Story: Final Fantasy X-2: Crossover (chapter 3)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 3

Title: Tifa Vs. Zell

[Author's notes:

Had this idea for awhile and finally got around to doing it.
(partly inspired from Dead Fantasy, only partly though ^_^)

Tifa and Zell are occupying themselves with a sparring match, though, it get troublesome when Zell won't let Tifa get away to go empty her bladder...


NOTE: Limit Break attacks will be signified with a '*'



Once a beautiful and lively city, but now, just a shell of it's past. A dark, quiet place now with old uncared for buildings falling apart. However, The ruined city wasn't devoid of life, at least not for the time being anyway.

Any stranger passing through would hear the sounds of loud crashes interrupting the early stillness in the air. Considering the state of the area, they would think nothing of it, just a old building on it's last legs, unable to remain upright.

While that could be the case all over the abandoned city, it wasn't; Time wasn't the cause…


In an old, barely standing building, rapid footsteps of someone running, barely bounced off the collapsing walls, the holes revealing an impressive view of the dead city, high inside one of the last remaining skyscrapers only half the height of it's former glory.

In an empty, brightly lit room from the missing wall, the owner of the footsteps enters and hides to the right of the door less opening; A woman, with long raven hair, dressed in all black, complete with gloves and shoes. She looks a little ruffled though, dirt on her face and clothing and little cuts on the exposed flesh of her arms and legs.

The girl's name, Tifa, she was breathing quickly, before leaning to the left, peeking her head out of the door, seeing just an empty hallway, before returning behind the door and sliding down the wall to her rear.

"Good, I lost him," comments Tifa, before taking a quick peek out of the door again, seeing it was clear once again, "I'm sure I don't have much time before her finds me though," she adds, pulling herself back and standing, reaching her hands up the waist of her shorts, "I gotta go quick…"

Tifa quickly pulls down her shorts, revealing her neatly trimmed crotch as she squats down and closes her eyes.

"Come on… come on…" she urges.

After thirty seconds of nothing, Tifa was getting worried and leans forward a little to bounce her naked rear once.

"Come on, come out."

Tifa soon though realized it was her urgency that was hindering her, she had to calm herself and once she did, she feels the pleasant tingle from her bladder and soon the relief of a yellow stream coming from her crotch, releasing a sigh from her.

Only five seconds into the stream though, Tifa's relief was cut short as she hears a young mans voice call her name

"Hey Tifa!" the man calls, amused. "Where'd you run off to? You were winning!"

'Da*n…' thinks Tifa, pinching closed her urethra, fighting back a groan from her urine being stopped from leaving her, before slowly slipping her shorts back over her hips. 'I finally start and he comes.'

Tifa knew, although her opponent was close, he didn't know exactly where she was, so if she could find a way to move without being seen or heard, she could fully empty her bladder.

"Hey Tifa!" calls the voice. "Come out come out where ever you are! Hehe, I'm itching to start up again!"

Hearing that, Tifa smiles, her opponent was younger than her, but was as strong as she was, she enjoyed there 'little' matches too, but she would enjoy it more with an empty bladder.

Looking around, Tifa spots an exposed pipe nearly right above her head and sees a hole in the ceiling near it, she could use the pipe to access the upper floor and her opponent wouldn't see her.

Without delay, Tifa jumps up to the pipe and had already imagined the flip in her mind, but to her shock, it never became fact, once her weight was on the old pipe, it bent with a loud creaking before snapping off and dropping her down the short distance to the floor, kicking up dust from her impact.

"Gotcha!" calls the mans voice.

Within seconds of Tifa rushing to her feet and facing the door, a spiky blonde haired young man runs into the room, dressed in a red and black jacket with blue shorts, he also has a tattoo on the left side of his face.

Rushing into the room with a flying kick, Tifa easily ducks under it, she turns around with an attempt at a spinning kick, though she finds her strike blocked by the man's right arm before he quickly grabs her ankle, turns around kicks her forcefully in the stomach, propelling her away from him and into the hallway.

Skipping on the floor once though, Tifa quickly rights herself and comes to a sliding stop on her right hand and feet, looking up seconds after stopping, she sees her attacker already near, seeing him draw back his right fist.

Quickly standing upright, Tifa manages to block the *four-strike combination, though the last hit knocks her back a few yards and almost before stopping, Tifa sees him shoulder charge her in the stomach, forcing her through a nearby wall before he grasps her waist and *Jumps, forcing her through a few ceilings before sending her back down, hitting the floor with such force that she goes right trough it and down two levels before her body craters the floor of one.

The sudden combo of attacks from her opponent had hurt, but not as much as it had effected her bladder, it now throbs painfully for release. Lifting herself from the crater her body made in the floor, she sees the young man in front of her smiling…

"Haven't you had enough fighting in this building?"

Seeing him take a sort of horse stance and the floor begin to tremble, Tifa knew he was charging up for an attack, but which one, she didn't know, until, she saw, and felt, *a fiery energy eject from him and fire cover his arms.

"Your Kidding right?" asks Tifa, quickly getting to her feet, "That attack would destroy the building."

"It's falling apart anyway." Replies the man, before drawing back his right arm, toward to ground.

"Can't let you do that…" comments Tifa, before closing the short distance between them and *Doing a rapid series of punches to his face and body, interrupting his attack and propelling him upward about a yard before *Somersaulting, causing her left foot to connect to his falling chin and knock him up through the hole her body hand created earlier and onto the upper level.

Although, in the process of doing the summersault, her opponent didn't notice, but Tifa herself sure did, the quick movement and the spread of her legs had caused a spurt of urine freedom into her shorts, the pleasurable, surprise of the loss, prevented her from landing correctly, landing on her face from her knees being weak from the temporary loss and she sends her hand down to her crotch and presses her hands against herself as she vainly fight back a few more spurts, soaking into her panties before she could finally stop the loss.

Distracted from trying to hold back more spurts, Tifa failed to realize her opponent peeking over the hole, catching her internal struggle.

"Well, well well," comments the young man smiling.

Tifa gasps in shock at the young man's voice and looked up to see him peeking over the hole, smiling, Tifa's face went bright red.

"So THAT's why you ran when you were winning," he states.

"Well now that you k-know, let's take a little break, Zell," suggests Tifa, smiling.

"Hmmm," starts Zell, before flips over the hole and back down to the floor Tifa's on, placing his hands on his as hips as he leans over her. "How about we keep sparring until you wet yourself?"

"What!?" gasps Tifa, feeling her urge to empty her bladder starting to fade and getting to her feet. "It won't be an even match if I'm distracted."

"What would you do if you were fighting a monster and you had to pee?" questions Zell. "Ask it for a break?"

"Of course not," replies Tifa, with one hands still between her legs. "We're just having fun here."

"Exactly," comments Zell, smirking. "I'm going to have fun making you wet yourself."

Tifa frowns and takes a step back.

"Do you hear the sound of dolphins…" comments Zell, placing a hand to his ear.

"You wouldn't…" states Tifa.

"It's a bit cramped in her for that move," states Zell. "Let's move outside…" he adds, before doing a quick, spinning kick into Tifa's stomach, propelling her through a wall and into open air and into a long fall.

Seeing Zell jump out to follow her, Tifa frowns, but smirks soon after.

'Fine, you want fight to till I wet myself? Ok, but that doesn't mean your going to be treated to the sight of it…' thinks Tifa, before gathering a fire in her hands, before closing her hands together to form a fiery red ball before propelling it forward, towards Zell.

Zell though places one hand in front of him, forming a rainbow colored barrier, causing the fireball to hit it.

"So," yells Zell, "We can use magic now huh?"

Following that, the two proceeded to fire magic at each other, mainly fire spells, It was only moments into it that Tifa manages to have one connect, causing an explosion before the smoke fade to reveal Zell, a little darker.

Tifa quickly looks behind her to see the ground speeding towards. She preps another fireball, a large one, though she doesn't aim it at Zell, but away from the building they were in, causing the force of propelling the ball of fire from her to push her to the sloping wall of the building allowing her to slide down the face of the building.

Looking to Zell, she saw him do the same, although, instead of staying where he was, he actually began to run down the build towards her.

Tifa readies herself to fight, but with the vigorous vibration traveling through her feet from sliding down the building, it was simply torture on her ability to hold in her urine. Unfortunately, the moment Tifa began to block a few strikes from Zell, her bladder went into a spasm, causing guard to weaken and allowed Zell to break through, his fist connecting to her face, causing her to flip in the air a few times as a lengthy stream of pee leaves her and now wets her panties to the point that the liquid began to seep through it and into the tight shorts she wore.

Seconds after stopping the flow, she feels a hand around her neck, facing Zell's grinning face.

"How bad is it?" he teases.

Slightly angered by the tease, Tifa extends her right hand to Zell's face and quickly sent a fireball his way, causing him to gasp out and release her, though she quickly follows up her attack and flips behind him and starts to drew back her right hand, but gasps as the ground suddenly greets them both, causing a hard thud to be heard and great deal of dirt.

Inside the dust cloud though, Tifa had the benefit of Zell breaking her fall, lifting herself up on her hands, seeing Zell's head deeply impacted into the ground and a groan from him and a muffled reply of "That hurt."

"Thanks for breaking my fall," comments Tifa, smiling.

"Yeah, no problem, can ya help me out?"

"Right after I empty my bladder," Comments Tifa, slowly getting to her feet, she may have not hit the ground, but her body was still in pain, and her bladder only made it worse.

Standing, Tifa saw that they were in a small clearing, with a few large hunks of pieces of fallen buildings nearby, one of them would be adequate cover while she emptied her bladder, which now throbbed even more, Tifa now had to keep a hand pressed to her crotch to fight back her bodies need to empty her bladder.

Zell though, would have none of that, taking a moment to pull his face from the dirt and coughing a few times, he quickly gets to his feet.

"Not if I have anything to say about it!" he states, smiling.

'I'm seriously about to burst here!' thinks Tifa, with a sigh of disappointment that her friend didn't stay down.

With a hand still between her legs, she turns around and gasp as she reflexively dodges her head to the side to avoid a punch, then another and another, pushing her back until she had to use her free hand to block punches that she couldn't avoid in time. Eventually, Tifa removes her other hand from her crotch to make blocking easier but the moment her hand left her and she successfully blocks a few more strikes, she feels more urine free itself and she quickly returns her hand between her legs and hops back, out of Zell's striking range before adding her other hand to her crotch.

"Zell please, I really gotta go," states Tifa, smiling. "I can't fight like this."

"Hehe, you must be really close," comments Zell. Before running towards her…

Tifa braced herself as she saw Zell rush to her and close her eyes as she felt her pee trying to leave her and feeling a spasm starting up.

She soon gasp as she felt a *cool water quickly rise up her legs and soon engulfs her body, feeling her feet leave the ground as she hears the familiar sound of a marine mammal. Before Tifa knew it, she felt herself fall onto her back, the pain of falling, her entire body wet and the sounds of dripping water in her ears, the combination of things were just too much for Tifa's exhausted bladder and with a cry of both, relief and embarrassment, she felt the warmth growing from her crotch as her hold on her bladder had finally been extinguished and her pee flowed freely from her.

Zell, walking up to her, took a quick sniff and comments, smiling, "Smells like your done!"

Tifa though, as her urine continues to flow from her, slowly gets to her feet, With a quick flick of her left hand, a white image of a clock appears under Zell and slows to a stop, resulting in Zell becoming frozen. Smirking at his image, Tifa begins to lay into him with a series of kicks and punches, before the clock appears again and starts, causing Zell to gasp and fall to his knees from the sudden pain going through his upper body.

"We agreed on no time magic!" he states.

"And I wanted to pee in private," comments Tifa.

Tifa then *reaches down to Zell right ankle and jumps into the air and throws him down to the ground, creating another dirt cloud, on the way back down though, *Tifa drew back her right hand as a white energy gathered in her fist, the resulting impact creates a massive explosion.

Once the dust settles, Tifa is standing over Zell, with her arms folded under her chest. "And that's the price for causing me to wet myself."

Zell though, smiles and opens his mouth to say something but passes out.

"That's a pretty steep price if you ask me," came an amused voice.

Looking to her right, on the outside of the crater, Tifa sees Yuna sitting on a large piece of rumble, twirling one of her guns on her right index finger.

"When did you get here?" asks Tifa, smiling as she begins to walk from the unconscious Zell, towards Yuna.

"Around the time you cheated with the time magic," comments Yuna.

"I had to pee, it wasn't a fair fight."

"So why didn't you just use Stop on him, 'then' go pee?" asks Yuna, smiling.

"Heh, uhhh…" replies Tifa, blushing a little and smiling, lifting her left hand up to the back of her head. "I didn't think of that."


[End notes:

Not very focused on the WS i know, but this Fic was supposed to be about Tifa fighting while trying to hold back wetting herself.

Oh and if you can't recognize some of the limit break attacks, here they are in order of appearance

Zell:  Punch Rush

Zell:  Meteor Strike

Zell:  Burning Rave (interuppted)

Tifa:  Beat Rush

Tifa:  Somersault

Zell: Dolphin Blow

Tifa:  Meteor Strike

Tifa:  Final Heaven


The fic didn't 'quite' turn out the way I wanted, I wanted to include a few more special attacks, like Zell's Different Beat and My Final Heaven, but felt it would've felt tacked on if I did. and I wanted to add in a little tid-bit of a story element as to why so many different characters are part of the X-2 world. but I dicided to stop while I was ahead ^_^;


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