Story: Final Fantasy X-2: Crossover (all chapters)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 1

Title: Who's Cuter?

[Author's notes:

After getting rid of Paine, Yuna and Rikku enjoy some playful alone time, but are soon interuppted by two 'honorary Gullwings'



High in the skies of Spira, the Gullwing’s airship, Celsius, silently glided through the air; not an obstacle in sight, boring maybe, to certain people.

Inside the airship, though, inside a certain large room, was anything but boring. A large window stretching nearly the entire length of the room allowed the light of the clear blue sky entrance, currently doing away with the need for the room’s lights above on the ceiling.

Two of the most notable things occupying this room were the three beds lined against the left of the room, below the large window and the bar to the left, a row of stools in front of the long table, and numerous empty glass cups and bottles of various drinks.

The right of the room was void of activity, though it was the beds that one would want to focus on. Two of the three beds were occupied; the farthest one from the door, rested Paine, on her back and dressed in her usual tight black pants and vest. She had her hands under her head.

Actually, it would probably be better to say Paine was ‘trying’ to rest, as to her right, just a few feet away in the middle bed, sat her two friends, Yuna and Rikku; the two were fully dressed, currently anyway. They were both engaged in a heated kissing match as they sat on their legs facing each other. The two weren’t exactly quiet like Paine would’ve preferred; the two were constantly moaning and their kissing itself was making noises.

Paine had enjoyed a peaceful nap, only to be greeted with the sounds of her two friends trying to suck the others face off. It had only been five minutes, but it was all Paine could take as she quickly sat up.

“That’s it! I can’t take hearing this anymore!”

Paine quickly removed herself from her bed and got to her feet as she looked to Yuna and Rikku and frowns.

“You two are disgusting…”

Paine then heads to the door of the room and left the two alone.

With the whoosh of the door closing, Yuna and Rikku ends their kissing match, a brief string of their combined saliva connecting their lips. Both of their entire faces were red. They looked at each other for a moment… Yuna cracked the first smile, and Rikku quickly followed, before the two burst into laughter.

After a minute, their laughing subsided.

“Now that that ‘pain’ is gone…” begins Rikku. “We can really have fun.” she adds as she starts removing her clothes.

“Hehe, you really shouldn’t tease her like that, Rikku.” replies Yuna smiling.

“Her name fits so well though Yunie…” replies Rikku, her tiny yellow top already off and her barely there skirt quickly finding its way to the floor; only Rikku’s yellow thong now covered the treasure between her legs.

“True…” comments Yuna. “I kinda understand how Paine feels though. But that‘s what makes it so fun!”

“Plus, you’re only half Al-bhed, so it’s actually only half as naughty.” comments Rikku with a brief giggle, causing Yuna to giggle a little as well.

Yuna then slanted her eyes in a sort of seductive way as she leans towards Rikku, “Well I can be ‘really’ naughty too yanno.”

“I plan on it.” replies Rikku, smiling, before sending her lips to Yuna’s neck, causing the currently clothed girl to gasp out and quickly begin giggling.

“Ah! Hehehe! Not there!” pleas Yuna before she falls back, Rikku still attached to her neck, licking and sucking on her skin there, tickling her as she squirmed under the nearly nude Al-bhed girl.

A few second into this, Rikku stopped tickling Yuna’s neck and lifts her head to look down at Yuna’s face and smiles.

“Fa'na kuehk ryja rud, cdayso, hyikrdo caq huf.”

Rikku’s comment in her native tongue causes Yuna to giggle briefly, and reply…

“Hehe, don’t say it like that… you sound like a bad porn sphere.”

Rikku starts removing Yuna’s clothes, starting with her shirt, then bra, revealing her larger breasts to the air, her nipples already stiff.

Rikku didn’t have time to appreciate the view before the room’s door opens and two similarly aged girls quickly rushed into the room, both arguing with each other as they walks to the end of the bed Yuna and Rikku occupied.

The two girls were both brunettes; the one with shorter hair that covered her ears wore a striped yellow dress with a zipper right down the middle, the dress ending at her upper legs around her thighs.

The other girl, with a darker shade of hair, also had a similar hair length, though it parted where her ears were, allowing them to be visible; she also wore a headband, a navy blue sleeve-less shirt with white flowers and a pair of short tan shorts, or more appropriately, ‘hot-pants’

“We need you guys’ help!” states the brunette in the short yellow dress.

Yuna and Rikku looks up at the two girls in annoyance.

“Hello, we’re busy here.” states Rikku.

“You two can finish your freaky incest sex later, this is serious!” states the headband wearing girl.

Rikku sighs and rolls off Yuna as the topless girl sat up and asks…

“What’s the problem, Yuffie?”

Yuffie, the girl with the headband, points to the girl to her left and states…

“Selphie here thinks she’s cuter than me!”

“I AM cuter!” quickly replies Selphie.

“No you’re not!” retorts Yuffie. “Even my name is cuter than yours!”

“What!?” gasps Selphie. “No one can even pronounce it, Yuffie Kiragisa.”

“It’s pronounce ‘Kisaragi’ you idiot!” states Yuffie. “And what about your last name, Tilmitt!? That doesn’t even sound like a name!”

The two girls glare at each other while Yuna simply smiles and Rikku sighs in annoyance and falls back on the bed.

“All you two do is fight! Now it’s about who is cuter!? Grow up a little.” states Rikku.

At the latter of Rikku’s comment, Yuna glances to Rikku smiling, “You’re one to talk about them growing up.”

“What? I don’t get into silly arguments with you or Paine about which of us is cuter, which obviously is me by the way.” replies Rikku.

“Heh, how are you ‘obviously’ the cuter of the three of us?” asks Yuna, with a small frown.

“Easy, Paine has that ‘badgirl’ look to her, you have that sweet girlfriend look, but me, I have tons of energy, I’m cheerful and I have the perfect cute body.”

“Are you saying my body isn’t cute!?” asks Yuna.

“Don’t worry Yunie, rather than a cute body, you have a hot one, with those nice round breasts of yours.”

Yuna’s frown slowly faded for a smile as she hears Rikku’s comment, “Forget it, I can’t believe we actually wasted our breath on this discussion.”

Yuna and Rikku both smiles, before Yuffie and Selphie’s argument quickly caught their attention again…

“What’s cute about carrying around a giant nunchaku!?” states Yuffie. “The purpose is to be fast - not slow!”

“And what about you!?” replies Selphie. “That giant cross thing… those are supposed to be super tiny, aren’t they?”

“It’s called a ‘shuriken‘, if your going to insult something, at least get the name right! And for your information it still serves its purpose.”

“Its purpose!?” Gasps Selphie. “I may not know its name but I know its purpose is to be hidden, and you can’t hide that massive thing!”

“It’s not like it’s the only shuriken I keep with me; all the others are regular size.

“Ninja’s aren’t suppose to have things that big anyway!”

“Being sneaky doesn’t really matter when you’re fighting a giant legendary dragon.”

“Yeah, which if I remimber correctly, you said your giant Shuriken pretty much bounced off of it, It took some spiky-haired guy with a huge sword to take it out.” states Selphie.

“His name is Cloud.”

“What kind of name is ‘Cloud’ anyway?”

“Oh and ‘Squall’ is any better?”

Before the two could continue, Rikku had had enough and quickly shouts, “SHUT-UP!” drawing the two girls’ attention. “What do you two want us to do about your stupid problem?”

“It’s simple…” began Yuffie. “You two choose which of us is cuter.”

Yuna then asks, “Yuffie, aren’t you older than Selphie? Why do you care if she says she’s cuter?”

“Because it’s not true.” replies Yuffie, folding her arms over her chest.

“It is true you sorry excuse for a ninja!” quickly replies Selphie.

Before the two girls got into it again, Rikku quickly tells them to shut-up.

“Give us a second.” adds Rikku before turning to Yuna. “Yunie, ev fa lruca uha, dra udran femm pa yhkno fedr ic.”

“Hmm, yeah you’re right, you have a plan?” asks Yuna, looking to Rikku.

“Oayr, y ped uv y luhdacd padfaah dra dfu.” replies Rikku.

“Hey, speak English, or Japanese!” quickly states Selphie.

“Yuna, what’s Rikku saying?” asks Yuffie.

“Rikku suggests a contest between the two of you to decide who the cutest is.”

“Awesome! I got this in the bag!” states Yuffie.

“You don’t even know what the contest is.” replies Selphie.

As the two again started to argue, Yuna looks back to Rikku and asks…

“So what kind of contest do you have in mind?”

"Buubehk." Replies Rikku with a grin.

Yuna gasps and smiles, “You naughty girl! They won’t do that!”

At Yuna’s reply, both Yuffie and Selphie immediately stopped their argument and looked to Yuna.

“What won’t we do?” asks them both.

"Drao ryja du buub draen byhdeac nekrd huf fana drao cdyht." States Rikku, looking at the two.

“Ohh, nice.” replies Yuna. “You two have to poop your panties right now where you stand.” she adds.

“WHAT!?” gasps Yuffie and Selphie, both of their faces red in embarrassment.

“If you want us to decide who’s cuter…” began Rikku. “That is our condition.”

“There’s no way I’m doing that!” states Selphie.

“I’ll do it.” states Yuffie, with a serious look on her face, causing Selphie to gasp. “Heh, if you’re chickening out, and I do it, then I’ll win by default.”

“There’s no way I’m going to let that happen!” states Selphie, before looking to Yuna And Rikku. “Fine, I’m in!”

Selphie’s competitiveness soon had her backed against a wall though as she silently scolds herself in her head, ‘Doh! Selphie you idiot! You can’t do this, you have no pants, or more importantly, PANTIES on! Dropping a load on the floor wouldn’t be cute at all!’

“So…” began Rikku. “You two have poop ready to come?”

“Ready and waiting.” states Yuffie confidently.

“Y-Yeah.” replies Selphie, worriedly, wondering if she was going to be able to go through with this.

“Good, who’s going first?” asks Rikku.

“I’ll go first.” replies Yuffie, before she glances over to Selphie. “Prepare to lose, part of my training was to hold in large loads.”

Selphie simply frowns at this, before Rikku spoke, “Ok, turn your back to us Yuffie and wait for me to say go.”

The older of the two did as Rikku requested and turned around. Rikku then turned to Yuna and states…

"Dra luhtedeuhc vun fehhehk ec draen nayldeuhc, hud dra ysuihd, ug?"

“Heh, gotcha.” replies Yuna, smiling, then turning her gaze to the backside of Yuffie’s shorts.

“Ready…” began Rikku. “Set…” Yuffie then bend her knees forward and little and placed her hand on her knee’s, sticking out her rear, pressed against her tight shorts, causing Rikku to pause in her countdown as she anticipates the bulge that would soon form. “GO!”

And go Yuffie proceeded to do, bearing down and pushing with a groan. Yuna and Rikku looks at Yuffie’s rear eagerly, while Selphie looks on with shock and nervousness.

Yuffie didn’t have to poop at that moment, but she knew she had poop in her she could push out, but she would have to work it through her intestines before her body caught on; so Yuffie relaxed in a sigh for a moments rest, then resumed pushing, seconds into the second push, a *FFFFFFRRRRRTTTTTTTTT* sound, a long fart left her bulging brown ring of muscles between Yuffie’s young cheeks of her butt.

The fart causes Yuffie to giggle slightly and her face to get redder from embarrassment and Selphie thought, ‘She’s really going to do it!’

Do it indeed, with the expulsion of the gas, Yuffie felt that all too familiar shift and weight inside her rectum, she was loaded and ready to fire.

Yuffie relaxes again, but now that her poop was ready to come out, she hesitates to start pushing again, only in training did she ever poop herself, now she was about to poop herself for what she now thought of as a silly argument.

Through her hesitating, Yuffie felt the mass of her poop slide downward in her rectum, slowly inching towards her laxed anus, though Yuffie gasps and clenches up, pushing her poop upward back inside her a little.

With as tight as Yuffie’s rear pressed against her small shorts, Yuna, Rikku and Selphie could see Yuffie’s rear clinch.

“What’s wrong Yuffie?” asks Rikku.

Selphie quickly added, “After all that talk, she’s chickening out!”

Selphie’s taunt renewed Yuffie’s competitiveness and quickly bore down and pushes, with a soft grunt.

Yuffie felt her anus yawn open and soon felt the slightly ticklish sensation of a soft log of her poop poking out before it quickly met the closeness of her panties from her tight shorts. Yuffie moaned out as her poop left her, being smashed against her panties, then spreading outward. Yuffie shivered at the alien, yet familiar feeling of her poop spreading all over her backside, it was so warm and soft; she almost thought of it relaxing.

Yuna and Rikku, thanks to the softness of Yuffie’s poop, could only make out a faint bulge in the seat of Yuffie’s Shorts.

“Ewww! Your actually pooping yourself!” gasps Selphie, pinching her nose close and watching Yuffie’s panties, bulge slightly.

Although, with the softness of Yuffie’s poop, Yuna and Rikku are treated to an unexpected, but very welcome sight. Yuffie’s poop, clay-like in it’s consistency, began to slowly trail down her inner thighs and larger hunks fell to the floor.

Yuffie though, gasps at feeling her poop trailing down her inner thighs and clenches her now messy anus.

“Oh no!” she gasps, quickly turning around to face Yuna and Rikku and looking down to her thighs.

“Don’t worry about it.” states Rikku smiling.

“Yeah.” adds Yuna. “Having it do down the legs is rare sight, if you have more, keep pushing.”

“You sure?” asks Yuffie, the mass of poop now reaching her knee’s.

“Yep, keep pushing!” replies Rikku happily.

“Ok.” states Yuffie before standing up straight now, closing her eyes and pushing, soon causing more of her brown, soft waste to slowly slide down the brown trail on her inner legs.

As Yuffie continues to void her bowels of the impressive load she had contained and Yuna and Rikku watch, Selphie thought, ‘So, it would be ok if I pooped on the floor? I guess it wouldn’t be so bad. Whoa! Wait a minute! What am I thinking!? I’d rather poop panties I’m wearing rather than having it drop to the floor! Ooohhh, what I’m I going to do? If I do it, It will be so embarrassing, but if I don’t, Yuffie’s going to win by default!’

As Yuffie continues to push out her poop, almost a continuous trail of her poop trails her legs to add to the pile growing at her feet.

Rikku leans next to Yuna and whispers, "Kaaw, Yuffie luimt payd ic ayco eh uha uv uin luhdacdc."

Yuna whispers back, “Yeah, but it would be great competition. After all, Yuffie couldn’t produce that much poop every time.”

“Ya got a point…” replies Rikku. “Maybe we should see if Yuffie would like to join our contests.”

Focusing back on Yuffie, the brown waste trailing down her legs had come to an end, and she places her right hand on her stomach.

“Done?” Asks Yuna.

“Not quite.” replies Yuffie, before pushing again, and a wet, sputtering fart left her cheeks.

Two more, firmer logs passes though Yuffie’s anal opening and nestled themselves in the seat of her shorts, soft enough to be squished a little but not soft enough to slide out of her shorts and down her legs, allowing a slightly bigger bulge on the back of her shorts.

With a sigh, Yuffie states, “Now I’m done.”

Yuna and Rikku crawls forward to peer over the foot of the bed to see the pile of Yuffie’s poop at her feet and both of them gasps at the sight.

“Whoa!” gasps Yuna.

“Whoa isn’t the right word!” states Rikku.

At Yuffie’s feet was a large pile of her waste, Yuna and Rikku guessed it had to be at least three inches high between her feet.

“Where did you keep all that!?” asks Yuna, looking up at Yuffie.

“Um, same place I always keep it.” replies Yuffie, blushing with a smile.

“And I’m sure you still have a lot in your shorts.” states Rikku.

Selphie then thinks, ‘There’s no way I can’t produce nearly even HALF that! Dang-it! I can’t win against her!’ Selphie then had another thought that caused her to smile a little. ‘Wait a minute, if I accept that Yuffie won, and can get away with a clean butt and Yuffie is a sticky, stinky mess.’

Yuna and Rikku saw that Selphie was smiling, and Yuna asks, “Selphie, what are you smiling about?”

“I will accept defeat.” states Selphie. “There’s no way I can compete with that amount of poop, plus…” she adds, moving her right hand to the zipper of her yellow dress then pulling it down and opening her dress to reveal her lack of underwear, bra and panties. “I’m going commando! I have no pants to poop.”

“Ha! So I win!” cheers Yuffie, thrusting her right fist into the air for a moment.

Both Yuna and Rikku smiles, and Yuna looks to Rikku and states…

"Oui drehgehk fryd E's drehgehk?"

“I was about to ask the same thing.” replies Rikku.

Both, Yuffie and Selphie looks intrigued by Rikku’s reply to Yuna and Selphie asks, “Um, what are you two talking about now?”

Yuna and Rikku got off the bed they were on and walks towards Selphie, Yuna removing her dress from her, causing the younger girl to stand nude, only wearing her white socks.

“Yanno…” begins Rikku, “Amount of poop wasn’t the determining factor in deciding who the winner is.”

“What!?” gasps Selphie.

“Yep.” states Yuna, walking behind Selphie and wrapping her arms around Selphie’s waist lightly. “It was the reactions the two of you had, and you were actually winning, in my opinion, before you even started pooping.”

“What!? So I gave up the win!?” replies Selphie.

“Wow, doesn’t that suck.” comments Yuffie.

“At least I’m not the one with a panties full of poop.” retorts Selphie.

“Actually…” begins Yuffie, moving her hand behind her to the back of her short s and places her hands on her butt, feeling the heat and softness of her poop. “It’s not that bad, If I had panties to spare, I might do it more often.”

At Yuffie’s comment, Yuna and Rikku looks to each other and smiles. Rikku places her right hand on Yuffie’s shoulder and states, “Come with me Yuffie, there’s something I want to talk to you about…” Rikku then walks behind Yuffie, towards the door.

Yuffie then turns only her waist around to look to Rikku and states, “Wait, I have to clean up my mess.”

“We’re not going to be long, I just want to ask you something in private.”

“Well, ok.” replies Yuffie, before slowly lifting her left foot, feeling the poop in her shorts squish around as she removed her dirty sock and stepped her naked foot behind the pile and then removes her other sock, before following Rikku out of the room, leaving Selphie and Yuna alone for the moment.

Selphie lowers her hands down to Yuna’s around her waist and removes them before sitting on the bed in front of her and pinching her nose close again with her right hand.

“I know Yuffie said she would clean her mess up, but don’t you have something to cover that smell?” asks Selphie.

“Hmm…” thinks Yuna. “Oh! Why don’t you freeze it? I’d do it myself but I don’t have any spell casting Dress sphere’s on me at the moment.”

“Hey good idea.” replies Selphie, before aiming her left hand towards the steamy pile of Yuffie’s waste. After a moment, a blue icy frost emits from her palm, down towards the poop, in just a few seconds, the brown pile had a glossy blue coloring.

“Now you just have to move it to the trash can.” states Yuna.

“Me!? I’m not touching that!” quickly replies Selphie.

“Why not, it’s frozen.” states Yuna.

“You throw it away, I just want to get rid of that smell.”

“Well, It’s Yuffie’s poop, she can throw it away when she gets back.”

“Heh, you like poop but you won’t touch it, even if it’s frozen?” asks Selphie, smiling.

“I like pushing it out, not touching it with my hands.”

“Well what about after you and Rikku play those pooping games, how do you clean yourself?”

“Well if outside, We’re usually close to a lake or pond, I just move around in the water until I’m clean.”

“What about when your not outside? In the Celsius for example?”

“I’ll just say I try to keep those moments to a minimum, hehe…”

Selphie smiles and leans back on her back on the bed, revealing her lightly pubed pubic mound and labia to Yuna, who then realized she still had her shorts on, so she removed them, along with her white panties, revealing her thicker patch of brunette pubes above her labia.

“Hey…” states Yuna, holding up her panties to look at them for a moment before continuing, “How did that argument start anyway?”

“That cute argument?” asks Selphie.


“It’s stupid.”

“I’m interested to know what started it, come on, tell me.” replies Yuna, smiling as she return to the bed, positioning herself behind Selphie, at her head.

“Fine, but I warn you, it’s a stupid reason… It all started with when Yuffie, walked in on me in the bathroom peeing. She had come in to shave, I asked her why she bothered to do it all the time, and she said it was cuter when there’s no pubes, then said it’s cuter when there is a small patch of hair. And that was the beginning of out big argument.”

“Pubic hair?”

“I told you it was stupid.”

“Well…” states Yuna sitting up on her knees and leaning over Selphie’s body, facing the younger girl’s crotch and Selphie facing Yuna’s. “I for one, thinks it’s cuter to have a little patch of hair, like you have here.” she adds, running her right hands finger’s through the thin brown patch of hair.

The touch, and view from below causes a smile on Selphie’s lips as she lifts her right hand to the thick patch of pubic hair an runs her fingers through it.

“Thanks.” replies Selphie. “Though you can use a little trim.”

“Oh really?” asks Yuna, as she placed her hand on Selphie’s inner thighs and spread them, giving her access to the younger girl’s treasure.

Yuna was on her way to send her lip downward before gasping with a quick flinch as she felt Selphie’s tongue on her long sense aroused labia.

“Beat me to it…” comments Yuna smiling before sending her tongue down to Selphie’s vertical lips between her thighs, quickly feeling the younger girl’s flinch under her briefly before the two settled into licking the other.

Minutes later, while Yuna and Selphie moans into the other’s lips, the room’s door opens with a whoosh, which was unnoticed by the two as Rikku and Yuffie walked back in.

Both girl’s smiles upon seeing their two friend, ‘connected’ and Rikku quickly turns to Yuffie and whispers…

“Hey, go clean yourself up and come back here.”

“Your going to surprise them?” whispers back Yuffie, smiling.

“Yeah, Yunie.”

“Can’t I wait here until you do? I wanna see her shocked expression.”

“Ok.” replies Rikku before beginning to tip-toe towards the two on the bed.

Rikku successfully made it to the side of the bed, on Selphie’s left, Rikku positioned herself near Yuna’s rear/Selphie’s head.

Although, Selphie happened to open her eyes and see Rikku, she stopped her licking for a moment but Rikku quickly put a finger to her lips and gestured, with a finger, to Yuna’s rear.

Selphie was a little puzzled at What Rikku wanted, but soon got the idea and lifts her right hand in a ‘hold-on’ gesture, before extending her index and middle fingers and inserting them into Yuna’s pussy, producing a moan from the older girl, before Selphie starts a slow pumping.

Selphie then mouths an ‘ok’ and Rikku smiles and inserts her right index finger in her mouth for a moment to wet it before aiming her finger at Yuna rear, having a pretty clear view of Yuna’s brown anus.

After a few more thrusts of Selphie’s fingers, Rikku shot her finger forward and quickly buried it into the rectum of Yuna’s butt, who immediately gasps and quickly moves forward but Rikku quickly followed her and kept her finger in.

“Selphie get your finger out- huh? Yuffie?” quickly states Yuna, lifting her head and seeing Yuffie near the door, trying, and failing, to fight back laughing. Yuna then looks behind her to her left and saw Rikku standing beside her.

“Rikku get your finger out of there!” states Yuna.

“Ok, ok.” replies Rikku smiling, removing her finger from Yuna’s dark hole. “You two couldn’t wait for us to come back?”

Meanwhile, as Yuffie starts to head out of the room, the door opens to reveal Paine walking into the room and stopping before running into Yuffie.

“Hey Paine.” states Yuffie.

“Hey…” replies Paine, before she starts sniffing the air. “Um, did I miss some kind of contest while I was gone?”

“Well, it wasn’t much of a contest, I was the only one to poop, Selphie chickened out.” replies Yuffie, smiling.

Paine then looks to Rikku, Yuna and Selphie, seeing Yuna fingering Selphie’s pussy as she talks to Rikku.

“So, Yuna’s moved on to Selphie… I wouldn’t mind joining.” states Paine, with a small smile.

“By the way…” begins Yuffie. “What do you have against Yuna and Rikku doing that with each other?”

“Their cousins, it just freaks me out when I see them doing it; not to mention they purposely annoy me with it, I don’t want to wake up to see them going at it.”

“Hmm, I see what you mean, but what about when all three of you are doing it together?”

“Well it doesn’t bother me as much then, since I’m usually focused on of’em.” replies Paine, with a light blush raising on her cheeks.

“Ahh, I see…” comments Yuffie smiling, before walking out the room, “Your jealous.” she adds, on the other side.

“What!? No I’m not!” quickly replies Paine, turning to follow Yuffie out, but was stopped as she felt a tugging on her right arm and turning to see that it was Rikku.

“Sorry about earlier Paine.” states Rikku, smiling. “It’s just so fun to tease you!” Rikku saw Paine frown at her and she adds, “Really Paine, I’m sorry, don’t be mad.”

After a moment, Rikku saw a smile on the silver-haired girl’s face.

“Well, if you like to tease so much, there’s something else I’d like you to tease, it’s small and pink, can you guess what?”

Rikku smiles, she indeed did know what it was and quickly dropped to her knees, though when she lifted her hands up to undo Paine’s pants, she felt a tugging on her hair, lifting her back up to her feet.

“Geez, your quick to get on your knee’s… not here…” replies Paine before walking into the room, leading Rikku by her long blonde hair, to her bed, then releasing Rikku and unzipping her pants and pulling down her pants and turning around, revealing her shaven crotch, before sitting on the bed and spreads her legs wide.

“Now you can get on your knee’s, you naughty girl.”

Rikku promptly did so and looks up at Paine smiling.

"Oayr, Rikku's y hyikrdo, hyikrdo meddma kenm, oui'na kuehk du syga so vyla hela yht fad ynh'd oui?"

Rikku’s comment causes Yuna, who was fingering Selphie’s pussy to quickly burst into a round of giggling.

“Yanno, I really need to learn Al-Bhed.” comments Paine.

END ^_^

[End notes:

Translated Al-bhed lines

 “Fa'na kuehk ryja rud, cdayso, hyikrdo caq huf.”

 “We're going have hot, steamy, naughty sex now.”

 “Yunie, ev fa lruca uha, dra udran femm pa yhkno fedr ic.”

“[Yunie], if we chose one, the other will be angry with us.”

“Oayr, y ped uv y luhdacd padfaah dra dfu.”

  “Yeah, a bit of a contest between the two.”



 "Drao ryja du buub draen byhdeac nekrd huf fana drao cdyht."

"They have to poop their panties right now were they stand."

"Dra luhtedeuhc vun fehhehk ec draen nayldeuhc, hud dra ysuihd, ug?"

 "The conditions for winning is their reactions, not the amount, ok?"

"Kaaw, Yuffie luimt payd ic ayco eh uha uv uin luhdacdc."

  "Geez, [Yuffie] could beat us easy in one of our contests."

"Oui drehgehk fryd E's drehgehk?"

  "You thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Oayr, Rikku's y hyikrdo, hyikrdo meddma kenm, oui'na kuehk du syga so vyla hela yht fad ynh'd oui?"

  "Yeah, [Rikku's] a naughty, naughty little girl, you're going to make my face nice and wet arn't you?"





Chapter 2

Title: Yuna's Blitzball Accident

[Author's notes:

Yuna and Rikku decide to have a little competition, but something Yuna eats, nearly make it her last...



‘Ohhhh… This isn’t good at all…’

This was Yuna’s thought as she kept herself positioned in the center of the goal area behind her in the large Sphere pool.

She saw Wakka in front of her about ten yards from her position, lifting the regulation sized Blitzball in front of him and releasing it, drawing back his right foot.

‘Not at all…’

This was supposed to be a friendly competition with her cousin, Rikku, but it had quickly turned into much more, it was now a fight to maintain her dignity in front of her friend, Wakka.

The rules of the competition were simple: Out of ten shots, they were to try and block as many as they could, Rikku opted to go first and managed to block six out of ten shots, meaning Yuna needed seven to win, but, there was a secret problem…

Yuna had to poop, badly, watching Rikku take her turn on a monitor, Yuna snacked on a bar of chocolate: however, unknown to Yuna, the chocolate bar wasn’t chocolate at all, it was laxative, and Yuna ate the entire bar! The laxative bar was Rikku’s, she, Yuna, Yuffie and Selphie had agreed to have a pooping competition after the Blitzball one, but…

The whole competition was now in Yuna’s innocent backside.

The urge had hit shortly after entering the Sphere pool, but since the urge was a small one, Yuna figured she could finish her turn before it got too bad…

She was wrong, very, very wrong, only moments after positioning herself, Yuna felt a sudden, painful knotting in her stomach and grimaced as she clutches her exposed belly with her left hand, quickly feeling a pressure inside her rear, pressing against her anus, which Yuna quickly clenches closed tightly.

‘Just leave to go to the bathroom.’

Yuna told herself this, it was entirely possible, her turn hadn’t officially started yet, but another thought entered her head…

‘Wait, what if I hold it and still beat Rikku’s score, I could brag about it until she does something as impressive or more so..’

A grin quickly appears on Yuna’s face at the idea; hearing a buzzing though, Yuna quickly looks up a if she had the air to, she would’ve gasped, Wakka was in the distance in front of her.

‘Wait a minute! What if I do lose control? Wakka would see me poop myself, and since I’m in water… no, no, no! I have to get outta here!’

Hearing the buzzing a second time, signally her turn officially starting, Yuna felt the knot in her gut tighten and she grimaced again.

‘Ohhhh… This isn’t good at all…’

Seeing Wakka prep the ball for the first shot, any hope Yuna had of getting out of this, vanished as she saw him draw back his right foot.

‘Not at all..’

Now stuck, Yuna removes her hand from her belly and spread her arms and leg’s a little into a ready position, the pressure in her rear wasn’t so bad, but the knot in her stomach was, it gave her the feeling that she wouldn’t be able to extend her body out to catch the ball.

Although worry and doubt lingered in her head, when she saw Wakka propel the ball in her direction, she quickly ignored those feelings and focused on the ball speeding through the water.


Lunging directly up, with her arms stretched out, Yuna felt the bumpy ball stop in her hands, pushing her back a little from the momentum it carried.

‘Great! I caught the first one… good start…’

As Yuna prepared to throw the ball back, the knot in her gut that she had briefly ignored, came back with a vengeance, causing her to hug the ball against her stomach, tightening so painfully, Yuna lost a few bubbles of air and now, the pressure against her clenched anus increased considerably. Yuna felt her anus actually dome outward for a few brief seconds as she struggled to maintain her hold.

Yuna was successful in holding back the mass in her rectum and fells her anus return to it regular, clenched state, and the feels the knot in her stomach starting to loosen.

Seconds after the relief came, fighting back a sigh, Yuna felt a hand on her left shoulder, looking up, she sees Wakka in front of her, with some concern showing on his face.

Yuna quickly blushes and smiles, lifting right hand to try and wave off his concern. Wakka gave a smile in return and takes the ball from her and swam back to his original position, though after a few seconds into Wakka’s leaving, Yuna quickly looks shocked and extending her right hand towards him, but it was too late.

‘Dang-it! Why did I just do that!? That was my chance to tell him there was a problem!’

Yuna then moves her hands behind her to her jean shorts.

‘If I can just catch each shot, I’m sure I could make it to the bathroom in time… just six more… just six more…’

In an effort to not put too much focus on her problem, and to actually have a chance to successfully catch the ball, Yuna divided her attention between the two tasks, well, three if she was to count her breath holding, but Yuna was used to it, being a Blitzball player herself, she had more than enough air stored in her lungs for this contest.

She sees Wakka get back into position and Yuna moves her hands from her rear and readies herself to catch the next shot.

The knot in her stomach was now ‘just’ above a nagging pain, though still manageable, but the mass pressing against her rear was a little more distracting, having to constantly move her legs to stay in position wasn’t helping her case much ether, but Yuna fought through the urge to relax her sphincter as she sees Wakka, draw back his right foot again and send the blue and white ball speeding through the water towards her for the second time…

‘It’s, going to the right…’

Yuna quickly lunges to the direction the ball veered, reaching out her right hand, the moment the ball hit’s the palm of her hand, Yuna brought her left hand up and grabs hold of the textured ball before it could slip past her fight hand from the momentum it carried, which caused Yuna to spin once as she brought the ball closer to her chest.

‘Two down!’

Moments after Yuna throws the ball back to Wakka, she feels the knot in her belly starting to tighten, but before concern could rise too far, Yuna was surprised and relieved when she felt the knot loosen up enough that it nearly went away. However, the pressure in her rear seemed to increase five times, a few more bubbles of air left Yuna’s lips as she sent her hand behind her to her rear as she feels the sphincter muscles weaken and her anus starting to dilate and feels a log begin to very, very slowly make it’s way out.

‘No! No! No! Come one, come on!’

Yuna closes her eyes tightly and tries to reinforce her hold again, a few more bubbles of air escaping as she fought her body desperately to regain her hold, feeling a rumbling in her gut though, Yuna soon feels the log that had widened her annual opening, began to recede back inside her and her anus shrinking back closed.

The moment Yuna opens her eyes, she nearly lost more air as she saw the ball speeding towards her for the third time. There was no way she was catching it being unprepared as she was, and she tried to avoid it, being only partly successfull, the ball forcefully hitting her left shoulder, knocking her back as a throb of pain rang through her shoulder and the ball to be knocked up.

Since the ball hadn’t entered the goal area though, if Yuna could reach it, it would count as a block for her, which she was easily able to do, throwing the ball back to Wakka, before moving her right hand to her shoulder and rubbing it.

‘Note to self, keep eye’s open… anyway, three down, four more to go…’

Despite her near loss, from her chain of now three successful blocks, Yuna was confident in being about to finish quickly, and actually successfully blocked the following two shots without much issue from her rear, now five for five…

‘Two more, come on Yuna, you can do this, catch two more and you can finally have relief…’

Wakka then propelled the ball towards her for the sixth time. Yuna quickly saw the ball veering upward and swam up to catch it, but to Yuna’s shock, just yards from her, the ball suddenly dips, going right between her legs and into the goal.

‘Dang-it! I’m getting careless, I shouldn’t have moved so early!’

Yuna swam down and retrieves the ball and throws it back to Wakka.

‘Calm down and focus, it’s only two more.’

The ball sped towards her again and this time it was coming straight for her, but at the last moments, Yuna saw the ball veer to the right and quickly lunges to her right and barely manages to catch the ball, running her right shoulder into the side of the goal area, though not too painful of an action.

‘Great, I’m tied with Rikku, just one more and I win.’

Yuna throws back the ball to Wakka.

‘Just one more… one more…’

Yuna was now excited, happy that relief was so close, and very, very eager to finish this, but, she was ‘too’ eager now, her focus was now on a third thing, the thought of relief…

With a forceful kick, Wakka sent the eighth shot towards Yuna, the ball was making a bee-line straight for her, Yuna smiled in delight, Wakka had given an easy block.

Yuna quickly flexes her fingers in preparation for the catch, when she spread her arms out to catch the ball heading towards her though, Yuna suddenly feels the impatient poop in her rectum push against her sphincter again, this small distraction slows Yuna response by just a second, closing her hands quickly, the bottom of her palms graze the ball before it cratered itself into Yuna’s stomach, and a large breath of air was forced out of her lungs in a cloud of bubbles.

A few bubbles came from Yuna’s rear as well before the log she had be fighting against was forced through her tired sphincter and into the tightness of her shorts, creating a small bulge, but it quickly grew as more logs followed rapidly, filling her panties.

However, Yuna now had a bigger problem than filling her panties, she had swallowed a large amount of water and was now choking, or more appropriately, drowning!

Yuna quickly lifted her hands up to her throat and squeezed, trying to prevent taking in more water as she thrashes around in the water, her lungs burning for air while a brown cloud began to envelope her waist.

Yuna knew she had lost her hold on her poop, but she didn’t care, she wanted air and began swimming up, her left hand gripping her neck as she kicks her feet and moves her free arm, more and more bubbles leaving her lips, as well as her shorts bulging more and more, a brown trail following her as she desperately swam for the edge of the Sphere pool.

‘I’m not gonna make it! After all I’ve been through, I’m doing to die from drowning in a competition?’

Invisible tears began to leave her eyes as she felt like her chest was ready to explode. A few long seconds later though, Yuna felt arms around her and being pulled up through the water faster towards the edge of the pool.

Seconds later, Yuna’s head left the pool and she quickly coughs up the water she swallowed before taking quick, desperate breathes for precious air.

“Hey, hey! You ok!?” came Wakka’s concerned voice.

Once Yuna had the breath to speak, she quickly wraps her arms around his neck. “Thank you so much Wakka!”

“Heh, don’t mention it, I’m just glad you’re ok.”

Feeling a few choice logs smoothly leaving her laxed anus though, Yuna’s face quickly reddens, and glancing her eyes down to the water, she sees that both, her and Wakka are enveloped in her brown cloud.

‘Oh no! How am I going to explain this! Wait, I nearly died, maybe I can use that as an excuse.’ Yuna then realizes something else, something even worse than Wakka finding out she pooped herself… ‘No! No! No! I forgot, this is being recorded, all of them are seeing me poop myself!’


Meanwhile, in a small changing room, Rikku, Lulu, Yuffie, Paine, Selphie, Tifa and Rinoa watch a TV in shock, before some of them begin giggling…

“This is awesome!” cheers Rikku.

“Is this recording!?” asks Yuffie, excitedly. “Please tell me this is recording!”

“This NEEDS to be copied!” adds Selphie.

Meanwhile, Paine is giggling along with Tifa, Lulu simply places a hand to her head and shaking it a little in disappointment at the way the others were acting, Rinoa is the only one seeming to be disgusted at the sight and frowns at the laughing girl’s.

“That’s horrible! You guys shouldn’t be laughing at that! She nearly drowned!”

“But she didn‘t.” comments Tifa, smiling. “Come on, you don’t find this the least bit amusing?”

“That’s not the point!” replies Rinoa.

“That’s not a ‘no’.” comments Selphie, grinning.


Chapter 3

Title: Tifa Vs. Zell

[Author's notes:

Had this idea for awhile and finally got around to doing it.
(partly inspired from Dead Fantasy, only partly though ^_^)

Tifa and Zell are occupying themselves with a sparring match, though, it get troublesome when Zell won't let Tifa get away to go empty her bladder...


NOTE: Limit Break attacks will be signified with a '*'



Once a beautiful and lively city, but now, just a shell of it's past. A dark, quiet place now with old uncared for buildings falling apart. However, The ruined city wasn't devoid of life, at least not for the time being anyway.

Any stranger passing through would hear the sounds of loud crashes interrupting the early stillness in the air. Considering the state of the area, they would think nothing of it, just a old building on it's last legs, unable to remain upright.

While that could be the case all over the abandoned city, it wasn't; Time wasn't the cause…


In an old, barely standing building, rapid footsteps of someone running, barely bounced off the collapsing walls, the holes revealing an impressive view of the dead city, high inside one of the last remaining skyscrapers only half the height of it's former glory.

In an empty, brightly lit room from the missing wall, the owner of the footsteps enters and hides to the right of the door less opening; A woman, with long raven hair, dressed in all black, complete with gloves and shoes. She looks a little ruffled though, dirt on her face and clothing and little cuts on the exposed flesh of her arms and legs.

The girl's name, Tifa, she was breathing quickly, before leaning to the left, peeking her head out of the door, seeing just an empty hallway, before returning behind the door and sliding down the wall to her rear.

"Good, I lost him," comments Tifa, before taking a quick peek out of the door again, seeing it was clear once again, "I'm sure I don't have much time before her finds me though," she adds, pulling herself back and standing, reaching her hands up the waist of her shorts, "I gotta go quick…"

Tifa quickly pulls down her shorts, revealing her neatly trimmed crotch as she squats down and closes her eyes.

"Come on… come on…" she urges.

After thirty seconds of nothing, Tifa was getting worried and leans forward a little to bounce her naked rear once.

"Come on, come out."

Tifa soon though realized it was her urgency that was hindering her, she had to calm herself and once she did, she feels the pleasant tingle from her bladder and soon the relief of a yellow stream coming from her crotch, releasing a sigh from her.

Only five seconds into the stream though, Tifa's relief was cut short as she hears a young mans voice call her name

"Hey Tifa!" the man calls, amused. "Where'd you run off to? You were winning!"

'Da*n…' thinks Tifa, pinching closed her urethra, fighting back a groan from her urine being stopped from leaving her, before slowly slipping her shorts back over her hips. 'I finally start and he comes.'

Tifa knew, although her opponent was close, he didn't know exactly where she was, so if she could find a way to move without being seen or heard, she could fully empty her bladder.

"Hey Tifa!" calls the voice. "Come out come out where ever you are! Hehe, I'm itching to start up again!"

Hearing that, Tifa smiles, her opponent was younger than her, but was as strong as she was, she enjoyed there 'little' matches too, but she would enjoy it more with an empty bladder.

Looking around, Tifa spots an exposed pipe nearly right above her head and sees a hole in the ceiling near it, she could use the pipe to access the upper floor and her opponent wouldn't see her.

Without delay, Tifa jumps up to the pipe and had already imagined the flip in her mind, but to her shock, it never became fact, once her weight was on the old pipe, it bent with a loud creaking before snapping off and dropping her down the short distance to the floor, kicking up dust from her impact.

"Gotcha!" calls the mans voice.

Within seconds of Tifa rushing to her feet and facing the door, a spiky blonde haired young man runs into the room, dressed in a red and black jacket with blue shorts, he also has a tattoo on the left side of his face.

Rushing into the room with a flying kick, Tifa easily ducks under it, she turns around with an attempt at a spinning kick, though she finds her strike blocked by the man's right arm before he quickly grabs her ankle, turns around kicks her forcefully in the stomach, propelling her away from him and into the hallway.

Skipping on the floor once though, Tifa quickly rights herself and comes to a sliding stop on her right hand and feet, looking up seconds after stopping, she sees her attacker already near, seeing him draw back his right fist.

Quickly standing upright, Tifa manages to block the *four-strike combination, though the last hit knocks her back a few yards and almost before stopping, Tifa sees him shoulder charge her in the stomach, forcing her through a nearby wall before he grasps her waist and *Jumps, forcing her through a few ceilings before sending her back down, hitting the floor with such force that she goes right trough it and down two levels before her body craters the floor of one.

The sudden combo of attacks from her opponent had hurt, but not as much as it had effected her bladder, it now throbs painfully for release. Lifting herself from the crater her body made in the floor, she sees the young man in front of her smiling…

"Haven't you had enough fighting in this building?"

Seeing him take a sort of horse stance and the floor begin to tremble, Tifa knew he was charging up for an attack, but which one, she didn't know, until, she saw, and felt, *a fiery energy eject from him and fire cover his arms.

"Your Kidding right?" asks Tifa, quickly getting to her feet, "That attack would destroy the building."

"It's falling apart anyway." Replies the man, before drawing back his right arm, toward to ground.

"Can't let you do that…" comments Tifa, before closing the short distance between them and *Doing a rapid series of punches to his face and body, interrupting his attack and propelling him upward about a yard before *Somersaulting, causing her left foot to connect to his falling chin and knock him up through the hole her body hand created earlier and onto the upper level.

Although, in the process of doing the summersault, her opponent didn't notice, but Tifa herself sure did, the quick movement and the spread of her legs had caused a spurt of urine freedom into her shorts, the pleasurable, surprise of the loss, prevented her from landing correctly, landing on her face from her knees being weak from the temporary loss and she sends her hand down to her crotch and presses her hands against herself as she vainly fight back a few more spurts, soaking into her panties before she could finally stop the loss.

Distracted from trying to hold back more spurts, Tifa failed to realize her opponent peeking over the hole, catching her internal struggle.

"Well, well well," comments the young man smiling.

Tifa gasps in shock at the young man's voice and looked up to see him peeking over the hole, smiling, Tifa's face went bright red.

"So THAT's why you ran when you were winning," he states.

"Well now that you k-know, let's take a little break, Zell," suggests Tifa, smiling.

"Hmmm," starts Zell, before flips over the hole and back down to the floor Tifa's on, placing his hands on his as hips as he leans over her. "How about we keep sparring until you wet yourself?"

"What!?" gasps Tifa, feeling her urge to empty her bladder starting to fade and getting to her feet. "It won't be an even match if I'm distracted."

"What would you do if you were fighting a monster and you had to pee?" questions Zell. "Ask it for a break?"

"Of course not," replies Tifa, with one hands still between her legs. "We're just having fun here."

"Exactly," comments Zell, smirking. "I'm going to have fun making you wet yourself."

Tifa frowns and takes a step back.

"Do you hear the sound of dolphins…" comments Zell, placing a hand to his ear.

"You wouldn't…" states Tifa.

"It's a bit cramped in her for that move," states Zell. "Let's move outside…" he adds, before doing a quick, spinning kick into Tifa's stomach, propelling her through a wall and into open air and into a long fall.

Seeing Zell jump out to follow her, Tifa frowns, but smirks soon after.

'Fine, you want fight to till I wet myself? Ok, but that doesn't mean your going to be treated to the sight of it…' thinks Tifa, before gathering a fire in her hands, before closing her hands together to form a fiery red ball before propelling it forward, towards Zell.

Zell though places one hand in front of him, forming a rainbow colored barrier, causing the fireball to hit it.

"So," yells Zell, "We can use magic now huh?"

Following that, the two proceeded to fire magic at each other, mainly fire spells, It was only moments into it that Tifa manages to have one connect, causing an explosion before the smoke fade to reveal Zell, a little darker.

Tifa quickly looks behind her to see the ground speeding towards. She preps another fireball, a large one, though she doesn't aim it at Zell, but away from the building they were in, causing the force of propelling the ball of fire from her to push her to the sloping wall of the building allowing her to slide down the face of the building.

Looking to Zell, she saw him do the same, although, instead of staying where he was, he actually began to run down the build towards her.

Tifa readies herself to fight, but with the vigorous vibration traveling through her feet from sliding down the building, it was simply torture on her ability to hold in her urine. Unfortunately, the moment Tifa began to block a few strikes from Zell, her bladder went into a spasm, causing guard to weaken and allowed Zell to break through, his fist connecting to her face, causing her to flip in the air a few times as a lengthy stream of pee leaves her and now wets her panties to the point that the liquid began to seep through it and into the tight shorts she wore.

Seconds after stopping the flow, she feels a hand around her neck, facing Zell's grinning face.

"How bad is it?" he teases.

Slightly angered by the tease, Tifa extends her right hand to Zell's face and quickly sent a fireball his way, causing him to gasp out and release her, though she quickly follows up her attack and flips behind him and starts to drew back her right hand, but gasps as the ground suddenly greets them both, causing a hard thud to be heard and great deal of dirt.

Inside the dust cloud though, Tifa had the benefit of Zell breaking her fall, lifting herself up on her hands, seeing Zell's head deeply impacted into the ground and a groan from him and a muffled reply of "That hurt."

"Thanks for breaking my fall," comments Tifa, smiling.

"Yeah, no problem, can ya help me out?"

"Right after I empty my bladder," Comments Tifa, slowly getting to her feet, she may have not hit the ground, but her body was still in pain, and her bladder only made it worse.

Standing, Tifa saw that they were in a small clearing, with a few large hunks of pieces of fallen buildings nearby, one of them would be adequate cover while she emptied her bladder, which now throbbed even more, Tifa now had to keep a hand pressed to her crotch to fight back her bodies need to empty her bladder.

Zell though, would have none of that, taking a moment to pull his face from the dirt and coughing a few times, he quickly gets to his feet.

"Not if I have anything to say about it!" he states, smiling.

'I'm seriously about to burst here!' thinks Tifa, with a sigh of disappointment that her friend didn't stay down.

With a hand still between her legs, she turns around and gasp as she reflexively dodges her head to the side to avoid a punch, then another and another, pushing her back until she had to use her free hand to block punches that she couldn't avoid in time. Eventually, Tifa removes her other hand from her crotch to make blocking easier but the moment her hand left her and she successfully blocks a few more strikes, she feels more urine free itself and she quickly returns her hand between her legs and hops back, out of Zell's striking range before adding her other hand to her crotch.

"Zell please, I really gotta go," states Tifa, smiling. "I can't fight like this."

"Hehe, you must be really close," comments Zell. Before running towards her…

Tifa braced herself as she saw Zell rush to her and close her eyes as she felt her pee trying to leave her and feeling a spasm starting up.

She soon gasp as she felt a *cool water quickly rise up her legs and soon engulfs her body, feeling her feet leave the ground as she hears the familiar sound of a marine mammal. Before Tifa knew it, she felt herself fall onto her back, the pain of falling, her entire body wet and the sounds of dripping water in her ears, the combination of things were just too much for Tifa's exhausted bladder and with a cry of both, relief and embarrassment, she felt the warmth growing from her crotch as her hold on her bladder had finally been extinguished and her pee flowed freely from her.

Zell, walking up to her, took a quick sniff and comments, smiling, "Smells like your done!"

Tifa though, as her urine continues to flow from her, slowly gets to her feet, With a quick flick of her left hand, a white image of a clock appears under Zell and slows to a stop, resulting in Zell becoming frozen. Smirking at his image, Tifa begins to lay into him with a series of kicks and punches, before the clock appears again and starts, causing Zell to gasp and fall to his knees from the sudden pain going through his upper body.

"We agreed on no time magic!" he states.

"And I wanted to pee in private," comments Tifa.

Tifa then *reaches down to Zell right ankle and jumps into the air and throws him down to the ground, creating another dirt cloud, on the way back down though, *Tifa drew back her right hand as a white energy gathered in her fist, the resulting impact creates a massive explosion.

Once the dust settles, Tifa is standing over Zell, with her arms folded under her chest. "And that's the price for causing me to wet myself."

Zell though, smiles and opens his mouth to say something but passes out.

"That's a pretty steep price if you ask me," came an amused voice.

Looking to her right, on the outside of the crater, Tifa sees Yuna sitting on a large piece of rumble, twirling one of her guns on her right index finger.

"When did you get here?" asks Tifa, smiling as she begins to walk from the unconscious Zell, towards Yuna.

"Around the time you cheated with the time magic," comments Yuna.

"I had to pee, it wasn't a fair fight."

"So why didn't you just use Stop on him, 'then' go pee?" asks Yuna, smiling.

"Heh, uhhh…" replies Tifa, blushing a little and smiling, lifting her left hand up to the back of her head. "I didn't think of that."


[End notes:

Not very focused on the WS i know, but this Fic was supposed to be about Tifa fighting while trying to hold back wetting herself.

Oh and if you can't recognize some of the limit break attacks, here they are in order of appearance

Zell:  Punch Rush

Zell:  Meteor Strike

Zell:  Burning Rave (interuppted)

Tifa:  Beat Rush

Tifa:  Somersault

Zell: Dolphin Blow

Tifa:  Meteor Strike

Tifa:  Final Heaven


The fic didn't 'quite' turn out the way I wanted, I wanted to include a few more special attacks, like Zell's Different Beat and My Final Heaven, but felt it would've felt tacked on if I did. and I wanted to add in a little tid-bit of a story element as to why so many different characters are part of the X-2 world. but I dicided to stop while I was ahead ^_^;


Chapter 4

Title: Warmth

[Author's notes:

Garnet relaxes on top of the Celcius and maybe develops a new hobby, perhaps?



"It's so quite…"

Garnet Til Alexandros XVII, Queen of Alexandria, of Gaia's Mist Continent; Sighs in partial relaxation, her short, shoulder-length raven hair flowing freely in the wind. Dressed in her usual wide-sleeved white blouse and yellow sleeve-less bodysuit, that hugs much of her slim body like a glove and it's open chest stopping under her breasts, making them stand out.

The young Queen sits on the flat deck of the Celsius, her knees pulled up near her chest, causing the fitted yellow clothing around her crotch to be pulled against her, resulting in a small, smooth bulge forming between her slim thighs. Garnet need not worry about something that small though, as she was alone, it wouldn't be very easy to peek at anyway as she rests her arms on her knees, with her chin lowered to her arms, simply watching the fluffy white clouds as she ship flies over the white blanket.

An alien sky, clouds and even the ship she was currently riding; no longer in the familiar world of Gaia, but a world called Spira. Being separated from her friends for so long, even though she had made new friends in this new world and helped solved the reason for her, as well as many others, being here, the wait for things to right itself was becoming… boring.

The saddened young Queen sighs into the clean, quite air, closing her eyes…

"I wonder what the other's are doing on Gaia right about now."

Garnet was happy that she recognized a familiar face in this world of Spira; her good friend Zidane; Smiling at the thought of him, Garnet opens her eyes and smiles a little more at the sight of a pair of small blue birds playing in the air just a few yards in front of her. The view only lasts a few moments though as the pair soon fly out of view.

Closing her eyes again, it was at this time a stronger cool breeze, slightly chilled her left side. It was the middle of Spring, though with as high as the Celsius was flying, the temperature was a little cooler, but it wasn't uncomfortable with the unblocked heat of the sun reaching her, and the ship for that matter, the red metal still hot against her rear, providing a pleasant warmth.

Moments later, she opens her eyes again, leaning back a little and moving her arms from her knees to place her hands back behind her as she looks up at the clear blue sky, before lowering her right leg.

With a few shifts of her right hand though, Garnet feels her fingers contact the familiar cool glass cup beside her.

"Oh! I forgot all about what I was drinking…"

Picking up the clear cup, Garnet sees that it's just under half full with a pink liquid. There was a particular reason she had brought a cup of the intriguing liquid outside with her. Placing the lips of the cup to hers, Garnet leans her head back to take a few gulps of the sweet tasting liquid and smiles happily at the taste, before a brief giggle leaves her from feeling the fluid enter her stomach and a soothing warmth slowly emanates throughout her body for a few moments.

Garnet soon finishes off what remains in the cup, feeling another brief burst of warmth through out her body as she places the cup back down, before leaning back on the sun heated surface of the deck, allowing the sun to warm her face and entire front of her body.

After a few minutes of bathing in the light of the Sun, Garnet quickly winces from a sharp, brief pang from her bladder, causing her to place her right hand on her abdomen and sit up a little.

"Heh, guess drinking all that stuff finally caught up to me…" she comments with a small giggle.

Gently pressing her fingers into her abdomen, Garnet takes a quick inhale of breath from the stronger twinge from her bladder, causing her to reflexively clinch the pelvic muscles between her legs for a few moments, until the urge fades a little.

Moving her hand away and lifting her right leg up again up near her chest, feeling a slight squeeze on her bladder, Garnet places her hands on her knee's and rest her head on her arms again, though instead of her chin, the right side of her face lays on her arms.

She soon smiles again, followed by a brief giggle at the thought of Yuna and Rikku entering her mind, two of her new friends that, she, embarrassingly caught them partaking in a strange and, at the time, disgusting to her, game, involving bodily waste.

While Garnet still found the, 'pooping on yourself', nasty and disgusting, the other side, 'peeing on yourself', she slowly began to find interesting, wondering what it would feel like, after all, it was much easier to clean than the other option…

Feeling another pang from her bladder, the young Queen tenses, the small bulge of her labia against the stretched crotch of her orange bodysuit visibly flexing just a bit from the tensing, holding back the urge to relieve herself.

Moving her right arm from her knees and against her chest, Garnet's cheeks flush lightly with color as she guides her right hand down to cup her crotch, causing a brief tingle of pleasure to rush through her before slowly stroking herself, releasing a soft, brief moan from her as she feels the urge to pee and the pleasure from between her legs, mixing together.

Back on her original land of Gaia, Garnet knew of no one interested in soiling themselves, and the thought of doing it herself never even crossed her mind until after discovering 'YRP's' little messy games. Such an interest wasn't appropriate for a Queen anyway, however…

"I'm not in Gaia anymore…" comments Garnet lowly to herself. "So technically, I'm not really Queen as long as I'm here." She adds, still stroking the warm area between her legs.

If she wasn't Queen, then, she could indulge herself in the strange thought of relieving herself while wearing clothing.

Feeling another cooling breeze against her front, an open-mouthed, silent sigh leaves her lips as the color on her cheeks spread feeling the warmth of release growing outward around her crotch, feeling the warm, wetness on her right hand now resting against the quickly drenched material pressed against her.

"It's so warm…" she sighs in relief.

Feeling the mildly ticklish sensation of her fluid reaching where her rear met the ship, Garnet giggles briefly, before resuming her stroking of her now wet crotch, releasing a low cooing from her.

Soon, with a brief shudder, she pushes out the last of her liquid, before opening her eyes and lifting her right hand from between her legs and in front of her face, seeing her palm glisten from the fluid. Moving her hand closer to her face, she sniffs twice.

"Hmm, it doesn't smell that bad… but, I have been drinking a lot of water lately…"

Lifting her head and moving her left arm from her knee, Garnet smiles as she sees a long, thin line of liquid coming from between her feet and travel down the side of the ship and out of view. Spreading her legs and looking down, she sees the large, darkened wet spot between her legs, using her right hand, she traces the edge of the area of wetness with a finger smiling, before lifting her rear and giggling when she sees a few streams leave her rear and land in the puddle where her rear once sat.

Taking the empty cup to her right in her right hand on her way up to her feet, Garnet reaches her left hand behind her to her rear and feels an even larger area of wetness than her crotch.

"That wasn't so bad… heh, I just have to get to a bathroom now without being spotted…"

Garnet makes her way back into the ship, taking the sizable elevator back down, though she wasn't so quick to approach the door that would automatically open when she approached it, so, quickly jumping to one side of the door when it opens, Garnet slowly peeks her head out to see an empty hall.

Now, with a different reason for the color to her cheeks, she slowly steps out into the hall, with her hands down, covering the large wet area between her legs, taking slow, quite steps.

At the end of the hall though, Garnet's eyes widen in surprise when she hears Rikku's voice, speaking in her native tongue to her brother, who's also talking back to her. From their tone, Garnet assumed them to be arguing, which she was glad for, since they would be busy, she didn't need to worry about ether of them leaving the front of the ship as she quickened her pace to the nearby bathroom.

Although, the moment Garnet was about to enter the sensor range of the bathroom door, it opens, causing her to quickly gasp in shock and quickly press her back against the wall, to hide the large wet area on her rear and tries to cover her crotch more with her hands without looking suspicious as her cheeks grew even redder.

Garnet's eyes widen again she sees the familiar form of Zidane walk from the room, his tail wrapped around his waist.

"Oh, hey Garnet!" greets the teens with a smile.

"U-uh… H-Hi Zidane…" replies Garnet nervously.

"Is something wrong?" the boy asks, looking a little puzzled.

"Uh, n-no! Nothing's wrong! E-Excuse me for s moment…" quickly replies Garnet as she moves along the wall and into the bathroom, sighing in relief when the door closes.

"That was close…"


After about ten minutes, with just her white blouse on, revealing the rest of her body and the small patch of hair on her pubic mound, Garnet examined the crotch and backside of her orange clothing, which still had a damp area of wetness, but it was much less visible, it would only be noticeable to touch, and she wasn't expecting anyone to touch her in those two areas.

As she began to put the clothing back on though, she hears Paine's voice from outside the door, though it wasn't directed at her…

"Um, I think we have a little problem…"

Rikku's voice replied, "What's the problem?"

"Yuna just called me saying there's a problem where she, Tifa and Zell are."

"We're heading there now to pick them."

"Well let's hurry."

"I wonder what the problem is." Thinks Garnet aloud.


- Zanarkand -

Tifa sprinted towards the large, red-haired man staggering on his feet at full speed, leaping at him with a spin and aiming her right foot to his head, though gasps when the large man ducks quickly and reaches his sizable right hand up and grasp nearly her entire right leg and slam her to the ground with a deep thud and a gasp of pain from her, before picking her up by her leg and tossing her away in front of her.

Zell, who was on his way to free Tifa, gasp as the woman's body quickly hits him, still with enough force for both of them to hit a wall, causing it to crumble around them.

Yuna though, only takes a second to see her two friends speeding pass her, before looking to the man.

"We don't want to fight you!" she call to the man, aiming her guns to him. "If you calm down we can explain why you’re here!"

The man though, clearly wasn't going to listen as she sees him charging towards her. Yuna requested to the man to stop, though he kept running, and with him getting too close, she pulls the triggers of her guns rapidly, though the man lifts his left hand, blocking the bullets with a large gauntlet on his arm.

With her bullets rendered useless and the large man quickly getting closer, Yuna only had time to place her right foot back to run before the man was already in striking range, lifting his right arm up, intending to crush her under his fist. Though Yuna quickly backflips, barely missing the strike, cratering the earth, Though before she could even recover from the flip, she gasps out in pain from the man's large left fist hitting her, knocking her high into the air.

Opening her eyes through the pain, she aims her right gun down to the man and fires, which he again blocks before seeing him jump up to her and sends a fist down to her back, propelling her back down to the ground, instead of cratering the ground though, Yuna's body bounces once, just high enough for the large man to land and deliver one final punch, sending Yuna's pained body speeding from him as her guns finally leaves her hands and she hit’s a boulder and flips over it.

With punching away Yuna though, the large man is surprised with a blast of fire in his face, staggering him once more before Zell sprints towards the man, ducking under his blindly swung right arm and running behind him and doing a jumping roundhouse kick to the back of his head, causing him to groan out and stagger forward, before his chin was met with Tifa's rising right fist, causing him to stagger back once again before he drops to one knee.

Seeing the man kneel, Tifa and Zell quickly jump back before running towards the main again and jumping at him with a flying kick towards his head. Unfortunately, the large man was still aware enough to move his head to one side, causing Tifa and Zell, to instead, land there flying kicks to the other's face, causing them both to drop to the ground, knocking each other out cold.

As the man gets to his feet though…


Looking towards the direction he had thrown Yuna, the girl is up and running towards him, no longer wearing the revealing clothing she previously was, but now what looked to be a form fitted light armor, holding a watery sword in her right hand. The man lifts his right arm in time to block the downward strike of the sword.

"I told you!" states Yuna. "I don't want to fight you, just listen to me!"

Yuna soon sees the familiar sound and sight of the Celsius flying overhead and stopping about fifty yards behind the man, though she gasps when she feel the man's kick in her stomach, pushing her a few yards from him before she stabs the sword into the ground to stop herself.

Looking up and seeing the man running towards her again, Yuna readies herself, before…

"AMARANT! STO~P!" comes Garnet's scream.

Which causes the large man to quickly stop and look back to Garnet running towards him, as well as Zidane, Rikku and Paine.

Yuna's eyes widen in surprise for a moment before dropping to her rear.

"Finally!" she sighs.

Once the group finally reaches them, Paine stops at Zell and Tifa to check their condition, raising an eye at the goofy grin on Zell's face and from the comment, "So many Hot dogs…"

Rikku rushes pass the large man to Yuna, "Hey Yunie, you ok!?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Replies Yuna with a smile.

Garnet and Zidane stop in front of the large man.

"Hey Red!" greets Zidane.

"Amarant…" pants Garnet, placing her hands on her knees for a few moments, "I know you're confused, but you don't need to fight them, their friends!"

"Oh…" replies Amarant. "I'm sorry Queen Garnet."

Garnet quickly gasps before there were a round of gasps from the other's except Zidane.

"Queen!?" gasps Yuna, Rikku, and Paine.

"You're a Queen!?" adds Yuna.

"U-Uh…" replies Garnet nervously as a blush returns to her cheeks.


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