Story: Stupid Cupid (chapter 8)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 8



Chapter 8

It was a dark night, not even the moon was in sight. She was traversing the asphalt-covered road to a place she knew so well. A place where she used to live, place where she grew up and the place she hated the most. This stinking place doesn’t befit someone like me! She thought as she finally stopped walking. After hours of looking for this place, trying to remember, finally here she was to start her own plan…

She knocked at the door and not a minute longer, she heard it being opened. The woman behind the door who she recognized well looked at her with wide eyes before turning her head around to look for someone she know who, “How the hell…”

She smiled at the stunned woman, “Hello mother!”

“You’re not my Margie…” the old woman looked down at the gun pointed at her

“No…I’m not your Margie anymore mother and she won’t be either.” She said grinning before pulling the trigger



Those were the sounds of the old woman’s family calling out in fear. She grinned as she entered the small house and eyed the man covering the younger woman. His eyes widened at who he saw, “Margie…”

Her grin was replaced by an evil smirk she didn’t know she has, “Hello Father…”

At the sound of her voice, the woman behind the stout man peeked and her eyes widened as well, “You…you are…”

“You?” Marguerite said grinning then she raised the gun she used to kill her mother and points it at the man in between them, “Had pleased yourself using me father? Did I make you hard? Do I feel good?”

“Margie…wait…you’re not…”

“And who am I? Have you told anyone how you disgustingly raped your own daughter when mother couldn’t satisfy you? Have you and mother talked about it to others?”

The man’s eyes widened more, “You can’t be…”

“I came here for her and I have no need of you.” Marguerite said looking at the woman behind who was at the same age as hers…at the moment

“I…please I might be of help…”

Marguerite released a maniacal laugh, “You? Help me? And you think I’ll let you? Sorry father but I should have done this a long time ago and perhaps I could have gotten a good life! Good bye father…” she said



The body of a dead man fell, four bullets piercing four locations of his body while blood bathed the ground

Marguerite Clein Goodwill threw a handcuffed on the other woman, “You must live or I will not exist so you have to use that handcuffed on you to make sure you won’t get out of this house!”


“NO buts.” She smiled at her mirror image, “You wouldn’t like it if I am to use that on you.” She smiled and walked closer to the woman, “But while I’m still here…you could start making us something to eat,” Her smile was warm this time “Then help me clean this place up.”

The trembling young Marguerite can’t do anything but nod her head and obey

“Make sure no one will see us both.” The older Marguerite said to the younger one and was answered by a nod of head.


“How long has it been since Mother went missing on us?” Mego asked Hego

“Five days and from the way everything turned out, I don’t think Mother’s planning on anything good.” Hego said, “And it has been two days since we buried Uncle William and Alfred.” He bowed down his head to focus his eyes on the two tombstones in front of them

“I feel so sad for Shay.” Mego said shaking his head

“Yeah, I can’t believe this happened to her and all of it was because of Mother.” Hego, “I would love to have Adelaide inside prison for what she’d done but she agreed to be a witness against mother, the problem now would be where she is?”

Their discussion was halted by Shego, Kim and Wade coming

“Hey guys.” Kim greeted which was returned by the two

“Mr. Stoppable and your other companies are not with you?”

Shego was not paying attention as she put a bouquet of flowers on both tombstone and stood there just looking

“We left them at the mansion; they said they have something important to do.” Kim replied

“Oh, I came with them because I have to talk to you two about your mother.” Wade interrupted

“Go on,” Mego and Hego replied

“We have a strong case against her, with Adelaide’s confession, her sister’s account about her kidnapping, and the close involvement of the two people murdered; we were like talking life imprisonment here with no parole.” He said, “Counsel Woods will be representing Shego but we still have no one to represent your mother.” He added

Kim and Wade could hear Mego and Hego sigh, “That won’t be a problem. At the moment our problem is where to find our mother. She just went MIA on us suddenly.”

Wade smiled, “I know she’ll do that disappearing act, all criminals do that plus this is a case of parricide that alone will aggravate her action.”

“We know that, but mother don’t do the ‘hiding’ thing, she used money to erase everything she did, we know…these last two were too much but she won’t just disappear if she wasn’t planning anything bad!” Hego explained which was seconded by Mego nodding his head in agreement


“What else could she want?” Shego asked, “She has killed dad, Alfred…what else?”

Mego looked back at Shego, “She’s not the heir to Uncle’s fortune.”

Shego shook her head, “She could just come to me, and I’ll gladly give her all of it. Princess and I don’t need them, we could survive on our own and I did have some money from stocks I bought before. If it was just money, she should have just told me and leave dad and Alfred alone.”


“Marguerite hates Shego doesn’t she?” Kim asked

At this Mego and Hego looked at each other

“Oh yeah she does.”

The two super heroes nodded their heads; Shego didn’t give out any emotion while Wade winced

“So why?” Kim asked again

“Well…” Hego was about to start his explanation when he, Mego and Shego suddenly curled up and fell to the ground

“SHEGO!” Kim ran to her to check on her

“AHHRRGGG!” the three super heroes were convulsing and screaming in pain

“GOD! Shego…what’s happening!” Kim yelled and looked at Wade who was checking the other two. Shego’s head was now on her lap, “Wade, call mom please!”

“KIMMIIIEEE!” Shego called out as she clutched a hand on Kim’s wrist, “KI-KIIIMMMM…”

Wade was already using his communicator to contact Dr. Anne Possible when his eyes widened at what happened to the three

“HEGO! MEGO!” he shouted


The three super heroes suddenly disappeared before their eyes and after about 5 seconds re appeared, though this time they were unconscious and they were like blinking lights

“Wade…what is happening?”

Wade’s brain jumpstarts at Kim’s question and dialed the red headed doctor’s number, he answered when there was an answer, “Mrs. Dr. Possible! Something happened to Shego, Mego and Hego, please help us!” Wade looked at the three unconscious forms and was relieved to see the blinking stopped. “Yes Mrs. Dr. Possible, we’ll wait for you and will you please bring something to carry them back home?”

Kim was watching Wade while she gathers Shego in her arms.

“Yes…bye.” Wade disconnected, “They’re coming…”


“What the hell just happened?” Wade asked

“I don’t like the feel of this Wade.” Kim said worriedly

“So do I Kim, so do I.” he confirmed

5 minutes later, the Goodwill’s copter came, three stretchers were brought down along with Anne Possible, after checking for vitals and seeing nothing that warrants hospital admission, the red headed doctor asked the men to bring the unconscious three to the mansion for further observation.

Kim Possible requested her mother to ride the copter alongside Shego and the doctor agreed. Her, Wade and one of the men with them to ride the car back to the mansion.


The dilapidated door to the small house opened and one pair of brown eyes focused on the woman who entered before closing and locking the said door. The newly arrived woman stepped closer to the handcuffed one, took out the key and unlocked it, “Don’t be too sad, I’m doing this for your own good.” Marguerite said smirking, “Finally made my first contact to my target.” She said before going to the lone bed in the house, “I bought you some food.”

The supposed younger Marguerite who Marguerite calls Margie to make a distinction looked at the brown bag filled with good smelling food…something she haven’t tasted for like ever. She tentatively reached out for it with a trembling hands and was stopped by the older Marguerite

“I do look good when I was young…never really thought of it until now.” She said smiling

“I…” Margie stuttered, “I don’t…”

Marguerite stood up and put the bag in Margie’s grip, “Why the hell do you think our good for nothing father abused us if not?”


“See?” Marguerite said then snickered, “Be glad I got rid of them for you…before they could sell you to the first rich man to come to them!”

“It is still wrong to kill…” The following slap made the younger one reeled back

“You think what I did was wrong? And what he did to you was right?” Marguerite angrily said, “You have no idea what life will bring you! You have no idea how it was to love a man who doesn’t even want to look at you anymore just because you are you! You have no idea how to be used again and again!” she yelled, “It was the best thing for you, to rid yourself of your mother and father!” she said before returning to the bed, “Now eat!” she commanded

The young Margie nodded her head, tears falling down her face as she started eating her food while the older one watched. Margie’s crying fit stopped as she delved with her food, finally enjoying herself as she takes in everything that is served before her. She stopped eating when she felt lips on her neck

“Be a good girl, just do what I tell you and we’ll both get what we want. We could get out of this hell hole.” Marguerite whispered after placing soft kisses on the younger woman’s neck

“You…you kissed me…I…I am you…”

“Not for now, we are two different people at the moment but soon, we’ll have the same goals, the same feelings and then that’s when we will be one.” Marguerite said, “There’s a young man named William, I want you to meet him and seduced him…”

Margie’s eyes widened even more, “NO!”

Margie’s face was turned hard to look at Marguerite, “You will!”

“I’m not going to do your thing! Handcuffed me and just imprison me here but I won’t do hrmmfff!” Margie’s tirade was halted when Marguerite’s stronger form shoved the younger one on the wall and her lips were caught in a hard, torrid kiss. The older Marguerite forcefully invading the younger one’s mouth with her tongue while the younger one tried hard to push the older woman out

“You will be me…” she said looking at her own self with lust before tearing the younger woman’s clothes off of her, “If I have to make you realize how pathetic you are…I will!” Marguerite said before forcefully removing Margie’s last piece of clothing and shoving two fingers hard inside the younger one

“NOOO!” Margie cried out but the older Marguerite was stronger as she thrust inside the younger one harder, faster…not stopping until the other broke down.


The mansion was quiet; at the living room were the guests, Jim, Tim, Bonnie, Monique, Tara, Ron and Rufus trying hard to not get themselves involve at the chaos that has happened earlier. Shego and Kim on the other hand were in the green skinned woman’s room, while Mr. and Mrs. Dr. James and Anne Possible, Wade, Dr. Drakken and DNAmy were on the mansion’s receiving room discussing. The WEGO’s were at their brothers room watching their brothers for incase there’s a repeat of what happened at the cemetery.

“I’m not sure if I could get a satellite video of what transpired earlier Mrs. Dr. Possible.” Wade replied when the red headed doctor asked if he was able to get a video feed of what happened, “But I tell you, it was freaky alright.” He added

“My physical examinations on the three were unremarkable, so I don’t think what happened to them was a seizure unless I could bring them to the hospital for an EEG to know. The question now is, do they have any history of seizure in the past or could this have something to do with their powers?”

Dr. Drakken frowned, “I’ve been with Shego since her start of villainy and I don’t recall her being sick, not to count the one where Kim Possible gave her a nasty cold and that’s it. I did get a baseline medical record of Shego for their health benefits and even had Amy here checked on her mutant power.” The blue skinned man looked at the woman beside him

“My analysis on Shego’s power was stable. The effect of the meteor sipped in deep into her DNA and I don’t think it could be change or could change unless another engineering on her DNA is done.” Amy answered

“So what’s left for us to do is keep watch just in case it happens again?” James asked

Every one nodded except for the red headed doctor, “I should have brought them to the hospital…but if I would be given the opportunity, I would love to bring them at Middleton for observation. I know everyone there and I could easily tap their services without catching anyone’s suspicion…plus the anonymity could be…”

Wade smiled, “I think that would be the best too. All my gadgets are at Middleton , so in case we are dealing with something not medical, I could easily have access on them, plus Global Justice’s main office is there too…we could always tap on their resources if ever.”

The others nodded with Wade’s reasoning

“So all we really need to do is wait for Shego, Hego and Mego to wake up so we could tell them our idea?” James Possible asked


Kim was sitting beside Shego’s bed. One hand was holding on to the green skinned woman’s hand while the other plays with the woman’s silky raven hair.

“I feel like hell.” Kim’s attention was caught by the hoarse voice of the woman lying on the bed, her green forest orbs meeting Shego’s emerald ones, “Did I scare you?” she asked seriously

“Doy!” Kim said pouting then she lunged herself to the older woman and buried her face on the other woman’s shoulder, “You gave me a scare Shego! I thought you’re going to follow your dad and it scared me a lot!” Kim’s voice was like a child whining, but Shego knew that her princess was just trying to stop tears from coming

“I’m not going anywhere.” Shego said before she lean and place a soft kiss on Kim’s red head

“Another doy! I’m going to go after you wherever you go Shego if you decide to leave me! I’m not going through that time again, I don’t want you out of my life, not now not ever!” Kim said like a wailing child and Shego could feel the red head’s sniffing


“How do you feel now?” Kim asked after pulling off Shego to look at her. Her eyes a bit red and wet from few tears that escaped

Shego smiled, “Fine…like nothing happened really.” The green skinned woman stroke Kim’s bare arms. Her eyes looking at the red head with a thankful expression, “Earlier…when that ting happened I feel like all my flesh were being sucked into something, like I was being thrown into a vast nothingness, and it hurts so much Kimmie…it hurts so much.”

Kim smiled, leaned forward and kissed Shego’s mouth, “Then let’s hope it won’t happen again.”

Shego shook her head no, “I don’t think it will be the last time…but I want to know what’s happening and stop it from progressing…no but I want it to stop all together.”

The red headed teen heroine nodded her head, “My parents with Wade and Dr. D and Amy are discussing about it, we’ll probably hear from them later.”

Silence as Shego continued her action

“I’m glad I’m with you princess…you have no idea how it felt to have someone care for you genuinely.” Shego said out of a sudden

Kim kissed her again, “I know Shego how it felt and I want to share that feeling with you forever.” She said then ducking again to kiss the woman beneath her, this time more passionately…and the kiss was eagerly returned.


The small man was seething in anger, he was brought to the nearest hospital by his henchmen when they found him at his room with a bleeding abdomen. He was thankful that the enhancement he put on his robe save his life, but this time he was sure that woman was really using him…

You’re not going to get away with this…Marguerite!” The German villain told himself before pushing the button for a nurse.

About a minute after, one male nurse entered his room with a smile, “Yes sir?” he asked

“I want to speak with Kim Possible.”

-End Chapter 8-

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