo makes a hand gesture as if to say, "Aw, darn..." and finishes it
with a snap of her fingers.

Suddenly, particles outline the shape of a small ship. Which slowly
materializes in the air in front of the two.

Nanyo's eyes widen very comically and she backs up, tripping over her
own feet and falling down onto her butt, "W-Whoa..." is all she lets

"Impressive huh?" states Kim.

Nanyo groans as she climbs back up to her feet, "Oh no... I just LOVE
to fall over and get dirt all over my jeans..." She rolls her eyes at

"Heh, let's get in shall we?" asks Kim.

"Sure... Uhm... How?" asks Nanyo, wondering where the entrance is.

"All ya need to do is be touching me somewhere..." states Kim.

Nanyo raises an eyebrow in skepticism, "Touch... you? Did I hear that
right, Starki?"

"Yeah, just touch me somewhere. I'll be able to teleport you too."
replies Kim.

"Um, ok..." states Nanyo, still greatly skeptical. She reaches out and
takes hold of Kim's left breast, giggling.

Kim simply smirks at Nanyo before pressing a button on the device in
her hands. "Oh yeah, you may feel a slight dizziness."

Nanyo barely has time to gasp, "What?" before the two are teleported.

They reappear inside the craft. It's quite spacious inside as well,
with various devices all around.

Nanyo shakes heavily, "Uh... uh... uh...." She can't seem to make sense
of anything and wobbles violently on her feet.

Kim places a hand on Nanyo's shoulder firmly. "Whoa, just try to stand
up straight and relax."

Nanyo gasps, "Wh-Whoa... I-Is it always like that?!" Her voice shakes
and she trembles slightly, almost losing her balance.

"Ya get used to it after a bit. Anyway, stay here for a sec while I go
get some clothes on. Try not to mess with anything while I'm gone, ok?"
states Kim as she walks past Nanyo and into a room at near the back of
the ship. the door slides up then down as Kim enters.

Nanyo grins as she finally gets used to the feeling. She looks all
around the ship and sees a nifty red button. "Ooh, cool, " she squeals
happily. "What does this button do?" She reaches out for it, but
presses the yellow button next to it by mistake.

The craft suddenly falls to the ground with a crash. and a scream is
heard from the room Kim entered.

Nanyo let out, "Oh shit... what the hell did I do? Uh... Uhm..." She
frantically starts hitting buttons trying to get the craft back up into
the air.

The buttons suddenly lock up and a loud computerized voice is heard.

Nanyo exclaims, "Oh, FUCK! Uhm, Kim..." She speaks weakly, "help..."

The door open to revel Kim, only half dressed in the white shorts of
her uniform. "Didn't I say not to touch anything!? Computer, stand
down." states Kim. "VOICE RECOGNISED, STANDING DOWN." states the

Nanyo breathes a sigh of relief, patting Kim on the back, "Lucky we
didn't panic, eh, Starki?"

Kim walks up to the cockpit of the ship and points to the
passenger seat. "Sit here. and don't touch anything." states Kim.

Nanyo obeys, but looks sulkily at Kim and when Kim turns her back,
sticks her tongue out at her.

Kim presses a button above her and a thick belt-like object forms over
Nanyo's abdomen and holds her to the seat firmly as it presses into

Nanyo frowns, "I get the feelin' you don't trust me, Starki..."

"Well, you did touch something when I clearly said not to." states Kim.

"Ah geez... you make ONE teensy weensy mistake and EVERYBODY holds it
against you forever..." She smirks at Kim, casually crossing her legs.

Kim then returns to the room.

Nanyo groans, "Ah, man... she fastened this damn thing so tight... It's
pushin' on my bladder.... Damn it... What's she thinkin'? Does she want
me to pee right here and now?"

There's no reply from Kim in the other room.

Nanyo just sits there, beginning to fidget slightly, both from boredom
and slightly increasing desperation. Having nothing else to do, she
pulls a deck of cards out of her sweater pocket and begins a
one-handed shuffle.

Kim's voice is then heard. "Dang-it, Nanyo, I'm gonna be in here a bit.
Find something to do until I come out, without pressing anything."
states Kim.

Nanyo rolls her eyes, "How exactly am I supposed to press something?
You got me strapped in here like a hot dog in a bun...."

But there are buttons on the chair as well that Nanyo notices and grins
as she looks down at the left side of the chair and lifts her left hand
to press a green button there.

This button seems to do nothing...

Nanyo pouts, "Aw... It didn't do anything... that sucks..."

there then is a small vibration heard UNDER her.

Nanyo looks down, "Huh? What was that?"

a moment later, Nanyo can feel something pressing into her jeans under

Nanyo gasps, "Ahhh! What the hell?! It feels like something's goin'
anal on me! WTF?!"

The belt strapping Nanyo down then retracts, allowing her free

Nanyo gets to her feet and whirls around to see a dildo slowly making
it's way up to the seat. She runs a finger along the small object and
lets out, "Well, damn, Starki... you gotta dildo for your passengers?!"

"What?! Didn't I say not to touch anything?!" replies Kim from the

"Uh, no?" tries Nanyo, scratching at her red bangs again.

"Well, I'm almost done in here." states Kim.

Nanyo, her eyes still staring at the dildo, replies, "Good... the
sooner we leave, the sooner I can go to a restroom..." "And the sooner
I can get away from ships that have dildos rising up out of the
seats..." she thinks.

"Man, where is it?" comes Kim's voice.

Nanyo responds, "Where is what, Starki?" thinking that she can help

"Nothing important to you, just sit tight." replies Kim.

Nanyo scratches at her hair, "Um, ok... but I'm not really sitting, you
know..." she giggles.

"Well sit then." states Kim.

Nanyo embarrassingly states, "Um, there's a dildo there..."

"Knowing you, what problem is that?" states Kim.

"Um... I kinda don't want a dildo in me right now?" tries Nanyo, trying
to sound offhand, and not too desperate, even though her left hand is
now starting to rub her stomach, to soothe her growing full bladder.

"Well just press that green button again and it will go away." states

"Ok..." replies Nanyo, reaching over and pressing the green button

The dildo slowly retracts into the chair and is covered with a matching
piece of the seat.

Nanyo breathes a sigh of relief and sits down in the chair, crossing
her thighs again and jiggling her left leg slightly as she waits for
Kim to finish whatever it is she's doing.

Kim then emerges from the room fully clothed in her white uniform and
walks to the cockpit and sits in the pilot seat. "Ready?"

Nanyo grins, "Yeah.... show me what outer space looks like!"

"Ok" states Kim as she presses a button above her and straps wraps
around their waist, but not to firmly.

Nanyo grins, "Safety first, right?"

"Yep." states Kim smiling before pressing a button on the dash and the
craft begins to elevate into the air.

Nanyo feels the first G-forces and pffts, "Man, this ain't nothing..."

"For a million credits, It better be." states Kim.

"Damn.... you that rich, Starki?" questions Nanyo, gripping her seat a
little as a brief spasm overcomes her bladder, but she's still well in
control of her body.

"Well, I don't like to brag, but, yeah, I'm that loaded." states Kim

"Damn..." is the only word Nanyo can mutter.

"Ok, we're leaving the atmosphere. See the blue changing to black?"
states Kim.

Nanyo presses her face against the window, her left hand sliding back
to hold her crotch slightly as she gazes outside, "Wow... so sparkly
and black... Are those stars?"

"Yeah, you see that thing out in front of us?" states Kim.

Nanyo looks out in front of the ship. "Yeah... what is it?"

"That, is Pioneer 2." states Kim.

"That is your ship?! It looks huge!" states Nanyo, breathless with

"Oh HELL no! That's not mine! "That thing has to be worth at least 2
billion credits." states Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "So there is a limit, even to YOUR fortune, eh, Starki?"

"Heh, yeah." laughs Kim.

Nanyo just laughs again, "So where's your ship, Starki?"

"You're riding it silly."

Nanyo looks stupid, "Oh..." is all she mutters, blushing slightly.

"So, where do you what to go?" asks Kim.

Nanyo suddenly closes her eyes and points to the left, "Over there... I
believe we have passengers to take on..." she states cryptically.

"Passengers? This isn't a Taxi."

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Ok... if you want your baby sister left
out in the vastness of space, you don't have to pick 'em up..."

Kim sighs and takes her device and presses a button. "BB, I'm near your
location, would you like to teleport to my ship?" [B] "Sure Kimmie,
hold on a sec..."

Nanyo grins, "Good decision, Starki... Hey Sash... you there?" she
speaks telepathically. Sashi replies, "Yes, Nan'chi?" Nanyo grins, "Be
prepared for a quick teleport..." There is an audible groan followed
by, "Roger, Nan'chi..."

Becky and Sashi soon teleport into the ship. "Sup BB." states Kim

"Don't call me that! How many times do I got to tell you that?"
exclaims Becky.

"Ok BB." laughs Kim.

Nanyo looks over Sashi, whose skirt is once again dripping wet. She
grins, "Wet yourself again, Sash?" Sashi replies, looking bored, "I
will take that for a stupid question..."

"Hey Kimmie, where's your girl, Suki?" asks Becky. "She's gone states
Kim flatly. "Oh... I see." states Becky in understanding.

Nanyo then turns to Kim, "Ey, Starki... you gotta bathroom on this
ship? Me and Sash need to go to one... me to use it, Sash to change..."

"Yeah, It's in the very back of the ship." replies Kim.

Nanyo smiles, "Cool... then Sash, you go on ahead and I'll follow..."
Sashi nods and turns to Becky, "Mistress... do you wish to follow?"

"Nah, I'll just stay here with Kimmie."

Sashi nods, "Okay, Mistress... " She leaves the cockpit of the ship.
Nanyo leans up against the wall, sighing, "Boy, I sure wish you guys
could've known her before the drugs... She was so smart... so highly
intelligent... she could make anything out of anything... but she never
had the chance and now... now she's so subservient that she's lost all
will to create anything... It's sad, I tell ya.."

Becky remove her pants and sits in the passenger seat
then presses the green button. "So, what happen K-Kimmie?" states Becky
as she flinches for a moment. "Suki left me, end of story." replies

Nanyo turns away, thinking she shouldn't really be listening to this,
but not wanting to disturb Sashi's changing, even though her bladder is
swelling and she's finding it harder and harder to keep still.

"Oh, I'm sorry Kimmie." states Becky sadly. Then she presses a red
button next to the green one and she tenses up for a sec. "Don't worry
about it." replies Kim.

Nanyo just stands there, bored and growing slightly more desperate
minute by minute.

Becky then moans lowly as she closes her eyes.

"Heh, like that dildo, doncha, Becks?" laughs Nanyo. "I tell ya... it
sure scared the hell outta me when I first discovered it.

"Ooh, Yeah..." moans out Becky. "Kimmie has one too."

"Heh... like sister, like sister, eh Starki?" teases Nanyo,
pressing her left hand against her crotch slightly. "Damn, what is
takin' Sash so long," she thinks.

Kim simply laughs to herself. Becky releases a long low moan from her
lips as she places her hands on her crotch.

Nanyo throws up her hands, "Argh... This is SO boring..." She pulls out
her deck of cards and starts shuffling them again with one hand,
thinking, "Come ON, Sash!"

Becky then sits back in the seat and a louder moan escapes her lips.

Nanyo giggles, "Want a hand, Becks?" she offers.

"Mmm... Sure, help is a-always nice." moans Becky.

"Cool..." grins Nanyo, but before she can move toward the smaller girl,
Sashi reenters the room, dressed back in her cheerleader outfit. She
steps between Nanyo and Becky and says, "I will handle this, Nan'chi...
This is my responsibility after all..." She turns toward Becky and
bows, "Mistress, how may I help you?"

"It's ok, Sashi. You can go back innnn, the bathroom." states Becky as
she groans part-way in the statement.

Sashi scratches her head, confused, "But I am done, Mistress... I have
nothing else to do..."

"Oh, then both of you cAAn help." states Becky tensing a bit in the

Nanyo grins at Sash and mentally says to her so that Becky and Kim
can't hear, "Let's try to locate her PP, eh, Sash?" Sashi nods and
speaks in her mind, "Okay... It sounds interesting..."

"Hurry, before I come." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Ok, Ok... Let's do it, Sash..." She reaches out to
Becky's ears and starts stroking gently as Sashi reaches down to
Becky's feet and starts stroking there.

Becky giggles lightly at Nanyo's touching of her ears. "I'm not
Kimmie." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "I know... I just thought I'd start at the top..." She
moves down to Becky's nose as Sashi moves up to Becky's thighs.

Becky starts her moaning again as she sits on the seat.

Nanyo grins and moves down to Becky's mouth, parting her lips and
kissing the young girl gently as Sashi looks up, flushing slightly in
jealous that she's just barely able to restrain.

Becky moans into Nanyo's mouth as the vibrating dildo in her anus
starts to take it's toll on her and she starts to squirm slightly.

Sashi suddenly takes Nanyo by the shoulder and flings her hard back
against the wall. She growls, her anger rising to the surface since she
has not had the fluid from Becky's breasts for about 12 hours, "Get
away from my Mistress! She is MINE!"

"Ah, Sashi, don't be that way. There's plenty of me to go around."
moans out Becky.

Sashi growls, "NO! You are MINE! NO ONE should kiss you but me! NEVER!"
She advances on Nanyo, who's rubbing her head, looking dazed.

"Sashi stop! G-Get over h-here." states Becky firmly.

Sashi screams incoherently and continues to advance on Nanyo, her
burning jealousy overpowering any other thought she might have. Nanyo
looks up and frowns, "Oh, damn... The juice is loose..."

"Sashi! Get the fu-AH!" Becky's cut off as an orgasm suddenly claims
her body and she squirts her cum onto the seat and shakes

Sashi pulls out a dagger from the belt of her cheerleader skirt and
moves toward Nanyo, who suddenly feels a spasm in her bladder and
crosses her legs, gasping, "Aw, damn... this isn't good... Uh,
Starki...? help?"

Kim sighs and promptly gets to her feet and quickly grabs Sashi by the
neck and forces her on the wall of the ship, rather hard. "Stop this
now! I won't tolerate this on my ship." states Kim.

Sashi screams and writhes under Kim, "FUCK you! Lemme go! that bitch
was makin' out with my Mistress! Damn you!" She brings her dagger up,
trying to cut Kim.

Kim's eyes go white and her wings appear. Kim also squeezes her hand
around Sashi's neck. "I said I will NOT tolerate this!"

Meanwhile, Becky recovers enough to turn the vibration off. "Sashi,
listen to Kimmie. She's serous about what happens in here." states Kim
from the chair.

Sashi doesn't seem to hear either of them, her eyes glow red and she
screams incoherently and writhes harder. Nanyo, recovered from her
spasm, quickly floats over and says, "I'll handle this..." She closes
her eyes and starts speaking in Ap-Dat, calling upon her mental
telepathy to paralyze Sashi, who freezes in place. She pants, "Becks,
give her the stuff... I... Can't... keep... her subdued... for
long...." Sweat begins to run down her face.

Becky slowly lifts herself off the dildo, wet with her juices and makes
her way to the three.

Nanyo groans, "Damn it, Becks, HURRY! I can't focus on this with my
bladder throbbing! Hurry it up!"

"Jeez! I just had an orgasm. Gimme a brake." states Becky as she now
near Sashi.

"Damn it, Becks... I don't have a second!" retorts Nanyo, pressing her
left hand HARD against her crotch.

"Here Sashi, drink up." states Becky as she lifts her shirt and offers
her breast to Sashi.

Sashi immediately latches her lips to Becky's nipple, and drinks in the
fluid at an incredible rate, causing Becky's breast to shrink with the
fluid now leaving it.

"Ooh... It feels good..." moans Becky.

Sashi mumbles, "Anf it tasfers goo, too..."

Kim releases Sashi and her eye return to there normal
color and the wings disappear. "Well, It seems everything's fine
now..." states Kim as she goes back to the pilot seat.

Sashi continues drinking from Becky's breast as Nanyo groans, "Ooh! I
really gotta go... I'll see you guys in a minute..." She starts to make
for the bathroom.

Becky simply moans.

Nanyo continues her trek to the bathroom, finding it easily. She looks
around for toilet paper and begins to unbuckle her belt.

"Oh man, I need to relax..." states Kim before she then removes her
shorts and panties and sits in the seat. then presses a green button on
her seat and relaxes into the chair before flinching for a moment.

Nanyo unbuttons the button on her jeans, then pulls the thread free,
unhooking each hook, finally unzipping her pants. She pulls them down
and sits on the toilet, still wearing her panties, because, it seems
she no longer feels the urge to go. She pulls up her pants, but doesn't
buckle them and her bladder stays calm, so she returns to the cockpit,
looking puzzled. "Well, that's odd..." she states.

But Kim doesn't notice Nanyo standing near her as her eyes are closed,
moaning faintly.

Nanyo sneaks up behind Kim, wraps her arms around Kim stealthily and
screams in her ear, "PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY!"

"AH!" exclaims Kim as she tenses then relaxes and moans in pleasure for
a moment. "Why'd you scare me like that? You scared the piss out of

Nanyo laughs, "That's why I did it... to get the piss outta you! So
where is it? Where's all the fluid?!"

Sashi, having finished with Becky's left breast, pushes Becky gently
away, whispering in Becky's ear, "Mistress... did you still want to
play with Nan'chi and me? Because I know a spot on the body of Nan'chi
that will give you great amusement if you rub it."

"All over the seat and on the floor." states Kim. "Sure." states Becky.

Nanyo laughs, "Sure enough... look at it... and I'll bet your panties
were down there too, eh?"

Sashi whispers to Becky where Nanyo's DP is and offers to take Nanyo's
arms and hold them so that Nanyo can't fight back.

"Yeah, they s-sure are." states Kim.

Nanyo laughs and starts rubbing Kim's breasts, "So tell me, Starki...
does this feel good?"

Sashi looks at Becky, "Are you ready, Mistress?"

"Y-Yeah..." replies Kim. Yeah, let's go." states Becky.

As Nanyo continues to play with Kim's breasts, Sashi uses her hyper
speed to dash up behind Nanyo and take hold of her arms. Nanyo gasps,
"What the hell are you doin', Sash?!"

even with the absence of Nanyo's hands, Kim still moans. Becky just
giggles at Nanyo's surprised reply.

Sashi reaches around Nanyo's waist as she uses her left hand to hold
Nanyo's wrists and she gives Nanyo's right breast a gentle squeeze as
she whispers, "Now, Mistress..." Nanyo simply moans in pleasure,
distracted from what's goin' on.

Becky proceeds to run her finger under Nanyo's left arm were her breast

Nanyo tenses up sharply, "Wh-what the?!" she gasps as she brings her
thighs together, quivering wildly. "Ugh, I can't hold it! S-Starki! G-
Get your sister offa me!"

"Ooh... Huh? what was that?" moans Kim.

Nanyo begs, "Starki! Get 'em offa me! Th-they're gonna make me wet
myself! H-Hurry!" She starts shaking harder.

"Why should I? You made me wet myself." came her reply.

Nanyo whimpers, "Aw come on!" But she can't find any words to back her

Kim is then heard starting to groan.

Nanyo squeezes her eyes shut, "Starki! P-Please!" A small wet spot
forms on her jeans as a little fluid leaks out.

"Mmm, just let go Nanyo, you'll feel much better." moans out Kim.

"B-But... T-There a-are too many people here..." she pouts, another
spurt breaking free, causing the wet spot to reach 4 inches in

"And h-how is t-that a p-problem?" asks Kim feeling the vibrator
starting to do its job on her.

Nanyo can't answer her as a powerful spasm grips her bladder and a 2-
second long stream breaks free, causing a long line of wetness to
trickle down her left thigh.

Kim begins to tense as she feels her orgasm nearing.

Nanyo tries a different tactic, "H-Hey, Becks... lemme go, huh, and
I'll give you a nice orgasm, with lots o' blood and pain.... common,
whaddaya say?" Another short spurt causes a second line of fluid to wet
her left jeans leg.

"nope, I wanna see you wet." states Becky.

"But I AM wet, " pouts Nanyo, as yet another spurt breaks free, sending
another long streak of wetness down her left jeans leg.

"Well i want you peeing uncontrollably." adds Becky.

"Awwwwwww, HELL!" cries Nanyo as her control finally gives out on her
and she pees uncontrollably, wetting her waist and pubic area before
peeing down the left leg of her jeans, the fluid pooling around her

"Yeah, that's what I wanna see!" states Becky happily. Just then Kim
lets out a groan then an "AH!" as she orgasm comes and she squirts her
girl-cum onto the seat and shakes violently as she moans.

Nanyo pees for about 2 full minutes before the stream trickles down and
peters out. She pants, then looks up at Sashi, then over at Becky and
grins, "Ok... you still wanna have that blood orgasm?"

"Blood orgasm? what's that?" questions Becky.

Nanyo grins, "What... don't you like pain? I know you know what THAT

"Sorry, 'fraid I don't. Mind telling me?"

Nanyo grins, "Ok... Lemme show you instead..." She then groans and
flips Sashi up and over her head and into Kim's lap, slipping behind
Becky, pulling a small pocket knife from her pouch. She rests the cold
metal blade against Becky's cheek, "Get it know, Becks?"

Sashi groans, "Ow... I seem to have forgotten that she could do that...
It has been a long time..." She looks up into Kim's face and tries to
get to her feet.

"Oh, so your gonna cut me huh?" asks Becky smiling. "Hello." states Kim
smiling as she looks at Sashi.

Nanyo grins, "Ding Ding Ding... we have a winner, here! Kim, tell her
what's she won?" Sashi flushes as she gets to her feet, bowing
respectfully, "I am sorry, Miss Kim... I did not mean to land in your

"Sorry, but I'm not really in the mood to be cut Nanyo." replies Becky.
"It's alright." replies Kim to Sashi.

Nanyo frowns, "Aw, hell... Well, that really sux..." She lets go of
Becky and retreats toward the bathroom, thinking vaguely of changing.
Sashi turns to Becky and asks simply, "Where are we to go now,

"It's up to Kimmie." replies Becky.

Sashi then turns to Kim with the same question.

"We're going to Pioneer 2. I need to take care of some stuff." replies

Sashi nods and takes a seat on the floor behind Becky's passenger
chair. Nanyo, then, reenters, her jeans all dry and her leather jacket
now wrapped around her waist. "Ahhh, that's better... Now I FEEL GOOD!"

"Nanyo, we're going to Pioneer 2." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "That big ol' pile of junk? Cool... but uh... I only see
two seats here... Where are Sash and I to sit?"

"Well, there is a bedroom behind the door near the bathroom..." states

Nanyo grins, "Cool... hey Sash... you wanna come?" Sashi looks up at
Nanyo, then to Becky and asks, "Should I go or should I stay,

What do you want to do?" replies Becky.

Sashi looks down, "Begging your pardon, Mistress... but a slave isn't
supposed to want things... as I have repeatedly tried to explain to
you... However, if it is my opinion you wish, I will simply say that
either alternative is acceptable according to your wishes and desires."

"Ok then, go back there with Nanyo." states Becky as she slowly sits
back down on the dildo still protruding from the seat.

Sashi bows, "As you wish, Mistress..." She turns to Nanyo and silently
passes her as Nanyo rolls her eyes, "Well, geez, Sash... just let her
walk all over ya, why doncha?!" She follows Sashi back into the

"So, Kimmie, what is it that you have to take care of?" asks Becky.
"Nothing that concerns you." came her reply as they neared Pioneer 2.

There is a small crash from the bedroom, followed by Nanyo sighing,
"Damn it, Sash... be careful! You almost broke that thing!" Then
Sashi's voice, "I am sorry, Nan'chi, but you really did not give me
adequate warning..."

Kim just sighs. A few moments later, the group arrives on Pioneer 2.
Kim lands the ship in the hanger-like area and turns off the engine.
"Ok, you guys. We're here." states Kim getting out of the seat and off
the dildo still invading her anus. Both her and Becky put their pants
back on.

There is another small crash followed by Nanyo screaming, "DAMN it,
Sash! I TOLD you that would happen! Damn it, now you got smoke all over
the place!" Sashi, for perhaps the first time in Becky's memory,
giggles, "I.. I am s-sorry, N-Nan'chi... B-but i-it w-was too funny!
Hee, hee, hee!"

"What's going on back there?" calls Kim.

Nanyo calls, coughing slightly, "Oh, NOTHING! Just Sash bein' a wise-
ass... She took one of my smoke bombs and fiddled with it, accidentally
settin' it off..." She steps out of the bedroom, her face, showing
GREAT frustration, blackened with soot and ash. Sashi follows her out,
her face similarly marked, though she is smiling and her left hand is
pressed over her mouth, trying to suppress her giggling.

"Well as long as you didn't brake anything..." states Kim as she
presses a button and the door on the side folds up and out, revealing
the garage-like space with a number of other ships.

Sashi gasps in delight and starts running over to examine each and
every ship, commenting on the power drives and such of each one. Nanyo
raises an eyebrow, "Ooooook... guess she's excited..." though by her
own trembling, it's evident that she's excited too.

"Please don't mess with any of them, I can't save you if the alarm goes
off on one of them." states Kim.

Sashi nods, "Understood, Miss Kim... but, but.. ooh, ooh! This one has
a hyperdrive generator! A-And this one... Wow! A newly designed Plasma
grid! I... I cannot believe it!" She hops up and down, almost dancing
in her eagerness.

"Wow the hell do you know that?!" asks Kim looking quite puzzled. Becky
is too.

Sashi blinks, "Um?" She's thoroughly confused and she scratches at her
shoulder-length black hair, "Um... i-it is a basic design, is it not?
Theoretically, these ships could move faster than the speed of light
thanks to these propulsion systems and this one has an inertial
dampener that would, in theory, prevent one from being squished upon
sudden impact..."

NOW, even Nanyo's scratching her head, "Damn, Sash... How in the
frickin' HELL did you know all that?!"

"Yeah, please tell us." states Kim.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "Well, it makes sense, does it
not? I mean, the equations are relatively simple..." She starts (TBC)

describing at length all the equations and mathematical formulas needed
to produce the desired effects of the systems she's just pointed out.

"Ok, ok, fu*k it that I ever asked." quickly states Kim as she walks
off to a nearby teleporter and leaves.

Nanyo laughs, but is left scratching her head, "Uh, yeah right, Sash...
Let's just follow 'em, ok?" She follows Kim, with Becky and Sashi
running after the first two.

"Hey, hold on guys." states Becky.

Nanyo turns back to face Becky, "Yeah, Becks?" Sashi, too busy looking
at all the ships, doesn't stop in time and runs right into Becky's
back, accidentally pushing her forward into Nanyo, causing both of them
to fall. Nanyo growls, "SASH!"

"there's no way we can follow Kimmie without her telling us were she
went." states Becky.

Nanyo throws up her hands, "Geesh... Just frickin' great! What the hell
are we supposed to do now, then?!"

"Hey, wanna meet my brother?" suggests Becky.

Sashi nods, "I sure would, Mistress... I have heard a lot about him..."
Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Ah, whatever... say, Becks... are there
any porno shops up here? I gotta get something for Starki..."

"Yeah, but You won't be able to buy anything." states Becky.

Nanyo frowns, "Why not?"

"There's a different currency here. Your money is no good." replies

"No possibility of exchange?" asks Nanyo.

"Nope, sorry." states Becky.

Nanyo puts her hand to her chin and sighs, "Ok... Guess it's time to
fall to my back-up plan..." She starts to head for one of the

"Wait, don't you want to meet my brother?" asks Becky.

Nanyo replies, "I'll meet him when I get back... I promise..." She
teleports out.

"Ok then, Sashi, let's go..." states Becky as she steps into one of the

Sashi follows wordlessly, shaking slightly during the teleport cycle,
but otherwise unaffected.

The two teleport out and to a hallway lined with doors.

To Be Continued in...
Meeting Smith Starr

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