Story: Stupid Cupid (chapter 1)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the Kim Possible characters.

Summary: Kim and Shego establish their relationship or do they? But they are not the only one. The second story in my Life's worth universe.

A/N: Finally! Here is the sequel, I like to extend my deepest gratitude to all the readers of Life's worth and all the reviewers. And for everyone, finally I got a beta! Woot!! So this chapter will have Wingweaver as my beta, and she agreed to edit my posted works already, so I hope that with Wing's help, we could give you a more enjoyable time while reading my fics. So if ever you still find something is off with my future chapters, everyone is still entitled and encourage to give complements or state criticism, but I would like to ask reviewers a favor, if you are to criticize, please be gentle (I don't want to suffer from Acute Myocardial Ischemia by reading it.).

Oh and before I forgot, this story is rated M. Another KIGO story with Dramy on the side, and the song Stupid Cupid is not mine, as far as I can remember, the song is performed by Connie Francis (please correct me if I am wrong) and I have no idea who wrote that song.

I am so on to the show…este... story

Stupid Cupid

Chapter 1

The kiss of the morning sun brings light not only to the darkened room but to the face of Kim Possible as she slowly opens her eyes to greet the smiling rays with her own smile. Her eyes now finally accustomed to the sudden brightness, started stretching her arms then followed by her body before she gave out the most unladylike yawn one could see. Looking at the space beside her, she smile once again as the memory of last night came back to her now active brain.


After 2 months of recuperation, Kim Possible was allowed by her parents to go back to her own apartment provided that she is not to take any missions from anyone. Mrs. Dr. Possible satisfied with Kim's assurances along with Wade's words that he is going to inform Kim's “clients” about the hero's temporary vacation, the red headed doctor gave her daughter the clearance and hence, Kim Possible was back in her Upperton apartment, and back to her college life.

But Kim's recuperation was not the result of any drugs or psychotherapy, instead, the hero's fast recovery was due to the presence of a green skinned ex-thief, now an on-training Global Justice agent, Shego.

A month after her return to Upperton, she started planning on having Shego moved in with her. Calling the green skinned woman and making her intentions clear. At first, Shego have no intention of giving in, as to why? Kim have no idea, and when she ask the ex-thief, her answer will always be that she cannot leave her work in The Blue, but after two weeks of constant urging and Shego learning that Dr. Drakken will be selling the bar to an old man who is living somewhere near the place and decided on returning to Middleton, Shego finally relented.

Which lead to what happened last night...

The green skinned woman decided that the couch is the best place for her to sleep, seeing that the hero's apartment has only one room. Shego have already readied the couch when the red headed hero came out from her room and walk towards the green skinned woman.

Shego-” Kim's voice sends shivers down the green skinned woman's spine, without looking back to where Kim is standing, the ex-thief got this image that if she dared to turn around, she would see a red headed seductress grinning at her. So the older woman decided to ignore...”She- - -go,” Shego close her eyes when she felt Kim's breath in her neck

I think we – should...sleep Princess,” Shego never stutters, not once!

I think of that too...” Kim closed the space in between them as she wrapped her arms around the older woman's waist. Shego stiffened.

Kimmie – please-”

I got a king size bed Shego, you don't have to sleep on the couch, besides -” Shego felt Kim's lips press on her shoulder blade, “I am your...” Another kiss on her other shoulder blade “girlfriend.” another kiss, now on the center of her nape. She even heard the sound of Kim's smack. Sighing, Shego turn her head to the side to look at her “girlfriend” from the periphery

I know you want this to move forward, but princess -”

I’m not rushing things.” Kim said without removing her face from being pressed against Shego's back, “It's just that...” Kim pulled away slightly, “I just thought that the reason we’re moving together is for us to share everything...and that includes the bed -” Kim was cut by Shego's head shaking.

And body heat.” Shego then laugh lightly, “Alright, I give but - “

I won't do anything stupid! Promise!” Kim pulled herself away and raise her right hand to swear then started pouting.

Now Possible, don't give me that look!” Shego said after she finally faced her girlfriend, “Do that or I'll stay here-” She stop her threat when she finally saw Kim's pout turned into a naughty grin, “That's more like it.”

So Shego shared Kim's bed. Deep into the night, Kim who for whatever reason decided to stay awake started moving towards Shego, placing her arms on the woman's belly, gauging the green skinned woman's reaction. When her snuggling was rewarded with a hand rubbing her arm, she grinned and moved so that she’s almost lying on the woman's body. Shego still not reacting, Kim move upward so that her face is leveled with that of the sleeping woman and leaned forward.

I love you Shego,” she whispered, she was about to lean further to claim the soft pinky lips of the woman under her...

I love you too Princess.” Shego whispered back then her mouth turned into a grin.

Shego! Your awake!!” Kim squealed when she saw her girlfriend's eyes open.

You've been moving about since we lied down on the bed, who will be able to sleep with that?” Shego answered still with that mischievous grin plastered in her face.

You could have told me!”

And miss this opportunity to see you squirm?” Shego then started laughing.

Cheat!” Kim screamed and readied herself to give Shego a tickle of her life but before she was able to pounced, the green skinned woman pushed her to her back and claimed her lips.

And that move triggered their very first make-out session.

(End Flashback)

That night proves something to Kim ... that Shego is much, much better to have in her bed than her pandaroo.

“Sorry Pandaroo, I guess Shego outdid you!” She whispers as she looked at the stuff toy now placed at the foot of the bed. “Don't worry, your time with our kids will come, but for now...” Kim smiled again, leaned over and picked up the stuff toy, she hugged and kissed it before crawling out of bed and putting the slightly worn out stuff toy in the cabinet with her other cuddle buddy collectibles. “You’re still my favorite, but I’m in love with Shego.”

And she turned her back to the cabinet and started arranging the bed, when she was done, she walked to the room door and opened it, she went out to go to the bathroom when loud music hits her ears.

Stupid cupid, you're a real mean guy

I'd like to clip your wings so you can't fly

I'm in love and it's a crying shame

And I know that you're the one to blame

Hey, hey -- set me free

Stupid cupid, stop pickin' on me!” the last part is heard together with a very familiar, beautiful voice. Kim decided to forgo her early bathroom ritual to see what her beautiful, voluptuous girlfriend is doing.

She hurriedly ran down the 5 step stairs, seeing no one in the living room where the mini-component is currently playing, she went to the kitchen and smiled when she saw her girlfriend dancing 60’s style in front of the stove. She decided to rest her side to one of the kitchen's wall without speaking, she just wants to bask her eyes with her girl's swinging hips and expose, shaking thighs.

I can't do my homework and I can't see straight

I meet him every morning 'bout a half-past eight

I'm acting like a lovesick fool

You've even got me carrying his books to school

The sudden feeling of euphoria while watching her “thief” made her want to be near Shego and trap her in her arms without any plan of letting go, so while her girl was displaying this carefree side of herself, she started walking towards her and just before she could wrap the woman in her arms, Shego turned around, looks at her and smile while singing...

Hey, hey -- set me free, Stupid cupid, stop pickin' on me!” She have her index finger pointing at Kim then flexing it towards her silently asking Kim to come near her, then Shego pulled her into a hug while she continue on swaying her hips to the sound of music.

You mixed me up but good right from the very start

Hey, go play Robin Hood with somebody else's heart

You've got me jumping like a crazy clown,

And I don't feature what you're putting down

Since I kissed his lovin' lips of wine,

The thing that bothers me is that I like it fine!

Hey, hey -- set me free

Stupid cupid, stop pickin' on me!

Kim and Shego started dancing together, slowly even though the beat of the music is fast, all the two women know is that there they are, together, they have finally move from being friendly enemies to being...

So what should they call themselves now? Lovers?

You've got me jumping like a crazy clown,

And I don't feature what you're putting down

Since I kissed his lovin' lips of wine,

The thing that bothers me is that I like it fine!

Hey, hey -- set me free

Stupid cupid, stop pickin' on me!

“I don't want you setting me free.” Shego whispered after she leaned towards the smaller woman's ear, “If I knew that prisons could make me feel this way, I would have surrendered along time ago.” She said in a low voice, smiling at the red head.

“If I knew that loving you will be this fantastic, I would have captured you and imprisoned you in my heart a long time ago.” Kim retorted, grinning.

“I never knew how good you are with those pick up lines.” Shego teased.

“You started it.”

“Can't help it, I got an angel in my arms and she's making me say all those sweet things!”

“Blame me!”

Hey, hey -- set me free

Stupid cupid, stop pickin' on me!

Before anymore protest Shego leaned forward and captured Kim's lips in hers, the two women shared a very passionate kiss, then pulling away after several seconds, both women looking intently with their eyes, both women sporting a blush on their cheeks.

(A/N: Ohhh, can't help but picture out Rinacat's fanart entitled KP: Passionate in my head. rinacat./art/KP-Passionate-27112977).



- Hello, I’m here for a report, – The man have a very feminine voice that you could actually mistook him for a woman.

“Go on, I do hope that your report this time is substantial enough for me and my husband.”

- Ah, yes, I believe it is. -

“Go on then.”

- I've got this news from a very reliable source that Sheryl is in Upperton and she moved in with – He was cut by the woman on the other side

“Reliable source?”

-Very reliable ma'am, do you still want me to continue?-


- Sheryl has move in with Kimberly Anne Possible. - An audible swallowing can be heard

“The hero, Kim Possible?” There is no hint of any emotion in that question, “Probably that hero could enlighten her.”


“Very well, we shall send your full payment in your account, I want you to constantly follow up on her and report to me first, I don't want you reporting to my husband, do we have an understanding?”

- Yes ma'am. -

The line went dead before the man was even able to say goodbye.

The woman walked away from the man who took the telephone device in her hand and went straight to a nearby door, “Alfred, please tell Mrs. Andrews that I'll be having my lunch at the library.”

The man who is following her nods, excused himself and turned around to look for the one the woman calls Mrs. Andrews. The aristocratic woman entered the room and slowly closes the door.


James Possible is a very mellow man, he is a very accepting husband and father, up until now, that idea is put to the test. His eldest daughter is in love with a woman, and not just a woman, but a woman with a very vast criminal record. It wasn't even a secret to his colleagues as Kim's illness have been the center of discussion for sometime, then the recuperation period and the reason for her daughter's recovery followed. It wasn't a big problem if not for one of his “babbling” colleague who have nothing to do but get on his nerves. The fact that he have been pacifying himself the whole day at work is taking its toll on his body, the current news brought about by his wife Dr. Anne Possible adds to his torment.

“I don't even know what’s inside Kim's head letting that woman move in with her! James!”

Anne said sternly as she faced her husband, “Are you even listening to me?!” James nodded, “So?”


“What? You'll just let that woman stay in your daughter's apartment? Shego’s a criminal for God’s sake!”

James sighed, “I don't like Shego, not because she is unlikable, because of her criminal record, but what could we do? If Kim is willing to spend the rest of her life with Shego, don't you think what we should do is support her?”


“It's not about Kim being gay? I mean, you being angry like that is not because our daughter is gay isn't it?” James brows furrowed.

“Of course not! I’ll support Kim even if she dates hundreds of women, its just that...this woman is Shego, she’s dangerous...”

“A dangerous woman who loves our daughter with all her heart. You've seen them together Anne, you've seen how happy Kim was when Shego's visiting days come, you've seen that look in Shego's eyes,”

“Are you being soft with Shego now?” Anne asked pouting.

“You know that we share the same sentiment regarding Kim and Shego's relationship, but after talking with Nana, I feel that it's time we give Shego the chance. If not for Shego, at least for Kim.”


“I just want what’s best for Kimmie.”

“And right now, Shego is the answer.”

Silence again.

“Alright,” Anne said with a resign tone, “So Shego living in with Kim is alright with you? But I am not going to slack on checking up on them.”

James smile, “You do that,” James then pulled his wife towards him, making Mrs. Dr. Possible sit on his lap, then he kissed her cheek, “Shego still needs to prove to us her love for our Kimmie-cub.” then before the older red head could reply, the rocket scientist caught his wife’s lips with his.

-End chapter 1-

A/N: okay! That's it for the first chapter. So this is kind of mushy chapter, and I don't think this story will involve any action, just like the first story Life's worth, this universe will be more on the light, melodramatic and a story full of cuddliness, joys, pain especially in a life of 2 women in love. I do hope I give justice to it. Arigato Mi na.

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