Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 13)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 13

Title: Chapter 12: The Ap-Dat Village- Kimberly's Secret

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


The next morning, the sun rises over the tiny Ap-Dat village, bathing
the room where Kim and Nanyo are sleeping in a warm glow. Nanyo snorts
once, raises her hand up and scratches her nose, then rolls over and
continues to snore.

Kim, on the other hand, groans as she places her right hand on her
head. "Ooohh, fu*k. My head's killing me." states Kim.

Nanyo doesn't stir; it seems she's a very heavy sleeper.

Kim sits up and it's evident that she's disoriented. "Ohh, where am I?
The last place I remember being is, the woods... i think." states Kim
rubbing her head.

Nanyo lets out a loud snore, her left leg dangling over the side of the
bed as her right leg shifts up toward Kim's body, accidentally hitting
her in the stomach as she drools onto her pillow.

"Huh? Nanyo?" states Kim as she then starts to try to wake her by
shaking her.

Nanyo squeezes her eyes shut and groans, "Ow... Damn... what the hell
happened?" She squirms slightly in her sleep and stirs as she tries to
untangle herself from the mess of blankets covering both girls.

"Hey, Nanyo, where are we?" questions Kim.

Nanyo lifts her head up and looks around, her vision blurred, "Um... I
think we're in Jakashi's house... Ow... My back hurts..." She tries to
sit up, not realizing that Kim is on top of her and she accidentally
dumps Kim onto the floor in her haste to get up.

"Ah! Hey, watch it." exclaims Kim as she falls to the floor. "How did
we get here?"

Nanyo giggles, "Ooops.... heh, sorry about that, Kim... " She gets to
her feet and helps Kim up. She asks, "You got amnesia yesterday and I
had to bring you back here... you seem better today, though..."

"Amnesia? Really? I don't remember anything. I hope I wasn't a bother
to you." states Kim.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Nah, not too much..." Her stomach growls
and she grins, "Wanna get something to eat?"

"Sure, wha'd you have in mind?"

Nanyo shrugs, "Uh, I unno... whatever's in the fridge, I guess... by
the way, Kim... You'll probably wanna put some clothes on.." She grabs
a nearby bag and starts dressing into her outfit again.

"Are we going to be leaving the house?" asks Kim.

Nanyo gives this look: :- : and scratches her red hair, "Um, at some
point, yeah... I don't know what you might have planned after
breakfast, though..." She slips her jeans on.

"Well, if you don't mind, I like to go without panties. If I wear
panties other than mine, they have to be Becky's." replies Kim.

Nanyo asks, "You didn't bring a clean pair?"

"Heh, no. ^_^;" replies Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "Well, what about Becky? Did she bring any?" She starts
looking around, looking for Becky.

"I'm pretty sure she didn't. BTW, Where is she? I haven't seen her for
the longest time."

Nanyo closes her eyes, "Lemme try to contact Sashi... if anyone would
know, she would..." She stretches out her mental powers trying to
contact Sashi.

In outer space, in a bubble with the young Becky sleeping in her arms,
Sashi closes her eyes, "Nan'chi? That you?" Nanyo replies, "Yeah... is
Becky with you?" Sashi nods, "Yeah... everything's ok... no problem is
there?" Nanyo replies, "Nah... Just wanted to check in on her..." Sashi
replies, "Ok... We will see you soon, then..." Nanyo says, "K... cya
soon.." She turns to Kim and repeats the whole conversation to Kim.

"where are they?" asks Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Would you believe outer space?"

Kim then smiles nervously ^_^; but doesn't say a thing.

Nanyo asks, still grinning, "What... that doesn't make you nervous,
does it, Kim?"

"No, not at all." Kim then thinks. 'i wonder if she knows....'

Nanyo grins, "Know what? What d'you wonder if I know?"

"Huh? What are you talking about?" asks Kim surprised.

Nanyo sticks her tongue out, and points to her forehead, "Telepathy,
Kim... remember?"

"Oh, yeah that's right. Uh, nothing, it's nothing. ^_^;" replies Kim.

Nanyo frowns, "Now, don't you try to hide anythin' from me, Kim... I
don't really like that..." She teases.

"But I can't tell you, It would interfere with the rules of the
Federation- Crap!" states Kim as she quickly puts a hand over her

Nanyo grins, "Oh come on... I won't tell anyone... and besides, you
wouldn't really have to tell me... just think it..."

"But I can't, not on a UDP." states Kim.

"A UDP?" questions Nanyo, eagerly.

"It stands for Under-Developed Planet."

"Under-Developed Planet? Tell me more, Kim... Plz!" Nanyo begs.

"I can't, I've already said to much." Kim gets up and starts for the

Nanyo curses, "Fuck, Kim! I guess that means I don't mean a shit to
you!" Then she covers her mouth and looks away, afraid to go any

"What?" states Kim as she stop in the doorway and turns around.

Nanyo turns to face her, tears building in her eyes, as she raises her
voice, waving for Kim to leave, "Go on, GO! Go back to your little
Federation and stop wastin' your time on this UNDEVELOPED Planet, you
asshole!" She sits back down on the bed, muttering to herself, "Fuck,
it's true... No one gives a shit in this world..."

"Nanyo, what's wrong?" asks Kim as she walks back to Nanyo.

Nanyo turns away from Kim, mumbling, "Nothing.. just get the hell away
from me... You OBVIOUSLY don't care... Damn it, how could I let myself
fall into that trap again?! Didn't I learn my lesson with Nisu?! Damn
it..." She kicks out against the wall, making a small dent in it and
causing pain in her big toe, which she seems to ignore.

"Nanyo, don't do this to yourself." Kim then sighs. "If I tell you,
will you feel better?" asks Kim.

Nanyo says nothing, but her body posture seems to indicate that yes,
she'd like to know.

"If I tell you, you must swear not to tell a single soul on this
planet, ok?" states Kim.

Nanyo nods, her telepathy broadcasting, "Didn't I say that earlier?"

Kim sighs again. "Ok, what do you want to know?" asks Kim.

Nanyo turns to Kim and whispers, "If you tell me everything, I will let
you ANYTHING you want to know about me... no more secrets... no more

Her voice has dropped from her normal free-spirited, always cheerful
tone to a softer, more tender, sweeter, and more vulnerable state. It
is as though, for the first time in a LONG while, she is admitting that
she needs someone.

"Ok, first of all, there is life out in space." begins Kim.

Nanyo nods, "I kinda gathered that much... "

"...And there's numerous Federations out there too, some friendly,
other aren't." continues Kim.

"Mmhmm..." nods Nanyo, unwilling to interrupt Kim's explanation.

"And the technology we have, it's incredible." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo smiles back, "Anythin' interestin'?"

"Tons." Kim expression then saddens. "There's one more thing, it's
about me."

Nanyo sees the change in Kim's facial expression. "And?" she questions,
somewhat afraid of the answer.

"I'm... not human." states Kim.

Nanyo nods, "I think I could kinda tell... the ears are a big
giveaway... so what race are you?"

Kim places her right hand on her right ear as she replies. "I'm a

"And besides the ears, what makes you different from bein' human?
Y'know, like the Ap-Dat are different from the humans in that we can
summon and can fly..."

"Well, our life-span was completely random. We could drop dead at any
moment. but thanks to the advance technology we have, they've basically
fixed that." states Kim.

"Ah... that almost sounds like genet... genen... ginny... ah, damn
it... Sashi would know..." Nanyo squeezes her eyes shut trying to think
of the word.

Kim then turns away from Nanyo slightly. "Genetic Engineering is the
word I think your looking for." states Kim.

Nanyo's face brightens, "Ah, yes.. that's it.. damn it... I was WAY
off... Anyway... I can see that this bothers you... why?"

"Newearls don't exist naturally." states Kim.

"Then... doesn't that make you feel special? Or does it make you feel
all alone...? And if you are a New... whatever... does that mean,
Becky's one, too?"

"No, she's human."

"But I thought she was your sister? Are you adopted? or her?"

"I'm the adopted one. I became a Starr at the age of 14." states Kim.

"Ah... I see..." Nanyo scratches her red hair and then smiles, "Sounds
interesting... ever since I was born, I've always wanted to know what
lay beyond the town walls... I was always like that... and Suki too..."
She then falls silent, caught up in a memory of her past.

"My parents were all scientis..." states Kim.

Nanyo nods, "It must have been tough... never to know or to feel loved
by your own parents... I can't say that my parents were any better..."

She stands up, turning away, still caught up in her own memory. A
single tear runs down her cheek as her shoulders slump slightly.

"I was loved, really, really loved." states Kim. but it doesn't seem to
be a good thing.

Nanyo sighs, "Somehow, I'm not so sure... your parents loved you...
Mine... never really did... You think Jakashi is bad? You never met my

She starts to make for the door, "Anyway... I gotta get something to
eat... You want somethin'?"

Tears start to appear in Kim eyes. "7 years old, I was only 7..."
states Kim starting to try.

Nanyo suddenly turns around, and grabs Kim in a big hug, pulling her up
off her feet and floating slightly in the air. Just holding her, Nanyo
tries to convey some measure of comfort for the poor Newearl.

"They called them 'tests', but it hurt, I tried to fight back, but they
had me tied down, there were so many..." Kim is stopped by tears.

Nanyo just whispers, "Ssh... it's ok... it's ok... they're long since
gone and even if they were to return, I will protect you... I

"I had to endure what I found out was rape for close to 4 long
years..." continues Kim.

Nanyo just continues to hold Kim, rubbing her back gently as Kim spills
her secrets.

"But there was one person, just like me. We were going though the same
'tests'. We quickly became friends and I think it made it easier on the
both of us..." states Kim.

"And who was that, Kim?" encourages Nanyo gently.

"Her name was Suu" Kim then smiles from memory. "When the days tests
were over, We'ed make each other feel better than we were feeling."
states Kim.

"Sex?" asks Nanyo, beginning to grin. "You must've been a naughty
little girl, " she teases good-naturedly.

"We didn't know what we were doing at the time but, yeah, that's what
we did. Sometimes Suu was the only thing keeping me going at times, and
I'm sure Suu must have felt that way too. Sometimes..." states Kim
before going off into thought

Nanyo asks, smiling, "Would you like to see her again, if only in

"I hardly remember what she looks like." states Kim.

Nanyo explains, "She's there... in here..." She points to Kim's
forehead, indicating Kim's mind. "And since she's in there, I can pull
her out... so long as you had feelings for her, I can draw out her
memory and bring her image back for you..."

"Would you please?" asks Kim.

Nanyo smiles, "Of course, I would... anything to make you happy..." She
closes her eyes and begins to concentrate, pushing her thoughts into
Kim's mind.

Kim starts to think of what she remembers of Suu. A small girl, with
red, short hair appears in her head

Nanyo chuckles, "Ah, there she is... lovely... wish I'd known her..."
She concentrates harder and grunts softly as she pulls the image toward
the front of Kim's mind.

Yea, that's her, that's Suu." states Kim smiling

Nanyo grins, "She's cute... reminds me of a little red head I knew in
the city... after I'd left the mountains... Here... lemme try this..."

She grunts softly, and the little red haired girl from Kim's memory
giggles softly as a previous memory from Kim's past plays almost like a
movie in front of Kim's vision.

"What are you doing?" asks Kim.

Nanyo replies, her voice somewhat distant, "I'm showing you a memory
from your past... tell me... does this seem familiar?"

"Yeah, it does." states Kim

Nanyo smiles, then falls silent as she watches the memory unfolds in
front of her and Kim.

"Can I talk to her?" asks Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... but I don't know how accurate her character will
be... after all, I never met her... I don't know how to make her react
like you remember..."

"I see, thanks, you can stop now." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo nods, "Ok..." and a few seconds later, the little girl known as
Suu shimmers and disappears, revealing Nanyo to Kim's sight.

"Thank you so much Nanyo."

Nanyo hugs Kim harder, "Anytime, Kim... Anytime... I... I guess it's
time I gave you an Ap-Dat designation, Kim... like Nisu for Suki and

"You mean a nickname?" asks Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Well, yeah... except for one thing... It would be personal
between you and me..."

"oh" states Kim.

Nanyo asks, "So, can I?"

"Sure, I'd be honored." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Ok... now... your last name is Starr, right? So that
would make your Ap-Dat name... StarKi... you like that, Starki?" She
grins wider.

Kim giggles a little. "Yeah, I like"

Nanyo giggles, "Yay..." Then she hugs Kim and slowly hovers down to the
ground, where she releases Kim and says, "I really gotta get something
to eat... but, hey, what's this?" She runs her palm across Kim's
abdomen, saying, "Didn't you go before you fell asleep last night? You
could've wet the bed..." she

I don't remember last night, remember?" states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Perfect... then, come here... you sexy little girl.." She
pulls Kim over towards the bed.

"Hey, I'm not a little girl." states Kim playfully.

Nanyo laughs, "With your weak bladder control, I find that hard to
believe..." She sticks her tongue out and teases Kim as she gently lies
the naked Newearl on the bed.

"Weak huh? How would you feel if I peed right on you?" states Kim

Nanyo winked, "I'd love it, DUH! But first, let's have a little fun...
when was the last time you had a orgasm before you peed,

"Umm, It's been awhile..." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Cool... that's means it'll be fun to it this time..." She
slides one hand down to Kim's labia, gently touching the soft delicate
folds as she states, "Y'know, Starki... most Ap-Dat girls also have a
PP to go along with their DP's..."

"PP? And what would that be?" asks Kim.

Nanyo explains, "Pleasure point... It's an area on an Ap-Dat's body
that, when rubbed, causes a huge upsurge in pleasure... usually causing
orgasm within about 5 minutes..."

"Oh, uh, I think you know where mine is already ^_^;." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "I know... but why are you so nervous? Don't you want to

"Oh course I do?" states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Good... 'cause I was gonna make you cum either way..."
She continues caresses Kim's labia with her left hand as she slides up
to Kim's left ear, placing her lips on the top of it, kissing gently.

Kim immediately freezes in as a high amount of pleasure courses through
her. She has her eyes closed and is moaning.

Nanyo laughs, "Wow... The wetness down here is amazing..." She blows
gently toward Kim's ear, her right hand's index finger lightly tracing
around it as her left hand continues to fondle with Kim's labia.

"Oooohhhh!" moans Kim as she then firmly places a hand on Nanyo's

Nanyo continues her actions, mumbling, almost trance-like, "The
pleasure is rising... how much longer can you hold on?" She raises her
left hand up to Kim's slightly swollen abdomen, and rubs gently.

"Oooh! N-Not m-much longer...." replies Kim.

Nanyo now sticks her tongue out and licks Kim's ear, her right hand
lightly tugging on Kim's ear as her left hand rubs a circle between her
abdomen and her labia.

Kim now starts to tremble and places a hand on her pubic mound. "It,
It's c-coming, I'm going to c-come..." states Kim.

Nanyo asks, "Can you feel your urethra tensing and filling with cum?
Tell me exactly what you feel, please, Kim?" She begs as she continues
her actions.

"Ah, It feels like I g-gotta p-pee, but I know it's cum, I'm s-starting
to t-t-tense up as w-well..." replies Kim shaking.

Nanyo starts to breathe harder in anticipation of Kim's coming orgasm
and ejaculation, "Yeah.. Yeah... I can sense it... come on, Starki...
cum and revel in your orgasm..." She tugs a little harder on Kim's ear
as she uses her left hand to pull apart Kim's labia, lightly pressing
against her clitoris.

Kim moans loudly as her orgasm claims her body, squirting her cum from
her urethra in long pleasurable squirts. causing her to jerk
involuntary a number of times.

As Kim comes, Nanyo brings her hands up, wrapping them around Kim's
quivering body, holding her as she thinks, "Oh, that looks like great

"Ooohhh, It feels so GOOD!" moans Kim.

Nanyo holds Kim, "I know... I know... I can feel it..."

Kim feels her cum coating her thighs and just moans in pleasure.

Nanyo drops one finger down to Kim's thighs and scoops up one
finger-full of Kim's cum, sucking on her finger as she does the same
with a second finger, only this time, making Kim suck on it.

Kim sucks on Nanyo's finger before momentary going limp as her orgasm

Nanyo just holds Kim in her arms, her telepathy bleeding into Kim's
mind again, "Oh god... what a beautiful orgasm... what a beautiful
body... Oh damn, that was SO arousing... I.. I'm getting wet, just
thinking about it... heh... guess I'll have to change them again..."

"I'm glad you liked it too." states Kim tiredly.

Nanyo giggles, "Heh, I gotta learn to keep my thoughts to myself..."
She sticks her tongue out.

Kim stutters a bit as the last bit of cum squirts out of her urethra.

Nanyo just continues to hold Kim, her thighs rubbing together slightly,
causing a little squish to be heard.

Kim then starts to relax into Nanyo's arms.

Nanyo holds her, brushing aside a few strands of Kim's hair. Then, she
drops her left hand down to Kim's abdomen and gasps, "Oh yeah..." She
presses down a little, trying to get Kim to release her control so she
can rest.

Kim suddenly tenses but her hold fails her and pees uncontrollably.

Nanyo sighs, smiling, "Good girl... Now... shall we get something to
eat?" She pats Kim's stomach, tenderly.

"Oooh, yeah. I'm kinda hungry." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Good... let's go..." She gets to her feet, and almost
immediately, a small wet spot is seen on her jeans, though she seems to
ignore it. It isn't big, but it does show that she was aroused.

"I'm kinda tired, I'll just wait here if ya don't mind." states Kim as
she lays on the bed.

Nanyo nods, "Ok... I'll bring you breakfast in bed..." She
winks and goes off toward the kitchen.

"Thanks..." replies Kim.

To Be Continued in...
Into Space!

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