Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 11)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 11

Title: Chapter 10: The Ap-Dat Village- Nanyo's Flee

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


"Dangit, where are you going!?" Kim quickly forms her blue spectral
wings and takes flight after Nanyo.

Nanyo screams, "Damn it, Kim! Leave me alone! I... I can't do this
now!" She flies faster, trying to get away from Kim.

Asiah looks around, scratching at her pinkish hair. "Um... I
guess I'll just wait here...." She looks shocked and stunned at the
quick end to the desperation fun they were having.

"Don't make me chase you Nanyo. You may be faster in flying than me,
but I have a way to catch you, believe me." states Kim.

Nanyo says nothing, but flies faster.

"Man, I'm gonna regret this later..." states Kim to herself before
stopping in midair and appearing to power up. A white aura suddenly
appears around Kim and her eyes and hair turns white. and numerous
electric currents appear to trail her body.

Nanyo notices nothing, almost a mile ahead by now.

Kim then suddenly disappears and reappears in front a Nanyo a short
distance ahead of her. "Stop already."

Nanyo sees Kim reappear in front of her and suddenly grabs something
from one of her pouches that she grabbed before taking flight. She
flings it at Kim, hitting her directly in the stomach. It appears to be
a powdery substance not unlike Parapowder, but all it does is blind Kim
for a brief moment while Nanyo zooms by underneath her.

Kim turns around, simingly unaffected and raises her right hand in the
air and soon a blade of pure lighting comes from her hand. Kim sends a
bolt of lightning in the air and disappears in a flash of light.

Nanyo doesn't even notice.

Kim's voice then comes out of nowhere. "What will it take for you to

Nanyo gasps, looking around frantically, "What the hell?!"

"Will you stop?" comes Kim's voice.

Nanyo asks, "Where the fuck are you?!"

"That's not important. Will you tell me what's wrong already?"

Nanyo screams, "Damn it, it IS important! Where the fuck are you?!"

"Why?" questions Kim's voice.

Nanyo sighs, "Stop it! Where in the sam hell are you?!" She looks
around, getting more and more frantic.

"Tell me why you insist on running, then i might." states Kim.

Nanyo, tears forming in her eyes for the first time, whispers, "I... I
can't.... I... I just can't..." She tries to fly off.

"You can't run from me."

Nanyo screams, "Stop it, bitch! Just stop it!" She brings her hands up
to her head, thinking it's her telepathic power at work here.

"why are so intent on running?" asks Kim.

Nanyo's tears now start to roll down her cheeks, "Damn it, Kim... I
already lost Nisu... I... I can't bear it again... Please STOP!" She
starts to float down to the ground, falling faster than she wanted to.

there's no reply

Nanyo starts crying, still holding her head as she literally starts
falling now. "Stop it! Please! Don't do this! Don't make me relive that
breakup! I... I can't!"

"I couldn't do that even if I wanted to." comes Kim's voice.

Nanyo cries out, "Why?! Why do you continue?!" Then, the ground comes
into view as she continues to fall, sobbing heavily, her memory of her
first breakup with Suki flashing across both girls' eyes.

"Aren't you gonna stop yourself from hitting the ground?" states Kim.

Nanyo looks up, "Huh?!" Then she slams into the ground, HARD.

"Now I'm sure that hurt." states Kim

Nanyo doesn't move for a few seconds and it looks as though she's

After a flash of light, Kim stands above Nanyo's body and kneels down.
"Hey, you ok?" states Kim shaking Nanyo with her hand

Nanyo groans as she slowly comes too, sitting up, a trickle of blood
running down her forehead, her left arm limp and her right leg stuck
out at a weird angle. She looks up at Kim then down at her body and
says only one word, "Ouch..." looking totally stoic.

"It looks like you broke your arm and leg..." states Kim.

Nanyo looks down at her limbs and nods, "Yeah.. It seems so... Damn...
I need my potion..." She rummages in her pouch with her right hand and
pulls out a potion that she immediately downs. Instantaneously, her arm
is returned to normal and her leg straightens out, revealing a big
bruise on her knee and ankle, which the potion cannot heal. There is
also blood and dirt smudges all over her body, but she takes no notice
of them as she gets back to her feet.

Kim gets to her feet also. "So, You gonna stop running?"

Nanyo sighs, "Damn it, Kim... I never wanted to relive that... why
couldn't you just let me not love you.. Why the hell must you be so
damn attractive?!" She tries to look away from Kim, sniffling once or

"Nanyo, It's ok to love me. I kinda feel the same way about you."
states Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head, "You don't understand! The only time I ever
loved someone I had to leave her behind! I-It hurt her so much... I.. I
can't let that happen again.. Damn it, I WON'T let it happen again!"
She again tries to take flight, but quickly falls back to the ground,
her extensive mana all used up by now. She lets out a vile vulgar word
and suddenly sits down hard on the ground, her energy levels depleted
from the chase.

"Hey, you wouldn't happen to have anything to restore mana would you?
That stunt I pulled is going to catch up with me shortly." states Kim
as her hair and eyes return to there normal color.

Nanyo shakes her head, "If I did, I would've used it on myself... Damn
it... I'm too weak to do anything... I need to rest..." She flops
backward onto her back, staring up at the sky, with a frustrated
expression curling her lip.

"Oh, well, that's to bad." states Kim smiling nervously.

Nanyo looks over at Kim, "What the hell are you smiling about?! This is
gonna be torture for me an' you know it! The longer we're trapped out
her the more I'm gonna.." She suddenly cuts off, not willing to
continue, but her telepathy clearly indicates that she's afraid the
longer she stays with Kim, the most she's gonna love her.

"I'm smiling to myself. After what I did to get you to stop, it
basically put my mana levels into the negative range. I'm gonna pass
out in a few seconds." states Kim.

Nanyo reaches into her pouch, tossing a bottle at Kim. "This won't
restore full mana, but it will bring it back up to 0."

"Heh, to... late..." states Kim as the bottle slips from her hands and
she falls to the group out like a light.

Nanyo groans, "Aw, that really sucks! Damn it, Kim! Don't do this to
me! I can't stand to see a pretty girl sleep! Damn it..." She crawls
over to Kim, her hand reaching out to Kim's drenched panties and
rubbing the wet area across Kim's labia.

Kim doesn't respond. She's just OUT. lol

Nanyo looks around furtively, as though hoping no one will see as she
positions her crotch over Kim's. She pulls her panties aside and groans
softly as she lets go, "Ahhh..." is heard as she pees a hard stream
directly onto Kim's labia.

When she finishes, she lays beside Kim, kissing Kim's folds for a few
minutes, then sliding her lips up Kim's body, licking here and there
until she reaches Kim's lip, which she kisses passionately until she
finally rolls Kim's body on top of hers and just lays there, reveling
in the feel of Kim's warm breasts pressing against hers as she closes
her eyes and waits for Kim to wake up.

To Be Continued in...
The Ap-Dat Village- Forgetfulness

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