Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 10)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 10

Title: Chapter 9: The Ap-Dat Village- Lifted Spirits

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.

Warning: Watersports]

Nanyo giggles, "And you don't think I'm not embarrassed to be walking
around with drenched pants? and probably a bloody sweater?" She hugged
Kim tenderly again, trying to cheer her up.

"I can't believe I went outside with no pants on. I can't imagine what
I must've looked like." states Kim.

Nanyo whispers in her ear, "Very cute..." She pinches Kim's side,
teasingly, adding, "I never would've thought you were that brave... I
only thought I was that brave..."

"But I wasn't aware of it. Ooh, I'm so embarrassed!" states Kim.

Nanyo gives Kim a peck on the cheek, "Don't be, love... You have a lot
to show off... I'm sure you turned quite a few Oln'tyl girls' out
there..." She winks at Kim.

The glow from Kim's body quickly fades to nothing as she blushes

Nanyo grins, "Aw, come on... don't be embarrassed... You are VERY
beautiful... I can easily see how Nisu fell in love with you..."

"I don't think I'll ever get over Suki leaving me, but I can deal with
it." states Kim.

Nanyo turns away, looking in a different direction as she states, "Me,
too.. Kim... Me too..."

"Thanks for trying to cheer me up."

Nanyo smiles, "Always, Kim... I will always try to cheer you up... you
and Sashi... who really need it..." She hugs Kim again, her jeans again
squishing audibly.

"You want me to dry those for you?" asks Kim.

Nanyo winks, "Sure... I'll get a dry pair of panties..." She peels out
of her jeans and hands them to Kim, showing over a really soft, tight-
fitting pair of wet cotton panties. that have a huge wet spot on them.

Kim neatly folds the pants into a small square and places her right
hand on them. A red glow emits from her had as a high degree of heat
dries them.

Nanyo raises an eyebrow and asks, "Mana or tech?"

"Tech, I don't use mana. It's so out of date." replies Kim smiling.

Nanyo laughs, "Oh, don't tell Nisu that! She depends on mana... it's
the source of her power... and my flying..." She floats up again, to
prove her point.

"Ya know, I can fly too. Although, I never told Suki that."

"Really? Show me!" asks Nanyo, eagerly.

"K, hold on..." replies Kim as she then closes her eyes.

Nanyo floats above Kim, watching eagerly.

The glow again appears from Kim's body, and shortly after that, blue
spectral wings appear from Kim's back.

Nanyo breathes, "Wow.... feathers..." She looks so interested that it
borders on awe.

"Feathers of light actually. Anyway, I use these to fly." states Kim.

"Coolio!" states Nanyo excitedly.

"You wanna see me use them?" asks Kim.

"Sure! You wouldn't really be showin' me much if you didn't..." teases
Nanyo, giggling.

"Hehe, Yeah that's true. But let's go outside where there's more room."
states Kim as she gets to her feet.

Nanyo giggles and asks, seductively, "With or without pants?" She
starts flying out the door.

Kim blushes in embarrassment again. "*sigh* I already went out there
once. Again won't be any different." states Kim as she puts her wings
away as she goes out the door.

Nanyo waits, about 3 stories up, laughing as several Oln'tyl girls
giggle and point up to her, some cat-calling to her.

Kim giggles to herself as she hears the commotion and brings her wings
back out and extends them out, showing off her 3 yard, tip to tip

Nanyo watches with amusement and glee. The Oln'tyl girls cheer for
Nanyo as she pulls her drenched panties off and swings them around,
exposing her smooth pubic mound.

"Your pretty popular huh?" asks Kim up to Nanyo.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "You kidding? These girls are just a bunch
of nymphomaniacs... they'd cheer you if you came up here naked..." She
sticks her tongue out at Kim.

"Well I'm half naked. Anyway, here I come..." states Kim as she as she
begins to flap her wings and slowly begin to lift from the ground.

Almost immediately, the girls whistle and catcall her now and Nanyo
breathes, "Wow... poetry in motion... aw, damn.. Did I say that?!
Urgh... I'm getting sentimental in my old age..."

"Huh? what has that Nanyo?" asks Kim as her ascent starts to increase
in speed.

Nanyo shakes her head, "Nah, nothing... You fly good... wanna race?"

"Come on, what did you say." whines Kim.

Nanyo sticks her tongue out, "If you wanna know, you gotta catch me!
Ready, set, go!" She takes off toward the mountains.

"H-Hey! It's been awhile since I last flew before!" states Kim as she
fly's after Nanyo.

Nanyo laughs, a good distance ahead of Kim. She sticks her tongue out
again and calls, "Nyahh! You're too slow! Come on! I know you can fly
faster than that, slowpoke!"

"Once I get used to flying again, I'll be flying circles around you."
replies Kim from behind.

Nanyo laughs, "Yeah right! The proof is in the challenge! Come on,
wimp!" She flies at nearly 130 MPH.

Kim sees Nanyo leaving her in her dust and frowns. "Crap, what I'm I
doing wrong? Oh! I remember!" states Kim to herself. Kim then retracts
her wings for speed and puts her legs together and her arms to her

"Yeah, here we go. now I just need to propel myself forward with energy
and see Nanyo's expression on her face when I fly past her...." states
Kim smiling as she uses a strong burst of energy to quickly thrust
herself forward at nearly 210 MPH. rapidly gaining on Nanyo.

Nanyo looks back and sees Kim gaining on her and grins, "Figures you'd
wait till I was ahead... Ok... time to move to phase 2..." Nanyo grunts
ever so softly and increases her speed to 220 MPH.

"Hehe, I don't think soooo." states Kim in a sing-song voice as she
forms two energy balls in her hands.

Nanyo grins, giggling, "Do what you wish, Kim... You still can't catch

Kim fires a beam of energy from her hands, propelling her forward at
nearly 300MPH.

Nanyo's mouth drops open as she gasps, "Whoa, shit... Guess it's time
to kick it up another notch..." She grunts a little louder and surges
forward at 310 MPH, sweat dripping down her forehead and trailing
behind her from her long red bangs.

"Crap." states Kim to herself. Kim increases the beams power and she
reaches 330MPH.

Nanyo growls, "Not yet, Ms. Starr... You haven't... seen...
everything... I've got... yet..." She closes her eyes and shoots
straight up into the sky, at 340 MPH.

"No fu*king way!" Kim follows Nanyo straight up.

Nanyo laughs, "Can you take it, Kim?" She surges faster, reaching 360

Kim attempts to increase her energy but the beams from her hands
suddenly phase out. "What the?" states Kim looking at her hands.

Nanyo looks down, "Something wrong, Kim?" She accelerates again,
reaching 370 MPH.

Kim suddenly gets a shocked look on her face. "Oh no! I forgot!" Kim's
wings suddenly disappear and the only thing forcing her forward is

Nanyo looks down and sees Kim's wings disappear. She mutters, "Fuck..."
and twirls around in midair, speeding downward to get under Kim.

Kim's momentum leaves her and floats in the air for a moment before
free-falling. "Help!"

Nanyo groans, "Damnit... I should of sensed it..." She surges faster
downward and gets under Kim just in time to prevent her from
falling further.

"I'm sorry, I forgot that it takes mana for me to fly, and I have very
little of it."

Nanyo sniggers, "I know... I could sense it... I.. I just didn't think
you couldn't keep it up for very long... By the way..." She peels Kim's
vest off, dropping her bra down to the ground with it and grinning.

"Hey! what are you doing?!"

Nanyo laughs, "Now that I got your attention..." She turns Kim upside
down and rotates her around faster and faster, giggling.

"Come on! cut it out!" replies Kim.

Nanyo laughs, still holding Kim by her ankle and quickly
tosses off her own green sweater and her bra, exposing her size C

"What are you doing this for?"

Nanyo flips Kim up so that she's holding the girl from behind and hugs
her, "So, tell me, Kim... do you think this is exciting?" She starts
kissing Kim's neck, tenderly.

"W-Well, yeah, kinda." replies Kim

"And have you ever wanted to feel the excitement of being naked out
here..." She waves her hand over the beautiful horizon.

"No, not really." replies Kim blushing.

"Aw, come on... It's fun! Look.. no one can see us up here... we can be
au natural out here and no one will care..." She spread her arms,
exposing her breasts to the cool air and sighs sweetly.

"Well, ok..." replies Kim.

Nanyo smiles, "Now spread your arms... expose yourself to the air and
feel the life of this planet... Breathe in it... bathe yourself in
it... you have a beautiful body... now show it off to the vast beauty
of the land and sky!"

Kim blushes deeply as she spreads her arms and feels the air on her

Nanyo smiles, "There... now spread your legs... let the air brush
across that area too..." She spreads her own legs, exposing her smooth
pubic mound and labia to the air and breathes out a deep breath,
"Ahhhhh... that feels so good..."

"O-Ok..." states Kim as she spreads her legs and a moan is forced from
her as she feels the air caressing her between the legs.

Nanyo laughs, "There... now doesn't that feel good? Don't you feel
freed and not caring about anything?" She starts kissing Kim's neck

"Ooh, yes..."

"Wanna have sex, Kim?" Nanyo suggests seductively, kissing Kim's neck

"Up here?!" asks Kim shocked.

Nanyo pinches Kim's right breast, and winks, "Sure..."

Kim gasps from the pinch. "Ah! O-Ok..."

Nanyo laughs again and slips one hand between Kim's legs, pinching her
pubic mound gently, as she whispers in Kim's ear, "Like that?"

Kim tenses her legs quickly upon feeling Nanyo's hand between her leg
and shudders as she feels Nanyo's breathe on her ear.

Nanyo starts blowing in Kim's ear as she starts to rub Kim's left side.

"Mmmm, k-keep d-doing that..." states Kim shaking a bit.

Nanyo snickers, whispering into Kim's ear, "Very sensitive there,
aren't you, Kim?" She raises her left hand up to Kim's left breast and
starts moving it up and down.

"A-And where do you think that is" asks Kim smiling.

Nanyo sniggers and uses a free hand to trace Kim's left ear as her
other hand holds Kim around her stomach to support Kim in the air.

Kim quickly gasps loudly as she stiffens and shakes a bit in Nanyo's

Nanyo laughs, "Ha ha... you can't hide anything from me, Kim... I know
all your secrets... But don't worry... I won't tell anyone..." She
starts tracing a second finger around Kim's ear as her other hand rubs
Kim's stomach gently.

"H-How do you know?" asks Kim trembling in Nanyo's arms.

Nanyo lifted her hand from Kim's ear and points to her own head,
"Remember... I'm Ap-Dat... FULL Ap-Dat at that... so... I have
very strong telepathic powers... just like Jakashi..." She winks.

"How much about me do you know?"

Nanyo grins, "Everything Suki knew, I know..."

"Everything?" questions Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Yep... Everything... including... your raping of your
sister, Becky..."

"I didn't mean for that to happen."

Nanyo shakes her head, "I know you didn't... I merely brought that up
since that is something you do try to hide from people..."

"Heh, but Becky said she ended up liking it after it was over."

Nanyo laughs, "I know... the little girl... she really likes rough
stuff... I could sense how she felt when Ulter Suki had her fun with
her... she liked the whole experience up until Rick showed up..."

"... Rick...." states Kim lowly.

Nanyo sighs, "Sorry... I almost forgot how much you loved him...
Incestuous, aren't you?" She winks, pinching Kim's nipple again.

"Ah! Well, I'm not related to him by blood." replies Kim.

Nanyo giggles, "Neither was Kanako, but she loved Keitaro more than
enough..." She grins, pinching Kim's nipple again, a little more
forcefully this time, but not enough to really hurt her.

"Ah!" Kim tenses quickly. "Huh? What are you talking about?"

Nanyo laughs, "I guess you've never read manga, have you, Kim?" She
squeezes Kim around her stomach and floats up higher, reaching a new
height where the air is slightly thinner.

"Manga? what's that?" asks Kim finding it a bit harder to breathe.

Nanyo grins and starts to describe manga as she holds Kim with one
hand. She swings her left hand around and a small portal appears from
which she pulls a tall bottle of some sort of beverage.

"Oh, so it's like a comic?" asks Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah..." She pops the top on the bottle and starts
swigging some of it. She then starts to describe some of her favorite

"Hey, I remember my brother having a few books that you had to read
backwards." states Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... most manga are like that... some are translated,
though, into forward-to-back format... messes up the whole story, I
tell ya..." She offers the bottle to Kim.

"What's that?" asks Kim referring to the bottle.

Nanyo grins, and winks, acting mysterious, "Something to drink,
obviously... DUH!" She laughs.

"Yeah, I KNOW that. but what is it?"

Nanyo grins, "Guess."

"I don't know.... alcohol?" states Kim.

Nanyo's grin grows wider, "Try it... maybe you'll have a better chance
of guessing it..." She offers the bottle to Kim again, pinching her
nipple gently to encourage her.

"OK, fine..." Kim drinks the drink and begins to think about what it
tastes like and gets a shocked expression on her face. "That isn't what
I think it is, is it!?"

Nanyo laughs, "That's right! Youuuuuuuuuuuu guessed it! It's Altaiarean
Beverage... a very concentrated version, that I experimented on... So,
tell me... how's it taste?"

"Deceptively good." states Kim frowning.

Nanyo laughs, still holding Kim up in the air, "So tell me... I know
Suki gave you some... how does my version stack up to hers?"

"Well, it tastes a bit better..." replies Kim.

Nanyo grins, "It should... the normal version doesn't have as much
sweetener as this one... I had to experiment a lot with the recipe to
get it right..." She pulls Kim closer, making sure that Kim is holding
the bottle, and just holds her as she floats in the air.

"Well the fact that it tastes good won't change the fact that I'll
still have to pee." states Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head, "Not for a while... your bladder was quite
empty... we have a whole lotta time before you really have to go..."

"And what are we gonna do until then?" questions Kim.

Nanyo rolls her eyes, "Do you really hafta ask, Kim?"

Kim sweatdrops. "Heh, I guess not."

"He-Hey... what's all the nervousness about, Kim? Surely you want this,
doncha?" Nanyo asks.

"Uh, y-yeah, I do, sorry."

Nanyo grins, "That's better... I'd feel really terrible fucking a girl
who didn't want to be fucked..." She surges upward in the sky again,
taking Kim with her.

Kim giggles a bit.

Nanyo then grins, asking, "Hey, Kim... does this remind you of
something?" She flings Kim up into the air, spinning her around and
around, laughing.

"Hey! What are doing!" exclaims Kim.

Nanyo laughs and watches Kim float up, then start to fall. She asks,
"Hey, Kim... remind you of a similar incident?"

A shocked expression suddenly claims Kim's face. "How!? How do you

Nanyo floats down beside Kim's falling body, stating, "Didn't I tell
you? I'm a full telepath... just like that sonofabitch Jakashi... I can
read your every thought just like book..." She grins.

"Aren't you gonna catch me!?" asks Kim as she free-falls

Nanyo grins, "Aw, doncha worry, Kim... We got plenty of time... look..
we're over 90,000 feet up... so tell me, Kim... does this remind you of
a similar incident?"

"Why do you want to know?" replies Kim.

Nanyo replies, "Because your sister is terrified of heights because of
that incident... I wanna hear your version..." She folds her arms as
they fall past a cloud.

"I don't what to tell." states Kim.

Nanyo frowns, "Aw, Kim... well, ok... no biggie..." She looks down as a
pink haired girl from Becky's past comes flying up. She looks excited
and has her thighs crossed as she flies up to them.

"Huh, who are you?" asks Kim to the girl.

Nanyo closes her eyes, groaning, "Aw, not again... not now..." The girl
with pink hair called out, "He-ey! Nan'chi! You're back! I waited for
so long! Let's be an Oln'tyl again!"

"You know her?" asks Kim to Nanyo.

Nanyo groans, "Yeah.. but back then, she was just a kid... I haven't
seen her for 4 years... she, Suki, Sashi, and I were a great

The girl waves her hands and screams, "Nan'chi! You're back! Nan'chi!"
She zooms up closer and closer to Kim and Nanyo, and her clothing now
comes into view, a pink pair of panties and a nightgown, which flutters
in the wind.

"Uh, can you please catch me now?" asks Kim.

Nanyo glances back at Kim and gasps, "Oh..! Oh yeah..." She swoops down
and scoops Kim up with one hand in a really smooth fashion. The girl
finally reaches the other two and pants, "Nan'chi! How come you didn't
tell me you were back?! I mean, Sashi I could understand... but not

"How many girls know you?" asks Kim.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Um.. I unno... there are 500 people in the
village... 250 of them women... 125 of them children... meaning about
125 eligible girls... I'd say about 100..."

The girl surges up to Nanyo and hugs her, "Nan'chi! It's so good to see
you again! And how's Suki? She left only 2 years after you! I haven't
seen her since..."

"Children? You like little girls?" questions Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head, "Not especially... I mean, Suki was different...
she was the smallest girl I ever fucked... but she needed

The girl hugs Nanyo harder, then turns around and spies Kim. She
blushes shyly and smiles, "Hi! My name's Asiah! What's yours?"

"Uh, Kimberly- ah, I mean Kim." states Kim quickly correcting herself.

Nanyo laughs, slapping Kim on the shoulder and winking at her. Asiah
giggles shyly, then gasps, "Hey, waitaminute... you... you were the one
in Becky's mind! You must her girlfriend!"

"What? What are you talking about?" asks Kim surprised.

Nanyo groans and floats behind Kim, holding her shoulders to keep her
afloat. Asiah looks confused, "What? She's not your girlfriend? Then...
why were you on her mind?"

"Uh, well, ya see.... We kinda had a um, relationship." states Kim

Asiah questions, "So you ARE her girlfriend? Funny... you don't seem
like the type..." She frowns and says to Nanyo, "Nan'chi.. it's obvious
that she's not an Ap-Dat... does she still believe in the Oln'tyl?"

"I'm not Becky's girlfriend. I'm her sister." states Kim.

Asiah screams, "EHHH?" and in her stunned shock, she slips and falls,
anime-style, down 500 feet before she caught herself. It is very
comical. Nanyo brings her left hand up to her face and groans, "Oh,
brother... she's definitely been skipping lessons..."

"What lessons?" asks Kim.

Nanyo explains, "Telepathy depends greatly on one's own skill, but in
order to learn how to use it properly, you have to be taught how to
handle the power and sift through the information you read...
obviously, Asiah's been skipping those lessons... probably to go play
with her friends..."

"Oh, so she doesn't know the whole story." states Kim.

"No... she seems to be able to get glimpses and images... but no
words..." Asiah now reaches their height again, panting, "So... you and
your sister... have a relationship? Incest, I mean?"

Kim groans in embarrassment before replying. "Yea."

Asiah seems confused, "Um, I'm sorry.. was that something I shouldn't
have asked?" She looks sad and blushes.

"No, it's alright. Don't worry about it."

Asiah nods, "Okay..." and groans slightly, bringing her left hand down
to her crotch and squeezing as she looks up at Nanyo. "Nan'chi... can
we... can we do 'it'?"

Kim simply looks at the girl.

Nanyo's facial expression shows that she's confused. "Huh?" she asks,
"Which 'it' are you talking about?"

Asiah blushes and leans in close to Nanyo, whispering in her ear
something in which the word, "Lip'not" is heard. Nanyo's eyes widen
sharply and replies, "Uhm... I oughta ask Kim if she wants to
participate..." She turns to Kim and asks, "Do you wanna participate in
an Oln'tyl ritual known as Lip'not?"

"What is that?" replies Kim.

Asiah blushes as Nanyo explains, "It's a ritual in which we Ap-Dat do
whatever we can to make one Ap-Dat girl in particular wet her
panties... I believe you and Suki did this once... right?"

"Yeah, we did. She tricked me too." states Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "Suki was ALWAYS good at that... since she couldn't
outlast anyone with her poor bladder control, she was always trying to
find some way to win... Altaiarean Beverage was her usual tactic... but
she had others..."

"I drank two whole bottles of that stuff thinking it was some type of
alcoholic drink." states Kim.

Asiah laughs, "No! You didn't!"

Nanyo giggles, "That's Suki for ya... course, I ALWAYS got her back...
she ALWAYS wet herself while she was sleepin'... and it was always due
to me..."

Kim giggles at that remark.

Nanyo asked, "So.. you wanna participate? Better hurry up and decide or
Asiah here will probably pee right now..." She grins as Asiah blushes.

"Yeah, let's do it." states Kim.

Asiah grins as Nanyo decides, "Ok... Let's go to the... 'special'
location..." She carries Kim off to the west, toward a forest. Asiah
follows them.

"Special Location?" questions Kim.

Nanyo explains, "Yeah... it's a nice place that I found.." Asiah clears
her throat and Nanyo admen's, "I mean... that SUKI
found... that is really beautiful.." She lands at the edge of the
forest and starts running at a high rate of speed, Asiah quickly

"Hey! Wait for me!" states Kim running after the two.

The two girl's race at nearly 10 MPH, dodging trees and bushes, for
nearly 10,000 feet, almost 2 miles, before Nanyo stops on a dime, Asiah
screaming as she slams into Nanyo's back and...

About a minute later Kim comes through the trees panting and leaning on
a tree. "Oh... man! Why were the two of you... running so fast?" asks
Kim. as she then drops to her butt.

Nanyo whispers, frantically, "Ssh!" and Asiah grabs Kim around the
mouth, holding her lips shut, and whispers, "Be quiet, Kim... If
anything hears us, we will die a most painful death..."

Kim's eyes widen in surprise.

Nanyo pushes a tree limb aside, revealing a small cave. She holds the
tree limb aside as Asiah pulls Kim forward and pushes her into the
cave, face forward, causing her to slide down some sort of metallic

"Ah! What the hell?!" exclaims Kim.

Asiah starts sliding down after her, crying out, "Kim! Be quiet!" Just
then, both girls heard a loud roaring and Nanyo yelling, "SHIT!
MOTHERFUCKER!" Then, a large pair of teeth entered the cave just behind
Nanyo, who barely stays ahead of the teeth.

"Ok, ok..." states Kim to herself.

At the bottom of the stone slide, the three girls land unceremoniously
in the cave. Asiah and Nanyo stand up and brush themselves off.

Kim quickly gets up and appears to be as happy as a little kid. "Again!
Let's do that again!"

Nanyo laughs out loud as Asiah giggles. Then both girls dash forward,
deeper into the cave toward a source of light at the far end.

"Aw, come on with the running! Forget this, I don't have to stay on the
ground..." states Kim as she glows white again and her wings appear.
She floats above the ground a bit a follow the two girls.

At the other end of the cave, the two girls emerge into what is clearly
a hot springs. Nanyo laughs as Asiah turns to look at Kim. "So, tell
me... you like?"

"Yeah, I like." states Kim floating.

Nanyo points to a nearby hut and says, "That's where we're goin'...
Asiah.. you ready?" Asiah blushes and smiles, "Yes..." Then Nanyo turns
to Kim and whispers, "You should be feeling it by now..." She winks.

"Feeling wha-" Kim is quickly stopped as she suddenly puts a hand to
her crotch.

Nanyo laughs as Asiah look confused. "What's wrong with her?" Nanyo
replies, simply, "Altaiarean Beverage..." Asiah responds, dully, "O..."
Then, both girls go into the hut, Nanyo beckoning Kim to come with.

Kim floats into the hut as she holds herself.

Inside the hut, Asiah quickly lies down on the cot, which is made of
straw and VERY absorptive. Nanyo stands in the corner and beckons Kim
to sit on the chair next to the cot. The chair is made of wood and is
very hard.

Kim descends to the floor and makes her wings go away as she walks to
the chair and sits down on it.

Asiah whines slightly as she pulls up her nightgown to expose lovely
pink panties. Nanyo then intones in the original Ap-Dat language:
Th'onl Da'it We'no!"

Kim gives an utterly confused look.

Asiah then intones, "Th'onl Da'it We'no!"

"I don't have any clue what your saying." replies Kim.

Nanyo nods and her mental telepathy sends these words directly into
Kim's mind, "Just say these words... 'Th'onl Da'it We'no... It means We
Now Begin..."

"Um, ok. Th'onl Dait We no." replies Kim.

Asiah nods and spreads her legs, exposing the crotch of her panties.
Nanyo grins and pulls Kim up to her feet, "Ok... let's do it..." She
moves to Asiah's legs as she points to Asiah's chest.

"Ok." states Kim as she moves next to Asiah and places her right hand
on her left breast.

Asiah smiles sweetly and brings her left hand up to her glasses, which
are on the verge of falling off. She trembles slightly and whispers, in
what sounds like a sexy voice, "You can't do it, Kim... I'm too strong
for you..."

"Can't do what?" questions Kim.

Asiah grins and whispers, "You can't make me cum... or wet myself... I
can hold on longer than you can imagine... so long as my hands are
free... " She brings her right hand down to her side and starts

"Wetting herself, maybe. But you can't stop yourself from cumming."
replies Kim.

Asiah grins, "Wanna bet on it? I got 50 Dregmars here that says I
can..." She slides her right hand up into her nightshirt and pulls out
a big green coin.

"Dregmars? What's that? money?" asks Kim.

Asiah nods, "Yeah... they aren't Hel, like the rest of the world... but
they function similarly..."

"Well, i didn't bring any money with me when I came here." states Kim.

Nanyo looks up and quickly moves to Kim's side, secretly slipping 2,000
Dregmars into her hand, then stealthily moving back to Asiah's feet,
bringing her finger up to her lips in a "Ssh.." position.

"Oh, looky here. I got this..." states Kim as she shows Asiah the

Asiah's mouth drops open, "No WAY! You.. You have THAT much?! I... I've
never seen so much money... U-Uhm... o-ok.. how about this?" She digs
in her pocket and pulls out 200 more Dregmar coins, totaling 500

"Uh, ok?" replies Kim glancing at Nanyo.

Nanyo stage-whispers, "Use the coin with 500 on it..."

Kim looks through the coins and finds one with 500 on it and places it
on the bed.

Asiah grins, "Ok then... let's do it..." She places her coins on the
bed and Nanyo scoops them up, saying dubiously, "I think I'll place
these somewhere safe..." She tries to slip them into one of her pouches
which are now laying on a night table behind Asiah's head.

"Hey, wait a minute, Nanyo what are you doing?" states Kim.

Asiah looks up and grins, as Nanyo freezes. Asiah speaks, "Caught you
red-handed this time, Nan'chi!" Nanyo mutters, "Crap... Busted... and
drops the money on the table, muttering some 'choice' words to herself
as she returns to the cot where Asiah is lying.

"I can't believe you, trying to steal from a friend." states Kim as
glares at Nanyo.

Asiah now laughs, "It's okay, Miss Kim... Nanyo's always doing that...
she thinks she'll get rich someday.." Nanyo groans, "Well, shit.. I
mean, come on.. you live in the poorest village on the whole damn
planet and you are actually happy not being able to buy some of the
modern conveniences? Damn, you are too easily satisfied..."

Kim decides to keep her mouth shut about her own income and squeezes
Asiah's breast in her hand.

Asiah grins and settles back down on the cot, smiling, "So now the
contest begins..." Nanyo now smiles as well and threatens, "And now...
for my fun..." She bends her head over Asiah's labia and pulls the
crotch of her panties aside, exposing her labia to Kim. She winks at
Kim and blows slightly on them, causing Asiah to quiver slightly.

Kim uses her other hand and pinches both of Asiah's nipples.

Asiah grins, whispering, "That tickles, Kim... but it's not gonna make
me cum any more quickly..." She brings her left hand down to cover her
right breast and her right hand rubbing her side.

Kim smiles and trails her left hand down Asiah's stomach to her inner
left, upper thigh.

Nanyo grins and continues to blow on Asiah's labia as Asiah grins and
moans slightly, "Feels good, Kim... but you still can't make me cum
just by doing that..."

Kim doesn't respond as her right hand glows red as she generates a
gentle heat from her hand on her breast.

Nanyo grins, thinking she knows what's gonna happen. Asiah senses the
heat and asks, somewhat confused, "Kim? I sense some strong power
within you... wh-what are you doing?"

"Are you worried?" asks Kim smiling.

Asiah shakes her head, "I... I don't think so... but it does feel
weird... I... I never had this kind of power used on me before... I'm
not sure how to react..."

"Just react the way you feel..." states Kim as she moves her right hand
to the girl's neck.

Asiah's breathing quickens, her throat wobbling slightly and her
glasses beginning to fog up from the heat now beginning to be emitted
by her body. She states, "It.. It really feels good... surprisingly

"But it won't make you come, right?" asks Kim smiling.

Asiah blushes, "Well, uhm... uh... actually... I-It kinda might... if I
let it go on..." She takes her left hand and rises it up to Kim's hand
and tries to pull it away.

Kim allows her hand to be pulled away, but her hand on her thigh starts
to emit that same heat.

Asiah trembles slightly, "Ooh.. I almost forgot about that hand..." She
brings her right hand down to take hold of Kim's hand. Nanyo looks up
and winks at Kim, telepathically saying, "Ok... now keep her hands away
from herself and I can make her cum.. Heh, you'll be 1000 Dregmar
richer soon..."

'Ok' thinks Kim as she quickly frees her hands and grasps Asiah's

Nanyo grins, "Perfect..." She reaches up to Asiah's stomach and starts
to rub gently. Asiah gasps, "N-Nan'chi!" It seems she had forgotten
about Nanyo being there and tries to pull her left hand free from Kim's

"Ah, ah, ah!" states Kim holding her hands.

Asiah whimpers, "Wh-what... What are you doing? Th-This isn't fair!"

Nanyo laughs, "Of course it is, Asiah... After all... Little Miss Kim,
over here, will have to go soon as well... I gave her some Altaiarean
Beverage and if I'm not mistaken, her bladder should be just now
starting to get full."

Kim then tenses slightly, but still holds Asiah's hands.

Asiah asks, "But can she hold it long enough for her turn? And Besides,
she doesn't have any panties to wear! It's still not fair!"

Nanyo grins, "Of course she will... Kim, look in that night table...
there should be a pair there that'll fit you... there are plenty in
there for any Oln'tyl girls who come here.."

"B-But I have to hold her hands." replies Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head, "It's ok... we'll take a short break while we
wait for you to put 'em on..."

"Ok." replies Kim as she let's Asiah's hands go and goes to the table
and sifts through a few pair of panties before a pair that look like
they'll fit.

Nanyo glances over at the door to the hut, muttering, "Hmm? Oh crap...
this is just great..." She says nothing loud enough for the others to
hear, but a grin crosses her lips. Asiah sits up, asking, "Kim? Have
you found those panties yet?"

"Yeah, I think these will fit." states Kim as she tries on a pair of
light pink panties. Which do fit.

Asiah looks up at Kim's panties and giggles, "They look good on you...
I can't wait to see them get wet.."

"Well, I don't think pink is really my color." states Kim walking back
to the bed.

Asiah smiles comfortingly, "Of course it is... why look..." She gives
Kim's panties a slight tug, causing them to straighten out and expose
the shape of her labia within.

Kim quickly grabs Asiah's hands. "Ah, ah, ah, I haven't forgot about
our bet."

Asiah grins, "Ok ok... I was just showing you how those panties show
off your tender areas without actually showin' them..."

"Oh really?" states Kim smirking.

Asiah grins, "Yeah... what, you didn't think I'd ACTUALLY cheat, do
you, Kim?" She raises her eyebrows at Nanyo, who's turned toward the
door, trying to look through the bamboo rods of the hut.

Kim also looks at Nanyo. "What are you doing there?"

Nanyo whispers, "Come here... but don't say or do anything..." She
waggles her finger, indicating that Kim should come closer.

"...Ok." Kim releases Asiah's hands and walks over to Nanyo.

Nanyo points through the holes in the poles and whispers, "Look... we
have an unexpected guest..." She giggles.

"Who?" questions Kim.

Nanyo whispers, her ruby-tinted eyes glinting, "It's... that girl! And
look... she's takin' a bath... Look at how she's naked!"

"What she doing here?" asks Kim.

Nanyo rolls her eyes at Kim and whispers, "What the fuck does it look
like she's doin'?! Takin' a damn bath, obviously!"

"I mean how does she know about this place? Is there a different
entrance here?" asks Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "Well, yes and no... I mean, there's no other physical way
into the Hot Springs, but I suspect little Suki had something to do
with it... It must've cost her every bit of mana she had at the

"You think she's ok?" asks Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Oh yeah... that girl over there is thinking about a date
she has with Suki..."

"A date?" states Kim surprised.

Nanyo sighs, "Yeah... a date... It seems as though little miss Suki's
fallen hard for the girl... When an Ap-Dat makes a date, it usually
leads to something more permanent..." She looks sad as she says this.

A sad look claims Kim face as well as she calmly places her right hand
on her crotch.

Nanyo sighs too, then Asiah calls, "Hey, uhm, girls? Are we doin' this
or not?" She sounds impatient.

"I don't know if I can. Not with Suki in this general area." states

Nanyo shook her head, "No... I can't sense Suki here... that girl's the
only one I sense... Which is odd..." She frowns.

"Something must've happened to her." states Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head, "No.. she's not worried... she's thinking about
Suki right now... and I can almost see a smile on her face..."

"Then why isn't she here? That's awfully strange." states Kim.

Nanyo suddenly smiles, "Ah... I get it... I see... heh, heh... smooth
work, Suki... really romantic..."

"What? What is it?" asks Kim.

Nanyo starts giggling, holding her hand over her mouth to suppress the
noise, "Heh, heh, Suki... never did get up to middle class, didja..."

"What is it? come on." states Kim.

Nanyo grabs Kim and pulls her away from the opening, whispering,
"Suki's girl is here, takin' a bath, for two reasons... One, Suki
wanted to surprise her with her 'date' outfit... and two, because
Suki's house doesn't have but one bathroom..." She laughs.

"What does the bathroom have to do with this?" asks Kim.

Nanyo grins, "She wanted a shower... she wants to be nice and perfect
for her date..."

"Oh..." replies Kim.

Asiah sighs, "Well, geez... If we're not gonna do anything, I'd better
go..." She sits up, pulling her nightshirt on and sighing sadly.

Kim doesn't say anything.

Asiah sighs and makes as if to go.

Nanyo reaches out to Asiah and takes hold of her shoulder, "Wait...
don't go... We haven't even begun yet..." She grins.

Kim visibly tenses as she grasps her crotch harder. "We're still going
to do this?" asks Kim.

Nanyo scratches one of her bangs, "Um, yeah... there a reason we

Kim shakes her head no. "No, I guess not.

Asiah complains, "Aw, come on, you guys! This is no fun! Quit talkin'
over there and come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!"

Asiah's statement brings a smile to Kim's face. "Ok, ok, let's get back
to what we were doing."

Nanyo grins, "Excellent... now, which part did you want, Kim? Her boobs
or her pussy?"

"Uh, which evers quickest." replies Kim as faintly starts to do the
'pee dance'

Nanyo laughs, and winks at Asiah, "Ok... take her boobs then... I'll
take her pussy..." She moves to Asiah's crotch and slides her panties
over to expose her labia.

Asiah blushes and leans back on the cot, sighing, "Th-that's nice...
show off my folds, why don't you?" She giggles.

Kim attempts to move but freezes after a step. "Uh, Nanyo, there's a
slight problem..." replies Kim blushing

Nanyo grins, "Yeah? An' what's that, Kim?" She thinks she might know.

"Uh... I, gotta go." states Kim bouncing slightly.

Nanyo laughs, "I know... I can sense it... you want me to do your DP?
It's quicker..."

Asiah sits up, "Ooh, ooh! I wanna see, I wanna see!"

"Ooh, I don't know if I can hold it that long." states Kim as she gets
a look of concentration on her face and tensing up.

Nanyo grins, and quickly floats over to Kim, pulling her over to the
cot and pushing Asiah to the floor. She reaches out and gently brings
Kim's hand down to her crotch and makes Kim rub her own labia as she
rests her left hand on Kim's left thigh.

Asiah lands on the floor rather roughly, exclaiming, "Oof!" But she
quickly jumps to her feet and places her hands on Kim's legs, pulling
them apart as Nanyo begins to rub gently.

"Ah! I'm serious, I don't think I can hold it much longer." states Kim.

Nanyo and Asiah giggle, "Of course you can't... No one can resist
having their DP rubbed..." They chorus.

Kim then starts to tremble.

Asiah slides her left hand up into Kim's panties as she uses her body
to spread Kim's legs and she begins to lightly stroke Kim's labia,
appreciating the soft tenderness of Kim's most private and personal

Nanyo continues to rub Kim's thigh, going slightly harder and faster as
time goes by. She bends her head over Kim's hip and starts licking
gently with the edge of her tongue.

Kim is then heard groaning as she feels her hold slipping.

Asiah pries apart Kim's labia, slipping her index finger up and into
Kim's vagina, smiling as she whispers, "She's wet... being desperate
must really turn her on..."

Nanyo laughs, "Well, no shit, Asiah... Of course, she's turned on... I
wouldn't have suggested that we do this to her if I didn't think she
would've been..." She continues to stroke Kim's thigh harder and faster
as she licks up to Kim's kidney area.

"I... I can't hold it, m-much l-longer." groans Kim.

Asiah then probes her finger up against the swollen bulge that is
pressing on her vaginal wall and grins, "Full, isn't it?"

Nanyo continues her actions, using her tongue, now to trace the area of
skin that lies on the outside of where Kim's uterus would be leading
into her bladder.

Kim suddenly tenses sharply before going totally limp and peeing

Asiah moans softly, "Ah... there she goes... relax, Kim... just let it
all out..." She continues to probe her finger around Kim's vagina,
trying to find Kim's most sensitive spots.

Nanyo laughs and pulls her hand away from Kim's thigh, floating over to
Kim's breasts and beginning to fondle them as she bends her head over
Kim's and presses her lips against Kim's.

"Oohhh! That feels so good!" states Kim as she relishes in the
sensation of her urination.

Asiah watches as Kim's pink panties grow wetter and wetter and she
continues to press her finger further and further into Kim's vagina as
Nanyo simply uses her lips to kiss Kim over and over again.

Kim just relaxes on the bed in pleasure.

Nanyo sighs as she finally pulls back, shaking slightly, a look of
shock on her face. She mutters, "Damn... never expected that to

Asiah asks, confused, "What? What happened? You gotta pee too?"

Nanyo shakes her head, sitting down in the corner looking stunned.

"What? what's wrong Nanyo?" asks Kim.

Nanyo just shakes her head, blushing for perhaps the first time in her
life. Asiah tries to use her telepathy on Nanyo, then she freezes,
stunned as well. "N-No way... Nan'chi.. It's impossible, isn't it?
Didn't you swear never to do that?!"

"What?! What happened? Come on, tell me." states Kim.

Nanyo just looks away, blushing shyly, unwilling to let herself believe
it. Asiah takes Kim's hand and pulls her to her feet, whispering in her
ear, "I... I think she's beginning to fall for you... and it really
scares her..."

"Fall for me? you mean she's having feelings for me? How does that
scare her?" asks Kim.

Asiah whispers, "Ssh! Don't speak so loudly! Look.. all Nanyo's life,
she's only had one person she ever really loved... Suki Nihon... but
when her parents forced her to move to the other Ap-Dat village, she
swore off all love... fearing what might happen if she opened her heart
again... she was really torn up that day..."

"Oh" stated Kim simply.

Asiah sighs and whispers, "So you see... now that she's realized that
she might be having feelings for you, she's scared to death..."

"Oh, I see..." replies Kim.

Asiah sighs, "Maybe you should go over there and kiss her... I think
she'd like that.... Maybe there's a way you can assuage her fears..."
She pushes her glasses back up her nose to keep them from falling off.

"Uh, ok..." states Kim as she then walks to Nanyo and kneels in front
of her.

Nanyo looks up, her bravado gone, her teasing nature gone, everything
gone except a strong sense of shyness as a cute blush grows up her
cheek. The only word she can manage to get out, in a hoarse whisper is,

Kim 'Shh' her as she runs a hand through Nanyo's hair and then Kisses
her on the lips gently.

Nanyo responds, hesitant at first, then relaxes into the kiss, pushing
her tongue forward, whimpering slightly, as she's locked in a mental
struggle with herself for control of her emotions. Her left hand comes
down and rests on her stomach just above her bulging abdomen and Asiah
grins, "Hehe... I'm gonna outlast both of 'em..."

"Nanyo, its ok." states Kim as she ends the kiss.

Nanyo looks up at her and shakes her head, replying, "I-It's not...
I... I can't... I.. I'm sorry..." She gets to her feet and makes for
the door to the hut in a hurry.

Asiah gasps, "What the?!" looking totally shocked.

"Hey! Where are you going?" states Kim as she quickly gets to her feet
and grasps Nanyo's left arm.

Nanyo wrenches her arm free from Kim's hand, not giving any explanation
as she flings the door open and takes flight into the air.

Asiah gasps, "!!!!!!" and grabs a nearby towel to wrap around her body
as she follows Kim and Nanyo.

To Be Continued in...
Ap-Dat Village- Nanyo's flee

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