Story: KP: Down Under (chapter 5)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 5

KP: Down Under

Chapter 5: Hello Kid…

Steve Barkin wasn’t new in prison. When he was still young, the prison was like a second home to him, so if it wasn’t for the reason he was here, he would have enjoyed his stay.

From the day he set foot on this jail, his mind has already made some images on how he could actually exact his revenge on his useless daughter and that Kid which his daughter chose over him. He knows what he’s about to do and he have all the time in prison to plan for it.

And he planned for almost 10 years…

Steve Barkin was walking on his chained feet to go to his usual place for lunch when he overheard two of his inmates talking…

“Hey…did you here? That chick Shego was a tough one!” Inmate 1 said

“Yeah dude, she’s working with that blue boy and busted him out of prison many times without being caught!” Inmate 2

Barkin scowled that bitch! She has busted another man from prison and yet she let me rot in here!

“What with her power and mad skill? She could probably take on any man anytime, anywhere!”

Barkin wasn’t able to resist this information, “Power? Shego has power? Since when?” he asked then he situated himself beside the second man

“Whoa! Where have you been dude? That chick has fire power since she started her life of villainy!”

“Fire power?” Barkin asked again

“Don’t you watch TV? She’s all over the news…and we think that this chick has one weakness…only one I tell you!” Inmate 1 said

Barkin didn’t say anything as his mind starts to turn now how the hell will I exact my revenge on that bitch daughter of mine if she has this fire power… he turned his attention to one of his inmates, “Do you know if she works with this red headed girl named Kid?”

The two inmates looked at him as if he had grown another head, “Dude, Shego works alone…the only companion she’s got is that blue Mad Scientist they call Drakken!” Inmate 2 said

“And the only red head we knew is Kim Possible, and she’s not working with Shego, they fight! Kim Possible the Hero and Shego the Villain!” Inmate 1 said then he followed it with a laughter, “And to tell you the truth, that red head hero has no power and yet she could go toe to toe with Shego…that woman is her weakness if I may say so!”

Barkin’s eyes hardened as the image of the red head Kid and Shego conspiring to put him in jail resurfaced. His reverie was broken when the TV to the dining hall opened…

And the TV flashed a news report on Shego fighting Kim…

Barkin focused his eyes watching the two women fight. He grinned when he recognize his daughter, she may be greenish, unlike her usual pale skin before, she might have glowing hands…but she sure looks like her momma. The red head she was fighting…that was something new. There are lots of red headed girl in this part of America, and he was not sure if this is the one he was looking for…

Until he saw it with his own eyes…

Shego’s flaming hand was sure to hit the red head but it seemed to him that the green skinned female change the direction of her fist that it looks like the red head dodged the flaming hands in the eyes of the inexperienced fighters.

And this made him watched the fight intently…and as it continues, Barkin’s grin widened…that bitch is holding out on this red head, making sure not to hit her on dangerous spots…as if my bitch of a daughter is actually protecting her…red head, Kim Possible…or is it…Kid Possible?

He wasn’t able to contain himself after the realization…Steve Barkin started laughing maniacally causing the other prisoners to cringed, and the officers to take him out of the dining are to his room.

I’ll get my revenge on you Shego…and I just know where to start! He thought as he was being led to his prison cell.


Shego decided to watch the news since there’s nothing good being shown at the cable, and she would rather hear the depressing situation the country is in rather than hear her employer rant about his devices that really never works at all.

How the hell would he be able to take over the world like this? He’s always out of it! He’s too forgetful and to think he isn’t that old to have dementia of sort!

She thought as she settled on the lair’s couch, a cup of coffee in hand

On breaking news, five prisoners from Middleton’s most secured jail escaped this morning. The report says that one of the five escapees killed two armed police officers and one inmate. The prisoner who was reported to have killed these men was a prisoner named Steve Barkin…”

Shego suddenly spurts the coffee she just drunk after hearing the news, “The fuck!”

“…the said killer was a known thief during his younger days, and reports say that Steve Barkin was arrested 10 years ago after stealing an important experiment that was owned by businessman Jack Hench using his daughters whose names were not divulged.”

“He’s into killing now?” Shego exclaimed, her eyes widened in disbelief

“…one of Barkin’s inmates divulged that the main reason the man escaped was to actually exact revenge to his daughters for calling the cops on him…”

The image of one inmate appeared at the screen, he was grinning as if he was a superstar, “That darn Barkin did tell me how he hate his daughters, especially that red head one and he told me that he is going to get out’ a here to make them pay for getting him busted!”

Shego’s mind stopped thinking about anything else…all she knew right now was that she needs to warn and protect her princess.

Shego stood up and ran to where Drakken was working; she barged in “Dr. D! I’m using the hover craft, I’m going out!” She announced and turned away

“Wait SHEGO! How about my plan to rule the world?!”

Shego shouted back without looking, “Change of plans Dr. D! You got to shove that experiment of yours for now!”

“WAIT! SHEGO! SHEGOOO!!!” Dr. D just watched as his henchwoman disappeared from his sight, “What does Shego mean by ‘change of plan?’ Ahhh! That woman is crazy!” he whined before returning to what he was doing. He looked at his creation and frowned, “Okay…so what was I to do before I was interrupted….” He smiled when he saw the red button, “Ah yes…I need to push this to see if this actually works…”




What to say… “Ah…hi Kimmie, pumpkin, princess, cupcake, kid…” Shego shook her head, it’ll take me the whole afternoon to call her all the pet names I have for her, “Ah…Hi Kimmie, remember dad? He escaped from prison and he’s out to kill the both of us!” Ahhh! Too direct, don’t want to give Kid a heart attack, “Okay…hello, well I’m not here to fight you Kimmie…I’m here to warn you.” Shego smile, that’s a good start

The green skinned woman looked at the console of the hover craft flying on autopilot

Then what will I say after that? Shego slumps her shoulder Why is it so hard to tell the truth? It would have been easy if all of these were lies!

She decided to keep quiet and clear her mind…

Yes…I’ll just go with the flow once I’m there.


It was Saturday afternoon and the whole Possible family were lazing out at the living room. Well if you’d consider Jim and Tim creating another blue print for their newest rocket launcher, Mr. Dr. Possible busy calibrating his lap top, Mrs. Dr. Possible reading the newest Live Journal on Neurosurgery and Kim Possible working her magic on hunting for a nice movie…then they are lazing out.

It would have been perfect if not for the hard knocking on the door.

“Kimmie-cub will you get the door please?”

Kim looked at her father then at the twin who was looking at her too. “Can’t the tweebs get the door?” Kim asked

“We’re busy!” Tim and Jim replied simultaneously

“Duh! I’m busy too! And you two were just making another plan on how to blow the house up!”

“At least we have a plan!” Jim said

“You’re just surfing the channels!” Tim added

“Kids!” James shouted

And the word sent Kim down to memory lane once again…

Anne noticed the sudden silence of the younger red head so she turned her attention to James and nudged his leg with her foot. James asked ‘what’ silently and his wife pointed her mouth on the sullen look of Kim and the older Possible understood

“I think I’ll just get the door.” Anne said, mussing Kim’s hair before she stood up and walked towards the door. The older red head did not bother looking into the hole to see who was knocking instead, she opened it, her eyes widened and she hurriedly closed the door. The action caught her family’s attention…

“Honey…who was at the door?” James asked in bewilderment as he saw her wife’s face paled

“Well…no one! No one really!” Anne said smiling nervously

“That look doesn’t say no one mom.” Tim said

“What Tim said!” Jim seconded

“Mom, you look pale…”

Anne’s answer was interrupted by another knock on their door, this time the knock was louder and insistent but Anne stood there unmoving and it was apparent that she has no intention of answering the door…

“Okay, I’ll answer …” James was about to stand

“No!” Anne shouted with wide eyes, “That…that must be Shego again!”

“Shego?” The other household members asked together which was answered by Anne’s head nodding

Kim frowned and stood up; she walked passed her mother to answer the door when her arm was grabbed by Anne, “Don’t…”

Kim looked back at her worried mother, “Shego will not do anything evil I’m sure.” Kim said shaking her head

Anne scowled, “She’s Drakken’s evil side kick!”

“Who doesn’t need to knock if she so wanted to barge in here to cause us any trouble.” Kim replied, “Calm down mom…this is so not the drama!” Kim assured them

Each of the people inside the house nodded their head in agreement and Kim took a deep breath before opening the door.

There at the door was Shego, standing straight, looking nervous and her eyes darted from right and left, “What…Global Justice finally found a way to get you?” Kim asked

Shego looked at Kim and smiled, “Hi…Kid.”

Kim’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped

-End Chapter 5-

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