Story: Stupid Cupid (chapter 4)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 4

All songs included in this chapter are not and will never be owned by me! So whoever wrote and sung them...they are 'improperly acknowledge' here. Gomen!

Stupid Cupid

Chapter 4

It has been two weeks since Dr. Drakken and Wade visited Kim and Shego's humble abode, and it has been two weeks since the blue doctor kept on bugging the red headed hero about DNAmy.

Shego was vacuuming the living room carpet while Kim was on the couch reading a book assignment. Kim just recently got a call from the blue doctor asking about her progress with Dr. Hall, “You know what bugs me princess?” Shego asked without stopping her work, she was saying it a bit louder to overcome the sound of the vacuum cleaner

“No, I have no idea but I could guess!” Kim replied loudly

Shego looked at the younger woman, shook her head and smiled, “Don't you dare get smart on me Possible!” she said faking anger but her eyes were twinkling with mischief, “It bugs me that my former employer have to bugged you about DNAmy.” she said

Kim looked at her girlfriend, the woman has her back on her and so the red headed woman has her eyes focused on Shego's swaying butt, “Why does that bug you? Are you jealous that Dr. D wanted my service rather than yours?” she said a grin plastered on her face

Shego dropped the cleaner after turning it off, turned around to face Kim and held her arms akimbo, “You know that isn't the reason I am so bugged off that blue dolt, it was because he's been calling you almost every hour and it took off a lot of me time with you.” she said frowning

Kim made a pout (but not her puppy dog pout) as if she was sympathizing with the green skinned woman, “Awww...poor Sheggy missed lots of Kim-time!” she said teasingly and then she stood up, stepped closer to the ex-villainess and wrapped the taller girl into a hug. She leaned forward to whisper on Shego's ear, “You know I'll gladly tell Dr. D to go to hell when he calls again later...”

Shego frowned, “You'll say that?” she asked in bewilderment, “Goody, Prissy Kim Possible will say 'go to hell' to Dr. D?” she asked returning the tease. Kim released Shego from her embraced and huffed, she turned around to go back to the couch when Shego suddenly took hold of her arm and pulled Kim back, Shego then enclosed the smaller woman in her own embrace, “I know Kimmie is just making up that indignant act...”

“You know I am not a prissy princess...” Kim tried to reason

“But you admit that you're a goody girl to say such words?”

Kim turn around in the embrace and face Shego, “I could cuss you know,” she said as she return the embrace and lean her head on Shego's clavicle. Shego made a light swaying movement as if they were actually dancing into a very romantic tune

“Maybe we should do something drastic about this so that Dr. D will stop calling here every hour.” Shego suggested

Kim pulled away her face slightly to looked at Shego's face, “What do you have in mind?” she asked smiling

“ know I am a very romantic person...”

“Lover!” Kim corrected

Shego smiled and leaned forward to place a kiss on Kim's lips, “Okay, so I am a very romantic lover...”

“You get that right...lover!” Kim interrupted as she leaned to place her own kiss on Shego's lips

“We should stop this kissing if you want me to finish what I have to say princess.”

“You started it...” Kim defended

Shego smiled and tightened her embrace on Kim, “And that's the reason I am falling in love with you more everyday,” Shego said as she leaned forward and rest her chin on Kim's head that was resting on her clavicle

“And what is that reason?”

“You're a defender.” Shego's reason caused both women to laugh, “So going back to the topic at hand, since we both knew that I am a romantic lover, I always have a thing or two here,” she said and then raised a hand to point her index finger on her temple, “...that will make every girl swoon and hyperventilate.”

Kim pulled her face away again to looked at Shego, her face has a mischievous grin plastered on it, “Really now?” she asked

“Honest!” Shego swear raising one hand on the air, palm out

“So can Shego the great lover enlighten me with the kind of thing she could do to make every girls swoon and hyperventilate?” Kim dared

Shego released Kim from her embrace and pulled away, “You don't believe me huh?” she said as she pulls farther, “Stay there and witness how the great Shego performs!” she said answering to Kim's dare

Kim on the other hand laughs and nodded her head

Shego went to the mini component and selected a song. She has her back on Kim, after she inserted the disc and while she waits for her song to be played, Shego walked over the center of the living room, she still has her back on Kim and she made a sexy, alluring pose. Shego's head was turned on the side so that one side of her can be seen by Kim, her shoulder was diagonally placed, her right shoulder lower than the left, her right arm was held down on her side touching her straight right thigh and leg. Her left arm was bent and her left hand was resting on her slim waist, her left thigh and leg bent a little in a seductive manner

“WOOT!” Kim cheered at her girlfriend's pose

The music began with the base, Shego's shoulders started moving up and down in the rhythm of the music. Kim was almost drooling at this and Shego wearing her skimpy, short-short denim short didn't help Kim from maintaining her cool

Shego turned her head a bit more so that she could face the red head more and then she winks

You're just too good to be true...” Shego started to sing in her sexy, low, daring voice, she continued on swaying her shoulders as she sings, “Can't take my eyes off you, you feel like heaven to touch, I want to hold you so much, at long last love has arrived and I thank God I'm alive, you're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes of you...”

The song was sensual rather than 'dancy' and Shego's sensual movement added to its effect. Kim's eyes widened and she covered her open mouth with her hand when Shego suddenly turned around to face her, and slowly she walked towards her, her body swaying into the rhythm sensuously, her eyes looking at the redhead as if the green skinned woman is disrobing her with the use of her eyes

Pardon the way that I stare, there's nothing else to compare, the sight of you leaves me weak, there are no words left to speak, but if you feel like I feel, please let me know that it's real, you're just too good to be true...can't take my eyes of you...”

Shego suddenly pulled Kim close to her as the interlude before the chorus began; she dipped Kim backward as she leaned forward and sing... “I love you baby, I hope it's quite alright I need you baby, to warm this lonely night, I love you baby, trust in me when I say...” Shego leaned further and place a chaste kiss on Kim's lips causing the red head to blush and she continued, “Oh pretty baby, don't let me down I pray, oh pretty baby, now that I found you stay and let me love you baby...let me love you...”

Shego wasn't able to continue singing as Kim decided she can't hold on any longer and pulled the older woman closer, the red headed hero caught Shego's lips with her own and the two decided to exchange a hot, sensual and wet kiss...forgetting that they were still in a very dangerous position...

The kiss weakened Shego's knees as it buckles under her, the older, taller woman wasn't able to maintain the support on Kim's leaning body so the two fell down hard on the floor. This event made them pull from their kiss and they laughed at their own stupidity

“You've proved your point oh great one!” Kim said while laughing

Shego was hovering above Kim on their carpeted floor, “I told you!” she said smiling at the red head underneath her, “So when that phone rings, don't answer it...I shall do it for you.”

As if by magic, the phone rang the moment Shego said those words, “Speaking…” Kim said after giving out a hearty laugh

“Speaking of the blue devil,” Shego added and then she pulled herself up, extended her arms out for Kim to take which the red headed hero did and helped herself up, “I’ll get that princess.” Shego said after placing a sweet kiss on Kim’s lips and then she walked towards the ringing phone, held the receiver up and flatly said, “Dr. D…”

Shego heard a strangled “eeped” caused by the blue doctor on the other end, “She…Shego, he-he!” Dr, Drakken greeted nervously

“Hello Dr. D.” Shego greeted back, she was wearing an evil grin on her face, “And what catastrophic events you were in now that you decided to grace my ears with your voice?” she asked sarcastically. She heard a low “Shego” coming from Kim warning the green skinned female to ‘behave’, Shego looked back at her red headed princess who was now at the couch and has returned to her reading. Kim turned off the mini component with the unfinished song.

She…I…Is Kim Possible there?” Drakken asked after gathering some courage

“She is but she will not speak to you at the moment.” Shego replied

Ow…” Drakken said, the sudden feeling of dejection was noticeable at the blue man’s voice

“Dr. D, I need you to do something for me.” Shego said, her voice mellowed, she can’t help feeling saddened by her ex-employer’s ‘loser’s’ tone, “And you cannot say no as this will benefit you.” She added

There was a momentary silence on the other end, “How…how will it benefit me?” Drakken asked nervously

“You want to date DNAmy right?” there was no answer but Shego has the inkling that her ex-employer was nodding his head in agreement stupid Drakken, as if I could see him nod his head “Dr. D, if you are nodding your head in agreement, I can’t see it, so unless you want me to send plasma bolts thru this telephone line to burn your mouth, you better answer me in words!” Shego warned which earned another nervous “eeped” from the doctor

Of course Shego! I want to date Amy! Of course!” He hurriedly replied

“Good!” Shego smiled, “Here is the plan Dr. D…” Shego started to give instruction to Dr. Drakken softly.

Kim who noticed the sudden lowering of her lover’s voice turned her head to look at Shego. She was straining her neck so that she could at least hear a bit of the discussion but it was unsuccessful so she decided to stand up and walked closer to the almost whispering green skinned goddess. She was already at the back of Shego when the green skinned ex-villainess straightened herself up and gave out a hearty laugh

“That’s good to hear Dr. D. I shall see you tomorrow then? I’ll let you take care of the rest while I and pumpkin will take care of DNAmy.” Shego said before she put down the receiver and turned around. Shego almost hit her back on the desk when she jerked back, startled by Kim’s sudden appearance at her back, “God Pumpkin! You’re going to give me a heart attack! And when the hell did you learn to sneak on me like that?” Shego asked frowning

Kim laughed, “I wasn’t sneaking up on you lover…you were just too engrossed with giving Dr. Drakken an instruction you didn’t hear or notice me walking closer to you.” Kim reasoned

“I’ll be damned!” Shego huffed but instead of turning around, she pulled the red headed woman closer and enclosed her in embrace, “Get ready princess, we are heading at DNAmy’s humble abode tomorrow.”

“So what’s the plan?” Kim asked, trying to bait Shego from spilling

Shego grinned and shook her head, “You get ready and you’ll know what the plan is tomorrow.” Shego said and then she frowned, “I myself have no idea what Dr. D’s going to do!”

Kim smiled and placed a soft kiss on Shego’s cheek, “Then we’ll both have our surprise tomorrow…” Kim said and then she started swaying her hips, “Shego…”

The green skinned woman looked down at the woman in her arms, “Yes Kimmie?”

“Sheeego…” Kim purred

“Kiiiimmmmiiieee?” Shego purred back

“I can’t seem to absorb anything from what I am reading…” Kim said smiling lecherously

“Aaannnddd?” Shego drawled out

“The bed’s a bit cold now…”


“You don’t want me to carry you to our bedroom don’t you?” Kim asked giving Shego a wide grin

Shego shook her head and grin back, “You’re incorrigible Possible!” she said and then she leaned forward and caught Kim’s lips with hers. The younger woman returned the kiss with fervor as she wound her arms around Shego’s neck. The older, taller woman then bent over to carry Kim bridal style and headed to their bedroom without pulling away from the kiss

A loud banging sound from an opened door followed by another loud banging sound from it being closed forcefully and then by a loud clicking sound from the door knob…


The doorbell rang continuously causing the lone occupant of the house to huff as she hurriedly went down from her room, “Waaaiiittttyyyy!!” she called out in a singsong fashion as she traversed her large living room to get to the door. With a wide smile pasted on her rounded face, she opened the door widely. The two women by her door caused the occupant to drop her smile and was replaced by a worried look, “I haven’t done anything wrong!” she said in a very defensive manner, “I haven’t been into anything illegal since Global Justice gave me an amnesty! Promise!” she added

“We didn’t come here to arrest you.” Kim Possible said, she was wearing a sweet smile on her face, “Besides we know that you’re on the legal side now.” She added with a wink

DNAmy give out a sigh of relief, “Then what do I owe this pleasure?”

Shego was the one who answer with a grin, “Can’t I visit an old friend?” She asked causing DNAmy to shiver

“O…of course!” The heavy bodied geneticist stepped aside to let the two women in, “Please come in…” she invited and the two athletic women walked passed her and into her spacious living room

Kim’s eye widened with the ‘mansion’ DNAmy was living at, “Wow, I never knew you to have such a big house. My parent’s house with our garage could fit inside this!” Kim said excitedly

“Oh…thank you.” DNAmy politely said, “Could I offer you anything?”

Shego saw the large couch and decided to sit without waiting for her hostess’ offering it, “I cold water is fine with me Amy.” Shego said smiling

“Okay, and how about you Kim dear?” DNAmy turned her attention to the still inspecting red head; her mouth was wide open with awe. The red head shook her head no, so DNAmy headed to her kitchen to get Shego her water.

Kim stopped inspecting the place and looked at her lover who was sitting at the large couch, “How come you don’t look awed at this kind of place? This is huge! At least 7 times our apartment!” Kim asked her lover as she sat beside her

Shego looked at her young girlfriend and smiled, “Kimmie, most villains have this kind of house. They got too much money from all their nefarious activities so it is just right to have such kind of houses.” Shego explained

“So you and Dr. D owned something like this?”

Shego shook her head no, “Dr. D is a very rich man but his interest doesn’t lie on houses.” She explained, “How much do you think it cost to build death rays? Vortexes, etcetera, etcetera?”

Kim frowned, “I thought you steal it for him?”

Shego raised her brows, “Princess, I only steal parts that are not available in the market, and most of them are just little parts and doesn’t constitute the whole ray or vortex itself.”

Kim’s eyes widened, “You mean Dr. D built those rays?” this was answered by a nod, “Holy cow…then…”

“Dr. D is a brilliant man, he has a very wide imagination but I don’t think his brilliance will serve the villain community any benefit.”

Kim smiled remembering the time when Drakken invented the genetically altered plants intended to dominate the world but instead was used to save it from Warhok and Warmongga, “I think you have a moot point.”

Shego’s reply was interrupted by DNAmy coming back with a pitcher of Ice cold water and two glasses, “I thought you might change your mind Kim dear, so I brought an extra glass for you.” DNAmy said as she sat on one of the solo couches at the living room

“Thank you Dr. Hall,” Kim bowed her head to acknowledge the sweet gesture


“So tell me, what is the purpose of your visit?” The heavy doctor asked

Kim suddenly blushed causing Shego to snicker. The older woman turned her head from Kim to DNAmy, “I’ll get straight to the point.” DNAmy nodded her head, “I came here in behalf of Dr. Drakken.”

DNAmy smiled, “Andrew Lipsky? Drewbie?” she asked, her eyes has this sudden flash of happy memories, “Oh why then did Drewbie sent you?”

Kim shook her head trying to erase the image of Drakken in baby clothes I can’t imagine Dr. D being called Drewbie…oh Drakken in diapers ewe!

Shego noticed Kim’s facial expression and smiled, “He wanted to take you out on a date.” Shego informed the woman who was now wearing a blush on her face

“He sent you to tell me that? But he never asked me out personally!” the doctor said cheerfully, “Oh how I love to hear him ask me that question.” She said giggling like a teenager

Yuck…how the hell did I get into this ewe…? Shego thought but her face still bears a smile similar to that of Kim, “Oh yes, he is planning on doing that actually.”

DNAmy’s eyes widened with glee, “REALLY?” she asked excitedly, “When?”

Kim who wasn’t informed of this also has her eyes widened by the information. She looked at Shego with a silent question in her face. Shego looked back at the younger woman and just made an expression telling her silently to just wait and see


Not long after the inevitable silence, they heard a background music playing

“Oh my!” DNAmy exclaimed, she had her hands clasped together and was raised on her cheeks, her plump cheek resting on her hands, “Is that Drewbie’s surprise?” Shego replied with a nod

Kim looked at Shego and the green skinned woman shrugged her shoulders, “Maybe we should get out to see what Dr. D has in store for Dr. Hall?” she asked DNAmy smiling and then she turned her head and glared at Shego

Shego bent her head sideward telling Kim to go ahead, so Kim did walked out of the living room following DNAmy and out into the garden…

And there at the garden stood…wait…

Ron was sitting behind a drum, Wade was standing beside Drakken bearing a Bass guitar, Drakken was carrying a rhythm, lead guitar and the three were playing a song when did Ron and Wade learn how to play any musical instrument? Kim asked herself silently

Drakken was wearing tight fitted blue acid-washed denim, he has a white round neck shirt and he was wearing a brown leather vest over it. The doctor was also wearing a high cut brown leather boots with worn out steel on its front. He has a brown baseball cup on his head that says “I heart Amy” and his head was bouncing up and down like a rocker though the tune of the song was light rock. He lifted his head up and smiled when he saw DNAmy, Shego and Kim on the garden watching them

Shego smiled and shook her head while Kim started laughing. Wade and Ron was wearing their usual get up but the mere fact that the two were playing instrument caught Kim’s attention. Shego watched DNAmy as the fat geneticist swooned at Drakken’s ploy…

There are times
When I’m lying' in my
Hugged my pillow and cry from this stupid game
And my eyes are like windshields on a rainy day
Almost rubbed-out, swelling
As I keep on
Digging' my face
In these cold hands of mine
Heaven knows how embittered I am

Shego frowned and then she leaned sideward to whisper on Kim’s ears, “I knew Drakken sing, but I know that isn’t his voice!” she said. Kim turned her head to look at Shego quizzically, “Believe me pumpkin, I know…”

'Cause this angel has flown away from me
Leaving me in drunken misery
I should have clipped her wings
And made her mine
For all eternity
Now this angel has flown away from me
I thought I had the strength to set her free
I did what I did
Because I love her so
Will she ever find her way
Back home to me

DNAmy was giggling all throughout while Dr. D was singing. Wade and Ron have a wide smile on their faces as they play along. Kim knew now that if Dr. D’s voice wasn’t his as Shego said, then perhaps her friends are just acting I wonder how Drakken was able to get the service of these two… Kim’s musing was interrupted by Ron winking on her

I'm so tired
I feel like catching forty-winks
Being up all night in this elbow-room
that puts me in a trance
where hopes and dreams come true

Now my lips are burning
And my eyes are hurting
From these fumes I mixed
'Till I light another
Cigarette just to pass my time
Oh, heaven knows ho embittered i am'Cause this angel has flown away from me
Leaving me in drunken misery
I should have clipped her wings
And made her mine
For all eternity
Now this angel has flown away from me
I thought I had the strength to set her free
I did what I did
Because I love her so
Will she ever find her way
Back home to me..

Shego and Kim thought DNAmy will collapse from too much blushing and too much swooning, the geneticist squealed in delight once the number was done. Drakken put down his guitar and stepped closer to the fat geneticist and without batting an eyelash, he kneeled in one knee and in his annoying voice asked

“Amy…will you go out on a date with me?”

Oh my Lord! He was just supposed to ask Amy like a normal man! What the heck is he doing? This isn’t a romantic-gory movie! Dr. D! Get up you fool! Shego thought, her eye brows were going up and down on her forehead trying to contain her anger. This was noticed by Kim so the red headed leaned sideward and whispered, “Don’t Sheggy…I think Dr. D just pulled this one of!”

And to their delight…

“Oh yes Drewbie! I’ll be glad to go out with you!” DNAmy squealed before throwing herself on Drakken causing the blue man to lose his balance and the two ex-villains fell on the ground

“So it’s a success?” Kim asked her lover and then she looked at her friends. She laughed when Ron raised one thumb on her and Wade watched the couple laughed as they rolled on the ground

“I think we better get home princess, this scene is making me sick!” Shego whined

“But I think it’s lovely and sweet!”

Shego glared at Kim and then at the two ex-villains, “Stop that now or I swear I am going to fry your butts!” She said causing the two to yelp

“Shego! You’re ruining the mood!” Kim chastised the older woman



Shego and Kim stayed a bit longer at DNAmy’s, cheerful geneticist happily thanking the two for helping Drewbie in planning everything. They stayed even though Shego would probably have emptied her stomach from too much sweetness between the two

“Stupid Cupid!” Shego whined when she suddenly remember DNAmy calling them their cupids

“Why are you so gruff Sheggy?” Kim asked, the red head was sitting at the stool in front of their vanity mirror brushing her hair

“Why will I not? Do I look like cupid to you?” Shego asked frowning

Kim stopped brushing her hair and turned around to face the woman laying at their king size bed, “Why not? You made everything happened!”

Shego rolled her eyes, “They were already attracted to each other! Dr. D was just a goof to not feel it and take advantage of Amy’s vulnerability!” she explained flailing her hands on the air

“Then you still played cupid!” Kim insisted

Shego turned her head to glare at the younger woman, “Call me that one more time princess…”

“Or what?” Kim dared

“No sex for a week!” Shego replied

“What?!” Kim asked in bewilderment, “How come I get to be punished for something you did?” Kim drops her shoulders

“Because you won’t stop calling me cupid!”

“You call yourself that now! Not me!” Kim said wide eyes; she was now pointing a finger at Shego

“Kimmie!” Shego bolted out of the bed and was to tackle Kim when the “kimmunicator” beeped

Kim grinned and turned around, opened the cabinet and pulled out the blue device. She turned it on and was surprise to see not Wade, but a purple haired man which she knew very much as Shego’s brother Mego, “Hello there Mego!” Kim greeted

Hearing the name Mego caused Shego to stopped on her track, “What the hell does he wants now?” she asked angrily

Kim shrugs her shoulders, “Hi.”

Hello there Kim Possible.” Mego greeted politely. His face was wearing a smile, “I’ll probably get my ass burned from this call but this is urgent and we really need to talk to our dear sister.” He said smiling

Kim doesn’t have to repeat his words as Shego overheard him, the green skinned woman snatched the device from Kim’s hand and frowning she talked to the purple haired man, “Mego.” She said sternly

Mego winced at the venom Shego’s voice contain, “I really am not suppose to call you, it was suppose to be Hego but he decided that his butt isn’t worth burning so here I am.” He said smiling nervously

“I am not going to play words with you, so whatever is this important thing you need to tell me…tell me now.” Shego said with finality

Actually we wanted to tell you about this in person, I mean about the very important matter,” He said making a quote-unquote sign in the air, “The not so pressing matter is that you have to come here, Uncle William won’t last long, he’s very sick and he was looking for you and only you.”

This information caused Shego to pale, her eyes suddenly widened and her knees began shaking at once

“Shego…” Kim called out worriedly

“What happened to him?” she asked trying to control her trembling voice

That is what we wanted to talk to you in person, Hego and I wanted tot ell you about everything but we cannot risk telling you about it here, I am not sure if we can be heard.” Mego explained, he sighed in relief when he saw Shego nod her head, “We secretly came to the Go tower to get some secure line and was thankful that Kim’s friend was able to be of help.”

“I’m coming…” She said but cut herself out, “No, I mean we are coming. I’m bringing Kim and my future ‘in laws’ with me.” Shego said and then she looked at Kim who nodded her head

I think that is a good idea, if you could bring the genius as well then the more you’ll appreciate it.” Mego suggested

Shego frowned, “That serious ha?” Mego just nodded then Shego closed her eyes, “Why the sudden change of heart?”

Mego smiled genuinely, “Because we weren’t really your enemy Shego. We love you like our own sister.”

Shego smiled timidly and nodded her head, “I’ll talk with the Possibles as to when they can come with me.”

We’ll wait for you, and don’t you worry about Uncle William, we will look after him.”

“Thank you…”

Mego cut out the line without waiting for Shego to finish her sentence. Shego looked at Kim before giving back the device

“Are you okay Shego?” Shego just nodded at Kim’s question


At the Possibles residence. Anne Possible was seated on the couch watching an episode of National Geographic Channel while James Possible was on the dining table, laptop open and was typing a report for his project when the phone rang

“I’ll get it honey!” Anne yelled at her husband and then she stood up and went to answer the phone, “Hello, Possible residence, this is Dr. Anne Possible may I know who’s calling?

Mom!” Kim answered

“Oh Kimmie darling! How are you?” Anne asked. At the mention of Kim’s name, James Possible leaned backward to looked at her wife on the phone and mouthed “is that Kimmie?” which was answered by a simple nod

I’m fine mom; actually I called because Shego wants to talk to you.”

“Oh, then get her on the phone honey.” Anne sweetly said though her heart was beating faster from apprehension. James noticed this and scrunched his forehead, Anne mouthed “Shego” and James smiled and nodded his head

Hello Anne,” greeted Shego after taking the phone from Kim, “Sorry if we bothered you…”

“Oh don’t worry about it, I was just lazing out and watching National Geographic.” Anne answered breathing out a sigh of relief. James who became more curious stood up and joined his wife, “So is there anything I can help you with?”



Oh sorry I spaced out.” Shego said, “Am, you did say you wanted to know about my background yes?”

Anne scrunched her forehead at the sudden reminder, “That I did.” She replied and smiled, she could hear Shego breathing out on the other end

Okay, you see I got this invitation to go back to my family’s house, my father wasn’t in a good condition…”

“Oh sorry to hear about that!” Anne exclaimed a bit saddened by the

Oh don’t be, actually I wanted to invite you to come with us…you and Mr. Possible and…”

Anne a smiled, “I am willing to look at your father’s condition Shego.”

T…Thanks Anne!”

Anne smiled at the sudden change in Shego’s tone of voice

I’ll fetch you on your house just tell me when you and Mr. Possible will be available…”

“James is a bit busy this week, perhaps anytime next week? We still have unused vacation leaves left.” She said. James looked at his wife but didn’t disagree

That’ll be great, I’ll ask Kim to arrange her schedule and we’ll call you again?” Shego said excitedly which caused Anne to smile more

“We’ll wait for your call then.”

Okay…ah, I’ll turn the phone to Kimmie now.” Shego said and Anne heard soft rustling before Kim talked once again, “Mom…”

-end chapter 4-

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