Story: KP: Down Under (chapter 1)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Do not own Kim Possible…really…I don’t!

Summary: Kim Possible is adopted! Written as an answer to a challenge at kpslashhaven forum. KIGO in AU-verse.

A/N: Nightelemental posted a challenge at the kpslashhaven forum entitled Missing Kim Found and this story was conceived…

I’m supposed to be doing another update for WDW but the plot bunny won’t leave my head, so what’s the best way to chase away this plot bunny? Put it into writing! So there it is. I’m not sending this story to my beta so once again expect tons of grammatical error and I am rating this T for adult language.

Jeez…the image of ‘The Rescuers’ suddenly clicked in my head so I’m using the song there sung by Penny “Someone’s waiting for you.” So I do not own that song okay?

KP: Down Under

Chapter 1: Prologue

The two little girls were sitting in front of an old television. The bigger one was hugging the smaller girl in her arms while the smaller girl cries her heart out.

Be brave little one make a wish for each sad little tear, hold your head up though no one is near someone's waiting for you

The older girl looked down at the sobbing girl in her arms and started caressing the little girl’s hair and wiping off the girl’s tears

Don't cry little one there'll be a smile where a frown used to be, you'll be part of a love that you see someone's waiting for you

“We’ll get out of here Kid…I’m sure of it so stop crying.” The older one said

“I’m not crying about that, but I’m crying because Penny is so sad look!” The little girl replied and points at the girl at the television

“Yeah…she is…” just like you, you’re still small and yet you’re always the brave one

“I’m not going to be like her, I won’t be sad because I have you.” The little girl said smiling at the older girl after wiping her tears from her eyes

The older girl smiled and mussed the little girl’s hair, “I’ll take care of you…promise.”

The little girl smiled and nodded her head

Always keep a little pray'r in your pocket and you're sure to see the light soon, there'll be joy and happiness and your little world will be bright. Have faith little one 'til your hopes and your wishes come true, you must try to be brave little one someone's waiting to love you.


Anne Possible entered their home feeling tired. She was almost dragging her feet when her husband saw her from their living room.

“No luck?”

Anne Possible sighed deeply before she sat beside her husband, “It’s been three years James and I’m already losing hope.” She said before she leaned her head on her husband’s shoulder

James on the other hand puts an arm around his wife’s shoulder, “No, don’t lose hope Anne, I know deep inside my heart that we will find Kimmie-cub.”


“I’m afraid James…”

“Afraid of what?”

“I’m afraid that there will come a time that I will forget about our Kimmie-cub, even the way she looks…”

“No Anne…” James held his wife’s hand, “We will never forget.” He assured his wife before he leaned in and kissed Anne’s forehead


6 months later…

Anne Possible was inside the nursery room that was used to be their daughter’s. Anne was looking at the crib they didn’t disposed, as they don’t have the heart to do so. One hand was caressing her still flat, yet pregnant abdomen. “I can’t and must not forget you Kimmie. I’ll do everything to not forget…I promise…”


A year and a half later

Anne was in her office doing some paper works when the phone rang. She answered the phone without stopping her work, “Dr. Anne Possible here?”

Mrs. Dr. Anne Possible? This is Sister Anna from St. Paul Orphanage…”

Anne stopped whatever it was she’s doing as the nun caught her attention. Two months after she gave birth to the twin, she and James decided to adopt a girl that would remind them of their lost daughter. Unlike before, the good doctor was now happy but deep inside her, there’s still this hole that was created by the lost of their Kimmie-cub…hence, the plan of adoption.

“Oh yes I remember. How may I help you?”

I believe you and your husband came here because you were interested in adopting a child?” The nun asked

“Yes we are, but we left a description of…”

Yes you did and that’s why I called. There were four red headed children of around 6-7 years old who came here. One male and three females. I believe you were interested in adopting female red heads?”

Anne’s eyes twinkled, “Yes!”

So…will you come to the orphanage to look at the children?”

“Oh I’ll call my husband and we could go there to look at them.” Anne was ecstatic, she stood up and arranged the papers on her table, “Will that be all Sister Anna?”

Yes, we shall be waiting for you and your husband then?”

“Yes we’ll be there.”

They hung up the phone simultaneously then Anne dialed James’s office number, “James?”


St. Paul Orphanage

Anne and James along with Sister Anna entered the orphanage’s library, and there they saw three red headed girls. Two of the girls were playing happily with each other, and the smallest of the three was sitting alone in a corner. Her face was hidden by her knees. Her arms were wounded around her legs and her body was swaying as the little girl kept on humming the tune of ‘Someone’s waiting for you’.

The couple noticed that two of the girls have green eyes and one has blue, just like Anne, but it was the smallest child who caught Anne’s attention.

“Why is she alone?” Anne asked the nun beside her

“We really have no idea. She rarely plays or interacts with the children here since she came here two weeks ago. She rarely talks too.” Sister Anna Explained

The doctor looked at the child, alone, humming a tune…probably scared. Then there was this sudden ache in her chest, an ache she has already forgotten… could my Kimmie-cub be like this now? Is she well? Eating right…playing…alive? The thought sent shivers down her spine. “Can I…” she said then shifted her attention to the nun who nodded at her

The red headed doctor walked slowly towards the child who look up and flinched, what could have happened to her…her eyes…they are so scared…

“Hi…” Anne greeted, “I’m Anne,” she introduced herself, showing the child her sweetest smile, “Can I sit here beside you?”

The child did not say anything but she just nodded her head


“That was a nice song.” Anne said. She placed her hand on her lap as she looked at the girl who was looking at her. Anne sighed and smiled warmly, “Come on, I’m not here to hurt you. Do you know how to speak?” she asked

The child nodded her head

“That’s good, then isn’t it just right that you tell me your name since I tell you mine?” No answer, “Do you have a tongue like mine?” Anne said showing the girl her tongue. The action caused the little girl to laugh soundlessly, “Oh, since you’re laughing, that means that we are friends right?”

The child nodded again, this time with a smile on her face

“Then as a friend I should know your name.” The child nodded, “Okay, let’s start all over again, Hi, I’m Anne and you’re…”

“Kid…” The child whispered

“Kid…it’s not a name…”

The red headed child just shrugged her shoulders

-End chapter 1-

Yeah-yeah-yeah, working on the next chapters.

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