Story: Stupid Cupid (chapter 3)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 3

This story is edited by Wingweaver

Stupid Cupid

Chapter 3

Kim and Shego were in their room lying on their bed. Kim has her head on the older woman’s shoulder while Shego was lying on her back. Her right arm was stretched to her side that served as Kim’s pillow. The younger woman’s body was draped over her. Despite them conceding that they needed rest at that moment, both women still had their eyes open, their brain cells running miles per hour. Their flow of thoughts was about the same person but of different perspective.

Kim’s thoughts was on why her mother visited them without calling prior, which was unlikely of her okay, it was unlikely of her before my illness. But that was not what really puzzled her; it was her mother’s sudden changed in demeanor upon her arrival. She knew that there was a problem with Shego moving in with her but her parents never talked about it or asked her about her decision. Her mother’s sudden reaction made Kim think that the two older women were hiding something from her. What were they up to? She thought.

Shego on the other hand was thinking about Anne’s reasons why she suddenly visited the apartment to talk with her. Anne’s referring to her economic condition wasn’t the reason why the green skinned ex-thief can’t sleep. It was Anne’s desire to learn of her past, her family that Shego tried to separate from her present relationship. Why does it have to be that? Her reality was far from what the general public’s knowledge, her reason for leaving Team Go, a respected and dependable group of superheroes was all a fluke. If there is one aspect in my life I wanted to erase is my fucking past with my family.

The silence wasn’t one you’ll hear from a room occupied by two sleeping people. It was an awkward silence you’ll hear between two people who’s sizing each other up. A silence that was never acceptable with Kim Possible.

“You’re awake?” Kim asked Shego which the older woman answered with a nod, “Can I ask you something?”

“Princess, you know you can ask me anything.” Shego said with a serious tone.

“Yeah, but you don’t answer everything.”


“Okay, just for this night princess, asks me anything and I’ll answer it.”


“Cross my heart!” She promised raising her free hand and placing it on her left chest…Kim’s left shoulder blade since the younger woman was covering that.


“I know my mom came here not for me. Did you two had a fight or something?” she asked nervously, she didn’t want to know that her mother has a problem with Shego and vice versa

“No princess, we talked that’s all.”

Kim pulled her body away from Shego slightly and then she tilted her head to look at the green skinned woman under her, “Remember you promised to tell the truth.”

“I swear Kimmie, your mother and I had a serious talk.”

Kim nodded her head then she returned her head on the older woman’s shoulder, “So what did you two talked about?”


“She was asking me about myself.”


“Well… you know your mother was worried about you so it’s understandable that she would ask questions to know more about the person you’re involved with.” Shego explained.

“So what did she ask?”

“Lots…but mostly about my past, though her question wasn’t that detailed.” Kim nodded at the explanation, “She also asked about my dedication to our relationship.” She added.

Kim tilted her head without pulling away, “And-”

“I told her I am willing to give my life for you.” Shego answered then she looked down to meet Kim’s lighter emerald eyes.

“She should ask me that because I’ll be answering the same.” She said smiling. Shego’s head leaned forward and Kim’s lips met that of Shego’s, “Don’t you think it’s time for us to…” Kim said after their kiss, her face sporting a light blush… “You know?”

Shego smiled evilly, “No Kimmie, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Kim frowned, “Shego!” she squirmed, “You really wanted me to say it don’t you?”

Shego feigned innocence, “Say what?”

“Grrrr…” Kim made a growling sound before saying, “Sex!” then she sighed as she watch Shego burst with laughter, “So? You’re having a nice laugh ha?”

Shego was still laughing and tried to control herself and then said, “Yes,” then she laughed again, “Oh Kimmie!” she said then exhaled, “You look adorable and cute while saying the S word!”

Kim glared at Shego, “Go on laugh Shego. Don’t you dare cry when the time comes that you wanted to have…to have…s…sex with me and I ignore you!” Kim’s stuttering brought Shego into a fit of laughter again.

She replied once she gets over herself, “I’m not going to worry about that princess, cause I tell you…” Shego looked at Kim mischievously, “Once you pop, you can’t stop!” she said quoting a famous commercial line. (A/N: Pringles?)

“Shego!” Kim exclaimed hitting the woman’s shoulder lightly, but before Kim could repeat the motion, Shego pushed the younger woman on her back to reverse their position and the older woman caught Kim’s lips with her own.

Shego has an arm over Kim’s waist, her hand leaning on the side of the bed for support. Her other arm was raised and placed over Kim’s head and was resting on Kim’s pillow. Shego, feeling the heat rush inside her deepened the kiss causing the younger woman to moan lightly. Shego took the opportunity to insert her tongue inside Kim’s mouth tasting the younger woman’s and then she let her tongue traced Kim’s teeth and then it move up to tickle Kim’s palate. Her actions were returned with more moaning sounds, Kim’s arm wounding tight around Shego’s neck and pulling the older woman closer.

Shego shifted her body to a more comfortable pose causing a leg to flex and her knee to touched Kim’s covered crotch which caused the younger woman to gasp. As the two were into deep with their lip lock, oxygen started to dwindle down causing the two to separate to gulp for air.

“Do you know that the brain can survive up to 15 minutes without oxygen?” Kim asked panting; she could feel the increasing pressure in her stomach and the increase in her body’s temperature.

“And how is that important right now?” Shego asked her gaze focused on Kim’s red lips, lower lips were being bitten seductively. She leaned forward with the intention of replacing Kim’s teeth with her own but was stopped by Kim placing a finger across her lips.

“It was just a thought Shego…” Kim smiled when Shego tried to pry away the finger with her lips, “Say it first…”


“Say sex Shego…”

Shego smiled, “Fuck.” She said it seductively and grinned as Kim removed her finger and laughed. Shego leaned in for the Kiss once again and the young heroine welcomed Shego’s soft and moist lips. As they went deeper into tasting each other, the older woman’s arm that was resting at the side of Kim started touching the red head’s side down to her legs that was covered by Kim’s pajama bottom. Igniting her hand, Shego began to trace it with her finger leaving a burn linear area on the side of the PJ bottom. Shego pulled away from Kim, she stared at Kim’s lust filled eyes and without warning ripped off her PJ bottoms.

“Shego that was my favorite!” Kim said, her eyes focused on the older woman. She leaned her elbow on the bed and pushed herself up to capture Shego’s lips and resumed their kissing.

“Do you want this?” Shego asked seriously and Kim replied with a nod, “I wanted to be sure…”

“I’m sure. I wanted this Shego, I wanted to take you and I want you to take me…now…” Kim’s voice was like a whisper, not minding her torn and burned PJ bottoms, she jerk forward and caught Shego’s lips. Her movement was so fast Shego smiled as her brain likened Kim’s action to an attacking cobra.

Shego resumed her touching of Kim’s side and then once again trailed her hand down to the younger woman’s thigh that was now liberated from her PJ; she caressed Kim’s soft, smooth skin and reveled on how it felt against her heated hands. Kim on the other hand moaned a bit louder as her thigh felt Shego’s warm, caressing hand. Then she felt Shego lift her leg and wound it around her waist as Shego lightly went down on her. The older woman was positioned in between her open legs.

Shego’s lips pulled away and started kissing its way down her neck, sucking and licking on certain points which caused the red head to tilt her head and moan. Shego went further down as Kim arched her back to give the older female more access. Shego’s wandering hand was making its way up under Kim’s PJ top and onto Kim’s right breast, she rested her hand under the mound and she ignited her hand to give Kim a very warm, electrifying feeling causing the younger woman to moan louder. She ran her hand up to the very peak of Kim’s right mound to find a very erect nipple. Shego pulled away from the younger woman and looked down, her lust filled eyes traveled up and down Kim’s body, “I don’t think you need this anymore.” She said holding on Kim’s PJ top. Smiling evilly she lifted her hand that was once on Kim’s pillow and pulled the buttons out. Once every button left the cloth, Shego cut the side and ripped it off Kim’s body. Exposing the red head’s bra clad chest.

“You know you owe me a whole PJ now.” Kim said seductively.

“You’ll never need one from now on.” Shego retorted and then leaned forward to put her mouth on Kim’s right covered nipple. Kim’s been so hard and erect that it was still visible through her bra. The younger woman gasped and arched her back as her arms once again wound around Shego’s neck and pulled the older woman close. Shego traced the side of Kim’s torso and when she reached the side of the bra, she cut it with her ignited finger. She was able to remove the material without much problem as Kim was arching her back away from the bed.

“She…Shego, that…that was my favorite…too…” Kim said in between pants, she still had her eyes open and she was looking at her lover’s head on her right breast, “Shego…”

The older woman didn’t say anything instead she flicked her tongue out to lick on Kim’s erect nipple causing Kim’s body to shake and eyes to close, “Sheg…” As Shego paid homage to Kim’s right breast with her able mouth and tongue, she raised her right hand to massage the other breast, pressing her warmed thumb on the nipple and made a circular motion causing the younger woman to squirm underneath her. But Shego doesn’t want to hear Kim squirm; she wanted to hear her scream, so Shego bit on Kim’s right nipple a bit hard and smiled inwardly when she got the reaction she wanted.


She stopped biting and licked the slightly bruised nipple. She raised her other arm and started massaging the right breast the same way her other hand massaged the left then she captured Kim’s left breast to do the same .

“Oh God! Shego!” Kim called out as her body started to writhe under Shego, her hips started pushing up against the older woman over her, “Shego…” her voice shaking.

Oh! What the hell is happening to my body? I didn’t feel this way when Ron get this far! Oh…I feel like I died and went to heaven…ohhh

“Shego!” Kim screamed as she felt the pressure in her stomach run down to her wet sex, she could feel the wetness in between her legs increase and she bucked her hips harder against Shego.

Without releasing Kim’s breast, Shego trailed her hand down Kim’s body and found the younger woman’s center, still covered with wet panties. She pressed a finger over the covered centered and push a bit then started rubbing. The cloth and finger made contact with Kim’s swollen and hardened clit causing the red head to trash wildly and squirm, “Oh God… Shego… Please!” Kim screamed as she held onto Shego’s back for support.

Shego pulled away from Kim’s breast after a light bite and a lick and then she looked down to see her Kim’s wet covered sex. She inhaled deeply to smell her princess’ need in the air. Smiling she took her wet finger away from Kim’s and licked it. Her other hand swiped Kim’s panties to reveal what was hidden behind. She licked her lips when she saw her princess’ trimmed hair that covers her wet epicenter, “Shego…please…”

Without anymore encouragement she moved a finger inside and wanders around Kim’s crevice. The feel of Shego’s finger on her outer walls made Kim gasp, and when that same finger found her hardened clit, Kim made a wild jerking motion. Shego watched Kim’s expression as she kept her fingers do wonders inside Kim’s heated organ, watching Kim bite her lower lip for a bit of control made the older woman shudder. She leaned forward and kissed the younger woman’s lips. Kim eagerly complied as she bucked her hips against Shego’s sole finger.

“Did the buffoon made you feel this way princess?” She asked seductively after she released Kim’s mouth and made her way to Kim’s earlobes, biting, teasing it, “Did he princess?”

Shego’s words were floating in Kim’s head; she knew what to answer but the wave of pleasure kept her from doing so, “Princess?” Shego asked and then she stopped her wondering finger inside Kim but did not remove it.

“Oh God! Please…Oh don’t stop…Please!” Kim said panting.

“You got to answer princess.”

Kim whimpered and shook her head, “We…we…” she screamed when Shego suddenly pinched Kim’s clit, “SHEGO!”

“Come on princess, you can do it…”

“God Shego!” Kim bucked her hips once again against Shego’s finger, “Shego! We didn’t get this far!” She answered hurriedly; taking Shego’s hand and urged it to continue.

Shego smiled and leaned forward to catch the red head’s lips. As she dove inside Kim’s mouth, her sole finger slid further into Kim’s depth causing the red head to gasp in her mouth. Kim closed her eyes as Shego’s wandering finger traced Kim’s inner walls, massaging it and sending waves of euphoric pleasure unto the young woman. Her finger found that barrier that could make her claim Kim as hers, body and soul. She pulled her mouth from Kim and looked at the red head’s sweaty, reddened face, “This is going to hurt a little Princess, just bite onto me or whatever…” Kim nodded at her, “I love you so much Princess…” she said and with another finger added to her lonely one inside, she thrust them hard causing the red head to jerk and cried out in pain.

Shego’s fingers remained motionless as she kissed Kim’s face that is wet with perspiration and tears. “Look at me Kimmie, please…” she urged and Kim responded. Emerald orbs that are so much like hers focused on her emerald ones. They stared at each other until Kim started moving her hips once again. Getting the signal, Shego started thrusting in and out of Kim, slowly at first. The younger one matched Shego’s thrust rhythm by rhythm. The pressure within both women intensified as Shego begun thrusting faster and harder, feeling her own pleasure rise she urged Kim to touch her by pulling the younger girl’s free hand and pushing its fingers inside her hot, wet sex.

Kim opened her eyes and looked down at their intertwined bodies. Her fingers inside Shego and Shego’s inside hers. The two women bucked their hips towards their invading fingers; their thrust becomes faster, harder, needier.

“Shego, I think I’m cumming.” Kim forced out the words after pants.

“God Kimmie!” Shego screamed as she bucked her hips harder against Kim’s hand, “Just…I… I’ll follow!” she screamed again.

Shego felt Kim’s vaginal walls constrict inside, the walls around her fingers vibrate as the pressure of orgasm hits Kim like a tidal wave, “SHEEEGOOO!” Kim screamed as her very first orgasm came.

Kim’s orgasm pushed Shego on her edged and sooner, she screamed her own pleasure, “KIMMMM!”

Both bodies stiffened as the assault of pure pleasure came at its maximum, Shego crashed down on Kim when it passed them. Both women panting due to their exertion, fingers still within each other, Shego looked up at Kim’s tear filled eyes that was looking down at her, the younger woman’s body was quivering. Feeling the walls relaxed, Shego removed her fingers inside Kim and Kim’s fingers inside her, she crawled up and gathers the younger woman in her embrace.

“I love you Shego.” Kim said as she cried, her head buried on Shego’s neck

“Shhh, I know Kimmie, I know.” Shego kissed the red mane, “I love you too princess, with all my heart.”


Morning was filled with love as the two women continued their new found ‘hobby’, it was early dawn when they finally gave up and sleep. Shego woke up earlier than Kim and started cleaning herself before going down to the kitchen to make breakfast. It was a Wednesday and Kim doesn’t have any classes. Kim’s schedule gave her three days off, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Without hero work there’s nothing much to do for Kim and Shego, so it was alright that they exchange their night rest with a more heavy activity since they both can rest it out during the day.

Kim was awakened by two things, her kimmunicator’s beeping and Shego’s heavenly cooking. Looking down at her self, she smiled and then covered herself with the blanket before taking the beeping machine and opened it, “Good morning Wade.” Kim greeted happily.

“Whoa!” Wade exclaimed as she saw Kim’s smiling face, “You look happy to day Kim.” He said smiling.

“Very! And not just Very happy but I feel Very Sexy too.” Kim joked causing the Afro-American boy to blushed, “So what’s the purpose of this courtesy call Wade? I do hope this has nothing to do with missions?”

“Oh!” Wade was pulled from his dirty thoughts by Kim’s question, “No, actually this has something to do with Drakken.”

Kim’s eyes widened, “What did he do now? I thought he’d retired from his villainous deeds?”

Wade smiled, “Hold it Kim! I’m not saying that he’s into world domination again.” Kim looked at Wade bewildered, “He contacted me and was bawling.”

“Drakken? Bawling?” She looked at Wade nod, “Why?”

“That is the reason I called, I can’t make him stop and I have no idea how to.” Wade said.

Kim smiled, “I think you contacted the wrong person.” She said, “Can you hold on?”

“Kim!” Wade called out the retreating figure. He smiled when he saw her return her focus on the machine, “We are already on our way to your house, 5 minutes to be exact.”

Kim’s eyes widened again, “WHAT?!”

“Heh!” Wade paled, “See yah Kim!” Wade hurriedly said and turned off his part of the communication.

“I am so going to hurt you WADE!!” Kim screamed as she hurriedly gets up; get some decent clothes and ran for the bathroom, but before she went in she screamed, “SHEGO! DRAKKEN AND WADE ARE COMING IN FIVE MINUTES!!”

Before she could close the door, Kim heard her lover give out loud curses at the uninvited distractions Lover… Kim smiled as she closed the door.


Drakken stopped bawling as soon as the two males heard Shego’s cussing from outside. Wade rang the door bell with a very nervous hand. The once agoraphobic young boy was now a very sociable entrepreneur. After making Kim Possible’s website, other wanna be heroes hired him to make them one, since these heroes do their biddings for a price, he started charging for his service and since he was the best in his field, these wanna be’s bite into it. So after some prodding from his friends he started going out to meet them personally, making him more human.

Right now, Drakken and Wade were seated in the living room couch quietly. Kim and Shego were seated opposite them. The two irate women were quiet as they waited for Drakken to speak up. But it has been ten minutes since they arrived and Dr. D hasn’t said a single word…which irritated the green skinned goddess more.

“I’m going to give you one minute to start talking Dr. D or I promise, you’ll never get out of our apartment in one piece.” Shego warned the blue doctor.

“Shego-” Dr. D tried to calm the woman.

“I’ve said my piece,” Shego said calmly then looked at her watch, “You’ve already wasted 10 seconds doc.”

“Shego!” Dr. D screamed like a female.

“20 seconds.”

“I can’t get Amy to say yes!!” he screamed loudly.

Drakken’s sudden burst caught everyone’s attention.

“Amy? As in Amy Hall? A.k.a DNAmy?” Kim asked in bewilderment, Drakken nodded.

“What the fuck?! You came here because you can’t get that fat woman to date you!” Shego screamed angrily, Drakken and Wade thought they’ve saw a fiery dragon in front of them, “You ruined my day with Kim because you can’t get a date with AMY!!”

“Hey…I…I like Amy you know?” Dr. D said shyly and this amused Kim.

Kim looked at Wade, “So why bring him here if that’s his problem?”

Wade made a swallowing action, “I didn’t want to bring him here but he demanded to see Shego.”

Shego frowned and looked at Drakken evilly, “And why is that Dr. D?”

Drakken paled, “You always help me out.” He reasoned, “You opened my pickle bottles for me!” he even added which caused the green skinned woman’s brows to raise, her face now a bit flushed.

Kim looked at her lover quizzically, her expression bears the question: You do that for him? Shego returned the look that says: Do I have a choice that time?

Kim smiled at her lover; she leaned closer and rests her hand on Shego’s exposed thigh. She returned her focus on the shy blue man. Unconsciously, Kim started rubbing her hand on Shego’s thigh.

Wade was the one who noticed the gesture, he looked at Shego who was looking at Kim’s wandering hand in her thigh, Shego’s mouth was open in shock. Kim seemed to not notice what her hand was doing. “Ahem,” Wade made a sound and politely turned his gaze from Shego, “Ah, so what do you think we should do about this?”

Shego whipped her head towards the two males, “The hell I’m going to do something!”

Kim smiled, “Why don’t you leave that to us Dr. D?” Kim said smiling.

Shego frowned, “Kimmie-” her protests were halted by a hand squeezing her leg muscle suggestively. It seems my Kimmie was aware at what she was doing. Torturing me Kimmie huh? Shego thought as she looked at the young red head.

“Will you now leave us if I say that we’ll take care of everything Dr. D?” Kim asked sweetly you better leave now before I bore a hole in your head Drakken.

Kim’s sweet smile doesn’t hide the fact that if the two visitors do not leave ASAP, there will be price to pay.

“O-Of course Kim Possible!” Drakken stood abruptly and bowed his head, “I’ll just contact Wade for the results?”

Kim nodded.

Wade followed the retreating scientist, “Bye Kim, I’ll talk to you later.”

Kim did not answer; instead she waved her hand at Wave. Once the visitors disappeared, Kim looked at her lover lustily

“Kimmie?” Shego asked as she inched away from the young red head

Without a word, Kim pounced the older women and the two fell on the floor…giggling.


“Mr. Goodwill has finalized his will Ma’am.”

“Good.” Silence, “So how much will I get from all of this?”


“A total of five million dollars.” Was the reply

“What? Five million dollars? Are you insane? There must be something wrong in that will!”

“Nothing’s wrong with this will ma’am, everything was legally done.”

A sigh, “How much will my sons get?” she asked again.

“Henry and Melchor will not get anything. William and Watari will both have five million dollars each too.”

“Is that all? The business? The house? And everything!?”

“Everything will be left to Sheryl Goodwill. The legal heir.”

The lawyer was not stunned to hear the woman made a loud scream before walking away from her office.

“Legal Counsel Woods?” her intercom buzzed, “I got an angry woman from your office, are you alright?”

The blonde lawyer smiled, “Never been this good Irina, never been this well.” She said before disconnecting the intercom.

end chapter 3 –

A/N: This was the longest sex scene I’ve written! And Elle Woods made another cameo! But really I like her as a lawyer, aside from her being a her, her character was a fighter, like Kim and Shego. Oh I think you know where Irina came from. Next chapter, Marguerite made an evil scheme without her son’s knowledge. Drakken gets to date DNAmy and KIGO will have an invitation to the mansion. What will Anne Possible and James Possible discover about Shego and what will be their reaction?

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