Story: KP: Down Under (chapter 8)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 8


A/N: To clarify things, last chapter was 7 not 6 sorry about that and this chapter is sort of Finale and epilogue in one =). A point was raised last chapter about how Shego learned of Barkin killing Motor Ed, I think I did said on the chapter previous to last chapter that Shego saw the news of her father breaking out of prison so I just didn’t elaborate but I was thinking that Shego must have watched everything and every reports on her father (She would want to know of his actions and prevent him from getting Kim right?), so that’s where the report on Motor Ed’s death will come in…which was an easy info for Shego knowing her information gathering skills. =)

Sorry for the late update but hey…this is the finale chapter and this saga is through. I’ll be finishing Mosses Doy after this before updating my other stories. Lol.

Thanks to everyone who followed this story and thanks to Nightelemental for the plot idea (it was his/her challenge at KPslashhaven forum that gets me to write this in the first place).


Chapter 8: My Hero (Finale)

In Wade’s young life, and despite him being Kim Possible’s friend and ally, he has not felt dread each time Team Possible embarked on any mission. The Afro-American boy was confident with Kim’s skill, with Ron’s buffoonery and with his technical skills, but today, a different feelings surged inside him…and to think The great Shego is with them right now, the presence of the plasma wielding villainess didn’t alleviate the fear inside him…for in this case, his gadgets could not do anything to save Kim Possible.

If Kim Possible could only overcome her fear towards that man Shego calls ‘father’, perhaps the boy genius won’t have to feel antsy, scared.

Using his spy gadgets, he zoomed his camera to watch Shego stealthily approached the ‘for sale’ apartment, focusing on the green skinned woman’s face, Wade could see the worry etched on them, the woman breathing heavily which was a sign that the woman too was nervous.

What kind of a man was Shego’s father that she too felt dread? The boy genius thought my respect for Shego is getting higher…didn’t think that she’ll face someone she feared for the sake of Kim. While busy thinking, his computer scanned the area to locate where Ron was. It has been 10 minutes since Ron and Kim split up to distract the people inside and there was no sign of Ron barging in. Wade’s computer beeped loudly when Ron’s signature heat was detected. He opened a communication line through Ron’s mobile phone

I’m concentrating Wade!” Ron announced after opening his mobile

“You can’t concentrate now! Kim needs you Ron…” Wade explained

I can’t go in without my monkey mojo! Those men will pulverize me if they don’t kill me with their guns!” Ron’s voice was a bit rattled


Yes! I heard someone cocking a gun and from the sound of it…it was a big gun!”

“Fuck Ron… then Kim needs you now more than ever!”

The blond boy’s eyes widened, “You cursed!”

Wade shook his head with irritated facial expression, “You have to go in there before those people kill Kim or Shego Ron!” Wade shouted before focusing on his computer, typing in a message, “I’m sending a message to GJ for back up and I want you inside there Ron with or without your monkey powers!” Wade said with finality before turning off his part of the communication


It was the first time that Ron saw his friend that angry; it was also the first time that the boy genius yelled at him. Rufus was perched on his shoulder, his small paws crossed in front of him and one hind paw was tapping his shoulder. The expression Rufus was wearing was something akin to irritation, as if the rodent was silently telling him ‘you really are the buffoon’.

Ron slumps his shoulders in defeat as he started standing up, “I know what you’re thinking buddy…and yeah, I’m the buffoon.” He said sadly before looking at Rufus who didn’t budge, “So let’s do what we do best?” Ron asked with a hopeful expression on his face

“Finally!” Rufus squeaked

“BOOYAH!” Ron shouted and high five with Rufus before he turned around to look for something he could use to open the locked door.



Her yelling was answered by the door opening and what greeted Shego made her put her hands in the air, “I know that my dear daughter and Kid here is my security blanket.” Barkin said flatly as he pointed the muzzle of his shot gun at Shego’s chest where her heart lies.

Shego frowned and stepped in the apartment when her father beckoned her to enter…with his gun pointing at her, “Make sure to kill me dad, because if you leave me breathing, I shall live and hunt you down and kill you myself.” Shego said growling, but deep inside, Shego’s chest was barreling from the speed her heart was running, “Free Kid now, you already have me.”

Barkin smiled and shook his head, “What you think I’m a fool to do that? I’ve been playing the bad guy since before you start wearing diapers Shego, have you forgotten?” Barkin shook his head and grinned as he watched her daughter eye the red headed heroine currently sitting on a chair, tied pretty well while a lone, thin, black man was behind her pointing a loaded gun at Kim’s head

Shego ignited her hand, “Take that gun off of Kimmie you filthy son of a bitch!” Shego yelled at Falsetto Jones

The black man grinned, “Sorry,” he said in his irritating high pitched voice, “I’d rather blow Kim Possible’s brains out than Barkin blowing my brain out of my beautiful head.” He said chuckling

Shego shifted her focus on her father, “I could blow that man into space so tell him to put down his gun!” She ordered her father

Barkin laughed, “You think you’re fire power is faster than the bullet of that gun?” he laughed again, “Just try it Shego, just try it.”

Shego’s fire glowed brighter as her anger increased, but the manic look on Barkin’s face didn’t diminished

“Go on Shego, try frying Jones to oblivion! Go on!” he said before laughing maniacally

Shego closed her eyes in resignation, she cannot hit that man without hitting Kim and she knew that her father doesn’t give out empty threats and she knew that her plasma blast can’t match the speed of a bullet, especially from a gun that close to her Kimmie. She bowed her head and dissipated her plasma, “What do you want?” she asked

“Shego…just leave me! Wade must have called Global Justice and they’ll come here to save me! Just get out please!” Kim shouted and she started struggling from where she was when the green skinned woman shook her head no.

“I’m not leaving you Kimmie, I promised you that.” Shego said before lifting her gaze to meet her father’s brown orbs, “What do you want?” she asked with determination

“Simple Shego…I want revenge.”

“Kill me now.” Shego said while looking at her father, “But after you kill me, free Kim.”

“You know as long as I have Kid here, tied uselessly on that chair, I could do anything to you…but kill you? That won’t quench my thirst for revenge, I’ll make you suffer first then I will kill you.”

“I don’t care what you do…just promise me you’ll free Kimmie.” The green skinned woman said

Barkin smiled as he brought down the shot gun he was pointing at Shego, “You really cared about Kid huh? You’re going to choose Kid over your life.”

Shego frowned, “If what I had with you was life, then I don’t want it. Kid have a life and she have a real family…I don’t have anything to lose.”

“NO! You have me Shego! Don’t do this!!!” Kim shouted trying harder to struggle from her bond

Shego looked at Kim and smiled, “I know…let’s say that this is part of my promise to you Kid.” She said before feeling the hard punch Steve Barkin sent her way. Shego’s lips were cut and she could feel a bruise forming on her cheek

“I know your healing ability Shego, and I know your power so there’s just one rule…if you try to fight back, Jones will pull that trigger and your Kimmie will die.” Barkin said giving emphasis on the word ‘your’

Shego steeled herself before nodding her head, “Just close your eyes pumpkin…” she wasn’t able to finish her sentence when Steve Barkin used the back of his shot gun and hit Shego hard on her body, the green skinned woman was sent to the ground, curled up and holding her abdomen where the shotgun’s handle hit

“SHEGO!!!” Kim shouted as she saw the green skinned woman writhed in pain

Barkin smiled evilly, “Not so tough now ha Shego?” he said before he swung his arm holding the shotgun and hit Shego’s back hard. The villainess arched her back from the blow and blood flowed from her mouth

Falsetto Jones who actually knew Shego as a villain like him cringed at the sight of the strong woman being reduce to a puppet…this man has no heart, I can’t even think of what he could do to me when I’m no use to him at all, if he could do this to his own flesh and blood what more can he do to me? He thought then looked at the red headed woman tied to the chair, the veins on her neck bulged as she kept on shouting at the fallen villainess to fight and never mind her, she cursed at the hulking man, shouting revenge as she watched the man hit Shego again and again…drawing blood

The black man then looked at the raging lunatic in front of him, hitting a woman who was lying limply on the ground…not satisfied until he saw his own daughter unconscious and begging for mercy. He remembered the last week he was with Barkin, the hardship and degrading words he endured then he smirked. He leaned forward and held the red head’s shoulder, not worried that the hulking man could see him

“Kim Possible…” he whispered

“SHEGO!” Kim called out crying, her hands tightening into a fist, “STOP IT!”

“Kim Possible!” Jones called out, “You have to relax for me to untie you! Kim Possible!” Jones said which caught Kim’s attention

Kim Possible looked back at the man, “Why?”

“If you promise to let me go…I’ll untie you…I…”

“Yes I promise!” Kim answered without thinking, “Just untie me now!”

Jones nodded and hurriedly untied the heroine…who once freed took the chair she was sitting on…


Barkin was lost in his revenge, the adrenaline flew through him as he watch his daughter bleeding on the ground…but his thirst for revenge wasn’t met as he still can’t hear his daughter beg for mercy or beg him to stop, all he could hear was the red head’s cry for Shego, the red head’s cry for him to stop…that was all he heard


Barkin’s attention was taken by the sudden decrease in wailing and he took the opportunity to look at the red head who he was certain was watching the bloody scene before her…

A mistake Kim Possible was waiting, for as soon as Barkin shifted his face to look at the girl who could do anything, his face was met by a hard blow from the wooden chair where the red head used to sit.

“I’m going to kill you!!!” Kim shouted as she started attacking the hulking man with a series of martial arts move, the look in her eyes were scary as the intent to kill was visible.

Barkin tried to return the attack but the red head was just too fast for him, he didn’t expect the red headed girl to escape…or did she escaped? But his thoughts doesn’t matter anymore as he tried hard to keep the red head from hitting key parts of his body.

His shot gun was now left on the ground and he was eyeing it if I could just reached to it…then I’ll blow this girl’s head off! He thought as he maneuvered himself so that he was backing out towards his shotgun,

That’s when he heard the back door open and saw the black man, Falsetto Jones running out for freedom, the frown in his face didn’t last as Kim Possible’s foot connects with that side of his face and jaw causing his vision to swirl

Shit…got to get that gun…

And before he could think of other coherent thoughts, he heard a bumbling teen age man come in calling out KP

“Get the shot gun RON!” Kim yelled without relenting on her attack

Ron who was wide eyed went in the supposed living room to look for the gun and his widened eyes widened more when he saw the unconscious and bloody Shego, “SHEGO!” Ron shouted before taking the mobile phone from his pocket, “WADE! Shego is dead! Shego is dead and we need GJ here now! KP could be killing that escapee right now!!!”


GJ is on their way there…three minutes to arrival Ron! Keep Kim from killing Shego’s father!”

“But Shego is dead…”

Feel for a neck pulse Ron do it!”


Kim’s blow became more rapid, hard and wayward after hearing Ron shouted that Shego was dead, “YOU KILLED SHEGO! I’LL KILL YOU!!!” the raging red head shouted

“You can’t….” Barkin’s voice was low, tired and in pain, “Hero…”

“I’m not a hero! You killed Shego! MY SHEGO!!!” Kim shouted louder before another foot hit Barkin’s head.

The hulking man’s face turned in an angle, his eyes rolled before he stumbled to the ground unconscious. The red head though didn’t stopped attacking, instead Kim jumped over the man’s unconscious form, straddled Barkin and then hit Barkin’s bruised face continuously with her fist…over and over

“KP!!!” Ron ran towards the out of control heroine and stopped the red head from hitting the unconscious man

“Let me go Ron! He killed Shego! He killed my Shego!!!” Kim shouted as she tried hard to pry herself from Ron’s death grip on her arms

“NO! You’re going to kill him…”

“I really am going to kill him! He killed Shego!”

“But you can’t kill him! GJ is already here and Shego is still alive!!!” Ron shouted

The mention of the green skinned woman being alive stopped Kim’s violent movement. The red head’s tear stained face looked at Ron’s smiling one, “She is?”

Ron nodded, “Will Du wanted to stop you from breaking your hand but I told him to just look at Shego. They’re bringing her to Middleton’s hospital.”

“Shego is really alive?”

Ron smiled, “Hey we are talking about Shego here…she could take a lot more than just being mauled you know.”

“Shego is really alive?”

“KP…” Ron sighed when Kim suddenly cried hard on his shoulder, “Do you want to stay here or do you want to take Shego to the…”

“I…I’ll go with Shego Ron but how about…”

Kim looked at the unconscious man under her, the face she knew and feared when she was young, the man who made her and her Shego’s life a living hell…here under her, unconscious because she’d beaten him to a pulp.

“You know what KP…I don’t think there’s a reason for you to be afraid or scared of him anymore, you’ve beaten him black and blue; you’re a very strong woman just like Shego so if the two of you are together, nothing this man could do that will move you two.” Ron said while stroking his best friend’s back. He smiled when Kim nodded her head, “Let’s bring Shego to the hospital?”

Kim nodded her head as she let her blond best friend help her up and off Barkin, “How…how about…”

“Global Justice will take care of him, as for the other escapee, the one who actually opened the door for me…well let us say he stumbled to a waiting GJ hover jet?”

Kim smiled sadly as she let Ron led her out of the almost ruined ‘for sale’ apartment

I wonder who the hell will buy this apartment. Ron thought as they left the scene



The sun peeked through the window that wasn’t covered by the plastic curtain, and the light brought two deep green orbs to be revealed, then green orbs met blue ones

“I’m happy you’re finally awake Shego.” Anne Possible said smiling

“Whe…” Shego swallowed her saliva to wet her dry throat, “Where am I?”

Instead of answering the blue eyed neurosurgeon took a glass of water from the bed side table and offered it to the lying woman, “You need this for that dry throat.” Shego nodded and sipped from the glass of water with the help of the older red head, “And to answer your question, you’re currently inside one of the private room here at Middleton’s hospital.”

Shego just nodded her head and winced when she felt her surrounding rotate on her, “Whoa…”

Anne smiled, “Don’t move your head so much Shego, you had a concussion and despite your fast healing ability, you’re body is still covered with bruises and the healing ability on your head doesn’t differ much from a normal person.”

The green skinned woman nodded her head slowly before looking around, “Kimmie…”

“At the couch, she won’t let us take her home since you got here so she decided to just take a nap on the couch.” No answer, “Thank you Shego.”


“You could have fought and let them kill Kimmie, but you didn’t. You chose to be mauled to unconsciousness to make sure our Kimmie’s safety and for that we are again indebted to you…”

“I…I just fulfilled my promise,”

“But you actually did so much more and you can’t take away that feeling of gratitude from us, you saved Kim time and time again, you saved her when she got lost, you saved her from your father’s beating, you saved her from those villains by being a villain’s sidekick and now you saved her once again from your father’s revenge. There’s so much you did for Kimmie and you didn’t ask anything in return.”


“Not to mention you returning her to us.” Anne added as her ending statement

“I just brought her to the orphanage…can’t think of anything else.”

Anne nodded her head, whether you accept the fact or not Shego, you’ve done so much for our child, so much more than what we have done for her…

Their conversation was halted by one young red head who entered the room excitedly

“SHEGO!” Kim called out then bounded happily towards the older woman, “I knew it! I thought I was dreaming that you woke up and was talking with mom…then I wake up and really heard you talking!” Kim said happily then she waved her hand for Shego to move and give her space on her bed

“Kimmie, Shego’s body is still in pain…”

“Shego’s tough, she won’t mind it!” Kim said grinning happily at her mother

Shego smiled too and scooted; Kim then hopped on the bed and lay down beside the green skinned woman. Kim then looked at her mother who was happily watching them, “Ah…can we have some privacy please?”

Anne laughed softly before waving goodbye to the two women.

Kim then cuddled with Shego when she was sure her mother was out of the room, “Thanks.” Kim said

“You and your family just can’t stop thanking me.” Shego said hoarsely

“That’s because you deserved the thanks.” Kim said

Shego tried to look at Kim but stopped when her head ached from the movement, “So I don’t deserve the slap anymore?”

The red headed heroine laughed, “Sorry for that, but you deserve it that time, you don’t deserve them now.”


Kim nodded her head before she lifted herself up and place a chaste kiss on Shego’s cheek, “You deserve that!” Kim said smiling mischievously

Shego smiled too, “Oh I like that incentive. Maybe I should look for my dad and have him beat me again so that I could get another…”

“SHEGO!” Kim slapped Shego’s arm near her


“Sorry…” Kim smiled, “If you let that dad of yours beat you again? I’ll give you a beating you’ll never forget instead of giving you another kiss.”

Shego turned her body to the side, wincing at the pain that suddenly surged in her body but then smiled after a while, “Then I won’t let be beaten up so long as you promised not to be caught again.”

Kim laughed, “Promise.”


“I probably should get out of here before GJ got me…”

Kim hugged the green skinned woman tighter, “No…you’re not leaving me again Shego.”

Shego sighed, “But…”

“We, my mom and dad talked with Dr. Director, we told her that you went undercover to protect me, we told her that you’re not really a villain and that you only accepted Drakken’s offer because you want to keep an eye on me.”


“That’s true right?” Shego nodded in agreement, “Then what we told Dr. Director was true right?” Shego nodded again, “You don’t have to escape because they won’t be after you anymore. Besides, after apprehending your father, they believe our story well.” Kim smiled, “Wade and Ron even vouched for you!”


“We don’t have to be separated again!”

“And your family…”

“You’re part of my family Shego, if they can’t accept you then I don’t belong with them.” Kim said seriously


“What were you thinking?”

The green skinned woman smiled before replying, “I got this thought before, if I stayed at the orphanage, will you want to be adopted and leave me alone there?”

Kim was quiet as she thinks of something to answer, “No…I won’t come with them if they will take you away from me. I’ll be choosing you over them if that’s the case.”

Shego smiled, leaned forward and kissed Kim’s forehead, “But this is much better.” She said

“Yeah…I found my real parents, got my family and I still got you.” Kim said snuggling closer to the older woman, “Don’t leave me again Shego…”



The door to prison cell number 10 opened and a hulking man entered



“But I killed you…”

“Seriously!” he stroked his blonde mullet, “Didn’t know that you never went through with your plans completely.”

“I don’t leave any stones unturned.”

“Yet here I am alive…seriously.”


“What do you want?”

The blond haired man smiled

“Payback’s a bitch and I have an itch I can’t scratch…seriously dude!”

Four other prison mates entered the small prison cell and the one occupying it heard the door locked behind them

“Fuck! Get out of my cell!”

All he got in response were wide grins before he saw one shove a dirty handkerchief inside his mouth then he heard zippers being pulled down

-END again-

A/N: If there’s anyone who wants to write a KIGO sequel to this (If there’s anyone of course…since I’m not writing a sequel!) you have my blessing!

Thanks to Mistique Four for proof reading

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