Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 12)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 12

Title: Chapter 11: The Ap-Dat Village- Forgetfulness

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.]

Thirty minutes pass by quickly as Nanyo rests underneath Kim's body.
Her eyes are closed in pleasure, though she still feels a little
drained of mana she is almost fully charged. But, she cannot bring
herself to move Kim away, even though internally she is shaking and
quivering with fear. She thinks to no one in particular, "Kim... I... I
can't... I don't wanna hurt you..."

Kim moans faintly and shifts slightly as she starts to come to.

Nanyo opens her eyes and looks up at Kim, thinking, "Oh hell... she's
wakin' up... God, she looks so lovely even when she's wakin' up..."

"Oooh, my head!" states Kim groggily as her left hand raises to her

Nanyo raises her hand to Kim's forehead, gently brushing a few strands
of her hair out of her eyes as she whispers, "Did you have a good nap,
Kim?" She thinks to herself, "Damn, that sounds so sappy..."

"Mmm, yeah, what happened? Why am I on top of you?" states Kim as she
lifts her head to look at Nanyo. It's obvious she's still a bit tired.

Nanyo blushes, "Uhm... well... that is... heh... w-well you see... aw,
hell, just come here!" She wraps her arms around Kim in a big hug,
squeezing her so tightly that she, herself, begins to shake from the
emotion bleeding from her, both physically and mentally.

"Uh, do I know you?" asks Kim.

Nanyo pulls back, gasping, "What the hell?!"

"What? what's wrong?" asks Kim.

Nanyo demands, "Damn it... Are you tellin' me you don't even know who I

"Am I supposed to?" replies Kim.

Nanyo roughly pushes Kim off of her, and gets to her feet. "Fuck... You
must really be a slut... I'm outta here..." She leaps into the air and
starts trying to fly off.

"Hey! Don't leave me here! I'm scared!" calls out Kim in a strangely
vulnerable voice.

Nanyo groans, "Damn it... I hate havin' a conscientious." She floats
back down and says coldly, "I'm only doin' this because of the Oln'tyl,
you know... Don't read any more into it, got it?!"

"The what? Is that a group or something?" asks Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head, "Forget it... or rather, you already forgot
it... never mind..." She grabs Kim's left arm and yanks her up into the
air, flying back toward the Ap-Dat village.

"Wow, I wish I could fly." states Kim looking at the ground.

Nanyo grumbles softly to herself, but says nothing loud enough to be
heard as she takes Kim back to the Ap-Dat Village and dumps her off at
Jakashi's house.

"Where is this place?" asks Kim.

Nanyo points to the house and says, "Go inside... you'll find someone
there who'll take care of you... I gotta go get a drink..."

"No, don't leave me. I don't know anyone here. Come with me." pleads

Nanyo groans, "Damn... just like a damn little kid..." She turns to Kim
and sighs, "Ok... fine..." She lands and takes Kim's hand, pulling her
into the house, where Jakashi's last note is still resting on the
nearby table.

"This building is pretty big. Who lives here?" asks Kim.

Nanyo replies, "No one, right now... Suki, Sashi, and their parents,
Jakashi and Susashi, used to live here..."

"Really? What kind of people were they?" questions Kim.

"They are Ap-Dat... a race of summoner's hated and feared by normal
people because of their past and their powers."

"Aww, that's sad. Are you an Ap-Dat?" asks Kim.

Nanyo gives this facial expression: _: as she rolls her eyes,
"Yeah... and I was once Suki's lover..."

"Hehe, really? Suki's a strange name for a boy." replies Kim.

Nanyo sniggers, "Oh HELL no! Suki's a girl... A really cute girl,

"A girl? how can two girls be lovers?" Kim looks genuinely clueless.

Nanyo slaps her forehead with her hand, "Oh GEEZ!" She takes Kim by the
hand and leads her over to bed. "Look, maybe you should rest instead...
maybe then your memory will come back... or I could..." She puts her
hand up on her chin in thought.

"Could what?" questions Kim looking at Nanyo.

Nanyo pats the bed, "Lie down... an' I'll see what I can do..."

"Oh, ok..." states Kim as she walks to the bed and lies down on it.
"What now?"

Nanyo sighs, "Close your eyes and relax..." She also closes her own,
and her telepathic powers start to probe the outer reaches of Kim's

Kim closes her eyes and giggles. "We're playing 'Hide and Go Seek'?"

Nanyo groans, but says nothing as she focuses her power, pushing into
Kim's mind, looking for the obstruction of Kim's memory and for the
source of what is making Kim act like this.

"Ok, 1... 2... 3..." begins Kim.

Nanyo pushes further and further into Kim's mind, thinking, "Damn...
where is it? There must be something that is makin' her act like

"4... 5... 6..." continues Kim.

Nanyo groans loudly in frustration, "Damn IT! Where is it?! God, this
is so aggravating!"

"Huh? Where's what?" asks Kim as she opens her eyes to look at Nanyo.

Nanyo groans, "Damn it, Kim... Why are you actin' like you lost your
memory?! What obstruction is there?!" She squeezes her eyes shut harder
and begins to pant as she pushes EVEN farther into Kim's mind.

"My memory? I lost my memory?" questions Kim.

Nanyo asks, both telepathically and out loud, "Who am I, Kim?"

"I don't know, and why are you calling me Kim?" replies

Nanyo grunts heavily, pushing her mind as far into Kim's mind as is
humanly possible, straining her telepathic powers to their limit.

"Hey, are you ok?" asks Kim.

Nanyo, then, collapses forward onto Kim's body, her eyes still closed,
her breathing slowing down as she slips into unconsciousness, the
strain too much for her to maintain the link.

"H-Hey, what's wrong?!" asks Kim as she shakes Nanyo's body hoping for
a response.

There is no response.

"Come on, what's wrong?! Is this because I don't know your name? I'm
sorry, I just don't remember. Please, wake up." states Kim franticly as
she shakes Nanyo.

There is still no response from Nanyo, though there appears to still be
a little blood pouring around her neck from when she crashed into the
ground. She is still breathing, though she doesn't appear to be awake.

Kim picks Nanyo up and lies her on the bed. then places her left hand
on her forehead and rubs gently. "Please wake up, I don't know what to
do to help. Just wake up, please." states Kim.

There is still no response from Nanyo, other than a low snore. It
appears as though she's completely wiped out and fast asleep. It seems
to have been complete exhaustion that triggered her fast descent into

Kim hears the low snore and sighs in relief. "Oh, you're just asleep.
You had me so worried." Kim places her hand to her head. "My head still
hurts. I think I'll just try to sleep it off." states Kim as she crawls
back onto the bed and almost immediately falls asleep beside Nanyo.

To Be Continued in...
Ap-Dat Village- Kimberly's Secret

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