Story: KP: Down Under (chapter 2)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 2

KP: Down Under

Chapter 2: I lost my baby!

The little girl was curled on the ground, her lithe body and thin arms were shielding her face from being hit. She was crying as the man above him relentlessly used his belt to inflict pain on her…

“You worthless son of a bitch! All you do is eat and yet you don’t bring money!” he said before once again hitting the little girl with his belt

The door to the small house opened and an older child with raven hair entered. The older child’s eyes widened at the scene before her, “No! Dad stop that!” she screamed and hurriedly ran towards the little girl and puts herself in between

“Get out of my way lass if you don’t want this belt to hit you!”

“NO! Then hit me but I’m not letting you hit her again!” The raven haired girl shouted back

The man growled at the older child

“I’m stealing enough for the both of us Dad, if I see you hit her again then there will be no money to come into this house to buy you all the liquors you want!” The child shouted…warned her father

“You despicable child! How dare you side her?”

Silence as the child just glared at her father menacingly

“Hit her again and I swear…I’ll have the cops surrounds this house.”

That deflated the man

The raven haired child threw a bottle of gin to the angry man before she turned around, crouched down and held the trembling little girl in her arms, “It’s okay now, I’m here…he’ll never hit you again.”

All the little girl could do was sobbed on the older girl’s shoulder


James, Anne and their little girl of about two whose name was Kimberly, a.k.a. Kim were strolling around the park at Lowerton. James had a call from a friend and that he needed to go to that place to see the Lowerton’s Science Research Center and give his opinion on their latest theory on rocket propulsion. The happy and proud father agreed thinking that he could use the opportunity to entertain her family especially her Kimmie-cub, he was also ecstatic since one of the best park he knew is also located here.

“Isn’t it a wonderful park?” James asked Anne who was carrying little Kim in her arms

Anne smiled and shook her head, “Well, I’m sure not everyone appreciates a park that shows rockets and space everywhere, but…this is good and Kim seems to like it.”

The statement was followed by Kim’s giggling

“I think Kimmie-cub liked the ice-cream and sodas more than the park.” James teased and then looked at his daughter

“And talking about sodas, I think I had too much.” Anne puts Kim down and looked at her husband, “I’m taking a leak, so I’m leaving Kimmie with you.”

James smiled, “No big Honey!”

Anne scrunched her forehead but she was still smiling, “Don’t get yourself lost.” She said then smiled at her husband’s reaction

“Hey! I know anything is possible with a Possible but not getting lost!” He said, he even hits his chest with a fist to make a point

“Dada…monkey! Dada monkey!” Kim shouted when she saw a monkey in space suit

Anne shook her head at her family before she turned around and look for the ladies room

James was holding on to Kim’s hand and the two were walking close to where Anne left them so that when his wife returned, she wouldn’t have a hard time looking for them when Kim once again saw the monkey

“Dada monkey!” squealed the toddler and let go of her father’s hand

“NO Kimmie-cub!” James shouted as he tried to grab his daughter’s hand but the toddler was fast and he was unsuccessful in doing so. He smiled and shook his head and walked to follow her red headed daughter…

That’s when the chaos suddenly happened

A man who was being chased by two cops and two guards passed by James. The man was holding a bag and he was running to the direction of his Kimmie-cub

“Kim!” James screamed as he started running after the man to try to get to his daughter first, “KIM!”

The man being chased looked back at him and grinned; his eyes then shifted to the red headed girl who was clueless to what was happening and was so engrossed with the space suited monkey

“Stop that man!” One of the security guard shouted

“Stop or we’ll shoot!” One of the police warned

“NO! You might hit my daughter!” James screamed at the cop who was taking his gun from his gun holster, afraid that the cop might shoot; James dived for the cop sending them both to the ground

“SHIT!” The other cop cursed as he saw the man they were chasing to advance and took the red headed child from where she was standing. He stopped and faced his chaser

“You’re not going to shoot me with this kid are you?” He said grinning and then he looked at James who was still sprawled on top of the cop on the ground, “Sorry dad, but you ain’t getting this child, I do need her to escape.” He said, making a salute to James before running away

“NO!!! KIMMIE-CUB!!!” James shouted

That’s when Anne arrived at the scene


A mile away from the park, the running man stopped and brought down the crying child on the ground, he took in air and was panting hard then he looked at the scared child who haven’t stop crying since the time he took her

“Look kid,” he said panting, “Sorry if I brought you into this…but there is no way I can take you with me as it’ll be more dangerous to where I’m going.”

“Mama, Dada!” The toddler called out

“Here…” He put the child on the ground, hidden by a large tree trunk, “You stay here okay, your mama and dada will look for you, and if you stay here, they will find you okay?”

“Mama! Dada!”

“I know!” The man straightened himself, “Sorry kid.” He said before he tapped the girl’s head, turned around then left the child

“Mama! Dada!”


“He can’t be that far!” Anne screamed, she was crying as they helped the police and the security guards to look for the man…or Kim, hoping that the kidnapper has a heart and left their child somewhere for them to find

“We will keep on looking honey!” James said, he was sad and looked guilty, “I’m sorry it was my fault…”

“No…” Anne said, “It wasn’t your fault, it was that man’s fault!” Anne said angrily

“Please Anne, rest and we’ll keep on looking.” James said

“No…I will not sit here while my Kimmie is probably out there lost and scared…or could have been taken as a hostage…”

“Ma’am…” One of the police officers said, “If that man has the intention to hold your daughter hostage, they will call to demand for ransom.”

James and Anne looked at each other, “Will we wait for them to call us? What if…”

“We will look…and if we can’t find her, we then have to wait for them to call us.”


“Anne…please?” James begged and Anne acquiesced


A little raven haired girl of about 7 was happily walking on the road. She was able to steal some donut on a donut stand without being caught and this made her happy. She was now on her way home to give her father her earnings for today when she heard whimpering somewhere near her.

She scrunched her forehead as she decides to follow the sound, and a little later, she found a red headed toddler sitting on the ground, hidden by a large tree trunk. Her eyes widened as she saw the most beautiful toddler she’d ever seen. Not that she’s not beautiful, but this girl has a hair that was like the rays of the sun, very much different from her long, wavy, black hair. And her skin was healthy pink unlike her pale skin.

“Hey!” The raven haired girl called out causing the toddler to look at her

“Mama? Dada?”

“Oh!” The older girl smiled, “Hi I’m Shego!” she said reaching her hand out to the toddler

“Want Mama! Dada!”

“So you got lost and want to look for your Mama and Dada?” Shego asked and the toddler nodded, “I’ll help you!”

The toddler’s eyes twinkled

“But you have to tell me your name first!”

“Ki…”the toddler said, the m muffled by her hiccupped

“So Kid? Your name is Kid?” the toddler nodded not knowing that Kid and Kim are two different name, “Okay, odd but still it’s a name!” Shego said smiling, “I live here and I know most of the places here, do you know where you live?”

The toddler nodded her head

“Okay! Come on, we have to find your house before it gets dark. It’s dangerous to walk around at the dark, we might see monsters.”

“NO MONSTERS!” Kim shouted

“Yeah!” Shego took the toddler’s hand in hers and they started walking out of the place to look for Kim’s house…which was actually at Middleton.


“We’ve gone far, do you think…” James said panting. He and the security guard who volunteered to help him look for his daughter stopped under the shade of a large truncated tree. The place where Kim was…a little while ago.

“We’ve gone I think about a mile sir, and I don’t think we could find your daughter maybe that bastard knows about you and was planning this kidnapping.” The guard said

James shook his head, “I’m not from here.”

The guard smiled, “Most of the one robbed in this city are foreigners sir.”

James glared at him

“I say we should start looking sir before it gets dark. It’s hard to find your daughter at night.”

“Good thinking…”


Shego smiled when she heard the toddler’s stomach growled, “You’re hungry?” The toddler nodded. Shego looked around and then looked at the toddler, “Do you really know where your house is? Because I’m already tired, we have walked a lot and it seems that you don’t know what we are looking for.”

The toddler started crying

“Okay! Stop crying, you stay here while I get you some food okay?” The toddler stopped and nodded her head, “Don’t go understand?” Kim nodded again

Shego look right and left before she entered a bakery. She waited until she could sneak in, when done, she took a yummy looking bread and waited again for her to escape. Once the coast was clear, the older girl ran as fast as her small legs could until she reached the place where she left the red headed toddler, whose eyes twinkled upon the sight of the bread.

“Here!” Shego handed the toddler the bread and the little girl happily ate it. The raven haired girl just watched the red head eat, a smile on her lips, “You know it’s getting dark, why don’t you come home with me?”


“Yeah! You can stay with me and my dad.”

“Want Mama and Dada!” The toddler replied, her mouth still full with bread

“We’ll look for them…but you need a place to stay.”

The toddler nodded


“It’s been three days, and the kidnapper hasn’t called us yet!” Anne said in her most desperate tone

“It’s only three days honey…”

“No, we need to…” Anne’s tirade was interrupted by the phone ringing, “It must be him!”

James nodded and answered the phone, “Possible…”

Mr. Dr. Possible?” A man’s voice greeted James


Anne was looking at her husband

This is PO1 Gray from Lowerton Police Department,” The information caught James’s attention

“Yes officer is there any word about…”

We got the man who took your daughter in our custody and…”

“Me and my wife will be there.” James hanged up the phone and looked at his wife smiling, “That was a police officer from Lowerton, he said they have the man who got our Kimmie-cub in their custody.”

“Oh my God!” Anne cried out, “We have to see him James…”

“That we have, we’re using the copter at the science center honey, so come on!” James said excitedly


The following scream was deafening after Anne heard the man confessed. James never saw his wife this angry before, the woman was hysterical and she started attacking the man, clawing him on his face. If not for the two officers who accompanied them at the visiting room of the prison, the man’s face would have been full of scratches and bleeding.

“You took my daughter away!” Anne screamed, “You left her and now she’s lost! I’m going to kill you!!!”

“ANNE!” James yelled at his wife

“Sir, please take her out of the room…”

“I…I’m so sorry…” The man who took their daughter whispered

“SORRY! Give me back my baby!” Anne screamed while she fought the men who are taking her away from the man she wanted to kill

The sole police officer that was left just watched as the others brought the raging woman out, then he shifted his gaze to the man and shook his head, “I better take you to the infirmary.” He said before escorting the man out of the room

-End chapter 2-

The challenge has got to do with Kidnapping, but when I was posting my reply to that thread, I was so focus on the title Missing Kim I tried very hard to incorporate at least a small part where there’s kidnapping (Well…actually it’s not even kidnapping, it’s a hostage sort of drama…hehehehe)

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