Story: Stupid Cupid (chapter 7)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 7

Stupid Cupid

Chapter 7

“…and how do you expect me to kill that bastard child of your husband?” Professor Dementor was grinning behind his half face mask, “Oh…I mean dead husband of yours?” he snickered, his shoulders bouncing as he did this.

Marguerite’s eyes narrowed and this caused the small villain to cringe, “That dying husband of mine as of the moment is still lying on his bed breathing…and will probably breath longer since that bastard daughter of hers brought along people who are actually concern about his declining health…” she frowned and took a deep breath, “And it looks like she knows what is happening and has every intention to reverse everything.” She finished for the villain


“Leave us!” He shouted and his henchmen scampered out of the large room. Once alone with the tall woman, he seated himself and looked at Marguerite with a leer, “There’s no way they could reverse that drug Marguerite dear.” He said in his thick German accent, “But I do believe that you already owe me so much and dominating the whole world by killing Shego is a bit far fetched don’t you think?” He watched the woman roll her eyes, “You promised me 20 percent of the Goodwill’s stocks once it’s transferred…”

“Everything was transferred to Shego. That’s why you have to kill her…no Shego means no one to stop you.”

“Kim Possible…”

“…will be broken like a doll once Shego die, no Shego means no Kim Possible…the money goes to me as William’s wife and you dominate the world.”

Silence once again

Dementor scowled and stood, “There’s no way I could kill Shego…not with her power and skills…”

Marguerite scowled, “And who says about killing her now?”

Dementor shook his head and started laughing maniacally, “And I thought I was the crazy one!” his laughter was halted when something hard hit his mask covered head. He looked at the woman in front of him and growled, “Don’t think that because we had a past that you can do whatever you want Marguerite!”

“Idiot!” the woman screamed, “Use your hard head…I know there’s no way I could eliminate that woman right now…”

“And your point?”

“Time travel…kill the source and Shego will never exist.”

Silence as the professor took in the information and then he grinned as it dawned on her

“And I’m the best man to do this because?” Dementor asked grinning

Marguerite shook her head, “You will provide me with the time machine. I will be the one to travel and make sure to kill that woman.”

Dementor grinned once again, “50 percent Marguerite. Take it or leave it.” He said

Marguerite’s look reminded Dementor of an evil-incarnate but it didn’t rattle him. He knows Marguerite too well. She needs the money and needs to eliminate Shego. She will have to agree to his condition…

Marguerite’s deadly look suddenly softened and she smiled, “Fair enough.” She said but there was a glint in her eyes that wasn’t read by the small villain

“Three days, come back here and I’ll have your time machine.” Dementor said then he grinned, “My bed is quite cold lately…I needed to warm them up…”

The mad woman raised her well maintained eyebrows but she has this smile on her face, you should never underestimate what a woman could or couldn’t do… “I think…I could save time by just remaining here and see you work rather than I come back three days later?” and once your purpose is serve, I’ll make sure you get nothing…she smiled to herself, only I get to be greedy and no one else…

“Very well then…we better…” Dementor’s sentence was cut short as the taller woman advanced in a pace that aroused the smaller man, and Marguerite pushed the small professor to the wall at the back of his desk and her mouth captured his. The woman’s free hand travelled down and found the sudden tenting on the professors pants

“You know you have quite a big ego for someone your size…” she hissed in his ears causing the man to groan in anticipation, “Where’s your cold bed Anton?”

Instead of replying, the small villain’s hand tried hard to find the button on the wall, finding it, he pushed the button and the wall along with the part of the floor where they were standing moved around…the once blank wall with two intertwined humans was now replaced by a bar.

Marguerite has an evil grin on her face as she pushed the unsuspecting…horny villain who was showering her neck and still covered chest with kisses, one hand roughly massaging a covered breast know the weakness of thy enemy, strike and win… she thought before finally pushing the smaller man to his bed.


Hego, Mego, Shego , Kim and Anne Possible were outside the doctor’s house. The two heroes were looking at Shego and Kim as the two women laid to them what they saw and what they think happened.

“So here is another murder where our mother could be the possible suspect?” Mego asked Hego who has a defeated look on his face

“Another?” Shego asked with a frown

“The one we saw earlier with Counsel Woods, the man was murdered and he wrote the name of his murderer in his own blood.” Hego said after licking his dry lips

“And it says Mrs. Goodwill?” Kim asked with raised brows

Mego and Hego shook their heads, “The word written was Margu.” Mego said, “And don’t tell me that it could be anybody…because that man who was murdered was the inspector we hired to spy on you.” The purple haired man added

Shego , Kim and Anne’s eyes widened, “You…you spy on your own sister and my daughter?” the older red head asked angrily. The anger was obvious by the tone of voice the doctor used and her stiffened body

“It was by our mother’s request. We were made to believe that she meant good deed when she asked us to help her hire an inspector so that she could keep tab on you, we hoped that she was concern about what is happening to you…” Hego explained

“And?” Shego asked scowling,

“We really have no idea until Inspector Dermont came to us secretly and told us what mother wanted him to do.” Hego said

“Let me guess, your mother wants Shego dead?” Anne asked


“Well…she just wanted to make sure that Shego will not step foot of the mansion ever again, but she didn’t specifically asked the inspector to kill her.” Hego added

“That’s when we knew she’s done something she doesn’t want Shego to learn.” Mego

“Killing your father?” Kim asked

“We also found out that Doctor Galvez has only regained her license since she was suspended for malpractice. We didn’t mind mother hiring her as Uncle William’s doctor until we found out about her intentions and Uncle’s continued deterioration and suspected that it was what she doesn’t want you to know.”


“And Anne’s presence made Dr. Galvez’s existence a threat to her purpose so she came here and murder her?” Shego asked no one in particular. She then looked at Kim and smile sadly, “How crazy is my family…can you see that?” she said almost in tears

Kim stroked Shego’s back, “Whatever that woman did wasn’t your fault.” The young red head said

Shego shook her head as she bowed her head, “If I didn’t exist…father could have been well and this will not happen.” Shego mumbled but it was still clear in Kim’s ear

Kim frowned, “Don’t you ever say that again Shego! Your father’s most important treasure is you…and you’re my most important treasure too.” Kim said

“Ahrm…” Anne made a sound

Kim frowned and looked at her mother, “You know what I mean mom!” Kim chastised her mother

Anne frowned, “I am not making the sound because of what you’ve said because I could see what you mean…I’m making the sound because we are still here in front of the house of a murdered doctor without doing any legal action.” She said

Shego looked at Anne and smiled while Kim blushed and made an ‘O’ with her mouth

“The only concrete evidence we have that it was your mother who killed the doctor was the plate number,” Kim said and shook her head, “Wade’s still inside scanning for prints…and other clues that he could only see…”

It was at that moment that the Afro-American boy walked out of the house, he was frowning when he joined the group, “No finger prints which means this is a case of a premeditated murder, or…” he looked at Hego and Mego, “…if it really was your mother who killed the doctor, then your mother is well prepared regarding things like this.”


“The slug!” Kim suddenly said, “That would show what kind of gun used and who owns it right?”

“We don’t find any princess...” Shego said


“We can’t just solve this on our own, we need forensics here.” Wade said “…and I know someone who could help.” Wade then look down at an empty folder in his hand, “Found this empty folder with your father’s name Shego.” He said handing the folder to the green skinned woman

Kim and Shego frowned, “How come we didn’t see this?”

“Hidden under the dead body,” Wade said, “Doctor’s Galvez’s patient’s files are all intact except for your father’s and I detected certain signatures of papers newly burnt. The doctor’s computer and laptop were destroyed…” Shego and Kim nodded saying that they saw it, “But whoever did this left the hard disk of both computers intact.” He grinned

Mego and Hego shook their heads, “Mother relied on others when it comes to things technical. If it was her, she really has no idea that the most important part of the computer you should destroy is the hard disk…not the screen or the key board!” Mego said scratching his head.

Anne looked at Wade, “Could you see what’s in that hard disk immediately? We might find what drug they used to poison Shego’s father.” The doctor said

“It’ll be easy…but we have to go back to the mansion to use another computer.” Wade said

Hego and Mego looked at each other, “The Go tower has a more sophisticated computer you could use.” Hego offered, “And Shego’s green glow could still unlock the door.” He added and smiled at his sister

Shego smiled back and nodded

“I need to go back to the mansion to see your father Shego and to contact my friends.” Anne said

Mego looked at the red headed doctor, “I’ll take you back to the mansion,” he said then looked at Kim, Shego and Wade, “You three go to the tower, Shego knows the direct communication between Go Tower and the Mansion so once you get something substantial, you could contact Dr. Possible at once,” he said then looked at Hego, “I’ll leave the reporting of this incident to the authorities to you.” Mego ended and the hulking ex-hero nodded.

“What about the evidences?” Hego asked

Shego and Kim handed Hego whatever they gathered that were now placed inside a transparent plastic bag, “We used surgical gloves we found inside so there’s no tampering on those. We’ll take the hard disk.” Shego said to Hego who nodded in understanding

And soon they broke into groups and went to their destination.


The mansion hall was quiet. The Wego’s along with the mansion’s guests were all at the baseball field. Mr. William Goodwill Sr.’s room only has Alfred there…she could take that old bastard anytime she thought.

The woman in nurse suit took a deep sigh upon reaching the desired room, she managed to open the door despite her trembling hands and slowly entered. She saw the old butler fussing over the unconscious man. “Alfred?”

The old man who was keeping the Goodwill patriarch’s comforter looked up to see the smiling woman, “Adelaide?” he smiled

“I am here to give Mr. Goodwill his medicine.” The woman said smiling

Alfred straightened himself , looked at the woman before him, noticed her trembling hands that were holding on to a small medicine tray that has two disposable syringes containing different kind of drugs, and then frowned “I believe Dr. Anne Possible will be taking over Mr. Goodwill’s medication, so I think until the doctor says it is clear to give that drug, then you cannot administer it.”

The nurse frowned, “I was given instructions by Dr. Galvez and I am not in any position to disobey her orders.”


“You might have something in your ears my dear, Mr. Goodwill’s children has signed the care of their father to Dr. Anne Possible…”

“Then show me the letter signed by the children, by Dr. Anne Possible and Dr. Galvez, then I will stop administering these medicines I was ordered to give my patient.”

“If you will just wait for the doctor to arrive…”

“And the medicine I prepared will expire if not used at once…”

“Then let it. One or two vials of those will not matter I believe.” Alfred stood his ground

“Look Alfred, as a nurse and a caregiver and as someone who has the knowledge about drug’s pharmacokinetics, I have the right to say that I cannot compromise the health of the patient by not complying with the drug’s on time delivery.”

“And as Mr. Goodwill’s faithful servant and friend, his health is more valuable than what you know about medicine. Besides, you’re the nurse not the doctor.” Alfred said sternly

The nurse frowned, “You know what Alfred, I like you. You’re like a father to me, you’re kind, sweet and caring but this side of you is one thing I hate the most so I’m sorry for whatever happens to you.” She said in her most dark voice then without warning, she took one of the readied syringes and hurriedly run towards the now wide eyed old butler.

Adelaide swung one arm that was now holding a syringe filled with while liquid, her aim was Alfred’s chest but the old butler will not pretend to just look at what the woman is going to do, so when the nurse’s arm descended, he raised one arm to redirect the syringe from his heart, but he was weaker than the nurse so the syringe instead of landing on his chest landed on his neck.

Adelaide looked in shock as the syringe automatically unloaded into Alfred’s jugular vein “Alfred…” the nurse mumbled as she saw the old man’s widened eyes focused on her

“Adelaide…” Alfred called back, one hand reaching for the syringe that plunged in his neck and took it out, “Why…” the old butler could feel his world blackens, so before darkness consumes him, he immediately pushed the blue button by the bed side and the alarm to call for aides rang. Alfred smiled before he dropped to the ground

Adelaide was looking at the fallen man then her sense returned, “I…I need to do this fast before they got me!” she told herself and hurriedly went beside Mr. Goodwill’s bed. She kinked the clear tube and inserted the other syringe on the IV tube’s rubber stopper and let the contents be drained into it. “I’m sorry Alfred…Mr. Goodwill, but I need to do this!” she said as tears fell down her face after seeing Mr. Goodwill’s heart monitor started showing erratic reading.

She turned around and was about to get out of the room when it opened and three of the guards plus one house maid entered and saw the chaos

“You…you did this!!!” the housemaid shouted

“N…” she wasn’t able to finish as two of the guards took her by the arms and pinned her on the wall

“Get a doctor! We have no idea what to do with Mr. Goodwill and Alfred!!!” the house maid shouted and the third guard took his radio and opened it


“WHAT?!” Mego screamed, “We’ll be there!” he shouted before closing his part of the communication

Anne Possible looked at the purple haired man quizzically

“Uncle’s nurse injected something to Uncle and they said that the monitor was beeping erratically, they don’t know what to do.” Mego explained

“My GOD…we need to hurry.” Anne said, her eyes determined

“And they think Alfred is dead.” Mego said, tears running down his face

“Dear Lord…”

Mego concentrated and began revving his car


“Wow…” Wade said as he started downloading the hard disk’s content, “I believe this doctor has been doing some crooked things since she received her license, look at all this prohibited drugs she’s been issuing to people!”

Kim frowned, “They might be sick that’s why…”

Wade looked at Kim in a disbelieving look, “Ah…Kim, Dr. Galvez is a family doctor, she doesn’t even have any fellowship training.”

Shego frowned, “Doesn’t general doctors see any kind of diseases?”

Wade nodded, “Yeah, but did you see these drugs? SSRI (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor), Morphine in very large doses, Haloperidol, COCAINE!” he snapped, “From my readings, all of these drugs could only be issued with proper security number and most of these drugs are issued only by a psychiatrist! A well trained psychiatrist!” he shook his head in disgust, “And look at this, she prescribed Misoprostol (1) to a pregnant woman!!!” he was now seething in anger

“Okay I have no idea what you were talking about but the way you are reacting it means that this doctor has been doing very-very bad things.” Shego said

“If you think of yourself evil when you were still in villainy? Then you’re not even 1/8 of her evilness!” Wade replied


“Is there anything said about any drugs that Dr. Galvez had used?” Kim asked

Wade shook his head, “But there’s a folder here about her involvement in making powder for of BTX.”

“Is that an anime?” Shego asked

Wade shook his head and sighed, “I am not really sure because I don’t have much idea about toxicology, but I think I come across this toxin once…” he frowned thinking, “I think the term is batrachotoxin…I’m not really sure where it came from but I think Indians used this to poison their arrow tips.”


“So what does it do?” Shego asked

Wade started typing fast and his eyes widened, “Oh my God…this could be the one they used…”

“Why?” Kim asked

“Because it’s an extremely cardiotoxic and neurotoxic substance…and Shego’s father’s sudden heart attack could be…”

He was interrupted by the sudden blaring of the Go Tower communication link. Mego’s teary face suddenly appeared, “Shay…”

Shego’s heart suddenly fluttered no…please don’t… “Mego…”

Shay…Alfred…Alfred, he’s dead and Uncle…”

“MEGO!” Shego screamed, her tears run down her face as she was unable to stop them from pouring out. Kim and Wade was at her back at once trying to calm the green skinned woman

Uncle William arrested again! Dr. Possible is there trying to revive him at the moment.” Mego said crying his heart out, “I already called Hego and he’s on his way and we got the person responsible!” Mego added


The green skinned woman’s body was stiff, her face looks in sorrow as she looked at Kim, “Kimmie…”

Kim looked at Wade, “We have to go back to the mansion at once Wade…before…”

“I could hack on the Go Jet.” He said

Kim nodded as Shego stopped processing anything in her mind

Not 5 minutes after the communication was closed, Wade, Shego and Kim were on their way to the mansion on Team Go’s multi-colored jet.

-End Chapter 7-

Next: Something terrible will happen to Shego and they have no clue why it’s happening. Wade and Drakken’s genius mind to the rescue.

(1) Don’t ask me why Wade made a fit. I’m so not giving you any idea!

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