Story: Creamy Too (chapter 1)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: Didn't upload Creamy since I only re-edited chapter one and hasn't gone through second chapter...will probably re post once chapter two is done. This one is newer and I think my grammar here and punctuation use are way better than my older storie, but again it's not perfect.]

Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.

Summary: Kim got sick and it’s up to Ron and Shego to stop Dementor from his evil scheme, but the mission didn’t end the way they want it. Kim and Drakken will have the shock of their life…sequel to my story Creamy.

Author’s note: After so much debate between two floating plot bunnies in my head, I decided to write this one (I think I like the plot of this more than the other plot bunny.) Weaver-san edited this…so yeah, this is now the edited version. Like Creamy, this story will contain two chapters. Since weaver edited Creamy, I also wanted her to edit this so unlike my read and learn story where I didn’t ask Weaver to edit it. Unlike my first Creamy, this will not be written in anyone’s P.O.V.

Warning: This is Rated M…(I do hope ffnet will not kick me out of the site for posting this!)

Creamy Too

Part 1



“Shampoo, Conditioner…”

“Deodorant, soap and toothpaste, check!”


“Okay honey, what else did we forget?” Anne Possible asked her husband, the two adults were busy packing two weeks worth of clothes and things.

“Nothing honey, I think we already got everything we need!”

Their conversation was interrupted by a loud banging of their bedroom door caused by the twins Jim and Tim barging inside, at their back were military bags full of their own things, “We’re ready Mom, Dad!” Jim shouted.

“Booshaw!” Tim added and the twins spit on their palm before they high five in the air.

Anne smiled and tagged on one of them, “Okay but you two should keep your voices down, your sister is sick and we don’t want to startle her.” She lightly chastised her boys.

“But Kim’s room is soundproofed.” Tim said pouting.

“It’s not!” Jim disagreed, “I heard her…mmmrrrffff…” Jim’s tirade was halted by Tim’s palm tightly covering his mouth.

Tim leaned close to his brother’s ear and whispered, “Say it but I won’t vouch for you if Shego decided to give you a plasma enema.” At the thought of the green skinned woman’s threat, Jim blanched and this did not go unnoticed by their mother.

Anne’s brows rose up and she crossed her arms on her chest as she tapped a foot on the floor, “What is that all about?”

Jim and Tim’s eyes widened and shook their heads rapidly before they hurriedly say: “Wegottagomomdadwe’llwaitforyouinsidethecarbye!” and the two scampered out of their parent’s room as if they were being chased by a thin, hungry horse.

Anne looked at her husband who was too busy to pay attention to her and his sons, “James, do you by any chance know anything about Kim that I don’t know?”

James scrunched his forehead and smiled, “Aside from Kim dating Shego? No honey, I don’t know anything that I’m sure you’re not knowledgeable of.”


“I really don’t feel good about us leaving Kim sick for a whole two weeks.” Anne said changing the topic.

James carried all the luggage and walked closer to his wife, he leaned and kissed Anne’s cheek before he walked passed the blue eyed, red headed doctor, “I told you I’ve taken care of it. I called in a special ‘nanny’ for Kimmie-cub, and I’m sure with this ‘nanny’, Kimmie will be safe and ‘no boys’ will get near her.” He said looking proud of what he did.

Just as Mr. Dr. Possible ended his mini-speech, the doorbell rang three times.

“I’ll get it honey. I see the boys locked the front door.” Anne said.

“Well, if Tim and Jim didn’t lock it, then that must be the special nanny now.” James reminded his wife who’s on the verge of going out of the room and going down to see who’s at the door.

Anne’s eyes widened when her blue orbs met deep emerald ones that were a match to the other person’s pale green-skin.

“Good morning Mrs. Dr. Possible.” Shego greeted the woman in front of her with a smile.

The red headed doctor nodded but her grin vanished when she saw Shego’s large traveling bag with her, “Are you going on camping or something?” she asked, her heart pumping extra blood to her vessels and her brain kept telling her wrong question.

“Oh, yes…sort of?” Shego said her face making a darker shade of green, “Actually your husband hired me to look after Kim…”

“JAMES!!” Anne Possible screamed at her husband who was still up their room, Shego winced at the loud sound and the possible consequence of her being Kim’s ‘special nanny’.

“HONEY?!” James Possible shouted back his reply.

“YOU GET DOWN HERE FAST!” the red headed doctor yelled and then she once again shifted her focus on Shego who was still outside their door, “And you…” she said squinting her eyes, “Come in and settle yourself on the living room…pronto!” she raised one arm and pointed a finger on their living room signaling the green skinned woman to go ahead.

So Shego carried her luggage and proceeded inside, despite everything inside her tells her that this is not going to get her on Mrs. Dr. Possible’s good side…

-at least it gets you under Mr. Dr. Possible’s good graces. He didn’t gave you the black hole speech remember?-

‘Oh yeah…no black hole speech, but still I get the ‘brain switch with a monkey’ speech, and I tell you, that one from the missus was more intimidating than any villain, hero or superheroes I’ve encountered.’ Shego thought as she situated herself on the living room’s solo couch but at least I get to be with Kimmie for two weeks…hmm, what should we do then?

“Honey?” James Possible asked as he came down from their room and headed to the living room. He was still wearing a proud smile and winked at Shego once their eyes met. Shego nodded her head in appreciation of that one ‘deflating’ smile the Possible head gave her way.

“You. Hired. Shego…to be Kimmie’s. Nanny?” Anne asked with narrowed eyes, “Do you have any idea who this woman is?” she asked and pointed a finger at Shego.

“Yes, I do have an idea who that woman is. She is Shego and she’s Kimmie’s girlfriend…” he was interrupted.

“And you’ll let her watch over Kimmie? Our own daughter’s girlfriend?”

“She’s a lot older than Kim and she can keep the boys away from our Kimmie-cub.”

“JAMES! She is Kim’s girlfriend…and you wouldn’t allow Ron to Nanny Kim when he was still her boyfriend!” Anne shouted.

“Of course, that’s because Ron is a boy.”

Shego smiled widely at the two’s exchange.

“But they can do what a man and woman do…”

“But it won’t make Kimmie pregnant. Do you have anymore suggestions as to who we could ask to look after Kim without our daughter whining because she’s too old to have a nanny, or who will take this job for free?” he asked grinning wider.


“I think Mr. Possible got you there Mrs. Possible.” Shego interrupted which earned him a thank you from James and a glare from Anne.

“Okay,” Anne then focus on Shego, “I’ll let you do this job, but expect me to call the two of you every now and then.”

Shego smiled and stood up, “I won’t expect anything less from you Mrs. Possible.”

“And I’ll have Wade make a surveillance camera to be put inside the house.” Anne added.

Shego grinned and nodded her head.

“But Wade’s coming with us.” James said correcting his wife.

Anne’s eyes widened, “WHAT?”

“He begged to come with us, he was kneeling in front of me…in my office, so what do you expect me to do?” James asked.

“So…” Anne paused, “Don’t tell me Ron is coming too? I can agree with Wade coming as he could look after the twins but Ron…”

“No honey, Ron is definitely not coming,” James said reassuring his wife. He then carried their bags and walked passed his wife, he looked at Shego first and said, “Good luck,” before disappearing within the two women’s line of sight.

Anne pointed two fingers at her eyes and then pointed that same fingers towards Shego as she said, “I’ll be watching you…” she said with an evil glare and her most intimidating grin before she turned around and walked out of the house…but not before Shego nodded her head saying that she understood.

Shego shivered as she felt goose bumps rising on her skin, “That woman really scares the hell out of me.” She said softly as she walked after the retreating red head and locked the front door. She then turned towards the stairs and grinned, “Kimmie…ready or not, here I come!”


Kim Possible was currently lying on her bed with an ice pack placed on her forehead. Her face was flushed from fever and she was sweating a little. It was at this state that Shego found her when the green skinned woman went up and entered her room.

“Kimmie?” Shego asked softly when she saw her girl friend’s eyes close, “Are you asleep?” Shego took a deep breath when the young red head didn’t answer. She seated at the side of the bed after putting down her large bag on the floor. She then started moving her hands across the younger woman’s red hair that was a bit damp from sweat, “Jeez Princess, you do know when to get sick aren’t yah?” she said grinning wide.

“Shego…” Kim whispered in her sleep.

This brought a slight blush to Shego’s face, “Princess, I don’t know if I should be happy or embarrassed that you’ve been dreaming of me, I’m sure you’re dream is something that can’t be placed on rated PG.” she said whilst she shake her head.

Kim opened her eyes after Shego said her last piece, “I was calling you, I’m not dreaming of you, just wanted to let you know that I’m not asleep.” She reasoned before she gave her green skinned girlfriend a timid smile, “That hurts…just smiling hurts my head.” She said.

Shego’s blush deepened at what Kim just revealed, “Sorry, I thought you were sleeping…” and her words were cut by Kim pulling the older woman close to her and the red head’s lips caught hers into a searing kiss. Shego felt hot when their lips parted, “Wow…and I thought you were sick princess.” Shego teased the sick woman on the bed.

“I am, just imagine how much more I can do when I’m not sick.” Kim said after making a deep sigh, “But I’m not going to correct you when you’ve said about me dreaming of you, because I do…every night.” Kim said smiling then winced when the head ache attacked once more, “God, sometimes I wish I could have your power so I don’t have to get sick like this. It sucks to be alone in the house with you and yet can’t do anything naughty.” She said.

Shego smiled and placed a kiss on Kim’s flushed cheek, “Well to clear things up Kimmie-honey…”

Kim turned her head suddenly to the side to look at Shego disbelievingly, “Say it again?”

“What? To clear things up…”

“No, not that one…how did you call me?” She said wincing at the sudden movement of her head.

“Oh that, so Kimmie-honey,” Shego smiled, “Hey, that rhymed!”

“I like it, Shego-sugar.” Kim said that earned her a glare from the pale skinned woman, “Hey, it’s not like you’re the only one who could call me anything you want. Besides you’re just too sweet despite you looking like you’re going to eat anyone in your way…” Kim’s words were halted by a single finger across her lips.

“You talk too much for a sick person Kimmie, so to continue, to clear things up, I do get sick. You’re the cause of that one because you’ve infected me with a very potent virus. I do hope I won’t get what it is you have right now.”

Kim smiled and tried to sit up…

“Kimmie, you’re not well so don’t…” Kim pushed the older woman a bit so she could sit up and lean to her side table, then she opened the small cabinet and took out a small ray gun and showed it to Shego, “The hell…isn’t that…”

“Remember the ray gun I used on you when I found you in the Philippines?” Kim asked and smiled at Shego nodding her head and her face now sported a deep blush, “Well, I was packing my things for the family excursion “on space” when I found this hidden deep in my closet…so…”

Shego’s eyebrows rose up way too high on her forehead. “You…this little thing is the reason…”Kim nodded her head and winced, “Since when…”

“Yesterday morning. I’ve been sick since last night you know why…” and Shego nodded her head dumbly.

“You’re evil Kim…” Shego said grinning when it dawned on her what Kim’s after, “You chose to be sick rather than…”

“I’m not a rocket scientist, I don’t find space enlightening and fun…but this is fun, this is what I want.” Kim said pointing to herself then at Shego, “I missed those days Shego.” She said pouting.

“Don’t…you dare use that puppy…” Shego slumps her shoulder, “And once again, I’m late,” she then pushed the younger woman back to lying down, “I wanted to get to your mom’s good side pumpkin and I don’t think this…” she said pointing at Kim’s covered chest, “…will do it for me.”

“But their not here…”


“So when the cat’s not around, the mouse will play is that it?” Shego asked which was answered by Kim’s head nodding, “Okay, I’ll drain you…but that’s all we’ll do.”

“But Shego I’m your girlfriend and we haven’t had sex since we got back here from the Philippines!”

“And I say, we’ll not have sex until we get your mother to relax each time she talks about us being a couple, okay?” Shego said as she looked at her young girlfriend with a serious look in her eyes.

Silence as the two get into a staring contest.

And Kim lost…this time.

Shego took a deep breath and lay beside Kim, she rested an arm on top of Kim’s abdomen, “I love you very much pumpkin, and I wanted to do everything right this time. This is not just us jumping each other for fun, every romantic thing we do, every words we say, everything means a lot to me.” Shego said seriously, “I’ve been away from my family for too long and have no intention of making up with them, but I intend to let you keep your family because I know they’re important to you. They are an important part of why you became Kim Possible, they are the foundation why you came to be…and why I am so in love with you.”


Shego smiled when the younger woman pulled the older one closer to her and snuggled close, “I love you too Shego, and I think my dad and Nana saw that you love me more than anything that’s why they’ve agreed and accepted you as my girlfriend openly.” Kim sighed at Shego’s chest, “I just don’t get it why my mom couldn’t see that good side in you. Sometimes I think my mom wanted you dead to prove that you really love me, sometimes I think that no matter what good you do, it will never be enough for her to see that you’re good for me and that you’re the one I want and no one else.” Kim said sadly.

Shego started rubbing Kim’s back and took the discarded cold compress and placed it on Kim’s head, “Don’t think about that, you’re mom I’m sure is as accepting as your father, we can’t blame her for treating me that way. I don’t blame her, I just look at it as if I am your mother and you’re our daughter in the future, I’ll probably be acting the same if a criminal starts approaching and dating our daughter. I’ll be as skeptic as her.”

Kim smiled, “Yeah, I see us in the future as parents. I’m the cool one and you’re the strict one.”

“Hell I will. No kids or boys shall be in contact with our daughter unless I have approved of them first.” Shego stated firmly.

“Poor daughter, you’ll never be able to meet anyone ‘cause I’m sure, your momma will not approved of them. No…none of them will be good enough for you…” Kim said as she bowed down and talked to her fetus-less lower abdomen, she even made a massaging motion to emphasized her point.

“Of course there are no men or women good enough for our daughter.”

Kim pushed slightly away from Shego and looked at the older woman’s face, “You know we are talking about kids already when we haven’t even had sex since…well 6 months ago?”

Shego looked at her girlfriend and smiled before she shook her head, “You’re turning our talk back to sex Kimmie, have I turned you into a sex maniac that…”

“No, you’ve turned me into Shego-maniac that I can’t sleep without fantasizing you inside me and…”

“Okay-okay! I think you’re fever is too high you’re delirious already, so I’m going to get a towel and sponge you off before I drain that milk out of you!” Shego said before pushing her girlfriend away from her and standing up to get a warm water to sponge Kim’s body.

“And I’ll be ready when you return…”

“You better be princess…”


“I thought we’ll have a vacation on space?”

“We’ll do.”

“Then what are we doing here at the space center still?”

“Because you’re mom needs to hear all of this.”


“Hick a peek a boo!”

“Well, are you convinced that I got the best Nanny for Kim?”

“Well from what I’ve heard, I’m not sure if it should be Shego that I can’t trust.”

“At least, if Kim did falter with her self control, we are sure that we won’t be getting back to a pregnant daughter.”

“You’re not helping at all James, you’re not helping.”


“What has gotten into you Ron?” Monique was seated on a bench at the Bueno Nacho and Ron was pacing back and forth at the isle.

Ron stopped his repetitive movement and faced the black beauty, “Tell me Monique, have you ever felt something like…like…” Ron stopped himself and started flailing his hands on the air and resumed his pacing.

“Whoa, stop right at this instant and talk to me!” Monique said loudly before she grabbed the blond boy’s wrist that caused him to stop. Ron once again looked at Monique’s expressive, onyx eyes, “Talk…to…me,” Monique said and her eyes smiled when Ron nodded his head in agreement, “…sitting.” She added.

Ron made a loud ‘gulping’ sound and seated himself on the bench opposite Monique’s, he looked at the grande sized Naco which was now being devoured by his loyal and amazing friend Rufus, “Okay…”


Monique eyed the nervous blond quietly, patiently waited until he finally gets the courage to spill out whatever it is he wanted to ask I do hope he’s not meaning to tell me that he wants me more than friends ‘cause I’ll hate to break Ron’s heart. I just can’t tell him that Wade got to me first…to think…

“Do you have anything against gay people, Mon?” Ron suddenly asked out of nowhere

to think I don’t have anything against gay…Monique’s eyes widened in shock why the hell am I in shock? I should be happy this meeting has nothing to do with him liking me more than friends… “What brought that on?” Monique asked with furrowed brows.

“I knew it!” Ron stood up and pointed a finger on Monique’s face, “You have problems with gay people! I knew it!” he shouted which caused the other patrons of the restaurant look their way, some even started whispering.

“Ron! What the hell…”

“I should have talked to KP first MY GOD!” Ron even slapped his forehead for emphasis or for dramatic purposes.

Monique frowned and she took the single finger pointed at her face and started bending them…slowly and lightly.

“Aw?” Ron said mimicking Shrek’s expression, “You know you bend like a girl Mon right?”

Monique then becomes serious and bends it hard.

“OWWWW! That hurts!” he said as he pulled his finger away from Monique.

Monique sighed in irritation, “First of all, point a finger at my face again Ronald Stoppable and I’ll make sure to really break it. Second, you haven’t even said your piece and asked me out of the blue then you react as if I’m a bigot who can’t take being with gay, so…are you gay?” she asked angrily.

“See! You’re angry!” Ron blurted out.

“Because you’re putting words on my mouth Dimwit!” Monique said, “Now, are you going to spill whatever it is or I should just leave because it seems to me that you don’t trust me enough …” she looked at her wrist watch, “…and you’re wasting my precious time.”


Monique was about to stand to leave Ron alone when he sat and blurted out, “I think I’m in love with another guy.” He said before his shoulders slumps in defeat, “And what’s worst? It’s not just any guy.”

Monique returned to her sitting position and looked at her friend’s dejected look, “I don’t have any problems with gays Ron. I’m still Kim’s best gal-friend and she’s with Shego…”

“That’s the problem, at least Shego is attractive despite her green skin, she’s smart and sexy, she carries herself well and she could produce plasma in her hands. She is strong and she is able to protect KP from danger…” Ron said without looking at his friend, “But Drakken…”


“I think I misheard you Ron. I think I hear you say Drakken? As in the blue skinned megalomaniac…”

Ron’s eyes darted fast towards Monique, “Correction! Ex-megalomaniac! And it’s not as if he was really taking over the world.” He defended the man.

“Okay, so it really was him?” Monique asked and Ron nodded his head in agreement, “How did this happen?”

“Well…” Ron raised his head as he reminisced…


6 months and a few weeks ago…

Do you think that Kim Possible can get Shego back Ronald?” Drakken asked, he was sitting at the stairs in front of his country-style house in Texas.

The blond boy looked at the blue man in shock, “Dr. D…you do remember my name!”

Drakken frowned, “Of course I do. It was just an act to get you all riled up.” He said grinning, “You look cute when you’re trying hard to make me remember your name.”

Cute Ron thought, he did thought of me as cute…no one has ever thought that I’m cute Ron was grinning from ear to ear with this thought. Then he looked at the blue man, “Tell me Dr. D, why did you make that portable milk machine? It’s not as if we are friends or something?”

Dr. Drakken just chuckle, “Well after all the money I got from Hench, I don’t think I need to settle on taking over the world.” He looked at Ron seriously, “Just think about it Ronald, everyone will know my name as the man who have revolutionized milk production in the world. Doctors will know me by heart as the man who has solved the universal problem in breast feeding and more children who will grow up to be strong because they were fed through it will know me as their savior. So all in all, I’ll still gain what I wanted in taking over the world…and that is recognition.” He said with pride in his voice.

Wow…that was awesome. I’ve never really heard him say things like this before. I never knew he had this serious aura in him…and he looked kind of dazzling if not for his scar...wait a minute. Where did that come from anyway…?

So what do you think Ronald?”


I was asking what you think about it.” He asked smiling.

Oh…that was cool Dr. D…”

Drakken scoffed, “Can you just call me Drew, besides I’m only 32, it’s not as if I’m your father or something.”

You’re 32?” Ron asked in bewilderment.

Drakken scowled, “And what do you mean by that question?”

Ahh…well I thought…”

What? That I look older?” He huffed, “It was the effect of that chemical XXX that made me look old, but I’ve found out about this chemical XYY, and once I perfected it, it’ll restore my youthful look.” He said, “Plus, it is said to reduce scar by about 97.”


You didn’t answer my question Drakken…”

Just Drew okay?”

Ron frowned, “Hey, I thought you were Kim’s father’s friend and classmate?” Ron asked.

Oh that’s true. But I skipped elementary, that’s why. James is just 10 years older than me you know. And he’s what? 8 years older than Anne? I think that was the reason Anne didn’t even look at me way back then, aside from being blue, I’m young yet looked old.” He said sadly.

Ron nodded his head, wow I didn’t know Dr. D I mean Drew was a genius like Wade. “So…why help Kim?”

Drakken smiled, “Simple, I want my employee back. Shego might be mean and cruel most of the time, but she’s like a family to me. Mama regards her as her long lost daughter and Shego respected my mother the way I respect her. There’s no way I’m going to just stay quiet while my most prized employee went missing on me…and Possible.” He said as he shook his head.

Wow, he respected his mother…he really wasn’t a mama’s boy in truth, I think we might have misinterpreted him for so long…what the hell is happening to me? How come I’m seeing all his good attributes…now?

“…and I know that Shego is happy with Kim Possible, and going legit is necessary for her to be with your friend, so I’m making a deal with Global Justice so this thing can be patched up…”

You’re going legit for Shego?” Ron asked in bewilderment.

Didn’t you hear a thing I’ve said? I said Shego is family and I’ll do anything for my family.” He said then tapped Ron’s shoulder hard, “You better head home Ronald, its getting dark.”

(End Flashback)

“And you fell for him just because…” Monique was interrupted.

“You know we had our regular meeting after that. Global Justice did instruct me to be his eye just in case he starts making some schemes to take over the world.” Ron said then he gave out a loud sigh.

“And you fell in love because…”

“Because? He’s cool, he’s a softy, he knows how to have fun, he knows how to live life and he respects his mother!” Ron said counting the traits with his fingers, “Plus, he really is sensitive to what I want and need…”

Monique’s eyes widened, “You two did…”

“Hey!” Ron blushed, “Well…we haven’t gotten to third base yet…but…”


“You’re grossed out now aren’t you?” Ron asked dejectedly.

Monique smiled; she stood up and moved over to Ron’s side of the table. She sat beside him and draped an arm over his shoulder, “If you’re happy being with him, as long as he’s not going to do anything to hurt you, then what else can I say?”

Ron looked at onyx eyes with a question: What?

“You go Ron!” Monique said then she pulled Ron into a hug.

Ron hugged the black beauty back and even dramatically wiped unshed tears from his dry eyes, “Thanks Mon. I knew I was right when I chose to talk to you first…besides Kim is sick.”

“Yeah, I heard Shego was hired by Mr. Dr. Possible to take care of Kim.” Monique said and smiled to see Monique nod’s her head in agreement.

“I wonder what Mrs. Dr. P said, I’m sure she have learned about it right now.” Ron said before he heard his communicator chimed three times, he pulled it off his side pocket and turned it on, “Go Wade…” he blushed when it wasn’t Wade who was on the other end of the communicator.

“Ahhh,” Monique interrupted, “Haven’t I told you that Mr. and Mrs. Dr. P took Wade with them in space for a vacation?” she asked awkwardly.

Ron looked at his friend, “I think you missed that out Monique.” Ron then focused his eyes on the man on the screen, “Hello honey,” he said smiling. His face reddened even more.

“Hello Ronald.” The sight of a light blue skinned man, wearing formal attire, his hair gathered at the back into a pony-tail, his previously scarred eye was open and there was no trace of the said scar. He even looked young that he actually, almost looked like he was very near Ron and Monique’s age.

“Am I looking at the same Drakken you used to apprehend?” Monique asked.

“We are one and the same, you must be Monique? Ronald’s best friend aside from Kim Possible?” he said in his usual nosy voice.

“You are him alright!” Monique said as she rolled her eyes.

“Actually, Mr. Load asked me to take over his place for the meantime as he is on vacation: to where he didn’t exactly elaborate.” The doctor said slowly.

“Drew honey, can you please forgo any introductions and tell me what it is?” Ron said shaking his head.

“Oh yes, Sorry about that Ronald. Anyway, I got a hit from an spectator that my ex-arch foe Doctor Dementor is currently wreaking havoc at Hong Kong.”

Monique and Ron’s jaw slackened, “Hong Kong?” they asked.

“Yes, in fact, he was at Hong Kong Disney land terrorizing patrons and workers there as we speak.” He said while typing away in his computer, “I’m using my break at Hench Co., to give you this update, I’m going to call Kim Possible…”

“She’s sick, I think I can do this by myself…”

“Oh no you’re not going to this mission alone,” he said frowning, “If Kim Possible is sick, then I’m going to call Shego to accompany you!” he said sternly

“But Shego will kill me if you…”

“Ronald,” The blue skinned man said seriously, “Shego is still under my employ as of the moment, hence, I can ask her to do this whether she likes it or not.”


“No buts! She’s going with you and you should be good to her!” he said huffing, “Plus, you’ll be using my jet and there’s only one pilot I can trust my jet with, and that’s Shego.” He said frowning, “Do I have to spell that out for you?”

Ron sighed in defeat, “No honey, okay then I’ll meet Shego at the Possible’s house.”

“That’s my Ronald.” He said smiling, “And it is nice to have finally met you Miss Monique.” He grinned, “Wade also told me to look after you and make sure you’re not going in any date with other men. So I’ll just turn a blind eye on this instance?” he said his grin widened.



“Okay, I’m just messing around, so see you Ronald,” he paused, leaned closer to the screen and whispered, “I love you Ronald.” He said before he restore his posture and turned off his side of the communicator.

“Did he just say I love you?” Monique asked the blushing and nodding blond boy with the intent to tease.

“Yeah he did…” he looked at Monique and frowned, “And he didn’t even let me say I love you too!” he shouted and paled when he noticed that everyone was looking at him.

“Uh-uh…” Rufus chirped after he burped from eating all the grande Nacos


“Ahhhh,” Kim was half naked, she has her back resting on her bed’s headboard, and Shego’s mouth was currently busy sucking on her left breast. It took the green skinned woman 15 minutes to drain Kim’s right breast as the younger woman kept on pulling her up to lock lips and taste her own milk from Shego’s mouth. Now that the older woman was draining her left breast, and the heat was just too much for Kim, the younger woman started bucking her hips towards Shego who was situated in between her parted, covered legs.

Shego stopped sucking, “Princess…” she said panting. She hooked one hand on Kim’s hips to stop it from doing what its doing.

“Jeez Shego, why did you stop…” Kim said hoarsely.

“Because I won’t continue if you keep on doing that to your hips!” Shego said sternly.

“Don’t you feel bothered and hot?” Kim asked teasing the older woman.

“I am, that’s why I’m going to stop doing this all together and borrow a milk pump form the hospital if you don’t stop.” Shego said with finality.

“You’re mean,” Kim said then she made her most dangerous ammo, she started doing that puppy dog pout.

“Oh no! Not that one…” Shego said and to stop the younger woman, she ducked low and continued sucking.

“SHEGO!” Kim screamed when Shego bit hard on her left nipple before sucking hard. Kim then took Shego’s hand that was hooking her hips with her hand and placed it to her drained breast, and by instinct, Shego started massaging the breast, “Ahn…Oh…harder Shego, please…”

The older woman would have done so if not for Kim’s communicator beeping, and without warning it turned on and Shego heard her employer’s voice.

“SHEGO!” Drakken called out in his irritating voice.

That did it for Kim and Shego. The green skinned woman released Kim’s breast and without wiping her still milk stained lips, she took the communicator after pulling the bed covers over Kim’s naked torso and she looked at her employer’s image.

“Ah, Shego…is that milk on your lips?” He asked.

Shego frowned and licked her lips. She blushed when she realized it was milk, “What’s up Doc?”

“Did Kim Possible hit herself again with that portable milk gun?” Drakken asked ignoring the ex-thief’s query. He flinched when Shego ignited her hand with her signature plasma.

“Are you going to answer why you’re disturbing my Kim time or should I come there… wherever you are to further your skin lightening with my plasma?” Shego warned, her eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Oh…” Drakken paled, “Well, Dementor is wreaking havoc at Hong Kong Disney Land and was supposed to call Kim Possible, but Ronald told me that she’s out of commission so I’m sending you there…”

“Can’t Stoppable handle the mi…”

“He said he can but I’m not allowing him without a side kick to help him…”

There was a steely silence and Drakken can be heard gulping loudly.

“Say it again Dr. D?” Shego asked evilly.

“I mean…ah, I can’t let…you go on a mission without a side kick?” Dr. Drakken said not sure if he’s said it right this time. All along, Kim Possible was snickering at her bed as she listened to the conversation going on.

“I don’t think that was what you’ve said…”

“Please Shego!! I’m going to hurt myself now! Please!” Drakken pleaded as he started slapping his face.

“STOP THAT DOC!” Shego shouted, “You’re making an ass out of yourself. I’m not even sure how you manage to make Stoppable go gaga on you.” She said and this caused Kim’s eyes to widen. Shego smiled and looked at Kim’s bewildered face.

“Okay I’ll stop but will you go?” Drakken asked.

Shego sighed, “I’m still under your employ and this is your call. That Stoppable is lucky.”

“Besides only you can fly my jet. I’m sending the jet to you now and Ronald is on his way there…” He grinned, “Oh and please continue whatever it is your doing earlier…” he said grinning wide before he turned off his part of the computer.


“It seems you have lots to explain Shego dear?” Kim asked then she lowered the covers again exposing her beautiful, slightly engorged breast.

“I think I better drain you later, you’ve heard what my Employer said a while ago.” Shego said smiling, she leaned forward and kissed Kim’s left breast and whispered to it, “Don’t worry there,” Shego then raised a hand and made circular motions on that erect nipple causing Kim to close her eyes and take a deep breath, “I shall return!” Shego then stood up but not after giving that nipple a torrid kiss.

“Sheeegooo…do…don’t tease…you’ll…”

“I’ll be back princess. I can’t let Stoppable come in here with you in that state now, don’t we?” There was no answer instead Kim pouted as she looked at the departing woman.

“Shego…” The ex-thief looked back, “Can you please wiped those milk stain on your mouth? And maybe you can gargle first? I think your mouth smells like…”

Shego grinned, “A baby?”

The teen heroine blushed at the thought.


6 hours later (8 p.m.)

“I can’t believe you did that!” Ron shouted as they entered the Possible’s house. Kim and Dr. Drakken were waiting for the two at the house’ living room.

“What? You expect me to just let that machine go? You’re the one who always blew up Dr. D’s inventions way back when he was taking over the world!” Shego retorted in anger.

“Yeah! But not when that machine hits us and we now don’t have any schematics to work on to duplicate it!” Ron yelled again.

“So what? It’s not as if it has any effect! And if it has, Dementor said that it’ll last for 3 damn days!” the green skinned woman was flailing her hands on the air now.

“And you believed Dementor?! I never thought you’re a stupid bitch!” Ron yelled and everyone’s eyes widened because Ron’s voice becomes high pitched, “Am I hearing my…Oh, yeah I think that’s my voice…” he then looked at Drakken.

“From what we’ve heard, I’ll guess that the mission didn’t go well?” Kim asked and the two nodded.

“We were fighting Dementor’s lackeys when he surprised us by hitting us with his invention at our back.” Shego said. Her eyes too widened when she heard the timber of her voice going deep, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Shego asked Kim and Ron wherein the two teen heroes nodded in agreement. Even the rodent who was listening agreed.

“Thinking what? That Ron is becoming a man now because his voice is becoming higher and Shego’s suddenly got a sultry voice?” Drakken asked causing three pairs of eyes looked at him in astonishment, “I think Dementor is trying to make soldiers of operatic singers…is he going to destroy the world with songs?”

Shego looked at Ron, “I’m not sure what you see in him.” She said.

“Hey, he’s your employer!” Ron said.


“So what does the machine do?” Kim asked

Ron frowned, “That’s what we are arguing, Shego here went ballistic and started firing plasma after plasma, then she destroyed the machine and burned the blue print so we don’t have any clue what it does!” he said angrily.

“But you can just ask Dementor what it really does.” Kim said.

“I don’t think he’ll speak of it especially if he has hit Shego with it.” Drakken said.

“Oh no,” Ron interrupted him, “He squealed to Shego about how many days will it take effect but not what it does, and you have any guess KP why is that?”

“No…care to enlighten me?” Kim asked looking at her frowning lover with a smile.

“Because someone here beat the hell out of someone who could have helped us find out what the machine can do!” Ron yelled glaring at the green skinned woman.

“So ask him while he’s still in prison.” Drakken offered.

“Huh!” Ron scoffed, “He’s currently at the intensive care unit of GJ and the doctors said he’ll wake up in 5 to 7 days…and guess what? The effect has already worn off and we would have found out about its effect by that time!” Ron sternly said.


“So how are the two of you feeling right now?” Kim asked.

“Peachy.” Ron said his brows raised up.

“Uncomfortable…” Shego looked down at her center and then leaned over at Kim to whisper, “…down there…” she said pointing her lips downward.



11:00 p.m. same day

Ron stoppable spent his night at Drakken’s home, the two were peacefully sleeping when Ron felt the urge to relieve himself. So he stood up, his eyes groggy as he entered their personal comfort room, he untied the strings of his pajama bottom and was about to hold on his little Ron when he could not find it. Frowning, he looked down to let her eyes aid his quest but then…



“Hmmmm,” Shego was deeply sleeping along with Kim. The red headed woman has half of her body draped over Shego, her covered leg was bent and was place just at the middle of Shego’s crotch. While sleeping, the younger woman started rubbing her legs on that certain part causing the older woman to moan.

And that’s when Kim and Shego felt something weird.

“Shego…I think something’s poking my legs,” Kim whispered groggily but she did not stopped her motion.

But Shego did not reply, instead, her eyes rolled up at the back of her head as the sensation keeps on getting higher and higher, “K…Ki…Kim….ugh…”

Kim’s hazy mind became alert at the sound of Shego’s deep voice…who seemed like she was in pain, “Shego are you alright?” she said, her legs still over the crotch not moving but was pressing harder, “What is that thing…”

“Stop…Kim or I’ll…God!” she screamed

The two women felt something…wet

They both looked down and Kim frowned as she removed her legs on Shego’s now wet crotch, “Was that an accident?”

“No princess…and I do hope not to see what I think I must see…” she said and slowly she lifted her pajama bottom. Kim and Shego peeked in and both gave out two kinds of reaction.

“Oh my…that…that is…” Kim looked at her lover with a blush on her face, “…that is one huge…”

“Finish it Kimmie…and I swear not to even kiss you anywhere…” Shego frowned, her face red not with embarrassment but with anger, “DEMENTOR! I’m GONNA KILL YOU!!”

-end part 1-

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