Story: Life's Worth (chapter 5)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“Do we have anything else?” Dr. Edna White said looking at the 4 people sitting at the couch in her office

“Look Edna,” Anne Possible said whilst shaking her head, “I think we have done a lot of things but we can't wake Kimmie up.” She looked at her husband, “We thought that the four of us being there, talking to her were a good way to pull her out of her suspended animation, I guess I was wrong,” she said almost teary eyed

“We thought we are the strongest thing Kim could bond with.” Mr. Dr. Possible added, “I know her brothers could be annoying but we never thought that she will not react to their antics.”

“what could be more important than us?” Anne ask no one in particular, probably talking to herself, making her believe that what is happening is noting but just a dream

“There must be something else, how about her boyfriend -” Edna suggested but was cut by the neurosurgeon

“They broke up before she even had that mission, and we already tried him, we tried her other friends, even tried bringing pandaroo...”

“Pandaroo?” the psychiatrist-somnologist asked, “Is that a cuddle buddy?”

Anne smiled back at the smiling doctor, “Yes, she collects them and had a cabinet full of it.”

“Wow, I want to surprise my daughter by getting her one but I found out that it was already out.” She smiled once again nodding her head, “Isn't there anything else you tried?”


“Honey,” James said looking at his wife, “We haven't ask Wade, he might know some things we don't?” he suggested

“Why did I forget?” Anne said then slapping her forehead lightly, “Will you excuse me Edna?” she said to the other doctor, stood up and heads out of the office

“Sure.” the doctor said to the retreating form of Anne Possible


I suddenly opened my eyes, tonight I wasn't bothered by any dream, all I have was a dreamless sleep that was taken away to me right now by an unknown force. I glanced at my side table to look at the watch which reads 2:45 am, Oh yes, it's not yet time for me to wake up. I yawned, turned my head to the side and looked at my sleeping wife.


I studied her face, that angular face that is so beautiful, her pinkish lips that was usually covered by metallic black lipstick before when we used to fight as hero and villain… is very alluring, her skin...I don't know if there’s anyone that could wear this kind of skin and yet look so sexy, bedazzling. Just watching her sleep gives me this satisfied feeling that I will never trade for anything...

Slowly I moved closer to her, inhaling her scent, and then I raised my hand and traced her face with a finger. I watched her stir from her sleep. I moved even closer, my face an inch from her, I can feel her breath on my face and I smiled. I know what I wanted right now, what my body was screaming for...I need her, I need Shego, I need my wife! So giving in to what my body demands of me, I closed the gap between us and capture her lips on mine. A few seconds later, I pulled away, my eyes were still on her sleeping form. I licked my lips and tasted her on me and loved it.

I looked down to see her body, she was wearing a light green pajama, her pajama top open down to her chest revealing some fleshy mounds, I trailed my hand down to her neck, caressing the skin over there and then goes lower, dipping my hand to that opening of her pajama top. I smiled at myself, I just placed my hand there, palm flat on her chest, Oh I love the heat her body was giving out. I know that unlike normal humans, Shego gives out a body temperature that was far higher than normal human does, but I craved for that heat right now. I removed my hand there and started unbuttoning her pajama top, I let it loose to reveal a bra clad breasts. I was expecting that so It wasn't a surprise, then I tested the water by putting a hand on each mound and watched Shego's expression, she just looked the same but she stirred and moved closer, her upper body arching towards my hand, so I smiled...How long have I not touched Shego?

I wanted to move further, to be bolder but something hits my head...Is this right to take advantage of a sleeping woman, even though that woman is my wife? I closed my eyes and sighed… I wanted this but not with Shego sleeping...but that won't deter me from moving forward so... “Shego,” I shook her shoulders lightly, then I watched as she opened her eyes slowly

“Pumpkin?” she asked. I didn’t speak, instead I pulled her pajama top open so that she was jerked towards me, I watched her as she looked down at her clothing, “The last time I checked Pumpkin, I had my pajama top close before I went to bed.” she said then she looked at me smiling

“Please?” I said then leaned forward to kiss her exposed neck, “I need you,” I said after the kiss, “I want you,” I kissed her exposed neck again, “I love you.” and this time I kissed one covered mound

“Pumpkin, are you sure - “ She said after giving out a gasped from my last kiss, I interrupted her by kissing the same mound again

“Please.” I begged, my voice muffled, then I snaked an arm around her and my hand found the clasp of her bra and undid it. I heard a snap, and without stopping my action, I raised my hand and slid one strap off her shoulder. She helped out by raising her arm so that the strap falls off, then she leaned up to slide her other arm from the last strap that was securing her bra from her. When all was done, I used a hand to pull the bra off her revealing a greenish-skin and dark green areola and nipple, I looked at her breast ... “Beautiful.” I whispered to her then pay homage to them. I heard Shego moaned as I bit on one of her nipple a bit harder and let my free hand played on the other mound, I can feel her arched towards me, urging me to continue, “Harder,” she said in between moans, so who am I not to comply?

I was lavishing on her breast when I felt her hand on my head, exerting force to push me down, Ahhhh Shego is ready... I thought and I did start kissing her southward stopping at her navel, I started playing with it, I felt her lift her hips to push that part to me and I took that opportunity to relieved her of her pajama bottom and underwear. She helped me pull them out and so now Shego was bare before my eyes. I stopped and moved away from her, I saw her look at me with dread in her eyes, I smiled at her assuring her that I am not going to stop. I’m looking at her naked body. Maybe it wasn't my first time to see her naked, but currently, yes It was my first time and I’m overwhelmed, “You are so beautiful Shego,” I said then leaning forward to capture her lips with mine, we shared a very passionate kiss igniting that heat within me. As we dwell on our kiss I felt Shego lift my shirt off of me and I have to move away to let her, I was thankful that I didn't wear anything under it or it could taken me longer before I could go back to kissing her. I felt her smile when I hurriedly went back to kissing her and sliding my tongue inside her open mouth. I have my hand roaming on her side, touching all the skin I can, Shego's hand touching me, then she came to my boxer's short and started pulling them off. I lifted myself from the bed to make it easier for her but I never let go of her lips.

I was so intent on kissing her when I felt her pushed me to my back, now fully naked like her, I laid on my back and Shego straddled my hips. She had her wet sex over mine, “I need you too pumpkin.” she said before she starts rubbing our wet sex, I moan as I feel the pressure builds within as along with the increase in friction. I wanted to flipped her over, to dominate her but she was much stronger and I was too aroused to do something like that, so just to prove that even under her I could still dominate, I slid a hand in between her legs, I watched her as she lifted herself a bit to allow me entrance...

I do hope that the rooms in our house was sound proofed or Shego's scream when she climaxed could have awakened the kids...Oh...I love this life, I love my wife!


Shego and I woke up to the shaking of the bed, when I opened my eyes, I saw Shane jumping on our bed while Kish was just sitting on Shego's side of the bed. I watched as she kissed the side of Shego's cheek. Shego was still sleeping and she has her head leaning on my shoulder, I have an arm around her, and then it suddenly dawned on me...what the heck? We are naked and the children are here!! I looked down and was relieved that both of us were covered by a thick blanket. I took a deep breath then shifted my focus on Shane who was still jumping on our bed.

“Shane, momma is still sleeping...” I said, my voice a bit husky then I turned my head to looked at Shego. I giggled when I saw Shego smiling, “Shego...waky – waky!” I said then giggled again. Shane stopped jumping on the bed instead she jumped on Shego

“Oof!” Shego opened her eyes to the sight of a squealing 3 year old “Okay, I'm awake! I'm awake cut it out!” Shego said pretending to push the little girl off of her

“Momma waky!” Shane squealed and giggled. Kish decided to be the quiet one and just enjoyed watching her little sister

“Shane wanted to wake the two of you up, I have nothing to do with this!” Kish said smiling, I watched as Shego puts her arm around the red headed girl and pulled her in embrace

“Will you be an angel and bring your sister down, Mommy and I need to dress ourselves before we go down and make breakfast.” Kish smiled at her momma with a knowing grin

“Promise you'll come down quick before the little monster makes me crazy?” Kish said then looked at me

“Promise. No goofing around for us.” I said as I raised my right hand up in a swearing gesture

“Okay.” Kish said shrugging her shoulder, “Come on Shane, Let's watch TV!” she said then reaching out her arms to the little girl

“Weenie Pooh?” Shane asked her older sister, her head tilted to one side, I can't believe I have such adorable and cute little angels.

“Yes, weenie.” Kish answer, and with that the little girl crawled off Shego and climbed down from the bed.

“Hey, where's my morning kiss?” I asked the two leaving form, I watched as the two turned around and ran to me, each giving me my morning kiss

“I love you mommy,” Kish said after kissing my cheek

“Love yah mommy,” It was Shane's turn and she kissed me on my lips

“I love you too.” Then I gave them my version of morning kiss, the two then turned once again to leave the room. Shego then leaned to me and gave me her own dose of morning kiss when the kids were out of sight...her hot version of morning kiss.

I pushed her away lightly, “Naughty Shego! We promise Kish we'll be down to cook breakfast before she goes insane, remember?” Shego smiled then she raised a hand to touch my cheek

“I'll make you scream...later!” she said then stood up, letting the blanket fall from her and exposing her very naked body to me. Just the sight of her makes my heart jumps out of my chest

I shook my head then I stood and ran towards her and embraced her from her back “God Shego! The things you do to me!!” I said as I pushed her towards our bathroom



“I think I know who could wake her up Mrs. Dr. Possible,” The afro-American boy said, Anne Possible called Wade Load from his home since she have no idea how to use Kim's communicator, “But there’s a problem there Mrs. Dr. Possible.”

“Okay Wade, before we go to the problem part, who are we talking about here?” Anne ask

“Shego - “

Anne thought she dropped the telephone receiver when she heard what Wade told her, “Shego? The green skinned thief, Drew's side kick? That woman who have tried to kill Kimmie a lot of -”

“Mrs. Dr. P?” Wade cut the tirade of Anne

“Yes Wade?”

“That is her but about the killing Kimmie thing...I think you did not understand it.”


“Look Wade, I know I have no clue as to what Kimmie were doing most of the time, but the concept of Shego trying to kill Kimmie was something I can understand very well.”

Wade sighed, “I am sorry to tell you this Mrs. Dr. Possible, but Shego have not tried to kill Kim, the one who tried was Dr. Drakken, all the traps were made by him and Shego's only role was to distract Kim...”

“Are you siding her?”

“No ma'am, I am Kim's friend and I do take all of Kim's footages of her fight with all of the villains. I am just saying what I observed.”

Silence again

“I trust your word Wade, so what’s the problem?” there was silence on the other end

“Shego is missing, Kim has already asked me to find her but I got no luck as of now. It seems Shego have dropped off the face of the earth. There was no activity from her for the whole year since Kim's graduation.” Wade was waiting for an answer but none came, “Mrs. Dr. Possible?” he asked, a sound of worry in his voice

“Tell me Wade that we are not depending on her to pull Kimmie out?” she asked, a tint of hope in her voice. There was no answer, “Wade?”

“We have tried everything, and I think she is the best we've got.”


“Then we need to find her.” Anne said with finality

“I'm on it!” Wade said smiling.

Anne cut the conversation and with a heavy heart returned to Dr. White's office.


It was late night and visiting hours was already over, but for a certain woman, this was just the time she was waiting for. Early in the morning, the patient on isolated bed of the ICU was transferred to a regular room after all of the machines on her were taken off. Not only that, the woman learned from a reliable source that the patient was never in a coma instead, she is under suspended animation. It took her 24 hours to read on the condition and learned how to pull someone from it. Secretly, she watched the patient's family tried their best to pull the patient out, but after all their efforts, there were nothing they could do. And now it is her turn...

She went inside a store room and rummage to see if there’s a scrub suit that would fit her, when she found one green pair of it, she took it, then she remove the cat suit she was wearing and wore the green scrub jeez princess, I hope all this effort is worth it then she smiled at herself. Not 15 minutes later, she was already on the door to where the patient quietly lies.

She entered the room quietly, looking at the corridor first to see if there’s anyone who can see her come in, to her delight there was no one at the nurse station and it seems luck was smiling down at her. The room was dimly lit, the only source of light was the incandescent light above the patient's bed. She walked slowly and approached the side of the bed. She looked at the sleeping patient and smiled. She raised a hand and trailed it to the patient's exposed skin, then she sat at the side of the bed continuing her action.

“Hey princess, how are you doing?” She smiled knowing that Kim cannot hear her, “Hey, I’m sorry if this is only the second time I visited you here in the hospital, you know...There were lots of GJ agents guarding you and the ICU and its getting hard for me to come over without them noticing me, but hey...I’m here,” she smiled then she put her hand on Kim's hand and pressed it, “I've been watching you though, from afar. I’ve learned from someone that you are under suspended animation, imagine princess, I have to go to a medical library at GO city just to research on that.” She smiled again and shook her head, “I was watching your family and friends try to pull you out but you're a tough one princess.”

Shego take out the cat suit she was wearing earlier and put it beside Kim, “Princess, remember when we were both mind controlled by Dr. D? I swear, you looked good in leotards, and you looked ravishing in my cat suit. I was devastated when you tore the suit in front of me when we had this very big argument, It's not like we never argue, in fact we are enemies right? But you know, you tearing down that suit in front of me made a very big impact here...” she said then points a finger in her chest, along her heart, “So princess, please hear me out, come back to me, to us...find me, I miss you so much princess!” she said then she lighted her finger to just a very welcomed warmth, pressing it to Kim's hand then leaning forward and capturing Kim's cracked lips with hers...


I was playing with Kish and Shane at the living room, Kish brought out a snake and ladder game board and we were enjoying the moment. The breakfast went well and after having breakfast, Shego and I showered the girls. Kish wanted to do it herself because she can do it and do it all by herself, but I insisted on showering her, so the red headed child just give in. Shane on the other hand was excited about the prospect of me and Shego showering her, later in their shower, the kids got an idea on their head and they started splashing us with water, then pulling us into the tub...

So Shego and I got the second shower that day with the kids.

After that shower we all lazed at the living room surfing the TV for a nice movie or cartoons but there was none so Kish, Shane and I decided to play snake and ladder, loser get to do what the winners ask.

We are on the middle of playing when Shego comes in from the Kitchen, I was laughing hard because Shane was reciting a poem I cannot understand while she moved her figure. I look up to see Shego and my eyes widened...

There was Shego in her cat suit, the very same cat suit she wore when we were still fighting, when she was the villain and I the hero...

Hey princess, how are you doing “Pumpkin?”

“She- shego? Wha-what are you wearing...” I asked, I think I’m acting different as I could see my kids looking at me with horror in their eyes

“Mommy -” Kish and Shane said simultaneously

...Its getting hard for me to come over, but hey...I’m here “Kimmie, Pumpkin what is happening to you?!” What is happening? How come there are two Shego talking?

I've been watching you though, from afar. I learned from someone that you are under suspended animation, imagine princess, I have to go to a medical library at GO city just to research on that “Kim!”


Oh my god...What is happening, my sight is becoming blurry, I hold out my hand to reach out for my family, Please God, no, don't take me away from them...Oh God! I need them, they need me!'re a tough one princess “No!!” I could see Shego reaching out to my hand, “Kish! call gramma now!” she said, I could not see them clearly now, they are but blurry images moving around

“Mommy!” I heard Shane screamed and started crying

Oh God...

I am crying as well, please don't put my family in this misery again...

...But you know, you tearing down that suit in front of me made a very big impact here... “Please stay with us pumpkin...”

Even Shego's voice is different, the first one is getting louder and my Shego is getting softer, Shego I want to stay, I want to stay!

So princess, please hear me out, come back to me, to us...find me, I miss you so much princess!

I can see nothing, can hear no one...and then I could feel Shego kiss me...



James Possible opened his eyes and looked at the offending machine beside him, he had one arm wrapped around his wife's body, Anne on the other hand had her head buried in her husband's shoulder, an arm was draped around Mr. Possible's waist. James extended his free arm to reach for the phone.


“Good morning Is this Mr. James Possible?” A woman said on the other end

“Yes, speaking?” he said, his brow furrowed

“This is Maggie, I am the head nurse on duty at the 5th floor of Middleton Hospital, I was asked by Dr. White to tell you that she needs you to come here at the hospital.”

The woman's message pulled Mr. Possible from the clutch of the sandman and he put down the receiver without even saying thank you or goodbye, then he sat up at once bringing Mrs. Possible with him causing the red headed woman to wake up

“What's the matter?” Anne asked groggily

“The hospital called, I mean a nurse from the hospital called, Dr. White wants us to go there immediately!” He said then stood up and hurried to the door and opened it

“Ahh James?” Anne called out

“Yes?” He said looking back at his wife,

“Your not planning on going to the hospital in your boxer shorts are you?” She asked smiling, she watched her husband looked down at his attire

“Oh yes...” he then blushed and returned inside then started pulling out proper clothes to wear, “Should I wake Tim and Jim to come with us?” He said after donning the clothes he pulled from the cabinet

“Yes please, we don't want to leave them here alone...”

James smiled “I got you!” he said then kissed his wife's lips and walked out of the door to wake the twins up

I do hope we have a good outcome from this Anne thought before she readied herself

-end chapter 5-


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