Story: Stupid Cupid (chapter 5)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 5

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Stupid Cupid

Chapter 5

“Booyah!” Ron Stoppable did his usual happy dance along with his famous line. His naked mole rat Rufus was perched on his shoulder imitating his owner’s actions. The blond man, Monique and Kim were inside Bueno Nacho and were having their early afternoon snack when the red head informed them about her and Shego’s plan to fly to Go City to visit Shego’s father. But it wasn’t that news that caused the blond man to dance happily.


Hey Kimmie,” Shego was picking on her food and Kim was watching her lover, “Have you arranged your schedule yet?”

Kim smiled and nodded her head, “My professors agreed to give me special examinations; I’ll be getting the exams for next week this coming Thursday and Friday.” Kim said.

All of your exams? Isn’t that suicide?” Shego asked looking at her girlfriend-lover, “Besides how did you manage to convince your professors to give you that leeway?”

For your first question lover, it’s not suicide. I’ve done it before remember? To think that I was newly recuperating from my illness back then but I still aced it.” Kim said grinning and Shego nodded her head, “For your second question, I told my professors that my father-in-law is gravely ill and I need to support my wife about it…”

Kim almost choked on her food when she saw Shego’s eyes widened in shock, her jaw dropped low almost hitting their table, her brows started twitching and a large, single sweat dropped can be seen at her forehead, “Kimmie…”

What? All that was lacking is a wedding ring and a blessing from the authority and we’re as good as married! So my reason was true!” Kim said smiling, “…kids then we’re all set up…”


You know we already have a name for them right Kish and Shane?”

Kimberly Anne Possible!”

Goodwill…don’t forget to put Goodwill after my name Shego!” Kim laughed hard at Shego’s surprised reaction.


Okay,” Shego breathed out and looked at her ‘wife’, “Is there a way we can take Wade along with us?” she asked.

Kim frowned, “Wade?”

Mego said it’ll be helpful if we have him with us,” she explained.


But what will I tell Ron if I took Wade with us and not take him along?” Kim asked solemnly.

You can take the buffoon with you…”

Can’t you really call him by his name? He’s our daughter’s god father!”


Kim laughed again, “Ron will be ecstatic, but Monique…”

Shego slumps her shoulders, “Okay pumpkin, just take the people you want to come with! If we’ll have such a big crowd then that means I have to use my jet instead of us flying domestic.” Then not 5 seconds after she said it an evil grin came across Shego’s lips, “Actually princess, I think the more the merrier…”

You mean…”

I’m inviting Drakken and DNAmy with us as well.”

Oh…I sense something evil here…”

You bet princess…you bet…”

(End Flashback)

And that is the reason Ron was elated. Not because he’s going on vacation but because he’s going to skip school.

“Oh KP, Shego has no idea how I love her right now!” Ron said excitedly.

“Tell her then,” Monique said grinning evilly at Ron.

“That I will…” Ron was interrupted by Rufus’ shaking of head, “What’s the matter buddy?”

“No tell Ego! Ego kill monkey man!” the naked mole rat said making a slitting gesture across his hidden neck. The action penetrated Ron’s hazy/dense skull and made him widened his eyes.

“Aww…don’t tell her KP!” Ron said worriedly and this made Kim chuckle.


“So what’s the big emergency?” Monique asked.

“Shego’s dad is getting weaker and it seemed Shego and her brothers want my mom to look at him…”

“But?” Monique added.

Kim sighed, “It seems that it’s not really the problem. Mego and Hego…”

“Wait a minute, Mego and Hego…the Team Go members?” Ron asked and Kim nodded her head, “Okay go on KP,”

Kim sighed, “Well the two asked Shego to bring Wade with her and says it will be an advantage to Shego, to how we still have no idea so that thought smells problem for me.” Kim explained.

“I’ll agree no one wants the Master unless there’s a problem.” Ron said and Rufus nodded his head in agreement.


“I asked Bonnie to come along too.” Kim added and Monique looked at her friend.

“You’re close with Bonnie now?” Monique asked.

Kim smiled at her lady-friend, “Sort of…”

Monique frowned, “Sort of?”

Another ‘booyah’ was heard from Ron’s mouth and the two women looked at him, “If there’s Bonnie that means there’s Tara!” he explained and the two women nodded their heads in understanding.

Another silence.

“Why are there so many of us coming?” Monique asked and Ron looked at Kim and nodded his head as if he was aware of the fact.

“I really have no idea, but from the look Shego gave me when she thought about it, it looks like she’s pissing someone by bringing that much people,” Kim said.

“Ohhh, it’s like Shego’s fighting another Barkin-ator!” Ron said grinning.


“Booyah! Two ladies learning something from the Ron-man!” he high fives the mole rat who cheered the blond man.

“Oh, grow up!” Monique said shaking her head.


A knock on her office door pulled Dr. Anne Possible from her mountain of paper work, where are those medical transcriptionist when you need them! She growled inwardly before she pushed her chair, stepped out of the table and headed to the door to open it. Anne’s eyes showed how surprised she was by the appearance of one green skinned woman behind her door, “Shego?”

The ex-thief smiled at the older red head and bowed her head, “Hi, I was at the area so I thought why not pay you a visit?” She said.

“Oh,” Anne stepped aside and let the younger woman in, “Please take your seat, there’s actually a couch in here if you can find it from all these papers…”

“Are you busy?” Shego then started fidgeting, “Maybe I should just come back later or maybe I could just call you at your house later when you’re already available…”

Anne looked at Shego and she shook her head, “So it wasn’t really an accidental visit right?” her smile widened at Shego’s blushing face.

“I’m sorry if I bothered you, I could…”

“No, actually I’m relieved that you came. You actually gave me a reason to stop myself from trying to gather all these papers and burn them.”

Shego nodded her head as she looked at the mess which Anne Possible calls her office with a slacked jaw, “What are these papers anyway?”

“Well, they are patient’s histories and documents I need to sort out, the sorting out was easy, the history writing was the problem. I hired a personal transcriptionist but she’s on vacation, her father died last week and she has to go back to the Philippines to mourn.”

“Oh…will she be coming back?”

“Yes after a month.” Anne said before she walked to her table and sat at the chair in front of it while Shego finally found the couch and settled in.

“You know…I had some knowledge with medical terms and I have good hearing,” Shego started after some time of silence.

Anne looked at her, “Are you offering to work for me as a transcriptionist?” she asked skeptically.

“Temporarily while yours is still on vacation.” Shego smiled at the older red head, “I’m getting bored at home especially when Kimmie’s out at school.” She added.


“So how much are we talking here?” Anne asked, her interest tweaked.

“I don’t get payments from family. You know the set up could be beneficial to both of us. You help me get through the boredom and I get to help you with all these mess.”

“I don’t like that it’s unfair to you…”

“Will you pay Kimmie if she was the one to offer?” Shego asked and Anne shook her head no, “If you see me as family then maybe you can do the same, but if not…then I’ll take whatever you give me.”


“Or if you don’t really see me as one then you can treat my work as payment for you checking on my father,” Shego added with a bit of a sad tone.

Anne looked at Shego and she shook her head, “The way you say that made me feel like a hypocrite, you know that?” she said but she was smiling, “You know too well that I will not take any payment from you since you’re my daughter’s lover and Kim will be disappointed if she learns about it…” she sighed, “And she’ll still be disappointed if I pay you for your service when you’re offering it for free.”

“Of course if we get into an agreement, I’m not telling Kim.” Shego said.

“I know, but I probably will.” Silence between them again, a bit longer this time.

“Actually, I came here to ask if you and Mr. Dr. Possible can make your whole week next week available. Kim managed to arranged her schedule on time along with the buff…I mean Ron and her other friends,” Shego rested her back on the couch’s backrest and broke the long silence that hanged between them.

Anne’s brows rose up from the information, “So Kim’s friends will be coming with us? You know that will be a very big group…” she was cut by Shego’s chuckle.

“Yeah I know and I’ll be happy to bring them along.” Shego said.

“Well, James and I already arranged our schedule for next week, along with our sons Jim and Tim and that’s why I was trying hard to finish at least half of these so that it won’t be hard for me when I return after the vacation.” Anne said smiling.

“If you’ll only accept my offer, I could already start helping you today and you’ll be more relaxed.” Shego said seriously.

Anne looked at Shego’s determined face, “You’re not doing this to gain approval from me aren’t you?” the older woman asked without removing her eyes on the green skinned one.

“I’ll be a liar if I say that I offered just for the heck of it, as you all know that I’m not good with works like this, so yes, I offered because I want to gain your approval regarding me and Kimmie’s relationship, but aside from that, at least 1/3 of what I’ve said was true. I need something to do to pull me out of boredom at home. There’s not much dirt there to clean and Kimmie only needs dinner because she’s out most of the time.”

The doctor shook her head, “Well at least you gained a big point for being honest.” She said before sighing deeply, “So why the big crowd and how are we going to go to your house at Go City? Don’t tell me you’ll shoulder all our flight tickets.”

Shego smiled, “I was to shoulder all expense on our domestic flight, but the plan changed when a big group became involved. I had a jet and if it’s okay with you and Mr. Dr. Possible, we could board it to Go City.”


“We can share expenses for the fuel and for the space rental when it lands…” Anne stopped when she saw Shego’s head shook in disagreement.

“I could handle the fuel; it’s not that great anyway and for the space? There’s no need to rent, we have our own private hangar at Go City.” She explained which caused Anne’s brows to go up higher.

“Why do I get this feeling that Kimmie doesn’t really know much about you?” the doctor asked the other woman seriously.

“She asked me but I was reluctant to say everything, perhaps it’s time for her to really know about my past…my family in particular.” Shego replied then she stood up and started gathering papers, “So where should I start?”

The red headed doctor smiled after shaking her head and saying “You and Kimmie really are alike.”



The loud reverberating sound of flesh meeting flesh can be heard from the large room that is currently occupied by three people: Marguerite, Henry and Melchor Goodwill. The purple haired man’s face was forcefully brought to the side by the hard slap given to him by their mother.

Marguerite’s hazel eyes now bore deep within Henry’s, the bulky man not removing his eyes on his mother, “That’s too much already mother, you can’t treat us like one of your lap dogs…besides, you don’t have the dough to pay any of them anymore.” The bulky man said in his low voice.

Marguerite huffed, “You speak like you’ll be getting any,” she said sarcastically, “If I got a mere 5 million dollars from William for being his wife, you two had nothing!” she said sternly.

“That’s what you think mother,” Mego said as he massaged his face that received the slap, “This will be the last time you’ll raise a hand on me mother, you might not like it the next time.” He warned.

Henry smiled at his mother, “We don’t need Uncle William’s money mother because unlike you, we are not vultures, we have our own resources…we’re Team Go.” He said then he looked at his brother with concern.

“We regret the day we played on your side and that made Shego left us. Team Go would have been at its peak if we weren’t such cowards!” Mego said and he narrowed his eyes when his mother raised a hand at him once again.

But Hego stepped in between them, “The only one you can hit from now on is me. Hit any of my brothers and I’ll make sure you’ll regret it mother.”

Marguerite screamed in anger, “You ungrateful beasts! I’m your mother and I dug my hole just to bore the two of you into this world and this is what I get?!”


The two men then turned their backs at their mother and walked slowly towards the door but Hego stopped mid way, “We‘ve paid our debt a long time ago mother. We’re even.” He said before he proceeded and walked out of the room.

“INGRATES!” Marguerite yelled at her leaving sons before she took a figurine and threw it at them…the figurine hit the now close door there must be a way…I can’t let that woman take everything that I have…


The jet ride was quiet, not the peaceful silence but a stressed one. Kim was with her parents while Shego was at the Jet’s cockpit and beside her was Wade who served as Shego’s co-pilot.

“Who would have thought that Wade could actually fly a jet?” Ron asked no one in particular but his eyes were straining at Tara’s back who was sitting beside Bonnie.

“You’re observation and the focus of your eyes doesn’t match Ron.” Tim said, he was seated beside Ron while the blond man was at the center of the twins.

“Tim is right and I can see some drool coming out of your mouth.” Jim added and this caused Rufus to look out of his hiding place and look at Ron’s open mouth.

Ron didn’t took his eyes away from Tara when he answered, “So I’m drooling right?” he asked dumbly and the twins nodded their heads.

On another part of the jet…

“Why am I needed?” Wade was reading the jet’s manual, “You haven’t told me and you have been very quiet today, Dr. D told me he’s nerves was wrecked from seeing you this quiet.” He added.

The green skinned woman looked at the Afro-American boy and shrugged her shoulders, “Beats me, Mego and Hego didn’t tell me but they specifically said to bring the genius ‘cause it will help us a lot. Unless you’re not the genius they were talking about, then I should consider pushing you out of my jet along with the rest.” Shego said sarcastically, “And Dr. D is always a nervous wreck whenever I’m around him, with or without any problems.” She added then returned her gaze to the horizon.

Silence at the cockpit

“I did some snooping about you, actually I was just asked to look for you but you just dropped out of existence suddenly after helping Kim and it got through my curiosity…”

He was cut by Shego looking at him seriously, “You know curiosity killed the cat,”

Wade smiled at the green skinned woman, “I know but you became an enigma after that incident.” There was no response and the cockpit once again was claimed by silence, “Are you sure you want to tell Kim about your past?” He asked breaking the silence.

“I have to. I’m serious with Kimmie and I don’t want this thing to haunt our relationship in the future. If Kim cannot accept me after learning all about me, then it is better for me to know now when it’s still early and when the pain can still be bearable…”

Shego stopped when she saw Wade shake his head, “You really don’t know much about Kim aren’t you?” He asked then laughs lightly, “I’ll bet my bottom dollar, she’ll stick with you despite all the things she’ll learn.”


The two jet pilots has their eyes outside the wind shield when the two heard the communication radio went to life.

This is the Goodwill’s private hangar, we received message to allow Fire Fox access for landing

“This is Wade Load, thank you for the access.” Wade said and then he looked at Shego grinning.

Shego grinned back at Wade and they disconnected the communication. The green skinned woman then activated the communication of the cockpit to the jet’s passenger, “This is your captain speaking. We are landing in 15 minutes so please take a seat and fasten your seatbelt and please make sure that rat is well secured inside the buffoon’s pocket to avoid delay.” She said and then she turned off the communication before she looked and grinned at the Afro-American boy, “I can imagine Kimmie fuming inside.”


“Oi!” Ron Stoppable’s eyes were pulled from looking at Tara at the sudden announcement, “Rufus is a NAKED MOLE RAT” he yelled at the communication speaker, “NOT A RAT and he has a name!” he added.

“Yeah Rufus Mole rat!” The pink rodent chirped.

“SHEGO! How many times do I have to tell you to call Ron by his name! He’s our daughters’ godfather!” Kim screamed, her face red, and she has a scowl on her face. Bonnie was just looking at her chuckling.

“I can’t think how two women could have daughters or any kids. Where will they get the sperm?” Tara asked as se tried to take in everything that Kim was saying.

“You won’t believe what Genetics can do dear. Two women could propagate their own genes without the need for a donor from the opposite sex.” DNAmy interjected.

“But we are not two women Amy!” Dr. Drakken exclaimed.

“Oh that we are not Drewbie-poo!” The geneticist replied before pulling the blue doctor closer and kissing him on his lips.

“EWWWW!” The tweebs, Rufus, Monique and Kim all exclaimed with a grossed out look on their faces.

And while the others are chatting in chaos, the two doctor Possibles were having different thoughts on different things. Mr. Dr. Possible was all smiles as he watched his companions’ happy conversation while Mrs. Dr. Possible had a scowl on her face and was not happy with Kim’s declaration earlier, “James!” she called her husband a bit sternly, “Didn’t you hear your daughter?” she asked.

“Hear our daughter what?” James asked without removing his eyes on the happy group.

“Kim! Kim and Shego were planning about KIDS! Can you believe that?!” Anne asked with wide eyes as the thought hit her brain.

James looked at his wife and smiled, “Well it’s not unusual for them to plan something like that.” Then he looked back at his yelling daughter, “Kimmie-cub!” at James’ voice, Kim stopped her rant and looked at her father, “No kids before marriage!” he said which earned him a hard slapped from his wife.


Monique remained silent as she watched everyone Shego must really wants someone piss for her to bring such a group with her she said and her onyx colored eyes suddenly met the blue eyes of Bonnie who took away her eyes from the black beauty at once wait a minute, is Bonnie checking me out? She asked herself what the heck is the problem with me now? She looked at herself and found nothing off was she really eyeing me or was I just seeing things…she shrugged her shoulders and took her eyes away from Bonnie.

Jeez…Monique almost caught me staring! Get your act together Rockwaller!

The speaker went to life once again, “We are now safe on the ground and you may now ready yourself to unboard the jet!” Shego’s voice reverberated, “And you’re the one to explain our daughters’ to your mom princess!”

“I can’t believe you’re leaving me on this!” Kim shouts out.


“So what’s the news?” The blond counsel asked the red headed woman who entered her office

“It’s confirmed, Miss Sheryl Anne Goodwill and her Fire Fox landed at the Goodwill’s private hangar exactly 3 minutes ago.” Irina replied. Elle looked up from what she was doing and was about to say something when the red headed woman cut her off, “Three limousines were deployed already and one of them was Miss Goodwill’s special transport of course. We’ll be meeting them at the hangar’s entrance in 20 minutes.” The red head narrated. The blond woman opened her mouth once again to say something, “Our ride is already waiting outside. We have exactly 15 to get there.” She added again before grinning at the stunned lawyer.

“For a shy woman, you sure talk fast Irina!” the blond counsel said after shaking her head in disbelief and stepping out of her table.

“I work for the best and I got your genes anyways, we’re cousins so…”

“I got it! I got it!” Elle said and walked passed the red headed woman and out of her office, “I can’t wait to read Miss Goodwill her rights and I can’t wait to see Mrs. Marguerite Goodwill’s reaction.” She said as she walked at the corridor that leads to the car park.

“Yeah, and I thought juicy stuff are only seen and heard at the hospital, law firms have their own kind and style, marvelous isn’t it?” Irina said smiling.

“Marvelous indeed.”


“She what?”

“She arrived, her jet landed at the private hangar a few minutes ago.”

The woman’s eyes narrowed at the news, “And she’s alone?”

“She’s with friends and I heard she’s with her lover Kim Possible.”

The Kim Possible?”

“And her family…”


“And friends…”

Her narrowed pupils are now accompanied by widened eyes, “Punyeta! Hija de Puta! Who is she to invade my own house?!”

“Ahm…From what I know, the house belongs to her,”



“Next time you mock me, make sure I’m in a good mood and unarmed!”

The woman huffed before wiping her fingerprints on the gun handle and with her handkerchief; she threw the gun over the bleeding man’s body on the floor and then turned around to leave.


Two women were waiting outside the private hangar. The women have their backs on a black limo with a signature green fire, one was wearing the customary lawyer suit and the other woman was wearing a pink two piece dress, the skirt above knees. Pink scarf around the blond woman’s neck and a pink bonnet was on her head protecting her face from the sun.

“Wow…” Kim whispered when she eyed the blonde, leaning against Shego, “She sure does pass in my book Shego.” The red headed heroine said smiling

“I know everyone who wears pink pass your book probably except me.” Shego said grinning.

Kim looked at her, “You wore a pink apron.” Kim reminded her causing the green skinned woman to scowl at her.

“That woman surely reminds me of Tara too much.” Monique said interrupting the lover’s discussion, the three women then looked at the other blond woman with Bonnie and Ron. Tara was wearing an overall yellow sundress paired with yellow scarf, sandals and bonnet.

“Aren’t they long lost sister of some sort?” Kim asked and tried hard not to snicker; Monique nodded her head and did the same.

Shego just shrugged her shoulders and smiled, “What happens to don’t judge a book by its cover Kimmie?”

Silence as they approached the two women. There were a total of six men in black suit that was at the vicinity and to Kim, Wade and Ron’s eyes, they were securities, but for who was the question on Kim and Ron’s mind but not Wade, the boy knows too much not to tell.

Why are there so many securities? Were they for these women because they’re meeting Shego? Didn’t my presence alleviate their worries at all? Kim asked herself.

Unbeknownst to her, everyone else were thinking the same

“Miss Goodwill,” The red headed in formal suit greeted and bowed her head, “It’s nice to finally see you.” She happily said as she reached out her hand to the green skinned woman and Shego shook her hand.

“Sheryl Anne Goodwill,” The blond woman greeted, “I do hope you still remember me?” the blond asked before shaking Shego’s hands.

“Who will forget the most renowned Elle Woods?” Shego said smiling, “My father was so enamored about you going into law school, Harvard Law School at that.” She even added.

“And not to mention passing with the highest mark, well Magna cum Laude is a lot at law school.” Irina interjected.


“Oh how rude of me,” Shego said smiling and then she turned around to face her companions whose mouths are now open in disbelief.

I think I’m seeing another Shego… Anne Possible’s thought.

Is Shego trying to tell me that this woman is Elle Woods… another Vivian Porter I see… James Possible.

This gorgeous, hot looking woman is a lawyer…and she knew Shego? Monique with wide eyes.

Did my Shego just turned 180 degrees from her rough, intimidating exterior to this sophisticated, well mannered and non-cursing Shego? My Shego Kim thought.

The others’ thoughts will be left for them right now.

“I would like all of you to meet the Goodwill’s current legal counsel, Elle Woods. Her father used to be my father’s friend and we both went to the same school…” Shego was interrupted by Drakken.

“I never knew that you went to Harvard?” the blue man asked.

Elle smiled at Drakken, “I presume you’re Sheryl’s ex employer Dr. Andrew Lipsky?” She asked and earned a nod from the doctor, “Nice to meet you,” then she focused her eyes on Kim, “And you do have great taste with women, you must be Kim Possible?”

“Yes…” Kim replied skeptically, “Why do you know about Shego…”

“We were both Delta Nu, I did go to CULA you know…in college.” Shego said smiling.

Kim’s jaw dropped, “You went to California University of Los Angeles?” Kim asked and Shego nodded her head.

“Sheryl and I joined Delta Nu at the same time, we’re batch mates!” Elle exclaimed, “Anyways,” The blond looked at Shego, “The other three limos’ were of course here at your dispense, and to inform you about you’re father’s lawyer who died three years ago…” Elle pulled Shego, Kim and Irina towards their designated lift while the others were escorted by the men in black, “…his death was really surreal for me but there was nothing we could do to check, his wife declined the autopsy and they had no problem with your mom giving them a large sum of money.”

“Greg had served my father well. His family deserved a better life.” Shego said as soon as they entered the limo. Elle and Irina facing Shego and Kim.

“To continue, my father heard that Mrs. Goodwill was hiring another lawyer and guess who she was willing to hire?” Shego just raised her brows to asked, “My ex-professor, Counsel Callahan.”

“That man? That stupid…fucking…” Shego was cut.

“Oh yes, so before Mrs. Goodwill could get him, I was able to get hold of Uncle William and told him my intention of replacing Counsel Norton, so here I am…”

Shego smiled, “I’m glad that I have you as my legal counsel now.” She said, “I’m not getting that man after what he did to Brooke.”

“Me too.”


“Oh by the way, I like you two to meet my cousin Irina. We are here for Uncle William’s testament and will be staying over until everything is done here.” Elle said and the two other women nodded at Irina to greet her and then Irina took out a folder at her attaché case and handed it to Shego.

“Your father’s original will and testament, Joseph, Martin and your brother Henry signed that as witnesses.” Irina said.

“Aren’t blood relatives allowed to sign papers?” Kim asked the other red head.

“Yes that is true, but Henry is not Sheryl’s brother.” Elle explained, “I’m not saying anything I’ll let Sheryl do the explaining,” she then looked outside “but we could perhaps do that over lunch, I had Alfred prepared the dining room for the guests of Sheryl of course…”

Kim looked out of the car and her eyes widened when their lift stopped outside a majestic gate made of probably platinum, her eyes could only see a vast land of well placed plants and trees. Her eyes even widened when the gate opened automatically and their lift started moving in.


“BOOYAH!” Ron shouts as he went out of the limousine, they were all awed at the vast garden and the castle looking house in front of them. A man in suit they all assumed to be the butler was waiting for them with a smile and teary eyes.

“Master,” he greeted and bowed before Shego, “I’m so glad you finally returned to us.” He said.

“Oh stop that nonsense Alfred!” Shego said tapping the man on his back and she hugged the old man after he straightened out, “I missed you!” she said excitedly. The old butler returning the hug then he looked at Kim who was at her side.

“I’ll assume the beautiful lady is your lovely better half, Miss Kimberly Anne Possible?” He asked looking at Kim.

“Yes, my better half!” Kim replied with a blush.

The butler leaned forward, “I’m glad someone already snagged the princess!” he said in her ear.

“Princess?” Kim asked the butler and he nodded. Kim then looked at her lover, “You’re using a used pet name on me?”

Shego grinned, “Anyway I do hope you don’t mind I bring…”

“You are the master of this house and whatever you wish for is our command.” He said looking at Shego and then he shifted his focus on Kim, “The same goes to the master’s lovely better half.”

Shego started introducing everyone to Alfred including the rodent. Everyone’s eyes widened more when Alfred opened the door and all the house’s maids were lined up inside to greet them and each took a case and brought them to their designated room…if we could find them anyway in this huge house with probably a hundred or so rooms Ron and Kim thought as they were led to the dining hall.

But before they could even get there, two male teens that were almost the same age as Jim and Tim came bounding down the large central twin staircase.

“SHEGO!” the two shouted as they leaped to their sister’s arms with glee.

“Junior, Watari!” she called out as her younger brothers hugged their sister.

“We’re glad you came back!” Junior said.

“Yes, we really and we are happy that you came just at the right time. Mother isn’t here…”

And just when Watari was to finish his sentence, a loud scream was heard at the entrance of the house, the scream coming closer.

“Why did you come back here? You’re the reason William is in his death bed now! You ingrate!!” and before anyone could react, two slaps was rewarded on Shego’s face making the green skinned woman reel back from the force of it.

“SHEGO!” Kim shouts.

Marguerite was once again advancing on the stunned green skinned woman. It seemed that the sight of the brunette took all composure on Shego and she was left unresponsive on her place as the woman gave Shego another slap, and a shove.

The furious Goodwill woman had her hands raised once again and was to descend on Shego’s red face when the hit didn’t connect. In between the stunned Shego and the furious Marguerite was Anne Possible. Her hand held the other woman’s hand that was still in the air.

“I might have not accepted Shego fully into my daughter’s life, but you have no right to hurt her the way you are doing, no matter how big a sin my children do, I can never raised a hand on them…not the way you did to Shego.” Anne said before pushing the hand away and pushing Marguerite out of Shego’s way.

“Who the hell are you to tell me what to do to my daughter?!” Marguerite screamed at Anne.

“You don’t act like one right now, and being my daughter’s partner, and being my future grandchildren’s co-mother, I have all the right to stop you.” Anne said calmly…but her demeanor and the ice in her voice says another thing.

“And I think it was clear to us that you already denounced your responsibility to Shay as her mother. Besides, she’s really not your daughter anyway.” It was Mego without the mask; the purple haired man showed himself and smiled at their guest, “I’m glad Shego brought you all.” Then he looked at Anne Possible, smiling and nodded his head gratefully.

Marguerite screamed once again and was about to advance against Anne Possible when she was stopped from her back by a bulky man, Hego, “I think I did warn you mother about not hurting any of my brothers…and that includes Shay.” He said calmly before lifting her mother, “I’m sorry about this, I think I shall have a talk with my mother again.” He said then he looked at Shego and smiled before shifting his eyes on Kim and silently telling him to look after the green skinned woman. Kim nodded her head in agreement.

Everyone deflated when Hego walked out carrying an angry and screaming Marguerite Goodwill.

Elle sighed in relief, “Mrs. Goodwill started acting violent after I read Mr. Goodwill’s last will and testament. I’m not sure if her behavior has something to do with it,” the blond woman was talking to Kim not to the still stunned Shego, “But if you read the testament you might get what I mean.”

“And I believe the missus is very much dangerous.” Alfred added, “This house has eyes and ears too as far as we know.” The lawyer and her secretary nodded in agreement with the butler, “But please how rude of us to treat our valued guests this way, please let us proceed to the dining hall for lunch.” He said and led the way.

“Shego?” Kim pulled the quiet woman towards her, embraced Shego and placed a kiss on her cheek, “Come on…”

And before the two could move, Shego returned the embrace and buried her face on Kim’s neck, “Sorry…” Shego mumbles, “Sorry…”

“It’s not your fault Shego…” Kim answered.


“Shego…whatever happened to your father is not your fault. Everything that happened right now wasn’t your fault.” Anne said as she tapped the woman’s back, “You have a poor excused of a mother, foster, step or not.” Anne added before she walked pass the lovers and followed the retreating group.

“Don’t worry Shego…if you think I looked at you less because of this, you’re wrong. I haven’t seen anyone as brave as you to face that woman you call mother despite you knowing how hard it will be.” Kim placed another kiss on Shego’s expose cheek, “I would have walked out if I was in your shoes.”

Shego was already sniffing when Kim finished, “Thank you…” the older woman was about to pull away when Kim stopped her.

“I love you Shego, and no matter what happens during this vacation, always remember that there’s no past that could stop me from loving you, not even when you stop loving me. You’re too deep within me Shego to be unloved.”

And Shego started crying again.

-End chapter 5-

My laptop’s drive C was wiped away along with all the stories I’ve wrote, including this so I rewrite it after my brother fixed it. Good thing I had back up at the internet and glad I’ve posted most of my stories! Thank the Lord!

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