Story: Final Fantasy X-2: Crossover (chapter 4)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 4

Title: Warmth

[Author's notes:

Garnet relaxes on top of the Celcius and maybe develops a new hobby, perhaps?



"It's so quite…"

Garnet Til Alexandros XVII, Queen of Alexandria, of Gaia's Mist Continent; Sighs in partial relaxation, her short, shoulder-length raven hair flowing freely in the wind. Dressed in her usual wide-sleeved white blouse and yellow sleeve-less bodysuit, that hugs much of her slim body like a glove and it's open chest stopping under her breasts, making them stand out.

The young Queen sits on the flat deck of the Celsius, her knees pulled up near her chest, causing the fitted yellow clothing around her crotch to be pulled against her, resulting in a small, smooth bulge forming between her slim thighs. Garnet need not worry about something that small though, as she was alone, it wouldn't be very easy to peek at anyway as she rests her arms on her knees, with her chin lowered to her arms, simply watching the fluffy white clouds as she ship flies over the white blanket.

An alien sky, clouds and even the ship she was currently riding; no longer in the familiar world of Gaia, but a world called Spira. Being separated from her friends for so long, even though she had made new friends in this new world and helped solved the reason for her, as well as many others, being here, the wait for things to right itself was becoming… boring.

The saddened young Queen sighs into the clean, quite air, closing her eyes…

"I wonder what the other's are doing on Gaia right about now."

Garnet was happy that she recognized a familiar face in this world of Spira; her good friend Zidane; Smiling at the thought of him, Garnet opens her eyes and smiles a little more at the sight of a pair of small blue birds playing in the air just a few yards in front of her. The view only lasts a few moments though as the pair soon fly out of view.

Closing her eyes again, it was at this time a stronger cool breeze, slightly chilled her left side. It was the middle of Spring, though with as high as the Celsius was flying, the temperature was a little cooler, but it wasn't uncomfortable with the unblocked heat of the sun reaching her, and the ship for that matter, the red metal still hot against her rear, providing a pleasant warmth.

Moments later, she opens her eyes again, leaning back a little and moving her arms from her knees to place her hands back behind her as she looks up at the clear blue sky, before lowering her right leg.

With a few shifts of her right hand though, Garnet feels her fingers contact the familiar cool glass cup beside her.

"Oh! I forgot all about what I was drinking…"

Picking up the clear cup, Garnet sees that it's just under half full with a pink liquid. There was a particular reason she had brought a cup of the intriguing liquid outside with her. Placing the lips of the cup to hers, Garnet leans her head back to take a few gulps of the sweet tasting liquid and smiles happily at the taste, before a brief giggle leaves her from feeling the fluid enter her stomach and a soothing warmth slowly emanates throughout her body for a few moments.

Garnet soon finishes off what remains in the cup, feeling another brief burst of warmth through out her body as she places the cup back down, before leaning back on the sun heated surface of the deck, allowing the sun to warm her face and entire front of her body.

After a few minutes of bathing in the light of the Sun, Garnet quickly winces from a sharp, brief pang from her bladder, causing her to place her right hand on her abdomen and sit up a little.

"Heh, guess drinking all that stuff finally caught up to me…" she comments with a small giggle.

Gently pressing her fingers into her abdomen, Garnet takes a quick inhale of breath from the stronger twinge from her bladder, causing her to reflexively clinch the pelvic muscles between her legs for a few moments, until the urge fades a little.

Moving her hand away and lifting her right leg up again up near her chest, feeling a slight squeeze on her bladder, Garnet places her hands on her knee's and rest her head on her arms again, though instead of her chin, the right side of her face lays on her arms.

She soon smiles again, followed by a brief giggle at the thought of Yuna and Rikku entering her mind, two of her new friends that, she, embarrassingly caught them partaking in a strange and, at the time, disgusting to her, game, involving bodily waste.

While Garnet still found the, 'pooping on yourself', nasty and disgusting, the other side, 'peeing on yourself', she slowly began to find interesting, wondering what it would feel like, after all, it was much easier to clean than the other option…

Feeling another pang from her bladder, the young Queen tenses, the small bulge of her labia against the stretched crotch of her orange bodysuit visibly flexing just a bit from the tensing, holding back the urge to relieve herself.

Moving her right arm from her knees and against her chest, Garnet's cheeks flush lightly with color as she guides her right hand down to cup her crotch, causing a brief tingle of pleasure to rush through her before slowly stroking herself, releasing a soft, brief moan from her as she feels the urge to pee and the pleasure from between her legs, mixing together.

Back on her original land of Gaia, Garnet knew of no one interested in soiling themselves, and the thought of doing it herself never even crossed her mind until after discovering 'YRP's' little messy games. Such an interest wasn't appropriate for a Queen anyway, however…

"I'm not in Gaia anymore…" comments Garnet lowly to herself. "So technically, I'm not really Queen as long as I'm here." She adds, still stroking the warm area between her legs.

If she wasn't Queen, then, she could indulge herself in the strange thought of relieving herself while wearing clothing.

Feeling another cooling breeze against her front, an open-mouthed, silent sigh leaves her lips as the color on her cheeks spread feeling the warmth of release growing outward around her crotch, feeling the warm, wetness on her right hand now resting against the quickly drenched material pressed against her.

"It's so warm…" she sighs in relief.

Feeling the mildly ticklish sensation of her fluid reaching where her rear met the ship, Garnet giggles briefly, before resuming her stroking of her now wet crotch, releasing a low cooing from her.

Soon, with a brief shudder, she pushes out the last of her liquid, before opening her eyes and lifting her right hand from between her legs and in front of her face, seeing her palm glisten from the fluid. Moving her hand closer to her face, she sniffs twice.

"Hmm, it doesn't smell that bad… but, I have been drinking a lot of water lately…"

Lifting her head and moving her left arm from her knee, Garnet smiles as she sees a long, thin line of liquid coming from between her feet and travel down the side of the ship and out of view. Spreading her legs and looking down, she sees the large, darkened wet spot between her legs, using her right hand, she traces the edge of the area of wetness with a finger smiling, before lifting her rear and giggling when she sees a few streams leave her rear and land in the puddle where her rear once sat.

Taking the empty cup to her right in her right hand on her way up to her feet, Garnet reaches her left hand behind her to her rear and feels an even larger area of wetness than her crotch.

"That wasn't so bad… heh, I just have to get to a bathroom now without being spotted…"

Garnet makes her way back into the ship, taking the sizable elevator back down, though she wasn't so quick to approach the door that would automatically open when she approached it, so, quickly jumping to one side of the door when it opens, Garnet slowly peeks her head out to see an empty hall.

Now, with a different reason for the color to her cheeks, she slowly steps out into the hall, with her hands down, covering the large wet area between her legs, taking slow, quite steps.

At the end of the hall though, Garnet's eyes widen in surprise when she hears Rikku's voice, speaking in her native tongue to her brother, who's also talking back to her. From their tone, Garnet assumed them to be arguing, which she was glad for, since they would be busy, she didn't need to worry about ether of them leaving the front of the ship as she quickened her pace to the nearby bathroom.

Although, the moment Garnet was about to enter the sensor range of the bathroom door, it opens, causing her to quickly gasp in shock and quickly press her back against the wall, to hide the large wet area on her rear and tries to cover her crotch more with her hands without looking suspicious as her cheeks grew even redder.

Garnet's eyes widen again she sees the familiar form of Zidane walk from the room, his tail wrapped around his waist.

"Oh, hey Garnet!" greets the teens with a smile.

"U-uh… H-Hi Zidane…" replies Garnet nervously.

"Is something wrong?" the boy asks, looking a little puzzled.

"Uh, n-no! Nothing's wrong! E-Excuse me for s moment…" quickly replies Garnet as she moves along the wall and into the bathroom, sighing in relief when the door closes.

"That was close…"


After about ten minutes, with just her white blouse on, revealing the rest of her body and the small patch of hair on her pubic mound, Garnet examined the crotch and backside of her orange clothing, which still had a damp area of wetness, but it was much less visible, it would only be noticeable to touch, and she wasn't expecting anyone to touch her in those two areas.

As she began to put the clothing back on though, she hears Paine's voice from outside the door, though it wasn't directed at her…

"Um, I think we have a little problem…"

Rikku's voice replied, "What's the problem?"

"Yuna just called me saying there's a problem where she, Tifa and Zell are."

"We're heading there now to pick them."

"Well let's hurry."

"I wonder what the problem is." Thinks Garnet aloud.


- Zanarkand -

Tifa sprinted towards the large, red-haired man staggering on his feet at full speed, leaping at him with a spin and aiming her right foot to his head, though gasps when the large man ducks quickly and reaches his sizable right hand up and grasp nearly her entire right leg and slam her to the ground with a deep thud and a gasp of pain from her, before picking her up by her leg and tossing her away in front of her.

Zell, who was on his way to free Tifa, gasp as the woman's body quickly hits him, still with enough force for both of them to hit a wall, causing it to crumble around them.

Yuna though, only takes a second to see her two friends speeding pass her, before looking to the man.

"We don't want to fight you!" she call to the man, aiming her guns to him. "If you calm down we can explain why you’re here!"

The man though, clearly wasn't going to listen as she sees him charging towards her. Yuna requested to the man to stop, though he kept running, and with him getting too close, she pulls the triggers of her guns rapidly, though the man lifts his left hand, blocking the bullets with a large gauntlet on his arm.

With her bullets rendered useless and the large man quickly getting closer, Yuna only had time to place her right foot back to run before the man was already in striking range, lifting his right arm up, intending to crush her under his fist. Though Yuna quickly backflips, barely missing the strike, cratering the earth, Though before she could even recover from the flip, she gasps out in pain from the man's large left fist hitting her, knocking her high into the air.

Opening her eyes through the pain, she aims her right gun down to the man and fires, which he again blocks before seeing him jump up to her and sends a fist down to her back, propelling her back down to the ground, instead of cratering the ground though, Yuna's body bounces once, just high enough for the large man to land and deliver one final punch, sending Yuna's pained body speeding from him as her guns finally leaves her hands and she hit’s a boulder and flips over it.

With punching away Yuna though, the large man is surprised with a blast of fire in his face, staggering him once more before Zell sprints towards the man, ducking under his blindly swung right arm and running behind him and doing a jumping roundhouse kick to the back of his head, causing him to groan out and stagger forward, before his chin was met with Tifa's rising right fist, causing him to stagger back once again before he drops to one knee.

Seeing the man kneel, Tifa and Zell quickly jump back before running towards the main again and jumping at him with a flying kick towards his head. Unfortunately, the large man was still aware enough to move his head to one side, causing Tifa and Zell, to instead, land there flying kicks to the other's face, causing them both to drop to the ground, knocking each other out cold.

As the man gets to his feet though…


Looking towards the direction he had thrown Yuna, the girl is up and running towards him, no longer wearing the revealing clothing she previously was, but now what looked to be a form fitted light armor, holding a watery sword in her right hand. The man lifts his right arm in time to block the downward strike of the sword.

"I told you!" states Yuna. "I don't want to fight you, just listen to me!"

Yuna soon sees the familiar sound and sight of the Celsius flying overhead and stopping about fifty yards behind the man, though she gasps when she feel the man's kick in her stomach, pushing her a few yards from him before she stabs the sword into the ground to stop herself.

Looking up and seeing the man running towards her again, Yuna readies herself, before…

"AMARANT! STO~P!" comes Garnet's scream.

Which causes the large man to quickly stop and look back to Garnet running towards him, as well as Zidane, Rikku and Paine.

Yuna's eyes widen in surprise for a moment before dropping to her rear.

"Finally!" she sighs.

Once the group finally reaches them, Paine stops at Zell and Tifa to check their condition, raising an eye at the goofy grin on Zell's face and from the comment, "So many Hot dogs…"

Rikku rushes pass the large man to Yuna, "Hey Yunie, you ok!?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Replies Yuna with a smile.

Garnet and Zidane stop in front of the large man.

"Hey Red!" greets Zidane.

"Amarant…" pants Garnet, placing her hands on her knees for a few moments, "I know you're confused, but you don't need to fight them, their friends!"

"Oh…" replies Amarant. "I'm sorry Queen Garnet."

Garnet quickly gasps before there were a round of gasps from the other's except Zidane.

"Queen!?" gasps Yuna, Rikku, and Paine.

"You're a Queen!?" adds Yuna.

"U-Uh…" replies Garnet nervously as a blush returns to her cheeks.


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