Story: Life's Worth (chapter 7)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 7

A/N: This is the story's final chapter, but as I have said in the previous chapter, this isn't the end. I did plan on making a sequel to Life's worth. I do hope that you enjoy reading this as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you very much.

A little disclaimer, the song Beauty and Madness is not mine, I think it was sung by Fra lippo lippi. But I would like to clear that the one I imagine using here was the acoustic version of a group of singer here, MYMP. Also, I did change a part of the lyrics.

Chapter 7

The family get together was cut short as James and Anne Possible excused themselves from the dining table. The gathering was a Saturday and it's the perfect time to go to Florida and get Shego. Hearing Nana's detailed description of the piano bar singer, Anne and James have already concluded that the woman they were looking for is finally within their reach. Anne then decided to pack for Florida, James called the airline where Nana have a reserve tickets and book a flight to Florida for 4. Anne did pack Kim's clothes as well. Knowing Shego's hiding powers, they may not be able to find Shego anywhere in Florida except on a Saturday night at the piano bar...if Nana's story was accurate. They’re not even sure as to how the green skinned woman will react once she sees them there, so packing is just an alternative 'in case' they did not get a hold of the green skinned

“Come on Kimmie, we need to go.” Anne said taking the red head's hand in her and pulling Kim from the couch where she was sitting

“Are you taking me home?” Kim asked, her face still wearing a flat affect

“We are going to see Shego -" The mention of Shego's name brought the young red head to attention

“We are going to see Shego? Is she going back to me?” She asked, her voice hopeful

“She will Kimmie, she will.” Anne assured her daughter then pulled the younger red head into a hug. Kim just nods as her mother guided her out of their house. Ron stayed over with Yori to look after the twins who will be left behind, Slim, Kim's uncle with Joss volunteered to take them to the airport so he could say his final goodbye to his mother as well.

1 hour after giving instructions to the blond haired man and the Japanese girl, the SUV driven by Slim parked on the drop off portion of the airport

“I have no idea what Kimmie is up against now, but I do hope everything will be fine!” Slim said smiling, a hint of southern drawl in his voice. He placed an arm on his brother's shoulder

“Thank you Slim,” James said tapping the hand on his shoulder, “We just want our Kimmie back, and if it is this Shego that could make that happen, I am willing to cross the ocean to get her.”

Slim smiled and pull his brother into a hug, tapping his little brother's back lightly, then he shifted his focus on his sister-in-law and smiled, “You go get her Anne!” he said then pulled the woman into a hug as well.

“Thank you Slim.” Anne said smiling back

Then the older Possible looked at his mother, “And you enjoy yourself there, Joss and I will be visiting you this coming Thanksgiving.”

“I will hold you to that!” the Possible matriarch said smiling at her older son, “And don't you worry about me, I am enjoying my stay in the 'home', got me a lot of friends there!” She added then pulled her son for a hug, “And don't stay away too long from me, your mama misses you!”

“When everything goes well in the ranch, I'll see to it that Joss and I will visit you frequently!” He assured his mother, and after the hugging, the Rancher looked at his niece, “And you lady, come back to us real soon!” he said taking the non-reactive red head and hugged her, “Joss here misses you a lot, you know you're her hero.” he said as he pulls away and pushed his daughter towards Kim

“Come back, you can do anything right?” Joss said looking up at her cousin. Kim just looks down at the smaller girl and she brought up her arm to put it on the girl's head, Joss looked at her father as if silently asking she'll come back to us right? The girl receives a nod from her father.

After all the exchanged words, the 4 Possibles boarded their plane.


How long has it been? Yes, It's been a month since I last seen Princess, If seeing her unconscious counts...then Yes, It's been a month now. The last time I really had contact with her was on her graduation. Oh it wasn't the most normal way as we made contact while saving the world from the invasion of some aliens Dr. Drakken has come across with before that fateful day. Then after the awarding ceremony, I decided to just dropped off from her life. ask?

Well...It was the hardest thing to do, to take out something you're so use to having in your life, but I have too. I think that fateful day just opened something in me I know I cannot handle...

I've fallen in love with Kim Possible.

I always thought before that day that the attraction I had with Princess was nothing but professional, she the hero, I the villain, that kind of thing. I steal, she comes, we fight...that was normal, something I get used to, something I can handle. But that day, as I watched the buffoon power up to save Princess from those aliens, then her embracing him, kissing even - just ripped out something in me. A rip that was so painful, much painful when my family turned their backs on me, that day I actually wished that I was the one who saves her again from those aliens, that I was the one in her arms…that I was the one she was kissing.

So does that answer your question? Pardon? Why did I stayed silent? Are you crazy? Kim Possible is straight, she is happy with the buffoon, she is happy with her life. And where am I in that life? Somewhere in the background, unnoticed, unwanted. That's how I feel and there’s no way that my feelings could be quenched, so I swallowed everything up and when the opportunity strike, I disappeared. I disappeared from her life…because that is the most logical thing to do. If you love a person set her free and I did, didn't I?

So after months of hiding, suddenly I was hit by news that Kimmie, my Princess was fighting for her life in the hospital? Well, I cannot take that for granted, She may not see me, but I wanted to be there, to support her until she recovers and then disappear once again, to let her live her life without a nuisance like me. Oh yeah, call me weak, call me sappy, but that is all I am for the great Kim Possible, a nuisance.

An enemy...

So what was I thinking when I asked her to find me? Well...I thought it's the only way I might help, I thought that if my Princess could look forward to fighting me again, then maybe she could stop being stubborn and wake up...and she did? Right? What? The cat suit? Oh, she tore down her own, I just thought she could use another one. Anyway, I am sure that there is no way she will find me, she will not waste her time just to find me...Doy!

So now you're asking what I’m doing right now? Oh yeah, haven't you heard? I got a solo performance every Saturday at The Blue Piano bar. Sound familiar? Oh yeah, that bar is actually owned by my former employer Dr. Drakken, he decided to go legit and is now serving as GJ's research adviser. And yes, that deal includes me, I am now training with GJ to be their agent, but I am not on full time training, so when not training I helped Dr. D manage this piano bar, and I even got myself that solo performance every Saturday, well I have to, it was my dream to be a singer when I was young, so now that I have the time and have a clean slate, I've got to live that dream.

It could have been sweeter if I have Princess with me though.

And now...could you stop asking anymore questions? I think my final act has come. If you want to see me? Just go out there and order drinks and hear me sing...


The sound of the people clapping puts a smile on my face every time. I admit that I’m most of the time egoistic, self centered and the clapping is just there to feed on those traits of mine. It didn't come to mind until I was able to gather some followers... and speaking of followers, I can't believe that the older folks even got into the gig. Well I had a proposal from one of them...


I had finish a song and pulled out a table napkin from the piano top where the request are left, so I smiled and opened the table napkin to reveal the song the requester wants “What? Can you marry me? Is there a song that has a title Can you marry me?” I asked smiling and shook my head, “Well, It was a pleasure to know that someone nice would offer me, but unless you're someone I know, sorry pal, I can't!” I said, my declaration was followed by laughter, claps, woos and whistles, “But since your nice and sweet, I dedicate this next song to you...”

I was shock to see an old man walking towards me

Then if I cannot marry you, then can you at least dance with me?” he said reaching out his wrinkled hands towards me. If I were my previous self, I would have lit my hand and burn his, but no, I am different and I like this old man. So I took his hand as he led me to the center, we dance a very slow dance as I sing 'Love moves in Mysterious way'

(End flashback)

The intro to my next song started, I looked at the pianist who smiled at me. I straightened my back, I was sitting on a high chair just beside the piano, the spot light concentrated on the both of us, and the microphone stood in front of me. Usually, I just concentrate and close my eyes before I sing a song, but suddenly there was this feeling inside me that tells me I have to look around so I did...

And there she is...

My focus was now locked on a group of people sitting on a table just at the back near the bar, they weren't the usual people I see when I sing here every Saturday, for I know them...A taller and older red head was sitting at the center of the table and beside her was her husband, on her other side was a younger red head who has been visiting my dreams from since I disappeared...The woman I run away from...

Kim Possible

She found me...Kim Possible did find me!

But she isn't like herself, she looked sad? Depress? Her eyes have that far away look. I smiled when I saw the older red head waved her hand at me, I nodded to acknowledge her then I was pulled from that state by a server handing me a piece of paper. I looked down and looked at it, then I slowly open it and read...

Kimmie needs you Shego, she isn't whole without you. Anne

I looked up to see them again, Kimmie, my Princess needs me...I complete her...

I cleared my throat and leaned forward to whisper something on the pianist ear, then he nodded and stopped playing. There was a sudden awkward silence when the pianist stops.

“Sorry for that everyone, but something came up...” I smiled and shook my head when the people started complaining, “Don't worry, I am not going to stop,” I said waving a hand in front of my face, “I just decided to change my closing song...” At this the pianist started playing again, “And this song is for you...Pumpkin.”

Over there, just beneath the moon
there's a girl, with a burden to keep
Now sleep will fall, washouts, rags and paper bags
Homes and lives passing by


...Now sleep will fall, washouts, rags and paper bags

Shego? I can't be wrong, I know that song and that voice...

Homes and lives passing by

I turned my head to look at the woman at the stage, singing beside the piano... Shego.

Who will see the beauty in your life
And who will be there to hear you when you call

You came back to me...

Who will see the madness in your life,
And who will be there to catch you if you fall

I stood up. I need to feel her, I need to touch her. I feel my feet moved to where she is, my knees were shaking, the tears threatened to fall.

Dreams run wild, as lover finds their way through the night
Not a care in the world

I saw her stood from where she was sitting. I saw her come down from the stage and move towards me, her right hand holding that microphone, her left arm spread wide, inviting me to get in those familiar arms

And over there, Oh the twinkling of the lights, harbour light
say goodnight one more time

I felt tears fall from my eyes when finally I come face to face with her. I looked at her instead of hugging her, I need to know that this isn't a dream that I will wake up to once again. I felt her hand caress my face as her thumb wiped away the tears in my eyes. Then she pulled me in embrace as we sway slowly to her song


Who will see the beauty in your life
And who will be there to hear you when you call
Who will see the madness in your life,
And who will be there to catch you if you fall

Just like that one time when that old man asked me to dance with him, but this time...the magic was there. I am dancing with my princess, I am dancing with the woman I love and I am pouring all my soul, my love in this song.

Our song...

Yes Pumpkin, I will be there to catch you every time you fall, If you'll just let me...

“Shego...” You said as my voice faded and there’s nothing to be heard except our own breath, “I am not dreaming? Your here? Your real?”

I smiled at her and tightened my embrace. We are still at the middle of the room, she was still in my arms, “I am real Princess, for always.” I felt her body shook, she was crying on my shoulder

“I thought I've lost you...”

“And I thought I've lost you.”


“Don't leave me again, please!” You said without pulling away from me, I feel your hold on me tightened as if I’m a bird ready to fly away from you

“I will not go anywhere Pumpkin, as long as you want me, as long as you need me - “

“I need you.” she whispered. Then she pulled away from me and looked into my eyes, “I will always need you.” then she moved forward, and our lips met. It could have cause a reaction from everyone but I don't care, the most important person in my life is here, in front me, hugging me, kissing me...

Another dream to live

“Then we could build our family again?” You asked when we pulled apart, I scrunched my head

“If your saying me making amends with my family, I am sorry pumpkin but I - “ you silence me with a finger across my lips

“No, I mean you, me, daughters...”

“Daughters?” I said, we are still swaying, there was light music brought about by the piano being played, we were not alone at the middle anymore, there were lots of pairs who joined us, even your mother and father started dancing. You nodded at my question.

“In that other world, you and I have daughters, their names were Kish and Shane.” you said smiling, “I want that life back Shego, I want to make you see that life, I want to build it again with you...”

I smiled and embraced you once again.


A/N: hehehehehehe, this is it for Life's worth. This story doesn't end here, see you at the sequel, temporary title is Stupid Cupid.

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