Story: KP: Down Under (chapter 4)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 4

KP: Down Under

Chapter 4: Call me, beep me if you want to reach me


Kim’s communicator chimed just as she was about to get out of their house to meet Ron outside. She took the blue device and switched it open and Wade’s face assaulted her, “What’s the sitch Wade?” she asked without halting her advance

“Got a hit on your web site Kim, Dr. Drakken was reported to enter the Middleton Museum not five minutes ago.” Wade reported

The now 16 year old Kim Possible smiled, when there’s Drakken there’s Shego…


That name was like a bomb for her. Every time she takes on Drakken and meets Shego, feelings she has little recollection off starts to resurface. The box where she hid memories of long ago was being open, as if Shego was the key to Pandora ’s Box.

When did she meet Shego exactly? This Shego and not the one that resides in her dream for a very long time?


She was 14 years old then, she and Wade decided to put up a website about her taking babysitting jobs when a wrong message was posted. Someone wanted help…and Kim’s adventurous and dangerous side didn’t give her any reason to back out…

Shego will not back out…

She thought…always thinking of that girl who have saved her, who have stood before her and that man’s cruelty, that girl who promised to be with her forever, that girl…who broke her promise

And that’s when her career as a world saving hero started. From that moment, villains after villains comes her way and she stopped them, the memory of that person urged her to move forward, to be better…no… to be the best.

Then one boring day, Drakken once again tried to take over the world so Kim Possible have to come to his lair to intercept him…but she was rendered motionless when Drakken called out a name…

“Shego! Get Kim Possible!”

Shego…she…she’s here… the red headed teen heroine was stunned to say the least. She was rooted on her feet as she waits for Shego to come out…will I fight her?

Kim’s eyes widened at the sight of the woman who comes before her.

Shego…this Shego was not the one she used to know. This Shego has pale-greenish skin, her hair black with wisps of green coloration, her hands were covered with black and green gloves, her lips were black, and her eyes green just like hers and her face doesn’t wear that soft smile she remembers.

This is not my Shego she thought

And her eyes got bigger when this Shego ignited her hands, those gloved hands now encased with green fire…


“Well…well…well…I thought you said that this Kim Possible you’re facing is a tough one Dr. D?” Shego asked sarcastically

Aren’t you glad to have finally see me Kid?

Instead of smiling, the raven haired villainess smirked, “Are you sure you can fight…Kimmie?” she said with a teased

I can’t imagine that you’ll grow up to be a very beautiful lady Kid…yes you are…

“Don’t call me that!” Kim hissed


“So…what should I call you? Princess? Pumpkin…” Shego smirked and relaxed her stance, “Pumpkin is sure nice, it’ll match your hair…Kimmie!”

You have no idea how much I longed for us to meet face to face again Kid…you have no idea how it breaks my heart to break my promise…

Kim was so angry that her fighting form became readable. She looked at Shego with anger in her eyes before she attacked the green skinned woman.

Shego smiled which wasn’t noticed by Kim and extinguished the fire in her hands, she ducked, side stepped, sway, blocked every move Kim sent her, she would watched the red head intently and made a swiping move when the red head moved away from her, making the red head believed that she really was fighting back

I promised to take care of you Kid…and that promised I won’t break…even if I have to work as a side kick to this goof ball…this is the only way I knew I could do it…especially now that you chose a dangerous path to take…

They continued fighting as if they were dancing. Shego attacks and Kim defends and vice versa…


“KP?” Ron called out when the red head went out of their house as if her mind was miles away

Kim shook her head to take her out of her reverie. She had a hand clutching her chest, just above to where her heart lies if this is not my Shego, then why does fighting her hurts so much? “Sorry Ron…oh did Wade…”

“He said Saddie will take us to the museum, she’ll be here in a minute…” Ron scrunched his forehead, “Are you alright KP?”

Kim looked at Ron and smiled, “Yeah…why wouldn’t I be?”

Ron shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know, it seems that you got this far away look when we are to face Drakken and Shego.” Ron reasoned

That name again…

“I don’t have that look Ron.” Kim said and didn’t give Ron any room for argument, “I was thinking of how to stop them fast…don’t want to miss this class.”

Ron huffed

Yeah…Kim Possible can do anything except lying

Kim was so thankful that Saddie arrived before Ron could give that argument.


Shego was patiently waiting at the entrance of the museum where her employer was about to get some ‘artifact’ he said he needed to build his newest death ray. Shego sighed, Dr. D really never gives up with this death ray thingy! Shego thought.

Team Possible’s late arrival doesn’t do Shego so much good, as waiting makes her thinks of so many things…especially her childhood…Her and Kid…and now…Her and Kimmie.

She can’t help but think of ‘what ifs’, like…what if she didn’t leave Kid and she too stayed at the orphanage? Will the Possibles adopt her along with Kid? If not…will Kid leave her to go with the Possibles?

But as they’ve said, it’s always too late to have regrets…Shego shook her head, if there’s one thing she’d regret, it was the time she took Kid back home with her…Kid doesn’t deserve that kind of life…this life Kim has is the one she deserves.


Her reverie was cut short by the presence of her Princess…

“A little late aren’t you princess?”

“Got caught in traffic!” Kim replied before attacking the green skinned woman

I didn’t regret that day I left you Kid…because I can see that this life is the one you need, you deserve this kind of life…and don’t you worry…I’ll make sure no one takes this life from you…ever again.


Anne Possible was lazing on the couch watching something on TV when Kim entered the house. The young red head looked tired and she was dragging her back pack on the floor, “Hello Kimmie.” She greeted her daughter

“Hi mom!” She greeted back, dragged herself to the couch and sat beside her mother, “You’re home early, no emergency operation or something?”

Anne smiled and caressed Kim’s cheeks, “No, actually I got out of the hospital as soon as I can. There’s so many of them there who could do what I can, and I felt that they’re just taking advantage of me when I make myself available there.” The older red head said, “And how was your day?”

Kim shrugged her shoulders, “My morning started worst, we have to face Drakken and Shego early in the morning, and they got away with whatever artifact they were stealing there…”

“Hm…” Anne nodded her head then pulled the teen closer to her, “Then…”

“We got a boring lecture on all our subjects, then Bonnie drives me crazy by trying hard to change our cheer leading routines.”

“Aw…poor Kimmie.” Anne then placed a soft kiss on Kim’s cheek.

Their conversation was halted by Jim and Tim barging inside their house, “MOM!” The two called out and grinned when the two saw their sister and mother at the sofa

“I see Kim was burned out.” Tim said grinning

“How about we give you a massage?” Jim supplied

These cause Kim to scrunched her forehead, it’s not every day that her brothers are nice to her…these two always makes her life miserable. Playing all kinds of tricks on her, hacking her on line diary, destroying her toys or remaking them into something she didn’t want…

But no matter what these two does, she still loves them. They knew she was adopted and they still treat her as their real sister.

This family has been good to her…and there’s no way she’s going to replaced them in her heart…

Only if Shego didn’t leave her…perhaps she could share this family with her right now.

“Why are you so nice suddenly?” She asked

Jim and Tim looked at their mother

Anne pulled Kim’s face so that the younger red head looks at her, “Have you forgotten what day is today?”

Kim scrunched her forehead

“Today is the day you become officially a part of this family…”

Kim smiled…Oh yeah…today is the day I become a Possible…


Today is the day you’ve become a new person Kid…I should greet you happy birthday…

The shadow of a woman was at the tree just outside Kim’s room. Silently watching over the red head…as she’d promised.

-End Chapter 4-

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