Story: Life's Worth (chapter 2)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 2

A/N: Kish and Shane were the products of my own crazy imagination. Again, I apologized for the crappy English but I am trying hard to make each chapter readable and at the same time understandable. I am editing this chapter as well as the previous one and the succeeding chapters.

Chapter 2

I slowly walked downstairs… stealthily. Tip toeing to be more effective and when I finally reached the ground floor, I turned to where the sound of giggling girls can be heard. I stopped on my track as soon as I found what I was looking for...

Yes! I am right. I knew that voice; I could never mistake that for another because I memorized it already. I had that voice implanted in the deep recesses of my brain along with the body that owned it...And there on the kitchen work table was the woman I've searched...the woman who has kept me sane from my tumultuous world...

“She-go?” I called out with a raspy voice ...a bit nervous?

The green skinned woman looked back at me, she was wearing a pink apron over a green tight shirt and black cut-off pants, “Good morning Pumpkin, How's your head?” She asked

How's my head? I held the said body part and felt something I never felt before now, “A bit heavy?” I watched her smile at me, a smile so different from those I had in my memory.

So what makes it different? Her smile doesn't have that malicious intent, there was no underhanded meaning. It was just a smile that’s full of concern, care and... Love?

“Come on take a sit, I don't want you collapsing on the floor.” she said pointing at a chair beside the little girl whose name was...Shane as far as I remember

“Mommy sit with me!” Shane squealed while she kept on mixing the pancake mix with a spoon and a portion of her hand.

“Are you alright mommy?” Kish, the older (since she is bigger) girl asked with concern written all over her cute, round face.

“Shego -” I said but then feeling lightheaded, I sat on the said chair. God, what is happening? Who are these kids? Why does Kish looks like me and Shane like Shego? Where am I? If there was anyone who could answer me, it would be Shego, “What is happening Shego? Where am I and why -”

“Pumpkin,” Shego said while putting down the fork she was using to mix the pancake and walked towards me. She wrapped her arms around my shoulder like a blanket and kissed the top of my head, “What is bothering you?”

What is bothering me? Everything, two kids who I have no recollection of calling me mommy, and you wearing an apron and going…oh so domestic, wouldn't that bother me? “Look Shego I - -I - - I have no idea what is happening to me. I don't know why I’m here, I don't know where here is and -” I looked at the two children and felt Shego looked at them as well

“Kish, will you bring your sister to the living room? You two can watch TV while mommy and I talk.”

“Yes momma.” Kish nodded and climbed off of her chair. She stepped closer to her sister and helped the younger one climbed off her chair, cleaned Shane’s dirty hand with a dampened towel and then the two girls walked and headed out to the living room. I felt Shego removed her embrace and walked away. She then turned around to face me

“Okay Kimmie, now...”

“I don't know who those children are, I don't recall having children.” I finally said, “And you -”


“You look so domestic and you're not like the Shego I know!”

Shego sat on the chair in front of me and leaned forward, “Kimmie, Pumpkin, first of all I am not domesticated. I’m just being like this until you get better, understand?”

“Better?” I don't get it, yes I have a splitting headache right now but it's just a headache!

“Yes, tell me...If you don't recall having daughters, do you recall being married to me?”

My eyes widened, Me?...Married... to Shego? I shook my head no

“Then do you recall your last mission?” I smiled at that question, of course I do!

“I had a retrieval mission at Tibet...” I was cut by Shego

“Oh Kimmie!” She got up and once again embraced me, “That mission was 11 years ago Kimmie!” I could feel wetness on my shoulder, was Shego crying?

“Shego...that can't be, it can't...” what is happening to me? All I know was that I went to Tibet to rescue a group of anthropologist and now I am 11 years into the future? “Shego...tell me what is happening please?”

Silence...and all I heard was Shego sniffing

“Please Shego?” I begged, the green skinned woman sat once again on the chair she vacated and looked at me

“I am not sure if I am the one to tell you about your condition since I am not an expert - “

“Please Shego,” I needed to know now, my headache's getting worst and so I have to result to this...I started doing my puppy dog pout...

“For Christ sake Kimmie, you don't have to do that!” Shego squealed then turned her head away from my face, but her action was too late, “Okay!” she screamed and then she sighed, “Kimmie, Pumpkin, you were called by Betty on a mission to stop Duff Killigan from taking over Canada.”

“So I am a GJ agent now?”

Shego shook her head, “No pumpkin, I am the GJ agent and you still free lanced for GJ though.”

“Oh, so what do I do?”

“You write books pumpkin, and this, ” she points at her apron “Is yours, not mine.” I nodded in understanding

“So what happened?”

“Well, I have no complete data on what happened but Wade gave me some details about you and Ronald finally -”

“ call him by the name now? Not buffoon anymore?” that's the first I've heard her call him by his name

“Look, he was Kish 's and Shane's Godfather so it is just right for me to call him by his name.”

“ go on,” I said then waved my hand and urged her to continue

“So you and Ronald were able to get hold of Duff but an accident occurred, a large golf ball accidentally fell a yard from where the three of you were standing and exploded, you and Duff Killigan were the one affected severely, Ronald was able to get out of the situation with minor bruises.”

“Okay...this happened when?”

“A month ago Kimmie, you and Duff Killigan were under coma.”

“When did I wake up?”

“A week ago, I brought you home a week after that and all you do was sleep, woke up a little then sleep again, this was the first time in a month that you get off of our bed.”

“Why don't I recall all of those?”

Shego shrugged her shoulders, “Your mom says that you banged your head hard and that you may really be just sleeping everything out so that your brain could fix itself, she also said that you might suffer an...anterograde amnesia and we will never know until you can fully function.”


“And speaking of that, I should call Anne to inform her about you.”


“Pumpkin?” Shego shook my shoulders to pull me out of my reverie

“I – I don't get it...” I really don't, I don't recall all of these things Shego said. Was she lying? It's not unusual for Shego to lie she was a thief for Christ sake!


If she was lying, then why was she wearing that pink apron? I knew she'd rather die than let me see her wore a pink apron, she did pulverized Drakken when he made her wore a pink apron once when we were mind controlled, and she said she was to call my mom about this...will my mom lie to me?

“It is hard to understand everything especially in your condition pumpkin, why don't you stop worrying about it for now? I will make the breakfast, and then I will call Anne to inform her about all of these things. I am sure your mom can explain everything to you in detail.” I nodded, “And while waiting, why don't you go to the living room and re-acquaint yourself with our daughters?”

“But -” I looked at Shego and saw her looked at me with her brows rose up, “I'm not sure how to explain why I can't remember them -”

“It's alright pumpkin; I and Anne had a talk with Kish. Kish is a very bright child and she understands. As for Shane, she's three and I don't think she needed to know, all she cares about right now was that Mommy is awake and mommy is going to play with her.” Shego explained smiling at me...her smile that suddenly became all too familiar

I nodded my head, “How old is Kish?” I asked and then I stood up


I didn't say anything anymore. I turned my back to Shego and headed towards the living room.


“Mommy!!” Shane screamed once she saw me walked towards them

“Good morning mommy,” Kish greeted then she stood up. I smiled at them and sat on the couch between the two. Shane automatically crawled towards me and sat on my lap, she has her head tilted so that she was looking at my face, the little girl grinning. I looked down at her and returned her smile, and then I draped an arm on her back to support her. I turned my head to my right where Kish was sitting; she too was smiling at me. I returned her smile and pulled her towards me so that her lithe body leaned on my own.

“Is mommy alright?” Shane asked. I smiled at her and nodded

“I still have a slight headache though.” I said then placed a kiss on Shane's head as if it was what I normally do

“Mommy,” Kish called out, then she laid her small free arm across my belly, “Do you have amnesia?” she asked, “Do you know who we are?” she added. I was not surprised by her question at all

“Nezia!” Shane repeated loudly, “Is that cookie?” Shane innocently asked. I laughed at her how adorable!

“Yes mommy knows you two. This little angel here,” I rest a hand on the little girl's chest, “... is my Shane and this -” I poked Kish's side causing the red headed girl to giggle, “...big angel is my Kish.”

“No Mommy! Stop tickling me!” she begged while trying her best to stay away from my poking finger but failed miserably

“Kish tickles, tickles!” Shane exclaimed then extending her short arms to attack her sister as well, we ended up in a tickling match with me and Shane poking Kish and Kish trying desperately to get away

“No fair! Two against one!” Kish shouted after every scream of mercy

Me and the kids were having fun when I felt someone watching us...I looked up to see Shego smiling as she watched our tickle match, a ladle in one hand and her head shaking as if saying “kids...”, I smiled back at her, and then she turned around and returned to the kitchen.

For the first time... I felt that my life has worth. Yeah I have no idea what is happening to me right now, I may or may not have amnesia but this feeling...this feeling is so right!

Is this the life I wanted?


Later in the afternoon I was surprised to see my Mom, Dad and the Tweebs at our door

“Kimmie!” My mom greeted me walking forwards and enveloped me in a tight hug

“Kimmie-cub!” My dad greeted me in his usual cheery attitude

“Hey sis,” My two brothers nodded then pushed their way inside, “Where are the little monsters?” Jim asked

“Unca!!” I heard Shane shout. I looked back to see Shane ran towards my brother's open arms

“Hello Uncle Tim, Uncle Jim,” Kish greeted as she comes into view walking along with Shego. She too was smoldered by my brother's embrace. I watched them...and yeah, my brothers were all grown up now. They were much – much taller than I am. Jim even has a goatee and Tim has this earring in one of his ears.

“How are you feeling Kim?” My mom asked pulling me out of my reverie

“Hello Anne, James, Come on in,” Shego said smiling at my parents, mom and dad went in and settled themselves on the extra-large couch, “Anything?” Shego offered

“We had a delicious snack at the center,” James said waving his hand to say 'don't bother Shego'

“So you all came from the Science Center?” Shego

“Well I just wrapped up my meeting with Dr. Jones when you called about Kimmie so I called James and asked if we could drive here...”

“And I thought its best so we could visit our Kimmie-cub, our daughter in law and our grand children.”

“Which by now you will never get to hold since their uncles are occupying their time,” Shego said laughing lightly

“And that we noticed,” Anne said looking at James, “I think we should have left the boys at home honey!” she said a bit louder

“WE HEARD THAT!” Jim and Tim shouted simultaneously from nowhere

I watched them interact and from the way I see it, my parents and Shego were close, there were no hint of animosity. I knew that my parents were aware who Shego was. So what happened back then to make us ‘us’ right now?

My mom looked at me and smiled, “I made arrangements at the Hospital Kimmie. I would like to bring you there for another battery test...”

“I don't remember many things mom, isn't that enough?” I saw my mom shake her head

“We need to do cranial CT scan and schedule you for angiography to see how far the damage caused and if it is reversible.”

“Didn't you do that while I was still in coma?” I asked

“We did Kimmie, but you being in coma and now being awake and fully functioning will give a different test results, so we want to know how far the damage is.”

“I don't want to stay in the hospital again mom, I mean...I just got off our bed, I feel like I'm just getting to know my children and I...”

“You don't have to stay in the hospital Kimmie, you'll go home after the test I swear.” my mom said smiling at me, I looked at Shego with sad eyes

“Pumpkin, you need to do this for me and the kids. I want to know and be assured that nothing bad is going to happen to you in the future.” Shego said laying her head on mine, “Please?”

“How about the kids...they might look for me -”

“That's the reason why we brought their uncles here, for distraction Kimmie-cub.” James Possible interjected

After some more prodding I finally relented.

With the promise of returning with pizza, my mom, Shego and I went to the hospital and left the kids to the care of Jim, Tim and my dad.


It was 9:00 PM, me and Shego was now lying on our bed. Shego was lying on her side facing me and I was lying on my back facing the ceiling. My right hand was rested on my abdomen while my left hand was being cradled by Shego's own. I could feel her gaze on me so I turned my head to face her

“I hope your test will turn out fine.” Shego said smiling, that smile that is slowly growing on me, and then I saw her lean forward, “I missed you so much Kim,” she uttered my real name, and then she placed a kiss on the tip of my nose. I didn't move...I have no idea what to do

She adjusted herself so that she was almost lying in a prone position, and she draped an arm on my abdomen and she used the other to support her body, she leaned down to capture my lips…

I didn't kissed her back

I felt her moved away from me

What? I don't know if all that's happening is for real. I don't even recall kissing Shego not even once! The last thing I knew about the green skinned woman before today was that she was missing for the whole year after my high school graduation, so how do you expect me to react? This is sooo the drama, “Shego...I – I...”

She smiled at me but her smile wasn't the same, there was pain in her eyes that accompanied that smile,

“I’m sorry She-”

“Don't-” She cut me, “I know...everything seems new to you.”

“I am sorry -”

“It's not your fault pumpkin,” She looked away and focused her gaze to the door

Oh…don't tell me you'll walk out on me Shego, no please...

I moved to lie on my side so I could face her and then I reached for her and pulled her towards me. I held her in embrace, spooning her, “Please Shego, I am really sorry, give me time?” please Shego...I don't want to lose this...not now that I feel like having something to look forward to in my life. I saw you looked at me and smiled. There was still sadness but the pain in her eyes were gone

“I'll wait pumpkin,” I smiled then I buried my face on her shoulder

That's when I heard the door to our room opened and two giggling girls came running towards the bed

“We sleep here!” Shane screamed as she kept on jumping on the bed

“Stop Jumping Shane! Mommy is not yet feeling better!” Kish reprimanded her sister then she looked at us, “Can we?”

Shego rolled her eyes but smiled at the children and then she folded the blankets to let them get inside

“Yehhheeeeyyyy!” Shane screamed once again then she crawled towards the center, “I take mommy's side!” she said then she cling her body to me. I watched Kish smile and shook her head, she then crawled in the bed and situated herself in between Shego and Shane

“Mommy...are you going to tell us a story tonight?” Shane asked

“Mommy, can you tell us about the blue pirate again?” Kish added while smiling sweetly at me

I scrunched my forehead and then it hits me...Ahhh blue pirate! That was when Drakken was taken over by the spirit of an evil pirate...

“Okay!” I said smiling. I looked at Shego as I started my story, “It was an anticipated morning...”

-end chapter 2-

A/N: So Shego is a bit OC here but hey please understand, Shego is a wife who has gone through a lot thinking she might lose her love one.

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