Story: Creamy Too (chapter 2)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 2

A/N: Finally…got myself to write part two of creamy too. I do hope that I be not banned but this chapter won’t be super X at all, decided to mellow that part but still, this fic is rated MA!

Edited version

Creamy too

One pair of emerald eyes opened as soon as the light shone inside the room. A head lifts up off the pillow and rose up to look into the body of the woman next to her. The awakened woman’s beautiful face frowned at something she can’t understand…

Does that mean Dementor’s experiment’s effect is over already? That sucks…and I didn’t even get to…

An evil smile adorned her face then slowly, she slid her free hand down her partner’s body to…

Just have to make sure…maybe she’s not a ‘morning’ person?

She gently lifted her partner’s pajama bottom front to peek in … not contented, she slid inside her free hand to…test…

Inspect! Not test!

“Hmmm,” her partner moaned in sleep.

I can’t believe she sleeps like a log…for a thief?

And a few minutes of wandering inside her partner’s pants confirmed it…Junior is gone! Oh…shocks! Junior is gone and I wasn’t even able to play with…so what pronoun should I use? Him or her?...HER!

“Shego…honey?” Kim called out and shook the woman lightly.

“Hmm…” Shego moaned again

“Shego!” Kim called out a little louder causing the green skinned woman to open her eyes and looked at Kim with a smile.

“Hey princess…I just got the most erotic dream,”

Kim grinned, “You do?” and Shego nodded.

They remained silent and just looked at each other’s eyes, then Shego broke it, “That look of yours is telling me that I didn’t actually dreamt of it right?” the older woman asked with a raised eyebrow.

Kim pouted and faked innocence “Whatever you mean by that?” she tried.

Shego rolled her eyes and then looked down at her covered crotch. She then looked up to see Kim grinning at her, “Well princess…if that hand inside my pants wasn’t an indication then…”

“I’m just checking!” Kim said and was supposed to raise her right hand to swear but her right hand was caught inside Shego’s pajama bottoms.

Shego sighed and helped Kim remove her hands inside her, “Checking for what?” Kim smiled at Shego, “You’ve been checking me almost every after 5 minutes last night princess!”

“Yeah…but Junior is gone!”

The green skinned thief scrunched her forehead and looked at Kim in bewilderment, “Who is Junior?”

Kim grinned, “Well…junior is actually not a who but a what…” Shego raised her brows, “Well she’s your additional…you know? Your additional body part secondary to Dementor’s exp…”

“What?” at the news, Shego hurriedly lifted her pajama bottom and peeked in. Kim tried hard to peek in as well but her head was shoved away by Shego’s hand, “Oh my! It’s not here anymore! I’m me again!!” and in her happiness, she pushed Kim all the way to the bed so that her back is lying flat on the bed and she started kissing her girlfriend….forcefully at first that turned into an erotic one.

They were panting when they pulled apart. Kim’s hands were already cupping Shego’s covered chest and the green skinned ex-thief could feel her nipple hardening, “Does this mean we could finally have sex to celebrate?” Kim asked.


“Ahhhh! I need to go back home!”

“No you’re not, we are going to stay here and enjoy…”

“I am absolutely agreeing with you Mr. Dr. P.”

“I can’t take this anymore!”

“Wade…disconnect that thing already if you want us to stay here longer.”

“Ai-Ai captain!”


“Oh yes, you’ve got to trust Shego honey.”

“It’s not Shego that I am worried about!”


“I say you don’t have any argument with that Mr. Dr. P.”

“And I say…we are going home this Sunday.”


“That’s too long honey!”

“We can’t help it…this ship will take three days to maneuver.”

“Darn…Guess got to make the best of this while it last.”


“The twins will be devastated.”

“We will never plan a vacation without Kim anymore, do you understand that James?”




“Drew?” Ron Stoppable looked at his partner who was making odd noises in his sleep. He was about to shook him awake when his eyes darted down and he was rewarded by the sight of Drew’s pants making a tent, “Wow…” he said then something entered his head.

Come on Stoppable…you haven’t even seen him naked, you finally had the chance to get to him when you were given ‘veronica’ but still, he refused…it’s time you try.

But he’s asleep!

The more you should try.

And the evil thought won. So he leaned to the side and looked at his partner whose face contorted in ways he knew was pleasurable. He then lets his hand roam his covered body, slid the roaming hand inside his partner’s pajama bottom, and then sliding that cover to finally reveal to him what he’s been missing. He smiled at what he saw.

“Hello there…drewbie…” he greeted and started massaging causing the moaning to increase in intensity, and ‘drewbie’ to go taller. “Oh drewbie…how big eyes you have?” Ron said trying to imitate red riding hood, “That is for me to see you better Ronnie!” he growled without stopping what he was doing, “Oh drewbie…how big ears you have?...That is for me to hear you better Ronnie!” he then smiled mischievously, “And how big is your mouth and teeth…” he then leaned forward, “So I can eat you Ronnie…” he laughed at his own joke, but the sight of ‘drewbie’ trembling in his hands just got to be the most erotic thing in his young adult life.

Drakken’s eyes opened when he felt himself reaching his peak and felt a hand on his most private part…looking down, his eyes widened at what he saw, Ron’s face inch away from his standing self, his hand deftly massaging it…up and down, “Ron…” he choked, tried to get up but instead, the intensity Ron was bringing brought his back flat on the bed once more, “Ron…” he whimpered.

The blond man raised his head to see his partner stiffening on the bed, his eyes rolling, his hand clenched tightly and he could see his hips tensing. “Jeez Drew…do you want me to stop?” he asked.

But moans were the only thing Drakken could say at the moment.

Ron smiled, “I guess that means no…” so sighing deep, he leaned further to catch ‘drewbie’ in his mouth.

“Rrroooonnnn…” The blue skinned man’s hand rose up and rested on Ron’s head as he guided the younger man, and he started raising his hips up to meet Ron’s eager mouth.

Ron on the other hand felt the pressure inside him build up and was ready to go down on his partner when it suddenly poked his pajama pants…his brain stopped processing other things than… I have Ronnie again and…I am normal again which means…

His ministrations stopped all together and he straightened up leaving a wide eyed, unsatisfied and hurting Drakken…

Ron looked at his partner, “I am normal again…Dementor’s experiment has already lost its effect…” he said and to prove he was right, he stood on the bed and started sliding his pajama bottom down to see.

Drakken winced at the sight of Ron’s slightly erected manhood and his own reminded him of his predicament Ronald…I would have killed you for leaving me feeling like this if I don’t love you! Drakken screamed inside his head.

“Mwahahahaha!” Ron started laughing maniacally, “I’m me again! I’m me again!” and in his giddiness, he totally removed his pants and run around their room…pant less.

“Kill me now!” Drakken said as he let his tense body lay on the bed…


2 sets of eyes were glaring at two people, while the eyes of the other two were focused on the floor of the Bueno Nacho restaurant. The red and blond haired duo was on one side of the table while the green and blue skinned duo was on the other side. A single blue communicator was at the center of the table and two Grande sized Nacos were in between two opposing people.

Am I sensing some ‘drama’ here?” Monique asked when she noticed the awkward silence. Shego and Drakken were glaring at Kim and Ron who has their eyes focused on the floor. The rodent who usually starts eating the Nacos that is usually being shared by Drakken and Ron was just standing at the middle and looking at the four people surrounding the table.

“I already said sorry…” Kim said lightly, Shego wasn’t able to see her pout as her hair covers her face.

“And…I was so happy being me again! Can’t help it if I forgot I…” Ron made a quote-unquote gesture in the air while looking at Monique on the communicator, “…have a responsibility to Drew!” he finished then bowed his head again.

“See what I have to go through Ms. Monique?” Drakken said exasperatedly, “I woke up with his hands on my p…” he stopped what he was about to say when Shego hits his side with her elbow, “Aw…okay, so he was massaging it while I’m asleep and then left me hanging! I didn’t ask him to do that! He got this idea in his head, he wanted to be kinky and experiment then leaves me hanging!”

Monique, whose face was visible to everyone blush at the information. Shego would bet that Kim was blushing also though she can’t see it, but she smiled when she saw her princess shoulders rocking lightly, as the red head tried to contain her laughter.

“You could have just said sorry like Miss Possible did…but no! You even start to give reasons to make your actions valid!” Drakken continued.

Okay…stop Mr. Lipsky.” Monique said playing referee. She looked at Ron seriously, “Ron, have you ever heard of ‘blue balls?” she asked.

Ron looked at Monique, “No but I’ve seen one!” he said.

At that Shego, Monique and Kim laugh. Kim wasn’t able to contain her laughter anymore, she tucked her unruly front hair on her ear and look up to find Shego laughing softly, but the green skinned woman’s eyes were on her.

Ahhh!” Monique shouted, “I don’t mean that! What I mean is…jeez how do I explain this?”

“What Monique was trying to say Buffoon here is the effect when a man prevented himself from releasing his ej…”

“Whoa!” Ron yelped, “There’s such a thing?”

Drakken slumps his shoulders, “There is and that’s what happened this morning! And that hurts!!” he shouted.

Causing other patrons to look their way.


“So why are we here anyways?” Kim asked timidly.

“We are here because Drew here is going to beam us with this thing with the help of Monique to see what happened to us.” Shego said. Shego and Ron even had their voice back.

“So what are we to do?”

Drakken took a deep breath, “Since Ms. Monique has the ability to go inside the genius room, she’s the one to use the sensor of this machine…” he pointed to the communicator, “…and will analyze the two of you.” He said pointing a finger at Ron and Shego, “The result then will be sent to me for my final analysis.”

So will you Shego and Ron stand straight over there and Kim will point this thing on you while I process it here?” Monique said, smiling.

At that, Shego and Ron stood up and stood straight at the edge of the table. Kim pointed the communicator at them. A beam shot out of the device and Kim started to run it over Shego’s body first, then at Ron.

Okay, I got all the data but I’m not as quick as Wade so I might be able to finish this tonight, then I’ll send the result to Drakken.”

“I’ll wait for it Miss Monique.”


8:00 p.m.

Kim and Shego were seated at their couch and quietly watching T.V., most of the time, this is how the two spent their days together especially when they were at the Possible’s house…like today. But when they go to Shego’s house in Middleton, they at least make-out but then Shego would stop before they escalate things.

Kim was sitting away from Shego, and this sitting arrangement was a little bit off for the older woman since she’s used to cuddling with her princess because that one moment is allowed and was accepted by the older red head, so Kim not cuddling with her must mean something.

Shego looked at the young red head, “Kimmie?” she called out.

The young red head looked at her and then returned her focus on the TV.

“Kimmie, are you still mad at me?” she asked then she scooted closer to Kim and it was a bit unnerving that Kim scooted away from her a little, “Yes you are still mad.” Shego said and moved a little closer again and Kim moved farther this time, “What’s the matter princess?”

Kim didn’t said anything during that time.

“Come on pumpkin…I know you’re bright and you do understand…” but Shego’s explanation stopped when Kim stood up and slowly turn and walked towards her room, “Pumpkin!” Shego called out and followed her lover.

Kim was already sitting at her computer table and typing when Shego entered her room. She stood behind Kim and engulfed the red head in her arms, then she kissed Kim’s head, but still there’s no response from the younger woman, “Come on pumpkin, tell me what’s wrong?”

Nothing, instead Kim kept on typing on her computer. Curious, Shego leaned forward to read what her lover was typing. She only saw a glimpse of what Kim was typing before the red head pressed enter and the letter was sent and her eyes focused on Kim as realization hits her, “You’re borrowing a breast pump from the hospital? Am I not good enough to drain you off you have to borrow that? And haven’t you tried it once and nothing happened…

Kim stood and went to her bed. She sat at the edge, her feet dangling from the bed and swaying back and forth, “I think my breast is full.” Kim finally said.

“Finally! I thought you lost your tongue for a moment there.” Shego said sarcastically, “So why borrow a breast pump? I could just drain you now…” She stopped talking when she saw Kim’s head shaking no, “Why?”

“Because then…I’ll feel all hot and bothered and I might not be able to stop myself from wanting more from you, then you’ll get mad at me again…” Kim said her head bowed down.

“Oh princess!” Shego said and sat beside Kim, “You know it’s not about that…”


“Do…do you still love me?” Kim asked.

Shego frowned, “What kind of a question is that? Of course I love you. There’s no one in this world that I will ever love but you. So don’t question that.” Shego said a bit harshly, “Not because I’m trying not to have sex with you mean that I don’t love you.”

Kim was looking at Shego, “Then why? Don’t I look attractive anymore? Can’t I attract you any longer? Do I look ugly? Fat?”

“God Kim!” Shego said exasperatedly, “You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! You’re my princess. And no matter how you’d look like, may you look like DNAmy in the future; my feelings for you will never change. I promise you that.” Silence, “And I don’t go back on my promises.”

Kim looked at Shego again and frowned Shego’s voice deepened again…but not as deep as last night. Was that late effect of Dementor’s experiment? Kim thought, “Did your voice sound a bit deeper again?”

Shego frowned and tried to vocalize, “Yeah…shit!” She stood up and went to Kim’s bathroom to inspect then went out after a while, “Well I’m still me. Maybe the effect was slow and the male characteristic fades one by one?”

“Your voice was normal this morning.” Kim said.

The older woman grinned at her younger lover, “You’re trying to change topic Kimmie.”

Kim became silent again.

Shego stepped closer to the red head and sat beside her, “Sorry.” She said.

Kim didn’t look at her but asked, “What for?”

“For making you feel all this shit, that’s what the sorry is for.”


“I could drain you now…I didn’t eat much at dinner.”

Kim looked at her lover and smiled, “I’ll wait for the breast pump…”

“And hurt yourself again? No…I insist this time.” Shego then pushed Kim to her bed and started removing Kim’s tank top…slowly, deliberately and passionately.

“You’re punishing me Shego aren’t you?”


“What the hell is happening to this?” Monique was sitting on Wade’s chair in front of his computer system and was reading on the readings at the screen, “I can’t believe there are variable readings to them at different time intervals, what the heck is this experiment all about!” Monique talked to herself, “I can’t believe I decided to come here for my well earned vacation and I got myself into this mess…and it’s killing my brain cells one by one!”

(That proves to you how lucky you are to have Wade as your boyfriend…)

“Yeah…and I’m loosing it!”


Drew Lipsky paced back and forth in front of his bed. Ron lay on the bed with his eyes watching his lover “Drew, can you stop pacing? You’re giving me a headache.”

Drakken looked at Ron, “Have you heard your voice again?”

“Yeah…a bit chirpy…and high pitched again but not the same as last night and I checked…Ronnie is still here…sleeping.”

“Ugh!” Drakken rolled his eyes, “I got this bad feeling that Dementor’s experiment is still in effect…now what is taking Miss Monique this long to send me the readings?”

“Drew will you calm down? Look Monique is not Wade so it is possible that she’s having a hard time setting everything up okay? Give Monique some slack.” Ron reasoned.

Drew deflated and sat beside Ron. The blond man tapped Drakken’s hand and smiled at him, “You know I love you right?” Drew asked.

“Yes…and I you, so what’s this talk about? Is this what we call Mid-life crisis?”

Drew frowned, “I’m 32 and I’m still under young adult. So what mid-life crisis are you talking about?”

Ron grinned, “I’m just kidding…” the younger man then leaned forward, pulled the older man closer and captured Drew’s lips into a searing kiss.


“Ah…Shego…” Kim called out as the older woman’s head was ducked low and her lips were happily sucking on her right breast, “Uhn…Shego stop please…stop…”

Shego released the nipple with a ‘popping’ sound and looked at Kim, a strip of milk flows from the side of her mouth, “What’s the matter princess?”

“Jeez…what’s the matter? I’m feeling hot again and bothered and if this goes on…I’m not sure if…”

“Kimmie…you could just go off and…”

“But I don’t want that, it’s hurting me more knowing that I could get it and yet I can’t. Why can’t we make love like what we did before?”

“Because your mom still has issues about me and don’t trust me…”

“She’ll never trust you, but she’s not the one you’re getting to be with in the end. You’ll be with me and I trust you that’s why I’m giving myself to you. I love you and if mom could not accept you, then I can just get out of this house and forget about them!” Kim said, her eyes teary.

“And that is one thing I can’t let you do. As I’ve told you, I’ve been there, done that and it didn’t feel good. I don’t want you to feel that way princess.” Shego explained as she stroke Kim’s arm.

“I’m almost 20, and I’ve been a good daughter all my life Shego. I’ve not once brought shame to them. I save the world and yet still try hard to study. I even took a course my mom and dad will be proud off and I’d never gave them reason to doubt themselves as good parents…then when its time for me to need someone, my mom would fret and again…I have to abide by what they want again? How about my happiness Shego?”

“Princess?” Shego raised a hand and wiped away Kim’s tears, “We’ll get to that, we just have to be patient.”

Kim nodded and then pulled the older woman close and caught her lips to hers.


“Now I feel like a bad parent.”

“Well, my mom and dad will never pry on my private affairs, no matter what it is.”

“You’re not helping at all Wade.”

“Ron’s parents knew about him and Drakken and they supported their son’s choice.”

“It’s different…Ron is not a girl who could get pregnant.”

“And Shego will get Kim pregnant?”

“You know…you always make a valid point.”

“I told you to put some trust on Shego honey.”

“Yeah…I never think that I could make Kim feel that way.”

“There’s always a second chance honey, you know that.”

“I’ve become what I promised myself not to be. I’ve become my mother.”

“Well in most cases, no you’re not and you have valid reasons why you did what you did.”

“But Shego has proven her intentions and still…”

“As I’ve said…we could always make it up to them honey.”

“I guess you’re right…”

“Ahhh, Mrs. Dr. P? What are you doing?”


“Tha…that was my spy gadget…”

“And you won’t need it anymore Wade.”


“Thank you…let’s go home James honey, we need to make up for something.”

“This is hard to maneuver Anne…Sunday, we’ll be home Sunday!”

“Oh…sorry I forgot.”


Shego’s hand started travelling down Kim’s body, her thumb latching on Kim’s pajama bottom, she then started tugging the bottom down to liberate Kim’s lower half from them. The red head raised her hips as Shego slid the cloth down and finally off Kim. The green skinned woman smiled as she took in everything that is Kim.

She then ducked her head and continued what was interrupted a moment ago. Kim closed her eyes as the sensation of milk being sucked out of her and the feeling of Shego’s hot lips on her erect nipple, combined with Shego’s warm hands caressing her thighs made her burn deep inside.

Kim then lowered her hands and reached out for the edge of Shego’s night shirt, she pulled it up and the green skinned ex-thief pulled away for a moment to liberate herself of it, showing Kim her bare upper body, “You’re gorgeous Shego…”

“And so are you pumpkin,” she said before ducking low but now her lips caught Kim’s left breast and started draining it.

“Ahhh, Shego…harder…please?”

And who is Shego not to comply?

Almost naked, except for her boxer shorts, she pulled away a bit, pulled Kim’s legs apart by bringing her legs in between Kim’s thigh, and then she situated herself in between Kim and continued her work. Kim feeling hot started to buck her hips towards Shego’s hips that was slightly pressing against her.

And that’s when she felt it…something long and hard poking her.

“Shegoooo…” Kim said then she pulled Shego’s head closer to her chest and the older woman sucked fervently as Kim leaned forward and reached for Shego’s boxers, “Uhn… Shego… I… God!” she screamed, brought up her hands towards Shego’s head to guide it, and “Ju…junior is back Shego…uhn…”



“Ron…” Drakken pushed the younger man on his back and he began to undress. Then he started undressing the young man and Ron happily obliged to what his partner was doing. They kissed in between Drakken’s action, and it deepened after Drakken pulled out Ron’s shirt. The older man then guided the blonde’s hand down and Ron gripped drewbie in his hands.

“I’m not letting go Drew…not this time.” Ron said smiling.

Drakken nodded and delved inside Ron’s mouth as his clumsy hands starts ridding off Ron of his underpants…He pulled away when he saw what he saw… “You…ronnie is gone…again?”

Ron’s eyes widened and looked down at himself and saw not Ronnie but ‘veronica’, “Man!”

They look at each other’s eyes.

“Well…it’s not like I am anatomically correct in and out?” Ron asked.

Drakken smiled, “I don’t think Dementor could outsmart me by doing that.” He said.

He gasped when Ron started massaging ‘drewbie’ until he stood hard and tall, “I think I’m ready…do you think there’s anything you should do before you get in first?”

Drakken frowned, his hips swaying towards Ron’s hands, “No…if you say you’re ready then maybe you are. What do you think?”

“Hello? I’ve never been a girl before!”

“Ahhh…” Drew moaned as he could feel his pleasure drown him, “Can we begin?”

Ron took a deep breath then he spread his legs apart and guide ‘drewbie to ‘veronica’, “I heard virgin says…be gentle?”

“Uhn…yes…Ron…I…I don’t think that…that is applicable…Ahhh…this time…”

“Maybe…you’re right…” And he guided drewbie into ‘veronica’ and gasped as Drakken filled him up.

“Ron…” he said before he thrust hard inside.



“Kimmie…” Shego looked down at her naked bottom half and her standing ‘junior.’

Kim smiled and pushed Shego on her back, then she began playing with it, “Come on Shego…it’s not as if I haven’t seen junior yesterday.”

“But…Kim I’m not sure if I could contain myself if you keep on…”

Kim leaned forward and whispered, “Then don’t…it’s not as if Dementor has turned you male in and out…”

“But Kimmie…”

“I love you Shego…” she said then she ducked down and took junior in her mouth.

“Oh Kim…unh…” Shego moaned as the sensation of Kim’s mouth surrounding her drown out her comprehension of things. She jerked forward as the pressure keeps building up inside her and her hand rested on Kim’s head. Kim on the other hand felt the pressure that built inside her earlier rose up bordering to her first orgasm after 6 months.

The red head pulled away from junior and looked at Shego’s contorted face, “I need to feel you inside me Shego…please…”

Shego shook her head no, “But what if…can’t we wait for Monique’s data…uhn…” her sentence was interrupted as Kim caress junior.

“But I can’t Shego…I need you…now…” Kim said in between pants as she kept on playing with junior. And without asking Shego for the second time, Kim rose up and straddled the older woman. She then guided junior inside her and slowly went down.

“Ahhhh, Kimmie…no…don’t….God!” Shego moaned and held Kim’s hips with her hands and then she sat up with Kim still moving towards her and junior sliding inside slowly…but surely.

“Ahhh, Shego…junior is…god she’s huge…”

“Then let’s stop…” and she wasn’t able to finish it as she felt junior inside Kim’s tight wall that was now contracting, pressing on junior. She closed her eyes as waves of pleasure hit her brain, “Kimmie…” she moaned and the red head started grinding her hips sending Shego back on the bed, “KIMMIE!” she started thrusting towards Kim’s hips as her fight to stop eludes her and she succumbed to the building pressure inside her.

“Shego…Shego…” Kim called out, their naked bodies now trickling with sweat as the rhythm intensified, “God…Shego you haven’t drained….ahh…my…breast fully…”

Shego then held Kim’s lower back and with great force reversed their position. Then she ducked her head and continued draining Kim’s left breast as her hips thrust harder and faster inside Kim. Kim’s legs wrapped around Shego’s waist as junior went in deeper and deeper. The red head’s hips went along with every thrust.

“Shego…please don’t stop…uhn…I’m…I’m coming Shego…Shegoooo…”

Shego stopped sucking as she felt herself stiffen. Kim stiffened as well underneath her, and then she felt herself explode inside Kim.

“Shego…” Kim whispered once the pleasure subsided and her walls relaxed. The green skinned woman pulled junior out and kissed Kim tenderly on her lips, “I love you so much Shego.”

“I love you too princess…” Shego relaxed over Kim’s naked body, “I didn’t drain everything…can…”

“The night is long Shego…the night is long.”


“Shit!” Monique pulled the paper from the printer, “Dementor did great with this…imagine he was able to transform one human to its opposite sex not just phenotypically but also in part genotypically…but…” Monique shook her head, “Too bad the result wasn’t too stable.” She frowned, “What’s phenotypically (1) and genotypically (2) anyway?” She looked at her watch to see the time 10 p.m., “It’s still early, I do hope none from Kim and Drakken decided to exact revenge and played with them…” she sighed and sent the copy to Drakken’s fax machine.


Shego and Kim were laughing at Ron’s face. The blond man was frowning and he was keeping his legs tightly close. “So now I know how those virgin women felt when their partner just comes in without prepping them!” Ron shouted at no one in particular.

They were at Drew’s living room couch as Kim and Shego decided to borrow Drakken’s machine that negates the effect of his milk machine and used it on Kim.

“I already said sorry! But I can’t help myself…”

“And you stopped when I was just going there! Who would not be frustrated?!” Ron shouted again.

“Hey…for your information, it was my first time too!”

“And it seems you Dr. D needs more practice.” Shego said snickering.

Ron looked at Shego with wide eyes, “I am so not going to be the one he’ll practice with!”

Kim looked at him amazed, “And who do you want Dr. D to practice with?”


“Ahmmm…not me.”

“Oh come on Ronald!” Drakken said pleading.

“Ah…please, you might wonder, I don’t have veronica again today?”

The four looked at each other, “Yeah and junior is not here too.”

“There’s always a sex doll…” Kim suggested.

“Bright idea Miss Possible.” Drakken said smiling.

“What? You’re replacing me with a doll?” Ron asked pouting.

Shego shook her head, “You said you don’t want Dr. D to practice on you?”


That’s when Drakken’s eyes noticed the paper on his fax machine. He stood up and read it.

Shego and Kim looked at him as his blue skin paled visibly, “What’s that?”

Drakken looked at them with dread, “The report from Monique. I didn’t noticed this earlier and it was sent last night at 10.” He said.

“So read it!” Ron said and Drakken sighed.

“I did.” He said.

“And?” Shego and Kim asked.

“The experiment doesn’t alter you two phenothypically, it seemed you were altered genotypically also.”

Three sets of eyes looked at him for more explanation and three sets of brows rose up in bewilderment.

“It’s not my thing, genetics is Amy’s thing not mine, but from my small understanding…that means there’s a possibility that…that in that state, you Shego…could impregnate Kim and Ron could get impregnated by me…”

“Damn!” Shego said and looked at Kim.

“The least my dad and mom could do is to throw me out of the house and forget I ever existed.” Kim said sadly.

“Well I’ll just be hitting the news as the first real man to get pregnant.” Ron then smiled, “My parents will be thrilled to have their first grandchild I’m sure.”

Drakken smiled, “Hey don’t look so glum Possible, it’s not as if your very first try will get you pregnant…it doesn’t work that way…”

Kim sighed deeply, “Yeah I hope…”

“Hey…if that happens, I’ll be here. We could always live together and get married you know.” Shego said smiling, “And I’m sure you’re parents will understand.”

“I don’t know…maybe I’ll tell them when they get back.”

“I’ll be there with you.” Shego promised.

Kim smiled and leaned her head towards Shego, kissed the older woman’s lips and pulled away, “One of the many things I love about you Shego.”

Shego smiled and kissed Kim again.

“Hey Drew…where’s my kiss?”


A month and a half post drama.

Kim was at their breakfast table and was about to put karo syrup on her pancakes when it happened. She suddenly felt dizzy and had this feeling of throwing up everything inside her and that she did. She ran towards their bathroom and threw up.

“Anne?” James asked in bewilderment.

Anne Possible smiled and shook her head, “Who would have thought that Wade could actually say something stupid.”

“Stupid?” James asked.

“Yeah something stupid like Shego can’t get Kimmie pregnant.”

James face paled, “You mean she did?”

Anne shook her head, “I think Kimmie told us about Dementor’s experiment and…what happened next.”

James nodded and smiled, “Which means we will have a granddaughter coming soon?”

Anne looked at her husband with wide eyes, “You’re not going to give Shego the black hole speech?”

James shook his head no, “Kim’s already an adult, and I’m sure Shego will be a wonderful co-parent and she’s responsible enough and she’s proven that time and again.”

Anne smiled and nodded, “I’m just glad we made things easy for them…but doesn’t this mean that Kim have to move in with Shego already?”

“Oh that she have to. Shego will have to take responsibility and she would have to take care of Kim’s wishes…I am through going through that stage.” James said and they both smiled and looked at Kim who looked at them in bewilderment.

“Ah…so what’s up?”

“I have a pregnancy kit hidden inside our bathroom. I think you need it Kim.” Anne said to her daughter.

“You think?” Kim asked which was answered by her parent’s nodding.

“Jeez…how am I supposed to tell Shego about this?”

“You’ll find a way Kimmie-cub, you’re a possible…”

“And anything is possible with a Possible and that includes being impregnated by another woman.” Kim said turning around to get what her mother told her.


The Bueno Nacho was quiet this time as patrons decided to eat in another restaurant. Ron, Wade and Kim on the other hand decided to hit the restaurant as Kim craves for a Bueno Nacos grande size.

Ron and Wade’s eyes widened at Kim’s gulping down one order of the grande size and was even shoving Rufus away if he comes near and tried to grab one.

Wade on the other hand was a bit unsettled by Ron declining to have anything from Bueno Nachos and he was even grimacing at Kim’s way of eating. Something not usual with Ron

“Ah Kim…you know your gulping down on a Naco right?” Wade asked and Kim nodded, smiled and continued on eating.

“That’s gross Kim!” Ron shouted.

Wade looked at the man beside him, “You’re grossed out? Since when?”

Ron scratched his head, “Since this morning…after throwing up almost all of the food I ate last night. Must have eaten something bad.” He said shaking his head.

Kim stopped eating and looked at Ron, “I’m pregnant.” She said flatly and then continued eating.

Wade and Ron’s eyes widened more, “You’re what?”

Kim swallowed the food and once again said flatly, “Pregnant Ron…I am pregnant!” she said then she glared at Rufus who tried to get one Naco, “And Ron! Will you buy your pet his own Naco? He’s getting mine!”

“How…I mean who’s the father Kim?” Ron asked in bewilderment.

“Duh? Who else…Shego.”

“What?” Ron asked.

Kim sighed, “Shego became a ‘he’ once upon a time and we had sex…I mean we made love and ‘tada’!” Kim patted her still flat abdomen.

“How sure are you?” Wade asked this time.

“My mom made me do this home kit for pregnancy test and I got two pink lines, then she took me to her obstetrician this morning after breakfast and true…the results are positive and even had my baseline laboratories and ultrasound. So yeah I am pregnant.”

“Does Shego know?” Ron asked. His face paled and his hands were trembling.

“I’m telling her when I come by her house later.” Kim said and looked at her trembling friend, “Oh…yeah, you and Drakken…”

“Two nights Kim…we had sex two nights in a row with ‘veronica’ instead of ‘ronnie’ and he exploded inside me countless of time!” Ron said rattled.

Wade looked at Kim, “I believe you should help Ron by buying a home pregnancy kit so he could test himself.”

Kim’s brows rose up, “Why me?”

Wade smiled, “It’ll be awkward if I or Ron bought that in the drugstore.”


“Okay…but Ron will buy me another Grande Naco.”

Ron looked at her friend, “Alright…you’re worst than me when I was the one addicted to Bueno Naco.”


15 minutes later at the Bueno Nacho’s male rest room.


Wade and Kim looked at each other.

“Oh yeah…Ron is pregnant too.” Kim said smiling.

“He makes history. Ron’s the man!” Wade said laughing, “Wait ‘till Monique learns about this.”


“Hey Ron…I think you need to see your moms ‘doctor’”

Ron was pale when he went out of the rest room. A little boy run out after him crying out loud, “I’m not sure if my mom’s obstetrician could take this news…she’s as old as your nana…”

“Congratulations Ron…”

“It’s not funny KP.”

“Oh yes…we will be delivering our babies at the same time.”


The End

I’m not sure if I have to write sequel to this sequel…like how Shego and Drakken take the news. Wedding and taking care of the pregnant because it will not be enough to write that in 2 chapters. So finally I’ve finished creamy too.

(1)Phenotypically in genetics pertains to that genetic characteristic that is visible to eyes, like white forelocks, male and female parts from inside the body to outside

(2)Genotypically is the part that could be found inside the genes. For example, an A blood type of person (blood type is phenotypically) is composed of AA+AO or AA+AA allele base pairs. (Note: No AB allele pairs is enumerated as B and A may co-dominate hence their product could be AB)The allele base pairs is the genotypic reading or characteristic of a blood type A person. In this case, Shego could be phenotypically altered (he has junior) but if she’s not genotypically altered then her reproductive organ will not be complete hence she can’t impregnate Kim.

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