Story: Life's Worth (chapter 3)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 3

A/N: Everyone might be wondering where Kish and Shane come from (I mean how did I derive that name) well for Kish, you could just read Baby 101, as for Shane it's Sheryl + Kim's second name which is Anne, understand? Thanks for the reviews and I myself can't wait to finish this story.

Chapter 3

Come on Kim, you have to give it your best shot

“huh? Mom?”

Please Kimmie, you are way better than this!

“Mom? What are you saying...Mom...”

Kimmie, please wake up!

“It's still early...”

Hey Pumpkin, you have to get over this and find me okay? I'll be waiting for you

I sat upright when I felt someone shaking me. Looking sideways, I saw Shane grinning, once again her teeth less gum was showing and she was intently looking at me. Her head was inclined on one side showing me her most adorable pose, “Mowning mommy,” she greeted and then she lunged herself on me

“'Morning Shane,” I whispered then I put a finger across my lips to signal her to keep quiet, “Your sister and momma is still sleeping, we must be quiet.”

Shane looked at her sleeping sister and momma and nodded her head, “Okis!” she whispered and then she giggled soundlessly. I smiled at her and quietly got up

“Help me make breakfast?” I asked leaning over to the toddler. Shane's eyes and smile widened, she then nodded her head “Come on,” I said, reaching out my hand to help her get up

“Pee-wee!” she whispered to me once she was near me

“Pee-wee?” I asked not getting what Shane was saying. The little girl frowned and I saw her little arm went down to her covered private part to cover it as she tightened her legs together, “Oh you are going to pee?” Shane nodded smiling, “Okay, come on!” Instead of waiting for the child to climb down from the bed, I swept the child into my arms and the we went to the comfort room for Shane's needed break.

After some time we quietly went downstairs and I started taking out pans and things we will use to make breakfast.


The window next to the bed was close but to a certain person, that doesn't matter. With a skill borne from being the number one thief, she was able to unlock the window, open it and slid in, she was already getting closer to her destination when she heard someone talking, so she stealthily ducked and took cover. shot

She wasn't paying attention to what the woman behind the curtain was saying, her eyes were busy scanning the area, she knew that this certain part of the hospital was heavily guarded by GJ agents and she doesn't want to be seen by them...not now are way better than this

She looked around and saw no one, but what the woman was saying seemed to pertain to her, does she know that I’m here? After a while of hiding, she heard footsteps walking away from the patient's bed. It's my turn she said to herself. she peeked through the green curtain that separated her from the patient's bed and see if there’s anyone else there, when she was sure that she’s alone with the patient, she easily slid in and stood before her.

She shouldn't be there wearing ‘this’, but what does she care? She might not be able to see her Princess if she has to go to the nurse station and ask for the right 'costume', besides with her plasma power, she was sure that her body is very much sterilized. She looked down at the body lying on that bed and hooked to a respirator. Both her hands have intravenous line hooked to 'doctor only knows' thing. She was wearing a loose hospital gown, heart monitor attached on her chest, and pulse oximeter clipped to finger. A bruise was already forming on her ante-cubital area probably from veins that gave out during multiple phlebotomy. Her red mane was flat and scattered all over the pillow and her face, her lips has a hint of pink color though mostly cyanotic, and her eyes were sunken...the woman before her is someone who is currently fighting for her life.

A very unusual way of fighting

The woman before her was used to fight for her life, used to fight so she could get out of traps she got into, she fights with different style of Kung-fu to preserve her life and the others. But this woman cannot use those talents...because this is a different kind of fight.

“Hey Pumpkin, you have to get over this and find me okay? I'll be waiting for you”


“Do you even know what you are doing?” I heard Shego say before I looked back to see her at the entrance of the kitchen. She wass leaning on the baluster, her hair a bit messy which means she just got up from bed

“Heh - “I said nervously. Honestly, I really have no idea what to do here, I just assumed that I know what to do since Shego told me that the pink apron she was wearing yesterday was mine. I watched her straightened herself and walked slowly towards me

“Pumpkin I know that you wanted to get your life back, but as Anne said, we have to take it slow. Do you remember when you started cooking for us?” Shego asked me smiling, I shook my head no, “It was on that day that I had Kish.” I looked at her as she nod her head at me, “You enrolled in a cooking class when I was 6 months pregnant because I was the lazy type of pregnant woman and your babying me,” she smiled at me and I could see in her eyes how happy she was back then

“Ah - “

“And Pumpkin that was 3 years after your mission at Tibet.”


“If your latest memory was your mission at Tibet Pumpkin and backwards, then your memory of knowing how to cook does not exist give it up and I'll handle it!” She held my hand holding a ladle and took it away from me, “Kish is awake already so I am sure the children will want their breakfast…fast.” I nodded and turned away. I took a sit on one of the chairs near the working area



“I had a very weird dream,” I started. I wasn’t looking at her instead my focus was on the table in front of me

“Do you want to tell me about it?” she asked without looking back, she has her focus on the food she was handling. I saw her holding onto the metal pan without any protection…

“Aren't you going to use any pot holder?”

She turned her head to look at me, “Pumpkin, plasma firing hands...”

“Oh yeah...and Yes,” I said smiling, “I dreamt of my mom, she was standing at the side of my bed and she was crying - “ I know she was because I could see her shoulder shaking, and the tone of her voice have so much anguish in it, “She was urging me to wake up.”

“Well, that was explainable.” Shego said shrugging her shoulders

“Then she was replaced by you,” I said then I looked at her and saw her turned her head to look at me

“What was I doing?”

“You were wearing your green and black cat suit, you were standing on the same spot my mother was before you, and you said something -”


“You said I should get over whatever it is and find you, and you also said that you will be waiting for me.” I watched you face me and put down the hot pan

“I am going to wait for you...didn't I said that last night?” You asked smiling

“No, not wait for me that way...”


“No, you said it as if you wanted me to find you because I have no idea where you are, something like that.” I saw you nod your head and returned to what you were doing. Suddenly there was this ache in my chest I cannot describe, it's as if I have been too far from Shego and it's making my heart constrict. I stood up and slowly stepped closer to her, her back was on me. I slipped my arms on her side and wound it around her waist, then I rested my head on her back, “You will really wait for me?”


All of these felt right to me, Shego right here in my arms, as if Shego belonged there from the very start...I don't get myself, why do I have to doubt Shego's words when it felt right when I am with her? I felt complete with her and the kids, so I've just learned that I have kids yesterday, but the feeling was something not latent. I felt her warm hands cover my own.

“Don't you worry yourself about all these things Kimmie, you'll get back to the way you were and we will be there with you until that day comes.” Shego assured me

“Thank you,” I said, I almost cried...then I placed a soft kiss on her shoulder blade near my lips

“Pumpkin I think you should let me go if you want me to finish cooking,”

“Hungry!!” Shane shouted from the living room

“Momma, aren't we going to have breakfast yet?” Kish asked as she walked inside the kitchen

“Pull your mommy off me and we'll have breakfast sooner!” Shego said to Kish. The red head smile and started pulling my arms away from Shego

“Come on Mommy, we are hungry so leave momma alone, you'll have your hug later!” Kish said grinning at me

“Okay! Okay!” I said pretending to be upset then I suddenly face the red headed girl and swept her off the ground and carried her back to the living room

“Mommy! Put me down!” she squealed as she flaps her legs as if she really wants to get down

“Westling!” Shane shouted as soon as she saw us coming


My chest is about to explode, not from anger or from anything, but from something I cannot decipher. It was my first time (as far as I can remember of course) to go out with my family.


I smiled as I kept repeating that word inside my head. I’ve never thought that having a family, as unusual as this could give me this kind of feeling: a feeling of belongingness and completeness. I am happy, I am content, and it's as if I’m living in a dream that I do not want to be taken away from. If all of these were a dream, then I don't want to wake up.

Will I feel the same if it's not Shego? What if I married Ron instead? Will I have this?

I smiled to myself secretly thanking Ron that he broke up with me...I know I could never have this with Ron.

The four of us were walking towards the park, Shane was in between me and Shego, and she was holding both our hand on hers. On my left side was Kish, she too was holding on to my hand. We suddenly passed by a hump so I sing-songed “Jumpee-doodle-do!” then I watchws Shane hold on to both of us tighter as Shego and I lifted her from the floor and she jumped over the hump. I looked at Kish at my other side and smiled as I saw her happily watched her younger sister laughed out with joy.

“Again! Again!” Shane squealed so we did it again

“Hey Shane!” Kish called her sister, “Look!” she pointed a finger to a slide not far from us, “I'll race you to the slide!” She said then started running

“No fair!” Shane yelled out, releasing our hands and started running after her older sister, “wait for me!”

I watched the girls run screaming, I saw Kish slow down so her sister could catch up to her and then looked at Shego, “So you carried the two?” I asked smiling

You frowned at me, “What? You think I am that nutty?”


“Hey, I am not going into the pain of labor twice, I carried Kish and when you want another one I have to let you carry it, so you carried Shane.” I nodded

“So who's the donor?” I saw you looked at me and smiled

“You mean sperm donor?” I nodded while my eyes was still on her, “None, those two are very much ours.” My eyes widened

“How?” You looked at me and smiled, and then you turned a bit away from the slide and headed to an empty bench and sat there. I followed.

“Remember Dr. Drakken?” I nodded, “Well after your mission at Tibet, he decided to go legit, the problem was that he doesn't want to serve a lifetime of imprisonment, so he made a deal with Global Justice and Betty agreed, she also took me in to train for GJ. A year after that, his romantic interest with DNAmy resurfaced.”

“You mean Dr. Drakken and DNAmy?” I watched you nod your head

“But my ex-employer just don't know how to start a relationship with the geneticist, so we helped.”


“We Pumpkin, we were already an item then so we decided to play cupid for the two,” I nodded in understanding, “So when everything fell into place, the two got together and got married.”

“So I am sure DNAmy had a hand on how Kish came about?”

“A very big part,” I looked at you, your face has that expression of reminiscing, “We got married 6 months after the two, we wanted to have children of our own but I disagree since I know that my genetic composition has been greatly altered, and I wasn’t sure if I am capable of having a child, since Drakken also have the same problem, Dnamy started researching on how to go about the problem and I helped her.” I nodded again, “Drakken was so chicken to try the experiment, so I decided that I could give it a try without informing you, I don't want to put your hopes up then it will end up as a lost cause. I don't want to hurt you like that. When 3 weeks after the experiment proved that I was pregnant with your child, I come home earlier and told you.” You looked at me with a very proud expression, “You were so happy you can't stop telling everyone about it, and I mean everyone, and that includes people you don't know and hardly knew.” I smiled Yeah I could picture myself like that

“So Shane?”

“Almost the same, you insisted on having another one so Kish can have a playmate, so Dnamy helped us again but I let you carry Shane.”

Then a question popped in my head, a question I really have to ask, “Do they both have your plasma power?” I watched you shook your head

“Kish has, but Shane doesn't have any. I was thinking probably because Shane was still young but..”

“But - “

“Kish manifested the plasma power when she was a year old so I guess Shane will never have it.” I smiled

“Funny,” I saw you looked at me quizzically, “Kish looks very much like me, she doesn't have your skin but she have your fire power while Shane looks like you except for the dark raven hair, she have your pale-greenish skin and yet she doesn't have your fire power.”

“Yeah...It's funny if you come to think of it.” we both looked at the children who were still playing at the slide, “Shane inherited something from you that you will never doubt that she’s yours.” I turned my head to face Shego


“You both have that killer puppy dog pout and you both have that cute Mickey Mouse head shaped birthmark on your butt!” you said then you started laughing

“Wha - “ then it dawned on me… Oh yeah, that was my secret and she knows...she was my wife and she have definitely seen it. I am thinking of anything that could counter her but I was cut when I saw Kish and Shane ran towards us.

“Mommy!” Shane bangs her body in between my legs; she’s a bit panting, “Ice cream!”

“You like ice cream?” I asked then looked at Shego. I was given an instruction that junk foods are suppose to be limited in this activity, I saw Shego smile and nods, “Okay!”

“Yeheeeeyyyy!” The two girls shouted happily and they started bouncing on their feet.

We all then head to the ice cream stand


“Have you said good night to the two?” I asked Shego who was now lying on our bed reading a book

“Yes, I did while you were taking your shower.” I was standing at her side of the bed

“Would you mind if I go there know - “

“Pumpkin,” I saw you peeked at me from your book, “Your their mommy and you do what you want to do okay, and I wouldn't mind even if you stay there a bit longer, just don't sleep over on their room or I'll have to go there and carry you back here on our bed!”

“Okay.” I smiled and then leaned in to place a kiss on her lips. She didn’t move so I decided to go for it...

There...I place a soft kiss on your lips, and it felt so right. I smiled to myself then turned around, I walked out of our room grinning as if Tom catching Jerri. I walked towards the children's shared room, knocked and heard Kish give me permission to enter, so I did.

The room has 2 bed separated by a single desk in between. There were lots of pictures on the desk: a picture of the whole family, then a picture of just Kish and Shane, Kish and me, Kish and Shego, Shane and me, Shego and Shane, and there was a picture of me and Shego in our wedding dresses...Wow

“Hey kids, I just want to say good night.” I said as I sat on Kish bedside. Shane got up and walked towards me. She was dragging her old pandaroo by the arm. The old pandaroo that seemed to be a hand me down from her mommy. She crawled on my lap and leaned her body on mine. Kish on the other hand wrapped her arms around me as she snuggled closer.

“Tell story mommy,” Shane said then it was followed by a loud yawn

“What story do you want me to tell?” I asked

“How about the alien invasion?” Kish suggest

“That's a good story!” I said then I smiled at my two angels, “The school bell rang for the last time that day signaling the end of the school year ...”

-end Chapter 3 -

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