Story: My Beloved Silkroad (chapter 2)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 2

Title: Level 38 Vs. Level 55- A Shi-Ni Sickle

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don’t own the game Silkroad Online, Joymax does, this is just a work of fiction.



“Oh man, good thing I’m wearing armor, it’s freezing here!”

Commented Shi-Ni as she rode on a horse as it walked out into a snowy field through a path below a bridge. Shi now wore a 5th degree armor set, a black and red coloring and her weapon a 5th degree curved blade and her left side, but her 5th degree shield matched her armor quite nicely, it was black with a red design on the face and trimmed with gold. Thanks to the armor Shi wore, she was well shielded from the cold.

After about a minute, Shi reached her destination, stopping her horse at the edge of and impressive sight...

“Whoa! So this is Karakoram...”

It was a city completely frozen under ice, only the tallest of buildings managed to be high enough to escape being completely overtaken as there tops were exposed.

Shi directed the horse to slowly step onto the ice to see if it could walk properly on it. However, Shi noticed the ice was fairly abused by weather and people fighting on it and the horse was very easily able to walk on it.

“Wow... it’s so beautiful, but sad at the same time...”

As Shi admired the sights and wisely avoiding the soldiers wondering Karakoram, She soon noticed a large building in the distance and quickly instructed the horse to it.

“Holy crap! This thing must’ve been huge if this much of it is above the ice!”

Shi suddenly noticed something out of the corner of her right eye and looked and nearly screamed as she saw a Karakoram solider standing right next to her. Seeing as how Shi knew she was in a very dangerous area for herself, she had good reason to be fearful at being so close to the solider.

Shi’s fright had quickly spooked the horse as it quickly reared up on it’s back legs, causing Shi to fall to the ice before the horse ran off.

“H-Hey! Come back!” quickly stated Shi before quickly turning her attention back to the solider looking down at her.

The solider of Karakoram was a Penon Fighter, a humanoid whose body seemed to be made of ice and it’s right arm was a large blade made of ice. It wore a blue checkered shirt and a blue skirt.

Shi had fell right at the soldiers feet and was frozen with fear as she looked up at him. But her worry was soon relived as she solider simply looked away and walked away.

“W-What, the...” commented Shi trembling a little in lingering fear before standing.

Shi soon smiled at a realization.

“I see now, it must’ve been a non hostile monster.” Shi then took a big sigh of relief. “Phew, I nearly pissed my pants, good thing this place is safe for me then.”

Shi then laughed off her worry, but soon, she noticed a humanoid shadow forming behind her, and noticed the figure had wings, four of them! And horns, also a staff in it’s right hand.

“Hehehe, you look lost sweetie...” came a females voice behind her.

“It can’t be!” states Shi closing her eyes in fear and not turning around. “My luck can’t be THAT bad!”

“It must be.” States the females voice.

Shi then heard a large crowd of nearing her and opened her eyes to see a HUGE number of people rushing to her, people who where clearly stronger than her. Shi then saw a number of people with glaives and spears preparing to throw them and quickly gasped and ducked low to the ice floor as she heard the weapons whizzing past her and the figure behind her groan once before the crowd of people stampeded past her.

Shi opened her eyes as she heard a battle raging behind her and saw that directly in front of her was clear and quickly ran without looking back.

“I hate my luck!” screamed Shi as she accidentally ran deeper into Karakoram...

Once Shi stopped and began catching her breathe, she wasn’t able to relax for two seconds as she felt a very painful impact to her back, knocking her to the cold ground.


The pain prevented her from recovering and standing, but Shi managed to turn over and sit up to see her attacker.

Two Penon Warriors were quickly running towards her, These were different that the Fighters, they were a darker blue with purple clothing and a shield, which Shi quickly discovered that was the object that hit her as one of the ice Warriors quickly threw the shield, but Shi managed to raise her shield and defect it, but the monster threw with such force that it knocked her shield from her hold.

Shi quickly found herself surrounded by a number of added Warriors, and seriously thought it was the end for her right there, but the monsters didn’t do anything, just starting at her. Shi found she was allowed time to get to her feet as the cold stares of the warriors loomed on her.

“What are you all waiting for!?” demanded Shi.

The one thing Shi hated the most was being toyed with and with a number of much stronger beings simply looking at her, she didn’t like it at all, if she was going to be killed, she wanted it quick.

“...Fine, if you won’t do anything, I will!” states Shi as she quickly takes her blade from her side.

But nearly right after Shi removed her blade, the Warriors all simultaneously raised there right, bladed arm and suddenly attacked Shi in one united motion. This caused Shi to scream out in fear and pain as she felt the numerous blades cutting through her armor and into her skin.

Upon feeling the blades stopping and retreating, Shi’s body trembled violently in fear as she slowly opened her eyes to see the Warriors in their previous position.

Shi then saw her blade fall apart to the ground.

“M-my blade!” gasped Shi shocked, before feeling her armor soon follow suit and shed from her body, revealing the many long bloody cuts from the attack, before her panties also fell apart. “What the fu*k!? I spent good money on those you a*sholes.”

Money was the least of Shi’s worries as she nearly immediately felt the bit of the cold air on her body and quickly gasped and tries to hug her body but the pressure on her cuts made it too painful.

“I-It’s, f-freezing!”

Shi then saw one of the warriors walk to her and back hand her, dropping her to the freezing ice on her nude skin. But before she could recover enough to remove her hands to the ice, two other warriors grabbed her wrists and pressed them to the ice, Shi was now on her hands and knees.

“Let me go you a*sholes!” demanded Shi.

But Shi soon screamed out in horrible pain as the two warrior’s used their bladed arm to impel Shi’s hands into the ice.


Blood quickly rushed out of her hands and stained the ice as not only did Shi suffer from the horrible pain, but she also felt the icy blades freezing her hand from the inside, which brought it’s own pain.

Too Shi’s further shock, She soon felt an icy rod penetrate her pussy and gasped as she realized these monsters intended to rape her. Right after feeling the ice dick in her and beginning to thrust, she saw through her teary-eyed vision one of the warriors step infront of her and pull away it’s skirt to reveal an erect ice dick and kneel in front of her.

Before Shi had time to protest the suggestion, the warrior grasps her hair with it’s left hand and force it’s dick into her month. Since the rod was ice, Shi felt it nearly damage her teeth and quickly dicided to cooperate with the dick in her mouth, but couldn’t ignore her impaled hands to the ice, which were now covered completely in blood as large red circle surrounded them.

The two warriors fu*ked her two holes, Shi felt her pussy becoming colder and colder, along wit the lips of her mouth.

‘I’m hurting and freezing...’ thought Shi as she cried, ‘I hate my luck!’

The two warriors didn’t last long as Shi quickly discovered, feeling the almost painfully cold cum shooting into her pussy. Shi didn’t want to believe it but she swore she felt the inside of her pussy starting to freeze. This was a new pain that numbed the one in her hands but felt the ice cum shoot into her mouth, but not wanting her mouth to freeze like her pussy was starting to, she willingly swallowed the cum. However, as the two monsters pulled out of her, Shi gasps out in shock and pain as she felt the cum in her stomach began to the organ.

Shi then felt about her icy dick penetrate her freezing pussy and another warrior kneel infront of her and reveal it’s ice cock and once it forced it into her mouth, Shi realized their plan.

‘They intend on freezing me alive!’

It was indeed there plan as the two new warriors finished sooner than the first and she felt more cum enter her pussy, freezing it even more and bringing more pain with it as Shi had a dilemma on her hands, or rather, in her mouth, if she swallows the incoming ice cum, she knew she’d just aid the freezing of her insides, but if she didn’t, she’d freeze her mouth and possibly her throat, cutting off her air.

Having to decide how to be frozen alive tortured Shi mentally as each option sucked horribly... but she’d rather breathe.

Once Shi felt the cum enter her mouth, she quickly swallows it as tears streams her cheeks, which also froze quickly.

Once both dicks left her again, Shi screamed in pain once again as she felt the ice around her stomach began spreading and quickly feeling the skin around her stomach stiffening as the freezing inside her began to reach her skin.

Two more warriors quickly followed the last and if Shi had any doubts about their plan, she was quickly reassured as from just one thrust into her pussy and mouth, she felt the ice cum enter her body once again.

The pain inside her pussy increased as enough cum had entered for the freezing of it to reach outside of her body and freeze her open as the warrior pulled his ice dick from Shi’s frozen solid pussy. Shi felt the ice spreading quickly up towards her a*shole and down to easily cover and freeze her clit, preventing her from having a possible orgasm.

But Shi’s torment was far from over as she once again choose to swallow the cum in her mouth.

Shi nearly immediately felt her belly and waist gaining the sting of ice on her skin as much of her lower insides quickly fell victim to freezing.

One warrior quickly took the spot of the last one at her rear and Shi barely felt the dick enter her frozen hole of her pussy. Shi wondered at why the sudden stop in the forced oral, but gladly accepted the break.

‘I don’t think I could bring myself to willingly swallow anymore.’ Thinks Shi as she looks down to her hands, with she couldn’t even feel anymore.

Shi saw that the blood had stopped and frozen, but her hands gained a purple color and a thin coating of ice had covered her hands and slowly crept up her wrists. Shi couldn’t see her feet but couldn’t feel them and just assumed that her feet were frozen, which wasn’t really the case, her feet had become numb from the cold. However, Shi’s knees and the top of her feet, which were in contact with the ice, were frozen to it, preventing her from any kind of escape.

Shi was unable to feel the cum enter her frozen pussy, but felt the ice covering her labia spread quickly going up between the cheeks of her a*s and down over her pubic area, meeting the ice around her waist, forming a kind of ice thong.

Shi closed her eyes and moaned in pain as she felt the ice spreading painfully. But upon feeling the spread stop and no icy dick enter her again. Shi opens her eyes and looks up to see why the stop and immediately gasped in shock at the sight around her.

Every Penon Warrior around her has their cocks revealed.

‘Oh no, their gonna all come on me at once!’ thought Shi.


Minutes later...

“Awesome, a whole crowd of’em!” states Sara spotting a very large crowd of Penon Warriors.

Sara wore a 7th degree protector set, armor that allowed freedom of movement, exposing much of her arms, belly and legs, colored in black, gold and white. Carrying an equal degree glaive, with a large brown blade serrated on both sides.

“Time to die!” shouted Sara as she ran to the crowd of Penon Warriors and easily took them down, weeding there number down quickly with two powerful spins of her glaive, causing ten of them to shatter into pieces. Next Sara swept her weapon infront of her, destroying three more warriors rushing to her to attack. Sara then saw two more coming up behind the fallen three and Sara noticed they where in a line and quickly spun her body to gain momentum and trusts her glaive forward hard, impelling both of the ice warriors through the chest, before pulling it out, causing both of the warriors to shatter.

“Man, this is getting too easy, I should go find- huh?”

Sara stood up straight and notice a figure to her right on there hands and knees, the hands covered in frozen blood and naked.

“Wow, looks like someone was pretty unlucky...” comments Sara walking infront of the person and kneeling down to try to see her face.

But the girl’s head was positioned in a way that suggested she attempted to shield her face.

“Wait a minute...” comments Sara looking over the body finding it’s nude form familiar. “It can’t be!”

Sara looked to the girl’s face and gasped.


Sara’s hands immediately became red as a fire and placed them on the frozen Shi’s hands and quickly thawed them enough to separate her hands from the ice and did the same to her legs and picked up the frozen girl and carried her from Karakoram, to the southern exit onto a small wooden bridge over water and placed Shi on her right side and proceeded to thaw the girl, starting with her face then moving down the rest of her body.

It took a few minutes but Sara managed to completely thaw Shi, but the young girl’s body lay limp body was lifeless.

Fortunately though, Sara Saw a woman riding an armored horse and the woman herself dressed in silver heavy armor nearing her and signaled for her to stop, which the woman was kind enough to do and removed herself from her horse.

“What’s wrong?” asks the lady.

“My friend here got frozen to death, I thawed her but I don’t know a revival force, do you?” replies Sara.

The woman smiled and kneeled down next to Shi and placed her right hand over Shi’s chest and her hand emitted a white light before Shi’s body shined white, the holes in her hands healing over. The armored woman retracted her hand and Shi’s body returned to normal before Shi weakly opened her eyes, looking up at Sara and the stranger.


Sara immediately lifted Shi into a hug.

“Thank goodness your ok!”

“I’m gonna get going.” Commented the stranger as she stood and got back onto her horse and quickly leaving.

Sara released Shi, allowing the young girl to sit up on her own.

“What the heck are you doing her in Karakoram!?” asks Sara. “This place is too dangerous for you.”

“I just wanted to see it.” Whined Shi.

“Couldn’t you have waited till your stronger?”

“Well the entrance to Karakoram isn’t dangerous at all.” Replies Shi.

“How did you end in the dangerous part then, frozen?”

“I was running away from Isy and I got lost.”

Sara then cringed, “You ran into Isyutaru? Geez, your luck must worse than I thought.”

“That’s what I’m always telling you! And now my blade and armor was destroyed, I don’t have the money to get it all back, and I can’t walk around naked! What am I gonna do!?” states Shi as tears brimmed her eyes in worry.

“Maybe you can do a few ‘favors’ for people.” Replies Sara smiling.

“Sara!” gasps Shi in shock at the suggestion.

‘I’m kidding! I’m kidding! I’ll help you out.”

“Thank you Sara!” replies Shi happily as she hugs Sara before quickly releasing her gasping. “Ah! Your armor is freezing! I have to get out of this cold.”

“Heh, well here’s a teleportation scroll to my place...” comments Sara reaching behind her into her under her waist armor and pulling out a rolled up piece of paper. “Go get warmed up, I don’t wanna be licking a popsicle.”

“Ha, ha, very funny Sara.” Groaned Shi taking the scroll.


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