Story: Stupid Cupid (chapter 6)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 6

Stupid Cupid

Chapter 6

The woman was seething as she walks back and forth, back and forth inside her room

That woman has the nerve to come back here and take away everything from me? After leaving us and gallivanting as whore! As a thief and shame this family! How dare she?!

And now she comes here with all of her money-sucking friends and immoral girlfriend who even tried to persuade people from thinking she’s a good, all American teen-age heroine!

And my sons…my damn sons were even welcoming them warmly inside my house! MY HOUSE!

The sudden image of a man lying on the ground, bathing in his own blood resurfaced in her head

“I…I killed that damn inspector…I…I killed him!” She said to herself, then she rummaged her bag to see the gun she always carried with her and her eyes widened at the blood stains that dried up from its handle, “I need to clean this…I need to…I need to erase all evidence…I didn’t kill him, that woman did…Sheryl did!” she said to no one as she hurriedly entered her bathroom and started washing the gun’s handle and scrubbing it with her own handkerchief

If there’s anyone to be blamed for all of these that are happening to me…it’ll be no other than that woman…that Shego!

My William wouldn’t even believe that my twins were his…and now…and now she left everything to that woman! She left me nothing! Nothing! She’s a thief…she stole my money from me!!


The newly arrived guests were sat around the long table at the dining hall along with Hego, Mego and the Twins. Their foods were being served at the moment and the group was focused on Shego at the moment.

Dr. Anne Possible, Wade, Shego and Kim decided to leave the group earlier to visit and see Shego’s father William Goodwill, while the rest enjoyed the sight and was toured by their resident butler.

(Flashback of moments ago)

Shego, Anne, Kim and Wade entered the large room where the weakened body of William Goodwill lays. The beeping sound of the machines were all the things they’ve heard, the sight of different fluids and medicines hooked inside William were all they could see, plus the weakened body of the patient, his pale skin, his sunken eyes, cracked lips and thin, frail body.

Shego almost cried at the sight of her father and she was grateful that Kim was there to give her support, and Mrs. Dr. Possible was with them to give them strength

Shego,” Anne started causing the green skinned woman to look at her lover’s mother, “I think you should go closer to your father and talked to him while Wade and I will start looking at him.”

The ex-thief nodded at the suggestion. Without releasing Kim’s hand, she walked closer to her father’s bed, bringing along with her Kim and then the two sat beside her father.

Anne and Wade on the other hand started what they do best…

Anne did the physical diagnostics and prepared the patient for withdrawing blood while Wade prepared his compact computer to send Shego’s father’s blood to the laboratory. After the thorough physical examination she performed, Anne decided to look at the patient’s chart that was hanged on the table beside his bed.

Dad…” Shego said in a very low voice. She held one of her father’s hands in hers as she talks, “I’m here…I’m sorry I run away but…” Shego stopped herself since she doesn’t want to cry in front of Kim

It’s alright Shego, you don’t have to be the strong one all the time.” Kim whispered as she stroked Shego’s back, “You’ve seen me down before, you’ve seen me at my worst and yet you still love me. So I don’t care how weak you’ll look like right now, I’ll always love you.” The red head added

Those words brought Shego to tears, “You have no idea how hard it is for me to see my dad like this. You know…he was quarter back way back in high school and college? The man I knew doesn’t look like this, he’s handsome, buffed, happy…he’s my idol Kimmie, he’s my hero…” Shego said before she sobbed on her father’s hand, “And to see him so weak like this?”

Shego,” Kim whispered her lover’s name and she rests her forehead on Shego’s back, “We will know what happened, Mom and Wade will not stop until we get into the bottom of this…”

There wasn’t a day in his life that he’d not talked about how proud she was of me…not even when I was a criminal, running from GJ, from everyone. He’d never been sick in his entire life Kimmie.”

You knew?”

I had Alfred served as my eyes here.”

Did he suspect anything?”



He said he was…he was surprised to learn of my father’s sudden heart attack. He’s in a good shape, he was given a day off by mother and when he returned that afternoon, and father was already at the hospital.”

Their conversation was halted by Shego’s father mumbling of her name

Dad, I’m here dad, I’m here…” she said loud enough to be heard by her father

William Goodwill opened his glazed eyes and focused on where Shego’s voice could be heard, “Is that really you?” he panted

Yes, I come back…and I’m here with Kim, you know her right?” Shego asked smiling sadly

Your…princess?” he asked hoarsely, “…glad to see…s Possible…” he said before he once again closed his eyes and his shallow breathing said that he once again fell to sleep

Shego,” Anne called out

Shego and Kim stood up and stepped closer to Anne, “Yes?” Shego said

I’m going to increased all his meds, from my calculation and from the dose that was being given, it won’t work. But before I do that, I want to have a written paper from his wife if not his wife then his daughter or sons that you are turning over his care to me.” Anne smiled, “Sorry about that, medical ethics,”

I’ll make one! It’s no problem…” she said hurriedly buzzing the intercom to call for her brothers.

Anne on the other hand took Kim away from Shego to talk to her in private


I have a good suspicion that the heart attack was induced. All this drugs are just a show. If you asked me these drugs could even precipitate heart arrhythmias.” Anne said to Kim truthfully

What? But who…”

We can’t say, but we have a case here. I am going to call Gerry, he’s the best cardiologist I know and Dr. Matias from the department of toxicology to analyze everything.” Anne looked saddened

What is it mom?” Kim asked worriedly

He’s been given these drugs for long I’m not sure if he’s going to make it, but whatever happened, if we could get Gerry and Dr. Matias here, we could have a strong case against whoever did this.”

If ever, I don’t think it’s only Shego’s mother who did this, someone knowledgeable in medicine should have assisted her…”

That’s why I need the letter of recommendation and request of transfer so that I could face his doctor and tell her or him my opinion.”

It was at that moment that Shego along with Hego and Mego came back with the needed paper which was even notarized by their legal counsel, Elle Woods.

(End Flashback)

“So what are you planning right now Shay?” Hego asked

Shego sighed but kept eating her food, “I’ll be staying here until we know that Dad is stable, for now that’s my plan.”

Kim looked at Shego frowning, “I could stay…”

Shego looked at Kim and shook her head no, “Not a good idea princess. You still have school.”

“But it’s only about a week or two before semester break comes.” She whined

“Then you can come back here when your classes are through. Sorry pumpkin but that’s non negotiable.” The green skinned ex-thief said

Ron smiled, “So can I stay whether KP could or…” Shego raised and ignited one hand as an answer, “Yeah…just as I thought, I can’t heh!” Ron nervously said and then focused his eyes on his food, “Wow…baked macaroni…” he said and dug in

“Bake Mac!” Rufus chirped and followed his master’s action. The antics were caught by Tara who giggled in delight

“Oh, I missed those antics when I was still with Ron.” Tara said causing the Tweebs to look at her

“You?” Jim

“And Ron?” Tim

Ron frowned and looked at the Possible Twins, “Oi! What does that look supposed to mean?”

The Wegos high fives in the air after hearing Jim and Tim finished each other’s words

“I think the Wegos have met their match.” Mego said shaking his head then he shifted his focus on Shego, “Anyway, I called Dr. Galvez and told her that you and Uncle William’s new doctor will pay her a visit later at her house.”

Shego was about to reply when their group was startled by the sudden opening of the dining hall room’s door and Mrs. Marguerite

“What is this I’ve heard that you replaced Dr. Galvez?” She yelled upon entering

Hego stood up, “We decided that it is better that Dr. Anne Possible, the best neurosurgeon here took her case. Plus I heard Dr. Possible even called her friend Dr. Matias and Dr. Woohp to come see Uncle William.” He said flatly

“Dr. Galvez is…”

“Good but Uncle William needs a more experienced doctor.” Mego interrupted their mother, “Isn’t that what you want? For Uncle to be cured from his disease?” Mego asked

“Of course but Dr. Galvez has always been my doctor…” Marguerite said trying hard to contain her anger you’ll get what you deserved Melchor once we get out of this room Mrs. Goodwill thought

Anne looked at Marguerite with disdain in her eyes, “And from what I’ve read from his files, Dr. Galvez is a Family Doctor who hasn’t gone into fellowship. I think as a neurosurgeon and my friend Gerry, a cardiologist and Perry, a toxicologist, would be a good team to look at Mr. Goodwill.”

The wife scowled, “If I don’t know better, you’re trying to take money from William’s stupid daughter that’s why you keep on saying that you’re the one my husband needed.” She said causing Anne to scowl and an evil aura emanates from her

“MOM!” The Wegos, Hego, Mego and Shego said in one

Anne stood up, a glass of water in her hand. Shego and Kim could see the good doctor’s knuckle turns white as she tried hard to contain he rage inside

Ron and Monique who have known the older red head made a loud gulping sound as they swallowed some pooled saliva from nervousness

James Possible started stroking her wife’s arm that was beside him to at least calm her down…a bit

“Anne…I’m sorry that was unwarranted…” Shego tried to explain

Anne raised a palm to stop Shego from her apology, “You don’t have to apologize, it wasn’t you and…” she turned to face Marguerite, “I think that’s what we call…displacement.” She took a deep breath before continuing, “First of all Mrs. Goodwill, I am here because Shego is my daughter’s partner, and as her partner, she is already considered as part of my family. Second, I don’t ask payment from family, and third, I and my husband might not have money that could equal Mr. Goodwill’s, but we are not lacking in that department, hence I could see a patient for free anytime…anywhere.”

“So you said…” Marguerite said

“Mother, that’s enough!” Hego bellowed

“Maybe Mrs. Goodwill is hiding something that’s why you can’t let go of a much general doctor for a specialist?” Anne said as she gritted her teeth you’re so going down…Oh…I’m so glad Shego doesn’t belongs to you!

At the last retort, Marguerite paled and she stopped talking. Instead she walked to her designated chair and sat, “Then by all means…do what you need to do.” She said then she started eating and then she brought this woman here to foil my plans! If I can’t kill Sheryl here or discredit her, then what am I to do?” she thought as she prepares her food. Everyone’s eyes focused on her as she kept on putting hot sauce on her soup…to the point that the soup had become red

Ron gulped once again, mirrored by Rufus then he leaned sideward to whisper something to Monique, “That’s kind’ a hot don’t you think?”

“Sssshhh,” Monique said then they both looked at Kim who just shrugged her shoulders

Then Marguerite stood up, “I remember I have a meeting with someone.” She said before she bowed her head and walked out of the dining hall

Everyone takes a breather after that

“I can’t imagine her as your mother Shego.” Drakken said

“Drewbie, I think they said that woman wasn’t Shego’s mother.”

Hego smiled, “She’s not, and She is Shego’s step mother. Mego and I are Shego’s step brother and the Wegos…” he looked at the two twins

“It’s alright Hego, we have already accepted, besides…Uncle William has been like a real father to all of us…”

“Uncle? What do you mean?” Shego asked

Hego and Mego looked at each other and Mego decided to tell Shego everything, A year after you left, Uncle William found a paper in his office saying that the Wegos father isn’t him. So he asked Greg to look into it, and it so happened that the Wego’s father is not Uncle William but a man named Anton Marciano. We found out that the man actually had an illicit affair with mom before, while she was still engaged to Uncle William.”

The Wego’s looked at Shego sadly, “We’re sorry Shay…” William Junior said,

“We are not even relatives, just like Hego and Mego…” Watari added

Shego stood up and stepped closer to her brothers, “It’s alright, it’s not your fault.” The green skinned ex-thief said hugging her younger brothers, “I’m still glad I have you two as brothers you know.”

“Awwww,” Rufus squeaked

“Maybe we could play baseball?” Jim asked to cheer up the other twins

“Oh, you should play alright, with the Wegos’ power you could all play with a complete set.” Hego bragged, “We have a mini-baseball court at the back…”

“That’s cool!” Tim exclaimed then looked at his mother, “We’re finish here, can we see it?” he asked Anne

“If it’s okay with the Wegos…”

“Yeah! It’ll be fun!” Watari said

“Okay then, the four of you scoot!” Shego said smiling at her younger brothers

“Can I come to see too?” Ron asked and the others nod.

“Of course, perhaps a tour may help you?” Hego asked


So the males except for Wade, Mego and Mr. James Possible decided to see the baseball field


“So Shego is the only heir?” Kim asked

“Yes, but Uncle William still gave the Wego’s some money for their studies. And he gave us the Go Tower and all its amenities. We got support but mother…” Mego sighed, “I think counsel Woods could explain that to you better…”

There was supposed to be a question from Bonnie but they were interrupted by The Go City Sherriff coming in

“Sherriff?” Mego asked frowning

“Good day all,” he greeted, and then he was followed in by counsel Woods and Irina

“Hello again guys,” The blond lawyer cheerfully greeted them, “I need to be here for this, sorry for interrupting you,”

“No big,” Kim said

“Yes Sherriff?”

“I have to see this case personally…I don’t think it is right for me to discuss it here,” he said looking at everybody except Mego

“Do I need to call Hego and Wegos?” Mego asked

“I think Hego will be needed, but I don’t think the Wegos need to be here.”

“Okay…will you wait for me outside?”

“Oh yes!” He said bowed down and left followed by Elle and Irina

Mego looked at Shego, “I think I better leave you for now. Alfred knows where Dr. Galvez’ house is located, he could bring you there.” He said smiling and then he excused himself as he looked for Hego

“Thank you Mego.” Shego said

“You’re welcome.” He said before he disappeared

Anne secretly looked at Kim, their gaze were not innocent at all


Kim, Anne and Shego who has the letter with her decided to pay the doctor a visit, Anne has this high suspicion that the doctor must have something to do with what was happening to Mr. Goodwill but didn’t voiced out her concern.

So they arrived quietly at the doctor’s house which to them looked normal.

Shego was the one to ring the bell, and after five tries and no one answer, she scowled and looked around. It was then at that moment when the doctor’s neighbor went out of her house when she saw the three women.

Kim saw the woman looking at them so she asked, “Hello, Is Dr. Galvez home? We’ve been ringing her door bell and she’s not answering her door.” Kim asked politely and with a smile which was mirrored by Anne

“She hasn’t gone out of her house since she had a visitor earlier,” the woman said, “And I heard screaming inside about two hours ago.”

Shego scowled and looked at the neighbor, “Screaming?”

“Yes, about 10 minutes after her visitor arrived.”

The three women looked at each other

“Ma’am, did you by any chance recognized the visitor?” Kim asked

“Well aside from the fact that the visitor was a female, no, didn’t recognized, but I got her car’s plate number.” The woman said

Shego looked at Kim, “Pumpkin, could you be a dear and talked to her? Get the plate number and whatever information you could, while I look inside…”

Kim frowned, “I think it’ll be best if the two of us look inside and let mother get the info from her.” Kim said

“I think Kim has a point.” Anne said, “Besides, I’m sure you two working together will be the best.” Anne said and then turned around to go to the woman’s house without waiting for Shego’s reply

Shego shook her head, “Now I know where you get that fighting spirit in you.”

“Come on…”


“I can’t believe…” Hego said as he looked at the man lying on the ground covered with his own blood

“He wrote the name Hego…in his own blood.” Mego said as he closed his eyes to stop his stomach pumping out his earlier meal

“Elle…” Hego looked at the lawyer

“This alone could stand as an evidence to convict you mother.” Elle said and Irina nodded

“He only written Margu…he might be writing another name, not mothers.” Hego said

“Look Hego, I do hate to see mother be convicted too, but use your brain? Inspector Dermont was the person we asked to do spy jobs for mother, and who else do you think would he write there whose name starts with Margu?”

“What if he was lying?” Hego asked

“Henry, the victim could be lying, but he’s dead and it will be hard to prove that he lied…besides, the claim of the victim itself is already very strong evidence against the accused.” Elle said

“So what now?” The Sherriff asked when he returned, “The only way we could salvaged your mother is if the evidences we gathered has no relation to her.” He added

“He is right.” Elle said

“But that’s a very slim chance we have.” Irina continued which Elle agreed to

At that moment, Hego’s phone rang and he answered it, “Wade?”

Yes, I got a call from Kim and he wanted me to relay to you that they were at Dr. Galvez’ house and…”

“What about it? Is she giving them a hard time?”

No, on the contrary, she’s unresponsive…Dr. Galvez is dead. Kim and Shego want me there to look into the evidences they’ve gathered and…”

“Good Lord…”

Shego said that you are not to alarm the Sherriff…not yet at this moment but she wants you and Mego along with me there.”

“We’re coming, how about Elle?” He asked

She specifically said Hego and Mego, so I think it is safe to not let Counsel into this at the moment.” Wade said before he said his goodbye and turned off the phone

“Mego…we need to go see someone, now!” He said pulling Mego from his place


“Just follow me, I’ll tell you later.” Hego said then looked at Elle, “Elle, will you take care of this for now? We have an emergency to attend to.”

“Of course…no problem.” Elle said waving at the two super heroes


She stood straight outside the building, a determined look in her eyes. She then pushed the door open and strode inside.

Men in red with red masked on their faces looked at her when she strode in front of them with all the confidence she have

“And to what do I owe this pleasure…Marguerite?”

“I need your help Anto…I mean Professor…Dementor.” The woman smiled at him evilly and the midget professor started laughing maniacally

“You are making me laugh my dear…”

“I am serious…and if you helped me, then you will be the greatest evil in the world.”

“And how is that going to happen?”

“I need you to help me Kill Shego.”

-end chapter 6-

Next: Someone will die again, and Marguerite’s plan will be revealed…


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