Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 1)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 1

Title: SIDE FIC 1: Cat-girl Nikki Arrives (Chapter 0)

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the character Suki, Huehue does.


Kim's in her room looking after the sleeping Suki in her bed.

Suki let out a soft sigh as she tries to roll over on her side, wincing
and whimpering softly as her ribs ache before she can settle down into
a comfortable position.

Kim gently places her hand on Suki's cheek.

Suki's eyes open slightly as she lifts her head weakly, looking at Kim.
She doesn't say anything, but the tears in her eyes speak volumes as
she rests on the bed. It is apparent that she's trying to tell Kim that
she feels undeserving of Kim's gentle touch after what she did to her.

"Don't cry Suki. It's not your fault what happened."

Suki whispers, her voice weak, "I.. I can't help it, Kimmie... I.. feel
so terrible... I... I... don't feel like I should accept you're... and
your love... or Mi-chan's... I... I just don't know... why I couldn't
control myself... why I couldn't push her out..." She turns away from
Kim, her tears spilling down onto Kim's sheets.

"Believe me Suki, I know how you feel, but don't let this make become

Suki protests weakly, "B-But I... I still feel like this..." She
sniffles sadly.

"You have to get over this Suki." Kim rubs her hand over Suki's cheek.

Suki moans softly, her shoulders trembling from the emotion surging
through her, yet she remains where she is, unable to bring herself to
even look at Kim because of her actions.

"Suki, I love you. I always will."

Suki suddenly whirls around and collapses into Kim's arms, sobbing
unrestrainedly, totally inconsolable. She blubbers, "B-But... I.. I can
remember what you said... when Ulter... k-kidnapped B-Becky...!"


Suki replies, sniffling, "You said, 'Motherf*****.... I remember seeing
the anger in your eyes... I-It was s-so violent..."

Kim quickly looks away. "I was angry, I said I lot of things I didn't

Suki holds onto Kim harder, "B-But I still remember... the anger... a-
and when Rick appeared... I... I saw how you looked at him..."

a blush now appears on Kim's cheeks.

Suki adds, softly, "I... I know you have... a r-relationship with
him... a-and... i-it would be wrong of me... t-to interfere..." She
suddenly pushes away from Kim and tries to roll to the side of the bed
and get to her feet.

Kim puts a hand on Suki's shoulder. "I won't lie to you, I love him,
but I love you more. It was just a shock to see him there after so

Suki stops and turns toward Kim, tears still rolling down her cheeks,
"Y-You love me more?" she questions softly, looking confused.

"Yes, I do."

Suki blushes shyly and looks down at her lap, where her hands are and
adds slightly, "B-But Mi-chan... she... she doesn't like... wh-what I
like... I... I'm so afraid of hurting her.."

"I can't speak for her but, I know she still loves you."

Suki sniffles but doesn't know what to say. She just keeps nervously
wringing her hands, wrapping them around and around her Japanese
schoolgirl uniform-like skirt.

"Does your body still hurt?"

Suki sighs, "M-My ribs are still sore and my chest hurts a little... b-
but.. I.. I think I'll be fine soon... Standing on my legs, though...
is hard to do... th-they feel so weak and wobbly under me..."

Kim places her left hand lightly on Suki's chest. "I'm
not much of a healer like my brother, but I'm sure I can ease the pain
a bit."

Suki merely stares at Kim, her violet eyes showing curiosity at what
Kim may do to her.

Kim's left hand glows white, sending a warm relaxing sensation through
Suki's chest.

Suki tenses, moaning softly, "A-Ahh..."

"It's starting to feel better?"

Suki moans softly sweetly, "Y-Yeah... th-the gash s-seems to be healing
a little... I... I can almost feel it closing up..."


Suki moans again slightly and rests her head on Kim's shoulder,
whispering, "T-Thank you, Kimmie... I.. I... really needed to hear you
say that... I.. I was... s-so hurt..."

Kim removes her hand. "Sorry, that's the best i can do."

Suki hugs Kim whispering, "I-It's ok... Kimmie... I... I just need to
take it easy... for awhile..." Then she moans, "Ooh.." and her left
hand comes down to her stomach, rubbing softly as she starts to move to
the end of the bed again.

"Your hungry?"

Suki shakes her head, "N-No..." She tries to get to her feet, her legs
wobbling underneath and she has to use Kim's dresser to brace herself.
Her left hand continues to rub her stomach and drops further down to
her abdomen, which appears to be slightly swollen.

"Oh, you have to pee? The restroom is down the hall to the left."

Suki nods, "Th-thanks, K-Kimmie.." She balances herself precariously,
leaning heavily on the dresser, then when she leaves the room, she uses
the wall to support her weight as she heads for the bathroom.

a knock comes from the door to the apartment. "I'll get that."

Suki hears the knock on the door, but continues to head for the
bathroom, finally reaching it. She slips inside and sits down. As she
goes, she listens intently to what is happening outside.

Kim stands next to the door. "Who is it?"

"Meow." is her reply.

Suki finishes in the bathroom, and gets up, flushing the toilet and
quickly washing her hands. She stumbles clumsily to the door and pulls
it open, not sure what she should do or where she should go.

"Meow? Who's there?" replies Kim.

"You don't remember me, Ki Ki?" answers the voice.

Suki stumbles cautiously down the hall, vaguely thinking about heading
for the kitchen to see what Kim has to eat in her apartment.

"Ki Ki?!" Kim quickly opens the door. revealing a cute girl with a
black hat on and a long yellow shirt that reaches past her waist.

"That's my name, don't wear it out." replies Nikki.

Suki, still holding onto the wall for support, steps into the living
room. She sees Kim over by the door standing next to Nikki and, though
she is intensely curious as to who and what she is, she restrains
herself and makes for the kitchen.

Kim's face suddenly brightens up like a little girl. "Nikki!" Kim
quickly grabs the girl in a tight hug.

"Ah! Hey, not so tight Ki Ki." states Nikki squirming in the embrace.

"Oh, heh, sorry." replies Kim letting the girl go.

Suki hears the exchange in the entranceway and grows a little sad and
jealous at the same time as she reaches up to a shelf and starts
looking for anything to eat that isn't meat.

Nikki walks past Kim to the open space of the room. "So, this is your
place huh?"

"Yeah, you like it?" replies Kim.

"Well, from what I heard about you Ki Ki, you don't need to live in a
apartment." states Nikki.

Kim sighs. "Not you too."

Suki listens intently but silently, her hand reaching up for a box of
cereal, but missing spectacularly and dropping the light box on her
head, groaning softly under her breath, "Ow... stupid thing..." She
bends down to pick it up, cocking her ears and struggling to hear every

"Where's that little brat you call your sister?" asks Nikki smiling.

"In her room." answers Kim.

Suki straightens up, the cereal box in her hand and her breath leaves
her lungs as she exhales slowly, her side still aching slightly from
the gash. She moves over to a sink and pulls out a dirty bowl, flipping
the tap and absently washing it as though it's a nervous habit of hers
to wash and clean dirty things when she's concentrating on something
other than that.

"Heh, where's her room?" asks Nikki.

"Down the hall, the first door on the right." replies Kim.

"Thanks." Nikki goes down the hall to Becky's door.

Suki sighs to herself as she finishes washing the bowl and a nearby
spoon as well as 10 other dishes that she can't remember working on,
but that are now clean. She takes the bowl into the dining area and
sits down at the table, pouring the cereal into the bowl.

Nikki goes into the room and moments later Becky's angry voice could be
heard. "What the fu*k are you doing here?" Nikki comes out the door
quickly, missing her hat.

Kim giggles to herself as Nikki quickly comes back to were Kim is.

Suki dips her spoon into the cereal and absently starts eating it,
having totally forgotten about adding milk and not even noticing how
dry it is as she strains to listen to the conversation.

Becky rushes out of her room dressed in a long white shirt. "Why the
hell are you here?" Becky takes a swing a Nikki who dodges it like it's
normal. "As lively as ever I see." states Nikki.

Becky falls over from the miss to the floor and Nikki promptly sits on
her. "All that energy, why don't you rest a bit." states Nikki.

"I was resting until you showed up! get off of me!" states Becky
squirming to get up.

Suki raises her eyebrows at the sound of Becky's voice and fresh tears
come to her eyes as she remembers what she did to Becky.

"I'm gonna let you two get reacquainted." states Kim going to the
kitchen. "Kimmie! don't you leave me here with her!" exclaims Becky
from the floor.

"We'll be fine, right brat?" states Nikki laying flat on Becky. "Get
off me!" exclaims Becky.

Suki pushes the unfinished bowl of cereal away from her and puts her
arms on the table, resting her head on top of them, her tears flowing
freely down her cheeks as she listens to Becky's voice and realizes she
almost permanently destroyed that cheerful voice with her actions,
uncontrollable or not.

Kim comes into the kitchen and sees Suki crying. "Hey, what are you
crying about now?"

Suki starts and looks up at Kim, her tears flowing down her cheeks,
"I.. I did it to her... I... I almost killed her... I.. feel... so
terrible.. "

Becky's voice, giggling now, but still protesting. is heard. "No! don't
*giggle* do that! *giggle*"

"Killed her? how?" asks Kim.

Suki replies sadly, "Ulter... wh-when she took control of me... sh-she
injected s-some blue fluid in-into Becky's nipples... g-gave her
complete control o-of her bladder a-and o-other f-functions... th-they
w-were linked.. wh-whatever Ulter thought, Becky felt... i-if Ulter h-
had not be-been removed... Becky would've died from blood poisoning!"

"Blood poisoning? How?" asks Kim.

suddenly, a loud "Oww! You bit me!" comes from the Nikki in other room.

Suki replies, "Th-that blue fluid... i-is a very powerful serum... sure
it makes you tell the truth and can be used to forge a telepathic link
between two people, but the strain and stress on the victim's body
eventually causes the blood vessels to collapse in on themselves,
causing death. That's the reason, the Ap-Dat stopped using it ages

Becky suddenly comes running into the kitchen. "Kimmie, get your
friend. Tell her to leave me alone."

Nikki shortly follows into the room, her cat ears, and tail clearly
visible now. she promptly performs a chokehold on Becky. "The little
brat bit my tail!"

"Can it you two." replies Kim

Suki suddenly bends over the table, placing her head in her arms and
sniffling softly.

Nikki lets go of Becky and she tries to leave to go to her room but
Nikki hits the girl in the back of the head with her tail. "quit it!"
exclaims Becky.

"Cut it out you two!" states Kim.

Suki looks up at Nikki, seeing her clearly for the first time and she
gasps, "Wh-what the... I-Is that a tail?!"

Becky quickly goes back to her room and the lock clicking can be heard.
"Yep! it a tail alright." states Nikki waving her tail behind her.

Suki looks stunned and watches it flick back and forth. "Wh-where did
you get it?"

"I was born with it, and the ears."

Suki blinks, just now noticing the ears, "Ah... I see... c-can I..."
She motions as though she wants to touch Nikki's ears.

"Sure." states Nikki lowing her head to Suki.

Suki places her hands on Nikki's ears and touches them, squeezing
gently and tenderly. "Wow", she gasps, "They're so soft and furry."

"*giggling* Aren't they though?" states Nikki

Suki places her hands on Nikki's head and starts petting her, stroking
the fur on her head and her ears.

Nikki lets out a low purring sound and moves her head to meet Suki's

Suki finally smiles, and giggles softly, "Aw... what a pretty kitty...
reminds me of my little sweetums back home..." She starts gently
stroking any and all fur on Nikki's head, neck, and back.

"Ok, you two, that's enough" states Kim.

Suki pouts shyly, but pulls her hand away, turning back to her cereal.
She pulls the bowl closer to her and starts munching away again,
looking up every so often to keep up with the flow of conversation.

"Aww, Ki Ki, I was enjoying that." pouts Nikki sitting up straight.

"I know you were, that's why that was enough." states Kim.

Suki swallows another mouthful of cereal and asks, "So.. where are you
from, Nikki? I... I've never seen... someone quite like... you...
before..." She tries to word it so as not to seem offensive but merely
curious, which she is.

"Heh, I don't remember. I was orphaned when I was young. But I grew up
here in the city." states Nikki.

Suki replies, looking sad, her eyes filled with pity, "Oh, I'm so
sorry... I... I probably shouldn't have asked... It must be painful to
think about that..."

"Don't worry about. It doesn't bother me anymore." states Nikki.

Suki eyes her with a curious look on her face, "Is that so? You never
wonder what happened to your parents?"

"Of course I have silly. who wouldn't."

"And it doesn't bother you?"

"Like I said, not anymore."

Suki sighs, "That's... really... sad... " She reaches out a hand to
Nikki's hand and places it on Nikki's. She pats her gently, her eyes
showing sympathy and compassion.

"Hey, I said I'm fine."

Suki sighs, pulling her hand back and returning to her dry cereal,
which she finally notices is void of milk. She comments to Kim, "This
cereal is awfully dry, Kimmie.." Her eyes twinkle as she smiles.

"I guess so, there's no milk in that bowl." states Kim.

Suki's eyes widen and she states, rather stupidly, "Oh..."

"Kimmie? Why do you call Ki Ki that?" asks Nikki.

Suki blushes and replies, "Is there a reason I shouldn't, Nikki?"

"Well, no. What's your relationship with Ki Ki?"

Suki blushes and glances furtively over at Kim, her eyes asking a
question her mouth cannot. "Should I tell her?" is the question.

"Uhh..." states Kim blushing.

"Hey, what's going on? Why are the two of you blushing?" asks Nikki.

Suki fumbles, "Uhhh.... uhhh...." She can't think of how to best say
what she's thinking. She turns, instead, to Kim and mouths, "H-Hey?!
Help me out here, Kimmie!"

"Uhh, well, ya see, we're lovers." states Kim.

"Heh, you're kidding right?" asks Nikki.

Suki blushes but responds, "No... We're not kidding... We really are
lovers..." She finishes her cereal and pushes the bowl away again.

Nikki bursts into laughter suddenly.

Suki blushes and suddenly looks down at her lap, feeling slightly

Nikki comes down from her laughing shortly. "So... Ki Ki, Queen of
Dick, is a lesbian now. I never thought I'd live to see this day."
states Nikki. Kim's face turns beat red in embarrassment.

Suki gasps, "K-Kimmie?! Q-Queen of... what?!" She stares at Kim,
totally baffled.

Kim looks away from Suki in embarrassment. Nikki then speaks up. "Oh,
she didn't tell you? Ki Ki could suck a dick good."

Suki's mouth just hangs open as she stutters and stammers, trying to
understand what's going on. She has no clue what to think or what to

"Isn't that right Ki Ki?" states Nikki. Kim is too embarrassed to

Suki doesn't know what to do, so she turns toward Nikki and asks,
somewhat stupidly, "What exactly is a "dick"? I've never heard that
word before?"

"O_O you've got to be kidding, it's what a guy has. You know..." states

Suki's face suddenly brightens in understanding, "Oh, you mean a

"Yeah, that."

"S-So... Kimmie used to like sucking o-on those? I-Is this true,
Kimmie?" she looks at Kim with a questioning glance.

Kim makes a faint nod with her back turned to Suki.

Suki smiles and takes Kim's left hand in hers, gently rubbing her skin
tenderly. "It's okay, Kimmie... I understand... In fact... I think I
now understand why you loved Rick so much..."

"What, how?" asks Kim turning herself around.

Suki blushes, "He has one... y'know... one of... th-those... and if you
liked it so much... I-I can understand why..." She smiles at Kim, then
turns to Nikki, asking, "Tell me more, Nikki.."

"What do you want to know?" asks Nikki.

"No, don't!" exclaims Kim.

Suki grins, "Just kidding, Kim-MI..." She turns to Kim and suddenly
gets up, walking around the table and leaning over Kim, kissing her on
the lips as she whispers, "I won't force you to tell if you don't want
to tell."

"Thank you." replies Kim.

Suki takes Kim's hand in hers again, giving an encouraging squeeze, but
then, her side aches again and this time, her legs suddenly give out on
her. She falls.

Kim quickly catches Suki before she hits the floor. "What wrong with
her Ki Ki?" asks Nikki.

"She was hurt badly." states Kim.

Suki moans, "Ow... dang it... my legs still aren't working right... I
must've... injured them in some fashion... I need to get my potions...
" She looks up at Kim and asks, "Kimmie.. do you know where my pouch

"Uh, no, I don't. Sorry."

Suki groans, "Dang... I... I'll have to mix some more... Wait... if I'm
not mistaken..." She starts searching through her skirt and blouse,
checking every pocket for something.

"I have something that may help." states Nikki reaching into the left
pocket of her shorts and pulls out a small packet. "It may be small,
but it should perk you right up." smiles Nikki.

Suki takes the packet and asks, "What should I do? Just swallow it?"

"For you, you should probably mix it with some kind of liquid, like

Suki nods, "Ok... Kimmie, could you please hand me a glass of water?"

"Nikki, tell me that stuff isn't what I think it is." states Kim
getting a cup and filling it with water.

"Yep, it sure is." replies Nikki.
Suki glances up at Kim asking, "What is it, Kimmie?"

"Nikki never told me what it is or where she gets the stuff from. but
it seems to be able to cure just about anything."

Suki's eyes widen, "A.. A cure-all?! I.. I think I remember hearing
about something like this... but it was so long ago that I've

"well, here's the water." states Kim giving the water to Suki.

Suki takes the water gratefully and opens the packet, pouring the
contents into the cup.

Kim and Nikki watch Suki.

Suki then upends the cup into her mouth, gulping it down quickly in
about 2.3 seconds.

Kim moves over to Nikki and whispers to her. "it's not a cure-all is

"Well, it has the same properties as a cure-all, and a nice side
effect." states Nikki smiling back to Kim.

"Crap, why did you give her that?" she needs to rest." states Kim.

"Not when she's feeling 100% better." replies Nikki.

Suki finishes drinking the water and slowly flexes her legs, wincing
only slightly at first, then getting used to the feeling. She
hesitantly gets to her feet, testing her balance on one leg first, then
the other.

"How do you feel Suki?" asks Kim.

Suki gasps in surprise, "I... I can stand! I... I really can stand!"
Suddenly, she starts jumping around, like the old excitable Ap-Dat girl
she used to be. She starts cheering getting louder and louder, the
smile on her face evidence of her happiness.

"And the gash on your chest?" asks Kim.

Suki replies, almost smashing her head against the ceiling, "Oh.. oh
yeah..." She reaches down to her blouse and starts unbuttoning it,
clueless of what she's doing and only interested in seeing if the gash
is gone.

"I hope she's a fun one." thinks Nikki.

Suki finishes unbuttoning her blouse and immediately starts fiddling
with her bra, unclasping it and exposing her breasts. She looks down at
her chest and replies, "Hmmm... the gash is gone, but it looks like
I'll have a scar for the rest of my life."

"Are you feeling funny?" asks Kim.

Suki asks, "Funny? In what way, Kimmie?"

Kim quickly glances at Nikki then back to Suki. "Like... horny."

Suki starts to shake her head, but then her expression changes and her
eyes start to glaze over slightly as she moves close to Kim. She
whispers, blushing, "Kimmie... you say you love me... but when was the
last time we touched?"

"I'm gonna enjoy this." states Nikki sitting in a chair. "Oh great."
thinks Kim before replying to Suki's question. "It's been awhile Suki."

Suki coos, "Do you remember the last time we touched, Kimmie? And do
you remember this?" She drops her left hand to Kim's stomach and starts
rubbing her bottom rib.

Kim jerks her mid-section away giggling. "Heh, yeah I remember."

"She's still ticklish there." thinks Nikki. "Heh, if she's still
ticklish on her ribs then..."

Suki lowers her lips to Kim's stomach and kisses her gently, the
passion she has for Kim beginning to explode out of her in droves. She
wraps her arms around Kim's waist, hugging her hard, and pushing her
own breasts up against Kim's.

Kim begins to hug Suki as well.

Nikki's tail slowly goes back under her yellow shirt. movement can be
seen under the shirt from the front. Nikki begins to moan lightly.

Suki smiles, "Kimmie... let's go the bedroom... we can have more fun,
there..." She starts to float up off the ground, effortlessly picking
Kim up and holding her in her arms, her lips locked with Kim's.

"Ok, but let Nikki come. I'm sure she would want to watch us."

Suki smiles, "Of course, Kimmie..." She turns around and, while holding
Kim with one arm, she grabs Nikki with the other and hovers off to
Kim's bedroom.

"Awesome! you can fly!" exclaims Nikki.

"Yeah, but it's the landings that need work." states Kim

Suki pouts playfully, "Aw, come on, Kimmie... I'm getting better,
really!" Just then, she conks her head on the doorway as she tries to
float under it and she groans, "Oww....."

Kim and Nikki giggle.

Suki scowls, "Stupid doorway..." She makes it into Kim's bedroom and
hovers over the bed for a few seconds before she drops Nikki on the
right side and Kim on the left side. She looks at Nikki and uses a
minor fire spell, well controlled of course, to gently burn her clothes
off, promising, "I'll make you some new ones, Nikki... some better
ones... but right now.. I want you to join in..." She turns to Kim and
does the same, though this time she leaves Kim wearing her panties,
winking, "I have something special planned for you, Kimmie.."

"Sure I'll join." states Nikki.

"Special like what?" asks Kim.

Suki leans over to Kim's ear and whispers, "You were watching me all
night weren't you, Kimmie?"


"Then it safe to assume that you haven't been to a bathroom recently,


"What are you two talking about?" asks Nikki.

Suki giggles, "Aw, don't worry, Kimmie... It won't happen right away...
I wanna play with you some first... and Nikki... has she ever done this
kinda thing before?"

"I don't think so."

Suki frowns, "Do you think she'd mind if we did it to her?"

"I honestly don't know."

Suki blushes, "Can you ask her in a non-conspicuous way?"

"How should I go about asking her?"

"Ask me what? these ears aren't just to make me look cute ya know."

asks Nikki.

Suki blushes, and instead of asking her, reaches a hand down to Nikki's
abdomen, feeling it tenderly. "Hmmm... that feels nice, " whispers

"Hehe, that tickles." giggles Nikki.

Suki gives it a slight pinch to gauge Nikki's reaction, smiling gently.

Nikki playfully backs away. "why are you tickling me all
of a sudden?"

Suki turns to Kim and mouths, "Tickling?!"

"What about it?" asks Kim.

Suki pulls Kim aside and whispers, "I pushed on her abdomen, but all I
did was tickle her... Is her anatomy different than a normal girl's?"
She looks confused.

"How should I know, I'm not a catgirl. maybe she just doesn't have to

Suki frowns, "But.. it certainly felt like a bulge..." She seems even
more confused now.

"sigh. I'll just ask her."

"Nikki, do you have to use the bathroom?"

"Huh? Yeah, why?" replies Nikki.

Suki suddenly grins, "Then.. I have a little... proposition for you,
little Nikki..."


Suki grins, "I'll let you see something amazing if you agree to try to
hold it as long as possible without leaving..." She winks at Kim.

"Sure, why not." replies Nikki

Suki then turns back to Kim and whispers, "Do you have a pair of
panties that she can wear?"

"Becky may have some she can fit." states Kim.

Suki grins, "Cool.. .I'll go and get them... " She leaves the room and
closes the door behind her, locking it with a magic spell.

"Your girl is weird Ki Ki, wanting to know if i needed to pee."

"Heh, well she's not that weird."

Nikki brings her tail in front of her and begins to fiddle with it.

Kim looks at Nikki messing with her tail.

Just then, Suki returns, again locking the door behind her. In her
right hand is a pair of pink panties and she quickly moves over to
Nikki's side, offering them to the cute neko.

"Huh? What are these for?"

Suki strokes Nikki's ear gently, "Those are for you to wear, Nikki-

Nikki does that twitch with her ear that cats do sometimes. "Ok." she
grabs the panties and puts them on.

Suki looks to Kim and smiles as she crawls up onto the bed and motions
for Nikki to come on up as well. She looks at Kim and Nikki together
and smiles, "Now girls... let's have fun!"

"Yay!" exclaims Nikki pouncing onto the bed. Kim follows onto the bed
shortly afterwards.

Suki turns to Kim and starts kissing her gently, her left hand behind
her on Nikki's right breast, gently stroking.

Nikki coos at the touch to her small breasts.

Kim starts to return the kiss fully.

Suki sighs and wraps an arm around Nikki's small body and pulls her
closer as she lowers her lips down Kim's body to her chest,
Suki begins licking Kim's collar.

Nikki uses her tail to rub Suki's left leg.

Kim moans as she feels Suki's breath on her chest.

Suki moans at Nikki's tail on her leg and her right hand comes behind
her to gently squeeze the young neko's right breast as she lowers her
lips further down Kim's body to her left breast, licking all around the
nipple without touching it. Her left hand lightly begins to trace up
and down the curves on Kim's left side.

Kim moans from the feel of Suki's tongue on her breast. Nikki also
begins to moan again feeling Suki's hand on her breast again.

Suki then grins, whispering to Kim, "How's that bladder, Kimmie?" She
glances back at Nikki and smirks, "You wanna play some with the Queen
of Dick?" She giggles.

"Tolerable." replies Kim. "What do you have in mind?" asks Nikki.

Suki pats the bed near her and motions for Nikki to move to her other
side, "Come here between us, Nikki-chan..."

"Ok." Nikki moves to where Suki suggests.

Suki, then, winks at Kim and leans past Nikki to whisper in Kim's ear,
"Let's play with the cute little neko some before we let her pee..."
She winks again.

"Ok." whispers Kim.

"What are you guys gonna do." asks Nikki.

Suki raises her eyebrows at Kim and grins. She takes Nikki's arms and
holds them gently behind her as she kisses her neck.

"Ooh, that feels good." moans Nikki.

Kim then runs her hand along Nikki's right breast.

Suki pins Nikki's arms behind her as she slides her free arm around
Nikki's stomach and starts to run a finger along her bottom rib.

Nikki begins to giggle from Suki's action.

Kim starts to kiss the neko on the lips.

Suki lowers her hand down along the cute neko's abdomen and starts to
gently probe it, without putting too much pressure on it.

Nikki's body vibrates slightly as she begins to purr.

Kim continues to kiss her.

Suki, then, nuzzles the soft fur on the neko's head as she starts to
tenderly caress her abdomen, gently playing with her bladder.

Nikki starts to squirm slightly now.

Kim removes her lips from Nikki's and places them on Nikki's throat
licking the skin there.

Suki starts tracing her index finger around the bulge that is her
bladder and she leans over Nikki's shoulder to lick at her cheek.

Nikki begins to moan again at Suki and Kim's actions.

Suki wonders, "Maybe she hasn't been pressured enough, yet... I may
need to do more..." She slips her hand down between Nikki's legs and
starts playing with her crotch.

"Ah!" Nikki suddenly tenses as a shot of pleasure shoots though her

Kim moves her move to Nikki's breasts and begins to lick
her nipples.

Kim moves her move to Nikki's breasts and begins to lick her nipples.

Suki mumbles in Nikki's ear, "Did you like that, Ni-chan?" She begins
to lightly caress the neko's labia through her panties.

"Ah, Y-yes."

Kim begins to lightly nibble on Nikki's nipple.

Suki slowly trails her hand up Nikki's body back to her abdomen and
lightly presses in again as she whispers, "Do you want me to touch your
little horny labia again, Ni-chan?" She kisses the neko's cheek again.

Nikki begins to squirm a bit from Suki's hand. "Y-yes, please."

Kim uses her left hand to play with Nikki's ears while she licks at her
neck again.

Suki smiles, "Then... tell me... Ni-chan... How does this
feel?" She again presses a little on Nikki's abdomen.

"It makes my urge to pee grow."

Suki asks, "And does that feel good to you, little Ni-chan?" She pulls
her hand up and starts petting Nikki's fur again.

"W-why would it feel good?"

Suki nods, smiling, "Yes, Ni-chan... for example.. let me show you..."
She gives Nikki's abdomen another gentle push and lets go of Nikki's
arms, using her body weight to pin them down. She uses this hand to
insert a finger into Nikki's vagina, lightly rubbing the little neko's
inner walls for a brief second before pulling out.

"Ah!" Nikki squirms to try and free her hands.

"Hey, don't move so much or you'll loss it quicker." states Kim.

Suki brings her hand back up to Nikki's left arm and pulls it in front
of her, placing it on her right nipple, saying, "See that? Feel how
hard that is? That's mostly from your urges.." She kisses Nikki's cheek
again, comfortingly.

"So, I have to go, let me up." squirms Nikki.

"You know, I remember Becky saying something similar when you sat on
her." states Kim.

Suki giggles and starts to gently rub Nikki's abdomen again. She uses
her other hand to hold Nikki's arms behind her back and glances over to
Kim and says, "Hey, Kimmie.. gimme a hand.. let's force the little neko
to go.."

"What!? No don't!"

"come on, you'll like it." states Kim.

Suki uses her free hand to gently caress Nikki's abdomen some more as
she admits, "Kimmie and I both do it all the time, Ni-chan... we both
like it and know you'll like it too..." She starts licking the neko's

"Come on guys, don't do this."

"Aww, don't be like that Nikki. Your going to love it." states Kim.

Suki places her head over Nikki's head and again licks at her
furry ears as she lowers her hand down to Nikki's panty-covered labia,
whispering, "You will like it, Ni-chan.. it feels nice and wet and your
panties will rub so gently up against your labia... it will feel like

"N-No, stop. I won't be able to hold it in if you keep this up." states

Kim then moves her right hand to Nikki's left breast and starts to
squeeze it gently. "That's the whole point Nikki." states Kim.

Suki, still using her right hand to hold Nikki's arms behind her, slid
her left hand along Nikki's panty-covered labia and whispered, "It must
not be too bad yet, Ni-chan... you aren't even squeezing your thighs
yet... besides... once you go, you'll feel free and will be able to
relax..." She nuzzled Nikki's left ear.

Nikki quickly but momentarily closes her legs from the touch of Suki's
hand. "Ah! Don't."

"Don't what Nikki?" asks Kim as she places her mouth on Nikki's other
nipple and begins to lick and suck. causing the young neko to squirm
from this.

Suki smiles and slides her left hand up from Nikki's labia and along
her pubic mound, past her swollen abdomen, her stomach, past Kim's lips
and Nikki's breasts, and all the way up to Nikki's ears. She starts
petting Nikki's head and begins to pet her, running her hand down along
the back of Nikki's neck and back up to her head, as though she's
stroking a cat. She whispers, "Isn't this nice, Ni-chan?"

"Ooh." moans Nikki. She then starts to purr shortly after her moan.

Kim continues to lick and suck on Nikki's nipple and massage her left

Suki glances down to Kim and whispers, "Kimmie... come a little

Kim removes her mouth from Nikki and moves her head closer to Suki.

Suki whispers in a very low voice as she continues to pet and stroke
Nikki's head and hair, "Kimmie... I'm having a hard time reaching her
labia and abdomen... can you take over for me there? I'm gonna hold her
arms and play with her cute tail for a little while..."

"Sure." replies Kim.

"What are you guys planning?" asks Nikki.

Suki smiles and continues to pet Nikki, whispering softly and
comfortingly, "Nothing special, Ni-chan.. nothing special..." Her left
hand lets go of Nikki's arms, again using her body's weight to keep
them down as she slides it down to Nikki's tail, gently holding it and
stroking it.

"H-Hey, that's my tail." states Nikki attempting to free it from Suki's
hands. While Kim lowers herself between the neko's legs and rubs her
right hand over her panty-covered labia. causing her to start to squirm
in pleasure.

Suki asked, "Sorry, Ni-chan... does that hurt?" She looks apologetic
and continues to pet the young neko.

"N-No, you just surprised me when you started touching it."

Suki smiles, "Ah, I see... then, tell me, Ni-chan... does this feel
good? Do you like this?" She playfully starts to rub and down along the
tail as her other hand starts to scratch gently behind Nikki's right
ear. She glances down at Kim and smiles at her actions.

"Ooh, yes... I feels good." Kim then begins to lick Nikki's right inner
thigh, causing her to shudder slightly.

Suki smiles and bends her head over Nikki's shoulder to lick at her
collar and neck again as she continues to stroke and pet the tail and
rub and pet the little neko's head and hair.

Nikki begins to purr again until Kim's hand mistakenly slides up the
panties and presses on her abdomen firmly for a quick moment. Causing
Nikki to quickly close her legs and tense up.

Suki feels the young neko tense and pulled her hand away from her tail.
She wrapped that arm around Nikki's waist, holding the little catgirl
in her embrace as she whispers, "Did that feel good, Ni-chan?"

"I-I gotta pee." Kim then starts to lick the inner thigh of Nikki's
right leg. Causing her to shutter again.

Suki nods, "I know, Ni-chan... but doesn't Kimmie's touch feel nice?
Doesn't Kimmie excite you?" She pets Nikki's side and starts tracing a
finger along Nikki's curves as she nuzzles Nikki's left ear.

"Ah, y-yes, Ki Ki's touch does feel nice."

"And doesn't her body excite you, Ni-chan?" She continues nuzzling
Nikki's ear, sticking her tongue out and licking at the soft fur. Her
hand moves over to Nikki's stomach and gently strokes along her belly.

"Oohhh." Moans Nikki. Kim then runs her right hand along Nikki's left

Suki smiles again and whispers, "Are your ears, sen-si-tive, Ni-chan?"
She grins and winks at Kim as she teasingly licks at Nikki's ear again.

"Not as much as Ki Ki's." Kim's face gets flushed red at Suki's and
Nikki's statements.

Suki giggles, "Yeah.. Kimmie's ears are hyper sen-si-tive... but.. tell
me, Ni-chan... is this a sensitive area here?" She takes hold of
Nikki's tail and bends her head down, sticking her tongue out and
licking at Nikki's tail.

"Ah!" replies Nikki jerking her tail away from Suki. "Nikki blushes a
bright red.

Suki giggles, "Is that your sensitive spot, Ni-chan?" She pets the neko
on her head again.

"..." Kim places her left hand to Nikki's panty-covered labia making
her tense slightly at this touch.

Suki asks, "Ni-chan? Did you hear me?" She bends down again and licks
again at Nikki's tail.

Nikki suddenly tenses up moaning.

Suki pulls back, asking, "Ni-chan? Are you losing control?" She stops
petting the young neko.

"N-No, that's not it."

Kim then pokes a finger into Nikki's panties. causing her to tense up
again momentarily.

Suki replies, "Then... what are you feeling, Ni-chan? Tell me... I'm
dying to know how you feel..." She resumes petting the neko.

"I-It feels good."

Suki continues, "And your tail? Is it sensitive, Ni-chan?" She sticks
her tongue out and gently caresses Nikki's tail as she continues
petting the neko's head and hair.

"Ah! Yes, Yes it is." states Nikki as she then moans. Kim removes her
finger and moves the panties out of the way and inserts her finger into
Nikki's wet vagina. Causing her arch herself against Kim's finger.

Suki grins and again licks along the length of Nikki's tail, using her
left hand to play with Nikki's cute neko ears and her right hand to
gently stroke the young girl's belly as the catgirl arched herself.

"Ooh, that feels great!" replies Nikki as she finally gives in.

Suki giggles, "Isn't it, though? And its only just beginning, Ni-
chan... It's only the beginning..." She runs her tongue again along
Nikki's tail, feeling it move back and forth as she uses her left hand
to gently fold and rub Nikki's left ear while her right hand feels the
young neko's belly move with her breathing.

"Oh, yes." moans Nikki. Kim ands another finger into Nikki and begins
to slowly pump them in and out. Making Nikki squirm in pleasure.

Suki continues her actions with her hands and suddenly takes the neko's
tail completely into her mouth, sucking gently on it.

"Ooh!" loudly moans Nikki tensing up. "Heh, looks like you found her
spot Suki." states Kim.

Suki giggles, pulling Nikki's tail out of her mouth and replying,
"Yep... Little Miss Neko here didn't tell us just how sen-si-tive her
tail was..." She pets Nikki's ears and returns to sucking on Nikki's

"Ooh. Ah!" moans Nikki moaning. then she suddenly gasps and closes her
legs. trapping Kim's hand.

Suki smiles and continues sucking on Nikki's tail, her eyebrows raising
at Kim, plainly asking if the young neko is starting to lose control of
her bladder. At the same time, she rubs Nikki's belly more tenderly and
teases her furry ears with her fingertips.

"Not yet." whispers Kim. Nikki starts to relax back a few moments

Suki closes her eyes for a second and suddenly, her thoughts enter
Kim's mind as she uses her low-level telepathic powers to ask, "Can you
feel her bladder vibrating? Or is she simply feeling pleasure from your
finger in her vagina? And... are you gonna rub along her urethra like
you did to Becky and make her cum?" She continues sucking on Nikki's
tail and playing with the little neko's cyute furry ears again.

"No, but it's throbbing. Do you want me to?" thinks Kim.

Suki thinks, "Do you think she's having a hard time holding it? Do you
think she's in pain or is she still enjoying it?" She sucks harder and
more insistently on Nikki's tail as she rubs Nikki's belly again,
playing with her ear by rubbing a finger all along the inside curves
without sticking it into Nikki's auditory canal.

Nikki's now squirming on the bed from pleasure and desperation. "I
don't think she's in pain but I don't think she likes holding it in."
thinks Kim.

Suki thinks, "Do you think we should 'convince' her to let go? Do you
think it's time?" She lowers her hand down to Nikki's swollen abdomen
and lightly traces a finger around the throbbing swollen bulge.

Nikki squirms more. "Come on, stop you guys..." groans Nikki.

"Yeah, I think it's time to make her lose it." thinks Kim.

Suki grins and thinks, "Ok, Kimmie..." She places her thumb squarely
over Nikki's bloated abdomen and starts to push ever harder, thinking,
"Spread her labia, Kimmie..."

for a quick moment Nikki growls as Suki increases the pressure on her
bladder. then Kim spreads Nikki's labia. "What are you guys doing?!
Don't do that!" exclaims Nikki.

Suki presses her thumb harder on Nikki's abdomen, giggling as she pulls
Nikki's tail out of her mouth, "Come on... pee your panties! We want to

and with a cat-like moan, Nikki moans loudly as her hold is stripped
from her and she pees hard into her panties while a loud hiss (the
urine). Nikki sighs in relief as she pees for close to 2 minutes.

Suki pets and strokes her cat ears gently, whispering, "That's it...
Just let it all go... just let it all go and relax..."

Nikki goes limp for a moment as the last of the urine in her bladder is
released, and purrs slightly.

Kim lightly rubs her right hand over Nikki's soaked panties. Then a
moment later puts her left hand slowly over her stomach.

Suki notices Kim's movements and whispers, grinning, "Feeling alright,

"Uh, y-yeah, I'm fine..." replies Kim.

"Is something wrong with Ki Ki?" asks Nikki a bit tiredly.

Suki grins, "Nothing too serious, I'm sure..." She gets up to her knees
and hovers a little over the bed, floating past Kim to her other side
and trapping Kim between Nikki and her. She wraps her arms around Kim's
and pulls Kim's arms behind her. She, then, looks up at Nikki and
winks, "Want some revenge, Ni-chan?"

O_O "What?!" exclaims Kim. "Huh? what kind of revenge?" asks Nikki.

Suki winks, "Just like what she did to you... you can do to her..."

"So Ki Ki's gotta go to the bathroom too?" asks Nikki.

Suki nods.

"Come on Nikki, don't do it, please." pleads Kim. "What? and let you
get away with making me wet myself? You've got some nerve..." replies
Nikki getting up and kneeling in front of Kim.

Suki giggles and thinks, "Dance puppets, Dance!" She continues to hold
Kim's arms behind her back and leans over Kim's shoulder to kiss her on
the cheek.

Kim closes her legs as she groans slightly. "Oh no you don't!" states
Nikki as she pulls Kim's legs apart, causing her to groan.

Suki pins Kim's arms like she did with Nikki, freeing up her hands. She
gently grabs Kim's chin and turns it up so that she can kiss Kim on the
lips and gently slid her tongue inside; her other hand lowers to Kim's
right breast and begins to tickle her nipple.

Kim moans into Suki's mouth has she feels her urine needing someplace
to go. Suki's action to her breast and Nikki holding her legs apart
isn't helping her case any ether.

Suki thinks to Kim, "Isn't this nice, Kimmie? Your lips are so soft and
tender... and I can sense that you really REALLY hafta go..." She
continues to kiss Kim as she uses her left hand, (the one that had held
Kim's chin) to motion to Nikki to begin to play with Kim's abdomen.

Nikki shakes her head no. "I got my own plan..." states Nikki. as she
places her left leg in-between Kim's to prevent her from closing her
legs. Nikki then starts to lick Kim's neck.

Kim closes her legs around Nikki's but it doesn't help her hold.

Suki smiles at Nikki's actions and continues to kiss Kim tenderly,
lovingly, her passion for the HUnewearl as strong as it ever was. Her
left hand lowers to Kim's ribs and begins to tickle her slightly as her
right hand's index finger flicks over Kim's nipple.

Nikki brings her right hand up and strokes one of Kim's ears. Kim
tenses and breaks her kiss from Suki moaning loudly. "So your still
sensitive there, huh?" asks Nikki

Suki, feeling the sudden loss of pleasure from the absence of Kim's
lips, suddenly presses closer to Kim, her own breasts pushing against
Kim's back as she leans closer to Kim's lips to kiss her again, her
hands continuing their actions.

"Stop, I c-can't hold it much longer..." complains Kim.

"I don't think so Ki Ki, your going to wet yourself." replies Nikki
starting to rub Kim's her.

Suki pulls Kim's head back and tries to keep her lips fastened to
Kim's, her passion overriding everything else. Her left hand drops to
Kim's abdomen, feeling to see if it is quivering as her right hand
continues to attack Kim's breasts in a gentle, tender fashion.

Suddenly a spasm attacks Kim's bladder, forcing her to once again break
her kiss groaning and lean forward to prevent her wetting.

"Oh no you don't, your wetting yourself weather you like it or not."
states Nikki quickly pushing Kim up and against Suki. Kim groans loudly
as the pressure on her bladder increases significantly.

Suki, now, wraps her arm around Kim's neck, not so tightly as to hurt
her, but firmly enough to pull her back, straightening her back, so
that she can continue to kiss Kim. Her left hand lowers down Kim's body
to her pubic mound, gentle stroking the smooth area, without forcing
Kim to lose total control. Her right hand begins to tug lightly on
Kim's left nipple, feeling it stiffen and grow erect.

Kim thinks to Suki. "I can't hold it anymore!"

Suki's thoughts are very simple, "Do it, Kimmie... I 'what' to see...
Just let it go and pee your panties... You know how much you like
it..." Her left hand slides down to Kim's labia inside her panties and
separates the soft folds as she begins to rub them gently, her index
finger located directly at the end of Kim's urethra.

Nikki then rubs Kim's ear again. This forces the last of her hold away
from her as a sudden wave of pleasure runs through her body. Kim then
moans loudly into Suki's mouth as she pees hard. Wetting her panties a
deep yellow color.

Suki pulls back from Kim's mouth, smiling as she brings her hands up to
Kim's abdomen and Kim's stomach, both rubbing gently. She whispers,
"There... now doesn't that feel better, Kimmie?" She licks Kim's cheek
in a loving fashion.

"Ooohhh." is Kim's only response as she continues to urinate for about
3 minutes. "Heh, that was fun." states Nikki.

Suki looks at both Kim and Nikki and smiles happily at the both of
them. She asks, "Did you girls like that? That's what FD is all
about..." She reaches a hand out and caresses Nikki's ears, and uses
her other hand to caress Kim's cheek, lovingly.


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