Story: Final Fantasy X-2: Crossover (chapter 2)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 2

Title: Yuna's Blitzball Accident

[Author's notes:

Yuna and Rikku decide to have a little competition, but something Yuna eats, nearly make it her last...



‘Ohhhh… This isn’t good at all…’

This was Yuna’s thought as she kept herself positioned in the center of the goal area behind her in the large Sphere pool.

She saw Wakka in front of her about ten yards from her position, lifting the regulation sized Blitzball in front of him and releasing it, drawing back his right foot.

‘Not at all…’

This was supposed to be a friendly competition with her cousin, Rikku, but it had quickly turned into much more, it was now a fight to maintain her dignity in front of her friend, Wakka.

The rules of the competition were simple: Out of ten shots, they were to try and block as many as they could, Rikku opted to go first and managed to block six out of ten shots, meaning Yuna needed seven to win, but, there was a secret problem…

Yuna had to poop, badly, watching Rikku take her turn on a monitor, Yuna snacked on a bar of chocolate: however, unknown to Yuna, the chocolate bar wasn’t chocolate at all, it was laxative, and Yuna ate the entire bar! The laxative bar was Rikku’s, she, Yuna, Yuffie and Selphie had agreed to have a pooping competition after the Blitzball one, but…

The whole competition was now in Yuna’s innocent backside.

The urge had hit shortly after entering the Sphere pool, but since the urge was a small one, Yuna figured she could finish her turn before it got too bad…

She was wrong, very, very wrong, only moments after positioning herself, Yuna felt a sudden, painful knotting in her stomach and grimaced as she clutches her exposed belly with her left hand, quickly feeling a pressure inside her rear, pressing against her anus, which Yuna quickly clenches closed tightly.

‘Just leave to go to the bathroom.’

Yuna told herself this, it was entirely possible, her turn hadn’t officially started yet, but another thought entered her head…

‘Wait, what if I hold it and still beat Rikku’s score, I could brag about it until she does something as impressive or more so..’

A grin quickly appears on Yuna’s face at the idea; hearing a buzzing though, Yuna quickly looks up a if she had the air to, she would’ve gasped, Wakka was in the distance in front of her.

‘Wait a minute! What if I do lose control? Wakka would see me poop myself, and since I’m in water… no, no, no! I have to get outta here!’

Hearing the buzzing a second time, signally her turn officially starting, Yuna felt the knot in her gut tighten and she grimaced again.

‘Ohhhh… This isn’t good at all…’

Seeing Wakka prep the ball for the first shot, any hope Yuna had of getting out of this, vanished as she saw him draw back his right foot.

‘Not at all..’

Now stuck, Yuna removes her hand from her belly and spread her arms and leg’s a little into a ready position, the pressure in her rear wasn’t so bad, but the knot in her stomach was, it gave her the feeling that she wouldn’t be able to extend her body out to catch the ball.

Although worry and doubt lingered in her head, when she saw Wakka propel the ball in her direction, she quickly ignored those feelings and focused on the ball speeding through the water.


Lunging directly up, with her arms stretched out, Yuna felt the bumpy ball stop in her hands, pushing her back a little from the momentum it carried.

‘Great! I caught the first one… good start…’

As Yuna prepared to throw the ball back, the knot in her gut that she had briefly ignored, came back with a vengeance, causing her to hug the ball against her stomach, tightening so painfully, Yuna lost a few bubbles of air and now, the pressure against her clenched anus increased considerably. Yuna felt her anus actually dome outward for a few brief seconds as she struggled to maintain her hold.

Yuna was successful in holding back the mass in her rectum and fells her anus return to it regular, clenched state, and the feels the knot in her stomach starting to loosen.

Seconds after the relief came, fighting back a sigh, Yuna felt a hand on her left shoulder, looking up, she sees Wakka in front of her, with some concern showing on his face.

Yuna quickly blushes and smiles, lifting right hand to try and wave off his concern. Wakka gave a smile in return and takes the ball from her and swam back to his original position, though after a few seconds into Wakka’s leaving, Yuna quickly looks shocked and extending her right hand towards him, but it was too late.

‘Dang-it! Why did I just do that!? That was my chance to tell him there was a problem!’

Yuna then moves her hands behind her to her jean shorts.

‘If I can just catch each shot, I’m sure I could make it to the bathroom in time… just six more… just six more…’

In an effort to not put too much focus on her problem, and to actually have a chance to successfully catch the ball, Yuna divided her attention between the two tasks, well, three if she was to count her breath holding, but Yuna was used to it, being a Blitzball player herself, she had more than enough air stored in her lungs for this contest.

She sees Wakka get back into position and Yuna moves her hands from her rear and readies herself to catch the next shot.

The knot in her stomach was now ‘just’ above a nagging pain, though still manageable, but the mass pressing against her rear was a little more distracting, having to constantly move her legs to stay in position wasn’t helping her case much ether, but Yuna fought through the urge to relax her sphincter as she sees Wakka, draw back his right foot again and send the blue and white ball speeding through the water towards her for the second time…

‘It’s, going to the right…’

Yuna quickly lunges to the direction the ball veered, reaching out her right hand, the moment the ball hit’s the palm of her hand, Yuna brought her left hand up and grabs hold of the textured ball before it could slip past her fight hand from the momentum it carried, which caused Yuna to spin once as she brought the ball closer to her chest.

‘Two down!’

Moments after Yuna throws the ball back to Wakka, she feels the knot in her belly starting to tighten, but before concern could rise too far, Yuna was surprised and relieved when she felt the knot loosen up enough that it nearly went away. However, the pressure in her rear seemed to increase five times, a few more bubbles of air left Yuna’s lips as she sent her hand behind her to her rear as she feels the sphincter muscles weaken and her anus starting to dilate and feels a log begin to very, very slowly make it’s way out.

‘No! No! No! Come one, come on!’

Yuna closes her eyes tightly and tries to reinforce her hold again, a few more bubbles of air escaping as she fought her body desperately to regain her hold, feeling a rumbling in her gut though, Yuna soon feels the log that had widened her annual opening, began to recede back inside her and her anus shrinking back closed.

The moment Yuna opens her eyes, she nearly lost more air as she saw the ball speeding towards her for the third time. There was no way she was catching it being unprepared as she was, and she tried to avoid it, being only partly successfull, the ball forcefully hitting her left shoulder, knocking her back as a throb of pain rang through her shoulder and the ball to be knocked up.

Since the ball hadn’t entered the goal area though, if Yuna could reach it, it would count as a block for her, which she was easily able to do, throwing the ball back to Wakka, before moving her right hand to her shoulder and rubbing it.

‘Note to self, keep eye’s open… anyway, three down, four more to go…’

Despite her near loss, from her chain of now three successful blocks, Yuna was confident in being about to finish quickly, and actually successfully blocked the following two shots without much issue from her rear, now five for five…

‘Two more, come on Yuna, you can do this, catch two more and you can finally have relief…’

Wakka then propelled the ball towards her for the sixth time. Yuna quickly saw the ball veering upward and swam up to catch it, but to Yuna’s shock, just yards from her, the ball suddenly dips, going right between her legs and into the goal.

‘Dang-it! I’m getting careless, I shouldn’t have moved so early!’

Yuna swam down and retrieves the ball and throws it back to Wakka.

‘Calm down and focus, it’s only two more.’

The ball sped towards her again and this time it was coming straight for her, but at the last moments, Yuna saw the ball veer to the right and quickly lunges to her right and barely manages to catch the ball, running her right shoulder into the side of the goal area, though not too painful of an action.

‘Great, I’m tied with Rikku, just one more and I win.’

Yuna throws back the ball to Wakka.

‘Just one more… one more…’

Yuna was now excited, happy that relief was so close, and very, very eager to finish this, but, she was ‘too’ eager now, her focus was now on a third thing, the thought of relief…

With a forceful kick, Wakka sent the eighth shot towards Yuna, the ball was making a bee-line straight for her, Yuna smiled in delight, Wakka had given an easy block.

Yuna quickly flexes her fingers in preparation for the catch, when she spread her arms out to catch the ball heading towards her though, Yuna suddenly feels the impatient poop in her rectum push against her sphincter again, this small distraction slows Yuna response by just a second, closing her hands quickly, the bottom of her palms graze the ball before it cratered itself into Yuna’s stomach, and a large breath of air was forced out of her lungs in a cloud of bubbles.

A few bubbles came from Yuna’s rear as well before the log she had be fighting against was forced through her tired sphincter and into the tightness of her shorts, creating a small bulge, but it quickly grew as more logs followed rapidly, filling her panties.

However, Yuna now had a bigger problem than filling her panties, she had swallowed a large amount of water and was now choking, or more appropriately, drowning!

Yuna quickly lifted her hands up to her throat and squeezed, trying to prevent taking in more water as she thrashes around in the water, her lungs burning for air while a brown cloud began to envelope her waist.

Yuna knew she had lost her hold on her poop, but she didn’t care, she wanted air and began swimming up, her left hand gripping her neck as she kicks her feet and moves her free arm, more and more bubbles leaving her lips, as well as her shorts bulging more and more, a brown trail following her as she desperately swam for the edge of the Sphere pool.

‘I’m not gonna make it! After all I’ve been through, I’m doing to die from drowning in a competition?’

Invisible tears began to leave her eyes as she felt like her chest was ready to explode. A few long seconds later though, Yuna felt arms around her and being pulled up through the water faster towards the edge of the pool.

Seconds later, Yuna’s head left the pool and she quickly coughs up the water she swallowed before taking quick, desperate breathes for precious air.

“Hey, hey! You ok!?” came Wakka’s concerned voice.

Once Yuna had the breath to speak, she quickly wraps her arms around his neck. “Thank you so much Wakka!”

“Heh, don’t mention it, I’m just glad you’re ok.”

Feeling a few choice logs smoothly leaving her laxed anus though, Yuna’s face quickly reddens, and glancing her eyes down to the water, she sees that both, her and Wakka are enveloped in her brown cloud.

‘Oh no! How am I going to explain this! Wait, I nearly died, maybe I can use that as an excuse.’ Yuna then realizes something else, something even worse than Wakka finding out she pooped herself… ‘No! No! No! I forgot, this is being recorded, all of them are seeing me poop myself!’


Meanwhile, in a small changing room, Rikku, Lulu, Yuffie, Paine, Selphie, Tifa and Rinoa watch a TV in shock, before some of them begin giggling…

“This is awesome!” cheers Rikku.

“Is this recording!?” asks Yuffie, excitedly. “Please tell me this is recording!”

“This NEEDS to be copied!” adds Selphie.

Meanwhile, Paine is giggling along with Tifa, Lulu simply places a hand to her head and shaking it a little in disappointment at the way the others were acting, Rinoa is the only one seeming to be disgusted at the sight and frowns at the laughing girl’s.

“That’s horrible! You guys shouldn’t be laughing at that! She nearly drowned!”

“But she didn‘t.” comments Tifa, smiling. “Come on, you don’t find this the least bit amusing?”

“That’s not the point!” replies Rinoa.

“That’s not a ‘no’.” comments Selphie, grinning.


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