Story: KP: Down Under (chapter 7)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 7


Chapter 6: You got to be kidding me!

Kim was sad that Shego wasn’t there when her parents let go of her. She should be happy because she finally found her parents…her parents who actually adopted her, but still the hurt feeling when she didn’t find Shego around the hospital was gnawing inside of her.

Will I ever see Shego again? Kim thought.

The Possibles went home happy and satisfied; especially Anne and James who thought that the hardship they underwent in the past did resulted to them finding their Kimmie. It was a glorious day for Anne and she can’t help but sleep together with Kim that day.


“Go Wade, what’s the sitch?’ Kim asked she was still on her bed lazing around. It was Saturday, a week after learning her true identity and a week after learning about who Shego really was. Kim’s arms were stretched skyward; her hands holding on to her blue kimmunicator and Wade’s face appeared

Whoa!” Wade’s eyes widened at Kim “Why do you look like someone who just lost a million dollars to a casino?” Wade asked frowning, “You should be happy since you’re ‘the Kim Possible’, as in the real ‘Kim Possible!’!”

Kim smiled and shook her head, “Yeah, I’m happy.”

But you don’t look like it.” Wade said, “Still want to hear the sitch? It’s not too important, I think the police could handle this as this should involve them not you.”

“Sitch me.” Kim said in a reassuring voice

Actually this was dated a week ago, it’s just that I feel lazy checking the site since most of your villains were still in jail except for Shego…”

Kim stopped listening to Wade after him mentioning the green skinned female, where are you Shego? I thought you’ll be looking after me? I thought…

“…and that he wants you to be there to arrest them…” Wade stopped and looked at Kim, “Do I have to repeat the mission again?” He asked worriedly

“I missed Shego.” The red head said, “Since the day she came here to tell us who she really was and even warned me about her father escaping prison to exact revenge on us…” Kim started mumbling

Shego? The Shego…green skinned thief with plasma firing hand Shego?”

“Yeah…that Shego and My Shego is one and the same.” Kim said then her glazed eyes looked at Wade, “Can you find her? Can you tell me where I can find her?”


Does that mean you’re not going to work on this case and leave it to the police?” Wade asked

“What’s the sitch again?” Kim asked

The report on an escapee, the ‘concern citizen’ said he saw two of the escapees inside a for sale apartment.” Wade informed Kim who frowned

“Concern citizen huh?” Kim asked and the Afro-American boy nodded, “Okay, get Ron and we’ll get there.”

Wade smiled at Kim, “I asked Sadi to come by your house, and she must be there by now waiting for you and Ron. Oh…and I already informed Ron about it and he said he’ll be there in a few.” Kim smiled at Wade who disconnected after Kim said her thank you.

The red head changed into her mission clothes and 3 minutes later, she was ready.


“That smells danger to me.” Shego whispered as she watched the red head comes out of her house and heads her way to the multicolored car that has Ron Stoppable inside, “I don’t like the sound of that report.”

So what do you plan to do?”

“What else? I’m following her and make sure she doesn’t get herself killed.” Shego scoffed, “I already told you about my father coming for her and you still told her about that message. That could be him.” The green skinned woman said sternly

I know it’s just that Kim checks the website occasionally and she’ll get suspicious if she found out about the message and I didn’t relay it to her.”


Look, I’m already helping you. Can you at least call me by my name?”

Shego scowled, “Where’s the fun in that?”


“Okay Wade…I got a plan.”

And you’re plan?”

“I’m giving Kimmie half hour inside that house, if she doesn’t get out in half an hour I’ll go in to help…”

That’s not a plan…that’s what you’ll be doing whether you like it or not so it’s not a plan!” Wade said

The villainess sighed, “That’s my mission! The plan is…you alert the police and have them there to save Kim!” Shego said a bit loud then looked down to see if Team Possible heard her. She sighed in relief when she found the automated vehicle out of sight, which means they’re heading at the house

Not wise…what if they kill Kim?”

“WADE!” Shego called out, “You will alert the police one hour after I get in! That way, they could not get their hands on Kim and hurt her, understand?”


“Nerdlinger…you’re already grating on my nerves…”

I understand!”

“Good…I’m heading out.”


Kim and Ron were crouched at a nearby bush. Kim has a binocular in hand and she was looking through it to see if she could find anything suspicious inside the apartment whose for sale sign was clearly butchered.

“KP, do you think this is a set up?” Ron asked

Kim puts down the binoculars and looked at Ron, “I’m not sure. A message from a concern citizen about the escapees who happened to be Shego’s father,” Kim sighed “I’m not sure Ron; Shego told me that he might be getting through me to get to her, but the hero in me says what if the tip was not a fluke? What if the bad guys has a hostage in their hands and they really needed saving?”


“I believe in your judgment KP, do what you feel is right.” Ron said smiling despite his heart hammering inside his chest from nervousness

“That’s the problem Ron…I’m not sure what to do.” Kim said sadly

Silence again

“But I believe Shego. I knew that she’s always out there looking after me.” Kim said

“Shego…” Ron snickered, “Who would think that Shego is the same girl who rescued you before? The same girl who has defied his father to protect you…”


“She’ll be here, if you trust her that much then I trust her.” Ron said and he received a smile from Kim, “So what’s our plan?”

Kim nodded, “You go to the back door, see if you can find any unlocked door. If none, do whatever it is to get in without being notice.”

Ron frowned, “Ahh KP, aren’t I the distraction most of the time? Shouldn’t I be the one to enter through the front door and you on the other hand sneaked through the back to get the bad guys?”

The red head looked at Ron, “Not this time Ron. I think the one inside if ever they are the escapees are cruel people. They don’t feel pity or mercy; they only know how to hurt other people.”

“KP…don’t you think we should just call on the police on this or GJ?”

“No…I have to do this. If this is Mr. Barkin then I have to go in and face him. I can’t live with nightmares everyday Ron and this way, I could finally show that man that I’m not the whiny, cry baby I’m used to be. I have to show him how I grow up to be a strong, good and dependable woman.”


“Okay…I’ll have your back KP.” Ron said after tapping Kim’s back, “I have my mobile phone ready just in case I need to call on the police or GJ…if something goes wrong you know?”

Kim hugged Ron, “Thanks, you’ve been the best guy friend I ever had and I’m glad to have met you.” Kim said before pushing Ron to crawl his way towards the apartment’s back door while she stood and walked her way to the apartment’s front door.


Steve Barkin was already irritated as his ‘sidekick’ kept on ranting about his life. About how grand he was way back before he was imprisoned and how hungry he was at the moment since they haven’t gotten any decent food in more than a week.

The burly man growled but the thinner one didn’t mind him at all. The thinner man Falsetto Jones was a rich bastard who loved dogs; he was taken into custody when he was caught red handed with the Pirate’s Eye. The diamond was stolen from a museum and he was the main suspect and he would have gotten away if not for that teen heroine “Kim Possible” and her sidekick…he shrugged as he can’t remember who. The thief was so happy that Steve Barkin included him and one Ed Motor when he decided to escape from prison. Too bad the bulky blonde man was shoot to death since he was too annoying, Ed keeps on whining about their jumpsuit not making him look too good and how his ‘bad look’ will not catch any ‘babe’ around town.

The man’s ranting got into Barkin’s inner demon and without warning shot him on his chest with a shot gun.

The shot gun that is now pointed at his head

“Another ranting Jones and I tell you…you will follow that stupid blonde to wherever he went.”

Falsetto Jones swallowed hard, “Sorry…I…”he said in his falsetto voice

“I don’t have much patience Jones, I’m here to capture Kim Possible and lure my daughter to get my revenge, I don’t need you around because you don’t do anything anyway, I’m keeping you alive because no man is an island so be thankful I’m not yet feeding you the bullet of this gun!” Barkin said sternly

“Yes!” he squeaked

The sound of footsteps getting closer stopped Barkin from killing Falsetto by fear, “Kim Possible…” he grinned and looked out of the window to see the red head coming closer, “Welcome back Kid…” he mumbled before he prepared his shotgun and hurriedly walked towards the door


“This isn’t good…” Shego whispered, a binocular in her hands and she was looking through it, “Pumpkin is walking to my father’s trap.” She added

So what should we do?”

“We stick to our plan. I’m giving Kimmie thirty minutes, with her skills right now I know she could take down my father and his companion with or without Stoppable unless…” Shego closed her eyes as the memories of her childhood with Kid/Kimmie resurfaced inside her mind

Unless what?” Wade’s voice sounded worried

The green skinned woman sighed deeply before speaking, “Unless her past experience with my dad will render her motionless…”

Fear factor?” Wade asked and Shego nodded her head

“I want you to have your eyes open all the time Nerd…I mean Wade. I’m not sure what will happen when I get to her rescue if ever she needed one.” Shego said and then she put down the binoculars when she saw the door open

Her eyes widened when the feature of her father bombarded her retina

He…he looked old but he also looked fierce and strong and…vengeful, Kimmie…Shego thought and her eyes focused on the now stunned red head.


Ron Stoppable tried everything to open the back door but failed. He tried to summon his monkey powers but he too failed in summoning it…what’s the problem

Shit…I’m nervous, I’m anxious and afraid for Kimmie! I need to be calm to be able to do this!

Ron nods his head and decided to sit on the ground in a yoga position. He closed his eyes, rested his hands on his bended knees with his palms facing the sky, then he started making “ohm” sound, and cleared his mind…


“Hello Kid…” Steve Barkin was grinning when he opened the door and faced the red head, “You grew up to be a very beautiful woman!” he added before pointing the gun on Kim’s face, “I wonder if you’ll still look beautiful if my bullet pierced that pretty face of yours?” he said motioning for Kim to enter the dirty and smelly apartment

Move Kim…what the heck is the matter with you? You’ve faced much deadly people and you’ve won over them! Anything is Possible with a Possible! You can do anything so fight Kim! Fight! The words echoed in her head, her brain is giving the command but her body remained stiff and all her body could do was walked slowly to where Steve Barkin asked her to

“Sit!” The burly, old man said sternly and pointed his shot gun on the lone chair at the middle of the empty living room

She heard the command but her body won’t move

“I guess you heard my partner Miss Possible.” Falsetto Jones interrupted pushing the red head towards the chair, “I haven’t seen you scared like this Miss Possible, I never thought I’d see the day The Great Kim Possible will cower in fear!” he added then started laughing evilly, his laugh sounding weird due to his falsetto voice

“Enough!” Barkin yelled causing the other to stop laughing, “Tie her on that chair and make sure to tie her well!” he ordered

“Yes Barkin.” Jones nodded and finally pushed Kim to the chair. He took a rope and started tying the red head

“Wha…what do you want from me?” Kim asked after gathering enough courage

Steve Barkin smiled, “And who says I want anything from you?”

“You…you’re using me to get Shego!” Kim shouted

The old man grin, “I’m glad you have the idea right, I’m glad I did taught you something useful…but I’m a bit sad that you still fell on my trap…KID.” He said practically growling the word kid.

“I…I’m not afraid of you anymore! I can fight you!”

That caused the older man to laugh, “You’re not afraid of me and yet here you are, tied to a chair with nothing to do but wait and watch as I punish my so called daughter…to death!” he said shaking his head

“You…you’re not going to touch SHEGO! I’ll make sure you won’t be able to do it!” Kim screamed, scared not for her life but for the green woman’s

“Sorry Kid…you fell for it and if I know my daughter enough now…she’ll be here to rescue you.”

“We are enemies! She won’t be here for me! She’ll probably be lying on a beach chair outside the Caribbean and enjoying her vacation, but she won’t come here for me!” Kim shouted where are you Ron? You’re supposed to come here and help me get out! You and Rufus! Kim thought

“Yeah…I’ll believe you.” Barkin grinned, “But still we have to wait,”

Tic Tac

Tic Tac


“I’m going in!”

It’s not even 15 minutes since Kim entered!”

“It’s too quiet, I’m afraid that bastard did something to Kimmie already!” Shego protested

But what if…”

“He wants me not Kim! I’m not letting Kimmie suffer for me so I’m going in!” Shego said dropping the binocular on the bag at her side, “Find Stoppable and his rat and see why he’s not in yet.”


“Just do it! I’m the one my father wants and I’m the one who knew him and what he can actually do. He killed that Motor Ed and you saw how big he was!” Shego growled

Okay…but I’ll let you go in but I’m not waiting an hour before I call back up…”


I’ll call earlier if I think I need to Shego…I’m not letting Kim down even if it means saving your ass too.”


“Okay…fair enough.” Shego agreed and without a word leaped off from the tree branch where she’s hiding you want a piece of me dad? Then you will have a piece of me…but I’m not going down alone…I’m not letting you hurt Kimmie again…never again…

-End Chapter 6-

Next: Finale (Kim and Shego’s predicament and the aftermath.)

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