Story: KP: Down Under (chapter 6)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 6

KP: Down Under

Chapter 6: Shego’s Story

Kim stepped back and glared at Shego, “Don’t call me that ever!” Kim screamed at the green skinned female

Shego dropped her smile, “Well…that’s you’re name…”

“No!” Kim screamed

“Aren’t you going to let me in?” Shego asked softly, her eyes on the angered red head

“Get Lost Shego! If you’re here to cause trouble then…”

“No!” Shego raised two hands to make it clear that she comes in peace, “I come here to talk to you.”


“Then talk!” Kim demanded in her most harsh tone

Shego sighed and once again started looking around her, “Can’t I at least talk to you inside? I’m not sure if it’s safe here to…” Shego’s fast reflex enables her to dodge one angry punch from Kim, “Hey! I said I come in peace! I’m not here to fight princess!” she said as she dodged another punch

“You’re a liar! Why should I believe you?” Kim said

“Because you did believe me before! And I need you to believe me again now…even just for this time Kid! Please!”

That stopped Kim from attacking

James Possible and Anne Possible were now behind the red head heroine and was looking at Shego with surprise, “You know Kim’s real name?” Anne asked

Shego relaxed her defensive stance and nodded her head, “Well…I’m not even sure if it was really her name, because you see…Kid is not a name.”

Anne and James looked at each other, “Shego…will you come in?” James invited the green skinned woman

Kim looked at her dad in aghast, “Dad!”

James smiled at Kim, “It’s impolite to talk to your guest outside when it is comfortable in your own living room Kimmie-cub. We’ve taught you better than that.” He said and gestured for Shego to come in.

“Thank you Mr. Possible.” Shego bowed her head and entered

Anne followed her husband and Shego to the living room; she was followed by Kim who closed the door once everyone was in.

“Jim, Tim, will you continue what you’re doing in your room?” Anne told the twin

“But…can’t we just stay here?” Jim asked

“Yeah…we want to get some plasma samples from her!” Tim added and pointed a finger on Shego

“Okay…I’ll rephrase my sentence, “Jim, Tim, you will continue your work in your room or you will be grounded for a mo…” Anne smiled when the two scampered on their feet and run up to their room

Shego looked at Anne and smiled, “That was…scary.” Shego said

“Yeah…you have to sometimes especially when you’re a mother to kids like them.” Anne explained, “Please have a sit.” Anne gestured for the solo couch while she and James occupied the large couch. Kim decided to sit on the other solo couch opposite that of Shego’s.


“You have no right to call me that as if you’re the Shego I knew.” Kim broke the silence, “How did you know that information, I don’t care…but never, as in never should you call me Kid ever again.”

Shego looked at Kim sadly, “Sorry…”

Kim frowned at Shego

“I’m sorry if…if…” shit, I haven’t rehearsed this part! “Look, I’m not really here to fight, I’m here to warn you.” Shego finally said

“About what?” Kim asked frowning

Shego scratched her head, “I’m not sure if you’re watching the news or something but there was a break at Middleton Prison.”

Kim looked at her surprised, “So? Why are you here telling me this? Aren’t you the one breaking Drakken out of that prison many times?”

Shego sighed, “Well it wasn’t Drakken or any villains I was talking about. Steve Barkin was one of the escapees.”

Kim frowned more, “So? It’s not as if that Steve Barkin escaped to take over the world.”

Shego licked her dried lips, took a deep breath before replying, “He’s my father and he escaped to…to…”

“Your father?” James asked

Shego nodded and looked at James, “He escaped to kill me and Kid…” then she looked at Kim, “That’s you…”

“You’re lying!” Kim shouted, “Are you telling me that you and the Shego I knew are one and the same? No…you’re lying!”

“No I’m not…I’m not lying princess. I just came here to warn you. He killed two police officers and an inmate…and I think he knew that he can’t touch me anymore…”

Kim was silent

“You have to believe me…I know I broke my promise, I know I said I won’t leave you alone…well in a way I really didn’t leave you alone cause you now have a better family, but I’m still out there looking out for…”


Shego stopped her rant and looked at Kim who was standing in front of her, “I’m so…”

“Then if you really are Shego, then all those fights were lies?” Shego nodded, “All the times I thought I’ve fought you equally was a lie?”

Shego looked at Kim, “No…it wasn’t you really…”


“Kimmie!” Anne called out

“You’ve been lying to me all through out!” Kim screamed

“I…I wanted to protect you…I…I wanted to fulfill that promise, I promise to take care of you and that’s what I did!”

Kim flopped at the couch she vacated, her face red and her eyes were starting to water, “You…you left me in that orphanage…you…”

“I have to…I can’t steal anymore food for us, you were sick and I don’t want you to die. I don’t want you to waste your childhood like I’ve wasted mine.” Shego explained


“I have to Kid…I have to…” Shego bowed her head in shame

Silence again

Anne interrupted, “You said you’re not sure that Kim’s real name was Kid?” Anne asked

Shego looked at the older red head and nodded, “I was seven when I found her alone and crying somewhere near the space park…”

James eyes widened, “Space Park? At Lowerton?”

Shego nodded, “Yeah…” Shego sighed, “She was so scared and so small so I offered to help her find her house…but we didn’t…”

Anne’s eyes widened and suddenly she felt it hard to breathe

“Honey?” James asked

“How…how did you find her?” Anne asked again

Shego frowned, “She was curled on the ground hidden by a large truncated tree, she was looking for her mama and dada and…”

“I don’t remember anything like that! You’re lying! You didn’t find me like that we were always together right?!” Kim said, her eyes teary now

“I wish it would have been like that princess…but that’s the truth, that’s how we got together. How I wished I didn’t bring you home with me, then you wouldn’t have suffered in the hands of my father.”

“Oh My God!” Anne said as she stood up…”When…when was that?”

“That was…about 15 years ago…Mrs. Possible…”

“Dear Lord!” Anne’s body was shaking

“What’s happening honey?”

“James…we lost Kimmie 15 years ago…at Lowerton…”

James scrunched his forehead and then when realization dawned on him he gasped, “Are you saying…”

“What is going on?” Kim asked now getting scared, she haven’t seen her parent this way before, “Who was lost?”

James stood up and steadied his wife; he faced Kim and explained, “Our daughter was lost 15 years ago.”

“Lost? I thought you said you’re daughter died?” Kim asked

Anne shook her head, “We made that story up because we don’t want you to feel that we adopted you to replace her.”

Shego looked at them as they speak, “So you lost a daughter at Lowerton at exactly the same time I found Kid?” she asked

And the couple nodded their heads

Shego then looked at Kim, “Then there’s a possibility that Kid is really your lost daughter?”

Kim looked at Shego, “You can’t mean that…” Shego nodded her head, at this Kim looked at her parents as if silently asking how did they lost her

James sighed and began his story…


“If what your dad is telling really did happen, then you could really be their real daughter Kid…they’ve actually adopted their own daughter.” Shego said smiling sadly jeez Kid…you did find your real parents, after all those times we searched…

“There’s really one way to make sure of it.” Anne said and everyone at the living room looked at her, “We could submit a DNA test and compare Kimmie’s DNA to the DNA stored at the Middleton hospital.” Anne said

At that, Kim nodded her head in agreement


“This is too much for me to take in right now…Shego…” Kim looked at the green skinned woman, “…Shego is actually the Shego I knew and now, the parents who adopted me are possibly my real parents…and then a man from my past breaks out of prison to hunt and kill me…”


“Actually, my theory is that he wanted to get you so that he could get me. I mean between us princess, he’s likely to have more chance of capturing you than me and I’m sure he hated me to the bone.” Shego explained

“Why? He’s your father you said?” James asked

Kim looked at Shego, “You mean he…he might be thinking that you really called the cop on him?”

Shego nodded her head, “But I don’t care about that, I’m not letting him get to you.”


“Kimmie…” Anne called out. The red headed heroine looked at her mother, “Will you come with us at the hospital so we could…get blood sample for a DNA test?”

Kim nodded

“Ah…not to be intrusive Mrs. Possible, but can I come along? I mean…I’m not sure where my father is right now and he could be planning something bad about Kim and I just wanted to…”

Anne smiled, stepped closer to Shego and patted her shoulder, “Yes, please come with us. Kimmie needs you more right now than ever.”

Shego smiled and nodded her head


It took only seconds to get the blood sample Anne needed…but waiting for results feels like forever for Anne and Kim.

The two red heads were left alone inside Anne’s office as the doctor waited for the final result to come out. Shego stationed herself outside the office along with James. The two were chatting about Shego’s past with Kid, and from the look Shego saw on James’s face, the Possible dad didn’t like one bit of it.

“I’m sorry Mr. Possible if I dragged your daughter into that life…”

James shook his head and patted Shego’s shoulder lightly, “No…it wasn’t your fault. You tried hard not to put Kimmie-cub into that situation and I know that there’s so little a ten year old girl could do against an adult as fierce as your father. You did great…”


“And you did sort of bring Kimmie back to us…you know, if that DNA test comes out that Kim is really our Kimmie-cub, then you brought her back to us. And for that we’ll be forever indebted to you.” James explained

Shego sighed, “I just feel that I’ve let down Kid…that’s why I’m doing what I am doing right now…especially when I’ve read from the news that she started this Team Possible to take on those villains…”

James looked at Shego, “So you became a villain to make sure that Kim’s be out of harms way?”

Shego shrugged her shoulder, “All I really knew was stealing, I grow up doing that and it’s what I do best, then after that accident, my thievery involves not only the small time shops, I started embarking on larger stuff…so I was really a villain before I even started working for Dr. D…”

“But you have no intention of aiding a megalomaniac in taking over the world until Kim plunged into this hero thing.”

Shego looked at James and smiled, “Those crooks always have traps for her, and I can’t think of anything else to know what they are planning and being one oft hem was the best idea…that time…”

Their chat was interrupted by the hospital’s paging system calling for Dr. Anne Possible. The paged was followed by two red heads coming out of the office; the younger one sat beside the green skinned woman while the older one pulled James off the chair and led the man to the laboratory where Anne was wanted.


“We have lots of things to talk about Kid…” Shego broke the silence between them

Kim looked at her, “I don’t think I’m in the mood to talk…my nerves eating me.”

Shego smiled and shook her head, “Do you want me to sing someone’s waiting for you?”

Kim frowned and looked at Shego, “What? You think that will make all this ‘shit’ better?”

Shego’s eyes widened, “Wow, princess actually cursing?”

Kim sighed, “Heard worst curses when we were young…”

“Yeah…imbibed all of it actually.” Shego said

Two green eyes met and they both laugh

“You look very different.” Kim said after the laughter died down, she then looked at Shego, “So you knew all along that I was Kid and yet you didn’t tell me?” she asked

Shego smiled, “Well…I’m afraid I’ll get slap when I tell you…” Shego smirk at Kim’s face blushing

“Sorry about that.” Kim said

“Oh its okay I deserve it.”

“Yeah you do.”

“You didn’t know that it was me?” Shego asked and looked at Kim intently

“How would I know? Green skin, green eyes and plasma firing hands?” Kim asked, “You don’t look the same the last time I saw you 10 years ago so forgive me if I didn’t recognize you.” Kim said then huffed

“Okay…I understand, but I still have my beautiful body and the pale skin and the sarcastic attitude…”

“Yeah!” Kim interrupted, “I felt something familiar about you but you can’t blame a girl to think otherwise when you’re trying to swipe my head off.”

Shego laughed, “Yeah…”


“I’ve been following around after you were adopted…well until I had an accident that is. That’s why I know who you are.”

Kim looked at Shego and smiled, “So the accident is the reason you change?” Shego nodded

“I was asked to steal this chemical in a secret laboratory in Cuba, you know me I don’t ask questions about work. As long as you pay, I’ll do it,” Kim nodded, “I was caught by two security guards and we fought inside the laboratory where that ‘mysterious’ chemical was kept…and boom, I was caught in the explosion.”


“What does it do?”

Shego shrugged her shoulder, “No idea really, they actually wanted it because it emits a certain amount of power that could be likened to a nuclear bomb.”

Kim looked at Shego in horror, “But you live?”

“Yeah…that’s the mystery, they really thought I died on that very moment but I was still breathing when they found me. The two guards were not lucky, they died on the spot. They say the chemical actually sipped into my cells and changed my genes…so…here I am.” Shego looked at Kim, “Got two years to control my power…then when that’s done, I started stealing on bigger companies…well mostly from Jack Hench and other villains.”


Their chat was interrupted by Anne running towards them, pulling Kim hard into her arms and hugged the younger red head tightly. The older woman was crying. James followed his wife’s action and now the three were hugging together

“Oh God…you really are our Kimmie!” Anne said as she pulled a little from Kim and smothered Kim’s face with kisses

James then looked at Shego, bowed his head and mouthed the words “Thank you.”

Shego felt happy at the moment…Kid did find her true family…all she needs to do now was find that bastard of a man she calls Dad and stopped his evil plan…if he has one.

Shego silently walked away from the rejoicing Possibles and she vanished from the hospital

I’ll still be looking after you Kid…princess…


Steve Barkin grinned. He might have been old and he might not have any knowledge about computers…but he sure knows how to use a gun to make someone do what he wants…

Kim Possible

I got the address where three of the prison escapees were hiding. #%%^$&*&^%$#, I’m not sure if they’ll stay there longer so please apprehend them. ASAP

Concern Citizen

He hit the young man’s head once he pressed enter and the Kim Possible website announced ‘you’re message has been received’

He turned around and walked out of the computer house and heads out to the place he wanted Kim Possible to be.

-End chapter 6-

The plot I mentioned at kpslashhaven is only until next chapter is not mentioned on that post of mine and might be the last chapter then followed by an epilogue

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