Story: Stupid Cupid (chapter 9)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 9



Chapter 9

Emerald colored eyes opened and find herself inside her room, on her bed once again. Shego looked around to see who was with her and smiled to see Kim busy reading on something in her computer. “Princess,” she called out causing the red head to look back and smile.

“Shego,” The red head called out. Kim Possible stood up and stepped closer to the green skinned woman, sat down at the side of the bed and leaned forward to engulf the older woman in a hug. “I’m glad you’re awake.”

Shego pushed the younger woman lightly away from her and frowned, “Is there any word from your parents?” she asked.

The heroine sighed before speaking, “Nothing much, my mom came here and was I glad we weren’t caught doing what we’ve just done!.” Kim said grinning and stroking Shego’s raven hair and tucking them on the older woman’s ears, “My mom wants to know if you have seizure disorder,”

The older woman shook her head no, “I don’t have any disease princess, I have not been sick since I was hit by that meteorite, well except for that time when I got this nasty cold from you.” Shego said then smiled to let the red head know she was teasing. “And it’s not as if we were doing something they don’t do.”

Kim nodded, “We were making out, let’s not give my mother a reason to faint okay?” She smiled at the lying woman and leaned once more to place a kiss on Shego’s forehead. “She wants to do some EEG test on you three.”


“Only the three of us were affected? How about the Wegos?” Shego asked with concern.

“Wade said the twins weren’t affected but my mom wanted to do a test on them too. She wanted to be sure that what happened was not some late effect of those meteorites that hits you.”

Shego nodded in agreement. The older woman was stroking the red head’s forearm as the two contemplated on what happened earlier when the door opened and Ron’s face appeared.

“Hey Ron,” Kim greeted the blonde man after seeing him

“Hey,” Ron returned the greeting and slowly went in, “Wade wants me to tell you that you have to log on to your website, ASAP.” He said smiling

The two women looked at each other, Shego nodded and released her hold on Kim while the red head stood up and went to the still open computer. Shego tried to stand up but she was halted by Ron who got to her fast.

“I believe Mrs. Dr. Possible said that you should have complete bed rest for the whole day today.” He said smiling.

Shego frowned and glared at Ron, “Don’t start buffoon,”

Kim who heard the exchanged looked at her lover and raised a brow at her, “Doctor’s order Shego.” She said in a warning tone.


“And no cursing please and thank you!” Kim said smiling then returning her attention to the logging computer. Her eyes were scanning the computer, “Where is Wade? Why does he have to ask you to come?” she asked Ron.

“Said he’s seeing someone…important,” Ron replied.

The red head nodded and start surfing when her website appeared on the screen, “So what am I looking here?” she asked no one.

“How about that one princess…” Kim was startled to hear her lover’s voice at her back and seeing one pale hand pointing on a recently added blog. She hurriedly turned her head around to see Shego standing behind her and below her was Ron who was silently flailing his arms, asking for help as Shego stepped on his back. Ron’s mouth was gagged.

“Shego let him go!” Kim said

“Well…I told him to not start babying me!” Shego said defensively but she freed the blonde man and removed the gag from his mouth.

“ACK!” Cough-cough-cough, “That was not needed Shego!” He said whining.

“You should just stay back and let me do what I want.” The green skinned female said grinning.

“That hurts!” Ron said pouting which was mirrored by his pet mole rat, safely tucked in his pant pocket.

“Hurts…” Rufus squeaked.

“Okay enough,” Kim said then glared at Shego.

“What?” Shego asked faking innocence.

“Get a chair for you to sit on, don’t want you falling on the ground…again.” Kim shook her head then returned her focus on the screen, clicking the recent post.

Kim Possible,

I know this is not usual for a great man like me to write your website, but I’m quite desperate at the moment. In my previous work as a masked wrestler, I am known to be Anton Marciano, I have to admit that I wasn’t famous back then which led me to my profession at the present. I am now the greatest villain the earth have ever produced and changed my working name to Professor Demenz Dementor…

“Professor Dementor?” Kim and Shego asked simultaneously and eyed each other. Ron who was at the back of the two women gasped in surprise.

“Finish it KP!”

To continue, in my past I have been acquainted to one Margie Clein, a beautiful woman but sad to say have a very dark heart. She used me to get the man she wanted…and after several years, she came back to me and once again used me. I wrote this letter to you to inform you of Margie Clein’s plan. She stole my time machine and went back to the past to kill a woman. I’m not sure how it’s going to kill Shego but that’s what she said. If you want to know more, help me get out of here hospital without alerting GJ and I shall recompense by showing you where she went.

The greatest Evil Villain of all,

Professor Dementor


“There are two women who wanted you dead?” Ron asked Shego.

There was no reply.

“Margie Clein…Clein…Clein…” Shego chant repeatedly, “That name sounds familiar…”

The sudden opening of the door interrupted Shego’s thoughts. Three sets of eyes tracked the intruder and the three gasped in relief to see Hego and Mego walking in.

“How are you sis?” Mego asked

Shego smiled and shook her head, “Doing great, how about you two?” she returned the question.

“Been doing great,” Hego answered this time. “We heard from Mr. Load about our seizure incident at the cemetery, I’m a bit confused.” The big man said.

“You’re always confuse,” Mego teased then shifted his attention to Shego, “I caught you chanting a name, what was it again?”

Shego instead of answering beckoned the two men to step closer then pointed at the computer screen. Mego and Hego did and their eyes widened at the letter that was being displayed from it.

“Holy macabre,” Hego exclaimed, “So mother is trying to kill you now? And how in the world is she going to do that by going back in time?” he asked bewildered.

“Mother?” Kim and Ron asked.

“Yeah, Margie Clein. Our mother’s maiden name was Marguerite Clein. Our grandparents call her Margie, and that Anton Marciano was supposed to be the Wego’s father.” Mego replied and then slapped Hego at his arm, “She’s probably going back to kill a young Shego!”

“Dr. Dementor, the Wego’s father?” Ron asked mouth agape.

“Well if what that letter is saying is true, then he is. Uncle William learned that a man named Anton Marciano fathered the Wegos. I think it was why Uncle changed his will or…maybe Uncle planned that will to be like that from the start.” Hego.

Kim was frowning as the exchange takes place, kill young Shego…but if Shego was still living with her father at a young age, isn’t she guarded? S this what Professor Dementor was saying? “We need to see Dr. Dementor.” Kim said interrupting Hego and Mego from answering questions.

“Where is he?” Ron

“If he was here, then he could be only in one hospital…Go Medical.” Mego said, “What are you planning? Are you not calling GJ on him?”

Kim grinned, “Why would I?”

“I don’t like the way you’re smiling KP,” Ron said looking afraid of his BFF.

“I don’t have to call on GJ, we have Team Go.” She said before standing and moving out from her place, “I don’t like the feel this news gives me Shego, we should see him immediately.”

“Isn’t Wade there?” Shego asked as she followed her girlfriend who starts moving out of the room.

“Wade could be anywhere, but I think he’s not going to see Dementor especially if he asked something like this. He probably found something more important and is heading there.” Kim replied.

“Yeah-yeah!” Rufus chirped.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s see that Dr. Dementor and stop this insanity once and for all!” Hego huffed his chest before following his siblings and Team Possible.

Mego and Shego just shook their heads.



Dr. Drakken,” Wade Load called out the two geniuses that were dining out on the patio

Oh hello there Mr. Load,” DNAmy greeted, “Would you like to join us?”

Wade shook his head, “Actually I want to talk with Dr. D,” he said and earned a curious look from the blue skinned ex-megalomaniac.

You can tell anything to me Wade with Amy here. I don’t have secrets from her.” Drakken said before eyeing DNAmy sweetly.

Argh!” Wade squinted his eyes, “Ah okay Dr. D, it’s…actually it’s about Dr. Dementor.”

Drakken’s attention was taken by the mention of his enemy’s name, “What about that midget?” he asked angrily.

He sent a note to Kim, I think he made a time machine.” Wade explained

Him? Make a time machine? He can’t even make a decent vortex!” Drakken seethed.

Well it seemed he was able to, he made Mrs. Goodwill use it to time travel and kill Shego.”

Dr. Drakken and DNAmy gasped in surprise, “That woman will not hurt Shego, I am not going to allow her to hurt anyone from my family!” Dr. Drakken said, venom in his voice.

I was able to find something about a shooting accident yesterday, and it coincided with Shego, Hego and Mego’s sudden seizure.” Wade said contemplatively, “I was thinking, if Shego’s mother…”

She’s not Shego’s mother isn’t it?” DNAmy asked interrupting Wade.

Ah yes, So If Mrs. Goodwill’s plan was to kill Shego in the past, then that thing that happened yesterday could very much be a result of her going back in time.”

So that evil witch could have gotten her hands on small Shego?” Drakken asked,

Probably, but Dr. Dementor knows something we don’t and he’s willing to trade with Kim.”

Are you going to ask him?” DNAmy

No, I’ll let Kim handle that; we are going to see that house where the shooting incident happened. I got a strong feeling that it was Dementor who got shot and that it was Mrs. Goodwill who did the shooting.”

Huh?” The other geniuses silently asked,

He was asking Kim to get him out of the hospital without alerting GJ in return he’ll spill everything he knew.” Wade said

DNAmy looked at Wade, “By the way, I think I heard you say We instead of I?”

Wade smiled, “Yes, three heads are better than one isn’t it?”

DNAmy and Drakken looked at each other and smiled, “We’re in.”

(End Flashback)

“I can’t believe he got his hands on this thing first!” Dr. Drakken whined as he, DNAmy and Wade entered the previously dark room. The three geniuses were now looking at a large machine that seemed to be made with cheap materials.

“Whoa!” Wade exclaimed as he circled the said scrap of metals. “Is this the Hartdegen’s Time Machine? So this existed and is not just a myth?” Wade asked loudly. His eyes shone with delight.

The fat geneticist sighed, “I don’t have any interest in Time Machine!” She complained but looked around to see if there is something she’ll be interested with.

Dr. Drakken looked at Amy, “Not interested? Aren’t you interested in going back in time and get samples of the animals that are now extinct?” He asked and that brightened the geneticist’s eyes.

“Oh!” DNAmy.

“Oi Dr. D, don’t give Dr. Amy the wrong idea. We are here to see what Dr. Dementor did, and it seemed it has something to do with this machine.”


“Dr. D?” Wade called out.

“I was wondering Wade…” He looked at the still small genius, “If what you were thinking is right, that Dementor have Mrs. Goodwill use this machine to travel through time, then why is this here? Isn’t this machine supposed to go with Mrs. Good will to wherever she went?”

Wade looked at the blue skinned genius, “You’re right,” Wade become silent as he thinks of some explanation, “This is Dr. Dementor, maybe he tinkered on this machine and made some modifications.”

The two male geniuses’ eyes brightened.

“Amy, look for something like a blue print around! Perhaps the machine’s original plan was here and that Dementor made his own!” Dr. Drakken said excitedly.

“Uh…Like this Drewbie?” DNAmy asked showing Dr. Drakken and Wade a well worn, browned roll of paper.

“Let me see that!” Wade said running closer to DNAmy and snatching the paper roll. He found a long table, pushed away all the clatters on it and spread the paper. “This is a work of a genius! This is the original plan Dr. D!” Wade said excitedly.

“Then we have to find the blue print made by Dementor to see what alterations he made of this machine!” the blue skinned doctor said. Wade nodded and the trio started looking for the second blue print in the room.


Kim Possible was sitting on the chair in front of the small man’s bed. Dr. Dementor had his abdomen bandaged and he was having some difficulty in sitting straight.

“You are alone? You didn’t bring Shego with you?” Dr. Dementor asked in his usual accented English.

“I’m letting her rest. Something happened to her yesterday…”

Dementor smiled, “She almost blinked into oblivion?” he asked proudly.

Kim frowned and looked evilly at the small man, “It seemed you do know what happened.”

“I told you in the letter. Margie is going to kill her in the past…perhaps before she got her meteor power.” Dementor said, his proud demeanor dropping.

“You already said that, but you said that there is still something I need to know that’s why you asked me to come here.” Kim asked seriously.

Dementor closed his eyes then opened them again, “What is my assurance that you’re not sending me to GJ or that GJ agents were outside right now waiting for your signal?”

“Dr. Dementor if I wanted GJ there, they will be here already and no matter what you do, you will be talking and telling me what I wanted to know. Since none of them were here then I fulfilled my end of the bargain. Now speak.”


Kim took her communicator from her pocket and act like she was opening it,

“Okay!” Dementor shouted and winced, “What puzzles me was that Margie went way-way back in time, I believe Shego wasn’t even been conceived that time.”

Kim frowned, what the hell is Mrs. Goodwill thinking…Shego not yet alive? “Do you know the exact date she went to?”

“Of course, I was the one who configured the time machine.” Dementor said a little bit annoyed.


“The year was 1975,” Dementor said.

“How could we go there?” Kim asked.

“You can’t. I redesigned the time machine to only accommodate one person back and forth.” He smiled, “But I could redesign it so that it could allow more?” he asked hopefully.

Kim became silent as she contemplates on this but her musing was interrupted by her communicator beeping, “Go Wade? What’s the sitch?”

The Afro-American boy’s face appeared, “You with Dr. Dementor?”

“Yes why?”

We found the time machine and the original blue print but it seemed he tinkered on it and we can’t find his blue print nor can we find the second time machine.” Wade said.

Dr. Dementor grimaced when he heard the exchange. He looked at The red head who was looking at him questioning him silently, “Margie burned my blue print and of course she has the portable time machine, how do you think she’ll get back here if she don’t have it!” he shouted.

Kim smiled, “You heard that Wade?” Kim become serious, “We need to meet, I think Mrs. Goodwill is not planning on killing Shego perse.” Kim said.

What do you mean?”

“Mrs. Goodwill traveled way back, in the year 1975.”


“Shego was born in 1982 Wade.”


“She’s preventing someone from meeting someone and she’s probably going to kill…”

Shego’s real mother!” Wade blurted out. “Okay…if the second blue print doesn’t exist anymore, then Dr. D and I have lots of thing to do.”

“Okay, please and thank you Wade.” Kim said before disconnecting. She then looked at Dr. Dementor. “Thank you for your help Dr. Dementor.” She said before standing up,

“How about me?” Dr. Dementor asked,

“I didn’t call on GJ, but you have other guests outside.”


Kim turned her back on the villain, walked out of the room and soon three entities went in.

“Shego?” Dr. Dementor asked nervously

“Hello Dr. Dementor, I’m not back with Team Go and this isn’t Team Go’s official come back yet. But you’re their test project!” Shego said grinning then looking back at Hego and Mego who like Shego were wearing their Team Go uniform.

“Let’s Go team!” Hego said loudly and the three stepped closer to the still lying villain.


“Do we look like GJ to you?” Mego asked angrily, “Shut up and let us do our work!”


“Shut up!” Shego shouted and punched the small man’s face. “Isn’t he agreeable now?”

“You don’t have to punch him that hard Shego,” Mego said then smiled, “But yeah, I like him more like this.” He too smiled.

“Come on team, let’s bring him to our special villain prison, I think we have lots of things to talk about.” Hego said seriously. The other two Go’s nodded their agreement.

-End Chapter 9-

Next: Kim and Shego time travels…but wait, it wasn’t only her and Shego but the whole gang?

A/N: The time machine was from the movie The Time Machine and I named it that because the creator was supposed to be Alexander Hartdegen.

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