Story: KP: Down Under (chapter 3)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 3

KP: Down Under

Chapter 3: Prison break

Steve Barkin, father to Shaina also known as Shego to many was a former thief. In his prime, he fell in love with a stripper and they cohabitated, the woman then bore him a daughter. He accepted the child despite him wanting a son because he do loved the woman. But all his hope and love was taken from him when one day, he woke up without a lover and was left with a burden.

The stripper ran away with another man leaving him their daughter…Shego

So when the child reached the age of five, he started teaching her the art of thievery…and let his daughter earn money for the both of them…

Until his damn daughter went home carrying an excess baggage…

The 2 year old Kid.

It has been three years since the child was brought home by her stupid daughter, and all the Kid do was eat, sleep and whine. Yes, Shego took the child with her almost all the time but the child doesn’t do Shego any good. As a matter of fact, he thinks that the child is a burden to his daughter because Shego takes home less money compared to the time when that Kid wasn’t with them.

So at age 5, Steve Barkin started teaching Kid how to use her innocence to take money from strangers.

After giving instruction to the scared child, he went along with Shego and Kid to watch the red head work. He hid himself somewhere close to where the two were standing. The plan was for Kid to fake sickness in front of a man while Shego takes care of picking his pocket.

A well dressed man passed them by, and Kid got the signal from Shego. Kid frowned and shook her head, scared of what she was about to do.

Barkin saw it and he was enraged. Shego on the other hand understood and smiled at Kid. The older girl nodded at Kid saying that’s she’ll take care of it, and that she did.

When they arrived home, Barkin shoved Kid hard to the wall and started taking his belt from his pants, “You good for nothing girl!” he said and was about to hit the girl when Shego stopped him

“No Dad!”

“I’m going to beat you to a pulp damn you!” Barkin shouted not minding his daughter’s plea

“I took the man’s wallet dad! So please don’t hurt Kid!”

Barkin angrily faced his daughter, “When I say she do something she will do it! If she has to play dead! She will play dead!”

“She’s still young! She can’t do it!” Shego reasoned

“She will do it when I say she will!” he said and turned his attention to the cowering red head

“DAD!” Shego shouted and threw an empty bottle against her father’s back

The huge man faced the pale faced Shego who stood her ground, preparing herself for the blow she knew would come…

Two hard slaps met her face causing her lips to bleed, “That’s what you’ll get for trying to stand in my way!” he shouted before he forcefully took the money from Shego’s hand, “You two make sure to get an early rest,” he said then looked at Kid once again, “And you Kid should do what I tell you to do, or I will not only hurt you but I will also hurt Shego!” he said

The red head flinched but nodded her head

Shego crept towards the red head once her father left them, the red head went closer to Shego and started wiping Shego’s bloodied lip with her dirty shirt, “I’m sorry Shego, It’s all my fault!”

Shego smiled and shook her head, “It wasn’t your fault. Father is an asshole.”


Then the two children started laughing

“I just hope we get lucky so we could run away from him.” Shego said after the younger girl in her arms. The two children snuggled together

“But who will bring him food if we get out of here? Who will bring him money?”

Shego scuffed, “He’s bigger than us! He could get his own food and he could get his own money!”

Kid was silent

“What are you thinking?” Shego asked the quiet red head

“I don’t like him hitting you.” Kid said snuggling closer to the 10 year old Shego

“Yeah…and I don’t like him hitting you.” Shego replied

There was a moment of silence before the two girls laughed again

“I’m going to try to do what he wants tomorrow.” Kid said

Shego looked down at the smaller Kid, “You know you don’t have to. I could handle pick pocketing without your distraction.”

“But he’ll hit you again if I don’t do it.”

“So what? I’m used to it.”

“But I don’t like him hitting you.”


“Don’t worry Kid, someday…we’ll get out of here.”


A whole year passed by, Kid and Shego did everything Steve Barkin asked them without question, afraid that if they failed, the other will get hurt. They only have each other to trust and to care.

But the hardship will not be forever, time will come when the opportunity to make your life better will suddenly appear before you…

It was another tiring day for the children, Barkin asked them to steal something from a man inside a bank, using Kid as a distraction. It so happened that Barkin made a deal with another man and he wanted something from a man named Jack Hench, he used his daughter and Kid to do the stealing and when done, he took the good with him and left the children on the street.

Jack Hench, unknown to Barkin was also a scrupulous man. He used his money and power to find the one responsible for stealing his good. Using the bank’s security camera, he found out that the one who stole from him was a girl aided by another girl.

“What kind of a beast lets these children stole for them?” He asked after studying the security feed

“That must be one sick of a man.” One of his men said


“Print a picture of that girl and I want all of you to scour this place, turn everything upside down and find the one responsible. I’m sure that girl has some adult supervision!” he said

“Yes sir!”

So with money and power…a small time thief cannot hide from him.


Kid and Shego were lying on the floor, they were tired but they kept their eyes open. Barkin once again tried to hurt Kid and Shego intervened.

“Are you really going to call the cops here?” Kid asked softly

“I was just scaring dad. He’s scared of cops and he’s beating you often. I hate him for that!” Shego said harshly


“When we get out of here, are you going to leave me alone?” Kid asked again

“No, I told you I’ll take care of you.”

Kid smiled and snuggled closer to the elder girl. They were quiet and were about to dozed off when the older girl heard a commotion outside their room. There was a loud, hurried knocking at their door and the noise caused her drunk father to yell out in irritation. But despite the growl of her father, the knock still came, this time it was louder and more persistent.

Shego looked at the younger girl who was awakened by the noise and she put a hand on Kid’s mouth to silence her. The green eyes of the younger girl were asking a question and Shego’s blue orbs told the child that she have no idea what’s happening. So they waited…

Shego knew that her father opened the door as she heard the door creaked open and the two girls winced when the sound of a man being shoved hard on the floor can be heard. Shego crawled forward and peeked on a hole by their wall to see what’s happening and her eyes widened

“Cops…” Shego whispered then crawled back to Kid, “I think they are taking dad with them, let’s hide.” She said

“But dad…”

“He’s already big; he can take care of himself. We have to go and leave; this is the time we are waiting for!”

Kid scrunched her forehead, “I thought you’re just scaring dad…”

“I was! And I have no idea how those cops got here.” Shego answered, “Are you going with me or not? I’m not going to spend another day with him beating me or you. I won’t let that happen again.” Shego said sternly

The red head nodded as she stood and followed the older girl as they stealthily walked away from the house.


Steve Barkin was so angry…not because he was caught by the police but because the police found no children. That brat I call my daughter rant me out to the police! And for what? For that bitch Kid! I’ll show you two when I get out…I will kill you!

Steve Barkin’s last thought before he was dragged from his house and to prison.


The night was cold, but two children, both with determination made it through. They walked all night to get out and far way from where they come from as possible. The older child keeping the little one warmed as best as she could.

Shego always makes it a point to let Kid rest, while resting, Shego will leave the little girl for a while to get them some food to eat. One time she returned with a stolen blanket along with some bread for the two of them.

Every day for almost 6 months, they will travel northward, stopping every time for Shego to get Kid and herself something to eat. But luck wasn’t looking down on both of them as Shego finds it hard to get food for them as the days go by and Kid to Shego looks like getting sick.

“Kid…are you alright?” Shego asked the sniffing red head

“Yeah, but my nose has something I can’t breathe properly.” The red head confessed

“You must be having cold.” Shego then pulled the younger girl closer to her and she used the old blanket she stole to cover themselves up




“Are we going to die here?”Kid asked

“No.” Shego looked down at the red head, “I won’t let it.”


“But…we’re always walking and it’s getting cold…and we don’t have anything to build fires and…”

“I won’t let it!” Shego said sternly, “I’ll take care of you remember?”

The red head nodded

“Don’t leave me then?” The red head child said softly

“I won’t.”



The little girl snuggled closer to the older child and she fell asleep

Shego looked down at the sleeping girl and felt for the girl’s forehead, “You’re running a fever and I can’t do anything about it…I don’t know what I could steal to make you feel better and I can’t let you die.” Shego said as she felt tears run down her face

She look around and found out that they were now past Lowerton and was already at Middleton. Shego smiled when she remember some time, long ago when her father brought her here, she was about to be taken to an orphanage but her father have second thoughts hence, she was brought back to their house at Lowerton.

“I know that orphanage…S….S…St….” Shego scrunched her forehead to dig on her memory. “Yeah!” she cheered causing the younger girl to moan in her sleep, “St. Paul, yes…St. Paul!” she said happily. She then stood up, taking the sick girl with her and started walking to look for the said orphanage.

A day passed, Shego was still looking for the orphanage, she was tired and hungry but she willed herself to go on, she can’t let Kid down, not now she thought.

She was about to give up when a tall house appeared before her eyes, and at the gate it reads… “St. Paul Orphanage”, the sight brought hope and happiness to Shego. She hurriedly entered the slightly ajar gate and ran towards the main door. She pushed the door bell and waited for an answer.

Not 3 minutes into waiting, the door opened and a young nun came out. The nun’s eyes widened at the sight before her, she took the little girl in Shego’s arm before the pale skinned girl collapsed.


“How did these children came here Sister Anna?” James asked

“Well they were actually loitering around when one of us found them, scouring for food and the like, that was the situation with the three red heads but the one your wife was talking to has a different story.”

James looked at the nun, “How?”

“Well Sister Filomena opened the door and found an older girl carrying that one.” Sister Anna said pointing at Kid, “She has a fever and cold, when Sister Filomena took the child, the other collapsed.” Sister Anna shook her head, “I think that child was too close to the other one, she didn’t even leave her name before she ran away leaving a wailing child.”

“Do you think it’s the child’s mother?”

The nun shook her head no, “The child looks around 12 and she told us to take good care of Kid, and that we have to find Kid a good family.”


“Where is she now?”

“She didn’t return. Kid stopped talking after the older girl left, but despite her being introvert, she almost aced our IQ and EQ test. She was so weak and thin when she was brought here,” Sister Anna smiled when she saw Anne having a good interaction with Kid, “I’m glad you’re wife made her smile…she haven’t done that in two weeks since she’s been here.”

“There’s so much about my wife that really intrigues me, but despite all that…she’s the only one I know who could probably help Kid.”

Whatever Sister Anna’s about to answer was interrupted by Anne joining them

“I…I like to adopt her.” Anne said smiling

“Are you sure honey? Don’t you think we should think things over first…”

“I’m sure James…I want her.”


“I could feel it in my heart that I wanted this child to be part of our family. I’ll love her and treat her as if she really was our Kimmie and…”Anne stopped as she started to cry, “I know she can patch up that hole inside my heart James…I felt something about her I wasn’t able to feel from the other two.”

James embraced his wife, “Okay Anne, then we shall go back after Sister Anna arrange the adoption paper.”

The nun smiled and nodded her head


Two weeks later

Anne Possible excitedly came to the orphanage bringing new clothes with her for Kid. Kid on the other hand was happy that she’s going to have a new family who loves her, she could feel it, but deep inside her heart, she wished that Shego was with her so the two of them could share a loving family unlike before.

You lied to me Shego, you said you’ll never leave me

And while the excited doctor led the red headed child to her car, a familiar person hiding in the shadows watched them…

I’m sorry Kid…I didn’t keep my promise to not leave you…but I know this is the best way and that this is what you really need. But I’ll keep my promise…I’ll always take care of you…always Kid…

-End Chapter 3-


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