Story: Stupid Cupid (chapter 2)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 2

A/N: Sorry for this late update on my Stupid Cupid story. As I have reasoned in my Baby 101, I’ve been plagued by Mai HIME fic. But I am here now updating. I do not own Kikoman soy sauce, but it’s the best one used for sushis and sashis. yummm

This story will have Wingweaver as my beta reader, so 4 loud claps for weaver! (clap- clap-clap-clap). Now on the story.

Chapter 2

Kim arrived at the university canteen fifteen minutes later after the bell signaled ‘lunch break’, she was asked by the college’ department’s dean into her office about the university’s upcoming “fair” and she was tasked to lead the fund-raising activity.

It has been more than two months since she came back to school. Since her average grade was an astounding A+ before she got sick, the school gave her a special examination, she passed the exam with flying colors hence regardless of her absence, Kim is still current on her studies.

A couple of hands waved at her making the red-headed woman smile, she started walking towards the two people seated at a table by the corner, next to the long table occupied by the school’s cheer leading team.

“Yo KP!” Ronald stoppable greeted once his best friend – ex girlfriend came, “I’ve reserved this seat for you.” He said pointing on the chair next to him. Kim bowed down and seated herself; the chair next to her has Monique sitting on it.

“Hello GF! So what does the old gizzard wants from you?” Monique asked, it was evident that the black beauty has some bad blood with their current dean.

“Well…” Kim smiled, “He asked me to lead the fund raising program for the upcoming school fair.” Kim related in her usual enthusiastic voice.

Ron and Monique both shook their heads at this information, “I tell you Kim, that gizzard sees you as a human being when he needs something from you, but once he gets what he wants, he starts to see you as an abomination again.” Monique said a bit loudly and Ron nodded in agreement with the black beauty’s statement, “I tell you, Mr. Barkin was a lot better and a lot more humane than that old Mc Hine.’” Monique finished.

Kim looked at her friend smiling, “Well, it’s all right with me, as long as he doesn’t ask the professors to fail me for being a ‘dyke’, then I am alright with that.”

“I don’t think he could do that KP.” Ron said, he was slouching on the chair, his arm resting on the chair’s back rest, “You got good grades and your exams always got the highest mark, he has nothing on his hand to fail you.” Monique agreed with Ron at this.

“Besides, he wouldn’t want to jeopardize the whole school just because he’s one hell of a bigot.” Monique said shrugging her shoulder, “Media, Lawyers, NGO’s and more importantly the LGBT association will not like it if he does that. Plus, Global Justice backed you up, not even the President can say anything against that.” Monique completed.

“I’m not thinking about it anymore. I’m through trying to impress everyone, maybe it’s time to give myself a chance to show the real me. I won’t waste my time thinking about people whose entertainment in life is to criticize my every action.” Kim said plainly then she looked at Ron’s empty plate then at Ron’s face, “You ate already? You didn’t even wait for me?” she asked.

Ron frowned, “Duh?” he said then straightening his posture, “You don’t carry the food KP, I don’t think I need to wait for you. Besides, I was hungry and Rufus ate my extra burritos.” He said while shaking his head.

“Your loss.” Kim said, then she took her back pack and took out a small pouch, she looked at Monique first, “How about you? Have you eaten already?” she asked, Monique shook her head no. Kim smiled and opened the pouch then bringing out a two layered pink bento box with a green flame on the cover.

Monique’s eyes widen when she saw the bento box, “What is that?”

“KP, Don’t tell me that’s Wade’s newest gadget?” Ron asked.

Kim just smiled, instead of answering, she opened the cover to reveal a well prepared Japanese dish, a mix of Tuna sashimi, California Maki, Tamago, Crab sticks and the like. Then she removed the top portion to reveal different Chinese dumplings, “Kikoman” soy sauce mixed with wasabi and calamansi on the side.

“Wow…” was all Monique said, Ron has some drool in his mouth as he looked at Kim take out a disposable chopstick, break it into two and started picking up food.

“Come on Monique, dig in! I told Shego to make a bento, good for three, but since Ron was too hungry and can’t wait for poor ole’ me, the two of us should finish this.” Kim said smiling. Monique did get that the red head was actually teasing the now drooling blond, but Ron being himself believed every word that Kim said.

“You know KP, I was just kidding earlier, I’m still hungry, besides the food here will never match Shego’s…” Ron stopped himself when he realized something, “Shego? You mean, Shego the green skinned demon who captured the heart of Kim Possible?”

“One and the same!” Kim replied not taking her focus on the food.

“How could she prepare a bento for you when she is a thousand miles away from…” Ron’s eyes widen, Monique who wasn’t paying attention to Ron’s tirade earlier stopped eating and looked at Kim.

“You got to be pulling our legs GF!” Monique squealed once the implication of Ron’s words sunk in. Kim blushed confirming whatever it was on Monique’s head, “Spill! I need a full dose of info on this GF!”

Ron frowned, “Info on what?” Ron asked but now his eyes were on Kim’s slowly decreasing food.

Monique looked at Ron and hit him on his shoulder hard, “I thought you got it! Kim finally got Shego to live with her you dolt!” Monique said giddily.

“Ah…” Kim said after she raised her head to look at Monique, “I have no intention of screaming to the world that I’m living in with Shego Mo.” Kim chastised the black beauty.


But whatever Kim planned on saying was interrupted by the loud snorting and laughter at the table next to them.

“So Kim “the dyke” Possible finally got the green goblin on her bed! Was she any good?” A brunette woman in a cheer leader’s uniform sarcastically said.

“Or a better question: Was green goblin able to make you cum?” the black woman beside the brunette added, her statement was followed by oohhs and ahhhs.

Ron was frowning, a hint of blue aura was visible in his clenched hands that was hidden under the table. He decided to stand up but his action was halted by a hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t stoop down to their level stoppable.” Ron whose aura suddenly disappeared due to that intrusion turned his head to look at the owner of the voice, “I never knew Brittina was that interested with Possible’s love life, jealous?” the woman beside Ron asked the other brunette with a grin on her face.

“Fuck you Rockwaller!” Brittina screamed.

“Puhlease! As if I am interested fucking a brain dead person like you.” She retorted. That retort made Monique and Ron snicker, and the cheer leaders to stop laughing.

“You know what Rockwaller, I finally realized why your sisters did get the most attention than you…”

Bonnie smiled, “Really? Funny I did realized that too. That is because my sisters were either a brainless walking doll like you or a brainy looser who can’t even get a date. So choose.” She replied sarcastically then turned around when she heard her name being called. She saw Tara approaching her.

Brittina wasn’t able to formulate any retort and was reduced to seething at her place, “I’ll get you for this Rockwaller, I could remove and ban you from cheerleading…”

“You know you can always try.” Bonnie.

Instead of replying, the brunette stood and stomped her way away from the canteen, followed by the other cheer leaders.


“WOW.” Ron said slacked jawed, “I can’t believe you actually swallowed Brittina for KP!”

Bonnie looked at Ron and smiled, then she shifted her focus on Monique who nodded in agreement, then at Kim who gave her a knowing look she smiled at Kim, “Actually I don’t like anyone doing my job at making Possible’s school life hell.” Bonnie reasoned but Monique and Kim knew that wasn’t the case. “Hey Possible, you got a minute?” she asked smiling at the red head.

Kim looked down at her almost finished Bento, “Sure,” she said then looked at Ron, “Still have your share here Ron, still want it?” she asked the blond man who has his attention at the blond woman now standing beside him.

“Oh, yeah sure KP.” He answered but his eyes were focused on Tara.

“I don’t mean to sound rude Ron, but the food is there.” Tara said pointing on Kim’s bento at the table.

I can’t believe I dated Tara in high school, look at her? Gorgeous, beautiful, she can have any man she wants. Poor me. Ron thought before he shifted his eyes to the bento and started eating.


Kim was pulled by Bonnie and was lead to an empty class room. There was silence during the first five minutes after they arrived there and it was Kim who decided to break that.

“So what do you want?” Kim asked, Bonnie smiled at her then she turned her back at Kim and decided to seat on a chair.

“Nothing, just wanted to talk.”



“So you and Tara?” Kim asked out of nowhere.

Bonnie’s eyes widen, “How the hell-”

“Imagine sometimes when you start accepting who you are, you become psychic as well.” Kim said laughing lightly, “It’s called gaydar Bonnie.” She said

Bonnie’s alarmed aura suddenly changed into a calm one, “I see, so you can tell now ha?” Bonnie watches Kim as the red head nodded in affirmation, “And you can tell that I swing the way you do?” Kim nodded once again.


“So…Is Stoppable that bad he actually turned you gay?” Bonnie asked, there was no hint of sarcasm in that question though.

Kim smiled and shook her head no, “Ron wasn’t bad, maybe it’s because I’ve had feelings for Shego long before Ron decided to escalate our relationship from being friends to lovers.”

“Oh.” Bonnie looked at Kim with a smile, “I envy you Possible,” Bonnie then said.

“You envy a woman who was voted the most outstanding freshman to the freakiest freshman? I don’t get you Bonnie.” Kim said without regret in her voice.

“I envy you because you came out despite knowing that it will make your life harder than before.” Bonnie replied, “I despised you when we were in high school because no matter what I do, you always got the attention, and now I envy you because you can live your life as you want it without thinking about its repercussions.”

Kim smiled sadly at Bonnie then she stepped closer to the brunette, “I did thought of what will happen if I come out, the scenarios I had was worst than what I am having right now. I only had the school’s attitude as the problem, which in reality wasn’t a problem at all. When I thought back then that I’ll lose the backing of the people important to me, and look at us? They are still there supporting me. Ron, Monique, My family, and now there is Shego, even Drakken!” Kim shook her head, “GJ even backed me up and lots of people I’ve helped even congratulated me. I think coming out was the best thing I had done for myself.”

Bonnie contemplated in silence.

“You’re lucky you have a family like that.” Bonnie said then she stood up and walked passed Kim, “And I had you know, there is nothing between me and Tara, the truth of the matter is that, I wanted to ask your help.”

Kim turned around so that she is now facing Bonnie’s back, “About?”

“Monique.” Bonnie said flatly, “I know Monique doesn’t swing our way but I still wanted to try, secretly as possible of course.”

Kim frowned, “So why bring me here? Why not tell Monique that?”

Bonnie turned around, “Because I wanted to ask your help. If I could do it on my own, I wouldn’t be here talking to you!” Bonnie replied, irritated.


“I am not like you Possible! I had my studies to look forward to, I have cheerleading, unlike you I do not have a supportive family, I have to support myself to finish school, I have to think about it all and aside from that, I harbor these feelings towards Monique!” Bonnie said a bit louder, “It’s your fault in a way Possible,”

Kim’s jaw slackened, “How the hell this thing did became my fault?” she asked incredulously.

“If you hadn’t came out and showed how happy you were in your current love life, I wouldn’t be having problem hiding my feelings for Monique. So it is just right that you help me.”

“What?” Kim is now flabbergasted.

“I wanted to be happy too. I wanted to feel how you feel…”

“But in a more subtle way?” Kim watches Bonnie as she nods her head in affirmation, Kim shook her head, “You can’t feel what I am feeling right now because admitting to Monique what you’re feeling and hiding from people around you is not freedom, it’s a delusion Bonnie. So it’s either you tell Monique and come out or just hide them all together.”

“You’re asking me to choose?” Bonnie asked seriously.

“Yes I am.” Kim replied, “Take it from someone who had.”


Then Bonnie turned around and slowly walked away from Kim, she stopped midway, “I’ll think about it.” Then she continued on her path.

Kim slumped on a nearby chair that went well didn’t it? She thought. She stayed a bit longer before she decided to get back to her friends.


Shego was on the kitchen preparing a Chinese menu for their dinner when she heard the ringing of the doorbell who the hell will visit Kim at this time of the day? All her friends are with her right now at school! Shego thought but she still walked towards the door and opened it.

The green skinned woman’s eyes widen when she saw who was at their door, “Good afternoon, Mrs. Dr. Possible…” she greeted nervously.

The red headed doctor just bowed her head to acknowledge Shego’s greetings then she walked pass the green skinned woman. Shego was dumbfounded, regained her composure, closed the door, and then she followed the older woman in.

“You can just call me Anne, and I can call you Shego right? Or do you prefer me to call you Sheryl?” The doctor asked as soon as she made herself comfortable on the couch in the living room. Shego was standing at the side of the couch watching the older woman.

If Kimmie gets this body when she gets old, I am so damn lucky! She thought, but her musing was cut short by Dr. Possible’s throaty sound, “Sorry, what was it again?”

“I asked if you prefer me to call you Shego or …”

“Shego is fine.” She replied at once, “I really don’t have any alcoholic drinks here, so if I may offer you anything from orange juice to ice tea…”

“Orange juice is fine.” Dr. Possible said flatly, her eyes roaming around the house, her gaze then followed the green skinned woman’s retreating back. Shego was actually wearing a tight ‘maong’ (A/N: I think it’s denim in English? But I am not sure.) shorts that hugged her well toned thighs well, she has an apple green body hugging shirt revealing her shapely body and well toned back muscles I could see why my Kimmie would go for her, not to mention her flawless skin, she has a body of a goddess Mrs. Dr. Possible thought, then shaking her head what the hell am I thinking? To alleviate herself from thinking more on that line, she stood and started inspecting the house except for the kitchen. She began with the living room, then she went up to inspect Kim’s room, then the bathroom, and then the comfort room, she smiled and nodded in affirmation. Then she headed back downstairs into the living room where she found a glass of orange juice on the table with a protector under it. The house seems well maintained she thought. Bending down and taking the glass, she strode to where the kitchen is to find Shego humming a tune while she worked her magic in the kitchen.

“I didn’t know that you cook?” Dr. Possible asked, she pulled a chair out and seated herself.

“Yes I do, though I never cooked for Dr. D since he doesn’t like my style, he always wanted sweet and oily foods, so I let him. It’s different with Kimmie though.” Shego explained.

“How different?”

“Well, for one Kimmie isn’t picky regarding food, she’ll eat anything as long as it’s edible.” Shego said smiling. Mrs. Dr. Possible could feel the green skinned woman’s smile despite Shego’s back facing her, “And second, I wanted Kim to always eat real foods, no junkies for her, especially right now that she is still recuperating.” Shego added, “Unlike Dr. D who I don’t give a damn if he eats or not.”

“You’re cruel.” Mrs. Dr. Possible said smiling.

“I am evil Mrs. Dr. Possible.” Shego said then putting down the casserole and turning off the oven, She turned around and faced the older woman, “I don’t want my vegetables well done, they are good when eaten crispy.” She said smiling and then she stepped closer to the table and pulled a chair opposite the red headed doctor.

“Anne, I told you to call me Anne.”

“Oh,” Shego smiled, her face darkened due to embarrassment, “Sorry I forgot.” Anne Possible just waved her hand to say forget it.

“I am surprised you were able to make Kimmie eat those vegetables.”

“She has to.” Shego grinned, “So I think you knew that Kimmie won’t be here since she’s still at school?” Shego watched Anne nods her head.

“I am here to talk to you actually.” Shego nodded her head in understanding


“You know that the reason I accepted you and allowed you to see my daughter is plainly selfish right? It was for Kim’s sake.” Shego nodded again, “And If I could get Kim to change her mind, I would.” The green skinned woman nodded once again, “Every mother wanted what’s best for their daughter, no matter what circumstance is, do you agree with me?”

“Almost, but not all.” She replied dryly.

“Was that from experience or just a plain point of view?”

“I think my views at this moment are inconsequential.” Shego replied.

Anne smiled at Shego, “Very well,” she sipped from her glass, “I really don’t mind Kim falling in love with a woman, I have no quirks with gay people, as a matter of fact I’ve had gay friends and I even had some ‘experience’ with them,” she said these while focusing her eyes on the glass of juice she had on her hand, then she lifted her gaze at Shego.

“Your problem is not Kim being in love with a woman, but being in love with me?” Shego asked to finished Anne’s flow of thoughts.

“The problem is not even you, it’s…”

“Because I was a criminal?” Shego watched Anne nodded, “And may I reiterate, I said was didn’t I?” Anne nodded again.

“But that doesn’t makes you clean in the eyes of the people around you, especially people around my daughter.”


“So what? You wanted to tell me to just go and pack my bags and leave Kimmie?” Shego asked a bit angry.

“Honestly, I wanted you to do that. But you know I can’t ask that of you without hurting Kim. I love my daughter very much Shego, and I don’t want to see her digress just like before so I cannot ask you to leave her. It’ll be Kim’s loss in the end if I do that.”


Shego looked at Anne intently, “So what is this social call about?”

“I’ve talked with my husband about this and he convinced me to give you both a chance…”


“I am not going to just accept this relation quietly. I need to know if Kim had made the right or wrong decision. I wanted to know if my daughter could live a happy and fruitful future with you…”

“You can’t know that. The future is not ours to see, we are here to act a role in a very spontaneous play where no one could see the ending. We are not living in a soap opera that you can forward to see if the ending is good or bad. You’re a neurologist, you are a very intelligent woman and you should know this.”


“Then let me rephrase it, I wanted to know you. All of you.” Shego just looked at Anne, “I wanted to know who Shego was before she became a thief, I wanted to know how dedicated you are regarding this relationship, I wanted to know if I could really leave Kim under your care, you have a mother and as I am a mother as well, I am concerned with my daughter’s well being.”

Shego nodded, “I understand perfectly.” She said, “I could answer two of your three concerns right now, as to my dedication to Kim, I’m in love with your daughter, the reason I became a thief was to gain freedom, you knew I was a member of Team GO, I was good but left it because I feel like I am being suffocated by it. But I’m willing to try to be good again for Kim even if it means I can’t be free the way I know freedom is.” She said looking intently at the older woman opposite her, “I am willing to give my life for Kimmie.” She added then bowed down, “Regarding your concern if you could leave Kimmie under my care, you’re here so why not answer it for yourself. I’ve been here for two days and…”

“I could see that. But economics wise, how do you intend to support Kim? Or will it be Kim who’ll be supporting you?” At this statement Shego scowled, “Don’t get me wrong, but from what I’ve learned, you surrendered your money to GJ, so how?”

“Money isn’t a concern in this relationship Anne.” She said dryly, “I can support Kim. I have no intention of being a burden to Kim. You know Kim’s nerd friend right?” She asked, Anne nodded, “Why not ask him to look up on my account, legal account if it could make your life a bit easier?”


That silence was broken by the sudden opening of the door and the appearance of Kim Possible.



The beeping sound of the heart monitor overcomes any light sound in the majestic room. At the middle of the twin king sized bed lies a man, looking very weak and fragile, he’s torso had the machine’s electrodes sticking on it, there was a pulse oximeter in his right thumb, an oxygen mask on his face.

“Shay...” he whispered

A slim woman approached the bed, she crawled so she could be closer to the man, the woman has a faked blond hair, she’s wearing light make up, her lips red from lipstick. At the foot of the bed, a tall, bulky man with blue hair stands and beside him was a leaner man with purple hair. Both were wearing formal attire.

“William?” the woman asked softly

“Shay…” he asked one more time

“This is Marguerite, Shay isn’t here anymore remember?”


The woman made a scowl and pulled away from the man. Then she climbed down of the bed and made her way to the two men standing. She scowled deeply when she saw the purple haired man smirking, then without any warning she slapped him in his face, “Next time you wanted to mock me, make sure that I’m not here!” she said angrily, then she turned her attention to the bulky man, “That idiot detective you found reported to William about Sheryl’s whereabouts!” she said in a very frustrated tone.

“You didn’t instruct him to report to you personally, didn’t you?” The blue haired man asked with a scowl on his face. He saw her hands ball into fists and raised them high to hit him, “I say you should think about hitting me twice mother before doing it. I have no say if you hurt yourself instead.”

Realizing her mistake, she sighed and put down her hands, and then she turned around and walked away, “I’m going to rest in my room.” She announced. The two men just watch her walk out of the room.

“I pity mother.” The purple haired man said.

The bulky man shook his head, “It was her fault Shay defunct from Team Go, and looked what happened? I did put all my energy building the team and she ruined it.”

“You don’t blame Shego then?” Mego asked his older brother.

“Why would I?”

“I don’t blame her too.” Mego acquiesced .

The two then stepped closer to the bed, “Don’t worry Uncle William, we’ll take care of Shay.” Hego said loudly, making sure he was heard by the man. A hint of smile was pasted on the sick man’s face after they left.

-End chapter 2-

A/N: Hehehe, I am sure some of you already have some insight about who, and what the story is about. But as I am Handj and twisting twisted ideas is my forte, no one might know. So next chapter Shego and Kim will get a surprised visit from who? Wait and see. Well I am going to make Hego, Mego and the Wegos likable here. )

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