Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (all chapters)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 1

Title: SIDE FIC 1: Cat-girl Nikki Arrives (Chapter 0)

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the character Suki, Huehue does.


Kim's in her room looking after the sleeping Suki in her bed.

Suki let out a soft sigh as she tries to roll over on her side, wincing
and whimpering softly as her ribs ache before she can settle down into
a comfortable position.

Kim gently places her hand on Suki's cheek.

Suki's eyes open slightly as she lifts her head weakly, looking at Kim.
She doesn't say anything, but the tears in her eyes speak volumes as
she rests on the bed. It is apparent that she's trying to tell Kim that
she feels undeserving of Kim's gentle touch after what she did to her.

"Don't cry Suki. It's not your fault what happened."

Suki whispers, her voice weak, "I.. I can't help it, Kimmie... I.. feel
so terrible... I... I... don't feel like I should accept you're... and
your love... or Mi-chan's... I... I just don't know... why I couldn't
control myself... why I couldn't push her out..." She turns away from
Kim, her tears spilling down onto Kim's sheets.

"Believe me Suki, I know how you feel, but don't let this make become

Suki protests weakly, "B-But I... I still feel like this..." She
sniffles sadly.

"You have to get over this Suki." Kim rubs her hand over Suki's cheek.

Suki moans softly, her shoulders trembling from the emotion surging
through her, yet she remains where she is, unable to bring herself to
even look at Kim because of her actions.

"Suki, I love you. I always will."

Suki suddenly whirls around and collapses into Kim's arms, sobbing
unrestrainedly, totally inconsolable. She blubbers, "B-But... I.. I can
remember what you said... when Ulter... k-kidnapped B-Becky...!"


Suki replies, sniffling, "You said, 'Motherf*****.... I remember seeing
the anger in your eyes... I-It was s-so violent..."

Kim quickly looks away. "I was angry, I said I lot of things I didn't

Suki holds onto Kim harder, "B-But I still remember... the anger... a-
and when Rick appeared... I... I saw how you looked at him..."

a blush now appears on Kim's cheeks.

Suki adds, softly, "I... I know you have... a r-relationship with
him... a-and... i-it would be wrong of me... t-to interfere..." She
suddenly pushes away from Kim and tries to roll to the side of the bed
and get to her feet.

Kim puts a hand on Suki's shoulder. "I won't lie to you, I love him,
but I love you more. It was just a shock to see him there after so

Suki stops and turns toward Kim, tears still rolling down her cheeks,
"Y-You love me more?" she questions softly, looking confused.

"Yes, I do."

Suki blushes shyly and looks down at her lap, where her hands are and
adds slightly, "B-But Mi-chan... she... she doesn't like... wh-what I
like... I... I'm so afraid of hurting her.."

"I can't speak for her but, I know she still loves you."

Suki sniffles but doesn't know what to say. She just keeps nervously
wringing her hands, wrapping them around and around her Japanese
schoolgirl uniform-like skirt.

"Does your body still hurt?"

Suki sighs, "M-My ribs are still sore and my chest hurts a little... b-
but.. I.. I think I'll be fine soon... Standing on my legs, though...
is hard to do... th-they feel so weak and wobbly under me..."

Kim places her left hand lightly on Suki's chest. "I'm
not much of a healer like my brother, but I'm sure I can ease the pain
a bit."

Suki merely stares at Kim, her violet eyes showing curiosity at what
Kim may do to her.

Kim's left hand glows white, sending a warm relaxing sensation through
Suki's chest.

Suki tenses, moaning softly, "A-Ahh..."

"It's starting to feel better?"

Suki moans softly sweetly, "Y-Yeah... th-the gash s-seems to be healing
a little... I... I can almost feel it closing up..."


Suki moans again slightly and rests her head on Kim's shoulder,
whispering, "T-Thank you, Kimmie... I.. I... really needed to hear you
say that... I.. I was... s-so hurt..."

Kim removes her hand. "Sorry, that's the best i can do."

Suki hugs Kim whispering, "I-It's ok... Kimmie... I... I just need to
take it easy... for awhile..." Then she moans, "Ooh.." and her left
hand comes down to her stomach, rubbing softly as she starts to move to
the end of the bed again.

"Your hungry?"

Suki shakes her head, "N-No..." She tries to get to her feet, her legs
wobbling underneath and she has to use Kim's dresser to brace herself.
Her left hand continues to rub her stomach and drops further down to
her abdomen, which appears to be slightly swollen.

"Oh, you have to pee? The restroom is down the hall to the left."

Suki nods, "Th-thanks, K-Kimmie.." She balances herself precariously,
leaning heavily on the dresser, then when she leaves the room, she uses
the wall to support her weight as she heads for the bathroom.

a knock comes from the door to the apartment. "I'll get that."

Suki hears the knock on the door, but continues to head for the
bathroom, finally reaching it. She slips inside and sits down. As she
goes, she listens intently to what is happening outside.

Kim stands next to the door. "Who is it?"

"Meow." is her reply.

Suki finishes in the bathroom, and gets up, flushing the toilet and
quickly washing her hands. She stumbles clumsily to the door and pulls
it open, not sure what she should do or where she should go.

"Meow? Who's there?" replies Kim.

"You don't remember me, Ki Ki?" answers the voice.

Suki stumbles cautiously down the hall, vaguely thinking about heading
for the kitchen to see what Kim has to eat in her apartment.

"Ki Ki?!" Kim quickly opens the door. revealing a cute girl with a
black hat on and a long yellow shirt that reaches past her waist.

"That's my name, don't wear it out." replies Nikki.

Suki, still holding onto the wall for support, steps into the living
room. She sees Kim over by the door standing next to Nikki and, though
she is intensely curious as to who and what she is, she restrains
herself and makes for the kitchen.

Kim's face suddenly brightens up like a little girl. "Nikki!" Kim
quickly grabs the girl in a tight hug.

"Ah! Hey, not so tight Ki Ki." states Nikki squirming in the embrace.

"Oh, heh, sorry." replies Kim letting the girl go.

Suki hears the exchange in the entranceway and grows a little sad and
jealous at the same time as she reaches up to a shelf and starts
looking for anything to eat that isn't meat.

Nikki walks past Kim to the open space of the room. "So, this is your
place huh?"

"Yeah, you like it?" replies Kim.

"Well, from what I heard about you Ki Ki, you don't need to live in a
apartment." states Nikki.

Kim sighs. "Not you too."

Suki listens intently but silently, her hand reaching up for a box of
cereal, but missing spectacularly and dropping the light box on her
head, groaning softly under her breath, "Ow... stupid thing..." She
bends down to pick it up, cocking her ears and struggling to hear every

"Where's that little brat you call your sister?" asks Nikki smiling.

"In her room." answers Kim.

Suki straightens up, the cereal box in her hand and her breath leaves
her lungs as she exhales slowly, her side still aching slightly from
the gash. She moves over to a sink and pulls out a dirty bowl, flipping
the tap and absently washing it as though it's a nervous habit of hers
to wash and clean dirty things when she's concentrating on something
other than that.

"Heh, where's her room?" asks Nikki.

"Down the hall, the first door on the right." replies Kim.

"Thanks." Nikki goes down the hall to Becky's door.

Suki sighs to herself as she finishes washing the bowl and a nearby
spoon as well as 10 other dishes that she can't remember working on,
but that are now clean. She takes the bowl into the dining area and
sits down at the table, pouring the cereal into the bowl.

Nikki goes into the room and moments later Becky's angry voice could be
heard. "What the fu*k are you doing here?" Nikki comes out the door
quickly, missing her hat.

Kim giggles to herself as Nikki quickly comes back to were Kim is.

Suki dips her spoon into the cereal and absently starts eating it,
having totally forgotten about adding milk and not even noticing how
dry it is as she strains to listen to the conversation.

Becky rushes out of her room dressed in a long white shirt. "Why the
hell are you here?" Becky takes a swing a Nikki who dodges it like it's
normal. "As lively as ever I see." states Nikki.

Becky falls over from the miss to the floor and Nikki promptly sits on
her. "All that energy, why don't you rest a bit." states Nikki.

"I was resting until you showed up! get off of me!" states Becky
squirming to get up.

Suki raises her eyebrows at the sound of Becky's voice and fresh tears
come to her eyes as she remembers what she did to Becky.

"I'm gonna let you two get reacquainted." states Kim going to the
kitchen. "Kimmie! don't you leave me here with her!" exclaims Becky
from the floor.

"We'll be fine, right brat?" states Nikki laying flat on Becky. "Get
off me!" exclaims Becky.

Suki pushes the unfinished bowl of cereal away from her and puts her
arms on the table, resting her head on top of them, her tears flowing
freely down her cheeks as she listens to Becky's voice and realizes she
almost permanently destroyed that cheerful voice with her actions,
uncontrollable or not.

Kim comes into the kitchen and sees Suki crying. "Hey, what are you
crying about now?"

Suki starts and looks up at Kim, her tears flowing down her cheeks,
"I.. I did it to her... I... I almost killed her... I.. feel... so
terrible.. "

Becky's voice, giggling now, but still protesting. is heard. "No! don't
*giggle* do that! *giggle*"

"Killed her? how?" asks Kim.

Suki replies sadly, "Ulter... wh-when she took control of me... sh-she
injected s-some blue fluid in-into Becky's nipples... g-gave her
complete control o-of her bladder a-and o-other f-functions... th-they
w-were linked.. wh-whatever Ulter thought, Becky felt... i-if Ulter h-
had not be-been removed... Becky would've died from blood poisoning!"

"Blood poisoning? How?" asks Kim.

suddenly, a loud "Oww! You bit me!" comes from the Nikki in other room.

Suki replies, "Th-that blue fluid... i-is a very powerful serum... sure
it makes you tell the truth and can be used to forge a telepathic link
between two people, but the strain and stress on the victim's body
eventually causes the blood vessels to collapse in on themselves,
causing death. That's the reason, the Ap-Dat stopped using it ages

Becky suddenly comes running into the kitchen. "Kimmie, get your
friend. Tell her to leave me alone."

Nikki shortly follows into the room, her cat ears, and tail clearly
visible now. she promptly performs a chokehold on Becky. "The little
brat bit my tail!"

"Can it you two." replies Kim

Suki suddenly bends over the table, placing her head in her arms and
sniffling softly.

Nikki lets go of Becky and she tries to leave to go to her room but
Nikki hits the girl in the back of the head with her tail. "quit it!"
exclaims Becky.

"Cut it out you two!" states Kim.

Suki looks up at Nikki, seeing her clearly for the first time and she
gasps, "Wh-what the... I-Is that a tail?!"

Becky quickly goes back to her room and the lock clicking can be heard.
"Yep! it a tail alright." states Nikki waving her tail behind her.

Suki looks stunned and watches it flick back and forth. "Wh-where did
you get it?"

"I was born with it, and the ears."

Suki blinks, just now noticing the ears, "Ah... I see... c-can I..."
She motions as though she wants to touch Nikki's ears.

"Sure." states Nikki lowing her head to Suki.

Suki places her hands on Nikki's ears and touches them, squeezing
gently and tenderly. "Wow", she gasps, "They're so soft and furry."

"*giggling* Aren't they though?" states Nikki

Suki places her hands on Nikki's head and starts petting her, stroking
the fur on her head and her ears.

Nikki lets out a low purring sound and moves her head to meet Suki's

Suki finally smiles, and giggles softly, "Aw... what a pretty kitty...
reminds me of my little sweetums back home..." She starts gently
stroking any and all fur on Nikki's head, neck, and back.

"Ok, you two, that's enough" states Kim.

Suki pouts shyly, but pulls her hand away, turning back to her cereal.
She pulls the bowl closer to her and starts munching away again,
looking up every so often to keep up with the flow of conversation.

"Aww, Ki Ki, I was enjoying that." pouts Nikki sitting up straight.

"I know you were, that's why that was enough." states Kim.

Suki swallows another mouthful of cereal and asks, "So.. where are you
from, Nikki? I... I've never seen... someone quite like... you...
before..." She tries to word it so as not to seem offensive but merely
curious, which she is.

"Heh, I don't remember. I was orphaned when I was young. But I grew up
here in the city." states Nikki.

Suki replies, looking sad, her eyes filled with pity, "Oh, I'm so
sorry... I... I probably shouldn't have asked... It must be painful to
think about that..."

"Don't worry about. It doesn't bother me anymore." states Nikki.

Suki eyes her with a curious look on her face, "Is that so? You never
wonder what happened to your parents?"

"Of course I have silly. who wouldn't."

"And it doesn't bother you?"

"Like I said, not anymore."

Suki sighs, "That's... really... sad... " She reaches out a hand to
Nikki's hand and places it on Nikki's. She pats her gently, her eyes
showing sympathy and compassion.

"Hey, I said I'm fine."

Suki sighs, pulling her hand back and returning to her dry cereal,
which she finally notices is void of milk. She comments to Kim, "This
cereal is awfully dry, Kimmie.." Her eyes twinkle as she smiles.

"I guess so, there's no milk in that bowl." states Kim.

Suki's eyes widen and she states, rather stupidly, "Oh..."

"Kimmie? Why do you call Ki Ki that?" asks Nikki.

Suki blushes and replies, "Is there a reason I shouldn't, Nikki?"

"Well, no. What's your relationship with Ki Ki?"

Suki blushes and glances furtively over at Kim, her eyes asking a
question her mouth cannot. "Should I tell her?" is the question.

"Uhh..." states Kim blushing.

"Hey, what's going on? Why are the two of you blushing?" asks Nikki.

Suki fumbles, "Uhhh.... uhhh...." She can't think of how to best say
what she's thinking. She turns, instead, to Kim and mouths, "H-Hey?!
Help me out here, Kimmie!"

"Uhh, well, ya see, we're lovers." states Kim.

"Heh, you're kidding right?" asks Nikki.

Suki blushes but responds, "No... We're not kidding... We really are
lovers..." She finishes her cereal and pushes the bowl away again.

Nikki bursts into laughter suddenly.

Suki blushes and suddenly looks down at her lap, feeling slightly

Nikki comes down from her laughing shortly. "So... Ki Ki, Queen of
Dick, is a lesbian now. I never thought I'd live to see this day."
states Nikki. Kim's face turns beat red in embarrassment.

Suki gasps, "K-Kimmie?! Q-Queen of... what?!" She stares at Kim,
totally baffled.

Kim looks away from Suki in embarrassment. Nikki then speaks up. "Oh,
she didn't tell you? Ki Ki could suck a dick good."

Suki's mouth just hangs open as she stutters and stammers, trying to
understand what's going on. She has no clue what to think or what to

"Isn't that right Ki Ki?" states Nikki. Kim is too embarrassed to

Suki doesn't know what to do, so she turns toward Nikki and asks,
somewhat stupidly, "What exactly is a "dick"? I've never heard that
word before?"

"O_O you've got to be kidding, it's what a guy has. You know..." states

Suki's face suddenly brightens in understanding, "Oh, you mean a

"Yeah, that."

"S-So... Kimmie used to like sucking o-on those? I-Is this true,
Kimmie?" she looks at Kim with a questioning glance.

Kim makes a faint nod with her back turned to Suki.

Suki smiles and takes Kim's left hand in hers, gently rubbing her skin
tenderly. "It's okay, Kimmie... I understand... In fact... I think I
now understand why you loved Rick so much..."

"What, how?" asks Kim turning herself around.

Suki blushes, "He has one... y'know... one of... th-those... and if you
liked it so much... I-I can understand why..." She smiles at Kim, then
turns to Nikki, asking, "Tell me more, Nikki.."

"What do you want to know?" asks Nikki.

"No, don't!" exclaims Kim.

Suki grins, "Just kidding, Kim-MI..." She turns to Kim and suddenly
gets up, walking around the table and leaning over Kim, kissing her on
the lips as she whispers, "I won't force you to tell if you don't want
to tell."

"Thank you." replies Kim.

Suki takes Kim's hand in hers again, giving an encouraging squeeze, but
then, her side aches again and this time, her legs suddenly give out on
her. She falls.

Kim quickly catches Suki before she hits the floor. "What wrong with
her Ki Ki?" asks Nikki.

"She was hurt badly." states Kim.

Suki moans, "Ow... dang it... my legs still aren't working right... I
must've... injured them in some fashion... I need to get my potions...
" She looks up at Kim and asks, "Kimmie.. do you know where my pouch

"Uh, no, I don't. Sorry."

Suki groans, "Dang... I... I'll have to mix some more... Wait... if I'm
not mistaken..." She starts searching through her skirt and blouse,
checking every pocket for something.

"I have something that may help." states Nikki reaching into the left
pocket of her shorts and pulls out a small packet. "It may be small,
but it should perk you right up." smiles Nikki.

Suki takes the packet and asks, "What should I do? Just swallow it?"

"For you, you should probably mix it with some kind of liquid, like

Suki nods, "Ok... Kimmie, could you please hand me a glass of water?"

"Nikki, tell me that stuff isn't what I think it is." states Kim
getting a cup and filling it with water.

"Yep, it sure is." replies Nikki.
Suki glances up at Kim asking, "What is it, Kimmie?"

"Nikki never told me what it is or where she gets the stuff from. but
it seems to be able to cure just about anything."

Suki's eyes widen, "A.. A cure-all?! I.. I think I remember hearing
about something like this... but it was so long ago that I've

"well, here's the water." states Kim giving the water to Suki.

Suki takes the water gratefully and opens the packet, pouring the
contents into the cup.

Kim and Nikki watch Suki.

Suki then upends the cup into her mouth, gulping it down quickly in
about 2.3 seconds.

Kim moves over to Nikki and whispers to her. "it's not a cure-all is

"Well, it has the same properties as a cure-all, and a nice side
effect." states Nikki smiling back to Kim.

"Crap, why did you give her that?" she needs to rest." states Kim.

"Not when she's feeling 100% better." replies Nikki.

Suki finishes drinking the water and slowly flexes her legs, wincing
only slightly at first, then getting used to the feeling. She
hesitantly gets to her feet, testing her balance on one leg first, then
the other.

"How do you feel Suki?" asks Kim.

Suki gasps in surprise, "I... I can stand! I... I really can stand!"
Suddenly, she starts jumping around, like the old excitable Ap-Dat girl
she used to be. She starts cheering getting louder and louder, the
smile on her face evidence of her happiness.

"And the gash on your chest?" asks Kim.

Suki replies, almost smashing her head against the ceiling, "Oh.. oh
yeah..." She reaches down to her blouse and starts unbuttoning it,
clueless of what she's doing and only interested in seeing if the gash
is gone.

"I hope she's a fun one." thinks Nikki.

Suki finishes unbuttoning her blouse and immediately starts fiddling
with her bra, unclasping it and exposing her breasts. She looks down at
her chest and replies, "Hmmm... the gash is gone, but it looks like
I'll have a scar for the rest of my life."

"Are you feeling funny?" asks Kim.

Suki asks, "Funny? In what way, Kimmie?"

Kim quickly glances at Nikki then back to Suki. "Like... horny."

Suki starts to shake her head, but then her expression changes and her
eyes start to glaze over slightly as she moves close to Kim. She
whispers, blushing, "Kimmie... you say you love me... but when was the
last time we touched?"

"I'm gonna enjoy this." states Nikki sitting in a chair. "Oh great."
thinks Kim before replying to Suki's question. "It's been awhile Suki."

Suki coos, "Do you remember the last time we touched, Kimmie? And do
you remember this?" She drops her left hand to Kim's stomach and starts
rubbing her bottom rib.

Kim jerks her mid-section away giggling. "Heh, yeah I remember."

"She's still ticklish there." thinks Nikki. "Heh, if she's still
ticklish on her ribs then..."

Suki lowers her lips to Kim's stomach and kisses her gently, the
passion she has for Kim beginning to explode out of her in droves. She
wraps her arms around Kim's waist, hugging her hard, and pushing her
own breasts up against Kim's.

Kim begins to hug Suki as well.

Nikki's tail slowly goes back under her yellow shirt. movement can be
seen under the shirt from the front. Nikki begins to moan lightly.

Suki smiles, "Kimmie... let's go the bedroom... we can have more fun,
there..." She starts to float up off the ground, effortlessly picking
Kim up and holding her in her arms, her lips locked with Kim's.

"Ok, but let Nikki come. I'm sure she would want to watch us."

Suki smiles, "Of course, Kimmie..." She turns around and, while holding
Kim with one arm, she grabs Nikki with the other and hovers off to
Kim's bedroom.

"Awesome! you can fly!" exclaims Nikki.

"Yeah, but it's the landings that need work." states Kim

Suki pouts playfully, "Aw, come on, Kimmie... I'm getting better,
really!" Just then, she conks her head on the doorway as she tries to
float under it and she groans, "Oww....."

Kim and Nikki giggle.

Suki scowls, "Stupid doorway..." She makes it into Kim's bedroom and
hovers over the bed for a few seconds before she drops Nikki on the
right side and Kim on the left side. She looks at Nikki and uses a
minor fire spell, well controlled of course, to gently burn her clothes
off, promising, "I'll make you some new ones, Nikki... some better
ones... but right now.. I want you to join in..." She turns to Kim and
does the same, though this time she leaves Kim wearing her panties,
winking, "I have something special planned for you, Kimmie.."

"Sure I'll join." states Nikki.

"Special like what?" asks Kim.

Suki leans over to Kim's ear and whispers, "You were watching me all
night weren't you, Kimmie?"


"Then it safe to assume that you haven't been to a bathroom recently,


"What are you two talking about?" asks Nikki.

Suki giggles, "Aw, don't worry, Kimmie... It won't happen right away...
I wanna play with you some first... and Nikki... has she ever done this
kinda thing before?"

"I don't think so."

Suki frowns, "Do you think she'd mind if we did it to her?"

"I honestly don't know."

Suki blushes, "Can you ask her in a non-conspicuous way?"

"How should I go about asking her?"

"Ask me what? these ears aren't just to make me look cute ya know."

asks Nikki.

Suki blushes, and instead of asking her, reaches a hand down to Nikki's
abdomen, feeling it tenderly. "Hmmm... that feels nice, " whispers

"Hehe, that tickles." giggles Nikki.

Suki gives it a slight pinch to gauge Nikki's reaction, smiling gently.

Nikki playfully backs away. "why are you tickling me all
of a sudden?"

Suki turns to Kim and mouths, "Tickling?!"

"What about it?" asks Kim.

Suki pulls Kim aside and whispers, "I pushed on her abdomen, but all I
did was tickle her... Is her anatomy different than a normal girl's?"
She looks confused.

"How should I know, I'm not a catgirl. maybe she just doesn't have to

Suki frowns, "But.. it certainly felt like a bulge..." She seems even
more confused now.

"sigh. I'll just ask her."

"Nikki, do you have to use the bathroom?"

"Huh? Yeah, why?" replies Nikki.

Suki suddenly grins, "Then.. I have a little... proposition for you,
little Nikki..."


Suki grins, "I'll let you see something amazing if you agree to try to
hold it as long as possible without leaving..." She winks at Kim.

"Sure, why not." replies Nikki

Suki then turns back to Kim and whispers, "Do you have a pair of
panties that she can wear?"

"Becky may have some she can fit." states Kim.

Suki grins, "Cool.. .I'll go and get them... " She leaves the room and
closes the door behind her, locking it with a magic spell.

"Your girl is weird Ki Ki, wanting to know if i needed to pee."

"Heh, well she's not that weird."

Nikki brings her tail in front of her and begins to fiddle with it.

Kim looks at Nikki messing with her tail.

Just then, Suki returns, again locking the door behind her. In her
right hand is a pair of pink panties and she quickly moves over to
Nikki's side, offering them to the cute neko.

"Huh? What are these for?"

Suki strokes Nikki's ear gently, "Those are for you to wear, Nikki-

Nikki does that twitch with her ear that cats do sometimes. "Ok." she
grabs the panties and puts them on.

Suki looks to Kim and smiles as she crawls up onto the bed and motions
for Nikki to come on up as well. She looks at Kim and Nikki together
and smiles, "Now girls... let's have fun!"

"Yay!" exclaims Nikki pouncing onto the bed. Kim follows onto the bed
shortly afterwards.

Suki turns to Kim and starts kissing her gently, her left hand behind
her on Nikki's right breast, gently stroking.

Nikki coos at the touch to her small breasts.

Kim starts to return the kiss fully.

Suki sighs and wraps an arm around Nikki's small body and pulls her
closer as she lowers her lips down Kim's body to her chest,
Suki begins licking Kim's collar.

Nikki uses her tail to rub Suki's left leg.

Kim moans as she feels Suki's breath on her chest.

Suki moans at Nikki's tail on her leg and her right hand comes behind
her to gently squeeze the young neko's right breast as she lowers her
lips further down Kim's body to her left breast, licking all around the
nipple without touching it. Her left hand lightly begins to trace up
and down the curves on Kim's left side.

Kim moans from the feel of Suki's tongue on her breast. Nikki also
begins to moan again feeling Suki's hand on her breast again.

Suki then grins, whispering to Kim, "How's that bladder, Kimmie?" She
glances back at Nikki and smirks, "You wanna play some with the Queen
of Dick?" She giggles.

"Tolerable." replies Kim. "What do you have in mind?" asks Nikki.

Suki pats the bed near her and motions for Nikki to move to her other
side, "Come here between us, Nikki-chan..."

"Ok." Nikki moves to where Suki suggests.

Suki, then, winks at Kim and leans past Nikki to whisper in Kim's ear,
"Let's play with the cute little neko some before we let her pee..."
She winks again.

"Ok." whispers Kim.

"What are you guys gonna do." asks Nikki.

Suki raises her eyebrows at Kim and grins. She takes Nikki's arms and
holds them gently behind her as she kisses her neck.

"Ooh, that feels good." moans Nikki.

Kim then runs her hand along Nikki's right breast.

Suki pins Nikki's arms behind her as she slides her free arm around
Nikki's stomach and starts to run a finger along her bottom rib.

Nikki begins to giggle from Suki's action.

Kim starts to kiss the neko on the lips.

Suki lowers her hand down along the cute neko's abdomen and starts to
gently probe it, without putting too much pressure on it.

Nikki's body vibrates slightly as she begins to purr.

Kim continues to kiss her.

Suki, then, nuzzles the soft fur on the neko's head as she starts to
tenderly caress her abdomen, gently playing with her bladder.

Nikki starts to squirm slightly now.

Kim removes her lips from Nikki's and places them on Nikki's throat
licking the skin there.

Suki starts tracing her index finger around the bulge that is her
bladder and she leans over Nikki's shoulder to lick at her cheek.

Nikki begins to moan again at Suki and Kim's actions.

Suki wonders, "Maybe she hasn't been pressured enough, yet... I may
need to do more..." She slips her hand down between Nikki's legs and
starts playing with her crotch.

"Ah!" Nikki suddenly tenses as a shot of pleasure shoots though her

Kim moves her move to Nikki's breasts and begins to lick
her nipples.

Kim moves her move to Nikki's breasts and begins to lick her nipples.

Suki mumbles in Nikki's ear, "Did you like that, Ni-chan?" She begins
to lightly caress the neko's labia through her panties.

"Ah, Y-yes."

Kim begins to lightly nibble on Nikki's nipple.

Suki slowly trails her hand up Nikki's body back to her abdomen and
lightly presses in again as she whispers, "Do you want me to touch your
little horny labia again, Ni-chan?" She kisses the neko's cheek again.

Nikki begins to squirm a bit from Suki's hand. "Y-yes, please."

Kim uses her left hand to play with Nikki's ears while she licks at her
neck again.

Suki smiles, "Then... tell me... Ni-chan... How does this
feel?" She again presses a little on Nikki's abdomen.

"It makes my urge to pee grow."

Suki asks, "And does that feel good to you, little Ni-chan?" She pulls
her hand up and starts petting Nikki's fur again.

"W-why would it feel good?"

Suki nods, smiling, "Yes, Ni-chan... for example.. let me show you..."
She gives Nikki's abdomen another gentle push and lets go of Nikki's
arms, using her body weight to pin them down. She uses this hand to
insert a finger into Nikki's vagina, lightly rubbing the little neko's
inner walls for a brief second before pulling out.

"Ah!" Nikki squirms to try and free her hands.

"Hey, don't move so much or you'll loss it quicker." states Kim.

Suki brings her hand back up to Nikki's left arm and pulls it in front
of her, placing it on her right nipple, saying, "See that? Feel how
hard that is? That's mostly from your urges.." She kisses Nikki's cheek
again, comfortingly.

"So, I have to go, let me up." squirms Nikki.

"You know, I remember Becky saying something similar when you sat on
her." states Kim.

Suki giggles and starts to gently rub Nikki's abdomen again. She uses
her other hand to hold Nikki's arms behind her back and glances over to
Kim and says, "Hey, Kimmie.. gimme a hand.. let's force the little neko
to go.."

"What!? No don't!"

"come on, you'll like it." states Kim.

Suki uses her free hand to gently caress Nikki's abdomen some more as
she admits, "Kimmie and I both do it all the time, Ni-chan... we both
like it and know you'll like it too..." She starts licking the neko's

"Come on guys, don't do this."

"Aww, don't be like that Nikki. Your going to love it." states Kim.

Suki places her head over Nikki's head and again licks at her
furry ears as she lowers her hand down to Nikki's panty-covered labia,
whispering, "You will like it, Ni-chan.. it feels nice and wet and your
panties will rub so gently up against your labia... it will feel like

"N-No, stop. I won't be able to hold it in if you keep this up." states

Kim then moves her right hand to Nikki's left breast and starts to
squeeze it gently. "That's the whole point Nikki." states Kim.

Suki, still using her right hand to hold Nikki's arms behind her, slid
her left hand along Nikki's panty-covered labia and whispered, "It must
not be too bad yet, Ni-chan... you aren't even squeezing your thighs
yet... besides... once you go, you'll feel free and will be able to
relax..." She nuzzled Nikki's left ear.

Nikki quickly but momentarily closes her legs from the touch of Suki's
hand. "Ah! Don't."

"Don't what Nikki?" asks Kim as she places her mouth on Nikki's other
nipple and begins to lick and suck. causing the young neko to squirm
from this.

Suki smiles and slides her left hand up from Nikki's labia and along
her pubic mound, past her swollen abdomen, her stomach, past Kim's lips
and Nikki's breasts, and all the way up to Nikki's ears. She starts
petting Nikki's head and begins to pet her, running her hand down along
the back of Nikki's neck and back up to her head, as though she's
stroking a cat. She whispers, "Isn't this nice, Ni-chan?"

"Ooh." moans Nikki. She then starts to purr shortly after her moan.

Kim continues to lick and suck on Nikki's nipple and massage her left

Suki glances down to Kim and whispers, "Kimmie... come a little

Kim removes her mouth from Nikki and moves her head closer to Suki.

Suki whispers in a very low voice as she continues to pet and stroke
Nikki's head and hair, "Kimmie... I'm having a hard time reaching her
labia and abdomen... can you take over for me there? I'm gonna hold her
arms and play with her cute tail for a little while..."

"Sure." replies Kim.

"What are you guys planning?" asks Nikki.

Suki smiles and continues to pet Nikki, whispering softly and
comfortingly, "Nothing special, Ni-chan.. nothing special..." Her left
hand lets go of Nikki's arms, again using her body's weight to keep
them down as she slides it down to Nikki's tail, gently holding it and
stroking it.

"H-Hey, that's my tail." states Nikki attempting to free it from Suki's
hands. While Kim lowers herself between the neko's legs and rubs her
right hand over her panty-covered labia. causing her to start to squirm
in pleasure.

Suki asked, "Sorry, Ni-chan... does that hurt?" She looks apologetic
and continues to pet the young neko.

"N-No, you just surprised me when you started touching it."

Suki smiles, "Ah, I see... then, tell me, Ni-chan... does this feel
good? Do you like this?" She playfully starts to rub and down along the
tail as her other hand starts to scratch gently behind Nikki's right
ear. She glances down at Kim and smiles at her actions.

"Ooh, yes... I feels good." Kim then begins to lick Nikki's right inner
thigh, causing her to shudder slightly.

Suki smiles and bends her head over Nikki's shoulder to lick at her
collar and neck again as she continues to stroke and pet the tail and
rub and pet the little neko's head and hair.

Nikki begins to purr again until Kim's hand mistakenly slides up the
panties and presses on her abdomen firmly for a quick moment. Causing
Nikki to quickly close her legs and tense up.

Suki feels the young neko tense and pulled her hand away from her tail.
She wrapped that arm around Nikki's waist, holding the little catgirl
in her embrace as she whispers, "Did that feel good, Ni-chan?"

"I-I gotta pee." Kim then starts to lick the inner thigh of Nikki's
right leg. Causing her to shutter again.

Suki nods, "I know, Ni-chan... but doesn't Kimmie's touch feel nice?
Doesn't Kimmie excite you?" She pets Nikki's side and starts tracing a
finger along Nikki's curves as she nuzzles Nikki's left ear.

"Ah, y-yes, Ki Ki's touch does feel nice."

"And doesn't her body excite you, Ni-chan?" She continues nuzzling
Nikki's ear, sticking her tongue out and licking at the soft fur. Her
hand moves over to Nikki's stomach and gently strokes along her belly.

"Oohhh." Moans Nikki. Kim then runs her right hand along Nikki's left

Suki smiles again and whispers, "Are your ears, sen-si-tive, Ni-chan?"
She grins and winks at Kim as she teasingly licks at Nikki's ear again.

"Not as much as Ki Ki's." Kim's face gets flushed red at Suki's and
Nikki's statements.

Suki giggles, "Yeah.. Kimmie's ears are hyper sen-si-tive... but.. tell
me, Ni-chan... is this a sensitive area here?" She takes hold of
Nikki's tail and bends her head down, sticking her tongue out and
licking at Nikki's tail.

"Ah!" replies Nikki jerking her tail away from Suki. "Nikki blushes a
bright red.

Suki giggles, "Is that your sensitive spot, Ni-chan?" She pets the neko
on her head again.

"..." Kim places her left hand to Nikki's panty-covered labia making
her tense slightly at this touch.

Suki asks, "Ni-chan? Did you hear me?" She bends down again and licks
again at Nikki's tail.

Nikki suddenly tenses up moaning.

Suki pulls back, asking, "Ni-chan? Are you losing control?" She stops
petting the young neko.

"N-No, that's not it."

Kim then pokes a finger into Nikki's panties. causing her to tense up
again momentarily.

Suki replies, "Then... what are you feeling, Ni-chan? Tell me... I'm
dying to know how you feel..." She resumes petting the neko.

"I-It feels good."

Suki continues, "And your tail? Is it sensitive, Ni-chan?" She sticks
her tongue out and gently caresses Nikki's tail as she continues
petting the neko's head and hair.

"Ah! Yes, Yes it is." states Nikki as she then moans. Kim removes her
finger and moves the panties out of the way and inserts her finger into
Nikki's wet vagina. Causing her arch herself against Kim's finger.

Suki grins and again licks along the length of Nikki's tail, using her
left hand to play with Nikki's cute neko ears and her right hand to
gently stroke the young girl's belly as the catgirl arched herself.

"Ooh, that feels great!" replies Nikki as she finally gives in.

Suki giggles, "Isn't it, though? And its only just beginning, Ni-
chan... It's only the beginning..." She runs her tongue again along
Nikki's tail, feeling it move back and forth as she uses her left hand
to gently fold and rub Nikki's left ear while her right hand feels the
young neko's belly move with her breathing.

"Oh, yes." moans Nikki. Kim ands another finger into Nikki and begins
to slowly pump them in and out. Making Nikki squirm in pleasure.

Suki continues her actions with her hands and suddenly takes the neko's
tail completely into her mouth, sucking gently on it.

"Ooh!" loudly moans Nikki tensing up. "Heh, looks like you found her
spot Suki." states Kim.

Suki giggles, pulling Nikki's tail out of her mouth and replying,
"Yep... Little Miss Neko here didn't tell us just how sen-si-tive her
tail was..." She pets Nikki's ears and returns to sucking on Nikki's

"Ooh. Ah!" moans Nikki moaning. then she suddenly gasps and closes her
legs. trapping Kim's hand.

Suki smiles and continues sucking on Nikki's tail, her eyebrows raising
at Kim, plainly asking if the young neko is starting to lose control of
her bladder. At the same time, she rubs Nikki's belly more tenderly and
teases her furry ears with her fingertips.

"Not yet." whispers Kim. Nikki starts to relax back a few moments

Suki closes her eyes for a second and suddenly, her thoughts enter
Kim's mind as she uses her low-level telepathic powers to ask, "Can you
feel her bladder vibrating? Or is she simply feeling pleasure from your
finger in her vagina? And... are you gonna rub along her urethra like
you did to Becky and make her cum?" She continues sucking on Nikki's
tail and playing with the little neko's cyute furry ears again.

"No, but it's throbbing. Do you want me to?" thinks Kim.

Suki thinks, "Do you think she's having a hard time holding it? Do you
think she's in pain or is she still enjoying it?" She sucks harder and
more insistently on Nikki's tail as she rubs Nikki's belly again,
playing with her ear by rubbing a finger all along the inside curves
without sticking it into Nikki's auditory canal.

Nikki's now squirming on the bed from pleasure and desperation. "I
don't think she's in pain but I don't think she likes holding it in."
thinks Kim.

Suki thinks, "Do you think we should 'convince' her to let go? Do you
think it's time?" She lowers her hand down to Nikki's swollen abdomen
and lightly traces a finger around the throbbing swollen bulge.

Nikki squirms more. "Come on, stop you guys..." groans Nikki.

"Yeah, I think it's time to make her lose it." thinks Kim.

Suki grins and thinks, "Ok, Kimmie..." She places her thumb squarely
over Nikki's bloated abdomen and starts to push ever harder, thinking,
"Spread her labia, Kimmie..."

for a quick moment Nikki growls as Suki increases the pressure on her
bladder. then Kim spreads Nikki's labia. "What are you guys doing?!
Don't do that!" exclaims Nikki.

Suki presses her thumb harder on Nikki's abdomen, giggling as she pulls
Nikki's tail out of her mouth, "Come on... pee your panties! We want to

and with a cat-like moan, Nikki moans loudly as her hold is stripped
from her and she pees hard into her panties while a loud hiss (the
urine). Nikki sighs in relief as she pees for close to 2 minutes.

Suki pets and strokes her cat ears gently, whispering, "That's it...
Just let it all go... just let it all go and relax..."

Nikki goes limp for a moment as the last of the urine in her bladder is
released, and purrs slightly.

Kim lightly rubs her right hand over Nikki's soaked panties. Then a
moment later puts her left hand slowly over her stomach.

Suki notices Kim's movements and whispers, grinning, "Feeling alright,

"Uh, y-yeah, I'm fine..." replies Kim.

"Is something wrong with Ki Ki?" asks Nikki a bit tiredly.

Suki grins, "Nothing too serious, I'm sure..." She gets up to her knees
and hovers a little over the bed, floating past Kim to her other side
and trapping Kim between Nikki and her. She wraps her arms around Kim's
and pulls Kim's arms behind her. She, then, looks up at Nikki and
winks, "Want some revenge, Ni-chan?"

O_O "What?!" exclaims Kim. "Huh? what kind of revenge?" asks Nikki.

Suki winks, "Just like what she did to you... you can do to her..."

"So Ki Ki's gotta go to the bathroom too?" asks Nikki.

Suki nods.

"Come on Nikki, don't do it, please." pleads Kim. "What? and let you
get away with making me wet myself? You've got some nerve..." replies
Nikki getting up and kneeling in front of Kim.

Suki giggles and thinks, "Dance puppets, Dance!" She continues to hold
Kim's arms behind her back and leans over Kim's shoulder to kiss her on
the cheek.

Kim closes her legs as she groans slightly. "Oh no you don't!" states
Nikki as she pulls Kim's legs apart, causing her to groan.

Suki pins Kim's arms like she did with Nikki, freeing up her hands. She
gently grabs Kim's chin and turns it up so that she can kiss Kim on the
lips and gently slid her tongue inside; her other hand lowers to Kim's
right breast and begins to tickle her nipple.

Kim moans into Suki's mouth has she feels her urine needing someplace
to go. Suki's action to her breast and Nikki holding her legs apart
isn't helping her case any ether.

Suki thinks to Kim, "Isn't this nice, Kimmie? Your lips are so soft and
tender... and I can sense that you really REALLY hafta go..." She
continues to kiss Kim as she uses her left hand, (the one that had held
Kim's chin) to motion to Nikki to begin to play with Kim's abdomen.

Nikki shakes her head no. "I got my own plan..." states Nikki. as she
places her left leg in-between Kim's to prevent her from closing her
legs. Nikki then starts to lick Kim's neck.

Kim closes her legs around Nikki's but it doesn't help her hold.

Suki smiles at Nikki's actions and continues to kiss Kim tenderly,
lovingly, her passion for the HUnewearl as strong as it ever was. Her
left hand lowers to Kim's ribs and begins to tickle her slightly as her
right hand's index finger flicks over Kim's nipple.

Nikki brings her right hand up and strokes one of Kim's ears. Kim
tenses and breaks her kiss from Suki moaning loudly. "So your still
sensitive there, huh?" asks Nikki

Suki, feeling the sudden loss of pleasure from the absence of Kim's
lips, suddenly presses closer to Kim, her own breasts pushing against
Kim's back as she leans closer to Kim's lips to kiss her again, her
hands continuing their actions.

"Stop, I c-can't hold it much longer..." complains Kim.

"I don't think so Ki Ki, your going to wet yourself." replies Nikki
starting to rub Kim's her.

Suki pulls Kim's head back and tries to keep her lips fastened to
Kim's, her passion overriding everything else. Her left hand drops to
Kim's abdomen, feeling to see if it is quivering as her right hand
continues to attack Kim's breasts in a gentle, tender fashion.

Suddenly a spasm attacks Kim's bladder, forcing her to once again break
her kiss groaning and lean forward to prevent her wetting.

"Oh no you don't, your wetting yourself weather you like it or not."
states Nikki quickly pushing Kim up and against Suki. Kim groans loudly
as the pressure on her bladder increases significantly.

Suki, now, wraps her arm around Kim's neck, not so tightly as to hurt
her, but firmly enough to pull her back, straightening her back, so
that she can continue to kiss Kim. Her left hand lowers down Kim's body
to her pubic mound, gentle stroking the smooth area, without forcing
Kim to lose total control. Her right hand begins to tug lightly on
Kim's left nipple, feeling it stiffen and grow erect.

Kim thinks to Suki. "I can't hold it anymore!"

Suki's thoughts are very simple, "Do it, Kimmie... I 'what' to see...
Just let it go and pee your panties... You know how much you like
it..." Her left hand slides down to Kim's labia inside her panties and
separates the soft folds as she begins to rub them gently, her index
finger located directly at the end of Kim's urethra.

Nikki then rubs Kim's ear again. This forces the last of her hold away
from her as a sudden wave of pleasure runs through her body. Kim then
moans loudly into Suki's mouth as she pees hard. Wetting her panties a
deep yellow color.

Suki pulls back from Kim's mouth, smiling as she brings her hands up to
Kim's abdomen and Kim's stomach, both rubbing gently. She whispers,
"There... now doesn't that feel better, Kimmie?" She licks Kim's cheek
in a loving fashion.

"Ooohhh." is Kim's only response as she continues to urinate for about
3 minutes. "Heh, that was fun." states Nikki.

Suki looks at both Kim and Nikki and smiles happily at the both of
them. She asks, "Did you girls like that? That's what FD is all
about..." She reaches a hand out and caresses Nikki's ears, and uses
her other hand to caress Kim's cheek, lovingly.


Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 1: Sashi loses it!

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the character Suki, or Sashi, Huehue does

Warning: Loli, violence]

The morning sun rises into the sky, filtering in through Becky's
window, illuminating the young loli still asleep in her bed. On the
floor next to the bed, sits a younger, though taller, girl, also fast
asleep, but in a vertical position rather than lying down. (In other
words, she's sitting up, but asleep) Her head hangs to the side and her
arms are folded across her lap as she dozes.

Becky begins to shift in her sleep as she begins to wake up.

The girl on the floor mumbles something incoherent in her sleep, but
doesn't awake.

Becky brings her hands to her face as she wakes up. She rubs her eyes
she sits up. Becky places her left hand on the bed and feels the
absence of Sashi. She quickly looks to her left then right and sees
Sashi asleep at the side of her bed. "Huh? What is she doing there?"
says Becky to herself.

A soft snore comes from the sleeping girl as her head droops over
further, clearly showing that she is fast asleep. Her arms drop to her
sides and she has a look of innocent vulnerability about her.

"Hmm..." states Becky as she reaches her right hand into the top
Sashi's shirt and cups her breast.

Sashi squirms slightly, letting out a soft moan as her breast starts to
swell ever so slightly. She lazily and drowsily opens her eyes, her
mouth stretching in a yawn as she bends her head back and up to glance
at Becky. She whispers, "M-Miss Becky?!" She looks dazed and confused.

"What's wrong? Don't you like this?" as Becky as she begins to squeeze
Sashi's breast slightly.

Sashi shakes her head slightly, replying in a soft whisper, "N-No, M-
Miss Becky... I.. I was just... surprised... is all..." She blushes,
though it is clear that she is getting aroused.

"What are you sitting beside the bed for?"

Sashi looks down at her tennis-shoed feet and replies, "I-It is
obligated for a slave to give her Mistress the full comfort of anything
the Mistress is using. In this case, the bed..."

"I see, but I'd be more comfortable with you in my arms while we're
both on the bed."

Sashi blushes, "I... I am sorry, Miss Becky... I... I did not know..."
She looks slightly sad, thinking that she might have upset her

"Hey, don't look that way, you didn't know..." replies Becky as she
starts to knead Sashi's breast with her hand.

Sashi moans softly in pleasure as her breast grows full and firm her
nipple beginning to try to poke through her bra and cheerleader top.
She squirmed a little on the floor, her head tilting up and back to
look at Becky, her green eyes showing a slight twinge of lust though
she seems to be fighting her feelings in favor of her duty.

Becky moves her other hand, the left one, to begin to caress Sashi's
neck as she continues the action to her breast.

Sashi moans again and starts sticking her chest out, her breathing
growing slightly harder and slightly faster. Again she looks deeply
into Becky's eyes, her own green depths wondering what Becky has in
store for her.

Becky gets off the bed a moment later to kneel in front of Sashi. She
reaches her right hand under Sashi's skirt to cup the crotch of her
panties. Becky then begins to kiss Sashi lovingly.

Sashi whimpers softly in pleasure and her hips begins to squirm
slightly as she opens her mouth and lets Becky inside, her own tongue
quivering in anticipation.

Becky inserts her tongue into Sashi's mouth while she begins to run her
hand over the girl's crotch.

Sashi squirms under Becky's touch and her arms come up, of their own
free will, to wrap around Becky's head, pulling her closer and holding
her there as she pushes her tongue around and around Becky's.

Becky smiles at this through her kiss and continues her actions.

Sashi suddenly tenses and pulls back shyly, blushing heavily. She
gasps, "M-Miss Becky... I.... Th-this is... un-unexpected... I... I d-
do not u-understand h-how t-to react... N-No Mistress h-has ever d-done
this to me before..."

"Just do what your body urges you to. That's all ya got to do..."
states Becky smiling.

Sashi protests, very weakly, "B-But... I-It is not pr-proper f-for a
slave t-to have these f-feelings..." She blushes and looks down again.

"It's ok..." Becky then starts to place light kisses on Sashi's neck.
"Just let your body guide you..."

Sashi nods, gulping, "O-Okay, M-Miss Becky..." She again advances
toward Becky and tries to put her lips on Becky's, her hands reaching
up to Becky's chest and sliding along her collar.

"Mmm, good..." states Becky.

Sashi suddenly giggles, "Yes, Miss Becky..." She lowers one hand to
Becky's right breast and starts hesitantly running her index finger
across the mound without touching her nipple. She uses her other hand
to take Becky's head and tilt it up so that she could put her lips on
Becky's again, kissing her deeply, passionately.

Becky starts to moan from the touch and her arousal raises as she feels
Sashi finally begin to take control a bit

Sashi giggles again, then pushes her tongue in harder, deeper as she
uses her left hand to squeeze Becky's right breast gently and her right
index finger to tickle Becky's left nipple, teasingly and with a
certain degree of playfulness.

Becky starts to moan slightly from the small touch , and tenses
slightly for a moment.

Sashi backs off for just a moment, smiling, a rare sight with her. She
whispers softly, blushing, "Miss Becky... did you like that?" She
playfully runs her left hand across Becky's tummy, playing with her

"Ooh, yes, very much."

"Is there any one area that you want me to focus on, Miss Becky?", asks
Sashi, still smiling as she tries to lean Becky back against the bed,
shifting her position so that the loli is between her and the bed.

"The area just above my labia or my breasts would be great." replies

Sashi nods, and smiles, "Yes, Miss Becky..." She lowers her left hand
down past Becky's bellybutton, and down across her abdomen, gently
stroking there for a few minutes while her right hand begins to tickle
Becky's left nipple with erotic motions.

Ooh... yes, that's great." moans Becky.

Sashi nods, "Understood, Miss Becky..." She wraps her lithe
fingers around Becky's nipple and tugs gently as she uses her left arm
and hand to scoot Becky forward a little and bend her further back
against the bed. Then she uses that same hand to gently push apart
Becky's thighs and move down to Becky's panties' waistband, slipping a
finger inside, testing to see how tight it is on Becky's waist.

"Ohhh." Becky moans as she sticks out her chest a bit from Sashi's

Sashi grins widely, her hand pushing further into Becky's panties
gently pushing on Becky's pubic mound as her other hand continues to
rub and stroke Becky's breast. At the same time, Sashi leans close to
Becky, and kisses her again.

Becky starts to squirm a bit as she moans. from the sensations.

Sashi mmmm's as she sees Becky's movements, and her mid-level telepathy
informs her of Becky's feelings and thoughts as she gets, what she
thinks, is a crazy idea. She lowers her lips to Becky's left nipple and
starts sucking on it as her right hand lowers itself down to Becky's
abdomen, rubbing gently, trying to draw a coo from the loli as her left
hand starts to touch and stroke her the delicate folds of her labia.

Becky indeed begins to coo as feels Sashi's hand on her labia. she then
moans again from the feeling of Sashi's mouth on her nipple.

Sashi senses Becky's pleasure and she again begins to smile as she
pulls back, suddenly wanting to tease and play with her Mistress's body
for a little while.

"Hey, why'd you stop?" asks Becky wantingly.

Sashi blushes and smiles, "I wanted you to experience as much pleasure
as I could give you, Miss Becky..." She leans between Becky's thighs
and, like she saw Canon do once, licks at Becky's tender labia.

Becky quickly tenses from this and gasp loudly. "Ah.."

Sashi pulls her head back, grinning, as she asks, "Did Miss Becky like
that?" Her left hand starts to gently massage Becky's thigh as her
right hand begins to rub Becky's lower abdomen, trying to add to the

"Ooh, yes, I did." moans Becky as she places her right hand on top of
Sashi's head.

"Would you like more, Miss Becky?"

"Yes, please."

Sashi nods, grinning, "Ok, Miss Becky..." She again lowers her lips to
Becky's labia and teasingly licks at it for a second before pulling
back and rubbing her abdomen again.

"Ooh, you keep teasing me." moans Becky with a smile.

Sashi grins, "I know you like it, Miss Becky... I can sense it..." She
suddenly takes her left hand and jams three fingers into Becky's vagina
as she parts Becky's labia with the other two and licks at her now
exposed clitoris.

Becky gasps quickly and loudly at this as she also tenses up.

Sashi giggles and continues her actions, pumping her fingers harder and
faster as her right hand continues to rub Becky's abdomen and her pubic

"Oooh, that's sooo good!" moans Becky

Sashi now puts her whole lips on Becky's labia and sucks on them as her
fingers continue their actions. She wonders if Becky is beginning to
feel so much pleasure that she might begin to show it with physical

Becky's left hand clenches into a tight fist and her other one she
places firmly on Sashi's head. She also begins to move her hips into
Sashi's mouth as she moans.

Sashi smirks and continues her actions, revving up the intensity and
frequency. Her mid-level telepathic powers bleed into Becky's mind,
showing Becky hot, erotic images, trying to push Becky's arousal higher
and higher.

Becky doesn't know how she's suddenly seeing this images in her head
and doesn't really care as her arousal increases sharply. Becky starts
to squirm her body as she moans.

Sashi speaks telepathically, "Look at them, Miss Becky... Are not they
really hot? Do they not turn you on?" She continues her actions, trying
to awaken sexual fantasies in her Mistress.

"Ah! H-How are y-you doing this?" asks Becky through her moaning and

Sashi speaks, "It is one of my powers, Miss Becky... I am a mid-level
telepath and I can introduce images into the minds of anyone I
choose... Tell me, Miss Becky... What is your sexual fantasy?"

"I... I can't think s-straight right now."

Sashi sighs, "Okay... Is this it?" She shows Becky an image of a girl
cumming hard all down her thighs, the look of pleasure on the girl's
beautiful face expressing great pleasure.

"Y-yes, that's it! That's the one." states Becky as she moans

Sashi giggles, "Good... Now then..." She shows the moving images again
and again across Becky's field of vision as she pumps her fingers
harder and deeper into the loli's vagina and rubs her abdomen slightly

"Ooooohhhh, I don't think I'm gonna last to much longer...."

Sashi thinks, "Go on, Miss Becky... Let it go..." She uses her fingers
to stroke along the top wall of Becky's vagina along her urethra and
she shows the little girl more images of the same girl cumming again
and again.

Oh, It's too much! I can't take it anymore!" states Becky squirming

Sashi continues her actions, moving more and more frantically up and
down Becky's vagina while still rubbing and pressing on her abdomen.
She thinks, "Come on, Miss Becky... let it go... Succumb to your

Becky moans loudly as her orgasm strikes HARD. Causing her to stiffen
up as a 4 second long stream of her cum forces itself from her urethra.
Becky's body laxes back up and she jerks uncontrollably for a few

Sashi grins goofily and leans back, breathing a soft sigh and reaching
up to her face to wipe away the cum. She asks, "So... did you like
that, Miss Becky?"

Becky simply moans in reply.

Sashi smiles, then starts to get to her feet. Her face contorts weirdly
and she closes her eyes, moaning, "N-No... N-Not now!"

"Huh? What was that Sashi?" asks Becky tiredly.

Sashi places her hands on her head, holding it as though she's in pain.
She groans loudly, "N-Noooooooo!" Her eyes turn from green to red
briefly and she starts hovering off the ground.

Becky lifts her head to look at Sashi. "Huh? What's going on? Are you
ok Sashi?"

Sashi suddenly stiffens up and screams, "Damn you, you fucking asshole!
You never treated me right, and now... Oh, you are gonna pay!" She
lands on the floor and starts making for the door.

"Hey!" Becky tries to get up but her latest orgasm really did a number
on her energy.

Sashi reaches the door and violently rips it open, almost tearing it
off its hinges. She enters the living room and there are heard some
sounds, then a quick thud, then all is silent again.

Becky forces herself to her feet and leans on the wall for support as
she leaves her room and makes for the living room.

Once there, she sees blood on the wall and Suki lying on the floor,
bleeding from a wound on her shoulder and Kim and Nikki looking
perplexed. The door to the outside is open and swinging on its hinges.

"What the hell happened in there?!" exclaims Kim. "I-I don't know,
Sashi suddenly got all mad for some reason and stormed out of the
room." replies Becky quickly.

Suki moans weakly, "Uhhh... what is wrong with that girl?! Ow..." She
looks completely shocked.

"It sounded like Sashi was made at someone before she left my room."
states Becky. (Kim goes over to Suki and kneels down.) "Are you ok?"

Suki glances down at her arm, which is bleeding heavily. She closes her
eyes and chants a few words. The gash closes up and Suki sighs in
relief, "I... I'm fine, I think... It's just... I really shouldn't have
been fighting... I'm still a little weak from my injury..."

"What going on? Who's Sashi?" asks Nikki.

"Sashi Is Becky's Mistress, and lover." replies Kim. "Oh, I see."
states Nikki.

Suki groans as she gets back up to her feet, her legs still a little
wobbly. Outside the apartment, though, there is a shrill woman's shriek
followed by minor explosions and shortly thereafter sirens.

"Ooh, What's wrong with Sashi? do you know Suki?" asks Becky as she
places her right hand between her legs.

Suki shrugs her shoulders, "How would I know? I only just recently met
her... By the way, Becky... Do you have to pee?"

"Not exactly, but I'm still horny from what Sashi and I were doing."
replies Becky.

Suki turns her head to the outside just a red glow begins to make its
presence known as flames from buildings within the town leap into the
sky. "Looks like the city's on fire..." she states sadly.

"What?!" exclaims Kim and Nikki.

Suki jerks her thumb out the window and shows that the city is in
flames as more shrieks and screams are heard. "You can see for
yourself... Whatever Sashi's doing, it's causing the city to catch

"We have to stop her!" states Kim. "Y-Yeah, we have to stop her..."
adds Becky as she begins to rub herself.

Suki blinks, "Becky! What are you doing?! There are people dying out
there!" She looks totally shocked.

"Ooh, I can't help it." Becky slides down the wall. "I'm so horny right

Suki gives Becky this look: o_0, then grabs Becky's arm and basically
drags her to the door, groaning, "Come on... You may be the only one
Sashi will listen to.."

Becky begins to walk with Suki, but continues to rub herself. "O-Ok."
Kim and Nikki follow behind.

Once outside the apartment, the true horrible scene is shown before
their eyes. Dead bodies litter the streets, blood spewing from every
artery, buildings aflame, fire hydrants burst, monsters from the plains
entering the city now that the guards are gone.

"Its horrible." states Kim as she covers her mouth. "Ooh, my stomach
can't take this." states Nikki as she covers her mouth and goes back
into the apartment.

"Yeah, what an awful sight." states Becky. The small girl now inserts
two fingers into herself and moans.

Suki puts her hand over her mouth, "Oh, my..." She sees a little girl
crying at the side of the road over her dead mother and father.

Kim walks over to the small girl and puts her hand on her back and
whispers something into her ear. "O-Ok..." replies the girl as she then
stands and walks into the apartment.

Suki suddenly gasps and points off to the southwest, "Look! There she
is!" And sure enough, to the southwest is Sashi, fighting with a big
black man. They watch as she heartlessly rips his heart out with his
own sword, then vanishes."

"Da*nmit! where's she gone!" states Kim.

Becky just moans.

Suki gasps, "Amazing... She has surprising speed... I... I can't even
keep up with her... but... I do have a theory as to where she's

"Where?" asks Kim.

Suki explains, "When she killed that guy, I could sense, very briefly,
the person that she was angry with... I couldn't tell much... but I am
sure that she's angry with an Ap-Dat person.."

"Do you have any Idea who this person could be?" asks Kim.

Suki shakes her head, "No... I couldn't really get a good look at
him... all I could tell was that he was Ap-Dat... There's a telepathic
imprint in her mind... one that is distinctly Ap-Dat in nature..."

"I see, well, where do the Ap-Dat live?" asks Kim. Meanwhile, Becky is
starting to pant and moan on the ground as she vigorously pleasures

Suki replies, "The villages are in the north, in a towering mountain

"If Sashi was thinking of an Ap-Dat person we need to get there before
she does." states Kim. Becky finally gives herself an orgasm as she
moans loudly and squirts a two-second stream from her urethra. She
leans back on the wall as the last of the wave of pleasure washes over

Suki looks to the side sadly, and replies, "I... I can't tell you where
the village is... It has always been the greatest secret of my

"But if Sashi gets there before we do, she's most likely gonna kill
everyone in the village." states Kim.

Suki protests weakly, "B-But... I... It has always been tradition that
we keep the location secret... There are still many people who hate us
and would do anything to wipe us all out..."

"But if Sashi gets there, there won't be a tradition anymore." states
Kim. Becky then recovers and comes to her senses. "Mmm, what's going
on? Why does it look like the cities on fire?"

Suki sighs, "Oh... alright.... But you have to promise me that you
won't tell anyone the location of my village..." She turns to Becky and
tells her, "You might want to put some clothes on, Becky.." Suki
glances up at the sky and thinks, "Oh, Dad... I hope you're okay..."

"What the Fu*k! The city IS on fire! What the hell happened?!" exclaims
The small girl.

Suki rolls her eyes at Kim and starts to stalk off, looking pensive.
Her unspoken question hangs in Kim's mind, courtesy of Suki's closeness
to her, "Would you please explain this to her?"

A few moments later... "So, Sashi did all of that? But why?! Why would
she do this?!" asks Becky getting emotional.

Suki shrugs her shoulders, "I have no idea... she seemed really upset,

"About what? Could it be me? Maybe I was too rough with her a few
times..." states Becky tearing up.

Suki frowns, "I doubt that... she didn't really mind what you might
have done to her..."

"If its not me, then what could it be?" asks Becky.

Suki turns to Kim, raising her eyebrow and asking, "You want to field
this one? It's a bit embarrassing.. Besides, I want to get some
supplies for our trip..." She re-enters Kim's apartment.

"Ok, Suki thinks that Sashi is mad at someone. An Ap-Dat." states Kim.
"Ap-Dat?" asks Becky. "It's want their people are called, like mine are
Newearls." replies Kim. "Oh." replies Becky

Inside Kim's apartment, Suki gets dressed in her school uniform and
picks up her dagger, sliding it into her belt. She grabs several cans
of food and magically shrinks them, then she comes back out and states,
"You girls gonna get ready so we can get there before Sashi?"

"Ok, come Becky." states Kim as she takes the girls arm and teleports
into the building, were Becky goes into her room and puts on her green
camo pants and matching sleeve-less shirt. While Kim goes to her room
to find Nikki sleeping on her bed with the child from earlier. Kim gets
what she needs and leaves the room. While back in Becky's room, the
small girl picks up one of her many guns and places it in her holster
behind her. She then puts on a pair of gloves and leaves the room where
Kim meets her and they teleport back outside.

Suki rubs her arms, "Ready?"

"Yeah, we're ready." replies Kim.

Suki nods, "Okay... Here we go... oh and Becky, I'm... really sorry
about this..." She grabs Kim's hand and Becky's hand and leaps into the
air, beginning to fly toward the mountain range to the far north.

"Ah! Do we HAVE to fly there?!" replies Becky.

Suki groans slightly in exertion and replies tersely, "Would you prefer
to arrive there AFTER Sashi has killed them all?!"

"N-No, but I hate hights." states Becky.

"I know... but sometimes you have to do things you hate for the greater
good..." states Suki somewhat sadly.

"I'm sorry you got to take us with you." states Kim.

Suki shakes her head, "No... that's not what's bothering me... there
are other things I've had to do that I didn't really want to do..."

"Oh, I see." replies Kim. "Like what?" asks Becky. "Don't ask her
that!" snaps Kim.

Suki shakes her head, patting Becky's hand, "Ask me later sometime,
Becky..." She looks out in front of her and says, "Kimmie... do you see
that mountain range up there? The Ap-Dat villages are there... One to
the west and the other, my hometown, is to the far north where the
central mountain is..."

"Yeah, I see it." replies Kim.

"My village is there... It's called No'tyl..." Suki uses her right arm
to motion for Becky to climb up onto her back so that she could use her

Becky does as Suki requests. "Ok"

Suki replies, "Thanks..." She brings her right hand up to her forehead
and whispers, "Daddy... are you there?" It is apparent that she is
speaking telepathically. This continues for a few minutes before Suki
nods, "Yes, sir... I... I understand..." She sighs heavily.

"What's wrong?" asks Kim.

Suki sighs, "I just spoke with my father and... well... he's not too
pleased... but I think I convinced him about the danger the town is
in... He wants to meet us at the far east gate.."

"Ok" replies Kim and Becky.

Suki sighs and takes Kim and Becky to a tall town gate on the east side
of the town where a tall, well-muscled man is rapidly pacing back and
forth, looking VERY concerned.

To Be Continued in...
The Ap-Dat Village

Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 2: The Ap-Dat Village

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.

Warning: Loli, Watersports]

"Uh, is that him." whispers Kim.

Suki smiles and runs up to him, hugging him and calling, "Daddy! How
have you been?" The man hugs Suki back, looking slightly relieved, "Oh,
thank God, you're still safe, little Princess... When you told me about
Sashi, I feared the worst..."

"Uh, Hi." states Kim and Becky.

The man eyes them suspiciously, but chooses not to say anything
offensive. He holds out his hand and greets, "Hello and welcome to
No'tyl... My name is Jakashi... You are Suki's friends, I presume? What
are your full names?" He seems completely distrustful.

"Yes, were Suki's friends, I'm Kimberly Ann Starr and this is Becky
Starr, my sister." replies Kim as she shakes the man's hand.

"I see... and where are you from?" asks the man.

"From a city south of here." answers Kim.

The man's eyes go like this:o_0: but he sighs, "Oooook... Anyway, I
suppose I should let you inside the town... It's not safe out here if
Sashi is loose..."

"Ok, thanks." replies Kim.

Jakashi hands Kim and Becky some heavy thick cloaks and robes. He says,
"Put this on... If anyone in the village sees that you aren't Ap-Dat,
they will go ballistic..."

"I see, ok." replies Kim as she then puts on the rob and Becky does the

Suki blushes and whispers, "I'm sorry, Kimmie... the Ap-Dat are VERY
suspicious of people outside of their race... and not without good

"Its ok, I understand." replies Kim.

Jakashi waits until Kim and Becky have the cloaks and robes on, then
opens the gate and says, "Follow me..." He leads the three girls into
the town and quickly ushers them into his house, a two-story square
building. Once they're in the structure, Jakashi closes the door and
locks it behind them. He points to the kitchen table and says, "Have a
seat... we have a long story ahead of us.." He sighs heavily.

"Is it that bad?" asks Kim.

Jakashi sighs, "It is very bad, Miss Starr... and it's ALL my fault..."

"What's wrong? What happened?" asks Becky.

Jakashi sighs, handing Kim and Becky two plates of pancakes as Suki
moves to the kitchen to start cooking her own version of Ap-Dat
pancakes. He starts, "Well, I suppose it all begins with Susashi..."

"Susashi? Who is that?" asks Kim.

Jakashi replies, "She was Suki and Sashi's mother... A really pretty
young Mem'lo slave..." He says the word slave as though it is something
vile and disgusting.

"Wait a minute, did I hear you say Susashi was Suki AND Sashi's
mother?" asks Kim. "Doesn't that mean..." adds Becky.

Suki sniffs, "And I didn't even know..." Jakashi sighs, "Yeah.. Susashi
was the mother to both Suki and Sashi... They're sisters... full
blooded Ap-Dat sisters... though they're both part Mem'lo as well..."

"Wow, that's certainly a surprise." states Kim. "Oh but think about it
Kimmie, your in love with Suki, and I'm in love with Sashi, Suki's
sister. Its great." states Becky.

Jakashi suddenly stares at Suki with a hard look. "Suki, is this true?
You have feelings for this young woman?" He asks, softly and
dangerously. Suki blushes, "U-Um, I... uh..." It is clear that she's
afraid of her father's disapproval and can't find the words to say yes.

"Is something wrong with that?" asks Kim.

Suki stammers, "Uh... Uh.... Uh..." Jakashi rises to his feet and
stalks over to Suki, who turns her eyes down to stare at her feet,
blushing shyly. Jakashi gives his daughter a stern look, then demands,
"Have you forgotten your promise to me, Suki?" Suki shakes her head,
"N-No, Daddy... I... I haven't! I.. I will still find someone to
impregnate me s-so I.. I can bear a child a-and keep the family line
going! I.. I promise!"

"What?!" exclaims Kim. Becky's eyes just go wide.

Suki flushes harder, clearly embarrassed to the depths of her short
black hair. Jakashi clears his throat, "Then I approve... as long as
you bear a child, I can rest in peace..." He pats Suki on the head,
then walks back over to the table and sighs, "Now.. where were we?" It
is clear, though, that he now eyes Kim with a different facial
expression though he says nothing about her at this point. It is almost
as though he is sizing her up as a potential mate for Suki. Suki,
herself, sighs and continues cooking up her own pancakes.

Deciding to leave the subject alone for another time, Kim just returns
Suki's father's look with a nervous look of her own.

Jakashi gasps, "Ah yes... any-who... Sashi's story begins with
Susashi... I... I don't know if Suki's ever told you... but we Ap-
Dat... are not very well liked outside these mountains..."

"Why?" asks Kim.

Jakashi sighs and reaches up to a manuscript on a nearby table. He
plops it down onto the table and pushes it toward Kim, sighing again,
"Here... read this... Some jerk made our race's history into a
movie..." He groans.

"Uh, how about later?" asks Kim.

Jakashi sighs, "Ok... but I warn you.. I know very little about our
race's history... all I can tell you is that a failed summon of our
ancestors, named, Hon'tyl, forced our people to conquer and completely
subjugate a race of people known as the Mem'lo... wait... this is
taking too long, " he admits. "Here... this'll be quicker..."Jakashi
closes his eyes and suddenly a stream of images from the past enters
Kim's mind. She watches the whole sad story of Suki and Sashi's past
evolve in her mind.

Kim quickly realizes what Jakashi is doing and closes her eyes after a
few seconds. after a moment, tears begin to brim her eyes and fall down
her cheeks. but she continues to watch the images. "Kimmie, what's
wrong? Why are you crying?" Becky looks at Jakashi. "What are you doing
to Kimmie?"

Jakashi reaches out and puts a hand on Becky's shoulder, "It's
alright... It's ok... I'm simply showing her Suki and Sashi's past...
She'll be fine... she just needs to get accustomed to the

"S-Sashi, she's been through so much... Isn't they're a way to save
her?" asks Kim

Jakashi sighs, "I can only think of one thing... The Al'Tyl spell...
but it's incredibly difficult and will require a lot of spiritual

"What will it do to her?" asks Becky.

"If it works, it will submerge her aggressiveness permanently... She
will return to being a calm gently sensitive slave.... If it doesn't
work... then... " Jakashi made an explosion sound with his voice and

"She blows up?" asks Becky.

Jakashi shakes his head, "No.. I mean, we all die..."

"What?! How?!" exclaims Becky.

Jakashi replies, "With the amount of spiritual energy we are going to
use, if the slightest error is made, then all that energy will flood
into my body, Sashi's body, Suki's body and whoever chooses to be the
reservoir... It will crush our minds like pancakes..."

"Reservoir? What do you mean? asks Becky

"Someone will need to act as a ... a 'holder' of sorts... to hold the
power we need until we can unleash the spell... It is a very dangerous
spell and hasn't been attempted in many generations... I only hope I
can remember how it goes..."

"Oh, well, I'll be the reservoir. Is that ok?" asks Becky.

Jakashi puts his hand on Becky's shoulder, "I can't ask you to do
this... but if you are ready, then we need to begin the preparations

"I love Sashi, If I can do something to help her I'll gladly do it,
even if it means risking my life." states Becky.

Jakashi suddenly eyes Becky in the same manner as Kim, "You too? You
also love a daughter of mine?" He seems really confused now.

"Yes, I love her greatly." replies Becky.

Jakashi sighs and puts his head in his hands, muttering, "Why me... Why
is it that BOTH my daughters love girls..?"

Then he straightens up and says, "Ok, then, Becky... You will have to
come with me, now... The rest of you... will have to wait here... and
Suki?" Suki looked up. "Try not to get any cum on the couch... It is
most difficult to clean up... Just remember what I said when you had
Nanyo over for the night... " He takes Becky by the hand and leads her
out of kitchen, almost dragging the loli. Suki blushes and scowls,

"Oh, what happened with Nanyo?" asks Kim looked to Suki wipping the
tears from her eyes.

"Where are we going?" asks Becky.

Suki blushes, "Oh.. um... well... we... uh.... uh.. let's just say...
that one night when we had a sleepover, we... uh... got... a little
.... frisky..." She giggles nervously.

Jakashi replies, "We must go to the Inner Sanctum, where we can gather
the most spiritual power..." He takes Becky to a tall temple in the
center of the town and covers her eyes and whole head with the hood on
her robe. He whispers, "Now keep your head down and do exactly what I
say; otherwise, you will be thrown out of town and I.. well, I will be

"You care to explain?" asks Kim.

Becky replies with a quite "OK"

Suki blushes, "Uh... well, you could say... that was the day I first
learned about female ejaculation... and also.. the day that I learned
how much I liked to 'fool' around with a girl's full bladder... Hee,
poor Nanyo..." She gets all dreamy-eyed as though she's recalling a
fond memory.

Jakashi pulls Becky behind him. He stops and starts speaking in an
ancient language to a person who Becky can't see, but can sense is near
her. The person speaks back to Jakashi and he flinches. He hisses in
Becky's ear, "I'm really sorry about this, Ms. Starr, but whatever you
do, don't move or else they will surely kill you..."

"Looks like you got a pretty good story to tell." states Kim.

Becky gets a fearful for a moment but thinks of Sashi and the fear
fades. She says "Ok" very low.

Suki blushes, "Ok... well, it happened one night that Nanyo had decided
to sleep over... we were always the best of friends, you see... so this
was no big thing... we decided to lay down on the couch and watch a
movie together..."

Jakashi sighs and moves away from Becky, his absence immediately felt
by the young loli. A hand reaches out to Becky's hand and pulls her
along, gently lining her up along a wall, pushing her back against it
and forcing her to stand up. Something straight-edged was pressed
against her head while someone else lifted her right arm, and wrapped
something leathery around her upper arm.

"What happened next?" asked Kim eagerly wanting to hear more.

Becky continues to think of Sashi to decrease the fear she's feeling.

Suki giggles nervously, "Well um... you see, Nanyo was... how shall I
put this... quite.. um... horny... this particular night... so.. she
decided to slip in a porno movie into the VCR..." She groans slightly
and giggles again.

Just then, a sharp amount of pressure is placed through the leathery
object, pinching Becky's skin and clamping down on her blood vessels.
At the same time, something soft and long is wrapped around her bosom
at its furthest length, right over her nipples. Another long soft
object is then wrapped around her waist and her hips.

"Really? Do you remember what kind of porno it was?" asks Kim.

Becky grits her teeth in attempt at preventing a groan come from her.

Suki shrugs her shoulders, "Um... I think it was something
lesbianish... but other than that I can't really remember.. anyway... I
was so absorbed in the film, (that being the first time I had ever seen
a naked person before), that I wasn't watching what Nanyo was doing..
She left the couch for a little while, I know, and then returned, only
wearing her panties and a smile..." Suki blushes.

As Becky's measurements and blood pressure are taken, someone lifts up
the bottom of her robe, pulling it up and over her chest, then
unbuttons her outfit and pulls her bra aside to place a cold metal
object over her heart.

"Panties and a smile huh?" states Kim.

Becky can't help it as a quick low gasp leaves her lips at the cold
object on her.

Suki giggles, "Yeah... she'd thought she'd surprise me and such... so
anyway.. she came to the couch and got under the covers with me... and
she started, you know..." she blushes again.

The cold metal object doesn't stay there long; within a minute it is
removed and replaced by two relatively big hands that grip Becky's
breasts, not tightly, but firmly enough to measure their size. There is
suddenly a lot of talking in that weird language and another set of
hands suddenly replace the first pair, gently gripping Becky's breasts.

"No, I don't know, inform me." giggles Kim.

Becky blushes as she feels the strangers touch her small breasts.

Suki blushes and whines, "Aw, come on, Kimmie.. don't make me say it..
you know what goes on in our 'sessions' don't you? Except this time,
(and I didn't know it then) but Nanyo had a full bladder... that's why
she had been gone earlier; she had been filling her bladder..."

Once again, another set of hands takes hold of Becky's breasts,
followed by more words from, apparently, other Ap-Dat. This time,
Jakashi's voice is heard speaking along with them. Then, suddenly, the
hands are removed and a cool breeze suddenly wafts over Becky's nipple.

Kim simply looks at Suki, expected to hear more.

Becky sighs lightly as she feels the cool breeze hit her nipples,
making them stiffen.

Suki blushes, "Well, anyway.. she didn't tell me what she was doing, so
when she touched my... my special place... for the first time, I was
shocked, but incredibly turned on..."

A small rubbery object is placed around Becky's nipple and someone, a
man, judging by his grip, gently squeezes her nipple, apparently trying
to draw some secretion from it.

"Your first time huh?" asks Kim.

A quick and particularly audible "Ah" comes from the small girl upon
feeling the squeeze of her nipple.

Suki nods, "Yeah... but when I told her I didn't understand, she didn't
stop... Rather, she continued on and on, rubbing and tugging and
stroking and all... until..." She blushes.

The man removes his hand from Becky's nipple and shortly thereafter,
the rubbery object is removed. Then, a few short seconds later, two
hands are placed on Becky's hips and they grab her underwear and
anything covering them and pull them away, exposing Becky's labia. One
hand reaches down and spreads the loli's labia as the other hand gently
inserts a finger inside, feeling around, apparently searching for her

Kim listens intently.

Becky gasps and tenses from this, squeezing the finger in her vagina.

Suki continues, "Well... you know what happens when a girl is stroked
long enough... I... well... I literally came.. all over the couch... My
fluids seeped deep down into the fabric and caused the smell that my
Dad was talking about... but that was only the first part... "

There is some more talking in the foreign language, then Jakashi's
voice is heard, whispering very softly to Becky, "Ms. Starr... you must
tell me... the other Ap-Dat can't seem to decide... Do you have a
hymen? If so, are you a virgin?"

"Oh there are parts? Do tell!" states Kim.

Becky blushes deeply. "N-No." whispers back Becky.

Suki sighs, "Well... after I came and all... my Dad... probably because
he heard the noise I was making, came downstairs to see if I was
alright... so Nanyo quickly covered up, hiding under the blanket and I
called out that I was fine... Once he left, though, we both were too
scared to continue for fear that he would catch us, so we decided to
just go on to sleep... Boy, was that a bad decision for Nanyo!" She

Jakashi whispers, "If you are not a virgin, then we will not be allowed
proceed... You must tell them that you are a virgin... Can you say that
lie?" He looks over her, knowing that she can't see him because of the
hood over her face, which keeps her features and identity a secret from
the other Ap-Dat.

"Did she wet the couch?" giggles Kim.

"Would it be alright if I did?" whispers Becky.

Suki puts her hands on her hips and scowls, "Hey... don't start jumping
ahead now, Kimmie!" She winks, and teases Kim by delaying the
conversation by starting to eat her pancakes.

Jakashi replies, "They can't tell just from your bodily responses.. If
you say that you are a virgin, they will believe you... but can you go
through with that lie?"

"Aww, come on, continue." whines Kim.

"I'm fine with it, after all, I'm doing this to help Sashi." whispers

Suki giggles, "You are so cyute when you're whining, Kimmie... but
ok... so anyway, there we were, Nanyo having just drifted off to sleep,
but me... well, I couldn't sleep too well.. I had, after all, just had
an orgasm and I was still a little hyper, if you know what I mean...
so, I thought I'd play around a little with Nanyo... maybe explore her
body a little... you know, get some experience and stuff..."

Jakashi whispers, "Fine... then say in a loud clear voice: Yont Tibil
Rival... and we'll see what happens... if they accept you, then you'll
feel something being inserted within you... Don't be alarmed... they
are merely testing to see how full your bladder is..." He mutters to
himself, "Damn old Hon'tyl traditions. He scowls.

Kim giggles. "Yea, I know."

"Ok." replies Becky to Jakashi before she states the phase in a loud
clear voice.

Suki blushes and continues, "So yeah.. anyway... I gently rolled Nanyo
over onto her back... trying my best not to wake her up, because I was
afraid that she'd get mad at me for 'disturbing her beauty rest' (which
between you and me, she didn't really need because she was so
beautiful). Nanyo had long blond hair and was wearing these lovely pink
panties. I gently slid my fingers across her tummy and down into her
panties, playing with her smooth mound and such..."

A few tense moments went by as the Ap-Dat conversed amongst themselves.
Jakashi even seemed to grow worried. Then all over a sudden, he
groaned, "Oh, no.." He winced softly.

"Did you ever play with yourself before this night with Nanyo?" asks

"What's wrong?" whispered Becky nervously.

Suki looks puzzled, "Don't you remember the morning after our first
night together, Kimmie? Remember how I was confused as to what
masturbation was?"

Jakashi whispers, "You, uh... didn't happen to bring a spare pair of
underwear with you, did you?" He seems embarrassed to have to mention

"Whoa, You never masturbated?!" Kim looks shocked.

"N-No, why?" whispers Becky.

Suki sighs, "Before I met you, Kimmie... there were a lot of things I
never did... I never even thought of them..." Jakashi replies, wincing
with each and every word, "Because I forgot part of the ritual
testing... They, *ahem* gonna... make... you wet yourself... "

"What Kind of things?" asks Kim.

"What!" exclaims Becky before quickly shutting up, fearful that she
raised her voice.

Suki shrugged her shoulders, "Pretty much all the desperation stuff...
the lesbian stuff... really, everything that I've done with you in bed,
Kimmie... I never really felt like I needed or wanted that stuff except
for three people... who just wouldn't let me live, " she teases.

Jakashi pats Becky's head, "I'm sorry, Ms. Starr.. I don't like the
ancient rituals of Hon'tyl either, but I am contractually bound to
follow her commands... or should I say, her directions... Stupid
magically-binding pieces of sh@t..." He shakes his head as someone
takes a pair of panties and begins to slide them up Becky's thighs.

"Heheh, You wouldn't let me leave ether." replies Kim.

'Not in front of complete strangers...' thinks Becky.

Suki giggles, "I don't have the power of Sashi or my father, but I can
sense certain emotions... and I know for a fact that you were turned on
when I wouldn't let you leave..."

Jakashi, reading Becky's mind, replies, again, "I am so sorry, Ms.
Starr... If you want to save Sashi, then there is no other
alternative... The decision is yours, though.. only you can make the
choice..." The hands put Becky's panties back on, then disappear from
her body. She is free to move if she so desires.

"It sure did turn me on. I love to wet myself, I think I told you that
one time before." replies Kim.

Becky doesn't move. 'I'll stay.' thinks the small girl to Jakashi.

Suki giggles, "See? Remember when I said that 'having a good sense can
come in handy? It certainly has!" She giggles again and hugs Kim.

Jakashi replies, "Ok... then lift up your arms and oh.. I must impress
upon you... if you do not try to hold it, these Ap-Dat will NOT accept
you and you will be cast out and we will lose our only chance to save
Sashi. Understand, Ms. Starr?!" He gently pats her head to encourage

"Well, what do you sense now then?" asks Kim.

"I understand, I have to hold it in as long as I possibly can." states
Becky as she lifts her arms.

Suki smiles and closes her eyes, whispering, "Gimmie a second to attune
my thoughts to yours, Kimmie..." She begins to concentrate, slight
trails of sweat starting to run down her back.

Jakashi sighs, "Ok, Miss Starr... here they go..." Two people, that
Becky can't see, take hold of her arms and pull them up above her head.
Some sort of rope is then tied around her wrists, fastening her hands
to some metallic object that is just above her head.

Kim simply looks at Suki concentrating, smiling.

Becky's heart begins to race, but not from nervousness, but from
anticipation. but then a thought comes to her. 'Wait a minute, there's
more than one of them...' thinks Becky.

Suki breathes in harder and harder and begins to talk in a rather
strained voice, "I sense... I sense... intense horniness... a powerful
will... nervousness... and..." She opens her eyes and winks, sticking
her tongue out playfully, added, "... a huge amount of love towards
someone in this room!"

Jakashi steps back as one man finally lifts Becky's hood. A bright
light covers Becky's field of vision, as Jakashi uses his telepathy to
warn Becky to keep her eyes downcast and to act submission lest she be

Kim blushes. "heh, your good."

Becky looks down to the ground as Jakashi telepathically tells her to
do. Becky then starts to think of something else. 'I think there all
guys too... and I'm here naked. What if they try to do something other
than make me pee?'

Suki giggles, "I told you, Kimmie... I have a very good sense..." Then
she sighs and looks slightly sad. "I'm nothing to my dad, though... or
Sashi, who I didn't even know was my sister... Why? Why did I forget
about her? I... I don't understand... and Nanyo... " She looks back up
to Kim and asks, "Dang it... I forgot all about Nanyo until you
mentioned her... Why am I forgetting all the important things of my
childhood?" She looks confused and concerned.

Jakashi thinks, "It's okay, Miss Starr... These guys may still follow
the teachings of Hon'tyl, but they do NOT rape people... Not unless you
give them reason to..." Just then, a white strip of cloth is placed
over Becky's eyes, and tied in the back.
There is a very faint smell in the air; that of incense and something

"I wish I knew the answer to that." replies Kim. (TBC)

'But I'm young, soft, and all that good stuff. :-) Do they have wives?'
thinks Becky

Suki sighs, falling silent and thinking about Nanyo with a smile barely
restrained within her. She finishes cooking her pancakes and sits down
at the table, using the nearby knife and fork and starts to eat.

Jakashi replies, in thought, "Some do... some don't... I can't tell you
which ones do and which ones don't... That's pretty much up to them,
but except for the Hymn-Singer, they don't talk much..." Just then, a
faint musical tone can be heard and the smell of incense disappears as
the other smell increases in strongness. A few seconds later, something
cold and fluidly is rubbed all along Becky's stomach, tummy, and

"What happened between Nanyo and you?" asks Kim.

Becky flinches as she feels the substance on her skin. 'What's that
there putting on me?' thinks Becky.

Suki sighs, "Many things... some good, some... not-so good... I will
always remember her... Just like the night she came over and spent the
night with me on the couch... you know... the time I was talking about

Jakashi answers her, "It's a save, a special ointment that is
considered holy in our culture... It's suppose to increase virility and
make the person more... uh... horny... " He winces as one hand spreads
the goo up to Becky's small breasts, taking particular care to rub it
onto her nipple. The music in the background grows and someone, with a
beautiful operatic voice, begins singing some song in Ap-Dat. The song
has a calming effect on everyone there, except Becky. The young loli
instead is filled with slight heat in her body, caused by a slight
increase in drowsiness.

"Mind telling me some of the good things?" states Kim.

'Ooh, what's up with the slight sudden sleepiness I'm having?' thinks

Suki blushes and asks, "Are you feeling THAT horny, Kimmie?" She
giggles and darn near chokes on her pancake.

Jakashi replies, "It's probably the incense... It does have a dullness-
inflicting effect... It probably also has a drowsiness effect to it...
don't worry... if you should fall asleep, it's okay.. they won't kill
you... they'll simply wake you up..." Here he falls silent, but not
before adding, "I must go now, Miss Starr... I shall return for you
when the ceremony is complete..."

"Is there something wrong with that?" giggles Kim.

'Your leaving? Why?' thinks Becky.

After recovering, Suki seizes a cup of brown colored fluid and downs
it, before suddenly spitting it out all over Kim, gasping, "Bleagh!
Coffee!" She looks up at a drenched Kim and blushes, "Ooops..."

Jakashi answers, "The ceremony is forbidden for an Unintiate such as
myself... Don't worry.. I shall keep my mind focused on you and at the
first sign of trouble, I will be back... Don't fear... Just try to keep

"I'm all wet." giggles Kim.

'Ok, see you later.' thinks Becky.

Suki blushes again, "Sorry, Kimmie... this cup must've been my Dad's...
Um, do you want a towel or something?" She looks apologetic.

The sound of heavy footfalls is heard fading rapidly, then the squeak
of a door followed by the slam of a door. A strange chanting begins,
which almost immediately starts to fill the young girl's body with
stronger waves of drowsiness, though it doesn't allow her to sleep.

Kim stands up. "Maybe you didn't quite hear me. I said, I'm all 'wet'."
states Kim smiling.

Becky simply stands there, waiting.

Suki's eyes widen, "Oh... I see... well... do you want an erotic story,
a few 'choice' pictures, or some music to... increase the mood while I
get ready?" She winks and adds, "The pics are of two people... One,
you'll know.. the other, I want YOU to learn about..."

A strange voice is heard, speaking the Ap-Dat language. The voice is
directed to Becky, though there is no way for the little girl to
understand what he's saying. The voice repeats itself, trying to get
Becky to answer.

"Surprise me." replies Kim.

'I don't understand, what should I say?' thinks Becky.

Suki replies, standing up and finishing the last bite of her pancakes,
"Ok... but do you want to see the pics and hear my story about Nanyo
and the couch?"

There is no response for Becky; not from Jakashi nor anyone else. The
man repeats the question, as a second Ap-Dat man reaches up to her left
nipple and gives it a gentle tug, apparently testing something.

"Sure." states Kim.

Becky tenses slightly at the gentle tug. "I don't understand." states
Becky nervously.

Suki gulps down a glassful of water, then motions for Kim to follow
her. She moves to the stairs and floats up them, going to a room on the
right side of the structure. Suki blushes as she opens the door, "This
is my old room, Kimmie..." There is a bed in the middle made of straw,
and... really nothing else. Suki moves to the straw and shifts some of
it around, groaning slightly as the old scar on her chest flares up
briefly as she locates an old smallish photo album.

Again, there is no response to Becky's thoughts. Something long and
cold is now pressed up against her stomach, pushing slightly into her
belly-button/navel and gently scraping something from inside the

"Your lucky." states Kim.

'What are they doing now' thinks Becky.

Suki asks, scratching at her short black hair, "Lucky? What do you
mean?" She begins thumbing through the old-style photo album.

"I don't have the luxury of saying the phrase, 'This is my old room'"
states Kim.

The metallic object is quickly withdrawn as the Ap-Dat man asks again
his question. The singing in the background grows louder as another
piece of cloth is placed on Becky's chin, and held there,
threateningly, as thought the Ap-Dat are warning her to answer them or

"I don't understand you." states Becky out loud.

Suki questions, "Didn't you ever have any parents, Kimmie?" She looks

The Ap-Dat man nods, but the cloth is still wrapped around Becky's
mouth, as a gag. Some words begin to appear in Becky's mind; one phrase
in English in particular; "Donut struggle..."

"Technically, yeah, I did. You want to know a secret?" states Kim.

"Ok." states Becky.

Suki nods, "Sure.. if you're willing to tell me, Kimmie?" She looks
interested as she continues thumbing through the album.

The Ap-Dat man backs off and something metallic is inserted into
Becky's ears, as the gag is removed temporarily and a hose inserted
into her mouth. Shortly, a sweet-tasting wonderful drink flows through
the tube and into Becky's mouth. At the same time, some weird cream is
rubbed onto her thighs and her feet, her shoes having been taken off by

"Becky's not my sister by blood." states Kim.

loving the taste, Becky eagerly drinks the liquid.

Suki gasps, "Really?! That's... surprising... I... I would never have
guessed... So... Does that Smith and Rick aren't your real brothers,

The cream seeps into Becky's thighs, causing her skin to tighten
slightly and smooth out, becoming even softer and silkier. The metallic
rod is removed from her ears, with a small amount of wax on them. Then,
suddenly, Becky is pulled away from the wall, her hands held out in
front of her, the tube still in her mouth. She is led by the hands down
a series of steps and pushed down into a huge round container of sorts.
It is almost like a hot tub by touch.

"Yep, there not my blood ether." states Kim.

'Where am I?' thinks Becky.

Suki sits down hard on her bed of straw, "Wow... That's a shocker...
Then, where are your parents?"

The cloth on Becky's mouth is removed and she is tugged up to a
standing position where her panties are quickly removed, exposing her
delicate folds once again. The chanting and song have faded to a faint
decibel level and a softer, higher pitched voice speaks, saying
something in Ap-Dat as Becky's blindfold is removed to reveal a
voluptuous, young woman, wearing only panties, that have a yellowish
stain on them, similar to Sashi's. She has long blond hair and dark
brown eyes, though, and she gestured to Becky to sit down, since she
determines Becky can't understand Ap-Dat.

Kim looks to the floor as a sad-like look crosses her face.

Becky does as the woman suggests and sits.

Suki senses Kim's sadness and lays the album aside, moving over to Kim
and placing one hand on Kim's back, patting her. She replies, "It's
okay.. It's okay... I... I don't really remember my mother either...
Dad... he never talks about her and I... I can't remember her..."

The woman takes the hose out of Becky's mouth and flips a nearby
spigot, stepping out of the hot tub-like container, and produces a
washrag from somewhere. She soaps it up as the warm water washes over
Becky. She tries to speak again, this time using a distinctly different
language, but nothing that Becky can understand.

"It's not that, I remember them. All of them..." states Kim smiling

"I don't understand." replies Becky.

Suki questions, not understanding, "All? All of them?"

The young woman sighs, obviously unable to communicate with Becky.
Instead, she pours what looks like bubble bath into the warm water and
swirls it around, until there are bubbles everywhere. She takes the rag
and runs it over Becky's back, scrubbing gently as she uses her free
hand to wrap a small towel around Becky's head, holding her hair inside
it. She flicks a small radio-like device nearby and a song of
indeterminate origin plays. It sounds like an old disco tune, and the
woman starts moving in time to the beat.

"There's a huge secret I've been keeping from you. I want to tell you,
but I'm afraid of your reaction." states Kim.

Becky looks at her puzzled.

Suki starts tearing up, "Kimmie... after all we've been through, how
could you even think that I'd think anything of you, except love?!
Especially, after the whole... Hon'tyl incident and all... You don't
have to hide anything from me! I will NOT abandon you or think less of
you, you have my word!"

The woman finishes washing Becky's back, then she moves up to the young
girl's hair and begins to wash it with some strange-smelling shampoo,
that makes her hair tingle ticklishly. The woman mumbles something in
her own tongue, a language, the identity of which the young girl is
about to realize.

"Ok, Well, you can obviously look at me and tell I'm not human right?"
asks Kim.

Becky simply stands there.

Suki nods, "Yeah, the ears are a dead giveaway... but... what's so
frightening about that?"

The woman gently pushes Becky down into a sitting position, saying
something to her in her native tongue of Mem'lo. She finishes washing
Becky's hair, then she soaps up the rag again, and begins to wash
Becky's chest, paying close attention to her breasts, nipples, and the
channel between her breasts. She then, washes Becky's stomach, tummy,
abdomen, and the sensitive area between her legs. She basically gives
Becky a head-to-toe scrub-down, cleaning each and every area. When that
is done, she towels Becky back off, drying her and putting her panties
back on.

Kim sighs deeply. "Ok, here goes... Suki, I... I was created. My
parents are 4 scientists that are now dead.

"Thanks" states Becky.

Suki gasps, falling off her bed, "What?! You... were created? H-How?!"
She seems baffled beyond all reasonable speech.

The Mem'lo slave says nothing as two big muscle-bound Ap-Dat men enter
the dark room. One of them wraps a cloth around Becky's eyes,
blindfolding her again. The second pulls her to her feet and tugs her
forward by her bound hands. He leans close to her left ear and
whispers, "So... tell me, young girl... do our village's secrets scare
you?" He doesn't seem mad or angry or anything other than informative.

"That's just it, my 'parents' never told me how they did it. But they
said I was the 'best one'" states Kim.

"No, not really." replies Becky.

Suki questions, showing off her intelligent which seems mostly
submerged within her, "Best one? You mean, you were genetically

The Ap-Dat man replies, "Hmmm... You're a tough one to scare... That's
good... We don't really mean to scare you... It's just that certain...
'traditions'... are hard to break and leave behind... and many of us
can't speak English which can be frightening for some people..."

"Yeah, there were others to though." states Kim.

"I don't see how not being able to speak English would scare people."
states Becky.

"Others... Why were you guys created? What purpose could there be in
genetically engineering a child? Do you.... have certain powers or
something?" Suki looks really confused.

The man replies, "It's not so much the fact that no one can speak our
language, it's the fact that they can't understand what's going on and
as such fear what they can't understand... It's a human and Ap-Dat
trait, sad to say..." The men lead Becky back upstairs to where the
wall was and gently force her against it, without using too much force.
They put her in the same position as she was in before, then leave. The
chanting and singing resumes and a hard, rough hand is placed on her
right nipple as something cold, thin, and metallic is eased gently
inside her panties and between her labia, moving up towards her

"Some were simply mindless dolls used for 'amusement'. Some were to
become fighter's, or 'Hunter's' which were highly skilled in fighting.
Then there's me..." states Kim.

Becky tenses slightly at the object entering her.

Suki sighs, "Mindless dolls for 'amusement' sounds like the Mem'lo
slaves the Ap-Dat have... Fighter and Hunters sounds like something
genetic e is good for... but... what about you? Is there something
special about you, Kimmie?"

The metallic object locates Becky's urethra and slowly begins to open
the tube, sliding a small, thin extension inside and up to Becky's
bladder, which is about 3/4 full. An Ap-Dat voice says something loudly
to someone else and a few others talk excitedly amongst themselves.

"I... I'm a combination of the two, however, I surpass the fighting
capability of the Hunter's greatly. And I'm the only one with the
ability to bear a child. " states Kim as she puts her right hand over
her stomach. "But I don't have to worry about that with you." states

'I wish I knew what they were saying.' thinks Becky.

Suki thinks, "Hmmm... the 'Best of Both Worlds' thing, then, Kimmie?"
She smiles, "Kimmie, there was no reason to hide this from me... I
still love you the same..." She wraps her arms around Kim and hugs her.

Just then, a small warm fluid begins to spurt up into Becky's bladder
from the tube. It has a gentle, calming feel to it, though it causes
her bladder to swell further, even though Becky's mind is unaware of an
urge as of just yet.

"Thanks, It feels great to finally gets it off my chest. It feels like
a weight has been lifted from my shoulders." states Kim.

"Ooh, that feels nice." states Becky.

Suki smiles, "Now then... do you want to see the photos?" She indicates
the photo album.

The metallic rod spurts a little more fluid into Becky's bladder, then
is slowly withdrawn from her urethra. The fluid in her bladder begins
to flow up through the top of Becky's bladder and into her uterus. From
there, the fluid makes its way into her kidneys and from there,
diffuses into her bloodstream. It begins to bond with her natural
estrogen and interact with her hormones. A pleasurable sensation comes
over Becky as her small breasts begin to swell, not totally from
arousal but from something else, though all she can feel is pleasure
and calmness.

"Sure, let's see them." states Kim.

Becky gets a relaxed look on her face and a smile.

Suki giggles and blushes, "Now don't hold it against me if they aren't
good enough..." She slips one photo out of the album and hands it to
Kim. It is a picture of a young 13 year old Suki, fast asleep on the
downstairs couch, only wearing panties. Her breasts, even then, were
well-rounded for her age.

The metallic object, now, pushes in-between Becky's labia again,
sliding down to her vagina's opening and inside the birth canal. It is
pushed up inside her all the way to her cervix and gently eased inside
to her uterus. Again, the warm soothing fluid is spurted inside,
filling up her uterus and making her stomach bulge out slightly as it
begins to interact with her ovaries, causing them to produce chemicals
and such that make her natural beauty be drawn out and made even more
beautiful. Her breasts have now reached C-cup and feel full and firm as
a strong horniness rises within her.

Kim attempts but fails to stop a smile from appearing on her face at
seeing the young Suki in the pic. "I wasn't aware that I'd be seeing a
pic of you as a child." states Kim.

Becky simply moans as she feels a unfelt degree of arousal within her.

Suki frowns, hiding her face behind the album so that Kim can't see the
smile she's really wearing, "That isn't a problem, is it, Kimmie?" She,
then, flips the album's page and pulls out a second photo. She hands it
to Kim and states, "That first one was taken by Nanyo... great
practical joker, she was... I... I left home two years ago, so it's
been a while since I've seen these... Here's one of me in our back
yard... which, at the time, was fenced up, though it doesn't matter...
Around here, everyone is able to go naked if they want to... The
Onl'Tyl has ensured that all of us, at one time or another, has seen
the others naked, so we're not so concerned about modesty up here
secluded in the mountains like we are..." She shows Kim a picture of
herself as a 15 year old, a pool in the background, and a bikini bottom
on, though her breasts were still visible.

The metallic rod is withdrawn and one of the Ap-Dat men frees Becky's
left hand. He whispers, "Now... touch your stomach... feel the warmth
and the bulge inside of you... Nourish it... don't let it go... It may
only be fluid, but think of it as an extension of yourself... Keep your
eyes closed and focus on it... try to draw out the fluid without
moving, using only your thoughts..."

"No, I love it. I really love it. I really like young g-" Kim suddenly
stops herself, blushing deeply in embarrassment.

Becky places her left hand over her stomach, feeling the size of the
bulge there and the warmth. She then attempts to think about the fluid
leaving her body.

Suki nods, "I know, Kimmie... I know.. one of your fetishes is Lolicon,
isn't it? That may be one reason you liked me... because, you know...
I'm rather short, and small... and such..."

The Ap-Dat man nearest to her takes Becky's hand and gently sweeps it
over her stomach, feeling the bulge. He chants in Ap-Dat and images
start to appear in Becky's mind of what exactly she has to do.

Kim looks at Suki and unconvincingly tries to deny her question. "N-No,
It's, uh, um..."

Suki gives Kim this look: o_0 and laughs, "Oh, come on, Kimmie... you
can't hide it from me... I've sensed it all along... I know what first
drew you to me... and believe me, I've never regretted it for a

The Ap-Dat man whispers, "Now look down, young one... Look down and
observe the results of your mind..." He pulls back and reveals that the
fluid in Becky's uterus is somehow disappearing, because her stomach is
falling back to its normal state and there is nothing on the ground
under her. The metallic object is also not within her vagina because
she can't feel it, so it can't be drawing the fluid out either.

Kim can't think of anything to say but just blushes deeply.

"What's happening? Where did it go?" asks Becky puzzled

Suki then pulls out another photo, saying, "Here's a good one..." It
shows Suki laying naked on the couch, her legs draped over one end and
spread, exposing her labia, and her eyes open in curious-ness.

The man replies, "You made it disappear, young one... Your mental
training is complete... You are ready to begin the ceremony..." The
blindfold is shifted slightly so that she can't see anything once again
and a hand is placed on her left breast, rubbing the fullness there.

"Oh wow, this is good. You're so cute with your legs spread out like
that. Showing your pretty hairless pussy. Ooh, I'm getting so turned on
looking at you as a child..." states Kim as she places her right hand
on her crotch as she closes her legs around it and moans.

"What about my breasts? They seem bigger." states Becky.

Suki teases, "Can't wait can you? I'm so hot, aren't I?" She giggles
and winks, slipping out another photo of her, this time from behind,
bent over so that her labia are clearly seen.

The man replies, "Your breasts have been filled for a purpose... In
order to save your friend, you are going to have to give her some of
that which fills your breasts, but only under certain conditions... "
The hand reaches her nipple and gently pinches it, drawing a small
spurt of fluid from it that sends a shockwave of pleasure through
Becky's body.

"Ooh, all these pictures are great!" replies Kim as she starts rubbing
herself between the legs with her right hand, moaning.

Becky tenses up quickly. "Ooh! that feels wonderful! Do it again,
please." states Becky

Suki suddenly reaches out and grabs Kim's hand, whining, "Hey, Lover,
wait for me... I wanna have a chance... but... I wanna show you one
more picture first..." She fumbles through the photo album, finally
pulling out the last picture. She hands it to Kim. It shows a young 14
year old girl with bright red hair sleeping on a couch, her legs
spread, her breasts a good size B+, with only a pair of pink panties
covering her labia. What was remarkable about this photo was that the
panties had a huge wet spot on them, and a
puddle of fluid under the girl's body and a wet area on the couch
itself. Suki explained, "Remember that story I was telling you about
Nanyo and the couch? Well, I... took this picture the morning after,
before she woke up... It... It was my most prized possession..."

The man replies, "No, young one... You must have your friend do it...
he/she must squeeze all the fluid out of your breasts, put it into a
glass and drink it all... That will help keep your friend under

"So, this is Nanyo. She's cute too." replies Kim smiling.

"Aww, but I'm so horny right now, you shouldn't tease people like
that." pouts Becky.

Suki sighs sweetly and crush-like, "She sure was... She was the
best..." She gets all anime-eyed, stars everywhere in her eyes.

The man replies, "We are sorry, young one... We only meant to
demonstrate what needed to be done..." The hand now moves down from
Becky's breasts to her tummy and begins to rub, bringing back her urge
to pee.

Becky tenses slightly as she feels an urge to pee.

Suki sighs, "But anyway..." She takes the photo and puts it back. She
looks back at Kim and takes her arms and spins her down onto the bed,
pinning her under her body. "So... you wanted to hear the whole story
behind that pic, Kimmie?" she teases lightly.

The Ap-Dat man states, "Now remember, young one... in order for the
breast fluid to work, you must attempt to hold your filop in as best
you can..." The hand now begins smearing the ointment on her tummy

"Yeah, I'd love to hear it." replies Kim.

"O-Ok, I'll try my best." replies Becky.

Suki begins, "Well... I forget where I was exactly, but I think I told
you up to the point where my Dad almost caught us... so Nanyo and I
decided to try to go on to sleep so that we wouldn't risk getting
caught a second time... and of course, Nanyo had fallen asleep with a
full bladder and I was still horny after my orgasm... so... "

The man replies, "As long as you try, the additive will work... I
assure you, young one..." The hand now began to rub Becky's tummy
gently, probing the outer fringes of her swollen bladder.

"So did you start mess'in with her while she was sleep?" asks Kim.

The man's action makes Becky coo in both pleasure and desperation.

Suki nods, "Oh yes... I couldn't really help myself... I was too
horny... I started like this..." She takes Kim's breast in her hand and
gently squeezes it.

The hand now floats down to Becky's abdomen and gently presses in on
it, judging for her reaction.

Kim 'Mmm's' at the squeeze.

Becky tenses for a moment before relaxing.

Suki then reaches up to Kim's vest and slowly takes it off, exposing
her bra. She removes the bra in a similar fashion, then says, "And
after that, I did this..." She starts moving her fingers around Kim's
breast in a wide circle, slowly moving inward, but never touching the

A voice states, "Remember, young one, when the urge gets high enough,
your legs are free and your left hand is there for your aid..." The
hand now begins to lightly massage the area between Becky's tummy and
her waistband.

Kim moans from this as she closes her eyes.

Becky starts to bring her legs together but chooses not to, trying to
see hold long see can hold it before needing aid from her legs and/or

Suki smiles and lets her finger gently brush across Kim's nipple,
saying, "Then I teased her a little bit, making sure not to go so far
as to wake her up... which was very tricky.."

The hand is now joined by a second hand which begins to run up and down
Becky's left side from her hip to her underarm, a third hand which does
the same to Becky's other side, a fourth hand that strokes her upper
stomach almost touching her breasts, but shying away at the last
minute, a fifth and sixth hand that begins to massage her thighs and a
seventh hand that is now pushing into her panties, touching her pubic

"I don't need to be teased, I wet enough as it is." states Kim.

From so many hands on her, Becky is forced to close her legs as the
urge to pee gets stronger. and she begins to groan a bit through her

Suki grins, "Hey, do you want to hear the story or not?"

The man asks, "Young one... if you feel like describing your need, you
may do so... It may make the fluid now in your bosom work better for
your friend..." Most of the hands continue their work; one now moves
down to her labia and produces a feather out of nowhere, which it uses
to tickle her sensitive folds.

"I'm sorry, It's going to have to wait. I'm way to wet to be teased
anymore." states Kim.

The feather sends a shot of pleasure through Becky's small body.
Causing her to tense and moan as she presses her legs harder together.

Suki frowns, "Ok... then... I'll just tell you... After I played with
her breasts for a while, I lowered my hands like so..." She slides her
hands down to Kim's stomach, rubbing gently. She mumbles, "Kimmie? Do
you... Do you have a full bladder right now?"

The man sighs, "It is time, young one..." A few seconds pass, then
images begin to enter Becky's mind. Most of them involve the sound and
sight of water. Some even include a feeling of fullness. The hands
continue their work and the last hand now spreads Becky's labia
slightly, locating her urethra and gently inserting something cold
inside again.

"Aww, not now..." whines Kim.

Becky jumps slightly at the cold object entering her urethra. groaning

Suki asks, "Does that mean you DO have a full bladder, Kimmie? If so,
do you want to go to the bathroom?" She looks intently at Kim.

The man states, "It is all right, young one... it is nothing more than
a little rod... you will not be harmed." The cold metallic object is
inserted further up Becky's urethra, then there is a slight jab, then
all feeling in Becky's urethra is lost as her bladder swells almost
beyond itself.

"Yes, but not right now, I want to come." states Kim.

"Ah! H-Hey! What did you do that for!? Now I can't stop it, I'm going
to pee!" replies Becky as she feels the warm fluid quickly travel down
her urethra and out of her body. she pees for about 1 1/2 minutes
before stopping.

Suki replies, "Then why don't you go to the bathroom, then come right
back and we can continue..." She winks at her and gets up, pointing to
the door.

The man says, "Congratulations, young one... You have passed the
ceremony... Now you are ready to perform the task ahead of you...
There is one thing I would caution you: You must make sure to have your
friend 'milk' you and drink it at least ONCE a day... otherwise, the
fluid will build up within you and cause your breasts to swell at least
one cup size per week... Do not forget this, young one..." The hands
all disappear, then Becky's wet panties are removed and replaced with a
dry pair, then her clothes are put back on her. The hood and cloak is
replaced, then her blindfold removed and her hand is untied. The Ap-Dat
men, which Becky can now see, are all hooded and cloaked as well. One
of them points to a nearby door, telling her where to go without saying
anything. "Outside..." one man telepathically states, "... Jakashi is
waiting for you..."

"Really? you'll let me go to the bathroom?" asks Kim.

Meanwhile, Becky goes to the door and opens it.

Suki nods, "Yeah... I'll let you go this time... because YOU don't
wanna wet yourself... but... I'm afraid we don't have a 'bathroom'
here... all we have is chamber pots... I'll go get you one..." She
leaves the room.

Jakashi is standing there, nervously tapping his foot and looking
distinctly uncomfortable. He looks down and sees Becky exiting the door
and moves over to her. "Miss Starr? Is the ceremony over?" He asked.

"Thanks." calls out Kim.

"Yeah, the ceremony is over. I actually enjoyed it." replies Becky

A few minutes pass while Suki is gone. There does seem to be some sort
of squeaking coming from Suki's bed as Kim sits there.

Jakashi sighs, "Then, you know what you must do?"

Kim smiles like a little child as she hears the squeaks of the bed and
starts to light bounce on it, causing more sounds to be heard.

"Yeah, I know." Becky stretches the rope on her, making her breasts
more visibly defiant. "I got bigger." giggles Becky.

Just then, there is a surprisingly loud creak and something heavy falls
free from the far end of the straw bed, landing with a soft thud.

Jakashi frowns and looks away, saying, "I know... now I must take you
to the 'Room of Attraction'... There, you must expose your breasts to
the air and... wait..." He really looks uncomfortable now.

"Huh?" Kim gets on all fours and moves to the end of the bed to see
what fell.

"Wait? Wait for what?" asks Becky.

It appears a be a fairly sizable box with a white label on it. The
label states: Suki's private collection - DO NOT TOUCH!"

Jakashi replies, "In order to draw Sashi here as soon as possible and
prevent the deaths of countless people, we must give her something she
wants... As you are her lover and mistress, she will be attracted to

Kim grins like a kid whose just found a jar of cookies and quickly
looks at the door Suki left from and back to the box and picks it up
and onto the bed with her legs spread out around it and opens the box.

"Oh, I see. Let's go then gramps!" replies Becky happily as she puts
her left hand on Jakashi's back.

Inside the box are several video tapes, each one marked with labels.
They range from, "Nanyo's birthday" to "Nanyo's first time" and "Me and
Nanyo's panties."

Jakashi sighs, "Gramps, yet..." He groans and leads Becky down the
street toward a big house, marked with a big sign in the Ap-Dat

"Oohhh! video's!" Kim takes the one labeled 'Nanyo's first time' and
starts to look around the room for a place to play it.

Becky looks around particularly fast and can't seem to stand still for
the moment.

There is no TV or VCR in Suki's room. However, there is a very faint
electrical hum coming from a room downstairs, indicating some sort of
electronic device down there.

Jakashi escorts Becky into the building and leads her upstairs to a big
room at the far end of the building. Inside the room, there are at
least 7 beds, one of which is occupied by three girls in the midst of a

Kim hears this and smiles. She quickly gets off the bed and goes to the
door and peaks her head out and looks to the right and left.

A lustful look immediately claims Becky's face as she sees the
threesome. She quickly tries to dart over to the action.

Suki is nowhere to be seen, though there is a rustling sound coming
from a back room and a muttering, "Shoot... where is the thing?"

Jakashi grabs Becky's hand and shakes his head, replying, "No, Miss
Starr... You cannot interfere in an Onl'tyl's activities... It is
sacred... Follow me..." He moves over to the window and beckons Becky

Kim grins and starts to tip-toe out of the room down the steps. hoping
not to hit a weak part of the stairs.

Becky looks slightly angry and stays were she stands looking at

There is no weak spots on the stairs and Kim makes it safetly down the
stairs without drawing any attention, though there appears to be a
shadow cast into the living room by... no one it appears as the shadow
suddenly disappears upon second glance.

Jakashi sighs, "I am sorry, Miss Starr... You are obviously horny... I
will go and see if I can find someone to 'attend' to your needs...
until I get back, though, it would be helpful to do this..." He opens
Becky's robe and opens her bra, exposing her breasts. He, then, opens
the window and has Becky stand right by the window, adding, "Now, your
scent will draw Sashi... It is only a matter of time.. and when she
gets here, you must distract her by any means necessary until I get

Kim walks around looking for a device to play the tape on.

Becky lowers her right hand to the crotch of her pants and begins to
rub the area there, making her moan. She then lightly pinches her left
nipple, making her small body tense in pleasure.

Downstairs in Suki's house, there are three rooms; one bedroom which is
dark, a laundry room complete with ancient washer board and
clothesline; and the kitchen/dining room where the girls had eaten
their pancakes. The electrical hum seems to be coming from the dark
bedroom which seems to be the only room housing an electrical

In the "Room of Attraction", the pink haired girl with glasses who is
lying on her back on the bed, moans and whimpers softly with rising
arousal as the blue haired girl spreads her legs and licks at her labia
and the blond haired girl uses her left arm to reach around the pink
haired girl's head to hold her right hand as she licks her nipple.

'Hmm, looks like the humming is coming from that room over there.'
thinks Kim. She then begins to make her way to the room

Becky looks to her left and sees the action happening there and grows
even more turned on and horny. Her breathing has quickened and her hand
between her legs has quickened in its tempo. She then drops her left
hand just below the waistband of her pants and caress the area there.
this action seems to make her weak in the knees as she almost drops to
her knees. And she begins to bite her lower lip in pleasure.

When Kim reaches the room, a light flickers on immediately, revealing
that there is a bed, a TV - VCR combo, a dresser which is open,
revealing an old porno mag and a small fan which is turned on and is
the humming sound she detected.

The blue haired girl slurped slightly at the pink haired girl's wet
labia and dripping vagina, commenting, "Oh, Asiah.. you're so wet...
how much more can you take?"

"Huh? What a minute, I don't remember hearing a humming noise when I
was down her last. And Becky and Jakashi are gone..."

Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 3: The Ap-Dat Village- Sashi's Return

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.

Warning: Loli, Violence]

Suki screams, "AHH! N-Nan'chi! D-Don't d-do that!" Suddenly, the image
on screen fizzles out and fades to black as the light overhead flickers
and dies. Shortly thereafter the ground begins to tremble rapidly and
part of the roof begins to collapse onto Kim's head.

Over at the "Room of Attraction" the four girls feel the trembling and
Asiah, Tima and Joni panic, fleeing out of the room, leaving Becky
sitting stunned on the bed. Outside, Jakashi swears, "FUCK!" He rushes
inside and tells Becky, "Damn... Miss Starr... come with me... we got
BIG trouble!

"What the hell." Kim makes this look O_o as she looks up at the
ceiling. "Sh*t!"

"What's wrong?" asks Becky quickly getting off the bed.

Just as the ceiling is about to make contact with the top of Kim's
head, a cloaked figure slips in, grabs Kim around her stomach and hauls
her out of the house, just as it collapses into a heap. Then, before
Kim can question the cloaked figure, she disappears again, seemingly
into thin air.

Jakashi looks really panicked, "It's Sashi... she's just arrived and
she's tearing SHIT up... She must be more sensitive to your scent than
I thought... We gotta go and get Kim and Suki... We'll need them to
help fight off the giant worms that followed her, looking for fresh
meat, I expect..."

"Who the hell was that?!" states Kim to herself before she realizes
that she's still nude from the waist down and makes no attempt to stand
as she blushes in embarrassment.

"But what about my pants? Their all wet." replies Becky.

Just then, Suki comes running up the street to where Kim is, a long
gash along her shoulder, says that she too has felt the tremors. She
pants, "K-Kimmie! A-Are you okay?!"

Jakashi grabs Becky's hand and pulls her out into the street,
exclaiming, "Shit! There's no time to worry about that kinda crap! If
we don't stop Sashi NOW, she'll kill everyone in the village! Look! You
can see the gap in the town wall from here!" He points out a huge pile
of crumbling rock and stone that used to be part of the wall. Several
Ap-Dat people are darting here and there around it, many dropping like
flies, blood flowing freely.

"Except for my lack of pants, yeah, I'm fine." replies Kim.

"Ok, ok. Let's hurry and find my sister and Suki." replies Becky.

Suki blushes and glances around, spotting a nearby clothesline. She
tugs a pair of jeans off of it and hands it to Kim, saying, "Here, use
these... I'll pay back Mrs. Lop'yul later... Come on... we gotta go
find my dad and Becky.."

As Jakashi and Becky hurry toward Suki's house, which has collapsed
now, Sashi pauses in her annihilation of the Ap-Dat villagers attacking
her. She senses Jakashi and smirks, thinking, "Oh, you can run, you
bastard... run straight back to Suki... My dear sister... you will pay
the ultimate price for your father's treatment of me!" She starts after
Jakashi, carelessly slaying Ap-Dat men and women along the way. The
giant worm beasts now reach the inside of the city and begin to munch
down on any survivors they can find and behind them is...

"Ok, let's go." replies Kim after she puts on the pants.

Suki runs forward, then stops and holds out a hand to stop Kim. She
frowns, "Kimmie... get any and all weapons ready... we're in BIG
trouble..." Jakashi pants, "Dammnit... We should have been there by
now... What the fuck is going on?!" He skids to a stop right in front
of his destroyed two story 'hut'. Sashi, about 1000 feet behind
Jakashi, grins, thinking, "At last... after all these years... You will
pay for my suffering with your 'little princess's' sanity... then, I'll
kill you personally..."

"Yeah, I can see." replies Kim. She then puts her hands in the air,
looking to be gripping a sword. then a huge sword (think cloud's sword)
materializes in Kim's hands.

It's made of an unknown, but shiny metal. Kim then props the weapon on
her right shoulder. "Its been awhile since I used this thing." states
Kim smiling.

"Where are we headed?" asks Becky.

Suki nods, obviously impressed with Kim's weapon, then turns to her
right to see Jakashi and Becky running up to them. She questions
grimly, "It's bad, isn't it, Dad?" Jakashi nods, "Hell, yeah, Suki...
your damned sister has a very keen awareness of Miss Starr, here... the
only thing I can figure is that something must have been done to
increase Becky's arousal... that's the only thing that would draw Sashi
here faster... Bloody inconvenient timing if you ask me..." Sashi
continues chasing Jakashi and when she sees Suki, she smirks, "Ah...
there you are, sweet perfect sister of mine... Now it's time for your
torture..." She flashes out of sight and a few seconds later, there is
a small explosion and weird powder sprays over the group.

"Hey, What's this weird powder?" asks Kim as she notices the powder. "I
have now Idea." replies Becky.

Suki coughs violently and drops to her knees, gasping, "U-Ugh!" Jakashi
swears, "FUCK! It's para-powder! DAMNIT! I didn't think she had any! M-
Miss Starr... get out of here before you get paralyzed!"

Kim and Becky quickly run out of the range of the powder. "What can we
do to help you?" asks Kim.

Just then, Becky steps on a bomb which explodes and covers both her and
Kim with para-powder. Jakashi yells, "FUCK! GODDAMNIT! She laid a trap!
Suki, can you move?!" He turns his head as his last action before he
becomes paralyzed and his voice catches in his throat, "Goddamn..."
Sashi is behind Suki, holding a dagger at her throat, bending Suki's
arms painfully behind her back, and her face contorted with dual
ecstasy and vengefulness. "Why, hello there, father... How nice to see
you again..." she begins, her voice dripping with hate.

"Da*mmnit! Becky, I know you have something for this paralyze." calls
Kim. "Yeah, it's in my pocket, but I can't seem to move my arms much."
replies Becky.

Suki is frozen, unable to move in fear and because of the paralysis.
Jakashi, though, speaks calmly, though his eyes show great fear for
Suki, "What do you hope to accomplish, Sashi? Do you wish to kill me?
Do you wish to hurt me?" Sashi grins, "Oh, father, don't be so silly...
I don't want to hurt or kill you... I forgive you... You were, after
all, a weak and helpless pathetic little man... but, Suki..." Here, she
twists Suki's left wrist painfully, causing her older, smaller sister
to cry out in pain as she continues, "... is your 'little princess',
isn't she?"

"What are you going to do to her?" asks Kim.

"Sashi, why are you doing this?" asks Becky.

Jakashi says nothing, frozen with paralysis and apparently trying to
hide his true feelings for Suki from Sashi. Sashi glances briefly at
Kim, then decides her question is stupid and irrelevant. Then, she
looks at Becky and only says, "Because, this worm deserves it..." She
smirks again and closes her eyes. She starts to chuckle madly and
states, "Aha... there it is..." She concentrates heavily and a few
seconds later, Suki starts writhing and screaming, "No! Stop! A-
AGGGGHHHH!" Tears roll down her cheeks as she shrieks and howls in
misery. Jakashi frantically starts trying to move, though the paralysis
holds him still as he exclaims, "Goddamnit! Fuckin' stop it, Sashi!
She's not like you and me! She can't take it! Damnit all to fuckin'

Kim's sword suddenly stabs the ground as the paralysis threatens her
ability to stand and uses her weapon to help her stand. "Stop it! Don't
hurt her!" states Kim.

"Sashi! what are you doing this for?" exclaims Becky feeling her legs

Suki shrieks louder and high-pitched as her body starts to shake
spasmodically, her physical pain reaching new heights before Sashi
opens her eyes and the pain stops, though Suki's head lolls onto her
shoulder and she whimpers softly, "M-Miho.. wh-where are you... I...
I'm so sorry... Miho..."

Sashi grins at the expression of rage on Jakashi's face, "Was that good
for you, father, or shall I do more to your sweet little princess?!"
She completely ignores Becky's question and uses her dagger to lightly
scratch Suki's neck, drawing a little of her blood. Jakashi growls,
"Damn it, Sashi... if you don't stop, I swear to God, that I'll kill
you! You stupid little bitch!"

"Stop!" exclaims Kim. Kim then feels a familiar energy within her.
"Please!" "Sashi, stop this please." states Becky.

Sashi smirks as Suki screams louder in pure mental and physical
torment, "Kill me, dear father? Why, you CREATED me! This is all your
fault! All those years you wasted... and because of them, your precious
little girl is DEAD!" Jakashi growls, "Fuck you, you little bitch! I
should have gotten rid of you long before I did! I always knew your
mind was warped even back then!"

"What are you talking about Jakashi? Get rid of her?" questions Becky
as she then falls to one knee from the paralysis

Sashi laughs as Suki screams in pain. She shows no remorse at seeing
her sister suffer and her father suffering as well. She says nothing
more but as she torments Suki, a faint shadow falls over Kim as a
black-cloaked person, female from the sizable breasts bulging against
her outfit, appears in front of Kim, studying her eyes.

"Wha? Who are you?" states Kim to the cloaked person.

The cloaked girl reaches out and touches Kim's neck, feeling for her
pulse. Then, she reaches under her cloak and pulls out a small vial,
which she pours into Kim's mouth.

"What is that? What did you just give me?" asks Kim.

The potion spreads throughout Kim's body, neutralizing the paralysis.
The figure then sneaks over to Becky and gives her the same potion in
the same amounts.

"Thanks, who are you?" asks Becky as she feels her body free of the

The figure doesn't say anything to Becky. Rather, she turns toward
Sashi and her hostage, Suki. She puts her hand inside her cloak and
flings something at the two girls, causing both to cough on the dust
that springs up. Sashi lets Suki go as she covers her mouth and gasps,
"W-What the fuck?!" Suki falls to her knees, coughing heavily as the
figure jumps in and scoops her up like she's a light-weight and
deposits her into Kim's arms, whispering, "Give her one of these..."
She hands Kim a purple pill. Sashi looks around and screams, "WHAT THE
FUCK?! NOO!" She, then, sees the cloaked girl standing in front of her,
laughing hard. She growls, "Damn it! Who the fuck are you, wench?!"

Kim does as the girl says and gives Suki the purple pill.

Suki coughs and splutters, "Th-That laugh.. I-It can't be..." The girl
laughs harder and bends low in a bow, saying, "Oh, my apologies... I
forget-eth to introduce-eth, myself-eth... I am..." Here she flings off
her cloak and winks, her hair as red as ever, though somewhat longer,
"... your worst nightmare... 'Peanut Butter and Jelly!" She laughs
harder. Sashi suddenly cries, "NOOOOOOOOO!" Then, she straightens up
and scowls, "Hey... waitaminute... I LIKE peanut butter and jelly! Are
you screwing around with me?! Cause if you are, you'll regret it,

"I like peanut butter and jelly too!" states Becky happily as she gets
to her feet.

"I don't really care for it." states Kim as she pulls her sword out of
the ground and props it back on her shoulder. It doesn't look like it,
but Kim does have the sword in a ready stance.

The girl smirks, "Aw, is Widdle Sashi upset? Gee, " she mock-scratches
at her violently red bangs, "... maybe she needs a nap?!" Sashi
growled, "Oh, you are SOOOO DEAD, you slimy FROG! Nobody, but NOBODY
tells ME when to go to bed!" The girl teased, "Aw, you're no fun!
Doncha know that for every hour you sleep, you get an hour's worth of
beauty? And, from the looks of it, you really need it!" Sashi screamed,
"SHUT THE HELL UP, BAKA!" She seems really ticked off now and charges
the girl with her full speed, vanishing in to thin air. The girl's eyes
widen and she exclaims, "Whoa shit... " Just then, Sashi's fist comes
out of nowhere and slams into the girl's chin, knocking her off her
feet, into the air and through two buildings. Jakashi, newly freed due
to the 'wearing-off' of the para-powder screams, "Miss Starr! Now's our
chance! Expose yourself and draw her in!" He closes his eyes and
prepares to chant his spell.

"Huh? Oh! ok!" replies Becky as she quickly lifts her shirt, exposing
her breasts. "Sashi, over here!"

"What the?! Becky, what are you doing?! This is not the time nor the
place!" exclaims Kim.

The red haired girl gets to her feet, bringing a sword out of nowhere
and putting it in front of her, just as Sashi charges again, banging
her fist on the metal. Sashi takes in a deep breath, preparing to
attack the girl again, but then she sniffs and halts in midpunch, "Wh-
what the.." She gasps. The red haired girl sees the change and quickly
slips a hand into a pouch, pulling out a small 'bomb' of sorts. She
yells at Becky, "Come closer, Becky! Draw her off and we can get her!"

Becky completely removes her shirt as she runs closer to Sashi. "What
the hell is going on?!" states Kim quite puzzled at the events taking

Sashi sniffs again and suddenly turns away from the red haired girl,
and back to Becky. She whispers, "M-Mistress?! I-Is that you?!" Her
voice is weak and vulnerable, showing off her formerly submerged
submissive side. The red haired girl lets her sword drop as she
explodes the 'bomb' at Sashi's feet, which immediately causes her to
freeze in place, unable to move. Jakashi shouts, "Got her! Now..
then..." He grunts hard, then he collapses in a heap. Sashi moans once
or twice, "M-Mistress... I... I'm sorry..." as tears roll down her
cheeks, then she, too, topples forward, unconscious.

"Huh? What happened?" Becky drops to her knees in front of Sashi.
"Sashi, wake up."

Sashi moans softly, then starts to move slightly, only able to raise
her head up slightly to look at Becky. Her tears flowing down her
cheeks, she whispers, "I... I am sorry, Mistress... I ... I just could
not hold it in... M-My father... t-the treatment... It was all too
much..." The red haired girl, bleeding slightly from a gash on her
shoulder walks over to Jakashi and pulls him to his feet, saying, "I
always knew you were scum, old man, for keeping Sashi chained up like
that... If you weren't my Nisu's father, I would kill you myself..."
Jakashi looks away and explains, "And I wouldn't blame you if you
did... but that honor belongs to Sashi, and Sashi alone..." Suki, still
in shock at what's going on, runs up to the red haired girl and asks,
"N-Nan'chi?! I-Is that you?" The red haired girl drops Jakashi and
turns to Suki, grinning, "And just who the hell else could I be, Nisu?"

To Be Continued in...
Ap-Dat Village- Aftermath

Chapter 5

Title: Chapter 4: The Ap-Dat Village- Aftermath

[Author's notes:
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.

Warning: Loli]

"I'm sorry." replies Becky as she wraps her arms around Sashi.

Kim also walks up the Nanyo. "So your Nanyo?"

Sashi just cries in Becky's arms, unable to think or do anything else.

Nanyo pats Suki on the head, "Nice to see you as always, Nisu, but I
think I'd better introduce myself to your friend, first..." She turns
to Kim and holds out a greasy hand, "Yep, I'm Nanyo... and you must be
Kim Starr... It's nice to... oh crap..." She sees the grease on her
hand and tries to wipe it off on her green sweater before putting it
out again, finishing, ".. meet you..."

Kim cocks a grin at Nanyo as she uses her left hand to shake her hand.
"Same here. Wait a minute, how do you know my name?" asks Kim.

Nanyo laughs her loud laugh again, "Oh please... Give me some credit,
Kim... After all, Nisu ALWAYS thinks about you and how could I not know
what's she's feeling? I can't wait to meet this Miho, though..." Suki
blushes, "Nan'chi... you promised me that you didn't have that
power..." Nanyo grins, shrugging her shoulders, "So I lied... big

"Really? You're always thinking of me? How sweet!" states Kim as she

Kim's blush is NOTHING compared to Suki's blush as Nanyo laughs harder,
"Ha ha... she's always thinking about you... you and Miho, of course...
though.. some of her 'more erotic' dreams do seem to include Miho..."

"Oh really?" Kim now sticks her weapon into the ground again and leans
on the right side of the hilt. "Do tell!"

Suki gasps, "Nan'chi! D-Don't tell her!" Nanyo laughs again, then
sobers up, "But, Nisu... I'm rather disappointed in you... You've had
all these dreams and experiences with all these women and you've
forgotten all about me! Don't you even recall the bed-wetting
incident?" She grins at Suki and winks at Kim.

Jakashi gets to his feet and walks over to Becky and Sashi. He reaches
into his pocket and pulls out a necklace. He kneels down in front of
Sashi and puts his hand on her head. Sashi looks up, sniffling and
tears running down her cheeks, "Wh-Why Father?! Wh-why did you treat me
that way?! W-Was not I a good girl? W-Was I not your daughter?!"
Jakashi sighs, tousling her short black hair, "Oh, Sashi... I am so
sorry for all I put you through... Hon'tyl.. the ancient curse of our
people... Must it always tear families apart?! First the Onl'tyl, and
now this... I know this won't make up for all those years, but I hope
you'll accept this trinket... as way of apology... It was your
mother's, Sashi... It was her most prized possession.. and her wish
that you would have it..." He hands the necklace to Becky and says,
"Put it around her neck, Miss Starr... You, who love her most..."

Kim blushes beeper a bit. "W-What are you winking at me for? I didn't
watch that vid-" states Kim before quickly stopping herself.

"O-Ok, here Sashi." states Becky as she takes the necklace and places
it around Sashi's neck.

Nanyo laughs harder, a big belly laugh this time as Suki looks puzzled.
Nanyo puts her hand to the side of her mouth and stage-whispers, "Yeah,
right...!" Then she straightens up and says to Suki, "Nisu... I've
brought you something to bring back your memory of the promise we made
so long ago..." She reaches in a pouch on her belt and bring out...
Sashi sniffles, "M-Mistress... I... I am so sorry..." Jakashi sighs and
pats his daughter lovingly for the first time in her life, "As am I,
Sashi... As am I..." He gets to his feet and calls out to Suki, Nanyo,
and Kim, "I think it is time for us to get inside... the sun is
starting to go down and it gets really cold up here in the mountains...
If you'll all follow me, I'll take you girls to the hidden bunker where
we can continue our conversations." He starts to walk away.

"Ok." calls Kim as she removes the big sword from the ground and hoists
it in the air with one hand, and a moment later, it de-materializes
into thin air.

"Sashi, can you stand?" asks Becky.

Sashi replies, "I... I am not sure, Mistress... I... I do feel somewhat
weak... a-and my stomach... hurts again..." It growls showing off her
hunger, even though Sashi is trying as hard as possible to ignore it.

Suki and Nanyo nod, "Ok..." they chorus at the same time. Then Suki
looks at Nanyo and Nanyo grins. Then both laugh out loud as Nanyo adds,
"Jinx! You owe me a soda now, Nisu!"

"Ok..." states Becky as she then lifts the thin girl up in her arms and
begins to walk in the direction Jakashi went.

Jakashi leads them to a small hut, wherein there is a set of stairs
which they descend, into a huge underground shelter filled with all
sorts of rooms and such. Jakashi tells Becky, "Take Sashi to the dining
area and give her something to eat; Suki, come with me... Nanyo, you
and Miss Starr can check out the supplies in the back rooms." He takes
Suki by the hand and leads her off into a side room and closes the

"Ok" replies Becky as she leaves.

"Ok." states Kim.

Sashi follows Becky, the young loli having to hold up the young slave
on more than one occasion from her hunger. She asks, "M-Mistress... wh-
what will happen to me? I... I hurt you.. I killed all those people...
Am... Am I going to be executed?" She seems fearful.

Nanyo rolls her eyes, "Oh, great... We get to do 'Inventory'.. What

Jakashi and Suki converse privately in their room.

"Executed? No ones going to hurt you. If they do, they'll have to go
through me first." replies Becky smiling at the last part of her
statement as they walk.

"Maybe It won't be THAT boring." states Kim.

Sashi sighs, "I.. I do not know if everyone will feel the same as you,
Mistress..." She looks down at her hands which are stained in blood and
she looks away, in disgust.

Nanyo grins, "And how would YOU know that, Kim Starr?" She looks as Kim
as though she knows what Kim's thinking as she moves over to the
supplies and begins shifting through them.

"Yeah.... that's true." states Becky grimly.

"Just call me Kim." states Kim as helps Nanyo with some of the

Sashi sighs and looks down, as the two approach the dining area. "I...
I do not know if you should be so at ease with me... I mean.. I killed
so many people... for no reason..."

Nanyo grins, holding up a really wasted pair of someone's panties that
she's just fished out of one of the boxes, "Ok, Kim... Do you suppose
Nisu'd like it if I 'borrow'ed her panties and gave her these?" The
panties have a huge hole in them that stretches from the waistband to
the thigh.

"I know in my heart that you would never hurt me. Besides, I have
something that should help you." states Becky.

Kim gives Nanyo this look O_o. "Uh, I don't think so."

Sashi then falls to her knees, mumbling, "Ow... My stomach... I.. I
feel weak, Mistress..." Her stomach growls again.

Nanyo laughs, "Ok.. ok... maybe I'll use it as a handkerchief..." She
turns and starts digging in the boxes again.

Becky kneels down in front of Sashi. "Suck on my nipples, It'll make
you feel better."

"Hey, Nanyo, Why did you wink at me earlier?" asks Kim blushing.

Sashi scratches her short black hair, "U-Um.. i-if Mistress wants me
to..." She leans over to Becky and places her lips on Becky's nipples,
sucking hungrily.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "I unno... what do you think I meant?" She
winks again.

Becky moans in pleasure as she feels some of the fluid in her breast
being sucked out by Sashi's mouth.

"Uh, n-nothing, just wanted to know." replies Kim.

Sashi moans, as though she's eating or drinking something delicious and
sucks harder, drawing more and more fluid out of Becky's left breast,
slowly causing it to shrink.

Nanyo walks over to Kim and puts her arm around Kim's shoulder. She
leans on Kim and says, still grinning, "Oh come on... After watching
that video, you honestly have to ask?"

"Ooh, that feels good." moans Becky.

"H-How did you know!?" asks Kim.

Sashi nods, pulling her mouth back for just a second, "It does,
Mistress... a-and I feel my stomach filling... Th-there is something in
there, I think..." She squeezes Becky's breast tenderly, causing some
of the fluid to trickle out and making Becky's pleasure level shoot

Nanyo laughs, "Come on, Kim... Think about it.. who do you think gave
you the chamber pot?"

Becky gasps as she feels a high amount of pleasure shoot through her
body and shacks slightly.

"So, you saw me?" asks Kim embarrassed.

Sashi gasps, "T-This fluid... what is it, Mistress? I.. I have never
seen anything like it..."

Nanyo nods, "Tch, yeah... gee, you act as though you couldn't tell...
Surely you can't be as dense as Nisu...?"

"I don't know, It's something that was put in me to give to you. Make
sure you drink the same amount from the other one, I don't want two
different sized breasts." replies Becky smiling.

"No, I'm not. How much did you see?" states Kim.

Sashi asks, confused, "Why?"

Nanyo laughs, "The whole thing.. I must admit, Kim, you sure are
freakin' sexy when you gotta go!"

"It was to help you." replies Becky.

Kim blushes a deep red. "W-Well, what about you? In the video you
didn't last 10 minutes before wetting yourself."

Sashi's eyes fill with tears, "You would do that for me, Mistress?" She
seems overcome with emotion and sniffs.

Nanyo laughs, "In case you didn't notice, Nisu first put me to sleep
then pressed on my DP... That doesn't mean I have a weak bladder...
more like I had a weak heart and felt love for my Nisu... I let her do
it to me because I loved her so much... But you, Kim.. you truly DO
have a weak bladder... or so Nisu thinks..."

"I would do anything for you. I love you Sashi." states Becky.

"Why would Suki think that?" states Kim.

Sashi sniffles and says, "I... I do not deserve your love, Mistress...
I.. Just... Don't..." She starts crying and sobbing again.

Nanyo rolls her eyes, "Um, maybe because every time she sees you, you
wind up wetting yourself?"

"Don't say that." states Becky lovingly.

"Suki's the same way." states Kim in defense.

Sashi sobs, "But I... I..."

Nanyo nods, "I know... she always had a problem holding it in for more
than 5 hours... She barely got through the night without wetting
herself and usually, I'd have to make sure she didn't..."

"No buts, I love you, and that's it." states Becky.

"What's a DP?" asks Kim.

Sashi nods, her eyes still filled with tears, and hugs Becky, shaking
softly with soft sobs. Nanyo replies, "It's what we Ap-Dat call the
Desperation Point... it's a spot on a girl's body that when rubbed or
stroked causes that girl to feel intense waves of pee-desperation that
most girls can't hold in more than 10 minutes."

Becky places a hand on Sashi's head and rubs.

"Oh, I see. I wonder if I have one." states Kim.

Sashi just whimpers and rests in Becky's arms. Nanyo shrugs her
shoulders and grins, "I dunno... you want me to find it for you?"

"Sure, why not." replies Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Ok.. when do you want to do it?"

"How about now?" replies Kim.

Just then, Jakashi calls, "Nanyo, Miss Starr... It's time for supper...
Other Miss Starr, Sashi... come on to the second dining area.

Nanyo laughs slightly at Jakashi's words and says, "We'd better go
before the old man gets upset... But, we'll find your DP after
supper... so make sure you drink a lot!" She winks at Kim.

Kim sweatdrops. "Heh, Ok, sure thing." replies Kim.

Nanyo leads the way to the second dining area, where Suki is standing
over a stove, her face flushed and her eyes red as though from crying.
Jakashi, sitting at a table, Sashi, wobbling slightly, moving to the
same table with Becky at her heels.

"Hey, you guys. What's to eat?" asks Kim.

Suki points to the table where there is a spectacular assortment of
vegetables in unique dishes, but she says nothing, preferring to keep
quiet. Sashi looks up at Nanyo and states, "I.. I am sorry, Nanyo, old
friend... P-Please forgive me.." Nanyo waves it aside, answering, "Ah,
forget about it, Sash... I don't blame you..." She casts Jakashi a
dirty look though and senses Suki's upsetness.

"What are you two talking about?" asks Kim puzzled.

Suddenly a knock comes from the front door. Jakashi opens the door, It
turns out to be a female that wants to fight Nanyo after secretly
seeing her display earlier.

The two ends up fighting which ends in Nanyo losing, her opponent
heals her and heals her to her feet. The girl also happens to be one of
Suki's best friends and rushes outside to talk to her.

To Be Continued in...
Ap-Dat Village- The DP

Chapter 6

Title: Chapter 5: The Ap-Dat Village- The DP

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.

Warning: Watersports, blood]

As the girl and Suki speak, Nanyo pulls back to talk to Kim. She
whispers, "C'mon... Let's let the two lovebirds talk, shall we?" There
is a certain amount of pain in her ruby-tinted eyes, but she hides it

"Ok, where are we going?" replies Kim.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Where else?" She stiffens up and throws
out her left arm, overdramatically and calls, "The Bedroom!"

"You act just like Becky ya know that?" states Kim.

"Heh, I do?" questions Nanyo as the two girls enter the bunker and
quickly traverse the distance to the back bedroom.

"Yeah, and one of her is enough..." replies Kim smiling.

Nanyo laughs, "Oh come on.. don't tell me she actually likes to 'mess'
around, does she?" She grins at Kim and pats the bed, indicating she
wants the Huntress to sit down.

"Yeah, that goodness she's in love with Sashi now. She doesn't 'mess
around' with me that much anymore." states Kim as she lays on the bed.

Nanyo laughs again, "Oh, come now... surely you can't tell me you
didn't LIKE any of that, did you?" She reaches up to Kim's vest and
begins to open it.

"Of course I liked it, Its just, it was all day, everyday. It gets a
bit tiring after awhile." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "And that bothered you, Kim? What, you don't like sex?
Geez, and here I'm trying to teach you about your DP... Now I feel all
bad for doing this.." She teases, pulling Kim's vest completely off and
exposing her bra.

"I like it. I'm just not horny all the time like Becky is." replies

"Ah... I see... By the way, Kim... do you want to do it with underwear
or san underwear?" She reaches down to Kim's shorts and gently slides
them down her hips.

I'd prefer no underwear if that's ok with you." replies Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Not too confident, are you? Fine... if you prefer..." She
reaches up to Kim's bra and unclasps it, then she pulls it aside and
tugs Kim's panties down past her feet exposing her pubic mound and her

Kim blushes as her labia is revealed to Nanyo. For perhaps, the second

Nanyo grins, "Nice... look... you've even got a little peach fuzz
here... " She gives Kim's mound a gentle caress.

Kim moans lowly as Nanyo does this and her nipples begin to stiffen.

Nanyo giggles, "Sensitive, aren't you? Don't worry... I won't do that
just yet.. First, I want to teach you how to find your DP... First, you
have to locate an area that, when touched, gives you the feeling you
hafta pee without actually losing control... Is your bladder at least
50% full, Kim?"

"Yeah, It should be." replies Kim.

"Ok... now then... we have to find a place where, when I touch you, you
feel like needing to pee..." Nanyo adds, "Now, some girls' DP are
located near the bladder itself... Let's try here..." She begins to rub
Kim's abdomen.

"No, that's not it. That just tickles a bit." replies Kim.

Nanyo mmmph's, "I see... ok... then, another big area for the DP is up
here..." She slides her hands up to Kim's ribs and back around to where
Kim's kidneys are and starts rubbing again.

Kim quickly flinches away. "That tickles!"

Nanyo laughs, "Ok... well... here's another interesting area that I'm
sure you know about..." She runs her left hand up to Kim's right breast
and under her arm, right where her own DP is. She starts rubbing.

"Come on! Quit with the tickling! Your just like Suki!" states Kim

Nanyo laughs, "Yeah, that's true.. Suki loves to tickle people... I
remember this one time... she tickled me until I peed myself...sigh...
that was one of my greatest orgasms..."

"Orgasms? You said she made you pee yourself." states Kim.

Nanyo nodded, "Yeah.. but she didn't stop tickling me until I came...
and I mean, hard... I don't think I've ever ejaculated that much
fluid... I mean, not only were my panties soaked, but so was the bed,
the wall near me, AND Suki's towel which she wrapped around me when she
saw me ejaculating..."

"Her tickling made you come?" asks Kim puzzled.

"Heee, hee.. oh yeah.. You see... Suki didn't just tickle me under the
arms or on my feet... she tickled me ALL over... including on my labia
and vagina... she didn't let up until I came... that's one of her

"Which wouldn't be landings." states Kim giggling to herself.

Nanyo laughs, "Oh, yeah... poor girl... she never got the ability to
land straight... she was always a weak little girl... It wasn't her
fault... she'd had a terrible illness when she was really young and
never really had the mana necessary to lift herself up and fly with
great control..."

"Oh? I never knew that." replies Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "Yeah... that's why she's always crashing into something
or other... she's getting stronger though... Anyway... enough about
her... Let's focus on you..." Nanyo looks away briefly, wiping a tear
away and hoping that Kim doesn't notice as she turns back and lowers
her hands to Kim's breasts proper and starts, "Ok.. another area that
is often the DP is right... here..." She starts rubbing the area
between Kim's breasts.

"Nope, nothing." replies Kim.

Nanyo frowns, "Hmmm... tough one, aren't you? No problem.. we'll try
this..." She slides down to Kim's pubic mound and starts rubbing the
peach fuzz.

"It feels good, but nope, that's not it." states Kim.

"Ok ok... how about here?" Nanyo begins to touch Kim's delicate labia.

Kim gasps in pleasure for a moment. "N-No, that's not it ether."

Nanyo puts her hand to her chin and thinks, "Hmm.. if not here... then
maybe..." She lowers her hands to Kim's thighs and begins rubbing up
toward her crotch.

"AH!" gasps Kim as she quickly closes her legs together, trapping
Nanyo's hand.

Nanyo gasps, "Aha! One of these areas is it.." She touches Kim's right
thigh first. She asks, "Is this it?"


Nanyo grins and asks, gently touching Kim's left thigh, "Is this it?"

Kim tenses up. "Y-Yea! That has to be it."

Nanyo smirks, "Ok.. now Kim... be prepared.. once I start rubbing
here... you will feel increasing waves of desperation... you will feel
like you have to pee so bad that you're gonna burst.. and you will lose
control awfully fast... are you ready?"

"Y-Yeah, I'm ready." replies Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Ok... here we go..." She begins stroking Kim's thigh a
little harder.

Kim immediately starts to tremble as she tenses up and groaning.

Nanyo giggles, "Haha haha... You're already weakening... just about 10
seconds more..." She rubs tenderly and slips her free hand's index
finger down to Kim's anus, thinking about what she might do next.

Kim blushes VERY deeply as she feels Nanyo's finger near her anus, but
just squirms slightly.

Nanyo smirks, "You like that, Kim?" she intones in a husky voice as she
continues to stroke Kim's left inner thigh. She adds, "Should only be
about 3 seconds more..."

Kim coo's loudly before groaning and starting to squirm more.

Nanyo tries to open her mind into Kim's mind, trying to sense Kim's
feelings as she continues to rub Kim's thigh and starts using her free
hand to lightly probe Kim's anus.

Kim begins to tremble again from both the urge to pee and Nanyo's
finger probing her anus.

Nanyo concentrates, summoning up her strong mental powers to try to
read Kim's mind. (Thought Projection), "You need to pee... you really
hafta to pee.... even though your bladder isn't full and you can't feel
it throbbing, you know you'll gonna burst if you don't move or clutch

"But, I wanna try, and hold it..." replies Kim.

Nanyo shook her head, "You can't... the DP is very powerful..." She
rubs harder, pouring an incredibly HUGE wave of pee desperation into
Kim's body.

"Ah!" gasps Kim as she quickly places her right hand firmly over her
labia to reinforce her hold.

Nanyo laughs and uses her mana to lift up Kim's hand, floating it above
her body as she rubs Kim's thigh as hard as possible.

"Ah! I... can't hold it in! It's coming out!" states Kim loudly as she
thrusts her hips forward as a long stream of urine leaves
her urethra.

Nanyo leans back and laughs, "See? Not even you can hold it very long,
Kim!" She laughs again.

Kim sighs as she finishes. "Yeah, it would seem so..."

Nanyo giggles and starts to get up, saying, "Well... that's how you do
it... Easy, eh?" She winks at Kim.

"Yeah, really easy."

Nanyo winks, "I can't wait until you try that on someone else... ha
ha..." She gets up and starts to make for the door.

Kim quickly teleports in front of Nanyo. "Hey, hey, hey! Where do you
think your going?"

Nanyo giggles, "Sure took you long enough to catch on... You're almost
as dim as Nisu..." She sticks her tongue out at Kim.

"I'm not dim." replies Kim.

Nanyo sniggers, "Of course you're not... Of course, you're not.."

Kim glares at Nanyo before smiling. then takes her by her right arm and
pushes her onto the bed.

Nanyo raises an eyebrow, still grinning, "Ooh, little rough, ain't ya?"

"Got a problem with it? I can be gentle if ya want..." states Kim
smiling as she crawls onto the bed on all fours, above Nanyo.

Nanyo giggles, her body shaking with her laughter, "Like it really
matters, Kim!" She reaches her arm up and pulls Kim close and into a

"Well then, you shouldn't mind if I did this then." states Kim as she
grips Nanyo's sweater around the collar and rips the clothing from the
girls chest.

Nanyo laughs again, "Hahee.... you do seem to like it rough..." Her
bra, a red one with front clasps, is exposed, barely restraining her C
cup breasts.

Kim just smiles as she reaches under Nanyo's bra to cup her left breast
and squeezes particularly hard.

Nanyo just laughs, "Ooh... and here I thought your sister was the rough

"She is, and she like it rough too. By the way, are you into pain?"
states Kim.

Nanyo winks, "What do you think?"

"I'm talk'in being cut. that kind of pain." states Kim.

Nanyo smiles and responds, huskily, "You wanna cut me and find out?"

Kim smirks. "Honey, you ain't said nothing but a word..." states Kim as
she forms a small, familiar dagger in her left hand.

"Nice transmogrification there... but, if the 'victim' may make a
suggestion..." She rolls onto her left side and reveals her right side
to Kim and slaps her hand on her upper stomach, "You might try here..."
She winks at Kim.

"Sure why not." states Kim as she carefully puts the blade on Nanyo's
upper stomach and slowly begins to cut a line.

Nanyo looks down and sees the blood, her breathing quickening as she
smiles, "Hey, that's nice..." She reaches down with one of her fingers,
scoops up a little blood, and starts sucking on her own blood, "Mmm...

"Just like Becky, remind me never to leave the two of you alone."
states Kim smiling.

Nanyo laughs, "Maybe I should have showed HER the DP, instead..."

"What's that supposed to mean?" asks Kim as she quickly moves the blade
up a bit a cuts slightly deeper.

Nanyo shivers slightly from pleasure and smiles, "Nothing... Honest!"
Though it's clear she's lying.

"Don't lie to me. remember, I have a blade in my hand." states Kim

"And why should I tell you the truth? After all, you're cutting me
up...." She giggles again and starts rubbing the blood across her

"Because, If I happen to slip, you could be in some serious trouble."
states Kim as she cuts a higher area on Nanyo's stomach.

Nanyo laughs again, "Oh please... I've been cut worse... It's not like
I can't just heal up with my stuff..."

Kim's facial expression changes in that she's clearly thinking 'Crap'.
then smiles as she gets an idea. She raises the blade up to Nanyo's
right breast.

Nanyo grins, "Gonna cut me there?"

"If you don't tell me, yeah." states Kim.

"Hee, hee... so you like to be a Dom, eh? Fine... I'll tell ya... I was
thinking... If Becky likes pain, I'd like to 'play' with her a
little... maybe throw a little scare into her..." She winks at Kim.

Kim smiles. "What'd you have in mind?"

Nanyo winks and starts projecting images into Kim's mind, showing Kim
scenes of light rape and a shot of Becky cumming hard into her panties
when Nanyo cuts her stomach.

"Heh, Becky would love that." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "I know... I can read her mind as easy as day... and
you're not that much more difficult... Sashi is HARD though... and Nisu
is FUN to read...."

"Well, let's get back to the task at hand shall we?" states Kim as she
un-clasps Nanyo's bra and places the blade on her right breast.

Nanyo continues to smile as her breast swells slightly with the cold
metal blade pressing on it. "Nice... but I wonder... would Becky like

"Like what?" asks Kim.

Nanyo replies, "Putting something cold and hard against her breasts..."

"Yeah, she likes just about everything. but If I get too rough we do
have a safety word we agreed on that she'll say, and I'll stop." states

Nanyo raises her eyebrows and replies, "Softy... You're a wuss..." She
sticks her tongue out again and teases Kim.

"A wuss? How so?" asks Kim.

Nanyo teases, "If you don't know when to stop without speaking, then
you need mental training..." She laughs.

Kim smirks and uses the sharp point of the blade to stab into Nanyo's
breast about 2 centimeters.

Nanyo laughs, shaking slightly from pleasure as she smears her own
blood across her breast, licking her fingers and reaching up to Kim to
smear some of her blood on Kim's naked breasts.

Kim smiles and removes the blade from Nanyo's breast and cuts a circle
around Nanyo's nipple area.

Nanyo begins to breathe deeply, squirming her hips a little, moaning,
"Oh yeah..." She smears her blood all over Kim's breasts, then brings
her bloody finger up to Kim's lips, trying to get her to suck on them.

Kim frowns as she moves her head away from Nanyo's fingers.

Nanyo laughs. "You don't like it, do you...." It is not a question,
merely a statement. She glances around the room and whispers, "Wanna
see something, Kim?"

"Sure, what?"

Nanyo grins, then suddenly she takes Kim's free hand and presses it
against the crotch of her jeans just as a wet spot begins to form on
them. Nanyo smirks, letting her bladder control go, wetting her jeans
so much that she ends up laying in a HUGE puddle, "So... did you like
my 'surprise' Kim?" She winks.

"Aww, You didn't try and hold yourself. That's no fun." complains Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "I was holding myself... you just never knew it..."

"You hid it well." giggles Kim.

Nanyo smirks, "I know... Nisu was always surprised when I would let
go... she never knew that my bladder was full and it always used to
give her such a great thrill to see me wet..."

"Well, I do like the fact that you're wet. but it would have been nice
if I was able to make you desperate." states Kim.

"Ha ha... Ok... next time, I'll do that... " Nanyo winks.

To Be Continued in...
Ap-Dat Village- The Date

Chapter 7

Title: Chapter 6: The Ap-Dat Village- The Date

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue. I don't own Phantasy Star Online, Sonic Team

Warning: Loli]

As Nanyo and Kim 'experiment' in the back bedroom, Sashi and Becky,
along with Jakashi, eat the food that Suki prepared. (Suki, still being
outside with her friend).

"Hey, this food is pretty good!" states Becky after swallowing some of
the food.

Jakashi nods, "Yeah... If there's one thing in particular I can be
proud of, is that Suki turned out to be a good cook... " He turns to
Sashi and asks, "How do you like it, Sash?" Sashi's mouth full of food
that she's rapidly gulping down, replies, her voice muffled, "It'ch
berry good, famther..."

"Heh, you shouldn't talk with your mouth full Sashi." states Becky.

Jakashi smiles as Sashi blushes, saying, "I'm glad you've got such a
manner-able Mistress, Sash... perhaps she can give you what I could

"What would that be?" asks Becky to Jakashi.

Jakashi sighs, "Love, Ms. Starr... Love... I was never able to give her
the love she really deserved..."

"Oh, I should have figured that out. Its obvious." states Becky.

Jakashi sighs, "I know... poor Sash... It wasn't even her fault... It
was all mine... and you don't know how much I regret it now... I... I
gotta go..." He gets up from the table and takes his dish away, leaving
the room.

"So, Sashi, Whaddaya wanna do now?" asks Becky.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders and replies, her voice soft and almost
emotionless as she returns to the quiet, reserved person she was before
the drugs wore off, "I do not know, Mistress... I am but a humble
slave... I go where I am told to go and do what I am told to do...
Perhaps the better question would be, what do YOU want to do,

"What do I want to do? Hmmm..... OH! I got it! We haven't been on a
date yet! Yeah, let's go on a date!" states Becky happily.

Sashi looks up from her food, surprised. She repeats, "A date,
Mistress?!" The words coming off her lips sound foreign to her as
though she's never spoken them before.

"Yeah, a date. Don't you know what one is?" asks Becky.

Sashi nods, "I know OF them... I just never went on one..."

"Great! Your first date! Oh, And I have the perfect place in mind too!"
states Becky smiling.

Sashi wonders aloud, "I wonder where, Mistress?"

"Sashi, have you ever seen this planet from space?" asks Becky.

Sashi shakes her head, "I was unaware that such technology existed...
what source of power could possibly propel anything beyond the reach of
this planet?!" She seems shocked.

Becky does that giddy standing march. "Ooh! It's beautiful! You just
GOTTA see it!"

Sashi starts to smile faintly, asking, "Does that mean that Mistress
wants to take me somewhere?" She starts to blush slightly and begins to
nervously fiddle with her cheerleader skirt again.

"Yes! Yes I do!" states Becky basically jumping up and down.

Sashi's eyebrows widen in surprise at Becky's enthusiasm and asks, "If
that is so, how would you get there? We are far from any place where it
is conceivable to get there..."

"No problem! Now, (Becky starts to go through her pockets.) if I can
just find it..."

Sashi asks, "What might you be looking for, Mistress?" She seems

"My teleporter, I know I put is in one of my pockets before I came
here." Becky then finds the device in her right back pocket. "Oh, there
it is. I was so excited that I didn't even realize it was there." she
takes the small PDA-like out and shows it to Sashi.

Sashi now grows excited, "Wow! Is that device like a monitor? Does it
show images?" She goes on a long string of questions, asking all about
the PDA-like device, without stopping to breathe it seems.

"Whoa, slow down. Yeah, it's a monitor, it shows images, all that good
stuff. But it also serves as transportation to Pioneer 2." states

Sashi smiles, "Wow? And how does it do that? Does it use transdimension
teleportation?" She continues asking about possible methods of
transportation, never stopping to breathe.

Becky blushes and sweatdrops. "Well, I never really asked anyone how it
works. "

Sashi finally stops to take a breath and tries to take the PDA-thing
from Becky's hand to see for herself. Then she suddenly stops and
blushes, "Sorry... I ... I was just.. curious..."

"Hehe, that's ok. It's understandable. Here, look at it. Just don't
press anything." states Becky as she hands the device to Sashi.

Sashi nods and takes the PDA-thing and starts examining it. There is a
little 'bloop' and Sashi grins goofily, "Wow..." she says in total awe.

Becky simply smiles at Sashi's excitedness at the object. To Becky,
it's just as exciting as a calculator is.

Sashi, then, starts pushing buttons in an excited manner.

"Hey! I said not to push anything!" states Becky quickly. A bunch of
windows of various sizes starts popping up from the device.

Sashi frowns. "Uh-oh... what did I do?" she asks worriedly.

"Well, nothing serous. But you should have just told me you wanted to
see what the buttons do." replies Becky.

Sashi suddenly hands the PDA-thing back to Becky and looks down, "I...
I am sorry, Mistress... I... I should not have... I... I am sorry..."

"Hey, don't look that way. Your going on your first date, remember?"
states Becky smiling as she places her right hand on Sashi's left

Sashi starts smiles shyly and replies, "I... I am sorry, Mistress...
I... I am not used to this..."

Becky presses a button on the device and all but one window closes.
"Well, you ready?"

Sashi nods, "O-Okay..." She starts twisting her left hand in her short
cheerleader skirt again, a little blood still remaining on her outfit.

"Put your hand somewhere on me." states Becky.

Sashi replies, "Okay..." and reaches out her left hand to Becky's
shoulder, taking light hold of her.

"Ok, you may feel a slight dizziness since this is your first time
being transported. but it should go away after a few moments, ok?"
states Becky.

Sashi sighs, "If you say so, Mistress... I am prepared..."

"Ok! Off we go!" states Becky energetically before pressing a certain
combination of buttons. after a moment particles form around the two
before they suddenly disappear in a small ball of light and that
quickly disappears. they reappear in a big teleporting room. With
seemingly no door.

Sashi looks totally stunned, blinking rapidly and shuddering slightly,
unused to the teleportation.

"Sit down for a second and let it pass." states Becky as she places her
hands on Sashi's shoulders and pushes her down.

Sashi sits down, shuddering slightly, and breathing slightly harder
than normal.

Becky starts to rub Sashi's shoulders, trying to calm her.

Sashi looks up a moment later, her shaking stopping quickly. She asks,
"Whoa... th-that was.. interesting... Does that always happen?"

"No, It stops happening after ya do it a few times." states Becky.

Sashi sighs, "W-Well... that was... certainly unique..."

"Ready to see the awsomeness of Pioneer 2?" asks Becky smiling.

Sashi nods, "Yes... of course..." She starts following Becky, her eyes
roving all around the room.

"See that wall in front of us?" asks Becky pointing.

Sashi nods, "Yeah..."

"Walk to it." states Becky.

Sashi gives Becky an upraised eyebrow, but walks up to the wall.

the wall raises to reveal a huge city-like environment. With people
walking about conversing and shopping at nearby stores.

Sashi's mouth drops open as she gawks at everything she's looking at.
Her head rotates around and around as she twirls around, trying to look
at everything at the same time.

Becky walks next to Sashi, smiling. "Amazing ain't it?" asks Becky.

Sashi gawks, "U-Uh, yeah... yeah, definitely..."

"This is the shopping district of Pioneer 2. It has everything and
anything you could possibly want!" states Becky.

Sashi nods, "I.. I believe it..."

"So, You want to go shopping for a little bit?" asks Becky.

Sashi suddenly frowns, "But.. I have no money... "

"Don't worry, I'll take care of that!" replies Becky.

Sashi gets this look on her face: :- and replies, "Okay... if you say

"You want some new clothes?" asks Becky.

Sashi glances down her waistband and reaches inside her panties,
pulling out a very old piece of parchment. She begins to read it to

"Huh? What's that?" asks Becky.

Sashi states, "My slave contract... as enforced by the Dark Mistress...
It was signed the day I was born... See?" She shows Becky the line at
the bottom that says, "Signed by Jakashi and Susashi, August 14, 1988."

"What does it enforce?" asks Becky.

Sashi sighs, "Everything... Everything that I do, and nearly everything
I do..."

"You don't need that anymore, I'm your new mistress." states Becky

Sashi shakes her head, "I am afraid I cannot, Mistress... This,
unfortunately, dictates what I can and can't do with regard to every
thing... and even you cannot fight it.. It's enforced by Hon'tyl and
breaking it means certain death for me..."

Becky looks sad for a moment before shaking the feeling from her body.
"Why'd you take the out? We're here to have fun." states Becky.

Sashi explains, "I had to make sure that I could change clothes without
breaking one of the rules and according to this, I can... so long as I
do not change my panties..." She smiles at Becky.

"Good, Lets go! To the clothing store!" states Becky enthusiastically
as she takes Sashi by the hand and starts to quickly walk.

Sashi gasps, "Wh-whoa...!" as she is practically dragged in Becky's

As the two pass a few stores, they reach the clothing store. "Here it
is. Let's go in!" states Becky leading Sashi into the room.

Sashi looks around the clothing store, impressed with all the styles
and types of clothing.

"Good ahead, choose whatever you like." states Becky smiling.

Sashi looks at a bathing suit in the corner and starts marveling over
the fabric. After that, she starts to look at other more interesting
dresses and such.

"Hey, why don't you choose a dress? I'd love to see what you look like
in one." states Becky.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "Um, okay... " She glances around the store
and picks out a lovely green dress that would end at mid-thigh if she
were wearing it and would bring out her light green eyes. "Is this
good, Mistress?" she asks, "Would I look good in this outfit?"

"Yeah, that's good. The dressing rooms are straight ahead, come on."
states Becky as she starts to walk in the direction to the rooms.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders and starts pulling up her cheerleader top,
intending to try it on here and now, not understanding about dressing
rooms and such.

Becky turns around and gasps then blushes. "Sashi no, we have to go
into a room and change. "

Sashi questions, confused, "Why?"

"For privacy, You don't want strangers looking at you while you change
do you?" asks Becky.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "I have never had that much opportunity to
worry about stuff like that... all my masters and mistresses never
cared whether I was half-naked or not..."

"Well I do, come on, let's get to a dressing room." states Becky as she
takes one of Sashi's hands.

Sashi allows herself to be dragged in the direction Becky wishes,
though the energetic girl pulls her hard enough to pull her off
balance. She begs, "Mistress... C-Could you please slow down? I.. I
cannot keep up!"

Becky quickly slows. "Oh, I'm sorry, Sashi."

Sashi pants, "I-It is okay... j-just slow down, M-Mistress..."

"Ok, we're almost at the dressing rooms. Just a little bit longer."
states Becky. The two near the rooms. The door looks like nothing more
than a flat wall.

Sashi looks confused but then remembers, "Is this like the earlier

"Yeah, just go in and change. I'll be waiting out here." states Becky

Sashi nods, "Okay, Mistress..." She walks up to the wall and into the
room. A few minutes pass, then Sashi reappears, wearing the green
dress, inside out, her cheerleader outfit in her hands. She blushes and
replies, "Is this how it is supposed to be?"

Becky giggles. "No, you have it on inside out. Go back in and fix it."

Sashi frowns, "Aw, man... I cannot see what I am doing in there...
there is no mirror..." She steps back inside, then reappears five
minutes later, with the dress on right-side out.

"Wow, It looks great. "Here..." Becky takes out her teleporter and
places it on the floor in front of Sashi and presses a button. making a
tall reflective window to appear.

Sashi gasps, "What is that, Mistress?" She seems confused.

"It's a mirror so you can see what you look like in the dress."
explains Becky.

"Oh..." replies Sashi dully. She whirls around, looking at every angle
and starting to smile shyly. "Wow... it does look good..."

"So you wanna get it?" asks Becky.

Sashi blushes, "U-uhm... that is ok... H-How much will it cost you?"
She looks concerned at the potential price.

Becky lifts the device from the floor and smiles. "Don't worry about
that. If you want it, I'll buy it for you."

Sashi looks thoughtful, thinking aloud, "I am not allowed to want
things... but if my Mistress says I should... Ok... I... I do want

"That's the spirit! Ok, let's go to the check-out counter." states
Becky as she goes in the direction to the counter.

Sashi follows Becky, beginning to smile to herself and a faint humming
starts to come from her lips.

The two reach the counter. A female cashier behind the counter. "Hello,
are you ready to check out?" asks the girl. "Yes, I want to buy the
dress my friend is wearing here." replies Becky. The girl picks up a
small device and places it in front of Sashi. a moment later, a beep is
heard. "That will be 1200 credits." states the girl.

Sashi looks the small device excitedly and starts to jabber to Becky,
asking all about how such a device can work and what it runs on.

Becky hands the girl a card before speaking to Sashi. "Most things here
run on energy cartridges. Depending on what kind it is, they can last
anywhere from 5 to 30 years." replies Becky.

Sashi gasps, totally in awe, "Oooh..."

"Here you go Miss Starr, and have a nice day." states the girl handing
the card back to Becky a moment later. "Thank-you, well, Sashi, the
dress is paid for and is now yours." states Becky.

Sashi smiles shyly, bowing, "Th-thank you, Mistress..."

"You ready to see the most beautiful sight you'll probably ever see!?"
asks Becky.

Sashi nods, "Of course, Mistress..."

"Ok, follow me, we're going back to the teleporter." states Becky
walking off."

Sashi nods, "Yes, Mistress.." She follows Becky, her head swinging from
side to side as she tries to watch everything going on at the same

The two reach the Teleportation room and stand in the middle. then a
computerized voice is heard. "Specify Destination." states the voice.

Sashi glances at Becky quizzically as though asking what to do or say.

"Observation Hall No. 2." states Becky. "Confirmed, standby for
teleportation to, Observation Hall No. 2" states the voice as light
particles begin to surround the two.

Sashi gasps, "Oh, not again!" as she disappears again.

The two reappear in a room exactly like the previous one.

Sashi shivers slightly, but quickly recovers, glancing around and
asking, "Where are we now?"

"We're at one of the Observation Halls, there's a short hallway before
we reach an elevator that will take us to Observation Deck." states

Sashi nods, "O-Okay... so should we head down the hallway, Mistress?"

"Yeah, let's go." states Becky as she grabs Sashi's hand and leads her
out of the room. As the wall raises, the walls of the hallway are in
the shape of a tube and is made of a glass-like material, revealing the
vastness of space from inside the length of the hallway.

Sashi gasps in surprise and awe and runs, like a little child, up to
one of the sides of the hallway, staring out at the vastness of space.
Only one thing escapes her lips as she mutters, "Whoa...." She presses
her nose against the glass, trying to see more and more of the vastness
of space.

Becky smiles as she sees Sashi's reaction. "Come on, you'll be able to
see the planet once we take the elevator to the top."

Sashi allows herself to be pulled along, but keeps her head turned to
look out the glass at outer space.

"They reach the elevator and walk in. It sends them to the top floor,
the Observation Deck. Which is a huge dome-like room, the same glass-
like material makes up the dome, allowing unrestricted
view of space. there are a few other people here as well. It's pretty
obvious that there couples.

Sashi gasps once again in amazement and stares out into the depths of
space, whispering softly, "Wow... It is so huge... and so very

"Isn't it though?" states Becky smiling. She then looks up and points a
finger up. "Look Sashi, there it is." states Becky pointing at the
planet above them."

Sashi looks up and sees the planet. "Wow, " she breathes, "... It is so
round... but with a slight bulge around the middle..." As she says
that, something distracts her slightly and she brings her thighs
together, only wanting to stay here and watch the planet.

Becky walks behind Sashi and raps her arms around her stomach in a
light hug and rests her chin on her right shoulder. "...And beautiful,
just Like you Sashi." states Becky lovingly.

Sashi blushes and looks down, sadly. "But I am not beautiful,
Mistress... I have a big problem... I could not control my anger... and
so many people died because of me... yet, even then you say I am
beautiful, Mistress? Why?"

"Because I love you Sashi, nothing, and I mean NOTHING is going to
change that." replies Becky as she tightens her hug a bit.

Sashi moans softly from the hug, but again presses her thighs together
as she replies, "Mistress... you are most forgiving... I... I do not
know how to thank you... I... I only wish I was a better slave..."

"Just say that you love me." states Becky.

Sashi nods, "I love you, Mistress... more than any other master or
Mistress I have ever had... only you have ever considered my feelings
and my wants and needs... Thank you so much..." She begins to quiver
slightly and at first, it's unclear whether it's her emotions or
something else that's causing her to shudder.

"Thank-you Sashi, I really wanted to here you say that." states Becky
before she hugs slightly harder and begins to nuzzle Sashi's neck.

Sashi smiles faintly and bends her head back, trying to expose more of
her neck to Becky. "It is good to know that there is someone who loves
me too, Mistress..." She tries to lean up against some sort of wall and
squeeze her thighs tighter together without drawing attention to her

Becky raises her left hand to Sashi's left breast and cups it in her
hand over the material of the green dress.

Sashi smiles as she breathes in a little deeper and her breast swells
ever so slightly with arousal. She questions, "Did you have something
special in mind, Mistress?"

"Not really, because there are people here. I can't get to intimate
with you with them around." replies Becky.

Sashi nods, "I... I see, Mistress... " She looks a little sad at first,
then her face brightens and she looks up at Becky, her light green eyes
sparkling with great intelligence and happiness. "Then, Mistress...
might I be permitted to show you an alternate method... a way to do
more with me in a place where there are
no other people?"

Becky looks at Sashi in wonderment. "Sure, go ahead."

Sashi nods, "Ok... Now, Mistress... close your eyes and hold in a deep
breath.... this is always rather hard to take at first.... though I
have only used it once... and that time, I was under water...." She
closes her eyes and begins to glow a faint greenish color.

Becky looks at Sashi for a moment before closing her eyes and taking in
a deep breath.

Sashi mumbles some strange words that don't seem to make sense and
almost immediately, her eyes flare open, only now they're a light red
color. She grunts softly and a weird warble-sounding wave of energy
surrounds Becky and her, enclosing them inside and sealing out all
sound, most of the light, and 80% of the air as well.

Becky forces herself not to open her eyes to look until Sashi says so,
but she wonders what could be going on.

Sashi speaks louder and more clearly, though it is clearly a foreign
tongue as none of the words can be understood by the young loli. The
two girls begin to rise up off the ground and surge up toward the top
of the spaceship at a high velocity.

Becky stumbles at first from the sudden action. Although she keeps her
eyes closed, she's running out of air from holding her breath.

The enclosed bubbled' girls shoot up and through the spaceship and out
into space itself. Once they are out in the clear blackness of space,
the air level within the bubble levels out to a normal oxygen content,
fit for breathing. Sashi breathes a sigh of relief and holds Becky in
her arms, whispering, "You can breathe now, Mistress..."

Becky gasps loudly and quickly takes a big breath of air, then opens
her eyes. "Oh man, I totally suck at holding my breath!" states Becky.
She has yet to realize where she is though.

Sashi looks apologetic, "I am sorry, Mistress... but I am afraid that
that technique requires such a high amount of mana to form it, that I
was unable to control the amount of oxygen in the air. You are unhurt,

"Yeah, I'll be fine..... Whoa, we're out in space? How did you-"
Becky's body begins to visibly shake.

Sashi holds Becky close, whispering, "It is all right, Mistress... the
barrier will hold... we will be safe... As long as my mana holds out,
we cannot be harmed..."

"N-No, I-It's not t-that.... It's j-just, I'm t-terrified of h-
heights." staggers out Becky as her body shakes uncontrollably.

Sashi chuckles slightly, "It is okay, Mistress... here... don't look
down at the planet... look... over there..." She takes Becky's head and
turns it to look out at the stars and the comets and all the other
stuff out in space.

"T-This is f-fine, as long as I-I don't look a-at the planet, I'm
fine." states Becky. but the shaking doesn't stop.

Sashi notices Becky's shaking and states, "Perhaps this would work..."
She closes her eyes again and calls upon her power to enter Becky's
mind, replacing the fear with images of happiness and peacefulness from
her own childhood, before the untimely death of her mother and the
change of her father.

Becky's shaking starts to die down. "Y-You were happy as a kid?"

Sashi sighs, looking away out at the vastness of space, a tear rolling
down her cheeks. She doesn't say anything for a long while, and it
appears as though she's caught up in memories of her past.

"I-I'm sorry, because of me, your crying." states Becky.

Sashi shakes her head, but still doesn't say anything. She merely looks
out the bubble, putting her hands on the smooth surface of the bubble.
Her mind is still connected to Becky's though, and a few images remain
inside, clearly showing Becky the day of the accident when Susashi died
and Suki was wounded to within an inch of her life.

"I'm sorry..." is the only word Becky can think to say.

Sashi sniffles, "You have nothing to be sorry for, Mistress... It was
all an accident... you were not there... You would not have known...
Even I had forgotten... those drugs my father injected me with... they
suppressed my memory... and my poor sister, Suki... first the Ap-Dat
virus... then the accident... and now, Hon'tyl's possession... How much
suffering must be inflicted on her?" She brings her thighs together
again, a slight spasm attacking her bladder, though she says nothing
about it.

"Still, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you had to indure all that." states

Sashi shakes her head, "My suffering was nothing compared to Suki's...
I was prepared for my fate... but Suki... she did not even have a
chance... I really wish I could make it up to her... do something nice
for her..."

"What happened to her?"

"She contracted the Ap-Dat virus when she was only a year old... a full
year before I was born... and she almost died because of it... then the
accident.... she, Nan'chi, and I were up playing in the mountains...
when an avalanche hit us... Suki pushed Nan'chi out of the path of the
rocks, I jumped in and pushed her to safety, but I pushed too hard and
she wound up hitting her head hard on the ground... then... " She
sniffs and continues, ".. Mom came and threw herself on top on me,
shielding me from the rocks, though it cost her, her life... after
that... Father... he did not take her death too well and seeing Suki
hurt because of me, he... he turned really cold toward me... and it was
all my fault... If only I could have gotten Suki out of there
quicker..." she sniffs again, a few more tears rolling down her cheeks
as she keeps her thighs pressed together.

"But you were trying to protect Suki, you didn't mean for her to get

"I... I failed her, Mistress.... and my father... he only saw the blood
on her head.... and he... he went ballistic..." Sashi keeps her face
away from Becky's. though tears now drip onto her dress.

Becky wraps her arms around Sashi gently. "You didn't mean it, your dad
was the one that was in the wrong."

Sashi just sits there for a moment, then she sniffs and turns back to
Becky, asking, "But anyway... that's my past for you, Mistress... I...
I hope the happy memories I gave you worked... Did they? Do you still
feel terrified of heights?"

"I seem fine now, as long as I don't look at the planet I'm fine. But
the shaking will probably come back once we get back on solid ground."
states Becky.

Sashi shakes her head, "I do not think so, Mistress... You should be
able to block out your fear with those memories.... Just concentrate on
them and you will feel no fear, only peace..." She casually crosses her
legs as she sits down in the bubble, looking at Becky and thinking
love-type thoughts about the young loli.

"I hope so.... Stupid Kimmie..." states Becky as she says the latter
part of her statement to herself.

Sashi then asks, "Now, then, Mistress... do you wish to continue what
we were doing before?" She smiles shyly, her eyes, still reddish,
twinkling as she changes her position to on of sitting on her heel, it
pressing against her labia through her dress and panties.

"Yeah, Let's get back to business..." replies Becky as she places her
mouth on Sashi's neck and begins to lick and suck the area lightly.

Sashi smiles shyly, though she makes no move, preferring to be
submissive to Becky's desires, though it is clear ONLY to Becky that
she likes it. She maintains her emotional wall, inside dearly wanting
Becky to be the one to break it, Becky being the first girl she has
ever had feelings for.

Becky removes her mouth for a moment and looks at Sashi's chest, She
then places her right hand over her left breast over the material of
the dress.

Sashi looks down, almost imperiously, yet to the acute observer, she
has an excitedness about her that is well concealed. She begins to rock
ever so slightly, trying to push her tennis-shoed heel harder against
her labia.

Becky places her left hand on Sashi's other breast and starts a
massaging action.

Sashi breathes a little bit harder as her breast grows full and firm,
poking up through the material of her bra and her dress and she lets a
slightly bigger smile cross her lips as she begins to squirm slightly,
keeping her hands behind her to allow her mistress to do what she

Becky continues her action with her hands as her mouth returns to her

Sashi lets out a soft sweet sigh, the first sign of emotion starting to
slip past her wall as her arms twitch slightly, her desire to touch her
mistress and hold her increasing rapidly. At the same time, her bladder
continues to swell and she shifts position slightly, trying to find a
way to keep her bladder to the back of her mind.

Becky removes her mouth a second time to kiss Sashi fully on the lips.

Sashi opens her lips and allows Becky inside, the first stirrings of
her passion for this young loli beginning to slip through into Becky,
her strong mental telepathy showing Becky images of love and passion.

Becky parts there lips about 2 centimeter's. "You really want this,
don't you?"

Sashi moans, "Huhhh..." Then blushes slightly and whispers, "I... I do
not... I do not know... Mistress..." Yet her mind is still sending
those same images to Becky's mind, though Sashi is trying so hard to
repress them.

"Liar." states Becky playfully. before kissing her.

Sashi blushes and submits to the kiss again, her mind sending even
stronger mental images of love directly to Becky's thoughts. Her arms
vibrate harder and she rocks a little harder on her heel as her bladder
spasms a little.

As Becky kisses Sashi, she trails her right hand down Sashi's stomach
and caresses the area there.

Sashi feels Becky's hand on her stomach and a peaceful look crosses her
facial features as she breathes in and out a little harder, her
emotional wall on the verge of collapse.

Becky trails her hand lower a moment later to Sashi's pubic mound,
covered by her panties and the dress.

Sashi trembles slightly, wondering what her mistress has in store for
her, her own tongue now moving forward to lick Becky's lips.

Becky then begins to caress the area lovingly.

Sashi quivers harder, her hands now coming up to hold Becky's
shoulders. She breaks the kiss and whispers, "Mistress... P-Perhaps I
should tell you..." Then suddenly, she falls silent.

"What? What is it?" questions Becky.

Sashi shakes her head, unable to say anything, her passion and lust now
taking over complete control of her body. She reaches out to Becky's
head and pulls her into a passionate, though slightly rough kiss, as
she continues to squirm from a full bladder.

Becky parts their lips quickly. "Come on, what is it? I wanna know."

Sashi shakes her head, "It is ok, Mistress... It is nothing
important... You probably already know about it anyway... and if you do
not, my power will probably inform you soon enough..." She blushes
shyly and drops her left hand down to her stomach above Becky's hand,
holding herself slightly as her other hand moves down to Becky's upper
chest and starts to stroke her collarbone.

Becky giggles slightly from the touch. "Ok, fine."

Sashi blushes again, and lowers her hand down between Becky's breasts,
wondering if she has permission to touch her mistress in the fashion
she truly desires, but at the same time, her left hand moves further
down her body to where Becky's hand is, then past it to her labia which
she now holds.

"Hehe, go ahead." states Becky upon seeing Sashi's hand.

Sashi nods, "Y-Yes, Mistress..." She puts a finger in her mouth,
wetting it before she starts seeking a way to remove Becky's clothing.
Her other hand now begins to rub her own labia, a small moan escaping
her lips as she squirms a little harder.

To Be Continued in...
The Ap-Dat Village- The Breakup

Chapter 8

Title: Chapter 7: The Ap-Dat Village- The Breakup

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.]


Just then, inside the bunker, Nanyo suddenly sits up, a tear running
down her cheek, her jeans still soaked in her urine.

She gasps, "It's happened..." She gets to her feet and rummages through
a pouch on her belt, pulling out a capsule and extracting a freeze-
dried sweater, exactly like her other one and slips it on, quickly
leaving the room.

"Hey! What happened?!" states Kim quickly following Nanyo out, not
realizing she has no panties on.

Nanyo reaches the front entrance and steps outside, her breast still
bleeding slightly. She stops Kim at the entrance and whispers, "Ssh!"
She rolls out a small ball that stops at Suki's feet as the small girl
steps close to the older one to hug her, whispering, "Oh, Misu... I...
I do love you so much..." These words are broadcast clearly to Nanyo
and Kim, the former barely stifling a soft sob.

Kim hears Nanyo's low sob and places her right hand on her left
shoulder from behind her. "What's wrong?"

Nanyo sighs and her shoulders slump as she sits down on the ground. She
pulls Kim down with her and says, "It's too late for us, Kim... Nisu
has just confessed her love for that other girl... I could always sense
her devotion, but I didn't realize the strength of her feelings... I'm
afraid, Kim, that any hopes of an Onl'tyl between the three of us is

Suki hugs her friend, asking, "Are you going to stay with me forever,
Misu?" She looks up at her, her violet eyes shining with hope.

"I'll answer with a question. What reason do I have not to, Suki?" the
girl questions, smiling, hoping that Suki will pick up the fact that
she is responding positively.

Suki smiles, and whispers, blushing shyly, "Then hold me, Misu... hold
me and never let me go..." Nanyo suddenly lets out a loud cry, "NISU!
NO!" She jumps to her feet and runs out, tears streaming past her. She
grabbed Suki and shakes her, crying, "NISU! NO! Don't do this! You
remember our promise, don't you?! It's me, your Nan'chi! Remember our
deal?! Remember how we swore to explore the world together?! GOD, Nisu!
Don't do this to me!" She sobs freely.

Kim runs next to the three, still oblivious to her lack of clothing on
the lower half of her body. "Suki, what is she talking about? Nanyo's
saying stuff like the Onl'tyl between us is over..."

The girl looks to Kim, also oblivious. She becomes slightly afraid of
what Kim may do in reaction to what has just happened. She says

Suki held Nanyo's sobbing form in her arms as Nanyo collapses into a
heap on the ground. She whispers, "Nan'chi... I... I'm so sorry... I do
love you, too... you and Kimmie... but... I love Misu more... I.. I'm
so sorry... I could only choose one... Nanyo, I'll always remember our
childhood together.. Kimmie, I'll always remember you and your darling
sister, Becky... who I hope will take care of Sashi for me... but I
cannot be part of an Oln'tyl anymore... I... I just can't... I'm so
sorry..." Nanyo screams, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and just continues to
sob on the ground.

Kim looks shocked and begins to tear up. "W-What are you saying!? Your
leaving me!?"

Suki's friend says nothing. She feels her words are not important at
the moment.

Suki hugs Kim and says, "I'm so sorry, Kimmie... I... I have no
choice... My heart says one thing, and you say another... I just can't
fight my feelings any more... I'm sorry..." She kisses Kim on the
cheek, then turns to Miho and, with tears running down her cheek, says,
"This woman... is the only one that I could love now... It's more than
just Desperation-play, Kimmie... Nanyo... there's something more
intangible about what I feel... Miho, you are the only one that has
that something... Nanyo... I left you in the past... Kimmie... I.. I
just can't be with you... I'm sorry..."

"No....NO! This can't be happening!" Kim drops to her knees and holds
her head in her hands as she starts crying uncontrollably. "This has to
be a bad dream! It has to be!"

Suki turns away from Kim and says to her friend, "Misu... I have to
go... do you want to take me with you? I... I can't stay here..." She
looks back at Nanyo, who had stood up, tears still rolling down her
cheeks, but no longer seems too upset. She asks, "Nan'chi... can you
take care of Sashi for me? I... I can't stay here... too many bad
memories... my father's hatred... Sashi's anger... I... I just can't
stay..." She floats into the air, calling, "Misu, will you come with
me?" She starts hovering off toward the city gates. Nanyo sniffs once
and nods, "Okay, Nisu... I will... just... promise me one thing...
Don't ever forget about me, Nisu... 'cause I sure won't..."

Suki's lover takes a good look at Kim and Nanyo, hoping that it will
not be her last. She then turns, and begins to follow Suki.

"Suki-chan, don't leave me." states Kim lowly as tears stream her face.

There is no response from Suki, except a telepathic message, stating,
"I'm sooooooo sorry, Kimmie... "

"Suki-chan..." thinks Kim.

The girl looks to Suki, and begins to speak once more. "Do you really
believe that this was she best choice? They seem VERY hurt..." She
states, frowning.

Suki keeps her back to her, though she sniffles LOUDLY, "I... I hope
so... my father... damn him.... I ... I didn't realize how horrible he

Nanyo bends down to Kim and holds her, whispering softly, "Kim... I'm
so sorry... Nisu... she never really learned how to tell people she was
leaving them... so just... try to excuse her ineptness... she really
loves us... it's just... she's really upset right now... that father of
hers... " She sighs.

Kim says nothing, she simply continues to cry.

At the gates to the town, Suki suddenly collapses to her knees. She
sniffles and rubs her eyes.

To Be Continued in...
The Ap-Dat Village- After Breakup

Chapter 9

Title: Chapter 8: The Ap-Dat Village- After Breakup

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.]

As Suki and her lover disappeared, Nanyo sighs sadly, reaching into one
of her pouches and pulling out a cotton swab, running it over her
breasts and trying to stop the bleeding from earlier, her jeans still
dripping wet.

"Suki-chan... why?" states Kim lowly as she sits on the ground still

Once she stops her bleeding, Nanyo tosses the cotton swab aside and
bends down to hug Kim, saying, "I'm so sorry, Kim... I should have let
you in on what I knew... I had
sensed Suki would be coming to a decision in her life, but I didn't
want to believe it... I'm so sorry, Kim..." Her own tears fall onto
Kim's head as she just holds Kim in her arms.

"But why couldn't She just stay with both me and Miho? What happened to
make her suddenly choose one or the other?" asks Kim looking up to
Nanyo's face.

Nanyo sighs, "It was that bastard Jakashi... He has tormented Sashi all
her life and now... his hatred of the Oln'tyl has deeply wounded Suki,
too... His little princess and he hurt her... I can't believe he's such
an evil man..."

"Jakashi's the reason behind this?" Kim's question is slightly laced
with anger.

Nanyo sighs, "Partially, yeah... He has preconceived notions about life
and the way people are supposed to act and it doesn't really correlate
with most other Ap-Dat people..."

"That Son-of-a bi*ch! He'll pay for this!" exclaims Kim as she quickly
gets to her feet and makes for the building they left from.

Nanyo raises an eyebrow and follows Kim inside. Inside the building,
there is no one. There is no sign of life or anyone inside.

"JAKASHI! Where the hell are you!" exclaims Kim .

There is no answer. Nanyo scratches her head, "Damn it... where did
that bastard go?!"

Kim turns her back to Nanyo and suddenly, a white aura starts to
emanate from Kim's body. "Because of Jakashi, Suki-chan left me. I'll
never forgive him for this."

Nanyo sighs, "I know how you feel, Kim... but killing me won't solve
your problems... we will have to try to find Jakashi..."

"its not you I'm going to murder Nanyo." states Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "Then, we need to think about this... We must locate
Jakashi... then we need to hold him down and bring Suki and Sashi
back... they're the ones who need to confront him..."

Kim quickly turns around and her eyes have turned completely white.
"NO! I am going to kill him, no one else."

Nanyo grabs Kim's shoulders, holding her down, "NO, Kim... This is a
family matter... we MUST let Suki and Sashi handle this... If we
interfere, then we will be destroying their whole family and by not
allowing Suki and Sashi to settle their past, we may inadvertently do
irreparable harm to both of them..."

"I don't care! Jakashi must die for what he did!" exclaims Kim.

"He WILL die... but it cannot be by our hands alone... Suki and Sashi
MUST have the chance to end their suffering once and for all..."

"I'll end it for them." replies Kim.

Nanyo, whispering, "I'm sorry, Kim... I hate to do this... but it seems
I have no choice..." She pulls a small bomb out of her pouch and tears
it open in front of Kim, spraying some fine dust into her eyes,
blinding her and causing tears of pain to spill out.

"Ah!" Kim brings her hands up to try and rub the dust from her eyes.

Nanyo moves behind Kim and wraps her arms around Kim's arms, pinning
them to her sides and holding her still as she tries to talk Kim down
by reminding her that this is not who she really is and that it is
destiny for Suki and Sashi to confront their father.

Kim begins squirm in Nanyo's hands. "Let me go!"

Nanyo holds tight, still trying to talk her down, "Kim, even if you do
kill Jakashi, how do you think that'll make Suki feel?! She loves her
father! Would you hurt her just to pacify your broken heart?"

Kim immediately stops struggling and her head lowers as she starts to
cry again. "But why did this have to happen! I did nothing wrong."

Nanyo sighs, "No, it's wasn't your fault... you didn't do anything
wrong... it was Suki's decision... she had to chose one of you... and
she chose the one person she loved the most... It hurts me too, to
think that Nisu doesn't love me either... but... I want to make her
happy no matter what... It's horrible, I know... but there's nothing we
can do about it..." A tear drops on Kim's head, coming from Nanyo's

Kim's legs basically give out from under her and she falls to the floor
and begins to cry.

Nanyo just holds her, rubbing her back gently, trying to comfort her by
just being there. Her jeans squish slightly as she moves down with Kim,
but she ignores it.

Kim cries just one word, "Why?" repeatedly.

Nanyo repeats, "It was her decision, Kim.... her decision..."

"But I just can't accept it. I don't want her to leave me." replies

Nanyo sniffs, "I didn't want her to leave me too... but you can't
change her mind... I couldn't... and she loved me for years..."

"Oh no..." states Kim Lowly.

"Hmm?" asks Nanyo, slightly confused.

"I just now realized, I don't have any pants or underwear on." replies
Kim blushing a bit.

To Be Continued in...
The Ap-Dat Village- Lifted Spirits

Chapter 10

Title: Chapter 9: The Ap-Dat Village- Lifted Spirits

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.

Warning: Watersports]

Nanyo giggles, "And you don't think I'm not embarrassed to be walking
around with drenched pants? and probably a bloody sweater?" She hugged
Kim tenderly again, trying to cheer her up.

"I can't believe I went outside with no pants on. I can't imagine what
I must've looked like." states Kim.

Nanyo whispers in her ear, "Very cute..." She pinches Kim's side,
teasingly, adding, "I never would've thought you were that brave... I
only thought I was that brave..."

"But I wasn't aware of it. Ooh, I'm so embarrassed!" states Kim.

Nanyo gives Kim a peck on the cheek, "Don't be, love... You have a lot
to show off... I'm sure you turned quite a few Oln'tyl girls' out
there..." She winks at Kim.

The glow from Kim's body quickly fades to nothing as she blushes

Nanyo grins, "Aw, come on... don't be embarrassed... You are VERY
beautiful... I can easily see how Nisu fell in love with you..."

"I don't think I'll ever get over Suki leaving me, but I can deal with
it." states Kim.

Nanyo turns away, looking in a different direction as she states, "Me,
too.. Kim... Me too..."

"Thanks for trying to cheer me up."

Nanyo smiles, "Always, Kim... I will always try to cheer you up... you
and Sashi... who really need it..." She hugs Kim again, her jeans again
squishing audibly.

"You want me to dry those for you?" asks Kim.

Nanyo winks, "Sure... I'll get a dry pair of panties..." She peels out
of her jeans and hands them to Kim, showing over a really soft, tight-
fitting pair of wet cotton panties. that have a huge wet spot on them.

Kim neatly folds the pants into a small square and places her right
hand on them. A red glow emits from her had as a high degree of heat
dries them.

Nanyo raises an eyebrow and asks, "Mana or tech?"

"Tech, I don't use mana. It's so out of date." replies Kim smiling.

Nanyo laughs, "Oh, don't tell Nisu that! She depends on mana... it's
the source of her power... and my flying..." She floats up again, to
prove her point.

"Ya know, I can fly too. Although, I never told Suki that."

"Really? Show me!" asks Nanyo, eagerly.

"K, hold on..." replies Kim as she then closes her eyes.

Nanyo floats above Kim, watching eagerly.

The glow again appears from Kim's body, and shortly after that, blue
spectral wings appear from Kim's back.

Nanyo breathes, "Wow.... feathers..." She looks so interested that it
borders on awe.

"Feathers of light actually. Anyway, I use these to fly." states Kim.

"Coolio!" states Nanyo excitedly.

"You wanna see me use them?" asks Kim.

"Sure! You wouldn't really be showin' me much if you didn't..." teases
Nanyo, giggling.

"Hehe, Yeah that's true. But let's go outside where there's more room."
states Kim as she gets to her feet.

Nanyo giggles and asks, seductively, "With or without pants?" She
starts flying out the door.

Kim blushes in embarrassment again. "*sigh* I already went out there
once. Again won't be any different." states Kim as she puts her wings
away as she goes out the door.

Nanyo waits, about 3 stories up, laughing as several Oln'tyl girls
giggle and point up to her, some cat-calling to her.

Kim giggles to herself as she hears the commotion and brings her wings
back out and extends them out, showing off her 3 yard, tip to tip

Nanyo watches with amusement and glee. The Oln'tyl girls cheer for
Nanyo as she pulls her drenched panties off and swings them around,
exposing her smooth pubic mound.

"Your pretty popular huh?" asks Kim up to Nanyo.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "You kidding? These girls are just a bunch
of nymphomaniacs... they'd cheer you if you came up here naked..." She
sticks her tongue out at Kim.

"Well I'm half naked. Anyway, here I come..." states Kim as she as she
begins to flap her wings and slowly begin to lift from the ground.

Almost immediately, the girls whistle and catcall her now and Nanyo
breathes, "Wow... poetry in motion... aw, damn.. Did I say that?!
Urgh... I'm getting sentimental in my old age..."

"Huh? what has that Nanyo?" asks Kim as her ascent starts to increase
in speed.

Nanyo shakes her head, "Nah, nothing... You fly good... wanna race?"

"Come on, what did you say." whines Kim.

Nanyo sticks her tongue out, "If you wanna know, you gotta catch me!
Ready, set, go!" She takes off toward the mountains.

"H-Hey! It's been awhile since I last flew before!" states Kim as she
fly's after Nanyo.

Nanyo laughs, a good distance ahead of Kim. She sticks her tongue out
again and calls, "Nyahh! You're too slow! Come on! I know you can fly
faster than that, slowpoke!"

"Once I get used to flying again, I'll be flying circles around you."
replies Kim from behind.

Nanyo laughs, "Yeah right! The proof is in the challenge! Come on,
wimp!" She flies at nearly 130 MPH.

Kim sees Nanyo leaving her in her dust and frowns. "Crap, what I'm I
doing wrong? Oh! I remember!" states Kim to herself. Kim then retracts
her wings for speed and puts her legs together and her arms to her

"Yeah, here we go. now I just need to propel myself forward with energy
and see Nanyo's expression on her face when I fly past her...." states
Kim smiling as she uses a strong burst of energy to quickly thrust
herself forward at nearly 210 MPH. rapidly gaining on Nanyo.

Nanyo looks back and sees Kim gaining on her and grins, "Figures you'd
wait till I was ahead... Ok... time to move to phase 2..." Nanyo grunts
ever so softly and increases her speed to 220 MPH.

"Hehe, I don't think soooo." states Kim in a sing-song voice as she
forms two energy balls in her hands.

Nanyo grins, giggling, "Do what you wish, Kim... You still can't catch

Kim fires a beam of energy from her hands, propelling her forward at
nearly 300MPH.

Nanyo's mouth drops open as she gasps, "Whoa, shit... Guess it's time
to kick it up another notch..." She grunts a little louder and surges
forward at 310 MPH, sweat dripping down her forehead and trailing
behind her from her long red bangs.

"Crap." states Kim to herself. Kim increases the beams power and she
reaches 330MPH.

Nanyo growls, "Not yet, Ms. Starr... You haven't... seen...
everything... I've got... yet..." She closes her eyes and shoots
straight up into the sky, at 340 MPH.

"No fu*king way!" Kim follows Nanyo straight up.

Nanyo laughs, "Can you take it, Kim?" She surges faster, reaching 360

Kim attempts to increase her energy but the beams from her hands
suddenly phase out. "What the?" states Kim looking at her hands.

Nanyo looks down, "Something wrong, Kim?" She accelerates again,
reaching 370 MPH.

Kim suddenly gets a shocked look on her face. "Oh no! I forgot!" Kim's
wings suddenly disappear and the only thing forcing her forward is

Nanyo looks down and sees Kim's wings disappear. She mutters, "Fuck..."
and twirls around in midair, speeding downward to get under Kim.

Kim's momentum leaves her and floats in the air for a moment before
free-falling. "Help!"

Nanyo groans, "Damnit... I should of sensed it..." She surges faster
downward and gets under Kim just in time to prevent her from
falling further.

"I'm sorry, I forgot that it takes mana for me to fly, and I have very
little of it."

Nanyo sniggers, "I know... I could sense it... I.. I just didn't think
you couldn't keep it up for very long... By the way..." She peels Kim's
vest off, dropping her bra down to the ground with it and grinning.

"Hey! what are you doing?!"

Nanyo laughs, "Now that I got your attention..." She turns Kim upside
down and rotates her around faster and faster, giggling.

"Come on! cut it out!" replies Kim.

Nanyo laughs, still holding Kim by her ankle and quickly
tosses off her own green sweater and her bra, exposing her size C

"What are you doing this for?"

Nanyo flips Kim up so that she's holding the girl from behind and hugs
her, "So, tell me, Kim... do you think this is exciting?" She starts
kissing Kim's neck, tenderly.

"W-Well, yeah, kinda." replies Kim

"And have you ever wanted to feel the excitement of being naked out
here..." She waves her hand over the beautiful horizon.

"No, not really." replies Kim blushing.

"Aw, come on... It's fun! Look.. no one can see us up here... we can be
au natural out here and no one will care..." She spread her arms,
exposing her breasts to the cool air and sighs sweetly.

"Well, ok..." replies Kim.

Nanyo smiles, "Now spread your arms... expose yourself to the air and
feel the life of this planet... Breathe in it... bathe yourself in
it... you have a beautiful body... now show it off to the vast beauty
of the land and sky!"

Kim blushes deeply as she spreads her arms and feels the air on her

Nanyo smiles, "There... now spread your legs... let the air brush
across that area too..." She spreads her own legs, exposing her smooth
pubic mound and labia to the air and breathes out a deep breath,
"Ahhhhh... that feels so good..."

"O-Ok..." states Kim as she spreads her legs and a moan is forced from
her as she feels the air caressing her between the legs.

Nanyo laughs, "There... now doesn't that feel good? Don't you feel
freed and not caring about anything?" She starts kissing Kim's neck

"Ooh, yes..."

"Wanna have sex, Kim?" Nanyo suggests seductively, kissing Kim's neck

"Up here?!" asks Kim shocked.

Nanyo pinches Kim's right breast, and winks, "Sure..."

Kim gasps from the pinch. "Ah! O-Ok..."

Nanyo laughs again and slips one hand between Kim's legs, pinching her
pubic mound gently, as she whispers in Kim's ear, "Like that?"

Kim tenses her legs quickly upon feeling Nanyo's hand between her leg
and shudders as she feels Nanyo's breathe on her ear.

Nanyo starts blowing in Kim's ear as she starts to rub Kim's left side.

"Mmmm, k-keep d-doing that..." states Kim shaking a bit.

Nanyo snickers, whispering into Kim's ear, "Very sensitive there,
aren't you, Kim?" She raises her left hand up to Kim's left breast and
starts moving it up and down.

"A-And where do you think that is" asks Kim smiling.

Nanyo sniggers and uses a free hand to trace Kim's left ear as her
other hand holds Kim around her stomach to support Kim in the air.

Kim quickly gasps loudly as she stiffens and shakes a bit in Nanyo's

Nanyo laughs, "Ha ha... you can't hide anything from me, Kim... I know
all your secrets... But don't worry... I won't tell anyone..." She
starts tracing a second finger around Kim's ear as her other hand rubs
Kim's stomach gently.

"H-How do you know?" asks Kim trembling in Nanyo's arms.

Nanyo lifted her hand from Kim's ear and points to her own head,
"Remember... I'm Ap-Dat... FULL Ap-Dat at that... so... I have
very strong telepathic powers... just like Jakashi..." She winks.

"How much about me do you know?"

Nanyo grins, "Everything Suki knew, I know..."

"Everything?" questions Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Yep... Everything... including... your raping of your
sister, Becky..."

"I didn't mean for that to happen."

Nanyo shakes her head, "I know you didn't... I merely brought that up
since that is something you do try to hide from people..."

"Heh, but Becky said she ended up liking it after it was over."

Nanyo laughs, "I know... the little girl... she really likes rough
stuff... I could sense how she felt when Ulter Suki had her fun with
her... she liked the whole experience up until Rick showed up..."

"... Rick...." states Kim lowly.

Nanyo sighs, "Sorry... I almost forgot how much you loved him...
Incestuous, aren't you?" She winks, pinching Kim's nipple again.

"Ah! Well, I'm not related to him by blood." replies Kim.

Nanyo giggles, "Neither was Kanako, but she loved Keitaro more than
enough..." She grins, pinching Kim's nipple again, a little more
forcefully this time, but not enough to really hurt her.

"Ah!" Kim tenses quickly. "Huh? What are you talking about?"

Nanyo laughs, "I guess you've never read manga, have you, Kim?" She
squeezes Kim around her stomach and floats up higher, reaching a new
height where the air is slightly thinner.

"Manga? what's that?" asks Kim finding it a bit harder to breathe.

Nanyo grins and starts to describe manga as she holds Kim with one
hand. She swings her left hand around and a small portal appears from
which she pulls a tall bottle of some sort of beverage.

"Oh, so it's like a comic?" asks Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah..." She pops the top on the bottle and starts
swigging some of it. She then starts to describe some of her favorite

"Hey, I remember my brother having a few books that you had to read
backwards." states Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... most manga are like that... some are translated,
though, into forward-to-back format... messes up the whole story, I
tell ya..." She offers the bottle to Kim.

"What's that?" asks Kim referring to the bottle.

Nanyo grins, and winks, acting mysterious, "Something to drink,
obviously... DUH!" She laughs.

"Yeah, I KNOW that. but what is it?"

Nanyo grins, "Guess."

"I don't know.... alcohol?" states Kim.

Nanyo's grin grows wider, "Try it... maybe you'll have a better chance
of guessing it..." She offers the bottle to Kim again, pinching her
nipple gently to encourage her.

"OK, fine..." Kim drinks the drink and begins to think about what it
tastes like and gets a shocked expression on her face. "That isn't what
I think it is, is it!?"

Nanyo laughs, "That's right! Youuuuuuuuuuuu guessed it! It's Altaiarean
Beverage... a very concentrated version, that I experimented on... So,
tell me... how's it taste?"

"Deceptively good." states Kim frowning.

Nanyo laughs, still holding Kim up in the air, "So tell me... I know
Suki gave you some... how does my version stack up to hers?"

"Well, it tastes a bit better..." replies Kim.

Nanyo grins, "It should... the normal version doesn't have as much
sweetener as this one... I had to experiment a lot with the recipe to
get it right..." She pulls Kim closer, making sure that Kim is holding
the bottle, and just holds her as she floats in the air.

"Well the fact that it tastes good won't change the fact that I'll
still have to pee." states Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head, "Not for a while... your bladder was quite
empty... we have a whole lotta time before you really have to go..."

"And what are we gonna do until then?" questions Kim.

Nanyo rolls her eyes, "Do you really hafta ask, Kim?"

Kim sweatdrops. "Heh, I guess not."

"He-Hey... what's all the nervousness about, Kim? Surely you want this,
doncha?" Nanyo asks.

"Uh, y-yeah, I do, sorry."

Nanyo grins, "That's better... I'd feel really terrible fucking a girl
who didn't want to be fucked..." She surges upward in the sky again,
taking Kim with her.

Kim giggles a bit.

Nanyo then grins, asking, "Hey, Kim... does this remind you of
something?" She flings Kim up into the air, spinning her around and
around, laughing.

"Hey! What are doing!" exclaims Kim.

Nanyo laughs and watches Kim float up, then start to fall. She asks,
"Hey, Kim... remind you of a similar incident?"

A shocked expression suddenly claims Kim's face. "How!? How do you

Nanyo floats down beside Kim's falling body, stating, "Didn't I tell
you? I'm a full telepath... just like that sonofabitch Jakashi... I can
read your every thought just like book..." She grins.

"Aren't you gonna catch me!?" asks Kim as she free-falls

Nanyo grins, "Aw, doncha worry, Kim... We got plenty of time... look..
we're over 90,000 feet up... so tell me, Kim... does this remind you of
a similar incident?"

"Why do you want to know?" replies Kim.

Nanyo replies, "Because your sister is terrified of heights because of
that incident... I wanna hear your version..." She folds her arms as
they fall past a cloud.

"I don't what to tell." states Kim.

Nanyo frowns, "Aw, Kim... well, ok... no biggie..." She looks down as a
pink haired girl from Becky's past comes flying up. She looks excited
and has her thighs crossed as she flies up to them.

"Huh, who are you?" asks Kim to the girl.

Nanyo closes her eyes, groaning, "Aw, not again... not now..." The girl
with pink hair called out, "He-ey! Nan'chi! You're back! I waited for
so long! Let's be an Oln'tyl again!"

"You know her?" asks Kim to Nanyo.

Nanyo groans, "Yeah.. but back then, she was just a kid... I haven't
seen her for 4 years... she, Suki, Sashi, and I were a great

The girl waves her hands and screams, "Nan'chi! You're back! Nan'chi!"
She zooms up closer and closer to Kim and Nanyo, and her clothing now
comes into view, a pink pair of panties and a nightgown, which flutters
in the wind.

"Uh, can you please catch me now?" asks Kim.

Nanyo glances back at Kim and gasps, "Oh..! Oh yeah..." She swoops down
and scoops Kim up with one hand in a really smooth fashion. The girl
finally reaches the other two and pants, "Nan'chi! How come you didn't
tell me you were back?! I mean, Sashi I could understand... but not

"How many girls know you?" asks Kim.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Um.. I unno... there are 500 people in the
village... 250 of them women... 125 of them children... meaning about
125 eligible girls... I'd say about 100..."

The girl surges up to Nanyo and hugs her, "Nan'chi! It's so good to see
you again! And how's Suki? She left only 2 years after you! I haven't
seen her since..."

"Children? You like little girls?" questions Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head, "Not especially... I mean, Suki was different...
she was the smallest girl I ever fucked... but she needed

The girl hugs Nanyo harder, then turns around and spies Kim. She
blushes shyly and smiles, "Hi! My name's Asiah! What's yours?"

"Uh, Kimberly- ah, I mean Kim." states Kim quickly correcting herself.

Nanyo laughs, slapping Kim on the shoulder and winking at her. Asiah
giggles shyly, then gasps, "Hey, waitaminute... you... you were the one
in Becky's mind! You must her girlfriend!"

"What? What are you talking about?" asks Kim surprised.

Nanyo groans and floats behind Kim, holding her shoulders to keep her
afloat. Asiah looks confused, "What? She's not your girlfriend? Then...
why were you on her mind?"

"Uh, well, ya see.... We kinda had a um, relationship." states Kim

Asiah questions, "So you ARE her girlfriend? Funny... you don't seem
like the type..." She frowns and says to Nanyo, "Nan'chi.. it's obvious
that she's not an Ap-Dat... does she still believe in the Oln'tyl?"

"I'm not Becky's girlfriend. I'm her sister." states Kim.

Asiah screams, "EHHH?" and in her stunned shock, she slips and falls,
anime-style, down 500 feet before she caught herself. It is very
comical. Nanyo brings her left hand up to her face and groans, "Oh,
brother... she's definitely been skipping lessons..."

"What lessons?" asks Kim.

Nanyo explains, "Telepathy depends greatly on one's own skill, but in
order to learn how to use it properly, you have to be taught how to
handle the power and sift through the information you read...
obviously, Asiah's been skipping those lessons... probably to go play
with her friends..."

"Oh, so she doesn't know the whole story." states Kim.

"No... she seems to be able to get glimpses and images... but no
words..." Asiah now reaches their height again, panting, "So... you and
your sister... have a relationship? Incest, I mean?"

Kim groans in embarrassment before replying. "Yea."

Asiah seems confused, "Um, I'm sorry.. was that something I shouldn't
have asked?" She looks sad and blushes.

"No, it's alright. Don't worry about it."

Asiah nods, "Okay..." and groans slightly, bringing her left hand down
to her crotch and squeezing as she looks up at Nanyo. "Nan'chi... can
we... can we do 'it'?"

Kim simply looks at the girl.

Nanyo's facial expression shows that she's confused. "Huh?" she asks,
"Which 'it' are you talking about?"

Asiah blushes and leans in close to Nanyo, whispering in her ear
something in which the word, "Lip'not" is heard. Nanyo's eyes widen
sharply and replies, "Uhm... I oughta ask Kim if she wants to
participate..." She turns to Kim and asks, "Do you wanna participate in
an Oln'tyl ritual known as Lip'not?"

"What is that?" replies Kim.

Asiah blushes as Nanyo explains, "It's a ritual in which we Ap-Dat do
whatever we can to make one Ap-Dat girl in particular wet her
panties... I believe you and Suki did this once... right?"

"Yeah, we did. She tricked me too." states Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "Suki was ALWAYS good at that... since she couldn't
outlast anyone with her poor bladder control, she was always trying to
find some way to win... Altaiarean Beverage was her usual tactic... but
she had others..."

"I drank two whole bottles of that stuff thinking it was some type of
alcoholic drink." states Kim.

Asiah laughs, "No! You didn't!"

Nanyo giggles, "That's Suki for ya... course, I ALWAYS got her back...
she ALWAYS wet herself while she was sleepin'... and it was always due
to me..."

Kim giggles at that remark.

Nanyo asked, "So.. you wanna participate? Better hurry up and decide or
Asiah here will probably pee right now..." She grins as Asiah blushes.

"Yeah, let's do it." states Kim.

Asiah grins as Nanyo decides, "Ok... Let's go to the... 'special'
location..." She carries Kim off to the west, toward a forest. Asiah
follows them.

"Special Location?" questions Kim.

Nanyo explains, "Yeah... it's a nice place that I found.." Asiah clears
her throat and Nanyo admen's, "I mean... that SUKI
found... that is really beautiful.." She lands at the edge of the
forest and starts running at a high rate of speed, Asiah quickly

"Hey! Wait for me!" states Kim running after the two.

The two girl's race at nearly 10 MPH, dodging trees and bushes, for
nearly 10,000 feet, almost 2 miles, before Nanyo stops on a dime, Asiah
screaming as she slams into Nanyo's back and...

About a minute later Kim comes through the trees panting and leaning on
a tree. "Oh... man! Why were the two of you... running so fast?" asks
Kim. as she then drops to her butt.

Nanyo whispers, frantically, "Ssh!" and Asiah grabs Kim around the
mouth, holding her lips shut, and whispers, "Be quiet, Kim... If
anything hears us, we will die a most painful death..."

Kim's eyes widen in surprise.

Nanyo pushes a tree limb aside, revealing a small cave. She holds the
tree limb aside as Asiah pulls Kim forward and pushes her into the
cave, face forward, causing her to slide down some sort of metallic

"Ah! What the hell?!" exclaims Kim.

Asiah starts sliding down after her, crying out, "Kim! Be quiet!" Just
then, both girls heard a loud roaring and Nanyo yelling, "SHIT!
MOTHERFUCKER!" Then, a large pair of teeth entered the cave just behind
Nanyo, who barely stays ahead of the teeth.

"Ok, ok..." states Kim to herself.

At the bottom of the stone slide, the three girls land unceremoniously
in the cave. Asiah and Nanyo stand up and brush themselves off.

Kim quickly gets up and appears to be as happy as a little kid. "Again!
Let's do that again!"

Nanyo laughs out loud as Asiah giggles. Then both girls dash forward,
deeper into the cave toward a source of light at the far end.

"Aw, come on with the running! Forget this, I don't have to stay on the
ground..." states Kim as she glows white again and her wings appear.
She floats above the ground a bit a follow the two girls.

At the other end of the cave, the two girls emerge into what is clearly
a hot springs. Nanyo laughs as Asiah turns to look at Kim. "So, tell
me... you like?"

"Yeah, I like." states Kim floating.

Nanyo points to a nearby hut and says, "That's where we're goin'...
Asiah.. you ready?" Asiah blushes and smiles, "Yes..." Then Nanyo turns
to Kim and whispers, "You should be feeling it by now..." She winks.

"Feeling wha-" Kim is quickly stopped as she suddenly puts a hand to
her crotch.

Nanyo laughs as Asiah look confused. "What's wrong with her?" Nanyo
replies, simply, "Altaiarean Beverage..." Asiah responds, dully, "O..."
Then, both girls go into the hut, Nanyo beckoning Kim to come with.

Kim floats into the hut as she holds herself.

Inside the hut, Asiah quickly lies down on the cot, which is made of
straw and VERY absorptive. Nanyo stands in the corner and beckons Kim
to sit on the chair next to the cot. The chair is made of wood and is
very hard.

Kim descends to the floor and makes her wings go away as she walks to
the chair and sits down on it.

Asiah whines slightly as she pulls up her nightgown to expose lovely
pink panties. Nanyo then intones in the original Ap-Dat language:
Th'onl Da'it We'no!"

Kim gives an utterly confused look.

Asiah then intones, "Th'onl Da'it We'no!"

"I don't have any clue what your saying." replies Kim.

Nanyo nods and her mental telepathy sends these words directly into
Kim's mind, "Just say these words... 'Th'onl Da'it We'no... It means We
Now Begin..."

"Um, ok. Th'onl Dait We no." replies Kim.

Asiah nods and spreads her legs, exposing the crotch of her panties.
Nanyo grins and pulls Kim up to her feet, "Ok... let's do it..." She
moves to Asiah's legs as she points to Asiah's chest.

"Ok." states Kim as she moves next to Asiah and places her right hand
on her left breast.

Asiah smiles sweetly and brings her left hand up to her glasses, which
are on the verge of falling off. She trembles slightly and whispers, in
what sounds like a sexy voice, "You can't do it, Kim... I'm too strong
for you..."

"Can't do what?" questions Kim.

Asiah grins and whispers, "You can't make me cum... or wet myself... I
can hold on longer than you can imagine... so long as my hands are
free... " She brings her right hand down to her side and starts

"Wetting herself, maybe. But you can't stop yourself from cumming."
replies Kim.

Asiah grins, "Wanna bet on it? I got 50 Dregmars here that says I
can..." She slides her right hand up into her nightshirt and pulls out
a big green coin.

"Dregmars? What's that? money?" asks Kim.

Asiah nods, "Yeah... they aren't Hel, like the rest of the world... but
they function similarly..."

"Well, i didn't bring any money with me when I came here." states Kim.

Nanyo looks up and quickly moves to Kim's side, secretly slipping 2,000
Dregmars into her hand, then stealthily moving back to Asiah's feet,
bringing her finger up to her lips in a "Ssh.." position.

"Oh, looky here. I got this..." states Kim as she shows Asiah the

Asiah's mouth drops open, "No WAY! You.. You have THAT much?! I... I've
never seen so much money... U-Uhm... o-ok.. how about this?" She digs
in her pocket and pulls out 200 more Dregmar coins, totaling 500

"Uh, ok?" replies Kim glancing at Nanyo.

Nanyo stage-whispers, "Use the coin with 500 on it..."

Kim looks through the coins and finds one with 500 on it and places it
on the bed.

Asiah grins, "Ok then... let's do it..." She places her coins on the
bed and Nanyo scoops them up, saying dubiously, "I think I'll place
these somewhere safe..." She tries to slip them into one of her pouches
which are now laying on a night table behind Asiah's head.

"Hey, wait a minute, Nanyo what are you doing?" states Kim.

Asiah looks up and grins, as Nanyo freezes. Asiah speaks, "Caught you
red-handed this time, Nan'chi!" Nanyo mutters, "Crap... Busted... and
drops the money on the table, muttering some 'choice' words to herself
as she returns to the cot where Asiah is lying.

"I can't believe you, trying to steal from a friend." states Kim as
glares at Nanyo.

Asiah now laughs, "It's okay, Miss Kim... Nanyo's always doing that...
she thinks she'll get rich someday.." Nanyo groans, "Well, shit.. I
mean, come on.. you live in the poorest village on the whole damn
planet and you are actually happy not being able to buy some of the
modern conveniences? Damn, you are too easily satisfied..."

Kim decides to keep her mouth shut about her own income and squeezes
Asiah's breast in her hand.

Asiah grins and settles back down on the cot, smiling, "So now the
contest begins..." Nanyo now smiles as well and threatens, "And now...
for my fun..." She bends her head over Asiah's labia and pulls the
crotch of her panties aside, exposing her labia to Kim. She winks at
Kim and blows slightly on them, causing Asiah to quiver slightly.

Kim uses her other hand and pinches both of Asiah's nipples.

Asiah grins, whispering, "That tickles, Kim... but it's not gonna make
me cum any more quickly..." She brings her left hand down to cover her
right breast and her right hand rubbing her side.

Kim smiles and trails her left hand down Asiah's stomach to her inner
left, upper thigh.

Nanyo grins and continues to blow on Asiah's labia as Asiah grins and
moans slightly, "Feels good, Kim... but you still can't make me cum
just by doing that..."

Kim doesn't respond as her right hand glows red as she generates a
gentle heat from her hand on her breast.

Nanyo grins, thinking she knows what's gonna happen. Asiah senses the
heat and asks, somewhat confused, "Kim? I sense some strong power
within you... wh-what are you doing?"

"Are you worried?" asks Kim smiling.

Asiah shakes her head, "I... I don't think so... but it does feel
weird... I... I never had this kind of power used on me before... I'm
not sure how to react..."

"Just react the way you feel..." states Kim as she moves her right hand
to the girl's neck.

Asiah's breathing quickens, her throat wobbling slightly and her
glasses beginning to fog up from the heat now beginning to be emitted
by her body. She states, "It.. It really feels good... surprisingly

"But it won't make you come, right?" asks Kim smiling.

Asiah blushes, "Well, uhm... uh... actually... I-It kinda might... if I
let it go on..." She takes her left hand and rises it up to Kim's hand
and tries to pull it away.

Kim allows her hand to be pulled away, but her hand on her thigh starts
to emit that same heat.

Asiah trembles slightly, "Ooh.. I almost forgot about that hand..." She
brings her right hand down to take hold of Kim's hand. Nanyo looks up
and winks at Kim, telepathically saying, "Ok... now keep her hands away
from herself and I can make her cum.. Heh, you'll be 1000 Dregmar
richer soon..."

'Ok' thinks Kim as she quickly frees her hands and grasps Asiah's

Nanyo grins, "Perfect..." She reaches up to Asiah's stomach and starts
to rub gently. Asiah gasps, "N-Nan'chi!" It seems she had forgotten
about Nanyo being there and tries to pull her left hand free from Kim's

"Ah, ah, ah!" states Kim holding her hands.

Asiah whimpers, "Wh-what... What are you doing? Th-This isn't fair!"

Nanyo laughs, "Of course it is, Asiah... After all... Little Miss Kim,
over here, will have to go soon as well... I gave her some Altaiarean
Beverage and if I'm not mistaken, her bladder should be just now
starting to get full."

Kim then tenses slightly, but still holds Asiah's hands.

Asiah asks, "But can she hold it long enough for her turn? And Besides,
she doesn't have any panties to wear! It's still not fair!"

Nanyo grins, "Of course she will... Kim, look in that night table...
there should be a pair there that'll fit you... there are plenty in
there for any Oln'tyl girls who come here.."

"B-But I have to hold her hands." replies Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head, "It's ok... we'll take a short break while we
wait for you to put 'em on..."

"Ok." replies Kim as she let's Asiah's hands go and goes to the table
and sifts through a few pair of panties before a pair that look like
they'll fit.

Nanyo glances over at the door to the hut, muttering, "Hmm? Oh crap...
this is just great..." She says nothing loud enough for the others to
hear, but a grin crosses her lips. Asiah sits up, asking, "Kim? Have
you found those panties yet?"

"Yeah, I think these will fit." states Kim as she tries on a pair of
light pink panties. Which do fit.

Asiah looks up at Kim's panties and giggles, "They look good on you...
I can't wait to see them get wet.."

"Well, I don't think pink is really my color." states Kim walking back
to the bed.

Asiah smiles comfortingly, "Of course it is... why look..." She gives
Kim's panties a slight tug, causing them to straighten out and expose
the shape of her labia within.

Kim quickly grabs Asiah's hands. "Ah, ah, ah, I haven't forgot about
our bet."

Asiah grins, "Ok ok... I was just showing you how those panties show
off your tender areas without actually showin' them..."

"Oh really?" states Kim smirking.

Asiah grins, "Yeah... what, you didn't think I'd ACTUALLY cheat, do
you, Kim?" She raises her eyebrows at Nanyo, who's turned toward the
door, trying to look through the bamboo rods of the hut.

Kim also looks at Nanyo. "What are you doing there?"

Nanyo whispers, "Come here... but don't say or do anything..." She
waggles her finger, indicating that Kim should come closer.

"...Ok." Kim releases Asiah's hands and walks over to Nanyo.

Nanyo points through the holes in the poles and whispers, "Look... we
have an unexpected guest..." She giggles.

"Who?" questions Kim.

Nanyo whispers, her ruby-tinted eyes glinting, "It's... that girl! And
look... she's takin' a bath... Look at how she's naked!"

"What she doing here?" asks Kim.

Nanyo rolls her eyes at Kim and whispers, "What the fuck does it look
like she's doin'?! Takin' a damn bath, obviously!"

"I mean how does she know about this place? Is there a different
entrance here?" asks Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "Well, yes and no... I mean, there's no other physical way
into the Hot Springs, but I suspect little Suki had something to do
with it... It must've cost her every bit of mana she had at the

"You think she's ok?" asks Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Oh yeah... that girl over there is thinking about a date
she has with Suki..."

"A date?" states Kim surprised.

Nanyo sighs, "Yeah... a date... It seems as though little miss Suki's
fallen hard for the girl... When an Ap-Dat makes a date, it usually
leads to something more permanent..." She looks sad as she says this.

A sad look claims Kim face as well as she calmly places her right hand
on her crotch.

Nanyo sighs too, then Asiah calls, "Hey, uhm, girls? Are we doin' this
or not?" She sounds impatient.

"I don't know if I can. Not with Suki in this general area." states

Nanyo shook her head, "No... I can't sense Suki here... that girl's the
only one I sense... Which is odd..." She frowns.

"Something must've happened to her." states Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head, "No.. she's not worried... she's thinking about
Suki right now... and I can almost see a smile on her face..."

"Then why isn't she here? That's awfully strange." states Kim.

Nanyo suddenly smiles, "Ah... I get it... I see... heh, heh... smooth
work, Suki... really romantic..."

"What? What is it?" asks Kim.

Nanyo starts giggling, holding her hand over her mouth to suppress the
noise, "Heh, heh, Suki... never did get up to middle class, didja..."

"What is it? come on." states Kim.

Nanyo grabs Kim and pulls her away from the opening, whispering,
"Suki's girl is here, takin' a bath, for two reasons... One, Suki
wanted to surprise her with her 'date' outfit... and two, because
Suki's house doesn't have but one bathroom..." She laughs.

"What does the bathroom have to do with this?" asks Kim.

Nanyo grins, "She wanted a shower... she wants to be nice and perfect
for her date..."

"Oh..." replies Kim.

Asiah sighs, "Well, geez... If we're not gonna do anything, I'd better
go..." She sits up, pulling her nightshirt on and sighing sadly.

Kim doesn't say anything.

Asiah sighs and makes as if to go.

Nanyo reaches out to Asiah and takes hold of her shoulder, "Wait...
don't go... We haven't even begun yet..." She grins.

Kim visibly tenses as she grasps her crotch harder. "We're still going
to do this?" asks Kim.

Nanyo scratches one of her bangs, "Um, yeah... there a reason we

Kim shakes her head no. "No, I guess not.

Asiah complains, "Aw, come on, you guys! This is no fun! Quit talkin'
over there and come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!"

Asiah's statement brings a smile to Kim's face. "Ok, ok, let's get back
to what we were doing."

Nanyo grins, "Excellent... now, which part did you want, Kim? Her boobs
or her pussy?"

"Uh, which evers quickest." replies Kim as faintly starts to do the
'pee dance'

Nanyo laughs, and winks at Asiah, "Ok... take her boobs then... I'll
take her pussy..." She moves to Asiah's crotch and slides her panties
over to expose her labia.

Asiah blushes and leans back on the cot, sighing, "Th-that's nice...
show off my folds, why don't you?" She giggles.

Kim attempts to move but freezes after a step. "Uh, Nanyo, there's a
slight problem..." replies Kim blushing

Nanyo grins, "Yeah? An' what's that, Kim?" She thinks she might know.

"Uh... I, gotta go." states Kim bouncing slightly.

Nanyo laughs, "I know... I can sense it... you want me to do your DP?
It's quicker..."

Asiah sits up, "Ooh, ooh! I wanna see, I wanna see!"

"Ooh, I don't know if I can hold it that long." states Kim as she gets
a look of concentration on her face and tensing up.

Nanyo grins, and quickly floats over to Kim, pulling her over to the
cot and pushing Asiah to the floor. She reaches out and gently brings
Kim's hand down to her crotch and makes Kim rub her own labia as she
rests her left hand on Kim's left thigh.

Asiah lands on the floor rather roughly, exclaiming, "Oof!" But she
quickly jumps to her feet and places her hands on Kim's legs, pulling
them apart as Nanyo begins to rub gently.

"Ah! I'm serious, I don't think I can hold it much longer." states Kim.

Nanyo and Asiah giggle, "Of course you can't... No one can resist
having their DP rubbed..." They chorus.

Kim then starts to tremble.

Asiah slides her left hand up into Kim's panties as she uses her body
to spread Kim's legs and she begins to lightly stroke Kim's labia,
appreciating the soft tenderness of Kim's most private and personal

Nanyo continues to rub Kim's thigh, going slightly harder and faster as
time goes by. She bends her head over Kim's hip and starts licking
gently with the edge of her tongue.

Kim is then heard groaning as she feels her hold slipping.

Asiah pries apart Kim's labia, slipping her index finger up and into
Kim's vagina, smiling as she whispers, "She's wet... being desperate
must really turn her on..."

Nanyo laughs, "Well, no shit, Asiah... Of course, she's turned on... I
wouldn't have suggested that we do this to her if I didn't think she
would've been..." She continues to stroke Kim's thigh harder and faster
as she licks up to Kim's kidney area.

"I... I can't hold it, m-much l-longer." groans Kim.

Asiah then probes her finger up against the swollen bulge that is
pressing on her vaginal wall and grins, "Full, isn't it?"

Nanyo continues her actions, using her tongue, now to trace the area of
skin that lies on the outside of where Kim's uterus would be leading
into her bladder.

Kim suddenly tenses sharply before going totally limp and peeing

Asiah moans softly, "Ah... there she goes... relax, Kim... just let it
all out..." She continues to probe her finger around Kim's vagina,
trying to find Kim's most sensitive spots.

Nanyo laughs and pulls her hand away from Kim's thigh, floating over to
Kim's breasts and beginning to fondle them as she bends her head over
Kim's and presses her lips against Kim's.

"Oohhh! That feels so good!" states Kim as she relishes in the
sensation of her urination.

Asiah watches as Kim's pink panties grow wetter and wetter and she
continues to press her finger further and further into Kim's vagina as
Nanyo simply uses her lips to kiss Kim over and over again.

Kim just relaxes on the bed in pleasure.

Nanyo sighs as she finally pulls back, shaking slightly, a look of
shock on her face. She mutters, "Damn... never expected that to

Asiah asks, confused, "What? What happened? You gotta pee too?"

Nanyo shakes her head, sitting down in the corner looking stunned.

"What? what's wrong Nanyo?" asks Kim.

Nanyo just shakes her head, blushing for perhaps the first time in her
life. Asiah tries to use her telepathy on Nanyo, then she freezes,
stunned as well. "N-No way... Nan'chi.. It's impossible, isn't it?
Didn't you swear never to do that?!"

"What?! What happened? Come on, tell me." states Kim.

Nanyo just looks away, blushing shyly, unwilling to let herself believe
it. Asiah takes Kim's hand and pulls her to her feet, whispering in her
ear, "I... I think she's beginning to fall for you... and it really
scares her..."

"Fall for me? you mean she's having feelings for me? How does that
scare her?" asks Kim.

Asiah whispers, "Ssh! Don't speak so loudly! Look.. all Nanyo's life,
she's only had one person she ever really loved... Suki Nihon... but
when her parents forced her to move to the other Ap-Dat village, she
swore off all love... fearing what might happen if she opened her heart
again... she was really torn up that day..."

"Oh" stated Kim simply.

Asiah sighs and whispers, "So you see... now that she's realized that
she might be having feelings for you, she's scared to death..."

"Oh, I see..." replies Kim.

Asiah sighs, "Maybe you should go over there and kiss her... I think
she'd like that.... Maybe there's a way you can assuage her fears..."
She pushes her glasses back up her nose to keep them from falling off.

"Uh, ok..." states Kim as she then walks to Nanyo and kneels in front
of her.

Nanyo looks up, her bravado gone, her teasing nature gone, everything
gone except a strong sense of shyness as a cute blush grows up her
cheek. The only word she can manage to get out, in a hoarse whisper is,

Kim 'Shh' her as she runs a hand through Nanyo's hair and then Kisses
her on the lips gently.

Nanyo responds, hesitant at first, then relaxes into the kiss, pushing
her tongue forward, whimpering slightly, as she's locked in a mental
struggle with herself for control of her emotions. Her left hand comes
down and rests on her stomach just above her bulging abdomen and Asiah
grins, "Hehe... I'm gonna outlast both of 'em..."

"Nanyo, its ok." states Kim as she ends the kiss.

Nanyo looks up at her and shakes her head, replying, "I-It's not...
I... I can't... I.. I'm sorry..." She gets to her feet and makes for
the door to the hut in a hurry.

Asiah gasps, "What the?!" looking totally shocked.

"Hey! Where are you going?" states Kim as she quickly gets to her feet
and grasps Nanyo's left arm.

Nanyo wrenches her arm free from Kim's hand, not giving any explanation
as she flings the door open and takes flight into the air.

Asiah gasps, "!!!!!!" and grabs a nearby towel to wrap around her body
as she follows Kim and Nanyo.

To Be Continued in...
Ap-Dat Village- Nanyo's flee

Chapter 11

Title: Chapter 10: The Ap-Dat Village- Nanyo's Flee

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


"Dangit, where are you going!?" Kim quickly forms her blue spectral
wings and takes flight after Nanyo.

Nanyo screams, "Damn it, Kim! Leave me alone! I... I can't do this
now!" She flies faster, trying to get away from Kim.

Asiah looks around, scratching at her pinkish hair. "Um... I
guess I'll just wait here...." She looks shocked and stunned at the
quick end to the desperation fun they were having.

"Don't make me chase you Nanyo. You may be faster in flying than me,
but I have a way to catch you, believe me." states Kim.

Nanyo says nothing, but flies faster.

"Man, I'm gonna regret this later..." states Kim to herself before
stopping in midair and appearing to power up. A white aura suddenly
appears around Kim and her eyes and hair turns white. and numerous
electric currents appear to trail her body.

Nanyo notices nothing, almost a mile ahead by now.

Kim then suddenly disappears and reappears in front a Nanyo a short
distance ahead of her. "Stop already."

Nanyo sees Kim reappear in front of her and suddenly grabs something
from one of her pouches that she grabbed before taking flight. She
flings it at Kim, hitting her directly in the stomach. It appears to be
a powdery substance not unlike Parapowder, but all it does is blind Kim
for a brief moment while Nanyo zooms by underneath her.

Kim turns around, simingly unaffected and raises her right hand in the
air and soon a blade of pure lighting comes from her hand. Kim sends a
bolt of lightning in the air and disappears in a flash of light.

Nanyo doesn't even notice.

Kim's voice then comes out of nowhere. "What will it take for you to

Nanyo gasps, looking around frantically, "What the hell?!"

"Will you stop?" comes Kim's voice.

Nanyo asks, "Where the fuck are you?!"

"That's not important. Will you tell me what's wrong already?"

Nanyo screams, "Damn it, it IS important! Where the fuck are you?!"

"Why?" questions Kim's voice.

Nanyo sighs, "Stop it! Where in the sam hell are you?!" She looks
around, getting more and more frantic.

"Tell me why you insist on running, then i might." states Kim.

Nanyo, tears forming in her eyes for the first time, whispers, "I... I
can't.... I... I just can't..." She tries to fly off.

"You can't run from me."

Nanyo screams, "Stop it, bitch! Just stop it!" She brings her hands up
to her head, thinking it's her telepathic power at work here.

"why are so intent on running?" asks Kim.

Nanyo's tears now start to roll down her cheeks, "Damn it, Kim... I
already lost Nisu... I... I can't bear it again... Please STOP!" She
starts to float down to the ground, falling faster than she wanted to.

there's no reply

Nanyo starts crying, still holding her head as she literally starts
falling now. "Stop it! Please! Don't do this! Don't make me relive that
breakup! I... I can't!"

"I couldn't do that even if I wanted to." comes Kim's voice.

Nanyo cries out, "Why?! Why do you continue?!" Then, the ground comes
into view as she continues to fall, sobbing heavily, her memory of her
first breakup with Suki flashing across both girls' eyes.

"Aren't you gonna stop yourself from hitting the ground?" states Kim.

Nanyo looks up, "Huh?!" Then she slams into the ground, HARD.

"Now I'm sure that hurt." states Kim

Nanyo doesn't move for a few seconds and it looks as though she's

After a flash of light, Kim stands above Nanyo's body and kneels down.
"Hey, you ok?" states Kim shaking Nanyo with her hand

Nanyo groans as she slowly comes too, sitting up, a trickle of blood
running down her forehead, her left arm limp and her right leg stuck
out at a weird angle. She looks up at Kim then down at her body and
says only one word, "Ouch..." looking totally stoic.

"It looks like you broke your arm and leg..." states Kim.

Nanyo looks down at her limbs and nods, "Yeah.. It seems so... Damn...
I need my potion..." She rummages in her pouch with her right hand and
pulls out a potion that she immediately downs. Instantaneously, her arm
is returned to normal and her leg straightens out, revealing a big
bruise on her knee and ankle, which the potion cannot heal. There is
also blood and dirt smudges all over her body, but she takes no notice
of them as she gets back to her feet.

Kim gets to her feet also. "So, You gonna stop running?"

Nanyo sighs, "Damn it, Kim... I never wanted to relive that... why
couldn't you just let me not love you.. Why the hell must you be so
damn attractive?!" She tries to look away from Kim, sniffling once or

"Nanyo, It's ok to love me. I kinda feel the same way about you."
states Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head, "You don't understand! The only time I ever
loved someone I had to leave her behind! I-It hurt her so much... I.. I
can't let that happen again.. Damn it, I WON'T let it happen again!"
She again tries to take flight, but quickly falls back to the ground,
her extensive mana all used up by now. She lets out a vile vulgar word
and suddenly sits down hard on the ground, her energy levels depleted
from the chase.

"Hey, you wouldn't happen to have anything to restore mana would you?
That stunt I pulled is going to catch up with me shortly." states Kim
as her hair and eyes return to there normal color.

Nanyo shakes her head, "If I did, I would've used it on myself... Damn
it... I'm too weak to do anything... I need to rest..." She flops
backward onto her back, staring up at the sky, with a frustrated
expression curling her lip.

"Oh, well, that's to bad." states Kim smiling nervously.

Nanyo looks over at Kim, "What the hell are you smiling about?! This is
gonna be torture for me an' you know it! The longer we're trapped out
her the more I'm gonna.." She suddenly cuts off, not willing to
continue, but her telepathy clearly indicates that she's afraid the
longer she stays with Kim, the most she's gonna love her.

"I'm smiling to myself. After what I did to get you to stop, it
basically put my mana levels into the negative range. I'm gonna pass
out in a few seconds." states Kim.

Nanyo reaches into her pouch, tossing a bottle at Kim. "This won't
restore full mana, but it will bring it back up to 0."

"Heh, to... late..." states Kim as the bottle slips from her hands and
she falls to the group out like a light.

Nanyo groans, "Aw, that really sucks! Damn it, Kim! Don't do this to
me! I can't stand to see a pretty girl sleep! Damn it..." She crawls
over to Kim, her hand reaching out to Kim's drenched panties and
rubbing the wet area across Kim's labia.

Kim doesn't respond. She's just OUT. lol

Nanyo looks around furtively, as though hoping no one will see as she
positions her crotch over Kim's. She pulls her panties aside and groans
softly as she lets go, "Ahhh..." is heard as she pees a hard stream
directly onto Kim's labia.

When she finishes, she lays beside Kim, kissing Kim's folds for a few
minutes, then sliding her lips up Kim's body, licking here and there
until she reaches Kim's lip, which she kisses passionately until she
finally rolls Kim's body on top of hers and just lays there, reveling
in the feel of Kim's warm breasts pressing against hers as she closes
her eyes and waits for Kim to wake up.

To Be Continued in...
The Ap-Dat Village- Forgetfulness

Chapter 12

Title: Chapter 11: The Ap-Dat Village- Forgetfulness

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.]

Thirty minutes pass by quickly as Nanyo rests underneath Kim's body.
Her eyes are closed in pleasure, though she still feels a little
drained of mana she is almost fully charged. But, she cannot bring
herself to move Kim away, even though internally she is shaking and
quivering with fear. She thinks to no one in particular, "Kim... I... I
can't... I don't wanna hurt you..."

Kim moans faintly and shifts slightly as she starts to come to.

Nanyo opens her eyes and looks up at Kim, thinking, "Oh hell... she's
wakin' up... God, she looks so lovely even when she's wakin' up..."

"Oooh, my head!" states Kim groggily as her left hand raises to her

Nanyo raises her hand to Kim's forehead, gently brushing a few strands
of her hair out of her eyes as she whispers, "Did you have a good nap,
Kim?" She thinks to herself, "Damn, that sounds so sappy..."

"Mmm, yeah, what happened? Why am I on top of you?" states Kim as she
lifts her head to look at Nanyo. It's obvious she's still a bit tired.

Nanyo blushes, "Uhm... well... that is... heh... w-well you see... aw,
hell, just come here!" She wraps her arms around Kim in a big hug,
squeezing her so tightly that she, herself, begins to shake from the
emotion bleeding from her, both physically and mentally.

"Uh, do I know you?" asks Kim.

Nanyo pulls back, gasping, "What the hell?!"

"What? what's wrong?" asks Kim.

Nanyo demands, "Damn it... Are you tellin' me you don't even know who I

"Am I supposed to?" replies Kim.

Nanyo roughly pushes Kim off of her, and gets to her feet. "Fuck... You
must really be a slut... I'm outta here..." She leaps into the air and
starts trying to fly off.

"Hey! Don't leave me here! I'm scared!" calls out Kim in a strangely
vulnerable voice.

Nanyo groans, "Damn it... I hate havin' a conscientious." She floats
back down and says coldly, "I'm only doin' this because of the Oln'tyl,
you know... Don't read any more into it, got it?!"

"The what? Is that a group or something?" asks Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head, "Forget it... or rather, you already forgot
it... never mind..." She grabs Kim's left arm and yanks her up into the
air, flying back toward the Ap-Dat village.

"Wow, I wish I could fly." states Kim looking at the ground.

Nanyo grumbles softly to herself, but says nothing loud enough to be
heard as she takes Kim back to the Ap-Dat Village and dumps her off at
Jakashi's house.

"Where is this place?" asks Kim.

Nanyo points to the house and says, "Go inside... you'll find someone
there who'll take care of you... I gotta go get a drink..."

"No, don't leave me. I don't know anyone here. Come with me." pleads

Nanyo groans, "Damn... just like a damn little kid..." She turns to Kim
and sighs, "Ok... fine..." She lands and takes Kim's hand, pulling her
into the house, where Jakashi's last note is still resting on the
nearby table.

"This building is pretty big. Who lives here?" asks Kim.

Nanyo replies, "No one, right now... Suki, Sashi, and their parents,
Jakashi and Susashi, used to live here..."

"Really? What kind of people were they?" questions Kim.

"They are Ap-Dat... a race of summoner's hated and feared by normal
people because of their past and their powers."

"Aww, that's sad. Are you an Ap-Dat?" asks Kim.

Nanyo gives this facial expression: _: as she rolls her eyes,
"Yeah... and I was once Suki's lover..."

"Hehe, really? Suki's a strange name for a boy." replies Kim.

Nanyo sniggers, "Oh HELL no! Suki's a girl... A really cute girl,

"A girl? how can two girls be lovers?" Kim looks genuinely clueless.

Nanyo slaps her forehead with her hand, "Oh GEEZ!" She takes Kim by the
hand and leads her over to bed. "Look, maybe you should rest instead...
maybe then your memory will come back... or I could..." She puts her
hand up on her chin in thought.

"Could what?" questions Kim looking at Nanyo.

Nanyo pats the bed, "Lie down... an' I'll see what I can do..."

"Oh, ok..." states Kim as she walks to the bed and lies down on it.
"What now?"

Nanyo sighs, "Close your eyes and relax..." She also closes her own,
and her telepathic powers start to probe the outer reaches of Kim's

Kim closes her eyes and giggles. "We're playing 'Hide and Go Seek'?"

Nanyo groans, but says nothing as she focuses her power, pushing into
Kim's mind, looking for the obstruction of Kim's memory and for the
source of what is making Kim act like this.

"Ok, 1... 2... 3..." begins Kim.

Nanyo pushes further and further into Kim's mind, thinking, "Damn...
where is it? There must be something that is makin' her act like

"4... 5... 6..." continues Kim.

Nanyo groans loudly in frustration, "Damn IT! Where is it?! God, this
is so aggravating!"

"Huh? Where's what?" asks Kim as she opens her eyes to look at Nanyo.

Nanyo groans, "Damn it, Kim... Why are you actin' like you lost your
memory?! What obstruction is there?!" She squeezes her eyes shut harder
and begins to pant as she pushes EVEN farther into Kim's mind.

"My memory? I lost my memory?" questions Kim.

Nanyo asks, both telepathically and out loud, "Who am I, Kim?"

"I don't know, and why are you calling me Kim?" replies

Nanyo grunts heavily, pushing her mind as far into Kim's mind as is
humanly possible, straining her telepathic powers to their limit.

"Hey, are you ok?" asks Kim.

Nanyo, then, collapses forward onto Kim's body, her eyes still closed,
her breathing slowing down as she slips into unconsciousness, the
strain too much for her to maintain the link.

"H-Hey, what's wrong?!" asks Kim as she shakes Nanyo's body hoping for
a response.

There is no response.

"Come on, what's wrong?! Is this because I don't know your name? I'm
sorry, I just don't remember. Please, wake up." states Kim franticly as
she shakes Nanyo.

There is still no response from Nanyo, though there appears to still be
a little blood pouring around her neck from when she crashed into the
ground. She is still breathing, though she doesn't appear to be awake.

Kim picks Nanyo up and lies her on the bed. then places her left hand
on her forehead and rubs gently. "Please wake up, I don't know what to
do to help. Just wake up, please." states Kim.

There is still no response from Nanyo, other than a low snore. It
appears as though she's completely wiped out and fast asleep. It seems
to have been complete exhaustion that triggered her fast descent into

Kim hears the low snore and sighs in relief. "Oh, you're just asleep.
You had me so worried." Kim places her hand to her head. "My head still
hurts. I think I'll just try to sleep it off." states Kim as she crawls
back onto the bed and almost immediately falls asleep beside Nanyo.

To Be Continued in...
Ap-Dat Village- Kimberly's Secret

Chapter 13

Title: Chapter 12: The Ap-Dat Village- Kimberly's Secret

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


The next morning, the sun rises over the tiny Ap-Dat village, bathing
the room where Kim and Nanyo are sleeping in a warm glow. Nanyo snorts
once, raises her hand up and scratches her nose, then rolls over and
continues to snore.

Kim, on the other hand, groans as she places her right hand on her
head. "Ooohh, fu*k. My head's killing me." states Kim.

Nanyo doesn't stir; it seems she's a very heavy sleeper.

Kim sits up and it's evident that she's disoriented. "Ohh, where am I?
The last place I remember being is, the woods... i think." states Kim
rubbing her head.

Nanyo lets out a loud snore, her left leg dangling over the side of the
bed as her right leg shifts up toward Kim's body, accidentally hitting
her in the stomach as she drools onto her pillow.

"Huh? Nanyo?" states Kim as she then starts to try to wake her by
shaking her.

Nanyo squeezes her eyes shut and groans, "Ow... Damn... what the hell
happened?" She squirms slightly in her sleep and stirs as she tries to
untangle herself from the mess of blankets covering both girls.

"Hey, Nanyo, where are we?" questions Kim.

Nanyo lifts her head up and looks around, her vision blurred, "Um... I
think we're in Jakashi's house... Ow... My back hurts..." She tries to
sit up, not realizing that Kim is on top of her and she accidentally
dumps Kim onto the floor in her haste to get up.

"Ah! Hey, watch it." exclaims Kim as she falls to the floor. "How did
we get here?"

Nanyo giggles, "Ooops.... heh, sorry about that, Kim... " She gets to
her feet and helps Kim up. She asks, "You got amnesia yesterday and I
had to bring you back here... you seem better today, though..."

"Amnesia? Really? I don't remember anything. I hope I wasn't a bother
to you." states Kim.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Nah, not too much..." Her stomach growls
and she grins, "Wanna get something to eat?"

"Sure, wha'd you have in mind?"

Nanyo shrugs, "Uh, I unno... whatever's in the fridge, I guess... by
the way, Kim... You'll probably wanna put some clothes on.." She grabs
a nearby bag and starts dressing into her outfit again.

"Are we going to be leaving the house?" asks Kim.

Nanyo gives this look: :- : and scratches her red hair, "Um, at some
point, yeah... I don't know what you might have planned after
breakfast, though..." She slips her jeans on.

"Well, if you don't mind, I like to go without panties. If I wear
panties other than mine, they have to be Becky's." replies Kim.

Nanyo asks, "You didn't bring a clean pair?"

"Heh, no. ^_^;" replies Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "Well, what about Becky? Did she bring any?" She starts
looking around, looking for Becky.

"I'm pretty sure she didn't. BTW, Where is she? I haven't seen her for
the longest time."

Nanyo closes her eyes, "Lemme try to contact Sashi... if anyone would
know, she would..." She stretches out her mental powers trying to
contact Sashi.

In outer space, in a bubble with the young Becky sleeping in her arms,
Sashi closes her eyes, "Nan'chi? That you?" Nanyo replies, "Yeah... is
Becky with you?" Sashi nods, "Yeah... everything's ok... no problem is
there?" Nanyo replies, "Nah... Just wanted to check in on her..." Sashi
replies, "Ok... We will see you soon, then..." Nanyo says, "K... cya
soon.." She turns to Kim and repeats the whole conversation to Kim.

"where are they?" asks Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Would you believe outer space?"

Kim then smiles nervously ^_^; but doesn't say a thing.

Nanyo asks, still grinning, "What... that doesn't make you nervous,
does it, Kim?"

"No, not at all." Kim then thinks. 'i wonder if she knows....'

Nanyo grins, "Know what? What d'you wonder if I know?"

"Huh? What are you talking about?" asks Kim surprised.

Nanyo sticks her tongue out, and points to her forehead, "Telepathy,
Kim... remember?"

"Oh, yeah that's right. Uh, nothing, it's nothing. ^_^;" replies Kim.

Nanyo frowns, "Now, don't you try to hide anythin' from me, Kim... I
don't really like that..." She teases.

"But I can't tell you, It would interfere with the rules of the
Federation- Crap!" states Kim as she quickly puts a hand over her

Nanyo grins, "Oh come on... I won't tell anyone... and besides, you
wouldn't really have to tell me... just think it..."

"But I can't, not on a UDP." states Kim.

"A UDP?" questions Nanyo, eagerly.

"It stands for Under-Developed Planet."

"Under-Developed Planet? Tell me more, Kim... Plz!" Nanyo begs.

"I can't, I've already said to much." Kim gets up and starts for the

Nanyo curses, "Fuck, Kim! I guess that means I don't mean a shit to
you!" Then she covers her mouth and looks away, afraid to go any

"What?" states Kim as she stop in the doorway and turns around.

Nanyo turns to face her, tears building in her eyes, as she raises her
voice, waving for Kim to leave, "Go on, GO! Go back to your little
Federation and stop wastin' your time on this UNDEVELOPED Planet, you
asshole!" She sits back down on the bed, muttering to herself, "Fuck,
it's true... No one gives a shit in this world..."

"Nanyo, what's wrong?" asks Kim as she walks back to Nanyo.

Nanyo turns away from Kim, mumbling, "Nothing.. just get the hell away
from me... You OBVIOUSLY don't care... Damn it, how could I let myself
fall into that trap again?! Didn't I learn my lesson with Nisu?! Damn
it..." She kicks out against the wall, making a small dent in it and
causing pain in her big toe, which she seems to ignore.

"Nanyo, don't do this to yourself." Kim then sighs. "If I tell you,
will you feel better?" asks Kim.

Nanyo says nothing, but her body posture seems to indicate that yes,
she'd like to know.

"If I tell you, you must swear not to tell a single soul on this
planet, ok?" states Kim.

Nanyo nods, her telepathy broadcasting, "Didn't I say that earlier?"

Kim sighs again. "Ok, what do you want to know?" asks Kim.

Nanyo turns to Kim and whispers, "If you tell me everything, I will let
you ANYTHING you want to know about me... no more secrets... no more

Her voice has dropped from her normal free-spirited, always cheerful
tone to a softer, more tender, sweeter, and more vulnerable state. It
is as though, for the first time in a LONG while, she is admitting that
she needs someone.

"Ok, first of all, there is life out in space." begins Kim.

Nanyo nods, "I kinda gathered that much... "

"...And there's numerous Federations out there too, some friendly,
other aren't." continues Kim.

"Mmhmm..." nods Nanyo, unwilling to interrupt Kim's explanation.

"And the technology we have, it's incredible." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo smiles back, "Anythin' interestin'?"

"Tons." Kim expression then saddens. "There's one more thing, it's
about me."

Nanyo sees the change in Kim's facial expression. "And?" she questions,
somewhat afraid of the answer.

"I'm... not human." states Kim.

Nanyo nods, "I think I could kinda tell... the ears are a big
giveaway... so what race are you?"

Kim places her right hand on her right ear as she replies. "I'm a

"And besides the ears, what makes you different from bein' human?
Y'know, like the Ap-Dat are different from the humans in that we can
summon and can fly..."

"Well, our life-span was completely random. We could drop dead at any
moment. but thanks to the advance technology we have, they've basically
fixed that." states Kim.

"Ah... that almost sounds like genet... genen... ginny... ah, damn
it... Sashi would know..." Nanyo squeezes her eyes shut trying to think
of the word.

Kim then turns away from Nanyo slightly. "Genetic Engineering is the
word I think your looking for." states Kim.

Nanyo's face brightens, "Ah, yes.. that's it.. damn it... I was WAY
off... Anyway... I can see that this bothers you... why?"

"Newearls don't exist naturally." states Kim.

"Then... doesn't that make you feel special? Or does it make you feel
all alone...? And if you are a New... whatever... does that mean,
Becky's one, too?"

"No, she's human."

"But I thought she was your sister? Are you adopted? or her?"

"I'm the adopted one. I became a Starr at the age of 14." states Kim.

"Ah... I see..." Nanyo scratches her red hair and then smiles, "Sounds
interesting... ever since I was born, I've always wanted to know what
lay beyond the town walls... I was always like that... and Suki too..."
She then falls silent, caught up in a memory of her past.

"My parents were all scientis..." states Kim.

Nanyo nods, "It must have been tough... never to know or to feel loved
by your own parents... I can't say that my parents were any better..."

She stands up, turning away, still caught up in her own memory. A
single tear runs down her cheek as her shoulders slump slightly.

"I was loved, really, really loved." states Kim. but it doesn't seem to
be a good thing.

Nanyo sighs, "Somehow, I'm not so sure... your parents loved you...
Mine... never really did... You think Jakashi is bad? You never met my

She starts to make for the door, "Anyway... I gotta get something to
eat... You want somethin'?"

Tears start to appear in Kim eyes. "7 years old, I was only 7..."
states Kim starting to try.

Nanyo suddenly turns around, and grabs Kim in a big hug, pulling her up
off her feet and floating slightly in the air. Just holding her, Nanyo
tries to convey some measure of comfort for the poor Newearl.

"They called them 'tests', but it hurt, I tried to fight back, but they
had me tied down, there were so many..." Kim is stopped by tears.

Nanyo just whispers, "Ssh... it's ok... it's ok... they're long since
gone and even if they were to return, I will protect you... I

"I had to endure what I found out was rape for close to 4 long
years..." continues Kim.

Nanyo just continues to hold Kim, rubbing her back gently as Kim spills
her secrets.

"But there was one person, just like me. We were going though the same
'tests'. We quickly became friends and I think it made it easier on the
both of us..." states Kim.

"And who was that, Kim?" encourages Nanyo gently.

"Her name was Suu" Kim then smiles from memory. "When the days tests
were over, We'ed make each other feel better than we were feeling."
states Kim.

"Sex?" asks Nanyo, beginning to grin. "You must've been a naughty
little girl, " she teases good-naturedly.

"We didn't know what we were doing at the time but, yeah, that's what
we did. Sometimes Suu was the only thing keeping me going at times, and
I'm sure Suu must have felt that way too. Sometimes..." states Kim
before going off into thought

Nanyo asks, smiling, "Would you like to see her again, if only in

"I hardly remember what she looks like." states Kim.

Nanyo explains, "She's there... in here..." She points to Kim's
forehead, indicating Kim's mind. "And since she's in there, I can pull
her out... so long as you had feelings for her, I can draw out her
memory and bring her image back for you..."

"Would you please?" asks Kim.

Nanyo smiles, "Of course, I would... anything to make you happy..." She
closes her eyes and begins to concentrate, pushing her thoughts into
Kim's mind.

Kim starts to think of what she remembers of Suu. A small girl, with
red, short hair appears in her head

Nanyo chuckles, "Ah, there she is... lovely... wish I'd known her..."
She concentrates harder and grunts softly as she pulls the image toward
the front of Kim's mind.

Yea, that's her, that's Suu." states Kim smiling

Nanyo grins, "She's cute... reminds me of a little red head I knew in
the city... after I'd left the mountains... Here... lemme try this..."

She grunts softly, and the little red haired girl from Kim's memory
giggles softly as a previous memory from Kim's past plays almost like a
movie in front of Kim's vision.

"What are you doing?" asks Kim.

Nanyo replies, her voice somewhat distant, "I'm showing you a memory
from your past... tell me... does this seem familiar?"

"Yeah, it does." states Kim

Nanyo smiles, then falls silent as she watches the memory unfolds in
front of her and Kim.

"Can I talk to her?" asks Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... but I don't know how accurate her character will
be... after all, I never met her... I don't know how to make her react
like you remember..."

"I see, thanks, you can stop now." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo nods, "Ok..." and a few seconds later, the little girl known as
Suu shimmers and disappears, revealing Nanyo to Kim's sight.

"Thank you so much Nanyo."

Nanyo hugs Kim harder, "Anytime, Kim... Anytime... I... I guess it's
time I gave you an Ap-Dat designation, Kim... like Nisu for Suki and

"You mean a nickname?" asks Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Well, yeah... except for one thing... It would be personal
between you and me..."

"oh" states Kim.

Nanyo asks, "So, can I?"

"Sure, I'd be honored." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Ok... now... your last name is Starr, right? So that
would make your Ap-Dat name... StarKi... you like that, Starki?" She
grins wider.

Kim giggles a little. "Yeah, I like"

Nanyo giggles, "Yay..." Then she hugs Kim and slowly hovers down to the
ground, where she releases Kim and says, "I really gotta get something
to eat... but, hey, what's this?" She runs her palm across Kim's
abdomen, saying, "Didn't you go before you fell asleep last night? You
could've wet the bed..." she

I don't remember last night, remember?" states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Perfect... then, come here... you sexy little girl.." She
pulls Kim over towards the bed.

"Hey, I'm not a little girl." states Kim playfully.

Nanyo laughs, "With your weak bladder control, I find that hard to
believe..." She sticks her tongue out and teases Kim as she gently lies
the naked Newearl on the bed.

"Weak huh? How would you feel if I peed right on you?" states Kim

Nanyo winked, "I'd love it, DUH! But first, let's have a little fun...
when was the last time you had a orgasm before you peed,

"Umm, It's been awhile..." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Cool... that's means it'll be fun to it this time..." She
slides one hand down to Kim's labia, gently touching the soft delicate
folds as she states, "Y'know, Starki... most Ap-Dat girls also have a
PP to go along with their DP's..."

"PP? And what would that be?" asks Kim.

Nanyo explains, "Pleasure point... It's an area on an Ap-Dat's body
that, when rubbed, causes a huge upsurge in pleasure... usually causing
orgasm within about 5 minutes..."

"Oh, uh, I think you know where mine is already ^_^;." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "I know... but why are you so nervous? Don't you want to

"Oh course I do?" states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Good... 'cause I was gonna make you cum either way..."
She continues caresses Kim's labia with her left hand as she slides up
to Kim's left ear, placing her lips on the top of it, kissing gently.

Kim immediately freezes in as a high amount of pleasure courses through
her. She has her eyes closed and is moaning.

Nanyo laughs, "Wow... The wetness down here is amazing..." She blows
gently toward Kim's ear, her right hand's index finger lightly tracing
around it as her left hand continues to fondle with Kim's labia.

"Oooohhhh!" moans Kim as she then firmly places a hand on Nanyo's

Nanyo continues her actions, mumbling, almost trance-like, "The
pleasure is rising... how much longer can you hold on?" She raises her
left hand up to Kim's slightly swollen abdomen, and rubs gently.

"Oooh! N-Not m-much longer...." replies Kim.

Nanyo now sticks her tongue out and licks Kim's ear, her right hand
lightly tugging on Kim's ear as her left hand rubs a circle between her
abdomen and her labia.

Kim now starts to tremble and places a hand on her pubic mound. "It,
It's c-coming, I'm going to c-come..." states Kim.

Nanyo asks, "Can you feel your urethra tensing and filling with cum?
Tell me exactly what you feel, please, Kim?" She begs as she continues
her actions.

"Ah, It feels like I g-gotta p-pee, but I know it's cum, I'm s-starting
to t-t-tense up as w-well..." replies Kim shaking.

Nanyo starts to breathe harder in anticipation of Kim's coming orgasm
and ejaculation, "Yeah.. Yeah... I can sense it... come on, Starki...
cum and revel in your orgasm..." She tugs a little harder on Kim's ear
as she uses her left hand to pull apart Kim's labia, lightly pressing
against her clitoris.

Kim moans loudly as her orgasm claims her body, squirting her cum from
her urethra in long pleasurable squirts. causing her to jerk
involuntary a number of times.

As Kim comes, Nanyo brings her hands up, wrapping them around Kim's
quivering body, holding her as she thinks, "Oh, that looks like great

"Ooohhh, It feels so GOOD!" moans Kim.

Nanyo holds Kim, "I know... I know... I can feel it..."

Kim feels her cum coating her thighs and just moans in pleasure.

Nanyo drops one finger down to Kim's thighs and scoops up one
finger-full of Kim's cum, sucking on her finger as she does the same
with a second finger, only this time, making Kim suck on it.

Kim sucks on Nanyo's finger before momentary going limp as her orgasm

Nanyo just holds Kim in her arms, her telepathy bleeding into Kim's
mind again, "Oh god... what a beautiful orgasm... what a beautiful
body... Oh damn, that was SO arousing... I.. I'm getting wet, just
thinking about it... heh... guess I'll have to change them again..."

"I'm glad you liked it too." states Kim tiredly.

Nanyo giggles, "Heh, I gotta learn to keep my thoughts to myself..."
She sticks her tongue out.

Kim stutters a bit as the last bit of cum squirts out of her urethra.

Nanyo just continues to hold Kim, her thighs rubbing together slightly,
causing a little squish to be heard.

Kim then starts to relax into Nanyo's arms.

Nanyo holds her, brushing aside a few strands of Kim's hair. Then, she
drops her left hand down to Kim's abdomen and gasps, "Oh yeah..." She
presses down a little, trying to get Kim to release her control so she
can rest.

Kim suddenly tenses but her hold fails her and pees uncontrollably.

Nanyo sighs, smiling, "Good girl... Now... shall we get something to
eat?" She pats Kim's stomach, tenderly.

"Oooh, yeah. I'm kinda hungry." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Good... let's go..." She gets to her feet, and almost
immediately, a small wet spot is seen on her jeans, though she seems to
ignore it. It isn't big, but it does show that she was aroused.

"I'm kinda tired, I'll just wait here if ya don't mind." states Kim as
she lays on the bed.

Nanyo nods, "Ok... I'll bring you breakfast in bed..." She
winks and goes off toward the kitchen.

"Thanks..." replies Kim.

To Be Continued in...
Into Space!

Chapter 14

Title: Chapter 13: Into Space!

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


Nanyo leaves the room, to get Kim some breakfast. There is the sound of
dishes scraping, then a cellular phone rings, followed by Nanyo's
voice, too distant for Kim to make out.

Kim sighs to herself quietly. "Oh Suu... I wonder what your doing right
now." states Kim quietly.

There is the sound of more dishes scraping, as though someone is
shuffling them around without actually doing anything with them, then
about 10 minutes later, Nanyo comes back up, with a pizza box in her
hands. She grins, "Like pizza, Starki?"

O_o "Where'd you get that from?" asks Kim.

Nanyo grins, sweating nervously, "Uh, internet?"

"The internet? You guys have that way out here?" asks Kim a bit

Nanyo sweatdrops harder, "Uh, no... but uh..." The same cellular phone
tone rings, causing her jeans to vibrate slightly and Nanyo blushes,
"Uh... Lemme get that..." She picks up the phone and answers, "Yeah,
this is StarChild's Adult Entertainment Service... Nanyo speaking...
What pleasures may I help you with?"

O_O "The hell?!" replies Kim.

Nanyo holds out a hand to quiet Kim as she talks into the phone, saying
nothing that Kim can hear and a few seconds later, she puts the phone
back on her belt, blushing furiously, "Um, sorry about that... Where
were we?"

"Oh no, you got some explaining to do girl! StarChild's Adult
Entertainment Services? What the hell is that?!" asks Kim.

"Eheh eheh... It's... um.... heh... it's an Adult Entertainment
Service, DUH!"

"What do you do?"

Nanyo looks distinctly ruffled as she scratches the back of her red
hair, "Um... I... I'm kinda.... a prostitute...."

Kim just looks at Nanyo, not saying anything, but its obvious Kim isn't
too pleased.

Nanyo further explains, "I had to... I had no money... I have a high
libido... it seemed like the best solution... You know how poor this
village is... and you know travel isn't free... I had to eat,

"But still..." states Kim.

"Yes, Starki?"

"Your gonna have to quit." states Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "But then, how will I make enough money to live on? I
don't have any education... I don't have any prospects for a job... I
have nothing..." She sat down on the edge of the bed, looking sad.

"I have a stable job. Plus, I got loads of money anyway." states Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head, "But I can't rely on anyone else... I've got to
make my own living... otherwise, I'll never make across the whole world
and then further into outer space!"

"I could help you do both of those things." states Kim.


"Duh! I'm from space." states Kim.

"But I can't ask you to pay for that! It wouldn't be right!"

Kim then smirks at Nanyo. "Why pay when you can do it for free?"

"Free?" asks Nanyo raising an eyebrow. "Nuthin's ever free in this

"It is when you have your own ship." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo's mouth hangs open in shock and she can't think of anything to

"Heh, wanna see it?" asks Kim.

Nanyo simply nods, her left hand squeezing slightly into a fist,
indicating that she's kinda under a little pressure...

Kim gets up. "Ok, let's go outside..." states Kim.

Nanyo nods and gets to her feet. Then she asks, "What about the pizza?"
She points to the box she's still holding.

"You can bring it if you want."

Nanyo nods, "Ok... So where are we goin'?"

"Into an open space, that all. Uh, would you happen to know where one
would be?" states Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... follow me..." She starts to take off into the air,
then remembers something and drops back down to hand Kim a pair of
pants and a shirt. "Here, you might need these, " she giggles.

"Nah, I got some clothes in my ship." states Kim.

"Ok... here we go..." She grabs Kim's hand and took her up into the
air, flies about 1000 feet to the outside of the Ap-Dat village, where
there is a small clearing.

"Ok, here is good." Kim forms a small device in her right hand and a
small window appears above it.

Nanyo grins, "Cool... a PDA? Sash'd love that..."

"PDA? Oh no, this is an all-in-one device I can use to call my ship and
do other things." states Kim. She presses one of the buttons on the
window and a "Confirmed" voice is heard.

Nanyo smiles, "Nifty... what else does it do?"

"I can contact other people like a phone, teleport directly to Pioneer
2, watch videos, listen to music, and a bunch of other things i can't
remember right now."

Nanyo laughs, "Great... can I get one, too?" She sticks her tongue out
at Kim.

"I'm sorry, but you can't." replies Kim. Then the voice comes back.
"Standby for teleportation of spacecraft."

Nanyo makes a hand gesture as if to say, "Aw, darn..." and finishes it
with a snap of her fingers.

Suddenly, particles outline the shape of a small ship. Which slowly
materializes in the air in front of the two.

Nanyo's eyes widen very comically and she backs up, tripping over her
own feet and falling down onto her butt, "W-Whoa..." is all she lets

"Impressive huh?" states Kim.

Nanyo groans as she climbs back up to her feet, "Oh no... I just LOVE
to fall over and get dirt all over my jeans..." She rolls her eyes at

"Heh, let's get in shall we?" asks Kim.

"Sure... Uhm... How?" asks Nanyo, wondering where the entrance is.

"All ya need to do is be touching me somewhere..." states Kim.

Nanyo raises an eyebrow in skepticism, "Touch... you? Did I hear that
right, Starki?"

"Yeah, just touch me somewhere. I'll be able to teleport you too."
replies Kim.

"Um, ok..." states Nanyo, still greatly skeptical. She reaches out and
takes hold of Kim's left breast, giggling.

Kim simply smirks at Nanyo before pressing a button on the device in
her hands. "Oh yeah, you may feel a slight dizziness."

Nanyo barely has time to gasp, "What?" before the two are teleported.

They reappear inside the craft. It's quite spacious inside as well,
with various devices all around.

Nanyo shakes heavily, "Uh... uh... uh...." She can't seem to make sense
of anything and wobbles violently on her feet.

Kim places a hand on Nanyo's shoulder firmly. "Whoa, just try to stand
up straight and relax."

Nanyo gasps, "Wh-Whoa... I-Is it always like that?!" Her voice shakes
and she trembles slightly, almost losing her balance.

"Ya get used to it after a bit. Anyway, stay here for a sec while I go
get some clothes on. Try not to mess with anything while I'm gone, ok?"
states Kim as she walks past Nanyo and into a room at near the back of
the ship. the door slides up then down as Kim enters.

Nanyo grins as she finally gets used to the feeling. She looks all
around the ship and sees a nifty red button. "Ooh, cool, " she squeals
happily. "What does this button do?" She reaches out for it, but
presses the yellow button next to it by mistake.

The craft suddenly falls to the ground with a crash. and a scream is
heard from the room Kim entered.

Nanyo let out, "Oh shit... what the hell did I do? Uh... Uhm..." She
frantically starts hitting buttons trying to get the craft back up into
the air.

The buttons suddenly lock up and a loud computerized voice is heard.

Nanyo exclaims, "Oh, FUCK! Uhm, Kim..." She speaks weakly, "help..."

The door open to revel Kim, only half dressed in the white shorts of
her uniform. "Didn't I say not to touch anything!? Computer, stand
down." states Kim. "VOICE RECOGNISED, STANDING DOWN." states the

Nanyo breathes a sigh of relief, patting Kim on the back, "Lucky we
didn't panic, eh, Starki?"

Kim walks up to the cockpit of the ship and points to the
passenger seat. "Sit here. and don't touch anything." states Kim.

Nanyo obeys, but looks sulkily at Kim and when Kim turns her back,
sticks her tongue out at her.

Kim presses a button above her and a thick belt-like object forms over
Nanyo's abdomen and holds her to the seat firmly as it presses into

Nanyo frowns, "I get the feelin' you don't trust me, Starki..."

"Well, you did touch something when I clearly said not to." states Kim.

"Ah geez... you make ONE teensy weensy mistake and EVERYBODY holds it
against you forever..." She smirks at Kim, casually crossing her legs.

Kim then returns to the room.

Nanyo groans, "Ah, man... she fastened this damn thing so tight... It's
pushin' on my bladder.... Damn it... What's she thinkin'? Does she want
me to pee right here and now?"

There's no reply from Kim in the other room.

Nanyo just sits there, beginning to fidget slightly, both from boredom
and slightly increasing desperation. Having nothing else to do, she
pulls a deck of cards out of her sweater pocket and begins a
one-handed shuffle.

Kim's voice is then heard. "Dang-it, Nanyo, I'm gonna be in here a bit.
Find something to do until I come out, without pressing anything."
states Kim.

Nanyo rolls her eyes, "How exactly am I supposed to press something?
You got me strapped in here like a hot dog in a bun...."

But there are buttons on the chair as well that Nanyo notices and grins
as she looks down at the left side of the chair and lifts her left hand
to press a green button there.

This button seems to do nothing...

Nanyo pouts, "Aw... It didn't do anything... that sucks..."

there then is a small vibration heard UNDER her.

Nanyo looks down, "Huh? What was that?"

a moment later, Nanyo can feel something pressing into her jeans under

Nanyo gasps, "Ahhh! What the hell?! It feels like something's goin'
anal on me! WTF?!"

The belt strapping Nanyo down then retracts, allowing her free

Nanyo gets to her feet and whirls around to see a dildo slowly making
it's way up to the seat. She runs a finger along the small object and
lets out, "Well, damn, Starki... you gotta dildo for your passengers?!"

"What?! Didn't I say not to touch anything?!" replies Kim from the

"Uh, no?" tries Nanyo, scratching at her red bangs again.

"Well, I'm almost done in here." states Kim.

Nanyo, her eyes still staring at the dildo, replies, "Good... the
sooner we leave, the sooner I can go to a restroom..." "And the sooner
I can get away from ships that have dildos rising up out of the
seats..." she thinks.

"Man, where is it?" comes Kim's voice.

Nanyo responds, "Where is what, Starki?" thinking that she can help

"Nothing important to you, just sit tight." replies Kim.

Nanyo scratches at her hair, "Um, ok... but I'm not really sitting, you
know..." she giggles.

"Well sit then." states Kim.

Nanyo embarrassingly states, "Um, there's a dildo there..."

"Knowing you, what problem is that?" states Kim.

"Um... I kinda don't want a dildo in me right now?" tries Nanyo, trying
to sound offhand, and not too desperate, even though her left hand is
now starting to rub her stomach, to soothe her growing full bladder.

"Well just press that green button again and it will go away." states

"Ok..." replies Nanyo, reaching over and pressing the green button

The dildo slowly retracts into the chair and is covered with a matching
piece of the seat.

Nanyo breathes a sigh of relief and sits down in the chair, crossing
her thighs again and jiggling her left leg slightly as she waits for
Kim to finish whatever it is she's doing.

Kim then emerges from the room fully clothed in her white uniform and
walks to the cockpit and sits in the pilot seat. "Ready?"

Nanyo grins, "Yeah.... show me what outer space looks like!"

"Ok" states Kim as she presses a button above her and straps wraps
around their waist, but not to firmly.

Nanyo grins, "Safety first, right?"

"Yep." states Kim smiling before pressing a button on the dash and the
craft begins to elevate into the air.

Nanyo feels the first G-forces and pffts, "Man, this ain't nothing..."

"For a million credits, It better be." states Kim.

"Damn.... you that rich, Starki?" questions Nanyo, gripping her seat a
little as a brief spasm overcomes her bladder, but she's still well in
control of her body.

"Well, I don't like to brag, but, yeah, I'm that loaded." states Kim

"Damn..." is the only word Nanyo can mutter.

"Ok, we're leaving the atmosphere. See the blue changing to black?"
states Kim.

Nanyo presses her face against the window, her left hand sliding back
to hold her crotch slightly as she gazes outside, "Wow... so sparkly
and black... Are those stars?"

"Yeah, you see that thing out in front of us?" states Kim.

Nanyo looks out in front of the ship. "Yeah... what is it?"

"That, is Pioneer 2." states Kim.

"That is your ship?! It looks huge!" states Nanyo, breathless with

"Oh HELL no! That's not mine! "That thing has to be worth at least 2
billion credits." states Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "So there is a limit, even to YOUR fortune, eh, Starki?"

"Heh, yeah." laughs Kim.

Nanyo just laughs again, "So where's your ship, Starki?"

"You're riding it silly."

Nanyo looks stupid, "Oh..." is all she mutters, blushing slightly.

"So, where do you what to go?" asks Kim.

Nanyo suddenly closes her eyes and points to the left, "Over there... I
believe we have passengers to take on..." she states cryptically.

"Passengers? This isn't a Taxi."

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Ok... if you want your baby sister left
out in the vastness of space, you don't have to pick 'em up..."

Kim sighs and takes her device and presses a button. "BB, I'm near your
location, would you like to teleport to my ship?" [B] "Sure Kimmie,
hold on a sec..."

Nanyo grins, "Good decision, Starki... Hey Sash... you there?" she
speaks telepathically. Sashi replies, "Yes, Nan'chi?" Nanyo grins, "Be
prepared for a quick teleport..." There is an audible groan followed
by, "Roger, Nan'chi..."

Becky and Sashi soon teleport into the ship. "Sup BB." states Kim

"Don't call me that! How many times do I got to tell you that?"
exclaims Becky.

"Ok BB." laughs Kim.

Nanyo looks over Sashi, whose skirt is once again dripping wet. She
grins, "Wet yourself again, Sash?" Sashi replies, looking bored, "I
will take that for a stupid question..."

"Hey Kimmie, where's your girl, Suki?" asks Becky. "She's gone states
Kim flatly. "Oh... I see." states Becky in understanding.

Nanyo then turns to Kim, "Ey, Starki... you gotta bathroom on this
ship? Me and Sash need to go to one... me to use it, Sash to change..."

"Yeah, It's in the very back of the ship." replies Kim.

Nanyo smiles, "Cool... then Sash, you go on ahead and I'll follow..."
Sashi nods and turns to Becky, "Mistress... do you wish to follow?"

"Nah, I'll just stay here with Kimmie."

Sashi nods, "Okay, Mistress... " She leaves the cockpit of the ship.
Nanyo leans up against the wall, sighing, "Boy, I sure wish you guys
could've known her before the drugs... She was so smart... so highly
intelligent... she could make anything out of anything... but she never
had the chance and now... now she's so subservient that she's lost all
will to create anything... It's sad, I tell ya.."

Becky remove her pants and sits in the passenger seat
then presses the green button. "So, what happen K-Kimmie?" states Becky
as she flinches for a moment. "Suki left me, end of story." replies

Nanyo turns away, thinking she shouldn't really be listening to this,
but not wanting to disturb Sashi's changing, even though her bladder is
swelling and she's finding it harder and harder to keep still.

"Oh, I'm sorry Kimmie." states Becky sadly. Then she presses a red
button next to the green one and she tenses up for a sec. "Don't worry
about it." replies Kim.

Nanyo just stands there, bored and growing slightly more desperate
minute by minute.

Becky then moans lowly as she closes her eyes.

"Heh, like that dildo, doncha, Becks?" laughs Nanyo. "I tell ya... it
sure scared the hell outta me when I first discovered it.

"Ooh, Yeah..." moans out Becky. "Kimmie has one too."

"Heh... like sister, like sister, eh Starki?" teases Nanyo,
pressing her left hand against her crotch slightly. "Damn, what is
takin' Sash so long," she thinks.

Kim simply laughs to herself. Becky releases a long low moan from her
lips as she places her hands on her crotch.

Nanyo throws up her hands, "Argh... This is SO boring..." She pulls out
her deck of cards and starts shuffling them again with one hand,
thinking, "Come ON, Sash!"

Becky then sits back in the seat and a louder moan escapes her lips.

Nanyo giggles, "Want a hand, Becks?" she offers.

"Mmm... Sure, help is a-always nice." moans Becky.

"Cool..." grins Nanyo, but before she can move toward the smaller girl,
Sashi reenters the room, dressed back in her cheerleader outfit. She
steps between Nanyo and Becky and says, "I will handle this, Nan'chi...
This is my responsibility after all..." She turns toward Becky and
bows, "Mistress, how may I help you?"

"It's ok, Sashi. You can go back innnn, the bathroom." states Becky as
she groans part-way in the statement.

Sashi scratches her head, confused, "But I am done, Mistress... I have
nothing else to do..."

"Oh, then both of you cAAn help." states Becky tensing a bit in the

Nanyo grins at Sash and mentally says to her so that Becky and Kim
can't hear, "Let's try to locate her PP, eh, Sash?" Sashi nods and
speaks in her mind, "Okay... It sounds interesting..."

"Hurry, before I come." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Ok, Ok... Let's do it, Sash..." She reaches out to
Becky's ears and starts stroking gently as Sashi reaches down to
Becky's feet and starts stroking there.

Becky giggles lightly at Nanyo's touching of her ears. "I'm not
Kimmie." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "I know... I just thought I'd start at the top..." She
moves down to Becky's nose as Sashi moves up to Becky's thighs.

Becky starts her moaning again as she sits on the seat.

Nanyo grins and moves down to Becky's mouth, parting her lips and
kissing the young girl gently as Sashi looks up, flushing slightly in
jealous that she's just barely able to restrain.

Becky moans into Nanyo's mouth as the vibrating dildo in her anus
starts to take it's toll on her and she starts to squirm slightly.

Sashi suddenly takes Nanyo by the shoulder and flings her hard back
against the wall. She growls, her anger rising to the surface since she
has not had the fluid from Becky's breasts for about 12 hours, "Get
away from my Mistress! She is MINE!"

"Ah, Sashi, don't be that way. There's plenty of me to go around."
moans out Becky.

Sashi growls, "NO! You are MINE! NO ONE should kiss you but me! NEVER!"
She advances on Nanyo, who's rubbing her head, looking dazed.

"Sashi stop! G-Get over h-here." states Becky firmly.

Sashi screams incoherently and continues to advance on Nanyo, her
burning jealousy overpowering any other thought she might have. Nanyo
looks up and frowns, "Oh, damn... The juice is loose..."

"Sashi! Get the fu-AH!" Becky's cut off as an orgasm suddenly claims
her body and she squirts her cum onto the seat and shakes

Sashi pulls out a dagger from the belt of her cheerleader skirt and
moves toward Nanyo, who suddenly feels a spasm in her bladder and
crosses her legs, gasping, "Aw, damn... this isn't good... Uh,
Starki...? help?"

Kim sighs and promptly gets to her feet and quickly grabs Sashi by the
neck and forces her on the wall of the ship, rather hard. "Stop this
now! I won't tolerate this on my ship." states Kim.

Sashi screams and writhes under Kim, "FUCK you! Lemme go! that bitch
was makin' out with my Mistress! Damn you!" She brings her dagger up,
trying to cut Kim.

Kim's eyes go white and her wings appear. Kim also squeezes her hand
around Sashi's neck. "I said I will NOT tolerate this!"

Meanwhile, Becky recovers enough to turn the vibration off. "Sashi,
listen to Kimmie. She's serous about what happens in here." states Kim
from the chair.

Sashi doesn't seem to hear either of them, her eyes glow red and she
screams incoherently and writhes harder. Nanyo, recovered from her
spasm, quickly floats over and says, "I'll handle this..." She closes
her eyes and starts speaking in Ap-Dat, calling upon her mental
telepathy to paralyze Sashi, who freezes in place. She pants, "Becks,
give her the stuff... I... Can't... keep... her subdued... for
long...." Sweat begins to run down her face.

Becky slowly lifts herself off the dildo, wet with her juices and makes
her way to the three.

Nanyo groans, "Damn it, Becks, HURRY! I can't focus on this with my
bladder throbbing! Hurry it up!"

"Jeez! I just had an orgasm. Gimme a brake." states Becky as she now
near Sashi.

"Damn it, Becks... I don't have a second!" retorts Nanyo, pressing her
left hand HARD against her crotch.

"Here Sashi, drink up." states Becky as she lifts her shirt and offers
her breast to Sashi.

Sashi immediately latches her lips to Becky's nipple, and drinks in the
fluid at an incredible rate, causing Becky's breast to shrink with the
fluid now leaving it.

"Ooh... It feels good..." moans Becky.

Sashi mumbles, "Anf it tasfers goo, too..."

Kim releases Sashi and her eye return to there normal
color and the wings disappear. "Well, It seems everything's fine
now..." states Kim as she goes back to the pilot seat.

Sashi continues drinking from Becky's breast as Nanyo groans, "Ooh! I
really gotta go... I'll see you guys in a minute..." She starts to make
for the bathroom.

Becky simply moans.

Nanyo continues her trek to the bathroom, finding it easily. She looks
around for toilet paper and begins to unbuckle her belt.

"Oh man, I need to relax..." states Kim before she then removes her
shorts and panties and sits in the seat. then presses a green button on
her seat and relaxes into the chair before flinching for a moment.

Nanyo unbuttons the button on her jeans, then pulls the thread free,
unhooking each hook, finally unzipping her pants. She pulls them down
and sits on the toilet, still wearing her panties, because, it seems
she no longer feels the urge to go. She pulls up her pants, but doesn't
buckle them and her bladder stays calm, so she returns to the cockpit,
looking puzzled. "Well, that's odd..." she states.

But Kim doesn't notice Nanyo standing near her as her eyes are closed,
moaning faintly.

Nanyo sneaks up behind Kim, wraps her arms around Kim stealthily and
screams in her ear, "PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY!"

"AH!" exclaims Kim as she tenses then relaxes and moans in pleasure for
a moment. "Why'd you scare me like that? You scared the piss out of

Nanyo laughs, "That's why I did it... to get the piss outta you! So
where is it? Where's all the fluid?!"

Sashi, having finished with Becky's left breast, pushes Becky gently
away, whispering in Becky's ear, "Mistress... did you still want to
play with Nan'chi and me? Because I know a spot on the body of Nan'chi
that will give you great amusement if you rub it."

"All over the seat and on the floor." states Kim. "Sure." states Becky.

Nanyo laughs, "Sure enough... look at it... and I'll bet your panties
were down there too, eh?"

Sashi whispers to Becky where Nanyo's DP is and offers to take Nanyo's
arms and hold them so that Nanyo can't fight back.

"Yeah, they s-sure are." states Kim.

Nanyo laughs and starts rubbing Kim's breasts, "So tell me, Starki...
does this feel good?"

Sashi looks at Becky, "Are you ready, Mistress?"

"Y-Yeah..." replies Kim. Yeah, let's go." states Becky.

As Nanyo continues to play with Kim's breasts, Sashi uses her hyper
speed to dash up behind Nanyo and take hold of her arms. Nanyo gasps,
"What the hell are you doin', Sash?!"

even with the absence of Nanyo's hands, Kim still moans. Becky just
giggles at Nanyo's surprised reply.

Sashi reaches around Nanyo's waist as she uses her left hand to hold
Nanyo's wrists and she gives Nanyo's right breast a gentle squeeze as
she whispers, "Now, Mistress..." Nanyo simply moans in pleasure,
distracted from what's goin' on.

Becky proceeds to run her finger under Nanyo's left arm were her breast

Nanyo tenses up sharply, "Wh-what the?!" she gasps as she brings her
thighs together, quivering wildly. "Ugh, I can't hold it! S-Starki! G-
Get your sister offa me!"

"Ooh... Huh? what was that?" moans Kim.

Nanyo begs, "Starki! Get 'em offa me! Th-they're gonna make me wet
myself! H-Hurry!" She starts shaking harder.

"Why should I? You made me wet myself." came her reply.

Nanyo whimpers, "Aw come on!" But she can't find any words to back her

Kim is then heard starting to groan.

Nanyo squeezes her eyes shut, "Starki! P-Please!" A small wet spot
forms on her jeans as a little fluid leaks out.

"Mmm, just let go Nanyo, you'll feel much better." moans out Kim.

"B-But... T-There a-are too many people here..." she pouts, another
spurt breaking free, causing the wet spot to reach 4 inches in

"And h-how is t-that a p-problem?" asks Kim feeling the vibrator
starting to do its job on her.

Nanyo can't answer her as a powerful spasm grips her bladder and a 2-
second long stream breaks free, causing a long line of wetness to
trickle down her left thigh.

Kim begins to tense as she feels her orgasm nearing.

Nanyo tries a different tactic, "H-Hey, Becks... lemme go, huh, and
I'll give you a nice orgasm, with lots o' blood and pain.... common,
whaddaya say?" Another short spurt causes a second line of fluid to wet
her left jeans leg.

"nope, I wanna see you wet." states Becky.

"But I AM wet, " pouts Nanyo, as yet another spurt breaks free, sending
another long streak of wetness down her left jeans leg.

"Well i want you peeing uncontrollably." adds Becky.

"Awwwwwww, HELL!" cries Nanyo as her control finally gives out on her
and she pees uncontrollably, wetting her waist and pubic area before
peeing down the left leg of her jeans, the fluid pooling around her

"Yeah, that's what I wanna see!" states Becky happily. Just then Kim
lets out a groan then an "AH!" as she orgasm comes and she squirts her
girl-cum onto the seat and shakes violently as she moans.

Nanyo pees for about 2 full minutes before the stream trickles down and
peters out. She pants, then looks up at Sashi, then over at Becky and
grins, "Ok... you still wanna have that blood orgasm?"

"Blood orgasm? what's that?" questions Becky.

Nanyo grins, "What... don't you like pain? I know you know what THAT

"Sorry, 'fraid I don't. Mind telling me?"

Nanyo grins, "Ok... Lemme show you instead..." She then groans and
flips Sashi up and over her head and into Kim's lap, slipping behind
Becky, pulling a small pocket knife from her pouch. She rests the cold
metal blade against Becky's cheek, "Get it know, Becks?"

Sashi groans, "Ow... I seem to have forgotten that she could do that...
It has been a long time..." She looks up into Kim's face and tries to
get to her feet.

"Oh, so your gonna cut me huh?" asks Becky smiling. "Hello." states Kim
smiling as she looks at Sashi.

Nanyo grins, "Ding Ding Ding... we have a winner, here! Kim, tell her
what's she won?" Sashi flushes as she gets to her feet, bowing
respectfully, "I am sorry, Miss Kim... I did not mean to land in your

"Sorry, but I'm not really in the mood to be cut Nanyo." replies Becky.
"It's alright." replies Kim to Sashi.

Nanyo frowns, "Aw, hell... Well, that really sux..." She lets go of
Becky and retreats toward the bathroom, thinking vaguely of changing.
Sashi turns to Becky and asks simply, "Where are we to go now,

"It's up to Kimmie." replies Becky.

Sashi then turns to Kim with the same question.

"We're going to Pioneer 2. I need to take care of some stuff." replies

Sashi nods and takes a seat on the floor behind Becky's passenger
chair. Nanyo, then, reenters, her jeans all dry and her leather jacket
now wrapped around her waist. "Ahhh, that's better... Now I FEEL GOOD!"

"Nanyo, we're going to Pioneer 2." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "That big ol' pile of junk? Cool... but uh... I only see
two seats here... Where are Sash and I to sit?"

"Well, there is a bedroom behind the door near the bathroom..." states

Nanyo grins, "Cool... hey Sash... you wanna come?" Sashi looks up at
Nanyo, then to Becky and asks, "Should I go or should I stay,

What do you want to do?" replies Becky.

Sashi looks down, "Begging your pardon, Mistress... but a slave isn't
supposed to want things... as I have repeatedly tried to explain to
you... However, if it is my opinion you wish, I will simply say that
either alternative is acceptable according to your wishes and desires."

"Ok then, go back there with Nanyo." states Becky as she slowly sits
back down on the dildo still protruding from the seat.

Sashi bows, "As you wish, Mistress..." She turns to Nanyo and silently
passes her as Nanyo rolls her eyes, "Well, geez, Sash... just let her
walk all over ya, why doncha?!" She follows Sashi back into the

"So, Kimmie, what is it that you have to take care of?" asks Becky.
"Nothing that concerns you." came her reply as they neared Pioneer 2.

There is a small crash from the bedroom, followed by Nanyo sighing,
"Damn it, Sash... be careful! You almost broke that thing!" Then
Sashi's voice, "I am sorry, Nan'chi, but you really did not give me
adequate warning..."

Kim just sighs. A few moments later, the group arrives on Pioneer 2.
Kim lands the ship in the hanger-like area and turns off the engine.
"Ok, you guys. We're here." states Kim getting out of the seat and off
the dildo still invading her anus. Both her and Becky put their pants
back on.

There is another small crash followed by Nanyo screaming, "DAMN it,
Sash! I TOLD you that would happen! Damn it, now you got smoke all over
the place!" Sashi, for perhaps the first time in Becky's memory,
giggles, "I.. I am s-sorry, N-Nan'chi... B-but i-it w-was too funny!
Hee, hee, hee!"

"What's going on back there?" calls Kim.

Nanyo calls, coughing slightly, "Oh, NOTHING! Just Sash bein' a wise-
ass... She took one of my smoke bombs and fiddled with it, accidentally
settin' it off..." She steps out of the bedroom, her face, showing
GREAT frustration, blackened with soot and ash. Sashi follows her out,
her face similarly marked, though she is smiling and her left hand is
pressed over her mouth, trying to suppress her giggling.

"Well as long as you didn't brake anything..." states Kim as she
presses a button and the door on the side folds up and out, revealing
the garage-like space with a number of other ships.

Sashi gasps in delight and starts running over to examine each and
every ship, commenting on the power drives and such of each one. Nanyo
raises an eyebrow, "Ooooook... guess she's excited..." though by her
own trembling, it's evident that she's excited too.

"Please don't mess with any of them, I can't save you if the alarm goes
off on one of them." states Kim.

Sashi nods, "Understood, Miss Kim... but, but.. ooh, ooh! This one has
a hyperdrive generator! A-And this one... Wow! A newly designed Plasma
grid! I... I cannot believe it!" She hops up and down, almost dancing
in her eagerness.

"Wow the hell do you know that?!" asks Kim looking quite puzzled. Becky
is too.

Sashi blinks, "Um?" She's thoroughly confused and she scratches at her
shoulder-length black hair, "Um... i-it is a basic design, is it not?
Theoretically, these ships could move faster than the speed of light
thanks to these propulsion systems and this one has an inertial
dampener that would, in theory, prevent one from being squished upon
sudden impact..."

NOW, even Nanyo's scratching her head, "Damn, Sash... How in the
frickin' HELL did you know all that?!"

"Yeah, please tell us." states Kim.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "Well, it makes sense, does it
not? I mean, the equations are relatively simple..." She starts (TBC)

describing at length all the equations and mathematical formulas needed
to produce the desired effects of the systems she's just pointed out.

"Ok, ok, fu*k it that I ever asked." quickly states Kim as she walks
off to a nearby teleporter and leaves.

Nanyo laughs, but is left scratching her head, "Uh, yeah right, Sash...
Let's just follow 'em, ok?" She follows Kim, with Becky and Sashi
running after the first two.

"Hey, hold on guys." states Becky.

Nanyo turns back to face Becky, "Yeah, Becks?" Sashi, too busy looking
at all the ships, doesn't stop in time and runs right into Becky's
back, accidentally pushing her forward into Nanyo, causing both of them
to fall. Nanyo growls, "SASH!"

"there's no way we can follow Kimmie without her telling us were she
went." states Becky.

Nanyo throws up her hands, "Geesh... Just frickin' great! What the hell
are we supposed to do now, then?!"

"Hey, wanna meet my brother?" suggests Becky.

Sashi nods, "I sure would, Mistress... I have heard a lot about him..."
Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Ah, whatever... say, Becks... are there
any porno shops up here? I gotta get something for Starki..."

"Yeah, but You won't be able to buy anything." states Becky.

Nanyo frowns, "Why not?"

"There's a different currency here. Your money is no good." replies

"No possibility of exchange?" asks Nanyo.

"Nope, sorry." states Becky.

Nanyo puts her hand to her chin and sighs, "Ok... Guess it's time to
fall to my back-up plan..." She starts to head for one of the

"Wait, don't you want to meet my brother?" asks Becky.

Nanyo replies, "I'll meet him when I get back... I promise..." She
teleports out.

"Ok then, Sashi, let's go..." states Becky as she steps into one of the

Sashi follows wordlessly, shaking slightly during the teleport cycle,
but otherwise unaffected.

The two teleport out and to a hallway lined with doors.

To Be Continued in...
Meeting Smith Starr

Chapter 15

Title: Chapter 14: Meeting Smith Starr

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.

Warning: LOLI]

Sashi looks around, still excited at all the technology, and asks,
"Mistress... What is your brother like?"

"Heh, you'll see when you meet him." smiles Becky as she begins to

Sashi nods and follows Becky, still gawking at all the technology and
she opens her mouth to ask, "So, is this ship in a geometric orbit or a
polar orbit?"

"Geometric." states Becky.

"And what powers it?" asks Sashi excitedly.

Uh... Here's my brothers room." states Becky standing in front of a
door to her left.

Sashi gasps, "Cool! Is it hydraulics?"

"No, Hey, bro. Open up." states Becky knocking on the door.

There's no response.

Sashi scratches her head, "Is he not here?"

"He's here, he's just being a dick. Hey! Open up!" states Becky
knocking harder.

There's a males voice reply. "Go away runt. I don't want to be bothered
right now."

Sashi frowns, "Does not sound very friendly, does he?"

Becky looks at Sashi and then smiles. "Bro, there's a cute girl out
here. She wants to meet you. Are you gonna just ignore her?" asks

The door quickly slides up revealing a man of normal build in black
sweat pants and shirtless, with dark brown hair that reaches his
shoulders. "Why didn't you say that runt? That's vital information."

Sashi glances at Becky, raising one eyebrow skeptically, but doesn't
say anything.

The man the notices Sashi and smiles. "Hey their cutie. You want to
meet me huh?" asks the man smirking.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "The Mistress wanted me to meet you... I
must say, I am surprised at your physical appearance, Mr... ummm...

"Oh, you know my name? Heh, why shouldn't I be surprised, all the
cuties know me. But who is this Mistress you speak of cutie?"
asks Smith.

Sashi looks confused. She points at Becky and says, "She is
the Mistress... and you... you are quite powerful I sense..."

"You're kidding right? Little Becky is your Mistress?" asks Smith as he
then puts a hand on Becky's head and ruffs up her hair.

"Stop that! I'm not little anymore." replies Becky.

Sashi says nothing, but jumps in front of Becky, gently pushing Smith
away, showing her protective nature for her Mistress.

"Ok, ok, no need to get hostile." states Smith as he puts up he's
hands. "Why don't the two of you come in..." states Smith walking into
the room.

Sashi looks at Becky for instructions.

"its ok, let's go in." states Becky, following after her brother.

Sashi bows, "Yes, Mistress..." She follows Becky inside.

"You got her trained huh?" asks Smith.

Becky gives a mean glare at her brother. "What? It looks like you do."
replies Smith.

Sashi says nothing, preferring to look around at the technology.

"Listen here, I love Sashi and I won't tolerate you talking like that
about her." states Becky.

"Love? What about Kimberly?" asks Smith.

"I love her, I just love Sashi more." replies Becky.

A faint blush creeps up Sashi's cheeks, but other than that, she shows
no emotion.

"So, Sashi is it? Can you tell me some stuff about you?" asks Smith

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, asking, "What do you wish to know, Mr.

"Like where you're from, your age, that kind of stuff. Oh, and just
call me Smith."

Sashi bows respectfully, "As you wish, Smith... My name is Sashi
Nihon... I am 16 years of age... I come from the village of Lo'lop...
which is one of two Ap-Dat Villages that still remain on the planet

"16? darn-it, you to young for me." states Smith.

"Too young!? What were planning on doing?!" replies Becky.

Sashi raises an eyebrow and states, "That was a very X-rated thought,
Smith..." She seems slightly shocked, but expertly controls her

"Well, I won't tell if you don't." states Smith smiling.

"What The Fu*k! I can't believe you!" exclaims Becky.

Sashi smiles slightly, "It is not up to me but to my Mistress whether
or not I should tell her... But, I must say, the continued thoughts are
extremely erotic... One must wonder how lonely you have been up

"Oh, cutie, I'm hardly ever alone." states Smith.

Sashi winces, "Yes... I can see that... What is the name of the red
haired girl?" She asks suddenly.

"What red haired girl? there's no one in here now." replies Smith.

Sashi shakes her head, "No... she is not here now, but I can see her
face as clear as day... your mind is extremely focused on her... Why is

"Oh, i see, you can read peoples mind can't you." asks Smith smiling.

Sashi nods, "For the most part... there are a few people I cannot
read... but you are not one of those..."

Do you know its wrong to just read peoples mind at will?" asks Smith.

Sashi replies, scratching her head, "I think it would be obvious that I
have never thought of that..."

"Well, be careful who you read. It's a serious crime here." states

Sashi sighs, "In that case, I will take caution to be extremely

"Good, I'd hate to hear that a cutie like you was put to
death for that." states Smith.

"I doubt whether or not they could catch me, but I do not think I would
like to risk it..."

"So where's Kimberly?" asks Smith.

"Don't know, she said she had to take care of something." replies

Sashi then starts to wander away from Becky and Smith, looking around
at all the gadgets and gizmos. She sees that the room is full of...
various machines, like TVs, a stereo, and other things.

"Hey Sashi, are you a virgin?" asks Smith.

"Hey!" replies Becky surprised.

Sashi looks at Smith and nods her head, explaining, "If you are talking
about penetration, then yes... I am a virgin... if you are talking
about orgasms, then again, yes I am a virgin.. if you are talking about
forced wettings, then no... I am not..."

Sashi then shakes her head, "Wait a minute... that is not entirely
correct... I have had one orgasm... by the Mistress..."

"Forced wettings? What is that?" Smith looks quite puzzled. Becky just

Sashi states, unembarrassedly, "It is when I am forced to pee myself...
whether by situation or by choice..."

"Pee!? Well... we all have our weird fetishes..." states Smith.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "I never said it was a fetish of mine...
though I do believe the Mistress likes it... I am simply used
to it..."

"Oh yeah, Kimberly and Becky do like to wet themselves..." states

Sashi replies, "And not just them, I might add... My sister Suki also
likes it..."

"Sister?! You have a sister? She wouldn't happen to be a twin would
she?" asks Smith.

Sashi shakes her head, "No... she is two years older than I am..."

"Aww, bummer. how old is she?" asks Smith.

"18." replies Sashi.

"So she's fair game. Tell me, is she with anyone?" asks Smith.

Sashi nods, "As far as I know, she has feelings for Miho... but I do
not know how serious she is... I do know that she has always had a
special fascination with penises... as have I..."

"Reeeally? Ya know, I have one. would you like to try it?" asks Smith.
Becky says nothing but looks at her brother. "Heh, what? ^_^;" asks

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "A slave is not supposed to want things...
but I cannot help but be interested in your offer..."

"Are you serious Sashi?" asks Becky.

Sashi looks at Becky, "Would that upset you, Mistress?" She looks sad
and apologetic, thinking that she might have upset her Mistress.

"Well, I can understand your interest..." states Becky blushing.

Sashi looks confused, scratching her head, "You can, Mistress?"

"You bet she can. One night, she snuck into my room and started-" Becky
quickly covers her brothers mouth. "NO! don't tell her that!"

Sashi looks interested and immediately starts probing Becky's mind,
asking telepathically, "What is it, Mistress? What are you hiding from

"I-It's nothing, nothing at all." thinks Becky blushing profusely.

Sashi continues probing, feeling sure that her lover and Mistress
wouldn't have her arrested or whatever it is that they do to criminals
up here.

Smith voice then is heard in Sashi's head. "Becky fu*ked me, and she
loved it."

Sashi gasps, "What the hell?!" She loses all control of her emotions
and stares blankly at Smith.

"What's wrong cutie?" asks Smith smiling.

Sashi stammers, "H-How d-d-did you d-do that?"

"You think you're the only ones that can read minds?" asks Smith.

"Wha?" states Becky.

Sashi responds, staggering slightly from the shock, "I... I have never
met an Un-Ap Dat that could... T-tell me... can you read this?" She
thinks, "Cocks are fun!"

"You have a dirty mind cutie." states Smith.

"what are you two talking about?" asks Becky.

Sashi then turns to Becky and bows low, "Mistress... may I be excused
to have a private conversation with your brother?"

"Uh, sure." replies Becky.

Sashi nods, "Thank you, Mistress..." She takes Smith by the arm and
telepathically asks, "Can we go somewhere and talk alone?"

"Sure, there's another room behind that door." thinks Smith indicating
the door in front of them.

Sashi nods and indicates for Smith to go first.

Smith does and enters the room.

Sashi follows him and closes the door behind him. Then she grabs his
hands, leans up to his lips and kisses him, thinking to him, "Smith...
I have more power in telepathy that I wish to use on Becky to increase
her pleasure, but I am afraid to use it without testing it... Can I
test it on you first?"

"Sure, Go ahead." states Smith.

Sashi smiles slightly and pushes her breasts up against his chest, as
she closes her eyes, still kissing him. She opens her mind and a slight
hypnotic suggestion begins to enter Smith's mind, "You are getting
hard... you cannot control it... You are so aroused that you cannot
stop your penis from hardening..."

"Well of course not." states Smith smiling.

Sashi pulls back, "In order to fully test this power, I think it would
be best if you tried to delay your arousal as much as possible...
Otherwise, I will not know if it will work on Mistress..."

"Well, that's gonna be hard, no pun intended." smiles Smith. Smith
closes her eyes and tries not to concentrate on the cutie in front of

Sashi pulls her full firm breasts back, removing every touch
of her body from Smith's. She closes her eyes and continues the
hypnotic suggestions, "Your penis is so hard... it is making your pants
feel tight on you... All you want to do is free it... You cannot fight
the arousal..."

"I can't seem to fight it, what ever your doing, it's working." states

"Now show how aroused you are... show how much you want to rip your
pants off... let your erection spring free... and when it does, you
will ejaculate... you will not be able to stop it..."

Smith quickly drops his pants and shudders in surprise as he feels
himself cum. He's cum spurting out onto Sashi's shoes.

Sashi sighs, and smiles, "Yes... It works... It was not too powerful,
was it, Smith? It was not too hard on the strain, was it?"

"Ooh, no, not at all cutie."

Sashi, then, moves closer to Smith and gives him a quick kiss on the
cheek, her full firm, slightly swollen breasts pressing slightly on
Smith's chest.

"Is this all you wanted?" asks Smith.

Sashi whispers, "Yes, but I understand that you might want something,
so what ever you want, you may have it..."

"You're just going to throw yourself at me?" asks Smith.

Sashi backs off, scratching her hair, "Um, is there something wrong,
Smith? I am offering you compensation for making you cum... Is that
wrong?" She looks sad and confused.

"Well, you belong to Becky, and I do have a conscience, so I can't do
this without her knowing about it."

Sashi looks thoughtful, "Perhaps you could ask her with your telepathic
powers? And maybe you could ask if it is okay with her for me to
compensate you for this?" She indicates his penis.

"Ok, give me a sec..." Smith closes his eyes and a moment later, Becky
walks in.

Sashi blushes shyly and steps back to allow the brother and sister to

"As long as I can watch..." states Becky.

Sashi looks at Smith, "Is that okay with you, Smith?"

"Yeah, it sure is." replies Smith

Sashi asks him, "How and what do you wish to do with me? I am your
humble slave..." She bows low in respect to him.

"Strip for me cutie." smiles Smith

Sashi asks, just wanting to clarify something, "Like a professional
stripper? Like Nanyo?"

"I don't know who this 'Nanyo' is, but yeah, like a professional

Sashi nods, "As you wish..." She turns to Becky and asks, "Do you have
any music here?"

"Hold on" states Becky as she takes out her teleport device and presses
a button and a slow sexy song is heard. and Smith sits on the nearby

Sashi closes her eyes and starts to move her hips to the beat as she
reaches up to her cheerleader top, having changed out of her green
dress earlier aboard Kim's ship.

"Nice." smiles Smith

Sashi places her hands on her top and slowly, seductively, rolls it up,
exposing her white simply patterned bra as she wiggles her hips in a
sensual manner.

"Have you done this before?" states Smith.

Sashi replies, lifting her top off her head and wrapping it around her
hand before flinging it at Smith, "A few times... Some of my earlier
Masters wanted me to this for them."

"You've had others?" asks Smith looking a bit surprised.

Sashi nods, "I have been a slave since I was 10 years old... so yes...
I have had plenty of Masters and Mistresses..." She does a slow
seductive walk over to Smith, then turning around and showing her butt
off as she slides her skirt down, exposing her slightly yellowed white
cotton panties.

"Well your certainly good at this." smiles Smith

Sashi smiles slightly, "Thank you, Smith..." She steps out of her
skirt, and uses her right foot to scoop it up and fling it into Smith's

Smith simply smiles and enjoys the show in front of him.

Then Sashi reaches up to her bra and starts to take hold of the straps.
She takes hold of one of the cups and tugs it down, exposing her left
breast for a moment before she pulls it back up, winking.

"Nice, I like teasing..." states Smith

Sashi smiles, "As you wish..." She moves close to Smith and sits on his
lap as she tugs her right cup down for the briefest second to show off
her right breast.

Smith places his right hand on Sashi's side and rubs. Becky sees this
and frowns but says nothing.

Sashi smiles and leans forward, pushing her breasts slightly against
his chest, then pulls back, standing back up and tugging her bra
totally off, now, fully exposing her breasts.

"Nice breasts cutie." comments Smith.

Sashi blushes, "Thank you..." Then she stops, unable to go any further
because of her slave contract, the sheet of parchment still tucked
inside her panties.

"What's wrong?" asks Smith.

Sashi replies, "Under my slave contract, I cannot remove my panties..."
She pulls out the piece of parchment and shows it to Smith.

"Aww, that's to bad." states Smith

Sashi then states, "But if you wish to see my labia, I can do that...
Do you wish to see it?"

"Yeah, of course." replies Smith.

Sashi gets real close to Smith and takes hold of the crotch of her
panties. She slides them aside and shows off her labia to Smith,
blushing only slightly.

Smith reaches out the touch Sashi's Labia.

Sashi watches, moaning only slightly at the touch. Then, she begins to
quiver slightly, thinking to herself, not remembering that Smith can
read her mind, "Hmm... I feel a slight twinge of pressure... I will
need to pee soon..."

"Ok, that's enough." states Becky quickly.

Sashi looks up suddenly, slightly startled, "Mistress?" She asks,
confused as to why Becky wanted her to stop.

"I can't sit here and watch this anymore. I should be in my brother's
place." states Becky.

"Heh, Is Little Becky jealous?" smiles Smith.

Sashi smiles, "Do you wish to join us, Mistress? I would certainly not

"Sorry, but I can't..." states Becky.

"You're jealous, admit it Becky." states Smith.

Sashi sighs and stands back up. She goes to collect her clothes and
starts to put them back on.

"Hey, what's the deal? come on Becky. join your girlfriend." states

"I can't, it would feel too weird with you involved in it." replies

Sashi dresses in silence, then sits down on the floor, sighing as she
waits for Smith and Becky to finish their conversation.

"Fine, have it your way." replies Smith. "I think we spent enough time
here, let's go Sashi." states Becky walking towards the door.

Sashi gets to her feet, turns to Smith and whispers telepathically,
"Thank you..." She winks, then follows Becky toward the door.

"Fine, leave, I got a cutie coming over anyway." states Smith.

Sashi gasps, "She IS rather pretty, is she not?" She winks at Smith.

"You bet she is." states Smith. "Sashi, come on." calls Becky at the

Sashi bows respectfully at Smith, then turns back to follow Becky,
saying only, "Yes, Mistress..."

"Sashi, we're going back to the hanger to wait for Kimmie and Nanyo
ok?" states Becky as they leave Smith's place.

Sashi nods, "As you wish, Mistress..." She follows Becky, still looking
from side to side, obviously excited at the technology.

The two reach the Hanger and wait for Kim and Nanyo.

To Be Continued in...
Kimberly's Secret: Redux

Chapter 16

Title: SIDE FIC 2: Becky's Midnight Urge

[Author's notes:

a flash back about when becky sneaks into her brothers room to fu*k him



A 17-year old Becky stood at the slightly opened door to her brother's
room. She was completely nude, ever since she was raped by her sister,
and no longer had her hymen, she continued to think about what it would
feel like to be penetrated by a real cock. Since the nearest cock
belonged to her brother, Smith, who was sleeping in his bed, he was the
main guy in her fantasies.

Becky knew her brother wasn't exactly 'for' an incestual fu*k so she
waited until he was sleeping. The only reason her brother continuously
hit on Kim, and she'd continuously turn him down, was because they
weren't blood-related.

Anyway, Becky walked into the room and carefully pulled the cover off
her brother's body, revealing him in just a pair of thin sleeping
pants, blue in color. Smith had a moderately toned upper body, he was
quite muscular for a magic-user.

He was lying on his back, which made Becky's task easier, and she very
carefully pulled his pants down. To Becky surprise, Smith didn't wear

"Heh, this is too easy..." states Becky lowly as she sees her brothers
limp cock.

Becky wasted no time and grasped her brother's penis in her right hand
and began up and down motions to arouse her brother, who only sighed
lowly in his slumber for his reaction.

Within moments, her brother's rod was fully erect and Becky gently got
on the bed, with her back to her brother as her crotch was just inches
away from her brother's rod. Becky was already wet so there was no need
to worry about lubrication.

Eager to be penetrated, Becky lowered herself to her brother's cock and
gasped in pleasure as she felt herself being entered into. She soon had
taken her brother's entire rod into her as she now basically sat on her
brother's waist, a low moan now came from Smith.

Becky then began pumping herself into her brother's cock, loving the
feeling... until she felt his hands on her thighs, she immediately
froze in fear of being caught.

"Now isn't this a pleasant surprise..."

Becky was quickly about to speak but Smith continued and said, "Nya,
you could have called at least, you could've waken up my little

'He doesn't realize it's me!' thinks Becky in relief.

"Now turn around and let me see that cute face of yours."

Becky slowly shook her head no.

"Ok then, well we'll just fu*k like 'this' again..." replies Smith as
he pushes Becky forward onto her hands and knees while he get to he's

He then began thrusting himself into Becky, with his left hand on her
left shoulder to steady himself.

Becky meanwhile was moaning in pleasure lowly, barely low enough for
Smith to hear.

A few minutes later...

"Hey, Nya, you've been pretty quite, is something wrong?" asks Smith as
he continuos to thrust his cock into Becky.

Again, Becky shook her head no.

"Well say something then, you were always verbal when we fu*ked
before..." Smith then grinned as he thought of something. "Oh I get it,
this is another one of your sex games, you want me to make you talk

Becky then thought, 'uh-oh...'

Smith then released Becky's left shoulder and reached under Becky with
both hands and cup both of her small breasts and began to massage them
while began to thrust into her hard, forcing a gasp from Becky with
each thrust. Soon, Smith got a puzzled look on his face, Becky's gasps
didn't quite sound like Nya's. Also, Nya's breasts were just a bit
firmer, not by much but Smith could tell. After realizing these things,
it didn't take him long to also realize this little girl was NOT Nya. A
few seconds after the discovery, Becky froze up as her orgasm claimed
her and a gush of fluid left her pussy. Becky's scream of pleasure
quickly gave away her identity.

"Becky!?" exclaimed Smith in shock as he quickly pulled out her and
swiftly turned her to her back

"H-Hi..." smiled Becky as she trembled from her climax.

She was replied with an angry glare from her brother.


A few moments later, Becky yelled an "Ahhhh!" as she was literally
thrown out of her brother's room to the floor and the door slammed
behind her.


Chapter 17

Title: Chapter 15: Kimberly's Secret: Redux

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.]

Sashi, then, pulls out a small PDA-like device that she 'borrowed' from
Becky and asks, "Mistress... this device of yours... what powers it?"

"What the hell?! How did you get that?!" asks Becky Shocked

Sashi frowns, "I.. I um... borrowed it, Mistress... I... I just could
not stand it anymore... I.. I want to know how it works... I... I am
sorry..." She hands it back to Becky, looking apologetic.

"It's ok, just tell me next time you want to see it ok?" replies Becky
offering the device back to Sashi.

"T-Thank you, Mistress... You are so kind and wise..." Sashi begins to
fiddle with it.

Just then, the yell, "Yo, chumps! Sup?!" echoes across the hanger.

"Where are you Nanyo?" asks Becky.

"Yo, up here, Becks! And by the way, Sash, look out below!" Sashi looks
up, gasping, "OOF!" as a big bag lands right in her arms.

"What the hell? She didn't have a bag when we separated..." states

"It is rather heavy, Mistress... Perhaps she did some shopping?"
suggest Sashi, her voice muffled as though she's trying to talk through
the bag. At that moment, Nanyo lands right in front of them, grinning
devilishly. She is attired in her black leather boots, new black
leather pants, a black sweater through which the outline of her bra can
be seen, and black gloves. She's also wearing black sunglasses and nice

"Ok, how the fu*k did you afford that with no money?" asks Becky
glaring at her.

Nanyo grins and flips out her cell-phone, which has a little pocket in
which more than 10,000 Fed. Credit bills are stuffed, "So who doesn't
have money, eh, Becks?"

"How did you get that?"

Nanyo winks, "Just one of my many talents, Becks..."

"I won't even ask, BTW have you seen Kimmie?" states Becky.

Nanyo shook her head, "No... She wasn't anywhere around the area I
was... I wonder if she's ok..."

"I haven't even heard from her... She said she was going to check on
something..." replies Becky.

"Hmmm... Should we be worried?" asks Nanyo, looking concerned as Sashi
finally collapses from the weight of the bag. Nanyo rolls her eyes at
Sashi and states, "Damn, Sash... You're too weak..." She picks up the
bag almost effortlessly and helps Sashi to her feet.

A beeping is then heard from the device Sashi has. "That probably her
there, Sashi, give me that back." states Becky.

Sashi, still panting from the weight of the bag even though it was
removed from her, hands over the device.

Becky presses a button and answers with her voice. "Hello?" Kim's voice
is then heard and machinery is heard in the background. "Hey, Becky,
Where are you?"

"I'm back in the hanger with Sashi and Nanyo. Where are you?" replies
Becky. "Um, that's not important right now." comes Kim's voice.

Nanyo groans, "And why is that, Starki?"

"Sorry, guys, but Your going to have to leave without me." replies Kim.

Nanyo groans, "Why the hell should we do that?"

"Something came up. I won't be leaving here for a little while. Becky,
you can use my ship to go back."


Nanyo swipes the PDA from Becky and almost screaming, demands, "Where
the hell are you, Starki?! I ain't leavin' without you!"

"Your going to have to, don't worry, I'm not leaving permanently...
It's just for a little while." states Kim.

Nanyo now really screams, causing Sashi to cover up her ears, "YOU DAMN
flings the PDA back at Becky and storms off.

"Tell, Nanyo I'm really sorry for Me Becky, ok?" asks Kim.

"Ok, I will when she calms down." replies Becky.


then a mans voice is heard in the background. "It's time..."

"Ok... I got to go now." states Kim.

Sashi looks up as Nanyo leaves. She questions Becky, "Mistress? Where
is Miss Kim? And why is Nan'chi leaving?"

"Kim's not coming with us right now, She says something's come up. I
have no idea why Nanyo is leaving. Hey, Where are you going?" states

Nanyo is long gone and doesn't reply.

"Great, this is all I need, Nanyo to go MIA, and I have no clue where
she is..." states Becky.

Sashi then speaks up, "I do not know if this will help, Mistress, but I
can track her by her thoughts..."

"So you can figure out where she is?" asks Becky.

Sashi nods, "Yes, Mistress... We Ap Dat have a psychic connection to
each other... I can trace her quite easily."

"Well find Nanyo please." requests Becky.

Sashi nods, "As you wish, Mistress..." She closes her eyes and grunts
softly, then points to the left, saying, "About 100 meters in that
direction, Mistress..."

"Good, she's still in this room." states Becky making her way in the
direction Sashi pointed.

Sashi then points out, "Um, Mistress... she is on the move... I think
she is trying to find a bar or some place to find a strong drink... I
sense a great need to be inebriated..."

"Well the teleporters are the only means of leaving this room, and sees
going away from them." states Becky.

Sashi shakes her head, "Somehow, I do not think she really cares... she
is incredibly strong... she may try to break through a wall to get to
where she is going..."

"I don't think that would be a safe thing to do, all the walls of
Pioneer 2 are triple reinforced, solid crystallized metal. Heh, the
wall would win if Nanyo tries to attack it." states Becky.

Sashi smiles, "That might be the only thing to stop her... Right
now..." She points to a distant figure and states, "There she is,

"Hey, Nanyo! What are you doing? Why did you leave?" calls Becky.

Nanyo is crouched down on the ground, looking upset, but she seems
calmer as she gets up, "Is there some reason that I HAVE to follow you,
Becky?! Isn't it possible that I might want to stay here in this

"Well, one reason you have to come with me is because you aren't even
supposed to be here." replies Becky.

Nanyo turns away, "So just because I'm come from a back-woods planet,
it means I can't be here? That sucks... Royally..."

"Not without supervision. Come on, Kimmie said she'll be back. There's
no need to get upset over this." states Becky.

Nanyo's shoulders slump, but she says nothing, turning toward the
teleporters and trudging toward them. Sashi raises an eyebrow and
whispers to Becky, "I have never seen her so depressed before... this
must really bother her..."

Becky then rushes in front of Nanyo. "Where are you going?"

Nanyo scratches her head, "Um, the teleporters, maybe? Isn't that how
we got here?"

"But why? We're leaving." replies Becky.

"Oh yeah... Where's the ship?" asks Nanyo, obviously still hurting but
not wanting to talk about it.

"Back there." Becky points behind her.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Whatever..." She moves toward Kim's ship,
following Becky.

'I really hope Kimmie is ok...' thinks Becky walking.

Nanyo says nothing but Sashi nods, "I hope so, too, Mistress..."

"Huh? Oh yeah, the mind reading thing." replies Becky.

Sashi bows, "I am sorry, Mistress... Did you wish for me to not read
your mind?"

"Well, I would like some privacy." states Becky smiling

Sashi bows again, "As you wish, Mistress..." Nanyo rolls her eyes,
"Yeah, that's right, Sash, just roll right over for her..." Sashi gives
her a dirty look, but says nothing.

"What was that Nanyo?" asks Becky turning around.

Nanyo sighs, "Look... I just don't like how Sash always rolls over for
you... she's a person, not a possession, ya know?!"

Becky simply looks at Nanyo. It's obvious she's holding back some
emotion. "... I know that..."

"Then why do you persist in makin' her do that?! Why do you persist in
keeping her like this?! Like she is a slave?!" demands Nanyo, pointing
her finger into Becky's chest.

" 'cause she is a slave!" exclaims Becky before quickly putting her
hands over her mouth.

Nanyo gasps, "WTF?!" Then she turns to Sashi and demands, "Is this
true, Sash?! Are you a slave?!"

Sashi nods, pulling out her slave contract and flashing it in front of
Nanyo. The moment Nanyo sees the type of parchment it is written on,
she exclaims a particular swear word that I won't repeat here and
scratches her head, "Geez, Sash.. I... I didn't know... W-Was it

Sashi nods, "Yes... After the accident, he kept me locked up in the
basement for 5 years before he grew fed up with me and sold me to an Ap
Dat doctor.... I have been a slave ever since..."

Nanyo sighs, "Geez..." She, then, swears vehemently again and scratches
her head one more time before apologizing to Becky, "Look, I'm sorry,
Becks... I honestly didn't know..."

"It's ok..." states Becky before turning around. sniffling could then
be heard from Becky a moment later.

Nanyo says nothing but Sashi gasps, "Nan'chi! Where did you hear that
word?!" Nanyo just shakes her head, then Sashi replies, "O-Okay..."

"Let's just get on the ship and leave..." states Becky walking to and
onto the ship.

Nanyo nods as Sashi does the same. Then both girls climb aboard the
ship and wait for Becky to start it up.

Becky sits in the pilot seat and presses a series of buttons in quick
succession, as the ship comes to life as various lights turn on.

Sashi asks, "Mistress... May I see your PDA-thing again? I have an idea
to increase the length of time your power source will power it..."

"Huh?" questions Becky.

Sashi blinks and repeats her question, thinking that she didn't make
herself clear. She clarifies it at the end by adding, "I have an idea
to make the power source last longer..."

"Uh, ok..." states Becky as she hands over the device.

Sashi takes hold of the device and fiddles with it for about 25
seconds, little beeping coming from it every so often.

"Ok, here we go." states Becky as she presses a button on the ceiling
and the end of the hanger opens out into the vastness of space and
Becky flies the ship out.

Within only a few seconds more, Sashi hands the device back to Becky
and states, "There you go, Mistress... I have doubled the power... it
will last for twice the amount of time as before..."

"You still haven't told us how you know about this stuff Sashi." states

Nanyo grins, for the first time in a little while and speaks up as
Sashi blushes, "Isn't it obvious, Becks? She may be a slave, but that
doesn't mean she's not a genius... She knows the theories behind any
device's functions and by manipulating those theories, she can pretty
much do anything with any mechanical device..."

"Wow, that's amazing." states Becky.

Nanyo grins, "Isn't it though? Lil' Sash's a bloomin' genius!" She
grabs Sashi around the chest and hugs her in a teasing fashion as she
tousles Sashi's hair. Sashi groans and tries to squirm away.

Becky's PDA-like device then beeps. She presses a button. "Hello? Who
is it?" asks Becky. "It's me, Suu silly." comes a girl's voice.

Nanyo gasps, "Suu?! That girl from Starki's memories?!" Sashi stops
squirming, asking, "Who is that, Mistress?"

"Huh? A friend of mine. What are you talking about Nanyo?" asks Becky.

Nanyo replies, "There is a girl from Starki's memory... Her name was
Suu... She is really close to Starki's heart..."

"Oh? What's she like? Suu, hold on a minute." states Becky. "Ok."
replies Suu.

Nanyo, then leans close to Becky, and whispers to her all she knows
about Suu.

"Really? Kimmie never told me about her. Hey, Suu, do you know someone
called Kim?" asks Becky. "Kim? Hmmm.... Kim, Kim..... nope, sorry. I do
remember a wonderful person called Kimberly though. She had dark skin,
beautiful brown eyes, and the prettiest black hair I have ever seen.
But, I haven't seen her since I was little.." states Suu.

Nanyo thinks, "Hmm... that does sound a little like Starki... So is
this gonna be a rival for Starki's heart? Damn it... I can't lose to
someone else... Not now when I've finally found someone I love.."

"But... Kimberly died though." states Suu sadly.

Nanyo freezes. "What?!" she thinks, totally shocked.

"It was horrible... part of her arms and legs were completely blown
off. I stayed with her until she was gone..." Suu trails off as she is
heard sobbing.

Nanyo turns to Becky and motions for her to put the PDA on mute or

"Suu, stay on, I'm still going to be here. I have to talk in private
for a sec." states Becky. "Ok." replies Suu. Becky then presses a
button. "Ok, what is it?" asks Becky.

Nanyo says, "I'm sorry to bother you, Becks, but I don't think that Suu
is Starki's friend... There is no way that Starki had her arms and legs
completely blown off... if she is Starki's friend, then something is
SERIOUSLY screwed here..."

"Ok, hold on..." states Becky as she then presses the same button
again. "Suu, where were you two when this happened?" asks Becky. "Uh,
at a facility where we were.... 'tested' on. Kimberly just couldn't
take it anymore and just snapped." states Suu.

Nanyo listens, trying to find out what Suu's talking about without
using her telepathy.

"What kind of tests where they?" asks Becky. "We were raped, for 4
years..." replies Suu.

Nanyo wonders, "If I remember correctly, I could almost sense that
Starki felt that too..."

"Suu, you wouldn't happen to have a picture of this girl would you?"
asks Becky. Yeah, I do, hold on a sec..." states Suu.

Nanyo leans close to Becky to look at the PDA.

"Here it comes..." states Suu. seconds later a picture of a younger Kim
is shown in a window above the device.

Nanyo exclaims, "HOLY SHIT! THAT'S STARKI!"

"What? You know her?" asks Suu surprised.

Nanyo nods, "I should say so... I just slept with her last night! And,"
here she points to Becky, ".. this is her sister!"

"What!? Kimberly's alive?! But I saw her die! How can this be?!"
exclaims Suu. "Kimmie died?" states Becky.

Nanyo can't think of anything to say, but Sashi speaks up, "Perhaps
these men 'modified' your memory of the even in question..."

"no, that's not possible, Kimberly Killed every single person in that
building." replies Suu.

"Then perhaps your memory of that facility was modified... and if that
is not the case, then perhaps someone modified the memory of Kim..."
states Sashi simply.

"That's not possible. Do you know where 'Kim' is?" states Suu.

Sashi turns to Becky and Nanyo shakes her head, "I don't know... but
Becky might..."

"She's back on Pioneer 2." states Becky. "She's here on the ship?!"
asks Suu.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... she did board with us... and there was a man with
her... and she was actin' all mysterious like..."

"And I heard some machinery in the background when I talked to her."
state Becky. "Machinery? She could be anywhere." states Suu.

Nanyo sighs, "I have a feeling that wherever she was, she wasn't
feeling too good..."

"i got some searching to do. I'll talk to you later Becky." states Suu
as she ends the call. "We're going back to Pioneer 2." states Becky as
she turns the ship around.

Nanyo wrings her hands together as though she's itching to put them
around someone's throat. "Ok... this is starting to piss me off... If
someone's hurting Starki, they'll have to answer to me..."

"Relax Nanyo, I don't think Kimmie was in any danger when I talked to
her. She didn't sound to stressed." states Becky.

Nanyo sighs, "I hope she's ok... Damn those people... Damn them all to

The group makes it into the hanger again of Pioneer 2.

Nanyo is the first one off the ship, breaking right through the
windshield, and flying immediately toward the teleporters. Sashi helps
Becky out of the ship and asks, "Mistress... I think we should

"Yeah, let's go." states Becky. but then her device beeps again. she
answers it. "Hello?" asks Becky.

"Becky, come to the lab 7 on the 2nd level." states Suu. "Ok, we'll be
right there." states Becky.

Nanyo is found, frowning at the tech at the teleporter. She
turns to Becky and Sashi and steps back. "I can't get this damn guy to
teleport me!"

"She's with me, it's ok." states Becky. The man nods and steps aside.

Nanyo sticks her tongue out, "Nyah!" Then she mutters, "Baka..."

The three are teleported to a room with a light skinned, red-haired
Newearl, looking annoyed. "There you are, I can't get in. There's some
kind of super-high security on the door. My card doesn't work." states

Nanyo groans, "Where's the fuckin' door?!" as Sashi asks, "Where is the
security system? Perhaps I can disable it..."

The door then slides up and Kim walks out. And the most notable thing
about her is her hair, it's once again, waist-length. She also wears
one of those hospital gowns. "Huh? What are you three doing here?! And
who are you?" asks Kim to the group of girls.

Nanyo grabs Kim by the shoulders and shakes her, "Damn it, Starki, what
the hell's going on here?!"

"Kimberly! Your alive!" exclaims Suu.

"Wha?! What are you talking about? Of course I'm alive, I'd like to
stay that way." states Kim.

Nanyo closes her eyes and whispers, "I'm sorry, Starki... But I NEED to
know... Forgive me..." She puts one hand on Kim's shoulder and the
other on Suu's shoulder and begins to try to read both minds at once.

Suu then glares at Nanyo and firmly grabs her by the neck. "Do you WANT
to die!?" asks Suu.

Nanyo gasps, "What.. the.. fuck?!"

"It's a serious crime to read someone's mind when ever you
feel like it. I could have you killed for what you tried!" states Suu.
"Hey, hey, wait a minute, I know her." states Kim.

Nanyo scowls, "FUCK, I KNOW that! But I HAVE to know!" She wrenches
free of Suu's grip and flips her over her shoulder, then quickly grabs
her arm and bends it behind her as she holds her shoulder, again trying
to read her mind.

"Nanyo, stop this! What is this all about?" asks Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head, "Please, back off, Starki... This is something I
HAVE to know... Someone is trying' to hurt you and I'M GONNA find out

"No ones trying to hurt me, I'm just fine." states Kim.

Nanyo screams, losing control, "THEN WHY DOES SHE THINK YOU DIED?!"
Sashi's eyes widen at Nanyo's loss of control.

"Died? ...S-Suu?" asks Kim. Suu forces herself from Nanyo and runs up
to Kim and hugs her.

"You remember me! Oh, I'm so happy!" exclaims Suu.

Nanyo grabs Kim by the shoulders and demands, "DAMN IT, STARKI! YOU

"What are you talking about?" asks Kim.

Nanyo finally gives up, and lets go of Kim, falling to her knees and
letting out a deep breath. "Fine..." she mutters, "... Fine... if you
don't want to tell me... that's ok..." She sounds broken hearted, and a
teardrop lands in her lap.

"Kimberly, I saw you die. How are you still alive?" asks Suu.

"Let's just say, I was very lucky that day..." states Kim lowly."

Becky then gasps. "So it's true? You actually died?" Asks Becky.

Nanyo shakes hard, more tears falling down into her lap. Sashi asks,
"Miss Kim, how did it happen?"

"I really don't want to talk about that." states Kim.

Nanyo shakes harder, obviously in the grip of powerful emotion. Sashi
looks confused, but chooses not to press the issue.

"Your arms, and legs...." states Suu. "Oh yeah, that..." states Kim.

Nanyo suddenly lets out a loud cry of emotional pain. Sashi questions,
"If you do not wish to tell us, then answer us this: Are you hurt or

"No, I'm just fine." states Kim.

Nanyo just sits there, looking lost as to what to do. Sashi nods, "If
you are okay... then shall we depart? Mistress, here, has been
concerned about you as has Nan'chi..."

Nanyo stands up, grunted, "I have not! I do not care about her at all!"
She starts to move toward the teleport pad.

A man then comes out the door. "How is it Miss Starr? are they working
good?" states the man. "Oh, yeah, Just like my own." states Kim.

Sashi gasps, "Let me guess! Artificial limbs? What kind of power source
moves them?!" She starts asking a lot of questions about them as Nanyo
stalks off.

"How the hell do you know that?!" asks Kim. "Artificial limbs?! Kimmie,
is that true?" asks Becky.

Sashi shrugs, "What else could it be? Suu said that your limbs were
destroyed when she thought you were dead... the only explanation that
could be is that you have artificial limbs."

"You told them that?" asks Kim to Suu. "Uh, sorry, I shouldn't have?"
replies Suu.

Sashi sees that Kim does not seem to want to talk about her limbs and
backs off, moving to Becky's side. Nanyo is on the other side of the
room next to the teleporter, arguing with the man.

"Well, It is kinda embarrassing..." states Kim.

"Oh, I see, sorry..." replies Suu.

the man then speaks up. "Miss Starr, like before, please
refrain from removing the limbs for an hour while they set."

"Ok, I won't." replies Kim. Becky suddenly speaks up. "They're

Sashi says nothing, merely trying to learn more.

Kim then blushes. "Yeah, there removable..." replies Kim. "That's SO
cool!" exclaims Becky.

Sashi glances back at Nanyo, looking concerned. She whispers to Becky,
"Mistress... I think Nan'chi wishes to leave this area..."

"Huh? Why?" replies Becky.

Sashi points to Nanyo, arguing even louder with the man.

Kim then calls over to Nanyo. "Nanyo, what are you doing
over there?"


"Nanyo, what's gotten into you?" asks Kim.

Nanyo turns her back on Kim, continuing to berate the poor man.

Kim then gently pushes Suu off of her and walks to Nanyo and puts a
hand on her shoulder. "Nanyo..."

Nanyo shrugs off Kim's hand, quietly stating, "leave me alone..." She
sniffs loudly, and tries to bolt away, seeing that she can't get the
tech to help her.

"Nanyo, what's wrong?" asks Kim.

Nanyo says nothing, only sniffling once or twice before collapsing down
on the ground. Sashi's eyebrows widen, "Whoa..." she
states simply.

Kim walks to Nanyo and kneels beside her. "What's wrong?
tell me." states Kim.

Nanyo sniffs, whispering, "I... I can't tell you, Starki... I-It hurts
too much..." She tries again to shrug Kim away from her.

"Please? tell me..." continues Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head and Sashi gasps, "I see... but Nan'chi... that
will not help..." Nanyo looks up at Sashi and sighs, "I guess you're
right... but I've hidden it for so long... I... I don't know how
powerful it will be if I let it go..."

"What are you talking about?" questions Kim.

Nanyo looks up at Kim, tears in her eyes, as she whispers, "Love...
Starki... Love..."

What do you mean powerful?" asks Kim puzzled.

Nanyo replies, sniffling, "T-The last time, I let it go... was with
Nisu... and it kept me from loving anyone else for 4 years... 4 of the
loneliest, most desperate years of my life... I... I swore I'd never
let it go again... b-but I... I can't control it..."

"Wow, so, you really do feel that strongly about me?" asks Kim as she

Nanyo sniffles, "Yes..." and she too blushes, as Sashi takes hold of
Becky's shoulder and tries to steer her away, whispering, "Mistress...
I do not think that we should be here right now..."

"Were else we gonna go?" asks Becky.

Suu then walks to Kim and Nanyo. "Um, what's going on here?"

Sashi points to the teleporter, suggesting helpfully, "Perhaps we
should return to the ship?"

"Oh, ok.." Becky and Sashi leave.

Nanyo turns back to the ground, sniffling again as a few more tears
drop to the floor.

"Um, Suu, this is Nanyo." states Kim. "Oh, is she your friend?" asks

Nanyo wipes her eyes and starts to stand up, shaking slightly with her
love barely restrained within her. She says to Suu, "I... I'm kinda
embarrassed by all this show of emotion... I.. I'm sorry, really,

"Are you Kimberly's girlfriend?" states Suu bluntly. causing Kim to

Nanyo glances at Kim and strikes a confident pose, "Well, of course she
is... ain't ya, Starki?" She grins.

"Um...." replies Kim concerned as she glances at Suu.

Nanyo says delicately, "Ah... well, seems to me like we have an
impromptu Oln'Tyl here... though I don't know how you two feel about

"What is that?" asks Suu totally puzzled

Nanyo explains, "Onl'tyl is an Ap Dat word... You probably wouldn't
know about the Ap Dat... They live down on the planet below... an
Onl'tyl is a... well... it's like a couple only it includes more

"Oh, that UDP? You live there?" asks Suu.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... in the Gu'lup mountains... in a little village
called Lo'lop... I believe the UDP, as you call it, we call Cyclias.."

"Oh. anyway, would you fight for Kimberly?" asks Suu as she then hugs
Kim. "Don't ask her that?! replies Kim blushing.

Nanyo eyes Suu suspiciously, her left hand moving down to one of the
pouches on her new black leather pants. "Is that a challenge, Suu?" she
says softly, dangerously.

Suu simply smiles at Nanyo. but make no threat to attack.

Nanyo grins, "Should I read your mind, little Suu?"

"If you want to die that badly then go ahead, but I'm not going to
fight you. There's no reason too." replies Suu.

Nanyo smirks, "Good... then if you ain't interested in
fightin', I won't try..." She relaxes visibly and her hand drops back
to her side.

"Your lucky, Nanyo. I'm sorry Kimberly but I have some good and bad
news..." states Suu as a blush claims her face." What is it?" questions

Nanyo stands slightly back, preferring not to interrupt Suu. Her
telepathic mind, though, is latching on to Kim's, beginning to build a
connection with her, so that at some point, Kim will be able to harness
Nanyo's power to sense what Nanyo is thinking. It does this without
Nanyo's conscious thought; it is simply what happens when an Ap Dat
falls in love with someone and Nanyo's mind tells that to Kim as it's
doing this.

Suu whispers something into Kim's ear and Kim's eyes go wide and a
smile appears on her face. "There's nothing bad about that, I'm happy
for you." states Kim.

Nanyo speaks up, looking confused, "What? What is it, Starki?" Again
her mind continues its action on Kim's, with Nanyo totally unaware of

"Suu's in love!" states Kim happily. Kim then reaches a hand up to her
head and starts to lightly hit herself. but the sleeve of the dress
she's wearing rides up and shows some of the uncovered biomechanical
veins and muscles and such.

Nanyo sees Kim hitting herself and asks, concerned, "What's wrong,
Starki? Ya got a headache or somethin'?" She notices the veins and
winces, but chooses not to say anything about them.

"There's a buzzing in my head..." replies Kim.

Nanyo asks, looking confused, "Why? Why would there be such a thing?
Unless..." She gasps, "Uh-oh..." then blushes and looks sheepish.

"What's wrong?" asks Kim unaware of her uncovered arm.

Nanyo looks slightly uncomfortable and blushes again as she leans in
close to Kim and whispers about the Ap Dat mind needing to connect to
those that particular Ap Dat loves.

Kim then blushes as well and notices her arm and promptly covers it
with her other hand as she lowers it.

Nanyo blushes and whispers, "Sorry, Starki... the.. the um, buzzing...
will fade shortly..." Right after that, the buzzing stops and
everything Nanyo thinks now begins to be broadcast to Kim's mind.

"Oh, and sorry if you saw my arm, we weren't completely done when I
walked out." replies Kim.

Nanyo shrugs, "It's ok... so long as I know you're ok, Starki..." She
hugs Kim and turns to look for Sashi and Becky. Her thoughts include
confusion at their absence.

"anyway, Suu says her love is a guy." states Kim. Suu
then blushes deeply at this point.

Nanyo grins, "Really? What does he look like, Suu?" She seems
interested, but her mind is sighing in relief that Suu isn't gonna be a
rival for Kim's heart and love.

"H-He's really nice and cute too. I meet him about 2 years ago. I'm
just happy I got to meet Kimberly again, it really meant allot to me."
replies Suu.

"Heh... maybe you'll wanna introduce him to her?" grins Nanyo, ruffling
up Kim's hair as her mind thinks, "Cool... Starki's hair is nice and
long... I can't WAIT to fuck her again.."

Kim's eyes go wide as she hears Nanyo's thought. "Yea, maybe some day I
can..." replies Suu.

Nanyo grins, "Well, whenever you do, I'm sure Starki would love to meet
him... You know, she's always had a thing for you..." She thinks,
"Yeah... and now that you're in love with a guy, she's all mine..."

"I know, and I her... We had a pretty fu*ked childhood." replies Suu.

Nanyo laughs, "I don't doubt it... but then again, my little friend
Nisu, uh, Suki... and I had a really fucked childhood too..."

"Well, it's been great, but I got to get going..." states Suu leaving
for the teleporter.

Nanyo waves, "See ya, Suu! Don't be a stranger if you ever go
down to Lo'Lop, now!"

"K, cya!" replies Suu before teleporting out.

Nanyo turns to Kim and apologizes, scratching her head, "Look, I'm
really sorry, Starki... I should never have tried to come after you...
You obviously were fine and didn't need my help... Can you forgive me?"
She looks sad and pathetic.

"Yeah, I should have said something though, but I was too embarrassed
to tell you." replies Kim.

Nanyo sighs, holding the slightly shorter girl in her arms, "Starki...
Now that we have 'bonded', you don't need to keep any secrets from
me... and I, in turn, will be unable to keep any secrets from you... I
love you too much to hurt you..."

"I see, BTW, where did you get those clothes?" asks Kim.

Nanyo sweatdrops, "Uh... the store?" Her mind though thinks the truth
though she tries so hard to hide it.

"You sold yourself?" asks Kim.

Nanyo blushes, "Ah, crap... I shouldn't have thought that..." She backs
off, looking highly nervous.

"I told you your going to have to stop that." states Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "But I needed the money... and I was bored... There's not
a lot of stuff to do up here when you don't know anything..." She looks

"Y didn't you just say with Becky?" asks Kim.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "I've never been one to follow..."

"Well, i got to go get finished with the attachments I'll see you in a
little ok?" states Kim walking to the door she left from.

Nanyo shakes her head, "Uh-uh... I ain't going anywhere... except with

"But I got to go finish with my arms and legs..." replies Kim.

Nanyo holds Kim's shoulder, pulling her back, "Starki... I ain't never
letting you go... If you have to go somewhere, I'll go with you..."

"But you might not want to see this..." states Kim as she lifts the
sleeve of her dress to show her upper arm.

Nanyo winces, then grips Kim's shoulder hard, "It's ok, Starki... It's
ok... I... I can deal with it... I promise..."

"Ok... so you're going to come in there with me?" states Kim.

"Starki... I wouldn't feel very proud of myself if I wasn't there to be
with you during this time..." states Nanyo resolutely.

To Be Continued in...
Kimberly's Exposure

Chapter 18

Title: Chapter 16: Kimberly's Exposure

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


"Ok then..." states Kim as she walks into the lab with Nanyo. "Hey, I'm
ready..." states Kim as she goes and sits on a lab bed.

"Ok Miss Starr." states a scientist-looking person as two of them
surround Kim on both sides.

Nanyo watches, concern showing her face, her mind broadcasting her
worry to Kim.

"Don't worry Nanyo, despite what you'll see, I'll feel no pain..."
states Kim. reassuringly as she the two females remove Kim's hospital
dress to reveal her nude body.

Nanyo blushes, her body showing slight signs of arousal as she thinks,
"Ok, Kim..."

once the gown is gone the two people grasp Kim's upper arm and twist in
an unnatural way and the arms completely detach from Kim's body.

Nanyo winces, "Ouch... looks painful... but I don't see any blood...
wonder why..."

"It's not, trust me Nanyo, I feel nothing." states Kim as the two
people take Kim's arms off to the side a little ways and works on them.

"So what powers them, Starki?"

"There's a battery-like thing in my abdomen that's connected to my
limbs and that is connected to my brain." states Kim.

Nanyo gasps, "In your abdomen?! But wouldn't your bladder swelling mess
with the placement of that? Oh, wait a minute... is that why your
bladder control is so weak?"

"Kim then blushes and says nothing.

Nanyo grins, "Are you tryin' to keep something from me, Starki? Have
you forgotten about our mental link?"

The two scientist then come back and remove Kim

's legs in the same fastion as her arms and takes them over to the side
and works on them. Kim now blushes for a different reason at her

Nanyo asks, "What's wrong, Starki? Why are you so embarrassed?" She
places her hand on Kim's chest to comfort her.

"Look at me, I don't have ether my arms or my legs. You still love me?"
states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Aw, Starki... you still have your clit right? and your
bladder? That's all I could care about your physical being... but more
than that, your mind is still intact and as long as both of us are
alive, we will always be connected... I love you no matter what
happens..." She leans over Kim and gives her forehead a quick kiss to
ease her mind.

"I wish I could touch you right now..." states Kim.

Nanyo smiles, "You can, Starki... or rather... You can feel my
presence... just close your eyes and relax... I'm gonna show you
something that Ap Dat girls excel at..."

Kim does so and closes her eyes.

Nanyo whispers, "That's good, Starki.. now just focus on
me... put all your thoughts on me..."

"Ok..." states Kim lowly, proof of her relaxation.

Nanyo grins, then suddenly, the whole room falls dark, a single
spotlight highlighting she and Kim. The table upon which Kim is laying
disappears as Kim's body sits up, her original limbs back in their
places as Nanyo holds Kim in her arms.

"What the Hell?" states Kim to herself.

Nanyo grins, "Like it, Starki? It's your past..."

"But, my arms, and legs... there back?" states Kim in disbelief.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... you see, because we've gone back into time before
you lost them... ergo, they're right there..."

"This is amazing, but I was a child when I lost me limbs..." states

Nanyo nods, "I know... that's why I... augh..." She grunts and closes
her eyes before stating, "I don't think I can keep it up for a long
time, though... It's quite a strain on my mind... but I just wanted you
to have a few minutes with your limbs because you seemed so sad without

"It's just because I'm just used to being with those certain people
when this happens. I wasn't sad, just embarrassed." states Kim.

"Even so, Starki... I wanted you to be happy... and I thought that this
might make you happy for a few minutes..." She reaches out and caresses
Kim's right thigh, which, for not being real, sure doesn't seem like it
is as it makes Goosebumps form causing a tingling feeling to surge
through Kim's mind.

"Heh, that feels good.." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "It should... it's real skin, yanno..." She starts to rub
gently as she places her mouth near Kim's left arm, blowing softly on
the hairs of Kim's skin.

"Kim shivers as a chill goes through her body

Nanyo grins, "Did that feel good, Starki?" She leans close to Kim's
lips and brushes hers slightly on them, giving Kim a gentle kiss.

"How long can you keep this up?" ask Kim.

Nanyo smiles grimly, "For a little while... I wanted to make sure you'd
have some fun with your arms and legs..." She slips behind Kim and
starts massaging her shoulders, leaning over the left one to lick at
Kim's left ear.

"Oohh!" moans Kim as a shot of pleasure courses through her body.

Nanyo then whispers in Kim's ear, "Try moving your arms... You'll
really like that..." She drops one hand down to Kim's stomach and
gently rubs, not in a tickling fashion but in a gentle romantic

"What will happen if I move my arms?" questions Kim.

Nanyo whispers, "You'll discover a whole new world of pleasure... try
it, Kim..."

"Just by moving my arms?" asks Kim in disbelief.

Nanyo grins, "Ever hear the phrase: Things are more pleasurable when
done with reality? After so long of being stuck with plastic and wires
and stuff... It'll feel really good to feel the actual thing, won't

"Heh, yeah, it would..." states Kim before she then moves her arms.
"Oh, that feels great." states Kim as she hugs herself.

Nanyo winks, "I told you it would... Now... try moving your legs..."
She places her lips on Kim's cheek, sliding her tongue upward.

Kim does so and coo's in the feeling.

Nanyo smiles, "Ah, Starki... It does give me great pleasure to see you
so happy... more pleasure, I think, than anyone ever gave me in those 4
years..." She lets go of Kim and turns away, sniffling sadly before
catching herself and muttering, "Sorry... I... I'm still not used to it

"That you for this. Although I can still feel with my artificial limbs,
there's nothing like the real thing.

Nanyo smiles, "I'm so glad I could help you, Starki... Now, do you want
to do something with them? Maybe a walk or a brisk run... or sex... "
she adds hastily, blushing.

"Hmmm, as tempting as that last offer is, I think I'll opt for that
walk if you don't mind." replies Kim.

Nanyo smiles, "Sounds good... Do you know of a good beach from your
memory that we could walk along?"

"Unfortunately, no, I don't..." replies Kim.

Nanyo frowns, "Hmmm... ok... well... I've got one... but I'm not sure
if I can bring it here... I'll try..." She grunts heavily, her image
shuddering as though she were on TV before a small beach came into view
around the two girls.

"Oh, this is Great." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, looks slightly strained, "Yes, it is, isn't it? Well...
shall we?" She offers her hand to Kim to help her up.

Kim talks her hand and they start walking down the beach.

Nanyo sighs, "So, Kim... you slept with your sister on multiple
occasions... tell me... how strong is her bladder?"

"Stronger than mine, I tell ya that." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo nods, "I know... and now I know why... that device in your
abdomen... it prevents your bladder from swelling doesn't it?"

"Yeah, you could say that..." states Kim.

"Tell me, Starki... how long can you normally hold it before you have
to go?"

"The longest I've managed to hold it in after I became desperate
was.... 20 or 30 minutes i think." replies Kim.

"Hmmm... and what made that time different from any other? I mean, what
enabled you to hold it that long?"

"Just luck I guess..." states Kim.

"Hmmm... and I would guess that because you couldn't hold it, that's
what turned you to liking wetting yourself?"

"Yeah, it was..." replies Kim blushing

Nanyo giggles, holding Kim close to her body, "I imagine you wet
yourself many times at first, right?"

"Yeah, it was totally embarrassing, even though I was alone when it
happened." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Tell me the story... I wanna know!"

"Maybe later..." states Kim.

Nanyo pouts, "Awwwww...."

"Anyway, What do you like sexually?"

Nanyo points to herself, "Me? Well, lessee... I like anal, ws, gore,
pain, big cocks, big breasts, ah hell... It's easier to say what I
don't like than what I like... which is... scat..."

"Just like B.B...." states Kim.

Nanyo asks, "Why do you call your sister B.B. anyway? I thought her
last name was Starr, like yours?"

"It is, The first time I called her that, she didn't like it. So, I
call her B.B. just to annoy her sometimes." states Kim before giggling
a little.

"Heh, sounds like what sisters do to each other..." jokes Nanyo,
looking a little bit sad. She recovers quickly, though, and asks, "You
know, Starki... It occurs to me that you don't seem to know much about
me... If you have any questions about me or my past, just ask..." She
winks at Kim.

"Ok, when I think of something, I'll be sure to ask." replies Kim.

Nanyo replies, "Oh..." She looks slightly crushed.

"What's wrong now?" asks Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "It's just that... I keep asking you all these personal
questions but you don't wanna ask me the same ones... I.. I don't
know... I just feel like I'm moving too fast or pushing you too

"I don't mind, I like answering your questions." smiles Kim.

Nanyo shakes her head, "It's not that... I... I just feel
like you don't really want to know about me... that you're comfortable
just knowing I'm here... and that you couldn't care less about how I
got into all this stuff..."

"Well, I won't lie, that is true, but i will want to know more about
you in time." replies Kim.

Nanyo looks at Kim, "You really mean that, Starki?"

"Yes, I do."

Nanyo grins, then stumbles sharply, panting heavily. "S-Starki... I...
I gotta break it off... M-My mana level... is depleted..."

"Ok, I understand..." states Kim.

Nanyo pulls Kim down to her knees and gives her a quick kiss before the
image of the beach shimmers and disappears, both Kim and Nanyo
reappearing back in the lab, Nanyo now collapsing to her knees besides
the table upon which Kim lies.

The scientists return and reattach Kim's limbs which skin begins to
form over the exposed area blending to a perfect match to Kim's skin
color. Kim then sits up and move her arms. " great."

Nanyo pants heavily as she leans upon the table, "A-Are they done,
Starki?" She looks very tired, but happy.

One of the females replies. "Yes, she is ready to leave anything as
soon as she dresses."

Nanyo pants as she forces herself up to her feet, "Great... So do you
want me to help you, Starki?"

"Help me with what?" asks Kim.

Nanyo gives Kim this look: _ and smiles, rubbing her neck, "Help you
with getting dressed, DUH!"

"Oh, sure. There's a room in the back. let's go." states Kim as hops of
the bed and walks in the direction to the door.

Nanyo follows her into the room, looking around and grins, "You know,
Starki... you are very hot..." She wraps her arms around Kim and hugs
her, whispering softly, "And that's quite a compliment from someone
like me..."

"You really think so?" states Kim.

"Starki... I wouldn't have said so if I didn't really think it..." She
gives Kim's left breast a naughty little pinch to prove her point.

"Even after seeing me like I was a few moments ago?" states Kim as a
blush claims her face and she looks down.

Nanyo smiles, "Especially because of how I saw you a few moments ago...
You need someone to protect you even more than Suki needed someone...
besides..." she gives Kim's abdomen a gentle rub and adds, "... your
little 'problem' really... I mean, REALLY turns me on..." she whispers
the word 'really' seductively.

Kim looks up ands smiles at Nanyo faintly. "...Why would you say that I
need more protection than Suki?"

Nanyo sighs, "Because Suki was always a strong person inside... She may
look weak and act shy, but she had a strong family... Even though
Jakashi sold Sashi into slavery, before the accident, they were a happy
family... You, though... you haven't had such a strong family... Now
you have Becky and Smith... but earlier in your life... you had no
one... and that breaks my heart..." Nanyo finishes, holding Kim in a
tender embrace.

"Yeah... I had no one for the longest time, then I meet Suu..." states
Kim smiling inn remembrance.

Nanyo nods, "I could tell, Starki... I can read your mind, but what I
read in your memory is nothing but heartache and pain... It is really
staggering... and it just strengthens my love for you..."

Kim looks at Nanyo and smiles lovingly and tears start to stream down
her face. "Thank you..." states Kim lowly, almost on the verge of
crying uncontrollably.

Nanyo turns Kim around and holds her tightly, "I'm here for you,
Starki... It has been too long... neither of us deserved such pain but
because we have, we've found each other.." A
few tears fall down onto Kim's head from Nanyo's eyes.

"Thank you for being with me... Nani-sama." states Kim as a blush
claims her cheeks.

Nanyo sighs, still holding Kim. She says nothing but her
telepathy replies, "No, Starki... Thank you for being here..." She
starts to rub Kim's back gently.

"Nani-sama..." states Kim lovingly as she closes her eyes and leans her
head on Nanyo's shoulder.

Nanyo smiles sweetly, then pulls back ever so slightly,
blushing slightly as she places her lips on Kim's, kissing her gently,
trying to encourage the younger woman. Her mind starts thinking about
certain X-rated things, though she tries to control it, it begins to
bleed into Kim's mind.

"Are you that horny?" smiles Kim.

Nanyo pulls back and grins sheepishly, "Sorry... eheh, eheh... I'm
gonna hafta to learn to control what I think around you..." She leans
back in and kisses Kim again, still rubbing her back.

"You keep rubbing my back, why?" asks Kim.

Nanyo, still kissing Kim, asks telepathically, "You don't like it,
Starki? Would you prefer I rub you somewhere else?" One of her hands
drops down to Kim's left breast and squeezes it gently.

Kim flinches in pleasure before replying. "I just wanted to know."

Nanyo pulls back a little from the kiss, her lips sliding down Kim's
chin as her arms reach out and take hold of Kim's arms. She slips
behind her and holds her arms behind her as she starts kissing Kim's
neck from behind.

Kim closes her eyes and coo's at the sensation.

Nanyo smiles and whispers, "Starki... tell me... what do you enjoy most
about sex? And don't tell me you never had it... 'cause I know you
did..." She leans over Kim's shoulder and kisses the side of her neck.

"... The wonderful feelings..." replies Kim smiling.

Nanyo grins, "Have you ever touched someone besides your sister and
made them cum? 'Cause that's really what I'd like to do to you right
now... If we had a pair of panties and a pair of jeans... oh, just
imagine the things I would do to you..." She finishes with a very
seductive husky whisper and runs her index finger up the small of Kim's

"Suu, was the only other person..." states Kim blushing.

Nanyo smiles, "Well... do you want to touch another person...? One who
loves you just as much or more than Suu did?" She pulls Kim back
slightly, her C-cup breasts pressing slightly on Kim's back.

"... Yes..." replies Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Well, today's your lucky day, Starki! You just happen to
have a beautiful voluptuous pretty young girl here who's dying for your
touch..." She leans over Kim's shoulder and licks at her cheek as she
lets go of Kim's arms, wrapping her left one around Kim's stomach,
rubbing it tenderly.

"Hey, you wanna feel something?" asks Kim with a smile as she lightly
grasped Nanyo's hand on her stomach.

Nanyo grins, whispering into Kim's ear, "What's that, Starki?" She
holds Kim's right arm with her own, slipping her sweaty palm into Kim's
hand and just holding it.

Kim moves Nanyo's hand down her body just below her panty-line. "Press
your fingers in right there.

Nanyo smiles, giggling softly, "You know where I'm gonna end up,
doncha?" She presses her fingers against Kim's abdomen, feeling
something rather hard. She questions softly, "Is that it, Starki? Is
that what you wanted me to feel? Could it be the control device for
your arms and legs?"

"Yes, that's it..." smiles Kim.

"It's really hard... what is it made out of, Starki?" coos Nanyo as she
licks Kim's cheek again, slightly pulling Kim backward toward some sort
of table or something for the two to sit on.

"It's a special type of metal, I forgot what its called." replies Kim.

Nanyo breathes in, "Ah... and it presses on your bladder, keepin' it
from swelling larger, right?" She sits down on a table and pulls Kim
down into her lap. She turns Kim slightly so that Kim can face her and
presses her lips harder, more roughly, against Kim's. A very slight wet
feeling can be felt around Kim's left thigh where it rests near Nanyo's

"It can swell, but the device is in the way. It prevents it from being
able to swell all the way." states Kim.

Nanyo pulls back from Kim's lips and shudders slightly. She gasps,
"Starki... damn it, you're so hot... I... I can't control myself much
longer... Starki, if you're gonna prevent total sex and desperation...
you'd better leave now... I can't be held responsible for what my
passion does next..." She laughs nervously, holding Kim tightly.

"Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere." smiles Kim.

Nanyo's lips curve in a smirk as she states, "Ok, then...
Don't say I didn't give you a chance to back out, now..." She reaches
up to Kim's breasts and holds them, slightly moving them up and down as
her lips lock with Kim's, the kissing becoming rougher and more

Kim returns the kiss fully and moans.

Nanyo continues the kissing, only harder and rougher, her earthly
passion surging higher and higher, no longer restrained as she lifts
Kim up by her armpits and begins to float off the ground, her legs
intertwining with Kim's.

Kim wonders to herself what Nanyo is planning on doing.

Nanyo continues floating and holding up Kim's body, kissing her harder
and more passionately as she starts to lower Kim down onto her back on
the table, keeping her legs intertwined with Kim's, her mind acting on
impulse now.

Kim reaches up a hand and caresses Nanyo side.

Nanyo smiles as she pulls back from Kim's lips, finally giving the
younger girl a chance to breath, but then, with her legs intertwined
with Kim's, keeping them apart, she lowers her hands down to Kim's
abdomen and starts gently caressing her soft skin, whispering,
"Starki... You are a submissive girl... but some times, too much
submissiveness can be boring..." She lowers her lips down to Kim's left
breast and starting licking.

"How so?" questions Kim.

"You have at times not wanted to wet yourself, isn't that true,
Starki?" She grins and pushes slightly on Kim's abdomen, below the
hardness she touched earlier. "Besides," she adds, "I wanna cum too,
yanno..." She licks Kim's nipple erotically.

"Yeah, of course." states Kim.

"Then do it, Starki... Do what you've always wanted to do..." She
whispers, her breath blowing across Kim's right nipple now, "Make me
cum... do it any way you want to..." She licks Kim's nipple again her
left hand pressing slightly on her abdomen again, to emphasize her

"Ok, but it requires us to switch positions..." states Kim

Nanyo grins, "Of course, Starki... Of course..." She sits up, allowing
Kim to get up. She kisses Kim again on the lips as she does so.

Kim sits up. "Now lay down on your back." states Kim.

Nanyo grins and does what Kim says.

Kim then positions herself with her knees beside Nanyo's head with her
labia above her head and Kim looking at the crotch of Nanyo's pants and
begins to unzip them.

Nanyo groans, "Oh damn... a 69er, Starki? You should know I can't
resist that for long!" She reaches up to Kim's labia and runs a single
finger down long the folds.

Kim groans back a moan and continues with Nanyo's pants.

The little wet feeling from earlier is now explained by a small damp
patch on Nanyo's jeans. She smiles as she slips one finger between
Kim's labia, slightly spreading them and breathing on the area.

"Ah! Nanyo please, I can't concentrate with you doing that." quickly
replies Kim.

Nanyo giggles, "Sorry... I couldn't resist..." She grins and leans back
on the table, pushing her hips forward slightly as her tight pants
start to grow loose on her waist.

Kim pushes the pants down Nanyo's legs and off.

Nanyo's panties, a nice light pink color, are now seen, with a small
wet spot on them, clearly showing off part of her labia and her
abdomen, which is slightly swollen. Nanyo grins, "So whaddaya think?"
She reaches up to Kim's left arm, sliding down to Kim's hand, just so
she could hold it.

"Cute, but they have to go." states Kim as she removes those too.

Nanyo grins, "Interesting... I can't wait to see what you're gonna
do..." She relaxes slightly, a single drop lazily running down from
between her tender-looking labia. She squeezes Kim's hand gently to
indicate her pleasure to her.

"Can I have my hand back Nani-sama?" states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Why? Do you need it?" she purrs seductively.

"Yes, I need it." replies Kim smiling.

Nanyo pouts fakely, "Oh... all right...." She lets go of Kim's hand,
but in return, she takes hold of Kim's left breast, squeezing it
gently, her arm barely reaching down that far.

"Thanks." replies Kim as she uses her hands to spread Nanyo's legs and
sends her face downward and licks at Nanyo's labia.

Nanyo tenses up, "Ah-hah..." She gasps in pleasure and quivers
slightly, a second drop of fluid joining the first one.

"Your pretty wet." states Kim.

Nanyo blushes slightly, then starts to rub Kim's stomach as she
giggles, "Is there any reason I shouldn't be with such a hot cutie
licking me?"

"No one beside B.B. and Suu has ever called me cute." smiles Kim as she
slowly inserts her pointer and middle finger of her right hand into

Nanyo gasps and stiffens in pleasure, pushing her hips forward as she
breathes harder. Her hands now grip Kim's waist, a little more tightly
than she'd wanted to, her vagina is revealed now to be incredibly wide
and wet.

Kim then starts to pump her fingers as she starts to attack Nanyo's
clit with her tongue.

Nanyo starts to push her hips forward and back, beginning to pant now,
as she reaches up and squeezes Kim's breasts, her mind going from one
image to the next as her subconscious link with Kim clearly indicates a
way to increase her pleasure by using the link to control Nanyo's
telepathic powers.

"How close are you to cumming?" asks Kim.

Nanyo grins, "I'd guess about halfway there... judging from my
wetness..." She reaches up and holds Kim's nipples now slightly
pinching them.

"Ok, tell me when your about to come, I got a surprise for you."
replies Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Yessir, ma'am, sir, ma'am..." She laughs and drops one
hand down Kim's stomach, rubbing gently while she pinches Kim's left

Kim moans and returns her mouth to Nanyo's clit and upping the tempo of
her pumping.

Nanyo pants heavily, her ample bosom rising and falling as her thighs
clench slightly, strong waves of pleasure now causing her body to
quiver and shake as she starts to arch her back, pushing her hips

"Are you going to come?" asks Kim.

"A-Almost, Starki... Just... Just a few more seconds..." She leans up
and starts licking Kim's stomach, unable to reach Kim's lips from her
present location. Her breasts are now full and firm, her nipples hard
and pointed and great drops of fluid, almost a straight up trickle
starts to flow down from Nanyo's vagina as she arches her back higher.

Kim then let out a moan then a groan as a drop of fluid falls from her

Nanyo smiles, continuing to lick Kim's stomach and now going down to
Kim's abdomen.

"H-Hey, are you going to come yet?" states Kim. her voice laced with a
somewhat urgent tone.

Nanyo nods, "A-Almost... I-If you... k-keep... i-it up... Ah-Ah!" She
starts to tense up, squeezing her thighs together harder, making her
vagina tighter as it molds around Kim's fingers.

Kim continues her actions but if Nanyo was to look at Kim's crotch, she
could she her vagina tensing and quivering.

Nanyo squeezes her eyes shut, gasping out loud, "I... I can't... can't
stop it! I.. I'm cumming!" She begins to quiver, a long rush of fluid
flowing from her vagina all over Kim's fingers as she shakes hard.

A loud "Ah!" is heard from Kim as a yellowish fluid streams from her
vagina onto Nanyo.

Nanyo gasps, "S-Starki? D-Did you let go?"

"Yeah, like the surprise?" grins Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "Oh yeah... As a matter of fact..." She takes Kim's hand
and rests it on her own abdomen. She grins, "Feel that? It's full...
I've been holding it for you... You said that the next time, you'd like
to make me desperate and I can't think of a better time for you to
try..." She sticks her tongue out teasingly.

Kim then licks her fingers clean. "Ok."

Nanyo says nothing, smiling, but her mind is clearly thinking, "It's
really too bad she took my panties and pants off... This won't be as
interesting without them..."

"I like it without any covering. Ya can see the fluid leaving." states

Nanyo laughs, "Ok, ok... I'll do it your way... but you'll have a
really hard time forcing me to go..." She sticks her tongue out again,
licking Kim's stomach again.

"I want to clean this area first..." states Kim as she begins licking
Nanyo's cum-laden labia.

Nanyo shakes slightly, giggling, "That feels good, actually..."

"Actually what?" asks Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Wouldn't it feel good for you if I did this?" She leans
up to Kim's labia and licks it once.

"Ooh, ya, oh course." states Kim.

"There ya go!" giggles Nanyo, reaching up and rubbing Kim's stomach.

A knock then comes from the door to the room. "Oh great, I'm busy, come
back later." states Kim. "I'm sorry Miss Starr but something has come
up, we request your attendance for a moment." comes a female voice.

Nanyo groans softly, "fuck..." and starts to sit up, making a move for
her panties and pants.

"Ok, fine, I'm coming." replies Kim as she gets to her feet and wait
for Nanyo.

"Thank you, we'll be waiting." states the girl.

Nanyo quickly dresses, looking greatly disappointed and wraps
an arm around Kim, whispering softly, "You OWE me, Starki... I'll try
to hold it for now... but you really OWE me..." She takes Kim's hand
and walks out, arm in arm with her.

"Ok, what's the problem that you had to interrupt me?" states Kim once
outside the room.

"We may have discovered a problem with the new limbs we fitted you
with." states a female. by her dress, it would seem she the one in

Nanyo questions, "And what is that, miss?" Her tone is civil enough,
but the fear and anger within are easily detectable to Kim.

"Kimberly..." begins the same woman. "bring out your wings for us for a
moment." request the woman. "Ok..." replies Kim.

Kim's blue wings appear from her back and Kim suddenly falls to her
knees clearly in pain and her wings disappear. Kim wraps her arms
around herself tightly. "It hurts! What's wrong?!"

Nanyo drops with her, wrapping her arms around Kim, crying, "Starki?!
Are ya okay?! What's wrong?!"

"My body hurts. All over." replies Kim.

the woman then sighs. "It's as we have feared, The new limbs are
interfering with your natural power. As long as have then attached,
your power will be severely limited." states the woman.

Nanyo gasps, "Damn... that means..."

"So I'm stuck like this?" asks Kim. "I'm afraid so..." replies the

Nanyo asks, "Is there nothing she can do to use that power?" She holds
Kim in her arms protectively.

"No, we had to install a new base for the new limbs and those are
interfering as well. So... Kimberly truly is stuck this way, I'm

Kim then lowers her head to the floor and starts to cry.

Nanyo then grips Kim hard and just holds her, patting her back and
whispering, "It's gonna be ok, Starki... It's going to be okay.. I'll
protect you... and I swear I won't leave your side... I'm not going

Kim then lifts her head slightly and brings her right hand in front of
her. "I wonder..." states Kim.

"Hmmm?" goes Nanyo, still holding Kim in her arms.

A ball of light forms in Kim's hand before disappearing and Kim griping
her arm with her other. "Oww!"

Nanyo gasps, "Starki! What's wrong?!" She squeezes Kim a little too
tightly in her excitement.

"I can't even use my energy attacks." replies Kim.

"Damn..." curses Nanyo. "Does that mean you can't even fight? Shit...
if we have to take on Hon'tyl, that's almost suicide..."

"Don't worry, I can still pick up a sword. Besides, there was a time I
was in this same condition, it was because of a rage demon..." states

Nanyo nods, "Oh yea... Suki helped you, didn't she? Suki and a girl
named Chimaki..."

"Yeah, before then, I could only use my techs. So, I can deal with
this." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "You do know how I was able to tell you how you got rid of
the rage demon even though you never told me, doncha?" She winks.

"Yeah." replies Kim. "You two can return to the room now." states the

Nanyo picks Kim up off the floor and carries her, like a newly-wed
couple, back into the room where she adds, "You know, Starki... I'm
surprised that you haven't asked me what my full name is... as far as
you know, I'm only Nanyo.." She grins.

"Yeah, what is your full name anyway?" asks Kim.

To Be Continued in...
Mommy Nanyo, Baby Kimberly... um...

Chapter 19

Title: Chapter 17: Mommy Nanyo, Baby Kimberly... um...

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


Nanyo blushes and starts to look away as she mutters, "It's... um...
it's.. *ahem*... Nanyo Sue Chiamaki..." She squeezes her eyes shut,
fearing that Kim will laugh.

Kim shakes in Nanyo's trying to prevent laughing. "C-Cute."

Nanyo scowls, kicking at the floor, "It wasn't so cute when all my
friends kept calling me Chi-Chi-Chia... ><"

Kim can't hold it in any longer and begins to laugh uncontrollably in
Nanyo's arms

Nanyo rolls her eyes, speaking softly, "it isn't that funny... stop...
it isn't that funny..." But in her mind, several 'choice' words come to
mind and there's a image of Nanyo choking Kim out of frustration that
slips over to Kim's mind.

"Aww, don't be that way... Chi-Chi-Chia." laughs Kim.

Nanyo frowns, looking totally frustrated and annoyed, "Ok ok... let's
just get past that... ><."

"Chi-Chi-Chia!" teases Kim.

Nanyo suddenly grins, "Ok... that's it... You're gonna down, Starr!"
She picks up Kim's whole body, turns her upside down in midair and
starts twirling her around as though she's a baton. "Still think it's
funny, Starki?" teases Nanyo.

"Hey! Come on! Stop!" exclaims Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Not until you say uncle, Starr... Not until you say
uncle..." She twirls Kim faster, now beginning to reach out and give
Kim's breasts and abdomen little pinches.

"Hey, stop it! I'm getting dizzy. And I gotta pee again!"

Nanyo grins, "Then say uncle, Starr... Say uncle... and I'll only make
you wet your panties..." Somehow, in all of the twirling, Kim's panties
are now back on her hips.

"No, I got to get to the bathroom."

"Say uncle, Starr.... Say it!" teases Nanyo. "I have no objection to
watching you pee your panties... You know that..." She grins.

"Well what the point of saying uncle then?" states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "You have two choices... say uncle now and have fun with
your wetting... or don't say it and pee all over the room as well as
your panties... The choice is yours, Starki..."

"Ah! I can't hold it anymore!" exclaims Kim as she pees, soaking the
panties she's wearing.

Nanyo grins, as Kim's urine, due to the situation, starts flying all
over the place, yet she does not stop spinning her. "Say uncle,
Starr... Say uncle or I won't stop, yanno.."

"Uncle! Uncle!" exclaims Kim.

Nanyo grins and lowers Kim down to her feet. She kisses Kim on the
cheek and says, "There ya go... Now was that all that hard?"

"No... Chi-Chi-Chia." giggles Kim.

Nanyo scowls, reaching her hand down to the huge wet spot on Kim's
panties, "Stop it, Starr... or I might just give you some of this..."
Her hand squishes Kim's panties against her labia as she pulls out a
small vial with her other hand. It is Altaiarean Beverage.

Kim smiles wide and exclaims "Chi-Chi-Chia!"

Nanyo smirks, "Ok... you asked for it..." She slips behind Kim,
grabbing her left arm, bending her wrist tightly and forcing the girl
down to her knees. Then she forces open Kim's mouth by beginning to
tickle her and brings the vial up, pouring the A. Beverage down her
throat. Then, her left hand moves down to Kim's abdomen and starts
rubbing. "Now, then... if you don't want to pee again, stop saying Chi-
Chi-Chia... and know that if you don't stop it and wind up peeing
yourself again, that I will repeat this procedure until your urethra is
too sore to care... I'll make it so that you'll never be able to hold
it in ever..." She finishes.

Kim smiles at Nanyo. "Chi-..."

Nanyo grins, and starts pressing on Kim's bladder, her other hand's
index finger slipping into Kim's vagina, to fill it up and put more
pressure on her bladder.

"...Chi-..." continues Kim.

Nanyo frowns, "Stubborn, ain't ya?! That's fine... I can get rather
rough when I want to, ya know..." She pulls her arms back up to her
pouches, pulling out a leather leash. She ties it around Kim's wrists,
binding them together to the table. Then she reaches into her bag and
pulls out a nice whip, smirking, "Now, then... I don't think you can
hold it when I do... THIS!"

She snaps the whip close to Kim's head without hitting her. "That was a
practice shot, Starr... I can get MUCH closer..."

"Kim quickly gets a shocked look on her face. "U-Uh, ok, sorry, I won't
call you Chi-Chi-Chia anymore." states Kim before giggling a little.

Nanyo growls, "Now, understand that I ain't mad with you... I'm just
gonna teach you a lesson..." She draws the whip back in a dramatic
fashion and cracks it on the table just beyond Kim's left ear.

"I said I won't call you Chi-Chi- Chia anymore, oops." states Kim after

Nanyo sighs, snapping the whip right across Kim's side, just barely
breaking the skin. "I did warn you, ya know... and if you keep this up,
you'll wet yourself again... do you want to have your urethra so
sensitive that you'll be peeing in your pants every time you have to

"I franking don't believe that's possible." replies Kim in a very
matter-a-factly tone.

"Oh believe me... it is... It's very easy to do... I've had it done to
me many times...." states Nanyo, striking out with her whip again,
brushing it against Kim's abdomen, which is starting to swell again.

"Well, I won't believe it until I see it." states Kim

Nanyo smirks, "Is that a challenge, Starr? 'Cause I love a
challenge..." She holds her whip at the steady.

"What do you think?" smiles Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Excellent... I always knew I'd need this..." She reaches
into a pouch, pulling out a vial of green-colored liquid. It is clear
it is not Altaiarean Beverage. Nanyo, then, reaches down to Kim's
panties and rips them off, avoiding tearing them, but not by much. She
starts to caress Kim's tender folds, stating, "This fluid, here, is a
VERY VERY powerful magical diuretic..."

"Mmm, how so?" asks Kim.

"This one works with your natural estrogen to produce what scientists
call UR-45... UR-45 is a powerful chemical that has two effects... one,
it works with your kidneys, speeding up production of urine, and two,
it works with your bladder's muscles, weakening them greatly... The
best part is, it's self-restoring... It doesn't run out for more than
12 hours, during which you will be forced to pee at the very least, 16
times..." Nanyo smirks, "I'd be careful what I wore for the next 12
hours, Starr..."

"Hmm, sounds a bit far-fetched to me." replies Kim.

Nanyo smirks, "It won't be... heh, boy are you gonna get it..." She
spreads Kim's labia, putting a single finger into Kim's vagina and
opening it up. Then, she tips the vial,
pouring the fluid into Kim's vagina, It is an icy-cold fluid that
causes Kim's vagina to tingle as though she's aroused.

Kim flinches swiftly. "Hey! That's cold as hell!"

Nanyo laughs, "I know... it's a real shock when you first feel it...
but don't worry... by now, it's seeped into your bloodstream... Now,
look at your abdomen... you'll actually see your bladder swelling in
front of your eyes..."

Kim looks down and is surprised to see her abdomen actually swelling in
front of her eyes. " Whoa, cool." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "And with a little touch..." She gives Kim's abdomen a
slight pinch, causing a HUGE urge to pee to sweep over Kim's body,
perhaps the strongest urge in all her life, "... you won't be able to
hold it!"

"AH!" exclaims Kim as she tries vainly to hold the fluid but it just
comes rushing out of her. "W-What the..." states Kim as she pees.

Nanyo laughs, "I told you, Starki... ya can't hold it... and look..."
She points back to Kim's abdomen when she finishes peeing, to show that
it's already beginning to swell again.

"What? how?! I just finished peeing." questions Kim.

Nanyo grins, "I told you... that chemical, UR-45, is incredibly
powerful... It's working with your estrogen, remember?" She lightly
taps Kim's abdomen, causing another urge to pee to show up within her.

Kim gasps and starts peeing again, just as hard as she did a few
seconds ago.

Nanyo grins and steps over to the side of the room, pulling out a small
bottle of water. She, then, looks concerned and brings the water up to
Kim's lips, saying, "You'd better drink some fluids... Since you'll be
peeing a lot, you'll need the liquid.."

"Crap, it looks like I bite off more than I can chew this time. Me and
me big mouth..." states Kim with a faint smile.

Nanyo puts the bottle on Kim's mouth, tilting it up and pouring the
water into Kim's throat. At the same time, she watches Kim's abdomen
start to swell again.

Kim puts a hand over her abdomen and stops drinking the water. "Man, is
this going to keep happing?" asks Kim.

Nanyo nods, "For the next 12 hours, yeah... You won't be able to
prevent it now..."

"But I need to get to my ship. I can't be wetting myself while I go."
complains Kim.

Nanyo says, "Then the only thing I can think of to do would be to wear
a diaper or something 'cause you'll not be able to hold it until the
chemical wears off... in about 12 hours..." Another strong urge to pee
attacks Kim.

"Ah!" exclaims Kim as she again tries in vain to prevent her wetting. A
d-diaper?! I'm not a baby." replies Kim through her urination.

"Then you'll have to wear wet panties and shorts, Starki... I can't
stop the chemical from working... You didn't believe me... and now
there's nothing I can do about it..."

"I can't believe this. This means, I'll have to wear a.... skirt."
states Kim blushing.

"If that's what you want, that's what you'll have to do..." states
Nanyo. "But ya gotta tell me why you don't like to wear one? Is it
because of your arms and legs?"

"No, if you look, they look as though nothings wrong with them.
Artificial skin is covering the muscles and stuff." replies Kim.

"Ok... then what might make you not like wearing a skirt?" asks Nanyo,
rubbing Kim's neck as her abdomen starts to swell again.

"I've... never, worn one..." states Kim.

Nanyo quickly covers her mouth, sniggering, "N-Never?"

"Never." states Kim before tensing and urine flows freely from her

Nanyo can't suppress it any longer and bursts out laughing,
"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Then she sobers up and states, "That's hard to
believe, Starki... You'd look cute in a skirt..."

"You really think so?" asks Kim smiling.

Nanyo, watching Kim's abdomen swell again, grins, "Oh, yeah...
Starki... I wouldn't have said it if I didn't think it..."

Kim then sighs. "Where's a diaper?" asks Kim.

Nanyo grins, reaching down to her bag, "Somehow I knew something that
like this would come up..." She pulls out what looks like a small sized
adult diaper and grins, "Ok, Starki... I'm gonna let you pee once more,
then I'm gonna put this on you... you ready?"

"Yea, one sec..." states Kim as she then lets go again and pees

Nanyo grins, "Ok... here we go..." She pulls out some sort of powder
and sprinkles some on Kim, drying off her labia, then she applies the
diaper, much like she would a baby.

"Your enjoying this, aren't you?" states Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "Well, I can't say it doesn't turn me on to see ya, weak
and helpless, Starki... Kinda brings out the mother in me, yanno?" She
pats Kim's stomach gently.

"Mother? Yeah right, I can't see you as a mother." states Kim as she
gives Nanyo this look -_-

Nanyo, then, picks Kim up just a like baby and starts rubbing her back,
patting gently, causing a crazy urge to burp to run through Kim's body.
"Oh no?" grins Nanyo.

Kim does indeed burp softly and gets a surprised look on her face.
"What the Hell! Stop that!" states Kim.

Nanyo laughs, beginning to rock Kim back and forth, "Aw, iz widdle
Starki cranky? Maybe she needs a nap?" As she's rocking Kim, she gets
the craziest feeling of drowsiness.

"W-What are you doing? Let me down." states Kim as she feels herself
getting tired.

Nanyo smiles, "Tell me, widdle Starki... Do you like this? Do you feel
comfortable, at ease with the world? You never had this before... and
it left you feeling hurt... This is your chance to be a kid again,

"But I'm not a kid, I'm 19 years old. I can take care of myself. Now
let me down." replies Kim.

Nanyo sighs, looking sad, "Aw... ok... but I like it like this..." She
starts to put Kim down, then smirks, and lifts up her shirt, pulling up
her bra to reveal her C cup breasts. She brings Kim's mouth up to her
nipple and coaxes her to start sucking on it.

"What the hell are you doing?!" states Kim in shock.

Nanyo grins, and replies, whispering almost vulnerably, "Suck
it, Starki... Suck it..." She glances down to Kim's abdomen, which has
already swollen again.

"B-But..." states Kim blushing.

Nanyo supports Kim's neck as she whispers, almost beggingly,
"Come on... suck it, please... I know you like it..." She continues to
rub Kim's back.

Kim gives in and does it. She puts her mouth around
Nanyo's nipple and sucks.

Nanyo smiles sweetly, a look of profound pleasure crossing her
features. She sighs, "Oh yeah, baby... that really feels good..." She
continues to rub Kim's back as she supports Kim's neck.

Kim then grunts and she places her right hand over her crotch.

Nanyo reaches down and holds Kim's hand. "You don't need to do that
right now... you have a diaper... You should just relax... just relax
and let "Mommy Nanyo" take care of all your needs..."

"Ok... mommy." states Kim a bit low

Nanyo grins, "There you go, Starki, honey... just let Mommy handle all
your needs..." She lays Kim down on the table and starts searching
through her bag for a nice little skirt for Kim to wear.

A moan is heard from Kim as she again puts a hand over the crotch of
her diaper.

Nanyo asks, her back turned, "How is Starki doing, honey?" Her voice is
parental, but soft and kind.

I'm wetting myself again." replies Kim.

Nanyo straightens up and waves one finger in front of Kim as she
telepathically states, "Now Starki... doncha be all grownup now... If
you have a problem, tell me like the baby you always wanted to be when
you were younger..."

"You can be seriously suggestioning what I think you are?" states Kim

Nanyo smiles and nods. "I do... you are suffering from great pain in
your past... and I'm gonna be damned if I let that pain poison your
soul... This is the only way I know how to give you what you never had
when you were little... You always wanted someone to take care of your
needs... and to ease that pain of never having someone there like a
parent, I'm gonna help you by being there for you..."

"You want me to cry?!" asks Kim shocked.

Nanyo shakes her head, almost laughing, "No no no... you
don't have to go THAT far... Just ask for things as though you were
only 2 or 3 years old... like for example: if you want a bottle, say
bobble... if you want a change, say something like: Starki wet... get
it? If you don't do this, your private pain will only grow and it will
eventually consume you... and I... I can't... let that happen to you...
I love you too much..." sniffles Nanyo at the end.

"I... I see..." states Kim blushing.

Nanyo asks, "So you will do it? To save your life?"

"Yes... I'll do it." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo grins, "Good... Now then... what didja want to say earlier,
Starki, honey?"

'S-Starki wet..." states Kim blushing deeply.

Nanyo cooes, "Aw, I'm sorry, sweetie..." She moves back over to Kim and
changes her again into a dry diaper, using the powder again. Then, she
grabs the skirt she found in her bag and puts it on Kim. After that,
she picks up Kim like she did before and starts to carry her outside
the room, running a finger through Kim's hair and once again, though
not really trying to, causing a small surge of drowsiness to rise up in
her. Nanyo asks, "Where's your ship, Starki-chan?"

"It's in the hanger. The one I told Becky to use." replies Kim.

Nanyo waggles her finger, "Did you forget something, Starki-chan?"

Kim looks at her confused.

Nanyo replies, "Baby... did you forget something?"

Kim smiles in embarrassment and replies to Nanyo's
earlier question with... "Ta Banger."

Nanyo grins, "Attagirl... A'ight... let's go..." She starts walking to
the hangar, carrying Kim in her arms, gently rocking her again as she
carries her.

The two reach the hanger and to Kim's ship, which has the windshield
busted from earlier.

Nanyo smiles and rocks Kim more gently, whispering, "Starki... are you
feeling tired, honey? You didn't have a nap today... and your abdomen's
swollen again... maybe it's time for a nap..."

Kim tenses again and then relaxes. "Starki tired mommy."

Nanyo brings her free hand up to Kim's hair, brushing it aside
lovingly, "Then when we get inside, Mommy's gonna put you down for a
nap..." At that moment, Sashi appears in the cockpit of the ship.

"Kim looks over at her ship and sees the Windshield. "What the hell
happened to my ship?! The window is completely busted!" exclaims Kim.

Nanyo frowns, "Uh, uh, uh, Starki! What did Mommy tell you? If you
disobey Mommy again, I will be forced to give you a spanking!" Inside,
though, she's sweating, "Oh, man... I hope she doesn't find out I broke
it, eheh, eheh..."

"But look at it! How could that have happened? Where's Becky? She
probably knows what happened." states Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "Okay, Stark-chan... I'm afraid I'm gonna hafta to punish
you..." She turns Kim around and brings her hand back, swatting at her
rear-end, at the precise moment that her bladder reaches another
swollen firmness.

"Ah!" states Kim as she feels herself peeing uncontrollably again,
wetting the diaper she's wearing.

Nanyo gives Kim's rearend another swat, stating, "Believe me, Starki-
chan... This hurts me more than it does you... but I have to teach you
not to do such things..." She swats Kim's butt about 5 more times, then
pulls her back up. Kim's rear is now slightly stinging with pain.

Kim now rubs her rear end. "But my ship..." replies Kim.

Nanyo gets a really stern look on her face. "Starki..." she warns.

"Sorry, mommy..." states Kim looking sad.

Nanyo hugs Kim, saying, "It's okay, Starki... it's okay... but from now
on, you will speak like I told you to... Now what were you trying to

"My airplane is hurt." replies Kim.

Nanyo hugs Kim, "Aw, Starki... I'm sorry... Mommy kinda had an
accident... because she was afraid you were in trouble... Mommy wuvs
you so much..."

Kim gives Nanyo a shocked look, and anger quickly crosses her face but
leaves. "M-Mommy, you did that."

Nanyo sighs, "Mommy is really sorry, Stark-chan... Mommy only wanted to
protect you... Mommy was so scared..." Just then, Sashi sits down in
the cockpit, fiddling with
something, and her head and upper torso disappear within the ship.

"What's she going?" asks Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "Starki..." again.

"Kan we go in the plane mommy?" asks Kim.

Nanyo smiles, "Of course, we can, sweetie... Of course we can..." She
carries Kim into the cockpit, where they see Sashi up under the
dashboard with a wrench, loads of grease stains all over her outfit.
Becky is nowhere to be seen at first.

"Ah! Sashi, what are you doing?!" exclaims Kim franticly trying to free
herself from Nanyo's hold.

Nanyo struggles to hold on to Kim, gasping, "Starki! Starki! Calm down,
Starki!" Sashi pulls herself out from the dashboard, slipping the
wrench into her waistband. She raises both her eyebrows at what she
sees and questions, "Nan'chi? Miss Kim? What is going on?"

"What are you doing to my ship?!" exclaims Kim.

Nanyo growls, "Starki! How many times do I have to tell you?!" Sashi
blinks, rather stupidly, and replies truthfully, "I am adjusting the
Boron level indicator... I have successfully decreased the amount of
liquid Boron needed to power this wonderful vehicle."

"You don't just tampe-Ah!" states Kim as she cut off by tensing up and
then relaxing again with a low moan.

Nanyo growls, "Stop it, Starki! Stop it NOW or I WILL be forced to
punish you again! Do you want that?!" Sashi blinks stupidly, almost
comically, too stunned to say anything.

"Ah, It's not stopping this time..." replies Kim.

Nanyo blinks, "What? Oh great... you're dehydrated.. Damn it!" She
pulls out a bottle from her bag and jams it into Kim's mouth, ordering,
"Drink this all down or you'll keep peeing without any stopping... and
pee yourself out of life!"

Kim eagerly drinks the milk.

Nanyo continues to feed Kim the milk, rubbing her shoulder, causing
another strong sense of drowsiness to start to overcome Kim's body. She
looks up at Sashi who looks totally bewildered and grins, "She's kinda
different... lol...."

Kim eyes start to droop.

Nanyo whispers, tenderly, "Is widdle Starki tired? Does Starki want a
nap?" She starts rocking Kim again. Sashi stumbles backward into the
pilot's chair, totally shocked out of her skin.

"Kim then slips into sleep as she arms drop limply and her mouth is
slightly open around the tip of the bottle.

Nanyo smiles lovingly and kisses Kim on the forehead and starts walking
back to any kind of bedroom, where she accidentally bumps into Becky.

"WTF!? What's wrong with Kimmie?" asks Becky. her voice isn't loud, she
can tell Kim is asleep.

Nanyo smiles, running a finger through Kim's hair again, "I'm trying to
ease her old pain of not having someone take care of her... If I
didn't, she would've been consumed by it
and prolly wind up a vegetable... so, for right now, she's a baby and I
think it will be helpful if you treat her as such..."

"A baby?! Hehe, you can't be serious! Hey, She's wearing a skirt! How
the fu*k did you convince her to wear one?!" states Becky.

Nanyo rubs a hand nervous through her own red hair, "Eheh... eheh...
that's not all..." She holds up Kim's skirt, revealing her diaper.

"Holy Fu*k! Is that a diaper?!" states Becky nearly falling over and
catching herself on the wall.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... Starki kinda wanted me to show her the
effects of this chemical, UR-45, and because she was peeing every 10
minutes, she chose to wear a skirt and a diaper... eheh, eheh..." She
still looks nervous, but loving toward Kim.

"Wow." is the only word Becky can think of at the moment.

Nanyo sighs, "By the way, Becks... you do know what day this is, don't

"No, what?" replies Becky.

Nanyo whispers into Becky's ear, "It's Sash's birthday, yanno..." Then
she straightens up and says, "I'm gonna put Starki down for a nap..." A
small hiss sounds and Nanyo adds, "... and a change..." She enters a

"Birthday?!" exclaims Becky surprised.

Nanyo telepathically says to Becky, "Yeah... now go surprise her,
Becks... I'm gonna be busy here for a while..." Then the door slides
shut behind her.

To Be Continued In...
Sashi's birthday

Chapter 20

Title: Chapter 18: Sashi's birthday

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


"It's Sashi's B-Day? Why didn't she tell me it was coming up?" states
Becky to herself.

In the bedroom, there is a loud groan, "Aw, Starki-chan! I just changed
you!" At the same time, Sashi approaches Becky, grease stains all over
her outfit and a wrench tucked into her skirt's waistband. "Mistress,
those adjustments that I suggested earlier have been completed. The
ship's fuel supply has been extended."

'Maybe she doesn't...' thinks Becky. "Sashi, do you know what today
is?" asks Becky.

Sashi blinks, "The day, Mistress? It is November 15, is it not?"

"Do you know what's special about today?" asks Becky.

Sashi scratches her hair, "Um... is it Columbus Day or the Day of
Veterans? Or maybe a national holiday for those who live up here?" She
doesn't seem to understand what Becky's talking about. In the bedroom
comes a muted cry followed by Nanyo asking, "Oh, what's wrong, Starki-

"You really don't know do you? You don't remember it at all." states
Becky with a hint of sadness in her face.

Sashi looks confused, "What was I supposed to remember about this day,
Mistress?" There is another cry followed by Nanyo grunting softly,
"Ssh, there there Starki-chan.. It's ok.. It's ok..."

Becky then wraps her arms around Sashi and whispers in her ear. "It's
your birthday Sashi."

Sashi blinks, her eyes growing so wide that it is really comical. She
stammers, "M-My b-birthday, M-Mistress?! I-Is it really? H-How old am

"17 Sashi, your 17 years old." states Becky lovingly.

Sashi gulps, "O-Oh, I... I am? Th-that is..." Then she sighs and starts
rubbing her forehead, "I.. I do not understand I can not remember
that... It almost feels like there is something blocking my memories.."

At the same time, Nanyo appears in the same room as Becky and Sashi,
holding Kim in her arms. "Yo, Becks... do ya have a tape of lullabies?
I can't sing worth a shit and Starki's kinda restless... If Suki was
here, I'd ask her... She's got a beautiful voice..."

"Nope, can't say that I do." replies Becky still hugging Sashi.

Nanyo frowns, "Crap... I really need Suki... Ok, thanks..." She starts
rocking Kim in her arms, the younger girl squirming and fidgeting
energetically almost as though she wants to play some sort of child
game (maybe tag or something lol)
Nanyo groans, almost beggingly, "Oh, come on, Starki-chan! Why won't
you take a nap? Mommy needs to go the bathroom..."

Becky releases her embrace of Sashi for a moment and walks over to
Nanyo and cups the side of Kim's face lightly in her left hand and
shockingly, starts singing. Very nicely might I add :-P

Nanyo gasps, "Yo, you didn't tell me you could sing?! Damn, you and
Suki could be twin sisters in the singing department..." Sashi merely
raises an eyebrow, almost as emotionally detached as a Vulcan.

Becky's face goes red as she continues, moments later Kim movement
begins to die down.

Nanyo observes with relief as Kim settles down in her arms and sighs in
intense relief, then she suddenly tenses, bringing her thighs together.
She whispers, "Can ya hurry it up, Becks?"

A few moments later, Kim is at rest in Nanyo's arms and Becky ends the

Nanyo sighs, "Thanks a lot, Becks!" She leans over and gives Becky a
quick kiss on the cheek as she sets Kim down on one of the chairs. She
asks, "Can ya watch her for a sec? I gotta go piss.."

"Ok, just make it quick." replies Becky.

Nanyo nods, "Yea, sure..." She heads back into the bowels of the ship,
looking for a restroom. Sashi approaches Becky from behind and asks,
"Mistress... how is it that you know more about my past than I do?"

"Well, Nanyo told me about your B-Day..." replies Becky.

Sashi nods, "Ah... I see... Nan'chi would know about that... After all,
all three of us lived in the same village for at least 5 years... until
I was five... then..." She groans and holds her head slightly, adding,
".. but after that... I have no memory... until I met you, Mistress..."

"Oh, it seems you have a block in your memory..." states Becky.

Sashi sighs, "It does seem so... I must wonder, though, why... Why do I
have this block?"

"That, I don't know." replies Becky.

Sashi sighs, then looks at Becky and restates, "Mistress... the
modifications I advised you on have been completed... I do not
think that Miss Kim was all that thrilled, though.."

"Hehe, Kimmie is very sensitive about her ship, that's all." replies

Sashi sighs, "Perhaps I should not have made the adjustments, then..."

"Well, you should've asked her first, but as long as you didn't do
anything major, it should be fine." states Becky.

"Oh." Then her face falls, "Would you regard increasing fuel efficiency
major, Mistress?"

"Hmmm, yeah, I would. But don't worry, If Kim was mad, you certainly
would know it, so it fine." states Becky.

"Oh.." Sashi looks somewhat sad and starts to walk away, placing the
wrench in her skirt on a nearby panel.

"Hey, what's wrong? I said it's ok." states Becky.

"You did not see the response Miss Kim gave... she was...
very vocal... if Nan'chi had not been here to restrain her, I am
certain she would have attacked me..." She sits down hard in a corner,
her facial expression neutral.

"Don't be silly, she wouldn't attack you just for mess'in with her
ship." states Becky placing a hand on Sashi's shoulder.

Sashi looks up at Becky, "Are you sure, Mistress?" Just then, Nanyo
returns to the room, sighing, "Ahhhhhh! That feels better..." Her
jean's fly is only buttoned at the top, the other buttons undone, but
Nanyo seems only interested in Kim, who she bends over, gently stroking
her bangs. She asks, "So, was Starki-chan a good girl while Mommy was

"Huh? oh, yeah." states Becky.

Nanyo grins, "Thanks for watchin' her for me..." She then picks up Kim,
holding her like a little baby, and rocking her, "Come on, Starki-
chan... Mommy's gonna take a nap with you.." She starts using babytalk
as she carries Kim back into one of the bedrooms aboard ship.

"Man, I can't believe Kimmie is going through with that. Heh, but it
looks like fun, I'd like to try that someday." states Becky.

Sashi stands up. She steps back over to Becky and asks, "Would you like
me to treat you like a baby, then, Mistress?"

"Huh? are you serious?" asks Becky looking surprised.

Sashi blinks and quotes Becky precisely, "You did say that it looked
like fun and that you'd like to try that someday... did I
misunderstand, Mistress?"

"But it's your birthday, what I want can wait." states Becky.

Sashi blinks, "Oh... I see... well, what should we do then?" She starts
to look distinctly nervous now.

Becky thinks momentarily before smiling. "Go sit in the passenger seat
right there." replies Becky.

Sashi nods swiftly, "As you wish, Mistress..." She goes to the seat and
sits down, looking up at Becky.

Becky moves in front of Sashi and proceeds to give her a loving kiss on
the lips.

Sashi looks confused at first, then settles into the kiss, acting very
submissive at first.

Becky then uses her hands to caress the curves of Sashi's body while
she continues the kiss.

Sashi breathes a soft moan through the kiss as the first buzzings of
her mental link with her lover beginning to sound in Becky's mind,
though Sashi is completely unaware of it.

Becky ends the kiss suddenly. "You hear that?" asks the girl.

Sashi blinks in surprise, "Hear what, Mistress?" She seems genuinely

"Nothing, I must be hearing things." states Becky as she then cups each
of Sashi's breasts in her hands and nuzzles her neck.

Sashi tenses for a couple of seconds, her breasts swelling slightly and
firming up. Again, the buzzing in Becky's head grows slightly as the
neural link is formed.

after a few moments of rubbing her breasts, Becky proceeds to remove
Sashi's top.

Sashi pulls back slightly, her breasts free from her top, no sign of a
bra there. She whispers, "Mistress... if you thinking about removing my
clothes, do keep in mind about my contract..."

"Oh yeah, that. Well, as long as your panties aren't completely removed
it's ok isn't it?" asks Becky.

Sashi nods, "Yes, Mistress... That would be acceptable... but, I would
like to do this first..." She reaches into her skirt and panties,
pulling out her slave contract. She lays it up on a panel next to the
wrench, explaining, "I do not wish to get this wet..."

Becky simply giggles at this before pulling Sashi's skirt off.

Sashi's panties are, once again, exposed to the air, their normal
yellowish stain on them as clear as it ever was.

before removing the panties, Becky moves her lips to Sashi's crotch and
'nuzzles' the area there.

Sashi gasps heavily, and pushes her hips forward, a small amount of
fluid starting to gather around the crotch, creating a tiny wet spot in
that area as she moans softly.

Becky puts her hands around Sashi's waist as she starts to lick the
panty-covered area.

Sashi starts squirming slightly in the chair, beginning to pant
slightly, her hips wiggling. More fluid starts to pool around her skin
in that area.

Becky continues her action, intending on giving Sashi an orgasm.

Sashi pants harder and harder, squirming harder and harder in the chair
as her breasts reach their fullest firmest lengths. Her vagina is
completely wet, causing more and more fluid to rush out over her
panties. It seems as though she is getting closer to orgasm.

'Come on, come for me Sashi.' thinks Becky.

Sashi pants heavier and heavier, her vagina now beginning to tighten,
signifying that her orgasm is eminent. Her moans are soft and low,
showing that when she gets aroused, she doesn't make much noise.

Becky's tongue then finds Sashi's clit and begins to assault it

Sashi then stiffens up, her clitoris throbbing and pounding like a
miniature heart. A hard gasp catches in her throat, then her body
starts on a powerful series of spasms as a rush of her lubrication
fluid runs down her vagina to her panties, wetting them yet again. The
wall hiding Sashi's emotions is broken temporarily and her face
contorts in ecstasy.

Becky sees Sashi's face and a rush of happiness goes through Becky's
body as she continues her action.

Sashi, then, proceeds to have a second orgasm, her panties totally
drenched with her fluids, though not ejaculatory in nature. Again, her
face contorts in higher and higher ecstasy and her chest heaves,
totally out of breath.

Becky lifts her head now, her mouth area covered lightly in wetness and
proceeds to Kiss Sashi again.

Sashi kisses Becky back, looking slightly tired, but otherwise happy.
The buzzing now continues, louder and more intense, but when Sashi
suddenly stiffens up and grows emotionless again, the buzzing fades

"I got something I want you to feel..." states Becky as she ends the

Sashi looks up, "And what is that, Mistress?"

Remove your panties from around your pelvis first." states Becky.

Sashi questions, "What do you mean, Mistress?" She seems a
little confused and tries to demonstrate the areas that she can move
her panties. "Here?" she asks, pulling her panties off of various
areas, except her labia, which she cannot do.

"Just, off your butt." states Becky.

Sashi nods, "Ok, Mistress..." She pulls her panties off her butt as

"Now, just sit back..." states Becky.

Sashi does as Becky requests as a muffled snore filters in from the
back of the ship.

Becky presses a familiar button on the side of the chair and starts to
kiss Sashi again.

Sashi then feels something moving up towards her ass and tenses sharply
as she feels Becky's lips on her own.

"Just relax, don't fight it..." states Becky lovingly.

Sashi gasps, "Uh....hunh...." She tries to relax, but the feeling of
something hard and long touching her in that area is very unfamiliar to
her and she can't repress a shudder.

Becky then caresses the sides of Sashi's body again, trying to relax

Sashi lets out a loud, hard gasp as the object finally penetrates her
and almost immediately she starts quivering and
fidgeting in the chair, a look of pleasure on her face. At around this
time, something weird happens with the ship as several computers turn
off and on rapidly.

"What the? What going on? Sashi, did you do something else to the
ship?" asks Becky.

Sashi blinks and shakes her head, "No, Mistress... I did nothing other
than what I advised you on..." She seems geninunely confused and the
buzzing starts in Becky's mind again. Just then, an engine starts up,
then dies down almost immediately, followed by some giggling.

"What's that? It sounds like laughing..." states Becky.

"That it does, Mistress... That it does... Should we check it out?"
asks Sashi as another low muffled snore echoes through the ship.

"Stay here for a sec." states Becky as she gets up and walks to the
back of the ship.

In the back of the ship, there is the sound of more giggling and a
hyperactive girl running around touching this and that.

"Hey." states Becky as she knocks on the door.

There is no response from whoever is on the other side of the door, but
the Kim runs up to Becky and grabs her in a big hug from behind.

"Hey BB!" exclaims Kim as she hugs Becky. "Ah! Hey! Don't
call me that! and let go of me!" replies Becky

Sashi, having followed Becky, stares at Kim, asking, "Mistress... she
seems really hyper... what has happened to her?"

"I don't know, but she won't let me go!" replies Becky.

"Your such a cutie!" exclaims Kim.

Sashi smiles suddenly, "She does have that right, Mistress..." Again,
the buzzing sound enters Becky's mind and this time, Becky can start to
sense some of Sashi's thoughts.

"Hey, Nanyo! open the door." calls Becky.

Again, there is no response except for a loud snore. However, the door
does open, as Sashi moves close to it.

"Your sleeping!? Get up!" states Becky as she slow starts
to walks into the room with Kim around her.

Again, there is no response from Nanyo, though it is clear
where she is. She has passed out on a nice bed with green sheets. She
is wearing only a T-shirt and silk panties and looks VERY exhausted as
though she had been up for many days at a time.

"Mommy go sleepy-poo!" exclaims Kim. "Kimmie snap out of it. You're not
a little kid. And would you please let me go?" states Becky.

Sashi staggers slightly from total and complete shock as Nanyo lets out
another huge snore and rolls over, mumbling in her sleep.

Kim then whispers in Becky's ear. "No way, this is way too fun." then
she starts talking loud again. "BB's so cute! and soft too." states
Kim. Becky then ge6ts a defeated look on her face and sweatdrops.

Sashi falls back onto the floor in shock and Nanyo lets out another

Becky then puts her foot to the bed and shakes the bed with her foot.
"Wake, up!" states Becky.

Nanyo lets out a loud, "W... T.. F...?!" and falls off the bed in total
shock. "Ow... " she mutters, slowly getting up to her feet. She sees
Becky and exclaims, "Damn it, Becks... why the hell did you do that?!"

"Get your, daughter, off of me!" replies Becky. Kim just smiles at

Nanyo now sees Kim and gulps, rubbing the back of her head, sheepishly,
"Eheh, eheh.. sorry, Becks... I... I guess I kinda fell asleep... Come
here, Starki-chan... You and I are gonna have a nice LONG nap

Kim then scrunches up her face and frowns. "Idon'twanna!"

Nanyo sighs, "Now, now, Starki-chan... you'll be able to play with...
BB... later on... right now it's time for a nap..." She walks over to
Kim and takes her hand, pulling her towards the bed.

"Hey! not you too! Don't call me that!" replies Becky.

Nanyo looks over Kim's head at Becky with a long-suffering type of
glance and whispers, "Ix-nay on the name-ay..."

"I bet you got a name you don't like to be called..." states Becky. A
smile then comes to Kim's face.

Nanyo gets a look of terror on her face, "Don't you dare, Starki-chan,
or Mommy will have to punish you!" She tugs Kim harder and picks her
up, setting her on the bed.

"CHI-CHI-Ch-AH!" states Kim as she's cut off and holds her crotch then

Nanyo asks, concern showing on her face, "Starki-chan?! What's wrong?"

"S-Starki wet..."

Nanyo hits her forehead with the flat side of her hand and groans, "Not
again... Ok.. come here, Starki-chan..." She pulls Kim close and lays
her down flat on her back on the bed, pulling up her skirt.

"What are you doing?" asks Becky.

Nanyo gives Becky this look: _ and states, "What does it look like
I'm doing?! I'm changing her, DUH!" She starts to unfasten Kim's

O_o "Wow, your really into this Kimmie." states Becky. Kim just gives
her sister a smile.

Nanyo says nothing, but just continues to undo Kim's diaper, pulling it
off, and tossing it over her shoulder into a wastebasket. Then, she
spreads some powder over Kim's labia and butt, grabbing a fresh diaper
and re-diapering Kim.

"How long is Kimmie gonna be acting like this?" Asks Becky.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "As long as is necessary for her to
overcome the pain... Trust me... it's not as fun as it looks..." She
breathes a sigh and lays down beside Kim, holding her tightly to
prevent a re-escape.

"It's Chi-Chi-Chia!" exclaims Kim.

Nanyo sighs, again hitting her forehead with her hand, "Ok, Starki-
chan... I warned you... This is gonna hurt me a whole lot worse than
it's gonna hurt you..." She turns Kim over onto her back and pulls up
her skirt. Then, she starts swatting Kim's behind for about 10-15
strokes, each one slightly harder than the last, sending moderate pain
through Kim's body.

Kim "AH!'s" each hit but she looks at Becky and each 'AH' seems to be
more pleasurable than painful as she gestures this with her face as
well. This also begins to turn Becky on, which is Kim's intent.

After the 15th swat, Nanyo pulls back and sits Kim up, waggling a
finger in front of her, "Now, Starki-chan, you know why I punished

"No..." replies Kim.

Nanyo explains, "I punished you because you disobeyed me... I gave you
a warning and told you what I would do if you disrespected me.. It does
not give me any pleasure to hurt you like this.. but I must lay down
rules for you to follow... you understand now, Starki-chan?"

"Yes mommy..." replies Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "Good then..." She hugs Kim and says, "Now it's time to
sleep... come here, Starki-chan..."

"Chi-Chi-Chia?" states Becky.

Nanyo gives Becky a VERY nasty look and states coldly, "Don't repeat
that to ANYONE unless you want to die a most painful death..."

"Hehe, now you know how it feels Chi-Chi-Chia." replies Becky putting
her hands on her hips.

Nanyo sighs, "I didn't call you BB because I wanted too... I was just
trying to get Starki-chan to... uh... erh..." She blushes, losing track
of what she was saying.

"To what?' States Becky eyeing Nanyo.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Aw, hell... why lie... Look, I just called
you BB 'cause Starki-chan did... ya happy?!"

"Well didn't she tell you I hate that Name?" replies Becky.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders again, "Yeah, I think she did... but look,
Becks... I have my own nick for you... I... I just forgot, yo..."

"Ok fine, just don't call me that again." replies Becky.

Nanyo salutes, "Long as ya don't call me Chi-Chi-Chia, we're even..."
Then, she lets out a big yawn and cuddles up close to Kim.

"Would you mind if I join you two? I'm kinda tired." states Becky.

Nanyo pats the bed, "Sure... just help me keep an eye on Starki-chan,
will you? She's proving to be quite a handful..." She yawns again as
Sashi asks, "Mistress? What should I do for the meantime?"

"Why don't you join us?" replies Becky.

"I am not particularly tired, but if you wish it..." states Sashi,
still half-naked. Nanyo now notices that Sashi has yellowish panties
and asks, "Sash... 'bout your panties... was it a
Hon'tyl slave contract?"

Sashi replies, "Yes..." Nanyo then sighs, "Ok... just

"BTW Nanyo, I think Kimmie is just doing this for the fun of it."
states Becky before Kim right hand quickly comes over Nanyo's body and
'pops' Becky right in the head.

"Hey!" exclaims Becky with her hands on her head.

Nanyo sighs, tiredly, "Starki-chan, stop hitting your sister in the
head..." She rolls over, putting her face into the pillow as Sashi sits
at the side of the bed, placing her head on her lap.

Becky then crawls on the bed and lays down till she drifts off to

To Be Continued In...
Sleep Sex

Chapter 21

Title: Chapter 19: Sleep Sex

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


About 5 hours later, Sashi stirs first, yawning widely as she sleepily
states, "What the...? I fell asleep? That is weird... I do not remember
even being tired..."

Becky is then heard talking in her sleep... "She's so cute..."

Sashi looks up, scratching at her shoulder-length black hair, "Hmmm?
Mistress? Is that you?"

"... But she's so quite all the time..." states Becky unconsciously.

Sashi gets to her feet, peering over the edge of the bed and sees...

"Kimberly, That's her name. Adopted a few days ago, It was love at
first sight..." states Becky

Sashi wonders what to do now, but then she sees Nanyo stirring, moaning
softly, "damn perverts... always wantin' more money..."

"I wonder if like's me the same... When she looked at me for the first
time, I..." states Becky.

Sashi questions, touching Becky's shoulders, "Mistress? Are you okay?"

"I don't know if I can keep these feelings to myself, She's so pretty,
like a dark-skinned angel..." states Becky.

Sashi starts shaking Becky harder, calling, "Mistress! Please wake up!"

"AH! What's wrong?!" exclaims Becky quickly lifting herself from the

Sashi states, "You were dreaming about your sister, Mistress...

"I... How do you know that?" asks Becky.

Sashi blinks and replies, "You said her name, Mistress... you said

"Wha?! You mean, I talk in my sleep?!" asks Becky shocked.

Sashi nods, "You do, indeed, Mistress... It is lucky that Nan'chi and
Miss Kim are still asleep, else they would have heard you as well..."

"How embarrassing..." states Becky as her cheeks turn a nice shade of

Sashi nods, "It could be... very easily... observe Nan'chi,
Mistress..." Nanyo mumbles in her sleep, "Alright you jackasses, I'm
only one girl... How the hell am I supposed to service all of you?!"

"How clearly was I talking?" asks Becky.

Sashi explains, "As clearly as Nan'chi over there... I would not be
surprised if Miss Kim and Nanyo could have heard you, if they had been

"Man, and I used to sleep with Kimmie." states Becky.(Actually sleep
lol, no funny stuff.)

Sashi thinks aloud, "Hmmm... It could be possible that you
inadvertently spread the message that you love her while fast

"But if I did why hasn't she ever said anything to me about it?" asks

"As to that, I have no idea, Mistress..." states Sashi as Nanyo
stretches in her sleep, her awkward position, her right leg dangling
over the side of the bed with her blanket barely covering her, causing
part of her silk panties to be exposed to the air.

Becky then yawns. "Oh man, I'm too tired to do anything right now. I'm
gonna go back to sleep, ok Sashi?" states Becky.

"As you wish, Mistress..." states Sashi, getting fully up to her feet
from her kneeling position. She exits the room, heading for the nearest
computer panel, wanting to know more about the ship.

Becky is fast asleep within a few minutes. and she starts talking yet
again... "I can't take it anymore, I have to touch her..."

Nanyo lets out a soft snore as she starts to fidget in the bed,
slightly, letting out, "Stupid pervs... it ain't bad enough... too many
penises... urgh..."

Becky's left hand then slowly starts to move toward Nanyo...

Nanyo, then, turns to her right side, tilting her chest toward Becky as
she mutters, "yeah, yeah... slurp slurp... oral sex... that sucks... no

Becky's Hand then touches Nanyo's right breast. "There soft... but have
a slight firmness to them..." states Becky.

Nanyo gasps softly, starting to smile into her pillow, "Heh.. that's 20
dollars more, man... but keep it up... I can use the extra money..."

Becky then lifts herself on all fours and her eyes could be seen open
slightly, but she was still asleep. The girl crawls over to Nanyo and
puts both of her hands on Nanyo's stomach area and rubs the area.

Nanyo grins in her sleep and coos, "Ya know, the more time ya take, the
more it's gonna cost ya..." Her breasts now starts to swell with
arousal and she squirms slightly in sleep.

Becky smiles in her sleep and lowers the side of her face on Nanyo's
stomach and simply rests her head there a moment.

Nanyo giggles slightly, her stomach quivering with Becky's head
bouncing up and down slightly on top of it.

A low sigh leaves Becky's lips. She then sees Nanyo's panties and uses
her left hand to feel the fabric, but not near her crotch, more like
the sides and the waistband.

Nanyo sighs in pleasure, her arousal starting to build, causing her to
squirm her hips slightly. She states, "Ooh... that feels really
good..." in a sexy husky voice.

"Kimberly... Kim. Me and Kim, Kim and Me.... K-Kimmie..." states Becky
as a smile forms on her face.

Nanyo doesn't respond to the words, but the actions cause her to smile
despite herself. "Yeas... Kimmie... Starki-chan... "

Becky's hand trails down Nanyo's panties to the crotch area...

Nanyo tenses once, shivering slightly, her breaths coming in quivering

Becky's hand then reaches the area between Nanyo's legs and cups the
area lightly, lovingly. "This area is soft too..."

Nanyo sucks in a deep breath, letting out a long soft sexy moan, "Oh,
baby... that's great... Keep goin', ya? If ya do a good enough job, I
might take some money off the bill..."

"Becky then positions herself over Nanyo. Here legs on both sides of
Nanyo's body. Becky's small frame was looming over Nanyo's body. Her
cute panty-covered rump directly above Nanyo's face as she sat up
looking down at Nanyo's panties.

Nanyo takes a deep whiff of what she perceives to be someone's arousal
and grins, "Heh, guess this means you're about to cum, eh? Great...
mebbe now I can finally get paid..."

Becky then slides the panties down Nanyo's legs enough to uncover her
labia, which she then bends over and takes a good whiff of
Nanyo's labia. "Ooh, She smells wonderful." states Becky.

Nanyo giggles, reaching out her arms and blindly enveloping Becky's
body, giving her a big hug, "Oh? Why I didn't know you had breasts too!
Heh... ya must be one FAT guy!"

"She's hugging me! " states Becky smiling in joy.

Nanyo laughs out loud now, saying, "What's a matter, little man? Afraid
I might bite? Ya don't hafta worry none, ya know..." She starts rubbing
Becky's nipples, grinning, "Even a man likes having his nips rubbed!"

"Becky then gasps in delight and then starts a massaging action on
Nanyo's labia.

Nanyo starts breathing harder, her stomach pushing Becky's body up and
down slightly as she quivers slightly, her vagina now beginning to
moisten with arousal as she smiles and whispers, again in her sexy
voice, "More..."

Becky's panties gain a visible spot of wetness as she continues her

Nanyo starts groaning in pleasure, pushing her hips forward in a sexual
manner as some of her fluid starts dripping down onto Becky's hand. She
continues to pinch and tug lightly on Becky's nipples, whispering,
"What was your name, anyway? Jeff something? Heh, ya keep doing what ya
doing and I might even lower my price to 4000 Hel..."

Becky then moves her right hand to the crotch of her panties and gasp
as she starts to rub the area.

Nanyo grins, pulling tight on Becky's body, bringing her into a
horizontal position on top of her. She bends her head over Becky's
shoulder and starts kissing her neck, whispering, "Jeff, eh? Are ya
nice and hard? Ya wanna fuck me now? I'm all nice and wet..." She purrs
in a lovely sexy voice.

"Ooh, I'm so wet... I'm going to come soon Kimmie." states Becky.

Nanyo grins, pinching harder and stroking ever area of Becky's breasts
as she whispers, "Gonna spurt it out, Jeff? Wanna cum on me, eh? That's
an extra 30 dollars..."

The tempo of Becky rubbing herself increases and she could be heard
panting and tensing a bit.

Nanyo giggles, "Come on, Jeff... It ain't that hard to come! Here...
lemme help ya!" She thrusts her hips forward and back harder, as she
licks Becky's cheek with her tongue and drops one hand to Becky's
stomach, rubbing gently.

"Ah, I'm going to cum. Just a little more..." states Becky tensing up.

Nanyo continues her actions, grinning as she starts to blow gently into
Becky's ear, pushing slightly on Becky's stomach, hoping to bring off

"AH! I cumming! I'm com-AH!" exclaims Becky as she feels herself
orgasm. squirting her cum into her panties and bucking wildly before
going limp.

Nanyo grins, letting Becky go, kissing her on the cheek once before she
does. "Didja enjoy that, Jeff? I hope so, 'cause now ya owe me $4000

"Ooh Kimmie, I love you so much..." states Becky tiredly.

Nanyo, then, flops back on the bed, snoring loudly, her dream over.

Becky then turns over and embraces Nanyo lightly from behind.

Nanyo moans into her pillow, "Jeff? Didn't ya already pay me? What? Ya
want another servicing? Ok, but it's gonna cost ya $8000 Hel..."

Becky doesn't respond. apparently her dream is over.

Nanyo then stirs, coming out of her dream, letting out a half-snore,
half-grunt. "What the....?" she sleepily intones, sitting up in the
bed. She sees that her panties have been pulled down to expose her
labia and shrugs, "Huh... wonder how that happened?" She, quickly,
slides them back up and rolls onto her left side, facing Kim, and
drifts back to sleep, holding the baby Kim in her arms.

unaware of the two Kim has been awake this whole time. "Kimmie, heh, I
never would have thought it actually meant something..." states Kim to

It is about this time that Sashi wanders back in, looking even more
grease stained than before. She prods Kim in the back and whispers,
"Miss Kim... Miss Kim..."

To Be Continued In...
Kim and Suki's First Meeting

Chapter 22

Title: Chapter 20: Kim and Suki's First Meeting

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


"What is it?" whispers Kim in reply.

Sashi replies, "We are receiving a transmission from Suki... I do not
know how... but somehow she has found a way to transmit information to

"That's strange..." Kim then gets up and starts for the front of the

Sashi follows her, Nanyo now wrapping her arms around Becky, sighing,
"Starki-chan... are you wet again? Mommy knows the feelings... Mommy
also has to pee... Mfughmmmmm...."

Kim then sits in the pilot seat and flips a switch on the ceiling.

A very familiar slight high-pitched girl's voice comes through, asking,
"Kimmie? Are you there? Kimmie? This is Suki..."

Kim looks surprised for a moment but doesn't respond

The girl's voice sounds sad as she tries again, "Kimmie? Are you
there?" There is a loud crash and the transmission cuts off for a split
second before resuming, with the girl's voice complaining, "Stupid
thing... Kimmie, look... I know you're there... I know this is your
frequency... I know, because I've talked to Rick... Please, Kimmie..
Please answer me... Please..." The girl's voice breaks as though she's
on the edge of crying.

Kim opens her mouth as if to speak but she can't bring herself to
release the sounds to form words.

The girl, then, starts to cry, "Kimmie... I... I just wanted to say I'm
sorry... It was nothing you did... You were my travel partner for so
long... I... I..." Then, she breaks down and starts crying.

Kim then places her right hand over her mouth and tears start to brim
her eyes.

The girl sighs, still crying, and states, "Ok, Kimmie... I
understand... if you can't have me as a lover, you don't want me as a
friend... I understand... I'm sorry to have bothered you... Goodbye..."

"W-Wait!" suddenly exclaims Kim.

The girl gasps, "Kimmie?! Are you there?!"

"Yes, I'm here. I'm sorry for not saying anything." replies Kim.

The girl sighs, "Kimmie... I really wanna talk to you... I wanna
explain my decision to you... and I still wanna be your friend...
Please, Kimmie.."

"Ok, I'll listen..." states Kim.

Suki asks, "Um... can you come to my house? It's... a bit... safer... I
don't wanna go anywhere outside because of... well, you know... Ap Dat
aren't really well-liked..."

"Were are you?" asks Kim.

Suki asks, "Don't you remember where my house is? The meadow and all?"

"Oh yeah, hold on a sec..." states Kim as she gets up. "Please, Please
let this power work at lest..." states Kim.

Suki asks, "What was that, Kimmie? I didn't get that..." Her words are
punctuated with tons of static.

"Nothing, I'm coming. Just wait a sec.." replies Kim.

Suki replies, "Ok.. I.. you... soon..." More static starts pouring in,
then suddenly, the transmission cuts off completely.

Kim then closes her eyes. "Please..." a few moments later, Kim teleport
from the ship and in front of Suki's house.

However, all she can see is a small hill, which is certainly not big
enough to house anything bigger than a computer.

"It works, thanks goodness! Huh? isn't this where Suki's house is?" she
starts looking around.

Just then, the small hill starts to rise out of the ground, growing
until it reaches two-story height. There is a heavy-looking wooden door
on the south side of the hill.

"What the hell?" states Kim to herself.

At that moment, the door opens and a young-looking girl excitedly
beckons Kim inside.

Kim obliges and walks to and into the house.

Immediately, the door through which Kim entered shrinks into the ground
and vanished. The young-looking girl, dressed in a Japanese Sailor girl
outfit, wrings her hands in front of her, blushing, "Hi, Kimmie...
Uhm... How have you been?"

"Uh, I'm in one piece." replies Kim before giggling a little.

The smallish girl smiles shyly, then notices something. "Uhm, Kimmie...
that's a nice skirt... what kind of material is it?"

"Kim looks down and remembers she has a skirt on and blushes brightly.
"Ah! Um, do you think I can change clothes somewhere?"

Suki sighs, "There is a bathroom upstairs, but I think Miho's using
it... You could use my room if you'd like... You know where it is,

"Yes, of course I do." states Kim hugging Suki.

Suki, gently but firmly, pushes Kim back, explaining, "I can't do that
anymore, Kimmie... Miho... she, well, she gets jealous easily... and I
don't want to hurt her..."

"I can't even hug you?" asks Kim shocked.

"I... I am afraid of making Miho mad... I... I really don't know how
she would view a hug..." states Suki, standing up and accidentally
feeling the bulge that is Kim's diaper. Her eyes bug out wildly and she
gasps, "K-Kimmie?! I-Is that... a diaper?!"

Kim just blushes the brightest she's ever blushed before.

"H-How?! Wh-Why?!" are just a couple of the things Suki manages to
stammer out in her total bewilderment.

"Um, It's a long story..." states Kim.

Suki sees Kim's unease and feels it, so she wisely chooses not to
pursue that topic. She asks, "So... since you remember me, do
you remember this house?" She waves her hand, showing off her house.

"Yeah, I remember it."

"So, you remember where my room is?" questions Suki, beginning to smile
a little.

"Um, I think so, is it up the stairs?"

Suki grins and starts to bounce up and down, excitedly, "Ooh, ooh,
Kimmie... do you remember how we first met?"

"Uh, I can't say that I have." states Kim.

Suki sighs, "You don't, huh? Well, ok... I've got an idea... wait here,
Kimmie.. I'll be right back..." She starts up the steps.

once Suki's out of view, Kim places her right hand around the upper
part of her other arm.

It does not take but a few seconds for Suki to come bouncing down the
stairs, like an overexcited teenager. In her small, delicate hands, she
is holding what appears to be a large clear jewel that seems not to be
diamond. Suki explains, "Kimmie... this is a Mem-inducer... an ancient
crystal used by the Mem'lo for thousands of years..."

"And what does it does?" asks Kim.

Suki further explains, "You see, since the Ap Dat and the
Mem'lo are part telepaths, this control crystal allows for a Mem'lo or
an Ap Dat to use their mental powers to call forth a memory that is
especially important that the person has locked within their memory."

"So, it visualizes the image in your head to that ball?" asks Kim.

Suki nods, "More or less... It draws images and sequences of images
directly from my mind and displays them here for anyone to view, so
long as I hold it..."

"So what do you plan to do?"

Suki smiles sweetly and replies, "I intend to show you our first
meeting, since you seem to have forgotten it... Just lean in close and
watch the crystal, Kimmie..." She closes her eyes and focuses her mind
on the crystal.

"oh, ok..." states Kim doing what Suki says


Inside the crystal, the images of a young Ap Dat girl, obviously Suki,
carrying a huge bag of groceries down a deserted dirt road started to
be shown. The younger Suki juggles the bag with one hand as she wipes
some sweat off her forehead, sighing, "Man... It's hot today..." Just
then, a small gang of 10 bikers pulled up behind her, laughing and
obviously drunk. One of them, a big black guy, saw Suki and pointed to
her, guffawing, "Look, guys... It's a little girl shopping for Mommy!
Let's get her!"

"...This actually happened to you?" asks Kim.

Suki nods, scowling down at the black man, "Yeah... stupid perv...
lucky you were there, Kimmie..." In the crystal, the big black man
slaps Suki across the buttocks, causing her to cry out in shock and
drop her groceries. The men, then, surrounded her and held her arms
down as the black guy started to unbutton her Japanese schoolgirl-type
outfit. He sniggers, "Heh... little girl... I'm gonna take your
virginity away... Make ya respect "THE MAN!" Just then, though....

"Hey, What's going on?" comes a voice about 6 yards away. It's owner a
female figure.

The big black man looks up, gasping, "What the friggin' hell?!" Suki's
top is halfway unbuttoned and though she's screaming as hard as she
can, because her mouth is covered, no sound comes from her.

This girl calmly walks in the middle of the group and looks at Suki
then the man. "Is this what it looks like?" asks the girl.

"What the hell does it look like, bitch?!" retorts the man,
sniggering as his companions close around her. Suki's bra is easily
visible and she tries to cover up, but the men holding her arms prevent
her from doing anything.

"I will give you one warning, leave now and I won't hurt you." states
the girl.

"Oh, is that so? Heh, get her, boys! Seems she needs a lesson in
respecting "The Man"!" Five of the guys quickly surround the girl as
the other four grab Suki and force her to her knees, one of the men
grabbing her skirt, just about to pull it up.

"Don't say I didn't warn you guys." states the girl calmly.

The men all guffaw and one moves in close to the girl, reaching out for
her left arm. At the same time, the guys holding Suki succeed in
pulling up her skirt, revealing her white cotton panties.

The girl quickly grasps the mans wrist and uses her other hand to
promptly brake the guys arm at the elbow.

The guy screams, "Agh! Damn it all! She fucking broke my arm! Get that
damn bitch!" The other four guys now close in as the big black guy
reaches out to touch Suki's panties, causing her to squirm and whine.

As the girl looks at the others, her eyes momentarily glow red as she
seemingly disappears....

The guys gasp, "What the fuck?! Where the hell is she?! I don't know,
man! Well, find her, you fucking idiot!" They start searching around,
their heads twisting rapidly back and forth as the big black man grins,
squeezing Suki's small breasts through her bra, causing her to squeal
through the other man's hand.

Suddenly, a shadow quickly appears behind each of the four men and
promptly fall to the ground limply.

The big black man suddenly turns around, "What the fuck?! What the hell
happened?!" He motions to his men who let go of Suki, but not before
they give her a hard kick to her stomach, causing her to fall to her
stomach in pain.

The foot of the man who kicked Suki is then quite horribly twisted and

The man cries out in pain as the big black man growls, "Where the fuck
are you, bitch?! WHERE?!" The other three guys look at each other in
fear and gulp. One states, "Run?" to which another guy nods, "Yeah..."
Then all three break for the hills, leaving the big black man all

The girls voice is then heard, as well as her steps on the ground. It's
clearly heard that she running, but she's not visible. "She tried to
warn you maggot. But noooo, you want to stay..."

The big black growls, "Jest stand still, ya little flea... Stand and
fight like a man!" He puts up his fists in an en guarde position,
reminiscent of American bullies when they fight.

"But I'm not a man, I a girl." giggles the voice.

The man screams, "FIGHT ME! FIGHT ME, YOU FUCKING BITCH!" He punches
out, trying to hit the girl, though having no clue where she is.

"Ok then..." states the girl as she appears behind the man a few feet.

The man continues to stare in front of him, looking frantically for the

"Behind you maggot." states the girl.

"What the hell?!" The man spins stupidly on the spot, bringing his wide
arm around like a clothesline maneuver.

the girl easily dodges this and grasps his arm much like the other man.

"Ah, AH! Lemme go, you stupid bitch! Lemme go, damn it!" cries the guy,
swinging his other arm around, trying to punch at her face.

The girl grabs his other fist in her other hand. "Is that it, maggot?"

"Damn it! Lemme go! Oh, I swear I'm fucking gonna KILL you, Bitch! I
swear to GOD, I'm Gonna KILL YOU!" He brought his foot up, trying to
kick her.

the girl steps to the side and quickly grasps the mans
neck with her right hand. "No, It will be me who will kill you."

"How dare you?! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!" The man bends back and flips Kim
over him, laughing loudly. Just then, a burst of fire leaps over him,
burning his shirt completely off and severely damaging his pants,
leaving his boxers exposed. The man gasps, "AHHHHH!" and quickly runs

The girl lands lightly and is kneeling slightly before standing up, but
doesn't turn to face Suki.

Suki is panting, looking exhausted, but she quickly buttons up her
outfit, pulling her skirt down to cover her panties. Then, she falls to
her knees, almost passing out.

"... Stupid girl..." states the girl to herself.

Suki looks up, panting, "Wh-what? What was that about?"

The girl then turns and walks over to Suki. Here eyes still glowing
red. "What's your name girl?"

Suki looks terrified and shakes slightly, "U-Uh... I... I'm Suki... S-
Suki Nihon..."

The girl the reaches down a grasps Suki by the neck and lifts her to
her feet. "Your pretty cute, ya know that?" states the girl smiling.

"I... I am?" whispers Suki, still trembling, her fear increasing at the
rough manner in which the other girl lifted her up.

The girl then puts her hands to her head and moans in what seams to be

"Uhm, are you okay?" asks Suki, now feeling a great deal of confusion
over what's taking place. Her eyes dart around rapidly as though she's
contemplating some sort of escape.

The girl removes her hands shortly thereafter and looks at Suki. the
red in her I gone. "I'm sorry, I got carried away." states the girl

"Uhm... y-yeah...." answers Suki, still looking positively petrified,
her fear evident in the way in which she is trembling.

"I'm sorry if I scared you, I was just trying to help." replies the
girl lowly.

Suki gulps, "O-Okay... Uhm... I... I'd better get my oranges... I... I
think they've rolled away from me..." She starts to move toward the
round fruits, keeping one eye on the girl, fear of her still
influencing her actions.

"Can I help?" asks the girl.

Suki halts in mid-bend, her short skirt riding up, and she contemplates
that idea. "Uhm... a-are you sure you want to help someone such as I?"

"What do you mean?"

Suki sighs, "My 'family' isn't really well liked... If I told you about
our history, you'd be hated too..." She looks sad, bending over further
to grab an orange, accidentally exposing part of her panties.

"Uh, you skirt is riding up..." states the girl blushing.

Suki blushes, "O-Oh! I... I'm sorry! I... I didn't mean to
flash you!" Her face is the color of beets as she jerks up to a
standing position, pressing down on her skirt.

"I, I don't mind... BTW, my name is Kimberly, and yours?" states the

Suki blinks almost stupidly. It is now painfully obvious where Sashi
learned to do that. She replies, "Uhm... I... I told you... I-It's
Suki.... S-Suki Nihon..."

"Oh, yeah, you did, sorry, sometimes I'll forget something just like

Suki answers, somewhat skeptically, "O-Oh... I-Is that so?" She kneels
down, picking up another orange and stuffing it into her bag.

"Kim then starts helping Suki.

Suki then states, "Uhm... I... I suppose I should say thank you... f-
for your help with that man..." She bows respectfully at Kim and adds,
"Thank you..."

"Don't mention it, I was just walking by and noticed."

"I am still thankful, Miss Kim..." replies Suki. "If you had not come
when you did... I would've been raped for sure..."

"Do you want me to walk you home?" asks Kim.

Suki, then giggles, "That would be a long walk, Miss Kim... My house is
over 3000 Kurims from here... No... I'm just going to my hotel room...
that's only 6 Kurims from here..."

"Well, let me walk you there then. I'll protect you from trouble."
states Kim.

Suki nods, "Again, I would like to thank you for saving me..." She gets
the last orange and starts trudging for her hotel in the snow that lies
just to the right of the dirt path. "So, where are you from, Miss Kim?"
she asks.

"Um, the city." states Kim.

"Which one?" asks Suki as the hotel starts to come into view over the
next hill.

"the nearest one from here."

"Oh... Isn't that the city of... " Here Suki says the name of Kim's

"Yeah, it is. It's kinda noisy sometimes but I like it."

Suki nods, "It is, indeed... so many different people... so many
different things going on... It kinda makes me scared... coming from a
small poor town... I... I kinda feel outta place here..."

"I see." states Kim.

At this point, Suki falls silent, unable and fearful of saying much
else. The two approach the hotel and immediately, a harassed man steps
outside. Upon seeing Suki, he raises his
hands to the sky as though thanking God. He says, "Suki, thank God, I
found you! I need your help with apartment 3B! We've had some spills
there and need you to clean it up, right away! Here's your uniform, you
can change in the bathroom, just hurry up, please! We've got a major
VIP coming in!" He looks thoroughly panicked and Suki replies, "O-Ok...
S-sir..." She hands the bag of groceries to Kim and asks, "Can you take
this up to room 415 for me? Here's the key..." She fishes it out of her
skirt pocket and hands it to Kim.

"Uh, ok..." states Kim as she leaves.

About 30 minutes later, Suki enters her hotel room, dressed in full
maid gear and looking completely exhausted as she collapses on a bed,
the broom in her left hand clattering to the floor. She speaks into her
pillow, "Ow..."

"So you work here?" asks Kim on the other bed.

Suki raises her head off her pillow, nodding, "Yeah... part time... It
is the only job I could hold down... the only job I'm qualified for...
but even so... It's hard at times..."

"Oh, I have a job too. I pays really good." states Kim.

"Really? What do you do for a living?" asks Suki, reaching down to pull
her tight high heels off.

"I hunt things." states Kim.

Suki's grip on her left high heel slips, causing the shoe to fly half-
way across the room and land in a fish tank, causing two of the fish to
float up to the down, flipped upside down and unmistakably dead.

"What do you do?" asks Kim.

Suki lifts up her head and replies, "I... I'm kinda like a maid around
here... except that I'm not always on... I don't have a regular
schedule... It's just usually when they need me..." She tugs her other
high heeled shoe off, watching it fly across the room, landing on the

"Do you need help?" asks Kim seeing the articles flying

Suki shakes her head, blushing slightly in shyness, "N-No, thank you...
I... I'm just not used to wearing such tight shoes... but there's
nothing I can do about it... those are the only shoes the management
has here..."

"If there not your size then doesn't that hurt your feet?" asks Kim.

Suki sighs, nodding, "They do a little..." She reaches down and rubs
her left foot, adding, "..but this is a good job for me as it's
something I can do..."

"How would you feel if I got you some shoes that fit comfortably?"
suggest Kim.

Suki blushes, wringing her hands together, "I... I couldn't ask you to
do that for me... It... It.... well, it wouldn't really be right...
I... I mean... I should be trying to pay for my own expenses out
here... not asking others for help..."

"So why don't you buy new shoes then?"

"I... I... I haven't saved up enough for them..." replies
Suki looking sad.

"You can't afford shoes?" asks Kim looking a bit surprised.

Suki nods, looking embarrassed, "Y-Yeah... I... I don't get paid much
and I have to think about food and shelter... and other expenses, like

"I see... It must be really hard for you..." replies Kim.

Suki flushes, looking even more embarrassed. "It's ok... It's not so
bad for me... I do have enough money to live on..."

"Do you have anyone you care for right now?" asks Kim with a faint
blush on her cheeks.

Suki looks distinctly nervous and shy now, blushing heavily
as she looks down, "U-Uhm.. n-not right now... I... I uh... I had an
old girlfriend once... b-but she moved away a long time ago... a-and I
haven't seen her since..."

"Oh, well, I won't press the issue then." replies Kim.

Suki then asks, "Wh-why did you ask? Why would you want to know that?"

"I... uh; just wanted to know..." replies Kim as her blush begins to

Suki reaches up and scratches her short black hair, "Uh... ok... why
did you want to know?"

"Uh... well..." replies Kim smiling a bit

"Hmmm?" asks Suki, looking thoroughly confused now.

Kim sighs and stands, then walks to the bed Suki is on and sits next to
her. Nervousness apparent in her movement.

Suki scrambles to a sitting position, looking nervous and fearful, "Wh-
What are you planning, M-Miss Starr?"

"I'm no good with words so I have to express myself through action..."
states Kim as she stands again.

"A-Action?!" gasps Suki, beginning to sweat from nervousness now. "Wh-
what kind of action a-are you pl-planning?!" She starts trying to get
to her feet.

Kim then quickly starts Kissing Suki, closing her eyes in the process.

Suki's eyes bulge out wildly at first, completely shocked by what is
going on, but she slowly becomes accustomed to the feeling, closing her
eyes as well, a slight quiver starting in her stomach that feels to her
like butterflies.

Kim suddenly pulls away. I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have..."

Suki backs away at first, stunned that someone she just met would kiss
her, but then, her hand reaches out to Kim's left hand, holding it, as
she whispers, "I... I can't say that you didn't take me off-guard with
that kiss... but I can't say either that I didn't... e-enjoy it.." She
blushes heavily and continues, "Wh-Why did you kiss me, though?"

"I... I'm, attracted to you..." states Kim blushing.

Suki freezes, her mouth hanging out in total shock, and she slips
backward off the bed onto the floor, still staring up at Kim. "Y-You...
what?" is all she can think to say.

"I don't know if it's love but, I really like you. You're.... cute."
replies Kim.

Suki blushes as she tries to get back up onto the bed. "Y-You r-really
think so? You really think I'm cute?"

"Yeah, I really do. and I like cute." smiles Kim.

Suki blushes again and looks down shyly, her hands returning
to her lap as she falls silent, too shocked and feeling too many
feelings at once to be able to talk.

"If you want me to leave, I understand..." states Kim.

Suki shakes her head rapidly, bringing up her arms and doing the same
with them. "No, no! I-It's not that... I-It's just that... ever since
Nanyo... I... I haven't been with anyone... I... I haven't really
thought of myself as cute... I.. eheh, I.. well... I'm shy..." she says
the last word in a whisper.

"The perfect combination..." states Kim smiling.

"P-Perfect combination?" questions Suki, looking confused.

"Cute and Shy, the perfect combo IMO." states Kim.

"Y-You really think so?" asks Suki, lowering her gaze to her feet and
blushing again.

"Really Really." states Kim smiling.

Suki blushes again, then suddenly, she stiffens up slightly
and moans, pressing her thighs together for a brief moment.

Then, she relaxes, blushes and tries to get to her feet, whispering,
"E-Excuse me, Miss Starr... I... I need to use the restroom..."

"Oh, ok." states Kim.

Suki makes it to her feet and starts for the restroom at the corner of
the hotel room.

"Wait..." states Kim quickly.

"Hmmm? What is it, Miss Starr?" questions Suki naively.

"Um... would you mind if, uh... I watched?" asks Kim blushing.

Suki's eyes widen with surprise. "Wh-what?!" she questions, though it
is evident by her body's posture that something's not quite right with
her answer.

"Can I watch you pee?" states Kim frankly.

Suki replies, scratching at her hair again nervously, "Um...
wh-why do you want to watch me pee?" On the outside, it seems as though
she's confused, but inside, she is greatly excited.

"Do I really need to explain?" asks Kim blushing brighter

"Y-You get turned on by that, Miss Starr?" questions Suki, bringing her
left hand behind her to clench it into a fist, showing off her

"Y-Yeah, I do. It's sick I know, sorry, I shouldn't have asked."

Suki does her head shake and hand shake again, "No No, it's okay, Miss
Starr... I... I understand... As a matter of fact, I... I uh... have
the s-same f-fetish..." She blushes heavily again.

"Really? So, you don't mind if I watch you then?" asks Kim.

Suki hesitates, looking shy again as though she can't make up her mind
on that one.

"Is it ok?"

Suki finally smiles, "O-Ok... b-but there's one thing... the
bathroom's not big enough to fit us both in there... s-so I'm gonna get
a bucket or something..." She starts to leave the room.

"Your going to do it out here?" asks Kim.

Suki shrugs her shoulders, "I don't know where else to do it... do you
have any ideas, Miss Starr?"

"Uh, no."

Suki sighs, "Ok, then... I'll go and get a bucket from the janitor's
closet.." She reaches into her uniform skirt's pocket and pulls out a
key, opening the door and looking down the hallway.

"I'll just wait here then."

Suki nods and leaves the room, walking down the hallway. She returns a
few minutes later, swinging a big mop bucket. She closes the door and
locks it, smiling shyly at Kim.

"Anytime your ready..." states Kim.

Suki nods, "O-Okay..." She sets the bucket down on the floor and stands
over it. She pulls down her skirt, exposing cute white cotton panties,
and blushing furiously.

Kim then sits cross-legged on the floor looking up at Suki.

Suki blushes harder and tugs down her panties, exposing her tender
labia for the first time. Her pubic mound is completely smooth,
revealing every feature of her sex.

"Aww, how cute! You shave!" states Kim happily.

Suki blinks, "Shave, Miss Starr? I don't shave... what would I shave

"Hair grows down there. You don't know that?" asks Kim a bit surprised

Suki looks confused. "Hair grows down ... there? Are you
serious?! I... I never grew any hair... and neither did Nanyo..."

"really? You never have? That's strange." states Kim.

"It is?" questions Suki, looking fearful again that something might be
wrong with her body.

"Hey, don't look that way. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with you."
states Kim.

"A-Are you sure, Miss Starr? I... I hope you're right..." replies Suki,
looking unconvinced.

"Yeah, I'm sure."

Suki sighs, still blushing, as she brings a hand up to rub her abdomen,
which looks quite swollen for a girl of her size. She moans softly,
whispering, "Miss Starr... A-are you ready? I can't hold it much
longer... ooh..."

"Yeah, let'er rip." states Kim smiling

Suki nods, blushing again, she lets go, peeing straight down into the
bucket, rubbing her abdomen while letting out soft moans and pants, her
eyes closed.

"Wonderful..." states Kim lowly.

Suki moans softly and pees for about 1 and a half minutes before the
stream stops and she relaxes, dropping to her knees in relief.

"That was great. Thanks for letting me watch."

Suki nods, "N-No problem..."

At this time, the image of Suki fades and fizzles out, leaving the
modern Suki and Kim looking at the crystal.


"Wow, I totally forgot about that whole thing." states Kim

Suki sighs, "But I hadn't... It was one of my most prized memories...
but now... with Miho and all... I thought it best if you took it with
you... Miho... well, she gets jealous a lot and if she saw this thing,
she'd raise hell..."

"It's not good being with a person who gets jealous easily, and the
drug thing..." states Kim.

Suki explains, "But that's precisely why I chose her... she needs
someone to be there and love her and take care of her..."

"But you could end up being hurt, by her." states Kim.

Suki sighs, "I don't mind... the way I see it, if I don't stay with
her... she'll end up hurting herself... and I couldn't stand it if
something happened to her... I would feel too guilty, plus I love her
too much to see something happen to her..."

"I've seen this happen before. You need to just let Miho go, you'll
eventually regret your choice."

Suki shakes her head, "I can't, Kimmie... I just can't... I'm the only
one she's got... If I leave her... well, I don't really want to think
about it..."

"Fine, just don't say I didn't warn you..."

Suki replies, "I would never say that, Kimmie... Never... and thank
you... for understanding... OH! by the way... you and Nan'chi... you're
a couple now, right?" She grins knowingly.

"How would you know that." states Kim looking surprised.

Suki giggles, "Nan'chi and I have... well... a 'connection'.. that goes
beyond just friendship... Because we were lovers a long time ago, our
minds bonded... As Ap Dat girls, once we bonded, it was for life....
from that point on, each of us could read the other's thoughts...
That's how I knew..."

"oh, that..." states Kim.

Suki grins, "So, it has happened to you two, then? You have bonded with
her mind?" She looks excited and really happy.

"Yeah, did Nanyo happen to think anything about my arms and legs? Just

Suki shakes her head, "I can't tell you that, Kimmie... I can't spill
Nanyo's secrets unless she wants me to tell you... It would be
disrespectful to her..."

"Ok... Do you happen to know anything new about me?"

Again Suki shakes her head, "If you are talking about what
Nanyo is thinking, I can't tell you... but I do have something special
of Nanyo's that you can have... Wait here..." She giggles and floats up
to the second floor.

"Ok." replies Kim.

There is a rustling sound, then Suki reappears at the top of
the stairs. She jumps the banister and floats back down to the first
floor. In her arms are a bunch of VCR-type tapes.

Kim smiles nervously at the sight of the tapes and sweatdrops.

Suki grins, blushing shyly, "Back when Nan'chi and I were
lovers, we, uh... kinda fooled around with videotape... and since I'm
not gonna see her for a long time, I wanted you to give these to her...
... heh... if you'd like, you can watch them too... since you've seen
both of us naked before, it shouldn't be a problem... You'll find that
we experimented a lot back in our younger days..." She giggles shyly,
still blushing.

"Uh, sure. I'll be sure to give them to her."

Suki smiles, "And Kimmie... thank you for the memories..." She floats
up and gives Kim a quick kiss on the cheek, then floats back up to the
second floor, disappearing into her room.

"See you later, Suki-chan..." states Kim as she teleports and reappears
in her ship.

In her ship, Sashi is still sitting at the controls, watching the
gauges as she uses a wrench to turn some sort of bolt under the
dashboard. A loud snore still echoes through the ship.

"What are you doing now?" asks Kim as she drops the tapes.

Sashi blinks and looks up at Kim, stating, "I am trying to tighten this
bolt here... it keeps coming loose for some reason..."

Kim responds stupidly. "Oh..."

Sashi blinks again and returns to her job as a low moan echoes into the
ship, followed by "What the hell?! Starki-chan? Starki-chan?! Damn it!
Where the hell's that kid?!"

"Nanyo. I'm out here calls Kim."

The door to the cockpit slides open revealing a VERY pissed off Nanyo.
She growls, "There you are... Look here, you... I've just about had
enough of you... Now c'mere!" She grabs Kim and spins her up against
the wall in a violent motion.

"What the hell!? What are you doing?!"

To Be Continued in...
More Secrets from Kimberly...

Chapter 23

Title: Chapter 21: More Secrets from Kimberly...

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


Nanyo growls, "Be quiet, Starki-chan! I'm askin' the questions now! I
want you to tell me... HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO IT?! HOW THE FUCKIN'


Nanyo seems to get even angrier at that and brings one hand up to Kim's
neck, pressing in slightly to decrease the amount of air Kim can intake
without actually depriving her of total oxygen. "Damn it, Starki-chan!
I've done nothing but reflect on that day and I can't figure it out!
Tell me how the bloody hell you were able to talk to me when you
weren't anywhere near me!"

"What are you talking about!? Let me go!"

"Nah-uh, Starki-chan... you are going to tell me, or I'm gonna have to
drag it out of your mind with my telepathy... and I ASSURE you, that
will be far more painful than anything I could do to you physically..."

"Why are you being so forceful?"

"'Cause I'm pissed, damn it! I want the answer and I want it NOW!
You've got two choices... either tell me now, or I'll tear your mind
up, looking for it..."

"Fine, I tell if you let me go."

Nanyo nods, "Fine... but if you make any move to go, I will grab you
and force you to give up that information... by any means necessary..."
She lets Kim go, hearing her fall slightly to the ground.

"man, to be in love with me, it sure didn't look like it right then..."
states Kim.

"What was that, Starki-chan?!" growls Nanyo, clenching her fists.

"I'm questioning the validity of this relationship." states Kim firmly

Nanyo sighs and turns away, "Damn it, Starki-chan... I DO love you...
but the fact that I can't read your mind at times is so aggravating...
I just can't stand it... I've never had a problem like this before...
It bothers the shit out of me..."

"That's why you want to know so badly?"

Nanyo nods, "Hell yeah! Starki-chan, you don't know what it's like for
a full-blooded Ap Dat not to be able to read her lover's mind... That
is supposed to be the greatest gift of intimacy between us two..."

"Fine, I'll tell you..."

Nanyo smiles, hugging Kim, "Thank you, Starki-chan... Thank you..."

"I have the power to turn myself into energy..." states Kim.

"Energy?" repeats Nanyo in disbelief.

"Yeah... did you notice the lightning in the clouds back then?"

"Uhm... heh, heh... no?" sweatdrops Nanyo, looking embarrassed.

"Well, it was. That was me."

Nanyo asks, "So.. as energy, you can move very fast? Heh, that sucks...
and here I thought I was the fast one in this relationship... " She
rubs the back of her neck, then turns to Kim and asks, "By the way,
Starki-chan... How do you feel? Is that pain past you now? The pain of
your past, that is..."

"Yeah, It was fun. You should've seen the look on your face when Becky
started singing." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo laughs, "That funny, was it? Hell, I didn't know Becky could sing
like that... She's almost as good as Suki... By the, Starki-chan..."
Here she leans in close to Kim and whispers, "You might be feeling an
urge to pee soon... though the chemical has worn off by now, your
bladder will still have swollen simply from not having gone since last
night... and you won't be able to hold it, because your urethra will be
too sore to clench up..." It is evident, though, that she's slightly
disappointed that Kim's past the baby stage.

"Well, it's a good thing I still have that diaper on."

Nanyo frowns, "Yeah... real good thing... still..." She says nothing
more, though it's obvious that she's thinking sexy thoughts and Kim,
who can now read her mind, can sense that Nanyo's thinking about her
own urge to pee.

You have to pee don't you?" asks Kim.

Nanyo gasps in surprise, "Uh... uhm.... uh.... no?" she tries, blushing
slightly and bringing her hand up to her face, to cover her smile.

"Yes you do, don't lie." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo reaches up to her red hair, scratching softly, grinning, "Ok...
ya got me.... eheh, eheh... stupid mental link..." she groans, winking
at Kim.

"So, what do you suggest we do? You have to pee and I will soon have to

Nanyo grins, wrapping her arms around Kim and pulling her into a hug.
She leans over to Kim's left ear and whispers, "Let's have a little
contest, Starki... you an' me... first one to lose control will hafta
help Sash over there with her plan for Becks..."

"Plan? What plan?" asks Kim.

Nanyo whispers, "Sash has learned that Becks, apparently, likes to have
her control taken away from her, if you know what I mean..." She winks.

"Oh, that. Well what's her plan?"

Nanyo continues whispering, telling Kim, "Sash is gonna 'pretend
kidnap' Becks and take her to an undisclosed location that Becks won't
be able to tell where she is... Once there, Sash is gonna tie her up
and keep her there for a good long while, making her pee and cum by a
variety of methods... The loser's job will be to make sure that she
can't contact anyone she knows... It will be perfect! Heh.."

"Sounds like fun." replies Kim.

Nanyo grins, "It will be.... Heh... and another thing will be that the
loser of our contest will have to change Becks everytime she wets her
panties... Interested, Starki?"

"But I can't win." states Kim.

"Why not?" asks Nanyo.

"My control sucks remember?"

"Oh, that... well, to tell ya the truth..." Nanyo blushes, "... I
really... I mean, REALLY, gotta go... I don't think I can hold it much

"Really?" asks Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... My bladder's really throbbing... Here.. feel for
yourself..." She took Kim's hand and brought it down to her abdomen,
which was really pulsing.

"Wow. freaky." states Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "So ya see, Starki... It's anybody's game... Let's go to
the bedroom, shall we?"

"K, but BB is still in there."

Nanyo replies, "Oh, yea... Ey, Sash?" Sashi looked up as Nanyo added,
"Take care of Becks, will ya, Sash?" Sashi nodded, "Ok..." She, then,
departed for the bedroom where she saw Becky on the bed.

"BTW Nanyo, I got some tapes you may find interesting.

Nanyo raised an eyebrow, "Oh? And what tapes might those be?"

"You and Suki." states Kim.

Nanyo froze, "Uh... me and Suki?" she asks, nervously,
sweatdropping all over the place.

"Yeah, like the one I was watching before."

Nanyo now looks REALLY nervous and starts rubbing her hands together.
"Uh, yanno, me and Suki... we were... uh... kinda crazy back then, ya?
S-So, ya really shouldn't take those tapes as things I'd do normally,

"Yeah, sure..." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo sweatdrops again, "Y-You haven't seen them h-have you?" She looks
ruffled now, her teasing and happy personality giving way to a shyness
that is uncharacteristic of her nature.

"I've only seen one."

Nanyo breathes a sigh of relief, thinking, "Good... Suki didn't show
her the others... It's a good thing she's not here... I'd hate for
Starki to see those... How embarrassing..."

At this time, Sashi enters the bedchamber to see Becky asleep on the
bed. She smiles shyly, then moves to Becky's side, gently rolling her
over to her side.

"See which ones?" asks Kim.

Nanyo groans, "Ah, damn it! I keep forgettin' that ya can read my mind!
Uhm, lemme just say that I'm glad Suki didn't give you those... eheh,

Sashi grins and pulls out a length of rope from her cheerleader skirt,
which she had stuffed there while upgrading the ship. She takes hold of
Becky's arms and bends them behind her gently.

"Why don't we watch some of them?"

Nanyo gasps, "What the hell?! No, wait... Don't tell me... >< she GAVE
you them?! Aw, damn... " She puts her hand on her forehead, covering
her eyes as she blushes heavily.

"Yeah." Kim points to the box on the floor behind her.

Nanyo groans, "I'm gonna kill her...."

Sashi, then, ties a blindfold over Becky's eyes and a gag over her
mouth. After that, she grins and picks her up, carrying her off the
ship and back to Smith's location.

Kim the grasps her crotch with both hands. "Ooh."

Nanyo asks, "You okay, Starki?" A very tiny wet spot begins to form on
her jeans, though she doesn't even seem to notice it.

"I gotta go."

Nanyo replies, a bead of sweat on her forehead, "Ya... me too... We'd
better let go, eh?"

"No, way, you aren't trickin me that easy."

Nanyo grins, looking slightly strained, "Can't blame a girl fer tryin',

"Kim's legs then start to shake and she has a look of intense

Nanyo grins and reaches out a hand to Kim's upper stomach, rubbing
gently as she asks, "Getting hard to hold it, Starki?"

"Y-Yes, very..." states Kim.

"Good..." states Nanyo, almost laughing. She, then, picks Kim up and
starts to carry her back to the bedroom, which is now empty.

"Hey, don't you have to go too?"

Nanyo smiles, again looking strained as the tiny wet spot on her jean
grows slightly, "I'm ok... besides... we gotta get you to the bed and
get this diaper off... It's all wet and stuff..." She teases.

Kim then starts squirming in Nanyo's arms as she holds

Nanyo laughs, "Aw... you look so cute when you're so desperate,
Starki... Ahhhh... I just can't stand it anymore!" She drops Kim on the
bed and quickly locks her lips with Kim, kissing her deeply.

"Kim doesn't exactly return to kiss as she's trying no to wet herself.

Nanyo moans in pleasure from the kiss and rubs her C-cup breasts
against Kim's through her black shirt, kissing Kim harder.

"Kim breaks the kiss groaning. "Ah, s-stop." states Kim squirming

Nanyo pulls back, her eyes showing her teasing mood again. "Stop what,
Starki?" she asks, winking.

"I can't concentrate with you doing this."

"Oh? Is that so?" grins Nanyo. "Should I let you play for a little
while before I make you go?" She cooes in a sexy husky voice.

"I thought we were gonna play a game." states Kim.

"We are, Starki... We are...." cooes Nanyo, again in her sexy voice.
"But, of course, if you feel that I'm being unfair, why, then by all
means, do your worst..." She giggles.

"How can I? If I take my hands away, I'm gonna pee myself."

Nanyo grins, "How about if I hold you? Will that help?" She slides her
hands down to Kim's crotch, rubbing her sides as she makes her way

Kim just squirms in reply.

Nanyo pulls Kim's hands away, quickly replacing them with her own,
squeezing hard. "That better, Starki?"

"Y-Yeah... a bit."

Nanyo grins, "Ok... Now that your hands are free... whacha gonna do
with them?" She smirks.

"This..." states Kim as she puts one hand on one of Nanyo's breasts and
slides one down to her crotch.

Nanyo grins, "Do your worst, Starki... Do your worst.." She sticks her
tongue out, mocking Kim's efforts.

Kim starts rubbing her crotch and squeezing her breast. Kim also
groans, from her urge to pee.

Nanyo gasps from the attention to her breast, which causes it
to swell, pushing out against her black shirt, making it tight on her
body. At the same time, she quivers ever so slightly from the attention
to her crotch, and a little bit of fluid spills out onto her jeans,
though it doesn't quite seem like urine.

Kim now starts to squirm more and more.

Nanyo laughs, more fluid spilling out of her vagina, wetting her
panties with her arousal as she wraps her fingers tighter around Kim's
labia. She then leans forward and locks her lips with Kim's again,
kissing her deeply with surprising passion.

Kim once again breaks the kiss shaking her head left and right quickly.
"I can't take it anymore! Stop, I gotta go!" states Kim trying to get

Nanyo grins, holding Kim tightly, "Not yet, lover... not yet..." She
again locks lips with Kim, her hand sliding up to Kim's abdomen and
applying gentle pressure to the swollenness as her other hand unsnaps
Kim's diaper, pulling it down, exposing Kim's labia, which she quickly

Kim squirms and moans through the kiss and she starts peeing hard. a
nice stream of urine leaves her urethra.

Nanyo feels the wetness and laughs, "Couldn't hold it, couldja,
Starki?" She laughs harder as she holds Kim's body tightly against her

"Oh, I feels so good." moans Kim.

Nanyo rubs Kim's back, "I'm glad you liked it, Starki... I'm so
glad..." She pulls back slightly and locks her lips with Kim's again,
running her tongue against Kim's.

"Well, I lose..." states Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "It's okay, Starki... How 'bout we call it even? 'Cause
yanno... I can't hold it much longer myself..." She lifts her head up
to Kim's ear and licks it, knowing how pleasurable that is to her.

Kim quickly stiffens in pleasure moaning.

Nanyo smiles, thinking to Kim, "Like it, honey?"

"Oh yes, I love it." replies Kim.

Nanyo grins, pulling back and sighing, "I'm glad, Starki... I really
am..." Then, she laid back, sitting up and groaning loudly as she bent
forward to clutch her crotch.

Kim also sits up. "Come on, let it go."

Nanyo winks. "Where? Here?" She teases.

"Yeah, here." replies Kim.

Nanyo grins. "Wanna play around with it?" she states.

"Sure, y not."

Nanyo laughs, "Then come on over here Starki-chan... Come on over and
give me a GOOD reason to wet myself...."

"Ok..." Kim grabs Nanyo's breast on the side and inatvertenly presses
Nanyo's DP.

Nanyo gasps, "OOH!" and immediately clenches up, squirming vigorously,
rubbing her crotch hard.

"Huh? That made your urge stronger? You must really have to go."

Nanyo stammers, "I... I thought... a-after I showed you about t-the
DP... th-that you'd know h-how p-powerful th-those are... ooh, ooh!"
She moans, squirming harder as she tries to cross her thighs.

"Oh yeah, I forgot all about that."

"S-So y-you're gonna stop?" tries Nanyo, hopefully, clenching her
stinging urethra harder.

"Of course not." states Kim as she then presses the sport harder.

Nanyo lets out a loud moan and stiffens up, "I... I c-can't... S-Stop
it, S-Starki-chan! I... I'm gonna.... l-lose it!" Another tiny wet spot
appears on her jeans, this time from urine.

"Come on, let it go."

Nanyo winces as her bladder throbs powerfully and she lets her mouth
hang open as a second squirt spurts out. "I... I don't have.... m-much
choice! Ooh, I'm gonna PEE!"

Kim looks at Nanyo's pants and sees the wetness spreading and smiles.

At that point, Nanyo stiffens up completely, panting heavily as her
control is broken and she pees freely, her fluid flowing all around her
waist, before shooting down one of the legs and down further to the

"There ya go, just relax and let it go." states Kim.

Nanyo giggles as she pees for nearly 2 minutes, then her giggling turns
to laughter as she grabs Kim's body and holds her tightly in a big warm
wet embrace.

"Heh, so what now?"

Nanyo whispers, "Now... we wait for Sash's call... or rather, I should
say, Becky's call... once she finds out that Sash's kidnapped her,
she'll try to find a way to contact you... What you must do, is give
her an excuse as to why you're not going to go looking for her..."

"We're not going to join them?"

Nanyo looks at Kim like this: o_0: "Why? You wanna rape your sister?"
She teases.

"Of course not."

"Well, that's what Sash's is gonna do... After all, she knows as well
as I do, that Becks likes having her control taken from her..."

"She's actually going to do that?"

"Yeah... It's her present to her Mistress for all the things Becks has
done for her..."

"Well Becky know its Sashi that's doing things to her?"

Nanyo winks, "I really HOPE not! Where would the fun be in that?" She
laughs and holds Kim closer.

"What if Becky tells her to stop? Sashi would have to follow her

"Sashi wouldn't stop on this point... because she knows it would be for
the greater good of her Mistress, which is what the contract states...
" She quotes part of the contract: "A slave must do anything and
everything for the greater good of her Mistress... and must not act in
accordance with her own wishes..." Nanyo shakes her head, "I still hate
that she's a slave, but there's not a thing I can do about it..."

"Oh, I see."

Nanyo smiles, "So, let's get down to some REAL loving, baby..." She
starts to lick Kim's ears again.

Meanwhile, in Smith's area of Pioneer II, a young loli is about to wake
up in total darkness....

To Be Continued in...
Kidnapped! :P

Chapter 24

Title: Chapter 22: Kidnapped! :P

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


"Ah!" replies Kim as she gasps in pleasure.

"Mmm, Kimmie..." mumbles Becky as she starts to wake.

Nanyo grins, dropping one hand to Kim's left breast and squeezing it
gently as she pulls Kim on top of her, presses Kim's crotch onto her
own wet jeans.

A mysterious voice, not sounding human, states, "Ah... I see you have
finally awakened, young one..."

Kim then moans in reply and starts to squirm a bit.

Becky opens her eyes to see darkness. "Huh? Where am I?" states Becky.

Nanyo grins, "You are so cyute when you squirm, Starki... You know
that, don't you?" She locks her lips with Kim's again, pushing her
tongue deeply inside and licking Kim's own tongue.

The voice replies, "You are with me... I am your new Master... and if
you ever wish to see Kimmie again, you will do as I say... Understand,
little girl?!"

Kim then returns to kiss and moves her tongue in Nanyo's mouth.

"New master? What are you-" Becky discovers her arms are tied behind
her. "Hey! What is this? Untie me."

Nanyo moans through the kiss, her voice making Kim's mouth vibrate. She
then, breaks the kiss, panting, her forehead beginning to show signs of
sweat, "Whoa..." She looks stunned that her love and passion have
broken through her control and blushes heavily, so that her face
matches her red hair.

Something hard, yet flat hits Becky across the cheek as the voice
calmly intones, "Be quiet, little girl or your captivity will go much
worse for you!"

"Hey, what are you doing this to me for? This is the second time I've
been kidnapped." states Becky.

The voice intones again, "Your sister is rich... Do you really need to
ask, little brat?!" There is another slap to Becky's cheek.

"What does my sister's income have to do with me being kidnapped?"

"Oh come now, little girl... Have you never heard of RANSOM?!" Yet
another slap to Becky's cheek, which is followed by a button on Becky's
outfit coming undo.

"Why am I the one getting kidnapped? Why not someone else?"

"It is because of that idiot, Nanyo... No one can kidnap the one she
loves because she is simply too strong... Besides, only Kim has access
to her money and kidnapping her on this station would be foolhardy...
Now be quiet, little girl, before I am forced to hurt you..." Another
of the buttons on Becky's outfit comes undone.

Becky starts to try and get to her feet. "No! Let me go!"

"Do not make it worse for yourself, little girl... I can and will hurt
you..." Someone picks up Becky by the throat and dangles her from their
hand as they reposition her hands so that Becky is hanging from the

"Let me go! Let me go!" exclaims Becky.

The voice sniggers, "No... I think not... But if you would like, I
shall give something to think about while we wait..." A hand pushes
inside Becky's top, caresses her bra against her breast.

"Ah, What are you doing? Stop that!" states Becky trying to squirm away
from the hand.

A chuckle, then the voice continues, "Oh, come now little girl...
Surely you do not think that since I have you here, I am just going to
let you walk away, unscathed?" The hand slips off one of the clasps of
Becky's bra.

"No, stop. Don't do this." states Becky.

The voice sniggers, "What is the matter, little girl? Do you not like
having your control taken from you? Are you not aroused?" The second
clasp falls free as the hand rubs its palm across the area between
Becky's breasts.

".... O-Of course not." replies Becky.

The voice sniggers again, "No? Well, it is early yet... we shall see,
little one... we shall see..." The last clasp comes off Becky's bra,
causing it to fall free from under her top, which the owner of the
voice now pulls open, exposing Becky's breasts.

"Stop, don't do this." states Becky.

The voice, then, reaches up and slaps Becky hard on the cheek, "You
must learn your place, little one... You are not supposed to talk... If
you repeat your mistake, I will hit you harder..." A hand moves down to
Becky's panties, sliding a finger inside, running along her pubic

"Ah! S-Stop!" states Becky as she moves her legs hoping to kick the

Something catches Becky's foot and holds it in midair. "I would not try
that again, little brat... you may find an unpleasant surprise waiting
for you..." Something soft and smooth then presses again Becky's lips.
It takes her a minute to realize that it is someone's lips.

Becky produces a muffled groan through the kiss and kicks out her other
foot. again trying to hit the person.

Again, something catches her foot and holds it up in midair so that
Becky is now sitting in midair. The person's lips pull back and sighed,
"I warned you, little girl..." There is a loud crack as though from a
whip, that has the potential to scare most people to death.

"What is that?" asks Becky.

"Something for behavior modification... Now hold still, little girl...
because I assure you, this will REALLY hurt..." Something leathery and
hard then hits Becky's back, creating a long reddish spot.

"AH! Oww... Hey, that hurt!" exclaims Becky.

"I told you it would... Now unless you wish me to hurt you again, you
will cooperate, I trust?"


"Answer me, little girl... or you will feel more pain!" There is
another crack from the whip.

"NO! Let me go!" replies Becky.

"I see... I will have to teach you obedience then, little one..." There
is suddenly a sharp pain in Becky's back as the whip strikes, not once,
not twice, but three times, harder and harder each time.

Becky cries out from each strike. She closes her eyes tightly as tears
threaten her eyes, her back stinging from the strikes.

After the fourth strike, the person places their lips on Becky's again,
giving her a passionate kiss. Then, the person backs off and asks,
"Now, then, little girl... are you going to obey me now?"

".... Y-Yes...." states Becky in defeat as she feels her tears flowing
down her face.

"Good... because I do not want to have to hurt you... Now, then..." A
hand is placed on Becky's left breast, squeezing it gently and tenderly
as the person kisses Becky again.

Becky tenses from the touch and doesn't exactly return the kiss.

"You little lecher..." states the voice, pulling back. "You are not
even trying... Do you wish me to hit you again?" The whip cracks again
and a piece of debris flies up and hits Becky's toes.

Becky reflexively jerks her feet away?

"Now tell me, you little brat... are you excited or not?" asks the
voice, dropping it's hand down to Becky's stomach and rubbing gently.

Becky doesn't respond but in the darkness she is blushing.

"I am afraid I must insist, little girl... tell me if you are
excited..." A second hand is placed on Becky's right breast, squeezing
it a little too hard.

"N-No..." replies Becky unconvincingly.

"Is that so, little girl?" sniggers the voice. "Then I will have to do
something to change that..." The lips are again pressed against
Becky's, only this time, very roughly as the person drives their tongue
deep inside Becky's mouth.

Becky tries to squirm against the kiss.

The person doesn't stop, though, pushing harder and deeper into Becky's
mouth at the same time that Becky's right breast is pinched quite

Becky continues to squirm but she starts to sweat a bit, on of the
signs of her arousal...

The voice chuckles, "Little girl, are you trying to keep something a
secret? I can tell you are liking this..." The kiss then restarts, as a
single finger slips around to Becky's back, moving down to her no-fly

Becky squirms more and groans into the persons mouth
about not continuing the progress of her hand.

The person doesn't let up with the kissing, kissing her rougher and
rougher, licking all around the insides of Becky's mouth as the finger
reaches Becky's waistband of her panties, slipping inside to her

"Becky manages to muffle out "Stop."

The person backs off, replying, "You do not want this, do you?" The
finger slips in-between Becky's buttocks and lightly caresses her anus.

"No, stop." states Becky.

"Mmm... okay...." starts the voice, the finger starting to pull back.

"Thank you." states Becky.

"But.. on one condition!" adds the voice, the finger remaining between
Becky's buttocks for the time being.


"I want to see you hold it for a good long time... I do not want those
panties wet for at least 8 hours... You understand, slave?!"
The voice threatens with a crack of the whip.

"What!? Why?" asks Becky.

"Because I want you to... That is reason enough... So, little girl...
you have a choice... Either your ass gets penetrated or you hold it...
It is your choice..." The finger starts tracing Becky's A-hole.

"But I won't be able to hold it for that long." Becky voice is now a
whiny tone.

The voice giggles, "That might be true now... but I will let you go
once before we start... Well, Ms. Starr? The choice is yours... " The
finger starts trying to enter her a-hole.

"But I can't hold it for 8 hours." states Becky.

The voice sniggers, "I know... That is why I want you to try..." The
finger starts to push inside now, but only around the rectum, not going
too far in yet.

"Ah, stop, don't." states Becky squirming.

"Make the deal, then, slave... Make the deal, and I will stop..."

"I'm screwed ether way."

"That is not a decision, Ms. Starr... I must have your decision..."
states the voice, pulling the finger out and cracking the whip again.

"Fine, I'll....take the finger...." states Becky

"Tch... coward... No wonder your sister is eager to get rid of you..."
A hand now spreads Becky's buttocks and the finger again reaches out to
her anus.

Becky prepares herself for the penetration

The finger, now having some sort of cold clammy substance on it, again
starts to force it's way into Becky's anus, though it does so, gently
and erotically as the lips are again pressed against Becky's own in the
huge kiss.

Becky tenses for moment but starts to relax, allowing the finger easier
access to her rectum.

The person then unhooks Becky's hands from whatever it was holding her
up and drops her legs back to the ground as he/she lowers Becky down
onto the cold metal flooring, pulling back from the kiss only to
whisper, "If I am going to do this properly, I need you down here..."
The person keeps Becky's hands tied, but now above her head as the kiss
deepens again and the finger pushes in, stretching Becky's rectum a
little bit each minute.

Becky begins to moan into the kiss.

The person forces Becky's tongue into his/her own, as a second hand
moves down Becky's stomach to her pubic mound, rubbing gently. The
finger in her anus probes further, going deeper than before, continuing
to stretch it further and further.

Becky immediately starts to thrust her pelvis up into the hand as soon
as she feels the hand on her pubic region.

The person smiles, which Becky now feels, and the kiss becomes even
more passionate, as though the person is trying so hard to please her,
while holding back their own arousal. Then, suddenly, the kiss is
broken, as the lips of the other person slide down along Becky's chin
and down her neck.

"Oh, more, I want more." states Becky finally giving in.

The person sniggers and licks down between Becky's breasts as the
finger in her anus is joined by a second one, pulling apart anything it
can to widen her anus. At the same time, the hand down on her pubic
mound pulls up to her abdomen, rubbing gently on a course to the
person's lips.

Becky starts to squirm in pleasure now.

The lips and tongue come down now to Becky's stomach, playing in her
navel as the hand moves up to her breasts, squeezing and pinching them
rather roughly as the fingers in her anus push as far and as deeply as
they can.

"Ah." states Becky as she feel the fingers deepness

The fingers slowly pull out as the person grins and licks
down to Becky's waistband. The fingers are quickly replaced, though, by
something long, wide, cold, and metallic. At the same time, a similar
object is pressed against her left nipple, touching the majority of her
breast with its coldness.

"Ah, what's that?"

"Something to scare the sh*t out of you, Ms. Starr... Does it
frighten you?" The cold metallic objects turn slightly to reveal sharp
edges as the lips now move under Becky's panties, sucking on her pubic

"Yeah it frightens me, I don't want to be cut."

"If you please me, I will not cut you... but fail to do so and...." The
voice sniggers, letting that statement hang over Becky as the lips now
attach themselves to Becky's labia, the tongue darting between them,
licking up and down. It seems as though Becky's panties have been
pulled aside only over her labia, because the young girl can still feel
it hugging her waist. The metallic object in her anus starts a slowly
thrusting movement, in and out.

Becky gasp and moans under the pleasure, squirming a bit.

The person's lips now part Becky's tender labia, allowing the tongue to
wash over Becky's clitoris, almost soaking it in the person's mouth
fluids. The metallic object starts pumping Becky's anus harder and

"Becky moans and squirms more and more, the action starting to take

The person continues their actions, only now, making sure that Becky's
panties are free from her labia so as to keep them dry as the metallic
object near her breast, pushes on her nipple, almost as though it's
trying make the nipple invert, much like Ulter once did.

"I... I can't take this much longer..." states Becky.

"Good.... Let it go, Slave... Let it go and become a servant of the
most powerful creature on the planet..." The tongue continues to
inundate Becky's clitoris, stroking it from every
angle as the metallic objects do their jobs harder and faster.

"W-What?!" states Becky through the pleasure.

"Do it... Accept your weakness, little girl... Accept that you love all
of this! Admit it to yourself and gain the strength from it! As a slave
of the most powerful creature on the planet, you will experience untold
pleasure..." The tongue washes Becky's clitoris harder and more

"N-No, s-stop... I..." Becky then groans.

"Do it, Ms. Starr... surrender to your passions.... submit to your
desires.... give in to your horiness..." The tongue continues it's
actions as a finger enters her vagina, rubbing along the north wall as
the metallic objects do their work, efficiently, and send stronger
waves of pleasure shooting through Becky's body.

"No, I c-can't... t-take this... anymore..." groans Becky feeling her
body tensing up.

"Give in... Give in..." intones the voice almost hypnotically. "Give in
and let yourself cum... You will feel so much better when you do... You
know you want to..." The arousing actions continue.

"AHHHH!" screams Becky as she feels her climax arrive. causing her to
ejaculate streams of her girl-cum from her urethra as she arches her
body up. Pleasure coming in waves.

The person sucks up as much of Becky's cum as they can, pulling out the
metallic object from Becky's anus. Then, once Becky has finished her
orgasm, the person lets go of her, laughing, "Very good, Ms. Starr...
Now, I have to go call your sister and tell her how weak you have
proved... I will be able to get twice as much money as before..." After
stringing Becky back up to whatever it was that holds her up, footfalls
are heard, moving away.

Becky doesn't reply, too tired from her climax to.

After about ten minutes, something is held up to Becky's mouth and ear
and the voice orders, "Now, slave... talk to your sister... tell her
how weak you are..." At this time, a phone-like device rings in Kim's
room aboard her little ship. Nanyo and she are still in her room, both
on the edge of sleep from their latest orgasms.

"Mmm, that must be Becky..." states Kim as she get's off the bed and
picks up the phone. "Yeah?"

"Kimmie, I need your help." states Becky.

Nanyo rubs her neck, "Ough... Starki.... who is it?" Her voice sounds
irritated as though she'd just fallen asleep.

"It's Becky, she says she needs help." replies Km.

"O-Oh, really? Good..." She jumps up and grabs Kim, whispering, "its
Sash... don't let her know that you know... Just act like you can't
make it..." She gives Kim a quick peck on the cheek.

"Ok... Um, Becky, I can't help you right now." states Kim.

"What? Why?" asks Becky.

Nanyo grins, whispering, "Good... now give her a reason why..." She
hugs Kim tighter around the stomach.

"Nanyo's become sick all of a sudden about an hour ago, I need to watch
her. I'm sure you'll be fine, don't worry." states Kim.

"What!? Your not coming!?" asks Becky shocked.

The phone object is suddenly ripped away from Becky, the voice
laughing, "Looks like your sister does not even care about you, does

"She cares, she just needs to take care of Nanyo. If I could use my
hands you'd be in a world of hurt." replies Becky.

The voice laughs, "But you cannot use them... so you will not
be able to hurt me... However, if you want a fighting chance, then... I
suppose I could oblige..." Suddenly the ropes on Becky's wrists
disappear, freeing her hands.

"Huh? Why'd you do that?" asks Becky nervously.

"Take your blindfold off, if you dare... I want you to see who it is
that has captured you and made you subservient to your passions rather
than your reason..."

Becky does so and sees... "Sashi!? It's you?"

Sashi nods, "It is me, Mistress... or should I say, Ms. Starr?" She
smiles and drops the voice-changer that she invented. "So how did you
like being raped, Mistress?"

Becky simply blushes profusely as a faint smile crosses her face.

Sashi smiles wider, "I am glad you feel that way, Mistress... because
your rape is not over yet..." She winks at Becky.

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"Exactly what I said, Mistress... Your rape is not over... It
has only begun..." Suddenly, Sashi flashes from sight, reappearing
behind Becky, seizing her arms and bending them behind her, only
tightly enough to keep her from escaping, then she lets go of Becky's
arms, which remain where they are which shocks Becky.

"What the hell? How?" states Becky.

Sashi blinks, "Telekinesis... It appears as though my mental powers are
growing... I can now move things with my mind... That is why I was so
hyper earlier... I could not sit still... I had to be doing something,
anything... including working on the ship..." A small knife floats up
in front of Becky, the hilt turned towards her body.

Becky looks at the knife puzzled

The knife floats up to her breast and the cold hilt presses against her
right nipple again, trying to invert it as Sashi runs a hand across
Becky's stomach, pressing in and slowly depriving the young girl of

"What are, you planning on doing?" asks Becky.

Sashi smiles, "Mistress, I know many ways to please AND torment young
girls... Since you seem to get greatly excited at the thought of being
raped, I thought I would 'assist' you in your fantasy..."

"Assist me? But it wouldn't be considered rape if I go along with it."
states Becky.

Sashi nods, "True... that is why I did not tell you what I was going to
do before I did it... and that is also why I will be doing this...
Forgive me, Mistress..." Suddenly, Sashi whacks the side of Becky's
head, causing the young loli to pass out in her arms from the pain and

Becky's head hangs down limply as she's unconscious.

Sashi giggles slightly, "That is good, Mistress... Just rest... There
is a great deal more to come..." She nods off into the dark corner and
replies, "Thank you for your help, Smith... I would not have been able
to set this all up by myself..."

"No problem cutie. I know she's going to like this so I have no problem
with it." replies Smith.

Sashi bows respectfully, then scoops Becky up in her arms and carries
her off. MEANWHILE... back at the ship, Nanyo lets out a loud snore
that has the ability to wake someone sleeping next to her up. (LOL)

Kim pulls a pillows from under her head and covers her head with it and

To Be Continued in...
Nanyo Meets Nikki.

Chapter 25

Title: Chapter 23: Nanyo Meets Nikki

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


Nanyo rolls over in her sleep, taking the blankets with her and pulling
them off of Kim, which causes a gentle breeze of cool air to wash over
Kim's body.

Kim shivers from the chill and lifts her head to see what Nanyo has did
with the covers and grabs them and uncovers Nanyo as she covers
herself, giving Nanyo the chill.

Nanyo grunts in her sleep, then turns over onto her back, her left leg
coming up and winding up in Kim's face as Nanyo spins slightly in her
sleep, her left arm behind her back as her face presses into her

Kim rolls over again and yells as she falls out of the bed.

Nanyo snorts as she sits up, muttering, "The hell? What the hell's
going on?!" Her red hair is all mussed and her eyes mostly closed. She
seems really disoriented.

"Oww..." comes Kim's voice at the side of the bed, covered in the

Nanyo runs a hand through her mussed hair, "Starki? That you? Where the
hell are you?!" She stands up on Kim's side of the bed, accidentally
trodding on Kim's stomach as she does so, falling back against the wall
in surprise.

"Ah! Hey! Watch where your steppin!" states Kim loudly.

Nanyo groans, "Ow, shit!" as she rubs the back of her head. "Starki!
What the HELL are ya doin' on the FRIGGIN' FLOOR?!"

"I rolled over and fell over." replies Kim.

Nanyo sniggers, "'Choo fall over for, Starki? Ya coulda hurt yerself!"
But there is a smile on her face as she reaches down to help Kim up.

"I fell 'cause you had your foot on me." states Kim as she takes
Nanyo's help.

Nanyo laughs, "Oh yeah... I guess I forgot to tell you... my sleeping
habits aren't really all that great..."

"I see, anyway, I think it's time for me to go back home." states Kim.

"To your apartment down on Cyclias?" asks Nanyo.

"Yeah, back on solid ground." replies Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Cool... I'd love to see it... So far, I've only seen it
through your eyes... I wanna see how it looks in reality..."

"K, let me start the ship." states Kim as she heads for the cockpit.

"EY! Starki! Ya sure ya wanna do this without any clothes on?" teases
Nanyo, replacing her damp panties with a pair from her bag.

"It's my ship, I can walk around nude if I want." replies Kim smiling.

Nanyo raises her eyebrows, "Oh, I see... That why you have dildos in
the pilot and passenger seats?"

"Kinda, Becky's the one who installed them." replies Kim as she sits in
the poliots seat.

"Her horniness acting out again, then?" grins Nanyo as she slips on her
green sweater and blue jean outfit that Kim first met her in.

"I guess, the thing is, I didn't know she installed it. I was pretty
surprised when I found out about it though." states Kim as she presses
various buttons to activate the ship.

Nanyo laughs, "Ok... ya got me on that one... Becks must've been a
REALLY horny little girl... Kinda reminds me of... me, yanno... I did a
LOT of things to Suki that she didn't know about... she always wondered
why she needed a change of panties every morning... " She slips into
the chair next to Kim, just as Sashi shows up in the cockpit, carrying
Becky in her arms.

"Hey, were going back to my apart Sashi." states Kim.

Sashi nods, "I know... I can read your mind... That is why I brought
Mistress back here at this time... I had planned to keep her with me,
but I was afraid that you would leave without us..."

"Becky has her own way back yanno." states Kim as she has the craft
lift in the air and fly out the hanger.

Sashi questions, squirming slightly in barely repressed excitement,
"Are you referring to her PDA-device, Miss Starr?"

"Yeah, as long as the location you want to go is in it, she can
teleport wherever she wants.

Sashi replies, "Ah... so she has a direct link to the teleporters on
Pioneer II?" Nanyo rolls her eyes, yawning, "Shut up, Sash... just take
Becks back the room and take a nap or something..." She leans her head
back and snores loudly, indicating
that she's fast asleep again.

"Yeah, she does." replies Kim.

Sashi frowns at Nanyo and as she leaves, she gives Nanyo's chair a
little kick, causing it to spring forward and throw Nanyo onto the
ground. Nanyo grumbles, "Geez, Sash.. it was just a joke..." as she
climbs back into the chair.

"We'll be back home shortly, just relax for now." states Kim.

Nanyo grumbles, "Stupid Sash... make a fool outta me, will she?! I'll
get even with her... humph! she's so proud of her bladder control...
hehehehe...." She falls silent, but her telepathic mind broadcasts her
plan to Kim, (the old hand-in-water trick)

"Just get over it Nanyo."

Nanyo shakes her head, "No... I can't just get over it... Ooh, I'm
gonna get her for this... Besides, " she leans back and grins at Kim,
"... It's fun to get even with her..."

"May I ask why?" asks Kim.

Nanyo smirks, sticking out her tongue, "'Cause she's always so cool and

"Oh, I see." smiles Kim.

Nanyo grins, "So... wanna help me get even?"

"Nah, I just wanna get home."

Nanyo frowns, turning back to the windshield, "Party pooper..." Then a
few seconds later, a soft snore begins, stating that Nanyo's fallen
asleep again.

Kim looks over and sees Nanyo sleep and smiles. About 30 minutes later.
the ship is hovering over Kim's apartment. "Hey, Nanyo, we're here."
states Kim as she shakes her a bit.

Nanyo lets out a loud hard scream: GET THE FUCK OFFA ME, YOU DAMN
PERVERT!. Then she opens her eyes and shakes slightly as she gets up.
"Ugh... What the hell was that?!" she states.

"You talk in your sleep too huh?"

Nanyo rubs her head, "I dunno... 's not like I really had anyone to
tell me that..." She gives this expression on her face: :-

"Well you do, Becky does it too."

Nanyo suddenly takes hold of Kim's shoulders, asking, "Starki.. tell
me... what did I say?! Please tell me!" She looks panicked for some

"Uh, I think it was along the lines of 'Get the Fu*k offa me, you da*n
perverts.' "

Nanyo groans, "Oh, no... NOT AGAIN!" She slumps back down in the chair
and looks really despondent.

"What's wrong?" Kim looks concerned as she says this.

Nanyo shook her head, "It's nothing... nothing that I ever wanted to
share with you... EVER..."

"Ok, I understand, well let's go." states Kim

Nanyo nods, "Ok..." but she doesn't seem her normal cheerful self as
she trudges behind Kim.

Kim places a hand on Nanyo as she pulls out her PDA-like device and
presses a few buttons and they teleport into Kim's apartment.

Nanyo looks around, asking, "So this is it? Your apartment, Starki-

"Yeah, and don't you dare say anything about it being so simple and me
having a lot of money. I hear that enough from Becky." replies Kim.

Nanyo giggles, "Did I say anything?" But she's clearly thinking exactly
what Kim accused her of being about to say.

Kim glares at Nanyo before a girl's voice is heard in one of the rooms.
"Ki Ki? Is that you?" states the voice.

Nanyo turns toward the sound of the voice and gasps, "What the hell?!"
She looks really shocked.

"Oh yeah! Nikki! I forgot all about her." states Kim.

Nanyo raises an eyebrow. "Nikki?" she questions.

" My friend." states Kim before the sound of a door
opening and Nikki running out and hugging Kim. Her tail wagging back
and forth. "Ki Ki!"

Nanyo sniffles, still grinning, "So this is your friend Nikki?"

"Yeah." states Kim. "Who are you?" states Nikki looking at Nanyo.

Nanyo grins, holding out her hand, "I'm... ACHOO!" she sneezes

"Something wrong Nanyo?" asks Kim.

Nanyo sniffles, "Uh... I dunno..." She sniffles harder and adds, "My
noe's all subbed up, all of a subben..." Then, she rears back and
sneezes loudly again.

"Could you be allergic to something here?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "It's bossible, of course... ah... ah...

"What could it be?" asks Nikki. "Hey, Nikki, leave the area for a sec."
"Huh? Ok..." Nikki releases Kim and walks over near one of the corners
of the room near the table.

Nanyo starts to sneeze, but then stops. "Hunh? That's weird..." she
states scratching her hair.

"Nikki, come back." states Kim. "Ok." replies Nikki as she walks back
to the three.

"Ah... Ah! AHHHHHHHHH- CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" explodes Nanyo's latest
sneeze, then a long trail of snot starts to rolls down from her nose,
which she sniffs back up into her nose and moans.

"Are you allergic to cats Nanyo?" asks Kim.

Nanyo sighs, sniffling again, "It would appear so, wouldn't it? Ah-
Choo!" she sneezes again, looking miserable.

" I'm sorry." states Nikki looking sad as her ears and tail droop

Nanyo shakes her head, "'s not your fault... AHCHOO!" she sneezes

"Yes it is." states Nikki sadly.

Nanyo shakes her head again, saying, "No.. It's... It's... AHCHOO!...
not... I... I think I have something here... *sniff* to handle this...

"What would that be?" asks Kim.

Nanyo replies, sneezing again, "I... I have an allergy blocking
chemical compound in... in... AHCHOO!... my pouch...." She sniffs
again, reaching down for it.

Nikki starts to walk off.

Nanyo fumbles with her pouches, but due to her allergy, sneezes and
knocks her belt off, causing her pouches to drop to the floor, causing
a small round metallic bomb to burst open, spraying Nikki and Nanyo
with Para-powder.

"Huh? What's this stuff? asks Nikki.

Nanyo, frozen in place, groans, "Aw, DAMN! Not Para-powder! Ahchoo!"
She sneezes in place.

"Para-what?" questions Nikki.

Nanyo grimaces, "It's a type of paralyzing powder that will freeze the
victim in place... there's no antidote... we're stuck in place for
about 3 hours..."

"You serious? There's no cure?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo replies, "No... I never figured out how to develop an cure...
Sash'd be good at that... but she's not here..."

"I have something that should help." states Kim as she walks off.

Nanyo groans, "Hurry, Starki... I... feel a sneeze coming on... and I'm
facing Nikki... ah.... Ah.... "

"Ok ok," states Kim as she goes into her room.

Nanyo's nose twitches, "Hurry... hurry! Ah... AH....
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH....." Her whole body twitches as she tries her hardest
to hold it in.

Kim rushs out and tosses a pill into Nikki's mouth and she swallows it.
a second later, Nikki quickly jumps back.

Nanyo sneezes loudly and heavily, accidentally spraying stuff all over
the room, but luckily not on Nikki or Kim. She looks really miserable
now, sniffling heavily.

"Nanyo, open your mouth a bit." states Kim.

Nanyo opens her mouth, doing exactly as Kim asks.

Kim tosses a pill into Nanyo's mouth. "Swallow that."

Nanyo nods, "K..." and does what Kim says.

"You should be able to move now."

Nanyo flexes her arm, sneezing again, "Y-Yeah... I can... " She reaches
down to her pouch and pulls out a second pill. Then, sneezing, she
swallows it.

"I have to keep these incase Becky paralyzes me." states Kim.

Nanyo then sucks in a deep breath, breathing freely through her nose.
"Ahhhhh... oh yeah... that's better..." She grins, raising her thumb

"I sorry." states Nikki.

Nanyo walks over to Nikki, grabs her in a playful headlock and grins,
"Ya don't need to be sorry... you didn't know I would be allergic...
It's okay... "

Just then, Sashi appears in the doorway, still carrying Becky. She has
a red face and is breathing hard.

"What's wrong Sashi? You don't look to good." states Kim as she notices

Sashi blinks, "I doubt whether you would look at peace when you travel
400 K in about 10 minutes...."

"Huh?" asks Kim totally clueless

Sashi blinks, "You may have teleported here, but as Mistress
is still out, I could not use her PDA-device... so... I had to run..."

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Are you ok?" asks Kim.

Sashi replies, shrugging her shoulders, "I have no complaints..."

"The little brat is back." states Nikki smiling.

Sashi blinks, "Are you referring to Mistress, young neko?"

"Yeah, hey, how old are you?" replies Nikki.

Sashi blinks again, resting Becky on the floor. "I do not know... No
one has ever informed me as to that..."

"You don't know how old you are?" asks Nikki surprised.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "I do not know... I never found it

"Wow, that's pretty sad." states Nikki.

Sashi blinks, "That is what Miss Starr said... I do not see it as a

"So you've never celebrated your birthday?" asks Nikki.

Sashi asks, "Why would I? I do not even know when it is..."

"Oh, I see." replies Nikki.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, then picks up Becky and takes her back to
her bedroom.

Nanyo grins, whispering to Nikki, "She's the one responsible for the
burning of the city, yanno, Niks..." She laughs.

"Her? Are you serious?" asks Nikki

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... Tell her the story, Starki... Tell her the whole

"She was there when it happened." replies Kim.

"Yeah... but she didn't recognize Sashi, did she? Tell her everything
about what happened..."

After a moment, Kim finishes telling Nikki the whole
story. "Wow, so Sashi one bad girl huh?" states Nikki smiling.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... but she's under control for now... I wouldn't piss
her off, though..." She grins.

"You don't have to worry about that. I'm no fighter." replies Nikki
giggling nervously.

Nanyo grins, "Aw... too bad... guess, you're a pretty kitty, eh?" She
steps up to Nikki and grabs her tail in her hands, squeezing it gently.

"H-Hey, what are you doing that for?" states Nikki as she

"Let's just say that what Suki knows, I know..." she replies,
dubiously. Then, she sticks Nikki's tail into her mouth and licks it,
"Mmm... Suki was right... it does taste good..."

"Ah! H-Hey..." Nikki looks around as sees that Kim is no longer in the
room. "H-Huh? Where's Ki Ki?"

Nanyo looks up. "What the hell?! How the hell'd she get away so damn

"C-Could you release my tail please?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo turns back to Nikki, gasping, "OH! Heh, heh... sorry..." She lets
go of Nikki's tail and starts roving through the apartment looking for

There is an audible snore comming from one of the rooms on Nanyo's

Nanyo knocks on the door, "That you, Starki?"

"The snoring just continues. "Yeah, that's Ki Ki alright." states

Nanyo grins, "Excellent... She was OBVIOUSLY very tired... Perfect time
for a little practical joke... you in, Niks?" She stares at the young

"Oh yeah, ready and waiting." smiles Nikki.

Nanyo smirks, rubbing her hands together "Blasphemous..." she states
with a coniving expression on her face. She tiptoes to Kim's bathroom
and fills a glass with water, winking at Nikki, saying, "This is step

"What are we going to do?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo leans close to the neko's big ears and whispers, "Ever hear of
the old hand-in-the-water trick?"

"Oh, that's so mean." smiles Nikki.

Nanyo smirks, "Oh yeah... plus, I haven't even told you the worst
part... I'm gonna slip Starki something that'll enable me to move her
without wakin' her up... and I'm gonna slip THESE on her..." She holds
up a pair of jeans that have a metallic button on them which is glowing
a strange red color.

"What's special about them?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo winks, "They're a special pair of pants that can't be removed
without the combination... I always wanted to use them on Suki, but her
skin's so delicate that she can't wear jeans... Heh, this will be their
first true test!"

"Great. Let's hurry and do this." states Nikki.

Nanyo grins, "Yes... Let's..." She floats off the ground, patting her
back, indicating that Nikki should climb on. She explains, "It'll be
quieter this way..."

Are you forgetting something?" asks Nikki smiling.

"Am I?" asks Nanyo, scratching her red hair, confused.

"I don't look this way for nothing. Cat's can be quite
sneaky when they want to be." replies Nikki.

"Oh yeah... well, I wouldn't know..." frowns Nanyo. "I've never really
been a cat person... but ok... if you rather risk waking up, 'Ki Ki,
Queen of Dick', be my guest..." She smirks at Nikki.

"Huh? How do you know that?" asks Nikki puzzled.

Nanyo taps her forehead, "Telepathy.... what else?"

"You can read minds?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo grins and nods, "Yep... and let me tell you, you're as easy to
read as Becky..." She laughs and pokes Nikki in her left ear teasingly.

"Don't compare me to that brat." replies Nikki.

Nanyo laughs, "I know you don't like her... that's why I said it... "
She hovers toward Kim's bedroom door, making sure Nikki is ready to
open it.

"I like her, I just like mess'in with her constantly." states Nikki as
she walks to the door.

Nanyo grins, "Much like I like messin' with you..." She darts down and
grabs Nikki's tail for a second before letting go.

Nikki tenses for a sec before glaring at Nanyo.

Nanyo sticks her tongue out, but doesn't say anything as the two enter
Kim's room, where they see....

Kim peacefully sleeping on her bed, on her stomach. Nikki gets on all
fours as she walks into the room, much like a cat as her tail raises
into the air.

Nanyo hovers above the floor, effortlessly floating through the air
until she lands very quietly, almost like a DBZ character, next to
Kim's head. She slips a hand into a pouch on the back side of her belt,
near her kidney area and pulls out some sort of patch, which she
reaches out with and attaches it to Kim's left shoulder.

"What are you doing?" as Nikki as she sits on the floor much like a cat
would do.

Nanyo grins, "It's a sleeping patch... It acts just like a sleeping
pill... Kim'll be out until I take it off... Look at her... she's so
cute when she's sleeping..." She reaches out a hand and caresses Kim's

Kim moans in her sleep from the touch. "Becky cut it out, I'm trying to

Nanyo laughs and winks at Nikki as she asks, "Watch this..." She places
the glass of water on the night table next to Kim's head and reaches
out gently to Kim's hand.

Kim's makes no move to show she's awake.

Nanyo's grin grows wider and wider as she puts Kim's hand into the
water, balancing it so that it stays within the glass. Then, she moves
quickly and slips the jeans on Kim, waving her hand over the red
glowing metallic button, causing it to glow purple, then blue. She
grins, "Perfect... Now, then, Niks.. let's give her bladder a feel,
what do you think?"

"Sure, what do I do?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo winks, "Just feel her abdomen... You can even rub her labia, if
you'd like... anythin' you'd like to do to make her squirm in her
sleep... It's ALL good..." She bent her head back and laughed loudly.

Nikki reaches a hand under Kim's body to her stomach. "Hey, there's a
bulge there." states Nikki

Nanyo sniggers, "Of course there is... she hasn't gone for quite a
while... give it a little push... not too hard, now...."

Nikki pushes up a bit and Kim visibly tenses and groans.

Nanyo laughs, "See? Doesn't that feel good, Nikki? Hee, hee..." She
places her own hands on Kim's breasts, squeezing them gently in her

"Yeah, I wonder though if she can hold it for a long time with that
thing in her." states Nikki.

Nanyo shakes her head, "No... No, I don't think she can... I mean,
seriously, could YOU hold it in while asleep, Niks?"

Nikki then looks at Nanyo. "I guess she hasn't told you huh?"

"Told me what, Niks?" asks Nanyo.

"Nothing, if she hasn't told you then I shouldn't." states Nikki.

Nanyo frowns, "Don't think you can hide anything from me, now...
remember, I have telepathy... I can read your mind, really easily..."

"But you really shouldn't, it's Kim's secret. If you were to do that at
certain place you would be in ALOT of trouble." replies Nikki.

Nanyo frowns, looking sulky, "Ok... I guess I have no choice..." She
closes her eyes and concentrates, probing into Nikki's mind searching
for the information she is hiding.

She finds out that Nikki is talking about the device in Kim's abdomen.

Nanyo gasps, "Oh yeah... that thing... yeah, she told me about it..."
She opens her eyes and pulls back from Nikki, leaving the young neko
panting as though she'd just run a long distance and was tired.

"What... did you... do to me?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo replies, "It's called a mental probe... and as you can see, it
really wears the victim out... Most Ap Dat don't like using it... for
obvious reasons... We only use it as a last resort..."

"I feel sorry for you." states Nikki.

"Why?" asks Nanyo. "It should be me feeling sorry for you... I didn't
want to have to use it..."

"You'd die so quick on that ship." states Nikki to herself.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... I know... Oops.. sorry... I didn't mean to read
your mind that time... I'm just not used to not being able to do so..."

"How would you know?" asks Nikki.

"Know what?" asks Nanyo.

"That would die in a place that I haven't even said the name of."

"What, Pioneer II?"

"How the hell do you know of that?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Um, because I was just there, mebbe?" She
rolls her eyes at Nikki as she lowers one hand down to Kim's stomach,
rubbing gently almost absently.

"What!? How? Your not allowed to be there." states Nikki.

Nanyo replies, simply, "Starki took me... " Then, she turns away,
squeezing Kim's left breast again as she states sadly, "I know no one
from this planet is supposed to go there... and that really hurts..."
She sounds as though she has been slapped and stung hard, kinda

"She did? Why did she take you?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, then shook her head, "I can't really say...
If it was always prohibited, then she..." Nanyo suddenly stands up and
walks over to the window, staring out at the city below.

"What? what's wrong?" asks Nikki.

Nanyo just shakes her head, saying only, "Don't worry about it..." She
steps back over to Kim, and gently takes the patch off her shoulder,
wadding it up and tossing it away.

"Hey, your stopping? Why?"

Nanyo simply says, "I've got a headache..." Then, she walks to the door
and leaves the room.

Nikki gets up and follows Nanyo. "Hey, what's wrong?"

Because Nikki quickly removes her hand from under Kim, it causes a high
degree of an urge to pee to Kim and she groans as she
wakes peeing on herself. "What, the hell?"

Nanyo pulls on her leather jacket, turning only briefly to Nikki to
say, "Tell Starki, I'll be back later... I need some time alone..."
Then, she walks out the door, quickly taking flight and is soon out of

Kim recovers and notices her hand in the water Nanyo set up and sees
Nikki at her door way with her back to her. "You did this didn't you!?"
yells Kim.

Nikki spins around to face Kim. "Huh?! N-No! I didn't do anything."
replies Nikki quickly.

To Be Continued In...
Becky's Corruption

Chapter 26

Title: Chapter 24: Becky's Corruption

[Author's notes:
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


Meanwhile, in Becky's room....

Sashi grins at her Mistress, who's hands are tied behind her back, her
eyes blindfolded, and is only wearing a pair of panties with a
yellowish stain similar to Sashi's.

Becky slowly comes to and feels that she has something over her eyes.
"Where am I?" thinks Becky aloud.

There is no answer from the darkness, but something is pressed hard
against her back. It feels like a needle, and immediately, Becky feels
her breasts swell, growing up to a D-cup easily.

"Ah! what is that? Who are you?" asks Becky.

Again, there is no vocal response, but something hard hits the young
girl in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her, causing her to gasp
for breath as something with suction attaches itself to Becky's left

"Ah!" moans Becky once breath returns to her lungs.

A voice, which seems male, now speaks, "Ah, little girl... Your sister
is indeed a tough one... She refused to come rescue you and for that,
you must pay the price..." A hand is now felt on her abdomen, sliding
down to her panties as the suction increases on her left nipple,
drawing out some kind of fluid whose release sends shockwaves of
pleasure throughout the little girl's body.

Becky tenses as a wave of pleasure attacks her body.

The voice sniggers, "Did you like that, you little slut?! Heh, oh, but
you have to earn more..." The suction stops and is replaced by
something pinching her nipple so hard that it begins to turn red. At
the same time, the other hand caresses her abdomen, touching the top of
her waistband of her panties and stretching it out a little.

"What are you going to do to me?" asks Becky.

The voice drips with oiliness, asking, "I think, little girl, the
question is: What do you fear most? or should I say, What scares you
the most?" Becky's body then becomes weightless as something lifts her
up and while holding her, a sharp cold metal object brushes across her

"Like I would really tell you. I'm not stupid."

Her captor seems amused, "Little girl, do you think I would really
expect you to answer? I have other methods... methods that I'm sure
you'll recognize... If Suki hadn't fought me, I'd still have you as my
personal slave... but now, that little pee-bitch is gone... and her
sister is mine to control for all time... and now, little girl... tell
me your secrets..." A strong sense of something entering her mind
overcomes the smallish loli and renders her defenses incredibly weak.
The struggle put up by the little girl only drain her of more and more
energy over time.

"What are you doing to me?" asks Becky as she feels her energy leaving

"Give in, little girl... if you don't... the pain you feel now will
only increase exponentially..." A rough boot in thrust into Becky's
stomach as the person kicks her hard, almost to the point of breaking a

"Ah!" groans Becky as she cringes in pain.

"Now you know who I am, don't you, little bitch? Heha... HeHA! Now,
SPILL your secrets, you big baby!" There is a stinging sensation now in
Becky's mind that starts to bring to up bad memories from her past.

"I-It can't be, I thought we got reed of you." states Becky .

"Heh, you think that little creep Annie was me?! HA! Boy were you
wrong! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now, spill!" All of Becky's defenses now
collapse, ridding her of the ability to hide anything.

"Hight's, I'm terrified of high places." states Becky almost

"I see.... and what else are you afraid off, little girl?" Someone
lifts her body up, dangling her in midair. then they tear off her
blindfold, revealing a LOOOOOOOOONG drop down to the street below. It
is almost 2, 300 feet in the air and the only thing that's holding her
up is an arm around her waist.

"NO! Please stop! Get me down Please!" Becky starts crying like a
little child and squirming frantically.

The voice laughs, then the blindfold is replaced, "Yanno, that is
really embarrassing, little girl... but I think there is something even
more embarrassing for you..." There is a sudden wind that blows and
next second, the blindfold is removed to reveal 3 big guys leering at
her exposed breasts and with her panties tugged down to her ankles.

Tears still fall from Becky's eyes for a few moments from
her previous trauma. "No, stop get away from me." begs Becky.

The big men approach her and one man grabs her breasts, squeezing them
hard as the second man roughly starts to kiss her. The third man starts
to push on her abdomen and the voice from before asks, "You want this
to stop before you embarrass yourself even further?"

"Yes, please, stop this." states Becky as she promptly ends the kiss

"Then swear total allegiance to me... and fight your sister... if you
don't, then..." A snigger, and the man pushes harder on Becky's
abdomen, raising her urge to pee up to 75% of her tolerance, still
under her control, but not by much.

"I can't do that, I love her." states Becky.

"Then, I feel sorry for you, pathetic little slut..." One of the men
pulls out a knife, smirking and licking it as he places the tip of the
knife against her breast. The second guy pulls out his huge penis and
starts trying to spread her labia as the third guy grabs her hair and
tugs her mouth down to HIS penis, commanding her to suck it.

"Stop it please!" begs Becky starting to cry again.

"You know what you must do, little whore... Kill your sister... or be
prepared to be impregnated by these demons... it is your choice..." The
man with the knife pushes the blade slightly into her breast, though
nowhere near the nipple, drawing blood which he laps up with his
tongue. The second guy thrusts his hips hard against Becky, forcing his
penis into her unlubricated vagina while the third guy pulls her hair,
getting her to put her mouth on his penis.

a muffled scream comes from Becky as she feels the cock forcing it's
way in her tight vagina, causing numerous tares on her vaginal walls, a
VERY painful thing might I add.

"Now?" tries the voice again. "I could always just drug you... but I
would rather you do it on your own... Ready to surrender, little girl?"
As Becky is penetrated and forced to suck penis, another man appears,
beginning to rub her abdomen, giving her the sensation that needles are
pricking her urethra as though she needs to pee badly but cannot let

Becky's simply crying as the cock pumps into her, tarring her more and
more as blood begins to cover the man penis. but her crying is muffled

All the men suddenly shimmer and vanish, replaced by Kim Starr who
stands in front of Becky. A voice whispers in her ear, "Kill her... You
know you want to... You keep telling her you love her... but what has
she ever done for you?" Becky's hands are freed and her blindfold
removed as the image of her sister scowls at her.

"N-No, I can't d-do it." states Becky as her voice cracks from the
painful assault her vagina just went through.

Kim pulls out her photon blades and smirks at Becky, calling, "Come on,
runt... Let's see whacha got... Heh, bet I kick your ass this time..."
The voice whispers, "See? She doesn't care about you... She just keeps
you around because she likes to hurt you... the coward... she doesn't
give a damn about you..."

"I know she likes it, she does it 'cause I ask her to." replies Becky.

The voice sounds amused, "Oh, really? You don't think it possible that
she tells you that just to shut you up?" Kim smirks as an image of
Nanyo appears behind her, grinning. Kim states, "Come on, BB... Let's

"No! I don't believe you, Kimmie loves me, I know she does." states

"Then why hasn't she returned the favor lately? You always go to her
room and wake her up in your special way... Why doesn't she return the
favor? Could it be because of Nanyo?" The image of Nanyo solidifies
behind Kim, holding her in a tender embrace as she sticks her tongue
out at Becky. Kim, then charges at Becky, slashing out with her

"Kimmie stop!" exclaims Becky as she quickly gets up and dodges, but
because of the wounds to her vagina, it's a VERY painful action as she
falls to her knees after the dodge cupping her crotch groaning in

Kim's left photon blade barely scratches the younger girl's left arm as
she flashes a kick behind her, catching Becky hard in the ribs. She
grins, "Oh, come on, BB... I KNOW you can do better than that... Come
on... Give me a challenge!"

The voice continues, "And what about your brother, Rick? Or even
Smith?" Both now appear behind Kim, laughing and pointing at Becky.

Becky holds her pain raked body crying. "P-Please, stop..."

Rick laughs, "What's the matter, squirt? Didn't I train you hard
enough?" Smith does the same, flicking his nose at her as Nanyo grins,
"Stupid little girl... Your sister's heart is mine... she cares for no
one else!" Kim laughs heartily, charging toward Becky again, crying,
"BB, you could NEVER win against me!"

Becky once again painfully dodges Kim's charge and is barley standing.

Once again, Kim shows unbelievable skill by giving Becky another shot
to her ribs, this time on the other side. She skids past Becky and
grins, "Well, geez, BB... are you really this weak? What's a matter, ya
got your period?!" Rick laughs, "Nah... she's too much of a bed-wetter
for that...." Nanyo smirks, "Yeah... and she likes being raped too...
what a crazy ass bitch-slut..." The voice speaks again, "And you call
this people your friends and family?"

"Why is this happening? I did nothing wrong to deserve this." Becky
then fall to her knees for a second time. "I can't take this." cries

But things only take a turn for the worse when Sashi's voice begins to
be heard: Mistress! P-Please... M-Mistress! It sounds as though she's
in trouble and as Kim flashes over Becky's head, swiping at her hair
and shortening it, the voice whispers, "Your lover hates you too, you

"No! That's not true! It can't be true!" exclaims Becky as her hands
form tight fists

Sashi's voice echoes again, "Mistress... You are a bitch! How dare you
keep me as a slave?! God Damn little bitch! I fucking hate you! I

Becky freezes in place at Sashi's words, Her eyes now glazed over. this
was that final straw that broke her.


Becky slowly gets to her feet and faces Kim. Becky has a void
expression on her face, like there's no one there.

Kim grins, "Ooh, now she's mad... Well, come on, little girl... Let's
see whacha got..." She charges again.

Becky forms a revolver in her right hand and points it at Kim's head.

Kim grins, "Can ya hit me, BB? I don't think you can!" She brings her
photon Blades up into an X formation, preparing to attack.

Becky waits and doesn't move.

Kim jumps into the air about 5 feet from Becky and slashes downward,
screaming, "Now you LOSE, BB!" Rick whispers in her ear, "Bed-wetter"
at the same time that Nanyo rubs her again, swollen, abdomen and Sashi
continues screaming obscenities at the top of her lungs.

The gun quickly disappears from Becky's hand and Her huge Proton
Launcher forms and her aims it up directly at Kim.

Kim doesn't change her position, still screaming as her Photon Blades
begin to approach Becky's hair again.

Becky doesn't say a word as she presses the trigger,
firing a large ball of pure proton energy, It hits Kim causing her to
scream in pain and falls to the ground next to Becky.

Suddenly, all the people vanish and the voice chuckles, "Very good,
Becky... very good... now tell me, do you still believe those people
are your friends? Do you still believe they love you?"

"No." replies Becky monotonously.

To Be Continued In...
Hon'tyl's Order

Chapter 27

Title: Chapter 25: Hon'tyl's Order

[Author's notes:
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.


The voice speaks again. It now sounds like a woman around the age of
25-30. "They have hurt you... humiliated you... kicked you around like
a rag doll... So how does that feel, little one?"

"I feel nothing anymore. Feelings are useless." states Becky

"Now, now... You don't have to go that far... After all, I will take
care of you... As long as you swear eternal loyalty to me, your soul
will be saved... Do you swear fealty to me, little one?"


"Excellent... now..." A shimmering slave collar appears in
front of Becky. "Put this one and I shall reward you, slave..."

Becky does as instructed.

Almost immediately, Becky's eyes flash from their normal color to black
and a black leotard replaces her clothing. A few seconds later, a warm
hand falls on her shoulder as the
voice whispers, "Turn and face me, slave... face your Mistress...
Prostrate yourself to me..."

Becky turns around to face her master.

She sees a beautiful voluptuous woman with long red hair, ruby-tinted
eyes, painted red lips and a horrible smile. She is attired all in red,
wearing some sort of robe, and blood flows freely around her in some
sort of circular orbits. It has the ability of reminding one of what an
atom might look like with electrons whizzing around a nucleus.

Becky simply looks at this woman, apparently, she won't speak unless
spoken to.

The woman smiles, holding a leash that is attached to the slave collar
on Becky's neck. She tugs on it gently, pulling Becky close as she
whispers with an icy tone, "Greetings, slave... I am the Dark Mistress,

She continues, "... I am certain you have thousands of questions for
me... but first... I must have some of your blood..." She reaches out
to Becky's left breast, pulling it out of her skimpy leotard, and runs
a finger across it, causing a trickle of blood to flow from her breast
into a vial that Hon'tyl produces.

"I am whatever you wish me to be." replies Becky.

Hon'tyl smirks, "I know, my lovely slave... But in order to cement my
power, your blood is necessary..." After draining one vial full of her
blood, Hon'tyl runs a second finger across Becky's breast, causing the
cut to heal, though a small scar remains. Hon'tyl then pushes Becky's
breast back into her tight leotard and takes hold of Becky's left hand,
thrusting a piece of parchment into it, as she caresses Becky's cheek
with her free hand, sending shockwaves of pleasure through the young
girl's body, though it's nowhere near pleasurable enough for an orgasm.
She whispers, "Now, my slave... sign your name to this parchment with
your blood and the transfer will be complete..."

Becky's only reaction to the pleasure is closing her eyes and shakes a
bit, then opens her eyes and signs the parchment.

Hon'tyl then uses the rest of the blood to dictate the terms of the
contract, then throws the vial over her shoulder when it is empty.
After that, she stuffs the contract into Becky's leotard and says,
"Hold onto that, my lovely slave... Now, then... It is time to return
you to your apartment... with your instructions..." She grins and
whispers, still caressing Becky's cheek, "I want you to get close to
Nanyo... Do whatever you have to to get close to her... Find out
everything you can about her... and if Kim gets in your way, eliminate
her... Understood, slave?" She pets Becky's head, giving her another
shot of pleasure.

Becky repeats her previous reaction and nods afterwards. "Yes, I
understand, I will kill Kim if she interferes." replies Becky.

Hon'tyl smiles, "Very well, slave... I will reward you greatly when you
return if you have done as I have commanded...

"I am ready."

"Now go..." Hon'tyl shimmers and disappears and Becky wakes up back in
her apartment, her hands untied, but the blindfold still in place.
There is no other sound in the room, though outside the room comes the
sounds of Kim yelling at Nikki for something.

Becky removes the blindfold and leaves the room to find Kim yelling at
Nikki. "Kim, where is Nanyo?" request Becky.

"Huh? Becky?" asks Kim. "Where is Nanyo?" repeats Becky. "I don't
know." Replies Kim.

"Wait a minute, where is Nanyo? She was here." states Kim. "Something's
not right with Becky..." states Nikki.

Just then, a figure enters the room, clutching her side and breathing
hard. It is Sashi. She looks at Becky, then Nikki, then Kim and groans
weakly as she states, "I believe I have been injured..." There is blood
on her hand where she is holding her side.

"Kim, where is Nanyo?" asks Becky with a bit of
aggravation. "What's with the attitude? I don't know where she is so
stop asking." replies Kim

Sashi then asks, "I, too, would like to know the location of Nan'chi...
I believe she may know what has caused my injury..." A little more
blood flows down from her side.

"So, you will not tell me where Nanyo is?" asks Becky. "How the fu*k
can I?! I have no Idea where she is." replies Kim. "Fine, you have no
use to me." states Becky as she begins to leave.

Sashi blinks, asking, "Miss Kim, have you upset Mistress lately? She
seems angry and agitated..."

"Hey, don't just leave." states Kim grabbing Becky's arm. "I would
advise letting me go." replies Becky. "Advise? What the hell are you
talking about?" states Kim.

Sashi blinks, before dropping to her knees, the pain in her side
aching. "Miss Kim, perhaps it would be prudent to let her go this one

"Something's not right. I'm not letting her leave this place." replies
Kim. "You are interfering, I will not warn you again, let me go."
states Becky.

Sashi groans weakly, "Miss Kim, I sympathize with you, but if you
persist in confronting her now, you may be killed..." Then, for the
first time in her life, she screams in pain and jerks wildly before
passing out on the ground.

"No, she's not going anywhere." replies Kim. "Very well, your were
warned..." states Becky as she quickly grasps Kim's throat with her
free hand.

"What the!" replies Kim as she releases Becky's arm to try and pry her
hand from around her neck. Becky then squeezes, cutting the flow of air
into Kim's lungs.

"What the hell are you doing brat?! cut that out!" exclaims Nikki.
Becky looks at Nikki and promptly shoots her in the stomach as she
quickly materializes her gun. "I never did like you." states Becky as
Nikki falls to the floor in pain.

Sashi starts to come to, lifting her head weakly as she spoke hoarsely,
"M-Mistress... no...."

"B-Becky... What's wrong... with you?" asks Kim feeling weak from lack
of Oxygen. "I was ordered to kill you if you got in my way." States

Suddenly, a hand reaches out of nowhere, grabbing Becky's arm and
flinging her outside with the speed of centrifugal force. Then, the
same hand grabs Kim and pulls her back into the bedroom, whispering,
"Miss Kim, we must flee..."

Kim coughs as she suddenly able to breathe. "What the hells going on?"
asks Kim.

Sashi, holding Kim by her wrist, replies tersely, "Miss Kim... It is
Hon'tyl... She has corrupted Mistress... there is no way... we...
can... win....ough..." She drops to her knees, panting in pain.

Nikki's voice is then heard. "No! Don't!" then a gunshot is heard and
nothing. Kim listens in shock at what she's heard. "She just didn't do
what I think she's done has she?"

Sashi groans weakly, "Miss Kim... I might be able to keep her mind
functioning for a short time... but unless we find Nanyo and get her
potions, we cannot save her... to say nothing about stopping

"Da*nmit! You know how to contact Nanyo?" asks Kim. Becky's voice is
then heard. "That wouldn't have happened if you would've stayed Kim,
now your friend has a bullet in her head."

Sashi nods, "I do... but I cannot do it... My body is too weak to use
my telepathic powers... " Her eyes close as though the effort of saving
Kim's life has drained her greatly.

"Wait a minute, Nanyo said something about a mental link, how can I use
it?" 5 gunshots are then heard in the other room.

Sashi groans weakly and replies, on the verge of falling unconscious,
"If you have such a link, then all you have to do to contact Nan'chi,
is to scream her name in your mind... She should hear you and initiate

"Ok." replies Kim as she closes her eyes and does what Nanyo's says.
Laughter then comes from the other room as more gunshots are heard.

The connection between Kim and Nanyo is made and on the other end, Kim
hears laughing in the background as Nanyo's voice slurs, "Yeah, Starki?
What iz zit?"

"Something horrible has happened, come back ASAP!" thinks Kim.

There is a thud sound followed by Nanyo's voice giggling, "Hah! A sap!
Hah! Oday... Dahm a'coming around the mountain, when she comes! Hee,
hee..." There is another thud then all falls silent in
Kim's mind.

"Fu*k, it ended." states Kim.

Sashi opens her eyes, grimacing, "I believe she is drunk... that limits
our options... We must flee, Miss Kim... I will try to put up a psychic
barrier... to protect you... You must get Nan'chi and go to the town of

"Leave you here alone with Becky? No way, I'm not going anywhere."
replies Kim.

Sashi replies, grimly, "If you do not get help at Reun, we all will be
killed, Miss Kim... You, Nan'chi, Suki, and even Mistress, herself..."

"Fine, but if you need something to heal you, there's some stuff in my
drawers you can use to heal yourself." states Kim as she stands.

Sashi nods, "Ok.. Th-thank you, Miss Kim..." She tries to stand. Her
legs shake badly, but she manages to get to the drawers, looking for
the stuff Kim mentioned.

"Stay safe..." states Kim as she teleports.

Sashi blinks, having just drunk a potion that restored her vitality,
"Ok... Now Mistress... Please forgive me..." She closes her eyes and
stalks into the room with Becky.

She sees Nikki as a bloody mess on the floor, and Becky squatting
beside her. Becky looks at Sashi and stands. "You are of no concern to

"I may not be of concern, but I cannot allow you to go about killing
people... Hon'tyl..." Her words are cold and emotionless.

"Do not get in my way." states Becky coldly.

"I do not intend to get in your way... I intend to delay you... But
rest assured, Hon'tyl... The day will come when the power you have
gained will cease to exist..." She brings one hand up in front of her
face, palm facing Becky.

"Delay me? I'd like to see that." states Becky.

"Then, try me, Hon'tyl... Try me and find out just how strong my mind
is... I know it frightens you... You fear someone overthrowing you and
freeing the Ap Dat..."

Becky throws her gun away and gets into a fighting stance. "Fine,
entertain me." states Becky.

"As you wish, Hon'tyl... As you wish..." Sashi closes her eyes and
suddenly, before Becky can blink, a force-field, like that one that
protected her in space, is formed.

"What the hell!" states Becky as she punches the force field.

Sashi sighs, looking grim. She thinks, "That will not hold her long....
I must meet up with Nan'chi and Miss Kim..." She shimmers once, leaving
an after image, then she is gone.

To Be Continued In...
Finding Nanyo, Meeting Tisha, and Saving Suki...

Chapter 28

Title: Chapter 26: Finding Nanyo, Meeting Tisha, and Saving Suki...

[Author's notes:
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue.


"I will not be delayed further!" exclaims Becky as energy forms in her
right fist and punches the force field with incredible strength,
shattering it. Becky then jumps out the window.

A few moments later...

Three people suddenly appear in the room where Becky was. One of them
the woman from earlier from back on Pioneer 2. The people see Nikki on
the floor.

"Oh my... Someone really did a number on you didn't they?" states the
woman as she kneels down beside Nikki. The woman then takes out a small
device from her coat pocket and appears to scan the girl's body and
then gasps in surprise.

"S-She's still alive!" exclaims the woman. "Are you serious?!" asks one
of the other girls. "It looks like her wounds were caused by bullets.
The poor girl. We have to get her back to the ship ASAP." states the

In a dark corner of the apartment, a shadowy figure sighs, "Thank
goodness... Mistress would be terribly hurt if the neko had died..."
The figure nods once, then thinks, "I should go meet up with Miss
Kim..." A rustle, then the figure is gone.

Kim then appears in a mountainous area looking around at the sky for
any sign of Nanyo.

There is no sign in the sky of Nanyo. It would seem as though Nanyo's
not flying. However, the mental link between the two is growing
stronger, allowing the HUnewearl to sense her location somewhere in a
building to the southwest.

Kim then teleports to the building where she sense Nanyo.

It is a small building with a mug of beer on a wooden sign hanging over
to door, which reading, "PUB." There is loud ruckus from inside,
indicating a drunken party is taking place.

"I hope I'm wrong about Nanyo being in there." states Kim as she walks
to the door.

Inside the pub, there is a big party going on with several men and
women dancing in drunken stupors. One man in particular approaches Kim,
drunk as a lemur, and slaps her butt, saying, "C'mon, cutie... Let's
dance! Ya gotta a fuckin' beautiful ass!"

Km simply rolls her eyes and continues walking, ignoring the man.

The man starts after her, but then, his eyes roll up into his head and
he passes out, a blunt dagger having just hit him in the back of the
head. A girl, that Kim should recognize, is standing behind him,
looking blank.

"What are you doing here?" asks Kim as she sees the girl.

The girl blinks comically, "I came to offer assistance, Miss Kim... You
would not be able to enter the town of Reun without an Ap Dat escort."

"Oh, thanks." replies Kim.

Sashi nods her head sharply, then asks, "Are you sure Nan'chi is here?
This seems like a rough establishment..."

"Unfortunately yeah, I can feel it. She's here." replies Kim.

Sashi then gestures for Kim to go on ahead, saying, "If that is the
case, I will watch you back... These drunken apes will try to rape you
if they sense any weakness.."

"I'm pretty sure I could take care of myself but thanks anyway." states
Kim as she starts to walk.

Sashi nods, "As you wish..." Still, though, she keeps her eyes peeled
and her left hand on the dagger in the waistband of her skirt.

"I think Nanyo is in the back somewhere..." states Kim.

As the HUnewearl and Sashi push their way through, they eventually come
to a dark corner where a young red haired girl is sitting on a man's
lap, completely passed out. The man's hands are unbuttoning her jeans
and preparing to push into her panties.

"Hey! What are you doing?" asks Kim to the man.

The man gives her a o_0 and says, almost lucidly, "D'Ah'm gonna get me
some action! *BURP*" He slides a hand up under the girl's green sweater
and squeezes her breast before adding, "Damn, this girl can hold her
liquor... took 10 shots before she went out..."

"Get your hands offa her!" exclaims Kim.

The man looks up at her through blurry drunk eyes, then pushes the red
haired girl off his lap, his penis sticking straight up at Kim's face
as he growls, "What was dat, bitch?!"

A deep bush claims Kim's face as she sees the mans member. Kim averts
her eyes as she replies. "I said bets your hands off
her.' repeats Kim.

A sneer, "And what're yew gonna dew if I effin' refuse?" He stands up,
only now revealing his towering height over Kim.

"Well I'd rather not fight you. Just give me the girl." states Kim.

A loud guffaw echoes through the room, causing three additional men to
surround Kim and Sashi as the big man clutches the red haired girl
around the waist with one hugeass arm. "You sure you don't want to

"I will if I have to." replies Kim.

The men all laugh and close in on the two girls. But before a big brawl
can start, all three men gasp in shock and drop dead right in front of
Kim and Sashi, blood flowing freely from multiple wounds on their

"What the...?" states Kim confused.

Sashi also blinks in confusion. "That was... unexpected..."
She states. The red haired girl drops to the ground, snoring loudly.

"What happened?" asks Kim.

Sashi opens her mouth to say something, but then a smallish girl
appears right in front of her, holding a sharp, pointy rod at her
throat. She has short green hair, dazzling bright green eyes and is
wearing a blue robe.

"Huh? who are you? and what are you doing in a place like this? Where
are your parents?" questions Kim.

Sashi hisses, "Shut up, Miss Kim... or she will turn her attacks on
you... This is my problem... allow me to handle it!"

give gives this look O_o, but says nothing.

The girl smirks at Sashi and states, "I gotcha now, ya murdering bitch!
Any last words before I off ya?"

Sashi nods slowly, "Actually, I have a few words, Tisha... and they
are... " She clears her throat and adds slowly, "I... AM... SO...

"Huh? You know her?" asks Kim.

Tisha nods, "Oh, you bet your sweet bimpy, she knows me... She'd better
after what she did..."

Sashi sighs, "Tisha... I do not know how many ways I can say I'm sorry,
before you accept it... You must understand, though, that it
was not my choice... My master ordered me to do so!"

"What are you two talking about?" asks Kim.

Tisha scoffs, "Hpmh... you really expect me to believe you're really a
fucking slave?! What the hell do you think I am?! A two year old?! I
know, for a fact that slavery was outlawed in Cycilias over 300 years

"What's going on here? can I get some info plz?"

Sashi sighs, "If you wish to kill me, you may do so... But understand
one thing before you do so... Slavery exists in this world... I have
the contract right here for you to see... "

Tisha growls, "Don't gimme that bullshit! You fucking
murdered my parents, you bitch! And now that I'm trained up, I'm gonna
kill you!"

"Whoa hold on, you can't kill her." states Kim.

Tisha whirls to face Kim, threatening, "And why not?! She fucking

But killing Sashi won't bring them back."

Tisha screams, waving her rod around in her hand, "But she fucking took
my whole world away from me! She's a fucking bitch and deserves to

Sashi, seeing that the rod is not pointed at her throat any longer,
whips out with her hands and grabs Tisha's arms, forcing them down by
her side as she says, "Miss Kim, help me... We have to restrain her
before she..."

Tisha suddenly disappears from Sashi's arms, reappearing behind Kim,
holding the rod at her throat instead. Sashi finishes, "... gets

"Nice one little girl." states Kim calmly.

Tisha growls, "Who cares what you think! Now tell that bitch Sashi to
lie down on the floor or I'm gonna kill you two..."

"I can't do that. I'm not her Mistress." states Kim.

Tisha growls, "If you don't tell her, I'm gonna slit your throat!"

Suddenly, as Tisha looks at Kim, Sashi flashes from view, then
reappears a minute later, hitting Tisha hard in the chin with the blunt
side of her dagger. Tisha's body flies up, hits the ceiling, then lands
HARD on the floor.

"She's just a kid Sashi, you didn't need to do that." states Kim.

Sashi sighs, "I did not wish to do that... but she left me with no
choice... she is unconscious now... but if I had not, she would be dead

"Well, we found Nanyo, let's get her and get outta here."

Sashi nods, "As you wish... but we will have to take Tisha with us
too... Too many drunks here..." She reaches down and scoops
Tisha up in her arms.

Kim grabs Nanyo and positions her so that Nanyo is 'piggy-backing' Kim.

Nanyo suddenly lets out, "GRAVY!" before slumping back down and snoring
loudly. Sashi blinks, then leads the way out of the pub with all the
men giving the four girls a wide berth.

"So were is the village?" asks Kim.

Sashi replies, "In the far west mountain ranges... But I'm afraid only
Nan'chi knows how to get there... She is the only one who has ever been
there... That is where her parents live, after all..."

"Well we need to wake her up then." states Kim.

Sashi nods, "That we do... And Nan'chi and I will have to perform an
ancient Ap Dat mind technique on Tisha to calm her down..."

"Ok then..." states Kim.

"Where should we go, Miss Kim? The only safe place around here is
Suki's house..."

"Let's go there then."

Sashi nods and the two set off for Suki's house. Along the way, though,
they come across a big intersection full of moving traffic and red
lights. On the other side of the street, the two can see a really
ruffled up smallish girl walking along. She doesn't seem to notice
where she's going and her appearance suggests that she doesn't seem to
care about what she looks like. She does look AWFULLY familiar to Kim,

"It can't be..."states Kim as she sees the girl.

Sashi blinks, totally stunned now, "But it is, Miss Kim... I, too, am
astounded at her appearance... It is most unlike her..."

Just then, the two see that several men are following in the
small girl's footsteps, though the girl seems like she's not worried
about them. She seems really distracted at this point in time.

"I think something's wrong. We should go to her."

Sashi nods, "Agreed..."

Kim carefully walks across the street to the girl.

One of the men grabs the girl by the shoulder, grinning, "Hey Baby...
gimmie some of that sweet ass ya got there!" The girl looks at him
briefly, then turns away, mumbling, "Go ahead... I've lost everything
else... I shouldn't keep my virginity either..." Twin trails of tears
are rolling down her cheeks now.

"What? Hey, What's going on?' states Kim.

Two of the men spin to face her, grumbling, "Damn.. another bitch...
let's get her too!"

"Not again..." states Kim as she then gently lays Nanyo on the ground.

The two men then pull out knives as they approach her, sniggering. Once
again, they suddenly start to shoot blood and fall dead to the ground,
but this time, Sashi's standing over them, her dagger clenched in her
fist and a horrible look of anger on her face.

"Whoa, what's with you?" states Kim.

Sashi scowls, "I cannot tolerate someone hurting my sister...
Especially this ruffians..." She turns toward the other guys and before
a minute has passed, they all swarm over her and Kim.

"You wanna have all the fun? I'll just sit back and watch if ya want."
states Kim.

Sashi says nothing, but before she can kill them all, Tisha and Nanyo
have joined the fight and all four girls enter into a big brawl.

Kim shatters a mans kneecaps with her feet and gives him a shot to the
throat with her hand , killing him instantly.

Sashi drives her dagger into the back of another man's skull
as Nanyo brings her HUGE broadsword around, neatly cleaving another man
in half and Tisha jams her rod right through a fourth man's ribs and
his heart. It doesn't take long before all the men are dead and Suki
slumps to the ground.

"What the hell? You have a sword Nanyo?" asks Kim

Nanyo hiccups, still looking drunk, but she replies lucidly, shrugging
her swords, "Doesn't everyone?"

"No." replies Kim.

Tisha turns to Sashi and growls, "I still haven't finished with you,
Sashi... but I don't think this is the right time to finish this..."

Suki moans and looks up, her eyes blurry with tears and she sees the
outline of Kim's ears. She whispers softly, "Kimmie?"

"Yeah, It's me Suki." states Kim

The small girl suddenly jumps up into Kim's arms, crying, "Kimmie! It
was horrible! M-Miho... sh-she's... dead...." She sobs inconsolable
into Kim's arms.

"What? Dead?" asks Kim shocked.

Nanyo curses luridly as Sashi freezes, totally stunned. Tisha, alone,
looks unaffected, asking, "Who's Miho?"

"How did it happen?" asks Kim.

Suki bawls, "It was within her all the time... she had contracted a
disease from long ago... and only recently did she realize it was
taking its toll on her! She's gone!" She sobs again.

Tisha pokes Kim, asking again, "Who's Miho?"

"A girl she loves." answers Kim to Tisha.

Tisha looks stupid, "Oh..." Nanyo clenches her fist in total anger and
as she puts it on Kim's shoulder, she squeezes too hard as she states,
"Damn it all to fucking hell...."

"I'm sorry Suki." states Kim.

Suki just sobs in Kim's arms. Nanyo lets out another burp, her sword
falling to the ground as a goofy grin crosses her lips and she states,
"HUnewearl's have big EARS!" as she slumps down on the ground.

"Nanyo can you stop it? Suki's hurting." states Kim.

Nanyo burps and hiccups, but does nothing else. Sashi groans, "It would
appear that she is still too drunk to function normally..." Tisha
laughs, "Yep, she's wasted all right!"

"Hey Suki, let's go to you place ok?"

Suki sniffles and gets to her feet, "O-Okay... Th-the hearse sh-should
be gone by now..." She starts to walk toward the direction of her home,
even though it is nearly 200 KM away.

"Hey, why walk? Why don't you fly?" states Kim.

Suki shakes her head, "I... I can't fly right now..." Sashi nods, "Yes,
that is true... an Ap Dat cannot fly without concentration..." Tisha
grins, "AHA! So that's how I can beat you!"

"Well, let me try a group teleportation then." states Kim.

Suki asked, "Does it involve using mana?" Nanyo hiccups and grins, "I
wanna fuck Wakka, ya?! He's so fucking pissy! Hee, hee!"

"No, why?" asks Kim.

Suki sighs, "If it involved mana, Nan'chi and I could have loaned you
some to help you..."

"Oh." states Kim.

Tisha looks confused, "What's mana?" she asks.

"It's the energy from your body or something like that." states Kim.

"Oh.. so it's like Chi?"

"Yeah I guess."

"Ah... I see..." states Tisha, still looking dumb. Suki asks,
"Kimmie... is there anything I can do to help?"

"Nah, I just need to concentrate."

Suki nods, and looks at her feet in sadness as Nanyo burps and grins
stupidly and Sashi holds Tisha from behind, whispering, "Do not move...
teleportation can go horribly wrong if even the slightest move is

Tisha groans and squirms, "Get off me, you retard!"

"Every body just needs to touch me somewhere." states

Suki reaches out to Kim's arm as Sashi and Tisha grab her waist. Nanyo,
as always, reaches out for Kim's breast, but finding she can't reach
it, she grabs Kim's crotch instead.

"Nanyo, can you choose a different spot. It's to much of a distraction
with your hand there."

Nanyo giggles stupidly and grabs Kim's left thigh instead.

"Ok, now just be quite while I concentrate."

Nanyo hiccups, but makes no other noise.

A white aura begins to emanate from Kim's body, the group disappears
and reappears in Suki's house.

Suki looks around and nods, "You've grown stronger since I saw you
last, Kimmie..." She starts for the stairs. Tisha, meanwhile, starts to
edge away as Nanyo burps again.

"I think Nanyo needs to sleep off her drunkenness." states Kim.

Sashi nods, "Yes.. but just in case... Let us try to ask her
something..." She turns to Nanyo and asks, "Nan'chi, where is the town
of Reun?"

Nanyo hiccups and looks up at Sashi, asking, "Re... un... ion? The....
Great... Sephiroth....? OMFG! Sephiroth! Let me suck your cock, Sephy!

"No good, She's too far gone." states Kim.

Sashi blinks and asks Kim, "Who is this Great Sephiroth and why does
Nan'chi want to suck his cock?" Suki, now at the top of the stairs,
groans, "It's a video game, Sash... Just a video game..."

"Let's get her upstairs."

Suki shakes her head, "That won't be necessary... there is a pull bed
down there... I just need to flip this... There..." Part of the floor
below revolves up, bringing with it a twin sized bed.

Tisha, meanwhile, has edged away from the group, running her hand
against the wall behind her, thinking, "I've got to get away from this
group of loonies... I really got to find a bathroom..."

"OK Nanyo let's go." states Kim attempting to lead Nanyo to the bed.

slumps down again.

"This is getting annoying." states Kim with a hand on her forehead.

Sashi asks, "May I give you a hand, Miss Kim?"

Tisha keeps her face toward the other girls, but she's now frantically
searching for a door out of this crazy house.

Kim then notices Tisha's distance. "Hey, what are you doing over

Tisha gulps, "Busted!" and tries to smile nonchalantly, "Heh... what's
up, Kimmie? I.. I, heh... just thought I'd leave you girls to
yourselves, since.. ah... you don't need me here... heh..."

"Kim then frowns at Tisha. "Don't call me that."

Tisha gulps, "Uh... ok... KIM.... I.. I was ... just... ah...
leaving..." She backs up further against the wall, her hands rapidly
pushing on every surface, looking for a switch or something to let her
out of this room.

"You're staying here."

Tisha whines, "Oh come on! I don't belong here! I'm just... uh... an
extra wheel here... eheh, eheh... so... uh.. lemme go, uh?"

"No, you're staying here. You might try something."

Tisha whines, "Oh, come on! Give me a break! Here you've got the little
cute one, the big bad ass, the silent and cold one and you! You don't
really need me around to slow you guys down!" She casually tries to
bring her thighs together without it being too obvious.

"No, you NOT leaving, that's final." states Kim sternly.

Tisha whines but decides to keep quiet for now, thinking that she'll
have an opportunity to escape later. Suki comes down the stairs, a
futon in her arms.

"Nanyo, go to the bed and sleep off those drinks." states Kim.

Nanyo nods, tipping over right into the bed, giggling madly. Suki
approaches and puts a pillow under Nanyo's head, sighing, "This is
gonna take a while... Nan'chi never did know when to say when..."

"Great, I just hope Becky isn't causing too much trouble." states Kim.

Suki asks, "What's wrong with Becky?" Fresh tears come to her eyes as
she remembers what she did to her.

"Hon'tyl has corrupted her mind. She's turned evil now." states Kim.

Suki cries, "NO! It's not true, is it?!"

"Yes, it is, she almost succeeded in killing me."

Suki clenches her fist and an red aura surrounds her, showing off her
amazing magic potential in a burst of anger. Sashi blinks, "Whoa..."
Tisha shivers in fear, pressing her thighs together.

"Calm down Suki."

Suki shakes her head, blacking out for a moment, then coming to,
sighing, "I can't BELIEVE Hon'tyl's so evil..."

"Unfortunately, as much as I hate to admit it. I can't beat Becky."
states Kim.

Suki sighs, "Yes, I doubt whether anyone could beat Hon'tyl like
that... You'd need to go to the town of Reun... in the desert..."

"I know."

Suki adds, "Those Ap Dat are even more suspicious of outsiders than
those of Lo'lop... You'd need to get an Ap Dat who lived there to get
you inside..."

"That's what we have Nanyo for." states Kim.

Suki nods, "Yeah.. Nan'chi's family lives there... Her parents in
particular... I don't think she's ever liked them that much, though..."

Tisha, over in the corner, squeezes her thighs together again, and
slides along the wall, still looking for some door or switch for her to
escape with.

Kim notices Tisha again. "What's wrong with you?" asks Kim.

Tisha whines, looking down at her feet and blushing, "I... I gotta

"I already told you, you know going anywhere. Just give it up."

Tisha blushes harder, "No.. I mean... I really gotta go..."

"Well you're really not going anywhere." replies Kim.

Tisha squeezes her thighs harder and shakes her head again, "NO. I
mean... I REALLY gotta go!"

"What aren't you understanding little girl!? You're not leaving. Just
sit somewhere."

Tisha finally throws all caution to the wind and states loudly, "Oh,
for the love of... I GOTTA PEE-PEE!" Suki hears her words and turns to
Kim, a smile beginning to spread across her lips.

To Be Continued In...
Tisha's wetting

Chapter 29

Title: Chapter 27: Tisha's wetting

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue.


Kim shakes her head. "She's just a kid..."

Suki smiles wider, "Kimmie, when you met me, I was but 16.. remember?
She's only two years younger..."

Tisha's eyes shift back and forth rapidly, saying, "Come on, you two!
Tell me where the blasted door is! I gotta go!"

"Hmm, that's true, and she is young..." states Kim smiling.

Suki grins, "So what are you waiting for, Kimmie?"

Tisha gulps, not liking where this is going for her.

"Ok, so what are you plan we do?" asks Kim.

Suki grins, "Oh come on, Kimmie... after all the time we've
known each other, you hafta ask?" She points to Tisha and whispers,
"Teach her... EVERYTHING..."

"I think I'd like to force her to lose it." states Kim.

Suki whispers, "Then do it... There's really no where for her to
run..." She winks at Kim as Sashi sits on the floor next to Nanyo's
sleeping form, looking bored. Tisha gulps, looking nervously around for
some sort of exit to get her out of this mess.

"Ok.." states Kim as she walks to Tisha. "Hey, I'll take you to the
bathroom ok?" states Kim.

Tisha gulps, "Y-You will?" She glances nervously from side to side,
looking at Suki, who is unreadable, then at Sashi, who, frankly,
doesn't care.

"You want to go don't you?"

Tisha nods, "Yeah... I already told you I do..."

Kim the smiles. "Great." She then lifts the girl onto her shoulder,
which presses into the girl's abdomen.

Tisha cries, "Ah-AHH!" as she squirms and wriggles on Kim's shoulder.
"L-Lemme go!" she states loudly.

"What? I thought you want to go to the bathroom."

Tisha complains in her whiney voice, "I didn't want to go HERE! Lemme
go!" She squirms again, almost throwing Kim off balance.

"Hey, hey, I'm going to carry you to the bathroom."

Tisha squirms again, "Then get your blasted shoulder off my abdomen
before I pee on you! Geesh! It's not as though I couldn't walk on my
own power, y'know!"

"But I can't keep you on me if I do that."

"Then let me walk, stupid old hag!" cries the young girl, still

"old hag!? I'm 19 years old for your information." states Kim as she
quickly thrusts her shoulder into the girls abdomen once.

"Uh-UHHH!" shrieks the girl as her bladder starts to spasm and she
squirms harder. "Lemme go, you old goof! I'm gonna pee all over you if
you don't!"

Kim then places her other hand on the girl's butt, over the clothes she
wears and rubs the area.

Tisha cries, "AH! Lemme go you perv! LET ME GO!" She kicks out with her
feet, trying frantically to free herself from what she feels is going
to be rape.

"Shhh, just calm down. It's going to feel good." states Kim as she then
reaches under the girl clothes to the backside of the girls panties.

Tisha whines, struggling even harder, "But I gotta PEE-PEE! I can't
hold it long! Let me go pee!" Her defiance is weakening in the face of
conserving her energy to fight her bladder.

"Don't worry little girl, you'll keep your innocence." states Kim as
she move her hand to the front of the girls panties and caresses her
young labia.

Tisha squirms harder, trying now, to bring her hands down to hold
herself, "It.. It's not that..." she whines, her bladder again
beginning to spasm as her body shakes slightly from the simple touch on
her labia.

"What is it then?"

Tisha blushes as she admits, "I... I've never wet myself before... It..
It's humiliating... t-to just... l-lose control like that... I.. I
can't bear it... a-and, p-plus... I didn't bring an-any other clothes..
I.. I'll have nothing to wear!"

"That's ok." states Kim as she pushes the girl's panties aside and
touches the girl uncovered labia under her clothes.

Tisha immediately stiffens up, her body overcome by quivers at the feel
of someone strange touching her labia. She blushes heavily and squirms,
asking, "Please... don't... Please... let me go...!"

"But doesn't my touch make you feel good?"

Tisha whines, "Y-Yes... b-but..." She blushes hard again.

"But what?"

"I... I've never done this before! I... I really gotta pee... a-and
you're not letting meeeeee!" she whines.

"But doesn't that feel good?"

"T-The touch or the need?" asks Tisha, her voice trembling.


Tisha whines again as she squirms again, "Th-The touch does feel
nice... b-but... I really hafta pee-pee! I... I don't wanna wet
myself!" She whimpers.

"But it will feel so good, just let it go."

Tisha shakes her head. "No!" she says defiantly, "I don't
wanna just let go! I want to go to the bathroom! Please, lemme go!"
Another spasm attacks her bladder and she tenses in Kim's arms.

Kim then has her middle finger rub the inner lips of the girl's labia.

Tisha squirms harder and whines, "St-stop it! That's just making me
hafta to go WORSE! I don't WANT to wet my panties! Please HELP ME!"

"But I am helping you." replies Kim smiling.

Tisha squirms again, retorting, "You're NOT helping me! You're gonna
make me wet myself! Freakin' LET ME GO!" She turns to Suki and begs,
"Help me!", but Suki turns her back on Tisha, moving toward the

"It's not so bad, you wanna see me pee on myself in return?" asks Kim.

Tisha's eyes bug out wildly and she halts, thinking that one
over, dropping her hands to her crotch, trying to hold out. She gasps,
"Um, excuse me?!"

"I have an urge to go to. If you agree to wet yourself, I'll let you
watch me wet myself." states Kim.

"B-But... I... I can't..." Tisha whines. "I... can't wet myself! I...
don't have anything else to wear!" She tries to use that argument

"I don't ether." replies Kim.

"Th-Then why are y-you willing to wet yourself if you have nothing to
wear?" Tisha asks, her bladder still in the throes of a spasm.

"Because I like the feeling." states Kim as she caresses the girls
Labia again.

"B-But.... N-Not everyone l-likes... Ah!... th-the feeling... s-some c-
consider it... Ooh!... h-humiliating!" Tisha closes her eyes in

"But you might like it, You'll never know if you don't try it."

"B-But... I-It's too embarrassing..." whines the little girl
as she tenses again, adding, "I.. I can't pee here... all over you...
I... I just can't..."

"I won't mind." states Kim.

"B-But I would... I... I think it's bad enough I... I'm gonna pee-pee
my panties... I... I can't do it all over someone!" The small
loli whines as a single drop runs down her labia.

"Just let it go." states Kim as she probes her index finger into the
girl's vagina.

Tisha begins to stiffen up, still whining loudly, "Oh, noooooo! I gotta
pee-pee! I... I can't stop it!" A single 1-second spurt now comes out
onto Kim's fingers.

"That's it, let the rest come." states Kim as she feels the wetness
trail her hand.

Tisha's green eyes tear up rapidly as she starts to lose total control,
three big spurts coming out onto her panties as she cries, "NoNO! I'm

"Doesn't it feel good though?" asks Kim.

Tisha's face turns red as she pees freely now, her breathing the only
sound coming from her body.

"Ohh, it's so warm. Come on, tell me if feels good, you know you want
too." states Kim smiling.

Tisha blushes again and the slightest hint of a smile crosses her lips
as she relaxes her muscles, peeing harder through her panties.

"You must've drunk a lot of fluid." states Kim as she feels the girl
continuing to pee.

Tisha blushes. "I... I like my juice..." she admits, her flow beginning
to slow down.

"Juice huh? Then that's why your urine has such a strong smell then. I
bet it's really yellow huh?" states Kim.

Tisha's face still stays red as she nods slowly, her stream finally
stopping. When it stops completely, she begins to squirm again,
whining, "Let me down, now, please?"

"Ok..." states Kim as she lowers the girl to her feet, revealing Kim
urine soaked shoulder.

Tisha pulls her thighs together, her drenched panties making an audible
squishing sound as she seems to become really shy, whispering, "I'm all

"Yes you are, and it's cute too." states Kim smiling.

Tisha blushes again, saying, "You know... you're not the first to tell
me that... um... whoever you are..." She flashes a dirty glance at
Sashi, but the taller slave girl is fast asleep now, and Tisha
continues, ".. Some people, though, don't care about others...

"Well, I said I'd let you see me wet myself..." states Kim.

At these words, Suki reenters the living room, carrying a tray with
several glasses of drinks and sets them down on the coffee table,
sitting down on the couch next to it, sipping from her glass slowly as
Tisha starts to get excited and asks, "Ooh, ooh! Can I see your pussy

"Show me yours and I'll show you mine." giggles Kim.

Tisha blushes, "Um, okay.. but not here... I-Is they're a private room
we could go to?" Suki raises a eyebrow at Kim, but keeps quiet, her
empathic abilities impaired because of the death of her lover.

"I don't know, hold on." Kim turns to Suki. "Is there a room we can go

Suki nods, "Yes... I have a guest room here..." Then, she smirks and
stands up, whispering something to Tisha, causing the young girl to
giggle madly before the summoner turns to Kim and waggles her finger,
"If you'll follow me, Kimmie..."

"What did you say to her?"

Suki shakes her head, sticking her tongue, "Not telling... Not a
word..." She starts up the stairs, beginning to giggle as Tisha giggles
behind Kim.

Kim gets worried as she follows Suki.

At the top of the stairs, Suki leads the two girls into the guestroom,
which is decorated in much the same fashion as her own, except this one
has a TV and a couple video-gaming consoles. Suki grins as she closes
the door behind her, locking it and trapping all three girls inside.

"Hey, I though you were just going to lead us up here." states Kim.

Suki grins, "I haven't been able to tell you yet, Kimmie... I was gonna
tell you before I met Miho... but..." A pained look crosses her face,
followed by tears, but she adds, "I owe you much, Kimmie... You have
always protected me... and I haven't been able to give you anything
back... So this time, I thought I'd give you something of myself... My
'Spirit' Crystal..." She reaches into the top of her outfit and pulls
something from her bra. It is a violet crystal.

"Your what?" asks Kim.

Tisha gasps, "A 'Spirit" Crystal?! They really exist?!"

Suki nods, "They do, indeed, Tisha... Kim, a 'Spirit' Crystal is a
container of sorts of an Ap Dat's personality... Here... I want you to
hold this and stroke it... You'll see that there is a link between me
and the crystal..." She pulls the necklace off her neck and hands the
crystal to Kim.

"Uh, ok." Kim does as Suki suggests

At the slightest touch from Kim's hands, the crystal glows brightly for
a long few minutes and Suki begins panting heavily, her small breasts
beginning to swell and her vagina beginning to secrete it's fluid a
little, causing her unique aroma to waft up around the other two girls.

"What the..." Kim is totally confused as to what's going on.

Suki's eyes glow slightly as Tisha backs up against the wall in fear.
Suki replies, her voice growing lighter and more melodic, "There is
nothing to fear, Tisha... and to answer your question, Kimmie... what
you hold in your hand, is more or less, my soul... or at least, a
crystalline copy of it... It responds in the same way as I do, and if
something should happen to it, I would die... You can just imagine how
personal something like that can be, can't you, Kimmie? When an Ap Dat
hands over their "Spirit" Crystal, it means that they trust that person
more than any other.. and that they want the other person to have a
small part of themselves... Kimmie, I can think of no other who
deserves this than you... Please take care of it..."

"B-But, You shouldn't give something so important away, especially if
it risks your life." states Kim.

"Kimmie... I'm giving it to you, BECAUSE it is important to me... I
wanted you to have something close to my heart... because you are so
dear to me... Please don't refuse, Kimmie... Would you really break a
lonely girl's heart?" Suki asks, her violet eyes beginning to tear up

"But I don't have anything to give you though." states Kim.

Suki shakes her head, "You don't have to give me anything, Kimmie...
You have already given me far more than I deserve..."

"Ok then, I will cherish this and protect it." states Kim.

Suki smiles, "Please do... And now, Kimmie... doncha have something to
show to Tisha?" She grins as Tisha hops up and down, squealing, "Yeah!
Show me! I wanna see! I wanna see your pussy!"

"Like I said little girl, show me yours and I'll show you
mine." replies Kim.

Tisha whines, "Aw, that's not fair! I wanna see yours first! You
already made me pee-pee my panties!"

Suki asks, "Kimmie... would it help if I showed mine first?"

"Nah, it's ok, I did make her wet herself, so......" states Kim as she
starts to remove her shorts.

Tisha giggles and hops down closer to Kim, carrying on like a little
girl, "Ooh! Are those cotton or silk?"

"There cotton." states Kim as she starts with her panties.

Tisha sticks her tongue out, drooling, "Ooh! It's so pink!"

"Pink? where do you see pink at? I haven't spread myself." states Kim.

Tisha lays a finger along Kim's topmost part of her labia. She giggles,
"Right... HERE!" She starts rubbing the soft flesh until it turns pink
which takes only a minute or two.

"Ah! H-Hey! Don't go touching me yet. I still gotta pee." states Kim
jerking back quickly.

Suki giggles as Tisha winks at her, saying, "Thanks for the advice,
Miss Suki... It worked like a charm!"

"W-What?!" states Kim surprised.

Suki laughs, "Now, see, Tisha... she's not so brave... she wouldn't
even try that with me... You are much braver than she is..." She winks
at Kim as Tisha giggles.

"What are you talking about?" asks Kim.

Tisha groans, "Oh, for the love of... Dag, you're so STUPID! Can't you
tell she wants you?!"

"What are you talking about, I know see loves me."

Tisha shakes her head, "No.. I mean.. she WANTS you... she
wants YOU to have her virginity... no one else..." Suki blushes and
gasps, "Tisha! You weren't supposed to tell her THAT!"

"Virginity?! Suki's not a virgin."

Suki nods, "Yes I am... I... I've never been penetrated before... if
you want proof, here..." She pulls her skirt up, tugging her panties
down, adding, "There... put your finger in there... You'll find my
hymen in there..."

Kim does so. "Holy ****! you ARE a virgin!" states Kim.

Suki blushes, "You don't have to say it THAT loudly, Kimmie!" She
further explains, "Not even Nanyo had the will to penetrate me... not
even after all we did to each other..."

"If I had known I would Have been happy to make you a woman." states
Kim smiling.

Suki blushes harder as Tisha grins, "Hey, Kimmie... didn't ya promise
me you'd pee-pee yourself?"

"Didn't I say not to call me that?" states Kim.

Tisha frowns, looking sad, "Well, what the heck am I supposed to call
you?! I don't even know your name!"

"My name is Kimberly." states Kim.

"Okay.. didn't you promise me some wetting, Kimberly?" tries Tisha

"Yes I did. You want me to do it now?" states Kim.

Suki frowns, "That's a bit boring, isn't it, Kimmie?"

"Well what do you suggest I do then? I can't hold it for long."

Suki grins widely, "Then, lay on this bed here and put on your
panties... and... " She fishes in one of the closets, pulling out a
pair of jeans, adding, "Nanyo left these with me more than 4 years ago,
but I think they should fit you..."

"OK" states Kim as she does as instructed and puts on the pants.

Then, Suki turns to Tisha and whispers a few words to her, before
joining Kim on the bed. She crawls around to Kim's head and leans over
her, kissing her gently as Tisha lies down around Kim's stomach,
putting her hand out and gently rubbing her skin.

"What did you tell her now?" asks Kim worried.

Suki whispers, "Nothin' you don't already know... " She spreads her
thighs slightly around Kim's head, putting her virgin vagina close to
Kim's hair as she leans over to kiss Kim on the lips.

Tisha says, grinning, "It'd be a lot of fun for me, Kimberly, if you'd
at least try to hold it..." She slides one hand across Kim's

"I'll try, but I won't be able to hold it for long."

Suki pulls back from the kiss, one hand on Kim's left breast, as she
whispers, "Kimmie... all you have to do is try..." She leans over Kim's
ear and blows gently, the crystal that Kim has now glowing again.

Kim shudders as Suki blows on her ear and a low moan leaves her lips.

As Suki smiles, the crystal grows warm against Kim's neck, showing to
Kim how much Suki loves her. At the same time, Tisha runs her index
finger across Kim's abdomen, noticing the firmness that is the machine
within her.

"Hey Tisha that tickles..." states Kim as she represses
a giggle.

Tisha grins, her panties still squishing as she moves, "Oh, it does,
does it?" She begins to rub against the machine, commenting, "If this's
your bladder, it's really hard... Kinda reminds me of a cock..."

"Uh, that's not my bladder..." states Kim blushing.

"Really? Then what the fudge is it?!" Questions Tisha, pushing in on

"Don't worry about what it is, just know that that's not my bladder."

"Ok." replies Tisha, sliding her hand down across the bulge that IS
Kim's bladder, rubbing gently as Suki whispers, "You can feel
it, can't you, Kimmie? My... 'essence'... feels warm, doesn't it?"

"Yes, it does." states Kim.

Tisha doesn't let her hand stay there. Instead, she pushes it further
down Kim's body, asking, "I know Suki's a virgin... but are you,
Kimberly?" She rests her fingers along Kim's
tender folds as Suki groans, "Touch it, Kimmie..."

"No, I'm not." states Kim to the girl. "Ok." replies Kim to Suki as she
touches the crystal.

Tisha grins, "Coolie... Then I won't hafta worry about blood... even
though its soooooo naughty... heh...

"What?" asks Kim puzzled.

Tisha winks, "I ain't sayin' no more... Not yet, anyway..." She pokes a
finger between Kim's labia, trying to spread them.

Kim tenses slightly at Tisha's finger.

Suki asks, almost beggingly, "Kimmie... stroke it... please... feel
it's hardness... and it's warmth... Please, Kimmie..."
She bends over Kim and kisses her with passion again, but also with a
hint of loneliness in her soul. Tisha pushes her index finger further
and further, finally reaching Kim's vaginal open. She traces around the
opening, grinning, "So tell me, Kimberly... do ya like it DEEP and

Since Kim is unable to talk for the moment gives Tisha a thumbs up
gesture, and uses the other hand to stroke the crystal.

Suki breathes harder, her vagina moistening again, dampening her
panties, her smell again spreading. She closes her eyes, pulling back
from the kiss as she whispers, softly, "Oh, Kimmie..."

Kim smiles at the reaction she gets from Suki.

Suki whimpers, "Kimmie... this feels so good... please don't stop...
I... I love you so much...." The crystal glows brighter as Tisha
thrusts a finger into Kim's vagina, through the zipper opening of her
jeans and through the leg hole of her panties.

"Ahh!" gasps Kim feeling Tisha's action, causing her hand to quickly
rub the crystal particularly hard.

Suki's mouth hangs open in a hard gasp as she shudders slightly from
the pleasure, the look on her vastly increases her beauty as a few
drops of her vagina's fluid drop to her panties, making a small wet
spot on them and causing her to blush a cherry red.

Kim suddenly tenses as her need to pee quickly makes itself visible.

Tisha grins, "Ya ever peed with someone's finger shoved up your cunt,
Kimberly?" She pushes her finger deeper into Kim's vagina as Suki
whimpers softly, "Oh, Kimmie.. I... I want you in me... I'm trying to
wait... but it hurts..."

"N-No, I haven't ." states Kim tensing.

Tisha grins, "Coolie... that means, I'll be your first..." She rotates
her finger in Kim's vagina, turning it up against her bladder, lightly
feeling the plump storage organ as Suki whines, kissing Kim again.

Kim tenses further and starts to squirm from the pressure
on her bladder.

Suki whispers in Kim's ear, "Touch yourself... pleasure yourself... it
helps..." She blows again in Kim's ear, waiting impatiently for her
turn as Tisha rests her free hand by Kim's anus, asking, "Ever been
fucked up the ass, Kimberly?"

"A long time ago when I was the Qu- uh...yes." states Kim before
stopping herself and simply giving an answer.

Suki snickers suddenly, holding her sides as Tisha grins, "Ok, then..."
She jams a finger up Kim's anus as she pumps her vagina harder,
squeezing her bladder from the inside.

"Ahh! S-Stop!" states Kim feeling her urge incredibly strong.

Tisha smirks, "Why should I? You didn't stop for me, now didcha?" She
presses harder against Kim's bladder, before backing off, replacing the
zipper's position and sealing her body within her pants.

"Kim relaxes a bit as Tisha's hands leaves her body and she gives the
girl a puzzled look.

Tisha grins, "It wouldn't be any fun, now, unless you wet something
other than me, would it?" She pries apart Kim's thighs and begins to
rub her abdomen again, this time using more of her body weight.

Kim gasps again and tenses in the strong urge attacking her body.

Suki whines, "Hold it, Kimmie... Hold the crystal... Please! M-My
pleasure's dropping..!" Tisha grins, "Now, you old hag, pee-pee
yourself like ya made ME do!" She presses hard with her thumb.

Kim grips the crystal tightly as she fights her body to hold her urine.

Suki lowers her head to Kim's neck and licks it with her tongue,
moaning softly as Tisha holds Kim's thighs as far apart as she can and
pushes down harder with her thumb as her robe brushes across Kim's DP.

Kim gasps loudly as she starts to shake vigorously.

Suki slides one hand up under Kim's arm, running her index finger
across her armpit, whispering, "You are ticklish, Kimmie.. do you deny
it?" Tisha runs her free hand along Kim's left thigh as she presses her
palm hard against Kim's abdomen,
grinning, "Come on, oldie... pee-pee your pants! You know you want to!"

Kim groans as a slow trickle starts to leave her urethra.

Suki tickles Kim harder, wanting to see her squirm as Tisha rubs Kim's
abdomen, pushing ever harder on it, giggling, "Ya starting
ta lose it, Kimberly... Ya know ya can't hold on forever!"

"Stop! Please!" begs Kim squirming.

Suki grins, "What's the matter, Kimmie? Didn't you want to
show her you'd pee yourself?" She kisses Kim again as Tisha gives Kim's
bladder another pinch.

Kim's hold is ripped from her as she moans loudly as begins to pee hard
and freely.

Tisha grins, watching the wet spot grow on Kim's jeans. She comments,
"Heh, you were right, Kimberly... it IS fun to watch someone pee-pee
themselves!" Suki now begins to squirm upon seeing Kim's accident,
whimpering in pleasure.

"Kim moans in pleasure as a smile appears on her face as she urinates.

Tisha leans back, thinking her job is over as Suki reaches down and
holds Kim's breasts in her hands, just wanting to feel Kim's warmth.

To Be Continued In...

Chapter 30

Title: Chapter 28: Proposal

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue.


"Mmm, well, what's next?" asks Kim.

Suki leans over Kim's lips, whispering, "Kimmie... will you do me a big
favor?" Her violet eyes shine with nervousness, but mostly love. Tisha
frowns, "What's the matter? Ya nervous or something?"

"Sure, What is it?" asks Kim.

Suki reaches down and holds her "Spirit Crystal" which Kim now wears
around her neck as she whispers, "Will you join me in the Fa'lin
ritual, Kimmie?" Tisha scratches her head and questions, "Fa'lin? The
heck kinda language izzat?!"

"What is that? A type of, uh, On'tyl?" asks Kim hoping she pronounced
the word right.

"You mean, Oln'tyl?" Suki questions, smiling shyly. Tisha scowls, "Aw,
come on! What the Flip Wilson are you two talking about?! Tell me!" She
tugs on Kim's right leg.

"We'll know when Suki-chan tells me." states Kim as she then smiles at

"A Fa'lin ritual means that we'd be like a married couple... If
something should happen to me, you'd get ownership of this house and my
title... as a princess of the Ap Dat village of Lo'Lop..."

"A princess!? ..." Kim looks to be worried all of a sudden and looks

Suki senses Kim's worry and takes her hand gently, asking, "Kimmie?
What's wrong? Y-You don't want to?" She looks sad and concerned.

"No, it's not that... Can I think about this for a while before I give
you an answer?"

"Okay... I... I will..." Suki states, looking hurt as she gets to her
feet and walks over toward the door. Tisha comments, "Whoa... keyripes,
that's subzero..."

"I'm sorry if it hurt you. But, for me, this is a very serious desion,
I need time to think this over."

Suki sniffs, "I know... I know... b-but.. I.. I need to be alone..."
She unlocks the door and steps outside into the hallway. Tisha
scratches her head, "Ouch... ya don't need to be telepathic to tell
she's hurtin'!"

"Well, what now?"

Tisha shrugs her shoulders, "I unno... maybe we should go to

"I can't sleep knowing Becky is still out there somewhere."

Tisha yawns, "Whatever... I'm gonna grab some shut-eye..." She walks
downstairs and no more sound is heard from her, though some sort of
soft sniffling is heard through the closed door of the bedroom
next to Kim's.

"Huh? who is that?" Kim starts to the direction of the

The sound is apparently a young girl in Suki's bedroom and as she
sniffles, the "Spirit Crystal" on Kim's neck glows bright blue for a
few seconds, growing colder.

Kim notices the crystal. "Huh? Is that Suki?" Kim opens the door to the
other room.

There is a small lump on the bed under the covers, which is shaped like
Suki's body and which is quivering and sniffling. The crystal glows
blue again, getting colder against Kim's neck.

"Suki, why are you crying?" asks Kim worried.

There is no response, except for Suki rolling over, turning away from

"Suki, what's wrong?" asks Kim as walks to the side of
the bed.

Suki says nothing, burying herself deeper into her covers.

"Suki, what is it?" Kim places a hand on Suki's shoulder.

Suki shrugs off Kim's hand, saying softly one phrase, "Leave me


Suki shakes her head, "J-Just do it, K-Kimmie... J-Just... leave me
alone..." She sniffs again.

"But why?"

Suki says nothing, but scrunches up into a fetal position, trying to
stay away from Kim's touch.

"Well fine then, I'll leave." Kim starts to walk toward the door.

Suki sniffs and whispers, "Kimmie... have you ever loved someone... and
placed your heart on the line... created a plan to romance your love...
then get an "I'll think about it" in response? It.. It hurts, Kimmie...
It really does...."

Kim stops. "I'm sorry."

"Th-That's why... I... I need to be alone.. K-Kimmie... I... I just
feel so cold... r-right now..." The crystal then turns a dark blue
color and grows colder, almost to the point of freezing.

"Well, if it makes you feel better, I'll have an answer after we save
Becky, ok?"

Another sniffle, "O-Okay... b-but.. I... I still f-feel so c-cold...
I... I... ah.... ah... ah-choo!" The small girl sneezes, causing the
lump that is her body to shudder violently.

"Are you ok?"

There is renewed sniffling, then suddenly, Suki whispers, "K-Kimmie? A-
Are you still there? I... I can't hear so well... ah... ah... ah-choo!"
Again, the lump quivers.

"Can't hear? Are you not telling me something? If something's wrong,
tell me."

Suki sniffs harder, beginning to cough as she whispers, "Kimmie... I...
I think... I'm sick... I... prolly shouldn't have... ah-choo! ...
walked through the rain..." She sniffs again.

"Oh, you just have a cold."

Suki shivers under her blanket, "I-It would appear.... s-s-ah-choo!...
so... " She sniffles, "... ugh... K-Kimmie... I... I don't want you t-
to... ah-choo!... worry about me... Go with Nan'chi... a-and save your

"Leave you? Don't you want to save Becky too?

Suki nods, the top of the lump shaking with her movements, "O-Of course
I do... b-but... ah-choo! ... I... I don't know h-how m-much help I
could be like this..."

"I see, well, I love you." states Kim before leaving.

Suki sniffs, and thinks, "I... I hope you r-really do, K-Kimmie... a-
and I... ah-choo!... h-hope y-your answer is..." Then, she falls

To Be Continued in...
Nanyo vs. Becky

Chapter 31

Title: Chapter 29: Nanyo vs. Becky

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue.


Next morning...

Nanyo screams, "FUCK YOU! GET THE FUCK OFFA ME!"

Kim groans in the bed. "Looks like she's awake."

Sashi gags, "Nan'chi... I am not your father... please release me!"
Nanyo screams, "Fucktard! Asshole! Pervert! Child-Molester! Quit
rubbing my pussy, you fucking old geezer!"

Kim gets this look O_o before laughing hard.

Sashi gags again, clearly running out of oxygen, "Nan'chi... please
stop..." Nanyo screams, "DAMN it, ASSHOLE!"

The door next to Kim's opens and a drowsy, stopped up Suki mumbles,
"Hunnh? Wh-what's g-gonna n...?"

"Huh? I don't know but it's frickin hilarious!" states Kim.

Suki groans, weakly, wrapped up in a thick robe, "I-Is Nan'chi having
dose dreams again?" She looks awful for a prim and proper girl like

"Yeah I guess. Do you know why she's having those dreams?"

Suki nods, "Yeah... I do... her father'd adused her when she was
little... abn every dight, she has horridle visions of him..." She
sniffs again, making a nasty mucus-filled sound.

Kim cringes at the sound. "Really? So she was raped when she was

Suki nods, "Yeah... rebeatedly... dat's why she'd always spenmd da
night at my house..." She sneezes again, her head jerking back and
forward rapidly as Sashi makes her way up the stairs, rubbing her raw
throat. She sees Suki and Kim and asks,
"Miss Kim... I believe Nan'chi wishes to see you..."

"Ok." Kim gets up and goes down the stairs.

Downstairs, she sees Nanyo sitting up, rubbing her head and grimacing,
"Damn it... I must've had one too many last night... God, I've got a
bad hangover..."

"That's what ya get, It's a good thing I've never drunk anything.
Hangovers don't seem very good." states Kim upon seeing Nanyo.

Nanyo looks up at Kim, scowling, "Well, obviously... Starki... but it's
not the hangover I drink for..." She grins and stands up stretching out
her arms and legs. "So, Starki... where the hell are we, and what's
gonna on? I only have vague glimpses of what happened yesterday after I
left you..." She looks around the house.

"It's Suki's place."

Nanyo smiles, "Ah! So this is Nisu's place... Heh, that bastard Jakashi
must've given it to her... I didn't he really cared about his
daughters... So... Starki... Is Nisu here?" She eyes Kim intently.

Yeah, but she's sick.

"Sick? Whaddaya mean sick?! Where is she?!" Nanyo grabs Kim by the
collar, looking furious and angry, "Where the hell is she, Starki?!"
Just then, Sashi and Suki appear at the top of the stairs, Suki
sniffling as she speaks softly, "N-Nan'chi... I... I'm up here... ah-

"What's with you being quick to anger huh?'

Nanyo shakes her head and lets go of Kim, sighing, "I'm sorry,
Starki... It's just that... when it comes to Nisu... I... I guess I get
jealous... I love her so much... I don't want anything to happen to
her..." Suki sneezes again and asks, "Starki? You have gibben her an Ap
Dat name, Nan'chi? Den, does dat mean... you two are...?" She looks
even more hurt now than she did last night.

"I'm sorry Suki, I forgot to tell you."

Suki sniffles once, then turns around and moves toward her bedroom.
Nanyo rubs the back of her head, "Aw, damn... I never expected this to
happen... Poor girl..."

"Nanyo, Suki basically asked me to marry her."

Nanyo anime-falls, gasping, "WHAT?! She asked you to perform the Fa'lin
ritual?! B-But what about us?! I asked you too!"

"You did?"

Nanyo nods, "Yeah.. I'm the one who told you about the Fa'lin ceremony,

"No, sorry."

Nanyo sighs, "Aw crap... Heh... looks like I fell in love at the WRONG
time... just like before..." She turns away from Kim and starts off for
the kitchen, thinking vaguely of getting something to eat, but her
telepathic mind clearly broadcasts her own sense of rejection.

"Hey, I didn't give her an answer yet."

Nanyo sighs, "It doesn't really matter... I mean, really... which one
of us would you choose? I mean, honest answer, Starki?"

"I don't know..." again, a worried expression crosses
Kim's face.

Nanyo shakes her head, "It doesn't really matter, though... If I had
the choice between me and Suki... I'd take Suki every time... she's a
lot more caring... and has a lot more to offer than I do..."

"You'd just give her up to me?" asks Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "Yeah... Because she needs you more than I do..." She
mutters, pouring herself a coffee mug full of, orange juice, "... even
if I do love you, Starki-chan..."

"Well, at least I know your ok with it."

Nanyo nods slowly, "Yeah..." but she thinks, "Damn it, Nisu... once
again, you've won... you always had the better family... the most money
of anyone in the village... all the boys liked you... and now... you've
stolen the one girl I loved as much as you..."

"I told her I'll give her an answer when we save Becky."

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Whatever..." Then she realizes what Kim's
just said and she jerks her head up, "Waitaminute... What'd you just
say?! Something's happened to Becks? Where is she?"

"We don't know."

"Damn... are there any clues?" asks Nanyo, beginning to rub her temples
again as Sashi joins them.

"WE have to go to your hometown."

Nanyo looks really nervous now, sweatdropping, "Uh... what? I... I
don't have a hometown..." Her eyes dart from side to side, showing that
she's trying really hard, and failing, to look nonchalant.

Yes you do, I know it.

Nanyo sighs, "Ok, fine... I do have a hometown... but why the hell do
we hafta go there?" She looks angry to even be reminded of that place.

We have to go there to save Becky.

"Why?" questions Nanyo, wanting Kim to tell her the whole story.

Kim tells her everything

Nanyo groans, "Ah, crap... Ok, ok... fine... we'll go... Get
dressed and I'll meet you outside in ten minutes. Sash, you coming
too?" Sashi nods, "Yes... and I have..." She pulls a chain forward,
showing that she's attached it to a collar around Tisha's neck to
prevent her from using her time-magic to escape. "... an ally..." Sashi
finishes. Tisha grumbles, "Stupid old perv... If I could get free, I'd

Kim goes outside and waits for Nanyo.

Sashi stands outside, leaning up against a tall oak tree to which she
has tied Tisha's chain to, preventing the younger girl from escaping.
Nanyo steps inside and a few minutes pass, before Suki, attired back in
her school uniform outfit, though she is now wrapped a heavy coat
around her small body and a scarf around her neck, steps outside her

"Suki? What are you doing out here? You should go back in the house."
states Kim upon seeing Suki.

Suki shakes her head, replying in a muffled voice, "I want to go with
you, Kimmie... I really do..." She sniffles and clutches her scarf

"But you're sick."

Suki replies, "I know I am... but Kimmie... if you do choose Nanyo,
then this could be the last time you and I would be lovers... if that
is so, then... I want to spend the last days as lovers with you... I
don't want to be separated from you as long as we're lovers..."

"Oh, I see then."

Suki coughs hard and slowly staggers close to Kim, wanting to hold her
hand, "Kimmie... if we are fated to be apart, then... please... give me
this time to be near you... Don't leave me here alone..."

"Ok, you can come."

Suki smiles, through her scarf, and coughs again, "Ok, Kimmie... J-
Just... hold me... hold me tightly... D-Don't let me go..."

Kim then embraces Suki in a tight hug.

When she hugs Suki, the smaller girl's forehead touches her skin,
revealing that Suki has a decent fever.

"Suki, are you sure you want come?" asks Kim as she feels Suki's fever.

Suki nods, "Y-Yes... I do... want to come... ah-choo!... *sniff* ugh...
I.. I'll be okay..."

"Ok then."

Just then, the door slams on the front of Suki's house, causing the
whole thing to sink back under the ground, hiding it once more from
outside influences.

The girls all look up to see Nanyo standing there, looking disgusted,
but otherwise unaffected, "Starki, ya ready?"

"One sec, can I ask you a favor Nanyo?"

Nanyo nods, "Sure, Starki... what's on your mind?"

"Do you own a sword?"

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... why?"

"Can I see it?"

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Sure, I guess..." She reaches into a pouch
on her back, held in place by her belt, and pulls out a tiny dagger.
"That's it..." she states.

"Now it's not." states Kim flatly.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah it is.. It's just shrunk... Here... Lemme show ya..."
She pushes a small indentation on the hilt of the dagger, causing a
huge-wide blade to shoot out of it.

O_O "Whoa! Nice." states Kim shocked

Nanyo nods, flipping the heavy-looking sword up into the air and
catching it with ease, "Yeah... Yeah, it is... So, we ready, Starki,
Nisu, Sash?" She looks around at all the girls.

"Hey, can I hold it?"

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "If ya think ya can handle it... Here!" she
tosses it at Kim like it was a feather.

Kim reaches out her right hand and catches the handle of the blade and
it carries her to the ground as it arcs in the air as though nothing
touched it. Kim quite shocked and embarrassed.

Nanyo laughs, "Bit too heavy for ya, Starki?" Suki can't help a little
titter and a cough as Tisha giggles and Sashi blinks.

"Man, even my Great Sword isn't this heavy. What is this thing made of
anyway?" asks Kim as tries vainly to lift the sword up.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "I unno... somethin' heavy?" Suki giggles
harder, coughing violently at the end of her giggles as Tisha falls to
her knees, consumed with giggles.

Sashi blinks and examines the sword, "It appears to be Hunlo metal...
That is really rare... and really powerful stuff..." Nanyo blinks, "Uh,
yeah... riiiiight, Sash..."

She turns to Kim and gives the "She's crazy" sign.

Kim then groans as she lifts the sword over her head. "Hah! I did it!
I- huh?" states Kim as she then starts leaning backwards and fall hard
on the ground.

Nanyo's laughter is heard loudly as Suki holds her sides and giggles
and coughs and Tisha rolls on the ground, pounding it. Sashi blinks,
but a faint smile curls the corners of her lips.

"This isn't funny!"

Nanyo laughs and walks over to Kim, taking the sword with one hand and
lifting it up easily, grinning, "Yes it is, Starki... Yes it is..."

Kim then gets up, her face a bit red from exertion. "Well at least I
don't have to use it."

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... Let me handle it... Okay.. everybody ready?"

"Yeah, I ready."

Nanyo turns to Suki, asking her the same thing, "Ya ready, Nisu?" At
Suki's nod, Sashi, dragging Tisha behind her, steps forward and asks,
"How are we to get there, Nan'chi?"

Nanyo rubs her chin, "That... is a problem... the town lies the desert
of Yuno... about 1,000 miles that-a-away..." She points to the east
past a mountain range.

Suki pipes up asking, "Then, how are *cough* we gonna get there?"

"Yeah, how are we?" asks Kim.

Nanyo scratches her red hair, "Um, I unno... fly? Though, it'd be hard
for me to carry y'all and Nisu's mana is really low right now 'cause of
her cold and all..."

"Don't you have any other mode of transportation?"

Nanyo shakes her head, "No... Flyin' usually the best way to go..." She
looks stumped but then Sashi asks, "Miss Kim... You have a little ship,
do you not? Cannot we use that?"

"Ok, but we should walk the rest of the way to the town once we get
close. I don't want to freak out the people."

Nanyo nods, "Agreed... the Ap Dat of Reun are VERY Homophobic... they
don't let ANYONE near their town..."

"So how do we get in then?"

"That'd be my problem once we get there..." states Nanyo, looking grim.

Suddenly, a loud boom is heard in the distance and a pum
of smoke raises a good distance away in the woods.

Suki gasps, "Ah-Ah!" and jumps back against Kim, looking terrified as
she coughs again.

"It's Becky, she getting closer, we need to hurry."

Suki trembles, "O-Oh... Becky-chan..." Nanyo grumbles, "Damn... C'mon
Starki...Let's get outta here..."

"Wait, she'll see my ship."

Nanyo pulls out a smoke bomb from one of her pouches, "No she won't...
Get the ship and fly off to the west... I'll distract Becky, then catch
up to you..."

"She's a tough fighter, are you sure you'll be ok?"

Nanyo winks, "Hey, you just saw how strong I am.. ya think I can't
handle a little girl like her? Heh... Don't worry about me... Just get
Nisu and Tisha to the ship..." She leaps into the air, taking flight.

"Ok." Kim summons her ship above them and she teleports into the ship
and the side door opens for the others.

Suki sniffs and coughs again, as Sashi grabs her arm and pulls she and
Tisha to the ship door, pulling them inside.

Meanwhile, Nanyo has flown directly above the source of the smoke and

A hurt deer on the ground and Becky standing over it with
her huge Photon Launcher in her right hand.

"Whoa, shit..." Thinks Nanyo as she lands in front of Becky. "Ya pissed
off or something?", she states, smirking at the smaller girl.

Becky looks at Nanyo. "You..." she the steps directly on the deer neck,
killing it as she steps to Nanyo.

Nanyo winces at seeing the deer's life snuffed out, but she remains
calm as she demands, "What's the haps, Becks? Ya gotta problem with

"I have orders to bring you to Hon'tyl, alive. Make it easy for
yourself and give up."

"Hon'tyl, huh? Geez, I'm honored... Tell me, why does the great Hon'tyl
wish to see little ol' me, anyway?" states Nanyo, sliding her right
hand down along her stomach, keeping her left hand, wrapped around her
smoke bomb, hidden from Becky's sight.

"That's none of your business." Becky then aims the cannon at Nanyo.
"Don't you try anything, or I will not hesitated to
kill you."

Nanyo suddenly grins, "If ya want me, come 'n get me... I won't
resist!" She throws her hands up in the air, looking like a criminal
cornered by policemen.

"Do you think I'm a fool?! I'm not falling for that."

"Ok, then... ya want me to come there? 'Cause I can guarantee that ya
won't like it, if I come over there!" Nanyo smirks.

"Try me." states Becky coldly.

"So... that your final answer?" taunts Nanyo, slowly stepping closer to

"Don't toy with me." states Becky still aim the large Launcher at

"Ooh, look who's getting too big for her britches! Hah! Don't
get your panties in a twist, Becks... If ya kill me, Hon'tyl'll be
really pissed with ya..."

"That will be my problem, I'll deal with her later."

"Oh really? I don't think Hon'tyl'll like you sayin' that stuff about
her..." She took another step toward Becky.

Becky then smirks. "I plan on Killing her after a complete my job."

Nanyo grins, "I see... So you wanna kill me eh? This is all because I
stole your big sis's heart, isn't it?" She took another step toward

Becky then frowns. "Shut up!"

"But it's true, isn't it, Becks? You want your sister all to yourself,
don't you? You don't want her to be kissin' on anybody else, do ya?"
Another step.

"Shut UP!!" exclaims Becky.

"Aw, poor girl... can't sexxors her sister 'cause someone else's taken
her heart away! Aw, boo-hoo-hoo! Ya gonna cry now, little girl?"
Another step.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Stop it or I WILL kill you."

Nanyo mocks Becky crying, "Boo-hoo-hoo! Wahhhhhhhh!" She
takes one last step, then suddenly, her left hand flashes out to
Becky's hand and knocks the gun up so that it's pointing toward the sky
as her right hand flings the smoke bomb hidden in her sweater at
Becky's face, hoping to temporarily blind the young girl.

"Nice, but you obviously don't know about a certain skill I have."
states Becky smiling evilly.

Nanyo scowls, "What the...?!"

Becky then lowers her gun and aims it directly at Nanyo once again.

"Oh, shit..." mutters Nanyo as she flings herself backward as hard as
she can, hoping to hit the ground so she can push off toward the sky.

Becky then fire a large ball of photon energy from the

"AW... SNAP!" screams Nanyo as she flips in midair,
frantically tapping with her foot, trying to get any kinda of traction;
finally, she hits the ground and not a moment too soon; she makes it
into the air, just as Becky's blast goes under her, singing her sweater
and her jeans.

"Haha, good dodge." states Becky in the cloud of smoke.

"Crap... I ain't fast enough on the ground for this fight..." mutters
Nanyo, floating in the air. "Alright then... I'll try this..." She
surges around and around Becky, swirling the
smoke around Becky's body, making it thicker and harder to see through.

Laughter is heard in the cloud of smoke.

"F*ck!" thinks Nanyo, "Ok... I can't stay here any longer... I'd better
get up higher... where she can't follow me..." She surges up higher and
higher into the air.

A moment later a rumbling comes from the ground below Nanyo.

Nanyo looks down in confusion, "What the hell?!"

Suddenly a huge multi-colored serpent rises from the smoke and faces

Nanyo mutters, "This won't end well..."

To Be Continued in...
Nanyo's Hometown.

Chapter 32

Title: Chapter 30: Nanyo's Hometown

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I don't own the character Farla, Sonic Team


Meanwhile, aboard Kim's ship...

Suki walks up to the cockpit and whispers, "K-Kimmie... are you ok?
*sniff*... I.. I.. feel lousy myself... *cough*" Yet, she still manages
a smile.

"Yeah, I'm ok. You ask?"

Suki sniffles, "Because your decision can't be easy to make... I... I
really *cough* feel bad that I.. *cough* put you into that position..."

"Don't worry."

Suki whines, still coughing, "But I do worry, Kimmie... I.. I
never wanted to hurt you... a-and now... I... I fear that I've done
more damage than good..." She slumps down into the copilot's seat,
still shivering under her big coat.

"You should be getting some rest."

Suki nods, "I... I should.. b-but... I can't sleep... I.. I get
*cough*.. all stuffed up when.. *sniff* I lay down... *cough*

"Ok then, you can stay up here with me."

Suki sniffles, "Th-Thank you... ah-choo!... K-Kimmie..."

Meanwhile, back at Suki's house...

Nanyo sweatdrops, "Uh, Becks... c-can't we talk about this?"

"If you want to fly then you'll have to fight it." calls Becky.

"F*ck..." mutters Nanyo, dropping back to the ground. "Then, its time
for me to get serious..." She pulls out her sword again and squares off
against Becky. "Drop the gun, and let's settle this like women..." she

The serpent disappears and Becky smirks before throwing the gun behind
her where in fires and takes A TON of trees in a LONG line. Becky then
cracks her knuckles. "Gladly."

"Good... I've been waiting for this..." Nanyo growls, slowly
advancing on Becky.

Becky quickly rushes Nanyo.

Nanyo watches Becky's speed intently, "Almost there..." She thinks.

Becky then quickly disappears.

Nanyo's eyes narrow. "Impressive speed, little girl... I'd say you're
as fast as Sash..."

"You think so?" states Becky from behind Nanyo.

Nanyo nods, closing her eyes, "Hell, yeah... You're quite fast... given
a little more training, ya might beat me..." She tosses her sword aside
and raises her hands again.

Becky then swiftly punches Nanyo in the kidneys.

Unfortunately for Becky, the second her hand touches Nanyo's sweater, a
2000 volt charge surges through the young girl's body, instantaneously
robbing her of consciousness and causing her to fall against Nanyo's
back, her body twitching rapidly. Nanyo sighs, "Hon'tyl, you bitch...
you might have power, but the more you continue to use other people to
serve your wicked ends, the stupider you become..." With Becky now out,
she jumps back into the air, scooping up her sword and jamming it back
into her pouch, flying after Kim's ship.

"Suki, do you know if we're getting close to the town?" asks Kim.

Suki shakes her head, sniffing, "N-No... I... I don't... I.. I've never
been there.. *cough* and right now... m-my "Sense"... *sniff* doesn't
seem to be working..." She shivers again.

"I wonder how Nanyo is doing?" states Kim lowly.

Suddenly, something red blurs right past the ship.

"What the hell was that!" exclaims Kim.

Then, the red blur returns, stopping just outside the cockpit,
revealing it to be Nanyo. She knocks on the window, mouthing,
"Let me in..."

Kim presses a button on the dash and the side door opens.

Nanyo gives a thumbs-up and disappears. A few moments later, as Suki
starts to nod off, her body still shivering under her coat, Nanyo
enters the cockpit, breathing hard and pointing to the west a little,
"You're going too far north, Starki..."

"What about Becky? What happened?"

"She's okay... She's just stunned... She'll be fine... Though, I
wouldn't want to be near her when she wakes up..." Nanyo pants as Suki
yawns, her shivering starting to slow down and her bloodshot eyes
beginning to close.

"How did you manage to beat her?"

Nanyo lifts up the back of her sweater, showing off her bra and a small
silvery patch, stating, "Electro-shock patch... If anything comes into
contact with it, they'll be shocked into unconsciousness..."

Kim grimaces. "Ouch."

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "I'm sure that's what Becky's thinkin'
right now..." She, then, notices Suki and asks, running a hand across
Suki's feverish forehead, "Ya okay, Nisu?"

Suki nods, "I... I'm okay... ah-choo!.." Nanyo backs off, her sweater
now full of phlegm. She makes a disgusted face and mutters, "Ewww..."
as she tries to wipe it clean.

Kim now turns the ship around.

Nanyo asks, "Starki... can I fly for a little while? I think someone
needs to give Nisu her medicine..." She makes another face, indicating
disgust as Suki sniffles and coughs again.

"You don't know how to fly this." states Kim.

"You could show me, yanno..." grins Nanyo as her telepathic mind
states, "For the record, Kim, Suki needs your attention right now..."

"Ok, just keep the steering straight and press the left pedal to stop."
states Kim getting up."

Nanyo nods, giving Kim a fake salute, "Jahvol, mon capitane!" Her mind
makes it clear though, "Thanks, Kim... she really needs you right now..
but doncha DARE think I've given up on ya, heh..."

She moves to the vacated pilot seat and takes control of the ship as
Suki sniffles and finally moans softly in pain.

"Suki, let's go to the back ok?" states Kim.

Suki looks up at Kim weakly, her violet eyes a clear sign of the pain
she's feeling and she tries to stand up, her body once again shivering
as she coughs and sniffles.

"You want me to carry you?" asks Kim.

Suki sighs, coughing again, "I... I didn't want to ask you... Y-You've
got a lot to deal with right now... I... I didn't want to burden
you..." She sneezes again, still shivering under her coat.

But your too sick to move, don't worry about giving your cold to me,
I've never caught a cold in my life."

Suki tries to protest weakly, "But... but..." but she can't find any
words to assist her as her legs shake weakly under her smallish torso.

"Come on Suki." states Kim as she extends your hands to Suki.

Suki doesn't resist as Kim reaches for her.

Kim picks Suki up in her arms and starts walking to
the back door.

Suki rests her head on Kim's back, again showing that her fever is
still high, as she whispers, "Kimmie... why are you doing this? Why are
you sticking by me? I haven't done anything to help you..."

"You need it. who else is going to take care of you?

Suki sniffles, mumbling sadly, "No one... No one will... There's no one
in my life... " She closes her eyes and whispers, "Kimmie... have you
ever wondered what lies beyond this life?"

Kim's face then get's grim. "I don't wonder... I know." states Kim

Suki whispers, "Really? W-what lies beyond, Kimmie?" She sniffles and
coughs again, feeling suddenly too weak to control her limbs which drop
uselessly where they are.

"For me... there's nothing..." states Kim sadly.

"What do you mean, Kimmie? Why is there nothing for you beyond this
life?" Suki sniffs as the two pass by Sashi and Tisha, engrossed in an
intense game of chess.

I shouldn't even exist, I was made. Something made can't have an
afterlife... can it?"

"It can... Kimmie... because there is always a purpose for why you were
created... There was some reason your "parents" made you... some reason
why they felt they had to make you... and because of that, you'll have
something waiting for you out there... I'm sure of it..." Suki coughs
violently as Sashi's bishop takes Tisha's rook, causing the younger
girl to whine, "Aw, NO FAIR!"

"Thank you, Suki-chan." states Kim.

"I... I will always believe in you and love you, Kimmie... *cough
cough*... ooh, my head's throbbing... I got a headache..." Suki forces
one hand up to her head and she frowns, "I shouldn't have walked
outside in the rain..." Sashi grins, "I have your queen, now, Tisha..."
Tisha scowls, "Stupid old hag... I hate this game!"

"Let's get you to the room." states Kim as they enter the back room.

Suki mumbles, "Ok..." as she rests her head on Kim's back again, her
breathing weakening a little as she adds, distantly, "You smell good,

"Heh, thank you."

Suki smiles, almost drunkenly, "Y-You're welcome, K-Kimmie...
I... I only wish it could be this way forever..." She snuggles closer
to Kim, coughing and sniffling, her breasts pressing on Kim's back as
Sashi, still out in the hall, states, "Checkmate, Tisha..." causing the
younger girl to scream, "YOU CHEATED! I HATE THIS GAME!" Then, there is
the sound of a chessboard flying across the room, followed by Sashi
stating, "Shall we play again, Tisha?"

"-sigh- It's Becky and Nikki all over again." states Kim as she close
the door.

Suki giggles softly, her body bouncing slightly on Kim's back as she
ends with a few coughs. Then she asks, "Kimmie... is that what Becky
and Ni-chan were like when they were younger?"

"Yeah, but now..." trails Kim looking sad.

Suki tries to lift her hand to pat Kim on the back, "It'll all work
out, Kimmie... I'm sure Becky will be fine..."

no, It's Nikki..."

"What... *cough* ... happened to Ni-chan?" asks Suki, her voice growing
fainter and fainter which each word.

"Becky killed her." states Kim sadly.

"Oh no..." moans Suki, looking stunned. "I.. I'm so sorry, Kimmie! I...
It's all my fault... mine and the Ap Dat's..." she finishes sadly.

"What's done is done."

"But if I had never met you, Hon'tyl would never had bothered you...
It's all my fault... I... I wish I had never been born..." She sniffs,
her voice almost silent at the end of her statement.

"Don't say that, remember, this is my job. Heh, I'll probably get a
huge amount of money for this."

"M-Money?!" questions Suki, still sniffling and coughing. "I-Is that
the only reason y-you stick around?" Her eyes close again and her
breathing slows alarmingly.

Kim quickly looks embarrassed. "No No, it's not like that. I'm just
saying, I'll get paid well if we can beat Hon'tyl."

"Oh.... th-that hurts... K-Kimmie... Hon'tyl is so powerful
and so evil to us... s-she's like our version of the devil... a-and the
only reason you seem (cough)... willing to help us... is for money..."
She sniffles and her body starts to fall limp.

"But that's not it, I'm trying to tell you. The money is just a bonus."

Suki snuggles her head into Kim's shoulder and sniffles, "I... I don't
feel... like... arguing... b-but... I... I can't... feel good...
(cough)... about you... g-getting money.. (sniffle)... about this..." A
tear slides down her cheek as her body feels heavy like a sack of
potatoes on Kim's back - almost as though she can't hold it up anymore.

"How about this then, I won't take the money. Hell, I already have
plenty of it."

"O-Okay... K-Kimmie...? C-can... (sniffle)... you..." But before she
can finish, her voice falls silent.

"What is it Suki?"

The only response is a weak, pained moan from the smaller girl and her
head presses harder on Kim's back, followed by a sniffle and a cough.

"You need to rest."

A weak voice then whispers faintly, "Kimmie... Kimmie, don't leave
me... I... I can't see anything... please... don't go..."

"Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere."

"Kimmie... I... I love you..." She sniffles and coughs again, as
Nanyo's telepathic mind tells Kim, "Would you get on with it and give
her some freakin' medicine?! Damn, Starki... EVEN I could've done it
faster than you!"

Kim lays Suki on the bed and get some medicine from one of the
cabinets. "Here Suki, there a couple of pills."

Suki turns her head from side to side, asking, "K-Kimmie... wh-where
are you? I... I can't see them..." She coughs again.

"Right in front of you, open your eyes."

Suki moans and strains to open her eyes. All she can see is blurred
images so she clumsily reaches up and accidentally hits Kim in her
breast. "K-Kimmie... these pills seem hard and stiff... I.. I don't
think I can swallow them..."

Kim blushes and sweatdrops. "Wrong ones. Here..." Kim grabs Suki's hand
and places to pills in her hand.

"O-Oh..." Suki blushes, "T-Those... weren't... the pills, w-were they,
K-Kimmie?" She sniffles, still holding the pills Kim has just put into
her hand.

"Heh, no."

"I... I'm sorry... K-Kimmie...." She blushes and brings the pills up to
her mouth, and pushes them inside, asking, "C-Can I have something t-to
drink, K-Kimmie...?"

"Sure hold on a sec." Suki can hear Kim leaving.

Suki sniffles and coughs a couple of times, managing to keep the pills
in her mouth as her body shudders and at the same time, her Spirit
Crystal around Kim's neck, glows again, making Kim's skin warm with
it's gentle glow.

Kim returns a moment later and props Suki's head up as she puts the
glass to her lips. "Here, it's water."

Suki sips the water and swallows the pills with it, then she coughs
softly and moans weakly, a look of pain on her face as she slumps back
down on the bed.

"You don't look to good, maybe you should've stayed at home."

Suki whispers, her beautiful voice hoarse and weak, "I.. I'll be
alright... r-really... I-It's just a cold..." She shivers a little
under her coat.

"Wait a minute, how can you have a cold? the weather isn't cold

"It was the rain, K-Kimmie.... it rained outside one of the
days of the week.. *cough*.... that I was wandering outside after M-
Miho's.... *sniff*... d-death..." More tears appear in her eyes that
have nothing to do with her illness. At the same time, her Spirit
Crystal glows black, feeling warm to Kim.

Kim notices the crystal and grasps it in her hand. "It's black, but why
does it feel warm?"

Suki tries to explain, "I-It's feeling m-my d-despair.... A-A death...
never is easy t-to get over... b-but M-Miho..." Here she falls silent
again, letting her tears roll down her cheeks as the crystal grows
warmer and Suki begins to try to peel off her coat with her weak
motions, as she starts to feel warm.

"Hey, don't move. Just stay were you are."

Suki whines weakly, "B-But... It's so warm..."

"I'll turn the AC on. Just stay there." states Kim as she presses a
button above the head of the bed.

The crystal suddenly glows red on Kim's chest as Suki whispers, "Th-
Thank you, Kimmie... f-for everything..." Then, she winces, "Uh-oh..."
and blushes heavily.

"Huh? What's wrong?

At that moment, Kim can hear Nanyo laughing in her mind as Sashi walks
through the door, with Tisha screaming, "I HATE CHESS! I can't believe
I was defeated 10 times in a row!" Sashi moves up to Kim's side and
says, "Miss Kim, do you have a restroom aboard this vehicle?"

"Yeah, you passed it coming in here, it's to your left of the door to
this room."

Sashi nods, "Ah... thank you, Miss Kim... I believe both my sister and
Tisha will need to go soon..." She steps back out to Tisha as Suki
blushes and moans, "Sashi... you dummy..."

"Well, I only have one bathroom. try not to be in there too long ok."

Sashi nods, "As you wish, Miss Kim..." She turns back to the hallway,
walking in that direction, and informs Tisha, "Tisha, you little
brat... Miss Kim says..." Then the door closes behind her cutting off
the rest of her words.

"I wonder how long we have till we get to the town." thinks Kim out

Nanyo's voice enters her mind, replying, "I'd say about 30 minutes,
Starki... just long enough for Nisu to take a nap... You might want to
convince her to take one... she's really hurting.." Suki gasps aloud,
though her voice is hoarse and scratchy-sounding, "N-Nan'chi! D-
Don't... I... I d-don't... want.. (sniffle)... t-to g-go t-to sleep...

Kim turns to Suki. "But you have to."

Suki squirms on the bed, trying to get up again, whining, "B-
But I don't wanna! I... I wanna stay with you, K-Kimmie... (cough,
cough) a-and... S-Sashi's right... I... I will h-hafta g-go soon... B-
but... K-Kimmie..."

"But you don't look like you could stand."

Suki whines, "I... I wanna stay with you, K-Kimmie... P-please..." She
tries to get to her feet, but her legs wobble violently and she
plummets back onto the bed, sniffling and coughing.

"I won't be leaving you though."

Nanyo's voice filters in through Kim's mind again, "What are you going
to do, Starki? Are ya gonna force her to sleep? 'Cause she really needs
it, even if she doesn't want to..." There is a sudden knock at the
door, followed by Sashi's voice calling, "The bathroom is free, Miss
Kim..." Suki whines, "I... I'm so used to doing things b-by myself...
I... I never needed help before..."

Kim thinks back. "If I could I would, but I don't have anything to make
her sleep."

Nanyo laughs in Kim's mind, saying, "Use her weak point... just rub
there for awhile and poof! She'll be out like a light!"

"Really? That puts her to sleep?"

Suki blushes and whines, "D-Don't tell her THAT, Nan'chi! P-Please
don't!" She coughs and shivers a little, pulling her coat back on.
Nanyo's voice becomes smooth and soothing, "Nisu, you need the rest...
you're so weak from your cold that ya can't even stand up... Trust
me... You know I would never hurt ya! Starki, her weak spot is her

"The stomach huh?" states Kim smiling at Suki as she walks to the bed.

Suki's eyes widen as she coughs and weakly brings her hands up, trying
to protect herself, "K-Kimmie... d-don't... I... m-my sister was r-
right... I... I'll have to go soon... a-and p-plus.. I.. I don't wanna

Your body will do fine holding it for you, don't worry." states Kim as
she puts her right knee on the side of the bed and her right hand on
Suki's stomach.

Suki squirms and whines, closing her eyes, "K-Kimmie... p-please... I-
If I fall asleep... I.. I'll wet *cough, sniff* m-myself...!"

"No you won't, you'd have a pretty big urge to wet yourself while your
sleeping." Kim starts rubbing.

Suki's eyelids begin to droop and she unconsciously yawns as she tries
to fight off Kim's hand. She whines, her voice growing fainter and
fainter, "B-But K-Kimmie... I... I... don't wanna!"

"You need to."

Suki yawns again, her arms falling to her sides, "B-But K-Kimmie..."

"Just go to sleep, you'll feel better when you wake up."

"B-But K-Kimmie..." is the last thing she says before she coughs and
her eyes close, falling asleep.

Kim smiles. "There ya go. Now, let me ask Nanyo how far we got to go.."
states Kim as she makes her way to the door out of the room.

As she leaves the room, Suki rolls over to her left side and scrunches
up into a fetal position, sniffling and coughing in her sleep.

Kim leaves the room and meets Nanyo at the cockpit. "So, Nanyo-sama,
how much longer do we have?"

Nanyo laughs, "I ain't no -sama, but I'd say about 5 minutes... give or
take the nasty tailwind we've gotten in the last 5 seconds..."

"Your my -sama." states Kim lovingly.

Nanyo looks up, grinning, "Cool.... who knew a girl could go from bein'
an outcast to being a goddess in only 4 years..."


Nanyo grins, "Ya... that IS what -sama is usually used for, ain't it?"

Kim sweatdrops. "Heh, I don't know about that but, you are older than
me aren't you?"

Nanyo grins, reaching up an arm to pull Kim close, saying, "I think you
want -san... not -sama... But I don't care... ya can call me anythin'
ya want... just don't call me late for dinner!"

Kim blushes in embarrassment. "Oh, sorry."

Nanyo hugs Kim with one arm as she steers with her other hand. "Hey,
It's okay, Starki... Anybody could make that mistake..." She then pulls
back and points out the front of the cockpit, "Look! There's the
village right there!" There is a tall tower in the middle of a vast

"What? how could I have missed that?"

Nanyo whispers, almost mysteriously, "Watch..." The tower shimmers as
they approach it and as she slides the ship to the east, it disappears.

"Whoa, It dissa-wait a minute, how did that happen?"

Nanyo's voice grows spooky as she states, "No one knows..." The lights
in the cockpit fall dark at the same time that a bolt of lightning
streaks across the sky to the west.

"Uh, can we go down now?"

Nanyo looks up at Kim, grinning, "We are down, Starki... look!" She
points around the two to reveal that the ship is down on the ground.

"What the, when did we land?"

Nanyo chuckles, "When I showed ya the tower..."

"Oh, well lets go into the town then."

Nanyo nods, "Ja vhol, mon capitan!" She stands up, flipping over the
back of the pilot's seat and grabs Kim in her arms, picking her up and
hugging her like a new groom.

"Starki, I'm sorry... but I just GOTTA hug ya... What I'm about to face
ain't somethin' I'm gonna like... I need a good memory ta keep me sane,

"Uh, ok." replies Kim looking confused.

Nanyo nuzzles her head in-between Kim's breasts and sneaks one hand in-
between Kim's thighs, giving her a gentle squeeze "down there" before
she lets go of her and straights up, sighing, "Ahhhh... that's

After blushing, Kim replies. "Lets go."

Nanyo nods, "Aye..." and the two leave the cockpit. Nanyo gestures to
Tisha and Sashi, who are still playing chess, Tisha looking EXTREMELY
disgruntled at still having the chain collar around her neck.

"I'll let you lead." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah, you prolly should since if you or anyone leads,
we'll all be killed..." She turns away from Kim, sighing heavily and
shaking her head. Sashi speaks up, "What about my sister? Should we
just leave her here?"

"She needs to sleep, so yeah."

Nanyo sighs heavily again, saying, "I dunno about that... I'm kinda
afraid for her... If they discover she's here alone..."


Nanyo explains, "These Ap Dat are EXTREMELY homophobic... if
they find out someone is in here that's not one of them, they might go
ballistic... and even moreso than that, if Nisu wakes up and one of us
isn't here for her, she may feel betrayed and neglected..." Sashi
mutters to herself, "Oh gee, wonder what THAT feels like..." She
frowns, feeling pretty sure that no one heard her.

"I'll go get her then." Kim leaves for the other room.

"Be careful with her... she's bound to be very groggy... and may not be
able to walk at first, Starki-chan!" calls Nanyo, gesturing for Sashi
and Tisha to leave the ship first.

Kim returns with the sleeping Suki in her arms. "Let's just take her
while she's asleep."

Nanyo grins, running a finger through Suki's short black hair, "Heh...
she's so kawaii when she's asleep, isn't she?"

"Yes she is."

Nanyo visibly has to restrain herself. She turns away from Kim and the
sleeping sniffling Suki and jumps down to the burning desert sand
outside the ship.

Kim follows Nanyo out, carrying Suki.

Nanyo glances back at the other girls, then sighs, "I thought I'd never
hafta lay eyes on this place again... Well, come on..." She trudges
forward through the sand, sinking almost all the way up to her waist in
the sand.

"How long till we get there on foot?"

Nanyo sighs, "I'd say about 15 minutes... It's a bit of a tough haul...
that's why no one else approaches the village."

"I see, well it's a good thing I'm in shape then." states Kim smiling

Nanyo asks, "How ya holding up, Sash?"

Sashi grunts, "I am fine... I doubt whether Tisha is okay, though..."
Tisha, almost all the way up to her nose in the sand, complains, "Aw,
man.. I got sand in my robe!"

"What about you Nanyo?"

Nanyo shakes her head, but doesn't say anything important other than,
"I've been here before, Starki... I know what I hafta do..." She then
falls silent and cold, trudging forward toward the tower.

15 minutes later...

The girls approach a huge tower in the middle of the desert. Nanyo
stops short, whispering to Kim, "When we move into the clearing up
ahead, drop and bow..."


"If you don't, they'll know you aren't Ap Dat... and more importantly,
so they won't kill ya..."

"Oh, ok then." replies Kim.

Nanyo glances at Sashi and Tisha, saying, "That goes for you girls,
too, got it?" Sashi nods once as Tisha scoffs, "Buncha hicks, I bet..."

"Well let's get going."

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... Let's do this..." She sucks in a deep breath and
steps into the small clearing around the tower, immediately dropping to
her knees and bowing. Sashi does the same, pulling Tisha down with her.

Kim lays Suki to the side and does the same as Nanyo.

A loud booming, (obviously magnified) voice calls out, "Chiamaki,
Nanyo... Nihon, Sashi... Nihon, Suki... Approach!" Nanyo curses under
her breath and scoots over to Kim, whispering harshly, "Gimmie Nisu...

Kim nods and picks up Suki and gives her to Nanyo.

Nanyo takes Suki in her hands and stands up, approaching the
tower, with Sashi in tow. The voice then states, "Starr, Kimberly
Ann... Timemage Tisha... step back..."

Kim does as she voice states and steps back.

Tisha frowns, "What are they playing at?! Stupid gits..." Yet, she
follows Kim and steps back. At that moment, a heavy metallic door is
opened and Nanyo, still carrying Suki, and Sashi enter it without
saying a word. After both have entered, the door closes and part of the
base of the tower unfolds, extending a bridge out to Tisha and Kim as
the voice barks, "Enter along the Unlij Bridge, visitors..."

Kim stands and walks to and on the bridge without saying a word.

Tisha scowls, but follows Kim inside the tower, where they are quickly
joined by a red-faced, blushing and scowling Nanyo and a dull,
expressionless Sashi. Suki is still in Nanyo's arms, still fast asleep,
though a trickle of mucus is trailing from her nose and her thumb is in
her mouth, making her look like a little lost child.

Kim looks at Nanyo obviously wondering what's going on.

Nanyo shakes her head, telepathically stating, "Don't ask... It's
humiliating..." Sashi looks frankly bored. There is suddenly the sound
of foot falls coming from the wall in front of them and before too
long, the wall slides open, revealing a beautiful city built almost

A figure in a long blue flowing robe approaches the girls, his posture
clearly showing the grimiest expression possible. He ignores Nanyo at
first, turning to Sashi and stating, "It has been a while, Sashi... You
are still a slave, I presume?" When she nods, he moves to Tisha, giving
her a quick glance before moving on to Kim. "And you... You are from
the Federation, correct?"

Kim gives the man a wondering look. "Federation? I... I don't know what
your talking about."

"Hmmm.... so the Federation doesn't allow their HUnewearl's to know
where they come from? Most sad... Most sad..." He has an old,
weary-sounding voice, and as he turns back toward Nanyo, he removes his
hood, revealing long white hair and a flowing beard as well as gentle
but piercing blue eyes.

"It's a rule for everyone, not--ah crap!" states Kim before stopping

The man smiles gently, saying, "It is okay, Kimberly... Here, nothing
is a secret... Why do you think we built a tower instead of a flat-
town, like Lo'lop?" He smiles again and points to the far west, where
there is a rather impressive collection of spaceships and starships.

"Whoa, but... this is a UDP, how can you have this kind of technology?
It doesn't make sense."

The man explains, "Because we have no contact with the outside world...
The Federation had always wanted to have a secure place where they
could land their ships and survey the lands and peoples... so,
naturally, they sought out the most secure location they could find..."

Suddenly, a woman, dressed like a midwife came up and scowling, "Arthur
B. Thinbal! You KNOW you shouldn't be roving around the "Focusing
room!" Come on! You're late for your medication!" She pulls him away
and suddenly, the room they're in, shimmers and disappears, revealing a
four walled cell, much like the Shin-Ra prison cells, only without bars
or locks on the one door that is visible. Nanyo groans, "I KNEW that
wasn't right... Come on, let's go... Starki, get Nisu..." She hands
Suki to Kim and strides off for the door, on the other side of which
comes her yell, "OW!"

"What happened?" Kim follows Nanyo into the room.

Nanyo is sitting on the ground, rubbing her cheek, which appears red as
though she's just been punched. She mutters, "Nice to see you too,
Dad..." There is a hatred in her eyes that Kim has never seen before.

"He hit you!?" asks Kim shocked.

Nanyo says nothing as she gets back to her feet. A shadow falls over
Kim and something roughly pushes her back against the wall, moving her
aside as a rough male voice spits out, "So you return, b*tch...
ungrateful brat..." There is the sound of skin being slapped and
Nanyo's grunt of "OW!" again.

"What are you hitting her for?!" asks Kim.

The man standing in front of Nanyo scowls and spits on his fallen
daughter, who is now bleeding slightly from her lip. "You are NO
daughter of mine..." He turns around and stalks off as Nanyo brushes
herself off and gets to her feet, wiping the blood from her lip. She
mutters, "Nice to see you too, asshole..." She turns away from the
retreating figure of her father, though there is a tear in her eyes.

"What the hell was that about?! Why didn't you hit him back?" asks Kim
to Nanyo.

Nanyo shakes her head but doesn't say anything. Her mind, though, keeps
repeating these words, "Why doesn't Daddy love me? Why?" At this point,
a very short man approaches Kim and squeaks, "M-Miss Starr? I-Is that
P-Princess Suki?!"

"Huh? Princess Suki? I'm sorry, you must have the wrong person."

Sashi elbows Kim and whispers, "No... he has the right person... Suki
is the Princess of the Ap Dat village of Lo'Lop..."

Kim blinks in surprise. "Are you... serious?!" asks Kim in shock.

Sashi blinks, "Have I given you cause to doubt my words before, Miss
Kim?" She seems puzzled that Kim would question her like that and is
concerned her information might not be completely accurate.

"No, but... Suki's a... princess?"

Sashi nods, "Yes, Miss Kim..." Nanyo adds, "What... didn't you hear her
tell you she was? Good Grief, Starki-chan... Ya need to clean your ears
out or pay attention or something..."

"I don't remember her saying she was a princess, so don't blame me for
not knowing."

Nanyo groans and puts her face in her hands as the short man squeaks,
"Miss Kim, c-can I see her "Spirit Crystal"? I... I just wanna say that
I held the Spirit Crystal of the Princess just once!"

"I don't know, It's really important..."

Nanyo sniffs and picks up the little man, raising her foot up and
booting him over to the far side of the tower's internal base wall. She
sighs, "Stupid little dwarf..." Then, she turns to Kim and warns,
"Whatever you do, Starki-chan, DO NOT let anyone have Nisu's Spirit
Crystal... Do NOT let them touch it... for if anything should happen to
it, Nisu will die..."

"Ok, but that was mean Nanyo."

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "You'll understand one day, if you live
here long enough... Come on... Let's find the Elder..." She strides off
toward a tallish-looking building with a strange crest on it.

"Ok." Kim follows Nanyo.

Sashi pulls Tisha along behind her and the four girls quickly approach
the building. When they arrive, a tall man steps out of the building,
holding a spear. He points it at Nanyo's chest, but looks at Kim and
demands, "What are you doing here, Kimberly Anna Starr?"

"Uh, I'm with her." indicating Nanyo.

The man presses the spear harder again Nanyo's left breast, threatening
to draw blood as he demands, "Nanyo Chiamaki, why have you led
outsiders into the village?!" Nanyo explains the situation with Becky,
looking over at Kim from time to time to help her fill in the gaps.
When she finishes, the man lowers the spear and replies, "I see... Then
you will need to see Jakashi Nihon... I believe he has the answer you
seek. Go to the temple, Chiamaki and take Sashi with you... Kimberly,
take Timemage Tisha and Princess Suki to Nanyo's house... I will lead
you there..." He strides off to the west, expecting Kim and Tisha to
follow him.

"Jakashi?! That son-of-bi*ch is here?!" asks Kim angrily.

The man blinks, "So you have had dealings with him too, I presume... He
is an outcast from this village... I heard he fled to Lo'Lop about 20
years ago... He married a Mem'lo slave and had two daughters, I
believe... Suki and Sashi... if I'm not mistaken..."

"Where is he!? I wanna have a little talk with him."

The man sighed, "He is currently in the prison underneath the temple,
where all of our exiled criminals go should they return... Nanyo and
Sashi should be able to bring him here... and we shall deal with him,
then..." He indicates a small hut where there is the strong scent of

"Ok. lets go."

The man sighs and enters the hut with Kim and Tisha following
him. A bottle flies out of nowhere and hits the wall next to Tisha, who
shrinks back, accidentally stepping on Kim's foot. The man sighs,
"Alabaster... if you don't stop drinking, you
will be confined to the temple." The other man, drunk as all get out,
and clearly the one who hit Nanyo earlier, burps and
scoffs, slurring his words, "Ah, shaddup, Nelsoy... Ya can't...
*burp*... tell ME what ta do... *hic*"

Kim sighs in aggravation. "More drunks..."

Tisha covers her nose, "Ewww... what's that funky smell?!" A young girl
comes downstairs, only wearing panties with a huge wet spot on them,
crying, "Unkie Alla! I pee-peed myself!" The man groans and hiccups in

"Uh, how long do we have to stay here?"

The man sighs, "Long enough for Nanyo and Sashi to retrieve Jakashi...
I only hope Sashi doesn't kill him before they make it back here..."
Tisha groans, "Ough... This place stinks, something fierce!"

"We'll just have to bear it for now, don't complain."

Tisha groans, "Argh... you can wait here if you want! I'm
gonna wait outside..." She turns around and moves outside the hut. The
formal-looking man sighs and pushes Nanyo's father off his stool,
causing the drunkard to spill onto the floor, snoring loudly. He takes
the younger girl and changes her panties and cleans her up, eventually
letting her go back upstairs to play. Then, he turns to Kim and motions
for her to sit down on the other side of the table, asking softly, "So
tell, Kimberly... why do you think Hon'tyl corrupted your sister? Did
your sister do anything to piss her off?"

"Not that I know of."

The man sighs and leans back on the stool, "Well, I suppose that's not
a fair question... Hon'tyl is telepathic... and very devious... We were
lucky to escape her once... We used the Hymn to protect us..."

"The Hymn?" questions Kim.

The man nods, "Yes... No doubt if you've fallen in love with Princess
Suki, you've heard it emanating from her during moments of intense
passion or intense emotion..."

Kim looks suddenly sad. "I've never heard it."

The man's eyebrows raise in shock, "You haven't? Dear me... that is a
problem... It could mean that you are not in love with her but someone
else.... How unfortunate..."

"But i DO love her. Maybe something's wrong with me."

"I doubt it... Perhaps, what you need is a stirring of feeling for
her... Try stroking her hair... That might work..."

"Ok. I'll try that next time." states Kim.

The man sighs, "The Hymn... is the only thing we know of that can stop
Hon'tyl... make her docile..."

"Really? No amount of force can beat her."

The man shakes his head, "Not to our knowledge... The Hymn makes her
docile... and controllable... But other than that... no... " He sighed
again, turning away from Kim to look at the sleeping girl in Kim's

"But wouldn't it be great to finally be rid of her?"

The man nods, "It would... but as a failed summon, Hon'tyl is pretty
much immortal... It would take an incredible amount of mana to overcome
her might..." Just then, Tisha steps back in, announcing, "Hey...
They're back!"

"Ok! Well, I gotta go now." states Kim as she leaves the man.

The man stands up, following Kim outside where they see Nanyo, still
red-faced and grumbling, Sashi, with a big whelp forming on her cheek,
a forming black eye and other assorted cuts and bruises, and between


.... the father of the Princess....

.... the bastard, Jakashi. He, too, looks the worse for wear,
sporting new cuts and bruises and a broken wrist. His hands are held
behind his back in some sort of gold glowing binds, though a sneer now
is locked in place on his face.

"What happened to you guys?" asks Kim surprised

Nanyo explains, simply, "Family Feud..."

"Wow." replies Kim flatly

Jakashi spits at Sashi, growling, "Stupid little bitch... first she
kills my wife and her mother... then she tries to kill Suki... and now
she assaults me..."

Sashi, showing incredible hatred, which is rare, fires back, "F*ck you,
old man! You never cared for me even though I was your own daughter!
You sold me into slavery, you b@stard and I will never forgive you for

"Hey, can you guys call a truce right now? We need to find a way to say
Becky remember."

Jakashi scoffs, "Oh yeah, sure... How could I forget the little b*tch
who fell in love with this b*tch?!"

Sashi stiffens in anger, then surges toward Jakashi, screaming, "DIE,
MOTHERF*CKER!" Nanyo, though, slips in-between and pushes Sashi aside,
saying, "Drop it, Sash..."

Kim closes her eyes for a moment before replying. "Yeah, let's just do
what we came to do."

Jakashi smirks, "Yeah, that's right, b*tch..." Sashi growls, but does
nothing as the man comes up behind Kim, sighing, "Jakashi Nihon, as a
traitor to the people of Ap Dat, you will be put to death... but before
you are, you will tell us how to rescue Becky Starr..." Jakashi sneers,
"And if I refuse?" The man glances toward Kim and Sashi, stating
simply, "Then we will have no choice but to hand you over to them..."
Jakashi turns toward Kim and Sashi.

"Really? I could do what I want with him then?" asks Kim smiling.

The man nods, "Yes... This is no longer a simple matter of Ap Dat
Justice... This goes far behind just our people..." Jakashi sneers,
"Pffeh... There ain't nothing YOU can do to me, little slut..."

"Oh really? If he hands you over to me and Sashi, I would make you beg
for death."

Jakashi brushes her aside, "Feh... I'd like to see you try, little
wench..." Nanyo continues struggling to hold Sashi down as the other
man steps back, holding Tisha back. "This, then, is the challenge..."

"Very well." states Kim smiling as she lays Suki down, out of the way.

Jakashi looks over at the other man, who nods once, the energy bindings
falling free, releasing his arms. He flexes them then brings his hand
up like Seifer did to Squall, saying, "C'mon, then, whore... Let's see
what you got!"

"Heh, gladly!" states Kim as her Katana forms in her hand.

Jakashi grins and folds him arms, "Heh... I should've
expected this from such a flower-ass... liking girls over men... Feh...
You Homo!"

"What are you talking about?"

Jakashi smirks, "Oh, I'm sorry... you don't know what a Homo is? Ha...
so you're as stupid as you look, then..." He laughs, spitefully at her.

"I know what that is. Don't you dare call me stupid again." states Kim
as she gets into a ready stance.

Jakashi laughs, uproariously, "Well, damn, slut... If I'd known how
sensitive you were, I'd've called you a damn idiot... I bet you
couldn't even add 2 + 2!"

"You Son-of-a-Bi*ch." states Kim as she charges Jakashi.

Jakashi just stands there, laughing, "Oh noes! Poor widdle girl too
stupid to understand... She no know nothing! HAHAHAHA!"

"I bet your just all talk." states Kim before motioning a stab as she
draws back her Katana.

Jakashi just laughs again, watching Kim draw nearly. Just as it looks
as though she's gonna hit him, he suddenly flashes from view.

"What the!?" states Kim as she quickly stops.

Suddenly, two big arms grab Kim around her body, pinning her arms to
her sides. Twisting her head, Kim can see a giant-looking bear holding
her still with Jakashi sitting on it's left arm.

"This isn't fair! Your cheating!"

Jakashi laughs as he stands up and strolls down the bear's arms, "No..
cheating would be if I did... THIS!" He gives Kim's knee a hard kick.

"Ah! ...So, that's how you wanna play huh?" states Kim
smiling a bit.

Jakashi scowls, "I see... Then you won't mind if I do this, will
you...?" He nods once and the bear squeezes harder, forcing Kim to drop
her Katana as she feels incredible pain.

"Ah!" groans Kim as her dropped weapon falls to the floor with a clank.

Jakashi sneers, "Now then... You gonna be a good little slut and stay

"What makes you think I am? I'm not going to give up just like that."

Jakashi steps close to Kim, making a big show of grabbing her hair and
pulling on it, though she doesn't feel the pain because he's not really
pulling on it. He leans close to her ear and whispers, "To save your
sister, play along...."

Kim eyes widen and she looks at Jakashi in surprise. "What?"

Jakashi puts a finger to her lips and whispers fiercely,
"SSSSHHH! Don't YELL! Just play along!" He pulls back, tugging gently
on her hair, "Ready to give up, b*tch?!"

Kim gives a particularly untrusting glare but for the sake of Becky,
she plays along. "Yeah, I give up. You win."

Jakashi grins back to the other man and states, "I win... now give me
my reward... Give me Sashi's Spirit Crystal!" Sashi writhes, screaming,
"NO, YOU F*CKTARD! DON'T!" The man sighs, "There is nothing I can do,
Miss Sashi... I must give it to him..." He steps back into the house as
Tisha runs over to Kim and the bear disappears again, Jakashi sighing
as Sashi begins crying.

"You tricked me!?" states Kim angrily.

Jakashi sighs, "Kim, calm down... The reason we need Sashi's Spirit
Crystal is for the Summoning of the Restoration... By the way, how is
Suki? She seems sick..." He bends down over Suki's sleeping form.

"She said she was walking in the ran."

Jakashi heaves a heavy sigh, "Poor girl... Miho must've died, huh?" He
reaches down to her chest, feeling for her Spirit Crystal, and when he
doesn't find it, he gasps, "Damn it.. Where is it?!"

"I have it." states Kim knowingly

Jakashi looks up, "What?! She gave it to you?! Damn... Kim, I'm SO
sorry... I... I didn't realize how close you two were... I.. I
thought... you... and Nanyo..." He glances over at Nanyo, looking VERY

"It's a bit complicated."

Jakashi sighs, "Yeah... I bet... Oln'tyl's always are..." but this
time, instead of his previous sneer at that word, he looks glad.

"Anyway, how do we fix my sister?"

Jakashi sighs, and explains, glancing over at Sashi, who is still
sobbing, "It should be as simple as giving Becky Sashi's Spirit
Crystal... If I'm right, Sashi's telepathic mind will then connect with
Becky's and force out Hon'tyl's power... I hope... This hasn't been
done in more than 500 years..."

"That's it?"

Jakashi nods, "Yep... The hard part will be in giving it to her...
She's gonna be ballistic but you must make sure it's in her hand...
after that, just stand back..."

"Yeah, that will be hard. She's quite the fighter."

"If she..." he points to Sashi, "... helps you... then you should have
no trouble with it... Nanyo can protect you while Sashi slips in it...
She's got REALLY fast hands..."

"Well, now that we know what to do. Let's put it to

Jakashi nods, "Yes... but someone needs to stay behind and
keep Tisha and Suki out of this... I don't want anything to happen to
them..." Sashi screams, "BUT YOU DO NOT CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO ME?! YOU

"Hey, cool down Sashi, we need your help.

WORLD WERE TO COLLAPSE!" She breaks free from Nanyo's grip and charges
Jakashi again.

"Sashi wait! Were trying to save Becky. don't you love her."

Sashi screams, halting in mid-stride, holding her head as if she
doesn't know what to do. She screams again, but slowly backs off, her
love for Becky overcoming her hatred for Jakashi. Nanyo sighs, "Damn
it..." Just then, the man returns, holding Sashi's Spirit Crystal,
which is tinted a very ugly brown color and it's slightly warm. He
hands this Crystal to Kim, whispering, "Don't give this to Jakashi...
He is still a criminal..."

"What about Sashi? It's hers anyway.

The man sighs and shakes his head, raising his arm toward her, "She is
a slave... she is not allowed to possess anything other than the
clothes on her back... Not even her own Spirit Crystal..."

"That's... sad. I can't keep this from her if she asks for it."

The man whispers, "You can only give it back to her when she is
freed... Only then is she allowed to have it... Until then, give it to
Becky... I daresay, she'll find some use for it..."

"Ok fine."

The man nods, "Good... Now go... go and free Becky... and uh,
Jakashi.." He stops looking back. The man finished, "Back to the temple
with you..." Jakashi grumbles, "Crap! Almost got away with it..."

"Ok... now all we have to do is find her."

Nanyo shakes her head, "I don't think that'll be hard to do, Starki...
Matter of fact..." She jumps into the air and picks up Kim and Sashi by
the arms, "This'll be faster..."

"So you know were she is?"

Nanyo shakes her head, "No... but if Hon'tyl's possessing and is
looking for me... then she'll come to me... I'm sure of it..." She
lands at the door to the outside of the tower and motions, "Let's

"Ok, you lead." Kim laughs slightly.

Nanyo sighs, "Here we go..." She steps out into the middle of the
desert looking around. She closes her eyes and stretches out with her
telepathic power, muttering, "Come out, Come out, where ever you

The ground then suddenly starts shaking a moment later. "Oh no, it
can't be!" states Kim surprised as she feels the shaking

Nanyo sighs, "Here we go... Get ready, y'all..." She pulls out her
sword and stabs it into the ground as Sashi tenses, her cold nature

"No, wait. I know this shaking."

Nanyo raises an eyebrow, "Wha?"

"Nanyo, when you kept Becky busy, did the ground shake?"

Nanyo gives Kim this expression, ^_^;, and replies, running a hand
through her red hair, "Uh... I unno..."

"Don't joke about this. It's serious, did the ground shake?"

Nanyo frowns, "I'm serious! I was too busy stayin' alive to worry about
ground shakin'... there was a big snake, I remember..."

"A Snake!?" Kim then grabs Nanyo by the shoulders. "This is important,
was it multi-colored?"

Nanyo screws up her mind, trying to remember. "Uhm... Y-Yeah... It

"Fu*k! This is NOT good! She can summon Farla."

To Be Continued In...

Chapter 33

Title: Chapter 31: Becky

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I don't own the character Farla, Sonic Team


Nanyo animefalls as Sashi blinks, "......!" Nanyo fumbles, sweating
profusely, "A.... A su-summoner?!"

"No, not really. Any one with a certain device can do this. I'll
explain later."

Sashi asks, "What do we do, Miss Kim?" The quaking grows louder.

"i honestly don't know." replies Kim. The shaking suddenly stops.

Sashi sweats, "This does not bode well..." Nanyo casts her a dirty
look, "Oh yeah, YA THINK?!"

A moment later Becky comes in riding on the Serpent's head. And looks
down at the three as it towers over them. "We meet again. Thanks so
much for the invite Nanyo." calls Becky to Nanyo.

Nanyo sweatdrops, "Uh, yeah... Nice to see ya, too, Becks... Now, I
believe ya wanted ta see me...?" She brings her sword up in a defensive
position, quickly thinking about what she needs to do.

"That was a cheap move you pulled earlier Nanyo."

Nanyo grins, "Hey, it was your stupid fault for tryin' it... Heh...
mebbe you are as stupid as your sis, here..." Her telepathic mind tells
Kim, "Don't rise... I'm tryin' something here..."

"You bi*ch! Because of that, I woke up with wet pants!" Becky then
jumps of the serpent's head in front of the three. Farla then

Nanyo smirks, "Oh, really? That's a shame... If I'd've known that...
I'd've stayed around for the show... Gee, I didn't think ya had such
weak bladder muscles, Becks..."

She nods once to Kim and Sashi, telling both to surround Becky without
letting the other girl know.

"You've got some nerve, I'd like to see you hold it after being
eletricutied." Kim does as Nanyo suggests.

Nanyo grins, "Aw, poor baby couldn't hold it.. now she's whining! Gee,
she must be a baby, right, Starki?" She winks at Kim, trying to tell
her to follow her lead as Sashi moves to Becky's left side.

Becky then aims a pistol at Nanyo. "I'm not going to even bother
playing with you."

Nanyo grins, sticking her tongue out, "Nyahh! So, you're a coward, too,
eh? Waz a matter, too afraid to use your "Insta-Dash" on me? Buk-Buk-
Bacaw!" She clucks like a chicken as Sashi leans slightly to her left,
motioning for Kim to do the same, but to her right.

I'm not going to repeat my mistake by trying to hit you." states Becky.
Kim does as Sashi wants.

Nanyo grins, "Aw, that's ok... You're worried about THIS, aren't you?"
She undoes a small skin colored patch wrapped around her back and drops
it to the ground.

"i still don't trust you."

Nanyo grins, "Hokay... Then... how about this?" She lifts her sweater
above her head, exposing her bra. "Does this make you trust me?" Sashi,
raises two fingers, indicating to Kim that they will go on

"Hmm, take off all your clothes. then I'll believe you."

Nanyo grins, "Saucy little tart, ain't ya? Well, okay... I'm in an
exhibitionist kinda mood..." She flings her sweater around and around
her head as Sashi lowers one of her fingers.

"Hurry it up."

Nanyo scowls, "That's the way it ALWAYS is, with you pervs... Never can
appreciate a good strip-tease... Very well... Oh, by the way, Becks...
Catch!" She flings her sweater at Becky, covering her head with it at
the same time that Sashi lowers her other finger and charges Becky,
grabbing her around the neck and tightening the sweater over her eyes
so that she can't see.

Nanyo screams, "NOW STARKI! Give her the Crystal!"

Kim rushes over and grabs Becky's free hand and places the crystal in
her hand and forces her hand closed. "What the hell are you doing?! Let
me go!" screams Becky trying to squirm free.

Nanyo grins, punching the air, "GOTCHA!"

Sashi closes her eyes and begins saying, directly into Becky's mind,
"Mistress... help me... Help me... help me to help you..." She removes
the sweater from Becky's eyes and begins massaging her temples as
Hon'tyl grunts, "F*CK YOU, Sashi... Next time we meet, YOU WILL NOT
SURVIVE... I PROMISE YOU!" Then, her voice fades from Becky's mind once
and all, causing the young girl to collapse into Sashi's arms, still
clutching Sashi's Spirit Crystal.

The group returns to town and lays Becky down on a bed in a room.
"Well, that's over with." states Kim.

Sashi is draped over Becky's body, still sobbing as Nanyo sighs, "Now,
I'm more concerned with Nisu... I can't believe we just left her with
that bastard Jakashi..."

(She has replaced her sweater and is looking around the room.)

"But he's at the temple isn't he?" states Kim.

Nanyo frowns, "Oh yeah... Well, then... who did we leave Suki and Tisha
with then?" She looks puzzled.

"Umm..." replies Kim puzzled

Just then, Jakashi DOES walk in with Tisha in tow. He seems exhausted
and collapses into the nearest chair as the other Ap Dat man enters,
sighing, "Ok, fine, Jakashi... I was wrong and you were right, are you
happy, now?!"

"Uh, what going on?" asks Kim.

Jakashi sighs, "Huh?! O-Oh, Kim... I'm sorry about what I put you
through... It's just... We REALLY needed Sashi's Spirit Crystal... Can
you forgive me?"

"For that particular event, I will." states Kim.

The Ap Dat man sighs heavily, "Kimberly, if you have any other issues
to resolve with Jakashi, you may do them now.... I do not believe he
will object..."

Jakashi sighs, spreading his arms as though expecting he is going to be
hit. He says, "Kim, if you want to hit me, go ahead... All that I
request is that you let Sashi kill me... She has more reason than
anyone to seek my death."

"Gladly." Kim draws back and motions to punch Jakashi in the face but
stops her fist mer centimeters away from his face. Kim gives him a
dirty look as she lowers her hand. "Fu*k it."

Jakashi blinks as Nanyo steps close to Kim, whispering, "What's wrong,
Starki? Why didn't you hit him?"

"No matter what I do to him, it won't change what he did. I'd be just a
waste of energy." Kim then walks away from Jakashi.

Nanyo sighs, "I suppose that's true... but still..." She walks up to
Jakashi and smacks him good in the face, muttering, "That's for hurting
Nisu, you bastard..."

"Where's Suki by the way?" asks Kim.

Nanyo turns around, looking around the hut. She shrugs, "I dunno...
Where is she, you bastard?" Jakashi wipes his bloody bottom lip and
states, "She's in the kitchen, back there, cooking as usual..." He
indicates the back room.

"Cooking? but she's sick. She shouldn't be cooking."

Jakashi smiles as the Ap Dat man explains, "Kimberly, though Jakashi
has committed many crimes, his knowledge is quite extensive... He used
this knowledge to concoct an "Esuna" potion which rid Princess Suki of
her head cold."

"Oh. well that makes since."

Jakashi's face then turns sad, as he states, "I think she is still
crying, though... Just great... First I fail at raising them... Now I
fail at keeping them happy..." He sighs and motions for Kim to go see

Kim then walks in the direction Jakashi signals Suki is at.

In the kitchen, Suki stands over the skin, facing away from Kim,
sniffling, a knife in her hand. She mumbles to no one in particular,
"How...? How could I ever think I could compare to Nan'chi?! She's got
it all..."

"Hey Suki." states Kim behind Suki.

Suki starts and whirls around, the onion in her hand flying up in her
surprise and the knife slipping free down to the chopping board,
miraculously not cutting her. She gasps, "K-Kimmie...?! I.. I didn't
know... y-you were back..." There are tears rolling down her cheeks and
her lovely violet-tinted eyes are slightly twinges with a red color and

"Why are you crying?"

Suki clams up, looking to the side sadly. Her small delicate hands
tremble and her shoulders slump, but she says nothing.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Kim starts walking closer to Suki.

Suki still doesn't say anything, though her eyes brim with fresh tears
and the onion in her right hand begins to crackle as she squeezes it in
her clenching fist.

"Are you feeling ok?" I was old Jakashi healed you."

Suki STILL doesn't say anything, but her body begins to quiver and a
small hiccup escapes her lips as she continues to look away from Kim,
obviously unable to look directly at her. Just then, Nanyo enters,
bellowing, "Yo, I'm half starved out here! When're we gonna git some
food out here?!"

"Suki isn't talking, Something may still be wrong with her."

Nanyo looks at Suki, her eyes widening, "Ah... I see.... Well, damn,
Nisu... Why didn't you tell me?!" Suki glances once at Nanyo, but still
doesn't say anything.

Nanyo nods, "I know... I know, Nisu... but you can't let that stop you
from trying..." Suki then fixes a hard stare upon Nanyo, who then sighs
and grabs Kim by the arm, whispering, "She wants your decision but
she's afraid that you'll choose me over her or her over me..."

"Oh, that. Well I did tell here I'd have an answer when we save
Becky..." states Kim nervously. Back in the other room Becky's voice
can be heard.

Sashi then steps in, tears still running down her cheeks, though her
green eyes are mostly expressionless again. She states, "Miss Kim, your
sister, and my Mistress, has woken up..."

"One sec Suki." states Kim sweatdropping before leaving the room.

Suki frowns and turns away, back to the chopping board, fresh tears
running down her cheeks. The knife slices the onion harder and harder,
as though Suki is angry. Nanyo whistles, "Aiya... Sure glad I'm not a
onion..." She ducks out and follows Kim to Becky's bed.

Becky's confused expression at were she is takes a turn for the worst
as she sees Nanyo. "You..." she says coldly.

Nanyo gulps, "Uh... yea?" She sweatdrops as Sashi stands over Becky,
ready to restrain her if she shows the slightest sign of aggression
toward Nanyo.

"I'll kill you!" exclaims Becky as she attempts to rush off the bed to

Sashi quickly leans over and grabs her from behind holding her as she
begs, "Mistress! Please.. do not! Nan'chi was not responsible! It was

"Let me go! She stole Kimmie away from me! I'm kill her for that!"
exclaims Becky trying to free herself. However, Becky's left hand is
still clutching something.

Sashi begs, tears flowing down her cheeks, "No... No! Mistress, your
sister still loves you! Nan'chi... only wanted all of you to be
together... as lovers!" Nanyo raises an eyebrow at that one
and glances at Kim.

Kim sees Nanyo eye her. "What?"

"I don't believe you! Let me go!"

Sashi holds her tighter, tears flooding down on Becky's head,
"Mistress... I cannot... because, you see... I... I... I love you too
much! I... I do not ever want to let you go...." Nanyo gives this look:
o_0 and states, sweatdropping, "Um, yeah... I... I'll just wait
outside..." She makes a QUICK departure.

"Don't lie to me! You said you hated me!" screams Becky with the
faintest hint of tears in her angry eyes./

Sashi squeezes Becky harder, stating softly, "Would I be hugging you if
I truly hated you, Mistress? Would I still be here if I hated you? That
was not me you heard, Mistress... It was Hon'tyl..."

"Prove it!" replies Becky.

Sashi whispers, "Look down at your hand, Mistress... Inside, you hold
my Spirit Crystal... Essentially, everything I am is in there... If it
glows pink when you look at it, that means I love

Becky does so and sees that the crystal is indeed pink. Her mean
expression disappears in favor of a sad one as tears fall from her
eyes. "You... love me?"

Sashi, tears still flowing from her eyes, nods slowly and pulls Becky's
head closer to her bosom, whispering, "Feel my heart, Mistress... It
beats to the same rhythm as yours... We are soul mates, destined to be
together forever..."

"Sashi, I'm sorry."

Sashi whispers, still holding Becky, "It was not your fault,
Mistress... I do not blame you... the reach of Hon'tyl is vast and only
the most powerful of telepaths can resist her..."

"Oh no! Nikki! I.. I..." Becky starts to cry now at the

Sashi can think of nothing to say to this. All she can do is hold Becky
tightly as she looks up at Kim, sighing sadly.

"We can change what happened, but It wasn't your fault Becky."

"But she was your friend for so long." replies Becky.

Sashi only holds Becky in her arms, her own tears still
coming as Nanyo telepathically states, "Hey, um... Starki? I... think
you'd better come in here and give Nisu an answer... she's chopping
this onion to shreds and if she isn't careful, she might cut

'Ok.' thinks Kim. as she returns to the kitchen.

Suki is now violently chopping what is left of the onion, her tears
flowing as freely as ever and the knife coming closer and closer to
cutting her index fingers.

Kim quickly rushes behind Suki and grabs her hand she's using to cut.
the whispers a 'Yes' in her ear.

Suki squirms free, trying to grab the knife at first. Then, she blinks
and turns back to Kim, her expression showing confusion. She still
doesn't say anything, though, obviously thinking she's going crazy or
deaf or something.

"The answer Suki, Is yes."

Nanyo, almost hidden in the corner leaning up against the counter,
smiles faintly as Suki blushes and whispers her first words since Kim
returned, "Y-You m-mean it, K-Kimmie?"

"yes, I do. I'll marry you."

Suki's eyes brim with tears again, but this time she smiles and throws
her arms around Kim, hugging her tightly as she sobs in happiness.
Nanyo sighs, muttering, "Well, as I'm a 5th wheel here, I'll just being
going..." She starts to leave the room, her telepathic mind
broadcasting her sadness and disappointment to Kim.

"Nanyo, don't leave. I don't think Suki would mind one of
those group things. I forgot what you guys called them."

Nanyo looks back, frowning, "I dunno... That ok with you, Nisu?" Suki
almost bubbles out of her outfit, "Are you kidding, Nan'chi?! I'd LOVE
IT! MY Two favorite girlfriends, MINE!" She floats over Kim and grabs
Nanyo, kissing her deeply, causing Nanyo's eyes to widen in shock at
her boldness.

"But, there's a problem." states Kim.

Suki halts in mid-kiss and pulls back, leaving Nanyo slightly shaken.
She asks, "What is it, Kimmie? Wh-what's the problem?"

"We have to tell Becky."

Nanyo sighs, "Yeah, geez... that'd be a problem... She already thinks I
stole you from her..."

"That's not particularly the problem..."

Nanyo asks, "What is, then?" Suki looks fearful that something might
spoil her happiness.

"Let's just tell her first and see how she handles it."

Nanyo sighs, "Ok... Come on, Nisu..." She takes Suki by the arm, almost
protectively and follows Kim to see Becky.

The three enter the room were Becky is now standing by one of the
windows of the room.

Nanyo holds onto Suki's shoulders as Sashi sees them first. She taps
Becky on the shoulder and whispers, "Mistress... Your sister, Nan'chi,
and Suki have arrived... I think they have something to tell you..."

"Huh? What is it?" asks Becky.

Nanyo blushes and sweatdrops as Suki does the same, leaving the
explanation up to Kim.

Kim walks to Becky and places a hand on the small girl's head. "Becky,
there's something important you need to know." "And that
would be?"

Nanyo unconsciously fiddles with a small drawstring on the hood of her
sweater as Suki blushes and keeps her gaze downcast, her hands twisting
themselves in her skirt.

"Suki asked me to marry her." states Kim.

"Seriously?" asks Becky.

"Yeah." replies Kim.

"You said no right?" states Becky.

Nanyo gulps and clenches, "Here it comes..." Suki huddles down,
becoming very afraid.

"Um..." trails Kim.

"Hey, you said no right?!" repeats Becky again appearing to be worried

Nanyo takes Suki by the shoulders and gently starts to ease back
towards the door, concerned that Becky is about to go ballistic.

"No, I sad yes." states Kim.

Becky looks shocked and hurt as she backs away slowly from Kim. "No,
your lying. You have to be!"

Sashi moves to Becky's side, holding her shoulders in a manner
indicating her love for the smaller girl as Nanyo pushes Suki into a
nearby closet, putting herself between Becky and Suki.

"Don't you know what this means Kimmie!? Don't you
remember!" ask Becky.

"yes I do." replies Kim.

"And your still doing it!?" exclaims Becky as tears flow down her face.

Sashi holds Becky's quivering form from behind as Nanyo watches what is
happened, ready to protect Suki if need be.

Becky shakes off Sashi's hold and bolts out the door crying. and Kim

Sashi immediately tears after her, calling, "Mistress!" Nanyo blinks,
"Well... I think she took it rather well, don't you?"

"Well, she has good reason to have that reaction." states Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "She loved you, didn't she?"

"Yes, but that's not the only reason..."

Nanyo questions, "There's another reason?" Suki trembles as she begins
to fear greatly afraid that something will mess up the proposed

"Yes, as you know, I'm not from this planet..."

"Yeah... so?" Nanyo asks.

"So... there is a rule that, if someone form the Federation becomes
'involved' with someone on UDP, that person must
remain on the planet."

Nanyo breathes a sigh of relief grinning, "Oh, is THAT all? Heh, I
thought it was something MAJOR..." Suki looks up at Kim and asks, "S-
So... if you marry me, you can't ever go back to that ship?"

She looks hurt and pained.

"Yes, that's right."

Suki sighs, then states, "Then I can't allow you to marry me... I-It
wouldn't be right..." She turns away from both Kim and Nanyo and starts
for the door, sniffling heavily.

"But I said i would."

There is no response from Suki; she is long gone. Nanyo sighs, "Ouch...
she's really hurt... I don't think she likes the idea of confining you
to this planet just to satisfy her own needs..."

"But, there is another way. but it's almost the same as me staying

Nanyo sighs, "I, uh... I don't think she can hear you... She's... um...

"I know."

"You, uh.. should go after her..." states Nanyo, sitting down at a
dining table.

"I should shouldn't I?" states Kim leaving.

To Be Continued In...

Chapter 34

Title: Chapter 32: Solution

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I don't own the character Farla, Sonic Team


Nanyo leans back in her chair, her left hand unconsciously sliding up
to her own right breast and squeezing gently as she calls after Kim,
"Good luck, Starki!" Tisha frowns, still sitting in the living room
area, "Man, this sucks... When am I gonna get my revenge on Sashi?!"
Jakashi sighs, "Let her deal with Becky first, young'un..."

Kim reaches the outside area and looks around for Suki.

There is no sign of the smallish girl, beyond a faint sniffling which
sounds like someone crying. The sound appears to be coming from
somewhere above Kim.

Kim looks up to the nearby tree above her. "Suki? Are you up there?"

There is no response, but the sniffling increases in
intensity and a few leaves rustle and fall from somewhere REALLY high.

"Aw don't make me have to climb up there to you."

Again, there is no response other that the sniffling and the rustling.

"... Crap." states Kim to herself. She then jumps and grabs branch and
pulls herself up on it until she's standing. "Suki."

Again, there is no response but more sniffling and rustling.

"I gotta speed this up..." states Kim as somewhat large metallic
bracelets form on her wrists, and a pair of green photon claws appear
out passed the reach of her hands. Kim then starts to impale the trunk
of the tree as she ascends.

The tree shakes ever so slightly but there is still no response from
the little girl at the top.

"Dang it Suki, how high are you?" asks Kim as she makes her way up.

Even now, there is no response from Suki.

Kim continues to climb...

At the top of the tree, she finds a small clump of branches full of
leaves that surround a small quivering lump within their clutches.

"Finally, Suki, what are you doing here?" asks Kim as she reaches Suki.

There is STILL no response, though the lump quivers again, sniffles
still heard.

"Suki, I know that's you."

Finally, there is a response from the lump, but not the one Kim was
expecting. Her voice soft, Suki whispers, "Go away... please... I... I
can't take it anymore..."

"W-What? why?" asks Kim surprised.

Suki sniffs, "A-All I... do is cause you pain... I.. I can't do it
anymore..." She quivers and turns away from Kim, sniffling and with
tears running down her cheeks. A few more leaves fall to the ground.

"Pain? you don't cause me pain Suki."

Suki suddenly stiffens up and cries, "I DO cause you pain! First
Hon'tyl... then Becky... and now this... I... I can't stand it
anymore...." She scrunches up tighter, sobbing.

"It's ok Suki, You didn't know any of this was going to happen."

Suki sobs, "I should've! I should've known this all along! I'm just not
meant to be here!" She squeezes herself as tightly into a ball as she
can, still sobbing.

"Not meant to be here? Suki, what are you saying?"

Suki just sobs, "It's always been this way! First, Sashi... then
Nanyo... then Miho... and now you... I just wasn't meant to be with
someone!" She leans close to the edge of the branch she's sitting on.

"Don't say that Suki. Everyone needs someone."

Suki cries and shuffles closer to the edge, trying to pull back from
Kim and not realizing that she's about to fall, "I need you... I REALLY
need you... But I can't... I just can't... I'll... only hurt you..."

Kim looks down for a moment to see a branch she can stand on, which she
does. and removes the left claw from the tree and it disappears, then
she places her right hand on Suki's shoulder. "Suki's it's ok."

Suki wrenches her shoulder from Kim's hand and pulls back further,
clearly still upset and hurting. She pulls back so far, though, she
topples backward and off the tree, plunging downward at a really fast

"Crap!" exclaims Kim as she quickly teleports to the ground too catch

Suki screams as she falls, but when she lands in Kim's arms, she
grunts, "Oof!"

"Are you ok?"

Suki glances at Kim, but then turns away, still looking sad. She says
nothing, but a small blush crosses her cheeks.

"Suki, I said it was ok."

Suki still says nothing at first, but the blush rides further up her
cheeks as her thighs start to pull together. She turns her head toward
Kim and says softly, "How can I expect you to give up life up there
just for me?" She points up at the stars.

"Well, If that's what your worried about, I have another option that
you would probably like."

Suki gasps, "R-Really? Y-You mean it, K-Kimmie?! A-A-Are you serious?!"
She begins to squirm ever so slightly in Kim's arms, turning her head
to look at the HUnewearl.

"How would you like to be a member of the Federation?" asks Kim

"A... A what?!" asks Suki, clearly puzzled.

"A member of the Federation. You would have the title of a Hunter, just
like me, Becky, and N-Nikki."

"Huh?" asks Suki, still confused as heck.

"What aren't you getting?"

"How could I become a member of th-the Federation? A-Aren't I p-part of
an.." here she struggles, trying to remember what Nanyo had heard about
UDPs, "... an UED?"

"Heh, that's UDP. Actually, It's quite easy."

"H-How?!" questions Suki, beginning to squirm slightly, wanting to get
to her feet for some reason.

"you just take a physical exam and if everything clears, you'll be
approved to join."

"R-Really?! I-It's that easy?!" Suki's face brightens and the tears
start to stop. She still squirms, trying to get out of Kim's arms and
get to her feet.

Kim lowers Suki to her feet. "Yep, it's that easy, we're always looking
for more people to join."

Suki smiles for the first time in a short while, then asks, "A-And what
about Nan'chi? S-She's always wanted to travel.. C-Can she go too?"
Almost immediately, she pulls her thighs together.

"The more the better."

Suki grins now and throws her arms around Kim's neck again, hugging
her, as she cries, "YAY!"

"Let's go tell every1 the good news."

Suki nods, "Yes... Especially Nan'chi! She'll love it!" She starts to
walk towards the hut, though every so often she presses her thighs

The two return to the building. "Hey everybody, I got good news."

Tisha looks up, stupidly, "Wha..? What the freak's going on?" Jakashi
sighs and stands up, starting to leave the room, stopping only to
whisper to Kim, "Take care of her up there, please, Kim..."

Nanyo then jumps into the room from the kitchen, her sweater caught on
her bra, which is now visible and her jeans unbuttoned, though still
hanging onto her hips. She states, "Ya got Nisu's ok, then, Starki?"

"Yep, where's Becky?"

Tisha looks around, shrugging her shoulders as Nanyo does the same,
only she says, "I unno... I was back there... mast-"

She cuts off when she sees Suki's questioning glance and clears her
throat, finishing, "Um, I mean... I was mastTERing... how to cut up an

"Where's Sashi then?"

Again Tisha shrugs, but Nanyo closes her eyes, searching for Sashi's
telepathic mind. She exclaims, "Ah! There she is... They're in the
orchard about 500 meters to the west of us... Ya wanna go after them?"


Nanyo sighs and quickly tugs her sweater down, buttoning up her pants
at the same time. Then, she vaults over the table and Tisha's head,
causing the young girl to scream out, "Ah!" and duck.

"Lead the way."

Nanyo nods, picking up Suki, who's thighs are still pressing together
every so often, then she grabs Kim's arm and pulls her into the air
outside the hut. She states, "This'll be faster, I hope..."


Suki screams, "Ahhhhhh! N-Nan'chi! N-Not so f-fast!" as Nanyo flies at
nearly 300 MPH, brushing Suki's feet across the treetops.

"Yeah, slow down Nanyo."

Nanyo laughs, "Aw, come on, guys... This's the best part about flying!"

"But do you want Suki watering the trees?" replies Kim smiling.

Nanyo grins, "Maybe.." to which Suki looks horrified and shakes her
head, "N-Nan'chi, D-don't!" Nanyo moans, "Aw... ok..." She lifts Suki
and Kim higher, but then lands outside a big clump of trees.

"So there in there huh?"

Nanyo nods, "Yea... about 20 meters to the south..." She points in that
direction as Suki shudders from the flight and mutters, "Nan-chi.. d-
don't... g-go that fast again..."

"Ok, you lead then."

Nanyo nods, "Fine..." She enters the orchard and not maybe five minutes
later, they come upon Sashi, trying to rub Becky's back, and trying
even harder to hold her.

"Kimmie's leaving me for good! What could I have done? Doesn't she love
me anymore?" states Becky through her crying on her knees.

Sashi tries to hold on to the little girl, "Mistress, Miss Kim still
loves you, I am sure of it! Do not think of it as Kim leaving you, but
you gaining Suki and Nan'chi as love partners."

"But what about me?! When she marries Suki, she'll be stuck here and
when P2 leaves, I may never see her again."

Sashi sighs and holds Becky's shoulders harder, "Mistress, do not ever
say that you will never see her again! She loves you so much that she
would never do ANYTHING to jeopardize her relationship with you!"

"Sashi's right Becky." states Kim. "Huh? K-Kimmie?" states Becky
turning around.

Sashi looks up, the only sign of surprise she makes is the raising of
her eyebrows. Nanyo moves forward to Becky's side, and puts a hand on
her shoulder, saying with a grin, "She's right, yanno... I'd love
to..." she whispers, "... make you bleed... I've heard you like guro...
and pain..." She gives Becky a "thumbs-up".

"your the last person I want to talk to, Nanyo." states Becky looking
away from Nanyo. "Becky..." sighs Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Oh? Then let's forget the talk..." She moves forward and
plants a big kiss on Becky's lips, surprising the young loli with her
passion and lust.

Becky quickly breaks the kiss and stands quickly, away from the group.
"What the hell are you doing!?" "Becky, It's ok." states Kim. "Like
hell it is!" spits Becky.

Suki trembles as she steps forward and asks, "M-Miss Becky... Th-This
is all my fault... P-Please... d-don't take it out on Kimmie or
Nan'chi... P-Please let me take the blame..."

"What? You think your going to be the brave one?" states Becky angrily.
"Becky, calm down." states Kim.

Suki trembles, but holds her ground, saying, "B-Becky... I'm sorry t-to
have caused you all this trouble... H-Hon'tyl i-is after me... a-and
Nan'chi... a-and Sashi... Y-You sh-should never h-have b-been
involved... I-It's all my fault... I-It's the c-curse o-of being A-Ap
Dat... o-of being who we are..." She sniffles as tears start to run
down her cheeks.

"Well let me end your suffering." states Becky coldly as she quickly
pulls out her gun and aims it at Suki. "Becky no! Don't do this!"
states Kim as she rushes infront of Suki, guarding her.

Nanyo also dodges in front of Kim, to protect her too as
Sashi grips Becky's shoulders even harder, spinning her into a tight
embrace and knocking the gun away. "Mistress... you love me, do you

"Yes, I do Sashi, but I also love Kimmie."

"Then... if you love us both, do you not trust us as well? Do you not
trust that what we say is the truth?" Sashi squeezes Becky harder in a
powerful hug.

"But, Kimmie's going to leave me." states Becky as tears form in her
eyes again.

Sashi shakes her head, "No, Mistress... She is not... she will still
love you as much as you do her... She loves you above all else... that
is why you two are sisters... that is why you are related and we are

"Becky, about me leaving you. Don't you remember the other option?"
asks Kim as she steps from behind Nanyo. "Other option?" questions
Becky puzzled.

Nanyo then takes a step back to prevent any access to Suki as Sashi
holds Becky tighter, saying, "See, Mistress? Your sister DOES love

"Yes Becky, Suki has agreed to become a member of the Federation."
states Kim Becky looks surprised at Kim's statement. "What? Really?"

Nanyo grins, "Yeah... and me too... and Sashi as well..." Suki nods as
Sashi whispers, running a hand through Becky's hair, "See, Mistress? As
long as you do not give up, there is always a solution... Your sister
loves you so much that she was able to find an answer..."

"You guys are really joining?!" asks Becky, her happy expression
finally returns to her face.

Sashi nods as Nanyo steps forward, grinning, "So how 'bout that kiss,
cutie?" Suki blushes, but also nods.

"I..." begins Becky before passing out in Sashi's hold.

Sashi shakes Becky, asking frantically, "Mistress?!

"I think she just passed out from all the emotion. She should be ok."
states Kim.

Sashi sighs, picking up Becky and stating, "I will take her back to the
hut to rest..." Nanyo frowns, "Aw, hell... I wanted to have some FUN!"

"Becky's been through a lot, just let her rest for now Nanyo."

To Be Continued In...
Nanyo rapes Kim... ;)

Chapter 35

Title: Chapter 33: Nanyo Rapes Kim... ;)

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I don't own the character Farla, Sonic Team


Nanyo scowls, "Aight... but in exchange..." She turns to Kim with a
sneaky grin on her face. Suki gulps, "U-Uh-oh..." and looks slightly

Kim raises a brow in puzzuledness. "What?"

Suki whispers, "She's horny..." then blushes as Nanyo grins, "Ya got
that right, Nisu... It's been two days since I had some FUN and I can't
stand it no more..." She starts to approach Kim.

Kim begins to sweatdrop as she starts backing away. "Hold on, we can do
it out here."

Nanyo grins, "And why not?"

"um..." is all Kim can reply with.

Suki blushes, "B-Because we a-are n-not e-exbishists? " she
tries timidly.

"Uh, y-yeah, that's it." states Kim agreeing with Suki.

Nanyo grins, "Aw, come on, Starki-chan... Ain't nobody gonna see us
through these trees..." She indicates the thick orchard around the
three girls.

Kim begins looking around. "But, uh... Bugs! Yeah, what about the
bugs?" states Kim.

Nanyo looks down, putting her hand up to her forehead as though to
shield her eyes, "What bugs? I un't see no bugs!"

"This is an orchid right? there HAS to be bugs."

Nanyo folds her arms, scowling, "Fine, Starki-chan... If you don't
wanna, I won't force myself on you... Now, Nisu... you're a different
matter altogether... I KNOW you love being submissive..." She winks at
Suki, who blushes shyly.

"I'll watch if that's ok with you."

Suki suddenly speaks up, "K-Kimmie! I... I don't wanna do it here,
either!" She moves to Kim's side, then ducks behind her as Nanyo

Kim begins to blush as Nanyo nears. "Can we just go back?"

Nanyo shakes her head, "Nah-uh, Starki... I want some lovin'... and I
aim to get it..." She steps slowly closer and closer as Suki hides
behind her.

"Come on Nanyo, not here."

Nanyo grins, "Nope.. Ain't gonna back off now..." She flips over Kim,
and pushes Suki aside, gently, as she grabs Kim around the chest,
squeezing her left breast tenderly. "Ooh.. so full n' firm already..."

"Hey, I said I didn't want to do this. Stop."

Nanyo smirks, "Feh... I KNOW you love this... I know your secret,
HUnewearl..." Suki gasps, "N-Nan'chi! Wh-What are you doing?! She said

"I don't know what your talking about, stop Nanyo."

Nanyo grins, "Hoookay... Lemme see if I can jog your memory... OR...
bring it up for you..." She puts her hands on Kim's temples and starts
rubbing as Kim's mind starts flashing images of her memory and her
dreams in front of her eyes.

"I said stop Nanyo, don't do this."

The images flash faster and faster, eventually focusing on
Kim's "rape" of Becky. Nanyo's voice enters her mind, saying,
hypnotically, "You want this done to you... You know it as well as I

"No, that's not true."

Nanyo smiles, "It isn't? Then tell me... Does this feel good?" She
squeezes Kim's breast a little harder as she rubs her stomach with her
other hand.

"Stop it Nanyo!" states Kim as she tries to free herself.

Nanyo smiles, "Oh yes, Starki... You like this... I KNOW you do...
Why... just feel this..." She pinches Kim's nipple through her bra,
causing it to grow and stiffen. Suki cries, "Stop it, Nan'chi! She
already said she didn't want to!"

Kim gasps as she feels the action of Nanyo's hand. "Ah! N-No, stop."

Nanyo grins again, "Look at that! Look at how erect that is! Wow... Ya
must really like this..." She pins Kim's left arm to her side as she
uses her own left hand to squeeze the breast against Kim's chest.

"Nanyo, I said stop!"

Nanyo laughs, "I ain't stopping... and if ya know what's good for ya,
you ain't gonna stop neither..." She picks Kim up and roughly slams her
against a tall pine tree, locking lips with the HUnewearl.

Kim tries to push Nanyo off her and a muffled 'stop' manages to leave
her lips.

Nanyo is too much for Kim to just push off as she forces herself closer
to Kim, kissing her roughly as her hands reach down to her belt and
take it slowly out of her pants. Her mind broadcasts, "Time for some
bondage, methinks..."

Kim begins to hit on Nanyo's shoulders.

Nanyo doesn't even notice as she quickly lets go of Kim's body, only to
seize her arms out of thin air. She hastily wraps her belt around and
around them, tying it off in a tight knot. Then she moves her hands
down to Kim's belt and does the same thing with it, taking it off and
wrapping it around her legs to keep Kim from kicking her as she lays
Kim flat on the ground, with her head propped on the tree trunk.

"Nanyo STOP! don't do this!" exclaims Kim.

Nanyo falls silent now, only smiling as she moves up to Kim's vest,
beginning to undo it. Suki runs behind Nanyo and attempts to wrestle
her off of Kim.

"Why are you doing this Nanyo?"

Nanyo says nothing and easily throws Suki off her, making sure she
lands on her feet. Then she stands over the smaller girl and grabs her
temples, doing the same thing to her, to the point that she passes out,
falling asleep in the process. Then, she turns back to Kim and grins,
"Now then... Let's push on, shall we?"


Nanyo only grins and returns to removing Kim's vest, finally exposing
her bra. She licks her lips, as though hungry for more of Kim's skin.

"Nanyo, please stop, why are you doing this to me?"

Nanyo simply states, "'Cause you're so damn sexy..." She now opens
Kim's bra, exposing her breasts to the fresh air. She sucks in a deep
breath, muttering, "Oh yeah... that's NICE..."

"No, don't." states Kim as a darker blush claims her face.

Nanyo says nothing to that, but merely bends her head over Kim's chest
and licks the channel between Kim's breasts as she straddles the
hunter, pushing her own pubic area onto Kim's.

"Ah!" gasps Kim in pleasure as she feels the materiel of
her short rubbing her labia.

Nanyo grins wider, "I knew it, Starki-chan... I knew it..." She brings
her tongue up along the top half of Kim's breast, without touching the
nipple as one of her hands moves down to Kim's ribs, stroking gently.

"Ah, s-stop, I, ah." states Kim feeling the pleasure flooding her body.

Nanyo only smiles as she lowers her lips to the bottom half of Kim's
breast, again avoiding the nipple as she licks the flesh. Her left hand
trails it's index finger down to Kim's navel, playing inside for a few

"I... I can't believe it..." states Kim lowly.

Nanyo raises an eyebrow, still grinning, "What was that?" She now
begins to lick Kim's nipple directly as her left hand starts to move
toward her waistline.

"It's my deep dark embarrassing secret...." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "I know, Starki... I could sense it... Why else would you
have let me go this far with you?" She attaches her lips around Kim's
nipple and tugs on it lightly as her hand reaches Kim's waistline.

"But It's embarrassing..."

"It's okay, Starki... Only Sashi and I know of it... and we aren't
gonna tell nobody anytime soon..." She begins to suck gently on Kim's
nipple as her left hand now begins to undo Kim's shorts' buttons.

Kim now starts to smile.

Nanyo grins, "See? See how easy it is to just embrace the pleasure? And
you really like this, don't you?" She trails her licks now, down to
Kim's upper stomach area, licking at her ribs as her hand slides in
between the opening of Kim's shorts, lightly touching her abdomen on
her way down to Kim's pubic mound.

At the touch of Kim's abdomen, Kim closes her legs quickly

Nanyo whispers, "Don't worry, Starki... I ain't in that much of a
rush... I wanna try to make ya cum first... I want to see you wet your
panties and shorts with your cum before your pee..." (TBC)

She quickly moves her fingertips down to Kim's panty line, and gently
caresses the flesh that is Kim's pubic mound. She whispers, "You want a
kiss, Starki?"


"Then sit up.... and I'll give you one..." She keeps her hand on Kim's
pubic mound as she helps Kim reach a sitting position, though her arms
and legs remain bound.

Kim reaches her face forward trying to kiss Nanyo.

Nanyo's lips reach hers easily, and she wastes no time in trying to
push apart the lovely HUnewearl's lip to allow her tongue access. At
the same time, she slides her finger tips across Kim's panties,
reaching her leg holes right away. From there, she slides her fingers
inside the left leg hole, where Kim's left leg is, and lightly brushes
a fingertip across Kim's folds.

Kim tenses a moment at the touch of her labia.

Nanyo pulls back from the kiss, still smiling as she whispers, "Did you
like that, Starki? There's more in store..." She uses two of her
fingers to gently spread the tender folds and insert one more into
Kim's vagina.

Kim gasps as she tenses again in pleasure at Nanyo's finger.

Nanyo grins, whispering, "It's all wet, Starki... Doesn't that seem
lovely?" She starts to push the finger in deeper as a second finger
enters inside Kim, joining the first, with Nanyo's thumb positioned at
her urethral opening, totally unconsciously.

"Ah, I feels good." moans Kim.

"Tell me, Starki... how deeply have you been penetrated before?" asks
Nanyo as she moves one of her fingers from spreading Kim's labia to
inside, making it now three fingers inside of the other girl.

"Heh, I don't think your fingers would reach that far." smiles Kim.

Nanyo grins, "A challenge? Then, enlighten me... Is this far enough?"
She jams two of her fingers up to the midpoint of Kim's vagina.


Nanyo continues smiling as she takes Kim's hip in her right hand and
pulls it forward, driving her fingers 3/4 of the way to her uterus.

"you getting close..."

Nanyo laughs, "I ain't been serious until now... Looks like I'm gonna
hafta to go all the way..." She angles her arm slightly, then thrust
her middle finger all the way to Kim's uterus, touching her tiny
cervical opening.

"Mmm, keep going..."

Nanyo groans, "Ok... if you insist... Ugh..." She grunts slightly and
pushes her middle finger inside Kim's cervix, and into her uterus,
running her fingertip along the inner wall of the organ.

"Ah!" Kim then groans as she feels the depth of Nanyo's hand.

Still Nanyo's finger penetrates deeper and deeper, touching, now the
middle portion of Kim's uterus as she groans, "Is this it, Starki-

"Y-yea, that's it."

Nanyo grins and curls her finger, making it seem bigger and wider as
she pushes Kim's uterus and makes it spread. She grunts, "Starki...
look at your stomach... It's gotta be bulging a little... hehe..."

"Ah." Kim groans now at how much her cervix is being spread.

Nanyo grunts slightly and manages to push her ring finger
into Kim's uterus as well. She teases, "Well... how about that...?"

"G-Go d-deeper."

Nanyo gives Kim this look: o_0, but grins as she now has her
elbow up against Kim's panties' crotch, her middle finger now
stretching for the top of Kim's uterus.

"AH! Wonderful, this feels amazing!" states Kim happily.

Nanyo groans, "Ow... damn, Starki... your uterus is friggin' TIGHT! We
really need to knock you up..." Still, she manages to get her finger
all the way up to the top of Kim's uterus, though her elbow now slips
inside of Kim's vagina.

"Don't joke like that!"

Nanyo laughs, "Yeah... you're right... besides... Nisu'd prolly be
better to get pregnant... she's always wanted a child... prolly because
of her idiot father..."

"She want's a child?"

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... but don't tell her I said so... That's HER deep
dark secret..." She winks and starts doing a thrusting motion with her
fingers as her thumb presses slightly on Kim's urethral opening to help
Nanyo balance herself.

"Ohhh, that feels so good!" moans Kim.

Nanyo smirks, "It should, Starki... I mean, after all... ya got my
whole arm in ya..." She starts going faster and faster as she leans
over Kim's stomach and starts kissing and licking her ribs.

"Ohh, your so deep inside me..." states Kim closing her eyes.

Nanyo continues her thrusting with more and more intensity, almost
reaching Kim's tubes on several occasions and while all that was going
on, her thumb pressed against Kim's urethra AND she managed to lick
Kim's other breast.

"Your cock feels incredible!" states Kim suddenly.

Nanyo grins and leans close to Kim's stomach looking up at her face as
she whispers, "You might not want to go screaming that and this out to
Nisu... but if you want to feel a cock, I can oblige..."

"Huh? What?" states Kim.

Nanyo grins and begins to pull back, making sure to tease Kim by
rubbing various parts of her uterus, her cervix and her vagina as she
states, "I prolly shouldn't tell ya this... but, heh... I know how to
turn a girl into a guy, if ya know what I mean..." She winks.

"What are you talking about, who said I wanted a guy?" asks Kim.

Nanyo pulls her hand totally out of Kim's vagina now and replies,
smirking, "Ki Ki, Queen of Dick wants one... and I'd be damned before I
let a request go without fulfilling it..."

Numerous beads of sweat form on Kim's head. "W-What?! How
do you know my... title?" Kim says 'title' very low.

Nanyo taps her forehead, "Telepathy, Starki... how many times do I have
to tell ya... And since Ki Ki's back and wants a cock, I'll do it..."
She gets up off of Kim and goes to her pouches, which she had taken off
her belt before binding Kim's hand. She pulls out two small vials and
frowns, "Almost out... I'll have to get more soon..."

"What's that?"

Nanyo winks, "You'll see..." She mixes the two vials of fluid together,
then downs both, coughing heavily as her body is engulfed in a cloud of

"Uh, what's going on?"

When the smoke clears, Nanyo's body is revealed to have shrunk and
changed to fit that of a 13-14 year old boy. Her red hair has shortened
and a penis now hangs down between her legs as she/he grins at Kim.
"Like it, Starki?" comes a slightly higher pitched voice.

Kim's right eye twitches in surprise. "What, the hell! Y-Your, a g-

Nanyo shakes her head, "No.. I'm a girl... but I know how to trigger
a... 'transformation'... with certain chemicals... Heh.. Don't tell
Nisu I can do this, though... she'd go nuts... hehe..."

Kim's eyes then drop to Nanyo's penis and a deep blush claims her face.

Nanyo grins, "Wanna see it outside of my pants, Starki-chan?" She
unzips her pants, dropping them and her panties down to the ground,
exposing her penis to Kim's eyes.

"I, I shouldn't. It's been years since the last time I even seen a

"Aw come on, Starki-chan... You know you wanna touch it... Come on..."
Nanyo's eyes thin and she whimpers softly as she steps back over to

"Well, My hands are kinda tied."

Nanyo giggles, "Oh, sorry... I forgot..." She quickly undoes Kim's
hands, but leaves her legs tied for the "Rape" effect.

Kim looks at Nanyo's member nervously as she nears her face toward it.

Nanyo frowns, "Aw, come on, Ki Ki... quit bein' so shy with it! After
all, you ARE the Queen of Dick, ain't ya?"

"W-Well, yea but-"

Nanyo grins, not letting Kim finish, "Then hop to it, your Majesty!"
She bows with a flourish.

Kim blushes deeply and reaches out with her right hand and grasps
Nanyo's cock in her hand.

Nanyo shudders, "O-Ooh... It's been so long... I'd forgotten what that
feels like..." Her penis doesn't immediately harden, but it twitches
and begins to grow wider.

Kim then starts to slowly lick the head of Nanyo's penis with her

Nanyo gets a goofy smile on her lips as she puts her hands on Kim's
head, running her fingers through her hair as her member hardens and
stiffens in Kim's mouth.

"I may be a little rusty, Nanyo." states Kim looking up at her.

Nanyo rubs Kim's shoulders as she whispers, a look of love in her ruby
eyes, "You'll do fine, Starki... I know it... I really know it..."

"OK..." Kim lowers her gaze back to the rod she still holds in her hand
and wraps her lips around the head.

Nanyo begins to giggle, as she lifts one hand up to Kim's left ear,
tracing it gently, her boy(girl?)hood rising up higher and higher.

Kim then takes the length of Nanyo's member in her mouth
as her tongue licks around it.

Nanyo groans, "O-Ooh... yeah... That's the stuff... That's
what I needed..." Her hips twitch slightly as a small trickle of pre-
cum starts to roll down the side of her member.

She continues tracing her finger along Kim's ear, to encourage her.

Kim removes the penis from her mouth and licks the head once before
smiling at Nanyo.

Nanyo's penis quivers once, then falls still as she glances at Kim, a
whimpering expression on her face. "Wh-What?" she asks.

"Nothing." replies Kim as she takes the member within her mouth again
and begins and in and out action.

Nanyo groans, beginning to move her hips in perfect rhythm to Kim's
actions, "Oh yeah... keep going, Starki..." Her eyes close and she
presses down slightly on Kim's head, trying to get her to faster.

Kim then starts doing a sucking action with when she withdraws Nanyo's
penis before taking it back in her mouth completely.

Nanyo groans, "Oh, F*ck, YEAH.... oh, F*uck me harder!" as she begins
to thrust her hips forward, trying to drive her hard cock further into
Kim's mouth.

Kim continues this for several minutes

Nanyo groans and moans louder, her penis twitching in Kim's mouth as
she begins to pant and heave. She opens her eyes and looks lovingly
down at her lover, only now noticing that Kim isn't taking a minute to

She pants, "S-Starki-ch-chan... y-ya okay?"

Kim doesn't respond and continues her action and increases the tempo as

Nanyo groans louder and louder, her panting growing faster
and faster, her breathing harder and harder, as her penis twitches
rapidly in Kim's mouth.

Kim steadily continues with break, intent on making Nanyo cum.

Nanyo's whole body starts tensing up as her penis stretches
out toward the back of Kim's throat, quivering harder and harder as she
gasps out, "S-Star-Starki! I... I... I'm... g-gonn-na.... b-burst....!"

All that's heard from Kim is a muffled "Mmm..."

Nanyo then squeezes her eyes shut, her left hand clenched into a fist
on Kim's left ear as her hips shoot forward, thrusting her hard penis
as deeply into Kim's mouth as she can as the first shot of her cum
explodes from deep within her penis. It coats the back of Kim's throat,
barely sliding out of the way before a second burst hits.

Nanyo can feel Kim's mouth begin to suck on her member, as if trying to
suck all the cum out.

Nanyo groans as her whole body shakes rapidly, her member shooting out
more and more of her cum, before falling empty, still quivering as she
breathes hard.

Kim finally releases Nanyo's penis from her hand and mouth and swallows
the cum in her mouth. "Mmmm, now that's tasty." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo laughs, but it is a somewhat weaker laugh than normal as she's
still panting. Her penis is now mostly flaccid again, still dribbling
out what's left of her cum.

"i want more, gimme more of your cum." states Kim

Nanyo giggles weakly, "Ya'll have to wait a while, I'm afraid...
Refractory period and whatnot..."

"Screw that, I want more!" states Kim as she puts Nanyo's member back
into her mouth.

Nanyo's eyes widen in shock as she tries to squirm away, "H-Hey, lemme
go! I told you... you can't get no more right now!"

Kim puts a hand on Nanyo's right thigh. "No, I want more!"

Nanyo tries to explain, "Starki... I... I can't make no more right now!
You done drank all of it! I need time to rest, SERIOUSLY!"

"Ok fine, have it your way!" whines Kim as she sits on her tied legs,
crosses her arms and pouts.

Nanyo gasps and pulls her penis out of Kim's mouth, "It's okies,
Starki-chan... I'll make a WHOLE lot more of this stuff and you can
have every drop of cum I make... Promise!" She smiles at Kim.

"Ok fine..." Kim then puts a hand to her head. "Ohh, suddenly I'm
feeling a little light-headed..." states Kim as she wobbles a bit.

"Ya okay, Starki? Ya not gonna pass out and lose your memory again, are
ya?" Nanyo looks concerned.

"I don't know, Let's just go back."

Nanyo suddenly groans and holds her side, "Uh.. G-Gimmie a sec, St-
Starki-chan..." Almost immediately, the cloud of smoke surrounds her

"Your changing back again?"

When the smoke clears, Nanyo is back to her normal female size and
shape, though her sweater is still on and her pants still off, exposing
her hairless labia again.

She coughs once, saying, "Dang it, that was close... I didn't realize
it would wear off so soon... Oh well... let's get Nisu before she wets
herself in her sleep..."

"what was close?"

"My transformation..." Nanyo explains, quickly gathering up her panties
and her jeans, pulling both back on. "I didn't realize that the small
amount of the chemicals I had wouldn't last all that long..."

Kim unties her legs and puts her clothes back on and stands.

Just then, both girls hear a soft yawn and Nanyo turns immediately to
where she left Suki propped up against a tree. She smiles, saying, "Aw,
look... the widdle princess is waking up!"

"Have a nice Nap Suki?" asks Kim.

Suki yawns, rubbing her eyes as she comes to, ""H-Huh? Wh-
What?" she mumbles as she slowly lifts her head up to see them.

"You fell asleep Suki."

Suki looks disoriented and slightly confused, "I... I did...? Wh-What
happened t-to me...? I... I can't remember..."

"Nanyo?" states Kim smiling at her.

"Yeah, Starki?"

"Mind telling her what happened?"

"What happened about what, Starki?" grins Nanyo, teasing Kim.

"Oh, I don't know... How about raping me huh?" states Kim playfully
accusing Nanyo.

Suki's eyes widen as she gasps, "N-Nan'chi?! Y-You d-didn't, d-did
you?!" She looks terrified. Nanyo grins, and winks non-conspiously at
Kim, "Yeah, Nisu... I raped her... and I enjoyed it... Didn't you,

"Of course not!" states Kim before returning the wink.

Suki trembles and backs away from the pair of them, gasping, "N-
Nan'chi... W-Why did you d-do it?" She looks positively petrified now
as Nanyo states telepathically to Kim, "Ooh... her bladder's nice and
round and full..."

Kim thinks back. "ok, let's make her wet herself real quick before we
go back."

Nanyo frowns. "Real quick? Aw, come on, Starki... surely you know how
much fun it is when you get her nice and desperate, don't ya?" She aims
at Kim, using her telepathic mind to both send the message AND block
Suki out.

"But I wanna check on Becky."

"Then, how about this? We take her back to the hut, check on Becks REAL
quick, then ya can take your time with her, and have her take her time
with you? Ya can also take her virginity if ya like!" states Nanyo,
telepathically, grinning as Suki backs up against the tree, looking
from side to side, thinking about escaping from Nanyo because she's
afraid she'll be raped like Kim.

"OK, lets do that."

Nanyo grins, "OK!" she states aloud and starts to leave Kim
and Suki, patting Kim on the back and sayin', ya might wanna explain to
her before we get there, ya?"

"Ok, I will." Kim walks to Suki and explains everything.

Suki gasps, "Y-You.. wh-what?!" Her violet eyes widen so much, it's
really hard to describe here (hehe).

"Try to keep it a secret, It's embarrassing for me." states Kim

Suki blushes, "I... I won't tell... I... I promise..." She immediately
presses her thighs together, tensing up only briefly as she asks, "C-
Can w-we g-go back now? I... I kinda.." The blush grows up her

"Yeah, were going back now."

"O-Ok..." She gets to her feet and starts trying to walk, though every
few seconds, she squeezes her thighs together. Nanyo looks back at the
two, calling, "You girls ready, yet?"

"Yeah, we're ready."

To Be Continued In...
Kim and Suki

Chapter 36

Title: Chapter 34: Kim and Suki

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue.


Nanyo then takes off with the speed of a jet and, as Suki clings for
dear life to her neck, zooms back to the hut at nearly 400-MPH.

They quickly land outside the hut, where a beer bottle comes flying out
the door, crashing to the ground, followed by a loud belch and, "Damn
little b*tch of a daughter! Still ain't brought no damn groceries!"

Nanyo frowns, "SH*T! Um, I'll be back in a few... you go on up to my
room... It's at the top of the stairs to the right... Becky should be
in the room to the left... At least, that's where Sashi is..."

"Ok, you wanna come Suki?"

Suki trembles, but has a defiant look on her face as she whispers
softly, "I hate him.... Nan'chi's father.... I really hate him..."

"Hey, do want to come with me Suki?" repeats Kim.

Suki nods, "O-Okay... b-but... I... I don't want... t-to g-get close t-
to him.." She shivers and clutches herself close to Kim's body.

"Ok." Kim and Suki go up the stairs and Kim knocks on the door across
from Nanyo's room.

Sashi quickly comes to the door and opens it, whispering, "Ssh!
Mistress is still asleep... What do you wish from her?"

"I just want to see if she's ok."

Sashi nods and opens the door all the way, waving them in with a
whispered, "Be considerate of her sleeping nature, Miss Kim, Sis..."

"Ok." Kim walks in to see Becky sleeping peacefully on a nearby bed.
She's lying on her left side.

Suki follows Kim, but remains well back, afraid to introduce upon a
family moment. Sashi closes the door softly and returns to her
position, sitting on the floor next to Becky's bed with her head bent
forward on her legs.

"Sashi? What are you doing?"

Sashi looks up, blinking, "I would think it is apparent... I am waiting
for my Mistress to wake up... Until then, I have no other

She returns to her position, putting her head on her OWN legs, and
closing her eyes.

"It kinda looks like your praying." smiles Kim.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "I do not believe I have ever prayed... I
am just attempting to rest..."

"Ok then, to each there own... Well, It looks like Becky is doing fine.
Let's go downstairs and Meet Nanyo."

Suki sighs, "Um, K-Kimmie... I... I think Nan'chi's going to be a
while... She went to the store... a-and if I know her, she's going to
be there for a while..." Again she presses her thighs together.

"Ok, where's the nearest bathroom?"

Suki shrugs her shoulders, "I... I dunno... I... I've never been here
before... Nanyo was the only one who was here before..." Again she
squeezes her thighs.

"Hmmm, that's to bad..." states Kim rubbing her chin for a moment.

Suki whimpers, "What are you th-thinking, K-Kimmie?! I... I d-don't
think... I... I like... th-that look in your eyes..."

"Let's try to find a bathroom." States Kim as she takes Suki's hand and
leaves the room.

Sashi mutters, half-asleep, "Close the door, Miss Kim..." as Suki
whimpers, "I.. I really gotta go, Kimmie... H-How are w-we going to
find a bathroom?"

Kim closes the door. "Yeah, I'm gonna help you find one."

Suki moans softly as she pinches her thighs together again, dropping
her left hand down to her skirt, and pressing in on her crotch.

"Ok, let's look into the rooms behind the doors in the hall ok?"

Suki's eyes begin to show fear as she gulps and nods, "O-Ok, K-

"You get the left side and I'll get the right ok?" states
Kim as she starts walking.

Suki gulps, "O-Okay..." and presses on her crotch again, rubbing her
thighs together.

The two check about two rooms when Kim opens a door to the bathroom,
she smiles and closes the door. "This one isn't the bathroom ether."

Suki whimpers and whines as she begins bouncing on the balls of her
feet, "O-ooh, ooh!"

"Well, just have to keep looking... Let's go to the next floor."

Suki whines, "B-But K-Kimmie... I... I really gotta go!" She feels her
bladder begin to spasm and bounces harder, rubbing her labia to prevent
an explosion of pee from escaping.

"But there's no bathroom on this floor. You don't want to pee on
yourself in the hallway do you?"

Suki whines, "I... I don't... know if I can... h-hold it m-much longer!
It really hurts!" A second spasm overrides the first and she can feel
her urethra start to sting. Her empathic ability and her mental link to
Kim's mind, broadcasts every sensation directly to Kim's thoughts.

"So I guess your just going to give up huh?"

Suki whimpers in fear that she's going to wet herself and starts
dancing on the spot.

"Ohh, the Pee Dance! I haven't seen that in a while." states Kim

Suki whines, "K-Kimmie! D-Don't just st-stand there! G-Get s-something!
I... I'm about to burst!"

"Get something? Something like what?"

"A... A bucket o-or something! P-Please, K-Kimmie! I-It's almost coming
out!" She stiffens slightly as a single drop makes a tiny stain on her

"Where can I get one?"

Suki whines, "I... DON'T.... KNOW!" A short spurt breaks free of her
control, making a small wet spot on her panties.

Kim steps toward Suki and places a hand firmly on her crotch. "There,
is that better?"

The spurts stop, though Suki blushes and her body quivers slightly from
being touched "down there". She whispers, "I... I don't... know... I-It
does.. t-turn... me on... tho..."

"How about this?" Kim starts massaging the area with her hand

Suki moans in pleasure, her urges starting to fade at first, "I... I
think... i-it's helping... I... I d-don't... "

"You don't what?"

Suddenly, a huge urge hits her, cutting off her words as she tenses,
moaning and whining weakly before she loses all control, flooding her
panties and Kim's hand and her skirt.

"Aww, that no good. I barley started."

Suki whines softly, tears flooding down her cheeks, "I.. I told you...
b-before w-we landed.. th-that I w-would have to g-go soon... Y-You
didn't b-believe me..."

"Well, you sure weren't lying."

Suki gives Kim a dirty look, then demands, "You didn't believe me...
you forced me to go... I rather think you OWE me now..."

"Really? And what do i owe you?"

Suki smirks evilly, "Come here, Kimmie..." She waggles her finger,
trying to get the taller girl to bring her face closer.

Kim does so and nears her face to Suki.

Suki whispers, "You know what they say about turnabout is fair play,
Kimmie?" She has a slightly sadistic look about her, this time around.

"Um, no."

Suki grins, "Good... then you won't mind what I've got in store for
you..." She reaches into a pocket of her wet skirt and pulls out a
small book. She turns to page 100 and chants in an ancient Ap Dat

"What are you doing?"

Suddenly, Kim's arms and legs spring to her sides, almost as though
she's been put under the full body-bind curse from Harry Potter. Suki
grins and catches her, lifting off the ground and floating back to
Nanyo's room with her.

"What the hell! What are you doing?"

Suki giggles, "Oh, you know... this and that..."


Suki asks, "Kimmie... do you want some Altaiarean Beverage?" She drops
the HUnewearl on Nanyo's bed, still grinning.

"No, not that stuff again."

Suki grins, "Too baaaaaaaaaaad! You're gonna love it!" She fumbles
around in Nanyo's fridge, which is marked with a sign stating: WARNING!

"That has a warning on it Suki. I don't think you should go in it."

Suki grins, "It's okay... Nanyo had this thing over at her house in
Lo'lop... she used to always pull out Altaiarean Beverage and stuff
from it... She always marked everything with labels so that she
wouldn't forget... Ewww... Look it this, Kimmie!" She holds up a bottle
with some sort of white fluid in it. It's marked, "YUMMY!"

"UH, I think I might know what that is."

"Really? What is it?" asks Suki innocently. She bends back over, still
looking for Altaiarean Beverage.

"I don't think you wanna know."

"But you know what it is, Kimmie?" asks Suki, puzzled as to why Kim
would keep it a secret.

"I have a pretty good idea of what it is."

"Really? Then what is it?" asks Suki, straightening up with a bottle of
what is obviously Altaiarean Beverage in her hands.

"Cum." states Kim flatly.

Suki animefalls, almost breaking the bottle of Altaiarean Beverage. "W-
Why would Nan'chi have something like that?! And a whole bottle too!"

"Well, It's marked, 'Yummy', think about it."

Suki winces, "Ewwwwwwwwwwww!"

Kim lol's

Suki shakes her head, "Anyway... I wanna play, Kimmie!"

"But I don't." whines Kim.

Suki grins, "Well, screw you, Kimmie... you already made ME wet
myself... Now it's your turn!" She crawls up onto the bed and
brings the bottle with her up to Kim's lips.

Kim clamps her mouth closed.

Suki smiles, "Oh, no you don't! I know JUST how to fix THAT!" She
lowers her head over Kim's left ear and begins to lick it.

"Ah!" states Kim in pleasure, opening her mouth particularly wide.

Suki grins and jams the mouth of the bottle into Kim's mouth, upending
it and making sure she drinks it all.

"Kim unwillingly drinks the drink to prevent drowning.

After she finishes the drink, Suki places the bottle carefully on
Nanyo's night table, then quickly and clumsily drops it on the floor
when it doesn't sit just right. Suki doesn't notice, though, as she
grins, "I'm gonna do to you what I did to Nan'chi years and years

"And what's that?"

Suki smirks and whispers, "I'm going to tickle you until you pee AND
cum all over your panties and shorts, Kimmie..."

"tickle me until I pee AND cum? the pee one's a doer but cumming from
being tickled, I don't think so."

Suki grins, "That's what Nan'chi thought... but still, it happened...
because you see..." She runs the tips of her fingers along Kim's right
forearm and whispers, "... I'm VERY good at this..."

"I'd like to see it happen."

Suki continues grinning, "Oh, you will... you will... Let's start with
some basic desperation, shall we?" She starts by sliding open Kim's
vest, gently easing it off Kim's now paralyzed arms, and exposes her

"I can't move my arms, this isn't fair."

Suki whispers, "You'll be able to move them when I finish taking off
the clothes I want... The spell I used is something that my father just
taught me... I can't will it to exist for long..."

She undoes Kim's bra and opens it, again sliding it off her arms,
exposing her breasts again to the smaller girl.

A blush appears across Kim's face, or better known to some as, the sex
flush ^_^.

Suki whispers, "Wow... Have they grown since we did this last, Kimmie?
They seem to be, what... C+ cup, now?"

"Really? You think there bigger?" replies Kim.

Suki wraps one hand around Kim's left breast, her small fingers too
short to make it all around it. She nods, "Yeah, Kimmie... They do seem
a little bigger..."

"I never really noticed them getting bigger."

Suki frowns and starts undoing her top, sighing, "You're a lot bigger
than me... That's for sure...." Her bra is now exposed as she pulls her
top aside.

Kim's lower body now starts to squirm slightly.

Suki undoes her bra, pulling it aside and exposing her smallish rounded
breasts to Kim. She takes her left hand and easily fits her fingers
around her breast. She sighs, "See?"

"Y-Yeah, I see..." Kim then presses her legs together.

Suki whispers, "Kimmie... can I see your hand for a second?" She
blushes shyly, obviously planning something.

"Uh, ok..."

Suki takes Kim's hand in her own and brings it up to her breast,
letting Kim feel the small mound of flesh. "What size do you think I
am, Kimmie?" she asks softly.

"Uh... a B cup?"

Suki giggles, her breasts moving as her diaphragm vibrates up and down.
She then leans over Kim and hugs her, "That's why I love you, Kimmie...
You always lie to make me feel better..." She whispers in Kim's ear,
"Actually, I'm only 32-A..."

"Oh." replies Kim simply as her legs begin to rub together slowly...

Suki feels Kim's body moving slightly and she asks, smiling shyly, "Do
you have to go, Kimmie?"


Suki whispers, "How bad is it, Kimmie?" She begins to nuzzle Kim's neck
tenderly, lovingly.

"Not too bad, I'd still be able to make it to the bathroom, if you let
me that is..."

Suki pulls back, leaning over Kim's eyes, whispering, "Do you want me
to keep you here or let you go, Kimmie?" She reaches out and traces a
fingertip along Kim's left ear.

Kim closes her eyes as she shudders strongly from the touch, and
presses her thighs together harder.

Suki whispers, "Well, Kimmie? What's your answer?"

"I'd like t-to go to the bathroom, but I know that won't happen..."

"I see... and what would be the worst thing to happen if you didn't
make it, Kimmie?" She reaches out to Kim's hands and brings them over
Kim's chest, squeezing Kim's breasts with her own hands.

"I'd wet myself."

"And would that really be a bad thing, Kimmie?" replies Suki, leaning
over Kim's face and kissing her gently on the lips.

Kim smiles slightly as replies... "No, it wouldn't..."

Suki smiles, "Then, can I ask you for a favor, Kimmie?"


Suki whispers, putting her hands on Kim's temples and rubbing gently,
sending soothing feelings down Kim's body, "You wouldn't mind not
taking off your shorts, would you? I.. I'd like it if I could see you
lose control like that... and can you try to hold it for me? I want to
see how big your bladder gets, because... well..." She blushes and
turns away as she adds, "My bladder.... is so small..."

"But you can hold it longer than me." states Kim as she does slid her
shorts down her legs.

Suki gasps, "No, no, K-Kimmie! I... I was asking if you wouldn't remove
your shorts!"

"Oh! Heh, sorry." replies Kim as she pulls her shorts back up.

"Now belt them, please, Kimmie..." reminds Suki as she asks further,
"How long can you hold it, Kimmie, after you get the first urge?"

"Um, well on average, I'd say... about 15 minutes."

"Really?" asks Suki, looking worried. "Why is that? It doesn't seem as
though you'd be able to hold much, then..."

"Um... so, you don't know? you didn't find out from

Suki questions, "Find out what? Nan'chi never tells me anything..." She
looks a little sad as she unconsciously starts rubbing Kim's upper
stomach, well away from Kim's bladder.

"Ok... put you're had down to my abdomen..." states Kim.

Suki nods, "Okay..." She lowers her left hand down along Kim's stomach
to where her abdomen bulges slightly out away from her skin. "Is this
the place, Kimmie?"

"Move to the right abit, about one inch."

Suki nods, "Ok.." and slides her hand slightly to the right. "Is this
the place, Kimmie? It still feels hard and full here..."

"Ok, now slowly push your finger's there."

Suki nods, "Ok..." and does so, wondering what Kim's trying to show

There is the feel of something hard and metel-like in Kim as she
cringes in attempt to hold herself.

Suki gasps in shock, "K-Kimmie! Wh-What is this?!" She backs up in
surprise and falls off the bed, landing on her drenched panties and
making a squishing noise.

"I-it... It's a machine."

Suki, still sitting on the floor in her wet panties, asks, totally
shocked, "W-What's it for?"

"Can I explain after I wet myself?"

Suki blinks, gasping, "Oh! Oh, yeah... u-um, o-ok..." She gets back up
to her feet and crawls over Kim, straddling her now as she
asks, "Kimmie... what is the most erotic thing you can think of?"

Kim blushes a deep red. "W-Why?"

"Come on, Kimmie... tell meeeeeeeeee!" whines Suki.

"Uh... Wild wet sex with Becky." states Kim.

"I see... and what things would you do with Becky that you
wouldn't do with me?" asks Suki, looking slightly put out. She also
appears to be a little jealous.

"Well, she likes pain for one."

"Yeah... you told me that before... but... why is that more erotic than
wet sex with me?" asks Suki, still looking hurt.

"It's just the fact that she's my sister."

"So... I would have to be your sister to be the most erotic thought you
have?!" complains Suki, making to get up.

"What, you asked me the question first. You just assumed you would be
involved in it?"

"......" states the smaller girl, turning away, and getting off of Kim.
She still looks greatly hurt and embarrassed.

"Come on Suki, don't act this way." Kim now sits up on the bed.

Suki starts sniffling, "Kimmie... you... don't ever fantasize about me?
Like I do about you?"

"Oh course I have, you just kinda put me on the spot with that

"Then tell me, Kimmie... tell me what you dream about when you dream
about me?" Suki turns to face Kim, still looking sad.

"I dream that were expressing our love in physical form. Becky loves
me, I know this, but if you ever were to watch us, you could tell the
difference between when I express myself to her physically and when I
do it to you."

Suki shakes her head, "I don't wanna hear that.... I wanna hear
details.... Come on, Kimmie! Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaasssseeee?"

Kim then places her hands to her crotch. "Well, I won't be able to
concentrate with this urge."

Suki giggles, "Then get back on the bed and we'll finish... But.. you
will tell me, won't you? Later?"

"Yes, I will."

Suki grins, "OK, then... Let's have fun, shall we? And Kimmie... can
you... you know... play with my body while you're holding
it? I... I want my first orgasm to be with you..."

"I'll try.."

Suki smiles, "Yay!" She waits for Kim to get back on the bed like she
was before and crawls back on top of her like she was before.
She states, "Now then, Kimmie... I believe I promised you that I'd
tickle you until you came, right?" Her violet eyes twinkle.

"Yeah, I'd like to see this."

Suki giggles as a loud slap echoes below them, followed by Nanyo's
grunt of pain and retort, "Yeah, nice gratitude, asshole... Here... I
brought you your beers..."

"Well? start already."

Suki grins, "Ok... you asked for it..." She leans over Kim's head and
starts to lick at her forehead as her left hand slides up under Kim's
arm, gently running only her fingertip across Kim's skin.

Kim promptly traps Suki's hand under her arm as she fails to fight back
a smile.

Suki grins, "Ticklish, are you? Ok... how about this...?" She yanks her
hand free and trails only her fingertip down along Kim's side as she
trails her tongue across Kim's nose.

Kim squirms Suki's finger from her side as a laugh escapes her lips,
then she tenses her legs.

Suki sighs in pleasure as she whispers, "Ooh... that squirm... that
lovely squirm..." She runs her fingertip again down Kim's side as her
tongue crosses Kim's lips and moves down her chin.

"*giggling* S-Stop! I'm g-gonna wet m-myself!."

Suki smirks, "And this is a bad thing, Kimmie?" She trails her tongue
down to Kim's neck, using her fingertip to lightly tread across Kim's

Kim continues to giggle uncontrollably but then tenses hard and a groan
is heard from her.

Suki feels Kim tensing and whispers, "It's coming, isn't it? I wanna
see it... I wanna feel it..." She gets off Kim and puts her left hand
over Kim's crotch as her right hand gently massages Kim's swollen
abdomen as she tries to coax out the filling inside.

Kim's groan quickly changes to an "Ahh!" as she laxes up and her shorts
begin to get wetter and wetter in the crotch.

Suki smiles as she whispers, "Let it go, Kimmie... It feels so nice and
wet... Oh yeah..." She presses her palm over the wet spot on Kim's
shorts and gently presses in on Kim's labia.

"Ohh...." moans Kim as she urinates, soaking her panties and white
shorts with her yellow fluid.

Suki giggles, "It feels good to let go, doesn't it, Kimmie?" She raises
one of her hands up to Kim's abdomen, pushing gently on it, trying to
make sure it's completely empty and also hoping to cause a few HARD
squirts to come out.

Which does happen with an "Ah" from Kim.

Suki giggles, "Ooh! I saw a hard squirt come out! Can you do it again,
Kimmie?" She presses down hard again on Kim's abdomen, trying to
reproduce the same result.

"No, I don't think anymore is left."

Suki pouts, "Awwwwww.... Oh well... guess it's time for the cum, eh,
Kimmie?" She smiles up at Kim, her eyes shining and a very faint
buzzing sound in the room.

"Now this I got to experience. Orgasm by tickling, I still don't
believe it can be done."

Suki giggles, "It will happen... Just be patient, Kimmie..." As she
bends over Kim's stomach and starts licking at her navel, Nanyo appears
at the doorway, her lip bleeding slightly and a bruise forming under
her right eye, but there is a smile on her face as she puts a finger up
to her lips in the Sssh, manner.

"That tickles." giggles Kim.

Suki continues to smile as she whispers, "I know, Kimmie... and it's
only the beginning..." She continues to lick at Kim's navel as her left
hand starts to rub Kim's abdomen, moving slowly down to her mound.
Nanyo asks, telepathically so that Suki can't hear her, "Is she gonna
try the ticklin' thing with you?"

"Yeah," thinks Kim.

Suki continues her licking as her left hand begins to glow slightly,
the buzzing from before growing louder at a very slow rate.
Nanyo grins, "Hope you brought a change of clothes, Starki... Heh, heh,

"Huh?!" asks Kim as a VERY puzzled look crosses her face.

Suki looks up at Kim, asking, "Did you say something, Kimmie?" Nanyo
groans, and states telepathically, "You dummy! Keep quiet! I don't want
Nisu to know I'm here!"

"Uh, n-no."

Suki smiles, and states happily, "OK then...." She returns to licking
Kim's navel as her left hand glows again and the buzzing grows loud
enough for Kim to make out someone's voice singing. Nanyo groans, and
tell Kim, "Nice cover, genius... You're really lucky that Nisu's a bit

"Would you mind telling me what she's planning on doing, and why do I
hear singing?" thinks Kim.

Nanyo frowns. Ignoring Kim's question about what Suki is planning, she
asks: (MP): Does it sound like a little girl singing, Starki-chan?"

"Yeah, it does." replies Kim to Nanyo.

Nanyo's eyes widen, "OSHIT... Starki-chan... You can hear the HYMN!
Damn... I had no idea you two were so close... " Suki licks Kim's navel
more insistently and her glowing left hand suddenly sends pleasurably
feelings up from Kim's mound to her brain.

"Hy-AH!" states Kim as she cut off by the sudden pleasure and tenses.

Nanyo grins. (MP): Told ya, didn't I? Heh... It's starting... better
make preparations for some new clothing, Starki..." Suki pulls back
from Kim, asking, "Kim... are you sure you're not talking to me?" She
turns toward the doorway, about two seconds AFTER Nanyo'd ducked around
the corner and out of sight.

"What did you do to me?"

Suki grins, "Did you like it, Kimmie?" She smiles as the girl's voice
grows to the point where Kim can start to make out the words, but can't
understand them as they're a mixture of Ap Dat and Mem'lo.

"Yeah I liked it, do it again."

Suki smiles, "Sure, Kimmie..." She runs her left hand over Kim's mound
again, it beginning to glow again, causing Kim to feel not only
pleasure but a ticklish sensation under her arms.

Kim starts squirming for two reasons now.

Suki whispers, "Kimmie... did you like that? And... did anyone ever
tell you.... you have the cutest squirm?" She leans over and kisses
Kim's stomach gently, tenderly.

"Y-Yes and no..."

Suki whispers, "Do you want more?"

"Of course."

Suki smirks, "Then you gotta beg for it... and you gotta please me..."
She grins and stares down at Kim. Nanyo peeks back into the room,
grinning as she thinks, "You go, Nisu... Close the trap..."

"Please, do it again."

Suki mock-frowns, "You gotta do better than that, Kimmie..." She
crosses her arms and looks like she's in a huff. Nanyo grins, "Hey...
now she's actin' like me... Heh... she's quite a good actress...

"Come on, Pleeeeease!"

Suki shakes her head, "Uh-Uh... not until you give me some of what I
gave you..." She keeps her arms folded and closes her eyes, thrusting
her nose up into the air. Nanyo stuffs her fist in her mouth, trying so
hard to suppress her laughing. Her eyes bug out and Kim can clearly
hear, "OMG! She's copying me better'n anyone I ever saw..."

"Ok, that's only fair..." Kim sits up and places a hand on Suki's

Suki tenses, feeling her wet panties press against her labia. She
gasps, "O-Ooh... I'm all wet from before...." She blushes.

"You like me rubbing your wet panties on you?" smiles Kim.

Suki gulps, "Uh... yeah...." She suddenly looks nervous and really shy
as she blushes and looks down at her lap.

Kim then kisses her passionately on the lips.

Suki is at first surprised, then back off slightly, blushing,
"Kimmie... I... I love.... you...." Then she moves back in and kisses
Kim back.

Kim then repositions her hand into Suki's panties and dances her
fingers over Suki's labia

Suki tenses and the lower half of her body spasms slightly as she tries
to squirm back shyly, whispering, "K-Kimmie... that's.... r-really...
s-sin-sa-tive.. f-for me..."

"I'd assume so..."

Suki blushes and still looks extremely shy.

"What's with the shyness Suki-chan?"

Suki gasps, "Ch-Chan?!"

"It's my nickname for you."

Suki blushes and looks shy again.

"What? You don't like it?"

Suki's voice is low and timid, "N-No... I.. I didn't say that... I-It's
just... I... I've never been called that before..."

"Good, I'll be the first, Suki-chan." smiles Kim.

Suki blushes and smiles shyly, "O-Ok...."

Kim begins to rub her fingers over Suki's labia with her hand inside
her panties.

Suki again quivers spasmodically and blushes even redder as she
whispers, "K-Kimmie... th-that... f-feels.... g-good..."

Kim then places her other hand on Suki's right breast and squeezes a

Suki tenses, her face seemingly glowing with pleasure as the hymn
continues on in Kim's mind as the smaller girl begins to breath harder,
her hands coming down to rub Kim's stomach gently, her left one glowing
as pleasure starts to filter into Kim's body again.

Kim shudders slightly from the stimlus as her right hand, which on
Suki's labia, begins to rub the area faster.

Suki tenses again, quivering, the blush on her cheeks changing from
being shyness-related to that of arousal-related and almost
immediately, her vagina's lubrication fluid begins to form inside her
vagina. Nanyo grins. (MP - to Kim): Is she liking it? I always wanted
to give her one, but I was afraid.... Afraid of taking her virginity
from her... It was something she prided herself on..."

Kim chooses to ignore Nanyo so she can focus on Suki as she lowers her
mouth to her nipple and like it.

Suki gasps and shyly, timidly tries to pull back, whining, "K-Kimmie?
Wh-What are you doing? Th-That feels.... s-so w-wet..." Nanyo sighs
heavily. (MP): Come on, Starki... Tell meeeeeeeeee! I wanna know!"

"I'm trying to give Suki my undivided attention, just keep yourself
busy until I'm done alright?" thinks Kim.

Nanyo grins. (MP): Roger that!: She runs her left hand down to her
crotch and gives herself a gentle squeeze.

Kim's middle finger of her right hand then invades the area between
Suki's labia, meeting her clit first...

Suki suddenly stiffens up and lets out a quivering groan, indicating
how much pleasure she felt from that action. She cries, "K-Kimmie! W-
What was that?! I.. It's felt.... i-incredible!" She blushes shyly

"Huh?! Are you kidding me? You're a virgin AND you've never

Suki asks, blushing now in embarrassment, "Wh-what's masturbated mean?"

"Touching yourself to Make yourself feel good without the aid of
someone else."

Suki gasps, "O-Oh... Is that what they call it? I... I never... never
really did it myself.... N-Nan'chi... s-she would always touch me....
b-but she never did anything like this.." She blushes and looks a
little sad.

"So you've never pleasured yourself, alone?"

Suki looks sad, "N-No... A-After Nan'chi left... I.. I kinda... got...
depressed.... when I was alone...." Tears start to form in her eyes as
she remembers this.

"So you have then?" states Kim as she rubs her clit again.

Suki shakes her head, "I... I haven't - AHHHH!" she gasps suddenly as
her whole body spasms slightly from the touch. Immediately, she blushes
shyly as more of her fluid begins to build up in her vagina and her
aroma begins to filter up around her crotch, quickly reaching Kim's

Kim looks slightly frustrated. "Have you or haven't you?" she continues
her action to Suki's clit.

Suki tenses up, beginning to shake slightly as she gasps out, "N-No!
I... I ha-have n-never m-masturbated! A-Ahhhhh!" Already, it seems, her
orgasm is building within her.

"Finally, an answer..." Kim then encases her mouth around Suki's right

Suki whimpers in pleasure, with a slightly higher pitched voice, as her
nipple quickly grows stiff and hard inside Kim's lips. Suki asks, "K-
Kimmie... wh-what.... I.. I m-mean... h-how d-do you d-do this?"

"Do what? Masturbate?"

Suki shakes her head, "N-No... I... I m-mean... wh-what you're doing
right now..."

"Oh, you mean this?" asks Kim as she pinches Suki's clit
lightly between her fingers.

Suki cries out loudly in pleasure, "A-Ahhhhhh!" Her voice tender and
sweet like honey, almost instantly causes Nanyo to smile as she slips a
finger inside of her jeans and, eventually, inside of her vagina. Suki
pants, trying to nod as her whole body quivers with pleasurable spasms,
"Y-Yeah, K-Kimmie... a-and wh-what you're doing t-to my breast..."

"There just simple actions, anyone could do them." Kim then carefully
twists Suki's clit gently.

Suki cries out again in pleasure as her body spasms again, sweat
beginning to drop down her forehead as her arousal continues to grow.
Her vaginal fluid now begins to drip down onto Kim's hand, causing her
to blush harder as she whispers, "K-Kimmie.... I... I'm so
embarrassed.... Th-There is s-something coming out of me... I... I
can't control it... I... I'm sorry!"

"It's ok, that's supposed to happen. It's a good thing actually."

Suki whimpers, "B-But... I... I can't control it... I.. I'm getting all
wet again...."

"It's a good thing, don't worry about it. Now..." Kim then releases her
clit and moves her index and middle finger to Suki's vaginal opening.

Suki whimpers, "K-Kimmie... a-are you going.... i-inside?" She blushes

"Yes, I am."

Suki replies, "B-But... n-no one's e-ever b-been in there b-before...."
She still sounds shy and timid.

"Of course, you're virgin..."

"W-Will it hurt, K-Kimmie?" asks Suki, her bottom lip trembling.

"Yes, it will, but only for a few seconds..."

Suki's bottom lip trembles as she whispers, "O-Ok...." She squeezes her
eyes shut, bracing for the pain.

Kim enters her fingers into Suki and feels her hymn. "Ready?"

Suki gulps, "Y-Yes... P-Please... b-be g-gentle...."

"Ok" Kim lowers her other hand and rubs her clit as she then breaks her
hymn with her fingers.

Suki screams, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" as she stiffens up, falling on top of
Kim, a mixture of pain and pleasure on her face as Nanyo stiffens up,
thinking to Kim, "Hold her, Starki... Please... for both of us... hold
her.... Oh, Nisu... I'm so sorry it hurts so much.... I'm so sorry!"

Kim quickly removes her hands and hugs Suki tightly. Sorry, It'll be
gone in a few moments."

Suki cries softly in Kim's arms, whining, "O-Owwww... I-It really
hurt...." Her tears roll down her cheeks as a slow trickle of blood
runs down between her labia.

"We can stop if you want."

Suki pants, "N-No.... I... I think.... I-It's easing up.... B-But...
th-that really hurt... W-Why did it hurt so much, K-Kimmie?"

"Your hymn is basically a thin fleshy wall inside you."

Suki asks, "A-And that... i-is inside o-of me?"

"Was inside of you."

Suki nods, "Y-Yeah... s-so that thing.... w-was inside of me?"


"Why? Why was it in there?"

"How should I know?"

Suki sighs, "O-Ok.... th-the pain... i-is gone.... I... I think I...
I'm calming down too.... Th-That big rush of pleasure i-is gone...."

"is there a paper towel in her?"


Suki shrugs her shoulders, "I... I don't know... I... I'm not familiar
with this room...." She looks around as Nanyo says to Kim, (MP): Look
in the top drawer over to the right - under my panties."

I'll try here." states Kim as she looks where Nanyo says and Finds a
roll of paper towel. Kim tares some off and puts it on Suki's labia.
"We need to get the blood off."

Suki nods, blushing at Kim looking at her labia and seeing the blood

moment later...

"There, good as new." smiles Kim. "Now, since your Hymen is gone,
you'll be able to be penetrated MUCH further."

Suki blushes and trembles shyly, "A-And that w-will be more
pleasurable, K-Kimmie?"

"Yes, very much so."

Suki sighs, "Then I suppose it will be worth it..." She rolls over onto
her back, wanting Kim to get on top of her, though she asks her not to
remove her still pee-drenched shorts.

"You'll be abit tender, so I won't go to deep." states Kim as she
places her hand on Suki's labia.

Suki nods and gulps, "O-Okay...." She brings her left hand up and
presses against Kim's mound through her wet shorts and panties.

Since you've never had an orgasm, don't feel bad if you come really
quick ok?"

Suki responds, "Ok... U-Uh... H-how will I kn-know if I come, K-

"You'll know, believe me." smiles Kim as she inserts two fingers into

Suki stiffens up, gasping, "O-Ooh! I... I feel it.... A-Are those your
f-fingers, K-Kimmie? Th-They f-feel r-really wide... I... I don't know
if th-they'll fit...." Her left hand now squishes Kim's shorts against
her mound again, a smile coming to her lips at the squishing sound

"Kim smiles as she inserts her fingers in Suki completely. "This is as
deep as I go for now Suki, but doesn't it feel good?"

Suki pants heavily, sweat dripping down her face again as she nods
vigorously, "Y-yeah... I... I feel so full.... It's like nothing I've
ever felt before...."

(MP): Starki, tell me... Is she really tight? I gotta know!" Nanyo gets
a thoughtful look on her face as she privately debates whether or not
she should join in.

Kim smiles and thinks. "Na na nana na! I know and you don't!"

Nanyo scowls to herself and sighs, "(MP) Fine... I'll join ya'll..."
She tiptoes into the room and hides behind Kim's back, before suddenly
wrapping her arms around Kim's waist and squeezing her breasts,
yelling, "OOH! SQUISHY!"

"Ah! Hey!"

Suki gasps, totally in shock, "N-Nan'chi?!" She blushes heavily as
Nanyo grins, "I gotcha Starki! Now tell me about Nisu... Is she tight
or what?" Suki blushes.

"She was a virgin, what do you think?"

Nanyo grumbles, "Feh... move outta the way, amateur...." She gently
pushes Kim aside, away from Suki, and gently eases one finger inside of

"Hey, what's your problem?"

Nanyo grins, "Wooo, Nisu! You are incredibly tight... I'm glad I waited
all these years..." She calls Kim over to the corner and asks, "So how
were you planning to screw her, Starki? Can I be part of those plans?"
Suki blushes and looks over at them, asking, "Um... wh-what's going

"Well I as just going to use my hands..." replies Kim.

Nanyo nods, "I see.. and what do you want me to do? I wanna help f*ck
Nisu too... I wanna see her first orgasm...."

"Well, you can get her upper body then. I'll get her lower body."
smiles Kim.

Nanyo grins, "OH YEAHHHHHHHH!" and quickly flips over Kim, returning to
Suki, leaning over and kissing her with great passion. Suki is, at
first, surprised, then elated at Nanyo's familiar lips on her own.

"excited, aren't you?" states Kim as she returns to the bed.

Nanyo pulls back from Suki's lips, grinning as she looks deeply into
Suki's violet eyes. She replies, "Starki, you have no idea how much I
love this girl.... I love her almost as much as you..." Suki blushes at
that statement.

"That's good to hear." replies Kim as she grips Suki's clit between her
fingers of her left hand and reinserts her fingers into her vagina.

Suki cries out in pleasure as she unconsciously arches her back up off
the bed, squeezing her eyes shut as Nanyo locks her lips on Suki's
again, driving her tongue deeply inside as her left hand pinches Suki's
right breast gently.

Kim gently pulls on her clit as she starts to pump her fingers.

Suki breaks the kiss with Nanyo to whine, "A-Ahhhh! K-Kimmie... I... I
can't... I... I can't... control myself....!" A slightly harder flow of
fluid now begins to wash down from her vagina as she blushes as hard as
she can. Nanyo runs her fingertip across the heated skin of Suki's
blush, whispering, "Nisu... you are so damn beautiful... Sometimes, I
just wanna f*ck you all night long..." She lowers her lips down to
Suki's left nipple, sucking hungrily on it.

"It's your first time, don't fight it." Kim now starts to twist her
fingers as she pumps them into her vagina.

Suki whines, "B-But I -

Kim then gently twists Suki's clit nearly a full 180 degrees.

Suki screams, "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" as her vagina begins almost gushing her
fluid. Her lower half begins to vibrate and Suki whines, "K-Kimmie...
N-Nan'chi... s-something's h-happening....!"

She starts to bridge up, arching her back again, blushing heavily, as
Nanyo grins and locks lips with Suki again, rubbing her full firm
breasts with everything she's got.

Kim smiles and starts rubbing her thumb against Suki's clit while
angling her fingers to hit Suki's G-spot with each pump.

Suki feels her urethra tensing and suddenly cries, "K-Kimmie! I... I
gotta pee! I... I'm gonna lose it! I... I can't control it!" She arches
her back higher and higher almost like her sister, Sashi, her thighs
trying to clench together, tightening her vagina moreso and bringing
herself closer to orgasm. Nanyo smiles, "Come on, Nisu... Come on...."
She locks her lips harder on Suki's, kissing her harder and playing
with Suki's tongue, keeping the smaller girl from talking as she
squeezes her small breasts over and over again.

"Gotta pee huh? looks like you're a squirter. This is you first orgasm
too? I wanna see how much you squirt."

Nanyo grins as she keeps Suki from responding by continuing the kiss.
(MP): A squirter, huh? Guess that means you've had plenty of
experience, then, Starki?"

Kim suddenly blushes and is silent as she continues her actions on

Suki moans through Nanyo's deep kiss and starts squirming as she tries
frantically to prevent, what she perceives, is her impending urination.
Nanyo smirks, (MP): We'll discuss this later..."

Kim sweatdrops in response.

Nanyo grins in her mind as she kisses Suki harder, rougher, and with
more passion than before, still squeezing her breasts harder and more
forcefully as Suki bridges up again, tears appearing in her eyes.

"Come on Suki, come for us." states Kim.

Suki whimpers through Nanyo's mouth as she feels her urethra start to
spasm, then she squeezes her eyes shut tightly, pushing her crotch
forward as far as possible as Nanyo thinks, "She's losing it!"

Kim then pinches Suki's clit, not painfully hard, but hard none the

Suki's whole body now begins to spasm harder and harder as her urethra
starts spurting out her cum, followed immediately by one of the most
intense orgasms Kim has ever witnessed. Nanyo pulls back from Suki's
lips, causing the small girl to cry out louder and louder with each
tender spasm. She, instead, holds the smaller girl's upper torso
against her own, feeling the spasms shake her as she whispers, "Oh,
Nisu... It's wonderful... It's more than I ever imagined... I love you
so much!"

"Wow! You go girl!" smiles Kim as she pulls her fingers from Suki
vagina but starts rolling her clit in her fingers and watching her

Suki's already exhausted body still continues to squirt two or three
more times, each squirt accompanied by a powerful spasm of her whole
body, before she falls lax, her head falling back over Nanyo's arm as
she holds the tired girl


"How'd you like your first orgasm Suki?"

Suki weakly moans, "Uhhhhh... w-was that.... a-an orgasm?" She seems
too tired to even lift her head up and Nanyo nuzzles her breasts again
before gently laying her down.

"Yep, that was an orgasm."

Suki whimpers softly, "O-Oh... I-it was... w-wonner-ful.... I... I
can't... b-believe I... I peed i-in the m-middle..... o-of... i-it tho-
though..." Nanyo sniggers and brushes Suki's hair aside, showing
remarkable tenderness and fondness for the cute girl.

Kim smiles knowingly at Suki. "Don't worry about it, it happens."

"S-So... a-all girls p-pee l-like that d-during o-orgasm?" Suki
sleepily asks as Nanyo drops one hand to her own crotch and starts
rubbing almost absently.

"Suki, that wasn't pee, it was you're cum."

Suki questions, "C-Come where?"

Kim giggles. "No, not come, cum. You can ejaculated like a guy. Don't
ask me what the fluid is, 'cause I don't know."

Suki gasps, "I... I ... what?!" She looks shocked as Nanyo scoops up
some of the cum and swallows it, Mmmming.

"Ejaculated, every girl has the ability to do it. some just take more
effort than others."

Suki's eyes grow wider and wider as she grows even more shocked. "N-No
way.... D-Did I really? H-How... W-Why? Am... Am I... a... a....

a number of sweatdrops appear on Kim head. "No, your not."

"Th-Then h-how....?" Suki starts before Nanyo pipes up, "Hey, Starki...
Ya GOTTA try this!" She jams her finger, full of Suki's cum, into Kim's

Kim's eyes widen suddenly at Nanyo's sudden action and she swallows.
"Mmm, it's goo."

Suki looks perplexed, "What is it, Kimmie?"

"your cum, it's delicious." smiles Kim.

Suki's eyes bug out, "Y-You actually EAT it?!"

"Of course, you taste good, you want a taste?"

Suki glances over at Nanyo, who nods, and sighs, "O-Ok... I.. I've
never done this before, though...."

Kim smiles at a sudden idea she gets. She licks some of Suki's cum
still on her labia and quickly begins to french kiss Suki.

Suki's eyes bug out wildly as Nanyo rubs her throat, causing her to
swallow the cum. Then, she Mmm's from the kiss and the sweet taste of
the cum.

"Well, now that you've had your orgasm, you want me to explain that
machine in me I told you about?"

Suki nods, still breathing hard and looking tired, "Y-Yeah..." Nanyo
asks, "Ya mind if I hold ya, Nisu?" Suki nods, "G-Go ahead... I... I
can't get the strength to sit up on my own..."

Kim then sighs. "Ok, when I was younger, I died."

Suki gasps, "NO! H-How...? Wh-Why?"

"I was constantly raped when I was young, along with a
very close friend... anyway, one day I just couldn't take it anymore
and snapped. I killed them all..." Kim looks saddened at the memory.

Suki gasps, "NO! That's... That's the pain... I... I sensed it so long
ago... but... I didn't know.... That's what attracted that Rage Demon
to you... I'm sure of it!"

"Anyway, because of all the energy I released at one time, it was truly
murder on my body. And I lost my arms and legs..."

Suki gasps, "WHAT?! But... but... what about these?!" She points to
Kim's arms.

"There artificial."

"But they look so real!"

"That's the whole point."

Suki shakes her head, "No! I can't believe those aren't real! I can't!"

"Looks like I'll have to prove it to you..."

Nanyo asks, "Are you sure she can handle it, Starki?"

"There's only one way to find out..."

Nanyo sighs, "Ooooook...." She holds Suki tightly, prepared to hug her
if she can't take what she's about to see.

Kim reaches over to her left arm about two inches below her armpit and
presses something which a click can be heard.

Suki gasps, "Wh-What are you doing, Kimmie?!"

Suddenly, a ring of Kim's skin appears to melt away
reveling some metalworking. "Do you believe me now?"

Suki glances at it, then, her eyes roll back into her head and she
passed out, fainting into Nanyo's arms. Nanyo winces, "I, uh, don't
think she was able to handle it..."

"I'm glad I didn't remove my arm..."

Nanyo laughs, "Yeah... I think that would've been worse... So,
Starki... wanna f*ck?" She grins and moves toward Kim.

"I don't feel like it right now, sorry."

"Ok... then... why don't you sleep with her and I'll take a nap on the
floor... I gotta get this blood offa my lip anyway..." She makes as if
to go, laying Suki down gently on her bed.


Nanyo leaves and Suki moans softly as she rolls over onto her side,
muttering, "Kimmie... you're all wet.... please pee for me..."

Kim giggles as she lays down on the bed next to Suki.

To Be Continued In...
Run Becky, Run! It's Your Birthday!

Chapter 37

Title: Chapter 35: Run Becky, Run! It's Your Birthday!

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue.


The next morning....

Sashi is the first to wake up, snorting, "H-Huh?" She lifts her head
and looks around at Becky.

She finds her standing near a window, looking out from it and smiling.
Not aware of Sashi awake.

Sashi stands up, stretching. Then, she moves to Becky's side and asks,
"Mistress... are you feeling better this morning?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I feel much better, thanks to all of you guys."

Sashi's stomach growls as she asks, "Then, should we go and get
something to eat, Mistress? You must be as hungry as I am..."

"Yeah, I'm starving."

Sashi smiles and holds Becky's shoulders, "Then let us go downstairs,

"Ok." the two then leave the room.

Outside the room, the two run into Suki, who's trying to be really
quiet as she makes her way downstairs. She is carrying a couple of
oranges in her hands.

"Hey, Suki, where's Kimmie?"

Suki gasps, "Ahhh!" and throws her hands up in shock, the oranges
flying up and landing on Sashi's head. "Ow..." is her only response.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

Suki clutches her chest, "O-Oh... th-that scared me to death!" Sashi
hands her sister the oranges as Suki replies, "Kimmie? She's in Nanyo's

"and where is that?"

Suki points over her shoulder to the room where she, Kim, and Nanyo had
their fun the previous night. "In there, Becky... and Becky?"

"What is it?"

Suki leans close to her, kisses her and whispers, "I'm sorry about the
whole Hon'tyl mess..."

"I am too, I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused."

Suki shakes her head, "Don't ever be sorry, Becky... It was never your
fault..." She turns away and start heading downstairs as Nanyo moans
from her room.

"Let's hurry Sashi, before Kimmie wakes up."

Sashi nods, "As you wish, Mistress..." She follows Becky.

Becky quickly makes her way down the stairs, almost

Sashi cautions, "Be careful, Mistress! You do not want to trip and
fall!" She follows Becky down the stairs.

"I wanna be as far from Kimmie as possible."

Sashi questions, "Why, Mistress?

Becky blushes as she 'ums' then a door could be heard opening and Kim's
voice. "Oh, BB! Where are you?" states Kim sing-songingly. "Sh*t! come
on Sashi, hurry."

Sashi doesn't understand, but follows quickly after her Mistress. She
asks, "What did you do to her, Mistress?"

"Nothing! She does this every year! And she always manages to find me."

"Every year?" questions Sashi, suddenly picking up Becky and
running faster with her in her arms.


"What is she planning, Mistress?" inquires Sashi.

"She going to punch me 18 times."

"A birthday thing, then?" asks Sashi, suddenly stopping.

"What are you stopping for!?"

Sashi grins, "If it is your birthday, Mistress... I must pay my
respects as well..." She flips Becky over, tugging down her pants and
panties to reveal her buttocks.

Becky goes wide-eyed in shock. "What!? What are you doing?!"

"I am giving you your birthday spanking, Mistress..." states Sashi,
bringing her hand back and swatting Becky's behind. "One."

"Ah! you can't be serious!?"

A second swat, harder than the first. "Two." states Sashi.

"No, Kimmie's going to find me. Stop!"

A third swat, hardest yet, followed by a quick grip of her labia.
"Three." states Sashi.

"Ah! Come on Sashi, quit it."

A fourth swat, followed by a light tug of her clit. "Four."

Becky gives up and tenses as she takes the hits.

A Fifth Swat, followed by another tug on her clit. "Five."

Becky continues to 'Ah!' at every hit but a small twinge of pleasure
starts to make itself known to her.

Another swat, followed by a tug and a gentle rub of her tender labia.

"T-This is embarrassing..."

Yet another swat, harder this time and quickly followed by more
tuggings and more rubbings. "Seven."

"Ah!" Becky tenses particularly hard this time.

Sashi continues on, "Eight.'

"Ah!" Becky now starts to shake.

Sashi shows no sign of letting up. "Nine."

Sudden, a drop of liquid falls from Becky's labia as she groans.

"Ten." is the hardest smack yet.

Becky "Ah!'s" loudly as a stream of yellow fluid falls from the folds
of her labia.

Sashi shows no emotion other than a smile as she continues to spank
Becky. "Eleven."

Becky shakes a bit as she continues to urinate, which ends shortly

Sashi thrusts a free finger up Becky's vagina as she swats again.

"Ah! D-don't stop." states Becky pleasantly.

Sashi pushes her finger further and faster up into Becky's vagina, as
she hits almost as hard as she's capable of doing. "Thirteen."

"Oh, yes! Keep going!"

Sashi pinches Becky's urethra tenderly as she jams a second finger
inside and swats again. "Fourteen."

"A groan is again heard from Becky as she starts to tense.

Sashi pinches Becky's urethra again, playing with her G-Spot, as she
swats again, just as hard as ever. "Fifteen."

"A-almost there, m-more."

Sashi again pinches Becky's urethra, really working over her G-spot as
another swat comes down. "Sixteen."

"Becky now starts trembling as her labia and vagina becomes very wet.

Again, Sashi pinches areas on Becky's urethra, pushing her pleasure
higher and higher as she hits Becky's buttocks harder.

A quick spurt then leaves Becky's urethra as she gasps and shakes

Sashi pulls Becky up against her own chest, making sure that Becky can
feel her breasts pressing against her back as she hits Becky as hard as
she can, pinching her urethra ONE more time. "Eighteen."

"AH!" exclaims Becky as a 2-second stream of clear fluid leaves her
urethra followed by a second 1-second stream and Becky undergoing
strong involuntary trembling.

Sashi feels her Mistress trembling and spasming and clutches her closer
as she whispers, "Happy Birthday, Mistress..." She kisses Becky on the

"T-Thank-you Sashi."

Sashi looks up, smiling, "Ah... I uh... I think your sister is near..."

"Near indeed!" states Kim behind them. "Aww, crap." states Becky.

Sashi holds Becky still as she states, "Miss Kim... I held her for

"How nice of you Sashi." states Kim walking to the side.
"No! Let me go!" Becky squirms in Sashi's hold trying to get away.

Sashi's hold becomes tighter. "Do not struggle, Mistress...
It will only be worse if you do..."

"but she's actually going to hit me. It's not the kind that I like."
states Becky. "Oh calm down Becky, it'll be over before ya know it."
smiles Kim.

Sashi says nothing, but continues to hold Becky.

"Ok, 6 to each shoulder and the last six to the back, what do you think
BB?" states Kim. "Come on Kimmie, don't."

Sashi whispers, "After it is over, Mistress... I will take care of
you... I promise..."

"Your no help Sashi." groans Becky. Kim grabs Becky's right arm with
her left hand, about halfway to her elbow. "Here we go..."

"1,2,3..." starts Kim as she begin punching Becky's arm hard, causing
the 18year-old groan in pain.

Sashi holds Becky tight, squeezing her after every blow to reassure

"4,5,6. There, 1/3 of the way done." states Kim as she switches sides.
"Your lucky Sashi's holding me, you know I could beat
you in a fight."

Sashi says nothing, but quietly remembers everything Kim is saying.

"and you can't do that if Sashi's holing you like that, so na na nana
na!" teases Kim as she grabs Becky's left arm in the same manner as her
right and lays a series of 6 hits into her arm. Becky grits her teeth
and takes the hits.

Sashi asks Becky: (MP): Which is it, Mistress? Can you beat her or

"Of course I can?" states Becky. "Huh?" replies Kim.

Sashi nods, "I see..." but doesn't say any more.

"Now Sashi, could you turn her around for me?" asks Kim. "Sashi don't,
come on."

Sashi whispers to Becky, "After she hits you, I am going to let you go
and hold her... Just be patient..."

Sashi turns Becky around.

A smile quickly come to Becky's face. "Great..." states Kim as she puts
her fist up. and punches Becky's back hard. "Ah! Sh*t! that fu*king
hurt!" exclaims Becky.

Sashi whispers, "Be patient, Mistress... Be patient..."

"I know smirks Kim." before delivering another hit to
Becky back. "Ah!

Sashi holds Becky tenderly, reaching up to Becky's eyes to wipe away
any tears that might come out.

"4 more..." states Kim as she sends two punches in succession to the
girls back.

Sashi whispers, "Just two more, Mistress... two more..."

"17, 18. "states Kim as she repeats her action. then
moves her head to the side of Becky's face and kisses her on the cheek.
"And a kiss for luck." states Kim smiling.

Sashi nods at Becky, then lets go of her, kissing her and whispering,
"Go to it..."

Becky smiles and quickly sends her right fist behind her, but Kim
quickly dodges it. "What the hell?! Why'd you let her go?!"
exclaims Kim.

Sashi smirks, "Turnabout is fair play, Miss Kim." Suddenly, she flashes
and reappears behind Kim, grabbing her arms and holding
them to her sides.

"Oh sh*t...." states Kim sweatdropping. "Becky, it's your birthday, I'm
supposed to hit you." states Kim in defense. "Oh really? what book says
that?" stepping to Kim.

Sashi grins, "Get your revenge, Mistress... Then we can go and have

"I'll just need one hit." smiles Becky. "Huh? just one? aw no problem
then." states Kim as her worry disappears.

Sashi holds Kim's arms, beginning to look bored at the situation.

suddenly a glove materializes in Becky's right hand. and Kim upon
seeing it, squirms frantically in Sashi's hold. "Oh fu*k no! Let me go!
Let me go!"

Sashi doesn't let go. She states, "Miss Kim, after all that you put
Mistress through, one punch is only fair..."

"No, you don't understand! that's a weapon she has! She could shatter a
boulder with that! Let me go!" exclaims Kim. "Scared aren't ya." teases

Sashi whispers, "Miss Kim... you have the Spirit Crystal of Suki, do
you not?"

"Uh, y-yeah."

"Then hold it up. It should cast a minor shield spell to protect you
from permanent damage... You will still feel pain, but you will not be
as badly damaged."

Kim isn't able to do so as Becky quickly delivers a punch into Kim's
stomach, and Kim is lifted from her feet as Becky lifts her slightly on
her fist. Kim coughs up a good deal of blood that falls to
the floor as she doesn't even make a sound other than a few gasps of

Sashi blinks and immediately lets go of Kim, saying, "That is enough,

however, Kim continues to be suspended by Becky how promptly drops her
to the floor. Kim huddles up, holding her stomach as she coughs up more

Sashi moves to Kim's side, asking Becky, "Mistress... that was a bit
much... do you not think so?"

"It was just one punch Sashi, chill out." states Becky non-chalontly.

"But you drew blood... and you used a weapon... Miss Kim did not use a
weapon... Is that not fair, Mistress?"

"I guess not..." states Becky sighing.

Sashi sighs, "Shall we go and get some breakfast, then, Mistress?"

"I think we need to take Kimmie back to the room. She won't be able to
move for awhile..."

Sashi replies, "I will have Suki come for her... I think it best if we
leave for the moment..." She puts her arm on Becky's shoulders and
steers her toward the hut.

"Ok, seeya Kimmiiiiiie." teases Becky before she leave. Kim just groans
in pain.

Sashi and Becky disappear into the hut. A few minutes pass, then Suki
comes out to see Kim on the ground. She sighs, "Maybe you shouldn't
have picked on her, Kimmie..." She chants in Ap Dat for a few minutes,
before screaming, "CURA!" All of Kim's wounds are healed almost

Kim gets to her feet. "The little brat, she cheated!"

Suki's eyes widen. "Um... what?" she questions.

"Becky used a weapon on me."

Suki sighs, "Do you really hate your own sister that much,
Kimmie?" She looks sad.

"Hate? I don't hate her. You would you say that?"

"W-Well... you seem determined to hurt her... a-and she seems
determined to hurt you..." She looks away from Kim.

"It's her birthday."

"So you two try to kill each other on your birthdays?" asks Suki giving
Kim this look: o_O

Kim sweatdrops. "Is that what it looks like from the outside?"

Bringing up a finger with some of Kim's remaining blood, Suki sighs,
"It is what it looks like, Kimmie..."

"Heh, I never really thought about what it would look like from another
persons point of view."

Suki sighs, "It sounds horrible... to be a HUnewearl... She starts back
for the hut, looking sad and depressed.

"hey, what's wrong?"

Suki says nothing as she enters the hut and moves back over to the
stove, trying to look busy at frying eggs.

"Come on, what's bothering you?"

Again, Suki says nothing as she turns the burner up, using some of her
fire magic to adjust the heat. Meanwhile, Nanyo staggers into the room,
looking disheveled, her hair all messed up and her eyes blurry as she
yawns, "Yo... what's
for breakfast, Nisu?"

"I can't stand it when you keep something from me when it's bothering
you Suki."

Still, Suki says nothing as Nanyo gulps, "Uh-oh... Starki... what did
Nisu see? She's really pissed off..."

"Me on the floor in pain." states Kim sweatdropping.

Nanyo winces, "Ouch... I don't think Nisu likes that scene...
You'd better apologize..."

"Apologize for what?"

Nanyo explains, "You and your sister... Ya gotta explain to her in the
only way she knows how...." Suki slams the pan down, spraying grease on
the floor as she stomps off toward the stairs, shouting, "SHUT UP,

"Uh, and what way would that be"

As Suki passes Nanyo, she hits Nanyo on the shoulder, almost knocking
the taller girl off her feet, before stalking up the stairs. Nanyo
sighs, (TBC)

"You gotta explain to her that you really do love your sister and that
she really loves you... Ya gotta get Becky to help you..."

"She really thinks we hate each other?!"

Nanyo nods, "After seeing all the blood, yeah... I would too, except I
can read your mind...."

"Becky cheated. She used Godhand on me." complains Kim.

"I know, I know! But Suki doesn't understand! You have to explain it to
her and you have to get Becky to help you convince her! It's the only

"Ok, how should I go about doing it then?"

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Hell if I know! All I know is that ya
gotta get Becky and go see Nisu... 'cause if you don't, Nisu prolly
won't let you near her or even speak to you for a long time..."

"OK, OK, where's Sashi? I'm sure Becky's with her."

Nanyo closes her eyes, asking, "Sash... where are you? You're where?
Ok, got it..." She opens her eyes and states, "Becky is in her room...

"Ok, thanks." Kim leaves to meet Becky.

Nanyo's stomach growls, "Um, what about breakfast?" She states as Kim

Kim gets to Sashi's room and knocks on the door. "uh, Becky, I need you
for a sec."

"What? one punch wasn't enough for you?" states Becky on the otherside
of the door.

Sashi sighs, "Mistress, Please...."

"Ok, ok..." states Becky as she opens the door. "what is
it?" "Suki thinks we hate each other, I need you to prove that isn't

Sashi sighs, "Just like always..."

"What was that Sashi?" asks Becky.

Sashi sighs and explains, "Suki has always had a hard time
understanding things that she cannot visibly see..."

"Oh, well, I can't have my sister's future wife to think we hate each
other. I'll come." "Great! Thanks."

Sashi sighs, "Poor Suki.... Why she has such a problem I will never
know..." She follows Becky and Kim.

Kim goes and knocks on Suki's door. "Suki, can I come i?"

There is no response. Sashi clears her throat. "Um, Miss Kim... She is
not in there..."

"Are you sure?"

Sashi nods, "Positive... I would be able to sense her presence... Much
like Nan'chi can...."

"well do you know were see is/"

Sashi nods, "I do, indeed..."

"can you tell me?

Sashi nods, "Yes... I believe she is upstairs two floors on
the roof..."

"What could she be doing up there?"

Sashi sighs, "She is hurting, Miss Kim... She clearly feels like she
wants to be alone... and... she is crying..."

"this bad, I have to clear this up."

Sashi sighs, "It does seem to require your attention, Miss Kim..."

"Well lets go then..."

Sashi nods and follows Kim and Becky.

the three reach the roof...

Up there, they see Suki staring silently out at the rising
sun which can be seen through the Tower's upper windows.

"Suki." states Kim.

The girl stiffens slightly, but says nothing.

"Becky's with me."

Again, no response.

Becky then speaks up. "Suki, it's alright, I love Kimmie, you know

There is a sniffle, then a quiet, "Then how could you draw your own
sister's blood? How could you do that? I... I would never do that to

"Heh, I'm ruff, it wasn't my intention."

Suki quivers, "And that makes it all right? That makes it acceptable?"

"Yeah, I think it does..."

Suki sighs, "Then I'm sorry... I can't see it as acceptable..."

Becky then turns to Kim. "I don't think she's believing us." "Suki,
what do I need to do to prove to you the both of us love each other?"

Suki sighs but doesn't say anything. Sashi explains, "I am no expert of
the topic of sisterly love, Suki... but..." She turns to Becky and
whispers, "Show her how you used to wake up Miss Kim every morning...
That might do it..."

"to her or Suki? I'm confused."

Sashi explains, "I suppose it could work either way... like I
said, I am not an expert on sisterly love..."

"Ok, Suki, look over here for a minute." states Becky.

Suki asks, "Why should I? I'm only gonna see two sisters who
don't mind beating the mess out of each other... and I don't want to
see that..."

"No, that's not what I wanna show you."

Suki sighs and turns around. There is an angry look in her eyes and Kim
can't hear the Hymn from her at the moment, though there are twin
trails of tears down either of her cheeks.

"Thank you." Becky now turns around to Kim. "huh? What are you planni-"
Kim is cut off as Becky quickly begins to kiss her as she pulls Kim
down to her level.

Suki's eyes bug out, "Wh-what the?!"

"Like I said Suki, I love Kimmie..." states Becky as she breaks the
kiss momentary. "And i love Becky too Suki." states Kim.

Suki gasps, "But... I... I saw you... the-the blood.... a-and you said
Becky.... Becky caused it... "

"There's times when Kimmie makes me bleed too, but that won't stop me
from loving her." Becky then Kisses Kim again.(TBC)

But this time jumps up onto Kim and wraps her legs around her waist,
and her arms are around Kim's neck. Kim also wraps her arms
around Becky's body as she kiss clearly deepens.

Suki's eyes bug out even more, but she whines, "I... I..." Then she
shouts, " I WANNA JOIN!" and dashes over to them, leaping on top of

the three promptly fall to the floor at Suki's added surprise weight.

Suki closes her eyes and plants a big one on Becky's lips as Sashi
sighs, thinking, "I think she is feeling better..."

"Feel better now Suki-chan?" asks Kim.

Suki nods, "Yea... I think I am... but... I have a question..." She
grins at Becky.

"What it is?" asks Becky smiling

Suki whispers to Becky, "Don't tell Kimmie, but I was wondering if you
could help me put her in some interesting situations where she'd get so
desperate to pee that she couldn't hold it... Could you help me,

"Sure." "What are you two talking about?" asks Kim.

Suki grins and kisses Becky on the lips, "Arigato, Becky-san..."

"No problem. I'd be glad to help."

Suki blushes as she gets back to her feet. She asks, "Kimmie... Becky-
san... Breakfast will be ready in about 15 mins..."

"Great, let's eat!" choruses Kim and Becky at the same time.

Suki giggles and trots off to the kitchen. Sashi blinks and states
dully, "Well, that was certainly anti-climatic... What a boring
sheltered life she has lived..."

"What that supposed to mean Sashi?" asks Becky.

Sashi shakes her head, "Nothing... I was just feeling a little bored,
Mistress..." Her stomach growls again and she looks down.

"Let's go get something to eat."

Sashi nods, "As you wish, Mistress..." She follows Becky to the kitchen
where Suki is berating a sheepish Nanyo and there is the remnants of
smoke in the room. Suki scolds, "Nan'chi! How many times do I have to
tell you?! Don't mess with my cookin' or you'll burn the house down!"
Nanyo gives Suki a sheepish look, "How the hell was I suppose to know
that HI meant HOT?! I thought it meant, Hi as in Hello!"

"Ha! Your so stupid Nanyo!" giggles Becky upon hearing Nanyo's reply.

Nanyo growls, but says nothing at first. Then, she calmly walks over to
Becky, calmly pats her still sore behind causing her to flinch and
calmly says, "Bad girl, huh? That sucks... wanna join me in

"No, I'm hungry."

Nanyo grins, "Ok, then... AFTER breakfast then, you and me... I hear
you like it rough..."

Becky simply smiles at Nanyo.

Nanyo grins, then turns to Kim and nods. (MP): You get Sashi and Suki
out of the way after breakfast, k?

"Uh, sure..." think Kim.

Suki suddenly asks, "Kimmie.... what happened to my dad? And Tisha?"

"I don't know, I forgot all about them."

Nanyo scratches her head, "I did too... Where TF are they?" Just then,
Tisha comes down the stairs, yawning, "What time izzit?"

"there she is." states Kim.

Tisha yawns, "Oh great... the Einstein of the group..."

"huh? Who are you?" asks Becky upon seeing Tisha.

Tisha yawns, "I'm Tisha... Who's this old slut?"

"What the fu*k is your problem?! I'm neither old or a slut!" exclaims

Tisha sniffs, "Yeah, right... and that's not cum I smell on you, then,
is it?" She smirks at the older girl.

"So what if it is? That doesn't mean I'm a slut." replies Becky.

"Yeah, right... you just believe whatever you wanna believe, slut..."
yawns Tisha, giving Kim the "She's crazy" hand gesture.

"That's my sister little girl." states Kim.

"Oh.... uh.... uh-oh..." whimpers Tisha, looking back at Becky and next
to her, Sashi, who is cracking her knuckles. Sashi asks, "May I hurt
her, Mistress?"

Becky smiles and whispers into Sashi's ear... "Just scare her a

Sashi grins, "As you wish, Mistress..." She approaches the loli girl
and smirks, "I am really going to enjoy this..."

Tisha suddenly grins, "Screw you, turdmeister!" She vanishes and a few
seconds later, Sashi is all tied up with a whip, grunting and
struggling to get free and Tisha is standing next to Becky, smirking.

"Whoa, that was nice. Your pretty fast." states Becky.

Tisha smirks again, "That ain't nothing... I didn't even break a sweat
with her... Now it's your turn!" She suddenly disappears
and Becky winds up on the ground, panting heavily and clutching her
stomach before Tisha reappears.

"Ah! you little girl, what did you do that for?" replies Becky.

Tisha stands over Becky, grinning, "Just wanted to show you what I'm
capable of when I get mad..." She offers a hand out to Becky, to help
her up.

Becky smirks and quickly disappears and reappears behind Tisha and
promptly performs a sleeperhold on her.

Tisha gasps, "A-Ack! L-Lemme go!" She squirms and struggles in her
effort to get free.

"I think you need some more sleep..."

Tisha's eyelids droop as her squirms start to grow feeble. "N-No...! D-
Don't..." she gasps, bringing one hand down to her crotch and pressing
in slightly. She whispers, "D-Don't..."

Becky notices her hand and smiles. "What's wrong? gotta go?"

Tisha yawns, "Y-Yeah.... b-but... d-don't.... p-please..." Her eyes
slowly begin to close from Becky's stranglehold.

"Just because your sleeping doesn't mean you'll wet yourself."

Tisha yawns again, then begins to slump down in Becky's grip.

"That's it, just go to sleep..." states Becky as she lowers herself and
Tisha to the floor.

Tisha yawns again, mumbling, "M-Mommie... I... I'll avenge you.... o-
one day...." Then, she passes out completely in Becky's arms.

"There we go." states Becky has she lays the girls head to the floor
and stands up.

Sashi squirms, still tied up, and asks, "Mistress... I could use some
help over here..."

"Oh yeah, sorry about that." states Becky as she goes over to Sashi and
unties her.

As soon as she's freed, Sashi makes for Tisha, muttering, "Stupid
little bitch... I am going to make her pay for that!"

"Hey, Sashi stop!" quickly states Becky.

Sashi groans, but doesn't say anything, though she stops a foot before
reaching Tisha. She mutters, "Lucky little b*tch..." She turns away as
Suki sighs, "Kimmie... here are your eggs and toast..."

"Oh, thanks Suki." replies Kim as she takes the food.

Nanyo asks, "Yo, Becks... should we just leave Tisha there or what?"

"I frankly don't give a da*n."

Nanyo chuckles, "Hehe... Guess I'll put her somewhere safe, then..."
She moves over to Tisha and picks her up, sitting her in one of the
chairs with her head on the table.

"Hey, Nanyo, can I take you up on that offer from earlier?"

"What... the rough sex?" teases Nanyo, poking Becky's side in a
ticklish manner.

"Yeah, exactly." smiles Becky.

"Sure.... what's say we do it after breakfast, eh? Sound good?"

"Yep, I can't wait."

Nanyo grins as Suki passes a plate of eggs and toast to Becky.

"Thank-you Suki." states Becky as she takes the food and starts eating
the toast.

Nanyo smirks, leaning back in her chair, cupping Suki's behind for a
brief moment, causing the small girl to gasp in surprise. Nanyo winks
at Becky as she does this.

"Hey Sashi, you want some?" asks Becky as she offers her food to her.

Sashi, sitting at Becky's feet, takes one tiny piece of toast and one
tiny scoop of egg and eats it, replying, "Thank you, Mistress..."

"no problem, you still need to gain some weight."

Sashi blushes, "I... I am okay, Mistress..."

"Ok Sashi, ok..." replies Becky before putting some of the eggs in her

Sashi's eyes widen in surprise, but she doesn't fight her
Mistress. Nanyo, then, takes a full plate from Suki and the small girl
comes to the table with her own plate. Suki states, "Let's dig in!"

"Your pretty good at cooking Suki." complements Becky joined by
Kim's... "Yeah, this is good."

Suki blushes, "A-Arigato.... I... I love to cook.... I-It's one thing I
really love to do..."

Some time later...

Suki pats her stomach, feeling full. She gets to her feet and begins
collecting the dirty dishes.

"Mmm, that was great! Kimmie could take some lessons from you Suki."
states Becky. "B-Becky!" quickly replies Kim shocked.

Suki giggles slightly.

Nanyo leans back in her chair, grinning, "If there's anything Suki does
good, it's cooking.... she's a genius there..."

"I can cook just fine." states Kim. "Yeah, if your trying to kill a
Booma." replies Becky giggling. Kim frowns in aggravation.

Suki blushes as Nanyo asks, "So what's a Booma?"

"It's a small monster that looks kinda like a mole that stands on two
legs and attacks with it's claws. There pretty easy to kill, so there
like fodder. but they can be a problem if they attack in-groups, which
they do." explains Becky.

Nanyo winces, "Ouch... so... where do they live?"

"On a planet called Ragol." states Kim.

Nanyo leans forward, looking interested, "Ooh... where is it?"

"It's about 2 light-years away from this planet."

states Kim.

"Ah-huh... and how far away is a light year?" asks Nanyo puzzled.

"Huh, Like a hundred trillion miles or something? I don't really know,
but it's pretty da*n far." replies Kim.

Nanyo anime-falls off her chair, gasping, "WHOAH SHIT! That's pretty
damn far is right, Starki... GAH DAMN...." Her eyes look like this: O_O

"Anyway, Nanyo, what about your offer?" states Becky smiling.

Nanyo grins as she hops up, "Sure thing, Becks... Now come here and
give me a smooch..."

Becky does so. "Are you going upstairs?"


Nanyo grins, "Why? Do you wanna do it up there or do you wanna give
your onei-chan some fan service?"

"I want it to be just us."

Nanyo grins, "N'alrighty then... here we go..." She grabs
Becky in her arms and dashes outside, taking flight.

"No! Stop! I don't like flying!" exclaims Becky as tears quickly brim
her eyes and she clings onto Nanyo tightly.

Nanyo grins, "Hold on, Becks... I'm just takin' ya to a special place
o'mine... Just hang on..."

"No! Take me down, please!" begs Becky as she starts crying.

Nanyo then lands in a special area where no one is around for miles. It
appears to be in a small grove of trees next to a sparkling pond. Nanyo
sets Becky down and asks, "Look around, Becks... tell me what you

Becky falls to her knees visibly shaking from the flight.

Nanyo sighs, "Sorry... I had almost forgotten you didn't like
heights... Ya gonna be ok, Becks?" She rubs the younger girl's back

"I-I t-think s-so." stutters out Becky still shaking.

Nanyo grins, "So tell me.... what d'ya think of this grove? Pretty,
ain't it?"

"Y-Yeah, it... it is."

Nanyo grins, "Now how do you want to do this, Becks?" She cracks her
knuckles enthusiastically.

"W-Wait, I c-can't stop s-shaking..." replies Becky
holding herself.

Nanyo asks, "Ya okay, Becks?"

"I... d-don't know."

"Why are ya shaking so much?"

Nanyo holds the smaller girl in her arms, whispers, "It's
okay... It's okay.... Just calm down and relax..."

Becky shaking begins to die down. "T-thank you Nanyo."

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "No problem, Becks... It was my fault to
begin with..."

"It sure the hell was." replies Becky as her shaking dies to light

"Aw, Becks... I'm sorry.... I forgot.... Can you ever forgive widdle
me?" Nanyo looks apologetic.

"Hurt me and i might." replies Becky as she smiles, her shaking gone.

Nanyo grins, "Cool... now then, ya little b*tch... let's get to the
fun..." She reaches out and grips Becky's breast HARD, squeezing the
lump tightly in her fist.

"Ah!" gasps Becky tensing momentarily.

Nanyo grins, "And that's not all, Becks... Try this..." She swings her
arm back, then forward, roughing pushing Becky up against a tree,
locking her lips with Becky's.

Becky's face scrunches up for a moment as she kisses Nanyo. A blush now
appearing over her cheeks and nose.

Nanyo smirks, "Turned on, are ya?" She grabs Becky's right arm and
bends it, almost painfully behind her back, spinning her around
and making her push her breasts against the tree as she licks Becky's

"Ah, ow." groans Becky.

"Like it, now, Becks?" Nanyo keeps Becky turned toward the tree as she
begins to undo Becky's clothing.

"Yeah, I like." smiles Becky.

Nanyo continues to smirk as she undoes Becky's lower half of clothing,
exposing her panties. Then, she suddenly jams something hard between
Becky's thighs, spreading them gently.

"Ah, what's that?"

Nanyo giggles, "Guess." She wraps one arm around Becky's chest,
squeezing the smaller girl's breasts tightly as the hard object
pressing against Becky's rear entrance.

"A-A dildo?"

Nanyo grins, whispering, "Close... but have you ever felt a dildo
do.... this!" Suddenly, the hard thing quivers as it reaches under
Becky's panties, caressing her cheeks.

"Ah! what is that!" asks Becky surprised.

Nanyo laughs, "Stupid little girl... It's a cock, DUH!"

"How? I thought we were alone."

"We are alone...." states Nanyo, the hard object now pushing into
Becky's anus.

"Well how is a cock here? I don't understand."

"I have a transformation within me... I was mixin' some chemicals one
day and poof! I transformed into a guy... That explain it, Becks?" She
now pins Becky's arms together behind her back with her body, freeing
up her hands. One reaching around Becky's stomach, the other around her
neck, pulling the girl's head back slightly.

"You can turn into a guy!?" asks Becky shocked.

"Yeah... It's really easy, yanno... I could give you some of it if ya
like..." She pats Becky's abdomen gently as she forces her penis into
Becky's anus deeper.

Becky tenses as she feels the cock go into her deeper, but forces
herself to relax, so it would be easier for Nanyo to enter

Nanyo asks, "Ya want some or not, Becks?" She rubs Becky's abdomen as
she bends Becky's head back, kissing her lips roughly.

"N-No thanks, I like my pussy." smiles Becky.

Nanyo smirks, "Oh yes... I almost forgot... you wanna your little pussy
penetrated, doncha? Well, you'll have to earn it..." She then jams her
penis harder into Becky's anus as she rubs Becky's abdomen harder.

Becky can't help it and tenses tightly, squeezing Nanyo's cock hard
within her anus as she groans in pleasure.

Nanyo whispers, "Ya like watersports, Becks? I might just be convinced
to let ya play with me after I'm finished here..." She thrusts her
penis harder and deeper into Becky's anus as she rubs Becky's abdomen

"Ah! Fu*k my a*s , fu*k it good." moans Becky as her body starts to
sweat slightly.

Nanyo suddenly pulls out, smirking, "Not yet, Becks... I haven't even
started yet..." She undoes Becky's top, pulling aside her bra and
pinching her nipples tenderly.

"No, don't stop." whines Becky.

Nanyo grins, "But I'm going to give you so much more..." She pulls a
small knife out of her pouch and rests the cold steel against
Becky's nipple, grinning.

"do it, please."

Nanyo smirks, teasing Becky, "Do what?" She licks Becky's neck as her
penis grows hard against Becky's back.

"Cut me."

Nanyo laughs, "Yooooooouuuuuuuuuuu asked for it!" She gently drives the
knife into Becky's breast, waiting to hear Becky's voice.

Becky gasps at the cut and shakes ever so slightly.

Nanyo then pulls Becky's head back, bending her back into an arch.
Then, she bends her head over to Becky's blood and starts licking
it, grinning at Becky.

"Mmm, cut me again."

Nanyo obliges the smaller girl, jamming the knife a little more deeply
into Becky's breast, using her free hand to rub the smaller girl's
pubic mound tenderly.

Becky gasps and tenses at the touch to her pubic mound, but also feels
the sting of her skin being cut.

Nanyo now begins to smear Becky's blood across her chest, licking
gently. She moans, "Mmmm... tastes sweet..." She then runs her fingers
across Becky's labia, feeling them gently.

"Ohh, fu*k me please."

Nanyo laughs, "I've never been one to refuse a request..." She pushes
her penis back into Becky's anus, as she touches Becky's clitoris

"Ohh, yes, that feels great." moans Becky.

Nanyo continues her actions, going faster and deeper, as she delicately
tugs on Becky's clit and rubs the blood into Becky's skin.

"Ah, keep going, don't stop." moans Becky.

Nanyo doesn't stop this time, using her lips to suck on Becky's neck as
she goes faster and faster, beginning to breathe harder and harder.

"I want you to come in me, come in my a*s."

Nanyo groans, "Oh, yes.... HOT DAMN YES! QUIVER! Quiver little girl and
feel my cum in your tiniest hole!" She begins to quiver and shake
slightly, her penis mimicking her body actions.

"I want your hot cum in me." pants Becky.

Nanyo clutches Becky's clit as she trembles hard, then begins to cum
inside of Becky's anus. She pants harder and heavily, groaning, "AH,

Becky gasps in pleasure as she feels Nanyo cum shoot into her rectum.

Nanyo falls to her knees, panting heavily, muttering, "Damn... I'm not
used... to losing... control.... that quickly... That's the big
drawback to this transformation.... Heh, must suck to be a guy..."

Becky places a finger over her anus moaning. "Ohh, your cum feels great
in me."

Nanyo grins, "Ya like it? Gee, that's kinda nice to know... hehe..."

"Why do you say that?"

"Hehe... nevermind... " Nanyo laughs.

"I wonder how long I can keep your cum in me."

"Good luck..." laughs Nanyo as she stands back up, holding Becky still
in her arms as she reaches a hand down to her pouch,
pulling out a vial of Altaiarean Beverage.

"What that?"

"Something to restore your stamina..." replies Nanyo smirking. "Here...
try it..." She opens it and puts it up to Becky's mouth.

"But I haven't come yet, I don't need that."

Nanyo grins, "You'll come soon enough... Trust me, little girl..."

"Ok fine, I'll drink it."

Nanyo grins, "Good girl... try it..."

Becky drinks it and looks at Nanyo surprised. "It's just water."

Nanyo laughs and rubs Becky's abdomen gently for about 5 mins
before she adds, "There... that should do it..."

"What are you talking about?"

Nanyo lightly presses in slightly, asking, "Oh, does widdle Becky have
somethin' to tell me?"

"I don't think so." replies Becky puzzled.

"Hmmm... not lyin' are ya, Becks?" asks Nanyo, rubbing a slight bulge
in Becky's abdomen.

Becky suddenly gasps and closes her legs tightly.

Nanyo smiles, "Now do you have something to tell me, Becks?"

"I gotta pee."

"And?" asks Nanyo.

"stop for a sec so i can go."

"Mmmmm.... no... I don't think I will, Becks..." Nanyo
continues to hold the girl in her arms.

"What? Why? i gotta go."

"Remember how I said you gotta earn me cumming in your pussy?"

"I never said I wanted you to come in my pussy, I'm not trying to get

Nanyo laughs, "Who said I was gonna use my cock? I've got plenty of
'tools' I could use..."

"Like what?"

Nanyo waggles her finger, "Nah-uh... first you hold it, then I'll tell

"Or better yet, I'll show ya!"

"Show me?" questioned Becky.

Nanyo grins, "Yeah... I'll show you... but first... I want to see you
squirm... I want to see you whine and tremble at my very touch... Do
you think you can keep me entertained, Becks?"

"I don't know." replied Becky.

"You wanna find out, Sweetie?" smirks Nanyo. "You wanna see how long
you can hold it?"

"Come on, let me go pee real quick." pleads Becky starting to squirm

Nanyo shakes her head, "Nuh-uh... You're gonna wet yourself, little
girl... AND, what's more... You're gonna enjoy it..." She leans her
body against Becky's, holding her against the tree as she bends down
and picks up Becky's panties, lifting Becky's feet up so that she could
slide them over her labia.

"No, I can't wet my panties, I don't have another pair."

Nanyo grins and leans over Becky's shoulder, whispering, "Don't
worry... You're at my house... I can give you an old pair of mine to
wear... doncha worry, none..."

"Are you sure I can fit them?"

Nanyo whispers, "I may not look it, Becks, but I was kinda small once
too...." She leans over Becky's shoulder, licking at her cheek as her
hand gently rubs Becky's abdomen, not pushing in atm,

Becky doesn't verbally respond but begins st squirm a bit more.

Nanyo smirks, "Do you like not having control, Becks? Didn't you say
that you got turned on by having your control taking from you?" She
brings her hand up to Becky's stomach, feeling the smaller girl breath
in and out.

"I... never told you that." replies Becky blushing.

"Oh, sorry... Must be my stupid telepathic mind, then..." laughs Nanyo,
holding Becky around her stomach. For some reason, she seems reluctant
to move her hands elsewhere.

"C-Can't you move your hands somewhere else?" asks Becky.

Nanyo asks, her voice growing husky and sexy, "Why? Don't you like how
I can feel you breathing?"

"I don't mind but..." trails Becky blushing.

Nanyo's mind penetrates into Becky's, asking, "Why are you so tense,
Becks?" She moves her hands up to Becky's breasts, squeezing her top
around them.

"I just don't want to wet my panties."

"Why not, Becks? I mean, after all... Starki made you pee your panties
before? Why should I let you go?" She begins undoing Becky's top.

Becky can't find an answer to leave her mouth.

"And didn't you secretly like it, Becks?" goads Nanyo. She folds
Becky's top over her shoulders, exposing her bra to a gentle breeze.

"Y-Yes, I did..."

"Then... isn't it the proper thing that I should make you feel good,
Becks?" She reaches down to unclasp Becky's bra, exposing her breasts
to the gentle breezes now blowing by.

Becky quickly shudders as she feels the wind on her breasts, causing
her nipples to stiffen.

Nanyo laughs, "Now then... Don't you feel free? Here... Lemme show you
something..." She now completely removes Becky's shirt and bra,
whirling the other girl around to expose her breasts to the pond next
to the two.

"What are you going to do?"

Nanyo grins, "Show 'em off, what else? I mean, really... why else do we
have 'em for?" She lets Becky go for a brief (FTBC)

second, to pull her sweater off, taking her bra with it, allowing Becky
to see her C+ cup breasts for the first time.

"Wow, your pretty big." states Becky.

Nanyo smiles, "Wanna touch 'em?"

"N-No..." replies Becky continuing to blush.

Nanyo laughs, "You don't sound very sure of that, Becks... Come on...
Put your hand right.... there..." She indicates her left breast.

Becky then places a hand to her crotch and starts to fidget as she
shakes her head no.

Nanyo sighs, "Ah well... mebbe later..."

"What now then?" asks Becky.

Nanyo grins, "Now we make you pee your panties..." She flips over
Becky's body, grabbing her arms and bending them behind the small girl.
She forces Becky down to her knees, then tugs her over onto her back.

"Ah! Come on, don't make me wet my panties." whines Becky.

Nanyo asks, "Why? Does wetting your panties make you feel embarrassed?"

"Of course."

"No matter how many times you do it?"

"Uh..." trails Becky blushing.

Nanyo smirks, "Now then, little girl... you can use your legs to help
you, but you can't use your hands... We're gonna play a little game...
A hold-it game... hehe..."

"But I need my hands."

"Nuh-uh... I got something special planned for them..." She
brings Becky's hands up and starts to kiss them and lick and suck on
the fingers.

Becky's legs start to move, rubbing her thighs together.

Nanyo whispers, "Your skin... It's so soft... and delicate... You
remind me a lot of Nisu..." She locks her lips with Becky's, kissing
the smaller girl kinda roughly as her hands slide down her shoulders.

Becky moans into the kiss as her body starts to squirm.

Nanyo pulls back, slightly, trailing her tongue over Becky's chin,
whispering, "How's the urge, Becks?" Her hands now reach Becky's arms,
gently stroking the skin there.

"N-Not that bad but I still don't what to wet my panties."

Nanyo sighs, "I see you still need some motivation... How about this?"
She moves her head down and starts licking Becky's breasts, though not
touching the nipples yet.

Becky gasps quickly as she tenses for a moment.

Nanyo whispers, still smiling, "Did you like that, Becks?" Her hands
now come down to Becky's sides, rubbing gently.

"Y-Yes, very much."

"And do you want more?" prods Nanyo, licking at Becky's right breast.
Her hands slide up and down Becky's sides, giving the other girl a
sense of rising desperation, though it is still within her control.

Within her control indeed as Becky shudder from the touch of Nanyo's

Nanyo smiles, "Well? Do you want more or not?"


Nanyo teases, "You don't sound very sure... Maybe I should

"No, don't stop."

Nanyo pulls back, still teasingly as her hands move down to Becky's
hips, rubbing gently, trying to get the girl to feel desperate enough
to clench her thighs or cross them. "I ain't gonna do it if ya don't
want me too..."

Becky absentmindedly clenches her thighs and pleads with Nanyo. "No,
don't stop, please."

Nanyo puts a hand up to her ear and calls out, "What? I can't hear you!
Speak up!" Her hands now move toward the crotch of Becky's panties.

Becky repeats louder... "I said don't stop."

"Don't stop what?" teases Nanyo, as her hands start to move Becky's
panties over her tender labia and pubic mound.

Becky suddenly tenses hard at the touch to her pubic mound. "Ah! n-not

Nanyo laughs, and quickly moves her hand up to Becky's abdomen, asking,
"That felt good, didn't it, Becks?


"Yes, very, very good."

"And how does your bladder feel, Becks?" asks Nanyo, bending over to
kiss Becky's nipple now.

"Still tolerable..."

Nanyo grins, "Good... Cause I want you to hold it in as long as you
can..." She presses in slightly on Becky's abdomen as she adds, in a
whisper, "Try mine... see if you can make me pee before you..."

"Really? you have to go too?"

Nanyo nods, "Yeah.... so how about it? Ya up for a challenge?" She
winks seductively at Becky, kissing her nipple again.

"Sure." replies Becky as she smiles.

Nanyo grins, "Well then... you're gonna hafta touch me then..." She
reaches down and presses again on Becky's abdomen, though she doesn't
push nearly hard enough to force any out.

"I n-need my hands.." replies Becky.

Nanyo lets go of Becky's hands, "There... that better, sweetheart?"

Becky quickly places her left hand on her crotch and leans over to

Nanyo looks deeply into Becky's eyes, grinning, as she whispers,
"You're a lot like your sister inside, you know... and
together, the two of you make me wanna sex you both up so bad...

"Like Kimmie?" questions Becky.

"Yeah... you two are both SO DAMN FINE, it's hard to resist either of
your charms..." She cups Becky's labia, slightly rubbing the panties
against her tender folds.

Becky rolls herself onto Nanyo and sits on her upper thighs with her
hands lightly pressing on Nanyo's stomach. "What do you like about me
and Kimmie then?"

Nanyo grins, "I like the way you two act when near each other....
There's just something so special about sisters who really love each
other..." She reaches up and starts rubbing Becky's abdomen again.

Becky smiles, I do love Kimmie."

Nanyo grins, "And I bet you like to f*ck her, doncha? And make her wet
herself like I'm about to do to you?" She starts pressing in again on
Becky's abdomen.

Becky tenses for a quick moment. "Oh yes, I love it when Kimmie fu*ks

Nanyo laughs, "I know you do... and I know you like it when Starki does
this to you..." She pushes in a little harder on Becky's abdomen,
rubbing it gently with her other hand.

Becky groans for a moment before relaxing. "BTW, what does Starki mean?
It sounds nothing like Kimmie's name."

Nanyo explains, "It's a combination of Starr, her last name and Kim,
her first name... It's an old Ap Dat tradition..."

"Oh, so I'd be Starbe or something like that?" asks Becky giggling some
before groaning slightly and tensing.

Nanyo laughs, "I guess... or maybe, Starbeck... ya like that?"

"Heh, that's a funny name." smiles Becky.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... I think it best to call ya Becks... It sounds
better..." She starts massaging Becky's swollen abdomen now, leaning up
to kiss Becky's nipples again.

Becky tenses as she thrusts her chest into Nanyo's mouth, pushing her
stomach out a bit also.

Nanyo moans, "Oh yeah... Your nips are so delicious!" She begins to
suck hard on them, her hands coming down to Becky's abdomen and pushing
ever harder on it.

"your mouth feels good." moans Becky.

Nanyo groans through the sucking as she pushes her own stomach forward
slightly, dropping one hand into Becky's panties and caressing her
labia gently as her other hand pushes even harder on Becky's bladder.

Becky's body begins to shake slightly as she feels a strong urge to

Nanyo breathes harder and harder, her stomach now pushing and rubbing
slightly on Becky's navel as she slips a finger between Becky's labia,
lightly touching her urethral exit as she rubs the smaller
girl's bladder tenderly.

Becky suddenly backs off, both of her hands covering her navel, and her
groaning loudly.

Nanyo raises her eyebrows, asking, "What? What's wrong, Becks?"

"Ah, N-N-Nothing..." replies Becky blushing deeply.

Nanyo smirks, "BTW, Becks... is that your DP?" She touches Becky's
navel gently with her forefinger.

Becky tenses more and grips her crotch hard as she groans. "D-DP? W-
What's that?"

"Your Desperation Point.... Every girl I know has one... It's a place
that, when rubbed when the girl has a bladder 50% or more full, causes
that girl to pee regardless of whether or not she wants to pee..."

explains Nanyo.

"Ah!" Becky quickly tries to get to her feet, off of Nanyo.

Nanyo takes full advantage of Becky's haste and starts rubbing her
belly-button, using her legs to trip Becky up and rolling on top of the
smaller girl.

"No! S-Stop it! I gotta pee so fu*king bad!" Exclaim Becky trembling in
the effort to hold the urine back.

Nanyo keeps rubbing Becky's belly button, using her legs now to force
Becky's apart and prevent her from using them to aid in her control.
She grins, "Come on, now... Pee your panties! I want to see it SO BAD!"

Amazingly Becky holds on, but it's clear she won't last much longer.

Nanyo slides down to Becky's crotch, putting her mouth on Becky's mound
through her panties, licking the soft fabric of Becky's clothing as she
continuos to rub Becky's navel faster and harder.

Tears start to fall from Becky's eyes at the strain she putting her
body through to prevent her impending urination. Her body shaking so
hard it nearly feels like she's vibrating.

Nanyo whispers gently, her breath falling on Becky's tender folds,
"Come on, honey... let me see that gorgeous fluid of yours..." (TBC)

She rubs Becky's navel with more intensity as she rests her free hand
on Becky's labia inside her panties, spreading her clenched folds.

Becky suddenly screams loudly as she felt her hold flat out disappear,
and force her yellow fluid from her urethra in a high-pressured stream.
Becky screamed in relief as her panties were thoroughly drenched.

Nanyo clamps her lips on Becky's drenched panties, sucking up as much
of her fluid as she could, before pulling back, sighing, "Oh, HELL
YEAH! that's da good shtuff!"

Becky continued to pee as Breathed in relief.

Nanyo grins, "Guess I win, eh?"

"Huh?" replied Becky as her stream stared to die, her
panties with a yellow stain nearly reaching her waistband of her

"The Hold it Contest I mentioned... I held it longer... so,
naturally... I win..." laughs Nanyo.

"Dang, I forgot all about that."

Nanyo just laughs as she pulls the other girl into a big hug.

"Man, I totally drenched my panties."

Nanyo nods, "Yeah.... they're so wet.... " Then she gets a sneaky look
on her face as she whispers, "Hey, Becks... Dare ya to wear them back
to my hut!"

"What?! Are you crazy?!"

Nanyo teases, "What's a matter? Chicken?" She flaps her arms and makes
the sound of a chicken.

"Tch, fu*k yea I am." retorts Becky.

Nanyo frowns, getting to her feet, "Feh... damn cowards..." She starts
to walk away.

Becky removes her soiled panties, revealing her urine covered crotch.
"Looks like I'll just have to go without underwear
under my pants." states Becky as she gets to her feet.

Nanyo asks, "What pants?" She turns around, revealing that she is
holding Becky's pants and smirking.

"Hey, give those back."

Nanyo shakes her head, "Nuh-uh... If you want them..." She starts
floating just out of Becky's reach, "... You'll have to come and get
em... "

"I can't fly! this isn't fair, giv'em back!"

Nanyo laughs and starts to fly back to her home, calling and
taunting Becky by lowering the pants so that she can just barely brush
her fingertips on them before pulling back.

"Come on, don't do this!" pleads Becky as she chases her pants.

Nanyo just laughs.

To Be Continued In...
Pioneer 2, Suki's exam... and Sara...

Chapter 38

Title: Chapter 36: Pioneer 2, Suki's exam... and Sara...

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch... (I MEAN, Nanyo's house...)

Suki is standing on the roof again, staring out over the horizon. She
sighs heavily, thinking, "Why? Why did Hon'tyl show up now and not

Kim comes through a door and sees Suki. "Hey, what are you doing up

Suki looks behind her at Kim and sighs, "Nothing important, really... I
was just thinkin'...."

"What about?" states Kim as she joins Suki where she stands.

"Hon'tyl... and how she keeps ruining our special moments..."
replies the small girl.

"Oh, her." replies Kim.

"I don't know what to do any more...." admits Suki.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean.... I can't stand how she always tries to tear us apart,
Kimmie..." She starts sniffling and brings her small delicate hands up
to wipe her eyes free of tears that have suddenly appeared there.

"But we keep coming back to each other." smiles Kim.

"But... what if... the next time, one of us... dies?! I... I don't
think I would be able to take it if you or Nan'chi died!" She sniffs
louder and starts crying full force now.

"I wouldn't like to die again ether." replies Kim.

"T-That's why.... I... I think w-we need to end this... W-We need to
confront Hon'tyl... a-and kill her..... s-so that... w-we won't....
lose each other..."

She collapses into Kim's arms, wanting only to feel her warm embrace.

"I won't let anything happen to you Suki-chan, I promise." states Kim
as she places a hand on Suki's head.

"C-Can you? W-Will you be able to?" sobs the smaller girl.

"Yes, I will."

Suki whispers, "Then... will you hold me, just a little longer? Please,

"I'll hold you as long as you want." replies Kim lovingly.

As Suki remains in Kim's warm embrace, Sashi comes upstairs, telling
Kim, "Miss Kim, Mistress is on her way back... and I believe she is

At that moment, a pair of pants floats down into Kim's arms as a very
familiar laugh echoes above her.

"Huh? This are Becky's..." states Kim as she looks at the pants.

Sashi winces, "Uh-oh..." as Suki looks confused. At that moment,

Becky's angered voice could be heard nearing the exit to the roof.
"Nanyo, give me back my pants!"

Suki gasps, looking up at Nanyo. She admonishes, "Nan'chi! Quit playin'

"I'll give Becky's pants back to her." states Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "Sorry, Nisu... I just couldn't resist..." Suki puts her
head in her hands, groaning, "Oh, Nan'chi..."

Becky comes running up to the roof and Kim quickly throws her pants to
her. Becky quickly stops as she realizes she now has her pants. "Uh,
thanks Kimmie."

Nanyo lands in the middle of the other girls, scowling good-naturedly,
"Aw, Starki... Ya ruined the fun..."

"Hey, you guys want to become members of the Federation I work for
now?" suggests Kim. "Yeah, that would be great." states Becky putting
on her pandts.

Suki nods slowly as Sashi shrugs her shoulders and Nanyo punches the
air, "Hot damn, yes!"

"What about that kid? Is she coming with us?" asks Kim.

Sashi nods, "I will go and collect her... If we leave her
here, she will get into trouble..." She left the roof.

"Ok, I'll call my ship." states Kim as she materializes her
telecommunicator and presses a button.

Suki asks, "What is that thing, Kimmie? It looks
computery..." Nanyo laughs, "Technology... Ya gotta love it..."

"Huh? Oh yeah, you weren't with us when we went to Pioneer 2." states

"Pioneer 2? What is that?" asks Suki, looking nervous and anxious.

"It's a spaceship." replies Kim.

"A... Space.... Ship? B-But there's no water up there....? How does it
sail?" asks Suki, becoming even more confused.

"Oh my goodness. You don't know anything do you?" states Kim .

Suki looks around at Nanyo and Becky, before blushing shyly and looking
hurt, "I... I guess not..." she stammers.

a humming is then heard above them. "There's my ship." states Kim as
she looks up.

Suki looks up and sees Kim's ship, gasping, "I-It flies?! I-Is it like
an aeroplane?"

Becky sweatdrops and states. "You mean 'airplane'?"

Suki gasps, "Is that what they are called? I... I'm sorry..." She
blushes, looking embarrassed as Sashi returns, dragging Tisha, with a
disgruntled look on the time mage's face, behind her.

"Well, you guys ready?" asks Kim.

Sashi nods, as Nanyo gives a thumbs-up sign as Suki speaks softly, "O-

"I'll get Suki and Nanyo, you get Sashi and the girl Becky. Ok?" states
Kim. "Ok, Kimmie." replies Becky.

Nanyo wraps her arms around Kim's neck, grinning, "Can't bear to be
apart from me'n Nisu, eh?" She cops a quick feel of Kim's breasts as
she says this.

Kim just smiles at Nanyo. "Suki, you may feel disoriented at first
since this is your first time."

"D-Disoriented?!" questions Suki, looking nervous and anxious again.

"We're going to teleport into the ship."

"T-Teleport? W-What does that mean, K-Kimmie?"

"It's hard to explain. just hold on." states Kim as she
presses a button on her device and the three disappear inside the ship,
leaving Becky, Sashi and Tisha

Suki literally screams during the whole transport, then when she
reappears on Kim's ship, she drops to her knees, feeling dizzy and
panting heavily.

"The feeling will pass shortly." states Kim.

Suki gasps, "D-Does it always feel like that?" Nanyo sighs and helps
Suki back to her feet.

"Just the first few times, then you get used to it." at this time,
Becky, Sashi and Tisha appear in the ship.

Tisha sheirks, "Ayyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! What the flipping ding-dong
was that?!" She, too, falls to her knees like Suki did a moment ago.

"its called teleportation." states Becky.

Tisha mutters, "Dah, flip wilson! Can't ya give a girl some warning
before you pull that mess?! GAWD!"

Let's just go back home, huh Kimmie?" states Becky. "Ok, let's leave."
states Kim as she walks to the cockpit.

Nanyo and Sashi both make for the cockpit, wanting to help Kim pilot
the ship. Suki gets to her feet as Tisha does the same, neither one
knowing quite what to do at this point in time.

Kim sits in the sent and presses a few buttons causing the ship to move
towards the sky.

Sashi asks, "Miss Kim, Might I try a hand at piloting? I am...
intrigued after working on it..." Nanyo moves behind Kim's pilot seat,
wrapping her arms around Kim's neck, just wanting to be close to her

"Sashi, I'm going to be honest with you, no one besides Becky is
allowed to pilot my ship. As a matter of fact, If for some reason I'm
not in this ship and Becky is, she's in command." states Kim.

Sashi nods, "I see.... Then, should you need me, I will be with
Mistress..." She leaves the cockpit, moving to Becky's side and
standing there.

"Sashi, let's go to the back room." states Becky.

Sashi nods, "As you wish..." She follows Becky, leaving Suki and Tisha
standing out in the hallway.

"We'll be there shortly you two." states Kim.

Suki nods, "O-Okay, Kimmie..." She sits down on the floor, twiddling
her thumbs for lack of anything else to do as Tisha begins to a do a
little pee-dance.

The ship then enters space shortly afterwards.

Nanyo hugs Kim's neck gently as she asks, "So how fast is this baby,

Tisha begins to moan softly and wince as she continues her pee-dance.

"It can reach warp speed." states Kim smiling.

"Warp speed? The hell is that, some kinda disease?" questions Nanyo,
copping another feel of Kim's breasts.

Meanwhile, Sashi whispers to Becky, "Mistress... The brat has to go
potty... I can read her mind easily..."

"It's uber fast, I don't know the actual speed." replies
Kim. Becky grins. "If she hasn't said anything then it must not be too

Sashi explains, "But it is bad, Mistress... Otherwise, she would not
show it in her actions and in her mind... It must be bad for her..."

Nanyo grins, "Cool... wanna punch it up to warp speed sometimes, babe?"
She pinches Kim's right nipple teasingly.

I can't do that, the Pioneer 2 is right in front of us." states Kim.
"Let the girl suffer." laughs Becky.

Nanyo grins, "Somethin' wrong with enjoying pleasure, Starki-chan?"
Sashi blinks, "You want her to pee herself, Mistress?" Outside the
room, Tisha moans and groans as she clenches her thighs together.

"Huh? Oh sorry..." states Kim as she blushes slightly as she realizes
want Nanyo's hand is doing. "Heh, exactly." states Becky.

Nanyo slides her hand down across Kim's tummy, asking, "Ya ticklish,

Tisha continues her pee-dance as Sashi questions, "Would it not be more
fun to bring her in here and play with her body, Mistress?"

"Yeah, but not on my stomach." states Kim. "Nah, I want her to wet
herself like she is, just have the urge be too much for her and just
can't hold it anymore. 100% embarrassment."

Nanyo grins, "Then what about here, Starki-chan?" She starts rubbing
Kim's abdomen gently, tenderly. Sashi nods, "I see... do you wish to
watch her, Mistress?" Outside, Tisha is beginning to bounce up and
down, holding herself tightly.

"Doesn't tickle, but if does feel good." states Kim. "Yeah, lets watch

Nanyo smiles, "And how about now?" She pushes in slightly. Sashi moves
aside so that Becky can lead the way as, outside, Tisha begins to

"I don't have to pee if that's what your trying Nanyo." replies Kim
smiling. Becky goes to the door of the room and presses a button off to
the side causing the door to raise up slowly and quietly

Nanyo laughs, "That's okay... But just to be certain..." She crouches
down behind Kim and slides one hand up between Kim's thighs, tenderly
rubbing the left one.

Sashi peeks outside, seeing Tisha talking with Suki. The young time
mage asks, "Suki... is it? Where the ergotboguasdf is the
fasdofduawstdsal bathroom on this ship?!"

Suki simply shakes her head and blushes shyly as she crosses her own

"What are you doing that for?" asks Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Just checkin'... I wouldn't want you to pee yourself,
now, would I?" She slips a finger up to Kim's shorts and slides it
inside, rubbing the crotch of her panties.

"I doubt you'd be disappointed if I did." smiles Kim.

"True... but you'd prolly be embarrassed to be walking around with wet
panties and wet shorts, ne?" Nanyo slides her finger inside of Kim's
panties, gently stroking her pubic mound.

"It's not like I have more in the back room yanno."

Nanyo grins, "So you WANT to wet yourself, then, Starki-

"NO, I'm just saying if I did, I got clean clothes."

Nanyo grins, "Gotcha..." She pushes her finger down Kim's body to the
sensitive folds below and starts stroking tenderly.

"Hey, were almost there, can't you wait?"

Nanyo pouts, "Awwww...." as Tisha calls, "H-Hey, Where's the
werenasdf;l BATHROOM on this stupid ship?! I GOTTA PEE-PEE!"

"Just hold it in. we're there." states Kim.

Tisha moans, "Awh! B-But... I... I can't! I... It hurts!"

Kim then sighs. "I really don't feel like cleaning the floor ether
though..." states Kim to herself.

Tisha nearly screams, "Come ON! I... I GOTTA PEE-PEE SO BADLY NOW!"
There is the hint of pain and tears in her voice.

"Ok, ok, the bathroom is behind you to your left." states Kim.

Tisha cries, "THANKS!" and quickly dives in there as Suki half-
walks/half-hobbles up to Kim. "Um... There wouldn't be a second
bathroom on this ship, would there, K-Kimmie?"

"Nope, sorry, you'll just have to wait."

"O-Okay..." replies Suki, beginning to do a little pee-pee dance of her

Sashi turns to Becky and states, "My sister needs to pee too... Should
we watch or interfere?"

"Hmm, I just thought of something. all of you guys need to wearing
clean clothes. Kimmie is most likely going to take you to the principal
to get started on you guys membership."

Sashi protests, "But my contract clearly states I must be wearing the
same panties... How can we remedy the situation?"

"I forgot all about that. Hmm, how much of your panties are yellow?"

Sashi holds up her skirt, revealing that the crotch is yellowed, but
the majority is still kinda whitish.

"Hmm, this presents a problem..." states Becky appearing to think.

Sashi asks, "Does this mean I cannot join the Federation, Mistress?"

"No, you can still join, but they'll think you have weak bladder

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "I do not care what they think so long as
they allow me to become a member, Mistress..."

"Ok." replies Becky. Kim then calls out. "We're here, let's get out and
I'll take you guys to meet my boss."

Suki, still crossing her thighs, whimpers softly, but follows Kim as
Nanyo falls into step behind her. Tisha and Sashi follow Becky as well.

The group teleports out into the hanger. "We just go to the teleporter
over there about 5 yards away." states Kim as she points to her left.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... didn't we take that one before, Starki-chan?"

"Yeah, it's the way out of the hanger." replies Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Let's go!" as Suki taps Kim on the back, "Um, is there a
restroom nearby, Kimmie... I really gotta go..."

"Just hold it a little longer, ok Suki?" replies Kim.

Suki whines, "I.. I'll try... b-but I don't know... how much longer I
can hold it..."

"Good, it won't take that long. Let's go." The group then stands in the
teleporter and disappears into a large room standing in a much larger

Nanyo gasps, "Geezus... this a big room, ya?" Tisha also remarks,
"Gawd... What'd they keep in here, King Kong?"

"It's one of the main teleporters. it can take you to just about
anywhere and transport a large amount of people or things." explains
Becky. Kim then states "Principal's office." and a computerized voice
answers... "CONFIRMED." the group once again teleports into a smaller
room with a long white walkway ending near the center of the room. The
room is sphere shaped and the ceiling appears to be glass as the
vastness of space can be seen. At the middle of the room, three desks
sit in the circled area, all three sits at the edge of the floor. with
a female at the right desk, a male at the left one and a nicely dressed
man sits at the center desk. All three turn their attention to the
group that's just appeared.

"You guys wait here. OK?" states Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Okay..." as Suki squirms and bounces. Tisha frowns, "More
waiting?! Man, this sucks..."

"Just bear with me Suki, I'll make it quick." Kim then teleport to the
middle of the room and starts to converse with the man at the middle

Nanyo turns to Becky and asks, "So who are those people, Becks?"

Sashi sighs, "Seems like a lot of red tape if you ask me..."

"The one in the middle is the one me and Kimmie work for, the other guy
is our boss' assistant, the girl is his secretary." explains Becky.

Nanyo asks, "And what do you do, persay? I mean, I know Starki's a
hunter... but what do you do?"

"I'm a hunter too." smiles Becky.

"Really? What is it that you hunt?"

Becky begins to open her mouth but Kim teleports back to
the group. "Ok, come on its ok now." states Kim.

Suki whines, "K-Kimmie... I.... I can't hold it... I... I'm starting to
lose it!"

"Suki come on, not now. Just a little longer, please." states Kim.

Suki whines and squirms harder, clutching herself tightly as she tries
to follow Kim.

"Thank you Suki." The group then walks to the middle of the room. Kim
steps forward and specks to the man. "Sir, these are the four I
mentioned to you."

The man walks in front of his desk. "Hmm, I see. The four of you, stand
in front of me in a line so i can get a good look at you." states the

Nanyo winks and gives a lusty look as Tisha and Sashi stand really
stiff, like at attention, as Suki squirms and presses her thighs
together, blushing darkly.

The man steps in front of Nanyo. "What is your full name?"

Nanyo replies, "Nanyo Chiamaki... and doncha dare call me Chi-Chi-

"I see, and how do you defend yourself? What can you do?"

Nanyo grins, "Wanna see my big ass sword?"

"That won't be necessary, thank you." the man then walks to Tisha,
looking down to her. "What is your full name?"

Tisha replies, "Tisha...." She looks from side to side, then whispers,
".... Fomhot..." Then she blushes, clearly showing that she doesn't
want anyone to know her last name.

"And what can you do little one?"

"I... I can control time for as long as my chi holds out..." replies

"Hmm, interesting." replies the man before walking to Sashi. "And your
full Name?"

"Sashi Lee Nihon...." answers the taller slave girl.

"and your abilities?"

"Strong mental telepathy and telekinesis and super speed..."

The man suddenly frowns. "Telepathy huh? I'm going to make this very
clear to you. you are not permitted to ever, I repeat, EVER use that
power in public or you will be killed on sight. Do you understand?"

"Understood." replies Sashi dully.

"Good." the man then walks to Suki. "And your full name is?

Suki trembles, both from her urges and her timidness, "S-Suki.. N-

"Is something wrong? Your shaking." states the man. Kim, who's standing
behind the four, pleads in her head. 'Come on Suki, just a little
longer, just a little longer...'

Suki blushes, "I... I'm embarrassed... b-but.. I... I godda PEE!" she
wails, a short burst escaping her lips, causing her panties to receive
a one inch circular wet spot on them.

A quick laugh leaves the mans lips. "I see, well we're nearly done
here. Just one more question, What powers or abilities do you have?"

Suki clenches up, still fighting her bladder as she replies, "I... I
have red magic.. a-and summons.... OOH-OOH!"

"Good..." the man then walks in front of the four. "Miss Chaimaki,
Fomhot, and both Nihon's, you will now take a physical examination." he
then looks at Suki. "You will be able to use a restroom."

Suki blushes, looking shyly down at her feet, mumbling, "O..Okay..."
Nanyo grins, "Lead the way!"

"The teleporter behind me, each of you enter it one at a time. you will
be taken to an exam room. I look forward to each of you passing."

Nanyo nods, "ME FIRST!" and enters the teleporter.

"Let, Miss Suki enter the teleporter next so she can use the bathroom."
states the man.

Nanyo frowns, "Awww.... ok... but I'm NEXT! ^^"

Suki walks forward and enters the teleporter, asking meekly, "Where are
you going to send me?"

"To the examination room, there's a rest room there. just ask the
person you meet there." states the man.

Suki nods, "O-Okay... T-Thank you..." She bows respectfully.

the scene now changes to show Suki appearing in an exam room, complete
with everything a person would need in a physical exam, including the
'infamous bed' lol

Suki speaks up, "Um, is anyone there? I... I need to use the
restroom..." She looks around, trying to find someone to help her.

A lady dressed in a white coat, blue hair and small glasses comes
around a corner. "Hello, and your name is?" asks the lady nicely.

"IgoddapeesobadI'mwettingmypanties!" cries the small girl.

"My, that's a mouthful. Do you have anything shorter?"

"SorryI'mSukiwhere'sthebathroomIgoddapeebeforeIwetmypanties! " replies
the (poor?) girl thrashing about frantically as another short spurt
escapes her numb urethra.

"Can you talk slower? i can't understand you. I want to help."

"AHHHHHHHHH!" screams the little girl, suddenly peeing hard into her
panties and all over the floor, her bladder emptying itself in droves
for nearly 1 minute.

"Oh my, that's why you were so tense. I'm so sorry."

Tears appear in Suki's eyes as she whines, "Oh no...! I'.... I've done
it... I've wet myself... I... I'm so sorry! I... I just couldn't hold
it anymore! G-Gomen nasai!"

"Hey, it's ok. It's my fault. I'll go get you something to clean
yourself ok?" states the lady.

Suki sniffs, "O... Okay...."

"I'll be back shortly." states the lady as she leaves the area and out
of sight.

Suki pulls her drenched panties off, pulling her skirt down slightly to
make sure no one can see under it and deposits her panties on the
floor, hoping no one can see them.

The lady returns holding a small towel. "Here."

Suki replies, "Th-Thank you.... I... mean.... Arigato!" She bows
respectfully and turns around, drying herself off.

"After your dry, I'll need you to remove your clothes."

Suki gasps, "NANI?!"

"This is a complete physical, don't worry, only for the exam, nothing

Suki gulps, "O-Okay... Al-Alright then..." She blushes heavily as she
begins to remove her top.

The lady waits patiently

After Suki removes her top, her fingers tremble as she removes her bra,
showing off her 32-A breasts to this stranger.

"The skirt too."

Again, Suki blushes as her fingers tremble, but she does as ordered,
revealing her tender labia to the woman.

"Good, we can begin..." states the lady as she removes a thin glove
from her coat pocket and puts it on her right hand.

Suki asks, her voice trembling worse than her body, "Wh-What are y-you
g-going to do?"

the lady smiles, "Don't worry, if anything, you'll enjoy it." states
the woman as she places her left hand on Suki's right

Suki looks unconvinced, but decides not to ask questions.

"If it makes it easier for you, my name it Si (pronounced 'Sigh')."

"O-Ok... M-Mine name is Suki... S-Suki Nihon..."

"That's a pretty name." states Si as she places her gloved hand on
Suki's right breast, and kneads the flesh there.

Suki sucks in a deep breath, letting it out in a low hiss, "Y-You r-
really think so?"

"That ones fine..." states Si to herself before replying to Suki.
"Yeah, it really is. I never heard that name before." Si now switches
breasts and repeats the kneading of Suki's left breast.

Her breast swelling slightly with arousal that makes Suki blush, she
asks, "And why have you never heard that one, before, Miss Si?"

Si smiles, "No ones had the name." she removes her hand from her
breasts. "Well your breasts are fine."

Suki asks, "Is there any reason they shouldn't be?"

"No, just making sure. Does this hurt?" states Si as she prods Suki's
stomach with her fingers.

Suki suddenly yawns, "No... but it does make me feel sleepy every time
someone touches me there... I've been told it's something about my mana
or something..."

"Oh, well i can't have you sleeping on me. Go lay on the bed over
there." states Si referring to the bed to Suki's right.

Suki nods, "Ok..." and moves to the bed, hopping up on it, then leaning
back as per the order.

"Great." states Si as she walks around the bed to Suki's right side.
"I'm going to need you to spread your legs."

Suki blushes, but remembers that this is for Kim and does so.

"I know this must be embarrassing but just bear with me." Si then
inserts her index and middle finger into Suki's vagina.

Suki feels her tight vagina spread apart and sweat appears on her
forehead as she moans, "Ooh... that's... really... tight..." She
squeezes her eyes shut, trying to block out the pleasure.

Si then runs her fingers over the walls of Suki's vagina slowly.

Suki moans louder and louder in pleasure as she begins to secrete her
girlish fluids.

Si then giggles. "I didn't I say you might like it?"

Suki blushes and whines, "I... I can't help it.... I... I can't control
it..." Her unique scent now begins to fill the room.

"Well it's too bad I need to continue the exam." states Si as she
removes her fingers.

Suki gasps, "Oh... awh.... It was f-feeling... r-really good... t-
too..." Then she blushes at what she just said.

"Ok, this part every one hates, turn over to your hands and knees and
stick out your rear end." states Si.

Suki gasps, "Y-You're not gonna stick anything in there, are you? I-It
is supposed to be a sacred place for the Ap Dat..."

"Sacred or not, if must be done..." states Si as she removes a very
thin silver rod from her coat pocket.

Suki whines, "It has to be done to be a member?"

"yes, I don't nessacarly enjoy this part ether."

Suki sighs and gets into position, bracing herself for the penetration
she KNOWS is coming.

Si then placed her left hand on Suki's left cheek of her butt. "Here it
comes..." she then inserts the thin rod into Suki anal opening, slowly
going deeper and deeper.

Suki grits her teeth, biting on her tongue as she tenses hard, trying
her hardest to not jump up and fight back.

After the rod enters two inches, Si pats Suki's left cheek. "Your doing
really good. I'm proud of you for easily cooperating."

Suki whines, "I... I'm trying... but.. it's so cold... a-and that was
supposed to be my last area of virginity..." She squirms slightly,
though it is apparent that she is trying to control herself.

"Well, as a compliment, you seem to keep yourself clean down here."

Suki blushes, "I-Isn't everyone that clean?"

"I wish they were..." states Si trailing off.

Suki chooses not to question that, not really wanting to know why.

"Ok, this is done." states Si as she pulls the rod out.

Suki relaxes, sighing in relief. Then she asks, "What is all this for,
anyway, Miss Si?"

"It's for your membership silly. This is almost done anyway, you can
stand back up now."

A while later, Suki appears back in the Principals office, her friends
gone except for Kim, who greets her upon reappearing in the room.
"Heya, How'd it go?"

Suki blushes and replies softly, "I peed myself... then I had a breast
exam and something metal inserted into my... my.... you know... " Here
she pats her rear end.

"Oh, well now it's time for your physical test."

"T-Test?!" exclaims Suki.

"Correct." states Kim's boss to Suki's left. "You must prove that you
are able to defend yourself when under attack."

Suki gulps, "O-Okay...."

"Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but you use magic right?"
states the man.

"Y-Yes sir.. I.. I do...".

The man holds his left hand out and a long staff with a small curved
photon blade. "This is yours. While nearly useless for
close range combat, it will amplify your magic power."

Suki asks, "It's cool-looking... how do I use it?"

"Simply holding it will amplify your power. Of yeah, Starr there will
not be going with you."

Suki gulps, "O-Okay... Wh-Where will I be defending myself?"

"Heh, don't worry, you will meet someone and the start of
the area. Your going to be going to the planet Ragol."

Suki gulps, "O-Okay..."

"Seeya Suki, come back alive ok?" states Kim.

Suki gasps, "What do you mean, come back alive?!"

"Good luck miss Nihon." states Kim's boss before Suki suddenly
disappears and reappears in a big clearing with a few streams running
through the ground.

Suki looks around, looking timid but alert as she mutters, "Now WHAT?
Who am I suppose to meet here?"

in the distance Suki suddenly spots a female figure standing, appearing
to be waited.

Suki sees her and begins to walk toward, calling out, "Hey... Are you
who I'm supposed to meet?!"

The person doesn't respond for some reason but as Suki gets closer and
closer, she can notice dozens of birds laying on the ground on there
back, obviously dead. from behind, this person looks eerily close to
the way Kim looks. Long hair and all, however, she wears a totally
version of what Kim wears.

Suki calls out, "Kimmie?! Is that you?"

The girl disappears in a black aura Suki is suddenly floored as she
feels a force punch her. the girl stands to the side of Suki, her face
hidden by her hair. "Don't you ever call me that again."

Suki cries out, "OW! That really hurt!" Tears of pain come to her eyes
as she calls, "K-Kimmie? Wh-Why did you hit me?!"

The girl reaches down to Suki and picks her up by her neck and off the
ground. The girls face now visible to Suki.

It looks to be Kim except a long thin scare goes across the girls face
and her eyes red. "I said don't call me that!"

Suki gulps and gags, "O-Ok... I... I'm sorry! I... I mistook you for my
friend! P-Please let me go!"

"A friend? you call that bit*h your friend?" states the girl.

Suki looks afraid now, "I-Is there a reason I shouldn't?"

The girl suddenly smiles evilly, a look that fits her
perfectly. "I could kill you and she'd never know..."

Suki gasps, "No!" and immediately swings the rod like object into the
other girl's head.

The girl suddenly laughs and drops Suki to the ground. "Pathetic, a
weakling like you wouldn't even be worth killing."

Suki flushes, "I... I'll show you how weak I am!" She closes her eyes
and begins chanting in Ap Dat. A few seconds later, she thrusts out her
free hand, screaming, "FIRA!"

A small blaze of fire shoots from her hand and surrounds the other

The girl laughs. "you can't hurt me."

Suki gasps, "No way... resistant to fire...? How about..." She chants
softly then screams, "Blizzara!"

"What do you do all day? sit around and fu*k yourself? I'm not even
feeling anything. Maybe I should just put you out of your misery."

Suki cries, "OH YEAH! Try this!" She chants her spell one more time,
only this time she ends with, "FENRIR!" A wolfish creature barrels out
from behind her and Suki hops onto it's back as she charges toward the

The girl suddenly grabs the neck of the wolf-like creature and it
immediately disintegrates. and Suki drops to the ground. "You won't
run, at least your brave."

Suki gasps, "Fe-Fenrir! No!"

"Heh, I'm not going to teach test someone who knows that bit*h. Tell
them to get some else." states the girl as she walks back to the
teleport back in the clearing and teleports. leaving Suki.

Suki, stunned, walks back to the teleporter and disappears
from the planet.

Suki reappears in the principals office and Kim has also left. "I'm
sorry Miss Nihon, I should not have giving that job to that girl. are
you ok?" asks Kim's boss.

Suki gasps, "She really was gonna kill me...."

"I've assigned a better teacher for you. Would you be so kind as to
return to Ragol?"

Suki gulps, "Do-Do I have to?"

"I assure you, your event Sara will not be repeated."

Suki sighs, "O-Okay...." She steps back on the platform.

Suki teleports again, returning to the area. a redheaded girl now
greets her." Hello there!" states the girl cheerfully.

Suki asks, "I... I'm trying to become a member of the Federation... My
name is Suki Nihon... What is yours?"

"It's Suu, Nice to meet ya." Suu extends her right hand.

Suki reaches out her hand and shakes Suu's. Then she asks, "So what do
we have to do out here?" She indicates the planet.

"I just have to test you on a few things. follow me." states Suu as she
runs off away from Suki.

Suki follows Suu, asking, "Is it okay if I fly? I'm so terri-AH!" Suki
cries out as she trips and falls down.

"No, no flying. you see that monster in the distance about 7 yards

Suki looks and nods, "Yeah... I see it... Are those claws sharp?" She
trembles slightly.

"Yeah, very. I want you to go kill it."

Suki gulps, "O-Okay..." She moves to within 1 yard of the monster and
begins chanting a fire spell.

The Booma sees Suki and growls.

Suki then casts her "Fira" spell on it and watches as the fire
surrounds the creature.

The creature wails in pain a moment before slowly stepping towards

Suki backs away slowly, chanting another spell.

The creature continues its slow advancement.

Suki screams, "Thundara!" and three small bolts of Lightning hit the

the Booma screams in pain as it falls over dead. Suu runs up behind
Suki excited. "Good, good! that was perfect!" states Suu.

Suki smiles, "S-So that... monster... was weak against Thunder?"

"Weak against fire actually, you must've weakened it
enough to the point one more spell killed it. but don't get to cocky,
fighting one is easy, it's when there in groups that make them deadly."

Suki gulps, "O-Okay... What's next?"

"A group of course."

Suki looks around, "Ok... where do we start looking?"

"let's go to the middle of the area..."

Suki nods and follows Suu.

once in the middle. Suu brandishes two swords, similar to
Kim's except icy blue in color. "Get ready."

Suki twirls her rod like a cheerleader and a grim look comes to her
face. "I'm ready..."

All of a sudden, 6 Booma's come up from the ground and growl at the two

Suki immediately closes her eyes and begins chanting.

"Let the fun begin!" states Suu happily as she charges the three
creatures in front of her.

Suki nods and screams, "Fira!", casting a fire spell on the three
behind her and immediately diving into another spell chant.

Suu immediately kills the three Booma's in one fluid motion, while
Suki's fire hurts one of the three but the two unhurt ones continue
there advancement. "You better get the other ones too." states Suu.

Suki nods and screams, "FIRA!" causing flames to rise up around the
other two at the same time.

"Nice, watch that middle one." warns Suu as the middle Booma is
suddenly a yard from Suki and closing.

Suki then spins her rod and jams it right between the Booma's eyes,
hitting it for all she's worth, and fortunately, knocking it out
without killing it.

"Good, but you should distance yourself from them since you use
spells." states Suu.

Suki nods, breathless, "Yeah... I'm more a back row fighter... but
there was no where to run this time..." She looks slightly drained.

"Hey, you knocked down one but there's two more about too hit you!"
states Suu quickly as the two other creatures are a half a yard from
her almost in striking distance.

Suki screams and a sudden burst of light covers her as she screams,
"Firaga!" A big pillar of flame rises up and incinerates the Booma duo.
When the monsters are dead, Suki slumps down, exhausted.

"Nice, so you see. even though there easy to kill, when there in groups
they can be trouble."

Suki whines weakly, "Y-yeah... can we go back now? I... I'm
exhausted... th-that last Fira really took it out of me..."

"Ok we can-" Suu stops as she suddenly hears a wolf like growl. "Uh
oh... We got company."

Suki looks up, "Hmmm? Wh-What was that, Suu?"

Suddenly three big blue and white wolfs jump from the bushes and circle
the two girls. "Crap, Suki, what ever you do, don't let them see your
back. they attack the moment they side your back."

Suki trembles, "O-Okay..." She puts her back to Suu so that both girls
are standing back to back.

"There weak to thunder, so once I give the signal we both attack the
same one, ok?"

Suki pants, "O... Okay..." She closes her eyes and prepares her chant.

"One... two... three, NOW!" exclaims Suu as she slices the air with her
right sword and a 3 simotanious bolts of lightning its a wolf.

Suki screams, "Thundara!" and three more bolts strike the other two

"I said attack the same one, but that's ok. I'll finish them off."

Suki gasps, "I... I'm sorry... I.. I didn't hear that part..." She
blushes and begins to prepare another thunder spell.

"fly up into the air, I'll finish this." states Suu as her swords
disappear and a huge two-handed sword (think cloud) appears in her

Suki jumps into the air as per Suu's request and hovers at about 200
feet, watching the action unfold beneath her.

As soon as Suki flies up, exposing Suu's back to one of the wolfs who
immediately growls and jumps toward her. "Heh, dumb animal.." smiles
Suu as she spins around and cleaves the wolf in two in mid jump. the
two others jump and meet the same fate as Suu effortlessly spins the
sword around.

Suki gasps, "Wow! That's amazing! You're really strong, Miss Suu!" She
tries to land carefully, but winds up tripping on a branch behind her
and falls on her butt.

"Yeah, but Kimberly's much stronger than me." replies Suu.

Suki gulps, getting to her feet, "I... I guess I'm lucky that she's
going to enter the Fa'lin ceremony with me instead of fighting me..."

"Huh? You know Kimberly?" asks Suu surprised.

"You weren't referring to Kimmie Starr?" gasps Suki, suddenly flushing
in embarrassment. "I... I'm sorry..."

"No, I was, I mean, she's your friend or something?"

Suki blushes, suddenly staring at her feet as she mumbles, "S-She's my

"Lover? But I saw her with that other girl. Dang, so Kimberly's got
more than one girl? Heh, that lucky girl." states Suu smiling.

"Was the other girl... a red haired girl?" asks Suki, feeling a slight
pang of jealousy.

"Yeah, I think her name was Nanyu or something."

A smile spreads across Suki's face as she replies, "Oh... Nan'chi.. Y-
Yes... She's my other lover... All three of us are going to be together

"A threesome? Kimberly is a little freak huh?" states Suu giggling.

Suki shakes her head, "No... We're an Oln'tyl... We aren't really
freaks... are we?" She looks a little sad.

"Hey, hey, I didn't mean that in a bad way."

"Th-Then... are you saying you understand?" asks Suki.

"Yeah, I understand. anyway, the test is over, lets head back."

Suki nods, "O-Okay..." She follows Suu.

They walk back to the teleporter and return to the
office. Suu walks to the Principal. "The test was a success, Suki even
stayed calm when we were ambushed." states Suu.

"That's good to hear, you are dismissed." states the man. Suu then
leaves. "Miss Nihon..." calls the principal.

Suki replies, "Y-Yes, Mr..." then she falls silent, not knowing what to
call this person.

"From this moment on you are to address me as 'sir', understand?"

Suki nods, "Yes, sir..."

"Now, to give you this..." states the man as he hands Suki a thin ID-
like card.

Suki looks at the card and sees.....

her own reflection, yet its also see-through. "That card is proof of
your membership, and serves as a means for buying things. There are
5000 credits on the card to use as you see fit." states the man.

Suki bows respectfully and replies, "Thank you, sir."

"and one final thing..." states the man as her takes from his desk 1 of
4 PDA-like devices. "This telecommunicator is yours."

Suki questions, "How do I use it, sir?"

"Simply touch the screen and a few windows will pop up from the device.
Then touch a screen that has what you what. It's like a hand-held
computer, except you use your fingers to make the selections."

Suki nods and replies, bowing again, "Thank you, sir."

"Starr has requested meeting with you. we will send you to her room

Suki nods, "O-Okay... Th-Thank you very much, sir."

Suki disappears once again and reappears in a room that looks much like
a living room, complete with couches, a TV set, a lamp here and there
and a few doors leading to other rooms. But Kim doesn't seem to be in
this room.

Suki, timidly, calls out, "K-Kimmie...? Are you in here?" She starts
looking around.

Kim voice can be heard from behind a nearby door. "Suki? your here?
Hold on a sec, I'll be right out."

Suki replies, "O-Ok... C-Can I sit down on one of the couches? I... I
feel a little drained...."

"Sure, Make yourself at home."

Suki then walks to the nearest couch and sits down upon it, resting her
hands in her lap, still looking nervous and timid.

a moment later, Kim comes out of the room and sits next to Suki. "So,
what happened? Tell me how it went!" Kim seems really interested in
hearing how Suki's test went.

Suki describes the test in full detail; she talks about the first girl
Sara, and how she hit her then she goes on to talk about her
experiences with Suu. She ends by saying, "And Miss Suu seemed to know
you, Kimmie."

"Sara? You... met Sara?" asks Kim looking as though she doesn't want to
believe Suki.

Suki nods, "Yeah... she was the one who hit me here.." She indicates
the spot where Sara hit her, where a bruise is starting to form.

"Suki, can you describe what she looks like?" Kim's happy tone has
obviously left her voice.

Suki describes everything she remembers about Sara, which is obviously
a lot.

"So, you really did meet her..." states Kim as she stands up slowly.

Suki asks, "Why does she hate you so much, Kimmie? What could you have
done to incite such hatred?"

"i was the favorite..." states Kim lowly.

"Favorite? You mean.... she's your sister?!" asks Suki, incredulously.

"That's... one way of putting it..." replies Kim.

"Wow... S-So you both.... and you were the favorite.... s-so....
man.... she's not going to try to kill you, is she?"

"Actually, she's vowed to kill me."

"No! That can't be true! .... Can it?" asks Suki, tearfully.

"Yes, if it wasn't for her weakness, I'd already be dead."

"A-And what's that, Kimmie? What's her weakness?" asks Suki, trembling
in fear.

"She can't kill someone who doesn't fight back. Heh, as full of hatred
as she is she still has honor." replies Kim smiling.

"S-So... as long as you don't fight back, she won't kill you?"


Sara's voice is then heard in the room. "She's a coward! That's all she

Suki gasps in shock and huddles closer to Kim, feeling really scared

A dark figure appears from a suddenly dark corner of the room. and Sara
walks next to the two. "I have no weakness, I just don't kill a
coward." states Sara.

Suki gasps, "H-How d-did you do that?!" and huddles closer to Kim,
shielding Kim's heart with her own body.

"She's not human Suki." states Kim. "Heh, da*n right I'm not. Why don't
you tell her why?" replies Sara. Kim looks away and remains silent.

Suki asks, "Kim? Please tell me... Please?"

"I'll tell you myself-." states Sara before being cut off by Kim. "No!
Don't tel-" begins Kim before her right arm is suddenly ripped from the
metal base holding it in place. Kim still screams in pain. "Don't
interrupt me bit*h!" states Sara.

Suki screams, "AHHHHHHH!" and suddenly she glows bright purple as a
shell forms around Kim and her body, trying to give Kim enough time to
put her arm back on.

"Don't bother trying to put it pack on, I ripped it right out. That
ones not going back on even if you tried. Now, back to my statement,
that bit*h killed me."

Suki cries, "NO! I DON'T BELIEVE YOU! GO AWAY!" The shell starts
expanding, pushing Sara further and further away from Kim and Suki.

"More of your weak magic?" laughs Sara as she then places her hand on
the shell and it gains a black coloring. "Suki, don't fight back. As
long as you do she has now problem killing you." states Kim.

Suki's eyes water briefly, then suddenly she passes out in Kim's lap,
breathing heavily.

Sara then walks to Kim. "Please, just leave." states Kim looking to the
floor. Sara then grasps Kim by the neck and lifts her off the floor.

"I'll leave for good when I kill you, just fight back and let me end
your life." states Sara.

Suki falls to the floor, still breathing heavily.

"I may not want to kill a non combative person, but it won't stop me
from hurting them." smiles Sara.

Suki moans weakly and starts to come to.

"Heh, you want the same scare I gave that little
incestuous girl?" asks Sara.

"Please don't." pleads Kim. Sara smiles as she releases Kim leaving her
suspended in the air before turning her around, her back facing Sara.
Kim's top is suddenly ripped from her body, her bare back exposed to

Suki moans, "Owweeeee.... I... I feel so exhausted.... and drained....
and my head hurts.... Oh this ground is nice and cold.... "

Sara's right hand now glows with a dark energy. "Just so ya know, This
is going to hurt like hell." laughs Sara. "Don't do this, please." begs

Suki mumbles, "That's it, Kimmie... just let it go...."

Sara raises her right hand over her left shoulder. "Here it comes..."

Sara sadistically as she then swiftly sends her hand across Kim's back
and a long black cut is made. Causing Kim to scream from the hellish
pain. "A scream of pain, there's nothing like that sweet sound..."
smiles Sara.

Suki mumbles, "Did it hurt that bad, Kimmie? Your bladder is too

"That girl screamed the same way you did when I did that to her. I like
being in the physical world, I must thank you for that... sister." Sara
then laughs as she disappears in a black cloud of smoke. "I'll be back,
and next time, that girl there will give me her best scream..." echoes
Sara's voice.

Kim then drops back to the floor. the cut she has no blood coming from
it but a black 'aura' emits from the wound. despite this, Kim gets to
her feet and kneels next to Suki and places a hand on her shoulder

Suki moans, "Kimmie? Have you lost it yet?" She seems stuck in her

"Suki, wake up." states Kim shaking Suki.

Suki's eyes finally open as she moans, "Owwwiee.... Wh-Where am I?" She
slowly starts to sit up.

"My room, My... sister came."

Suki looks up, declaring, "Oh yeah... Sara... ow... why am I on the
cold floor?"

"you passed out..."

Suki grumbles, blushing, "Ow... I... I'm sorry, Kimmie... I... How

"I need a new arm now..." states Kim as she stands up.

Suki gets up to her feet as well, and asks, "You... have replacement

"No, and Sara damaged the base as well. Oh well, I need a new one
anyway." replies Kim as she turns around, exposing her back to Suki.

Suki murmurs, "There some sort of blackness on your back, too,

"I know..." states Kim.

"Is it painful, Kimmie?" asks Suki, concerned for her lover's health.

"Yes, very, but there's nothing you can do."

Suki pouts, "Awww... If only I knew an Esuna spell... Those heal

"I'm going to go get fix, you stay here, ok?"

Suki nods but asks, "What should I do if Sara comes back?"

"Don't fight her, if you do that, she won't kill you. I'm sorry I
couldn't give you any better advice.""

"O-Okay... Hurry back, Kimmie!" calls Suki as she flops down on one of
the couches and rests.

"K, seeya." replies Kim as she teleports out.

Suki yawns and rests on the couch for a few minutes, before getting up.
She thinks, "This is a nice place... I guess Kimmie wasn't lying when
she said she was rich... I wonder how much money she makes... Must be a

A moment later Suki can hear the door to Kim's room sliding up.

Suki immediately tenses and jumps behind the couch nearest to the door,
prepared to try to hide from Sara if that is her.

To Be Continued In...
Sara's Strangeness, From One Extreme to Another

Chapter 39

Title: SIDE FIC 3: The Sadistic Sister pt 1 - The Return


Becky slowly opened her eyes to darkness. She didn't feel any solid
object on her body, finding herself completely suspended in the air.
Although darkness was surrounding her, Becky looked down at her body to
see that it as visible as if in direct sunlight. The girl could also
see that she didn't have on a single piece of clothing on. Becky was
suspended in the air, arms spread out, naked.

"Where am I?" questioned Becky into the darkness.

She was answered by a familiar voice.

"Your in your mind." replied the female voice.

"My... mind? So, I'm dreaming?" asked Becky.

The sound of footsteps then entered the small girl's ears. Then, a
figure came into Becky's sight in front of her, it was a female, long
black hair of waist length. The girl looked identical to another girl
Becky knew very well.

"Kimmie?" questioned Becky.

"You'd like to think so wouldn't you?" replied the girl as she was
suddenly illuminated similar to Becky.

Except for a long thin scar across the girl's face, she looked exactly
like Kimberly, Becky's adopted older sister. This girl wore the same
vest and shorts Kimberly does but black instead of white, her eyes were
also a red color.

"Your, not Kimmie? You look just like her."

The girl suddenly smiles evilly, a look that fits her perfectly, before
swiftly punching Becky in the side of the face.

"OW! What did you do that for?!" exclaims Becky shocked at the girl's

"Your torment begins now." smiles the girl as she follows with a second
punch to the other side of the girl's face.

"OW! Stop it!"

Blood had now started to trail down the side of the young girl's face.

"No, you're going to suffer. I'm going to bring you to the brink of
death, fix you up and do it again." replies the girl.

"So you invaded my mind just to hurt me?"

"Exactly, your the first victim, then that bit*h."

"Your talking about Kimmie aren't you?"

"Heh, yes." replies the girl as she punches Becky a third time.

"OW! How original..." states Becky.

"What do you mean by that?" asks the girl mildly curious.

"The 'invade someone's mind and torture' thing has been done before.
Jeez, I think 'someone's' seen to many Freddie movies."

The girl smirks before Becky's left arm, just above the elbow, is
suddenly sliced right off by seemingly nothing. Her cut arm falls to
the ground as she screams in pain, blood spurting from the cut. The
other girl places her right hand over Becky's mouth to muffle her

"You'd best hold your tongue girl, I won't tolerate that kind of talk."

The girl turns Becky's head to the serious cut.

"Look at that, see how the blood just spurts out? It's so beautiful..."

The girl simply looks at the blood flowing about for about 3 minutes,
almost entranced by the sight. After that time, the girl then looks
back to Becky's crying face and see her eyes started to droop closed
from the continuing loss of blood she's suffering.

"You feel it don't you? That emptiness, the feeling of everything
around you fading away. You know what comes next don't you?" states the
girl smiling as she still covers Becky's mouth but gently wraps her
right hand around her neck.

Becky was too weak to give even the slightest reply. She did indeed
feel herself fading away...

"Your death is next, and if a kill you in your mind, you'll die
physically too. Now normally, it would take some time before your
feeling like your about to die from a simple chopped off arm, but I can
make your body think that it's lost a tremendous amount of blood when
actually, it's only a small amount. It's so effective that you could
die in a matter of minutes from an injury that you'd take about an hour
to die from."

The girl removed her hand from Becky's mouth, the small girl's breathes
came very slow. The pain of her missing arm still attacking her fading
senses. Becky also was starting to turn pale.

"But don't you worry, I'm not going to let you die. At least, not yet
anyway. Now, I want you to turn your attention to you arm on the floor

Becky does so and sees her arm on the ground, it had stopped bleeding
from the cut but it too was turning pale and dying.

"Would you like it back?" asks the girl.

"... Yes..." replies Becky weakly.

"Ok then..."

A moment later, Becky's arm disappeared and reappeared reattached to
the other end of her arm. She gasped in a deep breath as her life
returned to her body suddenly, the paleness of her skin gone as well.

"There ya go, good as new."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Why? I'm simply testing what I can do in this world. And since your
the closet people, emotionally and physically, to my sister, I choose
you." replies the girl as an average length sword suddenly appears in
her right hand.

"Sister!? Your Kimmie's sister?!" asked Becky shocked.

"That's right, actually were twins. A long time ago, my sister killed
me in a sparring match that had weapons involved. That bit*h said it
was an accident, but the look on her face said other words." explains
the girl.

"No, I don't believe you! Kimmie would never kill her own sister."
replies Becky shaking her head.

"Believe what you want, but who do you think gave me this scare on my

Becky couldn't think of an answer.

"You've never seen my sister the way she was when we were little. She's
a killer, a cold-blooded one at that."

"I don't believe you."

"Fine, don't believe me. Hmm, I just remembered, I haven't told you my
name yet, would you like to know your tormenter's name?" asks the girl
as she lightly grips the smaller girl's neck with her free left hand.

"Yes." replied Becky fearing what's going to come next as she started
to close her eyes.

"My name is Sara. Tell me, slow or fast?" asks the girl smiling.


"Choose, slow or fast."

"...Both." replied Becky.

"Heh, you want to lose another limb from that mouth of yours?"

Becky didn't reply but her eyes widened slightly at Sara's statement.
Who then smiles as she placed he sharp tip of the sword she was holding
to the left side of Becky's stomach.

"But I can easily grant you both..." states Sara as she then began to
very slowly push the sword into Becky, not yet breaking the skin but
none-the-less painful.

"Ah! Stop! That hurts!" exclaims Becky.

She was unable to move any part of her body but her head. Becky could
do nothing to stop Sara.

"Pain is the whole point."

Becky screamed in pain as she felt the blade penetrate her skin and
begin to enter her body. This was made more horrible simply because
Sara pushed the blade in so slowly.

"IT HURTS! PLEASE STOP!" screamed the girl in pain as the blade
traveled deeper into her, cutting at her inner organs.

"Look, look as it cuts deeper into you, your blood flowing out from
your body." states Sara smiling as she herself looks at the blade she's
pushing deeper into the girl.

Becky cried and screamed from the searing pain, feeling her blood trail
down her left leg. She then felt the point of the blade again on her
back from inside her.

"Heh, from the slight resistance I feel, I'd say it's time for my sword
to complete the journey..."

"NO MORE! PLEASE!" begs Becky's crying.

"No more? Oh come now, I've only just begun." replies Sara as she
slowly pushes the point of the blade through the skin of her back.

Becky screamed in pain as she felt the blade finally go completely
through her and Sara continued to push until the hilt of the sword
touched the skin of her stomach. Becky was happy that it was finally
stopped, or so she thought as through her tear-filled vision, saw
another sword appear in Sara's hands.

"P-Please, don't..." pleaded Becky.

"The first one was slow..." began Sara smiling sadistically as she ran
her left hand along the side of the blade. "... This next one is going
to be quick."

Becky closed her eyes and started to cry.

"Oh don't worry thought, this one won't hurt as bad as the other one
did." states Sara as she places the point of the second blade to the
skin of Becky's stomach off to the right, similar to the first blade.

Sara then placed her left hand on Becky's right shoulder.

"You ready, to be penetrated again?" asked Sara softly.

"Y-Yes..." cried Becky.

Without any other warning, Sara quickly shoved the sword right through
Becky up to the hilt. The girl's eyes widened in pain and gasped before
cringing and groaning lowly as she lowered her head and closed her eyes
tightly. Sara released her hand from the sword and lifted Becky's head
by her chin, a new flow of tears trailed down her cheeks.

"Now, now, it's okay, you can scream if you want. Actually, I encourage
it, I want to hear your best scream of pain."

The pain was so unbearable, a scream was forced from Becky's lungs.


It was one loud, long, agonizing scream of pain.

"Oh that was wonderful Becky. Like music to my ears." replied Sara.

"... Y-your a sadistic freak." states Becky in pain.

At this, Sara smirks and uses her left hand to caress the skin of
Becky's left breast.

"Now Becky, what did I say about that mouth? It seems you want another
part of your body cut off..."

A worried look quickly crosses Becky's face.

"N-No, I'm sorry! Please don't!" pleads Becky.

"It's too late to say your sorry now." Sara steps back from Becky,
inspecting her body. "Let's see.... what needs to go?"

"I'm really sorry! I am, really!" cries Becky.

"Hmm, maybe one of your legs... nah, and I already did an arm... Oh! I
got it!" states Sara as she steps back to Becky and places her left
hand around the back of the girls neck while a small knife appears in
her right and presses the flat edge of the blade in the space between
Becky's small breasts.

"One of them is going bye-bye." states Sara sing-songly as she rubs the
blade over the skin between her breasts.

"Please, don't." begs Becky.

"But first, let's get those swords outta ya." states Sara as she lowers
her left hand to the handle of the sword in Becky's right side.

Becky cringed in pain as Sara withdrew the weapon out of her, but she
couldn't stop herself from screaming again when the second sword was
removed. Now, two bleeding slits were the evidence of the blades in her
sides. Sara simply dropped the bloody swords to the floor.

"Now, which do you want? Left or right?" asked Sara.

Becky replied with a pleading look on her face.

"Choose, or they both go." states Sara running the side of the blade in
her right hand across Becky's neck.

"T-The right one..." replies Becky slowly.

"Alrighty then, the right one goes."

Sara placed the sharp edge of the knife at the bottom of the girl's
right breast. However, the moment she began to break the skin, causing
Becky to cringe in pain, Sara stops.

"Hey, I got a better idea. Rather than just cut your breast off, we're
going to have a little snack."

"Huh?" What are you talking about?" asked Becky scared.

Sara placed the tip of the knife at the top of Becky's breast and
sliced it down the middle, splitting it right open in two halves. Becky
screamed in agony from this. Blood had quickly begun trailing down her
body from the cut.

Becky then felt the knife again as Sara cut the left side of the girls
split breast horizontally, forming two 'triangles' of flesh. Sara then
cut out the bottom section, Becky screamed though this whole ordeal.

"Becky, open your eye's."

"The small girl did as requested and through her tear-filled vision,
saw between Sara's finger's of her left hand, the small bloody
triangle-shaped mound of flesh of her breast. What Becky saw next
shocked her greatly. Sara placed the flesh directly into her mouth and
began chewing.

"Mmm, your good."

Becky scream in pain again as the other piece was cut out.

"You have to try it, come on." states Sara as she holds the flesh at
Becky's mouth.

Becky turned her head away from the flesh. Sara quickly pressed it to
her mouth and Becky moved her head against it, in turn, causing the
blood to spread across her mouth. Sara had quickly become frustrated at

"Eat it or I'll kill you right now!"

Becky promptly stopped her fighting, closed her eyes as tears fell and
opened her mouth, allowing Sara to put the flesh in her mouth.

"Now, start chewing..."

Becky slowly did so, cringing at the taste.

"How does it taste?"

"Horrible..." replied Becky.

"Well, swallow that and we'll get to your last act of torture before I
let you go."

"Y-your gonna let me go?" asked Becky relieved.

Sara then walks to Becky's left side, places the knife in her left hand
and used her right hand to hit Becky in the back particularly hard,
causing her to swallow what was in her mouth. The girl coughed in
surprise at what she just did.

"Yes, I never had any intention on killing you in the first place. If I
did that, how would you tell that bit*h of a sister that I'm back?"

Sara then tossed the knife back to her right hand.

"Tell me Becky, do you know what disembowelment is?"

Becky's eyes quickly widened in shock.

"You can't be serious?!"

"Oh yeah, I'm serious. The pain you've felt so far will be nothing
compared to this."

"Don't do it! Please! I'll do whatever you want! Just don't please!"
begs Becky.

"Hmm, that's quite a tempting offer Becky, but I'll have to decline."
replies Sara as she places the point of the knife just below the middle
of Becky's ribcage.

"I'm begging you! Please don't do this!"

Becky then felt the small blade penetrate her skin.


Then the knife was pulled down, cutting the girl's belly right down the
middle. Becky screamed in the blinding pain at being cut open. The
blade stopped just below her panty-line and was pulled out.

"Look at that, only one perfect cut. I don't need to do another one."

Becky just cried uncontrollably at the agonizing pain.

"Now, let's dive on in and see what we find..." states Sara as she
plunges her left hand into Becky from the cut.

The small girl screams and cries from this action.

"Hmmm, your intestines are in the way of everything..."

Sara looks up from Becky's stomach to her face, her eye's tight closed,
tears rapidly falling from her eyes and her teeth clenching together.

"Looks like those will just have to go first..?" states Sara as she
pulls her hand out, covered in blood.

Sara's hand had also held Becky's small intestines, which was pulled
from her body. Sara cuts out both her large and small intestine, quite
a painful action for Becky. The older girl simply dropped the organs
to the floor and reinserted her hand into Becky.

"Yeah, that's much better. So much more room now. Let's see now..."

Sara's hand moved around feeling various other organs, her hand came
across a relatively large organ south in Becky's body.

"Is that what I think it is? I feel two branch-like things from
something that feels somewhat triangle-shaped."

Becky continued to cry but the pain had somewhat dulled, enough for her
to open her eyes.

Sara put her other hand into Becky, with the knife she used to start
this. She found what felt like the base of the organ and cut it.

Becky gasped in pain as blood began coming from her vagina and Sara
pulled her hands out.

"Well lookie here, I'd say this is your uterus. Well, you didn't want
kids anyway did you?" states Sara as she holds the organ in her left

Becky couldn't reply from pain, but it was obvious by her facial
expression that she didn't like the fact that her uterus was removed.

"Oh well, it's useless now..." states Sara as she drops the organ to
the floor.

She puts her hand into Becky once again and goes south. Her fingers
touch a small smooth organ and Becky suddenly tenses as her legs twitch

"Ohh, looks like I found your bladder. Let's give it a little

Sara does so and Becky gasped as a short spurt of yellow fluid is
forced through and out her urethra.

"Hehe, I can make you piss when ever I want." states Sara as she then
squeezes the containment organ.

Becky gasped once again as the rest of her urine was forced out onto
the floor. Becky then felt her bladder getting warm.

"From now on, your bladder control is my control."

Sara then sighs and removes her hand.

"Well I'm bored now, I'll let you be on your way..." states Sara as she
walks behind Becky.

Sara then places the knife at Becky's left shoulder from behind.

"But let me give you a little going-away-present..." smiles Sara.


"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Becky as she suddenly woke up and
sat up in the bed in her room.

She was breathing hard and looked very disturbed. Her room was well
illuminated by the raising sun through the blinds of her windows. Becky
looked at her left arm and saw a darkened ring where Sara had cut her
arm off in her dream. Her belly also had a similar mark. Becky also
felt a stinging on her back and placed her right hand over her left
shoulder, when she removed it, blood was on her hand. She quickly
looked to the bedsheet and saw that a diagonal line of her blood was on
the bed.

Kim, Becky's sister suddenly came through her door. Becky quickly
looked at her and Kim saw the bed, then her back.

"Becky what happened?! You're bleeding!" exclaims Kim as she rushed
beside Becky and knelt down on her knees.

"I-I, had a bad dream..." replies the small girl.

"A dream did that to you?! And what about those marks on your arm,
stomach and chest. Becky, I know you like cutting yourself, but don't
you think you went to far." states Kim.

'She doesn't believe me...' thinks Becky.

"I don't know how you managed to cut your back like that but come on,
let's get you cleaned up."

Kim then extends her right hand to Becky as she stands up.

'Maybe it's better like that...' thinks Becky as she continues to look
at Kim but not exactly paying attention to her, like daydreaming.


The girl blinks quickly and shakes her head.


Let's get you cleaned up." repeats Kim.

"Oh, ok..." states Becky reaching out her right hand before stopping a
moment later upon seeing the blood on her hand from touching her

Kim sees the blood but still grabs Becky's hand and helps her out of
the bed.

To Be Continued...

Chapter 40

Title: SIDE FIC 4: The Sadistic Sister pt 2 - The Reunion

[Author's notes: WARNING: VIOLENCE]

Becky once again awakens surrounded in darkness, but instead of being
supended in the air, she's laying on her side on her side on the floor.
She's also fully clothed as well. In a camo colored jeans, a white
sleeveless top, and brown boots.

"Where am I?"

Becky slowly gets to her feet.


"Welcome Back." states a familiar voice behind her.

Becky gasps in surprise and quickly turns around to see Sara. Who

"Well, did you tell her?"

"Fu*k you!" replies Becky.

"Well, I'll take that as a no then. I'll just go introduce myself,
bai..." smiles Sara before disappearing.

"No! Wait, come back!" states Becky quickly.


Becky suddenly wakes up in her bed.

"Sh*t!" curses Becky as she quickly gets out of bed, still nude, and
rushes to the door of her room.



Kim is dreaming of walking through a large field of flowers with a
very-short black-haired girl when suddenly, everything disappears into
blackness, leaving Kim alone and confused. Kim is dressed in a white
vest with matching small shorts, revealing much of the dark-skinned
girl's legs. Kim also wore white boots that reached halfway to her

"What's going on?" calls Kim.

Do you remember what you did 12 years ago?" questions a voice.

"12 years ago?"

"Yes, 12 long years ago, you killed me. You killed me in cold blood. I
have yet to have forgiven you for that, and I never will."

"I don't know what your talking about." replies Kim.

"Looks like they wiped your memory of the event..." states the voice.

"They? Who are 'They'? And who are you!? I want answers!"

"Easy there, my dear sister..."

"S-Sister!?" states Kim shocked. "12 years ago... No, it can't be."

"Oh what's this? So you DO remember after all." states Sara as she
appears behind Kim.

Who quickly turns around.

"Sara..." states Kim firmly.

"And you remembered my name, how sweet. Heh, you don't know how long
I've waited for this moment. But first, I want to know why, why did you
kill me? That fight was our first ever meeting of each other, and yet
you kill me like some total stranger!? I'm your fu*king sister! A twin
at that, so what's the reason?"

"You want to know why?" asked Kim.

"Ya got that right, let's hear it, the reason that this second meeting
is taking place under these circumstances."

"It's a simple answer, the reason for my act of killing you was, pity."

Sara blinks in surprise at her answer, pity was definitely not the word
she expected to hear.

"What? Would you care to run that by me again, 'cause I think I heard
you say that you killed me out of pity." replies Sara.

"You heard right Sara. I assume you want an explanation?" states Kim.

"Ya got that right!" replies Sara angrily.

You were weak, for what we were both subjected to for our training, if
you were to go out on an order like I did, you would not have lasted
long. So I figured it would be best if I, your sister, took your life
instead of someone else." explains Kim.

"Figured? You figured!? You had no right to kill me! You can't play God
with my life!" screams Sara as a black aura surrounds her.

"Sara-" begins Kim before being hit by a mysterious force, sending her
bulleting away from Sara.

Gravity quickly takes affect and Kim falls back to the floor, rolls a
number of times before stopping.

"Da*n..." groans Kim as she lies on the floor, on her stomach.

"Now I will get my revenge." states Sara who suddenly appears at Kim's
head. "Goodbye sister..."

Sara raises her right hand, emitting an evil energy, she sends her fist
downward and right before it connects to Kim's head. She quickly rolls
to her right side, avoiding the deathblow.

"So, you have some fight in you after all." states Sara as she sees Kim
getting to her feet. "Let's see how long you last."

The dark area the two are in suddenly changes to an outdoor
environment, completely with large rocks, grass plains and the like.

"What the? How did you do that?" asks Kim confused.

"This is my world sister, I can do what I want. Now, show me that power
that you had when you killed me." states Sara before rushing Kim.

"Sara, wait a minute!" exclaims Kim backing away, dodging each of her
sister's punches, only barley though. "Let's try and talk about this!"
adds Kim before suddenly finding her back to a rock wall.

Kim quickly ducks as Sara throws a right punch, right into the wall.

"Talk!?" replies Sara as she removes her arm from the wall and looks
down at Kim. "We're way past talking bit*h, now defend yourself or

Sara grabs Kim's left foot with her right hand and pulled her up from
the ground, over her head and down back to the hard rock, ground, and
face first. Kim's body also dents the ground as dust flies into the

After a moment, Kim lifts herself off the ground a bit by her arms. Her
face now mildly scared and a little blood is trailing the side of her

'Dang-it, I need to fight back or Sara's gonna k- huh!?' thought Kim
before she felt her left leg raising and her body going airborne again
before Sara slammed her back to the ground, her back meeting the hard
ground this time.

"Your disappointing me sister, show me that power you have." stated

'It looks like I don't have a choice...' thinks Kim, her body throbbing
with pain.

Kim then felt Sara pulling her legs, thus her body, to the left. Sara
quickly begun spinning her, she did about 7 spins before releasing
Kim's foot and sending her right into the same large rock Kim was
sitting against. Kim didn't just hit it and fall to the ground, she
went INTO the rock structure, causing a good deal of the rock to
crumble as Kim was launched deeply into it.

"This is pathetic sister, I expected more from you, and to think master
Faultz feared you..." states Sara as she holds the palm of her right
hand to the crumbled rock. A black ball of energy then appeared in
front of her hand. "I'll just put you out of your misery and be on my

Sara then began to feel the ground shaking at her feet. She dissipated
the ball of energy and returned her hand to her side and smirked.

"Yes, that's it sister. Show me your full power. States Sara as she
gets into a ready stance.

The large rock structure Kim was sent into suddenly explodes, sending
various sized rocks flying in all directions. Sara shattered any that
neared her by punching them. As the dust cleared, Kim was visible,
standing and looking directly at Sara. Her eyes red like Sara's but a
red aura now emanated from her body.

"You want a fight, you got one..." states Kim, her voice had a slight
deepness to it.

"Bring it..." replied Sara smiling.

Kim immediately charged Sara, Kim was actually flying a few feet off
the ground as well. Her action is so fast that normally, she can't be
seen during this, but Sara is able to. As Kim nears Sara, she pulls her
right fist back and as she attempts to hit her sister, Sara dodges by

'Impossible!' thinks Kim as her eyes widen in shock that Sara dodged
her strike.

"I saw that from a mile away, you're going to have to do a better job
than that." taunts Sara reappearing behind Kim.

Sara gives Kim just enough time to turn and face her before quickly
delivering a roundhouse kick to the side of Kim's head. Sending her
reeling away from her, sliding on the ground a short distance before
flipping to her feet and dashes towards Sara again.

'I'm gonna make you pay for rushing me again...' thought Sara before
she did a sudden charge of her own, disappearing again before
reappearing and clothes-lining Kim mid-dash with her right arm.

Kim flipped backwards in the air at least 30 times because of the speed
at witch she charged before halting her flipping flight right before
she went into a wall about a foot away. Kim placed a hand on her neck
as she turned around to see Sara. Kim was now flying about two feet
from the ground while Sara still stood on her feet.

"I must say sister, your quite entertaining now at least." calls Sara.

"Well your entertainment ends now!" replied Kim before she quickly flew
high into the sky.

"Heh, well, this should be interesting..." states Sara to herself as
she watches Kim.

After reaching a decent altitude, Kim stands in the air and points her
right palm down at Sara.

"There's no way she can survive my ultimate attack. My Piercing
Darkness Gun will end her worthless life permanently..." state Kim to
herself as her red aura begins to pulse.

After each pulse of her aura, a red energy travels down her right arm
to her hand before a small ball of red energy appears in front of her
hand. The ball grows bigger and bigger as more and more energy flows
through her arm until the ball is about two feet in diameter.

Back on the ground, Sara sits down and yawns.

"I wish she would hurry up, but this proves how weak she is, that she
has to charge up an attack for so long."

Meanwhile, the red ball of energy went into Kim's arm, causing her
entire arm to glow red. This also caused Kim to places her left hand
around her upper arm and wince slightly.

"Ah, this is enough energy for three shots. Heh, 3 should be more than
enough..." states Kim as she changes the position of her right hand to
her index finger pointing down at Sara, like aiming a gun while her
left hand holds her right one to steady it.

At seeing this, Sara gets back to her feet.

"Looks like she's ready, let's see what she's got..." state Sara
spreading out her arms, intending not to guard the attack.

"I'm going to give you once last chance Sara, let's stop this." calls

She got no reply.

"Fine, here it comes!"

Suddenly a super large beam comes from Kim's index finger.

Sara simply smirks at the size of the beam.

"Like size really matters..."

When the attack did hit shortly afterwards, Sara was utterly shocked at
the amount of pain it caused to her body as it knocked her flat on her
back and cratered her into the ground.

"Son-of-a-Bit*h!" groaned Sara in pain as she tried in vain to sit up,
lifting her back off the ground about a foot before being slammed back
to the ground.

After a long painful minute of this, the attack ended from Kim's
finger, witch was smoking from the tip.

"Two shots left..." states Kim to herself. "Hey Sara, you still
breathing down there?" calls Kim.

Sara was still laid out in the large crater from the attack. Her
clothing nearly burned completely off save for small parts of it and
her partially burned, exposed pink underwear. Sara basically looked
worse than Kim did in only a minute.

"Fu*k, that's the last fu*king time I let myself be hit with the full
force of an attack I know nothing about..." groaned Sara as she slowly
got to her feet.

Kim smiled as she saw Sara stand.

Kim then shot a second beam, identical to the first, directly at Sara.

"Not this time!" states Sara before firing her own energy beam in Kim's
direction from her right hand.

Sara's beam however, was black. The two energies meet in the air in a
bright flash of light that caused Kim to immediately begin to smile.

"Heh, the fool, she's in for a surprise..." states Kim.

Sara herself smiles as well.

"Well this is interesting, I'm using only half of my power and yet-
huh?" states Sara to herself before stopping as she sees a weird light
coming from where the two beams are meeting.

"What... the..." begins Sara as she sees her attack appear to 'engulf'
the other. "... That's not supposed to be happening..."

What was actually happening was that Kim's attack was piercing through
Sara's. Who realized this in the nick of time to stop her attack and
jump, or rather fly, high in the air as Kim's beam hit the ground,
deepening the already deep crater in the ground.

"Fu*k, I'm actually going to have to take this seriously..." states
Sara as she looks down at what would have most likely finished her off.
"I need to kill her now before I make any more mistakes."

Kim then smirks at seeing her in the air.

"What's wrong Sara?" calls Kim smiling.

Kim then saw Sara charge her, for some reason, Kim couldn't move. Be it
shock or fear, she found herself frozen. Kim managed to utter the word
'Crap' before Sara knocked her out of the sky by a hard right punch.

As she was hurtling towards the ground, Sara followed her punch with an
energy beam. A few seconds after Kim's body cratered the ground deeply,
the follow-up attack hit. The punch and hitting the ground was painful
enough but when Sara's energy attack hit her, sending her further into
the ground, she screamed in pain.

When the attack ended, black smoke rose up from Kim's body and as you
may know, black smoke appears when something's burning or burned. In
this case, except for Kim's boots, her clothes were completely burned

Sara then floated down into the crater to see what condition Kim was
in, she smiled when she saw her as she touched the ground.

"Well now, isn't this embarrassing. What happened to your clothes
sister?" asks Sara grinning at Kim's exposure.

At the moment, Kim was too concerned with the pain coursing through her
body to be embarrassed by her nudity.

"But don't you think for a second that I'm going to get easier on you
just because you're naked. Huh?" states Sara before seeing Kim slowly
lean to her right side. "Don't you dare try it." commanded Sara.

Kim then raised herself to her hands and knees, then placed her left
foot on the ground and with a quite a bit of shaking, stood up straight
and turned to face Sara, whom clapped her hands smiling.

"Well congratulations, you actually stood up. What do you say to a
fair, hand-to-hand fistfight? No special moves or anything." asked

"S-Sorry, I'm gonna decline the offer..." replied Kim smiling despite
her condition.

"Ok then, I gave you a choice, remember that..." states Sara before
charging Kim once again and threw a right punch aimed at Kim's head,
but she just barely dodges it by quickly back-stepping. Kim struggled
to stay on her feet because of how weak she was, but that small space
of time where Kim staggered, Sara followed her missed punched with a
left. Kim caught this second punch fully to the right side of her face,
sending her reeling away from Sara and sliding on the cratered ground
until she came to a stop about 30 yards away, on her back.

"Just give up, you can't beat me. I'm stronger and faster than you, you
have no chance to beat me in the state your in." states Sara walking to
where Kim now laid.

Once she was near Kim, Sara saw the red energy that was coming from
Kim's right arm fade and disappear as well as from her body.

"Your done, accept it."

Sara then saw Kim began to slowly get to her feet again.

"Sister, what aren't you getting!? Why do you continue to stand, you
must realize it by now. I'm GOING to kill you. You can't stop me with
how weak you are."

"... I know..." replied Kim, her eyes now there normal brown color.

"What? You know?" asks Sara puzzled.

"You are right Sara, I had no right to kill you. I now realize this and
I'm truly sorry, but I know a simple 'sorry' won't satisfy you, so..."
states Kim before slowly making her way to Sara until she's about a
foot away and drops to her knees. "... My life will be my apology."

"Heh, I'll gladly accept you apology..." states Sara as she begins to
float into the air.

After reaching a very high altitude, Sara raises her right arm above
her and a HUGE ball of darkness appears above her.

"She may have given up, but that doesn't mean she won't suffer before
she dies. She shall experience the fires of Hell with my final attack,
my Hand of Hell."

On the ground, Kim looked up at what was to be her end as she saw the
giant black ball descending toward her.

"Sara... I love you..." stated Kim as a few tears fell from her eyes.


"Kimmie!" exclaimed Becky as she burst into her sister's room.

Becky saw Kim lying in her bed and immediately rushed over to her and
began trying to shake her awake.

"Kimmie! Wake up! Kimmie!"

But it was no use, Kim's body was literally lifeless. Becky started to
cry as realization sunk in.

"Kimmie, please, don't die."

Becky looked at Kim for a moment then kissed her on the lips fully,
which were still warm.


Becky then saw Kim's body began to glow a bright white, bright enough
to make Becky shield her eyes with a hand.



Sara was now standing over Kim's body, laid out on her back in the same

"I finally did it, she's dead."

Sara then looks around at the sky and it looked normal.

"Hmm, that's strange, the environment is supposed to be disappearing.
The Bit*h is dead, so why isn't anything disappearing? ... Something's
not right here..."

Sara then kneels down beside Kim's body, placed two fingers on her neck
then the same hand on the middle of her chest.

"No heartbeat or pulse, she's dead so why... huh?" states Sara before
seeing Kim's body grow white faintly.

Sara quickly gasped in shock as the glow suddenly grew blindingly
bright and backed away covering her eyes. The light was too bright to
even slightly open her eyes.

"What the hell is going on?!"

About one minute later, the light faded enough for Sara to open her
eyes and look in her sister's direction. She was shocked to see Kim now
standing, however, instead of being nude, she was dressed in something
that appeared to be a one-piece swimsuit. Not a scar was visible on her
body either, and the color of her hair had changed from black to pure
white, her eyes were completely white as well. But the one thing that
stood out from everything else was the beautiful blue spectral wings
Kim suddenly had that came from he back, they were folded in at the
time being.

"Your supposed to be fu*king dead!" exclaims Sara angrily.

Kim simply smiled back at Sara as she began to walk toward her.

Sara formed a small ball of energy in her hand at seeing Kim walking to

"Tell me what the hell is going on before I kill you a second time."

"Sara..." began Kim, her voice in a low but loving tone. "Do you love

"What kind of question is that!? Do I love you." replied Sara angrily.
"You fu*king killed me! "I'll NEVER forgive you for that!"

Sara's eyes surprisingly began to tear up.

"I died hating you, my last thought was getting my revenge. Do you know
what that rewarded me with? I'll tell you what, a free trip to Hell
were I experienced pain that you